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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 13, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the landscape. >> a lot of celebrities have already come out for hillary clinton. many celebritys have already come out. >> i like that. very interesting. good to have you. good to have you. wolf starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- let's treat each other civilly and with respect. >> how are you going to lead us into the future? >> we are going to be looking for leaders who can get it done. >> this is a big one. this is really important. hello, i'm wolf blitzer and it is 10:00 a.m. here in las vegas, and 1:00 p.m. in washington and wherever you are watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. up first, we are counting down the showdown here in las vegas, and the first democratic presidential debate for the 2016 presidential campaign, and it is
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now less than eight hours a wwa and the stakes are very high. how will hillary clinton answer questions about the e-mails and the flip-flops, and can self-described socialist bernie sanders deliver a mainstream message and will martin oo'malley get a breakout moment, and what about jim webb? is this the last chance for lincoln cha feffechaffee. this is the last time we will see them shoulder to shoulder and toe to toe. and jim acosta is there and what are the ground rules for the two-hour debate? >> well, wolf, ground rules one minute for each question to be answered by the candidates and 30 second to respond if one of the candidates makes mention of one of the candidates on stage. i was talking to tad devine, an
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adviser for bernie sanders. and he said, look, bernie sanders is not coming out here to attack people, but in the words of tad devine, you cannot tame this tiger, and he was talking about the positioning of the lecterns, and he said that bernie sanders is going to be to the left of hillary clinton, and he said that is the last time you will see that happen according to left leaning bernie sanders. he knows that his criticism is that some say he cannot be elected with his view, pu so he has to come across as more mainstream. for hillary clinton, she wants to get past the benghazi issue, and talk about the ib shoes that the campaign wants to talk about and get it to to a larger audience, but wolf, it is seeming that she is looking past
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the democratic rivals, and she went right over to the trump hotel and firing off against the frontrunner, and so there is a question if she is looking past the field. and martin a o'malley and lincoln chafee and jim webb are hoping to get a breakout moment as happened with carly fiorina in the republican debates. we will see the candidates coming to the winn hotel, and start to check out the debate stage, and wolf, it has been a big build-up, but we are almost there. >> and the debate is et up, with the whole notion of the candidates, themselves, when they have a chance to see what it is like up on the stage, the five candidates, that is later this afternoon, right? >> yes. i would say in the 4:00 to 5 :0
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eastern time, our time, i should say, eastern time, we will start to show up here at this auditorium, and fascinating to watch. you know, hillary clinton despite that she has had secret service protection for two decades, and involved in many debates from the senatorial debates and presidential level, she has not been a debate like this for a decade. and who would have thought that bernie sanders would have captured the imagination of the left much like barack obama did, and standing right next to the hillary clinton in this big moment. it is going to be fascinating political television to watch. and martin o'malley, and lot of people thought that he would do a lot better, you know in the democratic contest, but thus far, he is only getting into single digits, but despite that in the polls, he is standing next to hillary clinton and we
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will see how it cycles through to see how the stage is set up. >> certainly will. jim akcosta inside of the debat hall at the wynn hotel. so what is the strategy for hillary clinton? john podesta is the chairman for the "hillary for america" campaign, and john, thank you for coming in, and as we are speaking, i am seeing that hillary is tweeting about donald trump, and she says to the real donald trump, glad you are wa going to be watch, because it is going to be huge. and he is gogoing to be watchin. >> well, that is going to be something that we look forward to and he said outrageous things attacking latinos and immigrants, and yesterday hillary stood at the trump hotel trying to organize and called
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him out on that. >> this is the wynn hotel, and the first thing she did was to go right over there to criticize donald trump. >> well, she wanted to the show support for the local 276 to try to get a living wage and she called out trump for being a employment situation at the trump hotel but for the things that he has said main the campaign. he is a force of division, and a force of entertainment, but also a force of division in the country, and she has been calling him out on that. >> and she has been practicinging, and going through the dress rehearsals, and prepare ing f preparing for the debate, and is the assumption that the four candidates will be attacking her in the flip-flops, and the attacks will come from -- >> well, i believe it is going to be more civil than the republicans have had. it is not a debate of the
