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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-1:01am PDT

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>> anderson, not so fast. didn't see you after the debate wanted to ask you, in the thick of this, leading charge, of course, as a moderator you anticipated a lot things happening but no way you could have anticipated bernie sanders' response to the hillary e-mail question. >> actually, that's not the case actually. >> you did? >> i actually -- there's a whole team of folks who are working on questions for days and weeks and weeks and weeks, and so you -- you know, like three-dimensional chess so you try to anticipate what somebody is going to say.
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my money was on bernie sanders. i didn't know the wording he was going to use. i didn't know -- i thought it obviously played very well in that room and a lot of viewers who are watching the debate, but i actually did not think he was -- he was going to go after her in any way. i very much thought he was going to turn it and say we shouldn't be talking about these e-mails on this. >> i'm sick of hearing of your damn e-mails the way he did it. >> the wording, i think, and i think they -- i haven't -- i don't know this for a fact from the campaign, but i would imagine that they worked out that wording in advance. i think they knew the e-mails was going to come out and they probably wanted to figure out a line, but, again, i don't know if that's for sure. >> all right. >> certainly an effective line for the sanders campaign. >> donald trump also speaking out tonight, surprise, about the debate, and he's tweeting, and his live tweeting of it. listen to this anderson. >> i tweeted. can you believe? and i made a commitment. i said i'd tweet so i couldn't turn it off.
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i had to tweet this thing, and somebody said on one of the networks the winner was trump because we picked up 160,000 followers, but i watched last night as hillary and bernie sanders, they just couldn't give things away fast enough, and they are giving them to illegal immigrants. they want health care for illegal immigrants. they want driver's license for illegal immigrants. they are suggesting -- listen to this. they are suggesting social security for illegal immigrants. >> what's your response? he's kind of making himself part of the debate obviously tweeting and then goes on with the comments as well. >> well, look, obviously, you know, they -- he has a very different stance and very different viewpoint on the issues than senator sanders or secretary clinton, and, you know, last night was a debate between these -- we were really trying to get at differences between these candidates on the stage, you know. donald trump was not brought up except by some of the candidates themselves, but i think that's, you know, that's certainly going to play out in the general
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election if donald trump is the -- you know, is the nominee and is certainly leading in the polls right now and new polls out as you no doubt are going to talk about tonight in south carolina and nevada as well, and he's doing -- he's still way, way in front. >> yeah. he's doing very well. thanks, anderson. nice job last night. >> thanks, don, you too. >> not to be outdone by the democrats donald trump spoke to a cheering crowd in virginia and things got a little more excited then he even expect the. sara murray is there. you were at event and there was a bit of a dustup in the crowd. tell what is happened. >> reporter: yeah, don. he had thousands of people show up for him in richmond, virginia, and he had the crowd roaring talking about how he was going to build a wall along the border with mexico, and that's when things got tense interest. was a group of about a dozen or so protesters who started chanting, and donald trump to his credit said it's okay, it's okay. this is why we, have you know, a right to free speech but it was actually his supporters in the crowd and the protesters who then clashed.
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at one point things turned physical and another three-point was actually a trump supporter who spit in the face of one of the protesters. now, as, of course, you know, of course our viewers know, protests happen at political events. this is not abnormal. i think what was abnormal was the level of aggression and the level of vitriol we saw between the people in the crowd here tonight. that's not something that you see every cycle and not something you see at every political event. don? >> you don't see this, as you said, every cycle and every political event and you have been covering donald trump, you've been on the campaign trail, you've seen nothing like this at any of his events? >> reporter: i think that this is one of the most aggressive instances we've seen. we do see protesters. look, donald trump is a very divisive figure when you move beyond the republican party, particularly when you talk about his rhetoric toward undocumented immigrants, towards hispanics, and so i do think that sort of the most aggressive clashes we've seen have been at trump events, but this certainly -- i
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mean, when you watch back and sort of i was looking back through some of the video, this man just spitting in the protester's face, it's -- it's difficult to watch. >> it is. sara murray, thank you very much. appreciate that. want to bring in bob accuse yeah, the editor and chief of "the hill." bob, you heard sara. what do you make of that moment? i mean, this is pretty unusual for any sort of campaign stop. >> well, it's pretty intense. i mean, we're getting into the actual election year, flower election season, and you have the bases now very strong looking at these candidates on both the left and the right, and protesters know that if they show up at a donald trump event, they are going to get news coverage and certainly they did today. >> certainly did. let's move on. i want to talk about last night's debate sure you were following it like most people in america, thank goodness, that the ratings were good and good that people tuned in because a lot of substantive issues were discussed. by most accounts hillary clinton stole the night. do you agree with that? >> absolutely.
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had a great night and had a really tough summer, declining poll numbers, eat mail controversy, and there were real doubts going into last night and hillary clinton hit a home run. i think bernie sanders did well, too, but i think she outpitched bernie sanders, and bernie sanders let her off the hook a little bit on the e-mail issue but hillary clinton was very strong and i thought anderson cooper's questions were great, direct and aggressive. she handled them very well. >> let me ask you this. as i said, by most accounts hillary clinton won the night and if you look at social media which many times tend to be younger people although facebook the average age is like 45, but younger people would be voting. in our live voting, not an official poll, just some results from last night, bernie sanders was the clear winner, like 75% to 18 or 20% over hill hi. where's the disconnect there? >> that's interesting. that's the level of excitement, especially for a new candidate, a candidate that's been around. he's been in the house and senate, but america is just getting to know bernie sanders,
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and he has an attraction like ron paul did, rand paul's father, where he attracted a lot of younger voters, so i think that those younger voters are going to the online poll. same thing with the donald trump phenomenon. look at online polls, and he won them all as far as first two debates, so i do think that bernie sanders did have a good night, but overall hillary i think bested him. still, there's no doubt about it. this is going to be an interesting race and, of course, everyone is wondering whether joe biden gets now. >> bob, i want you to stay with me because when we come right back bernie sanders as you've never, and i mean, never ever seen him before busting a move with ellen degeneres and trump, trump family values, ivanka trump talks exclusively to cnn's poppy harlow about what it was like to grow up as the daughter of donald trump.
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donald trump and ben carson neck in neck in a new poll. we'll get to that in a minute. i wanted to talk about the democratic must-see moments. joining me is analyst bob beckel. his book "i should be dead, my life surviving politics and addiction." donald trump said that the democrats couldn't give away things fast enough at the debate, talking about health care, social security for illegal immigrants. will those kind of progressive ideas appeal outside of the democratic primary? >> yeah, i do think they will because i think the country is at that stage now where they are believing that there is two americas. there's one very wealthy america, the one percentage they are talking about and a lot of other people are not keeping up and a lot of the things that the democrats talked about are things that people like. trump can go on and on all he wants about things like that. but the fact of the matter that appeals beyond the democratic base. >> let's talk about the other guys up on the stage because the contest last night people said
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it was between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. do you think, bob beckel, that the rest of the democrats are going to -- in the first contest, do you think they will neighboring to, you know, beyond this debate to the next one and to the first contest? >> they will probably make it to the next debate listen, it's so tough anyway, the combination of having donald trump sucking the air out of american political system and then two primary candidates like hillary and bernie. i think the others, game tried, but it's time that they think about spending money. is it really worthwhile? they probably will stick around because everyone gets exposure and for a politician exposure means maybe another turn down the road >> to the polls and the republicans, for bob cusack, a new fox poll that is out now. donald trump is on top, but neck in neck really with ben carson, 24% versus 23%. that's a statistical tie, i would think. trump's been at top for months now. it looks like it's becoming
11:13 pm
inevitable that an outsider will be the nominee. do you agree, mr. cusack? >> i think there's a decent shot but we've still got a long way to go. interviewed donald trump and the summer of trump has turned into the ought tum defying all predictions and he knows there's a long way to go. i was just up in new hampshire, a lot of voters don't decide until the last week so he has done very well. he's winning all the polls, especially in key states, but we've got a while to go. watch marco rubio. trump is going after rubio more than jeb bush now and that means he sees rubio as a major threat. >> bob, something -- don't you think something major would have to happen for the momentum to radically change in favor of one of the establishment candidates, even a marco rubio? >> no, because the momentum that's been going for trump and for the other two outsiders, as
11:14 pm
you call them, is something that is still a phenomenon of the summer, and it is early fall yet, and i -- i just believe after being through this for 30 years and watching populist candidates come and go. yes, trump has tapped into something and carson has and fiorina but the fact of the matter when voters get closer to casting their votes they take it more seriously, particularly in iowa and new hampshire and then they have to go south and trump talks about his poll numbers in florida. if he were to beat marco rubio in florida or jeb bush in florida, then i would eat my hat. >> but jeb bush is only at 8% right now. i mean, at what point does this become a cries for him? bob? >> it's a crisis right now for him. it's a crisis for his contributors and for his supporters, but, look.
