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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 13, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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"new day." it begins at 5:30 eastern. that is 2:30 out here if anyone's counting. cnn's debate coverage continues now on newsroom with carol costello. >> have a great day in vegas. news room starts now. i'm carol costello. the stage is set and the stakes are huge. five democrats roll the dice in las vegas, squaring off in their first debate of the presidential season. this is the legendary vegas strip where fortunes can turn in a moment and a split second decision can last a lifetime. and this is the wynn hotel and casino where the debate gets under way. bernie sanders and hillary clinton share the spot and three underdogs step out of their shadows. tonight in vegas. all bets are off.
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tell us more, jim. >> one thing we should point out, it is not in the cards for vice president joe biden. the white house says the vice president will be in washington and not here in las vegas for tonight's democratic debate. as for the candidates who will be on stage think about hillary clinton for a moment. as soon as she arrived here in las vegas she wasn't focused on her rivals. she was firing off on donald trump. >> democratic debate day is here. what happens in vegas should shake up the next stage of the race for five presidential hopefuls. seasoned debater hillary clinton backed by solid numbers in key states is establishing herself. making a unnonsed stop at the union rally at donald trump's vegas hotel, taunting him. >> i don't think it's entertaining when someone insults immigrants, insults
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women. if you are going to run for president, then you should represent all of the people of the united states. >> bernie sanders who has net yet to do a mock debate insists he's going to play nice as long as his competitors do. the vermont senator continues to pick up traction. >> let's treat each other civilly. let's treat each other respectfully and let's not try to demonize people who may have disagreements with us. >> a stark contrast to the strategy of their counterpunching republican rivals. >> i'd love to run against her because she is so flawed. i think she's very beatable. but she shouldn't be allowed to run. >> bob barnett, a senior clinton aid said the main objective cutting through the politics. and the bernie sanders is seeking to convince voters he's a serious candidate with mainstream views. and the others have a tough road ahead.
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but in a betting town like vegas, anything is possible. >> and as for candidates o'malley, web and chafee, they will be looking for that memorable moment tonight. all they have to do is look to carly fiorina, marco rubio who had standout performances last gop debate here on cnn and they saw their poll numbers go up. so as you know carol here in vegas political fortunes could be made. >> live from las vegas this morning. thank you. tonight's audience will be there by invitation only. but a lot of attention is being shifted to someone who will not be there. that would be democratic congresswoman tulsy gabbard who was disinvited by the chair. her defense she says breaking from the party line and calling for more debates among the democrats. >> i've been calling for more debates to give the american people the opportunity to hear
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from these presidential candidates. because that differentiated from the opinion of the chairwoman i was told i was no longer welcome to come to the debate. >> so let's bring in cnn political reporter mmaive westi. >> that's actually been a troubling storyline this weekend for the dnc. they are still insisting that she was welcome here but there were some discussions they wanted before that point. so it's really been a fascinating way of sort of bringing attention away from the candidates.
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>> so let's talk strategy. angela ry, and maria cardona, welcome both of you. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. so i'm going to run through four challenges for the contenders. first up, can hillary clinton flip-flop gracefully. same-sex marriage, trade and immigration. maria? >> i think the opportunity for hillary tonight is going to be explained -- to explain those policy positions and why perhaps they have changed. for example when she talked about the trade agreement, let's remember that the last time that she talked about it when she was secretary of state, that was two years before the deal was done. and i think it will also give her an opportunity to talk about her history with trade
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agreements. she's never been a rubber stamp for free trade. she's actually voted against some trade agreements. and again, this will be her opportunity to explain and give the background as to why she now believes that this is not a trade agreement that will boost american wages, that will focus on protections for the environment. and i think that is an important point because it could be an issue that others on the stage will go after her for. >> up next, the next challenge, can bernie sanders look like a plausible contender? i say that because if you look at the policy outside new england where he's from, hillary clinton is slaughtering him. >> he is a serious contender. you hear from the clinton campaign with regularity they are taking him very seriously. the fact he's raising so much money from small donors and has done very well over the last two quarters. i think the other thing at play is the fact that he's getting a lot of traction with progressives which and of course
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what hillary clinton calls herself as well. the spectrum of that stage you see folks who are two former republicans and martin o maland hillary clinton who are to the right of bernie sanders but still very aggressive as though they both used to support tpp and trade agreements in the past. >> lesser known contenders like martin o'malley, can he be a serious contender? here he is singing to a donor. >> ♪ so thank you for your support ♪ ♪ thanks for lending me your hand ♪ ♪ thank you catherine ♪ for spreading our message of new leadership across the land land ♪ ♪ of the free ♪ and the home of the brave >> okay. so there you have it. so maria, seriously? can martin o mal.
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>> i don't even know what to say. >> i think tonight is another big opportunity, probably the first one that martin o'malley has had to break out before a tremendously huge audience that he hasn't had before. let's think about what martin o'malley has done. he's a substantive person. he has a lot of accomplishments under his belt. and i think tonight he can also go after hillary on positions that he has had from a long time ago on the progressive side and sort of question, well, you know, you are here now but look at where i have been for quite a while. he for example was one of the first to pass the dream act in maryland. that is something that for latino voters is very important. he can certainly underscore that. and i think that this is going to be an opportunity for him to present himself, perhaps again
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for the first time to a much bigger american audience. and i think he's going to have do it in a way that it is going to have to rock the boat a little bit. because he is really down in the polls. and again, if he doesn't want to be one of those asterisks that actually falls off the stage he's going to have to try to make some waves. >> so next question. vice president joe biden of course will not be in vegas. as far as we know he's going to be at his house in washington. but his ghostly presence certainly will appear in las vegas. so angela, how will the candidates handle that? they are bound to be asked a question about joe biden. >> if candidate's advisors need to advise them to try to punt on that and really go after another point. which is, you know, here -- we're eager to see if joe biden will get in this race but here is my point on the economy -- or whatever.
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they need to pivot. seriously because he's polling well without enbeing in tven be. the polls right now o'malley in his own state is 4%. so they really can't afford to let joe biden, who is not in the race yet suck out nit of oxygen in that room. >> martin o'malley, you mention joe biden, martin goes dream act. >> right. >> angela rye, maria cardona, thanks so much. still to come, spouses are secret weapons. could their better halves give them a better shot of the white house?
