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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 19, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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parties who might have helped to harbor whitey bulger, and the most wanted fugitives between 2000 and 2011. he is serving time. next up is my colleague wolf next up is my colleague wolf blitzer. -- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it is 1:00 p.m. here in washington, and 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem, and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you so much for joining us. we begin with the break news. a possible hack attack targeting the cia director john brennan. a high school student is claiming to have gone into the his personal e-mail account, and the alleged hacker is telling the "new york post" that he hacked into the homeland security director jeh johnson. and first of all, what is the
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fbi and the homeland security department saying about these e reports? >> they are not saying that these accounts belong to jeh johnson or director brennan. they say that they are aware of the posts on social media, but they say that they don't discuss the secretary of the cia, and we have referred it to the appropriate authorities. if this is true, it is the fs-86 form that he would have filled out before returning the to federal government, and the form to submit to get top security at the tus within the federal --
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secretary status within the federal government. >> do we know what he was looking for? >> it is protesting the u.s. policy versus the palestinians is perhaps the motivation, and he talks about smoking marijuana also in his house, and so perhaps he was just bored. >> and we know that hillary clinton in her four years of secretary of state had one account, a private account in which she did business, but these officials, brennan and johnson, they have a private account in addition to the for mall government account which is presumably a whole lot more secure? >> right, exactly. and this is a very, very big difference between this and what hillary clinton, secretary of state did, in that she had her own private e-mail server, and in this case, the private e-mail accounts of perhaps the comcast account, and the government officials used these accounts to
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do their private business in, and not government work, and according to any information that we have so far, wolf n the case of john brennan, it is embarrassing to have such sensitive information in the public sphere, but it is again, the account that he would have used before he came back into government service, wolf. >> we will stay on top of the story, evan, and huge embarrassment if eventually confirmed. meanwhile, the terrorist attacks of september 11, 2001 becoming a issue for two republican campaigns. donald trump is standing by his comments that he said about jeb bush's brother george bush, and jeb bush defend his brother over the weekend. and donald trump reiterated today that the attacks happened while george bush was in charge. >> i don't blame anybody. i don't like to look back, i
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look to the future. and i'm not blaming anybody and he said that we were safe, but the fact is that we had the worst attack of our country in his reign. jeb said that we were safe in his reign. and that is not true and that is the only thing that i pointed out. i am not blaming anybody and i am not blaming george bush. >> and george bush came to his brother's -- jeb bush came to his brother's defense on "state of the union with jake tapper." >> my brother organized the country and kept us safe. no denying it. the great majority the of the american people believe it. i don't know why he is bringing it up u because he is not a is serious person to be commander in chief and architect of foreign policy? and while trump concedes no more attacks during george w. bush's tenu tenure, he did blame george w. bush for going to war in iraq. >> well, we have not had a major
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problem at home, and i never disagreed with that, but we attacked a country and spent $2 trillion attacking a country, and you know what we have for it right now? zer zero. >> all right. let's talk about it right now with a former official in george bush's official right now, and he is a major george bush official, michael chortoff, and thank you for coming in, and let's talk about donald trump and his allegations of who you hope is the next president of the united states, and the allegations of the 9/11 commission, and it did say that the 9/111 were a shock but should not have come as a surprise and then goes through the many months, the nine or ten months that president bush was president, that richard clarke and others were warning of an imminent attack, and it could be planes, and nothing was done.
