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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  October 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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to condemn the usage of children for violent acts. >> ambassador, thank you very much, appreciate your time. that's all for us "an this hour." "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everyone. welcome to "legal view." breaking news today. yet another delay in president obama's long promised troop withdrawal from afghanistan. the president announcing last hour that u.s. forces will remain in the country at their current levels through most of the end of his term. 2016. this is the second time the drawdown has been put on hold this year. prolonging the american role in a war that has now lasted 14 years. officially america's longest. the insurgents are now in more places in that country than they
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were post-9/11 invasion, according to the united nations. president obama stressing he will not allow afghanistan to be used as a safe haven for terrorists to attack the united states again. >> afghan forces are still not as strong as they need to be. they're developing critical capabilities. intelligence, logistics, aviation, command and control. meanwhile, the taliban has made gains. particularly in rural areas. and can still launch deadly attacks in city, including kabul. much of this was predictable. we understood that as we transitioned that the taliban would try to exploit some of our movements out of particular areas and that it would take time for afghan security forces to strengthen. this decision's not disappointing. continually, my goal has been to make sure that we give every
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opportunity for afghanistan to succeed, while we're still making sure we're meeting our core missions. and as i've continually said, my approach is to assess the situation on the ground, figure out what's working, figure out what's not working, make adjustments where necessary. this isn't the first time those adjustments have been made. this probably won't be the last. >> maintaining u.s. troops in afghanistan even at their current levels comings with a huge price tag. that is not a typo, folks. acording to one obama administration official, this costs the united states about $14.6 billion. and that's every year. not until now, that's every single year. the congressional budget office estimated as of the end of last year, the u.s. has spent $686 billion on that war. joining me now to discuss, congressman, a republican from texas, also the chairman of the house armed services committee.
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it is particularly fortunate to have you here today to talk about this. this is the endless war. this is the war that won't end. this is the longest war. there's all sorts of names we've ascribed to this. what i haven't heard is a name that tells me that something's going to change in policy that hasn't repeated itself in that region for decades and decades. >> yeah, i think the short answer is, there is no major short cut that gets us to the end of this war that we can see. but what is clear is that this threat is real and persisting and actually evolving in different ways. so in afghanistan today, you not only have al qaeda and the taliban, you have a growing isis presence. so the idea that we would leave afghanistan would be very disturbing. i think the fact that we would stay engaged is good, but nobody should think, with 5,500 troops, that we're going to solve the security problems. >> you were just there last
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month. >> i was. >> you urged the obama administration, keep levels where they are, stop the drawdown. now this announcement. i also was there. as we were effectively at the top of the spear in 2001. i took note of a comment that you made in something you just recently wrote. it's that a lot has changed in afghanistan. it is true, a lot of names change. a lot of factions change. but what doesn't change there, in my estimation at least, is the fighting. it has been the same for the soviets. it was the same for the americans in the '80s. it is effectively the same now. there was the northern alliance before. now isis. groups change, affiliations change, but fighting does not seem to change. what makes anyone think that staying a little longer is going to make that country ready to look after itself? >> well, remember, before the soviet invasion in '79, afghanistan had a prolonged period of relative stability. now, was it -- did it have a living standard the same as the united states? of course not. i think we have adjusted our
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expectations not to make it like the united nations but to make it good enough that their government can at least maintain enough security to keep the terrorists down. and that's our interest. we're not there to remake afghanistan. we're there to protect our security. and you talked about the cost of -- and it is substantial. >> 14.6. it's very rare, by the way, i get to talk to a republican about a policy that continues spending. >> no, it is true, it costs a lot of money. at the same time, 9/11 cost this country a tremendous amount of money and lives and it originated from afghanistan. i believe terrorists will always be drawn to that country. for the narcotics financing. because of the history. because of the ungoverned spaces. so what we're trying to do is get the afghan security forces up to a level where they can at least maintain sufficient control. >> mr. chairman, would we be there now if we didn't take our eyes off this prize effectively and switch to the west and get
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mired in iraq? would we be there in afghanistan right now? >> it's hard to predict what would have happened under alternative scenarios. i do think we have learned as we go how to more effectively train the afghan forces. one of the things that's changed is they are doing all the combat missions on their own now with some advice from us. so we should praise them for the strides they have made. for a government that wants to work with us for a change. versus the karzai government. and let them know we're going to be there to help them get to the next level. >> that is hard because there's just untold amounts of corruption throughout that country. >> sure. >> and that was the same story when i was there. and it was the same for the british and the russians and the first round of -- let me switch gears because it's great to have you here. russian president putin has been saying all sorts of things. his foreign ministry of late just suggested he, or at least their country and this country
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are, quote, moving closer to some sort of consensus on what to do about these air raids in syria. is that true? >> if there is a consensus, it is us going to the russians, asking their permission. remember, when the air strikes started by russia, they came to us and said you will not fly american airplanes in this place at this time. and so their idea of consensus seems to be that we ask permission from the russians. now, there have been talks to try to make sure airplanes don't run into each other, you know, in the skies above syria. and yet the russians do not give us warning about cruise missile launches. they conduct very aggressive air maneuvers. >> so are we moving closer in this kind of intelligence sharing or at least the, you know -- >> well, there are some discussions -- yeah, that's the phrase. there are some discussions. how open the russians are being with us, i don't know. clearly the russians see themselves as being the dominant player in this region. we would be a subsidiary player.
