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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 15, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> surprise. >> just thank you. and i love y'all. >> love is what makes the world go round. >> that is so wonderful. and for students. this is a great lesson outside of the classroom. >> remember this before you condemn the whole next generation. as often done. thank you young people were being the good stuff. great story. newsroom starts now. happening now in the newsroom, another benghazi bomb shell. >> a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people. -- an individual, hillary clinton. >> a second gop congressman saying the panel intends to hurt hillary clinton who is set to testify on capitol hill in just days. also -- lines drawn at the donald trump
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rally. >> that's okay. >> clashes in the crowd. but trump stays on message. >> i watched last night as hillary and bernie sanders, they just couldn't give things away fast enough. >> plus brothel employees give new details about what lamar odom was doing before his collapse. >> seemed a little upset about the tv show he was on with the kardashians. >> what we know about his condition this morning? let's talk live in the cnn newsroom. >> and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me this morning. a sobering reality check on america's longest war. president obama announcing his long-promised withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan is now on hold. after so many american lives lost, insurgents there are now stronger than at any time since the post 911 invasion. >> good morning carol. the administration deciding to
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go with a new plan, the very same as the old plan. the status quo in afghanistan. the plan now according to administration officials is to keep current levels of military personnel inside afghanistan at around 9,800. that all the way through 2016. then to reduce down to about half, 5,500. that about the time the president of the united states is leaving office. that is a big change. and almost a reversal from what the administration had hoped. which was about 1,000 u.s. military personnel inside afghanistan around the time the president was leaving. the reasons for this? and there are many. first of all of course the stubbornness of both al qaeda and taliban in afghanistan, as well as the need to continue the train-and-equip program going on in that country. there's also a big concern about emergencies, including of the
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type we saw recently in kunduz where the taliban temporarily took over the city. there is as well that concern. and the possibility that the incoming president might want to have options of his own by keeping that many people inside afghanist afghanistan, it increases options for the incoming president. we expect to hear more from president obama himself some time today to talk a little bit about his plans for afghanistan. >> and when the president addresses the nation, of course we'll carry that live. joe johns live from the white house this morning. a new twist in benghazi investigation that hangs over hillary clinton and her presidential run. just days before she testifies in front of the investigating committee there is a new charge that that committee is politically motivated. and it is coming from another republican lawmaker, congressman richard hanna. here is part of his stunning call to a new york radio show. >> i think that there is a big
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part of this investigation that was designed to go after people, an individual, hillary clinton. and, you know, i think there is also a lot of it that is important that we needed to get to the bottom of this. but this has been the longest investigation, longer than wa r waterga watergate. >> so who is congressman richard hanna and what impact will his comments have? >> reporter: good morning, carol. richard hanna is a new york congressman and the second house republican now to suggest that the benghazi committee was created to take downhillry clint clinton. and house republicans aren't shy about admitting that the benghazi committee is a partisan farce. and here is what clinton said about the committee earlier this
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week at cnn's democratic debate. >> if this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. it is a partisan -- [ applause ] -- vehicle. as committed by the house republican majority leader, mr. mccarthy, to drive down my poll numbers. big surprise. and that is what they have attempted to do. i am still standing. i am happy to be part of this debate. >> and carol, that was before hanna made his comments yesterday. remember about two weeks ago as clinton said in that sound bite, kevin mccarthy the number two republican running for speaker said the republican control committee was responsible for bringing down clinton's poll numbers. he later tried to walk the comments back and blame it as part of the reason he dropped out of the speakers race. but from clinton's perspectives hanna's comments couldn't be better timed. she's scheduled to appear before
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the committee next week and her response well-being framed much more now as republicans attacking the democratic candidate as part of presidential politics. in fact clinton's camp saying she still plans on attending next week's hearing but the inquiry has zero credibility left. so the republican's self inflicted wounds here, carol are very good news for hillary clinton. >> reporting live from washington this morning. thank you. >> major clashes at a trump rally in virginia and it all starts with calls to quote, dump trump. >> which is so important -- that's okay. that's okay. don't worry. that's all right. >> okay. so a little later on this video shows one trump supporter actually spitting in the face of this protester. another heated exchange also caught on camera. this time with an african american woman forced out after
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she started shouting "black power." cnn's athena jones is in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. those are not the kind of pictures you see every day thankfully. but i got to tell you it's not been uncommon to see demonstrations outside of tru trump's events almost from the very moment he launched his camp. the dump trump chant we've been hearing since june. last week i was in iowa and that was briefly interrupted speech by a climate change pretty protester. but the latest protest certainly went further. >> what started as the standard chanting and fanfare for donald trump -- >> that's okay. >> -- quickly turned heated with nearly 20 protesters shouting "dump trump". >> that is why we have freedom of speech folks.