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>> a number of the crit nal hijackers came into the kcountr prior to president george bush coming into the time he came into office. it was planned over a period of time. and there was no actionable intelligence that pointed specifically or specifically to the aviation plot that we saw. >> and let me correct you on this, because it did say from the august 6th, 2001, and a couple of months before 9/# 11, the presidential daily briefing of bin laden determined to attack u.s., and it is patterns that indicate patterns of suspicious activity conis tent with hijackings or other types of attacks including recent surveillance of federal buildings in new york. >> right, that would lead you to federal buildings being surveilled on the ground. and wolf, my point is that we needed a system that needed to be repaired and president bush did repair it, and it was no actionable evidence that led to
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the plot. and i was part of this, was that the president swung into action, and immediately began to change the entire infrastructure of the defense. we created much harder and tougher barriers from people coming in overseas and expanded the intelligence capability, and tore down the legal barrier s that prevented information sharing and the president went into afghanistan and pushed al qaeda out of the safe haven and we saw laboratories where they were experimenting with chemical weapons, and we shut it down. all of us remember a day or two within that terrible day, the president got up in front of the world trade center still smoking, and said we will bring justice to them or justice to them. and he did that. >> and indeed, one step that he took after 9/# #11 is go ing to with saddam hussein and claiming there were weapons stockpiled, and tens of thousands of troops
10:08 am
injure injured as donald trump says trillions of dollars spent waste ed on a war that had nothing to do with 9/11 and his point, donald trump's point is that president bush did not keep america safe when he invaded iraq. >> i won't quibble with donald trump's words trying to fit reality, and the fact is that we won't relitigate 9/11 or iraq war, and it is what we do going forward. right now the threat picture is much worse now than 9/11 1 9/11n this country, wi withe -- we ar much less vulnerable. and if you look at how it is spread out over from africa to bangladesh which indicates a larger pool of people who are wanting to create attacks on the u.s. >> and this is what hillary
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clinton said, if you don't want to relitigate, review his responsibility for not having america prepared for 9/11 and what is the point of going after hillary clinton over benghazi? >> well, the point of benghazi should be a bigger question, did the administration believe that it had eliminated the terrorist threat when they eliminated bin laden, and did they engage in a look that was unrealistic to a cold-eyed look at the world. and the point is not the punish people, but as we see the russians in syria and the isis controlling a area larger than the state of indiana, and taking the steps to suppress it. >> and before i let you go, the quick reaction to the reports that evan perez just reported some high school kid allegedly
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hacked into the private e-mail accounts of the homeland s secretary jay johnson -- jeh johnson and the director cia john brennan. >> i don't know what particular servers they used -- >> aol and comcast. >> well, they have been hacked at one point or another, and the federal government has been hacked and this is a feature of the modern life, and there is an old institution, there are two institutions, those that have n been hacked and those who don't know they have been hacked. >> and so you are saying that the private secretary of cia should not have a private account? >> well, you have a commercial account, you have to be careful what you put on the e-mail. if somebody wants to download information on where you take a dog to the kennel, big deal, but i would not put highly personal things in a location to be
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captured an disseminated by others. >> i assume when you were director of homeland security, you had a private account and federal government. >> well, i had no e-mail at all, and that is the most secure. >> thank you, mr. secretary. thank you for coming in. >> you will hear from the front run er, of the republican race donald trump. he will be in at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> and now, hillary clinton is still way ahead, and what do the numbers mean for the democrats? and this week, she has a date with a hicommittee investigatin benghazi, and we will speak to a member of that committee who says that the gop cares about politics more than anything else.
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says that the pundits got it right, hillary clinton won the first democratic presidential debate, and in the new cnn/orc poll, 66% of the democrats say that clinton won, and not much of a boost in the overall race, but the lead is significant. and now new rumblings about the biden factor as it is called. let's bring in our correspondent e brianna keilar and looking at the poll numbers and how it looks with biden running and without biden running. >> it is fascinating, wolf, because these are democrats, and 45% of them say they want hillary clinton to be the nominee, and that is with biden in the race. you can see that he is registering 18% there, and if you take him out of the race, and hillary clinton gets an 11 -- 11-point boost, and that is very significant, and the boost is hers and not bernie sanders. many say that they want sanders
10:17 am
to be a nominee, and if you take biden out, he gets a bump of only o4%. and another fascinating thing is that the democratic voters were asked, should joe biden run for president, and is there an appetite for him to run, and 47% said yes, and 49% said no, so you can see that he is underwater there, and this is within the margin of error and goes the show you that, wolf, not an overwhelming push for him to get in. >> and jeff zeleny is saying that the vice president will meet tonight with the top advisers presumably, because he has to make the decision within the next few days. >> yes, it seems that the window is closing here, and hillary clinton had a very good debate performance and she has on thursday, the benghazi testimony hearing, and the benghazi committee hearing that she is going to do, but he is certainly going to need to decide, and he is starting to see the numbers shifting away from people saying that maybe he should not get in and he has to capture it before it slides anymore in that
10:18 am
direction. >> and i want to look at the new poll that democratic candidates like bernie sanders and hillary clinton match up against potential republican challengers. >> this is interesting, because if you pit hillary clinton against donald trump, it is 50% for hillary clinton and 45% for donald trump, and the margin of error here is 3%, so she does have a lead. and with her and ben carson, neck and neck, and that is fascinating. but look at bernie sanders against donald trump, he is nine points ahead of donald trump, and that is a bigger lead than hillary clinton. >> and we are hearing that bill clinton, the former president, is going with her to iowa to start campaigning for her? >> yes, in is a time that is a big political weekend in iowa, and you have the jefferson jackson dinner thar hillary clinton going to be at, and bill
10:19 am
clinton is seen as an asset for hillary clinton, and sometimes he has not been, but he is certainly known as someone who is a very good campaigner, and so it is a noteworthy that she is going out to iowa with him. remember, he was not in the hall for the debate, right? he watched it in the hotel room. >> and he was not in the room, but he is effective campaigner. >> and yes, the democrats love him. >> and he is going to help her when he goes out with her. >> yes. >> and thank you, briana. and what do the new poll numbers mean, and we will talk about, this and the new 9/111 battle between jeb bush and donald trumpings and much more when we come back. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does.
