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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  October 10, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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break can news outside of turkey. a deadly bombing killing dozens, injuring many more. we are following the very latest. big weekend for democratic candidates for president, preparing to face off in vegas for the first debate here on cnn. this is happening as a new poll tightens the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. in disturbing new video released of a suspect who dies in police custody after a fight breaks out in a police station. you are going to see it play out. who is to blame? you are in the "cnn newsroom."
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good morning, everyone. this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm alison kosik in for victor paul. >> a deadly bombing outside of a crowded train station in the capital there killing dozens and injuring many, many more. we just got new numbers of the amount of people killed. the country's ministry of health says that 86 people are now confirmed dead and 200 others are confirmed injured. the blast happened at 10:00 a.m. local while they gathered for a peace rally. one of the explosions was caught on video. watch. >> so far, no claim of responsibility for this attack. journalist, andrew fenkell is
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following the story. what more do we know? >> it is suspicion there were two suicide bombers. one bomb right after the other. this was meant to be a zhou full protest, an attempt to protest and demonstrate in favor of piece in the southeast of turkey where there has been an increase in violence between kurdish separatists and government groups. there are going to be a great many more rallies sked kruld in turkey over the next month. suddenly, this mayhem broke out and the death toll rose from 30 to now over 80, 86 as you mentioned. clearly in turkey. >> 86, dead. nearly 200. that's from the ministry of health. beyond those numbers, are we
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hearing anything else from the government. condemnation, any other details. >> the government has been there to save the numbers. they are saying they had taken adequate security precautions. they are not claiming it was their negligence behind the attack. the opposition has leapt in and said, particularly the kurdish nationals came in and it is the fact that no one is taking responsibility for this means there must be some degree of government complicity in this. they see it as an attack on them and their potential success in the upcoming election. this will lead to a great deal of political bitterness. the extraordinary news that the state broadcasting authority has forbidden television coverage of the event, which is sadly a
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black day as well for press freedoms in turkey. >> andrew fenkell, we're going to talk more about the reporting with sonjon gohel. he is also on the phone, terrorism expert and international security director for the asia pacific foundation. i want to talk about what we have heard from andrew fenkell, that there is a blackout of coverage in turkey of these two explosions and the government coming out to say there was adequate security. no negligence. we know there is an election coming up there soon. >> very much so. this election is extremely important. there was already one election in june but that has proved to be indecisive, because it has weakened the president's akp party and they were unable to form an effective coalition, which is now why their upcoming elections. there has been a lot of instability inside turkey, tensions with the kurdish
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factions and specially the southern part of the country like the pkk. the militant group, the cease-fire with the government broke down recently. there is the specter of isis. turkey has allowed the u.s. to use air bases in turkey to carry out air strikes against isis and the worry would be there could be potential roll back. amidst all the chaos, we have 86 people dead in ankara and that figure could increase. >> what's the expectation of how this will impact turkey's commitment to the fight against isis? for some time, turkey declined to get into the fight with any major substantial way. do you expect the commitment they have shown recently will change? >> i don't think this attack is going to diminish turkey's
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involvement. potentially, it may force them to be more involved because of the fact that they are on the front line against isis. they have been off in a transit point for people to move across turkey into syria and iraq and link up with isis. mainly, turkey has a lot of responsibility to deal with this problem. they are very much in the target sites of isis themselves. a lot of the propaganda material has put the president on the front cover, which means they see turkey as a target. that will force them to take more stringent measures to meet with the national coalition. >> sajon, thank you so much. >> pleasure. now, to the latest in the race for the white house. we are just three days away from
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the first democratic presidential debate on cnn. last night, senator bernie sanders going offscript in arizona and making a fierce pitch for sensible gun control. it comes on the same day the state was responsible for gun violence. we are joined from boulder, colorado, where bernie sanders is yet to hold a rally. sanders is really starting to hone his message on gun control. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, allison. this is an area of real vulnerability. it is one of the very few issues where hillary clinton runs to his left. he is more moderate when it comes to gun control message. it has been interesting to see him deviate from his traditional
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speeches to the measures he sees as necessary. last night, he acknowledged he has been more conservative on this issue in the past. here is what he said last night. >> overwhelmingly, the american people understand that it is crazy that people who should not own guns do own guns. they understand overwhelmingly that not deeonly do we need to strengthen the instant background check, we need to broaden it as well. they understand it makes no sense that we have a loophole in the law. so that people can go to gun shows and buy weapons without having to go through the instant background check.