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and i'm sure that that's what putin's striving for. >> donald trump, let's just throw him into the mix now, suggests let them do that. why not let them go ahead and make any mistake they want to or fight the war for us. is there any legitimacy to that theory? >> i don't think so. one, they're not fighting our war for us. russia is not focused on isis. they're focused on protecting assad. meanwhile, isis continues to have its safe havens in syria from which it can launch attacks against us. secondly, countries around the world are watching. whether we're going to disengage and back away, and they're making judgment also about how reliable a friend we are. and they're watching our own budget debates here at home. the president threatens to veto our own defense bill that provides exactly as much money as he asks for in a time of international tension. all of those things play to adversaries and friends around the world as they're evaluating the united states. >> so i do have this shopping list again because it's lovely
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to have a congressman in new york city sitting beside me. i'll throw one more piece of spaghetti at the piece if i can and that is the benghazi committee. person number three coming out and suggesting this committee to investigate what happened in benghazi was specifically motivated by the politics of hillary clinton. as kevin mccarthy suggested, the poll numbers for hillary clinton came down after benghazi, the investigative committee launched its work. and now we have representative richard hanna, republican, from new york. these people were not caught on secret recordings. they said so of their own volition. kevin mccarthy was in a live interview. this is troublesome for the republicans. this is troublesome for a policy the republicans have held tenaciously. it could be troublesome for the race as well. ways yo what's your response to now number three coming out against this motivation? >> let me tell yowl what i know from firsthand experience. because before the select
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committee was created, we had investigations in the armed services committee and the intelligence committee about what happened with benghazi and we got pretty good cooperation from the military, the intelligence community. what we never got cooperation from in congress was from the state department. the decisions that they made before, during and after the benghazi raid. so that was the reason that speaker boehner created the select committee, to be able to hone in and get information from the state department that it had been very reluctant to provide. now, it is true in the course of that investigation, then the world discovered mrs. clinton had this separate e-mail account. nobody knew that. it only came out because this committee was trying to understand what happened in benghazi. but the motivation for the creation of the committee was, one, we owe it to the people who died, and secondly, there are people serving in our embassies around the world who need to be protected and we need to learn the lessons to make sure there's not a repeat of benghazi that affects them. >> i wish i could keep you here
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for the whole hour. thank you for coming in. you're invited to new york on set any time. thank you so much. safe travels. we're going to look a lot closer into this. i've got an expert panel including colonel francona who knows a thing or two about afghanistan, jim sciutto as well. we'll talk a little bit more about the drawdown in afghanistan and why it's going to be several more years. i'm hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security. we're ready. are you? you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin.
