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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. 7:00 eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. breaking news on the benghazi terror attack investigation. a staffer fired from the house select committee looking into the deadly 2012 attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya. the staffer is accusing the republican-led panel of a politically motivated investigation targeting hillary clinton. the house select committee on ben bazzy citing repeated
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efforts of his own violation to develop and direct committee resources to a powerpoint hit piece on members of the obama administration, including secretary clinton that bore no relationship whatsoever to the committee's current investigative tone focus or investigative plan. joining me now cnn investigative reporter chris frates in washington. what do we know at this hour? >> reporter: hey, poppy, a former staffer investigating the benghazi committee said it has become a politically motivated, explosive charge and sure to resonate on the campaign trail as clinton runs for president. an air force reserve officer said clinton used a private e-mail server.
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he resisted the pressure to focus on clinton. and because he sent military leads. he plans to follow a lawsuit and asked the court to give back his job with back pay. a self-described conservative republican tells jake tapper that what was a broad probe into the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi became a partisan investigation. he said it pulled people away to focus almost exclusively on clinton and the state department. he said hillary clinton has a lot of explain to do. we did not need to hyper focus on hillary clinton. we didn't need to deemphasize and drop the investigation on different agencies, different organizations, and different individuals. there's wrongdoing here.
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and i think it needs to stop. a spokesperson said podliska's trains are false. he was terminated for cause, including for trying to put together a hit piece on administration officials, including clinton. the statement says, thus directly contrary to his assertion. the other thing brand-new tonig tonight. these are explosive allegations. these are from inside the benghazi committee and may provide the most definitive proof to date that this investigation has been a part
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shorthand sham from the start. there you have brian fallon, the spokesperson for hillary clinton. remember, poppy, clinton said she felt like this work was a partisan, the work of partisans trying to uncover dirt about her because she was running for president. certainly we are seeing that reflected in the statement from her experienceperson tonight. >> we are certainly. this is also someone who has come out after they have been fired and making these assertions. chris frates, thank you very much. this days ahead of the democratic presidential debate on tuesday night. joining me is senior political analyst, david gergen. i want to play something for our viewers. this is sound from kevin mccarthy, who until days ago was running to the house speaker answering a question from a journalist about whether or not his comments about the ben
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tkpazy commissions affecting hillary clinton's poll numbers, whether that is why he pulled his name out of the race for speak or. let's roll that. >> when you look at the poll numbers of hillary clinton, they dropped. >> right. unfavorables pretty high. people say they don't trust her. they don't trust her because of what they found out about the server and everything else. would you ever have figured that out had you not gathered it from the benghazi committee. >> it wasn't helpful. this committee was only created for one purpose to, find the truth on behalf of the families of the four dead americans. i should not be a distraction for that. that is part of the decision as well. >> all right. so there you have both david gergen. what do you say about how the
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findings hurt hillary clinton's poll numbers and the question,st that why you pulled out of the run for speaker. what do you make of all of this? >> well, these are explosive charges. kevin mccarthy made a first class blunder. i think contributes to the recent fact that he is not going to become speaker. and i think he played -- sort of gave credibility to the worst fear democrats have had about this all along. that it is a witch-hunt against hillary clinton. it has real repercussions. back to your caution, though, poppy, we can't tell whether this podliska, who has just come on the scene, whether he is an honest whistle-blower or trying to get revenge because he was fired. working in his favor in terms of his credibility, the fact that he has been an intelligence investigator over a decade.
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he has worked his way up to major. he is a conservative republican or seems to be. and a republican majority on the committee hired him. so they must have had some faith in him when they hired him. having said that, there are big questions that arise about this. why was he fired? and this was long before he came forward with these things. very importantly, he was fired back in june. >> right. >> why is he now coming forward almost on the eve of hearings that are coming 10 days from now? almost literally on the eve of the democratic debate. whose load is he really carrying here? let's get a sense of who is this guy? should we respect him, or is he a flake? >> we'll have this interview with the man you see on your
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screen there, general podliska. david gergen, as we talk about what is next here, i want to show on the screen the pictures of the four americans who were killed in that attack in 2012. let us not forget this is all about getting answers as to how this could happen. as we look at them, hillary clinton will face this exact committee on october 22nd. and answer more questions. how does that change things? >> well, obviously that depends on how the testimony turns out and what, if any, information the committee has dug up since they called her. are we just going to have a rehash of what we already know? or is there going to be something new? we're all going to be hanging on that. there's no question that the mccarthy -- kevin mccarthy statement is going to give a lot of thought to democrats on the defensive going into this.