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>> get this. they are saying now if hillary clinton actually became president she probably wouldn't have bill be her first gentlemen. it's rumored her daughter chelsea or her top aide could be named first lady. they till snead a title for bill. and here is a few options. for example, first ladies man. if that doesn't work well -- [ applause ] -- he can also go with "commander in briefs" [ applause ] and finally always "speaker of the dog house." . all good choices. >> it got funnier as it went awe along. bill clinton the target on late night tv. according a spokesman, bill has no plans to attend cnn's debate
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to watch his wife. as for whether or not bill clinton will be in the spin room? a spokesman responded with simply "seriously?" >> and bernie sanders' wife travels all over with the candidate and may also be his secret weapon in tonight's debate. here is more for you. >> reporter: gene sanders campaign job is unofficial but her role is critical. >> anything he needs. basically throughout his career he'll pull me in and say i need in new area i need some research on or i need you to go change my airline ticket because i'm running late. >> it's well beyond just support. it's initially focused on substance. >> i've always been very interested in policy and always doing a lot of research and thinking and writing. and so we have -- we have that
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kind of relationship, where we really discuss things. >> i offer advice all the time on almost anything. and he'll say okay, good. good. and then i'll know when he goes up to give a speech or if he's in a debate whether or not he agreed or not. >> actively participate, giving him advice in the toughest moments. when black lives matter protesters took over his campaign event in august it was jane who stepped up on stage, whispered in his ear directing him how to diffuse the moment. and asking her about her potential as first lady. >> you are vying in a way for the same job as bill clinton. >> i think they both have done a lot in terms of public service. i think what we're trying to do is move the country in a more progressive way. >> jane and i have been married for 27 years.
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i don't know how she did it. i really don't. tough lady. >> they first met 1981 in burlington at his victory rally the night he won his mayoral race. she was an activist involved in local politics. he hired her in his office and they fell in love. seven years later, they were married with four children all from their previous marriages. they now have seven grandchildren. and over the years they have remained together and on policy and working together at times. >> i have a background that is really people oriented. what i bring always is the human factor. still to come in the newsroom it is back to court for the six police officers facing charges in the death of freddy gray. the key piece of the trial, the defense is hoping the judge will throw out today.
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at any moment now pre trial hearings for the six baltimore police officers in the death of freddy gray will begin. in the next 48 hours a judge is expected to decide whether or not statemented made by five of the officers will be admissible next month. the prosecution says the statements are key evidence in their cases. the defense argues they were made under duress violating the
6:24 am
officer's rights. gene casarez is outside the courtroom. >> good morning. we have all six defendants. the hearing is just about to begin. a very important hearing, pretrial hearing. probably goes into two days but focused front and center is the statements of the officers. because at least some of those officers are not going to want those statements included in the trial. why? because they believe it is unfair. now when this all happened in regard to freddy gray, immediately an investigation from the police department began and that is when the officers felt that they had to respond to requests for interviews. they believed it was an investigation. they didn't believe it was a criminal probe at that point. and we do know from legal documents that lieutenant porter said this is simply a procedural matter. you will have to come in and just tell us what happened. we know that william porter is going to be the first officer that's tried.
6:25 am
he was told it is not if you are going to come in. it is going to be when you come in to talk to us about what happened. and alicia white who we know who will question her statement coming in had to come in two times to give a statement. so the fact is now that these officers are going to be tried separately, their statements can come in. but on the other hand some of the defendants may believe that these statements are actually going to help them because if the approximation uprosecution the defense argues on their behalf then they won't have to take the stand to testify. the fact is with a all of that, a month and a half from now the first defendant is going to have his trial begin, william porter. we asked the people how they felt about this, that the try trials are going to happen and right here in baltimore? take a listen. >> a lot of racial tension right now in this city from what happened. and my experience from being
6:26 am
around them, they want blood. they want these cops to go down. i think the cops should be prosecuted for that. they didn't give the guy proper medical care. >> do you think it was smart to keep the trials here in baltimo baltimore? >> yes. i think so. it needed to be here. and i think the people wanted it here. >> and one other thing that we're learning through legal documents is that the prosecutors investigation that they conducted, the defense is getting piecemeal by piecemeal some information on that and they are discovering that there are absolutely new witnesses that no one ever knew about before. witnesses that actually may help the defense. and carol we do want to say the prosecution is saying those statements are voluntary. you knew what you were doing. you knew something very serious happened and therefore those statements should now be used against you in a court of law.
6:27 am
>> thanks. freddy gray's death and the protest that followed sparked a spotlight on international poverty. make no mistake, income inequality will be a big talking point at tonight's democratic debate. hillary clinton taking on the topic last night at a union rally. in front of trump's las vegas hotel. >> you have a right to safe working conditions. you have a right to a living wage. and you have to say to all of that and you have to no to efforts to prevent you from organizing, to prevent you from having the kind of working conditions you deserve, the kind of wages that are going to give you a living wage. and that means saying no to donald trump. >> of course trump will not be on stage with clinton but bernie
6:28 am
sanders who out ttouts his commn credentials will be. clinton hopes to close loopholes for wealthiest in hedge fund manager. sanders wants those who earn more than 250,000 to pay a social security payroll tax. and the a 10% surplus tax on billionaires. so let's talk about this now and i'm joined by my panel. -- i don't know where he is. maybe he was gam nbbling in a casino jackie. i have no idea. >> easy to get lost in vegas. >> it's a fun city. clinton campaigning in front of trump's hotel. genius or maa?
