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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 16, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm jim sciutto in for wolf blitzer. wherever you are watching us from around the world, thank you for joining us. and we are starting now with the breaking news just into cnn, we can now confirm that the secretary of state john kerry is going to meet with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in germany to discuss among other thing, the growing violence in the middle east, and the violence in between israeli and palestinians. and this is just into cnn, and again, secretary of state john
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kerry to travel to europe to meet with the iz ra ily prime minister. this is coming as the terror group hamas is calling for the day of rage against israel. this is what is happening in jerusalem. today, police tried to discourage rioters who were firing tear gas into the crowd. and in hebron, a man who was dressed in a news photographer's outfit tried to stab civilians before he was shot and killed himself. in beth e lebethlehem as well, white smoke mixinging with the thick black smoke as the tires were set ablaze, and our cnn international correspondent ben wedeman joining us from jerusalem. we know that you were in bethlehem today, and talk to us about ta day of rage, and what
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did you see on the ground there? >> well, we saw actually, jim, the exact same thing that we have been seeing now for almost two weeks, certainly in bethlehem, and you saw after friday prayers, initially, a few dozen men going up the road, and the old bethlehem and jerusalem road known as rachel's tomb, and eight meter wall where there are israeli border police. as the day went on, rocks were flying, marbles being shot by palestinian youth with slingshots, and they were throwing the improvised explosive devices, molotov cocktails, and the israelis firing hundreds of canisters of tear gas and rubber bullets and what sounds like live ammunition. but as i said, this has been going on for quite some time. these days of rage, i think that this is the third one within the
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last eight days, but even when it is not a day of rage, there are still clashes along the line lin lines, which really underscores how unstable the situation is. it is premature to call it an intifada, but this spate of knife attacks and clashes seems to have been going on longer for longer than anyone anticipated and perhaps indicative of the general decline of the situation. here we are 48 years after israel conquer ed the west bank in east jerusalem, and still, no resolution to this problem, not surprisingly, the situation deteriorates. jim? >> no question. and ben wedeman following it for decades there, and great to have you on. i want to get more on the breaking news, and joined by israel's ambassador to the u.s., and former senior adviser to the israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and now on the
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breaking news that secretary of state john kerry is to meet with the israeli prime minister in germany, and what do you belief this will hel snp. >> well, i noe tknow they were g to work something out, because the prime minister is traveling to germany to talk to angela merkel, and so the secretary of state kerry will travel there to make it happen. and you recall a year ago the attacks began, the palestinian attack attacks, and there were a lot of attacks where the cars were used to run over civilian, and used as weapons, and they called it the car sbi fau dashgs and now in is the knife intifada, and lie lies that israel would change something on the temple mount or to destroy a mosque, and that is not true then and it is not true now, but the secretary of state, and the king of jordan and the prime minister were able to work together, to de-escalate things, and that discussion is going to be how do we get to back where
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we were to calm it down. >> and as you heard secretary kerry's spokesman use the term excessive force here to describe some of the actions of the israeli security forces, and i want to ask you specifically about this, because we have been watching, and ben wedeman is on the ground there, and the use of live fire in conflicts with unarmed protesters. in your view, is that justifiable view of force. >> well, this is not just people, but they are throwing rocks that have killed israeli, and on the eve of the new year, an israeli was killed because of a rock thrown by a protester. so understand that you have violent protests, and iz veal using force to make sure that it does not get further out of hand. >> and so live fire even when there are unarm eed civilians? >> and this not some peaceful
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march somewhere, and you saw the images on the screens, because you have things on fire, and gunshots, and people attacking, and sometimes you have to take action in order to prevent this from getting owt of control, but i want to say something. the spokesman of the state department, he made very clear yesterday that he does not think that israel has used excessive force in respond ing ing to any the terror activities. >> well, he said that he would not go into detail, and he did not reject the earlier comment, and i don't want to speak for him. >> and he said against terrorism, and as to what he is specifically referring to, you are would have to ask him, but there was a is sense that people had alleged that israel has used excessive force, but, look, you have knife wielding, sometimes teenagers who are stabbing people, and we have to take action to the protect our
