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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 14, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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a reminder that the middle class wants something. income inequality is not sustainable to democrats, these will be their talking point says the next year. >> christine romans, thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. hello, i'm john berman. >> hello, everyone. i am kate bolduan. thank you so much for joining us. we begin with breaking news out of israel at this hour. this morning, a man attempted to stab a private bodyguard at the damascus gate in jerusalem. >> the attacker wearing a military style t-shirt was shot by israeli soldiers who were already in the area. he died on the spot. tensions have been so high in recent weeks with several israelis killed in what's being called terror attacks. palestinians killed, too. some allegedly behind the attacks. others in clashes with authorities. cnn senior international correspondent ben wedeman live
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for us now from jerusalem. ben, what's the very latest? >> reporter: well, the latest is that the situation now has been pretty much cleared up. the israeli authorities are also quite -- often quite good at doing that. but this was the first attack of the day. so when we went well into the afternoon with no events happening, people started breathing a sigh of relief after yesterday, there were five attacks in jerusalem and elsewhere in israel, leaving at least three people dead, many more wounded. now, we did arrive to see, as the medical personnel wrapped the body in a back plastic body bag and carried it up the stairs. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see the scene better. you see those men down there are using water and a broom. they are removing the last traces of the blood of the attacker who, of course, is dead. he took at least a dozen bullets
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by the many israeli police and border police who are stationed here. now, there was a rather odd somewhat disturbing scene a little while ago. as we watched a group of palestinian residents of east jerusalem standing around where there was still a pool of blood, praying for the attacker. now, you can explain it by the fact that there's such a varying perception between how israelis see these attacks and how palestinians see these attacks. many palestinians, despite the evidence to the contrary, often believe that these people were simply shot in cold blood and framed. in other cases, they say it was a justified attack for nationalistic reasons, regardless of the explanation. that is what we saw. we also saw israeli police and border guards stopping palestinians, checking their i.d.s.
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but certainly now that we've had the first attack of the day, the level of alert, the level of alarm is way back up to where the levels it was yesterday. and, of course, the worry is there could be more attacks yet. john? >> absolutely. and ben, you talk about the varying perception of these attacks. but there's also been, in the aftermath, a varying perception of the government's response in trying to quell the violence and stop the tensions and ease the tensions. you see a lot of people talking about a fear that this is dividing the city of jerusalem. what are you hearing? what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, effectively, it is divided because there's so much distrust and fear between the two sides that by and large, except perhaps for the old city where you have a jewish quarter, a christian quarter, an armenian quarter and a muslim quarter, people don't mix anymore. that's a thing of the past in a sense. and as far as the government
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response, the government of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, specifically his security cabinet, met for hours late into the night to try to come up with measures to stop this wave of attacks. they're talking about closing off palestinian neighborhoods, of increasing even more the security presence in and around jerusalem and israel. they're talking about confiscating the property of attackers, revoking their residency rights. but it's unlikely to satisfy an israeli public that is being reminded of the level of fear that this city lived under, for instance, during the darkest days of the second intefadeh when there was one suicide bombing after another. and you just have to look at the numbers in opinion polls. there is an opinion poll published over the weekend that said that 73% of the israeli population is either dissatisfied or strongly
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dissatisfied with how prime minister netanyahu is dealing with this process. the general opinion seems to be, regardless of who you speak to on the israeli side, is that the government needs to do more to stop this wave of attacks. kate? >> now, secretary of state kerry says he will head to the region soon to help calm the violence, but it's unclear if either side is receptive to whatever treaties he brings with him. ben wedeman, appreciate it. the democratic presidential debate now here in las vegas. so where does the campaign stand today? did hillary clinton show that her 26th presidential primary debate is the jar? >> is that how -- >> 26th. >> and did bernie sanders prove himself to be presidential? did the other three candidates on the stage have a badly needed breakout moment? and did this debate change the
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course of the 2016 race and change the course of human history? here's a look at the debate in two minutes. take a look. >> are you all ready? all right. >> i have a range of views, but they are rooted in my values and my experience. >> we're going to win because first we're going to explain what democratic socialism is. and i think we should look to countries like denmark, like sweden. >> but we are not denmark. i love denmark. we're the united states of america. >> one of the things that was not reported during that heartbreaking night of unrest in baltimore was that arrests had actually fallen to a 38-year low. >> anderson, you're looking at a block of granite when it comes to the issue. >> it seems like pretty soft granite, though. you've been a republican. you've been an independent and now a democrat. secretary clinton, is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all. >> i will say this. i've been waiting for ten minutes. >> you're over your time. >> well, you've let a lot of people go over their time.
