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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks so much for joining us. set your dvr and recourt "outfront" and watch any time. we'll see you later. "ac 360" with anderson cooper starts now. the first democratic presidential debate for this cycle is in the history books and it is back to stump mood for hillary clinton, bernie sanders and republican front runner donald trump. they all have rallies tonight and will be checking in with each of them. we begin with hillary clinton that stay in las vegas after last night's debate service a strong one for her, she is expected to speak later. brianna keilar joins us. she is still working off of the momentum she got from last night's debate. what has she been doing? >> reporter: she is trying to push forward with some momentum here, anderson, and cording key
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constituencies in the swing state of nevada. union members and hispanics, the first stop was at a trade union effect at the endorsement of the union key in nevada and building on monday when she went and stood next to union members who were picketing at the trump hotel and made an unexpected stop at a well-known place serving mexican ice creams and other treats as she tries to court this hispanic voter consit web si here in nevada and needs to make the decision best for his family. >> this campaign rally, what should we expect? >> this is going to be a bigger event than the one at the trade union. this is going to be an event where she's giving we would expect herman stump speech trying to build on enthusiasm from the debate, and this is
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really just part of this big campaign swing that she is making this week following the debate from here she's going on to texas and go to new hampshire on friday and be in alabama on saturday. she tries to really i think capitalize on what her campaign sees as a really strong performance. you know she's been struggling to garner enthusiasm bernie sanders is able to get and create that following her debate performance. >> we'll check in later on. thanks. the bernie sanders camp is celebrating his debate performance and the big money that rolled in as a result. sanders campaign manager says they raised almost $2 million since the debate ended. the average contribution $30. the fundraiser in hollywood tonight and so what's the latest at the vent? how is the crowd? we seen obviously huge crowds for sanders in other areas. >> reporter: yeah, this is a big crowd tonight. 1300 people, sold out event. this is a fundraising rally,
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what the campaign is calling a mini rally. it's notably smaller on purpose by the campaign than many other bernie sanders campaign events. the tickets $25. this is part of those low-dollar donors the campaign is trying to attract and will raise $50,000 tonight but certainly, anderson, in the comiing daydays, expect see it different. we've seen him in big, booming rallies but going forward starting this weekend, the campaign is going to shift strategy and put him in smaller, intimate settings because they feel they have already created this energy, enthusiasm and feel they achieved that and they will move into a next phase of the campaign where they really want to persuade voters. >> you got a behind the scenes look today when sanders taped a segment for tomorrow's "ellen" show. >> reporter: that's right. this is kind of an area of
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weakness for a candidate. he comes off serious and doesn't have a lot of fun on the campaign trail. going on "ellen" this will air tomorrow is part of the campaign to reach a broader spectrum. i should note he did dance. he seemed a little pained at dancing and revealed a few personal details. his favorite song is "staying alive." he thinks he has the best hair of anyone running for president. certainly an interesting look at bernie sanders, a man the campaign knows that this is an area of vulnerability and he has to show his softer side more. >> thank you. a lot to talk about with our political panel, former obama senior advisor, david axle rod, dana bash and nia-mallika henderson. you got a piece that says hillary clinton did what she needed to do last night. what does she need to do now to capitalize on that? >> i think she has to speak in the same voice that people heard on that debate stage.
