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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 18, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi everyone. 6:00 eastern this sunday evening. we begin this hour with presidential politics and what some are calling a sophomoric back and forth between jeb bush and donald trump. this morning, in an exclusive interview with jake tapper on "state of the union," bush said trump is an actor who lacks the seriousness to be president.
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>> what are you objecting to about mr. trump's remarks about 9/11 and your brother? >> my brother responded to a crisis and he did it as you would hope a president would do. he united the country and he kept us safe. there's no denying that. the great majority of americans believe that. i don't know why he keeps bringing this up. it doesn't show that he's a serious person as it relates to being commander in chief and the architect of a foreign policy. mr. trump talks about things as though he'll still on "the apprentice." talking about searness, isis should take out assad then russia should take out isis. this is just another example of the lack of seriousness. we're under grave threats again and i think we need a president with a steady hand. >> to play devil's advocate, do you think it's at all possible
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that your loyalty to your brother while admirable on a personal level, might be in some ways a political or policy liability blinding you to mistakes he made? >> no. i mean so next week mr. trump is probably going to say that fdr was around when japan attacked pearl harbor. it's what you do after that matters. that's the sign of leadership. it's not -- it's not the -- does anybody actually blame my brother for the attacks on 9/11? if they do, they're totally marginalized in our society. you don't have to have your last name be named bush to be able to understand that. it calls into question mr. trump's credibility as a commander in chief and the architect of the next generation foreign policy. >> you just put out a new web ad in fact attacking trump saying he's not serious. let's play a clip from that.
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♪ ♪ >> now, the ad goes onto highlight or low light depending on your point of view, trump's moments in which i'm sure you would argue he is not being serious. in light of this new ad, let me re-ask what i asked at the last debate. do you feel comfortable with donald trump's hand on the nation's nuclear codes? your ad seems to be stating very clearly that you do not. you invoke the number of nuclear weapons the united states has. >> i have grave doubts to be honest with you, and it's only because of the things he says. it looks as though he's not taking the possibility offing with president of the united states very seriously. it looks as though he's an actor playing the role of a candidate
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for president, not having a broad sense of the responsibilities of what it is to be a president. >> while that interview was airing, trump took to twitter. he tweeted, jeb bush should stop trying to defend his brother and focus on his own shortcomings and how to fix him. trump also spoke about the controversy on an interview this morning. he defended his comments. he also suggested if he were president he could have prevented 9/11. >> well, i would have been much different, i must tell you. i am extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. i'm extremely tough on people coming into this country. i believe that if i were interrupting thiru returning things, i doubt those people would have been in the country. so there's a good chance those people would not have been in this country. >> let's bring in tara and
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maria. you have seen trump face some backlash and up roar and headlines over these controversial statements. but these remarks about 9/11, which some folks are saying don't even go there, there's other people not trump supporters running to his defense and saying, look, there were warning signs. what do you think this will do for trump long term in this run? >> it seemed unnecessary. during the interview where this came up in the first place, he was asked about how he would show his heart to people and then he took this weird turn to blaming 9/11 on bush. it was very strange. now he's got himself bogged down into this where he really could have been riding the wave of success in the fact that he convinced cnbc to the debate rules that he wanted and he could have ridden that wave of success. up instead now, he's in a tit for tat with jeb bush over
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something that happened 14 years ago that no one is relitigating. i don't see how this is advantageous for trump at all. for jeb, it's bringing some attention to him that he desperately needs. he's down in 6% in some of the polls. he needs something to make it look like he's a leader. >> we'll look at some of those poll numbers. he's polling in the single digits in the key early voting states. he's 32 points behind donald trump in nevada. south carolina, he is 30 points behind trump. marie ya, to you, what do you do if you're jeb bush in this situation when the thing that stood out the most from his interview with jake this morning was the back and forth, the defense of his brother? >> yes, absolutely. i actually see this in a complete opposite as what tara just described. look, this is not a positive engagement for jeb bush.
