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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 18, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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them who's the alpha. >> that's the thing about loss. only when someone or something is taken away from you that you realize you even missed it. even things that seem silly or ridiculous at the time can provide a profound sense of loss when they're gone. as my friend thomas bartlett once said -- >> boring! >> good god, tracy. >> i'm back and better than ever. >> all right, tracy morgan. "cnn newsroom" begins right now. >> happening now in the newsroom -- >> across the spectrum of foreign policy, mr. trump talks about thing as though he's still on "the apprentice." >> i'm not blaming george bush, but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe. because september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this country. >> does anybody actually blame my brothers for the attacks
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on 9/11 if so, they're completely marginalized in society. >> an exclusive interview on "state of the union." >> "newsroom" starts right now. hello again and thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. an incredibly feisty republican presidential race. today no fewer than six dates are attending the faith and freedom forum in plano, texas. a chance for each of them to talk about the role christian beliefs play in their public lives. front-runner donald trump is not there. athena jones is at the event. how important is an event like this for these candidates, many of whom are struggling to gain some traction. >> hi, fredricka. you're absolutely right. a lot of the focus all summer and now into the fall has been on the gop front-runner donald trump. he won't be here.
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these six candidates will be here to make their case to evangelical voters, to christian conservatives or, more broadly, social conservatives who are a part of the republican electorate. important in states like iowa and south carolina, a couple of the early voting states but also important in states like right here in texas and all across the south. this is a huge mega church, 40,000 members in there. between 7,000 and 8,000 between the worship center and the overflow. they'll be able to make their case to voters about how their own beliefs affect their views on public policy. carly fiorina, jeb bush, ted cruz, mike huckabee, rick santorum and ben carson. a big deal for them, fred. >> what's this, a monologue type of setup? or will they be reviewing their views with a conversation with someone? >> it's more of a conversation. so each of them will take the stage. they'll have about ten minutes to deliver remarks, then they'll
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spend another ten minutes in a q&a right there on stage, center stage with the passor here, pastor jack graham who has high lighted this event as an opportunity for them to highlight issues that are of importance to christian conservatives. issues like religious liberty when it comes to same-sex marriage or contraception coverage and issues like abortion. i expect we'll hear a lot of talk about abortion, possibly planned parenthood which has been at the center of the fight on capitol hill among republicans really highlights that group in attempts to defund it because of its work on abortion. those are the kinds of issues we expect to hear brought up at this forum. >> athena jones, thank you so much, in plano, texas. republican front-runner donald trump and rival jeb bush are stepping up their takens. it's pretty personal. in an exclusive interview bush fired back at trump for suggesting his brother,
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then-president george w. bush, was partially to blame for the 9/11 attacks. >> what are you objecting to about mr. trump's remarks about 9/11 and your brother? >> look, my brother responded to a crisis and he did it as you would hope a president would do. he united the country. he organized our country and he kept us safe. there's no denying that. the great majority of americans believe that. i don't know why he keeps bringing it up. it doesn't show he's a serious person when it relates to be a commander in chief and the architect of a foreign policy. across the spectrum of foreign policy mr. trump talks about things as though he's still on "the apprentice." literally talking about syria saying isis should take out assad and russia should take out isis as though it was some sort of board game and not a serious approach. this is another example of the lack of seriousness. in is a serious time. we're under grave threats and i think we need a president with a
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steady hand. >> too play devil's advocate, do you think it's possible that your loyalty to your brother, while admirable on a personal level, might be a policy liability blinding you to mistakes he made? >> no, so next week mr. trump is probably going to say that fdr was around when japan attacked pearl harbor. it's what you do after that matters. and that's the sign of leadership. it's not the -- does anybody actually blame my brother for the attacks on 9/11? if they do, they're totally marginalized in our society. it's what he did afterwards and i'm proud of him. you don't have to have your last name bush to be able to understand that. it just calls into question mr. trump's credibility as a commander in chief and an architect of the next generation foreign policy. which we desperately need in this country right now. i have great doubts, to be honest with you, and it's obviously because of the things he says.
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it looks as though he's not taking the responsibility, the possibility of being president of the united states really seriously. for him, it looks as though he's an actor playing the role of a candidate for president, not boning up on the issues, not having a broad sense of the responsibilities of what it is to be a president. in his own word, it gives me great concern. and a lot of other people will as well. >> not to sit silent, trump also went on television today to clarify what he said. but he certainly didn't back down. >> question, do you blame george w. bush for 9/11? >> look, look, jeb said we were safe with my brother. we were safe. well, the word trade center just fell down. now, am i trying to blame him? i'm not blaming anybody, but the world trade center came down. when he said, we were safe. we weren't safe. probably the greatest catastrophe ever in this country, if you think about it, right? >> what would you have done? >> i would have been much different. somebody says it wouldn't have been any different. it would have been.