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people understand that is wrong and that has got to change. >> very likely, you will see hillary clinton up there on the stage really capitalize on sanders mixed record on gun control measures, specially as you saw him there really embracing some of these measures in the last couple of years that he was not in support of just a few years ago. now, today, for bernie sanders, it is all about momentum. he is going to hold another big rally here in boulder, colorado. he will roll out his very first congressional announcement. secretary clinton has over 100 congressional endorsements. next week, she will get the endorsement of a key figure in the hispanic community, hud secretary castro. don't forget to watch the first democratic presidential debate happening this tuesday, october 13th at 8:30 eastern only on cnn.
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let's talk about the republicans in this race. let's look at the latest as donald trump maintaining his status as front -runner, 26%. then, ben carson with 22%. roub yo, bush, fiorina, all in the single digits. m.j. lee joins us from just outside of atlanta in norcross. donald trump has a rally set for today. are we likely -- i would imagine he is going to talk about the democrats preparing for their debate on tuesday. >> reporter: donald trump certainly continues to keep a very packed campaign schedule. he was in las vegas on thursday and today he campaigns in the state of georgia for the very first time. you all remember the last time he was supposed to be in georgia. he was supposed to participate in the conference. he ended up being uninvited because of some controversial
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remarks he made about megyn kelly. i am standing in an event space. i see that people are starting to trickle in now. an event space that is supposed to hold over 7,000 people. crowd size is an issue that donald trump has certainly been sensitive about, that he takes a lot of pride in. we'll let you know if the space really fills up with over 7,000 people. as to your question about democrats and whether we might hear donald trump go after them. we got a little preview in vegas. he went after hillary clinton and her now opposition to tpp, the trans-pacific partnership. take a listen to what he said on thursday. hillary came out against it. obama wants it. hillary came out against the president. be careful, hillary. you may be indicted. be careful. be careful.
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that's very dangerous for her to do. i give her credit. the reason she did is that she thinks that someday she is going to be debating me about this trade deal as one of the things. >> now, one thing to remember about the state of georgia, it is one of the many states that will hold a primary in march on super tuesday. so this is a sign, although there have been some questions about whether donald trump is thinking about getting out of the race, that he is thinking about the long-term plan, that he is not just focused on iowa and new hampshire. he wants to be prepared when we get past the month of february. back to you guys. >> m.j. lee, i see people running in. thanks so much. >> while we are following another big political story. gop in chaos. efforts to get paul ryan to become the next house speaker. a live report next. speaking of ben carson, his book tour in south carolina was
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the only one that house republicans say can fix this problem say he does not want the job everyone wants him to take. they are calling for paul ryan to replace speaker john boehner after he re-signed. he was the nominee running alongside mitt romney. will he run for this seat? he is spending the weekend thinking about it. let's bring in cnn correspondent, chris frates. let's give us an idea of the
7:17 am
pressure put on paul ryan to take the job and rn. >> a lot of support. a lot of pressure on paul ryan. he is still keeping his cards very close to his desk. remember when speaker boehner surprised everyone and announced his retirement. ryan was often mentioned as a top candidate. he quickly took a pass and got behind kevin mccarthy. he ended up saying and surprising washington on friday and saying, i'm not going to do it. there is this big draft movement. he has a great job on the ways and means committee. it writes our nation's tax laws. paul ryan is kind of a wonk. running the house of representatives, a lightning rod institution, that's chaotic and fractured. the schedule, it is brutal. you have to be out traveling around the country several
