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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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eve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. thanks so much for joining us. we're in las vegas, sigte of tomorrow night's debate. hillary clinton goes in with lead in the polls and bernie sanders drawing huge crowds wherever he goes and other three candidates have their work cut out for them. names that have not been out there on the national stage very much. clinton got another boost today from new polls from two key states, brianna keilar reports on that. >> as democratic presidential contenders get ready for the first debate, hillary clinton is the candidate to beat in two starts that could be key to
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slowing a bernie sanders surge. a new cnn orc poll shows her besting sanders by 16 points. the spread is even bigger in south carolina. clinton leads sanders by 31 points and the vermont senator sees opportunity. >> i don't get into personal attacks, you know that but differences of opinion should be discussed. that's what that election is about. >> sunday on nbc sanders tried out a main debating point, clinton is late to positions he supported like her opposition to a trade deal she backed as secretary of state. >> people have to contrast my consistency and willingness to stand up to washington corporations, big corporations. >> sanders trails clinton nationally in the polls but his lead in the all important first primary state of new hampshire makes him tough competition. in 2008 she came from behind to win the new hampshire primary
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after this moment went viral. >> i don't want to see us go backwar backwards. >> when it was over, i just felt drained. i didn't feel anything other than that. i didn't realize it was going to be a big deal. >> tuesday night the five democratic contenders will take the stage for the lesser known candidates like former maryland governor martin o'malley, it's a chance to find support that eluded them but one of the biggest potential challengers to clinton and sanders won't be there. vice president joe biden is weighing whether to run. on cbs president obama said he understands why biden might get in. >> if you're sitting right next to the president in every meeting and wrestling with these issues, i'm sure for hill he's saying to himself, i could do a really good job. >> brianna joins me now from the debate stage. how are they preparing for the debate?
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i understand hillary clinton just made an unannounced stop tonight right now. >> that's right. she came into las vegas making a bit of a splash. she arrived a couple hours ago and her first stop was to go to the trump hotel here in las vegas where some members where the culinary union is trying to unionize workers there. she actually appeared as some of these employees were picketing right there at a hotel donald trump is the co-owner of. way to grab headlines. she's been preparing for a few days and for weeks, we know that is true but she's been working with a team of lit gators who have a lot of experience in debate prep and she's trying to cut through politics. a senior aid says so much focus is on the e-mail controversy that she's hoping she can grab the attention of voters and make them focus more on her policy to -- positions. bernie sanders, more low key if
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you listen to the campaign. he's been going through research and practicing a little q and a but not quite as structured. he really, anderson, wants to make voters think he's serious and main stream and not allow hillary clinton to marginalize him as someone politically extreme. >> thank you. joining me now is former obama senior advisor david axle rod and knnia mallika-henderson. what about hillary clinton? >> look, she is a good debater. we were in 25 debates with her in 2007, 2008 she's commanding. she's crisp. she has a fluent and policy. she needs to give people a sense to believe these policy papers add up to something in terms of her belief where the country can go. >> can she be real?