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peopl people. >> and i don't want to justify this violence, but secretary of state john kerry mentioned settlements, and saying that israel having expanded the settlements in the recent year, and he did not use it for justification for violence or knife attacks, but he did use that to accuse israel of helping to inflame the situation, and what is the response there? >> well, they were clear they don't see the linkage of the two things, andly let the words there speak for themselves. there is a distinction of conflict and terrorism, and we can talk about that, and we can have a discussion about the root cause of the conflict between the israelis and the pal st palestinians, and those people are those who believe it happened in 1967, because we had a conflict for 50 years before any one of those settlement, and when we left gaza and took down every single settlement in gaza and put back the 1967 lines, we didn't get peace, but a terror
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base to where rocks were fired at israel. and this is the israeli national movement to accept the nation state of any people and their boundary, but the question is what is the root cause of terrorism? not every conflict in the world leads people to have knives and guns to kill civilian people, and it does not happen in so many conflict, and gandhi had a legitimate conflict in india, and why didn't you see this happening? because he was not a terrorist, but a democrat. >> and now, going to the peace process, and nobody is trying to justify terrorism by any means, but do both sides share responsibility for the death of the peace process, because who knows it might be resurrected for any day, but the intransigence of the peace process, and does ooeither side
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bear responsibility? >> well w to understand what happened over the last 20 yeas,s you have had five or six different israeli prime ministers who have tried to reach an agreement with the palestinians. you have had one or two agreements in camp david, and president barack obama said that he would give it to the arafat, and he got it on the negotiating table, and he walked away and called it an intifada, and then in 2008, you had another one from president olmert to president abbas, and he didn't respond, but walked away. and in the five or six years, president abbas has not negotiate and you have to ask why the palestinians are not sitting do unat the negotiating table, because the prime m minister is wanting to negotiate peace tomorrow, but they are not going to do that, because they want to have peace process where only party who makes concessions is israel, and in order for us to have peace, jim, both sides have to make concessions. >> that i can agree upon, and
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thank you,ambassador dermer for confirming secretary of state john kerry's visit to germany next week to meet with israeli prime minister.
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turning now to break story in houston, texas, where several people were trapped when scaffolding collapsed. captain raul liuzano held a pres conference and said that multiple people are trap and multiple people are injured. let's listen in. >> i have not heard that at all. >> and have you heard that they were up on the scaffolding or down on the ground? >> i don't know where where they were located and once we arrived on the scene, the scaffolding had collapsed and they were pulled from the rubble.
10:15 am
>> is there a count from the construction manager how much people would have been on scene? >> we have been speaking to the manager, and close to 200, but we are working to account for the workers. >> do you have confirmation of the missing workers? >> we have not, and we will continue our search as if there are. >> do you the name of the construction company at this point? >> no. >> that is it. >> okay. you were listening there to the chief of the houston fire department talking about a scaffold collapse, and you are seeing the live pictures right now. earlier he said that multiple people have been trapped in the scaffolding, and multiple people injured aed it is a breaking news story that we will continue to follow as more information comes through. and still to come, the fighting spills over in turkey after the mystery of a shot down aircraft, and the mystery of who it is, and the fallout.
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there's new and troubling information this hour in turkey. they shot down a mystery aircraft flying in their air space near the syrian border. the aircraft was unmanned drone. and the u.s. officials is saying that they are unclear whose drone it is, but cnn sources are say saying otherwise. joining us is our international correspondent barbara starr. do they believe it is russian? >> that is the information they are getting, and obviously, very sensitive and they are not saying how they believe it is
10:21 am
russian, but they do. and they are also not able to tell us whether it is actually operated by russians from some ground station perhaps in syria, and perhaps somewhere else, and the information is very, very sketchy, but at the moment, they believe that the initial reports are indicating to them that it is some type of russian drone. the russians saying that it is not. jim? >> and nick walton patton, why did the turks shoot it down? a message to russia if it turns out to be a russian drone? >> they say it is standard operating procedure, and unknown aircraft comes into their space, and they gave three warnings, and no response obviously from a dro
10:22 am
drone, and they shot it down, and it was actually quite far inside of turkey. the sensitivity is heighten, because the ministry of defense officials were here saying that the russians were saying, so sorry, that it was bad weather that caused us to the that, but bear in mind that the russians are talking to the israelis to make sure no problems with the israeli aircraft, and talking to the americans in a deal that suggests according to the attorneys according to one russian oofficial that could be finalized, and trying to talk to the turkish officials, but now you have this drone shot down in the air space over syria, and you know that this is space that is being fought over to the gnat ti ground, and now in the skies, geopolitical cocktail of different militaries with different agendas, and the first sign of how ugly it could get. >> and barbara, nick said it, a