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>> i am a pacifist. i happen to belief from the bottom of my heart that war should be the last resort. >> but tonight i want to talk not about my e-mails but about what the american people want from the next president. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. thank you. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> do black lives matter, or do all lives matter? >> we need to combat institutional racism. >> the point that the black lives matter movement is making is a very, very legitimate and serious point. >> everybody on this stage has changed a position or two. i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. >> why should latino voters trust you now when you left them at the altar when reform was very close? >> i didn't leave anybody at the altar. >> there is such a difference between everything you're hearing here on this stage and what we hear from the republicans. >> donald trump, that carnival barker in the republican party. sboo when you shut down the nsa
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surveillance program? >> absolutely. >> you said you smoked marijuana twice. it didn't quite work for you. >> what a way to end. we'll leave it hanging right there. >> just leave it there. >> let's discuss this with dan pfeiffer and kevin madden. dan was a senior adviser to president obama. kevin was a top adviser to mitt romney's two presidential campaigns. dan pfeiffer, as the resident democrat at the table, why is today different than yesterday? what changed after this first democratic debate? >> i think hillary clinton came into this debate strong. she comes out stronger. she's had a tough summer. this is her first moment, i think, to begin what is a critical phase between the debate and then the upcoming testimony before the benghazi committee, and she's in a good place. i think sanders had a good night. i think he didn't lose any votes, but he probably didn't gain any either. and martin o'malley who i don't think he had the moment he needed to have to break out into the top tier here. >> so when we talked yesterday ahead of the debate, one of the conversations that we had, the goal of the clinton campaign for her going in was to cut through
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the politics. kevin, did she cut through the politics? >> i don't think so. look, let me agree with dan on the fact that i think she came out stronger inside the context of a democratic primary, but what two things happened. i think on the politics question, she got piper political when she used that phrase about republicans being her enemies. there's still a general election ahead. i think that kind of divisive talk doesn't help you in a general election. that's one of the big things. but i think ultimately, she still has -- i think she got what she wanted which is essentially a two-person race. unless with her and bernie sanders. unless joe biden gets in. >> not her and lincoln chaffee? >> you witnessed the hillary clinton debate fenn ophenomenon. >> right. >> 25 times when you were working for president obama. you will admit you lost maybe 25 times. no, she performed best on points. >> right. >> in the majority of those deba debates. >> right. >> you say. however, it sometimes had a different effect on the electorate. >> right.
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>> could that be happening here? are there ways that bernie sanders could have picked up some support from viewers? >> i think he -- we treat -- like in politics and the media, we treat debates as olympic events. if you win the most debates, you win the nomination and election, and that's not the case. i think it's interesting that bernie sanders, despite all the pundits like ourselves, saying that hillary had a great night, and i think she did, sanders did very well in the focus groups and very well in the online polls and facebook and stuff like that. i think that says two things. i don't think that's representative of public opinion. it says that sanders still has -- even if he's not the most electable candidate, the most resonant message and the most intense support. that will be helpful to him. we had a similar phenomenon with obama. he didn't get the best grades always, says but the focus groups and online polls supported him. >> and do you think -- did hillary do no harm in that regard of needing to win over, at some point, the bernie sanders' army of support?