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>> one prettier getting into an altercation with the trump supporter before being escorted out. the protesters against his "a wall will fix it" stance on immigration. >> they just couldn't give things away fast enough. and they are giving them to illegal immigrants. >> trump suggesting hillary clinton and bernie sanders are far too easy on undocumented immigrants. >> they want healthcare for illegal immigrants. they want driver's licenses for them. >> the bill even calling sanders a maniac and a communication. >> i call him a socialist/communication. that -- communist. that is what he is. >> he leads ben carson by double digits in south carolina and nevada in the new cnn cnn orc poll but he and his rival are neck and neck in this fox news poll, at least the third
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national poll in as many weeks to show carson inching closer. >> i kept falling asleep. >> carson making his own snide remarks about tuesday' debate. >> when people come around and start talking about free college and free this and free that. it is not free. and unless you are not very bright you will be able to see what's going on. >> so carson there getting his digs in. meanwhile this other candidate news jeb bush plans to release his numbers, tax return and health record today. so we'll be looking for that. >> athena jones, thank you. the new target of donald trump's bombast, bernie sanders. but bernie sanders is dancing. the audience at ellen cheered as the man opposed to casino capitalism boogied to what else? "disco inferno." ♪
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♪ burn baby burn >> ooh that's some bad dancing. sorry senator sanders. that turn coming as the sanders campaign makes a move of its own. stepping away from bigger events and smaller meet and greets. i'm joined by democrat strategist and cnn commentator and former white house political director. welcome both of you. >> good morning. >> jeffrey, before we talk sanders, i want to talk a little trump. the scuffle at his events. this makes at least the eighth time something like this has happened at that trump event. why does it keep happening? >> this kind of thing happens at political rallies. you know, listening to them say "dump trump." i hate to say this. i'm old enough to remember when leftist protested hubert
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humphrey and they would protest saying dump the hump. this happens to candidates. it will happen to hillary clinton. that is just the way of the world. and frankly it is just free speech. god bless it. >> mickey, do you agree? >> sure everybody has a right to organize and protest. but the way his security detail has handled a lot of this is probably borderline crossing the line. i think he's been forceful and it doesn't look good at all. >> when you get thousands of people together it is more possible for something like that to happen. >> especially with the rhetoric and he's unpoll jettic. >> jeffrey u back to donald trump because he's begun attacking bernie sanders. i was a little confused by that but i want to show you what the trump people put out. let's watch. >> the world is a dangerous place. we need a tough, strong leader.
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and it is not this guy. >> so jeffrey, why is donald trump attacking bernie sanders and not hillary clinton? >> well, you know, first of all bernie sanders is a legit candidate here. i find it really fascinating here, genuinely fascinating that focus groups, fox, cnn i believe as well, with democrats after the debate. while all the pundits were giving the debate to hillary, the focus groups were giving it to bernie sanders. i think in essence what we're seeing here is that she's won people's heads sort of reluctantly. but he's winning their hearts. so this of course puts him right up there. he's an opposition candidate. so donald trump brings it up. so i think you are perfectly legit. this is what candidates do and he's doing it. >> okay. perfectly legit. so i think you are right about that.
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because he's certainly raised a lot of money after his appearance in the first democratic debate. listen to what bernie sanders said. >> we have over 650,000 people who have made individual contributions averaging $30 a piece. [ applause ] just as a result of last night's debate i am told that we have raised $2 million. [ applause ] >> so nomiki put that into perspective for us. >> whether that means now is he's absolutely legitimate candidate. no doubt. he has operations in all of the march first states right now. hea he's setting up radiationitiope all the caucus states here. there is a full operation in place. the campaign is structured. they have press secretary ris on
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the ground. they are ready to go and fight hilla hillary. and i was on the phone earlier today and they were really inspired by the debate and that hillary was talking about the issues that bernie brought up. she was responding to his strategy. his platform. and, you know, and i think that is really what democrats are responding to right now. and why the pundits i think got it wrong. when you look at the substitute ps of the issues bernie sanders laid out the platform on stage and hillary was put in the position where she had to. >> fascinating election season. appreciate it. still to come, increasing violence in israel. but can it be stopped before things really spiral out of control? awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform.
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>> -- the situation continues to escalate. cnn's aaron mcgcglaughlin has me from jerusalem. >> reporter: today there's been in new reportes of lone wolf attack but plenty of fear and apprehensi apprehension. an example of something that unfolded on a train in hifa.
6:20 am
a false alarm. they say there was a group of israeli soldiers on the train. they say they thought they saw someone who looked out suspicious and yelled terrorist. and another soldier opened fire shooting his gun. the train stopped just before are reaching the main train station. the train was searched after everyone got off and they found absolutely nothing. it is an example of how people here are on edge. keep in mind yesterday there were two attacks. one outside the damascus gate entrance to the old city. the other outside a central bus station in jerusalem. in both cases the palestinian men, suspects, tried to stab people. and in both cases forces shot them dead in public. three israelis were injured in those attacks and people here are unnerved. and this is happening despite increased security presence, thousands of additional police out on the streets, check points that have been established and
6:21 am
predominantly arab neighborhoods in east jerusalem. israelis say they are scared. but so do palestinians. some worried about what could happen if they for example move to du get their cell phone and are mistaken for something else. people bracing for what's next. >> live from jerusalem. thank you. so why exactly is this happening both sides are pointing the long fi finger of blame. palestine accusing them of executing anybody without the possible of trial. and israel accusing them of inciting more violence. good morning. >> thanks for having me, carol. >> thank you for being here. why is this happening now? >> well, you know, in your
6:22 am
introduction to this you mentioned that seven israelis have been killed since october 1st. i think it is also important to note that in the same period of time 30 palestinians have been killed. around 17 of them in the course of demonstrating against israeli occupation. some 1300 and more have been injured by israeli fire and 600 have been arrested. these heavy-handed tactics israel is using in response unfortunately only reinforces the very reasons that palestinian discontent exists. and that is the inequality and violence. really systematic violence of the israeli occupation which has persisted now in the occupied territories for nearly half a century. and the reason this has escalated most recently is because of israeli policies in the epicenter of this issue. and that is in jerusalem, particularly around the holy sites as there are continued
6:23 am
call for an increased jewish presence, jewish religious presence literally in the spot where the noble sanctuary is. and a -- >> but still, is there any excuse for stabbings of random people, unarmed people simply walking down the street? >> no of course not. but if we reduced the conversation to that it would be like reducing the conversation around rice riots in the united states simply to condemnations on attacks on store owners without the underlying cause. i think we understand that here in the united states that there are more to these issues just in these random acts of violence. we have to rook at what's happening underneath, the system of e inequality, and oppression. >> these attacks appear to have a no political agenda. supposedly they are being organized on social media. doesn't that also point to the idea that people in the palestinian territories are
6:24 am
not -- are not satisfied with their own government, as in the palestinian authority. because what's it done for them lately. >> >> of course palestinians are not satisfied with their own government. and unfortunately a lot of that has to do with the fact that the government, the palestinian authority has staked its reputation on negotiations with israel that have only resulted not in the promise and sovereignty of a palestinian state but the deepening of occupation and expansion of settlements. so at a time when the israelis really need the palestinian authority to have some sort of legitimacy with the palestinian people, they found out that their very own policies have undercut that legitimacy. and the young people in the streets who are frustrated by israeli occupation and don't see any end to it are not going to be listening to leaders which have been rendered ineffective. >> is that why abbas didn't come out and condemn the violence? because he isn't doing that. the israelis accuse him of ratcheting up things.