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this just adds to that. to kill the committee altogether or to a vote should we continue the existence of this committee. and you'll probably have a party line vote. like so many other things, the country will be divided whether this guy is telling the truth. >> let's remember, it is a republican committee. sit a bipartisan committee with republicans and democrats. >> absolutely. it is controlled by the republicans, which is important. but the other guys hired this game, podliska. by the way, there are other people in the community. podliska was apparently close to jim jordan, the republican. let's hear from him. you to the floor a judgment about who was podliska, why we fired him and that decision now that he comes forward with the
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charges that they tend to sensationalize during his hearing. there are more chutes to drop in this. >> go to right now. all the details on this story head of jack tapper's interview tomorrow morning. david gergen thank you. >> poppy, thank you. >> 9:00 a.m. eastern with jake tapper. the family of victims of the u.s. airstrike on the hospital in kunduz will be financially compensated. that is doctors without borders hospital. they did not say how much the victims's families would be compensated. this after president obama personally apologized to the head of the doctors without borders for the strike, which killed 22 people. >> coming up, we two to turkey. a devastating bomb attack in turkey. scores dead, hundreds injured.
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dolens after the country's deadliest attack in a century. standing in solidarity. at least 95 people were killed, 250 others injured when twin
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bombs exploded at a peace rally today in the heart of the capital ankara. those numbers coming from the turkish prime minister who say there are signs two suicide bombers may be to blame. so far there has not been a claim to responsibility. the huge security breach comes in the fight against isis and follows a recent surge in violence between turkey and kurdish separatists. even before the victims have been laid to rest, this issue is already becoming a little bit sized. >> reporter: it is here where the autopsies are taking place. where people have gathered, some of them waiting to collect the remains of their loved ones. others just coming to show their support outside of one of the hospitals. two people gathered also in support. also waiting for news about the wounded. some donating blood.
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trying to come to terms with the violence that took place. what was supposed to be a peace rally, so many people we have been talking to still shocked, struggle to go really put into words what it is that they are going through. the turkish prime minister coming out and declaring three days of mourning following this horrific violence saying that up until now the government had apprehended two suicide bombers. one in in stan bull, one in ankara, saying they dcoming fro iraq. the attacks believed to have been carried out by two suicide bombers. >> translator: this attack does not target a single group or our citizens that attended the rally or a single political party. let me be clear.
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this attack was carried out against our country and against all people. this attack was carried out against democracy. >> reporter: despite calls for unity and a request for people to try to refrain from rhetoric, this issue is already becoming a little bit sized in what is a very polarized country with the head of the pro kurdish hgp opposition party placing the blame firmly at the feet of the government. >> translator: you're murderers. your hands have blood on them from your face to your mouth to your nails, blood has spilled all over you. now it's been revealed you are the biggest terror supporter. >> reporter: a lot of those also blaming the deposit expressing anger, saying even if the government did not have a hand in this, it does appear responsibility for protecting the people. a lot of questions at this stage still remaining unanswered as
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people here and throughout the country, again, struggling to come to terms with this violence. thank you very much for that. joining me now to discuss cnn global affairs analysts kimberly dozier and bob behr. thank you very much for being here. kimberly, let me begin with you. you have this precarious political situation turkey is in right now, their stepped up fight against isis and them allowing the u.s. to strike isis from southern turkey. what does this point to in your opinion? >> well, the attack today is being blamed by those hit on the turkish government because the turkish deposit is in a political back and forth and a fight with facing elections where they could lose any more seats. some of them to the kurdish opposition.