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those strong supporters -- i mean, you heard the applause line when he says "your damn e-mails" last night. >> she solidified her support in the context of a democratic primary. one of the problems was the overall suggestion and this sort of race to get just barely to the left of sanders by hillary clinton has pulled the entire conversation inside the democratic party to the left. and that, again, becomes a very problematic -- that becomes a problem for her in her general election. essentially she described herself as a proud progressive, which is a cleaned-up version of the word "i'm a liberal." and that, i think, is music to republicans' ears when we're going to look at a general election contest. >> do you think bernie sanders in that sense, dan, won the debate in terms of winning the subject matter of the debate even before the debate started? >> no, i don't think so. i think that the bernie sanders had, like, a fine debate, i think. i think the party is -- has moved into progressive populist way in the last several years. >> does that mean it's literal, what madden says? >> look, i'm not one --
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>> democratic socialist. >> i'm not one who cares about the word progressive or liberal. i don't think that matters very much. it's about the policy positions you have. >> because you're a liberal. >> i am a proud liberal, i will say that. >> it does to the big middle of the american electorate. it makes or breaks elections. >> but we are in a world right now where the election's going to be determined primarily on who motivates their supporters more and the democrats have an advantage which is on questions of economic populism, social issues and immigration, the democratic message works not just with motivating our base but with also persuading swing voters. republicans have the opposite problem. they need two messages, one for the trump wing and one for voters they need to persuade to come over. >> great to have you with us all these days in las vegas. >> you look so good without any sleep. good job, gentlemen. >> thank you, makeup people. >> thank you, makeup. >> they touched on this, millions of people watched the debate. they formed new opinions, but the most important guy watching might be a guy named joe. what does the vice president do next?
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we have brand-new reporting from inside bidenville. plus, the debate answer that has everyone talking. some calling it the worst answer of the night. one candidate basically pleading, cut me some slack. and donald trump was going after democrats last night, probably no surprise. but new today, the gop front-runner says he's now turning his sights on the gop rival, nipping at his heels. this is cnn's special live coverage live in las vegas.
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welcome back, everyone. we are live in las vegas. beautiful day here. hillary clinton, bernie sanders definitely made their mark last night. but they weren't the only candidates fighting for the spotlight on that big stage. >> no. jim webb, martin o'malley, lincoln chaffee, they were there. did they manage to break through? let's bring in cnn political
8:18 am
director david chalian and maeve reston. dave, martin o'malley, did he meet the mark that he needed to meet? >> i think he did. for this main reason, john. i think it was the first time martin o'malley got to introduce himself to a pretty big audience. this is by far the biggest stage he's played on. i don't think people had any idea who he was, and i think he got some of his core messages out there. and he spent much of the night drawing contrast. and so i think he probably did himself some good. do i think that he created some huge fight where he is, like, a carly fiorina style breakout star? no. but i think he started the process of really introducing himself. >> he lives to fight another day. >> his moment, if you will, had to do with actually one of his moments was taking on donald trump. listen to this. i want to get your take. >> we passed a state version. and a lot of the -- a lot of the xenophobes, the immigrant haters like some that we've heard like donald trump, that carnival barker in the republican party.
8:19 am
tried to mischaracterize it as free tuition for illegal immigrants. >> so it played well in that room. that's not a surprise. but taking on donald trump, was that his attempt to have a viral moment last night, do you think? >> yeah. and if it was, he didn't make the bar on that one. hillary clinton actually had a stronger moment on that front where he talked about the contrast between the democrats on that stage on immigration and the republicans which he said had been demeaning immigrants. that was more of a message that would have connected with that audience. i mean, if you're going to go after trump, then you've got to come up with some pretty clever. >> let's take a moment to recognize lincoln chaffee. this was his view on glass-steagall. let's listen. >> my dad died in office. i was appointed to office. >> are you saying you didn't know what you were voting for? >> i just arrived to the senate. >> unrecoverable? >> wow, wow.
