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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  October 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and so it is a very busy year for ivanka trump. >> indeed. than you, christine romans. and you can see more on that interview tonight on "the lead with jake tapper." >> and that is all for us and time to leave las vegas. ashleigh banfield starts right now. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and i want to begin with the breaking news, and there is a chaotic situation in the west bank right now on the heels of yet another attack in jerusalem. this is a live picture for you as nightfall in jerusalem and it turned 7:00 p.m. on the mark. palestinian protesters in the far background clashing with israeli police who are on your side of those barricades and
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that fire. hard to see in the darkness, but bethlehem has often seen these pictures. it is yet another flair up in what could possibly lead to anoth another intefadeh. and there are three main religions there, but it seems that a man who was seeming nervous lunged at them with a knife, and the police shot and killed that attacker wearing combat fatigue, and if this story is repetitive, it is. it is the latest attack of the flare ups of israelis and palestinians and has this region on edge. more police officers now all over the streets and israel is clamping down and setting up roadblocks and putting up security measures across jerusalem. elise labott is standing by, but first let's go to our
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correspondent ben wedeman and set the tone and the scene of what happened and how it is the longest string in this long string of attacks. >> yes. we are getting word on the 50-year-old woman at the bus station has been slightly injured by an attacker who has been as we are told by the israeli police neutralized and probably dead at this point from the social media pictures and videindividuavideo we have seen. that comes hours after the incident here. we understand that will there is a young palestinian, a 20-year-old resident of hebron wearing a military-style t-shirt and combat pants who was acting strangely. the israeli police, border police approached him and when they did so, apparently, he
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lunged at them with a knife, and they opened fire on him, and he ran and another border police troop came to the gate. we arrived as his body was being wrapped in a black plastic bag, and apparently with the gun fire, a tourist was slightly wounded and treated on the scene can, and a e llocal resident wa hit by gun fire and that person is in the hospital, and that is two attacks today and five at a tacks within jerusalem and elsewhere in israel, and as a result, the israeli cabinet has taken a variety of measures to try to stem this, to stop this tide of stabbing attacks, and the closing and clamping down on
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the palestinian neighborhoods and east jerusalem, and they have deployed more security and soldiers around jerusalem and the country, buts a we see, even though the new maizers were in place, there were more attacks. >> ben, i want to be sure that we are looking at the live shot there at the jerusalem gate, and very, very close to the muslim quarter, and then we showed pictures as we broke in with the newscast of bethlehem which is farther east, and it is in the west bank, and it is electrified there, and there are can skirmiskir skirmishes and often time the scene of burn iing scenes and t police have rubber bullets as well there, and now you are saying at the bus station as well, there is the latest attack, and i want it to be
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clear that the people are certain that when the people are seeing the pictures there, this is when it was daylight and now it is past 7:00 p.m., but the attack at the main bus station which is always a dangerous place when you are in jerusalem or tel aviv, and is this another one of the young people who doesn't seem to be affiliated with any group who seems to be radicalized online going out and acting sort of lone wolf-esque, and is that another one of the circumstances playing out? >> that appears to be the case here, and probably the case of the jerusalem bus station, that happened just 20, 25 minutes ago and we don't have all of the details, but looking at all of the attacks that happened until now, and i can't keep track of how many that is, but in every incident, the attackers have not
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been found to be connected to hamas or islamic jihad or any other militant factions here, and this is what is stumping the israeli police, because they are accustomed to dealing with certain threats. during the certain intafada, and so there was an address and they would have responsibility and claim responsibility. over the years, israel has built up an extensive network of the clab can rays or the and informants in east jerusalem and the west bank, and it is not coming up with a, any factual connections of these attackers to those groups, and they can't prevent them from happening, because they appear to be indeed lone wolf attacks by individuals
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who for whatever reason whether it is online or radicalization or personal motive because a relative has been killed or somebody's home has been destroyed. so even the latest measures don't seem to be able to stop these attacks from happening. >> ben wedeman, as you were talking, and again that word intefadeh comes up again, and that is the concern of what this string of violence may lead to another int fefadeh, and i'm getting statisticing coming in from the palestinian red crescent coming in, and that is their version of the red cross, and they say that the clashes left 155 injured across the west bank and jerusalem, and those are the statistics coming in from the red crescent. ben, aim going to let you go, so you can make it to the bus station so you can do some original reporting here in the program. we want to let you go check out the latest scene.
