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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 11, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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is already here with x1. only from xfinity. welcome to las vegas, nevada, where fortunes are made, where dreams are shattered. it is the site of the very first democratic presidential debate right here on cnn. i'm john berman in front of the wynn las vegas. in two days the five democratic presidential hopefuls face off for the very first time on cnn. just a short time ago we unveiled the lectern setup inside the hall, hillary clinton on top of the polls center stage. to her right, vermont senator bernie sanders, a leader in the key state of new hampshire. on her left, former maryland
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governor martin o'malley, former virginia senator jim webb and former rhode island governor lincoln chafee will book end the stage. there is a brand-new poll out today. hillary clinton with the lead in the cbs poll, 19 points behead of bernie sanders. now if, if vice president joe biden enters the race he would enter in third place with the candidates far behind. but that biden candidacy, no one knows what's going on. there has been no word from the vice president. he has been meeting with his family, presumably with aides as well all weekend at his home in delaware. we are waiting for some word about what comes out of those meetings. in the meantime, we are here in las vegas with the canidates beginning to arrive, beginning to get ready for the cnn debate. joined now by cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta, who is in beautiful debate hall inside the beautiful wynn las vegas. how's it going so far?
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>> reporter: it's going great. john, what we're seeing is sort of debate prep, debate setup in action. you can see all the scores of cnn employees behind me setting the stage for tuesday's debate, the first democratic debate of this season. you can see the fill-ins for candidates standing at the lecterns on stage right now. there's a lady standing where hillary clinton will be standing in that middle lectern position. she's obviously the front runner this campaign. you talked about the other candidates who are in this race and where they'll be positioned on stage. the candidate obviously that everybody is talking about right now is really giving hillary clinton a run for her money is vermont senator bernie sanders, the self-described socialist who's lit up the progressive base of the democratic party, filling up stadiums and arenas and auditoriums. over the weekend he had 9,000 people in colorado. in the last 24 hours we've heard one of the potential flashpoints in tuesday night's debate, the iraq war. bernie sanders saying back in 2002 he opposed the iraq war,
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pointed out that hillary clinton voted in favor of the iraq war back then, a decision she now calls a mistake. and earlier this morning senator sanders appeared on "meet the press" and he was asked, well, why haven't you gone and voted to authorize the war on isis? president obama's military action against isis. giving the president that support he needs to go after the terrorist army. you can hear some of the speakers as the debate prep is going. here's how senator sanders answered that question. >> you didn't support his isis program. you didn't vote to thundershower it. why is that? >> well, because i am worried about american troops getting sucked into a never-ending war in the middle east and particularly in, you know, iraq and syria. let me also say this, and this is the other reason why i've been hesitant. i don't think the united states can or should be doing it alone, not our troops who -- i've gone
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too too many funerals in the state of vermont, nor our taxpayers. the wars in afghanistan and iraq cost us $4 trillion to $6 trillion. i believe strongly that saudi arabia, kuwait, qatar, you know what, they're going to have to get hair hands dirty as well. they don't like isis, let them start putting troops on the ground. saudi arabia, people don't know this, has the third largest defense budge net the entire world. i found it ironic they were asking american troops to get engaged on the ground.sanders on isis. that might be one of the questions facebook users propose during this debate. you can see on the big screen, don lemon, a co-host, he'll be standing here and taking those questions from facebook users during the course of the debate, relaying that to host anderson cooper, the other questioners on stage, dana bash and juan carlos lopez during the evening. it will be a looichly
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discussion. of course the "x" factor in all of this is vice president joe biden. if he decides to show up here at the last minute in vegas and decide to let it ride on tuesday night, you know, he could really shake um this debate and make for some very fascinating political television. but, you know, this is going to be a make-or-break moment for people like martin o'malley, the former governor of maryland, that a lot of people thought would be doing a lot better right now. he said this morning on "state of the union" he realizes he has to have one of those breakthrough moments. a lot at stake on tutz night, john. >> for martin o'malley, what happens in vegas cannot stay in vegas. jim acosta, where the magic will happen, the debate hall, the wynn las vegas. thanks so much. i want to bring in wearing their special cnn headsets britney spears and justin bieber. no. cnn political director david challion and mark preston. they join me to talk about where this race stands. david, we have a brand-new poll
