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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 14, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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although police are saying they would not call it a cult nor were some of the other neighbors we spoke to out here. certainly a number of people in this community do believe that church was indeed a cult. brooke. >> jason carroll in new hartford, new york. thank you so much for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. it's the political hangover. today we try to piece together just what the neck happen happened last night in vegas. i'm jake tapper. this is the lead. the politics lead going to the score cards after fight night in las vegas. hillary clinton's campaign riding high after a strong and steady performance in last night's d bait. but it's another candidate who may have literally hit the jackpot, actually not literally, figuratively. but why bernie sanders has a lot to celebrate today. the world lead, chaos and panic in israel after two more terrorist stabbing assaults in one of the holyist cities in the world is another middle east conflict about to explode?
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and the national lead, they're being worked to the point of exhaustion in a job where one second of lost focus could cost hundreds if not thousands of lives. america's airports in desperate need of air traffic controllers. good afternoon everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to begin today with the politics lead. the first day of the rest of the race for the democratic presidential nomination after a debate that much like the city in which it was hosted had it all. the instant reaction is in from the political experts and from voters. pundits and the political establishments say hillary clinton crushed it in command human with details at the ready. but flash polls and focus groups give it to her rival, bernie sanders who abided by his campaign mantra let bernie be bernie with a laser like focus on income inequality and improving the lot of the middle class. many say sanders supporters so energized by his performance
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that they're reaching into their pockets to spread the wealth to him and his campaign today. the sanders campaign saying the candidate raised more than $1 million in small contributions off the debate. and all five candidates helped cnn make a little tv history last niepgt. the cnn debate attracted 15.3 million viewers, the most ever for a democratic debate. the cnn republican debate at the reagan library garnered 23 million viewers making it the most watched program in cnn history. cnn senior political correspondent brianna keilar is live for us in las vegas. brianna, you're at a hillary clinton event. what does the campaign say? >> reporter: well, her campaign as well as bernie sanders campaign, jake, they are just thrilled. you mentioned bernie sanders raking in the cash after his debate performance. and hillary clinton's aides just really feel that she did what she needed to do. she had a very tough summer. she needed to pull out a really good debate performance. and they feel she really hit the mark. it's also very important for her
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as you look ahead to the next week. she's going to be having a very contentious we would expect hearing with republicans on capitol hill as they investigate the benghazi attack. >> i want to begin -- >> reporter: hillary clinton pushed back on criticism that she frequently changes position. >> are you a progressive or moderate? >> i'm a progressive. but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. >> reporter: defending herself against charges from martin o'malley and bernie sanders that she's quick to favor military intervention. >> i was very pleased when governor o'malley endorsed me for president in 2008. and i enjoy his strong support in that campaign. and i consider him obviously a friend. >> i do not support american ground troops in syria. >> nobody does. nobody does, senator sanders. what i said -- >> reporter: she hit her chief rival early on taking aim at his weak spot with liberals. >> secretary clinton, is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all.
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senator sanders did vote five times against the brady bill. >> reporter: the vermont senator on the defensive. >> we can raise our voices, but i come from a rural state. and the views on gun control in rural states are different than in urban states whether we like it or not. >> reporter: sanders was more comfortable talking about climate change. >> the future of the planet is at stake. >> reporter: and the economy, railing against casino capitalism while in a las vegas casino hotel. >> i believe in a society where all people do well, not just a handful of billionaires. >> reporter: sanders tried to portray himself as mainstream explaining why he identifies as a democratic socialist. >> i think we should look to countries like denmark, like sweden and norway, and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people. >> reporter: clinton painted his ideas as impractical. >> but we are not denmark. i love denmark. we're the united states of america. >> reporter: though this moment about her recent decision to oppose the controversial keystone xl pipeline after
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leaning towards its approval as secretary of state could come back to haunt clinton. >> i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. >> reporter: but it was sanders who gave clinton one of her best moments of the night when asked about her e-mail controversy. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. but i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. >> reporter: and with that for the first time, jake, you may say that hillary clinton's campaign is feeling the burn a little bit, i think you might say, between sanders' defense there of clinton on her e-mails and the recent comments by republican congressmen kevin mccarthy linking the benghazi committee's efforts to clinton's flagging poll numbers. her campaign feels that she is going in to this week ahead where she'll have this benghazi