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name-calling, and the attacks at a personal level, but exploration of where they differ on the issues and where where they are the same on the issues. i think that for the most part see the direction of the country consistent is si, i will, a nd they know that we have to -- consistently, and they know that we have to do better by the middle-class, and get the wages growing again, and make sure that everyone has health care, and college is affordable, but there are difference, and they will be explored tonight, but it is not a debate of name calling, but substantive. >> well, it is not name calling, but they will point out, presumably bernie sanders that she voted for the war on iraq, and bernie sanders voted against it. that strategy worked well for barack obama when he was running against her in 2008. >> wellers it is a long time ago, and barack obama won that election and felt that she was
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the right person to lead foreign policy in the united states, and she served him with distinction as secretary of state, and they are close, and i think that she was happy to serve in that capacity, and so he must think that her judgment is pretty fair in foreign affairs. >> he went after her in no-fly syria. and he said one thing for a presidential candidate, but it is another thing when you are president of the united states and what that means for the men and women in the armed forces. he was taking a little hit at her. >> well, you know, john kerry is at least exploring as we read in the newspapers, the possibility of keeping people protected in safe zones inside of syria to not have this continuous flood of refugee, and keep people safe. she has put ideas out there, but it is the kind of coalitions
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that swill need to be built, an she was so good to be built which led to the sanctions on iran, and the most important foreign policy successes of the obama administration. >> she is going to be criticize and that she was supporting it as secretary of state, and now opposinging it, and they are going to say they have always opposed it, and she is flip floops. >> she had a high bar to create good wages, and krcreate jobs, d protect the national security, and the treaty was negotiated last week, and when she look ed at the final agreement, it did not meet the high bar she had set, and the fact that the currency manipulation was in the core of the agreement, but led to the loss of thousands of jobs, and did what a leader
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should do is to look at the substance at the end, and not prejudge it, and make a decision. she said that her number one issue in the campaign is raising people's wages, and she did not feel like the agreement in the final form that she could tale the american people that it would accomplish that >> so she believes that the president of the united states who supports this made a major blunder? >> no. she said that as he negotiated hard, and at the end of the day given where we are and the wages have not grown in the country, you have to put it in all context of the republicans blocking the minimum wise, and blocking the job training, and the investments for the kcountr, and looking in the totality and notwithstanding the president and the team e negotiated hard and it did not meet the bar she could tell the everyone people that if she passes this this, it
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will raise your questions. >> and vice president joe biden is he going to run or not run? >> i am under the assumption that he needs to make up his own mind. we have given him plen of space to do that and he has to make a judgment pretty soon at this point if he wants to get into the race, but whether he gets in or doesn't get in, we will run our strategy which is to fight the fights that she has been fighting her whole life on behalf of the working people. that is what we will continue to do. >> and bill clinton, he is here in los angeles -- he is here in las vegas, and he will probably watch it like millions of americans, on tv. he is happy to be here, and he is confident that she is going to do great, but he feels it is her night. >> and bernie sanders and some of the other spouses will be
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there. >> no, i believe he is going to be watching it on tv. >> thank you, john podesta. >> and now coming up, debbie s wassermann schultz is coming up, and we will talk about the debate expecktase, and the party strength and weaknesses of this year's candidates and a whole lot more including the controversy arising with the congresswoman tulsi gabbard. and now, with only five candidates and without donald tru trump, we will have a different ball game, and we will explain what is about to unfold here in las vegas. today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. aleve, all day strong.