8:20 am
>> i couldn't believe the answer. i mean, so -- and anderson followed up correctly. you just are saying you didn't know what you were voting for? that's just not an excuse. >> yeah. i mean, you're looking at someone who is asking to be president of the united states, and they weren't on their game in the first 90 days in the senate? i mean, i did not understand that answer at all. >> please cut me some slack. the question, will they make another debate stage. could a new person be joining the debate stage next time around? the person not there and talked so much about, joe biden. what did joe biden think of last night, do you think, david? >> i think he got information that said if he was planning on getting into this race because hillary clinton was damaged goods, he got information saying that's not a reason to get in this race. now, i don't know that that would be his rationale for jumping into a presidential race. i don't think night. his aides told jeff zeleny that the debate last night will not
8:21 am
impact his decision-making, but i don't see how it can't. >> because, i mean, it really comes down to the donors and whether they felt comfortable with hillary clinton's performance last night. i think a lot of them did feel comfortable. and she met the bar that she needed to meet. so biden, you know, i mean, it's pretty late in the game at this point. >> tick, tick, tick, tick. >> yeah, and do you believe that the debate has no calculation if he gets into the race. good to see you. thank you guys so much. coming up for us, donald trump says that he's taking on a new target, another one of his republican rivals. plus, a republican party official will be joining us live. get his take on last night, reaction to hillary clinton stating very proudly that republicans are her enemies. we also have breaking news out of jerusalem. israeli forces dealing with a tense situation on the ground there. foiling a stabbing attempt. new violence now. we'll take you there in a second.
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all right. new reaction this morning to the democratic debate from the republican front-runner, donald trump. >> he says bernie sanders made a big mistake, giving hillary clinton cover on her e-mail controversy. here is a little bit more from mr. trump, speaking to abc this morning. >> i don't think he's going to get there. i thought his performance was okay, but he had to be much better than okay. he had to come out the clear winner. he didn't. and i actually think she probably came out not the winner, but yeah, probably if you think about it, george, she
8:27 am
came out the winner. she did what she had to do, and they were extremely gentle. the other three, it's not going to happen. >> so there's one review. let's talk about some other reviews from other republicans. joining us, chief strategist and communications director for the republican national committee, sean spicer. you look a lot less stressed. >> it's good that the democrats finally had a debate to come to. so that was nice of them. i know there's only a few more left, so i can't get too complacent with it. >> you stop it right now. get it in there. >> all week, it really does speak volumes to how the democrats have handled this, though. when the debate about the debate has somewhat dominated the news, the dnc saying that gabbert was disinvited. she's saying that that didn't happen. a lot of talk about how many more they want to have. but it was a huge distraction. >> but sean, let's talk about the debates. democrats said they were very happy with how much discussion there was on the substance of the issues last night. and there are also -- you probably noticed -- a lot fewer
8:28 am
candidates trying to vie for air time. a little jealous? >> no. i mean, you look at the ratings, right? our debates are hitting 25, 30 million people. more people are coming to watch our side because of the intensity. all of the candidates on our side are going out, creating, bringing in new segments to our party. i love it. you look at last night, it was visual ambient. people were falling asleep. >> visual ambient. >> it did, we think, set new records for a democratic primary debate. probably north of 12 million which would set a record for a democratic primary debate. not with the republicans. so do you need to be writing a thank-you note to donald trump? >> no. i'm happy with all of our candidates. i think as i said, when you have 15, 16 people on stage, they're each bringing a segment of our party in. >> he says it's because of him. >> i'm sure he does and he has a large part of that. he brings a huge piece that hasn't been part of our party before, but that's great. but it's great for the entire party. >> i want to ask you about what the republican attack ad will be coming out of this debate.