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committee hearing really in the best way possible. she's going to have two events here in las vegas today. we're here awaiti ining her at first one. then she goes on for a few other days of campaigning across the country. bernie sanders meanwhile trying to continue with what really was this attempt to have some mass appeal. he is appearing this afternoon on "ellen," jake. >> brianna keilar, thank you so much. let's go to cnn chief political correspondent dana bash who of course was one of the questioners at last night's debate. dana, much of the pundit class has pronounced clinton the unequivocal winner. but the flash polls and focus groups and democratic operatives, people who were maybe still on the fence, what are they telling you? >> reporter: well, there's no question that hillary clinton did herself a world of good in her performance. she performed very well. there were no real stumbles except maybe when you look down the road at what brianna just played in her piece that
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keystone pipeline line in her debate talking about the fact she hadn't decided until she decided. it was a little confused. easy to put in an attack ad. i think at the end of the day i've talked to some democrats today, jake, who say when you look at the stage she didn't really have a lot of competition for the kind of democratic nominee that could potentially win in november. and so what does that mean? it means that people who are still pushing joe biden to run, i know the conventional wisdom this morning and all day was more along the lines of the he's less likely to run because she did so well. well, i'm talking to some people who think that there actually is a bit of room still for joe biden because the way people view hillary clinton, again moving forward towards the general election, is kind of baked in the cake. she still has her problems. there's still a number of people who have known her, who have watched her the past 20 years
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who are never going to vote for her. so talking to some people who aren't necessarily joe biden supporters i can tell you, but who have kind of a counterintuitive view that this means joe biden shouldn't and couldn't run because of last night. >> and, dana, we watching on television saw tons of interesting moments. you had a special view of what was going on on stage. tell us something we didn't see on tv last night. >> reporter: well, you know, when you moderated the debate in simi valley, it was so intimate. there were a few hundred people on the stage built 45 feet in the air. so the candidates had their families right there. i mean, within arm's reach they could really talk to them during the breaks and move around. this was an auditorium. it was very big. it was about 1,400 or 1,500 people and we were really up on a stage. so during the breaks they didn't have as much chance to interact with their family.
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some walked down to the stage. bernie sanders walked to the edge to talk to some of his people. but it wasn't that kind of intimate feeling. the other thing i noticed is there were a lot more people. when you moderated the debate which i questioned in 11 people, but in this one even though there are five of them and a lot of them serve together, there wasn't a ton of interaction between them. not a lot of familiarity. i would have thought at least covering a lot of these candidates in the senate that there would have been more of that. >> it's an interesting note at the simi valley debate some of the candidates as they walked on stage had their arms on each other's backs and were chatting. >> yes. >> you didn't really see that last night. dana bash, thank you so much. don't throw away those last few bucks on the penny slots. let's take a closer look at last night's debate with former press secretary for hillary clinton lisa caputo and republican strategist ana navarro. let's look at some of the reviews, tweets, debates from headlines this morning. "new york times" democratic debate turns hillary clinton's way after months of
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difficulties. "the washington post," a self-assured performance by clinton in democratic presidential debate. the daily beast, hillary clinton goes full khaleesi, little "game of thrones," that seems a little strong and no dragons there, but what is your take? >> in fact the difference yesterday that room was very, very cold as opposed to the debate in simi valley where people were wilting like spinach in front of our eyes. look, i think both hillary clinton and bernie sanders did themselves a lot of good with their base with the people that already supported them. they said things that i think are very popular with the democratic base. and they have good performances. he was incredibly authentic. it seems to me looked like a seasoned debate veteran, which she is. nobody that has seen all of hillary clinton's 25 debates in the last presidential election in 2008 or previous ones as senators would be surprised at the fact this woman knows how to
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debate and she showed it yesterday. she was comfortable. stella got her groove. >> nice. and, lisa, obviously hillary clinton a very seasoned debater. she had a lot of good moments last night. some questionable ones as well. but i think it's fair to say that this was the moment of the night. certainly was the most discussed on twitter and facebook. take a look. >> i think the secretary is right. and that is the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. >> now, i know that a focus group and i know that a facebook poll are not scientific, but bernie sanders did do very well in both of those at cnn especially the facebook poll. do you think that he maybe expanded his reach last night? >> i don't know about that. what i do know is he absolutely -- he spoke to his base. he absolutely played to the base.