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weekends a month. every night congress is in session, his colleagues and leaders are saying, we'll help you with the fundraising. you won't have to do it all on your own. california congressman, darrell issa, put it to cnn earlier this week. he goes from a hard no to he knows he has to consider it. i know he is going home to have that kind of real meeting with his family that would allow him to weigh that. all of us are trying now to make sure he understands that the support will be behind him. >> there you have darrell issa saying, the support will be behind him. we also heard from kevin mccarthy who made the pitch after he took himself out of the running and said, he thought that ryan would be amaze. here is what kevin mccarthy had to say. >> we have very good conference, working together. we are trying to work together. a lot of speculation about who should run and others. paul is looking at it but it is his decision. if he decides to do it, he would
7:19 am
be an amazing speaker. he has got to decide on his own. >> should he do it? >> there is a very good chance. >> there is a very good chance? >> you have kevin mccarthy, darrell issa, the full-court press is on paul ryan. he went home. congress is out for the next week, victor. we will see what he decides when he meets with his family and talks this very big decision over. >> the one member that many believe can unite the more conservative members and the moderates as they move forward through a couple of months that have a lot on the agenda. could be tough voting. thank you so much, chris frates. allison. >> thanks, victor. there is a controversial video making headlines this morning. a fight breaks out at a police station. hours laterings the suspect dies. cnn's nick valencia has the story next. our continued coverage of the breaking news out of turkey. bombs breaking through a peace rally at a busy train station. more than 80 dead and almost 200
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new video this morning. police fighting with a suspect a short time before he was found dead in a jail cell. >> these new images are shown in
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court, shedding light on the final hours of the 21-year-old student's life. nick valencia has been following this story. what kind of information is this giving not only the defense but the prosecution as well. >> the family has been waiting for this video hoping it could help vindicate him. it is this video that jurors will use to decide the fate of two georgia deputies as well as a nurse who is charged in the death of the 22-year-old who died while in police custody. >> this police surveillance footage shows 21-year-old matthew adjubadi after he is arrested for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. he is diagnosed as bipolar appears agitated and resists with police during what his family calls a medical episode. seen here, he thrashes on the ground after deputies take him down. a deputy enters with a taser but
7:25 am
he is able to grab it. then, the situation escalates. he is struck in the head several times and eventually hog tied and dragged off camera. it is the last images of him alive. hours later, he dies in a chatham county jail cell. the family attorney says the individual crow shows officers went too far. >> there has been this philosophy of disrespect and then of covering up for it. >> in court this week, the jail supervisor at the time of the incident says the video stands in favor of the officers. >> it appeared he punched the subject because he had a weapon in his hand at that time. >> that force is justified? >> that force is considered to be justified, yes, sir. >> nine deputies were fired as a result of the incident. two charged with involunteer manslaughter as well as a nurse who was accused of not checking on the inmate's well-being as required by state law. his cousin told cnn the entire
7:26 am
incident has been shrouded in secrecy. >> the whole world got the news the same time the family did. >> was it excessive force or justified? >> that's the question jurors will attempt to answer in a manslaughter trial that is just beginning. >> cnn has reached out to the defendant's attorneys in this case. only one got back to us to say it was not incumbent on his client to check on the well-being of adjubati, that all deputies have that responsibility. he believes his client has been overcharged. >> nick, i know you will be following this trial. big weekend for the democrats running for president. frontrunners, hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the same stage to face off for their first debate on cnn. we are going to talk about two lawmakers about the strategy they are going to need to win. >> breaking news out of turkey. a peace rally killing more than 80 people.