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i want to bring in elise labott, and the secretary of the state john kerry has this trip planned to the middle east to the deal with the latest bout of violence among other things, but at this point, elise, how can they, at the state department, believe that america has any influence on what is seemingly these lone wolf attacks without any affiliation? >> well, it is a great question, ashleigh, and that is why the secretary is olooking to plan a trip. it may not be imminent, but in the coming days and weeks and certainly not imminently, and what he wants to do is to see if there is anything that the u.s. can do here, and asben aid, the lone wolf attacks are not something that israel and the security can tlarhwart. we have seen that these lone wolves are not attached to any
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group so it is difficult to plan a counter terrorism group. what the u.s. is trying to do is to prevent the full intefadeh, full interruption into violence and the secretary has a lot to say on both sides. for instance with the palestinians, he is hearing calls for the palestinian leaders for incitement and not hearing calls for calm. he gave a speech at harvard yesterday where he was very clear where he wants the palestinian leaders and president abbas to stop encouraging the palestinians to violence. on the israeli side, there is a concern, and obviously, some of the stabbings and the attacks that the israelis have to take appropriate measures, but there is concern that there is heavy handedness on the palestinian rock throwers, and there has been live ammunition against them, and that is a concern.
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what the u.s. wants to do here is to see if they can get back to the idea where they are talking about a horizon or a peace process, and they are not there yet. but they don't want to go further away which this violence is doing, ashleigh. >> thank you, elise lise labot reporting live for us. and these are the bus station there in jerusalem, and you have heard ben wedeman report that it only became known to us about 20 minutes ago or so. we don't have any indication of casualties, but we know that it is the second attack in hours in jerusalem, and we will continue to watch it as we are watching the israeli reaction to the violence and the increased security forces fanning out across the country, and not only that but the blockades and the closures it is causing throughout the country as well. we are back after this.
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on the las vegas strip, but maybe it was substance the over style at last night's cnn debate. by most accounts hillary clinton dominated pulling off a poised performance that even donald trump had applause for. and bernie sanders getting applause for his wall street and income equality, and a particular moment regarding clinton's e-mail controversy. take a lookment. >> i want to talk not about my e-mails but what the american people want from the next president of the united states. >> senator, let me say -- [ applause ] >> let me say something that may not be great politics, but i think that the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of
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hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. me, too. thank you. [ laughter ] >> we should look to countries like denmark and sweden and norway and learn from what they have accomplished from their working people. >> we are not denmark. i love denmark, but we are the united states of america. >> and the only way that we transform america and do the things that the middle-class and working class desperately need is through a political revolution when millions of people begin to come together and stand up and say, our government is going to work for all of us and not just a handful of billionaires. >> it is always the republicans or their sympathizers who say that you can't have paid leave, you can't provide health care, and they don't mind having big government to interfere with the woman's right to choose and take down planned parenthood and they are fine when it comes to that. i'm sick of it. >> and it really makes me wonder what a senior media adviser for
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bernie sanders would say about that. look at who is with us, tad devine. i want to talk to you about the big a ha! moment that is getting all of the headlines after the fact, and that is senator sanders basically backing up hillary clinton, and announcing that everybody in the room and maybe everybody in the audience and maybe he is sick and tired of hearing about the hillary clinton e-mail controversy and was that a kind gift but not wise gift? >> no, bernie believes that the american people want to debate on the issues that affects their lives, and hillary clinton's e-mail is not one of those issues. he has done on the debate stage what he has been doing many time, and we can't focus on the issue like that, but the income inequality, and the political system which is corrupt keeping a rigged economy in place, and
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that is what he wants to focus on and that is what he did last night. >> and i want to replay one moment, and it seemed to me, and maybe you can correct me, but it seemed that the candidate bernie sanders was caught somewhat off guard when anderson cooper came to him in a quick staccato way, and so i think it was right here dealing with vladimir putin. >> senator, would you like to respond? >> pardon me? >> would you like to respond? >> i think that mr. putin is go ing ing to regret what he is doing. i think that when he gets into that -- >> he doesn't seem to be the type of guy that doesn't regret a lot? >> well, he is already regretting what he did in crimea and in the ukraine, and he is really regretting the decline of his economy, and i think that what he is trying the to do now is to save some face.