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i think that was a gimme that he gave to hillary clinton on the e-mails. >> an inkind contribution. >> yes. an inkind contribution somebody said earlier today. and i think that took a lot of air out of the room and the questions stopped. and you could just sense everything change right there. and i think it allowed her to pivot and go right to wanting to get into some policy proposals so she was trying to position herself as a candidate who's both experienced and is for change. and was able to articulate some specific policy proposals. i think bernie was bernie. if you will. but i also think hillary was hillary. i think you saw a hillary clinton that was very authentic. someone said earlier today that's the hillary clinton that i know as a friend. and i see so often. the humor, the ability to in bu a little bit of the gender card not in a full frontal way but tactful way. >> let's talk about that for a
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second. i know ana was not a big fan of what's the biggest difference between you and president obama, and she mentioned her gender. why didn't you care for that so much? >> because she said it over and over again during the debate. it's interesting because ichs on the morning show today like a hundred hours ago in las vegas. and they had a voter from las vegas talking about it. a female. a democrat. and she had the same exact reaction. it almost felt like every half an hour she was talking about being a woman. you know, when you're the only one woman standing on the stage, i'm not sure you need to emphasize it to that degree. >> but, lisa, very quickly if you could. she didn't do it in 2008. and the campaign is trying to do some things differently this time. >> i think there were a lot of lessons learned from 2008. and i think that those have been thought through and they're taking a whole different strategy this go around. and i think that -- i don't think it was repeated over and over again last night. i do think that she was obvious about it and stated it. and you're right, it wasn't something stated in 2008.
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she was told to stay away from it. >> how many times did you hear it? i heard it three times plus telling us it takes her long tore go to the bathroom. >> we're not done with you. stick around. we're going to come back and continue our politics lead. we're going to dig deeper right now into the joe biden question. does last night's debate leave more room for a biden bid or less? biden himself discussed the debate today. we'll check out what he said in just a few minutes. stay with us. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice.
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welcome back to "the lead." more on our politics lead. many insiders today saying that hillary clinton did what she had to do on the democratic debate stage, possibly enough to keep her only serious challenger senator bernie sanders in second place nationally and everywhere else but new hampshire. but another big looming
1:19 pm
question, was her performance strong enough to keep the vice president joe biden on the sidelines? cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is live for us in las vegas. jeff, no doubt many of the vice president's fans were hoping clinton would choke last night. she did not. the v.p. spoke today in washington. any hints as to which direction he's leaning? >> reporter: well, jake, i can tell you that the vice president watched this debate last night at home in the naval observatory in washington. he reported to work today at the white house. he had a private lunch with president obama. he talked to reporters after a speech he gave. all things seem normal on the outside. on the inside of this sort of shadow campaign in the wings i guess if you will, it is still going on. i talked with several supporters of his today who said that things are ready to go if the vice president decides to make up his mind. they do not believe the window is closed simply because of one debate performance. . i'm told the vice president
1:20 pm
thought everyone's performance was actually pretty strong. but he said this is one debate. there will be others. he expounded a little bit, he almost seldom does talk about 2016 in these debates but expounded a little bit during his speech today. let's take a listen. >> i thought every one of those folks last night i thought they all did well. >> reporter: so of course he gave a thumbs up to these would-be potential democratic rivals. but the reality is, jake, a lot of democrats say their patience is running out, running short for the vice president to make up his mind. they ask what is he waiting for. there was not some huge opening last week. yes, she appears before the benghazi committee next week. unlikely that would provide an opening as well. but his supporters insist he's operating on his own timeframe still possibly leaning toward running, at least thinking about it. but will not make a decision probably for another week or so. so this wait and see game, jake, continues. i can tell you even some
1:21 pm
democrats last week who wanted him to run are now not so sure because they think the party is just fine without him. >> jeff in sin city, thanks so much. donald trump is not holding back on criticizing the democratic candidates. his new line of attack as new numbers give trump some room to talk. and in our world lead, an israeli woman stabbed today, a palestinian man killed. what it might take to calm mideast tensions after intense conflicts ones that go back generations. we're struggling. my schedule is erratic. my hours cut.