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that's a criticism often made of holding a focus group about how she needs to be more real and just be real. >> yes, i think that's right but, you know, we saw -- i said this before, we saw two hillary clintons in the last campaign. the one before she lost the iowa caucus when she was the front runner very cautious, very unrevealing and the second one and that began with that event in new hampshire connecting with people, more vulnerable and revealing of herself. the question is can she be a comfortable front runner. >> what about bernie sanders? >> i think he has the easiest task. this is a chance for him to aup his message. >> known on a national station, it's a big opportunity for them. >> it is. they don't have anything to lose going into this. i think martin o'malley is
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something like three or 2% in the polls. jim webb the same place. so they have got to really answer the question why are they here and who they are, right? i think for somebody like martin o'malley, he's been going after hillary clinton but it might make more sense for hill to go after bernie sanders. he hasn't quite decided is he playing in the establishment lane or stay in the progressive lanes. he has to decide if you're jim web, he come out and critiqued the democratic party. he's left working class white men behind and talked about white working class men as the whipping post of the democratic party. this is something that he should talk about. i think if that's sort of his identity and sort of reason for being in this race, then you might expect it to come up tomorrow night. >> you know, i think these guys are the wild cards here and they could go after hillary clinton because bernie sanders won't and it would be an opportunity for her i would think to kind of
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show her humanity. remember when president obama, then candidate obama said to hillary clinton you're likable enough? >> i remember it very well. it was a disaster. >> that was a huge problem. >> she said you hurt my feelings, remember that? every woman can relate to that and i think there is a, you know, you have to be delicate there and she can turn it around. >> one thing we should stress is everybody is talking about the polls and hillary clinton's problems but they are generally talking about general election polls. she's still very popular among democrats. >> hugely popular. there was a poll that nationally i think was 69% of people don't trust her but that's really because of her republican independence. among democrats over 70% or so do. >> going after her is a dangerous proposition and o'malley has to think about that. they all do. his advantage may be generational. you've got a 74 year old senator in bernie sanders and hillary
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clinton who will be 69 when she becomes president tied with ronald reagan for the oldest entering president and here is kind of a newer generation guy and we'll see if he plays that card tomorrow night. >> i think what sanders is going to do is talk about a lifetime of devotion to certain issues the democratic party caught up with him on. talk about his consistency. so he doesn't have to attack her frontally but he can go in the backdoor. >> yeah. >> look, she has changed positions a number of positions vently to come closer to where bernie sanders is. >> that's right. >> at warp speed. at warp speed. the theory is if you flop over to the right side, people will tolerate flip-flops but it does set sanders up for that. i've been there before. the real question is not where you've been but where are you going and can you be trusted to keep these positions and that's an argue the bernie sanders makes. i've always been there and always will. >> before this debate he very much wanted to talk about the iraq war vote and it's something
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that lincoln when he announced he wanted to talk about that, too. >> he's in the debate, too. >> believe me, i'm aware. >> i hope they have name tags. >> it is interesting when you look at bernie sanders obviously doing well in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina support among african americans and hillary clinton has huge support. >> he is i think playing a smarter strategy. she did recently was talked to buzz feed, these two african american women with a pod cast. i don't think bernie sanders figured out strategy in terms of how to reach african american voters and you look at them, the most important people in that voting block is african american women and that's why you've heard when donna brazil was talking about hillary clinton,
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she called her a sister. she feels like she can relate with african american women. >> he hasn't talked about immigration a lot and hillary clinton doing well. >> big issue here. great to have all of you. we'll see what happens. bernie sanders continuing to draw huge crowds wherever he goes. the support for sanders. randi kaye went to his rally in boulder, colorado over the weekend and the thousands there. we'll hear from them ahead. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk.
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is trailing hillary clinton leading up to tomorrow night's debate but if you go to one of his rallies, no denying the support in huge numbers for him to this past weekend, tens of thousands came to hear him speak in arizona and colorado. randi kaye went to boulder for his event saturday and talked to a number of his supporters. here is the report. >> feel the burn! feel the burn! >> under the hot sun in boulder, colorado, thousands turn out to cheer on senator bernie sanders. >> you're looking at the only non-billionaire major candidate for president who does not have a super pact. [ cheers ] >> what do you like most about his message? >> i believe he really does have everyone east best interest in mind. he's not swayed but big corporations. i've enjoyed seeing the t-shirts here today that on the back say
6:15 pm
for not sale and i believe he really isn't for sale. >> reporter: for this group, transparency is key. >> bernie has been so good about making sure that people know where his money is coming from, making sure we know who he's accountable to. >> reporter: his supporters call him bernie. they like his stance on climate change, support of free public university education and fighting to close the gap between rich and poor. >> the inequality that we have was laughed at. i was a child. it was the only thing that you would have maybe in a small in those days third world country. >> reporter: what supporter here seem to like most is the message that the government belongs to all people, not just the one percenters. they see it as a chance for a revolution and want sanders leading the way. the fact sanders is a self-described democratic socialist earns him points among this group. >> i was a democratic socialist
6:16 pm
before it was cool. i just want to say that on tape. >> reporter: so you're okay with him being a democratic socialist. >> absolutely. >> reporter: in a young crowd mostly white, a hand full of african american supporters here. >> i don't know if his name is really out there in the black population. maybe he needs to go in the lower income, detroit or like just talk to the colleges and things like that. >> reporter: the latest cnn polling from south carolina shows 59% of black voters backing hillary clinton, just 4% for sanders. some black voters say they don't hear enough about police brutality and racial injustice. >> i heard more from bernie about police brutality than any other candidate ever, yeah, rus racial injustice. he's been doing it since the '60s. >> reporter: in the '60s he took part in the march on washington.