6:25 am
>> of course the israelis are going to do accuse him of that. because it is very difficult for them to accept any responsibility for the situation. >> but he didn't condemn the violence. >> look, if you are a palestinian leader who is seeing all of the violence against your own people and you come out and you condemn violence against israelis when there is no israeli condemnation of the systematic violence that is inherent in occupation, you are only further delegitimatizing yourself. so this is a two-way street. the reality is that theuatisitun the ground is devastating for palestinians and has been for decades. and to expect the palestinian leader who's been completely undercut by israelis and by washington in fact because of the failure of these negotiations is really probably not the smartest way to approach things. >> my last question and it is a scary proposition. could the dissatisfaction out there among palestinian youth
6:26 am
with their own government, could it force the collapse of the palestinian authority? >> i think things have been headed in that direction for some time. you have to remember that the very reason for being for the palestinian authority was to transition the occupied palestinian territories into an independent sovereign palestinian state. but as we've had 20 years now or more of negotiations towards that end and nothing but a deepening of the occupation and expansion of settlements and no progress towards that state, the very reason for being for a palestinian authority is being under cut. palestinians see a palestinian authority as being essentially a subcontractor for the israeli occupation. that is not the way to run a legitimate government that is going to transition to a state. so the bigger picture here is that until there is palestinian independence, until there is an end to the denial of palestinian rights you are going to see an escalation of violence.
6:27 am
sometimes more, sometimes less. but if there is a system of violence called occupation these kind of palestinian violence are also going to exist. still to come. new details about la mmar odom the hours before he was rushed to the hospital. st might be the. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
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the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. new details about how former nba star lamar odom ended up on life support. source telling cnn his estranged wife khloe kardashian is at his bedside and making medical
6:32 am
decisions. after finding him at the nevada brothel unconscious in his room. >> hurry plus because he's got blood coming out his nose. white stuff out of his mouth and can't get him to wake up. he's almost not breathing. >> okay. is he conscious? >> excuse me? >> is he conscious? >> no. >> cnn is outside the hospital in las vegas with more. good morning paul. >> reporter: good morning. hospital saying very little but people who have visited lamar odom saying he is still on the ventilator. as you pointed out. life support. he is not talking. lamar odom fighting for his life. interesting to hear that dennis hoff, a reality start in his own light revealed lamar odom has been taking sexual performance enhancing pills and taking quite a lot of them. let's listen. >> the girls said he had taken
6:33 am
eight or ten of them. i don't know whether that means in a short period of time or since saturday when he got there. one of the speculations is he had been doing coke before he got there. he knew he couldn't do it at my place so he started taking these to give him the energy to carry on. it could be that he was just having a good time. >> you heard hof. the sheriff also hearing that witnesses suggested he was doing cocaine. they were able to obtain a blood sample. tests not expected out for tloot three weeks or so. >> reporting live from las vegas. thank you. checking some other top stors for you. at 33 past, u.s. customs and border protection spokesman says there is no indication yesterday's technology glitch was malicious in nature. the temporary outage lasted about 90 minutes making for lengthy lines at airports.
6:34 am
officers had to process international travelers using alternative procedures until systems were back on line. only five more days of the prison for convicted killer oscar pistorius. he will be released to house arrest on october 20th. the paralympic gold medalist has been behind bars for one year after he was convicted of the shooting death of his girlfriend in 2013. pistorius claimed he thought she was an intruder. and president obama will indeed announce his decision to keep troop levels the same in afghanistan for 2016. that will happen at 11:00 a.m. eastern. of course we'll have it live right here on cnn. still to come in the newsroom, walmart predicts profits will go down as wages go up. now will one of sanders' top issues take a hit too? t for 24 months. thanks to the tools and help at,
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stocks take a hit. walmart's woes are troubling because they call into question whether paying your employees more is really good for business. a plan to invest 1.5 billion in company training and pay raises will hurt future income. but walmart remains optimistic. yesterday the ceo argued the company may be hurting for now. but the customer is getting a better experience with a better paid employee. >> we're seeing traffic go up. customer service scores are going up. we've taken our clean, fast and friendly score at the beginning
6:40 am
of the year from 17% favorable with customers to 67% now and it is because our associates are buying in. they are doing a better job of running our stores and supporting customers and that is a good investment. >> with me now is financial expert monica meta and christine romans. welcome both of you. what exactly is that ceo saying? he's saying they are making an investment now so shoppers come and keep spending more money they are getting brisk competition from amazon. target gearing towards m millennial. so you are seeing walmart spending a lot of money to pay workers more but also to focus on workers at the front end of the store that the customer is going to be close to and interact with so you will want to keep going back. >> let's simplify for a moment. so are higher wages for
6:41 am
employees effecting walmart's bottom line horribly? >> yes. but that is not the key part of the story here. the key part for walmart is they are having an identity crisis. they don't know who they are almost. the brand is a little stale. i think of britney spears in a parking lot. and they are short of ideas. you have a company saying we're paying our employees too much. hurting the bottom line but at the same time they are doing a $20 million stock buy back. when you have enough to do that you are short of ideas how to really rejuvenate your business. >> when politicians like bernie sanders for example say the federal minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour. people will look at walmart despite what you have said and say this is hurting business. >> and you will hear it all the time even from people supporting him. if he wants to raise the minimum
6:42 am
wage i'm going to have to fire a couple of workers. so they like bernie sanders but maybe not o on that issue. the when you raise wages, you lift some people out of poverty but you might put other people out of work. it is a complicated tradeoff. but i think the political winds are blowing in this country that the wages are going to rise and companies are getting out ahead of it also because they want to retain their good workers. gap did this a year ago and you started to see other retailers employees jumping to gap. so if you want to retain employees you have to pay up. >> maybe the winds are changing because the republican candidate for president.