6:29 am
>> hillary clinton initially supported tpp and now of course she's against it and that was sort of seen as an olive branch to unions who really poepzed it. so it can't hurt to be on stage with some union representatives really promotes their cause because it is a group she hasn't always seen eye to eye with. >> here is this tweet from trump. at the request of many and even though i expect it to be a very, very boring two hours, i will be covering the democratic debate live on twitter. although he said democratic debate because you know when republicans mean. >>. i think that's smart he is watching the debate. the others not watch, i don't think that's so smart. >> if you said donald trump is not going to be on stage? he's going to be there in spirit. someone like hillary clinton has
6:30 am
made a very careful decision to the keep going after republican torques keep going after donald trump instead of hitting someone like bernie sanders, someone like martin o'malley. some of the democrats who might be attacking her. but yeah it surprises me if republican candidates aren't watching baugz a lot are assuming at the end of the day they are going to be facing hillary clinton. they want to know what she says. >> might want -- that would be fun. people follow -- >> why not? >> yeah. jim mall has arrived now. and i apologize for saying you were gambling in las vegas. >> i wish i was. >> so we're talking about income inequality and that will be a big topic. bernie sanders message about that seems to be resonating louder than hillary clinton's. why is that? >> well because he has a message that is really very clear. you know, that the bernie sanders campaign has been saying
6:31 am
the same thing over and over again every day. they are going after oligarchs and want to break up the banks. very clears he's in to return the economic power to the middle and working class. hillary clinton has a lot of good policies and things she can talk about. but you don't quite understand the central theme of her campaign candidacy. sy worked in the 92 clinton campaign and every day on the wall of the campaign does it's the economy stupid. and don't forget about healthcare. we don't know what that is for the hillary clinton campaign. and so it is going to be hard for americans to understand the rationale. >> i have an idea. she could just say i'll build a wall between the united states and mexico and that will keep the undocumented immigrants out and keep them from taking so jobs of american citizens. >> and he has this hat he walks around saying make america great
6:32 am
again. so people know he wants to make america great again even iff it doesn't meal all will get to participate. >> but the is a strong message. >> it is a message instead of of a slogan. because the message seems to get garbled in whatever he's upset about that day. but jamal is right. until the hillary clinton campaign has a compact message where they can say in a minute why they are running for president. and the economy, no matter what is going on, usually the economy is the top priority when people go. at the end of the day people go to the ballot box and cast their vote because they want to make their lives better. and they're doing it because they want the economy to be better. there needs to be a strong message in terms of what they are going to do improve the lives of those who might be struggling. >> i spent last week we were launching a new app. and i met this women who didn't
6:33 am
have internet. two out of five in this community didn't even have home based internet. nobody is talking about getting the kids in these communities connected to the tools of the new economy so they can compete. and instead we're talking about e-mails and donald trump and other random things and i think the democrats have to get back to that tonight. >> thanks both of you. still to come. what's more important? liking a president or being proud of the job they do? why do we have to like our presidents anyway? we got the new tempur-flex and
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it takes a long time to prepare. because you have to go through all the candidates know where they stand on the various issues. so it takes an enormous amount of research. >> a lot of homework. >> by the time you get to debates, it means that the campaign has been kind of up and running for a while. so there are a lot of issues and statements and the records to go through. >> there is a whole team at cnn working on this. >> we have an unbelievable werj team here at cnn. >> i try to know as much as i can and be armed with as many fact and as much information as possible.
6:39 am
>> speaking of social security, you have said in the past it is a ponzi scheme. >> i like to take a look at the best moments in previous debates, learn from my colleagues, see how they went and handled it and i think that is just a useful experience. >> and a lot of that stuff is changed the last second or even during the debate. the ebb and flow you can never quite predict and that is what makes it exciting. >> the goal is to help make the voter out there a little smarter on where these candidates stand. >> the preparations should include almost memorization of big moments. >> you have said there are good earmarks and bad earmarks. so prepare but don't become hostage to your preparations. >> there is a sizable portion of doubt out there about hillary clinton's likability factor.
6:40 am
when all of the voters are asked to weigh in, well the view is not so rose ski ierosie. a recent poll shows unfavorability of clinton is at 53%. increasing from august. and the highest unfavorable rating for clinton since the poll began asking that question about hillary clinton 1992. and the challenges is a familiar one for clinton. remember this exchange from her last bid for white house? >> my question to you is, what can you say to the voters of new hampshire on this stage tonight who see your resume and like it but are hesitating on the likability issue, where they seem to like barack obama more. >> well, that hurts my feelings. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry, senator. i'm sorry. >> but i'll try to go on. --
6:41 am
[ laughter ] he's very likable. i agree with that. i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you senator. >> no doubt about it. >> i appreciate that. >> ooh, ouch ouch ouch. let's explore why hillary clinton's unfavorable or unlikability ratings are so high. why is that? >> well she's been the subject of basically sustained attacks for the last nine months. she's been seen as the overwhelmingly likely democratic nominee. the gop and the committees began focusing attacks on her a long while ago. and things like the e-mail scandal sort of resuscitate the negative stereotypes bringing back a collective ptsd about the self inflicted scandals they
6:42 am
get? and then find a way to pull themselves out of fire. but there is something exhausting about it and that has hurt her. it doesn't change the stature she holds in the party and even though the policy have tightened enormously but its taken a significant hit on likability numbers and that's been a recurring theme throughout her career. >> it is tough for an aggressive women to be liked. and it is -- that is just true. it is tough for an aggressive woman to be liked. so it seems -- remember last time around when hillary clinton ran when she cried? people loved that? and i'm thinking to myself, seriously? you like her because she cried but you don't like her because she might be aggressive or tough? >> yeah i -- look. first of all, is it fair to point out a dose of sexism in the way that strength is portrayed in candidates that are female or male arenrespectively? absolutely. that said the likability factor
6:43 am
is something that flows throughout presidential campaigns. for better or worse. when people were asked who would you rather get a beer with in 2000, bush won that automatically. and clinton's --. she took the risk of intimacy. she showed a degree of humanity that was relatable. and sometimes that perception of steely ambition can get in the way. al gore had the problem as well. it is not simply a gender thing. >> if al gore would have cried it would have made him more likable and human? >> i think if he just wept more that could have made all the difference. >> i'm just curious. i just -- and you know ultimately i wonder, why do we have to like presidential candidates anyway? you could argue, right? people really like president obama but a lot don't think he's a very good president. you could argue that bush was likable but a terrible president?
6:44 am
>> well i think that is the key point here. it is one factor. one of the criteria people use when they go into the polling booth, for better or worse is do they want this person in their living room for the next four to eight years. and if you go back and let's start history at post nixon because that is clearly the anomaly. general the american people have backed the candidate that seems more likable. confidence is obviously not a substitute. and that is one of the things we learned from the beer test so to speak. officer not going to want to sacrifice competence for simple likable but it is human nature nature and part of what it is to be in a democracy in our era. so we need to put those in proper proportion but you can't just show contempt for the human factor in a democracy. can't do it. >> okay. i'll try not to. john, thanks so much. still to come in the news room, there is no phone a friend here. the dos and don'ts for the debate stage, what the candidates absolutely cannot bring with them.