6:17 pm
when it comes to bernie sanders supporters, not everyone fits the mold. a lot of them are very young. >> we're older than dirt. >> reporter: and you're supporting him? >> yes, we are, yes. >> if i ask you today to join the political revolution. he's transform america, thank you. [ cheers ] >> randi joins us, did you talk to bernie sanders supporters about hillary clinton? how did they feel about her? would they switch support to clinton if he wasn't the candidate? >> that was a key question. i asked would you vote for hillary clinton if she was the nominee and he wasn't and a couple said yes. they would support whoever the nominee was for the democratic party but would not vote for hillary clinton. they don't feel she has the fresh perspective, honesty or integrity they believe washington needs. we know hillary clinton has been tracking left.
6:18 pm
that may not help her on some of these issues with bernie sanders supporters because some of them told me they think he's too far left and needs to move back towards the center a bit. it's not going to win her any fans among those supporters, anderson. >> joining me is former michigan governor who is senior advisor of the proclinton super pact correct the record and nia mallika henderson and gloria borger. governor, as a clinton supporter, do you worry when you hear, you see the enthusiasm for bernie sanders, huge crowds that have turned out tomorrow on that stage in terms of senator clinton, senator clinton or secretary clinton going after each other, can she afford to alienate that kind of enthusiasm? that support? >> i don't think she will. she will want to welcome and invite them assuming she gets the nomination but so much of that huge crowd buildup has to
6:19 pm
do with people feeling angry about inequality and lack of jobs, particularly young people saying where is our middle class and upper middle class. to me, the republican haves done an unbelievable job about taking her away from being able to talk about those policies so tomorrow, anderson, when you have them on the stage, i am so excited to hear actual substance from the candidates about this. if you ask hue does a poll about the number one issue americans believe is the most important for politicians to address, it's always jobs in the economy. specific policies to be able to fix what those crowds, what anybody in america wants to see happen. that's what i would love to hear tomorrow night is address those concerns. >> we talked about this a bit before the break but again, when it comes down to the racial makeup of sanders supporters and his lack of support among african americans in south
6:20 pm
carolina and some of these very important states, once you get out of new hampshire and iowa, his support among african americans, it completely drops off. >> it's true and he's trying to do something about this. he talked to ebony magazine for instance and rolled out an endorsement from keith ellis son and added lines to the speech about criminal justice disparities, but i talked to black pollsters and strategists and they are surprised he waited so late, for instance, they haven't really gotten out reach from him so they are surprised here is a guy that put together great campaign so far but he's a bit of a johnny come lately to in many ways to one of the most important voting blocks. if you look at the way hillary clinton was able to win or able to do fairly well last time, she did well with hispanic voters, obama did well with african american voters. >> when you look at a candidate who walked the walk, he has
6:21 pm
going back to the university of chicago when he was an under graduate there, he did the first sit in at the university of chicago i think it was for desegregation of housing. so it's got to feel odd for him, this guy from the earliest days of his activism focused on issues important to the country and african americans. >> you told a bernie sanders story better than he tells it. he doesn't like to talk about himself that way and i think part of the thing he's got to do tomorrow night is to talk about his history when it comes to civil rights for example because there is a real rich history there that people just don't know about, and, you know, he was an original member of the civil rights movement. >> governor, do you see those -- a number of people say randi kaye, if he's not the nominee, i'm not going to vote for clinton. do you buy that? >> no, maybe they wouldn't be voting anyway but absolutely. you've seen her popularity among
6:22 pm