11:15 pm
he's not -- i don't believe that jeb bush is the one that trump needs to worry about. i think that the real key here is rubio who keeps -- who seems to move up, and he stays out of the fray, and at some point this field is going to widdle out and it's going to be trump and a few others versus some establishment candidate, if that's what you want to call him. rubio is never really establishment as far as i was concerned, but i think trump is going to have to start backing up what he says with some ideas, and if people want to hear those they haven't heard them yet. >> bob cusack, do you think it's now in crisis mode for the jeb bush campaign? >> oh, i think it's a crucial stretch for the jeb bush campaign. i mean, they have a lot of money. jeb bush has not done well in the debates, did very poorly in the first debate, and that's a very important debate obviously so i think the next month or so
11:16 pm
very important. we've talked to some bush donors. they are getting nervous. i mean, this is an establishment candidate in jeb bush running in an unconventional cycle, so can he win? of course. he can still win, but his numbers have got to get better, and if you look back four years ago mitt romney, yes, had to deal with michele bachmann and herman cain, always in the top two or three but jeb bush is no. doing doing that great in iowa or new hampshire either. >> from the republicans, donald trump. raised some eyebrows on foreign policy in the past, and i want you to listen to what he told cnn's sara murray just tonight. >> reporter: you said today that this was no way to know for sure if russia was behind shooting down mh-17. that's not what the intelligence so far shows. why -- what would make you say that? >> you know, that's a horrible thing that happened it's disgusting and disgraceful but putin and russia say they didn't do it. the other side said they did. nobody really knows who did it. probably putin knows who did it. possibly it was russia but they are totally denying it. >> bob beckel, misstep? is he out of his depth on foreign policy? >> not only out of his depth. he's barely in the kiddie pool. i mean, look this, guy has got a real problem. when he sits back and says about
11:17 pm
syria let's sit back and see what happens. when he makes a comment like that, there is not a person who knows foreign policy or even doesn't know foreign policy who doesn't believe that that plane was shot down by the russians why. he would say that and why he would -- you know, he's actually been very conciliatory towards putin, one of the world's great thugs so maybe he sees a kindred spirit in him for all i know. >> out of time. appreciate it. democrat candidates going head to head on guns in last night's debate, but will they change anybody's mind? people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner
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donald trump? >> oh, that goes without saying. >> yeah. >> i agree. >> bernie sanders in a preview of tomorrow's "ellen" show and making the most of the post-debate spotlight. 15.3 million people watched that debate last night. among them a man who isn't running yet and that's vice president joe biden. joining me now to talk about that is charles hurt from "the washington times," a columnist there and van jones, a former official in the obama administration. mr. hurt, who won, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, somebody else? >> i think without a doubt hillary clinton won. you know, bernie sanders obviously did very well. he always does well with social media types, and he certainly is probably raised a ton of money last night with all of his sort of avuncular talk and straight talk, but, you know, the fact that nobody laid a glove on hillary clinton and nobody landed a real good punch on her. the fact even bernie sanders kind of folded in his past attacks about the e-mail server,
11:23 pm
you know, all of that means that she was left standing, and i think she acquitted herself actually very, very well. you know, she was left standing without any punches landed. >> you think with joe biden the competition would stiffen up. nobody landed a punch, even bernie sanders. do you think joe biden would have been different if he had been in there? >> i don't know. it's interesting because all the men on the stage seemed to be kind of -- didn't really know how to -- to handle her, and she was fighting back on everything and she attacked everyone. >> bernie sanders has raised a lot of money since that. >> yeah, and that's been the story of his campaign. it's all been small donations, and this kind of platform in front of this many viewers is exactly how he's raised all this money. >> go ahead, van. >> i don't think gender necessarily entered into it. i just think that hillary clinton dominated that debate. i mean, she looked like she was in her living room just taking folks to school.
11:24 pm
it was amazing to see, and i think there are two versions of hillary clinton. there's the version we've seen for the past six months, you know, scripted, armored, defensive, seeming like she had a trampoline in her backyard practicing her flip flops. just who is this person and why are we talking about her and then -- >> wait a minute, a trampoline in her backyard practicing her flip flops, like flipping over? >> her flip flops. flip-flopping on so many different issues, like every time we were covering her it's another flip-flop. got trampoline in her backyard. who is this person. >> okay. >> and then suddenly she comes out and you're like oh, my god. this is the woman that could do it. she was passionate, she was funny and sharp and smart. >> okay. >> don't hurt yourself there, van. >> it's a very good point. i think that the a big reason
11:25 pm
that she did as well as she did, like van said, our expectations based on what we've been seeing over the last couple of months, i mean, i was really expecting it to be a total snoozer and expecting her to come out hard and flinty and -- and not answering questions and not addressing things, but it was very different. >> i do have to say being in the room last night she was very comfortable, probably more comfortable than any of the candidates up on that stage. >> absolutely and her heart was there. the big danger with her should have been overprepared in her heart and underprepared in her heart and we missed something last night. bernie sanders though is on fire. i mean, he has people who have not been excited about anything since 2008 writing checks. i'm hearing from a ton of people -- >> you're right. >> we may be underestimating him, just like we did with trump. may be underestimating. >> also may be underestimating the younger people, too, van as well, the people who helped elect barack obama and gave him money by, you know, dollar, $5,
11:26 pm
$20, you know, the younger voters, but i have to ask you this, van. i want to move on and talk about guns because anderson cooper just 13 minutes into that debate he asked about guns so let's listen to what hillary clinton said. >> secretary clinton, is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all. i think that we have to look at fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. this has gone on too long, and it's time the entire country stood up against the nra. the majority of our country supports background checks, and even majority of gun owners do. >> this has been a soft spot for bernie sanders. hillary clinton came out strong and many times democrats have hesitated to get really tough on guns in their campaigns. is that changing now, do you think? >> i think it is because i think that you just have seen so many funerals and funerals and, i mean, i think that usually the american system, america's government would do something
11:27 pm
and it would pass some bill and pass a resolution. it would do something about all this and yet the nra, now run by the gun manufacturers, not by hunters, but by gun manufacturers, has stopped all bills, even small bills, and so now i think there's a pent-up demand for something to happen. i think hillary clinton is tapping into that. this was a no-go zone for democrats for years, but when you can't even pass a little bill, then sometimes you wind up having a dam break. >> i want to get to charles on this. any hope left for the others on the stage, o'malley, chaffee, webb? >> no, no, no, no. they shouldn't even have been up there. webb i think arrived at wrong debate i think he was supposed to be in a republican debate and linc chafe year, lost the entire time and going back to the guns thing. all of that, it was a smart attack. it was a fierce attack, but the problem is talk about coming off the trampoline, this is the same
11:28 pm
hillary clinton who has in the past said the exact same sorts of things that bernie sanders -- that she was attacking bernie sanders for saying about hunters and guns and things like that. remember in 2008 when -- when president obama made that unfortunate remark about people being bitter and clinging to guns and religion or whatever it was that he said, you know, she launched a vicious broadside on him about that, attacking him to gun owners in places like indiana and west virginia and all these crucial places. what we saw from her last night it was a diametrically opposite what have we've heard her, you know, talking about. >> maybe in her estimation, charles, she's evolved on the issue. >> she's evolved off the trampoline. >> thank you very much. appreciate it, gentlemen. coming up, donald trump's daughter ivanka, will she campaign for her father. she talks about growing up trump in an exclusive interview with our very own poppy harlow. ♪