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she's been at times a little stilted in her presentation. she's been a little bit inconsistent in her positions and got a message, she shared it last night. that pragmatic progressive and needs to continue to hammer away to the point where people are familiar with the argument that she's making. >> dana, i mean, the idea hillary clinton had a better night than bernie sanders, not everyone will agree. a lot of sanders supporters wouldn't. they raised a lot of money as i've said in the last 24 hours. what happens to the enthusiasm gap that's been a big problem for hillary clinton, will you be judging things? will we see larger crowds do you think or how can we judge this? >> that is such a great question because it's going to be hard to judge. bernie sanders, i mean, you talked about the fact he did
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sos so phenomenally and he talked about in the debate he had 4,000 watch parties and so forth around the country. that is something you can't buy. hillary clinton, what she did, i'm not so sure she generated enthusiasm, she just for people who are looking at her as the likely nominee, she just gave a lot of people a little bit of a sigh of relief. however, having said that, anderson, there are some democrats i was talking to today who say that they are concerned with some of the things she said, which in your words, anderson, can be quickly turned into an attack ad for republicans, that she's maybe kind of put to the side a lot of her democratic opponents but for the general election, she'll have a lot of problems. >> nia, i was trying to imagine vice president biden watching the debate and what his calculous is. a lot of people believe that hillary clinton she had a strong debate performance that if they believe that, they don't see as
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much of a reason for joe biden to enter the race. >> well, he came out today and said he watched it and said that everybody did a good job but according to people close to him, this won't have anything to do with whether or not he decides to get into this race. i think he has said this is going to be a family decision but i think this is going to be a sped up in many ways because actual deadlines coming up. he's got to figure out if he wants to be on the ballot in georgia and the south would be important to him if he amounts a presidential race but i think it's coming down to the wire at this point and i think there is something he has to be mindful of and that's this sense that democrats are at this point at least fairly satisfied with the field. you saw a real full spectrum of the democratic party on stage here last night and there isn't really a quest to have joe biden get in this race beyond his donor, beyond his friends, so i think that's a question he's got to figure out is sort of the
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patience of democrats sort of wearing thin at this point? >> david, do you buy this wouldn't be part of the vice president biden's calculous and you wrote basically this reduced the rational for the canada sdc? >> i used to work and had a colleague that used to snap his notebook shut when people said stuff like that and say that's not true enough to print. i don't -- absolutely it has to go, fit into his thinking about this if he's making a political judgment because in the summer, there was this cry for him to get in to save the party from a weak front runner. hillary clinton is not a weak front runner today. she strengthened herself yesterday and consistently led these polls. she and bernie sanders together hold about 75% of the vote in most of the polls that we've seen, so there's not a whole of oxygen in the tank. >> dana, do you agree?
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that notion that this would turn to sdwrjoe biden's decision mak find that hard to imagine. >> i love david's saying about slam the notebook shut. i agree. hard to imagine. i've been talking to democrats today who say of course hillary clinton did very well last night but there is as i said still concern about her as a general election candidate because she is a clinton, because for all the things that you asked her about last night. she has a trust deficit and because people know her and many of the people who know her don't like her out there that you're already kind of taking away so much of the electret talking about the general election and that with the joe biden, you know, you get what you get and kind of the original authentic candidate and he might be, you know, still a viable alternative
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to hillary clinton. hard eer after last night but n ruled out. >> it is easy in kind of the immediate aftermath of the debate for her supporters to say look, there is no problem, she did great in the stage and got a standing ovation but again, you look at her polls among independents, i mean, not republicans but independents which she needs to get and her lack of truth worthiness, she ranks high. a lot of independents do not trust hillary clinton. >> that's right. we'll see her next week testifying on the hill in these benghazi hearings so that will highlight one of her problems and certainly highlight one of the ways that republicans will continue to try to go after that. i think if you talk to the clinton campaign about this, they say well, listen, the general election campaign isn't here yet and you'll see the favorability rating of the republicans also fall in their
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truth worthy ratings fall. you saw her last night really trying to make a broad argument about the democratic party and democratic brand saying no matter who is up there, the brand is stronger and i think that's something you'll hear from her going forward, as well. >> thank you very much. nia-mallika haenderson. donald trump dominates new polls, he's dominating in two key states with double digit leads over ben carson. trump is campaigning in virginia tonight. we'll check in with that event. you hear "twisted sister" playing. a news conference on lamar odom who, as you know, was found unconscious at a brothel in las vegas. the latest on his condition, what we know about exactly what happened when we continue. can a business have a mind?
