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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 19, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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thank you for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room". for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. the race for the republican presidential nomination has taken a detour back to the year 2001. it's donald trump dictating the discussion. trump and jeb bush, they are trading claims about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and whether president bush did or did not keep the country safe as his brother jeb bush often says. here is trump just a couple days ago making his case. >> i must tell you somebody says it wouldn't have been any different. it would have been. i'm extremely tough on illegal immigration. i'm extremely tough on people
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coming into this country. i believe that if i were running things, i doubt those families would have been in the country. there's a good chance those people would not have been in our country. with that being said, i'm not blamining george bush but i don want jeb bush saying i would have kept them say. >> jeb bush is having none of th that argument. here he is with our own jake tapper. >> my brother responded to a crisis and did it as you hope a a president would do. united the country, organized the country and kept us safe. there's no denying that. the great majority of americans believe that. i don't know why he keeps bringing this up. it doesn't show he's a serious person as it relates to being commander-in-chief and being the architect of a foreign policy. the spectrum of foreign policy, he talks about things as though
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he's still on "the apprentice." talking about syria saying russia should take out assad as if it was a board game. this is just another example of the lack of seriousness and this is a serious time. we're under grave threats again. i think we need a president with a steady hand. >> let's go to dana bash. let me ask you that very question. what do you think donald trump has to gain politically by going there and dredging up 9/11 and intelligence and george w. bush? >> remember back a month ago at cnn's presidential debate. this was a moment for jeb bush when the talked about the fact e thought he was given a political gift when he was able to talk about how his brother kept us safe. that has gotten under the skin
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of donald trump and thinks this could be a potential achilles heel. whether he's right or not, we'll see. but as we were coming on the air, donald trump tweeted something else. "new york times" story from back in 2012 talking about the fact reminding people of the fact that president bush got in his presidential daily brief a few months before nempb that al qaeda is a threat and could attack the u.s. he's not letting up on this. donald trump is continuing to take a whack at jeb bush. the bush campaign they feel very comfortable. they feel like they have a political gift. they have been sending out fundraising requests using trump's attacks saying if you think my brother kept us safe, send us $5. this is not going away any time soon. it's hard to believe of all of the national security incidents that we would be relitigating in
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2015, 9/11 is happening. >> you have some news on joe biden. >> i have been talking to some sources. one of whom said the source is familiar with these conversations that biden associates are reaching out to even set up interviews with potential biden campaign staffers. so this is kind of another wrinkle, another layer in. the kind of preparation that people in and around joe biden are making for what a lot of sources who i'm talking to think really looks and smells and tastes like a presidential run, but they are not ready to say it until the man himself says it. we'll wait and see when and if that happens. we're getting indications that it should happen soon. i will tell you it's very clear that hillary clinton want it to happen soon. they are trying to push him very hard to make a decision.
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they are doing it publicly and privately. >> we'll ask karen finney about that. she will be on in a matter of minutes. dana bash, thank you very much. let's go back to that debate with cnn political commentator peter booiner. good to see you back here, sir. to her point, do you think there's any grain of truth in donald trump's argument? >> yeah, i do actually. more than a little grain of truth. we don't know whether president bush could have stopped the attacks, but that's not the right question. given what he knew, did he do everything he could have. if you listen to advisers, they say no. the counterterrorism chief at the national security council said he was so disrespondent by the summer of 2001 he was trying to raise alarms by that and wasn't getting anywhere that he