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is there a problem? yes. you have described the problem. does that mean that there is a crisis and we have to privatize
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social security today? tomorrow? absolu absolutely not. >> and if they fail, who in god's name going to the bail them out? >> well, the question is mr. speaker, if we like saddam hussein or not, the question is whether he represents an imminent threat. >> and the example of bernie sanders' debate style, and the senator from vermont has plenty of experience having taken part of 19 debates, but never on the national stage like this stage which comes with the bright lights of las vegas as the five presidential candidates gamble with their political futures and each trying to hit the jackpot as they meet face-to-face, and joining us is debbie wassermann schultz who is the chair of the democratic national committee and you have been responsible and in the news to get it together tonight, and some of the complaints, five candidates and not a lot of diversity, and one woman, and four men and no
10:18 am
minorities and you say? >> well, our party is the most diverse political party in american history, and is certainly contrasted with not only the issues that the candidates will focus on in that stage, but when contrast ed ed the issues of the various minority group, and hispanic americans, and the african-american, and the republicans have done everything to alienate those groups, and talking about in the debates to kick the immigrants out of the country and talking about taking away health care, and talking about which candidate is worse for women and take away the health care and oppose equal pay for equal work, and the party that is focused on the diversity, and the diversity of opportunity and inclusion and empowerment is the democratic party. >> are you worryied about the fact that the four men are going to go after of the frontrunner hillary clinton to score points? >> well, with the candidates have made it clear they will distinguish themselves on the
10:19 am
issue between one another, but what the americans will see tonight is the stark contrast between our candidates concentrating on moving america forward and making marks on 17 million people who have access to quality affordable health care, and the contrasted to the republicans who want to take us backwards to the worst economic crisis of the depression, and oppose comprehensive reform, and really have proposed policies that are harmful to women, and the differences couldn't be more clear. >> talk about tulsi gabbard and one of the five chairs at the dnc and angry at you as you well know, and claims that shoe disinvited her to come here from las vegas to hawaii to participate, and this is what she told me in "the situation room" last night. >> okay. >> i have been calling for more
10:20 am
debates to have the american people to hear from the presidential candidates to hear what they have to say and to hold them accountable for their position, and because that differentiated from the position of the dnc, i was told that i am no longer welcome to come to the debate. >> that is amazing that the vice chair of the dnc because she is recommending more debates, you disinvited her from coming here. >> that is simply not true, and here we are, we talking about tulsi gabbard and not the candidates and the issues that are important on americans, and the difference of contrast that she put in the interview. but, this is a big tent party, and the campaign is not the process, but the dramatic process between all of the democratic americans who want to
10:21 am
create more opportunities for the people who want to join the middle-class, and congresswoman gabbard is going to concentrate on the candidates, and she was asked if she could keep the focus on the candidates, and that is what we felt was important, and in the end she declined the invitation to come that was extended by bernie sanders' campaign, because she felt a distraction, and she continued to talk about process and not our great candidates. >> well, if it is a big tent party, why couldn't more dnc leaders say, we need more debates and other leaders like you say, that there is enough. >> well, there is plenty of opportunity, and certainly a discussion over the process, but she was asked to focus on candidate, and she apparently decided to focus on the process, and look, it is about the
10:22 am
candidates, and the republicans at their debates are trying to out-wing one another, and talking about kicking immigrants out of the country, and talking about taking the access to health care away from the women, and opposing equal pay for equal work, and that is what we need to talk the bt, and she is entitled as others to their opinion, but we have a women's leadership forum that our leaders will be at, and a democratic forum -- >> those are not debates, and just discussions, and the point that she is make, and she has made it on kr cnn this morning, she is one of five vice chairs and you are saying that everyone is consulted about the debates, and she says that is a lie. >> well, she is unfortunately, spending a lot of time on the process. there were many people consulted and not -- >> she says that she was not
10:23 am