10:23 am
cocktail of countries in the air space, and you have coalition planes, and the syrians and the russians there, and turkey, of course, very sensitive as well, and what is the status of the u.s., and the russians to negotiate on a plan to deconflict the aircraft over syria? >> well, there is one issue that maybe the russia and u.s. military can agree on, and both sides saying that the technical agreement could be signed at any point. all indications are that it is complete. u.s. officials and russian officials saying that it going to be signed shortly, but the pentagon very much emphasizing that this is nothing more important, and nothing more than a technical agreement of how the aircraft will operate in the skies, and it is not cooperating with the russians. >> and nick, you are in turkey, but you have been in syria a number of time, and the real
10:24 am
concern is about lengthens the war, and you have iran and russia propping up the assad regime, and not the mention 16 side s sides in this battle here, and based on your experience, does this push off the prospect of any sort of peaceful or political e negotiations to end this fighting? >> without doubt. many observers see here that the assad regime was against the rocks and the wall when the russians intervene and the russians seeing that case that the coastal enclave when the russians inserted the forces under a threat of moderate and extremist rebels to the northeast of that area. and the real issue here, jim, you will see in the conflict, two sides, they go at each other, and the worn down, and then the populations will get worn down and a life span of conflict and they come to an agreement. but here, we have seen hezbollah come to aid of the regime, and
10:25 am
other militia like al nusra coming to assist the rebel, and now isis, and now on the regime side, once the iranians, and now the russian, and each time it looks like one side might be tired enough to come to the table with the peace deal, someone new comes into the conflict to prop them up, and that is problem here, and as you get more and more different actors coming into the region here, it is so much harder to find the common ground to slow it down here, jim. >> no question, the death toll in the hundreds off thousands. barbara starr at the pentagon and nick paton walsh in istanbul. and as it is come politing a number of matters, and here with us, the retired lieutenant colonel rick francona who served many years in syrias an intelligence officer, and you know this better than anybody, and explain to us how complicated an dangerous the skies are over syria right now with all of the countries operating there. >> yes, i think that nick had the right word this mixed up
10:26 am
cocc co -- cocktail of all of the aircraft, and american aircraft, and syria aircraft, and gulf and arab a aircraft working in the area, and you have two sides, command and control entities, and right now they are not cooperatinging or coordinating with each other, and any time you have that much high performance aircraft in a confined area, you are going to have problems. now this drone thing today, not surprising that we haven't seen this before. but if you look at the drones, and where it went, this one particular drone where it went down north of aleppo inside of t turkey, it fits what the russians are doing. they are fighting in an area called idlib which is to the east of the area that nick was describing, the area near the coast, and it would make sense that the russians have drones up there, and i suspect that it flew north out of the command
10:27 am
link, and that is why the turks shot it down. i think it was a flight safety issue, and not just ta a violation of the air space, but they had to knock it down, because it was ott of control. >> and you do have progress as barbara reported on the talks of u.s. and russia so that they are not going to be running into each other, and on the bigger picture issue, u.s. and russia are on opposite sides of the war, russia is propping up the rebels, and propping up assad and clearly focusing on isis there, and that is a big differen difference, because you can't negotiate out of that problem. as you look at that, where is your view of where we go from here? as the war has dragged on for four years, is there any way for the four sides to go together, and are we we lengthening a bloody situation on the ground? >> well, foun unfortunately, ji think that when the americans and the russians get to the technical agreement that barbara is referring to, it is not any
10:28 am
cooperation that you are going to be striking these targets or those targets, and the only way that you can sensibly and safely do this is to be doing it by time, and say that the united states and the coalition are going to be operating during these hours and the russians are going to be operating in these hour, because we will be striking targets that are opposed to each other. so it is very, very difficult, and jim, i have to tell you that it is a recipe for disaster. >> yes, recipe, and i want to ask you about that the specifically, because even if you have the u.s. supplying c e capable weapons to are rebels, and for instance, the tow missile, and the russians with the tangs on the ground, and soldiers on the ground and aircraft in the air, there is a danger of russia being responsible, and u.s. being responsible for the russian soldier's deaths, and possibly the other way around at least in the air, and that is not just a recipe for disaster, but a potential recipe for war, isn't it? >> and i think that what we are
10:29 am