6:43 am
>> i'm going agree with bernie sanders and donald trump in the same breadth. we do need to raise wages. it needs to happen to counterbalance the influence from wall street. the quarterly earnings, there is so much pressure to companies to just guide their business for the earnings. be efficient, do cost-cutting, layoffs. but at the same time token i think raising wages is just a band aid. >> yeah. >> the real solution in the long run is we need to. [ inaudible ] nor is it fair when the counterparty is manipulating currency and subsidizing exporters in their own country. >> -- he's saying create jobs that pay better. and you have heard this a lot from the right. okay we need stem jobs. science, technology, engineering math. we don't node raise wages for
6:44 am
low scale jobs we need to to be creating jobs that the market demands they pay more. and i think you are starting to see that a little more. there are hiring wars for people in science, technology engineering and math. >> thanks so much. interesting conversation. still to come in the newsroom a spiritual counseling session turns deadly at the new york church. what happened inside those walls? we're struggling.
6:45 am
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two teenage brothers are beaten during a church
6:49 am
counseling session, forced to confess their sins. now one is dead and the other is fighting for his life. is so called spiritual beating happened during a sunday night service in a christian church in hartford new york. police say those responsible for the boy's death are their own parents. cnn national correspondent jason carroll is live to tell us more. >> reporter: well carol, certainly a number of people in this community feel as though that church was in fact a colt. but police are not calling it a colt. but they do say what took place inside that church was horrific. >> it happened in what was supposed to be a house of worship. this former school building in new hartford new york now home to a church with a small
6:50 am
following called "the word of life church." two young members were brought to the sanctuary for a counseling session to discuss their spiritual state. 19-year-old lucas leonard and his 17-year-old brother christopher. >> the session turned physical. both brothers were continually ask for forgiveness. >> no word on what their alleged sins were but the 19-year-old was beaten so badly, police say members of the church brought him to a hospital where he later died. his 17-year-old brother remains in serious condition. their parents, bruce and deborah leonard, were arrested and charged with first degree manslaughter. both pleaded not guilty. four other church members were also arrested including the brother's sister, sarah ferguson. they also pleaded not guilty. the beatings have prompted questions about the church and
6:51 am
its members. >> we would have never in a million years guessed anything was going on or wrong or there was -- before the troopers or anything were here. >> reporter: a former word of life church member who asked not to be identified tells cnn it was founded in 1984. it's made up of about five families and has approximately 35 members. their teachings are accurate to the bible. that former member also says it some long-time neighbors aren't so sure. >> they were very loud and very disruptive. >> reporter: father abraham esper is a pastor of a church located next door. he says he would often complain about sounds of drums being beaten by word of life members at night. at any point were there any theological discussions with anyone about what their beliefs are? >> none at all. i really believe this is not a main line christian church. a main line christian church would offer hospitality to
6:52 am
everyone and everybody would feel welcome, and they would point to the reality of jesus christ which means to serve, to be open, to be present to others. >> reporter: i also spoke to police this morning about their investigation. they say they will continue to interview former church members, they will interview family members as well. they also want to speak to christopher leonard again, the 17-year-old. he is in serious condition this morning. but carol, he is talking. carol? >> jason carroll reporting live this morning. still to come, a sit-in gets protesters kicked out. the message they had for baltimore leaders when they stormed city hall. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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6:56 am
the department of justice
6:57 am
and the fbi are investigating daily sports sites. they have been contacting draft king customers. the screwed any after a draft king employer had access information. he won $350,000 in a contest with fan duel. no justice! >> no police! >> no race! >> no police! 12 people are in jail after the city hall interenthall. the group of mostly student activists say they were not given a chance to voice their opinion during city council meeting. the family of the family members of "el faro" are suing the company and captain for $150 million. they argue the "el faro" wasn't
6:58 am
sea-worthy saying the company was too consumed with profits. it was presumed sunk during hurricane joaquin. toyota plans to eliminate all cars by 2050. they plan to stick with hybrids and fuel cells. the move comes during a time when the auto company is under scrutiny. guess what. mike roe returns to cnn monday night with another episode of "somebody's got to do is it," hoping to save the embattled prairie dog. >> that's a baby prairie dog. this is one of our orphans. i'm going to go ahead and admit it, he's cute. >> mung have you been working with linda? >> three, four years now.