democrats, the first or second choice of the vast, vast majority but for her, i mean, she's got specific policies to deal with the issues of, you know, mass incarceration, gun violence, urban renewal, urban jobs. i haven't heard his and i'm sure he's got them but for him tomorrow -- not to look back but also say this is what i'm going to do going forward. >> great to have you-all here. >> great to be here. exciting. >> come on, anderson. >> could hillary clinton's efforts to establish herself as a military hawk hurt her? and why the syria crisis may be her biggest challenge as a candidate. order panera's new roasted turkey cranberry flatbread online with rapid pick-up then eat it, however you like.
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6:27 pm
and you get five, it shows that somebody someplace along the line made some sort of a serious miscalculations. >> you know, see, let me say this -- >> it's an embarrassment. >> look, there is no doubt it did not work. >> but you said yourself you never believed in this. >> but steve, what i have also said is is that surprisingly enough, it turns out that in a situation that is as volatile with as many players as there are inside of syria, there aren't any silver bullets. >> the crisis in syria is a critical foreign policy question that all candidates are facing. hillary clinton the only served in the cab bait maybe a double short and credentials in one sense and political commentator. host of cnn's, smerconish.
6:28 pm
in someways you have to set her apart, set herself apart from president obama but obviously he's incredibly popular among democrats and can't do that too much. >> the near term challenge is whether ocpponents try to establish themself and try to be more aggressive with interventionest on issues but i'm not sure that's where the democratic party is on sunday on one of the sunday shows taking her on. i suspect you may see that tomorrow night. >> we heard bernie sanders reminding people on sunday about his vote against the war in iraq which obviously secretary clinton voted to support. >> no, i think that in the near term as i said in this primary, i think this could become a larger issue as the candidates are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from hillary in the race.
6:29 pm
>> when you look at her record, she is far more hawkish. >> no doubt. i would say that i think that she could find a home on the gop stage when you take a look at policy -- >> pretty crowded, man. >> when you look at policies she's advocated on foreign policy, always one of aggression, relative to syria, relative to libya. you can say well, she supports the iran deal but does it with cav yachts. i think she's taken a giant step closer to netanyahu in the last two weeks. there is a reason why she was a good friend of john mccain in the united states senate. she's very hawkish, i think. >> which may play well in a general election but in a primary battle, not so much. >> it may play well in a general election. the country shifted on some of these issues but i think that what it does do is it helps answer in some people's minds the commander in chief question, you know, there may be a bias about a woman president. i don't think there's that question about her as to whether she would be willing to take action. the question may be should we at
6:30 pm
points when she's willing to take action. >> yet, bernie sanders, do you hear as much from him on the campaign trail? you don't think of foreign policy. >> i don't think. his message is an economic message. foreign policy is an after thought. he was on a pod cast and i asked him about foreign policy and whether he felt prepared to be commander in chief and he didn't seem that comfortable answering those questions and went right back to why he opposed intervention. >> i think part of the reason is the issues have finally caught up to him. things he's been discussing for years whether minimum wage of inequality in terms of earnings all of a sudden the country is focused and look at the story this weekend about how less than 400 families and 50% of the 2016 presidential donations in his
6:31 pm
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welcome back. tomorrow night in las vegas the democrats' turn on the republican stage. trump hasn't held back when it comes to attacking opponents and outside trump's hotel here in vegas tonight, hillary clinton hit back joining hundreds of union members protesting outside the hotel. clinton said some people find trump entertaining but it's not entertaining to insult immigrants and women. for trump, here is a bit of what he said. >> i can tell you this, if that were a republican, they would have been in jail 12 months ago. >> i don't want to run against
6:36 pm