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she sits down with cnn's poppy harlow in an exclusive interview and opens up about business, the campaign and growing up trump. >> let's begin with this. we're at the "fortune's "most powerful women summit and michael cohen from the trump organization said that the company employs 57% men and 12% women, but there are more female executives than male within the trump organization. how can we see that translate across corporate america so that more women are at upper echelons? >> well, i think it's incredibly important and i think companies who aren't prioritizing ensuring that women are at all levels within the organization and this disproportion of men versus women and gender and equality. anyone who is thinking in those terms and who is not being very proactive to ensure that there are companies being thoughtful about the gender mix is simply going to fall behind so i think it will be a self-selecting thing. i think in ten years from now
11:34 pm
the companies who haven't evolved will not be the companies that they are today, and, you know, i think my -- my father recognized this a long time ago. i wouldn't be the person i am today. i wouldn't have the ambition, the drivers, the passion, the commitment to what it is that i'm doing both for the trump organization and for my own brand if he hadn't encouraged me, emboldened me and given me the confidence that i could do whatever it is that i set my mind to accomplish if i had the vision, the energy, the passion and the work ethic to match. so i think really it's leadership is about action. leadership is about setting an example, and he's very much done that within the context of the trump organization, and that's why, you know, my brothers and i are equally at the same level at highest ranks within the context of that company. >> you started women who work, an initiative you started to
11:35 pm
empower women at all levels to work and to follow their dreams, but pew found that an increasing amount of american women are staying home from 23% in 1999 to 29% in 2000 and some of that is in part due to rising child care costs. >> yeah. >> what's your message in this campaign to those women? >> well, so my campaign is about the fact that women are working at all aspects of their life, and i think there's this tendency to talk about working women, the working woman there's a caricature of what that looks like. we represent 50% of the population and we're all working different things and have different priorities and those priorities change through the course of their lives. my priorities today as a mother two with one on the way are different from what they were ten years ago and likely will be different in ten years from now so i really wanted to create a brand that was celebrating the fact that women are
11:36 pm
multi-dimensional, that we're all working really hard at architecting the lives that we want to live and lives that are consistent with our personal priorities, and i do think there's this unfortunate and prevailing depiction of the working woman as, you know, wearing a black pant suit and being solely focused on her professional role, and that's just not true, and hopefully i can be a small part of changing the narrative around what it looks like to be a woman who works today. and that's the purpose of the campaign. it's not to tell people they should work or they shouldn't work. >> right. >> it's not to push people in a certain direction. it's to celebrate the fact that we're all figuring it out. we're all working very, very hard. i know, for example, i'm more exhausted on a monday morning after a weekend home with the kids. >> yes. >> than i am on a friday afternoon. and i work really hard during the week. >> yeah. >> so it's really about just enabling and supporting women in architecting this ideal life for
11:37 pm
themselves. >> your father points to you telling him that he has been on the campaign trail, quote, really misunderstood on his views about women. he has said some things that have -- about women that have shocked many people, about carly fiorina. he said look at that face. would anyone vote for that, about megyn kelly's questioning of him in the first fox debate he said this was blood coming out of her wherever. ivanka, what was your reaction to that? >> well, i think a lot of the sensationalism around this was orchestrated largely by the media. look, my father is very blunt. he's very direct. he is non-gender specific in his criticism of people, and people that he doesn't particularly like or people that he does like but thinks they are wrong on a particular issue so i don't think that he's gender target the at all. like i said, i wouldn't be the person i am today. i wouldn't be a high level executive within his organization if he felt that way so he's always supported and encouraged women and truthfully
11:38 pm
he's proven that over decades through his employment practices, through his hiring practices. >> what would a president trump do for women in this country? >> he'd be amazing for women in this country. he would be incredible for women in this country. starting to articulate his position. it's not my place to articulate those for him. i'm not part of the campaign. i'm very busy and he's kept me very busy working alongside my brothers and running the organization now that he's taking the step in terms of his efforts to try and make this country great again, as he says, so, you know, i'll leave policy to him. >> yeah. >> but i can speak from my vantage point as a child and also from my vantage point as a colleague and somebody who works for him. he's been an amazing parent. he's given me every opportunity to succeed. he's been loving and supportive. he's pushed me. he's corrected me. he's disciplined me, and i think
11:39 pm
as -- as a parent now myself i appreciate how hard that is more than ever before. when i what is -- was 15 or 16 i was a little less impressed by how tough he was and strict he was with us as children. as a parent now i see just how hard it is to raise children with drive and with passion and with energy who have a well set moral compass, and he very much did that for me in his role as a father, and then as an executive i've seen what an unbelievable leader he is. he's the most formidable negotiator i've ever seen, and i've seen a lot of great negotiators. he is also somebody who really encourages people to achieve at their highest level. he sets very high goals for everyone who works for him and who works with him, but really he helps them raise the bar for
11:40 pm
themselves in terms of what they want to accomplish. >> what are your business goals for ivanka trump as a brand, as the business? >> i have far-reaching goals. i think my goals are less specific and more general now. i want to continue to grow the trump organization footprint throughout world. we have a hotel company, the trump hotel collection, which i'm incredibly proud of, which is now the fastest growing luxury hotel brand. we have many very, very exciting property openings in the year to come here in washington, d.c. with the old post office building, an iconic building right on pennsylvania avenue, in rio de janiero, in vancouver and many, many others in the pipeline for the years to come so i think the opportunity on the hotel side and on the real estate side is huge, and i almost don't want to limit myself by -- by giving a specific goal, but the growth potential there is enormous.
11:41 pm
in terms of my own business i really feel like it's in its infancy, and i'm just getting started. i'm creating product in many categories that has been very well received, that i'm deeply proud of and i'm looking forward to -- to other opportunities in other categories and in international markets to grow that brand. of course, my most important priority, my family, it's growing. >> congratulations. you are five month pregnant. >> i'm five month pregnant with my third. >> congratulations. >> so it's an amazing time and it's an exciting time for me in my personal life as well so i feel incredibly blessed, incredibly fortunate that i'm so happy personally and professionally and i hope that always continues. >> you are very good friends with chelsea clinton and she gave a recent interview and she said, quote, i love ivanka, and she said that both of your parents running against each
11:42 pm
other in a general election has not affected your friendship. how do you navigate that? do you not talk politics? do you talk kids? >> it's not been an issue. i have a great respect for her. she's been a great friend to me. i've been a great friend to her so, you know, the politics of our parents is not relevant to our friendship. >> i asked a lot of the women here at the "fortune" most powerful women summit and i sat down with a group of them at the democratic debate and i know you watched. what did you make of the debate and who do you think would be the most formidable candidate against your father who is leading still in all of the republican polls? >> i thought the debate was excellent. i thought the debate was interesting to watch, so -- so i enjoyed watching. like i said, i'm a business person, not a politician so i'll leave politics to other members of the family, and the many, many people who are involved in -- in the race on both sides. we'll see who emerges. >> ivanka trump, thank you very much.
