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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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finally figuring out a legit reason to have a "playboy" bunny on the show. she is a ph.d. attorney, and a mom, and a "playboy" bunny. how the move by "playboy" is going after market share that is right now not available to them. keep the tweets coming. i will see you next week. hoppy harlow in new york. thank you for joining this this saturday evening. you are hearing from the owner of that nevada brothel where lamar odom collapsed and fell into a coma that he only came out of yesterday. they want him to stop talking about odom's days there. he is defending his decision to speak out. you just spoke with the owner of
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the brothel. what is he saying? >> reporter: well, poppy, i asked point-blank. he has been accused of being part of a shameless publicity stunt for his brothel. i pressed him on this and here's what he had to say. >> the kardashians not wanting anybody to talk? these girls are made -- the kardashians are known for talking to the media and doing things. they want to control what was said. they're going to say bad things about me and my place. they have already said things out in the media. so has the father. i want the true story to come out because we have nothing to hide. >> reporter: and i also asked about any circumstances surrounding odom's we'll call it collapse. and he said, again, he thinks he took up to 10 of these sexual enhancement pills and also that he had been doing cocaine before he arrived at the brothel. that is an important point to hof because he has a zero drug
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tolerance policy. >> he is insistent he does not believe lamar was doing drugs at his brothel. but the thing is that brothel sold those sexual enhancement whatever you call them. they are not clearly herbal supplements as i believe they were marketed. i know they pulled them from the shelves. what does he say about selling is them? >> it is perfectly legal. people bought them before. i asked him. one of the prostitutes at the brothel if they had anybody collapse on the pills. they said no. he said he does everything on the up and up. with his zero drug tolerance policy in his various brothels, 23 years, he has gone as far as firing six employees for using drugs. he maintains he runs, whether you like it or not, an extremely clean business. a lot of people are wondering why is it 80 miles northwest of here? the rule in nevada, if you have less than 700,000 people in a
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county you can run a legal prostitution house. that is just beyond clark county. so after you pass a prison and desolation and dirt and rocks, you will arrive at it. >> what about the most important thing in all of this, lamar odom's condition. we know he has woken up from the coma? do we know how he is doing? is he out of the woods? >> reporter: source after source saying lamar is out of a coma. he has been able to utter very short sentences or words. in fact, one source telling us he did say hi to his estranged wife khloe kardashian. kris jenner is technically still his mother-in-law. she went on "access hollywood" and said he's out of a coma and no longer on a ventilator, but on a breathing mask. but the big fear is he has suffered organ damage. >> heartbreaking.
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thank you very much for that. i want to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. over the years lamar odom has endured numerous tragedies. he once told the l.a. times, death always seems to be around me. i have been burying people for a long time. our rachel nichols has more. hi, rachel. >> reporter: well, poppy, it hasn't been an easy road for lamar odom. he grew up in a pretty rough section of new york. his own father was a heroin addict and only marginally in and out of his life. he had a great mom but he was only 12 when she died of cancer. he was holding her hand. she said be nice to everyone, lamar. you can see he took that to heart. even as he went through tough times. the grandmother took him in, suddenly she would go on to cancer. his 6-month-old died of sudden
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infant death syndrome. a close friend died, his cousin. he would write their names on his shoes. he did have struggles with drugs and alcohol when he first came in the league. he can see it made him empathetic to the people around him. he was known as the guy you could just talk to about your problems. and he was so warm. he knew how to appreciate when things were good. it is the reason there have been so well well wishes for odom the last couple of days. lebron james wrote, no judgment. and you don't know what someone has gone through unless you have walked in their shoes. i know a lot of odom's nba friends were worried this kind of thing might eventually happen. eventually they would get one of these kinds of phone calls. especially over the last year. it became harder to keep in touch with him. he changed his number a lot. different show up for scheduled get-togethers. i can tell you as they worried
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about him, everyone still talked about how much they loved him. there is no doubt they are all rooting for him right now. >> yeah. we all are. rachel nichols, thank you for that. coming up next, we will speak to a criminal defense attorney about what potential liability of the owner might face. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm.