8:29 am
a lot of folks think it's going to be this moment, and i want to hear your take. listen to this. >> you know, we know that if you are learning, you're going to change your position. i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. >> is that the ad? >> i literally kept thinking to myself, john kerry did debate prep with her because it was, you know, i voted for it before i voted against it. it was horrible. to say that, like, i didn't have a position until i had a position. what that reinforced last night was the narrative that people don't trust hillary clinton. she has a set of rules of her own. thei narrative out of today fro mainstream pundits is that hillary clinton won. but when you look at the focus groups, every one of them was bernie sanders winning. when you look at the google searches, all of it was bernie sanders. facebook, bernie sanders. bernie sanders was the winner last night. >> one of the things that people liked aboute er ibernie sanders his comment where he told people to stop paying attention to
8:30 am
hillary clinton's damn e-mails. if you're saying people like bernie so much, are you also saying he's right? >> i think what people like about bernie sanders, he's very authentic. dan pfeiffer you had on earlier today was saying that, you know, bernie outdid hillary. and i think that there's a big difference between what the rest of the american public wants to see, which is is she being honest and trustworthy? what else is in those e-mails? why did she have a set of rules for herself? what happened in benghazi? there's a lot of questions she's not answering. >> definitely democrats in the room agree that they were done with talking about the damn e-mails, though. we'll see how much more. and got the big damn investigation into her testify later this month. >> we had a fun week. >> potty mouth. >> i do have a potty mouth. thank you for pointing that out. great to see you, sean. we also have some new details, we want to make a big
8:31 am
turn back overseas to israel and breaking news we're following out of israel. israel police, they shot and killed a man who attempted to stab a private bodyguard at the damascus gate in jerusalem. >> tensions have been so high in recent weeks. and the israelis have imposed new security measures setting up checkpoints, soldiers on the streets in some cases in part of the city where you do not normally see them. i want to bring in fareed zakaria, host of "fareed zakaria gps." and fareed, over the last few weeks, we have seen an extreme rise in the tensions in israel. and frankly, extreme silence between leading israeli authorities and leading palestinian authorities about how to work through it. what happens now? >> i think you put it exactly right, john. this has caught everyone by surprise. and the reason is this is very much a bottom-up movement that seems to have emerged in the palestinian communities. this is not top down. this is not directed by as far
8:32 am
as we can tell hamas or fatah or islamic jihad or any of those organizations. this is something that has come out of social media. this is young palestinians, often no more than teenagers, who are, you know, self-radicalizing on the internet, who are then going out and taking whatever weapons they have. in some cases a knife. in one case i think it was a potato peeler. and trying to do something to express their desire for a palestinian state, opposition to israel. and so nobody quite knows what to make of it. obviously, none of them are really succeeding. the israelis are in full control of the security situation. but i suspect that it's making everyone try to ask themselves what do you do with this new kind of bottom-up viral violence, if you will? >> and fareed, the secretary of state, john kerry, has announced he's going to be at some point heading over there to try to
8:33 am
help quell the violence, to ease the tensions. what impact do you think secretary kerry can have? do you think that is a welcomed addition to this volatile situation? >> you know, i think secretary kerry has done a very good job in general. i think this is an area where he continues to overestimate the influence that he personally can have and frankly that the united states or any outside party can have. it is clearly -- it's a very depressing situation. neither side seems really willing to have engaged in serious talks. the palestinians remain divided between hamas and fatah and therefore can't really move forward in a unified fashion. and the israeli government -- and this has been true for a while now -- is really not in the mood to have serious talks about a serious two-state solution plan. so i don't see what secretary kerry will be able to do. he tried very hard for almost a year. and i think it was frankly a
8:34 am
wasted effort. it was a waste of his time and his political capital. i just hope he doesn't devote too much of it because it will come to nothing. >> certainly a situation on the ground, though, something needs to happen to try to make it better in the future, even if he's not the right person to do it. fareed zakaria, thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. turning back to las vegas, debates as performance art. who won the style points here in the first democratic debate? we will talk to a debate expert. one of the most esteemed debate coaches in america.
8:35 am
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ah, yes, good afternoon in some places, good morning for others, and hello, you didn't go to sleep last night for many, many here in las vegas. we're live. last night the candidates going head to head, tackling issues like gun control and income inequality. >> not to mention race and black lives matter. i want to bring in cnn political commentator van jones and senior political analyst ron brownstein. van, one of the things leading up to this debate that was an open question was bernie sanders make inroads? because he hasn't really made any with african-american voters or voters of color. one of the things people are talking about today is when the candidates were asked about the black lives matter movement. let's listen to that exchange. >> do black lives matter? or do all lives matter? >> black lives matter. >> the point that the black lives matter movement is making is a very, very legitimate and serious point. >> we've got to do more about the lives of these children.