6:59 am
>> what brought you to this particular facility? >> i've been fighting for most of my adult life to get prairie adult dogs to state protected land. >> why? >> because they're running out of habitat. they're such a keystone species. >> what does that moon? >> without prairie dogs you can't have a healthy prairie. >> that's true. a healthy prairie dog habitat benefits the survival of 150 other species. >> can you tell what will happen to you today? >> we'll locate habitat, this state park. >> we have prairie dogs in the back of the pickup. we have to first building a prairie dog town. you can't just throw them in the middle of the widerness. let's build a prairie dog town. >> watch this entire episode
7:00 am
sunday, 10:00 p.m. right here on cnn. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. a sobering reality on america's longest war. at the top of the hour, president obama will announce his long promised withdrawal of troops from afghanistan is on hold. after so many american lives lost, insurgents are stronger than any time since the post-9/11 invasion. joe jones with more. >> reporter: good morning. expecting to see the president of the united states, barack obama, in the roosevelt room around 11:00 eastern time today. expected to be accompanied by the vice president or secretary of defense or both. and he's going to be talking about the status quo in afghanistan and how the united states is going to maintain
7:01 am
that. essentially announcing a new plan as same as the old plan for afghanistan. that would include keeping the current level of military personnel in afghanistan right around 9800 people through 2016. taking this down, this is the important part, to about 5500 in 017 when the president leaves office. that's a big change from some initial plans which were to decrease if to about 1,000 military personnel, enough to keep security although embassies there. the reason for this, among them, the stubbornness of the taliban as well as al qaeda in afghanistan concerns essentially about emergencies occurring there in the country like the type of thing we've seen over the last couple weeks. as well as trying to maintain the training for individuals with the afghan national
7:02 am
security forces. expecting to hear from the president at the top of the hour to talk about this and all of his reasons. a pretty big reversal for the white house on afghanistan, carol. >> i'd say that's an understatement. joe jonhns, thank you. is i want to give you a sense of the escalating violence. late last week israeli police killed two that stabbed those near the gates. old city. one attacker just 16 years old. then over the next two days, palestinian protesters clashed with police in beth thle ett be. israeli officers were shooting, killing a man in combat fatigues who lunged at them in knives. the latest incident involved a
7:03 am
72-year-old woman stabbed at a bus station in jerusalem. police shot dead the attacker. meantime, according to palestinian health ministry, at least 30 palestinians have been killed since this upsurge of violence. erin live in jerusalem to tell us more. >> reporter: there's a real sense of fear and apprehension here in jerusalem. people are terrified. both palestinians and ris reallies. an example of that anxiety is an incident that happened on board a train to israel this morning. a group of soldiers thought they saw something suspicious and they yelled out on the train "terrorists" and one of the soldiers open fire, shooting once into the air. now, the train came to a stop. people got off. they searched the entire train. they didn't find anything.
7:04 am
it i willustrates the apprehens and anxiety people are feeling. after all, yesterday, there were two separate incidents. one near the damascus gate entrance to the other city and the other at a bus station in jerusalem. in both cases, jerusalem forces shot israeli suspects and killed them. there were at least three israeli suspects wounded in those attacks. that despite this range of security measures israeli officials have introduced. thousands of police out on the streets in jerusalem and cities across israel. they have also introduced more israeli security guards to guard public transportation networks and they have also introduced checkpoints in predominantly arab neighborhoods in east jerusalem. so far, that's not seeming to have stopped the violence and people say they're scared.
7:05 am
>> thank you. a strained and strange relationship between united states and russia becomes even more strained and strange. early this morning russian foreign ministmum complained united states refused to talk about strategy in syria. vladim vladimir putin -- hours later russia said there was movement between the united states and the putin reg each, so what gives? cnn jim sciutto is here to decide. what gives? >> strained and strange for sure. here's the thing, they agree on -- they're making progress on the small issue and that is, deacon flikting in the air space over syria. that's a necessity. they know they're warplanes were
7:06 am
close. there was a colleagues call one. on the big picture issue, there is deep, deep disagreement. the u.s. did not, frankly, believe russia is there to take out isis targets. they believe russia is there to prop up the regime of ba shasha assad. they have a major disagreement on the big picture issue. that's the real challenge going forward. they are making progress on not shooting at each other in the skies but on the big picture they disagree and you hear vladimir putin taking a swipe at president obama for not having strategy in syria. >> interesting. so, israel and russia is now needing to coordinate air sfriks over syria. is that a good thing? >> it's, again, a necessary thing because you have a lot of war plans in that air space
7:07 am
right now with the russians, the u.s. coalition and israelis have occasionally acknowledged they have taken out targets inside syria, for instance, weapons convoys going to hezbollah which has been fighting on the ground protecting bashar al assad. whether that goes into coordination where they're helping pick targets, that's another story, but have you so many planesed in air right now, carol, there's real concern someone gets involved with someone else. that could end very badly. that's a real danger. >> let's focus on russia and donald trump, who seems to be walking back comments to msnbc about who was responsible for bringing down mh-317. listen to what trump sdth said before and after. >> they say it wasn't them, it may be their weapon. they didn't use it, they didn't
7:08 am
fire it. to be honest with you, you'll probably never know for sure 37 it was probably russia. it was probably people involved on the pro-russia side. >> i think some people might be worried you're defending russia when you say there's no way -- >> i'm not defending russia. i think it's despicable, horrible, but they deny it. but they don't say where it came from. i'm sure some reports will be done. right now, russia is totally denying is it. >> so, is what donald trump saying true? >> not in the view of u.s. intelligence, not in the view of dutch intelligence investigation. i spoke with dutch determination, they determined within hours of the mh-17 strike it was a russian strike fired within eastern ukraine. they have a lot of satellites, a lot of looking at that and
7:09 am
establishing that. more than a year later you have the dutch come out with their own investigation saying so. so, for donald trump to say, well, you'll never know foresure, not only runs countricountry countrier -- con temporary to the u.s. investigation and the russian government has thrown out competing theories. they say the missile was too old and may have been fired from ukrainian territory. the u.s. says it has a lot of intelligence to establish the opposite. it's an interesting position for the leading republican presidential candidate to take to run counter to two major investigations here and seem to be defending the position of the russian government, where the u.s. believes russia is responsible for taking down a passenger jet over europe. it's a very surprising, shall we say, space for donald trump to walk into, to wade into here. >> all right.
