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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 12, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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we're live, great to be with you on this it monday. i'm brooke baldwin live in las vegas on a beautiful monday morning here. you're watching cnn's special coverage ahead of the big and. first democratic presidential debate. it's just one day away. and as you know, it's vegas, baby. this is a city known for for big
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bets. you have four presidential candidates hoping to defy the odds by taking down the front runner who will be center stage. hillary clinton, yes, you may be surprised that there are five podiums set up for tomorrow because hillary clinton and bernie sanders have dominated democratic headlines, fundraise ing and polling. i want to get to numbers because this is fascinating going into tomorrow night. a poll shows hillary clinton solidly ahead of bernie sanders and really the rest of the pack. they are among the first to hold primary elections set for next february. those are important states as we talk numbers. we'll talk about the poll results in. moments. first to jim acosta. let's talk rules, jim. what do they need to follow come tomorrow night? >> this is vegas. there have sob some rules. first, each candidate will have one minute to respond to each
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question that comes his or her way. then 30 seconds to respond to a rival who mentions his or her name during his answer. . and lights, not buzzers, will notify the candidate when they start to run out of time. but the moderator will have some discretion as to whether a certain candidate deserves more time to deliver that answer. brooke, there are plenty of flash points to talk about here in tuesday's debate here at the winn hotel here in las vegas. one in the last 24 hours. bernie sanders, you just mentioned him shs the independent senator from vermont, he's been capturing the imagination of the progressive base. he's been saying in the last 24 hours that hillary clinton voted in favor of that iraq war back in 2002. he was against it. so sort of echoes of the 2008 campaign. also i think it's interesting when you look at the debate stage, i was just inside. the podiums are all set up. martin o'malley, despite being
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in the single digits in. the polls, he's standing right next to hillary clinton. that greats a huge opening for martin o'malley to perhaps have one of those breakthrough moments and i suspect we might see that tomorrow night as well. we go into debates and don't know how it's going to play out. somebody might have a breakout moment that changes the game. >> i'm sure there will be attac attacks. jim, thank you. let's dig in now to the latest results from that poll we just showed you between south carolina and nevada. also keeping in mind how the rest are doing both as we have seen in iowa and in new hampshire. also with us is commentator donna brazil. and on my left, senior political
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analyst ron brown steen, director at the national jury room. let me turn to you first, sir. we know that hillary clinton, she's losing in new hampshire. she's basically neck and neck with bernie sanders in iowa. but huge double digit ace head of him in nevada and south carolina. has to embolden her going into tomorrow night. is this part of a southern strategy? >> it's a reality check. they are both over 90% white. she is even in these new polls issue it's important she's facing some resistance among white voters in the democratic primary. but she's dominant among minority voters. the states are diverse. this is a reality check kind of putting in perspective that bernie sanders is is doing well
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in it iowa and new hampshire. until he proves he can break into the large minority presence, one-third of all the voters in '08 were hispanics, african-americans and other voters. >> what a difference it is from eight years ago. i don't think the early polls will matter much beyond tonight because this is an opportunity for not just hillary clinton to reintroduce herself, engage her opponents on the stage, but also put forward her agenda for the country that people haven't been hearing about. we have been hearing about e-mails and servers. >> this is an opportunity for not just secretary clinton, bernie sanders, he was arrested in 1963. immigration reform, we are in a
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state where this is a very diverse coalition. it's a great opportunity. democrats are going to debate ideas. we're not going to have a personality. >>. when you look at the nevada poll, 58% of the people are undecide undecided. i think if we're walking about the streets, as i have been, do you know the names of the other people on the stage? that's an important part that other gentlemen will be introducing themselves to america. my question to you, i want to throw to some sound. president obama was on "60 minutes" and talk about at the end of the interview he said, yes, if i were to run for a third term i would win. i want to ask about this. >> do you think if you ran again and did run again, you would be elected? >> yes, i do. >> how will hillary clinton invoke the president on that
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stage tomorrow night? >> well, she's going to do it with what we have been talking about. this broad coalition of democratic voters that barack obama built in '08 and expanded in 2012. hillary has done a lot of work leading up to this debate that has gone unnoticed. >> how do you mean? >> she's rolled out women for hillary. she's met with the leadership of the black lives matter. she's checked a lot of boxes walking into this debate. i think she's going to display tomorrow night her vast support among this coalition? >> what about bernie sanders? i know he said he won't be attacking her on the e-mails. he's over that. i imagine he won't attack on personality. but i imagine he could come forward and say, listen, i have been in the person in the room the longest. all my years of service, how will we expect him to hit? >> i think the safer lane for them to criticize her is on adjusting or flip-flopping her positions on issues.
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it's hard, especially in light of the allegations by the former staffer, for democrats to go into the e-mail issue. there's not a lot of appetite for that in the party. that doesn't mean that issue has vanished or there would not be a concern for her in the general election. an easier for way for them to go after her is she moved her positions. you can't trust her on the issues. >> martin o'malley has done that. let's play that for you. do we have it, guys? martin o'malley, she was one of the first people that came forward and said, yes, we should be arming the syrian rebels and now no-fly zone. how will a martin o'malley or others on stage, because you know they want to be talk about about. they have to come out attacking. >> martin o'malley has nothing
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to lose. he needs a breakout moment. the only issue i have with him is he's previewing how he's going to attack her, which is not a smart thing to do on the night before a debate. so healthcare hb is going to expect it and going to have an answer for it. hillary clinton is a fantastic debater. she's done this 26 times in '08 and she's a fantastic multicandidate debater chrks is different than one-on-one. you have to find where to interject and find out where you need to optimize the opportunities that are presented to you. that's a hard thing to do. >> when they hit, does she go above the fray? how does she handle it? >> she is battle tested. she can always talk about the republicans. we're not going to sit there and pivot about the republicans and she can also talk about her record. she's been in this fight for a long time. she's championed issues and delivered for voters and that's what people want to hear. i think she will do well.
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>> does she bring up trump? >> a real interesting observation. shefs a strong debater, but better at talking to the existing electorate than the expanding electorate. but those who may be drawn in about the excitement of something new and different and fresh. that's a real challenge for her tomorrow night. >> thank you all so much here in vegas. again, we are just about 24 hours away from the big showdown in the building behind me. next, the bomb shell that could play big tomorrow night. a former staffer made an explosive revelation about the investigation into hillary clinton when it came to benghazi and what the committee was doing. we have more on that. also donald trump has another encounter with a woman who is not a fan.