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to politics we government donald trump rakes in millions and millions from unsolicited donations. he was spending the cash in unexpected ways. according to brand-new fund-raising reports released this week and getting a rare look at his rivals and where all that money is going. >> the huge field of gop candidates. if single digit poll numbers don't pour out soon, the war chips almost certainly will will. campaign finance disclosures were filed thursday, tangible evidence of who is up and who is down. jeb bush raised $13 million last quarter but spent $11 million. others fared far west. santorum and jindal each with less than $300,000 cash on hand.
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political outsiders did best. carson raised the most of any candidate in the quarter, $20 million. carly fiorina, $7 million. donald trump, proudly self-funding his campaign. he took in $3.9 million from 74,000 of what the campaign calls unsolicited donors. surprisingly, the billionaire front-runner's campaign has little cash in its coffers. trump's war chest something he can drop millions into whenever needed had only $254,000 at the end of the quarter. the unorthodox candidate runs an unusual political operation. his second biggest expense, $723,000 to tag air, a company he owns that operates his fleet of planes and helicopters. but his biggest expense is those now famous make america great
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again hats and t-shirts. $781,000 line item, $400,000 more than rick santorum raised last quarter. he is a proven master at generating free airtime. bush spent $415,000 on media the last quarter. then there's this. >> the people that are running against me pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> his estimate is a tad low. hillary clinton's campaign paid more than $1 million for polling last quarter alone. trump is proud of his conservative spending saying in a statement, to be number one in every poll and to have spent the least amount of dollars of any serious candidate is a testament to what i can do for america. and the little things count too. for the trump campaign, they include $1,400 on new york city cabs, $1,302 spent on home
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depot, and $324 at applebees. all right. let's talk more about the cnn political commentator and democratic strategist mary cardona is with me. we know the trump campaign is not traditional. the fact that the biggest line was these now famous hats and t-shirts. >> i think it proves that donald trump is, as he says, very good at business. look, i think of all the candidates on the republican side, he has proven the return on investment primary clearly because he hasn't raised a whole lot of money. at least he hasn't solicited money. he hasn't spent a lot of money. yet he is still a top the polls by wide margins and key states is. he has been at the top since the moment he jumped into this race. and it doesn't seem like he's going anywhere no matter how
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outlandish the comments he makes are. so it seems to me he is proving that once again in this cycle conventional wisdom is completely out the window. >> what's really interesting to me is that trump didn't pay a dollar last quarter for pollsters. compare that with hillary clinton's camp who paid close to a million dollars for pollsters. i wonder if you think all that money could be a liability for her. because some of the criticism she facesis where is the authentici authenticity? you look at the polls and the ratings, then maybe you come off less like yourself? >> you think? i mean, hillary clinton has had an authenticity problem for a long time. the fact that she is so plastic, so manufactured, so focus grouped. her likability has tanked her numbers. there is a reason why women who were supposed to be her ace
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group there, she dropped 29 points. she lost 29 points in women, women supported her 62% in july. it dropped to 47% in september. >> they say i just don't trust her. when you have all of that, what does donald trump need pollsters for? >> the most extraordinary use of media i have ever seen. >> absolutely. >> i know you're a defender of clinton, so i want you to get a say on that point. all right. listening to what tara said, should she be spending money elsewhere? >> no. i actually think she is exactly where she should be. like you said, she is winning by wide margins. her favorabilities top every other republican. she is winning women on the democratic side by wide margins. she and bernie sanders are winning the democratic vote by