seeing is the beginning of the new proxy war between the united states and russia. you have the russians, who of course have the iranian, and the syrians and now the cubans and hezbollah acting on the ground as their boots on the ground, and and we are supporting the syrian kurds and the moderate rebels fighting each other, and as you say, somebody is gogoinge killed that is an american or a russian, and it is going to lead to probably, maybe an escalation. so i think that it is important that we get first the air coordination taken care of and then we figure out how to get all of the people to the table, and that is the end game here to get everybody to the table, and come up with some political situation that everybody can live with, but i don't see it happen anything time soon, jim. the russians are putting too much force in there, and we are destroying a lot of of the equipment with the tow missile, and two sides going head-to-head right now. >> and all you can hope for is a peaceful progress. rick francona, thank you. and coming up next, new information on the breaking news story, and those injure and
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i want to give you the update on the breaking news story that we told you about moments ago. we have have learned that five construction workers were taken to the hospital after a scaffolding collapse in houston, texas. you are seeing the live pictures of it right there. firefighter firefighters are searching the rubble for other possible victims. we will continue to follow is story and give you more details as we get them. will he or won't he? vice president joe biden may be close to the decision of whether to enter the presidential race.
10:35 am
one senior democratic official says that biden could decide by this weekend. another strategist involved in the deliberations says that the decision may not come though until the end of the month, and one possible indication that he may be running is that cnn sources say that he has been calling strategists in key statesing asking about how, and not whether to launch a campaign. i want to bring in our panel angela rye, who is a strategist for the american black caucus, and also, the senior strategist for senator ted cruz. and angela, joe biden's family says that they are on board, and that is a key factor or the him, and then you have the debate, and hillary clinton looked i in charge there and there was conventional wisdom that the vbd had missed his chance, and what are you thinking there? >> well, sure, a number of people are saying that, a nd a number of polls are saying that she won the debate, and the
10:36 am
media in the tank for hillary, and that is why, but many people thought that hillary won, and for many people, that was the window of closing, and then there are conventional folks who said that it is the benghazi hearing that is going to dictate whether he gets in or not, and that is on the 23rd, but the fact that he is not asking if but how is a key indicator that it may be something different. there is also an e-mail to past volunteers and staffers for biden who said they may need folks to gear up. >> and now, is a field with joe biden in it more or less intimidating for the gop field? >> well, the republicans should welcome the prospect of joe biden running, and think of a debate stage with hillary clinton, and bernie staanders a joe biden on the stage? does anything say old establishment corruption there than the people who have been in washington for decades, decades, decades, and republicans should
10:37 am
welcome it, and democrats, too, because they need a better insurance policy against hillary clinton than bernie sanders. >> and certainly not corrupt, and there are a number of people in the democratic party, and i have been saying it all week, they need a third term on president obama. >> go ahead and bet on that one. >> i would bet you on that, and i'm not a betting woman, but when you think of establishment inside of the beltway, joe biden used to commute back and forth to delaware everyday. >> and so, it is the east coast and not inside of the beltway. >> and i want to talk about the republican race, and we have figures on the fund-raising, and you saw good numbers from a n b number of the candidates, including george bush -- jeb bush -- >> same thing. >> freudian slip. and what do you see in the numbers in the fund-raising figures. >> well, it is the burn right that so many of them had, and like ben carson and that he
10:38 am
raised $11 million on fund-raisi fund-raising, and i pay attention to my boss ted cruz and he has more money in the bank because he has been spending more conservatively than jeb bush and ben carson, and so if they are not spending it well, they will not be here for the long hall. >> and angela, raising money between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and both of them hauling it n and having staying power on it. >> yes, and bernie sanders had a remarkable night as well, and there is a tiff about whether or not he won versus hillary, but he raised $2 million off of the "damn e-mails" comment, and you won't have any challenges with hillary clinton and bernie
10:39 am
sanders, because they shored up the base further. >> and carson and trump said, we will not take part if it is an endless debates, and two hours, and opening and closing statements, and lo and behold it is going to be two hours and opening and closing statements. >> well, this is a blatent play so that they can't take a chip out of the opponents to take a chip out of them, and not as many talking point, and so it should not be viewed as a power play of trump against msnbc, but trump and the other candidates in the field. >> yes, and also he liked the format of the democratic debate with opening and closing statements and that is the opportunity -- >> but it is also five candidates. >> and the funny thing is that donald trump is complaining about air time, and he has more than anyone including the folks who are pay for it, and he is not paying for it. and wall-to-wall coverage
10:40 am
>> and why should anything change for him when he is up double digits. >> yes. and cnn going to be re-airing the democratic debate tonight at 10:00 eastern time for anyone who missed it or for you political junkies who can't get enough of it, it is 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight. and you are looking at the live pictures of the east room, and you are will see a joint news conference coming up shortly, and as soon as that begins, we will bring it to you live with president obama and the korean president. and also, a top hillary clinton aide spent the morning telling what she nose about the benghazi incident.