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so you have this internal investigation. just stop isis and other foreign fighters going over the border and to allow the u.s. and the coalition into coalition territory. either way you look at it, this is a deposit under pressure both externally and internally. >> bob, to you, when we have seen isis make attacks within turkey it has been along the turkish ~/- s syrian border. >> poppy, what's strong about this is there is no claim. usually the islamic state would make a claim. the hdp have been fighting us and we're striking back in turkey's capital, ankara. there hasn't been a claim, which makes me doubt that the islamic state is behind it. the so-called turkish deep
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state, which is accused of terrorism. it is part military, part intelligence, part president seu. it is odd. we have never been able to identify. i can see why the kurdz are blaming the government for this. i guarantee you we will not get any clearances out of this, even with time. >> we have, kimberly, the critical parliamentary elections in turkey in the beginning of november. do you expect to see more violence ahead of that? >> probably more violence. also you're going to probably see turkey strike out against some of the kurdish militants in peace talks. but now it feels like -- the turkish government feels they are bending over backwards and doing so much for the coalition, for the west. it gives them leeway to carry out these attacks and make some facts on the ground before those elections. >> as she said in her reporting,
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in the end, amongst the political divide, it is the innocent civilians who are the victims in all of this. 95 people killed. more than 200 injured. kimberly, bob, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have seen migrants fleeing syria, searching for some sort of sanctuary in europe. some of the refugees looking for a new home in the united states as well. traveling through mexico, some of them, to get into this country. could isis do the same? a fascinating report next. h baco overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet?
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refugees are crossing from mexico into the united states. many are christian or religious minorities fleeing persecution from isis militants in their
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homeland. tphpb underground railroad ferries them into southern california. now there are growing fears and concerns that isis terrorists could use the same route to pass into this country. >> reporter: children and women flung aboard a military chopper. desperate, escaping isis brutality. the bulk of christians are fleeing iraq and syria. refugees streaming across borders. some even making it to the mexico border. and then into the united states. >> journey through hell. escaping a christian genocide. >> reporter: we are traveling with a u.s.-born christian iraqi into tijuana, mexico. >> you're safe now. you're safe. >> reporter: he and others paid
4:25 pm
thousands to help these men goat it offeer i beale, iraq. the grip on these men still visible. that fear is why they asked us not to show their faces. >> how brutal is isis? >> translator: isis only knows the language of beheadings, he says. >> why you? >> because we're christian, he says. these men are among hundreds who have escaped into mexico. once in tijuana they go into mexico and enter the u.s. through asylum. they wonder if militants could follow the same path to america. u.s. immigration released this statement saying it would bring to justice individuals who compromise the integrity of our asylum system, potentially putting our country's security at risk.
4:26 pm
>> what do you say to what i.c.e. says about our security system? >> our security should be number one, without a doubt. these are people being killed by isis. they are not isis. they are "coming to america" to run away from isis. >> reporter: isis broadcast their brutal religious cleansing and propaganda videos, beheading christians from ethiopia. this red arabic letter is claiming them christians. >> the people are being massacred, beheaded. >> a list of names, more than half of them children. >> these are 70,000 innocent christians. >> pounded the pavement in d.c. begging for visas in america.
4:27 pm
>> we have done everything we can. we met with the president, vice president biden. we have spoken to the state department. nothing works. and if the president won't act, congress won't act, then i'm going to act. fascinating report. thank you for that. cnn intelligence and security analyst and former cia operative bob behr. so many are fleeing persecution. is this a route isis would likely use, in your opinion? >> poppy, absolutely. these people are coming to the border. if you say i'm afraid, i'm a political refugee. i have a fear. that's enough for you to walk in the country. you don't need documentation. you don't have to have any backup for that. any statement you make to
4:28 pm
immigration officials, they have to let you in. you disappear in this country. and even knows this. >> are we tracked, bob? >> they have to let them go. they process their papers, whatever name they give. and let them go. whether it's san diego, los angeles, texas or the rest of it. it is a horrible frustration for homeland security. they cannot say it officially. but they are very, very afraid that members of the islamic state are going to hide among legitimate refugees and make it into this country and carry out attacks. >> but if this route were such a vulnerability for the united states for potential terrorists to come in, why didn't al qaeda exploit it? >> al qaeda, it was early on. they simply flew in. they could get visas in saudi arabia and the gulf. these are syrian and iraqis who have joined isis. there are no visa services, of course, in those countries. and they are coming in posing as
4:29 pm
refugees. this is a new phenomenon. these waves of refugees passing into europe and the united states. there's tens of thousands of them. and our government has its arm tied behind its back. >> and it's quite a predicament. you want to help the refugees. bob baer, thank you. >> thank you. >> much more news right after this. right. make a bad bundle joke, a buck goes in the jar. i guess that's just how the cookie bundles. now, you're gonna have two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go. [ buzzing ] bundle bee coming! it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle -- now, that's progressive.