11:43 pm
>> thank you. poppy harlow is here with me now. say what you want about donald trump and many people say what they want about donald trump, he's raised some really good kids. he told me that you're going to see ivanka out on the campaign trail, but what did she say about that? >> i didn't get that sense. she certainly didn't say i'm hitting the campaign trail. she said, you know, a few times i'm not part of the campaign. i don't set his policy. i'll leave policy to him. interesting he said -- she said my father set my moral compass. that stood out to meet most. >> which is what a good parent does. >> yes, but we -- the last time we saw her, don, really publicly was introducing him back in june when he announced he was running and the haven't seen him since, having a third child, i'm running these businesses. i'm not a politician. i am a businesswoman. i don't know that we're going to see her on the campaign trail. it didn't sound like that to me, but the part about being close friends with chelsea clinton. if you look at polling, if today were the day and the polls bore out, we'd see hillary clinton running against donald trump,
11:44 pm
and my thinking was i don't know that it would affect their close friendship between chelsea and ivanka because these are two women who grew up so in the spotlight of their parents for so long that they formed their own identities separate from their parents so long ago that that would just persist. >> what people don't understand is when you're at that level many times of her parents and even her, it's not personal. this is what they do for a living and this isn't personal. we criticize each other in public. the clintons went to donald trump's wedding, when he married milania, in a way they were friends, somewhat, at least they knew each other but she on message for someone who is not a politician or is not a surrogate. >> and doesn't do a lot of media interviews. certainly, look, she talked about the women who work campaign that she launched and empowering woman and what a trump presidency would look like for women in america. clearly not super eager to talk about political questions because that's not where she's interested right now. i do think her father values her opinion a lot.
11:45 pm
heard him say that before, but not many details on that. >> she's a good businesswoman. >> my goodness. hundreds of millions of dollars in her company in her own right. >> thank you, poppy. good interview. appreciate it. >> thank you. when we come back confederate flag supporters indicted after a confrontation with black party-goers what. real happened, and does it have anything to do with domestic terror? ♪ while you're watching this, i'm hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security. we're ready. are you? real milk vs. almond milk
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11:49 pm
15 confederate flag supporters in georgia indicted on terror charges. the trouble started back in july when the group calling themselves respect the flag allegedly parked their trucks in an empty field in the neighborhood where an african-american family was holding a birthday party. people at the party claim the suspects made threats and yelled racial slurs. part of the confrontation caught on camera. >> hi, have a good day. yeah, we see you, too, baby. we see you, too, baby. that's a threat! that's a threat. stop that truck. that's a threat! stop that truck! that's a threat. >> the district attorney accuses the group of threatening violence against the party-goers with, quote, the purpose of
11:50 pm
terrorizing those individuals so let's discuss this now with richard cohen, the president of the southern poverty law center. geek to you, sir. tell us about the day this all occurred. what happened? >> well, you know, there are a couple of people having a birthday celebration, and, you know, suddenly they are confronted by, you know, these people, pickup trucks, you know, confederate flags and brandishing weapons and yelling racial epithets and, you know, talking about killing people, and, of course, this is all in the backdrop of, you know, of the charleston shooting, and so people there are, you know, quite on edge, quite scared. there are lots of kids around. there was one of those bouncy things that kids play in, and, you know, it was really a very, very, very dangerous situation, a real traumatic situation for the people who were there. >> okay. i want to read this, richard, from melissa alford who couldn't
11:51 pm
be here with us and released this statement and here's what the statement said. she was afraid for her life really. even when i saw the confederate flag i didn't immediately think much of it. there are a lot of people in douglasville who fly that flag but when they started with the threats and all the racist words that's when i began to feel scared and threatened and realized they were hateful people parading around with the confederate flag. this is what terror feels like. they put fear in us that day and four months later i am still scared. i have flashbacks to my youth thinking about what the confederate flag has stood for, so 15 people, richard, were indicted for making terroristic threats and participating in criminal gang activity. does this group warrant being treat that had way? what can you tell us about them? >> say that again, don. i didn't quite understand the end of your question, i'm sorry. >> do they warrant being treated this way as a criminal gang, terrorist gang? >> well, look, i'm not an expert in georgia criminal law, but what i can tell you is that, you
11:52 pm
know, that kind of law has been used in georgia against, you know, black street gangs like the crips and the bloods and i don't see why it can't be used against a white street gang like the people who terrorized our clients. >> levi bush is a man who led this caravan of trucks, accused the party-goers of swarming the vehicles, throwing rocks, threatening the group with weapons. do you know if that happened? >> i know it didn't happen. it was the people with mr. bush who came on to that property. they didn't need to be there. they drove past the property and then turned around and came back and drove across it. you know, they were the ones with tire irons. they were the ones with the long gun. you know, i guess that's what mr. bush has to say to defend himself. >> you have been monitoring what's been going on with the confederate flag since it was taken down in charleston after the church shooting there in charleston. >> yes. >> what have you found?
11:53 pm
>> you know, we have tracked about 300 pro-confederate flag rallies in over 20 states involving more than 25,000 people. most of these demonstrations and rallies have been perfectly peaceful, but what it does tell you is that there's a lot of anger out there. you know, the charleston shooter thought that there was, you know, a racial genocide going on, and he had to, you know, strike a blow for the white race. there's a lot of people in this country, particularly in the deep south, who feel like there's some sort of cultural genocide going on that, when the confederate flag is taken down, you know, something is being destroyed in their culture and there's just a lot of angry people out there like that. >> so the question is, and if they feel that way, why isn't this, i'm not saying that this is right, why isn't this a case of them expressing their first amendment rights to promote the flag and that represents what they feel is them in their
11:54 pm
culture, whether we like it or not? >> well, i think it's fine for them to fly confederate flags, you know, in their home, on their trucks and miss alford understands that well. the problem here isn't that they were flying confederate flags. the problem is they came on to these people's property, shouted racial epithets and brandished weapons and threatened them. you know, you have a right in this country, you know, to fly a confederate flag and have a right to hate people in this country and don't have a right to hurt people and that's why the district attorney indicted them. >> mr. cohen, i want to ask you this because just today a top counterterrorism official warned that domestic hate groups are using social media to spread the message of attacks. how widespread are these groups? >> they are very serious threats. the things that happened in charleston tell us so. what we've seen in our work is a
11:55 pm
migration away from the well-organized formal hate groups to more the lone wolves, people like the charleston shooter and people like many other people who have, you know, killed people in recent years. we've released a report actually before the charleston shooting that showed that in the last five years there had been a lone wolf attack on average of about every 34 days. one last thing i would hike to mention, don. today we had a summit in washington about domestic terrorism, and i was really heartened to hear the justice department official talk about putting more resources into that fight. it's a really positive development. >> richard cohen, president of the southern poverty law center, thank you so much. appreciate you joining us. >> thank you, don. >> when we come right back, breaking news on the condition of former nba star lamar odom found unconscious at a nevada brothel. he is estranged wife khloe kardashian at his side tonight. plus, bernie sanders in beverly hills, how hillary clinton's rival is spending the day after the debate.