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and so are my benefits. we can't survive on these wages. we need change now. real change. to improve the lives of millions of workers. to rebuild the middle class. because our families deserve better. so hillary! bernie! and trump and republicans, you too! are you with us? are you?
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to continue our politics lead on the republican side now. we have a brand new cnn/orc poll
1:26 pm
out of nevada. and another one out of south carolina. they both show donald trump holding a double-digit lead. trump is registering at 38% support in nevada to dr. ben carson's 22%. in south carolina trump doubles carson's support 36% to carson's 18%. there are other candidates there as well. they're all in single digits. let's get right to cnn's sara murray at a donald trump event in richmond, virginia. sara, these are some big leads for mr. trump. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm sure when donald trump gets here and this event gets under way in a couple hours you will hear him bragging about these big leads as he wants to do. the latest nationwide poll show him in a much tighter race with ben carson, but when you look at the swing states it does show trump with a very wide lead. what's amazing is once you get past donald trump and ben carson, basically no one even registers. everyone else is below 10%. it really has become a two-man race in places like nevada and south carolina donald trump is clearly dominant.
1:27 pm
>> and, sara, donald trump set his sights on a new opponent recently. he posted a brand new instagram video earlier this afternoon. let's take a quick look at that. >> the world is a dangerous place. we need a tough, strong leader. and it's not this guy. >> this is just illustrating a point that donald trump made several weeks ago which is how can bernie sanders be tough on foreign affairs if he can't even handle some activists protesting his rally. but why the sudden focus on bernie sanders? >> reporter: you know, it is a really interesting change in tactics because if you are looking at donald trump on twitter last night he actually had fairly nice things to say about bernie sanders. it was almost overnight that he decided that bernie sanders blew it in the debate, he's not tough enough and trump is kind of giving his republican opponents a break today and going after sanders instead. i think what will be interesting here in a place like richmond,
1:28 pm
virginia, is whether trump will come out on stage tonight and slam bernie sanders. whether he'll talk about whether sanders said one of the number one risks right now is climate change. those are some of the things we're going to be looking out for tonight, jake. >> sara murray in richmond, virginia with the trump campaign. if you ask him donald trump thinks luck was a lady last night. he thinks hillary clinton caught a break because the four guys flanking her on stage let her off and punched with velvet gloves. clinton in trump i's mind, quot came out the winner. let's bring in ana and lisa. ana, very simply, do you think at the end of the day if the front runners remain who they are, can donald trump beat hillary clinton? >> i think he's got to change his tactics. but right now donald trump has been the front runner with a very big margin for a long time. >> yeah. >> so i think he needs to start acting like a front runner. what we saw yesterday from the democrats was a serious debate. you can debate serious national policy issues and still have it be interesting, engaging,
1:29 pm
lively, feisty, interesting. you know, we need to do that on the republican side. we need to discontinue talking about rosie o'donnell and hating each other and have a debate on the issues. so i hope that the republicans including the front runner mr. trump take a page from last night from the democrats and the next debate two weeks from today they do the same. >> lisa, let me ask you. a new fox poll pits republicans and clinton in hypothetical matchups. dr. carson beats hillary by 11 points, trump beats her by five, bush by four, fiorina by three. that's got to cause some concern in the clinton campaign. >> i don't think so. we're a long way away. she demonstrated exactly what she had to do last night, substantive, in command, presidential i would argue. i also think that she closed the window for joe biden because she was able to capture, i think and play to in some respects, the
1:30 pm
center-left. bernie sanders wanted to make it about ideology, she shut that off. she said i'm a progressive who gets things done. and she was looking ahead in some respects when asked, you know, who are your enemies and she kind of went through the list and said, and the republicans. so she's very forward looking yet focused on what she's got to do to get there. and so i think the hypothetical matchups at this stage really hold no bearing. i think what's so interesting is the tact that donald trump is taking today. >> uh-huh. >> i don't quite understand it. it's on the same day he's asking for secret service protection too. so i don't quite understand the strategy of -- >> wait. i thought that answer where she said one of her favorite enemies was the republicans was frankly inappropriate. if you're running to be commander in chief of the entire country, you know, to say that a large portion of that country are your enemies, i don't think that's presidential. >> well, when you have a republican-controlled committee
1:31 pm