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i'm extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. i'm extremely tough on people coming into this country. i believe that if i were running thing, i doubt those families would have -- i doubt that those people have been in the country. so there's a good chance that those people would not have been in our country. with that being said, i'm not blaming george bush, but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe because september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this country. >> with me -- back with me now from new york, republican strategist brian morgenstern. good to see you guys again. this stepped-up war between bush and trump. it does seem like it's reached a whole new level. but who stands to gain from this potentially? >> listen, trump got the better of it, right? he's the one that got under jeb's skin there. jeb responded angrily as, well, you can understand. i mean, no one likes someone saying that kind of stuff about
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your brother. but at one point in that clip jeb said, i don't understand why he's doing this. i'll tell you why he's doing it, to get under your skin. and it seems to be working. >> it doesn't necessarily move the ball forward, does it? it just acts as an irritant. >> that's exactly right. and as i said, following the trump formula. but i noticed something different about trump who is admired for his chutzpah and just saying what's on his mind and being a truth teller or so his supporters say. he just said i'm not blaming bush for 9/11 but it wouldn't have happened if i were president. that's some forked tongued politician talk. >> so to not even necessarily take the bait. i mean, if that's what trump is doing, tossing the bait out. and at this moment jeb wush decided to kind of take the bait to kind of clarify, but in the
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end, does he find himself in a place that he can't kind of get out of, meaning jeb bush? >> well, listen, that's why it's so tough. you just put your finger on it, fredricka. there's no right answer. >> right. >> if you ignore the guy, he keeps kicking you in the teeth every day. if you fight with the guy, he just slimes you even worse. it's really why, as long as donald is at the center of this thing, all the opponents are in a very kind of subservient role to him. there's no easy way out of it that i can see. >> the morning talk shows. we see the candidates there. now we're also seeing on social media because, you know, trump was on twitter saying this, jeb bush should stop trying to defend his brother and focus on his own shortcomings and how to fix them. also rubio is hitting him hard. then he also had this tweet, jeb, why did your brother attack and destabilize the middle east by attacking iraq when there were no weapons of mass destruction? bad info?
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so ellis, does this kind of exemplify where the campaigning is going? or is this going to be, i guess, an avenue that could potentially backfire? >> i just think it's going to continue. it's clearly no good for the party, right? they're saying horrible stuff about each other. it's getting rr personal. it's alienating people that they need to have support them a year from now. but it seems like it's going to keep going a while. >> what's the landscape when you look at the way in which the campaigning has evolved or devolved, you know, particularly as it pertains to the republican candidates, attacking this way? is this use of social media. does it kind of take the polish or the shine off of a race for the presidency? >> i choose to look on the bright side which is that so many more people have been drawn in by the reality show stuff,
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but donald sniping at everybody and everybody trying to craft the funniest or most effective response. i mean, in the first debate, i was here in new york in a debate watch event which had people -- they couldn't even fit in the room. they were four and five deep watching it from the sidewalk. this is bringing people into the republican party's message that wouldn't otherwise be doing that. it remiains to be seen when we get closer to voting, who can unite the party. we're just messing around. that was just politics. now it's time to focus on hillary and whoever the opponent is in the general. >> glass half full, getting people engaged that might not have been interested at all. a positive spin on it. ellis, brian, good to see you. oh, wait, i'm going to see you again. >> oh, cool. >> we'll hang around. >> we'll talk about what's happening on the democratic side. hillary clinton weighing in on
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on the heels of the first televised democratic debate, hillary clinton sat down with jake tapper. she was very candid about her biggest competition for the nomination, senator bernie sanders. >> i have the highest regard for senator sanders, and i think he is raising issues that the electorate, not just democrats everybody needs to be thinking about, and he's put forward his plans with passionate intensity. and i have put forth mine. he has a very ambitious and expansive view about what he thinks should be done with regard to free college and other of the policies that we both are
1:16 pm
trying to tackle. i believe that my approach, for example, on college, i call it the new college compact because i think everybody should have some skin in the game including students who i say should work for part of their education. maybe it's because i did and my husband did, but i think it's something that i want young people to feel committed to. it's the difference in approach. the difference between us is nothing like the difference we have with republicans. i want the american people to be part of the debate and to hear senator sanders' perspective and what he's proposing, to hear mine, to make up their mind, and then to remember that we're not peddling the same old failed policies of trickledown economics and let the corporations do what they want and cut taxes on the wealthy which is the answer to everything that the republicans put forth. >> at the debate, you were asking the enemy of which you are most proud. among your answers were republicans. that's about half the country,