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hear how he responded to it her questions about her paycheck and her body. and we will take you behind the scenes of the debate stage here at the hotel. get a look at the first ever, wait for it, virtual reality debate in america. this is cnn special live coverage here in las vegas. i'm brooke baldwin, we'll be right back. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. enough pressure in here for ya? too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this.
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. you are watching cnn live. check out the clock with me. the first democratic presidential debate here in las vegas. i have to tell you this new allegations have just surfaced that could reshape the race for the white house.
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a former benghazi investigator, a man who was fired, claiming to blow the whistle on a smear campaign levelled against hillary clinton. he's insis tant that instead of a fact-finding mission into the deaths of four americans inside the consulate in libya, the focus of the panel is to trash hillary clinton. here's what he told my colleague jake tapper. >> in your view, your insider view, did the house majority staff on the house benghazi committee use this committee for political gain? >> i would state that this has become a partisan investigation. i do not know the reason for that. i do not know the reason for the focus on hillary clinton. >> republicans are going to listen to you and think this is some liberal trying to get hillary clinton off the hook. liberals are going to hear you and say, look, see, he's exonerating hillary clinton. this committee is all political. hillary clinton has nothing to
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explain. what's your message to these partisans? >> hillary clinton has a lot of explaining to do. we, however, did not need to shift resources and de-emphasize, and in some cases drop the investigation on different agencies and organizations and different individua individuals. >> do you think that the results of the committee based o on what you saw will be fair, comprehensive, thorough, professional, honest? >> no, it's not possible. the victims families are not going to get the truth. and that's the most unfortunate thing about this. the nine months of research i had done is now lost. i have no idea where it is. . i know that i could give those victims families an explanation. of why they were told that this attack was due to a video. >> why are you coming forward? >> i'm going to be honest with you, jake. i'm scared, i'm nervous, i know that this is -- i'm going up against powerful people in washington. but at the end of the day, i need to live with myself.
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>> what do you say to any viewers out there who think that you might have an ax to grind? you're only talking because you were fired. >> as i said earlier, i have a conscious. there's wrong doing here. i want the investigation to be refocused back to its original purpose. the victims' families deserve the truth. >> let's discuss with a democratic strategic. also with me here in. las vegas, kevin madden, republican strategist. great to see both of you today. great questions from tapper toward this man. essentially he was saying i have a conscience. has he emerged and wants to blow the whistle? or is this someone who is a bitter, fired employee? >> we don't know. there are legitimate questions
11:19 am
about his motives. he is in the process of filing a lawsuit. he was fired by the committee. he does make some allegations in there about resources being shifted inside the committee. i doubt he was in the position to make a decision about those resources. he may have disagreed with them, but the chairman of the committee and others on the committee who have more authority. they have to con front these charges head on. i think you did see that with chairman gowdy yesterday and the day before and he's taping on some of these allegations. he does have to focus on what the goal of the committee was, was the goal of the committee will be and at the heart of it is a desire to get to the truth about what happened in benghazi. i think as long as the chairman it does that, these allegations will be judged, i think, accordingly by the public. and we can move on towards bringing the investigation ahead. >> then you have mccarthy saying the week before last specifically about hillary clinton. then you have this whistle blow. er coming forward. this has to help her.
11:20 am
correct? >> no question. in many respects, events have overtaken this committee. . you already had a bipartisan senate intelligence committee report, investigation and report essentially laying out what did happen giving those families information. you had a state department report and an independent investigation. so there's really nothing left on the substance to report. kevin mccarthy running for speaker said last week, well, we did this so we could bring hillary clinton's numbers down. he made the classic accident in washington, he told the truth. that means hillary clinton is going to go before the committee and have the support of the entire democratic party. that committee is going to look like fools trying to rehash old things based on this new whistleblower. this is a huge mistake for. the republicans and a huge opportunity for hillary clinton. >> they did find new information.
11:21 am
hillary clinton had a private server. that was new information. >> when they asked to turn it over, there's not enough time. but information about the e-mails that were turned over also about the e e-mails weren't turned over. so they have found out new information. >> on the e e-mails, president obama was on "60 minutes" and addressed this. here he was. >> she made a mistake. she's acknowledged it. i do think that the way it's been ginned up is in part because of politics. it is important for her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the american public. . i can tell you that this is not a situation in which america's national security was endangered. >> so, yes, a mistake, didn't affect national security. your reaction? >> the president, while he made a passionate defense, is not an impartial observer here.
11:22 am
the questions about whether or not there was national security implications and questions about some wrong doing, that's ultimately going to be up to the investigators. >> i want you to react to the new attack ad from the rnc in the wake of jake's interview with the benghazi committee, this firing committee member. this is the rnc. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone. >> a federal government watchdog determi determined there was classified information. >> did in fact contain classified information. >> total lack of accountability. my problems have nothing to do with me. >> they are playing it off as a partisan witch hunt. >> you have the fbi and "new york times" change chasing this story. >> you think the american public is that stupid? >> last question to you. she will be asked about this tomorrow night. how does she address it? >> the same way she was doing it all along. it was a mistake. she did not create classified
11:23 am
information and e-mail it. what the fbi found was there were a couple e-mails that had sensitive information that were sent to her. so look, the president of the united states, i u don't believe he said this in a partisan matter. he cares about national security. no. national security issue were at stake here. i don't think voters are going to care much about this. i don't think you'll see democrats attacking her for it tomorrow night. >> they do care. her numbers have suffered as a result. >> the trust worthiness, everything else, thank you very much. i appreciate it. coming up next, donald trump, he opens the door to questions today in. new hampshire. gets some challenging ones including several from one woman who, as you will see, is clearly not a fan of donald trump. plus aerosmith's steven
11:24 am
tyler taking on donald trump for playing "dream on." hear why, live in las vegas.