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jessica mendoza made sports history this week when she became the first woman to call a major league playoff game. by all accounts, she did an excellent job calling it. but you would never know from some of the nastiyest sexist tweets asking why a woman was in the broadcast booth. she had plenty to say. here's part of it. after two decades of covering people in sports, i can tell you
4:33 pm
one thing. it's a low bar. no one requires that players, coaches, executives or media who work in the field be terrific human beings. it is nice when they are. many more than you hear about truly are. but feeling a fantastic person is not the requirement. so it's remarkable when we have a stretch like the past few days, one that slithers under that pretty low bar. rachel nichols is with me now. i was so struck reading this. i saw the reaction on social media. i think a lot of people said thank goodness. >> be mildly civil. we don't ask a lot. it is a low bar. just be, you know, try not to offend everyone. >> i can't believe what people were saying about jessica mendoza. what happened and what is she saying? >> there is a wave of the the twitter trolls. baseball fans generally gave rave reviews and a positive
4:34 pm
reaction. but there was a sprinkling of sports radio hosts who decided they didn't like a girl playing in their sand box. most notably mike bell from atlanta who decided to type out a barrage of sexist tweets which always amazes me. not only are you going to be a sex issist or racist or whatever you are, you're going to write it down and publish it? that's what this guy did. it was amazing to see. now he did get suspended. he apologized after he found out he was suspended. we can decide how genuine that was. i asked is jessica about it when we chatted yesterday. >> you got so much complimentary coverage, a mountain of it. there was the predictable get back to the kitchen reaction from the social media trolls, even talk radio reaction. a sports radio host from atlanta, he was the most atrocious. what do you think when you heard about that? >> you know, i guess i expect
4:35 pm
it. as much as it's sad and you hope there is a day it wouldn't happen. if we are hanging out with a bunch of buddies, there's always that guy that has to say something where you're like, seriously, come on? >> first of all, she's so refreshing, right? great attitude. and by the way, i just want to point out she is a four-time all american at stanford as a softball player. she was a two-time olympian where she won a gold medal and silver medal. before softball she grew up in the sport of baseball her dad was a coach and she played it as a kid. this radio host, who never played a sport at all, it's okay for him to get paid. but her, what are her qualifications. >> and then you talk about greg hardy returns to the nfl after his suspension for threatening to kill and assaulting his ex-girlfriend. he doesn't waste any time in
4:36 pm
offending people. >> no. >> what did he do? >> it's unbelievable. he was suspended. he came back. you think he would just pretend to be contrite. you don't have to actually be sorry. it's a low bar. we're not asking for your blood here. pretend to be contrite. instead, he gets out in front of all the reporters and talks about how he wants to come out guns blazing on the field. you may remember he threw his girlfriend into a pile of guns, threatening to choke her and kill her. it is amazing to not only move to that you to talk about how he was excited to play the new england patriots tomorrow because tom brady's wife, he says, is so attractive. and maybe tom brady would bring his attractive wife there for him to look at. in fact, maybe he will bring her sister and picks players fort pro. >> and then the coach of the
4:37 pm
cowboys doesn't call him out on it. the commissioner of the nfl doesn't come down hard on him. and you write here, so to summarize, a high profile nfl player backed up by his high profile owner explaining women are possessions, trophies, meant to be looked at and increase a man's worth. oh, and a commissioner who doesn't feel any of that requires a strong or specific reprimand. this is the part that really struck me. there's a reason that thinking is so dangerous and calls back to the reason hardy was suspended in the first place. if women are merely objects, then beating their head against a bathroom wall isn't that big a deal. after all, it's not as if they're actually, you know, people. >> it is important for fans to understand. no one is trying to be the pc police, sort of the criticism is. it's important in how you talk about women and whether you are respectful of women or whether you think women are actual human beings.