1:17 pm
republicans. >> well, it was a little tongue in cheek. but it's clear to anybody who has been around for a while, you know, they do seem to enjoy coming after me, but then once i'm in office they have always worked with me. and i expect it will be exactly the same. it's funny to me. when i was secretary of state, i had very high support and approval from republicans not just the republican voters but republican office holders. as soon as i got into this presidential election, all of that collapsed again. i'm just reminding people that, you know, you can be an adversary in politics, but then you do have to come together and figure out how to solve problems. >> all right, they are back. enis elicott and brian. we're seeing clinton and sanders kind of showing deference, even respect. how do you explain this contrast in. >> well, hillary's using
1:18 pm
reagan's 11th commandment on the democrats' side and not speaking ill of a fellow democrat. and generally speaking that's been a pretty good strategy because at the end of this process, whichever one is the nominee is going to need the other supporters to hop on their back and head into the general. so it makes sense that she's doing that. it also makes for less exciting television. you know. so i don't know how many more viewers are going to tune in or if she's going to really change people's minds by doing that. and for the general election, it's good for republicans because they can point out, look, this is the same thing as bernie just repackaged. so look out. we don't want a social ist. that kind of a message. down the road there could be a down side. >> this week hillary clinton will be testifying before the benghazi committee. one has to wonder whatever is said, how much that might change
1:19 pm
the strategy, whether it be of bernie sanders to incorporate that into his campaigning against her or whether republican candidates will use that testimony to their advantage. >> well, she's just been so lucky, hasn't she? the debate performance was nice, but my gosh, watching that benghazi committee implode, all the self-inflicted wounds of other republicans saying that the thing is just really a political scam has played right into her hands. i think it's highly likely that the republicans on the committee this week are going to have to be much gentler with her, much more reasonable, seeming much more serious and, frankly, do less damage than they would have been able to do had it been a couple of weeks ago before congressman mccarthy and others began pulling the veil back on this. i think she'll slide right through this. >> an interesting week both on the campaign trail and on capitol hill. all right, always good to see you. now it's see ya later.
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don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. we're following a developing story out of israel. one person is dead and nine others injured after shots were
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fired at a bus station in southern israel. authorities also said one of the suspected attackers was killed and another apprehended. the shooting follows five separate knife attacks this weekend in jerusalem and the west bank. the u.s. is getting more involved. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to meet with both prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas in the next few days. violence has erupted over access to a site considered holy by both muslims and jews. cnn's in jerusalem with more on today's shooting and what may happen next. >> reporter: well, what may happen next here is always very difficult to predict. we had thought that it could be a tensely quiet day in jerusalem, the west bank and in israel. and then this shooting coming here fairly late this evening. israeli police say this a palestinian attacker went into the central bus station in a
1:25 pm
city that had, up until now, been insulated from these attacks. an attacker opened fire, sending nine to the hospital and killing an israeli. that israeli a soldier. the attacker was killed at the scene. initially there were reports of two attackers. but police have updated that. the second suspect may have been a bystander. it was a tensely quiet day up until now, this attack putting an end to that. >> how has this string of violence really impacted people's day-to-day lives? >> well, there are very heightened security measures, not only in israel but especially in and around jerusalem, the old city, east jerusalem, police have been checking and border police have been checking palestinians, stopping cars and it's made it very difficult for hundreds of thousands of palestinians in east jerusalem to move around. it has led to that tense quiet here. everyone remaining very much on
1:26 pm
edge. jerusalem having been fairly quiet the last couple of days. israel says these measures are necessary for security after this wave of attacks. palestinians say israel's using too much force here and that all of these checks are dehumanizing the palestinians. the latest example of these security measures, a concrete barrier between a palestinian neighborhood in east jerusalem and a jewish neighborhood in east jerusalem. israel says it's necessary to prevent molotov cocktails from coming over jewish home. palestinians say it's israel using too much force. how much is this expected to impact the dialogue between kerry, abbas and netanyahu? >> well, that dialogue sorely lacking right now. kerry's trying to spark that dialogue, to get these two sides talking even including jordan which is in charge of the holiest site. they're known to jews as the temple mount and the source of the tensions that has led to the attacks, the clashes. so the question for kerry is can
1:27 pm
he get these two sides talking or more politician, israeli and palestinian blaming each other for the violence. the hope is that even a little bit of dialogue can ease the edge off the tensions and perhaps restore some sort of calm here in jerusalem, west bank and israel. >> oren liebermann, thank you so much. up next, bernie sanders maybe shifting strategy on the campaign trail today. next, a live report from one of his events in iowa city and find out how he plans to build on his momentum. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back.