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all right. back to the top political stories, the race for the white house. the first post debate poll numbers for the democrats and
10:24 am
donald trump saying that the immigration policies would have prevented 9/# 11 # and he says that he is tough on illegal immigration. and joining us is kristin sanderson, and angela rye who is a political director for the black caucus. and now, kristin, why is donald trump having this battle with jeb bush over whether former president george w. bush could have presented 9/1 11. >> he is very strong on the foreign policy, and national security, and what is interesting is that he is attacking a republican figure in the party george w. bush, and doing it in the way that is so extreme to where most democrats wouldn't go on this particular issue, but in this way, he has baited jeb bush into the need to
10:25 am
defend his brother, which has put nim an awkward position here in the campaign. >> and i agree, that george w. bush is very popular and very much favorable, and yet that is not translating to jeb bush into number s numbers in the polls. he is not doing well at all. >> no, jeb bush is not doing well, and we have seen continuously any candidate that comes after donald trump is on the losing side, and jeb bush has experienced it several times leading up to the iowa primary. i don't know what else is going to happen after that. >> and why is that? because donald trump plays by a different set of rules. if i had been president september 10, 2001, 9/11 never would have happened, and he can simply say, none of this terrible things would have said, and i would have. and so most candidates don't know how to fight with these
10:26 am
rules, and so you have seen a couple of them, and jeb bush trying to take some swings back at donald trump, but it is fighting an enemy that they don't fully understand. >> and talking to joe biden who says that jeff zeleny our reporter says that tonight he is going to have a meeting with his top aides to make a decision in the next few days, and really, he has to do it or not do it, because the clock is ticking right now. >> well, the clock is ticking, but joe biden is owning that he is going to do it on his own time line and way. and the family consideration is the first big hurdle, and we know that they are supportive and urging him to do this, and another thing that we have to consider, and i have said it over and over again, a number of democrats that would be eager to see a third term for the president of the united states, and joe biden is the closest to that term. >> and more so than hillary clinton? >> yes, and she has distanced herself from the positive
10:27 am
successes including tpp. >> and so, from the republican perspective, kristen, who is the biggest threat to a republican whoever that might be, being elected president? >> even though hillary clinton's favorables are not great among the swing voters, she is building the ground game that republicans need to be worried about there. is a talk about the quarterly financial reports, and how much the campaigns have raise and spe spent. and hillary clinton has been spending a lot of money, but if it is on the infrastructure and ground gains, then it is important, because they are all fighting one another here in the crowded field and they don't have the bandwidth to put together the machine she is putting together. >> and angela, doing more now than she did in 2008 when she faced the challenge from the junior senator of illinois who later became the president of the united states, a nd she is talking about becoming the first
10:28 am
woman of the united states, and she did not make a big deal of it 7 or 8 years ago, but now it is a big deal, and you heard it repeatedly at the presidential debate. >> that is 100% right, and there has to be something to excite the democratic base. and one of the things that the democratic base gets excite d about is making history, and women's groups like planned parenthood and emily's list who have taken on the pitch of it is time for a woman to be in the white house, and hillary clinton should ride that out and the messaging is not only popular with the party, but those leaning more independent. >> and what about the independent women, and the moderate republicans out there who would like the fact that, it has been a long time that the united states should have a woman as president? >> well, it is going to be coming down to the issues, and a lot of women who say, i would love to see a female president, but i don't know if it has to be hillary clinton. i think that by sort of riding on the message that you need to vote for me, because i'm an outsider and woman, and to me
10:29 am
that is ring inging a little bi hollow. i don't know fit is enough to do much more than to energize the democrats that already like hillary clinton. >> it is doing a lot to energize them, and we will see what happens with joe biden main the coming days. and now, talking about bernie sanders coming ow of nowhere, and in the latest poll, he says that the top issue is wall street, and he says that in the new poll, democrats trust hillary clinton much more than bernie sanders. on the economy, 49%, and 29% and 13% for biden who not yet a candidate, and we will see if he i is. and on national security and foreign policy, and look at, this angela, even a wider gap for 62% say they trust hillary clinton on foreign policy to only 20% for biden, and 9% for bernie sanders, and so he has lot of work to do on the national security and foreign policy. >> that is 100% right, and he has a few weeks to prepare for the next debate, and he has to
