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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 12, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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factor. >> cnn, washington. >> certainly a lot of factors are going to be on dismy tomorrow night. i hope you join us for the first cnn democratic presidential debate starting 8:30 tomorrow. right now, cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. it's 10:00 p.m. on the east coast, 7:00 p.m. here in las vegas. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. we're going to begin with some breaking news. as she arrives in town for tomorrow's big debate, hillary clinton makes a surprise visit to a union rally right outside donald trump's hotel and has some tough talk for the republican front-runner. >> that if you are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the united states and that includes hard working people and you should not stand in the way of the right to organize because
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that's what built the middle class of america. >> that, with just hours to go until the first democratic debate. and the stakes could not be any higher. a senior clinton aid tells cnn she sees this debate as her chance to put her e-mail troubles behind her and focus on the issues that she finds important. and we have learned that bill clinton is also in las vegas tonight. i want to bring in cnn's brianna keilar and henderson who have a lot of knowledge about this. it's the night before this democratic debate. she chose to a a swipe at donald trump right ahead. is this what we are going to see tomorrow? >> i think you're going to see her playing a bit of a general election game, but i also think this visit today to the trump hotel was her way of saying i am in town and i am here for this debate. because for hillary clinton, as we've been reporting, she sees this as a chance to reset. she wants to talk about
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substance. she wants to connect with voters in a way the e-mail controversy hasn't allowed her to do. she's been doing her prep, she's been working with a team of litigators who know a thing or two about asking and answering questions. she's been working with lawyers who have a lot of experience in debate prep. but she really needs to get people interested and that trump visit is about rallying the base, saying i'm in las vegas, there's a big debate tomorrow. i want you to tune in because she really wants to seize this moment. >> getting the attention and getting people to notice. >> that's right. >> and the culinary workers union, 55,000 members. she is putting herself on the side of the unions. is that a savory move in a union town like this? >> oh, yes. in this town and i think the tpp flip-flop as it were, that was what that was all about. getting on the side of unions shortly after she came out against that. you heard from big unions, basically appraising her decision. so this was definitely about hillary clinton saying i'm with unions, i'm a progressive, i can play on the same stage with
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bernie sanders in terms of these issues. >> she is a prolific tweeter. so she's talking about this issue because she says donald trump should be on the side of workers. is she taunting him? >> is she taunting donald trump? >> yeah. >> i think in some ways, yes. i think it's sort of fun. i think some of her best lines have been about donald trump and if you attack donald trump, it sort of makes news. >> and is he taunting her? she's a prolific tweeter, as well. >> i don't know if it's so much taunting, perhaps, but i think she is really trying to grab the attention of her spaufrters supporters. she's not taunting them and sort of teasing them, right? and when it comes to unions, this is part of her play book from 2007, 2008. this is all important for her, for winning nevada, and that's part of the strategy here. >> so brianna and i have known each other for a long time. i said you see yourself -- you've been covering and she
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goes, don -- but since you have been covering this campaign, how is she preparing? >> she is preparing in earnest. and i describe sort of this full on mock debate approach that she's been taking. certainly she was down after thursday. she was actually busy last week monday through thursday and then she had friday, saturday, sunday to really prepare. but that's not where it all started. she has been doing this for months, don. really, i would say about a month, really from most of september. so this is something that she's been tackling, doing the research, you know, doing that homework that she needs to do to certainly be on top of not just her positions, but what her opponent's positions are and then in earnest she's been going through these mock debate situations, these lawyers that i told you about, don, one of them has been playing bernie sanders, one has been playing martin o'malley. so she's been method acting. >> but she has like 25 debates under -- >> but it has been a long time and you can't underestimate that. by this point in 2007, there had
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been nine democratic debates. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's a lot of reps, right? it's almost sort of a muscle memory thing. this is the first one and there aren't going to be that many, so that preparation matters even more. >> and bernie sanders is no slouch when it comes to debating. here is a guy who first ran for office in 1972. he's been in dozens and doesz of -- >> but is he -- >> they're kind of saying he's got this, he's doing sort of exchanges. there is no hillary clinton person who is playing hillary clinton, but he's practicing exchanges and i think his main goal is to come across a credible president. >> you also know that there's this expectations management, not prepared. >> exactly. >> so i do think part of his approach is this kind of shoot from the hip thing. but i also think they're trying not to say, well, he is really just -- he should be hitting it out of the park. >> yeah. it's like the college student who says, oh, i haven't prepared for the test. >> he's the insurgent, but she is leading at the polls.
