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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  October 11, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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air force struck a convoy carrying isis leader. his whereabout conditions are unknown. it's important to say that the iraqi military made similar claims in the past. we'll get you more when we get it. thank you for joining us this morning. >> have a good day. it's debate time for democrats. don't expect bernie sanders to play attack dog. hillary clinton moves left on several debate flash points including trade, wall street, and deportation. >> latinos make america stronger and smarter. >> the house will be in order. house republicans spiral into chaos. >> i just think it's best to have a new face. ben carson said donald trump is dead wrong when it comes to
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putin's military push in syria. >> we need to challenge him. >> "inside politics." the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics." thank you for sharing your sunday morning. we discuss the latest in a chaotic week for the republican party and gear up for tuesday's first democratic presidential debate right here on cnn. with us to share the reporting and insight s -- hillary clin will step on the debate stage in las vegas tuesday. we can show you a live picture out there. when she steps on she'll be the party's presidential frontrunner but facing a challenge from the left. the challenge served notice time yesterday on a topic he thinks senator clinton got dead wrong.
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>> made more military power to do everything he can to solve international conflict without going to war. >> this this baseball play off season the late great yogi bear has put it it has to be daysha view all over again. the same issue that president obama used to pop the clinton inevitability bubble back in 2008. i wrote that line. i still couldn't say it. the question is, julie, does it work again? is the iraq war debate still have the vibrant especially with the iowa liberal base it did in 2007? >> i'm not sure it has the same as 2007 and 2008 when it's fresh in the minds of the american public.
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i think it's interesting to see where bernie takes the line of attack against her. we're in a situation where we have conflicts in the middle east and there's a lot of what the country should be doing. clinton has been speaking out on a hawkish of on military affairs. the country is weary of that, still. if he tries to draw a line between the iraq war vote and what she might want to do with syria and iraq could be effective. >> it's clearly a strategy. he brings up iraq and deals with it in a public event. not three or four weeks ago, but on the eve of the debate saying i want it to be an issue. bernie sanders says i did this. she did that. she can explain herself. he understands on the stage he'll have others he teased it up and they might be more aggress aggressive. >> don't forget the wild cards.
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this network when you watch the promos it's hillary versus sanders but there are three other peoples. they may be lobbing the worst attacks. in some ways the debate is hillary clinton versus hillary clinton and a lot is her record now on issues like iraq where she said finally after many years she was sorry for that vote. but on other issues like trade where she came out against the tpp saying she pushed the secretary of state on gay marriage. she's in favor of it. she wasn't for several decades in public office. explaining why she's the best candidate for the democratic party looking for someone to be the new liberal stander bearer after president obama. it's not going to be an easy thing for her. >> it's not going to be an easy thing for her. she has to decide how to deal with sanders. does she think he's a moment or like obama a movement? and the senator has been careful about this. he's beginning to get tougher.
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listen to him here. he said i'm not a negative guy. that's not what i do. he said i want to debate policy without being personal. >> you're looking a candidate running many elections who has never run a negative political ad in my life. and you're looking at a candidate who does not go about attacking people personally. i just don't do that. >> he just doesn't do that. but what he says is here my position on the minimum wage, secretary clinton seems to have come this way lately. he questions her consistency which is polite but also making a point. >> he doesn't necessarily need to do that. he's going to expect from the other folks on the debate stage to go after hillary. i'm sure martin o'malley, for one, who has no traction in the poll will start to go after her
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in probably more direct ways. part of bernie's strategy he knows he has to pull away the clinton supporters and by attacking her directly it could alienate the same basis supporters he's trying to court. i tried to talk to bernie this week about hillary on tpp. i talked to him hoping he would take the pitch. he said she has to make her decision before she announced, of course, that she opposes. it was part of his strategy. he doesn't want to attack her. he wants to lay out his line of thinking. >> and bernie's strategy on stage shouldn't be to try to act more presidential. his strategy has to be bernie sanders. he's not drawing tens of thousands of people to his rallies and making feel the burn the new hot liberal slogan because he abilities presidential. i think people are drawn to him clearly because people really buy that this is a man who has
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been working on these issues he cares about all his life and all of a sudden he happens to have the stage. i think that if he were to throw a couple of punches, you know, have a couple of zingers aimed at hillary clinton that those will really go a long way and we saw that when he puts out a press release saying i bend this way. and hillary clinton seems to have changed her mind. that's an -- >> bernie should also watch his own. martin o'malley is probably going to come after bernie on the gun issue. >> it's a big test for bernie sanders. it's a stage hillary clinton has to be on before. this time she seems determined. they take bernie sanders more seriously than they did. she seems determined to protect the left wing and not allow what happened with senator obama happen with senator sanders. in recent days she plit split with the president of the united states. including trade. she once called the transpacific