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following breaking news out of turkey. a pair of massive bomb blasts have killed 86 and injuring more. the attack happened during a morning peace rally in ankara. the blast was caught on video. there are actually two blasts total. no one has claimed responsibility. the turkish government has called an emergency meeting in response to the violence. let's bring in armand. what have you learned about today's blast? >> reporter: we just arrived on scene. the explosion happening right behind us in front of the train
7:31 am
station. the force of the blaste evident in the blown-out windows. it was supposed to be a peaceful rally calling for peace between the turkish government and the kurdish pkk. some pretty intense fighting that has been taking place for the last few months. people coming here wanting to express their desire for peace and what is now being called a despicable terrorist attack then unfolding. two explosions happening at around 10:04 in the morning. not entirely clear at this stage if it was a bomb that was placed, a suicide bomber. no claims of responsibility just yet either. people around us who have come to just look at the scene all
7:32 am
very understandably sombre. everybody really shocked, reeling from this attack. the last such attack took place over the summer in the southern town of sudich. there, in that instance, the attack was on a group mostly of youth who had come together to try to collect humanitarian aid to send into the syrian city. we have this attack against a peace rally, alison. >> do you see any link to this happening before and that attack? >> it is hard to tell exactly. a lot of people are talking about the fact that elections are coming up again. this is obviously a very sensitive time for this country, not just because of the elections but because of the two-pronged attack on terrorism that the turkish government has undertaken, not only going after isis targets inside syria but
7:33 am
also against the p.k.k. within its own borders and outside of them. there has been a lot of pressure on turkey. also, because of what's happening in turkey. turkey is unable to isolate itself from the violence and who might be behind it. a lot of questions being raised about the timing of this attack and who would actually gain from carrying out this kind of violence in terms of the political scenario and landscape that exists here. at this early stage, very difficult to tell what the motivation was behind the attack except for the sheer reality of the deaths that it caused and the impact that it is having on the country. >> no one claiming responsibility just yet. ar arwa damon, thanks for that
7:34 am
report switching to the race for the white house. three days until the democratic primary debate right here on cnn. for the first time, the five democratic candidates. all eyes on the front-runner and the man in second place, senator bernie sanders. i want to bring in tom harkin, who is supporting hillary clinton and arizona representative, raul grahava. the co-chair of the professional aggressives. >> good to have you both. >> thank you very much. victor. >> i want to start with you, you are endorsing bernie sanders. when you compare the number of endorsements, hillary clinton has more than 100 congressional endorsements. you are the first for bernie sanders, the co-chair of this progressive caucus. where are the rest of the progressives? why aren't they standing behind sanders? >> i think each member comes to
7:35 am
their own conclusions. the endorsement was formalized. everybody knew yesterday in tucson, arizona, 13,000 people, a cross section of our community and a cross section of the nation there to welcome bernie and to extend their support for him. i might be the first but i won't be the las. i want to reinforce the agenda that bernie is running on. i believe in his values. he is a friend. i want to be there and my endorsement, for whatever it is work, is to help reinforce that message. >> senator, hillary clinton has strong poll numbers nationally. the latest numbers out in iowa and new hampshire the. she is not doing well compared to senator sanders against the top republicans. let's roll them them as we see that bernie sanders does best against jeb bush, car lee fly f.
7:36 am
why is it that bernie sanders is doing better than hillary clinton? >> well, victor, i have been in a lot of campaigns in my life. there is always ups and downs and ins and outs in the early part of the campaign. i believe what hillary has shown and will continue to show is that she has the experience, she has the knowledge, she has the vision to be president from day one, a president who will fight for families and will fight for a new america of real opportunity and fairness for everyone in our country. so there is going to be a lot of these bounces around right now. i believican assure you that hi has the toughness to be a fighter for our families and she is going to come through this. >> one of the areas in which the former secretary has struggled in the areas of trustworthiness and honesty based on polling