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clinton is winning in two big states. in nevada, she comes out on top. 15% of likely democratic voters. bernie sanders, 36%. they have to be happy with that. >> those south carolina numbers, too. she wanted to do well with african-american voters and latino voters to have that fire wall. and it looks like she's got one and bernie sanders doesn't have an answer for it sflp south carolina, 7% sanders. >> it's insane. >> i can't wait until tomorrow night. i am excited about it. >> we have to get some sleep first. >> don't count on that, right? we'll see you just a little bit later. thank you. donald trump not exactly taking some time off on the eve of the democratic debate. cnn's sara murphy is in new hampshire where trump grabbed the spotlight today at the no labels convention. good evening to you, sara. you've been on the trail with donald trump at the no labels convention today. as usual, there were some
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fireworks. so what happened? >> well, this is not the usual donald trump event. he did not have thousands of adoring fans waiting for him. he got kind of the more grizzled new hampshire voter, the people who take this obligation of picking candidates very seriously and a number of them were skeptical. including one woman who had questions about how trump would treat women. >> i want to get paid the same as a man and i think you understand that. so if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man and do i get to choose what i do with my body? >> you're going to make the same if you do as good a job. you're going to make the same if you do as good a job and i happen to be pro life. okay? i'm pro life. >> now, trump has said over and over again, he will be great for women. but you can see by the questions he got today that there still is skepticism out there, a little
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bit of mistrust, particularly with some of the younger female voters and this was an undecided voting population, don, so these are the people that he needs to win over if he hopes to move his candidacy into the election. >> sara, you are so kind not to correct my. i called you sara murphy. it's sara murray. the republican front-runner was asked about tomorrow's democratic debate. what did he say? >> he is going to tune into the debate. he said he's not rooting for anyone in particular. he thinks he would be happy to go up against any of the democrats in this field in a general election. now, don, he did say he does not think this is going to be as exciting as the republican debates because, of course, he's not going to be on stage. so, you know, the usual modest, humble donald trump that we're used to seeing. >> that is shocking coming from donald trump. sara, thank you very much. we'll see you a little later on in our coverage here.
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>> shocking. now, i want to bring in a man who knows exactly what it takes to win a debate and that is none other than david axelrod, cnn's senior political commentator. welcome. >> good to be here. the republican debate, it helped to lift donald trump, of course. ben carson, carly fiorina in the polls. do you think that's going to do that with any candidate in this democratic debate? >> it's a more difficult proposition for most of these candidates because hillary clinton is occupying so much space and bernie sanders has filled so much space that it's hard to see this debate altering that much. the one guy who is really, i think, under great pressure is martin o'malley who started off the year as the guy who was going to be the alternative to hillary clinton and he's been completely eclipsed by bernie sanders. so this debate is very important to him if he wants to continue in a race in which he's barely registering. >> let's talk about what each of those candidates are going to have to do to have a stand out moment or at least have a stand
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out moment. i think hillary clinton probably started the political debate going over to the trump hotel and supporting union workers and having some harsh words for donald trump. >> i think this morning, she's a proficient debater. she'll be well schooled, she's fluent, she's firm, she delivers her lines crisply. the question is, can she get people to believe inspect do they believe and understand what she's fighting for? >> you call it believe. do you think she's coming off as unbelievable? >> i think she's had an you a then at this time advertisety problem in this race. she's had a bunch of switch in positions lately in order to get in the line with the tenor of the times within the party and now she has to tell a larger story so it's not just about tactics, but about where she wants to lead the country. she has to tell it in a way that people believe. >> so we saw the strong polling numbers that she had in nevada and in south carolina.