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three-fourths within the democratic primary. she is incredibly popular. almost 80% with democrats. and frankly, after the debate performance this past tuesday, you know, she is in a position where she is very well on her way to winning the nomination. so it -- from tara's comments it clearly makes it look like from the very beginning they have been nervous about hillary clinton. they are still very nervous about the fact that she -- >> we don't know if jeb bush -- we know jeb bush is in the race. we don't know if joe biden is jumping in the race. finally numbers from the camp. raised $13.4 million in the last quarter. spent $11.5 million of it. this does not include all the money in the superpac. he has about 10 million cash on hand. what do you make of the speed? >> 86% rate means he's spending
4:16 pm
86% of the money he's taking in. look where he is in the polls. when he is in the lower digits, 6%, 7% in places. his candidacy is not where a lot of people expected. he didn't take inasmuch money as they hoped. you started off as a barnburner doing a shock and awe, let's get as much money as possible to scare people away. and it hasn't worked for him. i think we're going to see some after the next debate, we're going to see some different things. there are reports now that the bush campaign is tightening their belt a little bit. they're not flying on private jets. they are not staying in schmancy hotels. they're not anymore. they are trying to be better steward office their money. there is not the same enthusiasm. >> this is going to be a long race, this primary. i have to leave it there. you stay with me. you stay with me. don't go anywhere. coming up next, i had a chance
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democratic front-runner hillary clinton focusing her campaign today on the south during a speech right outside birmingham, alabama. she slammed the state's strict voter i.d. law comparing it to the days of jim crow. this comes four days after her big performance that certainly energized her supporters. i had a chance this week in washington, d.c. to sit down with fortune 500 female leaders right after the debate. here's what they said. >> it was the moment when fortune magazine's most powerful women in business erupted. >> enough of the e-mails. let's talk about the real issues facing america. >> it was incredibly smooth of
4:21 pm
bernie to really take that opportunity to be supportive. he actually took the energy away in a positive way for him. >> watching this debate has made you maybe not in the bernie sanders's camp. but maybe leaning a little bit more to it or more interest than before. >> i'm definitely more interested. >> it was less about what he said and more about being a real person and kind of speaking up for what a lot of people feel which is enough is enough. let's talk about some other things. >> we joined the fortune most powerful women summit tuesday in washington, d.c. and sat down with business leaders, most of whom supported hillary clinton and patty sellers for their first debate take. >> it's actually the woman who is emotional, stereotyped as emotional. and the guys are delivering the data. and it was the opposite talked. >> ann marie slaughter is the author of "unfinished business."
4:22 pm
she worked with clinton at the state department and now calls her a friend. >> you have to be tough, but you can't be too tough or you are immediately in really unpleasant territory, right? the b word. she can stand up. but if she's too hard there will be a boomer an. >> cat cole is part of focus brands. >> you operate in 60 countries around the world. the work is in the midst of a minimum wage fight. >> the whole discussion around minimum wage, private sec sector, enabling growth hasn't gotten the energy i would have loved to have seen. >> those there was excitement there was a feeling among some that something was lacking. >> the debate exposed the men's weaknesses even more. and it didn't really make me feel good about the democratic
4:23 pm
party. >> what are you most excited about seeing this election cycle? >> what i would love to see this election cycle is a true reach across the aisle and have hillary reach out to kasich and say, be my running mate. >> hillary clinton is a former colleague and can i call her a friend of yours? >> yes. >> are there moments watching this campaign that are difficult to watch? >> when i watch her walk out on stage for the debate, my stomach flinches. because i so want her to communicate the smart, warm, funny, relatable woman that i know that sometimes, you know, voters just don't seem to pick up. >> ceo of lifeway foods says she knows how hard it can be for a powerful woman. >> the more successful a woman gets, the lower her likability is. and the reverse is true for a man. >> would you vote for hillary clinton or any other woman because they are a woman?