6:45 am
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i remember my dad coming up the stairs in my grandpop's house where we were living, sitting at the end of my bed, and saying, "joey, i'm going to have to leave for a while. go down to wilmington, delaware, with uncle frank. they're good jobs down there, honey. and in a little while... a little while, i'll be able to send for you and mom and jimmy and val, and everything's going to be fine." for the rest of our life, my sister and my brothers, for the rest of our life, my dad never failed to remind us that a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it's about -- it's about your dignity. [ applause ] it's about respect. it's about your place in the community. it's about being able to look your child in the eye and say, "honey, it's going to be okay," and mean it, and know it's true. you never quit on america.
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checking some top stories more you at 49 minutes passed. the russian embassy attacked in syria according to the russian run news agency psputnik international. it was not immediately clear if there were any injuries. more israeli/palestinian violence in the mideast. two killed and ten wounded in a
6:50 am
bus attack in jerusalejerusalem. another man also died in that separate attack. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be facing off for the first time. and more o'malley, webb and chafee this may be there best and last chance to get you have to ground. >> five can indicate candidates are expected to be on the stage. hillary clinton will be in the middle. the others spread out on either side. their strength in the polls will also determine their order in terms of opening and closing statements. candidates cannot bring anything like a phone or tablet or notes or a prop onto stage of any sort. they will each have a pad of paper and and a pen and some water if they need it. what will they face? it will be an all-cnn panel this time around. the moderator will be our own anderson cooper, dana bash, carla lopez, don lemon will be watching facebook and instagram,
6:51 am
fielding questions and presenting those to the candidates. they'll each have one minute to answer a direct question of any sort. and if if they're brought up in somebody else's answer or accused of anything, they'll have 30 second rebuttal. they'll also get a warning from a light to tell them they're running out of time. if anderson feels like they should be able to go on a little further for clarity, he can let them do so. can you bet these candidates on the fringes will want every second they can get to try to make an impression, rise in the polls and be closer to the middle next time around. >> tom foreman reporting. still to come in the "newsroom," not in vegas but want in on the debate action? the drinking game that will shake up your viewing party. alright team, we've got an f150, needs a systems check and tires. doc, i need you on point for this one. already got the latest updates direct from ford engineering.
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6:56 am
las vegas, it's the city of big bets. just because you're not there doesn't mean you can't get in on tonight's debate action. one of my next guests came up with a debate drinking game. as a responsible journalist, i have to offer this disclaimer. i'm not encouraging you to get sloshed, but if you do, don't drive. feel free to sip a beer like hillary clinton did in 2008. martin o'malley. bernie sanders sips on root beer. we're not opposed to mixing politics with fun, so here are a few rules of the latest drinking game out there. drink every time a republican candidate is mentioned or when you hear the words benghazi or e-mail. two drinks for the name donald trump. and pour yourself a triple when chafee, o'malley or webb mention
6:57 am
their past jobs. i'm also joined by cnn senior media brian seltzer. who brought the booze? >> i heard you like blue moon. i've got a white, a red. maybe as we get in the spirit here. >> awesome. scott, back to you. did it take you look to come up with this game? >> not really. i kind of just thought about things we knew would probably happen during the debate. we kind of wanted to go a creative route with getting people engaged in the debate, so i thought of things anderson cooper or dana bash might ask about or topics that might come up during the course of the debate. >> some of my faves, shotgun a beer in sanders' hair flails. kind of like this.
6:58 am
>>, yeah we were hoping -- anyone that has seen him talk knows he's a passionate guy. his arms might be moving, his hair might be moving. it will be fun to watch. >> it does maybe it interactive. that's the beauty of a drinking game. whether it's for a sporting event or a debate. >> could make it much more fun to watch as well. i know there are other drinking games out there. >> there are. we've seen a lot of news outlets come up with these for the gop debates. i'm sure we'll see more for the democratic debate tonight. there's also bingo ideas. a bingo card where you try to fill in all five squares on the board. television is more fun when you feel like you're watching on other people. a drink game is one way to do that. when i'm watching the debate, this is going to sound like a promotion, but it's not, i'm always so interested that i forget to go to the fridge and grab another drink until after the debate. >> seriously? >> this time we can start early. >> brian is pouring the booze, scott, will you actually be
6:59 am
drinking tonight? do people actually play these games if they're beyond the age of 22? >> i won't be doing it tonight because i'll be in the news room covering the debate on social media, but i'm hoping we can get some young people engaged in the debate process and the political process. i think this is a great, interactive way for people to reach out to politics, even for those not into it. >> i wondered why people felt the urge to come up with drinking games during debates. >> at the end of the night you have to have something, right? a sip, right? maybe a shot. >> my bosses are watching so maybe i can convince them to let me have one or two beers. >> i wish we could hand them a glass in chicago, but -- >> sorry, scott. >> cheers. >> we saw bernie sanders' hair flail so we have to drink. thanks, scott, for coming on. we appreciate it. and we toast you.