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i don't know if we can put those back and in south carolina i think she was ahead like 50 points, right? >> she's strong. >> in nevada, she's very strong, as well. so those first two contests, what happens if she loses those? are they still bellweather? >> i think she can survive that. i think she is the favorite to win the iowa caucuses because the iowa caucuses are an organizational affair. it's great to stir enthusiasm. you have to have that. but we started with barack obama, the march before the iowa caucuses and if we hadn't done that, i'm not sure we would have -- when she's doing that hard organizing, bernie sanders is trying to catch up. the other candidates are trying to catch up are you reading ahead in the study book? for bernie sanders tomorrow, he's getting huge crowds, bashing wall street, income inequality is a big thing for him. what is his biggest challenge tomorrow night? >> a lot of democrats haven't heard his message yet. this is a good opportunity for
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him. but he tends to talk about class, he talks about large concepts, but he doesn't often invoke people. and it would be good for bernie sanders to inject that humanity into his presentation tomorrow night. it will add a dimension that i think people want to see. >> so unlike the other side, which i don't know about drama, if that plays well for a debate. the other side, there was lots of drama. civility is really, you know, not at the top of many people's minds on the republican side. but hillary clinton and bernie sanders for some reason have chosen not to attack each other. will that stip still stand tomorrow night? you have a debate where those two are quite pop la popular wi democrats. hillary clinton is very, very popular among democrats. so the other candidates are leary of attacking her in this debate. because they're attacking a popular figure within the party. so it makes it a trickier assignment for the other candidates. >> you talked about martin o'malley. you said you think the biggest challenge is martin o'malley.
7:13 pm
we have lincoln chafee on that stage. >> jim web has a distinctive message. he's the tribune and he was the sort of ailenated white working class man. he is a populist. and on foreign policy, he was the secretary of the navy under ronald reagan. he's fluent on foreign policy. he opposed the iraq war. he could challenge, but in a softer -- softer way some of hillary clinton's views on foreign policy. >> we have seen some developments of late in the hillary e-mail scandal. do you think that e-mail controversy is going to play into -- is it going to hurt her in this debate? >> i think if there are questions about it, it's likely the come from the questioners. i don't think there is as big of an appetite among democrats. this is largely something that
7:14 pm
stirs up among republicans and independents. i think it's more likely someone will try and score points by going after the benghazi committee for poe lit sizing the issue. >> i don't know if this even resinates with democrats. do you think democrats have some concerns if she needs to do something to put their minds at ease? >> i think she has to have a good, crisp answer. it is feared this will bleed to a larger election and i think the big event will be october 22nd when she faces that benghazi panel and there i think she's going to deal with that front and center. >> great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> thank you for standing by. thank you, see you soon, sir. when we come right back, the clinton camp sees this as a chance to put her e-mails behind her, which might be easier said than done. first, if you have a question
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>> boy, it certainly does look beautiful, but it was really hot today. it's great now. we're back now live in las vegas and we're counting down to the first democratic debate of this campaign, just hours away, right here on cnn. with me now is cnn anchor and political commentator michael smirkonish, lori bourger and mr. kevin madden who has worked for mitt romney's campaign as well as others. let's talk about hillary clinton going over to the trump hotel today and side, union workers.
7:20 pm
i'll start with you, michael. did you tweet about this? >> i did. first of all, i'm sure he's elated tonight. it gives him something to do all night with his twitter account. but i get why she would do it. she wants donald trump to be the face of the republican party. she can only hope that he would continue to be successful and continue to stand if and when she would capture the democratic nomination. >> because? because i'm sure she could beat him. >> gloria, we were trying to figure out who was going to take the first hit tomorrow. did she get herself in before? >> yeah. but she's attacking donald trump. they're not going to go after each other and punch each other like we saw at the republican debate. they're not going to attack hillary clinton on her e-mails. >> what do you make of the trump thing, though? >> her doing it? >> yeah. >> i thought it was great political theater, sure, why not do it? it's the trump hotel, union workers, good to use against bernie sanders, for example. sure, why not do it? >> kevin? >> yeah, look, that kind of
7:21 pm