on benghazi, and you have mccarthy and the lead investigator saying this is political and you spent over $4 million on the investigation, how is that not -- >> that's fine. but at some point -- >> that's congress. that's supposed to be the check and balance. >> she's hoping to run in a general election. and when she does run in a general election if that happens she's going to hope that some of those republicans or independents that lean republicans come her way and she might not want to describe them as her enemies. >> look at her track record. she's worked on the -- >> she did not say republicans in congress. she said republicans. that includes people like me. >> she has worked across the aisle to get things done as a member of the senate. there's no question about it. you can see who some of her detractors were in the senate. and she worked across the aisle to get things done. so i would say, you know, she knows how to legislate and she knows how to work across party lines. >> i would say that's going to make a very good general election ad. >> very quickly if i could, you are supporting the presidential race of jeb bush. these new polls out of south carolina and nevada show him in
1:32 pm
fifth place, sixth place, not doing very well. what's going on with his campaign? >> i wish his numbers were bigger, were higher. i think he needs to perform better on things like the debate. he's not a natural at it the way that a marco rubio or others might be. i know he's got the staying power, that he's got the structure, he's building a very strong team on the ground. and he's got the patience to wait this out and to continue fighting. and i also see him regularly and know that he's got the fight in him and that she's going to continue fighting day in, day out to try to change those numbers. >> it's just interesting because i remember some of those early speeches hillary clinton gave when she targeted specifically marco rubio, jeb bush and scott walker. not her biggest opponents at least not right now. ana, lisa, thanks so much. appreciate it. the world lead, a new flare up of violence in the mideast, a series of stabbings with two incidents just today. the clash is raising questions of a possible new uprising. one man who served as a u.s.
1:33 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. topping our world lead today, an outbreak of deadly violence and terror. an elderly israeli woman is in serious condition after being stabbed by a palestinian terrorist. hours before israeli police shot dead a knife wielding man outside the damascus gate in the old city area of jerusalem. these are just the most recent in a string of random seemingly terrorist attacks against israeli civilians by palestinians, many of them young. palestinians are complaining about excessive force by israeli troops and police enforcing stricter security measures in the wake of this unrest. in bethlehem in the west bank clashes rerupted between israeli troops after funeral.
1:38 pm
seven israelis and an estimated 30 palestinians have been killed over just the last two weeks. let's get right to cnn senior international correspondent ben wedeman live in jerusalem. ben, what more can you tell us about today's attacks? >> reporter: today's attacks as you mentioned one was outside the damascus gate. according to the israeli police it was a 19-year-old resident of hebron in the southern west bank. in that incident this man apparently when he was approached by israeli police he was acting strangely they said when they came closer he pulled a knife, and they shot him, but not fatally. he ran towards the damascus gate itself where another unit of israeli border police shot him multiple times killing him on the spot. regarding the incident outside the jerusalem bus station, normally a very busy place, apparently a 72-year-old woman was attacked by a man in his
1:39 pm
late 20s from neighborhood in east jerusalem. in that case a bus driver brought the woman inside the bus, closed the door, stopped the attacker from doing any more harm to her. he started to run up the street. the bus station is really just a block away from here. and in that instance we're told that an israeli police officer shot him dead. now, israel has imposed all sorts of new measures to try to prevent further attacks imposing closures on palestinian neighborhoods in east jerusalem mobilizing more police, more border police as well as ordinary soldiers to try to have a more heavy presence. but at the end of the day it's a difficult to stop an individual lone wolf attacker who isn't affiliated so far. we haven't seen any of these attackers affiliated with the usual suspects you might say, hamas, islamic jihad, any of the other palestinian factions. now, these new measures were introduced after a very stormy
1:40 pm
and very long meeting of the israeli security cabinet that went into the early morning hours of today. in fact, i was reading in one of the israeli newspapers that in the course of one of a very heated debate between officials in that cabinet the israeli defense minister asks his colleagues what do you want us to do, go around east jerusalem and confiscate every kitchen knife in every palestinian house? that's the kind of challenge the israelis are dealing with now. it doesn't appear they've come up with a solution yet. jake. >> ben wedeman, thank you so much. joining me now is dennis ross, former senior adviser on middle east issues to the obama administration's national security council and served under both presidents bill clinton and george h.w. bush. he's out with a new book titled "doomed to succeed," the u.s.-israeli relationship from truman to obama. thank you for being here, mr.