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partnership the gold standard. now she's against it. she said the president has been too tough on deportations. she come out on against drilling. the issues put her to the left of the party. the one place she's being more muscular in syria saying a no-fly zone. for the most part she's trying to look left. the splits with obama he's still the leader of the democratic party. he's a poplar figure with the base. how much does that factor? >> i think she's doing it strategically and carefully. she is looking for places where it's safe among democrats to split with. a democratic president who is actually quite popular with the party's base, still. i don't think you'll see her split on things certainly not minimum wage. things that aren't at the core of liberal politics but she had to look for some ways to go against him. trade is a perfect example. obama wants this trade deal but among democrats it's very
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unpopular. >> she's trying to find areas she wants to go further than the president. so immigration she's saying that. on health care she's saying that. that is tricky for the white house. the national question is, hey, guys, why didn't you do this in the first place? i think it's really important to remember when you think about that dynamic between the democratic presidential frontrunner and the democratic president. she needs this vote. she needs the same exact coalition of young voters, women, latinos. as julie said, they've been strategic about peopling up those people, wooing those people in a special way that doesn't seem to denigrate the president. >> i will say she needs to have a completely solid and seamless answer to the question of what changed on tpp. she's going to get asked that question and she needs to be prepared. >> this one name we haven't
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mentioned is joe biden. the vice president won't be at the debate. we know wants to run. he's home this weekend in delaware. as 8:39 this morning radio silence from his team this weekend. even people who sometimes give you hints. silence. we'll watch how it plays out with the vice president and his decision relatively soon, we think. chaos in the house as republicans search for a new speaker. politicians say the darnedest things. >> what can you say to the voters of new hampshire on this stage tonight. they seem to like obama more. >> that hurts my feelings, but i'll try to go on. he's very likable. i agree with that. i don't think i'm that bad. >> an editorial in the los angeles times said in addition to his uncontrolleder haves
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welcome back. here is a big question in politics this sunday morning. is the man most of the country got to know as mitt romney's running mate the answer to the identity crisis of the country.
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paul ryan is home this weekend facing enormous pressure to step forward as speaker of the house. if you haven't been paying attention, the spot is vacant. john boehner stepped down and kevin mccarthy shocked his top supporters by abruptly pulling out of the race. >> if we're going to be strong, we have to be 100% united, and i think, you know, let's put the conference first. >> you were in the room as this was playing out, and you asked him his bad answer on the benghazi play into this. let's look forward not backwards. they're in chaos. they have to decide who leads them, which is a bigger part of a bigger question about how do we want to do our business? is this about the conservative or do they want a new speaker so they can be more confrontatio l confrontational? >> they want more say. the 40 or so members in the
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house freedom caucus that were instrumental in pushing kevin mccarthy out and getting john boehner to get fed up with his job. they say they want more power. they want to be able to have their speaker listen to them and have a bottom up approach. but the interesting thing that, john, that's what kevin mccarthy promised he would do. he said he would do it. and still that wasn't enough. and that's one of the things that frustrated mr. mccarthy and prompted his decision to abruptly pull out. he went to those guys and they were still not ready to back him. so if paul ryan were to jump into this position, he would have the same problems that mccarthy had, that john boehner had, and we're dealing with it raising the debt limit on november 5th. they have to do that. the party for years and years and years no matter who it is in charge of the same issue. >> this is where i get stuck on this. a lot of these guys, to their credit, they're being criticized
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they're doing what they said they would. they campaigned on coming to washington and saying no. they said they will not raise the debt ceiling, fight obamacare. they're doing what they said they would do. the question is do they understand even if you gave them every position in the house leadership they couldn't repeal obamacare, they couldn't defund planned parenthood. >> thing is a huge problem for republicans now. not who is leading but anybody that can come in and keep these two factions of the republican are party under one big. it's not ideological. we've had situations where you've had republicans and democrats with deep ideological differences. this is almost more about tactic. how do you get people elected to come to washington not surprico when that's the basis of their political rise. >> they have districts back home. the only way they get challenged is from the right.
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for democrats it's from the left because of the way we draw house districts. we won't settle that. this is part of the presidential campaign as well. it's part of the stifle war or strife within the republican party. when this happened, you know who, donald trump, was out on the campaign and he'll take credit for the sunrise and credit for mccarthy being gone, too. >> i want to just start by saying kevin mccarthy is out. you know that, right? [ cheers and applause ] and they're giving me a lot of credit for that because i said you need somebody very, very tough and very smart. >> you know we're rolling our eyes at this because what does donald trump have to do -- but in a way he has a point. because the insurgents and the outsiders are doing so well on the campaign trail and saying whatever they want to say. as donald trump does and sometimes dr. carson does. >> the republican party is basically eating its own at this point. and it's really bad for the party.