8:40 am
>> as the president of the united states, every life in this country matters. >> this said what to you, van? >> well, first of all, it's just an extraordinary acknowledgment of the young people who are a part of this black lives matter movement. they don't have an office. this is a hashtag and passion. and yet somehow they've been able to get the entire democratic party to respond to them and to their concerns. and if you had talked to them standing there during ferguson, during baltimore, during charleston where they felt nobody cared, you have to admit, people showed they care. the thing you've got to realize this is a party, the democratic party, that has to get not 70, not 80, not 90, but 92% of the black vote to win the general election. and so if you have young people this c discontent, you can't win. these candidates are reaching out. sanders did himself well last night to reach out as aggressively as he did. >> and it's already a win for them. they made their message.
8:41 am
they made it into the debate. there were a lot of issues that didn't make it in in this debate. >> there are organizations and issues that have been around for 10, 20, 30 years, not mention, this is a movement that's been around for less than 18 months, and they dominated. >> another big issue, ron, i want to get your take because you've talk a lot about this previously, gun control. >> right. >> big issue last night. there was a big moment of discussion on that. and essentially, they were all falling all over each other to say how much they're hated by the nra and what a horrible grade that they have by the nra. some folks thinking, are they -- have they gone too far left on the issue? because the traditional thinking, ron, was that this is a geographical issue. >> yeah. >> it seems that maybe they don't think that anymore. >> i think it still is a geographical issue. the difference is now they can win with a geography and a different democratic coalition. after al gore was defeated in 2000, the conclusion among democrats starting with bill clinton was that he lost largely in states where the nra was
8:42 am
powerful like arkansas, tennessee and new hampshire. and he lost it primarily because he struggled among blue-collar white voters who tend to be the most passionate opponents of gun control. 15 years later the democratic coalition is in a very different place. it's more urbanized, coastal, more dependent on minorities and upscale whites who tend to be more supportive of gun control. and it was extraordinary to see that the only debate about gun control last night was hillary clinton attacking bernie sanders from the left. >> yeah, exactly. >> big change. >> it's a good segue to where the party is right now. we don't have time to play the sound, but it was the last answer hillary clinton gave on who her favorites on her enemy might be. and she finished with republicans. and it drew a big applause moment from the crowd. i'm old enough to remember when barack obama ran on making a purple america. right? on trying to attract to the middle. now it seems as if in a way both parties are falling all over themselves to appeal to the wings. >> both parties have moved very much in the directions of their constituents. li
8:43 am
listen, i thought it was flawless. i thought hillary clinton was like beyonce. she was flawless. except for that answer. i don't think we are in a place where you can say i'm trying to be president of the entire country, but i'm proud that half of america -- >> is that an acknowledgment that she's lost independents? >> i don't know, but the one issue that seems to bring people together is criminal justice reform. the only issue that was -- that people spoke about positively, both republican conventions and this, criminal justice. >> john, i think the biggest point -- i agree -- the biggest point was how much the entire frame of the debate moved the democratic party certainly from where bill clinton was in the '90s even where barack obama started off. on cultural issues, i think democrats are confident on things like gay marriage and pathway to citizenship. on the role of government they outlined, it is still a much dicier propositions. most americans are not convinced that activists can make their life better. so the markers they put down last night i think will have resonance in the general election for whoever gets there. >> got to get there first, though. ron brownstein.