10:30 am
strengthen the answers, because what he said rang hollow with the folks watching the debate. bernie sanders did not say anything convincing about the number one foreign policy experience, and how he would handle that as commander in chief. >> angela rye, thank you, and kristen soltis anderson, thank you as well. many say that the benghazi committee hearing is about politics and not justice, and that is setting up a showdown between hillary clinton and the committee. and i will ask a top member of the committee who he is going to be asking hillary clinton when she is up at capitol hill. yea. 50% more data for the same price. i like this metaphor. oh, it's even better with funnel cakes. but very sticky. get 15 gigs for the price of 10. and now get $300 credit for every line you switch. now at at&t
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. welcome back. the senate and the house of representatives gavel back into session this week with a full
10:35 am
agenda, and the action in the house is headlined for a search for the new speaker of the house, and by the select committee investigating what happened in benghazi, libya. and the committee is going to interview former secretary of state hillary clinton thursday. this is the next step in the long investigation. this is what was told to jake tapper about the impending appearance by hillary clinton. >> i don't know what to expect. i think it is pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee. >> on the other side, trey gowdy is defending his work, and telling the fellow republicans to stay quiet and shut up, and especially kevin mccarthy and richard hanna, the congressman from upstate new york who linked the committee's work with
10:36 am
connecting secretary clinton's work with benghazi. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends to shut up talking about thing ths thatu tont know anything about. and unless you are on the committee, you have no idea what we have done, and why we have done it, and what new facts we have found. we have found new facts, john, that have absolutely to do with her. >> and just a little democrats on the select benghazi report have a damning report from the excerpts that say that there was no evidence, their words, no evidence that there was any allegations that anything hillary clinton did was untrue. and one of the top ranking officials said that after months and millions of dollars spent, they have uncovered nothing that is giving new answer s s to the
10:37 am
family s of those killed that night. ad so we are joined, that you will not be accepting the advice of the committee chairman to shut up and speak. >> well, he said that the folks on the committee could say that we could talk about getting answers for those americans who were killed. we had the first ambassador murdered since 1979, and so this week we are speaking with secretary clintoned a it is one of dozens and dozens of interviews that we will hold to put together the mosaic to tell the american people the whole story. >> and what is the charged statement that kevin mccarthy, the majority leader made, and congressman from indiana hanna said that this is more politics to weaken hillary clinton as a democratic candidate than getting more information about what happened. >> they got it wrong. i was in the army and active duty and i understand what mission is, and we have been
10:38 am
focused on the core mission that the house of representatives gave us. and actually, when this was formed there was no candidacy of secretary clinton and we are focused on the the mission and how did we get there and have four americans killed. senator feinstein said it was preventable incident, and so it is our task to find out how to prevent it again. >> what have you learned some. >> more context of how the security was set up, and what the decision-making was for that security, and how the case of d days and weeks afterwards that it was not known to the american people that it was a terrorist attack. she was the senior diplomat whose duty is to keep them safe, and we have to provide the american people with the context of how it unfolded. >> because the democrats will say, she had a responsibility, and the state department had a responsibility, and the cia had responsibility, and the defense department had responsibility, and so far, you have made no effort to bring in leon panetta,
10:39 am
the secretary before the panel, or david petraeus before the panel. >> and wolf, we have a long ways to the go, and for the media, it may die down for this thursday, but for this committee, we have a lot to do, and we will be bringing a lot of folks before the committee, and we have a a lot to do, and i'm committed that we will make sure that the department of defense did what they were supposed to do and the intelligence committee, but this tragedy began at a state department facile ta that was undersecured and so it should not surprise anybody that we need to know how the state department allowed it to happen? >> but wasn't it a covert operation that the officials were engaged in benghazi and not really a state department, but the ambassador was there and he obviously reported to the secretary of state, but other officials there were working with with the intelligence community and the defense department for that matter as well. >> well, i have to be carele of what is classify and not, but it
10:40 am