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we're in vegas. we're getting ready here, 30 hours away from the first democratic presidential debate here at the winn hotel. the republican candidates are out and about as well on the trail. you have front runner donald trump making an appearance a short time ago in new hampshire. this is at the no labels convention. this is a group that pushes for a bipartisan civil approach to politics. there was a woman who was in that audience who challenged trump and specifically women's
11:29 am
health. >> i don't think you're a friend to woman. >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. so let me give you that answer right now. >> i respect women incredibly. i have had women working for me in positions that they have never worked in terms of so many different jobs. hi a woman who was in charge of the building of trump tower many years ago before anybody would have thought of it. . . and did a fantastic job. i have given women more opportunity than i would say virtually anybody in the construction industry. i have a daughter and a wife who constantly want me to talk about women's health issues because they know how i feel about them and how i feel about women. i respect women. i love women. i cherish women.
11:30 am
hillary clinton said he shouldn't cherish. i cherish women. >> i want to get paid the same as a man, and i think you understand that. so if you become president. will a woman make the same as a man and do i get to choose what i do with my body? >> you're going to make the same if you do as good. a job. and i happen to be pro life. >> let's to that event in new hampshire. this wasn't a normal republican home-field advantage for donald trump. this is a bipartisan event. the young woman speaking up. what do we know about this young women and tell me more about that exchange. >> i think you're right. this is not donald trump showing up at a rally with thousands of adoring fans who want to tell
11:31 am
him how great he is. this is a room of voters and many of them skeptical about donald trump's message. we saw that from that woman who asked trump the question today. i actually think donald trump handled the question particularly when it comes to reproductive rights in a way many republicans wish candidates would handle this answer. . he just said i'm pro life, that's it. he didn't get into the details where candidates in the past have gotten themselves into a lot of trouble. so i think if you're a strategist liking at the way he answered that question, you're pleased. he still offered jabs at president obama, but for the most part, he came on to the stage in front of a room of voters with doubts and took their questions. . >> let me follow up then on this. we see this happen at different campaign events. i understand when donald trump walked out today, he walked out to aerosmith's "dream on." is it steven tyler who said please stop using my song?
11:32 am
what's the back story? >> yeah, steven tyler, not super pleased to see donald trump walking out there. donald trump did it again today walking out to "dream on." before he took the stage we asked him and he said it's resolved. when i pushed him for details, he was not responsive. but the campaign made it clear they have the right to be able to use the music. so as far as the trump campaign is concerned, they just plan to keep on using it. >> that's interesting. the last time i saw donald trump in person it was backstage at an aerosmith show last fall. go figure. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, the parts of the debate you don't exactly see on live television. what actually happens during commercial breaks. who approaches the moderator. one of my favorites here at cnn joins me live on the secrets, lifting the veil. also breaking on the eve of
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did the level of intensity on that stage always is -- i don't know if it comes through on the television when you're watching at home, but there's really nothing like it. >> you also have a producer in your ear telling you to move on,
11:38 am
do something else. . so it gets a little complicated. it gets a little intense. >> we're in there and looking at them in person. it's a whole different experience. the candidates try so hard to catch your eye and. >> they are con. substantiately looking at you that they want in. >> make you feel bad for not going to them. >> sometimes they can get in, but sometimes you have to move along. >> people adopt get to see what happens in the commercial breaks, which was really cool. for the most part the candidates will go and check with their aids. but they are also were a few moments i witnessed with the candidates and their spouses and families. kind of getting a gut check. >> i remember most from a national perspective is what newt gingrich tried to take my head off. >> i'm appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. he came up to me and said you're doing a great job.
11:39 am
i said that's funny, you just called me reprehensible. he said that's just the game. >> there's a lot of things you never see on television. you never see the loved ones saying you're not giving their candidate enough time. the wife or child of a candidate, and that happens. blitzer warned me. once you have done it and gone through it, you want to do it aga again. >> joining me now, one of my favorites here at cnn. debate moderator, the king, if i may, wolf blitzer. let's play a fun moment from debates past, shall we? >> is it okay for muslim americans to get more intensive patdowns or security when they go through airports than christian americans or jewish americans? >> no, blitz, that's oversimplifying it. i happen to believe if you allow
11:40 am
our intelligence agencies to do their job, they can come up with an approach. i'm sorry, blitz, i meant wolf. since we're on a blitz debate, i apologize. >> blitz, i was just trying to read your thought bubble. you were so cool, calm and collected. >> it was fine. >> how many debates have you moderated? >> i did a lot of debates in 2008. i did a bunch in 2012. i'm looking forward to doing some debates down the road. it will be good. >> what's happening right now? we're 29 hours away. what's happening behind the scenes? all of our brains from washington. >> first of all, not just today. it's been for a few weeks. they have been going through all the candidates, all their records on all the key national security issues and domestic issues, the economic issues, all
11:41 am
the important stuff. they have been trying to study as much as they possibly can. where these candidates agree, disagree. the goal, of course, is to make sure that the voter out there who watches a debate like this who may still be undecided has a better appreciation of who the candidates are. it's not just anderson moderating tomorrow night. it's the whole team. he has a lot of researchers and producers. they have gone through and spent an enormous amount of time with him, as was the case with jake during the republican debate. making sure that the moderator is prepared. >> and you're dealing with people in your eyes and watching the lights flashing, which means they have no more time. what do you think is better, the lights or buzzer? >> the lights are better. let's say they have 60 seconds or whatever, you don't want to necessarily hold it to a buzzer or something like that. sometimes it takes another 15 seconds to finish a thought. that's fine. >> this is so different. tomorrow night, five podiums on
11:42 am
the stage. hillary clinton right in the middle as she's polling the best versus the 11 in the reagan library. how do you think -- that was a lot of attacking. more on substance and specifics? >> i think there will be some attacking. the lesser candidates are looking for a break. . one of the opportunities they have to go after hillary clinton. martin o'malley, let's see what he does. i'm sure and his campaign staff see this as the moment if there's going to be a breakout moment for him, he has to do something tomorrow night. he's a former governor, very smart guy. we'll see what he can do. there's only five. five is a lot less than 11, which was at the first republican debate. i mod. rated debates with 9 or 10. and i did one of 9 last hillary clinton and barack obama debates in 2008.