7:37 am
numbers. let's put the 2007 debate performance in context as we look ahead. she got confused. if people don't remember, we can put the video up to jog memories in a back and forth with john edwards over driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. she kind of vacillated on stage. now, we have the trans-pacific partnership which she supported before she was against it. how does she fight that, considering this reversal going into tuesday? >> look, i don't think the american people want a president who is just going to shoot from the hip, who is just going to fly off the handle and say what comes to their mind and get us in trouble. a president has to have that demeanor to be able to see different sides. that's the one thing that impressed me about hillary clinton when i served wither had. she had been first lady. a lot of people thought she was going to come into the senate and be a premadonna and right
7:38 am
above everything. i was on the committee with her. i saw how she could work with republicans and others with disparate ideas and find the common threads and work with republicans to get things done. when you look at this thing about the trans-pacific partnership, i think what she wants to do is read it, understand it all before she comes to any real iron clad conclusion about it. she said, from what she saw, and i can tell you, from what i have seen, i could not support it either. it hasn't really been made public yet. >> senator, we are running low on time. i want to get back to congressman grijalva. senator sanders, what does he have to do? should he bring up some of these weaknesses, the trustworthy numbers, the e-mail concerns as he debates on tuesday night? >> the senator hasn't brought it up during this whole campaign. i don't believe he is going to
7:39 am
bring it up at the debate. what he is going to do is the thing that's hard to gauge about this election is momentum. bernie sanders has momentum. he has to stick to a message that has been consistent from day one, 30 years in public life. stick to that message. does it resonate with the american people. defend that message if others choose to attack it but for bernie, it is the message. it is a strong message. 13,000 people in tucson, arizona, on a friday night and all over the country. i think people are horribly underestimating the reach and depth of support that bernie has. to be honest with you, it is a message that is resonating. all he has to do is stick to his message, defend it when necessary. i think a wider audience will hear that message and develop the same appreciation and support that people that are coming to his rallies already
7:40 am
have. >> congressman, there is a call that has been championed by another man in the race, former maryland governor, martin o'malley, would you support more debates? i'll come to you, senator, for the same question. >> yes, thank you. >> i think what the dnc did in limiting and if anybody goes out this set number of debates, this he would be penalized and removed from other debates. i think the more debates, the better. bernie said, the more, the better. if we want to bring the republicans into those debates, he sees nothing wrong with that. neither do i. i think the more the american people hear the candidates, the more the american people begin to understand the messages and the visions that they are talking about, the better we all are. >> of course, there are a lot of people in the country who don't know your candidate as well, congressman. i think hillary clinton has maybe 100% name recognition, maybe more debates wouldn't help her. what do you think, senator? should there be more democratic primary debates?
7:41 am
>> i think what has been set ought to be adhered to. once rules are made, you ought to abide by them. i am looking forward to the debate, quite frankly, between our candidate, who will get the nomination, hillary clinton, and the republican nominee. those are the debates that i'm looking forward to down the road. >> senator tom harkin. former iowa senator and congressman, raul grijalva, good to have both of you this morning. >> thank you very much, victor. >> here is the reminder. another one. catch the first democratic presidential debate this thursday october 13th, only on cnn. a member of the group, black lives matter, joins us with insight about their meeting with hillary clinton and what they want from the next president. >> backlash from the controversial sound bites. did gq go to far with this
7:42 am
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ben carson isn't letting severe thunder, lightning and flash flood warnings stop him from signing books and campaigning in south carolina. he is not letting a controversial new gq column slow him down. the men's fashion magazine didn't mince any words with this headline, "f" ben carson.