is clear that there were other officials who were not part of the state department when it was attacked. so it is critical ta all of the investigations be questioned to find out more. >> and a why hasn't leon panetta and general petraeus been called. >> we have a lot of work to do, wolf. >> they are going to be called, is that what you are saying? >> the sequence has been turned in great deal to get documents, and in many, many cases, we would have preferred to call her for months ago, but she had a private server to hide e-mails from american people, and it hs taken a long, long time on the e-mails to find out what really happened, and so we are going to call her in spite of the fact that we didn't get christopher stevens' e-mail, and we got a batch of them 72 hours ago, and we have been working on this since may of 2014. i have heard the democrats say, well, seven other committees, and none of them were able to
10:41 am
get a hold of the e-mails and gosh, it has gone on a long time, and yes, we have been stonewalled and obstructed and we will continue until we uncover as many facts as we can. >> you believe it is more important than the watergate investigation is? in many ways this is worse than waterga watergate, because remember, four americans were killed in this incident, and rosemary woods only erased 18 1/2 minutes of tape, and in this case, we have had 30,000 e-mails destroyed without any third party having a chance to review the e-mails and we had a server system set up with the intent, with the intent to deny the american people official records that belonged to the secretary of state, and it is important and we intend to get the answers for the the american people. >> and we are going to be looking forward to the hearing. >> it will be eight hours? >> i don't know how long it will take, and when we have completed the questions, secretary clinton and eachf of us will go our separate ways.
10:42 am
>> i am told it is going to start 10:00 eastern time, and a lunch break, and resume for hours afterwards. >> i can tell you that you are p prepair and i can tell just now talking to you. >> thank you, wolf. >> and now, also joining me is one of the democratic members of the committee and he is going to join me at 5:00 p.m. eastern. the latest attack is the most troubling and leading some to lead to the threat of more violence. we will have more when we come back. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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yet another violent attack gai against the israelis, and this time, outside of the west bank
10:47 am
in jerusalem. an israeli soldier shot and killed and at least ten other israelis attacked in beer sheva. they say that to a gunman was killed along with a bystander that was mistaken for the shooter. we want to caution you that this video does contain graphic video. >> reporter: on the floor of the bus station, the man underneath the white sheet is the dead bedouin shooter, and he had taken a gun to fire into the crowd, and wounding ten others and in the terror that followed bring bringing about yet another death. this security video is showing the panic of the people running from the shooting. in the upper right, you also see a man crawling a wway. moments later, he is shot by a security guard who mistakes him for a second attacker. gripped by fear and rage, the crowd turns on the the wounded men. this video shows people kicking
10:48 am
him as he lays injured and bleeding. "break his head" a man is heard screaming repeatedly. he later died in hospital. turns out, he was not a terrorist, not involved in the attack at all. police identified him as a 29-year-old eritrean migrant, and now the police are trying to find those who beat him. and the spokesman saying that the police are finding this in a severe light, and will not allow people to ache the law into their own hands. the bedouin attacks are to instill fear and rage, and in the death of the aeritrean migrant, another innocent victim. phil, roisrael was on edge following the knife attacks on the west bank and eastern jerusalem, and this attack happened out sooside of the wes
10:49 am
bank and jerusalem, and i assume that tensions are growing throughout the country? >> yes, they are, wolf. from this attack, it is doubly shocking partly because of the nature of the attack, but also because of what happened the innocent bystander, and the eritrean man, and the one newspaper carried the headline "only because of his skin color." it is not how all people feel, but some do, and this man, the way he was treated, the nature of the brutal death, it is part of the national conversation today, and people are also now closely following that police investigation as it works to determine how and why he died and who ultimately e e was responsible. >> the secretary of state john kerry is expected to meet on wednesday with the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu, and then later, kerry is going to meet with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas, and is there any optimism that the meetings will carry some peace? >> there is not a lot of
10:50 am
optimism, but some are hoping that john kerry can persuade the palestinian leadership to denounce some of the violence taken place here, but the reality is that both sides are of the view that the other is using language and behaving in ways that >> another thing they both have in common is they don't believe john kerry is likely to change that in the near future. >> phil black, thank you very much. very disturbing situation over there. diplomats agree on the need for a a political solution to end syria's civil war, but that's all they agree. on. secretary of state john kerry is hoping to get the major players on the same page as they look for answers. we'll talk about that with new information when we come back. americans. we're living longer than ever.