11:43 am
and they went at it back and forth. it was a serious substantiative debate. >> people at home watching can also be involved for those folk who is are on facebook. don lemon will be here helping with that. >> there's going to be questions. this this is an opportunity for cnn and facebook making it available all over the country. you have a question for any of these five, post that question. so be an opportunity for voters o out there to get a question to one of these five presidential candidates. >> wolf blitzer, the king shs do you like that? >> no. man of the people. >> thank you so much. make sure you tune in for this gentleman at 5:00 eastern here on cnn. i appreciate it very much. next, you can bet the questions about what the u.s. should do in syria specifically
11:44 am
will play a huge role tomorrow night. how will these candidates field the tough foreign policy questions and will they go after hillary clinton, the former secretary of state? also ahead, tomorrow night's debate will be mark iing a big first. you'll be able to watch in virtual reality. what? yep, we'll explain how, coming up. you're watching cnn's special live coverage live from vegas. take a look at these bbq best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. it's here!
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live here in las vegas.
11:49 am
i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn ahead of tomorrow night's first democratic presidential debate. i want to get to this. breaking news out of russia. . police in moscow say they have foiled a terror plot planned by militants trained in isis camps in syria. this is according to russian authorities. moscow was the target. they say they discovered a large home made bomb. russian official says several suspects have been arrested. and when you listen to our cnn democratic debate here in vegas tomorrow night, consider this. the next president of the united states will have to continue fighting isis, handle the situation in syria and deal with russia's vladimir putin. so let me bring in commentator to hone in on what to listen for tomorrow night. great to have you here. let me begin with when we talk about foreign policy and national security, a lots of people think hillary clinton, former secretary of state. i think it's worthy pointing out
11:50 am
jim webb, former senator from virginia, he was once a navy secretary under reagan. he was assistant secretary of defense. how might he really challenge hillary clinton tomorrow night on that stage with his knowledge? >> jim webb is the most interesting candidate no one ever talks about. he's a former marine. former novelist. someone who knows a lot about foreign policy. doesn't look like he's going to challenge hillary clinton a lot, but he could soften her up in ways that could be problematic. he, like bernie sanders, opposed the iraq war. he can speak with more authority on that subject because he's more of a foreign policy expert. if they tag team against hillary clinton on the iraq subject, remember how many problems that caused in 2008. democrats are no more fond of the iraq war now than they were then. that could be a problem.
11:51 am
>> this is something we have been seeing bringing up the mem me no 2002 that bernie sanders wrote over the war. what about iran? we have been watching the iran nuclear deal and how hillary clinton supported that. we see what happened yesterday, the news with regard to "the washington post" reporter and how he's been convicted now and how those hostages weren't used in this deal. how will hillary clinton respond to that as formerly part of the administration? >> i don't think she's going to be pressured from the democrats on stage. they also support the iran deal. she's going to have to have an eye towards how she's going to have to answer the republicans eventually. we have this conviction. also news today the iranians have tested a ballistic missile. some say is a violation of the deal. she's tried to position herself as a supporter of the deal, but tough on iran. that's going to be the blast to
11:52 am
walk. >> what about also on syria? we have a foreshadowing from martin o'malley on how he's hit her specifically on her stance on syria. this is what he has said. >> secretary clinton is quick for the military intervention. . i believe a no-fly zone is not advi advisable. this is why. no-fly zone sound attractive, but they have to be enforced. given the fact that the russian air force is in the air space over syria, this could lead to an escalation of cold war propor proportions. >> what do you make of what he said there and how would she respond? >> what's interesting is o'malley along with sanders is closer to where barack obama is than hillary clinton is. >> who once said let's arm those syrian rebels. no question about it. >> that could be beneficial in a general election. but a democratic primary, it's potentially a weakness.
11:53 am
b bernie sanders doesn't feel as comfortable talking about foreign policy. the danger of her tomorrow night is o'malley, webb and sanders all go after her and expose her still as the more hawkish where most base voters are. >> on afghanistan, do you expect that to come up? >> i hope it does. we have a big policy decision in afghanistan. obama wanted to withdrawal all troops by the time he leaves. now the military is pushing back saying we should leave 10,000. the taliban are on the march. that should come up as well. >> thank you so much. we'll be watching here. the big debate tomorrow night starting at 8:30 eastern on cnn. coming up next, america's first presidential debate in virtual reality. sooe how this new technology works. plus as hillary clinton gets ready to square off for the first time, she just got very good news. we'll share that with you. you're watching cnn's special coverage live from las vegas. why do so many people choose aleve?
11:54 am
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11:58 am
here at cnn, live in las vegas here but especially for tomorrow night, we're giving our viewers a chance to experience the first presidential democratic debate in a way that has never been done before. we'll be live streaming this debate in virtual reality. so essentially, it will feel like you're right there sitting front row in the hotel watch in these candidates on stage in vegas. this is the first major live media event of its kind op our digital correspondent is here to explain with these things. explain, sir. >> i will be honest, i was skeptical about this until i tried it. this is not your dad 1990s
11:59 am
virtual reality. this is a 3-d experience from the front row of the debate hall. you can look up, down, left, right, look at anderson cooper or any of the candidates and experience the debate as though you are there. and this is honestly only the beginning. if we can tell news stories on the streets of havana, being able to feel like you're there. it's fully immersed. >> what do you have to have? >> this is a samsung phone and this will expand in the future, but a samsung phone. these retail for $100. it's a spectacular experience. i was really shocked. there's a lot of talk when nixon debated kennedy and people who experienced if on television versus radio had a different take. i u think something like this is going to have a similar experience for people watching through this versus tv may have a different outcome of the
12:00 pm
debate. >> so if you're sitting at home and have these glasses on, you can whereas on tv you're watching the shots we're calling for. if you have the glasses on, you can look over at bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> you control the shots. we don't. we offer every single one. >> how do we do this? >> you'll soo a candidate on the right. we have multiple cameras looking up, down, right, center. you'll be able to look at the person next to you and see who is to the right of the camera. >> i'm going to make you put those on later. i want to see how that looks on you. i appreciate it. we continue on hour two. we are live here in las vegas. thank you so much for starting your week with us here on cnn. this is a big day for us. . this is special coverage of the democratic presidential debate. you see the clock on your screen. 29 hours, 29 minutes, 20 seconds away here. this is obviously in vegas.