4:24 pm
>> no. i would vote because she is the most qualified candidate. she has 40 years of experience. >> is it anti-feminist to vote for someone because they are a woman or to give any more of a break because they are a woman? >> no. i don't think so. we have to pass the par. i'm a democrat. i'm not going to vote for a woman if she is a republican woman and she completely disagrees with me. obviously not. but if i've got a woman and a man equal and they're both in my party, do i think it's important for women to be represented? absolutely. >> my thanks to those women for sitting down with me. let's talk about the impact of the everyday woman, not just fortune 500 leaders on this tara and maria. i want you to look at the september polls. clinton, 50% support among registered democratic women. sanders, 20%.
4:25 pm
biden hasn't even jumped in the race, 21%. do you think if he gets in, biden presents more of a threat to hillary clinton in terms of taking away some of the female votes? >> i think he has -- he poses a threat for her all the way around. he has the potential to take female voters, male voters. the more people start to see the contrast between joe and how relatable he is and personable he is and listening to his story, his record, people are going to take a good, hard listen to him. and also you see that bernie sanders has really crept up on hillary in ways that one has expected. when it comes to likability, trustworthiness. as i said before, there was a "washington post" polls that shows hillary is below 50% when it comes to women in mid-september. which was a 29% drop. i don't care what maria says. the campaign knows that is not good for them and not good for hillary. the last couple weeks have been
4:26 pm
better than september because of the mccarthy, benghazi and the e-mails. they are trying to neutralize it as a political issue. >> and the debate. >> is all of those things combined. will that sustain? we shall see? >> maria, to you, the most important issues you think for democratic voters. you can't -- in the primary, you're going to have every one of the democrats on the same page when it comes to, you know, abortion. >> most issues, right. >> what's the key issue there? >> well, i think like every other voter in the country, poppy, female voters are looking for who is going to offer them the best opportunities to be able to succeed, to be able to succeed for themselves and for their families. and what i think is so critical about the way that hillary is running her campaign. and we have talked about this before now. she is focused on women's issues but not just because they are women's issues. it is because women's issues have now become family issues.
4:27 pm
the way that she talks about equal pay for equal work, for example. the way she talks about how women should be given child care. how families should be given family leave to take care of a child whether you're a man or woman, whether you're a dad or mom or two moms or two dads. they speak not only women but they speak to families trying to make a living. and i think that is incredibly important in this campaign. and republicans are not speaking to that. >> actually, marco rubio has presented a plan, a different plan but a plan that would provide for paid family leave for parents. however, let's move on. >> would love to compare it with hillary's any day of the week. >> hillary keeps reminding us she's a woman. i think we get it. >> on the republican side, i think there are telling numbers. trump remaining strong among voters. 21% of support among women. he leads fiorina and ben carson
4:28 pm
there by women. what do you make of that? >> i think because the republican pry vary voters, female voters aren't worried about what's between the legs of the candidate. >> be did he spite all the comments he made. >> i get it. as i finish my sentence, they don't care if you're a man or woman. they want to know who will be the best for their families. who is going to be the best economically for us for women in this country, present the best opportunities. we have a record number of women who are not in the workforce. i haven't heard hillary clinton address that. when you look at donald trump, and i'm not a donald trump supporter. but he continues to be popular because he's catering to a group who are frustrated does and who want to hear about strong leadership and his business leadership. >> pugh did a study and found more women are staying home more than before.
4:29 pm
they work the hardest job being parents. but 29% of women in 2012 stayed home. a big part of that is because of the rising costs of child care. do you think women are looking at the candidate who can come on and level the playing field a little bit more? >> absolutely. that goes to exactly what i was i talking about before. which is a lot of women don't want to be spoken to about whether they should be staying home or whether they should be going to work full time. the way that women look at their careers and their lives is with a balance. and that balance has got decided by every woman and her family. and what hillary clinton is doing, and frankly a lot of the democrats are doing, they are putting together plans where the woman and the man or the two women and the two men, the families can choose which is best for them. but when you don't have a candidate that is giving you appropriate health care, equal pay for equal work, offering child care so you can go back to
4:30 pm
work if you want to, that candidate is not offering choices these families can make in order to be successful if they want to. >> what the deposit can give you. that's not what the american people want. they want the deposit to get out of their lives. they don't want somebody else to pay for it. >> interesting. you said they want government to get out of their lives. except when it comes to women's bodies. >> thank you, ladies. very much. i have to get a break in. but it is important. we'll be right back in a moment. watch tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. look at that lineup. jeb bush, hillary clinton, mitt romney with jake tapper. only here on cnn.