event is why republicans like me really worry about donald trump taking over the republican nomination. hillary clinton uses it to rally her base and at the same time remind folks about why donald trump is unelectable as a -- in a general election and a base face for the republican party. >> let's get to the issues, miss borger. let's talk about the e-mails. is that going to weigh her toem down tomorrow night? >> i don't think so. the only people who are going to ask about it is cnn. she's very popular in the democratic party. her trust number in the democratic party is 68%, okay? so it's an issue for her in the general election, but not in the primary. and so i think she may get asked about the e-mails. i have no inside information. but i don't think the other candidates really want to dwell on it. other than as an issue of if one of the more minor candidate committees wants to sort of use it as an issue of trust, for
7:22 pm
example. they might in order to strike a blow, but i don't see bernie sanders using it at all. >> i have no inside information. i don't have the questions yet. and voters are asking questions around the country via facebook. it may come up in one of those questions, as well. >> sure. she's prepared. she's prepared. >> the rnc are doing their best to keep these e-mails front and center. this is a new rnc ad. let's look at it and talk about it. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone -- >> a federal government watchdog has determined there was classified information. >> did, in fact, contain classified information. >> total lack of accountability. my problems have nothing to do with me. >> they're playing it off as if it's a part january witch hunt. >> you have the fbi and the "new york times" chasing this story. >> organizations. >> you think the american public is that stupid? >> politics as usual? >> she's drawn a lot of fire,
7:23 pm
but not from any of the four individuals who will be on that stage with her tomorrow night. and by the way, very effectively, don, because those distrust numbers are really high. yes, there's a high approval, but she's got some issues and i think this is the rnc want to go make sure that they cement that perception. keep in mind that by this point in the '08 cycle, there had been 13 face-to-face confrontations mun democrats. this is a first. this is a reset tomorrow night and the rnc wants you to remember that when you're watching the debate. >> we are right outside on the strip in las vegas. business as usual going on here. kevin, the president was on "60 minutes" last night and here is what he said about the e-mails. >> pose a national security problem. i think it was a mistake that she has acknowledged and, you know, as a general proposition, when we're in these offices, we have to be more sensitive and
7:24 pm
stay as far away from the line as possible when it comes to how we handle information, how we handle our own personal data and, you know, she made a mistake. she's acknowledged it. i do think that the way it's been ginned up is, in part, because of politics and i think she would be the first to acknowledge that, you know, maybe she could have handled the original decision better and the disclosures more quickly. >> kevin, i'm pretty sure you saw the interview where bill clinton said she just wanted to have it as mangled up as possible. even if that's true, if it's politics, it still strikes a cord. they're talking about it on "60 minutes." we're talking about it here. it mite might come up in a debate. >> yeah. usually when a candidate is decrying the politics, they're usually losing those politics. the reason that the rnc is using this, the reason so many of the other campaigns feel they want
7:25 pm
to draw a contrast on it is because it works. presidential campaigns are pretty important in this regard. with the issue of trustworthiness and whether or not somebody can trust their president or whether or not they think they're above the law, those questions really go to the heart of a candidate's character and character is a really important consideration for voters. and, look, this is never going to end it. the e-mails are always going to be a part of the equation. particularly as republicans look to draw this to hillary clinton throughout the campaign. >> i have to ask about -- on state of the union that this was purely about politics, this benghazi committee, does this take any heat off of her? >> sure, it does. this is why she did a mrilt ad about it. it takes a lot of heat off her. anytime there's confusion about the benghazi committee before which she's going to testify on october 22nd, it is really good for hillary clinton. >> let me disagree with you there. the only thing that's going to take off the heat for hillary
7:26 pm
clinton is a set of answers that holds up to secretny. that has not happened to this point and no matter what this staffer says, that's still going to be the test. >> but the benghazi committee has to look like it is trying to get to the bottom of why these people died and not just the hillary clinton e-mail problem which, by the way, is -- >> the important part of the -- >> it is, but it is not the whole investigation. >> let me ask about that. at some point, does it look like they're overplaying their hand, even if it's not so much about not protest too much? >> i think it continues throughout the cycle to be a great position to energize the base. that it will do. but i think now the effect has dissipated that it can have on inspection, the gain of kevin mccarthy and now this individual. >> do you want to respond to that? >> there's always a risk of overplaying your hand. but i think, you know, if you look at where independents start to swing on this, it's really hurt hillary clinton's standing with swing voters and
7:27 pm