bernie. some people say communists, some people say socialist. i always wanted to run against a socialist/communist. >> when o'malley made the statement then white lives matter, all lives matter. >> then he apologized. >> he apologized like a little baby, disgusting weak little baby and that's the problem with the country. >> with me again, cnn political commentator and editor peter and knee ya ma l nia-mallika henderson. it's interesting, nia, donald trump really is going to be the elephant in the room and i wonder if the candidates themselves are going to bring him up because obviously hillary clinton has tried to link donald trump as the face of the gop especially. >> that's right. some of her best lines have been about donald trump. she said it used to be the party of lincoln and now it's the party of trump. so i think his hotel will be
6:37 pm
looming over this debate tomorrow and his presence, as well. and i think they will take shots at him because in someways it might be better to take shots at donald trump and sort of the larger republican field than take shots at each other. >> it's been a circus, anderson. you got to make fun of the fact that here you have a party that cannot even pick a speaker of the house and the leader of the republican party now at least the presidential candidate is polling the field so far on the main stream on immigration reform, of course, among other issues. he's now only making ridiculous comments about women but been antagonistic. he'll have the extra seat on the stage. you can wave at him, he'll wave back i'm sure and if he comes in as you know, he'll brag about his he hotel size and a bigger place across the field. donald trump will be on the
6:38 pm
table and guess what? might make him part of the menu. >> peter, isn't there a danger and particularly for some candidates who are not as well-known and using their own time to talk about donald trump as opposed to trying to explain to the american people who they are. >> right, people like jim webb, lincoln chafee have to take shots at hillary clinton. the person who best reason for going after trump is hillary clinton. she started doing it as you saw and that's because it kind of puts her establishes her as the de facto nominee and like she's competing in the general election and creates a statute gap between her and other candidates. >> do you think hillary clinton spends a lot of time just trying to get her policies across? is this a chance to reintroduce herself a part from questions about e-mails and benghazi if that others may have about her? >> this is her opportunity to talk to the american people. she said months ago, i want to have a conversation and make
6:39 pm
this campaign about you. tomorrow night she'll make it about us and not her e-mail, server, husband, president obama, not donald trump and i think you know what? she's going to come to this debate, i haven't talked to her and i'm neutral. she'll come fired up ready to go and guess what, all of those guys including those not showing up, they better be ready for hillary. [ laughter ] >> you know, you ever heard that song "light my fire"? she's going to light your fire. >> i don't know what that means. i like the way you say it. >> yeah. >> i like the way you say it. >> i think it's also a chance for her to continue the hillary we've seen on "snl" and "ellen" and been more funny and personalble. i think she'll try to do that. i mean, the danger there is when you're trying to be personable and warm and funny and seem
6:40 pm
stiff. i think she's going to go for that hillary. >> in someways her biggest opponent is joe biden because whether biden gets into the race will make a big difference. he takes more voters from her and leaves sanders to have the left base on his side. if she has a strong performance, who knows, maybe that has an impact on his decision-making. >> donna, does joe biden entering the race take support away from hillary clinton? does it hurt bernie sanders or does it and/or does it make hillary clinton a better candidate? >> you know, i'm going to take this, one more fighter on the field to beat these republicans to ensure we continue to have growth and prosperity, it doesn't matter if joe biden runs. i like joe biden. i'm not endorsing joe biden. the he decides to run he'll make a big difference but he needs to answer the question why is he running and hillary clinton and the rest of the candidates will be better because joe biden knows his facts. >> yeah, he's got a deadline october 29th. if he's going to run, he has to get on the ballot in georgia so
6:41 pm
the clock is ticking and i imagine he's been talking with his family and doing due diligence. >> halloween, it's coming. it's on. get your broom. let's go. get your broom. [ laughter ] >> let's leave it there. >> i don't know what that means, either. >> i'm with the d.j. he's going to moderate tomorrow. i'm with the d.j. it's a party. [ laughter ] >> d.j. >> we'll see if you think it's a party after it's said and done. peter, nia-mallika henderson, donna brazil. campaigns may tell us what we can expect tomorrow night. remember, there was a long record and a lot of video. we'll show it to you ahead. heart health's important...