10:41 am
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you are looking at live pictures from the white house east room and we are waiting for a press conference from president obama and the south korean president and we will bring it to you live once it begins. >> in other news, hillary clinton campaigns in new hampshire today and she will be interviewed by jake tapper this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. eastern. andowing her appearance is the house hearing over benghazi. hours ago, her top aide huma abedin was called in for her testimo testimony. and she said that the details about her appearance is just a partisan tactic to go the after her campaign.
10:46 am
and manu raja is right there where this hearing is taking place, and do we know what she has told the committee today? >> well, yes, jim. they have had about three hours of question iing for ms. abdin this morning, and the committee is focusing on what she knew before, during, after those 2012 benghazi attacks. now i talked to lynn west moa r about what she said in the hearing room, and she did not recall lot of the episodes from the 2012 attacks, and she is trying to portray herself as someone not involved in the response, and the democrats are saying it is a partisan witch hunt, and that is why they are bringing somebody who is not involved and the response before the committee. elijah cummings who was a ranking member on the benghazi
10:47 am
committee talked about bringing her in today. >> the question also becomes whether this is a taxpayer funded effort to derail the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> now, of course, the republicans dispute that and they say that ms. abedin's appearance is critical and she has been a loyal ally for 15 years of ms. clinton and also an e-mail released as part of the batch of the e-mails where she is discussing the benghazi related response on october 29th, 2012, e-mail which is part of the questions as well. and when i asked mr. westmoreland about why they are bringing her in, he said that she had to know something given that she worked so closely with ms. clintone over to t-- clinto over the years, and so we will see what happens, and of course, this is behind closed doors, and there is a transcript of the proceedings, but we won't know
10:48 am
what she said unless people start to talk about it afterwards. >> and so this is more than about benghazi, but it is the hearings that led to the release of clinton's private e-mail server, et cetera, and interesting story of to new york times quoting the fbi officials involved in the investigation say they felt that they were interfered with by the president's comments to the cbs this weekend saying that he didn't feel that the e-mail rele release or any classified information endangered u.s. national security as a result of the e-mails being on the private server. i want to ask you, is that seep on capitol hill, the comments of the president as an interference with this ongoing fbi investigation? >> certainly, the republicans feel that way, that the president should not have be discussing what was in those e-mails when that inquiry is still going on. you are hearing a lot of frustration from the members because of the president's comments, and of course, from the fbi, according to "the new york times" report from this morning. and republicans are also
10:49 am
frustrate d that ir that own members who are not part of the committee continue to talk about this being a political effort to go after hillary clinton, and both sides are nervous about what people from the outside are saying, and weigh iing in on wh is happening behind closed doors here, jim. >> manu raja up on the hill. once again, jake tapper is going to be sittinging down with hillary clinton at 4:00 p.m., and it is the first interview since the debate, and be sure you watch today at 4:00 p.m. eastern. we will be right back. i was out in the dining room meeting the residents, and i had a gentleman ask me if i made his dinner. he had lost his wife, but i didn't know, that a and he made a remark that he was not sure that he wanted to be there anymore but he said something that has stuck to me to this day, after having dinner, i want to stick around for a while. that stuck with me, and i never had an experience like that, and it let me know that what i am doing is much more important
10:50 am
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a man who stole u.s. military personnel records and gave them to isis has been arrested in mamalaysia. he's accused of illegally obtaining the names and sensitive data on 1,300 u.s. service members and federal employees. he then allegedly shared that data with isis operatives. justice reporter evan perez has
10:54 am