independents. that's why i think it's going to be a problem. >> if it comes up, how will she handle it? >> she's already said it took her a long time to get there, but she already said it's a mistake and she shouldn't have done it and i think, then, but you know what she'll say? the american people really care about x, y and z. they don't care about my e-mails. >> they do care about everything else. when your story doesn't hold up, she continue to care about it. >> but right now she's -- >> and we saw what we could do right, we did some things wrong. >> these are two separate issues. we have a tendency to conflate them, to mix them together. i believe the e-mail issues are a far more significant issue against her as things stand now than benghazi, despite the loss of lye of four individuals. >> you guys are smart. know your politics. appreciate it, guys. up next, what is the secret to
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back now live in las vegas, less than 24 hours before the first democratic debate. joining me now, anna navaro, ben jones, a former official in the obama administration and democratic strategist donna brazil. >> my home girl. >> home girl from louisiana. >> bring it on. this is kild called a diversity panel. >> start at your own risk. >> we had dirp last night. can we just -- let's leave that. >> we're in vegas, baby. >> what's in vegas stays in vegas. >> listen, there's no trump on the stage, anna. and they have been saying -- there's not -- there has not been a lot of sniping. bernie sanders says he wants a civil debate. is he going to get what he's asking for? >> well, i think he's going to
7:33 pm
try to be civil or as civil as he can be. but, look, it's a debate. there is a front-runner. there's two front runners, really. there's going to be other people taking them on. there's going to be a lot of back and forth. i think there's three guys on that stage. martin o'malley, lincoln chafe chaffee and webb. those three guys need to bring on the heat and try to figure out how to get attention. >> isn't that part of the debate, you try to tear the other guy down? >> listen, if i'm jim webb, you can be a complete come kozzy. he has a real reason to fight. he does not agree with hillary clinton on foreign policy. everybody is talking about bernie and hillary. the day after we could be talking about jim webb because
7:34 pm
he totally just tore the place up. >> but you know what? while senator webb has a great deal of political experience, i don't think he's bringing that type of experience to the table. i think senator webb is there to talk about the forgotten american, those who have been left behind. what i've heard on the campaign trail to the extent i've been able to hear him, to the extent i have twitter, he has tried to -- he's a populist. he's trying to bring that on. >> nobody even remembers he's running for president. >> he's a father of six. he -- look, he's running a very decent campaign, given the lack of resources and, of course, the lack of -- >> sweetheart, decency is so overliry rated. they have to justify their existence and their preens on that stage. >> is there nothing to lose if it is indeed true what anna is saying, most people don't know he's running for president. he has nothing to lose, so go for it. >> you have three people up there with nothing to lose.
7:35 pm
i think you have to tune in. if i'm martin o'malley, i would say, listen, how can you be the front-runner when all you can do is follow me around? >> why did you say she's trapped? hillary clinton is trapped. >> because she has a big challenge. when she try toes become more personable and be authentic, she lands in this place which is basically a moderate and a hot. that's what she really is. so when she try toes fix her policy positions, she switches over. now she seems inyou a thent ig. these trapped. >> so is it strategy? >> i think her strategy should be this is who i am. i'm probably more moderate than bernie, i'm probably more of a hawk down here, but i am here because my mother went through hell to raise me, i have a populist country and i want to fight. tell me who you are as a person. >> why are you shaking your head? >> because this is not about her. if she's out there tomorrow night to tell us this is about me, she will lose the debate. this is about the american people. this is about the people she's
7:36 pm
fighting for. this is about their jobs, it's about their health care. >> completely agree. it's actually about both. it's about her and it is about the american people and it's about how she connects with the american people. that is her big challenge tomorrow. and it's very different to do it through tv than it is to do it in an intimate setting which is what she prefers. >> as a republican, anna, and they're going to say maybe they're going to watch, i don't know, you know they're going to be watching with their popcorn. what are they looking for? >> first i think you should be following donald trump tonight because i'm sure the live tweets going on will be better than when donna and i are live tweeting scandal. the republicans are going to be face one of those folks up there, maybe biden if he decides to run. i think if you're a political junky, this is the playoffs, okay? we've been waiting for this for four years. it is fun, it's the first time these guys and lady are all
7:37 pm
going to be on a stage together. testing themselves. they have it -- it's been years since hillary clinton has been on a debate stage. >> and the new guys, first impressions are everything. >> they better bring their party music. one one of the dee jay teams as part of the moderator. >> and what are you wearing? who are you wearing? >> well, well, and where are you staying? >> maybe a little burberry. who knows. >> oh! >> fancy. >> you guys. coming up, the stage won't be nearly as crowded for the democrats as it was for the republican debate, but what do the lesser known candidates need to do to get their share of the spotlig spotlight? more data means more freedom to do..whatever.