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want to dig a little deeper now on this big announcement from the president delaying the time line for that troop withdrawal from afghanistan. joining me now, cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto and cnn military analyst lieutenant colonel francona. first you, jim sciutto, if i can. i was sort of astounded at the opening lines that the president used in his address today. i'll quote him. last december more than 13 yeary
9:16 am
al qaeda, america's combat mission in afghanistan came to a responsible end. especially when we're flying into air strikes in kunduz in the last two weeks. why is there the mincing of words and is that significant given what we heard today? >> they define combat very narrowly. you heard the president say combat mission ended. later, he said, they ended major combat operations. the fact is, you do have u.s. troops doing more than counterterror there. you have forward deployed advisers. during the assault on kunduz by the taliban, you had u.s. advisers forward deployed which called in that air strike which unfortunately hit the hospital of msf, medecins sans frontieres. they are very close to the front lines, which of course is an element of danger for those troops. but very directly involved in the combat if you're calling in air support. the administration has done this
9:17 am
as well in iraq. stretching that definition, or mincing and fining the definition of combat so narrowly to fall under this idea that the combat mission is over. but the fact is, and with this extension, the troops there, the administration is acknowledging that afghan security forces aren't up to the task on their own of combating the taliban. they need american help. that won't be americans sort of in those gunfights necessarily. they will be close to the front lines with an important combat role. i like to talk to a lot of folks in this building. you know, the have a different sense of what that means. >> war. yeah, it sure looks like war. colonel, if you could weigh in on this as well. it seems if anybody was snoozing, the name isis started creeping into the headlines with regards to afghanistan. i'm not talking syria, i'm not talking the caliphate to the west, i'm talking afghanistan. people may be surprised to realize it was originally
9:18 am
al qaeda, the taliban, and now isis is a real issue in that country. do you think that the rise of isis in afghanistan has a lot to do with the fact that we now find ourselves, yet again, having to slug it out in the same kinds of levels, it seems, that we have for the last decade and a half? >> i think it's emblematic of the whole problem there. you've got multiple factions there. you've talked about about the taliban. you've talked about al qaeda. now we see isis. afghanistan is a magnet for these kind of groups because they can work there, they can operate effectively, because there's no real central government, and as jim said, and as the president has admitted, the afghan forces are not capable of performing this mission and they're going to need our help for a long time. i applaud the president's decision. but he's still drawing it down. we're way below the troop level also that the pentagon wanted in the beginning to do this train and assist mission. you can see from what's happening in the country, the taliban is spread out all over, in many more places than they were before. al qaeda is still there.
9:19 am
now we've got this introduction of isis. so i don't think that, you know, we're being as effective as we need to be. the afghans certainly aren't up to the task. to give you an example of that, look what happened in kunduz. the taliban attacked kunduz and the afghan army collapsed in front of them. >> we've heard this story before elsewhere, in iraq. jim, thank you. rick, thank you as well. do appreciate it. coming up next, we're going to hit the campaign trail. hillary clinton is holding court this hour with a crucial con constituency base. she's at the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. getting ready to go live at that lectern. this will be a critical speech for hillary and latinos. live remarks next.
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another bombshell allegation about a commission that was set up to investigate what happened in benghazi, libya. exactly a week before hillary clinton testifies before that commission panel, a second republican congressman is suggesting that that commission was politically motivated, designed to go after hillary clinton, the democratic front-runner. congressman richard hannah from new york who is not a member of committee made the allegations in a new york radio show and here is part of that interview. >> i think that there is a big part of this investigation. that was designed to go after people and an individual, hillary clinton. think there's also a lot of it that's important that we needed to get to the bottom of this. but this has been the longest
9:25 am
investigation. longer than watergate. >> earlier, house majority leader kevin mccathy himself linked the benghazi panel's efforts to a download slide in clinton's poll numbers. mccarthy later walked back those remarks. it may have help eed derail his own bid to become house speaker. this whistleblower and former investigator with the pabl spoke with cnn. he told us, it started out as a fact finding mission, but then began to focus almost exclusively on clinton after the e-mail controversy broke out. the conservative republican served nearly ten months on the committee before he was fired. clinton's campaign says the new revelations show that the committee has always been partisan, aimed at sinking her presidential prospects. hillary clinton for her part is campaigning in san antonio
9:26 am