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out today from cbs news that shows hillary clinton at 46%, bernie sanders at 27%, joe biden at 16%. hillary clinton's got a 19-point edge. this poll is exactly where it was one month ago. no movement. >> this is a national poll. we obviously see in some of the early states the margin is smaller in iowa, though she's still ahead. and in new hampshire obviously, bernie sanders has overtaken the lead there. but you're right, john. even through this entire e-mail process she has durability and strength as the national front-runner in this race. sanders hasn't really threatened that. those numbers include joe biden. when you take him out of the race, her lead increases. >> durability nationally and inside the democratic party. we're talk tact primaries where democrats vote. some interesting favorability numbers here. among democratic primary voters
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her favorability rating is 69%, unfavorable 19%. she's doing well with democrats. you're seeing there among registered voters. it's the opposite. 33% favorable, 53% unfavorable. that may be a problem for her someday, mark. but not today. today her issue is the democratic race. >> when you see the likes of martin o'malley who's tried to make an issue of she could be wounded going into the first debate, she's doing fine nationally looking a at the polls. state by state she is having some problems. when you run in a primary you're not running nationally, you're running state by state. that's why bernie sanders is able to chip away at her at this point. to the point of martin o'malley, what he's trying to at least convey to democratic voters is listen, you might put her as the nominee. but she's going to be damaged as the nominee. >> we don't have the numbers to show you but electability
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number, is that fertile ground? do you expect martin o'malley, that's a good way for him to make his name saying she can't win, she's got so many problems? it's sensitive for a democrat, isn't it. >> it's against the grain of where the party is at. they do think she is their strongest candidate. go back to those favorable and unfavorables. this is what fascinates me. hillary clinton and donald trump are kind of tracking each other in each of their nomination races. they have very good numbers leading the pack in their party. but they have vulnerabilities overall. >> you win the bottle of champagne for the first mention of donald trump. he's still at 27%, still the leader. he has not slipped at all for all the talk about donald trump needs a second act, needs this or that. right now all he needs to do is what he's doing. >> incredibly frustrating for the likes of jeb bush, marco rubio, the likes of anyone who's
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running against donald trump because they can't seem to chip away at what his support is. but to that point he still has a quarter of the republican electorate that is support. it's an incredibly large field. when you start to see people trop out, that's where i think people will see if donald trump is vulnerable in a republican primary. >> you can't see it from the shot, right thereupon there's a trump condo building. he's literally looming over the democratic debate on cnn. this idea, he's an outsider, and that's what's dominated the republican race. you have donald trump, ben carson, carly fiorina. the democratic side, david, is there an urge for an outsider? >> there is. i think that's in the broad american electorate overall. i think bernie sanders has tapped into that urge. it plays out differently inside the democratic race than inside the republican race. even though obviously he's a longtime incumbent senator, member of congress, an insider in that way, his entire career and identity is that of against the grain, against the grain of
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his own party, against the grain of his fellow members in congress. so i think his battle is sort of taking on the billionaire class, calling for a revolution. that taps into what i think is the energy that's motivating the outsider thing that's going on this year. >> the irony is he's not eve an democrat. he's a socialist democrat or -- >> outsider. >> literally outside. >> calls himself a democratic socialist, mark, which could be surprising i think for people watch ong tv. people inside the hall and know bernie sanders has been in washington since 1990 since first entering congress, they know that, but maybe people watching tv won't. >> a large part of his appeal is in a primary, much like with trump and the republicans, bernie sanders has tapped into the folks who are absolutely dialed in, certainly in a state like new hampshire, who are primary voters, who are liberal, you know, who are angry at washington. and they don't think the democratic party is far enough to the left. that's where a lot of the fuel
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for his candidacy -- >> angry at washington but not angry at a guy who's been working there since 1990. great to have you here. you do not want to miss the very first democratic presidential debate. it is right here on cnn beginning 8:30 p.m. eastern time. we'll be here up until that very moment. there's a lot more to talk about. we'll have more from las vegas in just a few minutes. but there is other news, big news today. more than a year after an american journalist, a "washington post" bureau chief, in iran went to jail, there is a verdict now we are being told, a verdict deciding the fate of jason rezaian. more data means more freedom to do..whatever. that's why at&t is giving you 50% more data. that's 15 gigs of data for the price of 10.