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venue here at the wynd hotel in las vegas. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in the spotlight as we count down to tomorrow night's debate. but what about the other three candidates? back with me now to talk about that, anna navaro, webb, chaffee, o'malley, what would you tell them to do? >> set that stage on fire. go from being an asterisk to being a rising star. it can be done. debates can change campaigns, can change elections, can have an effect. the last thing democrats want for the headlines to be, and cnn for the headlines to be the next day is that it was a boring as hell debate. nobody wants to hear that. so they've got to bring some excitement. they have to make it interesting. >> donald said bring your a game, van. >> there is a pathway for martin
7:43 pm
o'malley. he has to stand out. i think he has to challenge hillary clinton for falling him around on all the issues. but the thing is, he needs to be marco rubio. marco rubio first set out to be everybody's second favorite choice. let him establish that. from that, he can put off a carly and possibly pop. >> i want to play this for you. this is bernie sanders on the washington press. it is said these r five words that shows why bernie sanders won't ever be president. listen to this. >> are you a capitalist? >> no. i'm a dij socialist. >> i'm a democratic socialist. is that why he won't be president? >> my mother used to say it's not what they call you, it's what you answer to. he just told us. he answered to being a socialist. it's not aphrase of speaking up for the average person. he's a working man, working
7:44 pm
woman type of candidate. i cannot tell you within issue i disagree with bernie sanders. and i am a moderate -- >> listen, i am not a democratic or any type of socialist, but you have to be authentic. the only person who can pull off a reinvention after the age of 25 is madonna. and bernie sanders is no madonna. you cannot start re inveinventi yourself after decades of politicses a socialist. >> i would say, though, hillary clinton has reinvented herself a number of times. >> it hasn't gone all that well. that's why she's tried it so many times. >> one thing that's so interesting about bernie sanders is, you think if you say you're a socialist, you're out. look at the polling data, 50% of americans say they would never vote for a socialist. >> 47% say they would. >> they all live in california. >> they're americans, too. >> the youngest voters are split even. i think the labels from the last
7:45 pm
century don't matter. if people like your ideas and your heart, they'll go with you. >> we have a couple of seconds left. if she is attacked, how does she defend herself? >> all right. you know what that is, right? >> i think what you were thinking. >> this is one time that if i told you what i would do, smack them down. smack them back, smack them hard and make them cry for even looking at me. >> she has to show passion. and that means fighting back if she gets attacked. >> like a woman would. let that inner woman come out. >> that means doevent mess with -- that look was like -- you didn't see that, van. she looked me in the eye. >> i saw from behind. i saw from the back of her head. >> i would do one of these like -- martin o'malley, coming to challenge my record, my 33,
7:46 pm
35-year record of fighting for americans across this country? you want to start that conversation? >> thank you. >> bye, felicia. >> no, no. >> thank you so much. >> this is my inter-patsy. bring on your inner patsy. >> i appreciate it. >> finger snap. >> vegas is america's melting pot and there is no better tour guide than the mayor. i'm riding in style with oscar goodman. alright team, we've got an f150, needs a systems check and tires. doc, i need you on point for this one. already got the latest updates direct from ford engineering. 'cause ford dealers get that intel first. treads, what do you got? lookin' a little bald, sir. with all due respect. got the perfect fit- ready to roll. wheels up, flaps down, let's fly. ford parts. ford tools. ford techs. when your ford needs service, there's one elite team. these are the specialists. at ford. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. we are just hours away from cnn's debate in las vegas. no one knows this town better than the larger than life former mayor oscar goodman. i took a ride through town with him and you'll see that in our next hour. but we also talked about how the eyes of the world will be on this town tomorrow night and why that's just fine with him. >> why is this a perfect place to have a debate? because this is like a cross-section of the world and particularly of the united states. whatever attitude, whatever feeling the people listening to the debate are here will take from it. i believe the candidates should rely on that because it will represent the feeling of our
7:51 pm