contacted -- >> i am the head of a national party and i have to get our party ready to launch our nominee from philadelphia and whoever that is, because that person is going to be the 45th president of the united states, and there is a lot of work to do and we have to be rowing in the same drirection and working together to do it. and she is entitled to her opinion and people who disagree with e her, but tonight, the focus has to be about the candidates and their opinion, and the republican candidate, and set the process aside, but she couldn't do that apparently. >> and why so many debates, but only six this year? >> we have five candidates, and six debate, and the republicans have 15 candidate, and they will end up in 11 debates, and we both have the exclusivity rules, because there is a way for us to get the voters to see the candidates. there are candidate forums for
10:24 am
the state party cosponsors which is a different way to for the candidates to debate. you don't want to keep pulling them off of the campaign trail. and both parties felt that we needed a better number of debate, and broaden the way that our voters get to see the candidates. >> will you talk to congresswoman gabbard. >> have you called her? >> i have e-mailed her, and i have asked to get together to talk. >> and she told me that she wants to talk to her, and you have rejected her -- >> this he said' she said, and this is so ridiculous, and this is my point, we have to focus on the candidates and the contrast of the 67 straight months of the job xwroet in the sector, and the expansion of health care for 17 million american, and one of the officers who is sadly
10:25 am
quibbling about process. it is not about her or me or anyone else, but it is about moving america forward and that is what i am focus obd and i will do my job as the national party chair to put our party in the strongest position to get ready for the nominee. >> and debbie wassermann schultz, the congresswoman from south carolina and chairman of the democratic national committee joining us. thank you. >> thank you. and now, with hillary clinton and bernie sanders, who has the most to lose. stay with us. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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i am prepare and ready on day one.
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it is imperative that we have a president start on day one. >> i have been involved in this for now 17 years. >> i have 35 years of being an instrument, agent of change. >> i am not playing as some people say the gender card here in las vegas, but i am trying to play the winning card. >> hillary clinton has 25 debates under belt, and can she take a step toward the presidential nomination? we will find out in seven hours from now. magicians have made their names in the showrooms up and down the vegas trip using misdirection and slight of hand, but the democrats want it to be about the issues, and the substance, but a little showmanship could win the day. joining rus are t ing us now arl commentators. and thank you for joining us.
10:31 am
quickly, i want to get to the substance, and this is the ugly, the feud that the has develop bed tween debbie wassermann schultz and tulsi gabbard and can the two women get this resolved? >> well, wolf, i have been talking to both of them, and as a democratic official we feel like we will make a lot of progress on insuring that we will have the right number of debates, and the candidates are comfortable in the number of guidelines that we have set. and as a democrat, we have a lot of exchanges, but at the end of the night, we will come together and i'm not worried about it. >> wolf, i am good friends with both of them, and debbie from south florida, and tulsi, i would say that it is catty and
10:32 am
it is unseamly and i don't understand why the democratic party, and the big tent party where everybody is entitled to their opinion, and so let tulsi have her opinion, and i have told deb beby that. >> and we should not be talking about that debate, but the dnc debate. >> and the dnc has said that only six presidential debates. >> yeah, i understand. >> and tell si gabbard is a vice chair and she was never told that. >> and all i can say is that we democrats are a big noisy tent with a lot of opinion, and we should allow people to express them -- >> and for that -- >> well, jennifer is not going to say anything bad or she will be disinvited.
10:33 am
>> and we have had six sanctioned debates, and six more in 2008, and the parties had guidelines to make sure that they have the right number of debatesforums, and trying to -- >> and now, donna, if joe biden comes in, and he wants to have more debate, then you know that you will have and other vice chairs saying that they want more debates, and you are the democratic party, and we will have more debates. >> we are not going to have the kid's table, and we want to have the views and the values and have people understand that we r are the party of opportunity, and -- >> the reason they want six debates is because it was not good four years ago for the republicans all of the debates that hurt your candidate mitt
10:34 am
romney and that is why they are cutting back on the republican side as the number of authorized debates and democrats. >> as a republican, i love all of this infighting. >> plenty of insighting among t -- infighting among the republicans. >> oh, yes. it is counter to the substance and the policy. if they believe that hillary is strong on the issues, and she has the opportunity to connect on the issues, then more debates should make her more there, and when the debate is about process and how many debates, and it seems to limit it to protect the front r frontrunner and it does seem -- >> kevin, i will invite you, because you don't know the facts. >> and this is about optics and the perception. and yes it is. >> no, it is not. >> yes, it is. >> and when you were running for the political office, did you want to debate the opponents?