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has to be reassigned. the counterterrorism advisers at the cia considered asking to be reassi reassigned because their pleas about the potential threat were not being heard. there's a real story here. >> fast forward to the republican debate at the reagan presidential library. this is what dana bash just alluded to. this was part of an exchange between donald trump and jeb bush, roll it. >> your brother's administration gave us barack obama because it was such a disaster the last three months that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> as it relates to my brother, he kept us safe. i don't know if you remember. [ applause ] you remember the firefighter with his arm around him? he sent a clear signal that the united states would be strong and fight islamic terrorism and he did keep us safe. >> so that was right off the stage. that was a huge applause that he
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got. let's remind everyone that the 9/11 commission concluded the attacks were a shock but should not have come as a surprise. do you think on that podium jeb bush should have been more nuanced and specific? my brother kept us safe after 9/11. >> it makes no sense. he started on september 12th after the greatest attack in history. if you want to give him credit for the fact there wasn't another terrorist attack afterwards, then he also deserves some responsibility for the fact that there was. especially given the fact that people from his own administration said, richard clark said in january i need a meeting on my plan to fight al qaeda. he didn't get one until september of 2001. so i don't think it make -- if jeb bush wants to relitigate this it, he's going to find despite his loyalty to his family, there's a lot of evidence on the other side. >> there's a piece of this which
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probably fits into your thesis that trump is saying regarding his immigration policies being so tough on thinking of the men who -- the terrorists who flew the planes into the towers, trump would have kept him out of the united states. jeb bush wrote a book on immigration and pointed out leaky immigration policies around 9/11. >> we don't know what trump would have done, but we know there was a bunch of hijackers in the united states. one of them was actually arrested in minnesota by a flight instructor, but the fbi was not able to search his laptop because they didn't get approval. from the top of the bush administration, there had been the demands that this be priority number one, maybe some of that stuff would have shaken out differently. e we don't know, but i don't think this is a great debate for jeb bush to be having. he should be talking about his own record. although his brother is popular in the republican party, the
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more people look into this, the more they will see trump has a point. and i'm not a trump fan. >> does this hurt jeb bush? >> it does. first of all, he doesn't have the evidence on his side. secondly, he reminds him he would be the third bush president in an environment where americans and even republicans want something new badly. he's trying to suggest that he's never been to washington, he's never worked in washington, he's a disrupter. this reminds people that he comes from the biggest political dynasty that we have in the republican party. that's not what republicans want right now. >> he has a new attack ad out. we'll see how he's doing in the polls. peter, wonderful to have you on. thank you so much. you'll hear from the republican front runner himself donald trump will be on cnn tomorrow morning at 6:00 eastern. next, one of the most wanted fugitives on the planet might have just slipped away, again. this it time it involved a showdown involving bullets,
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flames and a four wheeler. and this, a 6-year-old boy shoots and culls his little brother during a game of cops and robbers. their dad now behind bars. hear why. and eddie murphy doing his first standup act in 28 years. one of his targets, bill cosby. we'll speak live with his former co-star who was with him on such an exciting night at the kennedy center. let's get these dayquil liquid but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. your loving touch stimulates his senses and nurtures his mind. the johnson's scent, lather, and bubbles help
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. with bullets raining down, the drug lord better known as el cha. to managed to slip away from law enforcement again. this time he evaded the military. new video shows charred vehicles
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littering the landscape where this unfolded. villagers telling stories of running for cover as the military zeroed in on one of the most wanted men in mexico and the united states. in spite of the intensity of this recent battle, he remains at large. authorities say he suffered face and leg injuries not from direct confrontation, but in a rush to get away. you know the story. he pulled off a daring escape from a mexican prison in july through the intricate tunnel system dug directly into his prison cell. it was equipped with a waiting motorcycle to speed up the escape. i have cnn law enforcement analyst art roderick with me, the former assistant director of the u.s. marshal service. can you believe this? i can't believe we're talking about this again. one of my questions is can we trust all the information coming out of the mexican government on this, but really my first question is why would el chapo