7:10 am
thank you, jim sciutto. still to come in the "newsroom," designed to go after hillary clinton. that's what another republican congressman is saying about the benghazi investigation. marie callender knows that any occasion feel more special. that's why she make her golden, flaky crust from scratch, tosses in handfuls of fresh fuji apples and sprinkles on just the right amount of brown sugar streusel. ♪ so that you can spend more time making special moments with your family. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. a new twist in the benghazi investigation that hangs over hillary clinton and her presidential run. just days before she testifies in front of a house committee, a new charge that the benghazi investigation is politically motivated. and it's coming from another
7:15 am
republican lawmaker, congressman rich charred hannah. hears part of his stunning phone call into a new york radio show. >> i think there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people. an individual, hillary clinton. and, you know, i think there's also a lot of it that's important that we needed to get to the bottom of this. but this has been the longest investigation, longer than watergate. >> with me now michael warren, a writer for "the weekly standard" and michael, and host of b.e.t. news. welcome, gentlemen. so, michael, this continues to get more and more interesting. so, what impact will this have tuesday when hillary clinton sits down to testify? >> well, rich charred hanna is not on the benghazi committee. and he's not citing anything like speaker bonier or the
7:16 am
chairman of the committee, trey goud gowdy, it sounds like an opinion. it's an inconvenient opinion for republicans. i think in the short term this is hurting republicans in their investigation. >> an inconvenient opinion for republicans? >> yes. i'm saying, the politics of it are bad for republicans in the short term. i would say for the long term, the facts are bad for hillary clinton. no matter what rich shard ha-- richard hanna says. clinton had a server as state department -- as the head of the state department that was unsecured, had classified information passing through it. the fbi is investigating whether any wrongdoing is taking place. any short-term political problems facing this committee don't outweigh the long-term political problems for hillary clinton. >> i will say this, hillary
7:17 am
clinton, she'll sit down to testify and some of the things she said about libya were kind of strange because, for example, clinton said u.s. efforts in libya were a success. how can you say that when libya is in chaos right now? when she sits down to testify, won't republicans bring that up and isn't that a question to ask? >> that's a different question to ask. i think it was a bizarre comment to make. complete stabilization of the region was not the entire goal of the u.s. it's not entirely wrong for hillary clinton to say that. it was awkward and odd because, wait a minute, the politician was not politicianed here. this is hoping benghazi doesn't get brought back up by having the conversation. hillary clinton has a long-term problem because the fbi is investigating and the server. the server raises ethical questions about hillary clinton and this looks bad, legal or
7:18 am
not, makes >> larry: hk look untrust won'ty. it doesn't mean she want becan' this. the fact like kevin mccarthy and richard hanna say this is bipartisan, hides the fact -- people aren't talking about the republican party. this is a witch hunt. as when we see -- not be deposed but interviewed in a closed session, there's more about -- >> i'm glad you brought up human ma aberdeen because she is going to testify hijd clobehind close. she's a lightning rod on the republican side. she's married to anthony weiner. i'll let donald trump explain. >> who is uma married to? one of the great sleaze bags of our time.
7:19 am
anthony weiner. did you know that? she's married to anthony weiner. you know, the little bing, binge, bing -- i love you very much. >> okay. so, michael, i mean, she may have vital information, but when you hear things like that, some voters might think, why are they dragging her up to capitol hill? really? >> it's hillary clinton's right hand man. it would be ludicrous not to bring her. what this entire investigation has revealed, there were shadowy things going on at the state department when hillary clinton was running the state department. i think that's a real problem ultimately. i think it has long-term implications even if there's not a -- there's not something at the end of this where we find hillary clinton -- there was some smoking gun or something
7:20 am
like that. look at what has happened to her poll numbers since this information has come out. this sort of untrustworthiness numbers have gone up, her honesty numbers have gone up. this is a problem in the general election. again, republicans will look partisan, the clinton campaign is going to push this out but the facts are sort of indisputable in this and that's something the investigation -- >> i don't know that you can say the facts are indisputable. she had a server, that she -- >> that's true. but the hearing is on benghazi. >> it is a fact hillary clinton owns a computer, yes. it is a fact hillary clinton has internet access, yes. it's even a fact she had a private account. but to suggest somehow those facts are insurmountable in a political campaign is absurd to me. if the facts held out she did and illegal, there was some smoking gun, some grand lie concocted, i agree with you. hillary clinton deserves to be questioned, but there's no
7:21 am
smoking gun here. i don't think this is something she can't manage. the facts on benghazi are far from clear and far from self-evident. we need to play this out. at some point we need to shut this committee down. high-ranking republicans and state officials have said, who is republican and conservative, and who doesn't like hillary clinton, they have said this is partisan, this is not about hillary clinton. this is fact-finding. >> thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," a former nba star in a coma in a nevada hospital. we'll talk to someone who was at lamar odom's bedside. reverend jesse jackson, next. inthe mid-size van, from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability.
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we're learning more detail this is morning about the circumstances that put former nba star lamar odom on life support in a las vegas hospital. odom was rushed to a hospital
7:26 am
from a nevada brothel after he was found unresponsive. blood tests are not expected but brothel workers sigh he was taking cocaine and using herbal substances. >> they need to hurry, please, because he's got blood coming out of his nose, white stuff coming out of his mouth. they can't get him to wake up. he's like almost not breathing. >> is he conscious? >> no. >> the reverend jesse jackson visited odom at the hospital. he joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> can you tell us about your visit to the hospital? >> well, now there's a medical fight and there is a faith fight. medically, he's in a very tough situation. it's very sad to see, poetry in motion on the ball court, lakers versus bulls, but now fighting
7:27 am
for his life, a different kind of fight. it's sad. khloe was there. his friends and we joined hands, lending faith to our own understanding. he's a very sick man. >> he is a very sick man. and in many ways he's had a sad life. >> well, it's been a tough journey for him. i must say the good news of the family of kobe -- kobe bryant immediately rushed to the hospital and spend time with him the night before last. that was good. now you're calling upon people who care to offer their love. he's in a real struggle. i think the doctors are doing their task. you know, we fall down and we try to get back up again. and we hope that mercy and grace will be extended so he can get up again. >> there are some people who say that his taking part in that reality show and the end of his relationship with the kardashians affected him deeply.