7:46 am
here is the first paragraph. the only thing more alarming than donald trump leading the republican presidential field is the fact that ben carson is the guy right behind him. while establishment puds like jeb bush and marco rubio can't decide if they want to beat trump or emulate him. the good doctor said he is not only willing to replicate trump's brand of hot garbage spewing but he will say vefen dumber -- >> how would people react to anywhere on the web that said, "f" barack obama. there is courseness and desire for clicks that is ugly to see. on the other hand, the columnist is trying to make an actual point. trying to make a point
7:47 am
suggesting we should have a better, stronger republican field, dismissing ben carson for pandering for voters. there are two ways to read a column like this. we are seeing ben carson go very strongly against the media, not just against g.q. but against the media. we often see one or two candidates very strongly come out against the press. that's what carson is doing right now. here is what he said on fox and friends this morning. >> i think the media has for a while been a reflection of the nonchalant of the general republic. i believe there is a phenomenon occurring where the people are starting to see through this. most of the media is on another planet. they have a different agenda. they are not interested in uplifting our society. the reason they were given protection under our constitution as the only
7:48 am
business in that category is because they were supposed to be honest and they were supposed to be on the side of the people. it is a great distortion bha they a what they are doing and has a lot to do with the direction of how other society is going. >> we see how effective it is to campai campaign against the media. many permanent members of the press are enemies of the people. i'm not sure that is entirely true. how he would have reacted to the gunman in oregon. there are stories he has clearly not liked. he is reacting to those. like i said, we know the campaign against the media is often effective with the voters. we should mention, he is also very accessible to the press. he has been benefiting from it. carson has learned from donald trump how valuable it is to say yes to television interviews,
7:49 am
web interviews, online. a lot of other gop candidates are still saying no to a lot of interview requests. i think carson is benefiting by saying yes. >> good point there. thank you so much, brian, for coming on the show. let's take some live pictures now. this is from washington, a commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the 1 million man march. he will speak at 1:00 eastern this afternoon. today's meeting is being called justice or else. the original 1 million man march was billed in 1995 as a day of atonement and reconciliation. we will continue to bring you live pictures throughout the morning and the day. >> let's talk now about hillary clinton who met with activists, members of the black lives matter movement. they discussed everything from private prison system,
7:50 am
demilitarization of the police, mental health services for children as well. i want to learn more about this meeting and speak with mckesson, a prominent activist with campaign zero. he was at this meeting. welcome. >> after the meeting, you said this. in the end, i felt heard. it was a tough conversation. we didn't agree with every approach or everything. she was willing to be pushed. it was a candid conversation. that's important. what led to that characterization? tell us more about the meeting. >> we didn't agree with the role of the police in communities. we started off with secretary clinton sort of positing this notion that the police make people feel safe. that was a big discussion item in the beginning of the conversation. i think she heard us in the end about the tension that the police bring in communities of color all across the country. we talked a lot about the role of the federal government to protect the right of people of color and the historical role
7:51 am
and pushing her to do that. she doesn't have ia platform ye. in the en,d, i think we were heard. >> no platform yet. i know you want to be more than heard. any commitments from secretary clinton? >> we got commitments around national use of force standards looking to see if that's going to be in it. we talked about making sure that we prioritize alternatives to police saying we don't need to have a police first response to everything. mental health is different from domestic abuse and drugs. we talked about ending private prisons. she made a commitment to doing that. pushed her about campaign donations. it was unclear. she said she would end private prisons. i'm looking forward to a comprehensive platform. i did leave the meeting with more expectation about the content of the eventual
7:52 am
platform. >> is there any commitment from any other candidate on either side of the aisle for at least a meeting. >> i reached out to marco rubio and e-mailed his team. g i got a response. i reached out to ben carson's team to meet with carson. looking forward to that. hopeful with he wi hopefully, we will get a meeting with o'malley on the books as well. >> a democratic republican who is best on this issue, best when it comes specifically to the things that are outlined in the campaign's list of solutions. >> i think it is hard to answer that question given that everybody has not released a platform yet. the sanders platform is strong. it is clear he heard us in that conversation. after that meeting, he came out against civil at set forfeiture, which is positive. i am hopeful that the clinton platform will also be strong. o'malley's platform is comprehensive. the dissonance is, what does that mean in relation to his
7:53 am
tenure as mayor of baltimore. people are still looking for an answer. >> the first democratic primary debate is tuesday. if you had a chance to ask one question, what would it be? >> i want to know the unrest in blackness and how will black lives be prioritized in your first 100 days in office. >> thank you so much. >> see you later. >> we'll be right back. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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thanks for watching. >> there is so much more ahead in the next hour of the kr. "cnn newsroom." we are going to turn things over to our colleague, martin savidge. horrible news coming out of turkey. we will begin there. this is cnn breaking news we begin with that breaking news, the death toll rising now to 86 after a deadly explosion at a peace rally in the heart of in turkey's capital. 186 others have been injured according to the turkish health ministry. the bomb blast caught on video. journalist, andrew finkle is in istanbul, turkey, for us. andrew, will et me begin by asking, has anybody claimed responsibility for this yet. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. this is


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