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>> all right. so the momentum going there, tad, but at the beginning, i thought, oh, dear, he didn't know what the question was, and it didn't look super presidential, and some say, does it show that he is weaker on the foreign p foreign policy, because he tends to focus on the the economy and the income inequality? >> well, he is not weak on the foreign policyt a al at all. he was describing a difficult situati situation, and what bernie said last night is what barack obama said on "60 minutes" sunday the nig night. putin is going to regret what he is doing in syria and ukraine. and bernie is very critical of the foreign policy, and his biggest look is whether or not we should go to war, and he came to the conclusion that we should not, and she said yes, and so he was right and she was wrong. and so, he understands that
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foreign policy is an important part of being the president. >> and now, martin o'malley came up swinging in terms of the gun k control, and he skews left and his stance of the gun control is not. and so is that going to be his achilles' heel or will he have to morph or is that the gift he brings into the general election? >> well, it is not the achilles' heel. if he had the rating of howard dean which is d-rating, he has not. he has record of closing the gun sales loophole and also opposing assault rifles, and he stood up,
9:21 am
and said enough is enough with the e-mails with hillary clinton. hillary clinton was asked if bernie is strong enough on gun control and not at all, and she could have been big at that moment, and she chose to be political, and in the long run, and that is going to help us, and we are prepare ed d to have debate about this issue, and what bernie is saying about that, and about reaching across the lines, and getting it done is a winning argument in the democratic primary. >> i am glad this you want to have a debate about it, and there are going to be more and i hope that you will come back to talk to me about it before and after the fact. thank you, tad devine, get some sleep. it was late out there last night, and early this morning. and now a star that was nba star that turned reality star is fighting for his life after found unconscious at a nevada brothel.
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together, we're building a better california. breaking news about lamar odom, the two-time nba champion and ex-husband to the reality star khloe kardashian and he is found unconscious at a brothel in nevada last night. the 35-year-old is 6'10", and the reports are that he was too tall to fit into a medical hel kopt er to evacuate, so he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. the reports are that khloe kardashian is by his side despite the fact that they have divorced and that is finalized in july. khloe kardashian and lamar odom still speaking regularly, and
9:27 am
khloe expressed concern when he said that his best friend had died and that phone call was captured in a recent episode of "keeping up with with the kardashians" on the e! network. >> is he okay? >> good as can be expected type of thing. >> i am on high alert for lamar, because i mean anything that will send him to spiral, and that is the last thing they want for him. >> and lamar odom has said that the kardashians are the only family that has loved him without expecting anything in return. kh lsh khloe's sister kendall tweeted this out this morning, please don't go. and i want to bring in kyung lah, and sports anchor rachel nichols joining us, and first, what do we know of the condition of lamar odom? >> we don't know the exact
9:28 am
condition, but we know that he is being treated at the hospital, and that, you know, according to the kardashians that they do appear to be trying to support him. what we do know comes are from the ownerer of the brothel. a series of brothels in that area. and the owner says that lamar odom arrived at the establishment on saturday. that his mood changed on sunday, but he appeared to be in quite good health. two of the employees left him yesterday morning, and he appeared to be sleep iing, and then they went to check on him later in the afternoon, and there he was found unconscious, and still in that same room. here is what the brothel owner told us. >> the management came in and called 911, and 911 said to put him on the left side. they did. started throwing up. he was still alive. am bilateral implants came, abue
9:29 am
left side, and so we knew that was not good so we got him in the ambulance. >> he was too tall to get in the helicopter, and so he is still being treated to be clear. >> and so when you talk about the reality television programs, there is myriad rumor mongering going on and the web is loaded with all sorts of rumors right now. what are the kardashians officially saying about what is happening? >> well, we have heard are from the kardashians, from a source close to the kardashians this statement coming out saying, khloe kardashian has been at lamar's side at a las vegas hospital since tuesday night, and she asks for him to be in the thoughts and prayers and respect his privacy at this time. but nothing official beyond that, ashleigh.