12:01 pm
this is a city known for big bets. and four presidential hoping to taking down the front runner, hillary clinton. yes, you may be surprised to know there are five podiums set up for tomorrow night's debate because hillary clinton and bernie sanders have really thus far dom dominated democratic headlines. let me show you new numbers. these are just released polls. you can see for yourself here hillary clinton solidly ahead of bernie sanders and the rest of the pack both here in the state of nevada and in south carolina. these first states are among the first to hold primaries. we'll dig into the poll results here with my panel in a moment. first, let me go to mya henderson here in las vegas. and this may be a city for fun and betting, but let's talk
12:02 pm
rules as well. rules ahead of tomorrow night. what do they need to abide by? >> they have a pretty strict set of rules here. you can better believe they are practicing this. when they get a question from the moderator, they have a minute to respond. then they will have 30 seconds for follow up. also 30 seconds if another candidate says their name. if they are getting long winded, they will see a flashing light instead of a buzzer. it's not as jarring to see the light rather than a buzzer. and they will also have a situation where the moderator if they want to give a candidate more time, the moderator has that discretion. you better. believe they are practicing their answers. a minute isn't a long time to answer these questions. >> you filed a piece about how bernie sanders has become a serious contender. he raised $26 million in the
12:03 pm
last quarter with an average donation of just $25. >> that's right. he has gotten a million individual donations. he reached that earlier than barack obama did in 2008. he's a real grass roots campaign. the test for him tomorrow on the stage is whether or not he can turn those crowds, turn that grass roots energy into a performance that makes him look like a credible president. somebody who can sit behind that desk in the oval office and be the leader of the free world. i talked to some of his folks and they know he's still got to answer that eligibility question and note that part of that question goes to his own self-identified label as a democratic socialist. it's going to be interesting to have him on stage tomorrow next to hillary clinton. this is something he's been waiting 40 years to do. he's been in politics for a long, long time. in some ways, people don't understand he's had a lot of experience in these kinds o of forms debating folks.
12:04 pm
we'll have to see how he does tomorrow night. >> thank you so much. i want to take a closer look back at the new cnn polls just released today in nevada. clinton is at 50%. this is if vice president joe biden decides to run. and if not, her lead grows to 58%. these aren't just voters. these are people who will participate in the caucuses. one more for you, south carolina, similar trend. clinton is 25 points ahead of her closest competitor. again, he's not in the race yet. but if he stays out, she will win a whopping 70% of likely voters. that's a 50-point lead over bernie sanders. with me now i have our chief political analyst gloria borger and michael smerconish. so wonderful to see you in
12:05 pm
vegas. gloria, to you first. we were talking earlier and, yes, we're talking south carolina and nevada. also important to remember she's losing to bernie sanders in new hampshire. virtually tied in iowa. this is the strategy that is the south. >> they would be silly. if they didn't have a southern strategy. they know they are not doing well in new hampshire. so she's got popularity with african-americans. she's been strong on immigration policy. she won the iowa caucuses last time she ran. she's a known quantity here. this is comfortable territory for her. they are hoping they don't have to go to a southern firewall, but if they have to, it looks good for them. >> one more for you. you talked to your sources within the bernie sanders campaign on strategy. >> they are ready. look, they are not going to attack her unless she attacks him. and she's not going to attack
12:06 pm
him. but he's going to emphasize something he calls the rigged economy, which play it is to her weaknesses to a certain degree. that about all the super pac money being raised in a corrupt way. he's raised an awful lot of money through small donations. he's going to say to her, you know, this is the way political campaigns ought to be run. not through the huge super pacs, such as hillary clinton has. he's going to talk about the consistency of his own views to point out the inconsistency of hillary clinton's views. . he doesn't expect to start attacking her unless she goes after him as being unrealistic. then he will say, i want to change the world. you're just part of the establishment. don't call me unrealistic. >> he won't attack her on the e-mails. we have to talk about benghazi. jake tapper just talked to the whistleblower who fired up the committee. he just spoke to him about why
12:07 pm
he's coming forward and saying what he's saying. here's part of that interview. >> what do you say to any viewers out there who think that you might have an ax to grind, that you're only talking because you were fired? >> i have a conscience, there's wrong doing here, and it needs to stop. i don't want the investigation toened. i want it to be refocused back to its original purpose. the victims' family. s are owed the truth. we did not need to shift resources to hyper focus on hillary clinton. we didn't need to de-emphasize and drop the investigation on different agencies and organizati organizations and individuals. >> obviously, it's significant that he's coming forward and you have two camps saying two different things about that. my question is about how this affects hillary clinton. we know she will be asked about it tomorrow night and also how that will affect her as far as this has to. what he's said to tapper, what kevin mccarthy said by telling
12:08 pm
the truth. >> i'm sure each of her opponents looks forward to this being raised tomorrow night, but none wants to be the one that brings it up. they will look to anderson coop tore bring it up. i think the perception is such that it's a partisan issue, it's a republican issue. i agree with gloria, i cannot imagine bernie sanders bringing up any of what i regard as the trust issues, but secretly fingers crossed hoping they will be raised. >> what about tomorrow night? let's not forget the other three on the stage. >> jim webb might bring it up. he's an intangible. who is this guy? he's ill defined on a national stage. but very interesting background. vietnam veteran, marine, an independent streak and a claimed author. you remember well when he wrote those novels. . i don't know what we get with him, but i'm looking for him to be a wild card on that stage.
12:09 pm
>> you don't know what lincoln chay fee is going to do. governor o'malley is going to use the insistent i can issue. but these two wild cards on the stage have us scratching our heads and could provide for some interesting moments. >> you have these guys on the end that want to jump in the headlines. >> there's no trump here. >> they have nothing to lose. >> there's his hotel right there though. . >> you don't have any of that sniping that predated the gop debate. >> thank you so much, i appreciate it. as we watch and wait, tomorrow night, the big debate. next as we talked about the intangibles with these two, but the x factors to look for in
12:10 pm
this democratic presidential debate. will any of the candidates also have a breakout moment like carly fiorina did at the reagan presidential library in california some weeks ago? also ahead, donald trump p rips president obama con sin ten ji interview last night calling him sad, terrible. the president's former mun indications director joins me live. and i'll speak live with a vegas bookie that said americans should be allowed to gamble on elections. hear what candidates are the front runners. i'm brooke baldwin, this is cnn's special live coverage from vegas. [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things.
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i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with us on this monday, one day ahead of the first democratic debate here in las vegas. thus far, it is the republican candidates who have been firing back and forth at one another. the democrats have, for the most part, been playing pretty nice. emphasis on pretty. up until now, the candidates have not had to go head to head. tomorrow night, they will for the very first time. so will the candidates turn into attacks, savage one another? let's ask our experts. i have ben jones and hillary rose. so here we are ahead of tomorrow night.