7:00 am
>> thanks, carol. >> you're welcome. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the stage is set and the stakes are huge. five democratic candidates face off. this is the legendary las vegas strip where fortunes can change in a moment and a split-second decision can last a lifetime. this is the wynn hotel casino where the debate takes place. hillary clinton gets center stage, and bernie sanders and three underdogs will try to elbow in. jim acosta is in las vegas for the big showdown. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. you're right, there's a lot at stake in tonight's democratic debate here in las vegas. and, you know, there are definitely some strategies that are being put into place. make no -- make no mistake about
7:01 am
this. bernie sanders walks into tonight's debate with a lot of democrats inside the party wondering, is this somebody who could be elected president of the united states? yes, he has fired up that liberal base of the democratic party so he's going into tonight's debate with a strategy. that is essentially not attack, to get his message out. he wants to talk about wall street, wants to talk about the economy, the environment. but his advisers weren't listening. if bernie sanders attacked, you will feel the bern, so to speak. you will attack if attacked. hillary clinton, it's sort of a different strategy for her. she has not debated since 2008. so for hillary clinton, really, it's about not making any mistakes at this point. a senior aide to hillary clinton says she wants to cut through the politics. she's been saddled the last several months about questions with benghazi and the e-mail controversy, so she wants to break through all of that noise and finally start talking about these issues that she's been wanting to talk about with democratic vote others a big stage and in front of a big audience. that's hillary clinton's
7:02 am
objective tonight. carol, as for the other candidates, martin o'malley, lincoln chafee, jim webb, you know, they are not just the other-rans. they resident just the other people on the stage. with only five candidates -- keep in mind, martin o'malley will be positioned right next to hillary clinton on stage. if you look back to the gop debate cnn just had out in california, there were moments for carly fiorina. there were moments for marco rubio. those moments translated into a big boost in the poll numbers for those two candidates. martin o'malley, lincoln chafee, jim webb, they're looking for the same thing to happen tonight. political fortunes can change here in las vegas. hillary clinton -- the other thing i thought was fascinate, carol, hillary clinton, when she landed here in las vegas, she was not training her sights on her democratic rivals. she went straight to donald trump's hotel, right over here, right across the street from the wynn hotel and was bailing trolling the gop front-runner. she's playing sort of a general
7:03 am
election strategy. almost looking beyond this field of candidates that she'll be sharing the stage with tonight, carol. >> you're right about that. jim acosta reporting live from las vegas. thank you so much. as jim said, some political gamesmanship already under way in vegas. hillary clinton appearing in red, making a surprise appearance at a union rally right in front of a hotel owned by donald trump. she shook hands, took names and maligned not her democratic rivals, but mr. trump. >> some people think mr. trump is entertain, but i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. if you are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the united states, and that includes hard-working people and you should not stand in the way of the right to organize because that's what built the middle class of america. >> the crowd largely members of
7:04 am
the culinary union loved it. maybe bernie sanders supporters caught wind of clinton's tv moment because it wasn't long before an energy-efficient tesla, covered in the sanders name, pulled up alongside the rally and people waved from the car. as for mr. trump, he said his las vegas hotel workers categorically reject unionization, even though the union for years has tried to unionize his hotel. the fact that clinton showed up at this rally, this union rally, is a sign of how important union support is for democrats. with me is the president of the afl-cio. welcome, sir. >> carol, that's for having me on. >> thanks for being here. care to endorse anyone? >> well, we haven't yet. we're going through a is he serious process. we asked all our affiliates to get information on the can days, have a discussion, find out what our membership wants to do and who they want to endorse. we're right in the middle of
7:05 am
that process. tonight's debate, i think, will move that process forward significantly. >> so generally speaking, did clinton's outreach to those union members strike a chord with you? >> of course it did. any time you have a candidate or leader out supporting workers who are struggling against a boss like trump, who wants to make money but not pay his workers money, it resonates with them. it shows them you care and you're listening. that's an important thing. we wish more leaders would do that. >> i know that mrs. clinton changed her position on the transpacific trade deal. a trade deal she once called the gold standard of trade deals. do you trust her now that she needs your support? >> i think it's unfair to say that and characterize what she did. look, the president said, we're going to do tpp and this is going to be the gold standard. she was on his team. and she said, we're going to go for the gold standard. whenever the gold -- it came
7:06 am
back and it wasn't the gold standard, she said, this isn't the gold standards. i'm not going to support it. that's responsible legislating. that's responsible leadership. we think every leader ought to do that. on the other side, you have free traders that don't care about the rules. they're going to support tpp no matter how bad it is for the country, no matter how bad it is for the economy and no matter how bad it is for workers. what she did is responsible leadership and more should be doing that. >> she's not a flip-flopper on that issue, she's a responsible leader? >> i think that's exactly right. she said, here's the goals. go and get them and bring them back. when they brought them back and they didn't meet the goals, what should she do? say, oh, i was just kidding about the goal? i'll take it anyway? no. she said, this doesn't meet the standard you set. this still hurts workers. it hurts our economy and it hurts our country. therefore, i'm not going to support it.
7:07 am
to me, that's leadership. >> it sounds like you're leaning toward endorsing hillary clinton. >> i don't get to endorse anybody. our members get to do that. we're going to listen, go through the process and we're going to give everybody a fair shake. we're going to try to give our members the facts, honest facts about what everybody stands for and then have them make a decision. >> i want to bring up joe biden but his ghostly presence will be in las vegas. i know you marched with joe biden last month at a labor day parade. here's what the vice president told the crowd. >> 1% of americans owns 40% of all the wealth in america. they're not bad people. here's the deal, folks. it's set up that way. it's set up that way. >> got really fired up talking about middle class america and wage inequality. people in the crowd were yelling for joe biden to run for
7:08 am
president. do you wish he were in the race? >> look, that's a decision joe biden's going to make. he's not in the race right now. he's not a candidate. tonight you have five serious candidates that are going to debate. when he -- if he becomes and when he becomes a candidate, he'll get to debate as well. as far as i'm concerned, joe gets to watch this with the rest of us. >> the rumor is he's going to make a decision after this debate. if joe biden decides to get in the race, would you endorse him? is that what you're waiting for? >> well, no, that's not what we're waiting for. we're waiting to give our members all the facts on all the candidates and let them make a decision. we invited democrat and republican candidates to come and talk to us about what they stand for. unfortunately from the republicans be, we get, i didn't say it, you said it, my hair is -- this isn't fun. more like a circus or comedy
7:09 am
routine than substance. workers care. this is an important election to them. they're listening to what's going on. they want to hear candidates that are listening to them. what we're going to do is say, who is most likely to rewrite the rules of the american economy for the working families, and that's the person that we will endorse and support. the endorsement is the easy part. the hard work will start after the endorsement. >> okay. let's talk about the republican side for just a couple more minutes because donald trump says he's able to create jobs. he's a job creator. he may not be in favor of unionization, but creating jobs is important, too. did that resonate with you at all? >> well, every candidate out there said, i can create jobs. i'm going to create jobs. tell us how. tell us how you're going to rewrite the rules of the american economy away from people like mr. trump so that the average working person gets
7:10 am
a fair shake. look, carol, our economy's grossly out of balance. the rules need to be rewritten for working families so that they get a fair shake, so that work actually is rewarded and not punished by keeping you in poverty for working every day. what we'll do is look at people. and if trump comes out with the best rewrite of the american rules, then we would take serious look at him. but so far, we haven't seen any of the rewrite of rules. all we've seen is, trust me, i'm good, i'm the best, i can do it. if i don't win, i wasted my time. that's not the hallmark of a leader. and that's not what we're looking for. we're looking for someone who is serious and committed to rewriting the american rules to give the average worker out there a fair shake. >> thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me on, carol. i really appreciate it. >> absolutely. still to come in the "newsroom," syria, russia and
7:11 am
benghazi all foreign policy topics but how much will we hear from democrats about foreign policy tonight?