today. our national political reporter is on the trail with the hillary camp. i imagine that as this news was breaking last night, her staff and particularly any writers she may employ were furiously crossing out the top of the speech to be able to sort of telegraph this to the national audience as quickly as possible. am i wrong? >> absolutely, i mean, this is news, bombshell news, as you mentioned, that absolutely is what hillary clinton wants to hear about what she's called a partisan investigation. we may hear her address that at this rally in san antonio later today. but she's really focused on galvanizing latinos across the country. she's looking to move on to other countries. we also know she's going to hit bernie sanders today on gun control and what he has been talking about on that issue. so the benghazi think only helps to galvanize her base, really help activate and excite
9:27 am
democratic voters about next year. >> and, you know, she polls very, very well, particularly in the south, with minorities. and here she is speaking with the hispanic chamber of commerce in san antonio. i know it's an important constituency for her. but does she need it or does she already have it sown up or does every politician know you can never assume you got it all? >> well, she doesn't necessarily have it sown up. obviously, she's got jeb bush and marco rubio coming after her from the republican side. but this is the bedrock of hillary clinton's support, latinos. she did very well with latinos. but she's not taking anything for granted this time. she's been out there talking about immigration issues. talking about the obama administration's record on deportations. saying she would do more to bring families together. that's going to be her focus here today. bernie sanders is not doing well
9:28 am
among latinos and african-americans. they're still with hillary but she's not taking anything for granted. >> all right, maeve, thanks so much. as soon as the candidate goes live we want to go live as well. thank you for doing all that work. coming up next, attorneys for former house speaker dennis hastert say he is ready to plead guilty, guilty to federal hush money charges. we've got the details about the deal and what it will mean for the former speaker next. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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hastert. his attorneys are saying he intends to plead guilty in that federal hush money case. they say they've reached a plea agreement. hastert allegedly used money to pay a man to keep quiet about decades old sex abuse allegations. with us, our legal analyst paul callan. i also want to bring in investigations correspondent chris wrath. what was hastert facing, for what reason, and what's the story about the plea deal? >> here's the story, attorneys for hastert told a judge in federal court this morning he has reached this plea deal on charges in the hush money case against him. prosecutors have charged hastert with lying to the fbi, about 3 $1/2 million he agreed to pay for covering up past misconduct. the identity of the individual was never disclosed. but sources with knowledge of
9:34 am
the investigation told cnn back in june that the former high school wrestling coach was paying a former student to keep quiet about allegations of sexual abuse dating back to hastert's time as a high school teacher. now, the u.s. attorney's office in chicago tell also me that pros compuecutors will send a d monday for his approval but that draft will not be made public until a final version is presented at a final hearing in chicago. that's also when hastert is scheduled to appear in court to enter his guilty plea. the plea deal lets him avoid a public trial that would have likely seen all kinds of dirty laundry aired, include the identity of the former student and why hastert was paying him. it's important to underscore that hastert was never charged with any sexual misconduct but, rather, hiding and lying about the payment also he was making to cover up alleged past misconducts. >> i'm glad you ended with that,
9:35 am
chris, because the official charges, structuring with regard to the bank payments and withdrawals he made to allegedly pay that hush money and then making false statements to federal agents. it is never a good idea to lie, anybody, especially to federal authorities. so these also carry with them very stiff penalties. any penalty for me in a federal jail. five years each, $250,000 each. two questions for you. number one, what do you think he will get in return for pleading? and, number two, do you really think we will never know what these detailings ails are and w individual "a" is he is paying hush money to? >> i think we will know more than we do know now but you won't know from this court proceeding. he was the wrestling coach at a high school. the person he was paying $3.5 million to -- >> it's a lot of money. >> -- was a male student from
9:36 am
that high school. put "a" and "b" together and you come up with a relationship situation and maybe he was being blackmailed. >> will he -- >> -- never charged with that -- >> -- will he possibly see prison time? >> suspect he's not going to see prison time. if he does, it will be a very small amount. he's probably going to plead to lying to the fbi. what's he lying about? he's lying about banking transactions. he started to withdraw $50,000, $50,000 in sequential amounts. a banker said to him, we have to report that if you continue. he was using the money to pay off this kid. he then reduced it to, like $9,900. because you only have to report it if it's $10,000 or more. if you deliberately plan to do that, that's a problem. >> he made those false statements to the authorities, which is exactly what martha stewart did and she saw the inside of a cell for that. >> i was doing some research on
9:37 am
what recent sentences have been. remember, we're in illinois. a lot of political corruption in illinois. people generally don't go to jail for one lie, all right, in illinois or in other places. so i'm betting he won't go to jail. the only reason he might is because he's former speaker of the house. >> maybe we will find out october 28th which is when a plea is supposed to be entered. thank you also for your reporting on this coming up next. one brother is dead from blunt force trauma and the other brother is badly hurt and all of this apparently happening inside a church. the boy's parents and another family member and other church par richeners are now under arrest. what happened inside that church?