7:28 am
>> i can't speak to that. all i can really speak to is the fact is he's really sick, he needs lots of help and whatever led him to that point, god has our way of getting our attention. but he's down now. and let's lift him up. the ground is no place for a champion. let's reach within that championship spirit to fight back. he's fighting for his life. all that really matters now is the fight for his life and pray that god will spare him or let god's will be done. >> reverend jesse simprjackson,k you for joining me this morning. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. in just about half an hour, president obama will speak about afghanistan and his spepending decision to allow a substantial number of american troops to stay in that country. he'll tell the country why in
7:29 am
half an hour. we'll hear president obama's remarks live. in other news, the justice department is issuing a chilling word of caution to americans. worry less about isis and more about the terrorists who live in our midst. the feds say homegrown hate groups now loom as the bigger threat to your safety and they're creating a new unit to target them. evan perez is cnn's justice correspondent joining us live from washington to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is actually should worry people across the country. here in washington and new york and los angeles, the big cities, a lot of people pay attention more when they hear threats from isis but in the vast majority of americans, vast majority of americans, the real threat really comes from these domestic groups. people like dylann roof who carried out the massacre at the church, so the justice department is trying to respond to this because a lot of people don't realize, there's no domestic terror law, per se.
7:30 am
there's laws to deal with international terrorism but domestic terrorism, they have to be a little more creative in how they attack that and how john carlin, assistant attorney general for national security, spoke about that yesterday here in washington. let's hear what he had to say. >> we recognize at least to one study, more people have died in this country by extremists than those in by international terrorist groups in the last five or six years. the white supremacists are among those moss violence. the charleston shooter who had a manifesto laeing out separatist community is among those. >> we talk about isis because of the social media threat and the spectacular types of attacks that could come from international terrorism, a lot of these domestic terrorists are under the radar.
7:31 am
people don't notice them. people don't talk about it. that's what the justice department is trying to raise alert about. >> all right. adam perez reporting live from washington. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump's comments about carly fiorina and other women landed him in hot water. what does his water, ivanka trump have to say about it? lps s and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. salt. pepper.
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7:36 am
imp what trump was like as a father. >> i think it's incredibly important. i think companies who aren't prioritizing, ensuring that women are at all levels within the organization and that this disproportion of men versus women and gender inequality, you know, anyone who is thinking in those terms and who's not being very proactive to ensure there are company is being thoughtful about gender inequality is a selective thing. i think ten years from now, the companies that have not evolved will not be the companies they are today. i think my father recognized this a long time ago. i wouldn't be the person i am today. i wouldn't have the ambition, the drive, the passion, the commitment to what it is i'm doing both for the trump organization and for my own brand if he hadn't encouraged
7:37 am
me, emboldened me, given me the confidence that i could do whatever it is i set my mind to accomplishfy had the vision, the energy, the passion and the work ethic to match. >> you started women who work, a initiative you started to empower women at all levels to work and to follow their dreams. but pugh found an increasing amount of american women are staying home from 23% in 1999 to 29% in 2000. some is due in part to rising child care costs. what is your message in this campaign to those women? >> my campaign is about the fact that women are working at all aspects of their life. i really wanted to create a brand that was celebrating the fact that women are multidimensional. we're all busy working the lives we want to live and consistent with our personal priorities. i think there is this unfortunate and prevailing depiction of the working woman as, you know, wearing a black
7:38 am
pant suit and being solely focused on her professional role. and that's just not true. and ps hope left field i can be a small part of changing the narrative of what a woman works like looks today. that's part of the campaign. >> your father points to you telling him that he has been on the campaign trail, quote, really misunderstood about women. he has said some things about women that have shocked people. about carly fiorina, he said, look at that face, would anyone vote about that, about megyn kelly's questioning him, saying there was blood coming out of her wherever. what was your reaction to that? >> well, i think a lot of the sensationalism was orchestrated by the media. my father is blunt, direct. he's not gender-specific of his criticism of people and people
7:39 am
that he doesn't particularly like or people that he does like but thinks they're wrong on a particular issue. i don't think he's gender-targeted at all. like i said, i wouldn't be the person i am today, i wouldn't be a high -- a high-level executive within his organization if he felt that way. so, he's always supported and encouraged women. and truthfully, he's proven that over decades, clue his hiring practices. >> what would president trump do for women in this country? >> he'd be amazing for women in this country. he would be incredible for women in this country. he's starting to articulate his position. it's not my place to articulate those for him. i'm very busy and he's kept me very busy working alongside my brothers and running the organization now that he's taking this step in terms of his efforts to try and make this country great again, as he says.
7:40 am
so, you know, i'll leave policy to him, but i can speak from my vantage point as a child and also from my vantage point as a colleague and someone who works for him. he's been an amazing parent. he's given me every opportunity to succeed. he's been loving and supportedtive. he's pushed me, he's corrected me, he's disciplined me and as a parent myself i appreciate how hard that is more than ever before. >> poply par low poppy joins me. she spoke and said, it is complicated. that's a complicated question. she said, i'm proud of him but it's a difficult thing to do. yes, she and her siblings have grown up in the spotlight their entire life but this is a very different spotlight.
7:41 am
this is the first we've heard from her since he announced his candidacy back? june. >> she said a lot of interesting things. the most interesting, i wouldn't run a top level company if he didn't believe, but she's part of the family. >> the proof is in the numbers. the trump organization is a private company. michael koehn said on cnn, although 50% of employees are men and 50% are men, more higher executives are women than men. have you to take them for their word because it's not publicly released data. i think that's interesting. she talked a lot about female equality. she said, my father is blunt, people he doesn't like, he says things about. >> he certainly does. will we see her on the campaign trail eventually? will she be the only member of the trump family that is on you and about? >> the only surrogate political
7:42 am
pundits say could be a huge boone for him? my gut instinct walking out of the interview is that she is focused on the business of her business? you know, she runs a multi$100 million company, pregnant with her third child and says, i will leave politics to other members of my family. i'm not part of the campaign. at the same time, if he continues to leaded in polls, if he makes it to a general, i can't imagine a campaign without her by her side. will she be standing with him or talking about policy? that would be a big shift from what i experienced yesterday. >> melania trump -- >> no one's interviewed her. you would think she would come out and do an interview as well, but we haven't heard from her other than one print interview. look, we haven't heard a ton from bill clinton yet either, or chelsea clinton.