4:38 pm
not thinking that is what leads to the act that greg hardy was suspended for. it is up to all of us to call them out on it. look, i love the nfl. we talk all the time. i don't want them to take my sport away from me. i don't want to have to turn away, stop buying tickets. i want them to listen to all of us who can shout as loudly as we can and say this isn't okay. get this out of my sport. don't poison the well with this kind of stuff. it is not acceptable. it doesn't belong in football. it doesn't belong in our sports that we care so much about. >> especially sports we put our children into. >> is absolutely. >> and players they aspire to become one day. rachel nichols, thank you very much. for all of you watching, if you read one thing this weekend not about politics, please take the time. it is remarkable. the sports world deserves better than it got this week. members of the vice president's camp met with dnc officials this week.
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where are you putting your money? will he or won't he run? that is the question on the minds of many democrats wait to go see if vice president joe biden will make a bid for the presidency. this week joining me from washington is the washington correspondent for "the new yorker" magazine. thank you for being here. >> thank you, poppy. >> you were the first with this story that really got the rumor mills running this week. at the end of the week you had staffers from biden's camp meeting with dnc officials trying to figure out the boring logistics. if you jump in, you have to file by, et cetera, et cetera. what are your sources telling
4:43 pm
you about what that implies. >> at the dnc, i will say this, a lot of people were buzzing about this meeting and were interpreting it as the clearest signal, as one of them said, the clearest signal this source has seen that he is running. they have offered this to biden for months now. the briefing has been given to other candidates, jim webb, hillary clinton, o'malley, sanders. they have all done this briefing because they needed the information. this was supposed to go down with biden folks in june. it was cammed. out of nowhere the biden folks said, hey, you know what, we want that information. so it is this very technical briefing about about filing deadlines, how the superdelegate process works, the state by state allocation works. basically the information you need to know if you're going to go toe to toe with hillary
4:44 pm
clinton in a delicate war and a briefing you only need if you are going to run for president. >> the question has been all along, if joe biden steps in, how does he separate himself enough from hillary clinton, right, to get the votes that he needs. you saw hillary clinton distancing herself from him this week by saying all of a sudden she opposes that asia trade dealer, ttp. i sat down in new york with a billionaire hedge fund manager who is a friend of joe biden. let's listen to what he said. joe biden is a friend of yours, the vice president. and you're a fan of his. can he win if he jumps in this race? >> i think that you have to ask vice president biden that. but i certainly hoping he does. >> outside of him being your friend, what is it about him that makes you hope that he gets in? >> i think he's a candidate that can cross the aisle. he is one of my republican friends said he might even
4:45 pm
consider voting for him. he will appeal to a lot of independents. that is an important part of the calculus. but the decision is his. >> can he, a member of the obama administration, appeal to independents and republicans? >> i'm so skeptical that anyone these days can actually appeal to independents. the parties are very polarized. the american electorate is polarized. obama did pull in a small percentage of republicans, people turned off by the bush years. not very long into his term, whatever goodwill he had, members of congress, it was over, right? and i doubt that very much. i will say in a primary that's not going to happen very much. the way to beat harrisburging harrisburg is not to appeal to independents so much but month run to her left. i've been pretty skeptical all along. so i sort of have been done on his chances and down on whether
4:46 pm
he will run or not. this week is the first time i have heard from people maybe it was a little bit more likely than not that he jumps into the race. >> all right. we'll see. no one who has not been in the first debate since they were tell vicesed in 1976 has gone on to win the nomination. but, hey, anything can happy. brian, thank you. >> thanks, poppy. you will not want to miss that debate right here on cnn, tuesday 8:30 p.m. eastern. we're back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. when you're not confident your company's data is secure,
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you're hearing a lot about income inequality on the campaign trail. you can see the disparate between the rich and the poor certainly firsthand in san francisco. cnn tech expert lori has more on
4:50 pm
the. >> when you look at income inequality, in san francisco, you have the stark contrast, tech money and newly minted millionaires and the locals who call san francisco home for decades. i spoke to filmmaker alexander pillows see about "san francisco 2.0" a look at jegentrification. >> san francisco is in the middle of a pretty drastic makeover. >> what would you say you took away from really digging deep into the prop of gentrification? >> one of the techys who spoke to me said we're having our midnight in paris moment. they're the disrupters, on the cover of "vani"vanity fair." it was a perfect storm to tell