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jeb bush is not an adolescent arrogant bully boy at heart, which is what trump is. trump rel lishs this kind of engagement and he wins every time he engages in it. how many times has he said outrageous things where they've said, oh, this is going to backfire on him. well, yes, but he never seems to be burned by it. what you're seeing is that republican voters actually like that he is disrupting the political process. the reason why this is not a winner for jeb bush is because first of all, it's cringe-worthy when he engages in this type of thing, it is not his comfort zone. when he continues to go back to try to defend his brother, it brings back the memories of a failed george w. bush presidency and frankly a failed george h.w. bush presidency which is not what you want going into a presidential year when you
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actually want to win the general election. so i don't think it's a win for jeb bush at all. >> ladies -- >> we'll see -- it's going to hurt donald trump. >> you're back with me in half an hour. stay with me. you'll both be back to continue this conversation in 22 minutes. thank you very much. coming up next, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, they both want the millennial vote. can the sanders style appeal to those folks? and wait until you see the impersonation of him last night on snl. if you missed it, we will show it to you and take you live to the campaign trail next. when y, then you don't know "aarp." life reimagined gives you tools and support to get the career you'll love. find more real possibilities at to get the career you'll love. withof my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple...
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class. they control washington. and why do they chain all their pens to the desk? who's trying to steal a pen from a bank? makes no sense. that's why you got to break up the banks into little pieces and then flush the pieces down the toilet so you can never put the banks back together. then you make the bankers pay for college for everyone and america's fixed. >> it was truly amazing. it was the one and only comedian larry david spoofing democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders during a surprise appearance last night on saturday night live. sanders apparently told abc news he loved the snl spoof. his sort of style as some put it comparing it to his more polished rivals. let's talk about it with sunlen
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serfaty. here's this 74-year-old candidate. the oldest of the candidates on the democratic side, and yet he's resonating so well with young voters. >> reporter: he absolutely is, poppy. if you talk to a lot of the young people that fill up his campaign events, they talk about what is perceived as his authenticity a lot. and they reference that they feel he's not the typical politician standing at the podium, blow-dried poll tested politician. they feel that even though he has been a part of washington for some time, he certainly will do things as he sees fit. one of his biggest supply lines when he touts that he does not have a super pac. certainly his style is very unique. it has let bernie be bernie. this is what's attracting people. i should note there's a trend online going on right now, it's called babies for bernie where
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people are dressing up their babies to look like him. noting his wire frame glasses and dishevelled white hair and wrinkled shirts. bernie sanders was asked about this today on the campaign trail. he really sarcastically noting his appearance his hair is what draws people to him, typical politician. so he's having a little fun with this. there is also an awareness that he has to balance that out. this is a constant balancing act that the campaign will have to find. >> it absolutely is. you know, i know a lot of those young voters want to know about his position on guns which is where he's been hit very hard by his competitors. he talked a lot about it last week at the university of colorado for example. we'll be watching the substantive stuff and not talking too much about his hair. it was very funny. straight ahead, a historic
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mississippi is the only state flag that still features the confederate battle flag within it. the university of mississippi's student senate will vote op tuesday on whether or not to remove the state flag from campus in a non-binding resolution. the administration on friday signalled that it too favors removing the confederate flag from the state's flag ship university. nick valencia takes a look at how much support there is on campus to removing it. >> reporter: in the charming southern city of oxford, mississippi, relics of the confederacy are pervasive. this week, the student body senate will vote on a resolution to try and remove one of those symbols, the mississippi state flag. >> we are forever tied to the horrors of our past. >> reporter: this 20-year-old
3:20 pm
sophomore introduced the proposal. >> we've flown this symbol of oppression, defended it, fought for it and it's time to recognize that that was a mistake. >> reporter: would we be having this conversation if nine people weren't killed in a church in charleston. dr. stoleman has chronicaled the complex on-campus history. >> they're creating the best and most inclusive campus that they can and they're navigating old narratives. >> reporter: last year, a spasm of race-related episodes including a noose that was hung from the statue of james meredith. even still at least one student senator says there's more to be proud of here than not, which is why oes opposing the resolution to bring down the mississippi state flag. he wrote in a
3:21 pm
petition, removing symbols, flags and monuments will do nothing to change the way people feel in their hearts. rise up and push back on political correctness and support the state flag. the school is deeply rooted in tradition. and has historically been cobaa combative to change. will the state flagship university be next? he says it will be a hard one triumphed if his resolution passes. >> why can't we understand that this is something that affects people every day that they go to class. so that flag is coming down. if it doesn't pass, we'll find a way. >> reporter: the university is also weighing in with their own statement, as university committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive campus for all students, we continue to join other leaders in
3:22 pm
mississippi to encourage our government to change the state flag. they believe by tuesday there will be enough votes. he also tells me it was a victory itself just to get this resolution on the table. he says it's something that would not have happened just a year ago. >> we'll be watching. thank you for that. that vote there on tuesday. on thursday, hillary clinton is set to testify in front of the house select committee on benghazi. in an exclusive interview with jake tapper, he asks her in-depth about that attack that took four american lives while she was secretary of state. that's next. ices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again.