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senator bernie sanders is earlier he smoke at a smaller house party where he was asked if he was trying to make his
1:31 pm
campaign events more intimate. >> and we're going to do some very large rounds. we'll have some larger echblt this weekend, but also small events like this where a few hundred people come out, where you can have the opportunity to answer questions and chat informally. i love doing it. >> we're in iowa city at the barbecue event. what's the information behind making it smaller? >> well, it's interesting, fred. it seems to be a big awareness on behalf of the campaign here that they're entering a new phase in the campaign. top sanders strategists tell me they're moving from the so-called enthusiasm events and fou putting the focus on what they call per situation events. not to say they won't continue to have the big booming rallies. but they'll dig in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina,
1:32 pm
holding events where the candidate bernie sanders can be seen one on one with voters. he kicks off a two-day swing here in iowa where he's holding smaller, more intimate events like a barbecue that's gathering right now. house parties, town hall meetings. really the emphasis on entering this new stage making sure that he's speaking one on one with voters, convincing them on why he can be a viable general election candidate. >> he's got the support from his supporters. how does bernie sanders good about trying to chip away at the support that hillary clinton has been gaining? >> this is the big question that's always been the challenge for bernie sanders as he moves through this campaign. it will be interesting to watch how he weaves this strategy. there's small hints that he's really making steps to do just that in the debate it was very notable that in his opening statement he made specific mention to unemployment rates among youth and the high
1:33 pm
incarceration rates. that certainly was an appeal to the minority voters really trying to make a broad appeal to bring more people in, people who have been, in part, more drawn to hillary clinton's campaign, but again this is going to be the big challenge for bernie sanders to appeal to people that wouldn't necessarily be initially drawn to him. >> thanks so much. speaking of hillary clinton, she'll be testifying this thursday to the house select committee investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks which left four americans dead. but the committee itself has come under fire accused of being partis partisan in targets clinton. just this past week a republican not on the committee, richard hannah, of new york, said, quote, a big part, end quote, of the benghazi commission was to go after hillary clinton. but today the chairman fired back at the critics saying, they don't have any idea what the facts are, end quote.
1:34 pm
representative trey gowdy of south carolina said his committee is only interested in clinton as a witness because she was secretary of state when the attack happened. >> what i want to know is, while violence was going off in libya, why was our security profile going down? it wasn't even staying the same. it was going down. in the past, john, she'd said that she had people and processes in place to handle that. you also had people and processes in place to handle the drivel by people like sidney blumenthal, but that made it to your inbox. i want to know why certain things made it to your inbox but the plaintive pleadings of our ambassador that you put in place for our security never made it to your inbox. i think that's a fair question. >> with me right now from los angeles is senior cnn political analyst ron brownstein. good to see you, ron. so representative gowdy revealed that his committee now has an e-mail trail from ambassador chris stevens saying that he
1:35 pm
requested security nearly days after attacking his post. and that there is new evidence, in fact, of showing that more could have been done. what might gowdy have? >> well, first of all, it is striking that the focus in this conversation is returning to benghazi itself. i mean, the committee has almost been completely subsumed by the issue of hillary clinton's e-mail server, but kind of consumed the original investigation. and i think that to the extent that the house republicans can shift the focus back during the committee hearing to the questions of how the state department responded to this request, how the state department handled the concerns about security, they'll be on stronger ground, i think, in terms of the public believing they are investigating issues that are fundamental. >> so we've heard from the criticism from at least two congress people, then someone
1:36 pm
else who used to work with that committee to say that the committee is partisan and that it was designed, some of the investigating was designed to take down hillary clinton. how does this committee now ask questions of hillary clinton given that that has been so publicized? will that change the tenor of the q&a during this testimony? >> i'm guessing that it will, in fact. these are serious fwloblows to committee. i don't think the revelations of two members of congress and the former staffer plus bernie sanders' comments in the debate, they probably don't end this as an issue in the general election, but they've suppressed it in the democratic primary and made this less of a high stakes showdown for hillary clinton than it appeared several months ago. my instinct, this is not going to be decisive event one way or the other in the campaign nearly as much as we may have thought. but i do think that the