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word from iran on the case of a "washington post" journalist in iran since july of 2014. apparently on espionage charges. jason rezaian remains in prison despite an international outcry for his release. our cnn investigative correspondent joins me now. what more are we learning about this verdict. specifically, what is it? >> reporter: i'll it will you, martin, what we know so far is an iranian court has issued a verdict in the case of jason rezaian according to a semiofficial iranian news agency. but, and this is a big but, martin, the verdict and the sentence have not been released or made public yet. on sunday "washington post" editor marty baron released a statement say, "this vague and puzzling statement by the government of iran only adds to the injustice that has surrounded jason's case since his arrest 15 months ago.
12:16 pm
jason is a victim, arrested without cause, held for months in isolation without acses to a lawyer, subjected to physical mistreatment and psychological abuse, and now convicted without basis. the only thing that's ever been clear about this case is jason's innocence." later, a "post" foreign editor told cnn this. >> what we're seeing unfolding here is a sham. for iran to say there's been a verdict but that it's not final simply suggests again this is not a matter for the courts, it's a matter that's being decided in the political spheres in iran. >> reporter: rezaian, the bureau chief, was detained in july 2014 and held for months without being told of the charges against him. he's eventually charged with espionage and other crimes. he's been detained in iran longer than any other american journalist in history, longer even, martin, than the americans held in the iran hostage crisis. now, the state department said
12:17 pm
officials there had seen news about the verdict but they've not received any official confirmation or details. in a statement, a state department spokesman said, "we're monitoring the situation closely and we continue to call for all charges against jason to be dropped and for him to be immediately released." on cnn last week, rezaian's brother said this. >> jason's innocent, hasn't done anything, hasn't been convict even in iran so i don't understand why the united states should have to do anything for them to do the right thing. that being said, i don't have an opinion about the legal status or how that would be done. i just want my brother home. i know the other families want their families home. everybody should be brought together and this is just a situation that's been horrible for all of us. >> so there are a total of three americans being held in iran, and secretary of state john kerry has been talking with officials there about a possible prisoner swap. so this, martin, is definitely far from over.
12:18 pm
but so far no clear indication about what the verdict was, what the sentence might even be for jason rezaian. >> just continues the torture for his family and loved ones. chris, thank you very much. next, a republican says the investigation into the attack in benghazi has turned into a political witch-hunt. remember, a republican. and it's targeting hillary clinton. we'll hear from him and we'll hear what other republicans are saying about the allegations next.
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explosive fwalgss about the house select committee on benghazi. a former investigator is accusing panel of targeting hillary clinton. here's what major bradley podliska said in an exclusive interview with cnn's jake tapper. >> what do you say to any viewers who think you might have an axe to grind, that you're only talking because you were fired? >> as i said earlier, i have a conscience. there's wrongdoing here, and i think it needs to stop. and i do not want the investigation to end. i want the investigation to be refocused back to its original purpose. the victims' families are oweded the truth. hillary clinton has a lot of explaining to do. we however, did not need to shift resources to hyperfocus on hillary clinton. we didn't need to de-emphasize or in some cases drop the investigation on different agencies, different organizations and different individuals. >> not surprising, republican reaction to those claims came
12:23 pm
fast. raul labrador, one of the house's most conservative member, came out swinging on "state of the union" today. >> the only reason there's any politics or we even have an investigation is because the obama administration and hillary clinton decided a few months before an election that they were going to lie about what happened at benghazi. let's be clear about that. if they hadn't told different stories about what happened in benghazi, we wouldn't even have an investigation. >> clinton's camp, meanwhile, released this statement in response. "these are explosive allegations. this republican whistle-blower's account from inside the benghazi committee may provide the most definitive proof to date that this taxpayer-funded investigation has been a partisan sham from the start." sean smith was one of those four americans who died in the 2012 attack. his mother, patricia jones,
12:24 pm
joins me now from san diego. ms. jones, thanks for joining us and my condolences for the loss of your son. >> hello, there. >> what do you make of these strong allegations now that this was all some kind of political witch-hunt against hillary clinton? >> i have a lot of thoughts on that. first of all, it is about hillary. this is her department. it was her area, her bailiwick, and she did all the instruction on what should be done there. why shouldn't they talk to hillary about it? >> the focus, though, or at least the allegation that is made here is that it's not being done so much to find out for you or americans as to what happened, but in some way to try to anyoneish her as a politician and her chances to apparently run for office.