1:41 pm
ambassador. good to have you. i know the cycle of violence has been going on for decades in this area. is there a specific catalyst that caused this latest wave of violence? >> you know, i don't know that there has been a single event that has triggered it. i mean, there clearly has been a stalemate that has added to it. there's also enormous disaffection and anger among the palestinian public towards their leadership and especially among the youth who are largely unemployed. to the extent to which there is one thing that is out there and has acquired a kind of mythological status, there are claims in the social media and on the hamas and islamic websites among others that the israelis are going to divide mosque and do to that -- in hebron there is abraham's tomb, they're going to create the equivalent of that. which is completely untrue. but seems to have taken a life of its own. and many attackers claiming they're doing it on that.
1:42 pm
so it's clearly mythology has developed and needs to be answered and corrected. israelis saying they're not going to change status quo but somehow that's not resonating. >> you are saying these attacks don't seem to be organized. they seem to be coming from social media. >> most of the attackers are between the ages of 15 and 25. and there is every social media platform is being used. and a lot of videos are going viral. and there's, you know, again you're having websites that say go out and make yourself a martyr, but it's not organized. if you go back to the first -- known as the children of the stones, you go to the second which takes place starting at the end of 2000, 2001 and goes on for four years, these were heavily organized, they were topdown in many respects. this is nothing like that. no one carrying out attacks is identified with a particular organization. there isn't an organization that's planning attacks. so you do have ben wedeman referring to lone wolf attacks
1:43 pm
and he was referring to the minister of defense talking about what are you supposed to do confiscate every kitchen knife. >> yeah. >> a lot of these are individualized and they're frequently kids. and sometimes kids don't feel like they have a lot to lose. >> now, you write extensively in your book "doomed to succeed" about this conflict. and one of the things that plays out in your book and we see it playing out now is the israelis are blaming the palestinian leaders for inciting this violence. >> yep. >> the palestinians are blaming the israelis saying that netanyahu started this all by allowing more jewish israelis to visit the mosque in east jerusalem. do either side have a point? do they both have a point? >> well, i do think one of the things that's disturbing is even though mahmoud abass has called for calm, he has not been condemning acts of terror. these are purely acts of terror. you would like to see that. a couple days ago the prime minister of israel prevented all
1:44 pm
ministers of the cabinet or anybody from the ka necessary sa from going to the temple mound. obviously prior to that time ministers from the cabinet had been going up there. so in a sense you have a climate where each side is not doing the kind of things that might create greater space for the others. i do think some of the speeches that mahmoud abass had made where he talked about filthy feet being on the tempt mound, these are the kind of things that do create a climate that makes it easier for individuals to go off and do what we've seen. >> and the people being targeted in these attacks, elderly, children, people walking home from the grocery store. >> also a lot of people who are clearly identified by their dress as being orthodox. you know, it's a concern -- look, they're all civilians, no question about that. it's just in a sense there is a kind of lashing out.
1:45 pm
and somehow there's got to be -- you have to make violence itself illegitimate if you want to stop this. you've got to find a way to create a sense of calm again. and you have to find a way to get each side to begin to take steps on the ground that begin to change the climate completely. >> ambassador dennis ross, thank you so much for joining us. the book is "doomed to succeed," the u.s.-israeli relationship from truman to obama. thank you so much for being here. we always appreciate it. >> my pleasure. today sport lead, lamar odom on life support after being found unresponsive. cnn is digging into what exactly happened at that nevada brothel. and alarming staff shortage at airports across this country raising concerns about the safety of your next flight.