11:56 pm
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it's 11:00 p.m. here in new hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking to make the most of their post-debate momentum. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. not to be outdone though donald trump is also out on the campaign trail tonight, and we'll get into all of that. but first i want to begin with this. breaking news. lamar odom fighting for his life tonight. the former nba star and estranged husband of reality tv star khloe kardashian hospitalized in las vegas. his father and two children at his bedside. odom found unresponsive yesterday at the love ranch, a legal brothel about an hour away from las vegas. joining me now is cnn's kyung law and paul vercammen. the sheriff's office health a press conference about lamar odom and what did we learn? >> perhaps most substantial thing that we learned, don, is that he was according to 911
12:01 am
calls is that he was dabling in some sort of substances involving from herbal ones, ones that he may have obtained right there at the ranch, supplements to help with sexual activity. these are something you can buy over the counter, available in many truck stops, but according to a 911 call also some illegal substances. take a listen. >> we have help on the way. >> okay. they just add this to it. they just told me, somebody came up to me and said he apparently had some cocaine on him, that he finished on, he did this on saturday. >> there were a total of four phone calls made from that particular ranch. at one point, don, there was a panic call where the caller urged 911 to please hurry. >> kyung, could lamar odom, the people or ranch who odom was with, could they face any charges? >> in a blanket statement absolutely.
12:02 am
this is early in the investigation. the sheriff's department saying that they are going to look into each one of those possibilities where if this cocaine is actually found to be true, where did it come from. how did he obtain it? where was it? were there other people involved in distributing it or obtaining it? where do these herbal substances come from? did anybody help administer it, so there are a number of questions and, also, was there any delay in calling 911? so these are all things investigators will explore. >> kyung, the sheriff's office had a search warrant to take lamar odom's blood but not not a search warrant for the brothel. is that unusual? >> not necessarily. you're talking about a search warrant taken because of that 911 call. they wanted to find out if there is cocaine actually in his system. that is something that they were able to obtain and those blood tests are not back yet. as far as the brothel itself,
12:03 am
when the first responders arrived there, there wasn't really a crime scene. this just looked like an accident so this is, again, early in the investigation. it's possible that they could return. >> stand by. i want to bring in paul now. what is lamar odom's condition tonight? >> well, right now the hospital is not being very specific at all and know from jesse jackson and others who have been inside this room that is private and lamar is said to be still fighting for his life and on life support. jackson says he's doing better than he was doing yesterday and there's some sort of recognition which was not at all the case yesterday but he said it was a very difficult situation that lamar had tubes and what not so lamar odom is not talking right now from what we understand, don. >> well, we have gotten some indication who was by his side, paul. >> yes, we do. >> khloe by his side constantly, and their divorce is not final so she will make any pertinent medical conditions, us a made out. her father is there and his two children, and then khloe's mom
12:04 am
kris jenner, she went out on social media and hearing from the family and she posted on instagram, pray for lamar odom, #ourfighter. >> she's going to make the decisions about them because their divorce is not finalized. kyung, what more have you learned about this love ranch? when did lamar odom arrive there? >> the from what we understand, according to the manager of the ranch on that particular side, he told us that lamar odom arrived on saturday. we're a little unclear exactly what time on saturday and that he didn't plan on any exit, that he was going to stay there several days, according to the ranch, that his mood was quite upbeat on saturday. on sunday he was a bit more downbeat and then he was, you know, talking with employees, engaging in those legal activities with the employees, and he went to sleep monday night and it was tuesday afternoon that that terrible 911
12:05 am
call happened. >> you know, kyung, because of the reality series and also because of some of the tabloid shows, no secret what he's been dealing with and khloe as well and they have openly talked about their troubles really. how was he doing lately? >> from what we understand, and you pointed out, these are people who are living their lives in the public. it is reality television come to life in every way for this particular event. from what we know he has been struggling. he has been reportedly struggling with drugs for some time. they have certainly worn their difficulties in their marriage very loudly and had some issues with confrontations, verbal confrontations, so it's something that they both have struggled with, but khloe publicly did say she loves this man and plans to be with him and it's certainly indicative today that she went immediately to the hospital. >> interesting they were married first before kim kardashian's wedding and had only known each other for several months, a very short time before they get
12:06 am
married and unfortunately it did end in divorce, divorce not finalized. she is making decisions. thank you both. i want to bring in dennis hoff, the owner of the moon light bunny ranch and love ranch, the legal brothel where odom was found unresponsive. good evening, sir. thank you for joining us. >> good evening, don. >> lamar had been there since saturday. what was his state like at your establishment? >> well, he called on saturday midday and wanted to come out. they called me, and i said, yes, put him in the vip house. we don't charge him anything, but tell him he can't do any drugs in my place. he knows that. we've got a 60-year history, 60 years, don, of zero tolerance. so he agreed to that. went and picked him up in a discreet vehicle at his home in las vegas, brought him to the ranch, settled in and all he wanted to do was have some fun. the staff loved him, a fun guy, entertaining and the girls loved him and generous with the girls, and he was -- had two girls that he was with for a lot of time. had a great time.
12:07 am
he did get a call on sunday afternoon or evening and seemed a little upset about a tv show that he was on with the kardashians and maybe it was a rerun that he didn't like, but he got over it quick. >> what do you mean? what did he say? >> and had a cocktail. >> telling the girls he didn't like it because he's not with her anymore and they were doing things on the show, but it was something that an hour later that he was all wrapped up in and back into having a good time. he just wanted to drop out and have some fun like a lot of celebrities do at my places. >> okay. let me ask you this. was this the first time -- were you familiar with him? had he been there before? >> well, we can't confirm or deny that. >> the reason i ask that is because you said we told him that he can't do any drugs here. why did you say that? >> and that's -- because he's got a history of it. i mean, look at the tabloids, look at all the history that he
12:08 am
has, and everybody knows that my place is zero tolerance so they wanted to remind him and he actually told the girls that, that 911, turning it around what the guy said in the 911. what he told the girls when he got there and he was partying with them, by the way, he was sleeping every night. he was eating everything in the kitchen. he was a healthy guy. people -- typically people who are doing coke aren't sleeping and they are not eating much so he told the girls he had done some coke that saturday before he came and that he didn't bring any and was not going to do any out of respect to me and my business. >> and they said they never witnessed anything like this, right? anything like -- >> they didn't witness anything. >> him using drugs? >> they didn't witness anything. they did witness him taking this herbal supplement. they didn't witness any illegal drugs. my staff, when they went in the room, when the emergency came about, didn't see anything. the police department
12:09 am
investigated the property and didn't see anything. there was no paraphernalia and not to the say that he's not doing drugs because, you know, i got a call from heidi fleiss saying dennis, don't defend him. us drug addicts have ways of hiding things that nobody knows about. could it be possible? absolutely. >> in case you're wondering who heidi fleiss was, back in the '80s and '90s was known as a hollywood madam, right, and has since turned her life around. >> correct. >> wrote a book about it and what have you. so you said quite possibly you think he could have been use and you did not know about? >> well, anything is possible. but we didn't see any signs of it, and we're watching. we're watching everybody to make sure there's not drug usage in our house. >> dennis, that is happened before? have you had to -- what happens if you do? i'm sure you've got people before, and what do you do? >> well, typically a guy talking in a negotiation with a girl saying i would like to give you
12:10 am
some money and would i hike to get high and, of course, the girl is like, no, you need to leave and that's the end of it. and that's -- that's it. he was doing an herbal supplement which is something that makes you go fast and they use it is for -- >> finish your thought. >> the they use it for erectile dysfunction, you can buy it at any gas station or truck stop and most liquor stores and my ranches, and it's an herbal product. >> and you sell it there and never had any issue with anyone else using that? >> never. we've had it since it came out. different brands of it and never seen any problem. now, the girls said that he had -- he had taken eight or ten of them. i don't know whether that means in a short period of time or since saturday when he got there, you know. one of the speculations is he had been doing coke before he got there. he knew he couldn't do it at my place so he start taking these to give him energy to carry on.