9:30 am
>> and so, standby, because i want to bring in rachel. the sports angle of this and this is an incredible unfolding drama, and the kardashians and the two championships with the lakers, and where where did the wheels fall off? >> well, i have covered lamar for a long time, and i have gotten to know him outside of the cameras for a long time, and this is what is so sad because anybody who worked with him, he had a lightness and joy about him, and despite all of the things that went wrong in his life. after his l.a. lakers' career, he ended up going into drug an alcohol rehab and crack-cocaine addiction was at the center of the breakup with khloe kardashian, but before that, in is a guy not dealt a good hand. his mother died of cancer when he was young, and his grandmother ended up raising him, but he died of cancer and a 6-month-old son who died of infant death syndrome and his a
9:31 am
father was a heroin addict in and out of his life, and he wondered if the substance abuse wasn't in some way paying for his father's demons, and despite this, he managed to be a sensitive person for the people around him and known for incredible teammate, and maybe because he had gone through so much, but he is now, really in a trouble, and a lot of the people in the nba community reaching out to see if they can do anything to help. >> it is a compounding tragedy. well, we certainly hope the best for him. rachel nichols thank you and our thanks to kyung lah as well in california. do appreciate it. we are working on another top story as well, and that is this, in jerusalem, a woman was stabbed at a bus station within the last hour and her condition is moderate to serious, and the person behind the stabbing, and i will quote the israeli authorities neutralized. a cnn producer saying a body on
9:32 am
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. our breaking news coming to us out of jerusalem and out of the last three hours, two major attacks gone on there, and two attackers in the words of the local authorities neutralized. the one that you are looking at just happened in the last 45 minutes at the jerusalem at the main bus station where a woman was at a attacked there and this is coming 2 1/2 hours after another man wielding a knife plunged at the damascus gate in
9:37 am
jerusalem at the entrance of the old city. you can see that if we zoom in, there is jerusalem, and on the east side of jerusalem, there is part of the old city actually that falls into the west bank, and this has been an active area, and the country of israel is on high alert. i want to go out to our senior correspondent ben wedeman who is live in jerusalem, and can you update me on what happened in the latest attack in the latest half hour? >> yes, we are trying to make our way there at the moment, ashleigh. we understand that a man went to the bus station, and somewhere in the bus station, he stabbed a 50-year-old woman in the upper torso and then fled the scene, but of course, he was being chased by police and other standers by. and according to the israeli
9:38 am
police with he has been neutralize and in fact, shot dead. that is the second attack of the day, and the first attack happened -- well, it was not an attack, but attempted attack the of a man wearing aing a green pf pant, and combat gear and he lunged a knife at them, and then ran away from the policemen, but the then he encountered more police, and they shot well over a dozen rounds at him, and he died shortly after. a tourist was injured, and a local resident was more seriously injured by the gun fire and now in the hospital, but the attacks happening so closely after one another has
9:39 am
put the sirens going off as we we respond ed to reports always with the attacks happening, and the nerves are on edge, and they seem to be going all over the place with sirens. >> yes. and the nerves being on edge, and help me to understand this, because we have been watching as one after the other the after the other of the seemingly lone wolf attacks have been playing out all over the place, and the crackdowns of the residential permit permits are being revoked for the people in east jerusalem, and the firearm laws are being ea eased for those in israel. there are checkpoints, and there are increased police presence, and it seems that the tension is mounting faster than we can keep up with the count of the number of incidents, and i will not put you on the spot, because i am having trouble counting the number of incident, and are we headed toward a third intifada
9:40 am