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republican from the runner donald trump is at the international speedway. these are live pictures just wrapping upright now. trump live tweeted during last night's debate, there wasn't a lot of maybe original content there. he mostly retweeted nice things other people tweeted about him. his final analyst was that, or analysis is that it was quote really boring. meanwhile, steven tyler of aero smith asked trump to stop using his song "dream on." trump said he found a better one
5:16 pm
anyway and they got more publicity than ten years. two new polls out today, let's start with nevada. trump has 38% to ben carson's 22%. fiori fiorina, bush, the rest, more good news for donald trump, 36%. that's what he has right now doubling carson support at 18. again, everyone in the rest of the field is in single digits. sarah murray was at the trump event that just ended and joins me now. what's the latest on the ground there? >> reporter: anderson, this is a big room and it's nearly filled. it fits about 5,000. a crowd fired up and when he talked about building a wall around mexico. this turned tense. a crowd of protesters were chanting calling to dub trump and there was a physical altercation between members of the crowd and between some of
5:17 pm
the protesters. at one point, one of the trump supporters spit in the face of one of the protesters. now, of course, it's not rare to see protesters at campaign vents. we've seen this before. the level of animosity, the level of aggression we saw tonight is a little bit out of the ordinary for an event like this, anderson. >> i understand you caught up with donald trump before the rally to talk about some of the comments he made about russia earlier today that have been, you know, getting some attention. what did he tell you? >> reporter: yeah, no surprise donald trump has managed to make waves on more than one issue today. he said earlier today there was really no way to say whether russia was responsible for shooting down mh-17. that's the commercial jet shot out of the air last year. i caught up with him today to ask him when u.s. intelligence points to pro-russian accept frost as being responsible for this, it seems like he's defending russia to some folks and i asked what he thought about that.
5:18 pm
i think some people might be worried you're defending russia when you say -- >> no, i'll nm not defending ru. it's despicable and horrible and deny it and don't say what was it, where it came from, nobody knows and i'm sure reports will be done, maybe some day we'll find out. right now russia is totally denying it. so you see there, anderson, trump denouncing the event but still not willing to go so far as to blame russia or pro-russian separatists for shooting that plane down. >> sarah, thanks very much. joining me now is michael cohen and anna narcotvarro and advice other gop candidates. michael, you look at the polls, nevada, south carolina extremely good news for donald trump and there was a fox poll that shows him nationally very close to carson. do you put much stock in that? >> no, and i don't think anybody
5:19 pm
should. he's been leading every single poll for more than four months straight and i think we all have to just acre knowledge that he is going to be the republican nominee. >> you have no doubt in your mind. >> i have no doubt in my mind. >> anna, you're a jeb bush supporter, friend of marco rubio. all along pthey have been wrong about donald trump -- >> so maybe i should predict he's going to be the republican nominee in hopes i get it wrong. >> at this point, do you acre knowledge that he could very well be the republican nominee? >> look, he's held a wide lead for a long time and has a lot of advantages and incredibly media savvy. he hasn't spent money because he's been on the media circuit for 24/7 for all those four months. so, you know, i think you have to acre nknowledge he's done ri and savvy and tapped into voter
5:20 pm
distrust of government, of political politicians as usual, but, you know, no, i'm not ready to think that he's going to be the nominee. >> so anderson, look how he commanded the crowd there today in virginia. right? donald trump creates massive crowds, the biggest ever. he creates great ratings whether 60 minutes, "meet the press" cnn debate, fox debate, george. the silent majority wants to hear what donald trump has to say. donald trump last night -- >> do you really think it is -- >> i think donald trump won the debate last night and can i tell you why. >> hold on, do you believe they want to hear positions on issues? it seems like in his standard speech, it's a lot of the same stuff -- >> i don't think so -- >> actually -- >> politicians. >> -- donald trump was number one on the economy, number one in immigration, number one defeating isis.