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. lamar odom beginning to show signs of improvement in a nevada hospital. the family and his estranged wife at odds with the owner of the brothel where he collapsed after a mixture of cocaine and sex enhancing heller supplements. they want the owner to stop divulging details. he said no drugs were consumed there. >> you said that you had reports that he was doing cocaine. do you have a legal obligation to stop somebody or get them the help they need or whatever the case may be? >> oh, absolutely. what he said was that he had been doing this in las vegas previously and that's why he wanted to come out here and wind down and relax. so our obligation was to make sure he wasn't doing anymore on our property. my management was told, watch
4:35 pm
him. if he's not sleeping, i want to know about it. if he's not eating, i want to know about it. if he's just hanging around and having fun, i'm good with that. >> criminal defense attorney, cnn legal analyst danny sa val else is on the phone. he said no drugs were done on the premises. the kardashians say they have a right to privacy and he is speaking out. speak to me about any potential legal liability in terms of the brothel. it sounds like drugs were consumed on the premises? >> well, a brothel is not your typical business in america. but the reality is whether or not a business owes any liability to a person who comes on the premises for a business purpose is a very, very common issue in civil cases. as a general rule, if you have a property and people come on the property and give you money for
4:36 pm
whatever services or products you give them in return, you have to make the premises safe. but the owner is correct in that no owner can completely police what everyone does on their property. an example is hotels, restaurants, bars. they can make reasonable efforts. but the law could not place upon them the burden to police each and every person and take it to the point. what are they going to strip search everybody who walks into a restaurant on friday night to make sure they don't have a dime bag on them? we can't hold business owners to that level. however, we can ask them to make reasonable efforts? >> so what about this drug or sexual enhancing supplement known as reload. the fda said if you've got it, throw it out. it is not safe. it is not fda approved. it is marketed as an herbal supplement. it was sold there at the love ranch. a, could they have liability for selling it. b, what about the manufacturer
4:37 pm
of it? >> yeah. the fda has said in so many words that their lab analysis confirmed that this reload contains an active ingredient of the prescription drug viagra. it can cause drastic low blood pressure. it can lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels. anybody with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cleft cole, any problems like that it can interact in a strange way with those other drugs. so the bottom line is, and this has been a problem with certain kind of supplements in this area. essentially there's not a lot of regulation the way there is in the actual drug industry. so sometimes there are substances that get into the supplements that you may not know how much you're take. you may not be taking any at all. you have no way of knowing when it comes from a different country. the fda is crystal clear. they said if you've got it,
4:38 pm
throw it away. >> danny, thank you. we are glad lamar odom appears to be recovering. again, he is conscious after being in a coma. straight ahead, israel and a string of attacks. my best guest says the obama administration is sending all the wrong signals. he is live next to explain. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. selling 18 homes?