10:51 am
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u.s. secretary of state john
10:55 am
kerry says he wants to get all the big players with a stake in the syrian conflict together for talks over the country's future. emphasizing today that a political solution is now the only way. >> everybody, including the russians and iranians, have all said there's no military solution. so we need to get about the effort of finding a political solution. this is a a human catastrophe unfolding before our eyes, and it's threatening a whole group of countries around the region. it's important for us to respond. >> both the russians and the u.s.-led coalition are continuing talks on airstrikes on targets across syria. colonel francona is a cnn analyst who served in damascus.
10:56 am
colonel, thank you for joining us. what can secretary kerry hope to accomplish in these talks if the russians main goal seems to be keeping bashar al assad's regime in power? >> and they are having pretty good success with that. we have seen reversals on the ground. they have been able to retake some of the territory because of the russian air support and intervention. i think everybody realizes that at some point all these sides are going to have to come up with a political solution, so the secretary is right. everybody wants to stake out their position before they come to the table. the russians are there to prop up bashar al assad. there will be an assad contingent where some fall into the new government, whatever form that takes. the rebels said we will not continence role for bashar al assad or his party in the future. i think that's going to change. if we can get all the players together, there's a chance. but the military option is still
10:57 am
on the table because people have to stake out their positions. but i think the secretary needs to also remember there's another component to the syria problem and that's the isis-controlled territory. i don't see a political solution, including isis. >> isis is not going to agree to any political solution, that's for sure. the saudi foreign minister said just today that it was hard to see a role for iran in these peace-making efforts in syria because of its military role there. and u.s. officials tell cnn there are about 2,000 iranian forces around aleppo alone in syria. does iran have enough clout to put themselves at the table? should they be there? >> i think they are going to be there. the foreign minister would like to keep the iranians out. that's their goal. i think the iranians are part of this. and the iranians have a stake in
10:58 am
this because syria is their key to their support of hezbollah. they are going to play a role in this. we see the iranians, iraqis and russians formi ining this axis. they are going to have a role. >> the u.s. and russia supposedly are close if they haven't yet reached a basic technical agreement to hopefully avoid serious mishap in the skies oversyria. russian planes are flying. other ally planes are flying. is it enough what's going on? or is it only a matter of time before something really awful happens? >> if they don't come up with some coordination or decon flix scheme, there will be an accident. there's too many aircraft up there. and it only takes a split second for somebody to make the wrong decision. i think they will come up with some time based.
10:59 am
you operate in these skmours you in those hours. if you look at what's going on on the ground in aleppo, we have rebels being bombed by russians. so are we going to support them? big question here as to how we do this decon flix. they have to do it before an airplane goes down. >> good point, thank you very much. the pentagon is confirming that it the leader of an al qaeda-linked group has been killed in an airstrike by the u.s.-led coalition. u.s. military officials say he was a saudi citizen. he led the so-called group that's a collection of veteran al qaeda jihads bent on attacking the west. he was the fifth senior member of that group killed in the last four months.
11:00 am
that's it for me. thank you for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room". for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. the race for the republican presidential nomination has taken a detour back to the year 2001. it's donald trump dictating the discussion. trump and jeb bush, they are trading claims about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and whether president bush did or did not keep the country safe as his brother jeb bush often says. here is trump just a couple days ago making his case. >> i must tell you somebody says it wouldn't have been any different. it would have been. i'm extremely tough on illegal