5:21 pm
the people trust him because he's a doer -- >> do you -- >> let me say this, last night in my opinion won the debate. crazy. he's the rembra nt on twitter. 147,000 new followers in one night during a democratic debate. six times that of hillary. >> in terms of actually spending money on ads and things like that, to anna's point he's been incredibly successful at using the media, done stuff from new york and had huge events. his tweets generate coverage you pointed out last night and every day. do you -- is he going to make a lot of ad buys and putting money, a lot of money into this race? >> i think it's really gross in all honesty that hillary is talking about raising $2 billion to win the presidency. others with $100 million super
5:22 pm
pacts and donald trump won't take money from anybody. >> i know, is he going to spend any money? >> why should he? he commands the media because the media wants donald trump. he brings ratings. he brings -- >> anna? >> it's a relationship. does he bring ratings? absolutely. does it bring him to be in the headlines and make him higher profile in that we're talking about him all the time absolutely. to his point, i think he's got a point. why should he when he's getting more in earned media than anybody is able to buy in paid media. >> does he have to start at any point, again, this is the traditional way of campaigning in iowa in new hampshire does he have to be on the ground shaking hands, be in people's kitchens, does he actually need to do this? >> i think he asks himself the same question, why should i when i can speak in front of 50,000 people and leading by 20 points? he does have to do at some point, though, is because sometimes crowds don't translate into votes and it takes work to
5:23 pm
translate crowds into working -- >> how does your candidate -- >> grass roots -- >> who had this money in single digits and no sign of trump falling in the polls, how does your candidates start? is the plan? >> first of all, you know, look, i think some of the seasoned folks that are still in this race have staying power. i think jeb bush is one of the people with staying power and a structure. he's got grass roots on the ground and the early states. he's got the patience to wait it out. i admit to you, i think it's very hard for a candidate like jeb bush to really distinguish himself in a very crowded field with some super-sized egos and personalities but i think when it dwindles down, it's going to be a different scenario. >> and he'll end up waiting so long donald trump will run away with the entire nomination. when you're at 6% versus 36%, when all the attention is given to donald trump and not because
5:24 pm
he's a larger than life personality, which he is, because he's a doer. right? instead of being a at a football game, donald trump is out there meeting the people. he's out there spreading his message and don't say he didn't put out policy. he's put out policy and you know what? people understand exactly his policy because he speaks to them like an average joe. >> he doesn't really want to put out 14-point plans because they may change and those plans change. >> plans do change. >> in terms of policy, he's not as detailed as most candidates out there. >> i would hope he's definitely a front runner. you can't call him anything other than that and i would hope he starts behaving like a front runner and that includes i think taking a page of what we saw yesterday at the debate where democrats are capable of putting on a very lightly feisty interesting -- >> you want donald trump to take a page from hillary clinton -- >> yeah, that entire debate last night look scripted. each and every one of them were
5:25 pm
over scripted. i thought hillary's motions, laughter, handshakinhandshaking everything was scripted to a tee and performed like an actress to a tee. i didn't find it informative, interesting, lively and that's why. the republican debate did so much better than the democratic debate and i would say if donald trump wasn't tweeting, i don't think they would have had 15 million people viewing. more people were listening to donald trump's twitter than the debate. >> almost 15.5 million -- >> that's just not true. >> i think it is. >> 15.5 million viewers watched that debate. i thought it was a great debate. >> were there 15 million people watching him on twit sner. >> i believe so. >> it's incredible how many substantive issues and national policy issues you can get to in two hours when you're not spending time poking fun at rosie o'donnell or taking a tax -- >> michael's point in natural ability and speaking off the
5:26 pm
cuff and appearing -- -- >> genuine. >> whether you like him or not or believe anything he says or not, he's not using a teleprompter. you don't get the feeling this is thought out and there is a focus group. >> absolutely. >> helping him. >> i think the guy is very, very media savvy. he's been a reality tv star for, what, 13, 14 years? >> this is not reality television. this is about honesty and capability. that's exactly what -- >> he seems like he's having fun out there. >> he is having fun. >> and i think people respond to that and it seems like he's still having fun. i guess my question is if iowa becomes new hampshire and he doesn't win, does it remain fun for him and what happens? we'll have to see. >> he's in it to win it. >> i knew you were going to say that, michael. good to have you. >> good to see you. >> i am very proud of the performance you put on last night. i thought it was great. >> i would say the same thing. >> you thought it was a
5:27 pm
terrible, boring debate. >> even donald trump said something. i said he did a great job yesterday. >> you did a great job moderating a terrible debate. [ laughter ] >> i'm glad i brought you both together on this. >> we both agree you were great. >> michael, thank you as always, anna, thanks. >> some of the most powerful woman hen in business shared their take on the democratic debate. do they think hillary clinton aced it? . we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry.