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hillary clinton is set to testify before the house select committee on benghazi on thursday. she will be pressed about the attack at the u.s. diplomatic compound that claimed the lives of four americans. in an exclusive interview with our jake tapper, the former secretary of state spoke about
3:26 pm
what she thinks will come of it. >> i think it's pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee with an overwhelming focus on trying to, as they admitted, drive down my poll numbers. i've already testified about benghazi. i testified to the best of my ability before the senate and the house. i don't know that i have very much to add. this is after all the eighth investigation. >> controversy erupted you'll remember a few weeks ago when a former investigator with that house select committee claimed that the probe was political and deliberately targeting clinton. trey gowdy says that is not the case. he also points to e-mails that he says are new evidence and
3:27 pm
show that u.s. ambassador chris stevens asked for more security long before the benghazi attacks. we have the latest. hi, chris. >> reporter: gowdy said the e-mails will demonstrate stevens had been asking for more security since he became ambassador. we've known for some time that officials in libya had requested more security. but gowdy says the e-mails show a disconnect. gowdy says stevens wanted more security in response to the growing violence and washington wanted help with how to spin the increasing violence there. gowdy says despite previous investigations, his committee was the first to get the stevens e-mails, a fact he used to say it was not in fact political. he didn't mince words when it came to criticizing his own republican colleagues. they suggested that the committee was designed to politically damage hillary
3:28 pm
clinton's run for president. here's what he said to that. >> i get that there's a presidential campaign going on. i have told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. in unless you're on the committee. you have no idea what we've done, why we've done it and what new facts we have found. we have found new facts, john, that have absolutely nothing to do with her. i get that people don't want to talk about that. but the seven members of my committee are more focused on the four dead americans than we are anyone's presidentials a separatio -- aspirations. >> kevin mccarthy, the number two republican in the house said the committee's work helped drive down clinton's poll numbers. and last week, another house republican said the committee was designed to go after clinton. clinton has used those comments to discount all the committee's work. and it's a point that the lead
3:29 pm
democrats underscore today. >> is this a sham? >> i think it's -- i think it's a sad day because we made a commitment to the families. the families came in with tears in their eyes literally. they asked -- they said find out more information about what did happen and then they asked us to do one other thing and that is try to make sure you figure out how this does not happen again. i think we failed at all three. >> as democrats tried to keep the focus on the politics, gowdy was trying to return the conversation to benghazi and away from the campaign trail ahead of clinton's testimony later this week. poppy? >> thank you very much. let's talk about this with our political commentators and democratic strategist. tara, let me begin with you. you heard trey gowdy saying to
3:30 pm
his own party members, stop talking about this investigation turning political. how much damage do you think has been done thus far to the committee ahead of hillary clinton's testimony here because of not just one, but two politicians and a staffer coming out and saying this is political? >> well, first of all, good for trey gowdy because he's absolutely right in that respect. but unfortunately, no, i agree. this has done tremendous damage to the committee's work. that's one of the many reasons why kevin mccarthy will never see the speaker's gavel. there were members that stood up during the morning conference the day the speaker's election was supposed to happen that said, this was catastrophic, how could you possibly make such a mistake like this. it has revitalized hillary's campaign. she can walk in there and point to anything that goes on and say, it's political, it's a witch hunt, it's political.