12:11 am
it could be that he was just having a good time, you know. everybody's got these speculations and there's unnamed sources. well, i wish these unnamed sources would step forward because the only people that know what's real going on is my staff and my girls and lamar. >> okay. so dennis, authorities are indicating, they indicate that they may be taking another look at your license if it turns out that anything happened in violation of the law. are you concerned about that? >> not at all. i'm not concerned at all. we did nothing wrong. this is no different than somebody doing drugs or doing something wrong in any business. we can't control these people we can't be with them 24 hours a day to watch what they are doing. >> is there anything that you who change about the way that you run your business in the future in light what have happened with lamar odom? >> not at all. my people are educated to look for things, look for drugs, look for people that -- that have some issues.
12:12 am
we're concerned about safety of everyone and lamar was a guest there. he was having a great time and there was no indication there was anything wrong and we'll see >> did you see him during that time after when the paramedics came? >> my staff did. i was up north at the bunny ranch. he was wanting me to come down and hang out with him and i told him i would come down there today and spend a few days with him to celebrate my birthday and have a little birthday party at ranch. >> quickly before i go, how did they say he looked when they took him away? >> he didn't look good at all. a change of color in his skin and he was foaming at mouth. 911 said to put him on his left side. he started regurgitating very heavily. they rushed him out of there in an ambulance and the police went over the scene and looked at all his belongings, took the bottle of cognac that he was drinking as evidence to check it out. got to the hospital in nevada
12:13 am
and the sad part is they wanted to -- they wanted to airlift him to las vegas because he needed -- and he couldn't fit in the helicopter. the thing that made him so famous, his height, caused him to not get proper medical care in the time that he needed it. >> or at least to get to the hospital sooner than he got there. thank you very much, dennis hof is the owner of the brothel. the legal brothel where lamar odom was found unconscious. appreciate it. thank >> you when we come back, dr. drew weighs in on lamar odom's troubled life as the sports world prays for a miracle. >> lamar odom is one of the greatest people that i've ever known and so that's the way i see him, through the prism of choices that he's made. i view him through the heart and soul of the person that he really is so i'm obviously hoping that he can pull through this and that in some fortunate
12:14 am
way that this becomes the beginning of a different ending.
12:15 am
12:16 am
12:17 am
breaking news tonight, lamar odom fighting for his life. the former nba star and estranged husband of reality star khloe kardashian found
12:18 am
unconscious in a nevada brothel yesterday. the sheriff of nye county nevada saying this. >> he was unconscious but breathing. he had blood coming from his nose and his mouth along with a white substance. >> joing me now dr. drew pinsky, internist and addiction host and hello, dr. drew. >> hey, don. >> your first thoughts when you heard what happened to lamar odom at this brothel in las vegas. >> first thought was, a, this is a tragedy. it's a horrible story, but it is a common story. it's well document that had lamar odom has been struggling with substance and addiction since his teenage years. he had it deeply in his family systems and he's never really had any sustained sobriety so somebody with addiction since adolescence and probably poly drug addiction and never really gets sober, never really willing to do the hard work. i don't mean that as a pejorative, his disease won't
12:19 am
allow him to and that's the fatal process and the thought that i had which is another potential death from addiction. >> the i always say this when we talk about people with addiction. all addictions pretty much work the same whether it's cigarettes, food, drug. it's all the the same and we should take the stigma off, but let's take -- >> oh, yeah. >> let's talk about the specifics of this case because the sheriff told us that the 911 caller said he had been using cocaine on saturday, this according to the caller and also drinking cognac. how does that factor into all of this? >> alcohol and cocaine actually creates a novel compound called cocoa ed lean hand more cardio toxic than cocaine alone. you worry that something happened to his heart and you worry that this could have been something like in the central nervous system like a stroke or intracranial bleed which is a common complication from cocaine use and my suspicion and bet, no evidence but my experience based on how this typically goes is someone with long-term crack use
12:20 am
will usually trickle in opiates, commonly called speed ball, done with pills and smoked crack, still effectively the same as a speed ball and that's when people have dangerous dangerous complications. that's when they are found down and found dead. >> we don't know if it's crack cocaine or powder cocaine but your suspicion tells you something else or just your intuition. >> if you're doing cocaine long enough eventually you get to crack because that's a cheaper better way to do it, same thing with heroin or opiates you get to strong forms and by you i mean any addict. that's the way it goes and when somebody is a heavy cocaine user they trickle in opiates and do it with pills. oftentimes they sometimes go to needles and usually pills and those are the people that die. >> let's talk about this herbal viagra has that has been said he had in his system, ten doses of it. >> right. >> the fda issued 20 warnings about these types of supplements. what can you tell us about them? >> the fda warning is mostly about the unknown content of these products and that there's concern there could be something toxic hepatic toxic or cardio toxic. my bet is this has nothing to do
12:21 am
with it. the cocaine and something else used with it is vastly more toxic and it's like rearranging the deck chairs on the "titanic." don't worry about the deck chairs. it's the drugs and the addiction. >> couldn't be transported to the hospital by helicopter and had to be driven for 60 miles is this a significant delay? >> if they had to get a nurse or doctor into the ambulance with him, they can prevent things from getting worse and begin to initiate treatment. certainly they couldn't do some of the more advanced interventions that they would want to do later including dialysis which if he is in kidney failure, common in these situations, and could you prevent things from getting worse so, again, i wouldn't make too much of that ambulance ride except that it certainly didn't help things. >> he's no stranger to the public eye. married to one of the famous kardashian members or the clan. >> yeah.
12:22 am
>> there was a reality show. we've seen the impact of fame on people who have addictions like this, and i'm wondering if that would factor into his problems as well, having that many eyes on him. >> it's not the fame so much. i must tell >> you because fame can be a drug as well. >> that's right, and it's -- people feel shame when they are famous and they are outed with these kinds of problems. they feel stigmatized more than the average person because they are out there in the public but my greater concern is that they have a lot of power and they are insulate from the usual consequences that the rest of us would have from addiction. the most of us have a job, an employer and family we're incumbent upon who will pull us aside and say we're going to lose all this if you don't do something about this. famous people tend to be insulated somewhat with posses
12:23 am
and people around them that aren't willing to the risk that access to that individual by coming to confront them about the problems and so it's not that they are more likely to get addictions but that they are more likely to progress. >> might it prevent him from going to a doctor or he may be afraid that it's made public or doctors will give up some confidence about him. >> it's impossible that. doctor will go to jail for a long period of time and what does happen, celebrities go to doctors that treat them specially and the celebrities who don't want to change things are looking for special treatment and whenever you have special treatment you're getting substandard treatment standard of care is the standard because it's best. we all get the standard of care. if somebody is going around that and getting something and putting somebody else's name on their prescription so they don't have to be scrutinized about what they are doing and anybody like that is already in harm's way and addicts take advantage of that and have the most serious consequences. if someone has addiction likes this, heroin, crack, crack cocaine, heroin, how often can they come off of it and --
12:24 am
>> if somebody is willing to go into a 12-month treatment program the outcomes are very, very good. but part of the disease people are in denial about it. they don't want to do the work they are being told to do and that's how we end up with these kind of situations. i used to work for the nba 15 years ago, 20 years ago, and they had tremendous resources on mental health side for the players. that's why you don't hear about a lot of problems. they treat them and should he recover from this there's a lot of resource available for him. >> dr. drew, thank you so much. up next, hillary clinton versus bernie sanders. who performed the best in the first democratic debate?