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as we said, the democratic candidates are down to the final hours of debate preparation no matter how much they practice, some moments will be impossible to anticipate. remember this exchange from the 2008 democratic debate.
6:46 pm
>> my question is this, what can you say to the voters of new hampshire on this stage tonight that see a resume and like the but are hesitating on the likability issue where they seem to like barack obama more? >> well, that hurts my feelings. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry, senator. i'm sorry. >> but i'll try to go on. [ laughter ] >> he's very likable. i agree with that. i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hillary. [ laughter ] >> i appreciate that. >> joining me now, former new mexico governor bill richardson and former democratic policy director for the 2008 campaign and author of the people's republic. interesting to replay that moment.
6:47 pm
we were talking to david axle rod who said that was a disaster several days and senator obama came off seeming cruel in a way they had to spend days trying to kind of get over. >> well, i think that hillary clinton, i debated her in that same stage. she's a very good debater. she's got the policy points but i think where she comes and needs to advance in a positive way is on this likability issue that she has passion, that she has feelings. i mean, too many people see her as a former secretary of state, former senator, a little on the stiff side but in reality when you get to talk to her, she's a good campaigner, she's issue oriented. she's personable and she came through very personable in that exchange, i remember it. i thought that was going to be decisive and she would win the
6:48 pm
debate and she did go on and win new hampshire after that. >> i mean, you manage all of hillary clinton's debates in the 2008 campaign. how does she like to prepare? does she spend a lot of time studying, holding mock debates because she's been holding mock debates with some trial attorneys. >> yes, she likes to prepare but, you know, i mean, she's well studied on the issue and put out a lot of propels on college and how to raise wages. it's not that these are new issues for her by any stretch. she likes to get comfortable with what the stage will be like. the reality of a debate is the beauty of it really is that you can't, you can't test everything out, it's really free form there and people see the candidates for who they are after answering questions, they are accountable to the people about what they are going to do. they can't really mock everything. you can't test every
6:49 pm
proposition. it really is who you are and people get a good sense of the candidates and got a good sense of hillary in 2008. >> greg, when bernie sander was running for governor of vermont, you helped his opponent by playing sanders in a mock debate. how is he? >> he's an excellent debater. i've supported him. he can be pretty aggressive and although he doesn't get personal, a lot of his focus is on drawing distinctions, showing how he's different than everyone else on the stage and been doing that since the 70s. his message remained the same. his performance skills on television and as a political actor improved and he's been campaigning in 20 elections over the last 43, 44 years. >> governor richardson, there was a moment in the debate in october of 2007 you actually came to hillary clinton's defense and i just want to play that moment.
6:50 pm
>> you know what i'll hearing here, i'm hearing this holier towards senator clinton. it's bothering me because it's pretty close to personal attacks that we don't need. >> governor, in that moment, how can the rest of the field handle that challenge tomorrow, trying to, you know, score points against hillary clinton as some of these candidates need to do without looking like a personal attempt? >> well, i think that's going to be a challenge for bernie sanders and martin o'malley, that they not look overly negative, that their campaign isn't to destroy hillary clinton. i think it's important that they -- this is their first time on the national stage for both of them. so they have to project new policies, a positive image, but at the same time, you have to draw distinctions.