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there are a number of memorable moments in last night's presidential debate including this one. >> i can't think of anything more than an outsider of electing the first lady president but i'm not just running because i would be the first woman president. i'm running because i have a lifetime of experience in getting results and fighting for people, fighting for kids, for women, for families, fighting to even the odds and i know what it takes to get things done. >> hillary clinton trying to position herself as an outsider despite her long record in politics from the senate to serving secretary of state to the eight years she spent as first lady. mrs. clinton is getting excellent reviews for her debate
5:32 pm
performance. poppy harlow watched the event in watch watshington. here is her report. >> reporter: it was a moment when fortune magazine's most powerful women in business erupted. >> enough about her e-mails. >> it was incredibly smooth of bernie to take that opportunity to be supportive. he actually took the energy away in a positive way for him. >> just watching this debate has made you maybe not in the bernie sanders camp but maybe leaning a little more into it or interest in it than you were before. >> i'm definitely more interested. >> it was almost less about what he said and more about just being a real person and kind of speaking up for, i think, what a lot of people feel, which is kind of enough is enough, let's talk about some other things. >> reporter: we joined the fortune most powerful woman summit in washington d.c. and sat down with business leaders,
5:33 pm
most of whom support hillary clinton and patty sellers for their post debate take. >> it's usually the woman who is emotional, who is stereo type, and guys are delivering data and it was the opposite tonight. >> reporter: ann marie slaughter is author of the new book "unfinished business" and worked with clinton at the state department and calls her a friend. >> you have to be tough but you can't be too tough or you are immediately in really unpleasant territory, right? i won't -- the b word. she can stand up, but if she's too hard, there will be a boomerang. >> reporter: cat cole is with focus brands. you run a company that operates in 60 countries. the work is in the midst of minimum wage fight. >> the issue creating jobs and enabling economic growth really
5:34 pm
hasn't gotten the energy i would have loved to have seen. >> reporter: though there was excitement surrounding the debate, there was a feeling among some something was lacking. >> the debate exposed the men's weaknesses even more, and it didn't really make me feel good about the democratic party. >> reporter: what are you most excited about seeing this election cycle? >> what i would love to see this election cycle is a true reach across the isle and have hillary reach out and say be my running mate. >> hillary clinton is a former colleague and can i call her a friend of yours? >> yes. >> reporter: are there molts watching this campaign that are difficult to watch? >> when i watch her walk out on stage for the debate, you know, my stomach clinches because i so want her to communicate these smart, warm, funny, relatable woman that i know that sometimes, you know, voters just
5:35 pm
don't seem to pick up. >> reporter: julie is ceo of life way foods and says she knows how hard it can be for a powerful woman. >> the more successful a woman is the less likability and the reverse for a man. >> reporter: would you vote for hillary clinton or any other woman because they are a woman? >> no, i would vote because she's qualified, she's the most qualified candidate and 40 years of experience. >> reporter: is it anti feminist to vote for someone because they are a woman or give them any more of a break because they are a woman? >> i don't think so. you have to pass a bar, right? so i'm a democrat. that's obviously, i'm not going to vote for a woman if she's a republican woman and completely disagrees with me. obviously not. but if i've got a woman and a man who are equal and they are both in my party, do i think it's important for women to be represented? absolutely. >> poppy harlow joins us now. did these women have concerns
5:36 pm
about hillary clinton and how she would compare against the gop front runner donald trump? >> sure because polls are showing and people are turning away from career politicians, at least on the republican side. cat cole said i like her, i'm learning towards her, i'm worried about her electelectabi. the other said she wants to see a republican on the hillary ticket but says he wants something different from traditional. what stood out the most is hearing from her friend ann marie slaughter who said as a woman, the same thing about carly fiorina you can't be too tough and that made me said in 2015 that as a female candidate, you have to walk that line still. you can't come off too tough but you have to be tough enough. we should be passed that. >> thank you. up next, breaking news, police release 911 calls made from the brothel where nba and reality tv star lamar odom was found unconscious. we have more details on their investigation when we continue.