7:12 am
7:13 am
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7:15 am
in syria, a civil war turning into a proxy war between the united states and russia. today mortar rounds hitting the russian embassy in damascus, this comes as united states and russia lend fire power to their respective sides in the conflict. the u.s. supplying 50 tons of ammo to rebels while russia
7:16 am
claims they have against isis but have focused on rebel-controlled areas. all of this sure stob brought up at the debate tonight, so joining me now to talk about that, bill richardson, former u.n. ambassador, former secretary of energy and former governor of new mexico. he's endorsed hillary clinton for president. let's get that out of the way, so everybody knows. good morning, sir. thank you so much for joining me this morning 37. >> thank you, carol. >> it's likely secretary clinton will have to tackle a benghazi question or two. is she at all responsible for ambassador stevens' death? >> no. and i think the republicans have discredited themselves with that staff member basically saying it was a partisan investigation, and then the numerous other investigations that have taken place and then majority leader mccarthy's statement basically saying it was kind of a political witch hunt. so, i don't think she's vulnerable on benghazi. i think some of the democratic
7:17 am
candidates they attack her on benghazi, it might hurt them because this is an area where it's intensely partisan. i think she acted responsibly. and i think benghazi's going to move out of the headlines. >> what about the e-mail controversy. i mean, anderson cooper most likely will bring that up but her democratic rivals most likely won't. >> well, that is a problem. and hopefully with this debate where she can talk about her accomplishments as secretary of state, that she restored american relations with europe, asia, et cetera, that she was responsible for the tough sanctions on iran that led to a deal. i don't think the e-mail controversy will be brought up by her opponents much but it is out there. she hasn't handled it well. hopefully now the focus will be on her policy positions on this debate. i think the democrats made a
7:18 am
mistake not having debates sooner. republicans have had two or three. we waited until now. the focus should be on policy issues, policy differences between the candidates. >> going back to the e-mail controversy for just a second, shouldn't hillary clinton just directly address it? say, i'm sorry? well, she's kind of done that, but it hasn't resonated. say, i'm sorry, it was a stupid decision. don't know -- well, don't know she should say that. what should she say, in your mind? >> well, carol, i think she did already make a statement that she was sorry, but i think it doesn't hurt to do it again at the debate tonight. i mean, the whole nation will be watching, democratic voters will be watching. they want to see a little contrition here. although i don't think it was a serious error on her part. it wasn't criminal or anything like that. just go out and say, look, i made a mistake. i want to put it aside. i'm sorry about it. let's move on to discuss the
7:19 am
issues because i think it's important that she has some new policy proposals on climate change, on the economy, on trade. you know, in a way she's changed her position on the asia issue, which i regret. i wish she would have stuck with it. i understand the politics, they're very important, especially in a state like nevada, which has a lot of minorities, labor, activist voters that are really hillary clinton's base. >> on the subject of bernie sanders, i'm sure he'll bring up the fact that he did not vote for the iraq war and hillary clinton did. he'll say that because so many voted for the war, that's what's gotten us into the mess we're currently in now. how does she respond to that? >> well, i think that that's eight years ago. i remember when i was running, this was the big debate and president obama was the one that benefitted from that iraq vote
7:20 am
of hillary clinton's mostly. i think you want to possibly, since you're appealing to a progressive left in the democratic party, mention secretary clinton's possibly hawkish positions on the iraq war. bernie sanders may raise the issue of syria. the fact hillary clinton has said she's for a no-fly zone, that that might inflame tensions. there's a little daylight between her and president obama. i think the progressive base wants to hear secretary clinton on that issue. and i think bernie sanders can make some inroads. i think jim webb, who nobody talks about, he's a serious senator. you know, he knows national security. he was navy secretary. i think you might see him pop up on some of the national security issues. >> the final question about bernie sanders. is he the real deal? his poll numbers are good in new england, but otherwise not so
7:21 am
much. >> he is the real deal because he's tapped into a progressive base in the country throughout the party. i think he's going to have difficulty beyond iowa and new hampshire when you start getting into south carolina, nevada, states with a lot of minorities, with a lot of activists, with a lot of unions, super tuesday, my state of new mexico. i think that's where hillary clinton is strong. that's where she has that democratic base in good shape right now. i think the best thing for hillary clinton is to accelerate her commitment to talking about issues. get this e-mail issue out. talk about what she stands for. i think you're going to see her relaxed, personable. she's a very good debater. she basically won most of the debates we had. president obama had the best lines, but i think you're going to see a turning of the page
7:22 am
away from the e-mail -- >> bummer. governor bill richardson, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump has plans to watch the debate. how can democrats keep the spotlight on themselves and away from their gop rivals? i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks!
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forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. even though donald trump will not be at tonight's democratic debate in las vegas, can you count on his challenges-e challengers to throw punches. he promises it won't be as good because donald trump is not on stage. >> i don't think it will be very well rated because trump isn't in the debate.
7:27 am
i'm only kidding. i don't think it's going to be highly rated. i think you'll watch it for 10, 15 minutes, you'll get bored and turn it off. >> are you going to be watching? >> i'll be watching. >> trump will not only be watching, he'll be live tweet pentagon early this morning he posted this, quote, at the request of many, even though i expect it to be a very boring two hours, i'll be covering the democratic debate live on twitter. so, how often will trump be mentioned anyway on that debate stage tonight? let's talk about that with columnist for "the boston globe," mickal cullan, also joined by penny lee, former executive director for the democratic governor's association, also a hillary clinton supporter. thanks to both of you for being here. michael, i'll start with you. how many times will donald trump be mentioned on stage? >> good question. i'm sure it will come up with hillary clinton as a way to compare herself. i think everyone here will
7:28 am
introduce themselves to democratic voters and legs partisanship here than you've seen at republican debates. >> everybody already knows hillary clinton. let's face it, hillary clinton appeared in front of a trump property in las vegas with union supporters for a rally and she talked about donald trump. >> well, i do think one thing is correct is it will probably be more dontown abbey. they were trying to outduel each other and throw in barbs and get under each other's skin with one-liners. i think it will be more of a substantive debate, a debate on the issues, and i think it's going to be an interesting time for the american people to see both mrs. clinton and many of those candidates for the first time in these long debates -- or a chance for them to deliver a long answer versus a 30-second sound bite. >> i like the way she said long.