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after nearly three weeks of deadly violence, a show of solidarity in jerusalem. hundreds of israelis and palestinians marched together calling for peace. since the beginning of the month, seven israelis and at least 44 palestinians have lost their lives in these clashes. today alone police say palestinians carried out five separate stabbing attacks. another crisis is also weighing heavy on the white house on thursday. president obama acknowledged that afghan security forces are not ready to stand on their own. he announced nearly 10,000 u.s. troops will remain in that country longer than originally
4:42 pm
planned. joining me now to talk about both is author. it is great to see israelis and palestinians coming together to march for peace. there has been such an escalation. i was in jerusalem a month ago. you say the obama administration is send issing all the wrong signals. what do you mean specifically by that? >> when i wrote that three or four days ago in the wall street journal, one implicitly the secretary of street attributed the violence to an increase in israeli settlement activity. that is not the origins of this current round. number two, state department spokesman accused the israelis of excessive use of force. they walked that back. finally, the administration suggested that the israelis
4:43 pm
somehow changed the status quo on the temple. two of the holiest mosques to islam sit on top of the remains of both the first and second jewish temples, overlapping is sacred space. they walked that back. self days ago the secretary said that he was going to the middle east soon. and i think he has widely decided that they are both going to be in germany next week. >> right. >> i think part of reality has set in. and they have lowered their expectations. >> you wrote in terms of the broader israeli/palestinian conflict, we are not at a tipping point. and i wonder what does a tipping point look like? >> a tipping point would be, i guess, following the first 1987 to 1992. the second 2000 to 2004. it would have to involve a
4:44 pm
sustained commitment by the palestinian authorities as he committed himself and hamas. organized resistance. popular buy-in and investment. a massive uprising that would have to go well beyond where these attacks are taking place now. 80% of these attacks are coming from young palestinians in jerusalem, fluent in hebrew with israeli identity cards from neighborhoods that the palestinian authority doesn't control but the state of israel has controlled since 1967. so i think we're not at the point yet where you could describe what's happening. what hamas called jerusalem to be the third. >> so looking now to the situation in afghanistan and the thousands more u.s. troops that are going to stay there until president obama's last day in office, this is one of the very few u.s. presidents to be a wartime leader from the
4:45 pm
beginning to the end of his presidency most likely. do you believe he will leave the white house with the middle east in worst shape than when he came in. and is that his fault? >> barring a miracle that somehow it self-correct or external powers, the russians, the americans somehow fundamentally change the southward arc this region is on, the president will in fact, leave the region worse than he inherited it. it created opportunities for isis. but i don't believe in this left, right, liberal conservative republican, democrat debate on this. the question for american foreign policy is do you want a dumb foreign policy or smart one? you want americans to be on the smart side. i think the president frankly is the extricator in chief.
4:46 pm
it is to basically get america out of unwinnable wars and avoid getting them into new ones. even the president realized he cannot leave afghanistan. you have 350,000 afghan security forces that are not ready for primetime. so he is going to keep -- let's keep iraq in line now. a residual force of, what, just under 10,000 troops. the problem, poppy is that in 2011 we had 100,000 troops in afghanistan. and we couldn't bring order to this country. how are we going to do that with a tenth of the number. and i think we know the answer to that. >> if history is any lesson, it has been exceedingly difficult for any super power to succeed in afghanistan. aaron david millar, thank you for the perspective. >> poppy, always a pleasure. thanks a lot coming up next, we switch topics.
4:47 pm
the battle over minimum wage in america. next, my conversation with a woman in a very high position in a multimillion dollar food company. fascinating what she has to say about what she would do about minimum wage in this country. that's next. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
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and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. in this week's american opportunity, the growing debate over minimum wage this this country. wal-mart increased pay for entry level employees for $9 this year and $10 next year. this week they cut the earnings outlook and said the wage increase will cost the company $1.2 billion this year and 1.5 billion next year. the stock fell 10% on wednesday on that news. i sat down this week with the group president of focus brands. they are a multibillion dollar food company. they own cinnabon, to car vel ice cream.
4:51 pm
we talked about the battle in america over minimum wage and 2016. the minimum wage debate in this country is see the fight workers in this country. you see some cities with a $15 minimum wage. where do you fall on that fight? >> i have three perspectives. one is the perspective of the independent small business owner with low revenue, decreasing margins because of accelerate, real estate, food costs and now accelerating labor costs. i very seriously appreciate the economic challenge that presents, but i do believe there's a capitalist argument to be made for higher wages because if you pay better you will attract more talent. you will keep those people longer, but then you have to do the hard work of holding them accountable for good work.