12:25 am
12:26 am
12:27 am
12:28 am
it is so great to be here with all of you. did we have a good debate last night? >> that was hillary clinton in las vegas just a little while ago. she dominated the republican debate -- excuse me, the democratic debate, and she is making the most of it on the campaign trail. joining me now is hugh hewitt host of radio's hugh hewitt show and author of "the queen, epic
12:29 am
ambition and hillary clinton and the coming of a second clinton era. it would make news if she dominated the republican debate, hugh. >> yes, it would. >> 15 million people watched this debate, many more than most people expected. what do you think about that? >> well, i think the audience for american politics is always vastly underestimated. american people are sophisticated, interested. they like a good debate. anderson opened with a hardball aimed high and inside for mrs. clinton with will you say anything to get elected and that kept them there, don, and the facebook that you were administering from the back of the room involved lots of younger americans who normally might not watch television and so i think everything came together to produce a huge audience for cnn and a very good performance for mrs. clinton, but i'll say this. it answered one of two questions. first question is does she have the energy and the passion to prepare for a debate in the answer is yes and a lot of democratic party faithful were happy, even though bernie
12:30 am
sanders won the focus groups and bernie sanders won the online donations and the number of twitter followers. a lot of professional inside-the-beltway democrats were happy, but she did not answer the question of what is she going to do a week from today because bernie sanders is not the boss of me and not boss of you and not the boss of the benghazi committee. >> i knew you were going there. >> i am going there because when she said sensitive information was mishandled about edward snowden that's going to come back to haunt her on 22nd because i'm not done with the e-mails. i'm not done with the server. i'm coming back for the next cnn salem debate and coming back for the third cnn salem gop debate and it's on my mind and until i am certain that she's not going to be indicted i think every democrat is not certain she's not going to be indicted. >> let's talk about that moment because that moment with bernie sanders, it really played well in the room, and i think probably across america and the world as people watched it. it may have been a gift to hillary clinton, but do you think it in some way just cut joe biden off at the knees of
12:31 am
trying to get into this race because it took all of the wind out of sails of the other people, the ammunition away for the other democrats in the race who may want to criticize her on something? >> well, let me agree with half of what you said, certainly played well in the room and played well with democrats everywhere who love confirmation bias, and i always resist confirmation bias. i think she's going say the words kevin mccarthy more often than catholics say hail marys in the next couple of months, hearing about kevin mccarthy forever and it doesn't have anything to do with the merits of the benghazi committee so joe biden is on a high board and last night he edged backwards from jumping in, but on october 22nd he might just jump in because she cracked. now she has a history cracking under pressure. she cracked on the night of benghazi. she cracked in the 2008 campaign against the president. she cracked in the first benghazi hearing when she said what difference does it make? so we'll see if hillary cracks again. >> you said she cracked but a
12:32 am
lot of people thought that the that she was being strong and saying, hey, let's move on from here and talk about how we make it better. i think republicans may have seen it as her cracking but others saw it at a strength. >> well, i'll go with numbers. i'm a numbers guy. half the american people, 55% do, not trust her at all on being truthful with them. others are concerned that she made money in inappropriate fashions. i'm mostly concerned, as i said last night in some of the cnn shows in vegas and boy am i glad to be out of vegas, hotter than heck, good work in that heat. oh, my gosh, people do not understand. we were melting out there, but it's really more than the untrustworthy numbers and where did she make her number? how did she botch libya so badly that it's an isis volcano what about syria and iraq, not negotiating a status of forces agreement that lost the peace. what about the russian reset? >> is that all on her or part of the administration, if you do indeed believe that is all on
12:33 am
hillary clinton's hands? >> i definitely do believe it. oh, i believe it, and i believe she was the one who handed lavrov, sergei lavrov, the reset button. now, he knew she was going to hand it to her because her server wasn't secure and the russians, the chinese and the iranians almost certainly knew what she was going to do every day in realtime so there's a certain extent she was headed off at pass every day by anyone with cyber capability but i will say this. she does not get to said medvedev was good and putin was bad or she's proving that she doesn't really know what's going on in russia because putin was running the whole show and medvedev was pretending to be president. so there was a lot last night which i call iceberg moments. >> okay. >> like when john kerry said i was for the war before i was against the war and when he said global tests, there are things like edward snowden compromising sensitive information that will haunt her for a long time. so let them have their false positive, good cheers for her, good energy, but a long way to
12:34 am
go in this campaign >> i want to get this in. this is new and i want you to respond to it as a radio guy. mentioned kevin mccarthy, another house republican, representative richard hanna, reportedly told a radio station that mccarthy was right and that, quote, this may not be politically correct but i think that there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and an individual, hillary clinton. that's a direct quote. what do you make of that? >> happy to respond to that. i think he's completely wrong and out of line. i know mike pompeo, harvard law graduate and i know trey gowdy, elected prosecutor, one of the most ethical men. i don't know sue brooks. know she was a united states attorney meaning was confirmed by congress, pete roscom was one of the most revered and respected members, they are doing this because of the national interest because four americans were killed in benghazi and i do not forget ambassador and i don't have the names in front of them. i don't forget them and i do not
12:35 am
believe for a moment that this committee has anything to do with politics. it's about why were they killed that night and why did hillary clinton fail to have them protected and did she lie to the survivors and widows and when will she tell the truth. >> why are republicans coming out, at least two of them now, saying it was politically motor voted? >> kevin mccarthy did not say it was politically motivate the. manipulated well. i don't know mr. hanna. don't know of him. don't know what district he's from. there's a bell curve of intelligence in every curve. >> the former intelligence officer who spoke with jake tapper as well. >> well, that's a different issue. that's a question of whether or not he was fired for different reasons, but i don't want to conflate two things. mr. hanna, happy to have him on the show and talk to him about it and talk to the whistleblower, i have to read the complaint before i know it's the standard i got fired and let me begin up some reasons i should be paid money or there's a legitimate issue there.
12:36 am
the prosecutors that i just named. had them on many times, especially mike pompeo. they are interested in no dramatics, no theater but a simple question, don, when you get a hillary clinton person on. who exactly went through those e-mails? who exactly? not david kendall, he didn't do it. he's a partner. he hired associates. which ones did they delete and the fact she had classified materials violates 18 ucc 191 and very mysterious dealings with sidney blumenthal seem to be an exact replication of what happened with valerie plame. >> about a minute over. thank you, hugh hewitt. the most talked about moment in last night's debate and what it could mean in the race. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
12:37 am
that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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more than 15 million people watched last night's democratic debate including vice president joe biden who still hasn't decided whether he is going to run. joining me now is democratic strategist hilary rosen whose firm advises democratic candidates and the dnc and i saw her in vegas.
12:41 am
can't believe she's still awake. charles hurt, "washington times "can the columnist and democrat incumbents strange gest angela rye with us as well, former director of the congressional black caucus. so glad to have you here this evening. hilary, you first. talk to me about the bernie and hillary e-mail moment from last night because you heard what hugh hewitt said. it's too soon for democrats to breathe easier on this. is this and benghazi, that hearing coming up, is that still going to be a big issue? >> well, it's a big issue for everybody in some respects but democrats, and people all day have been talking about what a gift bernie sanders gave to hillary when he did that e-mail moment, but, you know, it was actually pretty good for bernie sanders, too, because right now we've got three legs of the obama coalition that these candidates have to compete for. there's, you know, young people. there's people of color and there's women. you know, hillary clinton's got two of those in the lead and bernie sanders has one of them with young people. they have to talk to each other's voters.