12:25 pm
>> hillary is not a wonderful perp as far as i'm concerned. she promised me personally a lot of things when i was in washington she never came through and said anything on. she never got back to me. all she ever did was tell me i was not a member of the immediate family. i don't think that's very nice to be talking about a mother that way. but she instructed her department not to tell me anything. so i am very much waiting for this investigation of benghazi for trey gotti to find out what happened because hillary has not come back to me and told me that. nobody has. the only thing i hear is from the guards -- the security guards that were there at the time. >> and of course there's no way to replace or repair your loss. so i understand, of course, the anger you may feel against the former secretary of state. but when it comes to trying to find the answers as to what actually happened, it seems
12:26 pm
we're getting no closer. >> that's because she's not answering anything. if she would have opened. up her e-mails so we can find out what she said at that time, i understand she was talking to obama while this was going on. i want to know was he talking to obama. i want to know what she said. they have treated me like dirt and have not told me anything. i deserve stuff. i am a mother and deserve to know. i should not be treated like dirt like this. >> patricia smith -- >> may be the obama committee and trey gotti will find out something. i'm waiting very, very impatiently. >> we can hear it in your voice. thank you very much. her son was lost among those killed in benghazi in 2012. next back out to las vegas and see how the candidates are separating themselves. just two days now from the first democratic debate that will take
12:27 pm
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las vegas, nevada, the wynn las vegas resort, the las vegas strip is packed today here, the people not for the world crafts or restaurants or the shows, not for the gambling. no. each and every one of them here for the cnn debate, the first democratic debate. it will be tuesday night right here on cnn, the very first time that all five democratic candidates are on the stage at the same time. now, as this happens, the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton, she has been doing something very interesting the last few weeks. she's been putting new distance between herself and president obama. the administration that she worked in. she recently broke from the president on two pretty big
12:31 pm
issues. she now says she opposes the president's new pacific trade deal, the deal she once called the gold standard for trade deals and is now advocating a no-fly zone over syria, a position, again, at odds with the president. joined now by cnn public commentator van jones and political reporter nia malik henderson. van, you are an alum of the obama administration. >> yes. >> how much space for hillary clinton is too much space between her and the obama administration if you are a democratic primary voter? >> there are a couple places where there's room. you can be tougher on trade, tougher on wall street. it will actually help you with the base. you can be tougher on a number of issue wls you're talking about immigration, talking about criminal justice, but if you go too far in a hawkish direction, you may begin to open up too much space. this party likes the fact this
12:32 pm
president has kept us out of foreign entanglements. we don't like the mess over there, but as bernie sanders and others have said, we don't want more american soldiers having funerals. you can go too far in a hawkish direction. you can't go too tough on trade or wall street. >> how far before you start to tick off the president or the people i believe side the white house? you don't want them saying bad things about you even secretly. >> even quietly. this is the big game and it is very hard to know how far is too far. you do not want a valerie jarrett to pick up the phone and call your campaign manager and say, hey, guys, enough of that, because then you know you are in a very different relationship to that white house. right now everybody has a basically decent relationship with this white house. the first one who decides, screw it, we don't need it, and breaks is going to learn a tough lesson. there's a loyal base for this party that loves obama. you can't go too far. >> hillary clinton putting distance between herself and the
12:33 pm