more on this troubling story. so why is the justice department calling this the first case of its kind? >> it's very rare for them to have something that contains cyber crime and terrorism. so that's what the combination that we have here. it's a unique case. the suspect is under arrest by malaysian authorities. he was arrested about a month ago. the fbi says that he was stealing this information from websites, scraping it, putting it together. we were talking about e-mail addresses, fphotos, phone numbers, addresses of members of the military. 1300 of them in all. and then he was providing it to this cyber group of hackers. one of them was killed in a u.s. strike in syria in august. >> he was believed to have recruited one of the shooters in texas. >> he's been a prolific isis recruiter. and raising him from the battlefield has been a victory
10:55 am
for the united states and this case is also a big one. >> the sad thing about this data is already out there. they have been warned to put this stuff on publicly accessible websites and they have also been told your stuff is out there so be careful. >> difficult thing to do with social media. it's a hard thing to keep a lid on. >> especially talking about a generation of younger soldiers who are used to sharing everything online. >> also when the federal government can't protect that data. there's another report that says isis has been trying to hack into the electrical grid. is that a serious threat? >> not yet. they don't see sophistication that work for isis yet. it is something that people are concerned about because this stuff 14-year-olds can do this kind of thing. the concern is there and it's real. >> no question. evan perez, thank you for
10:56 am
joining us. yesterday president obama talked about the future of the afghan people as part of the reason for keep canning u.s. troop levels steady there for longer. but more than a decade of war, poverty and growing instability in afghanistan is fueling a mass kpe douse out of the country and into europe. the top destination is germany. diplomatic e editor nick robertson spoke with a man who smuggles these refugees out for a price. >> i'm meeting a people smuggler. >> how many people have you taken to europe? 1,500 he tells me. the most popular destination is germany. we can't show his face because what he does is illegal. we take people to germany in three different routes. by sea, by road for $9,000 and take people by air for $20,000. top dollar, he tells me, buys a black market visa and direct
10:57 am
flights. anything less could cost your life. >> translator: we have had our clients injured and even killed along this journey. just a 15 days ago 70 people were caught by iranians and deported, which included 15 of my clients. >> reporter: but there are plenty here who are ready to take the risk. before dawn the line outside california c kabul's passport office, people worried about the economy, worried about war. getting a passport has never been so popular, people here say. these lines never so long. precisely how many plan to flee is hard to nail down, but early estimates say the number of afghans arriving in europe is second only to the numb of syrians and how they get there starts right here. omar runs the passport office.
10:58 am
how many people are applying for passports every day? >> every day more than 7,000 people. >> reporter: none here are ready to admit their plans, but many will leave. he tells me since europe opens its doors to refugees, we have seen a direct increase in the number of people applying for passports. r for the smuggler, each passport hold er is a business opportunity. >> translator: they leave their money with a trusted person. for instance, a money dealer. as soon as the person reaches his destination, the money dealer gives us the money. >> reporter: but as he explains, if the person doesn't get through, he still gets paid. >> translator: our rule is that we try three times. if a person couldn't reach his destination after three attempts, he has to pay us. >> reporter: the surest certainty, it seems, smugglers
10:59 am
always win. nic robertson, kabul, afghanistan. the california nnadian amba rescued six americans during the hostage crisis has died. ken taylor played a key role in what became known as the canadian keeper. more than 50 americans were taken hostage at the embassy in iran in 1979. it was taylor who helped hide six americans who then alluded capture. he was able to get out of iran using canadian passports. the drama was the basis for the 2012 movie "argo." taylor's actions earned praise from the u.s. and the canadian governments. ken taylor was 81 years old. an update on a developing story we told you about. we have now learned that six construction workers have been take on to the hospital after a scaffolding collapse in houston, texas. those are pictures you're seeing there. the injuries are not believed to
11:00 am
be life threatening. firefighters continue to search the rubble for other possible victims. stay with cnn for more updates as we get them on this story. that's it for me. "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world here as we are watching and waiting live pictures inside of the white house as we are anticipating the president of the united states and also the president of south korea. we are getting a preview of what we should be anticipating. >> reporter: the south korean's first president to the u.s. since she's been in office. as one analyst put it, what she wants to show back home is the u.s. is the most important