4:51 pm
the story about what's happening in the new american economy. >> i think we're rapidly becoming something like venezuela where there's a very small ultra rich class and everybody else is poor and the middle class is shrinking. >> part of me thinks, great, there's progress. this is wonderful, people are doing well. then you have all these folks being displaced. is this just the larger conversation we need to have is about capitalism? >> i feel like the media wants to oversimplify it. you can't simplify it and say tech is good or tech is destroying this community. it's a very complicated conversation about building affordable housing and being able to ensure that the middle class can stay inside the city. >> what's going to happen if the rent continues to skyrocket and the people in these city continue to get displaced? >> our cities will become these all-white rich communities. san francisco is not flying its
4:52 pm
freak flag anymore. >> maybe it's not their fault, but do you think tech entrepreneurs are doing enough to contribute to the culture? >> it's not their fault. you can't blame them for homelessness in san francisco obviously. that's oversimplifying it. the question is what do they see? we want to make sure some don't get left behind. >> did you have trouble getting tech folks to come on and talk to you? if so, why do you think that is? >> i didn't have any luck getting through to the top of the big name companies. that was disheartening. it's hard to make a real honest portrait of what's going on the the whole community doesn't talk. we all love our iphones. >> are the locals benefiting at all from the massive amount of success the city is having? >> absolutely. all that money is great for the
4:53 pm
city. we haven't seen evidence of it yet. but over time they'll start to see that their schools are getting better, their roads are getting repaved, all that good that comes out of gentrification. i feel like we're at a turning point where we've been so impressed by all the new technology, oh, look, i can get a ride home, order my food with a press of the button. there's also the question of, wait, is there a dark side to this progress? >> for those of us who haven't seen "san francisco 2.0." >> you should watch my movie on hbo go or hbo demand. so grab your tech device. >> and we can watch it any time anywhe anywhere. >> poppy, pelosi has a big connection to san francisco. she's the daughter of house minority leader nancy pelosi who represents northern california. >> fascinating look at that
4:54 pm
documentary laurie segall. quick break. we're back in a moment. he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible.
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youtube turned ten years old this year. it is astonishing how much it has grown since it began. that growth caught the eye of super model carly clause. >> this is youtube space, 20,000 square feet in the middle of manhattan. it's the place where content creators and 5,000 subscribers can make their content for free. there's one in new york, sao paulo, london, tokyo berlin. the videos viewed here been viewed over a million times. we talked to supermodel carly
4:58 pm
clause. >> i'm carly klossy. welcome to my channel. >> it's my voice. it's me unfiltered. unedited. >> i have complete control. >> you're writing your story. >> i'm writing my story. >> at 23 years old supermodel carly close may be better known for her tech savvy and social media starts than the runways she struts. >> 3.2 million people follow her on instagram and 800,000 on twitter. her youtube channel klossy launched last month and has 2,000 subscribers and accounting. >> over a billion users for youtube. do you look at those numbers and say this is smart business? >> i did. i had an opportunity to do something with a channel, with a network that was ultimately going to be in the hands of producers and editors in a dark
4:59 pm
room somewhere that i didn't have control of it. i had that realization and i realized i want to control my story. >> anna, there's literally no one here to help me. >> what do you expect. >> we are working directly with vogue, one of the most iconic brands in fashion. we're working with a model, carly kloss. i shouldn't call her a model. she's a entrepreneur, business person, philanthropist. >> techy. >> techy. obviously on youtube, they're partners in our program. >> the better the content, the more ad money you'll bring in. >> it's great for the creator ecosystem where bransds are becoming more comfortable. creators are becoming more comfortable with brands. >> just this spring a bank of america analyst estimated youtube is worth $70 billion.
5:00 pm
recent estimates by researchers know digital ad spending is set to outpace television by next year. keep in mind youtube has only been around for ten years. >> the google sales team brings their advisers up and they walk around and are able to see creators who are shooting real professional content using big fancy equipment. a facility like this brings you a front row seat to what each side is doing. >> nielsen statistics show more 18 to 49-year-olds, that key demographic that advisers want to hit watch youtube more than any other major u.s. cable channel. astonishing. >> this generation has a knack forgetting on camera and creating content. >> pictures are my favorite souvenirs. >> it's because of youtube space that carly kloss can add producer to her


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