white house in some cases. the rest of them putting distance between themselves and hillary clinton. bernie sanders picked this weekend of all weekends to put out his floor speech against the iraq war in 2002 clearly trying to delineate where he stands versus where hillary clinton stood at the time, being for the war. >> that's right. even somebody like lincoln chafee, who nobody really talks about, when he announced health get into this thing, that was what he first talked about. >> very first thing. >> they feel like maybe back in 2008, obviously this was her achilles' heel, maybe it is again, but certainly it just gets at that broader idea of hillary clinton is a hawk at a time as you said that most people are skittish about putting boots on the ground in the middle east. i do think with syria, particularly, she's for a no-fly zone, obama not for a no-fly zone, beneather is sanders. this is a moving target here in terms of what is going on in syria. you look back in 2013, americans very skeptical of getting involved in that. as things move bit, i think we'll have to see where
12:34 pm
americans are. >> it's a legitimate old-fashioned policy debate where it's not clear where party people may be on it. there are differences of opinion right now. i want to talk about bernie sanders because berpie believes what he believes and has for a very long time. people love him for that. one thing he has to do for people who haven't been following him for a very long time is prove he can be president, prove he can be executive, something he hasn't been since he was mayor of burlington, vermont. he was asked about how he would be negotiating congress, would he be better than the president, worse than the president. this was his answer. >> very fair question. and what i say is that it will not be that my personality is better than barack obama in negotiating with whoever the speaker of the house may be. if they ever come up with a speaker or mitch mcconnell. by the way, i hope via political revolution le we will be substantially increasing voter
12:35 pm
turnout. democrats do well when a lot of people vote and republicans lose. >> so what does he have to do to show or does he have to show he's an executive or just stick with the cooky policy on vermont thing? i think he has to come across as credible. his people see this as his big introduction to the democratic party. they have felt all along other people don't know him and the more people get to know him they'll like him more. i think if you listen to that full response he talked about using the bully pulpit. he said, you know, we'll be better at negotiating because mitch mcconnell will look at his window and see millions of people backing bernie sanders' administration and his policy. i thought really? does he think he's a better sort of galvanizer of people than barack obama is? and whether or not that would actually do enough to move the needle? barack obama thought the same thing. he thought he could use the bully pulpit to change the politics on guns. it didn't really work. soy thought not a great answer. >> he's playing to packed houses, has a lot of people
12:36 pm
coming to his rallies across the country. will he bring new voters into the fold? is there a movement the likes of which we did see in 2008 with barack obama? >> look, i think something really big is happening around bernie sanders. hard to understand the full scope of it, but i think we may be underestimating -- it's very hard to get 20,000 people to do anything except go to a concert. when you're talking about 20,000, 30,000 people coming out, and he's not doing five-minute talks. he's doing 90-minute talks, lectures. i think there's something happening there. i think he shouldn't be written off. i think he is right when he says there's a better way to get more people engaged. there was a time during the obama administration where the base kind of sat down and the president was trying to make stuff work on his own. but the most important thing i'm going to be watching for bernie sanders, most people don't know who he is. political people know who he is. he's still got to make his basic case for why is this weird guy from vermont on the stage. he's got other debates to prove
12:37 pm
himself to be presidential. he has to make his basic case again and again. you can get deluded by having 20,000 people come to your rally and think everybody knows you. no. that's fractional of a country with 300 million. he has to basically be bernie sanders. if he tries to do too much tomorrow i think he overshoots the runway. >> let's end on martin o'malley sort of first among equals of the three other people on the stage there. here's a guy who was governor of maryland, thought he might be the primary opponent to hillary clinton, hasn't worked out that way. he has to leave here with what, nia? >> he's got to leave here with some name i.d. i think he along with all the others have to answer that question, who you are and why are you here. and he's got to do that. he hasn't been able to break through. i think he has to go after bernie sanders. he stands in his way of getting one-on-one with clinton. >> his only chance to break out ahead of the margin of error. it's 2%. he's below that.