1:46 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." turning to our sports lead now. lamar odom won two nba championships with the los angeles lakers and rocketed to reality star fame after marrying into the kardashian family. but now he's fighting for his life after being found unresponsive in a n nv brothel last night. the basketball star was rushed to a las vegas hospital by
1:50 pm
ambulance because the 6'10" odom was too tall to fit in the helicopter. let's get right to cnn's paul vercammen outside the hospital. paul, what do we know about odom's condition? >> reporter: the reverend jesse jackson came out, jake, and he told us that lamar odom is on life support but he is somewhat responsive unlike yesterday. he also called this a difficult situation. let's go ahead and listen to what reverend jackson had to tell us. >> he's in tubes are in him now. but we felt inspired by his presence. we just had prayer. you know, we get knocked down sometimes, we get back up again. the ground is no place for a champion. champions rise. >> reporter: and the reverend jackson also saying that odom is doing better than yesterday. again, on life support in a private room, jake. so that's the latest from the hospital on odom's condition. >> what do we know about where
1:51 pm
he was found and the condition in which he was found? >> reporter: well, all reports from dennis hoff who is the owner of this love ranch, which is a highly celebrated brothel, there's actually two of them part of an hbo special. he says that at 3:30 in the afternoon on tuesday two of his, quote, girls found odom unconscious. they then called 911. the dispatcher according to hoff told them to turn odom onto his left side and he vomited. he was later taken out of there. so according to the owner of this brothel, odom had given him a call over the weekend and said he wanted to spend some time there and have some fun. and hoff also said he heard that odom had been taking a lot of an herbal sexual supplement. >> all right. paul vercammen, thank you so much. the national lead now, new safety concerns about commercial airlines flights and the people who keep those planes off a
1:52 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." the money lead now, walmart feeling the heat from writing its employees bigger paychecks. the retail giant hiked wages for hundreds of thousands of u.s. workers earlier this year. but the organization now says that increase will eat into its profits next year. we're talking more than $1 billion. walmart is also investing a great deal in its website. the retailer is not getting much help from shoppers. sales are down across the entire retail industry. the national lead now, federal investigators are on the scene of a fiery plane crash in florida. today we learned two people died. this small plane plummeted into a mobile home park yesterday in lake worth, which is right near west palm beach. huge flames quickly engulfed two
1:57 pm
homes. the national transportation safety board saying that the pilot died along with one person on the ground. investigators hope the witnesses can help them figure out what went wrong. they're also reviewing security camera footage from a car dealership that shows the plane dive behind a tree line before hitting the ground. of course airline safety is a top priority for the faa, but the nation's busiest airports are dealing with an alarming shortage of air traffic controllers. the number of eyes on the skies helping keep us safe in the air and on the ground has believe it or not reached a 27-year low. nearly a third of those still working are eligible for retirement. joining me now is cnn aviation correspondent renee marsh. how bad is this staffing shortage? >> it's a chronic shortage. and the union representing controllers they are warning something must be done about this. and immediately. about 70,000 flights, jake, take off and land every day here in the united states. that includes military, private
1:58 pm
and commercial planes. but the alarming fact is controllers responsible for directing those planes in some of the country's busiest air space are being forced to work overtime. we're talking six days a week to make up for that understaffing. let's take a look at some of the busiest hubs, places like atlanta. there are 74 controllers on staff, but there's supposed to be 102. in chicago 70 staff, there are only 100 -- i'm sorry, only 100 necessary i should say. and in houston 73 staff but 93 are necessary. and the shortage may possibly get worse. 30% of the current controllers are eligible to retire at any time. now, if this isn't addressed this could mean massive delays at airports and individual controllers have told me it also could potentially mean mistakes in the towers because you have
1:59 pm
overworked controllers who are simply fatigued, jake. >> and, rene, the faa is in charge of hiring air traffic controllers. what do they say about this problem? >> well, the faa, the agency, is not disputing that this is a serious problem and that it has to be addressed. however, the faa's blaming past government shutdowns and budget cuts for closing the faa's training academy. they say their training academy was shut for nine months and that essentially delayed training for many of the new recruits. no dispute that this is an issue that has to be addressed. the sense that we're getting from the faa is they're working on it. but the union is saying not fast enough. >> rene, how are they going to plan to plug these holes? >> well, the faa's saying they are going to be posting information about these openings. they're going to have -- essentially get the word out because they want to recruit as many people as possible. the key is to let people know
2:00 pm
that these positions are open and you'll have that next round. but it take twos to four years to train an individual. so they're already somewhat behind schedule, jake. >> rene marsh, thanks so much. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter @jaketapper. that's it for "the lead" today. turning you over now to one mr. wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, wave of terror. a series of attacks most by lone palestinian residents spreads fear and chaos in israel as authorities send troops into the cities. can the u.s. help calm things down? i'll speak with a top israeli security official. building on the debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders both do well before a record audience in cnn's democratic presidential debate. did they just close the door on a joe biden candidacy? and can they turn the applause into campaign cash? the donald's daughter. as gop front