country. >> do you think las vegas is the first debate in terms of -- >> we tried to have a redistricting here and tried to get a minority unit to be represented and our wards couldn't do it because it's so heterogeneous. this is a community that provides ourselves on the fact that we are accepting of all people, men, women, blacks, whites, jews, gentiles, whatever. >> everybody is talking about that. they're all welcome here. >> what struck me most is when you said that las vegas is kind of america's story. >> it is. this is the story of the dream come true, of any person who ever came over from somebody else and settled in this great country of ours. so be able to use your intellect, your genius, your hard work, your industry and the only thing that would stop you is the fact that you don't have a good idea. but if you have an idea, you make it come true in las vegas. and that pertained to the old jewish mobsters who finance
7:52 pm
these casinos here. the italian folks who came in and were running these casinos here. the irish folks who were regulating the casinos. >> that's an immigration story. >> it's the american story. that's what america is all about, immigration and people having opportunities. >> and that's what the candidates need to know. what would you say to donald trump about that? >> i don't think that he really means what he says as far as rounding up millions of people and shipping them across a border. it doesn't make any economic sense. it doesn't solve any problems, either, because you can't build a fence big enough to keep people out if they want to come in. >> and you said that this place, las vegas, would not be possible without -- i really believe that the backbone of the gaming industry, the folks who make the beds, who cut the lawns, who do a lot of menial work -- >> folks who have just come in into this country, they're
7:53 pm
industrius, they work hard in order to elevate themselves and to give their faems families things they didn't have from where they came. >> and they move up. >> they move up the ladder and become the most prominent people in las vegas through their hard work and honesty and integrity. >> let's start with the top. let's start with hillary. what would you like her to know about? >> she's been here several times. i've had the pleasure of meeting her out here. she knows what las vegas is all about. >> what do you want to ask her? >> how she's going to fix the debt, how to make sure to be fiscally sound as a country. that's number one. >> and how about bernie sanders? >> bernie sanders comes from a different kind of background. he's a socialist by nature and a lot 069 things he's talking about, i want to know how we're going to pay for it. >> martin o'malley. >> marty is a friend of mine. i think he's a bright, young guy pep makes a good impression. i think he's going to be a real comer. ralt is going to debate on whether vice president biden is
7:54 pm
going to enter the race. i think that would have a great effect on how marty is going to fair. and he smiles. >> chaffee? >> i don't know much about the gentleman. i wouldn't want to comment on him. >> webb? >> i don't think much about him. he was in the reagan administration and now he's running as a democrat. that makes you scratch your head a little bit. >> are you happy the eyes of the wofrld will be on you? >> yes. las vegas is what it is. but people can now see that we're a serious place where you do serious business and afterwards you have a good time and what happens here stays here. >> more from oscar goodman, coming up. we'll be right back. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services -
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there's still time for you to get your question to the candidates. post it on cnn's facebook or instagram pages. i'll be in the facebook lounge to ask some of the questions that you submit. here is a peek behind the scenes, rather. >> come on in here. this -- check this out. this is really cool. this is what we call the spin room. look at these booths. it's like the oscars when you go to some big hollywood event and all the media have their own spot, the stars come over and they talk to them. so after the debate, they'll come in here, in the spin room and try to spin what happens and what they're talking about. you'll see all political experts and correspondentes and angers and they'll be talking about what happened in the debate. check these tables out. that sofa over there, that's because this is a lounge. a facebook lounge. we'll be in here before and after the debate. we'll be talk about what you were talking about and getting your questions about what you think is important conversation. we'll be right here.
8:00 pm
you'll have a bunch of monitors and we'll have a bunch of monitors and computers where we can see the conversations you're talking about, what interests, what you think thought was important, what you think is important. that will happen before and after the debate. there you have it. the cnn democratic facebook debate spin room and cnn facebook democratic lounge. elections usa. i like to call this facebook usa. it is 11:00 on the west coast, 8:00 p.m. here in las vegas. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. thank you so much for joining us, everyone. and the candidates getting ready to join us on the las vegas strip. tonight, a senior hillary clinton adviser says the candidate hopes to use the debate to turn the page on her e-mail troubles.


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