12:38 pm
his only chance is to have people who are queasy about bernie who maybe don't believe in hillary clinton to say, hold on a second, this guy's credible. >> yeah. >> if he can just have people -- have him be eve an second choice as to o posed to "who is he," ma's something. >> maybe sot bernie sanders, not being not hillary clinton. very interesting. fwraelt to have you here with us. we appreciate it. do not miss it. the cnn debate. the first democratic debate. we'll be back to las vegas with more news about the debate. but there is other major news today. anger over deadly bombings in turkey. that anger spilling out into the streets. there are some tense confrontations between protesters and police. plus the latest details on the investigation into this terror attack just ahead.
12:39 pm
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i'm martin salve individual. thousands gathered today in ankara, turkey, to pay tribute to the victims killed in a terror attack this weekend. at least one group trying to reach the scene of the twin deadly bombings was blocked by police officers who fire tear gas when a scuffle broke out. 95 people were killed, almost 200 others wounded. arwa damon joins us.
12:43 pm
i imagine 24 hours yobd what happened, people want to know what happened. are we any closer to knowing who's responsible? >> the turkish government has not come out and said they've concluded their investigation just yet, nor has anyone come forward and claimed responsibility. the country at this stage is still reeling from the shock of what happened. there were absolutely heartbreaking scenes as families were collecting the bodies of their loved ones, rel tichs, friends, all trying to figure out how to say their final good-byes. you know, as each vehicle was coming out and carrying a coffin, people would chant "a martyr is not dead," meaning they would live on in their memories forever. this type of violence, the country has not seen this in its modern history, those twin attacks so violent in their nature, so devastating. but also the other issue here is just how politicized everything has become and tensions are fairly high on the ground as was
12:44 pm
eminent earlier in the day when one of the opposition groups, a pro-kurdish hdp leader along with other members of parliament did try to reach the scene where the attacks took place just to lay down a few red carnations, and they were stopped by riot police and scuffles broke out. we've been seeing small instances like this throughout the day. we've also been seeing an uptick in fairly inflammatory political rhetoric coming out from all sides with the government saying this was an attack on the state and with the opposition parties, especially this pro-kurdish party blaming the government for the violence, at the very least failing to protect the population. all of this puts turkey in a very tenuous, precarious situation, especially turkey, a kenai toe y nato ally in the re precarious position leading up to elections november 1st. now the country faces a war
12:45 pm
against isis, a war it has launched and reopened against the separatist group, the kyrgyzstan workers party and political instability and this kind of violence as well. >> frustration and grief boiling over there. arwa damon, stay safe. thank you very much. two experts say the police shooting of a 12-year-old boy in cleveland was reasonable. their words. next, a closer look at the controversial report on the death of tamir rice and what investigators are saying.