12:16 pm
i have been so fascinated because we have been talking about some of the more obvious issues, but we asked you to figure out your three x factors tomorrow night. begin with your point about bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders has some challenges. he's been speaking for 90 minutes to 20,000 screaming fans. now he has to answer in 90 seconds while he's been opposed by four other people. that's a big shift for anybody. he has a seasoned record. but this is a very different reality to be in to go off the road. he has been packing arenas. the difference is he's not back and forth with those guys. so meanwhile, hillary clinton has been doing that. i think he may find a little bit of seasickness try og to make that turn. >> potential seasickness, we'll see. what's one of your x factors? >> bernie sanders, he has a tendency in those big rallies to come across as a grumpy old man encouraging the kids to believe in him. i'm not sure that in a more environment heavy on policy that that ends up looking very
12:17 pm
presidential. so part of that is will bernie sanders rise up and look presidential. >> on the flip side, couldn't he say i've been the person in the room the longest. all these years in public service. >> he could, and by the way, he's actually a pretty good debater. i have been watching old tapes of his. he is going to be a pretty good debater. the other factor i have is you have lincoln chafee, martin o'malley, jim webb, most people don't no who they are. the thing to look for is do they spend time trying to get on the stage by criticizing bernie sanders and hillary clinton? or so they talk mostly about themselves? >> what's your guess? >> if i'm them, i'm going to probably go hard at hillary clinton. listen, at the end of the day, nobody knows who these people are. they have to be able to distinguish themselves. they have to take a stand and
12:18 pm
you have some areas where hillary clinton is weak with regard to the base. martin o'malley can point out that i'm the leader, hillary is is the follower. i got to gay marriage first. i got to trade first. how can she be the front runner when she's chasing me? he can say something like that if he says it with humor. >> but don't be decembsperate. >> it's so difficult. if he seems too eager, it doesn't work. >> think scott walker. >> out of the debate. he has a shot. . if i'm martin o'malley, i'm trying to be marco rubio. become everybody's number two choice first. then if you can pull off a carly fiorina down the road, you might be able to get out of there. >> the one other piece, though, there's going to be a lot of conversation about a 13-year-old vote. this iraq vote, hillary clinton is going to be the only one on the stage who was for the original invasion in iraq. we already know that bernie
12:19 pm
sanders is going to go after her for that. lincoln said he was getting in the race because of it. so the thing to look for is how can hillary clinton pivot away from that vote, which she's already said she regrets, to a forward-looking foreign policy and connect it to the isil threat. >> will that resinate if she's honest and says i regret it. move on? >> she may, but the problem is she's still going to be commander-in-chief and you don't want commander-in-chief to be making mistakes. she has to articulate how she came to that. >> if she's in a situation where the main problem she has is her foreign policy experience, she's in a a great place. if i'm bernie sanders, i want to hit that but move over to income inequality. move to wall street. that's where the party is passionately. get back over to where she's weak on wall street and stay
12:20 pm
there. >> final point on hillary clinton, hillary clinton showing her personal side. >> it's all about expectations. everybody expects her to dominate on policy and be that tough hillary clinton who is a policy wong. she's kbot to deliver there. but if she has a couple moments. >> which she's had had recently. >> when she talks about her mother and what she went through to put her where she is, i well up every time. she has to have a couple moments when she tells those kind of stories. then she destroys the opposition. if she has the biggest head and biggest heart, why do you need these other guys? >> thank you both so much on the x factors ahead of tomorrow night. next, another x factor for down the road, donald trump. donald trump blasts president obama's interview on "60 minutes" calling him sad and terrible. the president's former communications director joins me live to respond to that. also ahead, president obama makes a prediction about donald trump and comes to hillary
12:21 pm
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12:25 pm
back here live in las vegas ahead of the democratic presidential debate tomorrow night. president obama today is now weighing in on hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the president's comments coming during a "60 minutes" interview. he said it was a mistake. but not one that threatened national security. here he was. >> she made a mistake. the way it's been ginned up is in part because of politics.
12:26 pm
it is important for. her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the american public and they can make their own judgment. i can tell you that this is not a situation in which america's national security was endangered. >> dan fiefr is with me. great to see you here. let me begin with the fact that the president said, again, yes, it was a mistake, but not a threat to national security. my question is how can he say that knowing there's an ongoing fbi investigation into this? >> everything he's said is true. hillary clinton has said it was a mistake. it was an error in judgment. and e we have no evidence that national security was compromised. there's been no evidence that she sent information that was classified at the time. so what he said is true. he wasn't looking for ways to weigh in on this, but any interview you give in this sbiermt, you're going to get asked about this.
12:27 pm
>> i want to move on to these candidates. in 2008 the republican crop of candidates you had a sitting republican president at the time. they separated themselves from president bush. now you have this democratic crop of candidates bringing him into the fold. why and how will they do that tomorrow night on the stage? >> each one is going to have areas they are going to disagree with the president. but in order to it win the primary and win the general election, their task is going to be to get the coalition of people that barack obama got in 2008, they sat out the last two elections and only come out when barack obama is on the ballot. so they don't have to hug the president, but they have to understand he's popular than
12:28 pm
everyone running in the country. >> do you expect to hear his name quite a bit? >> i think it will come up in questions around some of the questions are where they d disagree. i imagine the moderators will look for ways to do that. but i think they have to lay out how each one of them would be president themselves building on the president's legacy. i don't think they should go out of their to do it. >> you were in on it. i'm fascinating. we're 29 hours away. what's happening. some of the candidates are at this event in new hampshire this afternoon. but what's happening today, tonight, tomorrow morning? >> if debate prep is going as planned, the candidates have done all of the studying, learning the issues, understanding, memorizing policy positions. today and tomorrow is beginning
12:29 pm
to prepare for the debate and talk to the candidates about what are your key strategic objectives. what are you trying to achieve on this level? and what is important for candidates to do is in our social media age, what gets traction are moments. in the republican debate it was the exchange between carly fiorina and donald trump. they have to know what moments they want to have and be prepare ed for those and find a way to work those. they should be game planning and rehearsing them. >> you brought up donald trump. we know that -- >> i want to play some sound quickly. this is president obama commenting on trump. >> he's tapped into something that exists in the republican party that's real. i think there's genuine anti-immigrant sentiment in large portion of at least republican primary voters.