3:31 pm
now that is the toting the line. people are going to think, it's just political. which unfortunately it's undermining a lot of the very new thinks and aspects that this committee has come up during their investigation, aspects that the other investigations didn't have access to because of how much obstruction and delaying tactics and everything, they weren't able to get the information that now this committee has. this could be a very important hearing on thursday. but it gives hillary clinton the swagger to walk into this hearing and say, oh, it's just political, i had nothing to do with it. it's unfortunate. >> ultimately, this is about four american lives, four innocent american lives taken in this attack. we heard hillary clinton say last time, what difference does it make. at the same time, you've got what trey gowdy calls new information, these e-mails, pointing to e-mails from ambassador stevens asking for
3:32 pm
more security. what does she need to do on thursday? >> i think what she needs to do is continue to answer the questions or remembran-answer t questions. she's been wanting to testify since the spring. there has been a thorough accountability review board that is a nonpartisan independent investigation among many other nonpartisan investigations that there's no wrong doing. and in fact, they recommended 29 things be implemented which she has embraced, she took responsibility for this, but yes, this absolutely has to be about the four lives that were lost. she was the one who recruited ambassador. but it wasn't her fault that frankly the gop members of the committee and others in the party are the ones that have
3:33 pm
admitted that this has been a political charade from the get-go. and frankly, american voters are -- have the right to know that because $4.5 million of american taxpayer money have been used, precious resources have been used. and again, we have already seen what have come out from the past investigations. trey gowdy says this isn't political. then why has he abandoned all plans to have testimonies from former department and intelligence officials and has in fact focused a lot more on bringing in current and former clinton campaign staffers. >> i'm wondering what -- what you are hoping to hear from hillary clinton that she hasn't said thus far? >> first of all, the accountability review board that hillary constantly goes back to never interviewed her. there were aspects of those other investigations that a lot of folks were not interviewed, there was information that they didn't have access to that this
3:34 pm
committee does now because they had to sue and other reasons to get that information. a judge ordered the state department to release the information. that's important to understand. those other investigations didn't have the same information. there are questions that hillary still needs to answer. why was christopher stevens request for more security denied repeatedly. how come there weren't assets there in the area the night that that happened. why did the state department issue a statement six hours into the benghazi attack, wasn't even over yet, from hillary clinton, signed off by her that referred to an internet video when there was no indication on the ground from the intel communicate that this video had anything to do with what was going on. >> all of that has been answered. >> no, it has not. >> yes it has. >> they looked at that and they're the ones -- >> hillary never answered --
3:35 pm
>> there was -- that there was -- >> has hillary ever answered for why she stood in front of the families the day that the coffins came back and said and blamed this on an internet video. >> she testified twice. >> she has answered that. she testified twice in congress already and was ready to testify -- >> she said what difference does it make. >> she answered over and over a lot -- >> did she answer why she blamed it on a video. >> yes. she actually did. >> what did she say? >> the investigations that i have talked about have also looked into that deeply -- >> if they answered that question, what is it. you have yet to answer my question. >> the answer was that there was no coverup. that the information was still coming out the night of the attack and that everybody was trying to figure out what happened. >> hillary clinton on the 13th of december said it was a video. that it was a -- al qaeda
3:36 pm
affiliated organization. intel document dated september 12th. >> go back and read the investigations, tara. >> i've read the documents that are available. >> if there is new information we'll see what it is on thursday. then trey gowdy needs to stop selectively leaking. >> still didn't answer why they -- >> ladies, i have to leave it there. i have to leave it there. four american lives were lost. that should never happen again. >> that's right. >> hopefully we can get some answers for their families. thank you very much. when i come back, switching gears. former nba star lamar odom falling unconscious inside of a las vegas brothel. now he is awake, thank goodness. what does his road to recovery look like? we will be joined by dr. drew pinsky. we will also tell you what the nba star did last night that is encouraging a lot of folks.