12:46 pm
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let's take a look at the top stories. russia says it's carried out 64 missions in syria in just the past 24 hours targeting more than 60 isis positions, it claims. during an interview on a russian television stait station putin was asked about stabilizing the
12:50 pm
region. >> translator: our task is to stabilize the legitimate government and to create conditions for a political compromise. stabilize by military means? by military means, of course. when we see military units of international terrorists, isis and others, so close to the capital, we know they won't have a will to negotiate with the government. if the syrian army shows its viability and readiness to bring the fight to the terrorists, then the possibility to reach a political compromise will be much higher. are you considering the possibility of using the russian armed forces in a ground operation in syria? no, that's impossible. no matter happens? no, we're not going to do it. and our syrian friends know that. >> meanwhile, the u.s. says a
12:51 pm
second round talks with russia was productive. they agree to a third round in the future. the violence continues to escalate in gaza and israel. the palestinian ministry of health says a palestinian boy dies from injuries he sustained with israeli forces in the west bank. overnight the israeli air force launched a response to a rocket fired into southern israel. those strikes caused a house to collapse on a pregnant woman and a 3-year-old child killing them both. newly released reports say the police shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice was, quote, reasonable. the cleveland police officer shot rice saying he was holding a pellet gun which looked like a handgun. two experts conclude that the shooting was reasonable because the officer believed that rice posed a serious threat. cnn's nick valencia has the details. >> reporter: the reports were among several commissioned by
12:52 pm
the cuyahoga county prosecutor. the two reports, one was done by a former fbi aelgt, the other done by a current prosecutor in the denver area. what both concluded was that the shooting death of tamir rice in cleveland on the afternoon of november 22nd was a reasonable one. writing in their report, the officer that fired the fatal shot saying officer lomond's belief that rice posed a threat of serious physical harm or death was reasonable. let's take you back to the afternoon of noevember 22nd thee in cleveland when police received a of a guy at a recreational center displaying a pistol. they believe it was probably a juvenile and that the gun was probably fake. when officers arrived, within two seconds of arriving, they opened fire on tamir rice, killing him. it's been reported that the
12:53 pm
officers did not know the second part of the call that the individual said that he was probably a juvenile and the gun was face. as tamir reached to the right waistband he was shot and died from his injuries. according to these reports, that was enough of a threat to justify these shootings. the weapon in question was an airsoft gun is not relevant to a constitutional review of officer loehmann's actions. the family they are livid. to get so-called experts to assist in the whitewash when the world has the video of what happened is all the more alarming. these hired guns dodged the fact that the officers rushed tamir and shot him immediately without assessing the situation in the least. ultimately it will be up to a grand jury to decide whether or not to bring charges against the officers involved in the shooting. nick valencia, cnn. >> we'll be right back.
12:54 pm
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if you're planning to fly southwest today or tomorrow, if you are, consider this an officials heads-up. southwest airlines is warning customers you better get to the airport early because, quote, technical issue, unquote, are causing really long lines across the country. a spokesperson says that as of
12:58 pm
this morning about 100 southwest flights have been delayed and the airline has 3600 flights scheduled for today. our sara gannon is in new york and following this story. this is not a day you want to be a ticket agent for, i imagine, southwest airlines. >> reporter: not a day you want to be a ticket agent, not a day you want to be a traveler on southwest airlines either, martin. take a look at these long lines. this is las vegas airport. a similar sight at baltimore, nashville, los angeles airports. that's because of these technology issues. southwest is having to manually issue tickets today. that means long lines. they're warning their customers please arrive to the airport early. i want to read you the statement from southwest. it came out this morning. they said, we're experiencing technology issues today which are requiring us to process customers manually as they arrive at the airports for travel. we're asking customers to arrive at least two hours prior to their scheduled departures to
12:59 pm
help minimize the delays. just a note here. they have, it seems, contained the delays. there's noindicationthat there's been major delays of flights. it's just the long lines at the airport before those flights. as of 10:00 this morning there were less than 100 delayed flights out of 3600 scheduled today. that's a huge number. but if you're a traveler, you're up in the air all the time, this is starting to sound like deja vu. this is happening a lot. back in july it happened to united. in september it happened to american. and aviation experts i spoke to today said this could be because of antiquated technology, airlines are merging, the technology has not been updated, has not caught up and that leads to meltdowns like this. >> let's hope they get it fixed over the next 24 hours or so. sara gamin, thank you very much. the next hour of "cnn
1:00 pm
newsroom" begins right now. this is las vegas, nevada. this is the site of the first democratic debate. the very first time all five candidates will be on the same stage at the same time to face off on the issues. how are they similar? how are they different? it all happens here tuesday night. i'm john berman out in front of the wynn las vegas. just two days from now this face-off. the first time we've seen them debate in this election cycle. a crucial moment. just a short tyime ago, we unviled the lectern set up on stage. hillary clinton will be center stage. so her right, vermont senator bernie sanders who is leading in the key state of new hampshire. on her left, former governor martin o'malley, a lot at stake for him. jim webb and linco


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