12:30 pm
i don't think it's uniform. he knows how to get attention. he's the classic reality tv character. and at this early stage, it's not surprising that he's got an lot of attention. >> what i wonder and we have heard this from bill clinton, he thinks it's possible trump could get the nomination on the republican side. what do you think your former boss thinks? >> i think he's it's possible. president obama has been the most successful poll it tigs at critiquing donald trump in a way that sticks. 2011 donald trump was thinking of running for president. the president gave a speech at the correspondents dinner and eviscerated trump for doing what he did, which is the end of the day he's a reality tv star. the point is that's how he's running his campaign. he's using those skills to get attention through twitter. you have to call it for what it
12:31 pm
is. the president did it here and i think if republicans want to have success, they should watch that speech and minimize trump with humor. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. next here, the democrats do have one advantage when it comes to campaigning star power. a look at whether hillary clinton or bernie sanders has picked up the most star-studded endorsements. this is cnn, we'll be right back.
12:32 pm
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12:35 pm
you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin live in las
12:36 pm
vegas. these are picture here's. the stage is officially set for tomorrow night's first democratic presidential debate here on cnn. you will finally get o to see the two front runners hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head to head. but as stephen colbert joked, they won't be the only ones on stage. >> the democrats have their first debate and i can't wait to meet the candidates and also whoever these three guys are down here. >> cnn's poppy harlow looked into those three candidates down there, their backgrounds. >> reporter: chances are you know her and you know him. but do you know them? martin o'malley, lynn can chafee and jim webb. all three will share the stage with hillary clinton and bernie sanders come tuesday night.
12:37 pm
>> weather vanes shift in the wind. i know where i stand. . >> let's started with martin o'malley. the married four of four born in washington, d.c. was tailor made for a career in politics. at 20 he left college briefly to work on the presidential campaign of colorado senator gary heart. and by 28 was ready for office himself winning a seat on the baltimore city council. from there his political aspirations grew. mayor of baltimore and then governor. here's something you probably didn't know about martin o'malley. he's fronted a rock band. and he even used his guitar skills to tease his presidential bid. on the issues, gun control, o'mall e lee wants stronger expanded background checks, an assault weapons ban and a limit on the size of gun magazines. . on immigration he supports a path to citizenship.
12:38 pm
climate change, he wants stronger regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. >> the one-time republican u.s. senator and governor of rhode island has just announced he's running. >> next, lincoln chay fee. he became an independent in 2007 and governor. but now he wants to be the next president as a democrat. on the issues, health care. he not only likes obamacare, but if president, says he would take it a step further push iing for more americans to be fully covered. on defeating isis, he opposes american boots on the ground in sere syria, but insists america must forge stronger alliances in the middle east. in 2002 he was the only senate republican to vote against war in iraq. on social issues, he supports a woman's right to choose to have an abortion and supports
12:39 pm
same-sex marriage. >> i'm unbought and i am unbossed. >> then there's jim webb, a marine veteran, former secretary of the navy, former u.s. senator from virginia, author, teacher, husband and father of six. on the issues, climate change. webb wants to limit the environmental protection agency's power to regulate e magss and supports the keystone pipeline and energy expansion. he wants to see a path to citizenship, but says the border must be secured first. on prison reform, webb wants there to be more focus on treating mental illness and drug addiction and would push for more dialogue on ways to reduce the high rates of incarceration among minorities. >> with me now, host of the lead. i feel like your title keeps getting longer. this is jake tapper.
12:40 pm
carly fiorina and donald trump, which of the three might have a carly fiorina moment? >> i think the odds are that it will be one of the three lesser known candidates, probably martin o'malley. >> why? >> because, a, they have nothing left to lose really. martin o'malley has been out there campaigning hard for months and months and months and he's barely a blip in polls. and he's the moment that has been making the case against hillary clinton suggesting he puts her finger in the air before making up her mind on issues, talking about how he's led on issues like opposing the keystone pipeline, supporting same-sex marriage. and bernie sanders, quite honestly, has been reluctant to
12:41 pm
criticize hillary clinton. he has not characterized her in any way. he has pointed out where they differ on issues, but he always compliments her and quite often rebukes the press for trying to e get him. >> how does that play tomorrow night? we know he's not going to attack her on the e-mails or personalty. but he has to stand out and he has to -- what does he do? say the person that it i've been the politician the longest? does he point out his record? >> the democratic party has shifted to the left. it's not just in the primary syst system. in general. there are more people identifying as liberals today than ten years ago. that's why you see bernie sanders gaining traction and you see the popularity of elizabeth warren and hillary clinton running to the left on a lot of issues. bernie sanders will figure what he's been doing so far has been working and it has. he's not in the lead, but he's
12:42 pm
doing well. and that he will continue to make his case for a very forceful progressivism, a forceful liberalism and not engage in attacks, although i'm sure he will distinguish as he's done on my show and others where he differs. i think he probably thinks that as people get to know him, it's better they see him not in a negative light. the thing about going negative is you bring up opponents negatives, but you bring up your own negatives. they don't do it unless they have to. whether it's because they are unknown or because the attacks on them are starting to work. so i think that's likely what's going to happen with sanders. but o'malo'malley, something ha give here or money is going to dry up. i think it's likely we'll see him go after her. perhaps even on the e-mails. not that he will cast doubt on anything she did, but he will say something along the lines of
12:43 pm
the democratic party needs to be known for more than just hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. >> final question quickly, what were you doing 29 hours before the last debate? help us understand as the role of a moderator what you're doing in a darkroom that's locked with all of your smartest favorite people here at cnn? >> i don't know why you think the room is dark. >> the door was locked. thanks for let iting me in. >> you could have knocked. it's called the cone of silence. we were just refining questions and trying to figure out what would get the best areas of disagreement and areas of conflict and differentiation. this is a different challenge that this team has because the democratic candidates are not as boisterous. i expect it's going to be different in strategy and very different in questioning. i did not, for instance in the
12:44 pm
first debate, the moderators there, who did a great job. what they decided to do was led the debate with a tough question for each of them about eligibility. i just said this is what this person said on this issue or this is what this person said about you. but i think the fox strategy for the first debate makes a lot of sense for this debate because the candidates are not as likely to mix it it up. it's good to have anderson go at them a little. >> jake tapper, thank you so much. tune in to jake in 15 minutes. thank you so much. coming up next, we're in vegas. let's talk o to a bookie. one bookie says if americans could bet on the presidential election, it is currently illegal, he say it is would make the super bowl look like a high school game. he will join me live on how he see this is current crop of candidates. stay with me, you're watching cnn's special live coverage. [ male announcer ] some come here
12:45 pm
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joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. all right. so you know this by now, we're in vegas. so let me throw a hypothetical at you. if you could put your hard earned cash on this current crop of candidates on this election which by the way you cannot do. don't go trying to do that because it is illegal. who would you put your money on? i'm going to ask the guy who knows the very best. he has been a bookie here in vegas and somewhat of a legend. so i'm sitting next to a vegas bookie legend. good to see you, sir. thank you for coming on. >> pleasure to be here. >> so it's illegal. let me say that again.