7:43 am
>> more and more from bill clinton. chelsea clinton you're right -- >> they're friends. >> right. but their last go-around, when hillary ran last time, chelsea was involved so much but not this year. >> i don't know why. will that change if measure mother makes it to the general. will ivanka and chelsea get more involved? they're good friends. i asked her, what does this do to a friendship if your parents are going head to head? she said, the politic of our parents is not relevant to us. i thought, is that possible? i actually think it is because these are two women who have grown up in the spotlight their entire lives and had independent identity from their parents their entire beginning. >> once the name calling starts, and it will, right? it will. >> let's hope for the best. >> their very smart, accomplished women. have i no doubts they'll find a
7:44 am
way. poppy harlow, thanks much. a restaurant owner says soon you won't have to tip at his restaurants, but will that come at a price for you? we tayou keep the peace. nose. we calm your congestion and pain. you rally the team. we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve even your worst cold & flu symptoms. so you can give them everything you've got. tylenol®
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7:48 am
no need for that typical clarity here. 13 new york city restaurants are now getting rid of tipping. nyc restaurateur says he's allowing more career advancement among all employees. that's great for the worker but what about me? what about the customers when it
7:49 am
comes to the bill, will we now be pairing more? >> you won't have to do math at the checkout, the tip line after a glass of wine. the tip line will go away. they run the museum restaurant, they'll start with that and broaden out with the rest of the restaurants. if you rely on tips, it's now going to be in their paycheck. it's not something they'll the way for the diner to give. it evens it out for everybody, carol. the people that work in the back of the restaurant, in some cases by law, they can't share tips with the front of the restaurant. the whole thing is the dining experience so they want to make sure the tips are fairly distributed. that means they'll raise prices on the menu. the company is saying they're going to raise them a little bit but you're probably not going to pay significantly more in the future than do you today already. >> what about service, will it still be as good?
7:50 am
will there be that incentive to give us service from the server? >> now it manages with the manager. now if the manager can decide and they can give higher quajs or bonuses to people who do a very good job. the idea is if you want to be part of ameritocrasy, move to the front of the house, they're going to ask for feedback. a lot of restaurateurs are doing this. there are so many people who go into making a great meal. why is the one person at the end who is going to get the ip tip. raise the wages for everybody. raise menu prices for everybody. then you don't have uncertainty about how much to pay, how much you're going to get paid, how much you'll take home at the end of the night. >> having been a server i'm sort of like -- >> you conflicted? >> i'm conflicted.
7:51 am
i really am because it's hard work. >> they're talking about cooks $14 an hour, back of the house at least $11 an hour. that's going to be rising. new york has been raising minimum wages for some food service workers. they're going to keep moving it up. that's taking away the tip line, moving wajs up, and sometimes a server gets stiffed because you don't know you're supposed to be tipped. >> they can leave the country and they'll never have to be embarrassed if they they ever go back. still to come in the "newsroom," giving birth two months early ask be scary but what if you had to do is flying over the middle of the pacific ocean? ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return.
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a china airlines night lands
7:56 am
with more than one person aboard than when it took off. a woman suddenly gave birth two months early flying over the pacific ocean. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: this chinese airline arrived with an extra passenger. place of birth, row 49. give the newborn baby girl a hand. >> it was one of the most amazing experience. to see someone give birth right in front of me. >> reporter: he didn't just see it, he shot it. the schi niece airline took off from taiwan to los angeles. six hours into flight, over the pacific ocean, the woman informed the crew her water broke. the flight diverted the flight to anchorage, alaska, and moved the mom to her own row, right in front of edmund. was there a doctor on the plane?
7:57 am
there was but this ucla internist had never delivered a baby by herself. she was on her way home from her honeymoon. she spoke mandarin with the taiwanese mother and told us -- >> it was difficult. we had to work under constraining circumstances. >> they tried to cover the whole row with blanket. >> reporter: 30 minutes outside of anchorage, the baby arrived. the flight attendants acted as stand-in nurses and the one holding the baby cried. the plane landed. mom and baby were taken to the hospital in good shape. the flight continued to los angeles where edmund's dad had been waiting for four or five hours. >> i was, like, dad, someone gave birth on the plane. >> reporter: talk about being air-born. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> congratulations. thank you so much for
7:58 am
joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour request berman and bolduan" starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm john berman. kate bolduan is off today. we would like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. the breaking news, a major reversal for president obama on what he hoped would be the most significant legacy of his administration -- pulling u.s. troops out of afghanistan. any moment now from the roosevelt room, that is a live picture, the president is expected to announce he will hame halt that withdrawal. this critical decision as the taliban gain strength across afghanistan. authorities say insurgents have spread through that country more than at any time since the post-9/11 invasion. we will bring you the president's comments live from the white house any minute now.
7:59 am
while we wait, let's bring in jim acosta, jim sciutto, our senior international correspondent nick peyton walsh, retired lieutenant mark, and historian douglas brinkley. jim acosta, first to you, the change in the timeline, the change in the numbers. lay it out for us. >> reporter: as you said, john, this is a major policy reversal for obama administration, for the president. he's planning to keep 9800 troops, the current force level in afghanistan, through much of 2016. they will take 5500 troops into the early part of 2017. what does that mean? that means there will be more than 5,000 troops on the ground in afghanistan as president obama turns the white house over to his successor. that is not practice president obama had in mind. earlier this year they were planning to get to embassy protection levels by the end of 2016. so, that has changed. it's changed because he's talked
8:00 am
to his commanders on the ground in afghanistan. it's changed because of the security situation in afghanistan, which is getting worse by the day. the taliban is making gains in parts of the country the united states was not anticipating and the white house, when you talk to senior administration officials and i talked to them last night, they said this is because the u.s. wants to leave afghanistan in a better place at some point. they want to make sure these afghan security officials are trained adequately and they want to continue to conduct counterterrorism operations, not just against al qaeda, but potentially against isis. isis is beginning to make gains in afghanistan. if isis is deemed to be threatening the homeland, the u.s. homeland from afghanistan, u.s. forces could potentially go after them in afghanistan under this new


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