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it's hard so see how any candidate. whoever takes the speaker position knows they will spend the next five months and longer being attacked by ted cruz and donald trump. it's a thankless task. it's hard to see any 2016 navigates these in a way they remain a viable general election candidate. it's a real question about whether it's a functioning political party that can get someone into the white house. and it's just going to be -- it's going to be tough. and i think that's kind of chaos in congress creates this image that the party as a whole is in a state of chaos and doesn't have a clear agenda. i think we sometimes forget that congress right now is dominated by the republican party because there's so many fights just within the party. it's not even they're always fighting with democrats. it's that there are two factions within the party -- >> and it's chaos good for the outsider candidates. >> can jeb bush step forward and
5:51 am
said we need run ups to governor when the party is a saying we have energy and getting what we want now. >> he was out of step with where the party -- >> right. >> but it's great for hillary clinton. i mean, it's great. her whole argument has been i'm going to rise above the fray and be a leader and the republicans came into the congress when they took control of the senate. they promised probably in an interview to you they govern and be responsible and all the dysfunction was the fault of president barack obama. it's a harder case to make now. >> they're working on it. they're working on it. up next our reporters share from the notebooks getting you ahead of the political news including how donald trump is dealing with the knnitty-gritty of organizin iowa.
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don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. around the inside politics table and ask our reporters to share a nugget or two. >> donald trump who prides himself on being the most unorthodox candidate running the most unorthodox campaign is showing the most baby signs of running a more traditional campaign lately. i was in iowa with him this week. i saw there were volunteers explaining out leaflets explaining how the iowa caucuses work. he's talking about running tv ad
5:57 am
which is something he sai early on he had no interest in doing. maybe he's feeling the pressure a little bit and feel like run the most unorthodox campaign isn't always the right way to do it. >> sometimes old school rules. >> paul ryan is just not there yet when we talk about whether or not he's there. largely, there are several reasons. one of which he's not convinced yet he can get the 247 votes in order to become speaker, he doesn't want to live week by week the way john boehner did or face the same rebellion from the 40 or so republicans in the house freedom caucus that torpedoed mccarthy's bid to become speaker. he's also got concerns about the amount of fundraising that goes into the job like this. john boehner, of course, travelled virtually every single weekend for that job. but there are a lot of pressure on him to take it and folks are saying, look, we can help you out on the fundraising front.
5:58 am
republican leaders have approached him said we're willing to go on the road for you so you can go home on the weekend. you don't have to do as much fundraising and get some of the guys on the right to back him. don't expect a decision any time soon. at least this coming week but he's skeptical but hasn't shut the door yet. >> he clearly doesn't want the job. we'll see what he decides. a glimpse of hillary clinton's poll strategy. keep your eye on the post debate schedule after tuesday's forum. she's heading not to iowa or new hampshire but texas and alabama. her campaigns believe with her numbers down in iowa and new hampshire the early voting states they believe supertuesday offers the best chance to undercut bernie sanders. they think the drain of the southern states can help them deliver that march 1st knock out punch. i would expect a lot of barbecues and grits in hillary clinton's future. >> the accent comes back.
5:59 am
>> right. >> jeb bush's team said publicly they're not worried about his poll numbers at this point. they have a campaign built to last. but privately there are a lot of people around feeling bush needs to make a move this month in october. not necessarily overtaking donald trump, but showing a consistent rise up to the top tier. and it's more than just about the calendar. jeb bush's super pac is spending a lot of money on television ads now in iowa and new hampshire on the theory that as voters learn more they'll like him more. if you're not seeing a rise in the polls along with the television ads. >> a lot of pressure on governor bush. how the most recent fundraising numbers will impact the republican race. ben carson was the big wow taking in more than $20 million in the last three months. the ted cruz campaign is bragging about the $12 million take especially pointing out it's twice as much as marco
6:00 am
rubio race raised. bush hasn't released his numbers yet. when the numbers are released rival campaignins the governor will have raised in july quarter. they are most interested in how fast the bush campaign is spending that money. it they'll be quick to look how much the bush campaign reports in cash on hand heading into the end of the year crunch. that's it for "inside politics" thank you for sharing your sunday morning. "state of the union" starts right now. the benghazi committee politics. >> this has become an investigation. i don't know the reason. >> a former republican investigator speaks out against the committee in an exclusive tv interview. plus, gop house divided. >> i think i shocked


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