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it looks like lamar odom is showing more signs of improvement. the former nba star only just regained consciousness after an alleged drug-fueled weekend at the love ranch. now a new development just a day after he reportedly said hello to his estranged wife, kim
3:41 pm
kardashian tweeted, i believe in the power of prayer. so happy kendall and i could make you smile today. god is good. let's bring in dr. drew pinsky. when you look at this, first, just the medical side of it. >> yeah. >> there's alleged cocaine use, but also this sexual enhancement drug that you're saying stop pointing to. >> stop talking about that everybody. i think they like telling the story because it seems to provocative. there are products like that beside every cash register in this country. it's not like the emergency rooms are filled with overdoses are problems. the guys that use these things aren't just taking one pill. i challenge anybody to walk into any emergency room in this country and not find dozens of complications of drug and alcohol use. so that's what's going on. but in these situations which are terribly common, they really have one of three possibilities.
3:42 pm
one is cocaine-related cardiac event. an intercranial bleed or stroke. the most common, cocaine addicts over a period of time will add in other things, typically opiates. these days, when somebody has a near-death experience or dies, it's pills. >> let's talk about having a near-death experience. that's clearly what he had. he was in a coma. and the road to recovery. mentally, what does that do to someone when they are so close to losing everything? >> near-deth experience, they will either completely ignore it and move on and continue using, or they will be someone very workable. when an addict really believes they are going to die -- many of them just go on. my colleague had nine different near-death experiences, kept right on using. people do that. i know when somebody walks in the door, doctor, i nearly died
3:43 pm
and i'm going to die if i don't stop this, i know they're a workable patient. >> you have been very comp pli elementary of khloe crash. they're in the middle of a divorce. you see someone you care deeply about going through this. what would help lamar odom the most? >> a year of treatment, frankly. he needs to be completely out of the public eye. >> you pointed to robert downey jr. as an example. >> finally he dropped out of sight, now we have this wonderful recovery and this marvelous career. >> what can she do for him now? >> doing what she's doing, which is setting limits. the thing about setting limits and leaving when you can do no more, a lot of people do it out of frustration and anger. at a certain point, you have to leave or you become a part of
3:44 pm
the problem. >> what about the people around him because his coach and mentor was on anderson cooper, this is a person that adapts to the people around him. do you have to get rid of everyone in your life? >> it's not really realistic, but you have to develop a new support network within which he can move in and out of the old groups if he needs to. it's a little complicated. the fact is, right now he needs to pull himself out of everything and just focus on his recovery. there was stuff in the paper today, big bad kardashians. give me a break. little lamar odom can't make a choice for himself. it was nonsensical. you may not agree with the way they conduct their lives, use reality televisiotelevision, i d all that. it certainly didn't help him any, but it's not like that's the reason he's in the condition he's in. he's tried recovery.
3:45 pm
he needs to get much more serious about it. >> so happy he opened his eyes. >> he's going to make it. i'm totally convinced. >> nice to see you. thank you so much. i appreciate it. 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific on hln. coming up, the president of a billion-dollar company telling me much of her inspiration and her success comes from her first job as a hooters wait rest. more on her incredible journey next. iflike i love shrimp, come to red lobster's endless shrimp... ...for as much as you want, any way you want it... sweet, buttery, and creamy. like new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites... ...and teriyaki grilled shrimp. and yeah, it's endless, but it won't last forever.
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>>. >> loud man ambushing people in the streets. >> are you proud of kate blanchett. >> sources say he's running up to people, sometimes with a celebrity by his side. >> look at you delivering hard news.