7:29 am
thanks, penny. no, seriously, i think it will be interesting to hear actual policy being discussed, especially from those bottom-tier candidates who have to get their name out there. they have to say something that resonates so it's sure to be spicy. >> i imagine it would be somewhat but i don't know if it will benefit them to go after hillary clinton. it would be dangerous to go into a situation where you're attacking her or seeming more aggressive. people don't know who lincoln chafee is, jim webb, martin o'malley. i can't imagine it's going to be aggressiveness you've seen from the republican side. >> but it is climate, penny, and in this climate don't you need to go on the attack? isn't that really what resonates, sadly? >> unfortunately, in these debates there's a lot of theater to them. people are wanting to hear not only what they say but how they say it. i think there are going to be
7:30 am
some things people are wanting to see the barb that gets thrown. are they going to be deflecting it with humor? are they going to be deflecting it back with anger? that's something that people are anxious to see on bernie sanders. does that anger that he is known for kind of jump out? you know, where is that 30-second moment that other candidates have to be able to fuel their campaign going forward? so, yes, it is both theatrics and substance. >> and i don't think hillary clinton will have to do that, right? she just needs to not make a mistake. >> if anything, i don't think she wants to engage other members of the debate. in reality, she's running for the nomination -- or running for the presidency not the nomination right now. she's much more focused on republicans, setting herself up for the national race than even the democratic race. at this point, not make a mistake is probably the number one priority for her. >> except for jim webb, some
7:31 am
people call him a dyno. >> well, he was senator when i was working for senator reed. yes, he was very much an independent voice of his own island. he oftentimes channels what they consider that angry, white male voter. it will be interesting to see, can he expand beyond that and where is he going to be coming from as far as his points of differential. so, he is a dark horse to be watching tonight. >> so, who will have the carly fiorina moment? i hate even asking that question, but why not? >> who's going to make something up about planned parenthood videos? i don't know. i don't know who that will be. i don't think that will be hillary clinton, just for the record. >> i don't either. >> again, at this point, none -- it's sort of a weird dynamic. they don't want to do anything that makes them look overly aggressive, ganging up on hillary clinton. chances are she's the nominee, would anybody want to be in a situation where they go after her too aggressively and undermine her? in a lot of respects, i
7:32 am
shouldn't say this, but it might be a boring debate. everyone jockeying for position, trying to set themselves up for the next debate down the road. >> i'll be watching. >> i will, too. >> we all will be. >> thank you so much. cnn's run up to the first democratic debate live from las vegas. the debate starts at 8:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. still to come in the "newsroom," hard to believe, bill and chelsea clinton are rarely seen on the campaign trail. so, when will hillary clinton use some of her biggest weapons? big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
7:33 am
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7:37 am
debate night is here. no matter who you're betting on, the democratic pressure is on. hundreds will be in attendance not to mention the millions watching worldwide. bill clinton arriving yesterday with his wife, hillary clinton. mr. clinton keeping a low strategy. more from ail alexandra field. >> reporter: he's her biggest supporter. >> she'd be a good president. >> reporter: during this campaign, bill clinton is more often on the sidelines than by hillary's side. >> first of all, it is true that i have done markedly less to this point than i did eight years ago when she ran.
7:38 am
eight years ago i did a lot by now, of which i've only done two things. >> reporter: president clinton walked with secretary clinton in a fourth of july parade, he was with her when she launched her campaign, but months before that he seemed to diminish his role. >> you're a bit player to whether secretary clinton runs? >> that's it. i'm a foot soldier in an army. >> reporter: last month he was at a democratic dinner, where he rallied the base. he didn't talk about hillary's campaign but he kept in line with her message. >> we don't have paid leave, universal preschool, affordable child care. >> reporter: daughter chelsea has also been in the spotlight. she's promoting her book and also supporting her mom. >> every opportunity i have, i want to tell people why i so strongly support her. not only as a voter, but also as a daughter and now a mom.
7:39 am
>> reporter: but she's skipping the kind of campaign stops that featured her four years ago. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: there was controversy in 2008 when chelsea took on a public role and refused to take most questions. and there was more controversy when some of bill' answers tested the campaign's control. >> i think they're being a lot more reserved this year with bill and chelsea. we'll see more going forward but bill was sometimes a liability on the campaign trail in 2008 and i think they want them to avoid that. they don't want him to have those unscripted moments that really hurt her last time. >> reporter: like this response to a reporter who claimed clinton accused obama of playing the race card. >> no, no, no, that's not what i said. you always follow me around and play these little games. and i'm not going to play your games today. >> reporter: and this unscripted exchange over barack obama's voting record on the iraq war. >> and there's no difference in your voting record and hillary's ever since. give me a break.
7:40 am
this whole thing is the biggest fairytale i've ever seen. >> reporter: hillary takes center stage in the big democratic debate tomorrow night. it's still not clear where bill or chelsea will be watching. alexandra field, cnn, new york. still to come in the "newsroom," hillary clinton has big goals but so does bernie sanders.
7:41 am
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even a small slip-up at a presidential debate can impact the race for the white house. cnn's sara murray has a look back at some of those moments and how they influenced the election. >> i want to build a wall. >> immigration did not come up in 2016 because mr. trump brought it up. >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> as it relates to my brother, there's one thing i know for sure, he kept us safe. >> he's an okay doctor. >> reporter: it's one of the highest stake moments in presidential politics. >> you guys nervous? >> reporter: a few minutes, seconds even on the debate stage can define a candidacy, sending contenders soaring in the polls or struggling to find their footing. this moment in the first republican presidential debate -- >> mr. trump -- >> reporter: -- solidifying trump's candidate who doesn't play by the rules and boosting him even higher in the polls. in the second gop debate, carly
7:46 am
fiorina's cool as ice comeback to trump's criticism of her appearance, made her a formidable appearance. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> reporter: her polished performance rocketing her to second place in post-debate polls, while latest polls show her slipping slightly. a cringe-worthy misstep can deliver a crippling blow to an ailing campaign. >> the third agency of government, i would do away with education, the -- i -- commerce and, let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> reporter: two months later, rick perry dropped out of the 2012 presidential race. this year his second bid never caught fire. >> hillary! hillary! >> reporter: hillary clinton had her own oops moment in 2008. >> what can you tell me about the man who's going to be
7:47 am
mr. putin's successor? >> well, i can tell you he's a hand-picked successor. >> who will it be, do you know his name? >> med -- medvedev. whatever. >> reporter: her opponent proves not every awkward moment means the end for a candidate. after this chilly exchange in 2008. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likeable enough, hillary. >> reporter: voters delivered a win for hillary clinton, stalling barack obama's momentum after his stunning win in iowa and setting off a long nomination fight. barack obama went on to win the white house, but very few candidates manage to make it that far. sara murray, cnn, washington. so, what about the candidates tonight, what do they have to do to have a good night? let's bring in andy smith, the director of the university of new hampshire survey center and ed lee, debate director at emory university. welcome to both of you. >> thank you.