8:44 am
>> change the course of human history. >> absolutely. >> that's what the debate did. >> thanks, guys. appreciate it. was it a big mistake or perhaps a best response? bernie sanders and his comment over hillary clinton's "damn e-mails." those were his words. in the end, is it good or bad for his campaign? and incredibly proud of her father. she's done very, very few political public events since her dad began his campaign, though she has a very public face, but ivanka trump is now speaking out today. that's ahead. what if one piece of kale
8:45 am
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we are live in las vegas where there was a debate last night, and a debate filled with substance and style, and the question this morning who scored the most points on policy and performance. >> performance art adds john li o'donnell likes to call it. he is currently the strategist for lindsey graham and helped to prep john mccain and others in the past. and so, we had a preview yesterday with you in terms off what people needed to do in terms of the style, and the verdict is in. and hillary clinton you said that the preparation showed last night and also the fact that she went on the attack which surpri surprised a lotf of the folks on the stage. here is one moment that you highlighted, brett, and i wanted to ask you why on gun control. >> and is bernie sanders tough
8:50 am
enough on guns? >> no, not at all. i think that we have to look at the fact that we lose 90 people a day to gun violence, and this is gone on too long and it is time for the entire country to stand up gaiagainst the nra. >> why does this moment stand up to you, brett? >> well, because it is a decisive moment, and a moment where she exercised a competitive edge over the opponent, and it took him by surprise. his answer was weak, and boiled down to geography and was totally shocked that she attacked him for that issue. >> and people were saying that bernie sanders was trumping her, but -- >> no, it was time after time last night she drew contrasts with him, whether it was on the the capitalism or the gun control or the foreign policy, and she was not shy about
8:51 am
contrast theing with bernie sanders. >> now, on the other hand, he was awfully nice, especially when it came to what many people considered her biggest vulnerability which is the issue of the personal e-mail use for national business and let's relive that moment when bernie sanders used the word "damn." >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. thank you, ber nichlt thank you. [ laughter ] >> and donald trump, the debate expert says that is a bad move by bernie sanders because he took the issue off of the table. >> but you believe that he was smart there? >> yes, it is not good for him to attack her on the e-mail address, and the issue where he wants to draw the contrast is on the view, and the government's role in the lives of americans in terms of distributing wealth.
8:52 am
for him to attack her on the e-mail issue is going to be something that most democrats are going to the defend hillary about. so i think it is smart, and kin of the oldest trick in the debate book which is to defend your opponent in the schoolyard against the bigger bully and it makes her look small and you look big. >> and also that hand shake which stuck out to me, because it feels like any physical contact or anything on there, the alarm is going off. >> yes. ding, ding, ding. and brett, was this bad or okay in the handshake? >> it is fine, and she took it well. and it was not -- and she took the whole thing as a defense and he was declaring a a truce on that issue, and so i thought that it was a moment are where he was trying to usurp her on the issue, and say, look, i am not going tg ing to attack you e-mail issue, but i am going to
8:53 am
draw a line on the economic policies. >> thank you, brett, for coming in. >> thank you, good to be in. >> and you think that one trump is not enough on the campaign trail? some would say absolutely, but now evivanka trump just finishea speech on the campaign trail for her father, and find out more about her role going forward. take a look at these bbq best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one.
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8:57 am
we are live in las vegas following the democratic presidential debate. and now we are hearing from
8:58 am
donald trump's daughter. >> and she spoke at the fortune 500's most powerful women summit, and as expected she was asked about her father. >> yes, i am incredibly proud of him, an incredibly proud of him. as a citizen, i love what he is doing, and as a daughter, it is more complicated because of the level of interest and scrutiny is beyond anything i've ever experienced and i think that is to be expected. >> so donald trump trusts her with his business, and she is a top executive of the business, and will she be more on the presidential campaign? here to discuss, our very own christine romans and the anchor of early start. hello, christine. >> good morning, and she is, and the old cliche of the secret weapon in politics, and it is usually someone's spouse, but this could be donald trump's
8:59 am
secret weapon, because she is very adept with social media, and classy and smart and approachable and she says that her dad does listen and unbelievable businessman and he does trust women in business. she was asked about megan fox, and i have to tell you that she said it was sensationalized and the whole situation didn't interest her very much. she does not say that she is going to work for her dad in a campaign role, but she is there in the business role, and i will tell you she is a powerful advocate, guys. >> did she project how long she would be on the campaign trail? donald trump seemed a lot.
9:00 am
>> well, this is the first foray of getting out there and answering the questions and she announced a couple of weeks ago she is expecting the third baby and so it is a very busy year for ivanka trump. >> indeed. than you, christine romans. and you can see more on that interview tonight on "the lead with jake tapper." >> and that is all for us and time to leave las vegas. ashleigh banfield starts right now. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and i want to begin with the breaking news, and there is a chaotic situation in the west bank right now on the heels of yet another attack in jerusalem. this is a live picture for you as nightfall in jerusalem and it turned 7:00 p.m. on the mark. palestinian protesters in the far background clashing with israeli police who


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