3:49 pm
i sat down with some incredibly accomplished females and some of them are cat cole. she owns everything from
3:50 pm
cinnabon to auntie anne's pretzels. get this, her career started off as a waitress at hooters. your story is remarkable. pretty much everyone knows it. she was a hooter's waitress and now look what she's doing. do you ever get sick of that? >> the whole she was a hooter's waitress thing, one, it's true. everyone had a first job. mine just happens to be a little more -- >> i worked at a gas station. i did. >> so many executives started in restaurants. there are a lot of skills to be learned there. what is behind this is team building and brands. so i don't mind if that is what it takes to get people interested, that is somewhere in the headline, because i'm very proud of what follows it. >> you have said there are
3:51 pm
characteristics, skills, that transcend industries and job titles. what are those you learned at hooters that you use now as a president? >> being in service, in general, you learn two things. first, you get paid off the customer's experience. if they don't get their food on ti time, it is direct correlation. it's immediate. you are really aware of when you are overdelivering on consumer expectations and when you're not. you learn early on how important that is. but you also learn a good deal of humility. there are a lot of people involved in the restaurant business and things go wrong all the time. you learn to be grateful for the things that go wrong. it comes from humility and curiosity on one side and a
3:52 pm
great degree of confidence and courage. and you cannot let those two things get too far out of balance. humility and curiosity without confidence sort of leaves you mind simply learning and questioning. and confidence really left unchecked with humility can leave you with no followers. you have to have a level of humility that makes it very clear you don't know everything and that welcomes others to engage. but a level of confidence and conviction around your point of views to move something forward. that transends every industry. >> you have often said oftentimes the employees have the answers and you need to listen to them. so i'm interested in what the key questions are that you ask employees. >> one is i want to know when we have to tell the customer no. so when do they come up to ask something and we have to say no. we are saying no consistently. maybe that's a market opportunity. >> okay. >> or maybe it's a service model opportunity or a merchandising opportunity. that's one question, a lot of
3:53 pm
insights come out of asking the question that way. the other is what ends up in the trash. if you are able to follow the consumer experience to what they are literally discarding, which is not as translatable in all industries, but you can find a way. what are you providing that the consumer does not value? >> i have read that you used to do this, sit in the bathroom stall when you have extra time at work, and listen to what other people are saying because you learn about the issues at work. >> i don't sit in the bathroom stall at work, but when i hold events or there's a concentrated group of people and i used to train and speak a lot when growing up helping to build hooters, if i would have an all-day session of leaders, when we went on a break, i would stay in the restroom stall a little longer because i honestly wanted to hear the truth. of course i couldn't hear the benefit of hearing the men chat in the restroom but i could hear what people were saying and never let anyone know or never called anyone out. i never used it for evil, only
3:54 pm
for good. because i truly wanted to know what people felt and if there was something good, i wanted to do more of it. if it was off track, i wanted to address it organically or in their minds, magically, how did she know? >> that was a way to get the truth. is it true that you reply to every tweet you get? >> yeah, no tweet left behind, even the mean ones. but i appreciate people reaching out, i really do. somebody is taking time to reach out. whether it is just someone to see a little clip on a television show where they have a not good experience, i want to know. i would rather the conversation be had with me than -- or with my company than about us. and we have no opportunity to engage. >> do you want to be ceo of focus brands one day? >> i will say we have a new ceo. he's fantastic. i love the role i'm filling now as group president over the local channel groups.
3:55 pm
i love to continue to bring those worlds together, the social impact, investing, running for profit companies, and also would love to spend more time shaping public private partnerships. i believe there is a total lack of bridge people in our government and in the private sector or if they are there, they don't feel comfortable coming forward. and i do believe that our generation is changing that. but it's going to take a little time to see that come forward in elected office and running companies. and i would love to be a continued part of accelerating that in some way. >> cat cole, thank you for that insightful interview. will she jump into politics? who knows. coming up, why you should care about the number zero. zero. we'll talk about it next. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one
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we're starting something new. it's called the number and we'll end our show with the number in the news each week. tonight the number is zero. which is lousy for some 65 million americans. that's because zero retirees and social security recipients will receive a cost of living increase next year. this is the first time in five years that the benefits won't rise. the reason? the decline in inflation caused by your gas prices dropping
4:00 pm
nearly 30%. but here's the problem, for most seniors, they don't benefit from lower gas prices because they are not driving to work anymore. the greater percentage of their spending is on health care and also medical costs have increased overall more than inflation. so zero increase in social security benefits and rising health care costs. that means 65 million of you will be forced to tighten your budget. so zero is the number tonight. i'm poppy harlow. thank you for being with us. "anthony bourdain parts unknown" begins right now. ♪


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