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return to his home turf? >> since he's the most wanted man in the world, he has very few locations that he can go to. if he goes to another country, there's a very good possibility that the u.s. could pick him up and have him extradited to the u.s. so i think we're going to. keep talking about this. i heard there was another shootout. this could be the same one, but you talk about it in terms of law enforcement operation. this more a military operation because you have the mexican marines going against the el chapo organization. so it's more of a military operation as opposed to a law enforcement operation. >> so on that point, let's dig deeper. if this is a a military operation, they had intelligence. they got all the way to this cabin where he apparently was. he was injured. he hops on a four-wheeler and they got so close they could
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describe his injuries on his face and his legs. >> yeah, i think this is a very good indication. the government of mexico is putting a lot of pressure on this organization and showed that map earlier of all the towns they hit during this particular operation. i think it's a good indication they are getting very close to picking him up. it's not unusual. even here in the states, i have done fugitive case where is i've been ten minutes too late to a location. sooner or later, his luck is going to run out. >> how does he get away? i have this whole thing playing out in my head, but a rain of bu bullets in this four-wheeler and gets as far as he does and it's been days and nothing. >> yeah, they are not reporting anything at this point. which means they could be getting close. it's unusual they are letting this much information out. the reason they are putting it
11:18 am
out at this point is to reassure the mexican people that they are trying to do something and also, number two, to reassure the world they are actively pursuing this individual. >> how skeptical of you of all the information and e details coming out from mexico? >> yeah, you have to be skeptical and take it with a grain of salt. but where there's smoke, there's fire. they probably are very close to him. obviously, the escape was a huge embarrassment to the government of mexico. just a few weeks ago on october 2nd, we got 13 expedited out of the country. that obviously goes back to the embarrassment of the escape itself that occurred on july 11th. >> we'll see, art roderick, thank you. coming up next, an entire society on edge after a new terror attack on a bus station in israel.
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now new video shows what happens in those moments after. we'll take you live for that. plus a 6-year-old boy shoots and kills his 3-year-old brother during a game of cops and robbers. their father is now charged. hear what with just found out about his past and the gun. hi i'm heather cox
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anger and panic reaching a boiling point in the israeli/palestinian conflict. an innocent bystander mist taken for a gunman chased down, beaten and killed. the actual gunman shot and killed a 17-year-old israeli soldier, took the soldier's rifle and used it to wound ten others in a bloody massacre. a gunman was shot to death by police. let's go live to jerusalem. can you tell me about what
11:24 am
happened. walk us through this horrendous video. >> reporter: two terrible stories happening in that bus station just moments apart. this is in the southern israeli city that up until now had been isolated from the attacks and violence we have seen here and mostly in the west bank that have spread to some of israel. an arab attacker went into the central bus station, shot an israeli soldier at point-blank range killing him and went into the bus station and opened fire spraying fire around the bus station. a a terrible scene there. we have seen trails of blood from inside the bus station. but the story doesn't end there. i have to warning you the video you're about to see is quite graphic. police say a security guard mistook another man who happened to be an african migrant for a second attacker. police say that security guard shot the attacker in the leg, but then a crowd vounds that --
11:25 am
attacker was the wrong word there. the migrant surrounding him, kicking him, beating him, yelling at him. police say that man who was an innocent bystander then died at the hospital. police now investigating who was in that crowd kicking and beating that bystander trying to find out who was involved in this. two terrible stories here, one the attack itself killing one soldier and sending a dozen to the hospital. second, the death of that innocent bystander and african migrant. >> thank you so much in jerusalem. next, just an incredibly tragic story out of chicago. a 6-year-old boy shoots and kills his 3-year-old brother with an illegally purchased gun inside his own home. the boy's father is now facing charges. plus we just reported that associates of joe biden are setting up interviews for campaign staffers. a new poll shows some interest. ing news for the vice president. we'll speak live with the hillary clinton campaign about what they are doing to e prepare for a possible run.