1:37 pm
committee has been put to some extent on the back foot. they will have to be very careful and conscious of showing that this is a legitimate inquery. as i said, there are legitimate questions on both fronts, on the benghazi security front, e-mail front. lots of americans are easy with the judgment that hillary clinton displayed on both those issues. but to the extent that this is seen as a partisan investigation, it is easier to discount. >> this morning on "face the nation" gowdy had this to say about his critics. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. and unless you're on the committee, you have no idea what we've done, why we've done it and what new facts we have found. we have found new facts, john, that have absolutely nothing to do with her. >> so the pressure is on, though, right, for this committee to be able to produce something different because there have already been
1:38 pm
hearings, there have been conclusions, and now here we go again. so what does the committee need to present this week to show that this isn't a witch hunt, that there is a serious probe under way trying to get to the bottom of new answers? >> that's a great question. i think first, as we said before, is the focus on the actual security issue in benghazi. i think second it is to present new information that, you know, hillary clinton and other democrats are fond of saying this has been investigated and investigated by multiple committees. this committee has been going on for over a year and a half. ultimately, to justify that level of effort and to have it not -- have the verdict of kevin mccarthy not stand, in order to diminish her poll numbers, they do have to make sure it relies to the security of american embassies abroad. particularly looking forward. people will make judgments about hillary clinton's personal
1:39 pm
judgment that she's displayed both in the underlying issue and the e-mail. in the end, i do not believe this will be a disqualifying issue for a majority of american voters if she becomes a nominee. a headwind, no doubt, will it disbar her? no. how can we improve the security of our embassies going forward and these kind os threats, i don't know if that's where they're going to go but it could be the most meaningful ground they can address. >> as for clinton, do you expect we'll see a different tone coming from clinton especially after the criticism of the committee? >> yeah. yes. and i think she has to be careful here, too. i think her natural inclination she feels the wind at is at her back now and she can be very aggressive in pushing off this committee. she needs to remain cognizant that there are legitimate underlying issues. whether the committee will
1:40 pm
examine those in a fair manner is the question. there are other thins here worth examining. she has to appear -- more than appear, she has to be responsive to the concerns about the security around the embassies and to her choices in using the e-mail server. >> ron brownstein, thanks so much. it will be indeed an interesting week. straight ahead, a historic challenge to one of the most tradition-bound universities in the u.s. can students at the university of mississippi force the school to remove the state flag because of its confederate symbolism? a live report from campus, next. alright team, we've got an f150, needs a systems check and tires. doc, i need you on point for this one. already got the latest updates direct from ford engineering. 'cause ford dealers get that intel first. treads, what do you got? lookin' a little bald, sir. with all due respect. got the perfect fit- ready to roll. wheels up, flaps down, let's fly. ford parts. ford tools. ford techs. when your ford needs service, there's one elite team.
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welcome back. at the university of mississippi where tradition is revered and change often comes slowly, student leaders are challenging the status quo. on tuesday they vote whether to remove the mississippi state flag from congress. it's the only state flag that still uses the confederate flag in its design. tuesday's vote is nonbinding but it carries a lot of symbolism no matter what the outcome. nick valencia is on the ole miss campus. how much support for this proposal to remove the state flag? >> hey there, fred, good afternoon. earlier i spoke to allen kuhn who introduced this resolution. he expects to have the votes to get the resolution passed but he did express disappointment with
1:45 pm
university officials here saying he wished the student government did not have to bring forth this issue. he wanted them to act unilaterally. in the charming southern city of oxford, mississippi, relics of the confederacy are pervasive. this week the university of mississippi associated student body senate will vote on a resolution to try and remove one of those symbols, the mississippi state flag. the explanation of why remains largely in the past. >> we are forever tied to the horrors of our past. >> reporter: 20-year-old sophomore senator alan kuhn supported the prosals to take down the flag. >> we've flown this symbol of oppression, we fought for it. it's time to recognize this is a mistake. >> reporter: would we be having this conversation if nine weren't killed in a church? >> it es k lated the conversation. >> reporter: she has chronicled the complex on campus history.