9:38 am
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police say a 17-year-old boy is in serious condition in the hospital. his 19-year-old brother is dead. beaten to death after what's being described as a violent counseling session at a church in upstate new york. six people are now facing charges including the teenager's mother, seen here, in one of her court appearances and the teen's father, right behind her. his sister also is one of those arrested. police say apparently this group beat those two brothers, trying to make them confess their sins. the father has pleaded not guilty. all of this apparently allegedly happening at the world of life christian church in new heartford, new york. neighbors described it as a
9:43 am
cult, saying they heard chants and drumming sometimes late into the night. now we are learning more about what it is like inside that church. a reporter for the syracuse post standard describes the bathrooms as labeled adam and eve. and rooms in disa ray. a half eaten sandwich and cold coffee left out as though people left in a hurry. also, a notebook with scripture and writings left open on a table. joined now by police chief of the newhartford police. chief, thank you so much for being with me today. i have heard of counseling sessions that have been unusual before, even violent. but it is rare when you hear of a church counseling session that leads to death and hospitalization. what more can you tell us about what these two brothers were being counseled for? >> all we've been told right now during the course of the investigation is that the church
9:44 am
membership was going to hold a counseling session for the leonard family. specifically for lucas and christopher. in regards to their spiritual state. >> but what does that mean? with regard to their spiritual state? were they questioning their membership in this church? were they being pressured to stay within this church? can you help me understand what possibly could have led to this kind of assault? >> well, that's the question that we're trying to answer. and i think that's going to give us the motive that we want to try and explain on why the assault occurred. but right now, it is part of the investigation. i can't delve any deeper into it. >> so there are a number of people who have been charged. not only bruce and debra leonard, the parents, but also a sister and other members of the
9:45 am
church. are any of these -- are any of these people talking to you in hope that perhaps it will lessen the treatment they get at the hands of the criminal justice system? >> well, at this point, you know, we've made numerous arrests. we've made six arrests. we arrested the parents obviously. and they were not very forthcoming with the information through the early parts of the investigation. since the arrest, everybody has been assigned counsel by the court. and we'll deal with the assigned counsel to attempt to give the defendants another chance to explain further exactly how the situation occurred, why it got so out of control. what the purpose of this meeting was. >> does it seem clear at this point maybe one or two or more parties are the most responsible for the injuries that these boys
9:46 am
sustained and then the death of one of the brothers? ku does it look like there might be one or two more to blame than the others? >> i can't answer that yet, that is part of the investigation. no, one or two parties inflicted the majority of the injuries. again, we will get that answer. it's an ongoing investigation. we will pursue every lead we have. >> chief, thank you. coming up next, an update on nba champion lamar odom who was found unconscious at a nevada brothel and is now clinging to life. you are going to hear the 911 call that sheds a little bit of light.
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two-time nba champion lamar owe dam dom is fighting for his with his estranged wife cloe yoe kardashian at his side in las vegas, nevada. the brothel's employees made several phone calls to 911, including this desperate plea for help. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> i'm at the love ranch. i just called and they said they were going to send somebody out. i just wanted to let somebody know they need to hurry please. he's got blood coming out of his nose. white stuff coming out of his mouth. i can't get him to wake up. he's like almost not breathing. >> okay, is he conscious? >> uh-huh. >> is he conscious? >> no. >> it was through the 911 call
9:52 am
that we heard odom had used cocaine on saturday and over the course of three days. he supposedly also took ten tabs of a sexual performance enhancer supplement. the woman who brought odom to his brothel said he told her he just wanted to get away, no phone calls, just rest. an escape that doesn't sound surprising when you consider all that he has battled over the years. our randi kaye looks at the triumphs and the turmoil. >> reporter: lamar odom seemed to have it all. a famous wife. a reality show. and two nba world championship rings earned during his two seasons with the los angeles lakers. but inside, there was turmoil. which only got worse after he and reality star khloe kardashian separated back in 2013. the couple had their own reality show, "khloe and lamar." >> i want to get married right
9:53 am
now. >> reporter: in 2013, odom was pulled over for drunk driving. after a short stint at rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, rumors of infidelity and drug use continued. >> i'm really on high alert for lamar because, i mean, anything, i think, will set him kind of the last thing i want for him. >> reporter: odom spiraling may have started early on. his life marked by so much sadness. his father was a heroin addict who left when odom was young. he was just 12 when his mother died of cancer. he tried to focus on basketball. >> i won't get too caught up in that. i'll just go out and play my game and help the team and i'll play. >> reporter: in 2001, odom was suspended for five games after violating the league's anti-drug policy. >> i'm disappointed in myself. for not handling myself correctly. like people are supposed to. >> reporter: two years later in
9:54 am
2003, he spoke to the miami herald about marijuana, saying, i just couldn't control myself in l.a. the lifestyle that i was living and the things i had access to. a lot of times i think about it and say, damn, am i fighting my father's demons. but those weren't the only demons. in 2006, odom's infant son from a previous relationship died of sudden infant death syndrome. in july, 2011, his cousin was shot and killed. also, two of odom's closest friends died of drug-related causes. at that time, odom told the "l.a. times," death always seems to be around me. i've been burying people for a long time. whatever demons he may have been fighting seemed to have appeared again tuesday afternoon when odom was found unconscious at love ranch brothel in crystal, nevada, about an hour's drive from las vegas. the owner said odom had called him saturday to arrange a visit. describing odom as a bit somber. when two women went to check on
9:55 am
him, they found him unresponsive and called 911. >> 911 said, put him on his left side. and they did. started throwing up. he was still alive. ambulance came. police came. they immediately said this is not looking good. >> reporter: emergency crews tried to airlift him to a vegas hospital. but the 6'10" odom was too tall to fit into the helicopter. he was driven by ambulance to another facility. randi kaye, cnn, las vegas, nevada. >> and as lamar odom battles for his life, we're getting new details about who is calling the shots in that hospital room. it's khloe kardashian. you've probably heard she filed for divorce from odom in 2013 but the couple didn't actually sign the divorce papers until this summer. signing isn't the end though. a source tells us their divorce has not been finalized. meaning that khloe is the one who can literally make the medical decisions.