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5:41 pm
tonight after being found unconscious at a brothel. moments ago there was a news conference. randi kaye has more. >> reporter: anderson, we're getting details about the 911 call made yesterday but two brothel employees. we understand they told 911 they seen lamar odom do cocaine on saturday. they weren't sure if he continued to do it throughout the weekend and they saw him take ten tabs over a three-day period of some kind of sexual performance supplement. when they got to him on tuesday afternoon he was breathing but unconscious and they did say he had blood coming out of his nose and mouth and some sort of excite substance. this is tragic, this is a guy that grew up in queens, loved the game of basketball and held so much promise. lamar odom seemed to have it all, famous wife, reality show and two nba world championship rings earned during his two seasons with the los angeles lakers but inl side there was turmoil which only got worse after he and reality star khloe
5:42 pm
kardashian celebrated back in 2013. the couple had their own reality show, khloe and lamar. >> i want to get married right now. >> you would marry me? >> right now. >> reporter: in 2013 odom was pulled over for drunk driving. after a short stint at rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, rumors of infidelity and drug use continued. >> i'm really on high alert for lamar because i mean, anything i think will set him to spiral and that's kind of the last thing i want for him. >> reporter: odom's spiraling may have started early on. his life marked by so much sadness. his father was a heroin addict who left when odom was young. he was just 12 when his mother died of cancer. he tried to focus on basketball. >> i won't get too caught up in that. i'll just go out and play my game and help the team that i play for now. >> reporter: in 2001 ocdom was suspended for violating the league's anti drug policy.
5:43 pm
>> i'm disappointed in myself for not handling myself correctly. for letting people close to me down. >> reporter: two years later in 2003, he spoke to the "miami herald" about marijuana saying i just couldn't control myself in l.a. the lifestyle that i was living and the things i had access to. a lot of times i'd think about it and say damn, am i fighting my father's demons but those weren't the only demons. in 2006's odom's infant son from a previous relationship died of sids and in 201 1 his cousin was shot and killed and two of odom's closest friends died of drug-related causes. at that time, odom told the "la times" death always seems to be around me. i've been burying people for a long time. whatever demons he may have been fighting seemed to have appeared again tuesday afternoon when odom was found unconscious at
5:44 pm
love ranch brothel in crystal, nevada, about an hour's drive from las vegas. the owner said odom had called him saturday to arrange a visit, describing odom as a bit somber. when two women went to check on him, they found him unresponsive and called 911. >> 911 said put him on his left side and they did, started throwing up. he was still alive. ambulance came, police came, they immediately said this is not looking good. >> reporter: emergency crews tried to airlift him to a vegas hospital but the 6'10" odom was too tall to fit in the helicopter. he was driven by ambulance to another facility. >> i mean, is the brothel owner at all liable here? >> reporter: it is certainly a question, anderson, in the investigation. it's very early in the investigation. they are trying to figure out what happened. they don't know if it was suicide, if something happened,
5:45 pm
he had asked to spend time alone that's why they are looking at the possibility of suicide or something else. they are investigating the brothel, employees, owner, talking to all of them asking a lot of questions. they also searrved a search wan on lamar odom's blood. that's the thing, we're waiting on results from that and see what they find out. if anyone there the sheriff said did provide drugs whether sold them or gave them to lamar odom, they would be held criminally responsible because that is illegal in the state of nevada. this investigation could go in a lot of different directions. >> more perspective. let's bring in dr. drew pinsky. we know lamar odom had used cocaine recently and taken sexual performance enhancers and found with a white substance on his face.