12:42 am
they will have to get there and each other's voters back to their sides so bernie sanders did a big favor with hillary clinton supporters last night, and, you know, i think he united democrats in that moment. it was electrifying. >> do you agree, angela? >> i do agree. he also did himself a financial favor. we know now that he's raised $1.3 million as a result of saying the american people don't give a damn about your e-mails so he's done himself a huge favor i would say. >> i think he's raised like $2 million since then, $2 million plus. charles, you called bernie sanders a neanderthal, and you say he should move to sweden and yet he's raised nearly $2 million since this debate, since that moment last night at debate. first off, why is he a neanderthal? >> well, i mean, anybody who calls himself a socialist, i'm sorry, even if you try to cut it by calling it a socialist democrat. do you know how many people have died under socialism in the past 100 years?
12:43 am
a lot of people -- i'm not talking about the people that have gone around murdering people. i'm talking about because it doesn't work so he can dress it up as democratic socialism if he wants to but it still -- he has always defined himself as a socialist. >> i'm not sure you can see angela and hilary's faces but i'll go to angela first and let hilary weigh in. >> the one thing i've been saying all day is i thought it was interesting that he took the definition back into his own hands. he definitely did not define socialism as we all know it, right. bernie sanders created his own definition just like he created his own other moment at that debate so i don't really know why i would call that neanderthal. the one interesting thing i would also say is we know that president obama has been called a socialist throughout the tenure of his presidency and it's never been as endearing it is a has been with grandpa bernie as it's been in this debate. >> hilary rosen, reasons can will talk about how all bernie sanders wants to do is give away taxpayer dollars to people. >> free stuff, free stuff.
12:44 am
>> but here's the thing. you know, donald trump and every single republican nominee is talking about giving away tax breaks to rich people, so you tell me who deserves it more, you know, kids who can't afford to go to college, you know, poor people who can't get health care or rich people needing more tax breaks. it's still the same federal budget. just because one is a spend and one is a tax break. >> i think that's a great idea, hilary, to end all. welfare stuff. that's terrific, and in fact i agree with you. i think we should do it to corporations before we do it to poor people or whatever, but going back to the thing -- >> let hilary finish her thought. >> sanders just has a tough road. i don't think that this country is ready for an actual socialist. on the other hand, people actually like the idea of taking care of the little guy, figuring out how to help the middle class and not 19%.
12:45 am
>> but people, hilary, also wonder -- >> if he can move that forward, he'll be popular. >> people also wonder how he's going to pay for all of that which is a very legitimate question. >> yeah, and hillary clinton called him on that last night. bernie, you're going too far, you know. too far, college affordability and too far on social security, you know, so that -- that's a debate democrats are going to have. we want to win, and we want to be practical and, you know, busting the budget like the republicans are going to do with their tax breaks is not going to be something the american people are going to want. >> a good question last night. do you think that this country could actually, charles, elect a socialist? i know he defines it in his own way but would this country every elect a socialist? >> i kind of have a hard time seeing it happen and going back to the thing that angela talked about and she makes a very good point about president obama, the big difference is president obama would never describe himself as a socialist. >> he's not. >> the or even a socialist, and i'm just saying, just because
12:46 am
other people call him that doesn't mean that the situation with bernie sanders is a step farther, and i do think that it creates a -- a real problem for him in any sort of general election campaign, and even in a primary where smart democrats are going to be like, wait a minute, i don't know if we can take this show on the road beyond, you know, beyond vermont maybe. >> do you think they can do it, angela, beyond vermont? >> sure, really quickly. the most important thing for us to acknowledge is that he is resonating with some aspects of the people, just like those in the republican party who don't want politics as usual. it's very important regardless of who the nominee is to figure out how to put the coalition together and ensure you're talking about things much differently than in the past. we had a very progressive debate last night. >> thank you all. appreciate that. i'll ask it again. can a democratic socialist become president? a democratic congressman says yes to that and next he'll tell
12:47 am
me why. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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bernie sanders kicking his fund-raising efforts into high gear in the wake of his debate performance, attending two beverly hills events tonight and has an endorsement from congressman keith ellison who joins me now. good to see you. how you doing? >> thanks, very good to see you, too. >> you know, you're one of only two congressional endorsements for bernie sanders right now. why did you decide to endorse him on the eve of the first debate, and how do you think he did? >> well, i think he did a good job, and i think he really highlighted the issues that most families have anxiety about, like the bread and but irstuff. how are we going to make our bills? how are we going to retire? how are we going to send our kids to college? he really hit on this issue of needing to turn this economy around for working families, and, you know, the reason i decided to endorse him because he and i have a number of things that we agree on, including, you know, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. he mentioned that in the debate i'm the house sponsor of that legislation he's carrying, but also we both agree that
12:52 am
imprisoning people should be a public function, shouldn't be sublet to the private sector and we have a legislation on that. we also have a piece of legislation that would strip the big oil companies of their public subsidies, and so we think that that's called the end polluter welfare act, so, you know, he and i have a number of things that we really think are important and i'm great to be able to support him, and so that's really where i'm coming down, and i also like, don, what he's doing with his campaign. >> yeah. >> he is reaching out on a grass roots level in a broad-based way. >> i agree with you. i want to talk to you about that. i want to talk about the huge crowds that he's drawing. to the debate quickly and then we'll get to the other things. >> yeah. >> the moment at debate where he said i'm tired of talking about your damn e-mails. do you think that was a gift to hillary clinton? do you think that that was wise because then that kind of takes
12:53 am
the ammunition away from anyone who decides to run against her, be it joe biden or someone else, him as well? >> i think it was genuine and authentic. i think it was class of bernie sanders. he wants to talk about the issues. he wants to talk about how working class people are real taking it on the chin in this increasing inequality and he mentioned, that and i think what he really wants to do is get back to the basics. he's not really looking at it as technically deliver. he's saying what do the american people need and his answer is attention on this economy. not endless, you know, prognosticating on some e-mails, basically emerge the out of a fraudulent select committee on benghazi. >> that he believes is a partisan attack and many democrats believe that so let's talk about this, about the crowds now and the people he's drawing because he's drawing thousands of people, i mean, big crowds. >> yeah.
12:54 am
>> and younger people. is that one of the reasons that you support him is because you think it's time for someone different, someone -- he's not a young man but who has a different attitude that these young people are supporting? >> he has a very youthful spirit. he has a lot of vigor and the answer to your question is yes. the fact is we had a 72-year low in voter participation last election. 36% of americans came out to vote, and we can't abide that in a democratic society and the way that he's campaigning addressing this directly. we need people excited and involved and he's generating that excitement and that's why i'm happy to support him. >> do you think someone can be elected that calls himself a socialist and he does not back away from it. he says i'm a socialist. will americans elect a socialist president?
12:55 am
>> i think americans are going to go to the substance and not just hang on to the labels. at the end of the day people want to know who will help me get a better wage and who will help me make sure that i can have some job stability and security? that's what they want to know. they want to know, you know, am i going to be able to retire? who is going to fight for social security so at end of the day, you know, americans will vote for who are going to fight for the things that they really need and will look past labels. we just went through an election where people said will there ever be a black president and the answer is yes and will there ever be a woman president, well, maybe and certainly hillary clinton is a top contender, so i think when it comes to some of these labels people are going to look past them into the real guts of the issue and i think on that score he's the right man. >> congressman ellison, thank you, a pleasure to have you on. >> thanks, don, take good care. >> all right.
12:56 am
you, too. we'll be right back.
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that is it for us tonight. i'll be back here tomorrow night. "early start" is next. the race for president intensifying. hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaigning late into the night. this week's debate causing a shift now in strategy. is donald trump sexist? his daughter ivanka answers that question in a cnn exclusive. computers crash at airports across the country. what causes delays for thousands and what it means for your plans to fly today. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm alison kosik. it is thursday, october 15th, 4:00 a.m. in the east. we begin with hillary clinton capitalizing on momentum


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