10:35 am
>> yes. i i wanted to. and she wants to, because she has great stuff to say. >> is it is not about hillary. >> well, it in my perspective it is. >> and you know that, donna, that the party sees hillary as the nominee, and they don't want lincoln chafee going after her, and jim webb. >> well, every conversation gets back to this is hillary, no, the party decided an just like the republican party what debates and forums should be sanction and that is part of the process and we control the rules, and we have input from all corner, and here we go, again, talking about the debate of the debate --? and they control it with the iron fist, and if they speak out against it, they are going to be watching it on tv. and in 2008 i was with john mccain, and the republicans, john mccain nailed down the
10:36 am
nomination early, and the democrats continued to have debate, and it worked well for them. >> i am so loving this all of the love. all of this love. >> and wrap this up. >> it is not real. >> i am ordinarily sympathetic to the party chair to instill discipline here, but what debbie wassermann schultz did was exasperate the problem, and the process did not help them. >> and we are going to be talking about a number of issues and standby. he could have a big moment tonight, and could martin o'malley strike it rich on the presidential debate stage? you tuck here... you tuck there.
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all right. we are here in inside of the beautiful debate hall here in the wynn hotel in las vegas. and now, let's walk around here behind the scenes. and lincoln chafee is going to be here? yes, he is not polling well, so he is going to be here, and secretary clinton right here. >> and yes, she is doing the best, so right here. and martin o'malley is not doing that great in the polls either. >> yes, but one of the poised
10:42 am
candidates to draw a contrast, so having them next to each other could be interesting. >> and hillary clinton is the front-runner all of the polls with the exception of new hampshire, and she is dehind of new hampshire because of this senator from a neighboring state. >> right. bernie sanders. and this is the story, the clinton/sa clinton/sanders race, and the three other guys have to prove their staying power beyond the debate, and have a moment like you said. >> and jim webb, the former senator of virginia and a fomer secretary of the navy, and the man has a lot of experience, and he nos domestic policy, and international issues. >> yes, he can hold his own. >> and he has to prove it tonight. and how many seats in the audience? >> about 1,500 seat, and labor, democratic activist, and supporters of the campaign, and i believe that the crowd is
10:43 am
going to be noisier than at the lincoln library. >> and anderson cooper, and juan carlos lopez from espanole, and don lemon and dana bash, and what else is going on? >> well, tonight, we have a camper sent across the country, a cn ncam per, to the ask people to give us the questions a and that big video wall is when voters outside of the wall will come in and pose questions to don lemon. >> and they are going to be on video? >> yes, and also text messages. >> it could be a game-changer? >> yes, this is the new face of the democratic presidential debates. >> and now, martin o'malley and
10:44 am
jim webb and lincoln chafee have yet to break through. the poll numbers for martin o'malley are trailing for him even in his home state, and let's bring in liz smith who is pretty far down in the polls, and why isn't he resonating? >> if we had talked a year ago and i told you that donald trump would be the frontrunner of the republicans, and dr. ben carson a guy who last week said that we could have stopped the holocaust by giving more guns to germans, you would have toll me to get off of the stage. but clearly, he needs to introduce himself to more people. that is what he is going to do
10:45 am
the night. >> and is he going to be able to make his differences clear between himself and the frontrunner hillary clinton. >> well, he gets them done. he doesn't just talk about the progressive values, he gets them done. he implemented the minimum wage act, and the gun safety act, and the fact is that nobody else on stage has that issue. >> and her position is the same. >> quewell, that is the differe, he has actions to get it done and delivers, and he the guy. and the thing that i can tell you is that he makes the decisions based on the issues and not the polls. so he has been ahead of the curve, and you would say the exact opposite of secretary clinton. >> he is going the go after the
10:46 am