6:51 pm
and the only thing i would say differently than what is being said is that i think hillary clinton, too, doesn't necessarily have to take the gloves off for bernie sanders, but has to show contrast that she is a policy-oriented, former senator, former secretary of state that has some new policies that can work and that bernie sanders, although he's the toast of the town and very strong, progressive face, the reality is that a lot of his proposals are probably not going to be effective in the congress. they probably are not doable in the sense that it's policy. i think hillary has to show that she can get things done and bernie sanders, for all his good policies and progressive face, does not have a record of passing legislation. and i think voters are going to like that. >> and the trick on doing that is doing that without ail
6:52 pm
enating -- you know, being overly aggressive against bernie sand sxers alien ating a lot of his enthusiastic supporters. >> yeah. i would say there's a big difference between democrats and republicans when it comes to debates. the stomach democrats have for assaults and attacks is very different from republicans. it's like one can be more like gladiator. the other is much more like chess. it really is. people have disagreements on policy. they tend to criticize and become repelled by overly personal attacks. so i think it's fine for hillary, and she should. she has views on how she would governor. they're different than senator sanders. these are people who have known each other for a long time, though, and have respected each other for a long time. so i think she may well draw serious contrasts about policy, but she's not going attack -- i doubt very much she'll attack
6:53 pm
anyone unless she's attacked first. >> and we're certainly hearing that from the sanders campaign, as well. governor richardson, appreciate it. up next, bernie sanders' biggest supporter, his wife. she plays a crucial role in the campaign. be right back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? was going to clean if an better than a manual? he said sure. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head.
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6:57 pm
as the candidates get ready to take the stage tomorrow night, we have to take a look at bernie sanders's biggest supporter, and that's his wife. >> jane sanders' campaign job is unofficial, but her role is critical. >> anything that bernie needs. basically, throughout his career, he'll pull me in and say i need this new area that i need some research on or i need you
6:58 pm
to go change my airline tickets because i'm running late. >> her influence extends well beyond just support. it's unusually focused on substance. >> i've always been very interested in policy and always doing a lot of research and thinking and writing and so we have a -- we have that kind of a relationship where we really discuss things. i offer advice all the time on almost anything. and he'll say, okay, good, good, and then i'll know when he goes up to give a speech or whether or not he agreed or not. >> she actively participates in internal meetings, passing out policy positions, giving him political advice in the toughest moments. when black life matters took over at sanders' campaign event in august, it was jane who stepped up on stage, whispered in his ear, directing him how to diffuse the moment. and is on message when asked about her potential future as first lady.
6:59 pm
>> you are vying, in a way, for the same job as bill clinton. >> i think they're tremendous. they've done a lot in terms of public service. i think what we're trying to do is move the country in a more progressive way. >> their love story has roots in politics. >> jane and i have been married for 27 years. all right. i don't know how she did it. i really don't. tough lady. >> they first met in 1981 in burlington, vermont, at his victory rally the night he won his mayoral race. she, nine years his junior was an active it involved in local politics. he hired her in his office and they fell in love. seven years later, they were married with four children all from each of their previous marriages they now have seven grandchildren. over the years, she's remained engaged in policy, focusing on education, working in his congressional office at times and was a former president at burlington college. >> i have a background that really is very people oriented. what i bring always is the human
7:00 pm
factor. >> cnn, washington. >> certainly a lot of factors are going to be on dismy tomorrow night. i hope you join us for the first cnn democratic presidential debate starting 8:30 tomorrow. right now, cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. it's 10:00 p.m. on the east coast, 7:00 p.m. here in las vegas. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. we're going to begin with some breaking news. as she arrives in town for tomorrow's big debate, hillary clinton makes a surprise visit to a union rally right outside donald trump's hotel and has some tough talk for the republican front-runner. >> that if you are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the united states and that includes hard working people and you should not stand in the way of the