7:48 am
morning. >> thanks for being here. andy, what are the three things mrs. clinton must do tonight? >> well, i think the first thing she needs to do is remember that she's no longer really the front-runner. i disagree with one of your earlier guests. the nomination is not a lock for her yet. in early states like new hampshire, she slipped up very significantly. and she has to give something to those democratic activists that are slipping away towards the sanders camp and provide some real energy. secondly, i think what she needs to do is display a sense of humor. humor does a great deal to legitimize yourself. it makes voters like you more and it allows you to get in the cutting words in a debate that doesn't make you look bad. finally, i think she really has to give understandable, clear and believable responses to some of the more difficult questions she's been facing on the campaign, especially about the
7:49 am
e-mail server in a nonlawyerly way. these are the kind of things that can bring back those activists who slid away a bit. i should point out that this is the most important event in the democratic campaign until the next most important thing, and then a lot of this will go away. >> ed, what do you think clinton has to do? >> i in some ways disagree. i think she needs to have -- a boring night for her is a good night. really, she needs to show that she is presidential, that she needs to lean on her experience when she's attacked and be personable. the reality is, is that three of the candidates who are on the stage, no one really knows who they are. and bernie sanders at the end of the day is a socialist. it will be very difficult for him to wipe the stain of socialism off himself at some point in time. for her to go and attack in my mind is to engage in debate malpractice. >> interesting. let's talk about bernie sanders. andy, what must he do? >> well, i think ed's right. sanders right now is a classic
7:50 am
protest candidate. he needs to convert himself from just being a protest candidate to mb who could be seen as presidential. by that, he not only has to sound presidential and act presidential on the stage, he has to look presidential. and i think that's going to be his biggest challenge. i think the next thing he really needs to do is demonstrate a wide knowledge on a range of issues and be able to explain those things clearly when he's on the stage, but finally he has to display that kind of righteous anger he's had throughout this campaign that has really motivated progressive democrats. he has to do it in a way that's toned down in such a way that it doesn't alienate some more mainstream democrats out there. he has to walk a fine line to display the fire without making it seem like he's really angry. >> so, etd, how must bernie sanders remove the stain of socialism from his persona? >> i think that andy is correct about this one. he needs to vary his platform
7:51 am
and talk about a range of issues that goes beyond the economic populism that he has been very good at rallying the base and rallying a tremendous amount of support for. i also think there's a place in which hillary clinton seems a little vulnerable on, the question of race and attracting minority vote. if he can draw some late between her and barack obama in this debate, that that could be very good for him long term. >> okay. andy, i'm wondering about this. should hillary clinton portray herself as the front-runner or the challenger because she has problems being the anighted one. >> well, i think that she runs a better candidate when she is the challenger. i think everybody does. they run better when they are -- think of themselves as behind. so, i think in this case there's reason to believe that she is not the front-runner in the early states where this matters. i think david said this very clearly in 2007-2008, it's a
7:52 am
sequential process. how you do in the early states is far more important than how you look in national polls. clinton was leading in national polls all the way until she wasn't. if you're the front runner, have you to have something other than the front-runner to convince voters you are the perso to support because once you start to lose that front-runner status, it's a long fall. >> it certainly is. so, ed, do you agree, should hillary clinton portray herself as sort of the underdog? >> well, this is a long process for her, that her runway is extensive. she has a massive lead in the polls and that urgency ultimately determines the level of aggression. if you're her, she doesn't need to be aggressive because she'll live to be the next debate. if euro mally, webb, chafee, you have no idea if you'll be in the next debate and they need to be far more aggressive trying to create an ror on her part. i think she needs to be personable, be presidential and wait for the next debate to occur.
7:53 am
>> so, one last question for both of you. which of the three -- which of the three lesser candidates, for lack of a better term that i can think of at the moment, which one has the -- i don't know. which one is most likely to jump to the forefront, andy? >> i think martin o'malley really is the one who's most likely. he's been campaigning, so he's starting to build a lot of general support, certainly in new hampshire and iowa. all of these other candidates have nothing to lose. if they don't make a splash in this debate, i think ed's right, they are probably going home. they have to do something to really raise their profile. >> ed, which one do you think is most likely to jump to the forefront? >> i agree i think it's o'malley, but i do think webb has an opportunity f he can switch the conversation to foreign policy and lean on his military experience, that he has the possibility to have that
7:54 am
carly fiorina moment. although he doesn't have the rhetorical prowess of her at all, he does have the ability to speak to his military and security background in a way that could turn the tide a little bit in the way in which the polls data is heading. >> we'll see later tonight. ed lee, andy smith, thanks to both of you. >> thank you for having me. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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massive apartment fire in kansas city, missouri, has killed two firefighters. they rescued two people when a wall collapsed on top of them. two other firefighters were taken to the hospital for treatment. pretrial hearings have begun for those six baltimore police officers facing a range of charges in the death of freddie gray. in the next 48 hours, a judge is expected to decide whether or not statements made by five of
7:59 am
those officers will be admissible when the trials begin next month. the prosecution says the statements are key evidence in their cases. the defense argues they were made under duress. a large wildfire is forcing more than 500 families out of their home in casper, wyoming. fire officials estimate it's now 9,000 achers in size. 15 homes have been destroyed. numerous fire departments from around the state are joining the fight. right now, 120 people are on the ground, battling flames, including 50 fire engines. bad news for twitter employees. the company announcing it's cutting 8% of its workforce. the ceo says the decision was not an easy one. the cuts will mostly take place in engineering department. the company says it's looking to refocus priorities and become much more efficient. thank you for joining me.
8:00 am
i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts right now. hello, i'm john berman. >> hello, i'm kate bolduan. we're live from las vegas, the site of tonight's presidential democratic debate. john berman, can you smell it? >> viva democratic presidential debate. >> not just the all you can eat buffet. it's debate night in america. five hours from now, five presidential democratic candidates will be facing off on the very same stage for the very first time in the 2016 race to make their pitch to voters, spell out their differences and for the candidates not named clinton or sanders, they'll get their names and faces out there to millions of americans. >> this is the perfect place to do it, at the wynn las vegas, where fortunes can be won, lost or squandered. we'll find out how real bernie sanders' insurgent campaign really is. will hillary clinton reaffirm


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