4:52 pm
that's one point of view. another is a global or national enterprise point of view. it is hard to plan your business when you have no idea what the wages will be in 100 cities in the next year. just from a planning standpoint, it's really difficult to be thoughtful and answer the question, how will you combat wage increases. i don't know. what will it be and how high can it be. how far do you accelerate the cost of a pretzel to accommodate. and what can you do in your business to allow you to pay more competitive businesses. the fight for higher wage is something i support but i believe there is a planful, collaborative approach that needs to be take than has not been taken across the country and what's unfortunate it is a political issue. it gets so politicized. the answer is not $15 an hour tomorrow. the answer is not keeping it the
4:53 pm
way that it is. that's not a cop out or a refusal to have a position but an acknowledgment of the complexities involved and a deep desire to be part of the conversation. >> we're in washington, d.c., you never know. i get asked will you run for office? my answer used to be, i can impact the public sector more from the private sector. then i had a mentor of mine say, one, if you keep saying things like that as influential as you are you are going to steer away great people who want to serve. two, them right answer is you should go to where your talents provide the greatest impact. so my answer is different now. my answer is not never. it will always be the private sector but my answer is i will always feel the role where i feel i can make the greatest impact. if that is in the private sector it will be the private sector or bridging the world from public to private and elevating social
4:54 pm
impact businesses then that is where i will do it. >> there are two ceo candidates running for office in the republican side. donald trump and carly fiorina. does business acue men, that resume experience lead to better governing right now. it seems the electorate and the polls are telling us that's what they want. >> i don't think that business experience period can lead to better governing. i know a lot of ceos that are not strong in influence but wrather in command and control and the government requires a great deal of influence and being a bridge person and bringing people together. do i think this experience is needed more today ethan it has been in our government, i absolutely do. that alone does not a president make. >> is there a candidate you like right now? >> i like a few. i'm probably most in hillary's camp right now. i truly believe she has the connections and the experience
4:55 pm
and the influence to get things done. but i do have great concerns around how likable and believable she is to the american public. >> is that because of the e-mails in large part? >> i don't think it is because of the e-mails. i'm so tired of the e-mail conversations. get on with the issues, people but i understand it brings in to question trust and that is a core issue. i don't think it is because of the e-mails. i think it is generally because of her style and how she presents herself in large groups, but i have spoken to so many people who have had one on ones with her where the cool, chill version of hillary, the approachable version comes out. i appreciate how difficult that is to balance that approachable, likable, this is really me with having to put on a game face because you are being attacked from all sides, i can't imagine what that is like but can appreciate the challenge. i don't think she's a clear runaway winner. but i certainly would love to
4:56 pm
see someone in office, maybe they are not the most likable right now but no one cares about their likability if they are able to get thing s done. it's about their ability to bring people together and come to the best solution.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
the number. we will end our show with a number the news each night. tonight 62 million. the number of girls around the world not in school according to the white house. the right to education is fundamental, it is enshrined in the united nations convention on the rights of children. it is a right that a girl nearly lost her life fighting for when she stood up to the taliban for her right to go to school. usaid says if india enrolled 1% more of the girls in school their gdp would rise by $5.5
5:00 pm
billion. the white house notes every year of secondary education can boost a girl's future earnings by 18%. the world bank found more age indicated women tend to be healthier, participate more in the formal labor market, earn more income, fewer children and provide better health care and education to their children all of which can improve the well being of all individuals and can lift households ou of poverty. that's the number. 62 million. let's do something together for the 62 million girls that we owe it to. i'm poppy harlow. next the "'70s marathon, including a look at crime and cult. tonight our topic will be murder as a growth industry. >> murder has become an epidemic in america. >> in the last ten years, the homicide rate has increased by leaps and bounds.


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