9:56 am
reverend jesse jackson says odom right now is on life support and says he visited him in the hospital and spoke with carol costello this morning about odom's condition. >> he's very sick. he needs lots of help. whatever led him to that point, god has a way of getting our attention. but he's down now. let's lift him up. the ground is no place for a champion. let us reach for that championship spirit within him to fight back. he is fighting for his life. seems all that really matters now is the fight for his life and pray that god will spare him. let god's will be done. >> kardashian family is echoing his pleas for prayer. khloe's mother kris jenner posted on instagram, please pray for lamar, our fighter. the medical decisions are tough for any family, much less a woman waiting for her divorce to become final. for the legal view, i want to
9:57 am
bring in cnn legal analyst paul callan and hln legal analyst joey jackson. can khloe, the legal situation she's in with her husband, actually make an end of life decision for this man? >> i think this is -- this is the thing that everybody wants to know. it really depends on that divorce situation in california. they agreed to get divorced. they signed the divorce papers. but the final order issued why the judge hasn't been filed in california. so she remains the spouse. and the spouse generally has the right to decide for the husband unless of course and joey will talk about this, there's an advanced directive or a health care proxy in place. >> what ends up happening is certainly there's an hierarchy in terms of what decisionings are made. before getting further into this, may he get better, may he be better. certainly our thoughts and prayers are with him. what ends up happening is the wife certainly would call the shots. and then there's a higher kraeshg hierarchy, it would be adult children, then siblings,
9:58 am
et cetera. it speaks to larger implications of really family planning. there's something called a living will. in a living will, what you do is you specify what your intentions are. goodness forbid, you become incapacita incapacitated, a living will specifies what you want done. there's also something called a health care proxy. you appoint an individual to make medical decisions. because you can't. you're inka palacapacitatincapa. >> someone makes medical decisions. ultimately, that would be khloe as well. >> i think it will be khloe. people have to understand, even if you have a health care directive, there's a lot of decision making that the doctors and whoever your guardian is, you know, that goes into place. so it's hard to specify every situation in a health care proxy. as to whether ordinary measures will be used here. we're not going to know because we don't know if one's in place. >> we don't know if there's any
9:59 am
dispute in terms of her still being the wife of course it could be a court proceeding which could be expedited and a guardian is generally appointed. that guardian would make medical decisions for him. but that's pretty much legally how it goes. hope he's okay. >> sort of an astounding situation. i guess a cautionary tale for all of us. this is not something that's difficult. you can set up your own end of life planning. you can do it online for heavens sake, right? >> what happens is when you're younger, he's 35, you're really not thinking of the larger impla i kas. if you look, you know, there are people who are older who do these things, who go to an estates lawyer. >> anybody can go to the department of health website. in their state. there's one online. >> because car accidents happen every day, tragic incidents you know happen every day. things like this could happen. so you don't want to leave it to chance. >> paul, joey, thank you. our prayers do go out to those two families. appreciate that. thanks for watching,
10:00 am
everybody. just a quick note, too. stay with my colleague wolf blitzer and cnn because wolf is going to be speaking with presidential candidate senator rand paul. he's going to have that interview. not only that, he's probably going to ask him, does he plan to stay in the race? poll numbers are kind of low. you'll find out in a moment. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem, 8:30 p.m. in tehran. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we begin with breaking news. president obama announcing just a little while ago that nearly 10,000 u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan longer than planned. the president had hoped to bring virtually all of them home by the end of next year, but now, instead, he's acknowledging that afghan security forces aren't ready to hold off the taliban on their own. >> i do not support the idea of


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