here? >> well, let me clarify that the residency permits are not revoked from the people of theest earn part of the city, but only applies to the attacker, and are we in the third intifada, it is hard to say at this point, because keep in mind that in the second intifada was an intifada moved by palestinian factions, and this is individuals. it does not seem, and even the israeli security officials, and police, they have yet to make any connection between these individual attackers and any of the groups. it seems to be completely spontaneous, and spurred on perhaps by mounting frustration and hopelessness as far as the political resolution to the conflict goes. the israeli officials will pound home their belief that it is the result of incitement by hamas and other groups by online
9:41 am
radicalization, but it is hard to say. intifada, the tirts one went from 1987 to 1993, and the second one 2000 to 2005, and we are only weeks into the current outpouring of violence. what we have seen in the past, there have been similar -- last year there were tensions and clashes around the old city. and in 2014 saw a lot of clashes within the jerusalem itself, and is that the arn intifada, no. but we are seeing the outbursts that are more and more frequent, and the calm periods between them shorter and shorter. ashleigh? >> and many of those start-offs to the previous two intifadas were with the disco bombings, and suicide bombings, and this is feeling different as you are alluding to the lone wolf
9:42 am
attacks. be ben wedeman, please continue to keep an eye on it, and we will continue to follow this on cnn. and then, this, donald trump back on the twitter machine. the debate last night proved that hillary is running against the b-team. she won't be so lucky when it come t comes to me. yes. the tweets continue. and this is in a long line of otweets throughout the debates last night. we will dig into that in a moment. become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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we're going to win! i think that being the first
9:47 am
woman president would be quite a change. >> people are ready for a political revolution. the american people are sick and damn tired of hearing about your e-mails. >> thank you, me, too. >> bernie, i don't believe that revolution is going to the come. >> and we have passed a state version of the green act, and a lot of the zeno phobes like donald trump that carnival barker -- >> it is e electrifying in the summary as it was last night and apparently it is 23.3 million of you and the number s as are in this is the most watched cnn democratic debate, and the highest democratic debate in history, and there you go. those are the numbers 23.3 million people watching. some of the flashpoints that some of the people saw were over social issues like marijuana and
9:48 am
criminal justice reform and one such moment that we wanted to highlight for you was this exchange of hillary clinton and bernie sanders over guns. >> it was pretty straight forward that he was going to give immunity to the only industry in america. everybody else has to be accountable, but not the gun manufacturers, and we need to stand up and say enough of that, and we will not let it continue. >> we will bring you all in on th this, but senator sanders, you can respond. >> as a senator from a rural state what i can tell secretary clinton that all of the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want, and that is to keep the guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns, and end this horrible violence that we are seeing. >> well, on marijuana, hillary clinton says she never smoked it, but she would not put people
9:49 am
in jail that did so, and bernie sanders said that he would vote for anything that would allow it. so that is interesting perspective. i want to talk not just about that, but the other issues, and from both perspectives. joining us is radio host ben ferguson and our democratic strategist van jones. and we have a tweet that donald trump said that hilly is running again again again against -- hillary is running against the b-team, and she won't have that good fbe so luc to me. and so quote, she came out the win er, and do these things matter to the democrats? >> well, i don't know in the
9:50 am
democratic primary, but the reality is that none of these people are going to beat hillary clinton, and they are the b-team. they had opportunities the go after her, and instead, it was more of a discussion than a debate. one part of the night when i was looking at the tv going, do any of these guys realize they are far behind hillary, and if you want to debate her, you have to do to make the people notice you, but ultimately last night she came out stronger, and the o others were weak. i will not think that they will have to drop out because they won't get a donor, and the only person who could take her on is joe biden, and he is not running. >> and so, van jones, to have a measured debate on the issues without screaming and yelling and calling each other's hair out, but ben makes the point, if you want to stay ahead, and stay in the race, you are to make some noise. >> well, first of all, i see it