1:46 pm
>> they're creating the best and most inclusive campus that they can and they're navigating some old narratives with new expectations. >> reporter: last year a spasm of race related episodes jogged painful memories here on campus including a noose hung from the statue of james meredith, the first black student to attend here desegregating it in 1962. there's more to be proud of here than not, which is why he's opposing the resolution to bring down the mississippi state flag. student senator andrew sofer wrote, removing symbols, flags and monuments will do nothing to change the way people feel in their hearts. ole miss students and my fellow mississippians rise up and push back on political correctness and support the state flag. the school is deeply rooted in tradition. a vestige of southern history and pride and has historically been combative to change. already three of the state's public universities do not fly
1:47 pm
the state flag. but will the state flag ship university be next. coon said it will be a hard-won triumph if it passes. >> why can't we get behind this? why can't we understand that this affects people every day when they go to class? that flag is coming down f it isn't passed, we'll find a way. >> reporter: it is no secret that historically ole miss has been a lightning rod for race related issues but they've done much to change that. on friday they did release a statement regarding this, as a university committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive campus for all students we continue to join other leaders in mississippi to encourage our government to change the state flag. fredricka? >> nick valencia, thank you so much there, from oxford. comedian tracy morgan makes a triumphant return to comedy hosting "saturday night live." but he wasn't alone. we'll show you the friends that showed up for him as well.
1:48 pm
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if there's one show we can count on to keep it real, it would have to be "saturday night live." no one is safe, not even us, as they kick off the show last night with a little presidential debate of their own. one of the highlights, larry david as bernie sanders. >> i'm the only candidate up here who's not a billionaire.
1:52 pm
i don't have a super pac. i don't even have a backpack. i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires, they got three, four pairs. and now, if you don't mind, i'm going to dial it right up to a ten. >> go right ahead. >> we're doomed! we need a revolution. millions of people on the streets. and we got to do something. and we got to do it now! ah! >> larry david nailing it. but the biggest news of the night was tracy morgan's official return to comedy. last night the comedian returned to host "saturday night live" after recovering from near-fatal injuries in that car crash last year. joining him to celebrate his homecoming were a few of his former co-stars from "30 rock." brian stelter has more. >> hey, fred, this might have
1:53 pm
been the most emotional night on snl in many years. this had been expected for many weeks as tracy morgan was announced returning to the show. such a triumphant moment because he was a cast member from 1996 to 2003. then part of the nbc family as well with "30 rock." tina fey and alec baldwin. he was a key part of that cast maying the character tracy jordan. but that car crash last year almost killed him. it did kill one of his friends. it's been a long road to recovery ever since. he mentioned that in in his opening monologue. he joked people wondered would he be ready to return. >> people wondering can he speak? does he have 100% mental capacity? the truth is i never did. i might be a few points higher now. >> he did seem he was back 100%, maybe even better than ever. tina fey, alec baldwin returned to wish him well and appeared in sketches and he reprised some of
1:54 pm
his famous sketches in the past including the brian fellows sketch. months since the accident he said he wondered if he'd ever be able to be funny again. that's something that a lot of people can relate to. people who have been through traumatic experiences. they wonder if they can get back to being themselves, get back to being the person they used to be. that's why this was such a special night for morgan. he was getting back to who he was. he's been performing stand-up comedy again. he was spotted at a club here in new york a few days ago. he's truly literally getting back on his feet. the ratings are in. the ratings were up over the prior week and the prior year. clearly a lot of interest in seeing this homecoming of sorts for tracy morgan. >> everybody's glad he's back. thanks so much.
1:55 pm
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cnn's top ten heroes have been announced. now up to you to choose the hero of the year. one finalist is a pastor at a north carolina town where the nearest grocery store is ten miles away. >> so our mind-set was that we're in a food desert, we're chronically ill with diet, then we found out that growing food caused us to work together. it gave us the opportunity to create something that united us. and that we could feel good about. >> joyner created a community garden. you can find out all about the top ten heroes and vote for your
2:00 pm
favorite once a day every day at cnn that will do it for me. i'm fredricka whitfield. poppy harlow is up next with more "newsroom." 5:00 eastern, 2:00 p.m. pacific. happy sunday, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin tonight with politics. a feud between republican presidential candidates jeb bush and donald trump just escalated to a whole new level this morning. bush appeared on cnn's "state of the union" with jake tapper. he slammed trump for suggesting that his brother, president george w. bush, was partly to blame for the 9/11 attacks. bush's message trump is an actor playing the role of a candidate running for president. and he said he would not want trump to have access to the nuclear code. >> what are you objecting to about mr. trump's remarks about 9/11 and your brother? >>


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