front runner? >> i would say that he should double down tonight. >> and make the case that he is ready for president and she is not. and what is the big difference o -- of bernie sanders. >> well, he has a lot of respect for bernie sanders, but they have two big issues where they differ. >> such as? >> gun control, and so he is willing to make a contrast. >> and this is a moment to shine, and otherwise he is has to drop out? >> well, i would not say it is a do-or-die debate? >> no, he is a great guy with a great story to tell, so i am not worried about that. >> and now, he is number four behind the three candidates
10:47 am
assuming that joe biden is deciding to run. >> well, wolf, you and i have done a lot of these, and when the candidates make the transition from local to the national stage, there is a little bit of the hez taen si at home, and we saw it with barack obama in illinois in 2008, and governor clinton in 1992, so there is precedence for that, and the people will warm to him, a and the people will in maryland. martin o'malley won in 2010 in a wave year for democrats, so i am not worried a bt it. >> and make or break. >> and let's do it. >> and roll the dice. >> double down. >> thank you, lis smith. >> thanks, wolf. >> five democrats roll the dice here in las vegas, and ready to square off here on cnn. we le tawill talk to one of the debate mod erators when we come
10:48 am
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can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. the stage here at the hotel is all set. our moderators anderson cooper and dana bash, they are primed to go. they are ready to go. don lemon will handle the facebook questions tonight as well. dana is joining us now. you asked questions during the republican debate that cnn hosted. it's going to be different tonight. there are going to be 5 candidates opposed to 11 candidates. >> it's going to be just in terms of the number, it's going to be more like our undercard debate with four people.
10:53 am
it's a lot easier to manage when you just have five people. but this is just going to be something incredibly unique because hillary clinton thought early on, this sounds familiar, that she was going to be coming into this and having to swat down some annoyances her way to the democratic nomination. and it's a lot different now, particularly when it comes to bernie sanders. >> and donald trump is going to be live tweeting during the course of this debate. he said that earlier today. hillary clinton responded, go ahead, it will be huge. >> isn't that amazing? obviously, in our debate and it was must-see tv for a lot of reasons. primarily because you have this non-politician in donald trump and he still wants to be a part of it. regardless, there's a lot to
10:54 am
discuss with these five candidates, particularly with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and there are real policy differences. >> he just put out a tweet. hfs just announced that i will be hosting "saturday night live" on november 7th. look forward to it. that's a big deal in the midst of a political campaign that he's going to be hosting "saturday night live." >> absolutely. hillary clinton just got trumped on the day of her first debate because she was on last week or two weeks ago, but she certainly did a great job. but she wasn't the host. miley cyrus was the host. that's a very different set of circumstances that he's going to be on. i think the question is are we going to tell the difference between the real donald trump and the guy who plays him. >> whoever is hosting is all carefully scripted and almost always winds up being a positive development for the host. >> he's a performer. he did reality tv for all those years. he's also a new yorker.
10:55 am
this is something that they shouldn't be surprised about. are they going to ask ben carson to host? >> who knows. >> do you think these four men on the stage tonight are beginning to go after the woman who is the front runner, hillary clinton? >> i don't think it will be angry, but i don't think it will be gentle. the other four candidates have a lot to prove. it's gender neutral. she just happens to be a woman. i don't think it has to do with the fact she's a woman. >> we'll see what happens. look forward to your questions. to our viewers, it's your first chance to see the presidential candidates together on one stage. please with be sure to watch the cnn and facebook democratic presidential debate tonight at 8:30 p.m. eastern. that's it for me.
10:56 am
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11:00 am
we're live in las vegas. great to be here on this exciting tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin live in las vegas. we are hours away from what is shaping up to be one of the most important showdowns in the race for the white house. . the top two contenders here facing off for the first time. you have hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders, those are the top two we're watching. the question, one of many, will they attack tonight? so far, they have been playing pretty nice. the