9:51 am
somewheat differently i think that class won. not just around the economic, but the class meaning dignity to get 15 million people to the watch and so class won more than anything else. and bernie sanders raised a ton of money last night online. and people are so used to the nonsense with the republicans, and this is actually very important time in american history, and people want to hear a real discussion, and 15 million people can't be wrong. now that they have introduced themselves, and some will drop out, and it is going to be hotter than it will resolve, but it was classy. >> 15.3 million. >> that is a big audience. big audience. >> that matters, too. i want to bring in brian stelt ser to join the conversation, and he is our senior correspondent crunching the number, and i have been told, and you will have to clarify this, but it is the higher number than the premier of
9:52 am
"walking dead." >> yes, and that one of the biggest shows on tv, but as we have seen on the debates this season are birg. they are essentially the biggest show on tv. thought it would be only true with the republicans, because donald trump would raise the interest. and so they were high for the republicans, but to have 15.3 million to watch trumpless debate, and i thought maybe in the range of 2 to 8 million. >> two to the eight! >> and at this time in the election cycle in past democratic debates we would see 2 or 3 or 4 million watching the primary debates with the democratics, and in 2007, it was more because it was hillary clinton and barack obama. and then in january, people started to e vote, and the interest started to rise, but the record debate until last
9:53 am
night was 10.7 million, and so we are talking about 5 million more than that and it is only october. so it is not just donald trump that is getting americans interested in politics here, but it is the campaign on both sides of the aisle. >> and not just the carnival barking, because some people would have said that is the reason. and last night, martin o'malley called donald trump a carnival barker and worse, a moderate, and now does it require foolishness to be interesting? >> well, donald trump and many people who like him think that he is being foolish, but bernie sanders is -- >> sorry, ben, i have to disagree with you when you call a woman her face something that is not fit for office, that is foolish. >> i am not saying that there are things that donald trump has said and i have criticized him for those comments right here on c nshgs nsh cnn, but when he is talk thing
9:54 am
issues, a lot of people connect with him, and the same way that you look at bernie sanders has inspired many to notice the democratic debates, and he is very different than hillary clinton, and the way that donald trump is very different than jeb bush. that is why so many people watch. and i'm not saying that donald trump does not say outland ish thing, but he does, and the same way that bernie sanders has been very blunt in being a socialist with his ideas and saying that we need free college. and people connect with that and look at bernie as an outsider, and see trump that way. >> we are seeing the trump halo, because there is a lot of curiosity of bernie sh, and the said, we want to know what kind of guy bernie sanders is going to be on the stage, and the halo of watching trump be on the stage and what will help. >> and van, jump in, because you cannot deny that the guys we
9:55 am
talked about yesterday were introduced to the 15.3 million -- >> and veryer have big deal for them. >> and big deal for them. abs and the other guys get what they needed out of the 15.3 million, and did they brand themselves or are they gone after last night? >> well, look, i think that o'malley missed the main opportunity. he was fine, but he did not turn in the kind of performance that i was predicting to give people a reason to switch from hillary clinton or from bernie to him, a and so maybe he is a great secretary of the finance or the treasury or hud, but he gave no are real reason for anybody to abandon him. hillary clinton turned in a performance, and probably the best ever in with a debate. and she was like beyonce, flawless, and bernie sanders stole the show, and the rest of them also. >> and thank you for that, van
9:56 am
jones. and thank you, ben ferguson for coming on, and thank you, brian, for scrambling with the numbers so we could get them on air. i will turn the helm over to wolf blitzer, and he is going to have something big, donald trump's daughter, and he she is going to have a interview with her that is going to air in full at 7:00 p.m. and also, lincoln chafee is going to speak with wolf, and it all starts right after this break.
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