12:50 pm
but you say if it were made legal, how would it make betting on the super bowl look? >> it would make it look like as you stated like a high school football game. there's so much interest and obviously it's going to be a contentious election to begin with. we put this up about a month ago as a fun thing to do. it's gone crazy. we get calls daily asking why can't we bet on the super bowl -- excuse me. >> why is that just quickly? >> because it's in nevada regulation. we can't book national or state elections. >> so all in fun, jimmy, talk to me about the republicans. >> the republicans i have it the three outsiders have the best chance. and marco rubio, the guy that's in tact already. i believe it's going to be obviously trump's leading. trump i opened him 20-1 about a month and a half ago. he's down to 4-1. he's one of the code leaders. he is nothing but talk. anyone who has either read the
12:51 pm
article or seen it somewhere the first thing come out is trump and then hillary. so we're going to have a good fight. >> no kidding. that's the republican side. on the democratic side how is hillary looking? >> hillary's looking not too good lately. about eight months ago when you could bet this overseas, which is legal but you can't call from the united states, she was about a 6-1 favorite to be the next president of the united states. that slipped to about minus 3.5 to 1. and now the denomination it's about a 3-2 favorite. she's getting pushed from behind naturally by bernie sanders. but the big key to this next rodeo will be biden if he jumps in. >> ahh. getting calls on that? >> it's incredible. i believe if he jumps in, which i make him a favorite to jump in shortly, it will be neck and neck with hillary and joe biden. >> if you were to put your money on it, who's the next president? >> marco rubio take a bigger price. >> no kidding. jimmy, thank you so much. i appreciate it. thanks for having us in your
12:52 pm
city. >> you're all right, kid. >> my goodness. thank you. sheryl crowe will be on the debate stage tomorrow night. she'll be here singing a national anthem. she has not backed a candidate thus far. dylan buyers joins me onset next here in vegas. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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and we're back live in las vegas. i'm brooke baldwin. let's talk celebrities. sheryl crowe is lending her star power to tomorrow night's democratic debate here on cnn. she will sing the national anthem as the candidates take to the stage here at the wynn hotel. this is sheryl crowe performing in denver at the democratic national convention in 2008. she says it is no secret where she personally falls along party lines, but she is still undecided on which democratic candidate she will support for this 2016 race.
12:57 pm
i have our cnn senior media and politics reporter dylan buyers with me now. so great to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> sheryl crow we know, you know, obviously a democrat. the fact that she's singing tomorrow night. what more has she said to cnn about who she may -- >> well, she hasn't said much. she hasn't given an indication she's going to endorse a candidate, you know, while we're all here in las vegas. >> right. >> but obviously who all of these celebrities endorse does something for all these candidates, right? i mean the sad fact about american politics is a lot of people aren't paying attention as closely as we are. but they know who sheryl crow is or katy perry or danny devi to or will farrell. when those celebrities come out and support candidates, it does a lot in terms of garnering more support. >> let's go ahead, dylan, and name names. we know there's a lot of star-stunded endorsements backing both bernie sanders and hillary clinton. walk me through who likes which. >> well, so with will farrell,
12:58 pm
danny devito you've got they're coming out behind bernie sanders. today the creators of ben and jerry's endorsed their home state hero. >> do you have an ice cream flavor name yet for bernie sanders? >> they've sort of -- they're coming up with flavor names. if they get one, but i don't know if it's a bad marketing move to create an ice cream for a single candidate. and then, you know, over in hillary clinton's camp you have katy perry, beyonce, leena dunham, creator of "girls." they're both sort of bringing it in on the hollywood front. >> why do you think -- i mean, because especially i think of being in simi valley and governor schwarzenegger and others on the -- >> when schwarzenegger walked in. >> parting the waters. >> when trump as a celebrity walks into the spin room all of a sudden -- >> people are breaking rules in the spin room back at the reagan library. people were walking chasing him out of the building.
12:59 pm
that was a no-no not to say i was there doing it as well. anyway, do we know who else will be here? have you walked in the debate hall? >> i have walked in the debate hall just enough to get my credentials so i could come on your show. >> thank you so much for doing that. >> but look, i think the celebrity i'm excited to see you have to imagine harry reid's going to be here, i wouldn't be surprised given it's vegas, the proximity to los angeles we'll see more celebrity turnout. >> i'm sure we will. it all starts in the hotel behind us. five podiums on that stage and i believe the audience something around 1,200 or 1,300 people in the wynn hotel hosted by anderson cooper. thank you for joining me and getting credentials so we didn't have to break rules. thank you. and thank you so much for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin live here in las vegas covering teeing up this big massive debate at the wynn hotel tomorrow night. keep it right here. we're going to send it off a little early to my friend jake
1:00 pm
tapper sitting to my right. "the lead" starts right now. hillary clinton has the most chips at the table for tomorrow night's debates here in las vegas. will luck be a lady? i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the politics lead, just one day away. a big fight feel in las vegas as all the democratic candidates get ready to face each other on the same stage for the first time. and all the candidates taking swings at hillary clinton ahead of the main event as new polls show that rumors of her demise may be greatly exaggerated. plus, is it decision time for vice president joe biden? the vice president at home with family as everyone turns their attention to vegas. but will his presence still be felt? also, a bombshell that could have an impact on tomorrow's debate