5:46 pm
>> i would put aside the sexual enhancement products. that's not an issue. the fact is you have somebody with long-standing addiction who is found down that is an addiction-related event period. almost, i'd say virtually 100% of the time. what happened is the question. you have recent cocaine use, two big possibilities really three, one is some sort of cardiac event like heart attack, the other is an enter crane l event like stroke or bleed but more commonly, anderson, what happens all the time these days is somebody with a long history of cocaine starts to sprinkle in open yenlts, found down just start thinking pills in someway. so the opiate pills with cocaine, you see very serious complications like this. >> why is it automatically pills? why would pills, you know, should that come into mind as soon as you find somebody whose unconscious? >> because in my world, when my patients die or nearly die, i'd
5:47 pm
say 97, 98% of the time pills are involved. somebody with long-term cocaine use gets kind of tolerant to the cocaine, that's why people go to speedballs. everybody knows what a speedball, that's heroin and cocaine. the pills with the cocaine is a common combination and that's when people as stir rate and stop breathing. if he was found down not breathing that is most often pills. >> why would somebody mix cocaine with an opiate. >> speedballs, they both make you high. speedballs. it's hard to describe because we are normal and don't use these things but it's also -- you get bewildering why people would be drinking alcohol and doing cocaine. that's also a downer and upper. turns out those two together create a novel come bound, that is more cardio toxic, we believe
5:48 pm
and he was drinking and doing cocaine. we know that so far. i believe we'll see some sort of massive untorn event, heart or brain and/or a second compound in with the cocaine that caused low breathing, aspiration and the usual complications we see all the time with people with long-standing addiction. >> the fact that his dad had issues with addiction in the past, a family history, does that play a part in something like this potentially? >> well -- >> to be an addict. >> right. genes are not destiny but i treated 10,000 addicts and i can't think of maybe four or five where i couldn't see clear cut family history. certainly some gwinne genetic e is here and if you have abandonment and chaos from childhood from being around addiction, that creates disregulation and modelling behavior where you see drugs as an option. it leads up to severe addiction.
5:49 pm
we know there is history of him having used in teen years, early teen years. kids that start early like that with a lot of trama and loss will typically progress into very severe drug addiction. >> let's hope he pulls out. thank you. two new attacks in jerusa m jerusalem. we'll get the latest from ben wedeman who is there.
5:50 pm
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tonight in israel, tenses growing high. israeli forces shot a palestinian teenager that lunged at them with a knife in jerusalem. hours later another attacker stabbed a woman as she tried to board a bus. this happened as forces shut down access to neighborhoods in east jerusalem and put more police on the streets. i want to get the latest from ben wedeman in jerusalem. ben, the video we saw is the first of two attacks that happened today. what are you learning? >> reporter: we're learning from israeli police and other sources the man behind this attack is a 19-year-old resident of the southern west bank. according to the israeli police,
5:54 pm
he was acting suspiciously when the border police approached him and tried to ascertain what he was trying. he pulled out a knife and according to the police, lunged at them. they opened fire on him but he managed to escape. ran towards damascus gate where another group of police confronted him. there were shouts that he's a terrorist and they shot him multiple times. we arrived just as they were taking his body away in a black plastic bag. now during this incident because of the heavy gunfire, one tourist was lightly injured. he was treated on the scene but a local resident was more heavily wounded and is currently in hospital. this individual, according to the israeli police has no connections to any known palestinian faction. now just two and a half hours after that incident, there was another one outside the normally very crowded and busy jerusalem
5:55 pm
bus station where a 72-year-old woman was attacked by a palestinian 23 years old from the neighborhood in eastern jerusalem. now when this woman was attacked, she was stabbed in the upper torso, a bus driver managed to pull her on to a bus and close the door. the attacker then started running up the street, which is just really one block from this office when a police officer shot him we understand from the police he is been neutralized in his terminology, killed. >> is it known if there is connections between these attackers or are they just kind of doing it on their own motivated for obvious reasons? >> from what we know from the israeli police and other security sources is none of these individuals and these attacks have gone on for almost two weeks have any connections with what you might call the
5:56 pm
usual suspects. hamas, islamic, jihad, palestinian militant groups seem to be self-motivated and this is why the israeli security establishment is so stumped. they have extensive intelligence network in the west bank. hundreds of inform mants and collaborators, nonetheless, none of this helped israelis to try to prevent or stop any of these attacks taking place. anderson. >> appreciate the reporting, ben, thank you. we're going to have more on what's going on in jerusalem in the next hour. we're live until the 10:00 hour tonight. an exclusive interview with i n ivanka when we continue. etireme. alright, kelly and promise me that you'll try that taco place on south street. and we have portfolio planning tools
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