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will he or won't he? joe biden appears to be closer to making a decision as to whether or not he'll run for president. booid season meeting with political aed vierzs this evening and associates are beginning staffing process for a potential campaign. all of this as our newest poll is out that finds democrats are becoming less and less enamored of a biden bid. it's fam fallen to 47% in the new poll. karen finney is a spokeswoman for hillary clinton's campaign. thank you for. stopping by cnn. hillary clinton had a huge performance in las vegas. perhaps that affected the polls looking at those numbers with
11:31 am
regard to biden. is your camp because of how well she does in las vegas on that stage, is your camp at all saying to a potential biden camp, don't do it? >> no, look, hillary has said and we have said for a long time now it's certainly -- we always expected this would be competitive and certainly up to the vice president to make this decision. it's a tough decision running for president. it's a tough endeavor. what i think you saw last night on the debate stage is someone who came ready to talk about the job of being president. >> i've heard this. how would a biden run affect your strategy moving forward? >> well, so in terms -- we have always had our game plan. over the summer, that's what we stayed focus on whether it was lots of other stuff going on here, we stayed focused on hillary was out campaigning talking to people about what she wants to do, the issues that they care about, how she would fight for them. we kept moving forward with our
11:32 am
game plan with our grand game and fundraising. so point being, we're prepared for whatever could happen. one thing that i can tell you is this is a campaign that knows anything can happen. there's no fore gone conclusions. in terms of going forward, we're prepared for whether it's joe biden or someone else to get in the race to then -- we feel confident about the infrastructure we have on the ground and the team we have in place. >> but that infrastructure in brooklyn, i'm going to prs you one more time. there's been no smoke signals from brooklyn to biden? >> no, but let me put it this way. when i talk about infrastructure, i'm not just talking about brooklyn. i'm talking about new hampshire, iowa, nevada, south carolina and while we're moving into the super tuesday, early march states, we have leadership councils in like texas and ohio and all these places. so we're moving forward with our strategy and we're moving forward continuing to build that infrastructure. so regardless of what happens,
11:33 am
that's what we have to stay focused on. >> let me pivot and ask you about this back and forth between jeb bush and donald trump about 9/11. and wt trump is saying about jeb bush's brother and playing the blame game and saying this is ridiculous. just had peter on who said trump's point, the question shouldn't be is george bush to blame, did he have all the information and should he have done more? >> what are we doing now to make sure our country is kept safe. where are the threats, where are we making sure. >> we're talking about 2001 going all the way back. >> i think part of my point is let the boys relitigate 2001. this is one more reason we need a woman for president and we need hillary for president
11:34 am
because one thing i know about her is she keeps her focus on how do we keep moving forward. we can relitigate 2001, but how is that going to keep us safe today, tomorrow, ten years from now? that's what we really need in a president. while they want to relitigate. >> didn't she? >> she was asked a question. some of the questions were relevant because they were on issues that were still having an impact. it's not to say -- >> terrorism is still having an impact. >> what's happened on 9/11 and what's happening in now in terrorism, the threats have changed and evolved and grown. that's why we need a president and i think hillary clinton is the right person who is going to focus on that, who is going to focus on the ways in which we know the tactics are changing. how are we going to keep up with that? that's what we need rather than this it relitigation. if the fellows want to relitigate, let them use their time. >> we know hillary clinton is testifying thursday on capitol
11:35 am
hill on benghazi and an ongoing. investigation. i want to play this the latest campaign ad featuring everyone from leon panetta to madelyn albright. >> she is one person who can bring a tremendous amount of experience to the job of being a world leader. >> i don't think i have ever met a person more prepared to be president. she would be capable of making hard decisions and representing %-p. let me also throw in trey gowdy, the chairman of this committee, said you have no idea what we have done, why we have done it and what new facts we have found. so is that ad a preemptive strike against whatever the new fa facts he's alluding to? >> we want to show people who she was as secretary of state, the things she accomplished. take it from congressman mccarthy and hanna. they have political motives
11:36 am
around this committee. we wanted to set the record straight and say, this is a person who negotiates these tough sanctions, got china and russia to the table when we're talking about iran. with regard to chairman gowdy, one of the things i found most disturbing not what he said yesterday but the story that came out this weekend that showed -- we have seen this tactic quite a few times from the committee. the cia went to mr. gowdy and said you're wrong, you put out a 13-page letter suggesting that hillary clinton in some way may have endangered national security. that's wrong. i think when you have the cia checking your facts and you have something wrong, that's part of why we're in the place we are where people are questioning why are we having an eighth committee? this committee have interviewed more current and former clinton campaign staffers than people from dod with operational knowledge of what was beginning on. >> as we know, she wanted open door testifying publicly.
11:37 am
we'll get it. i'm sure we'll be talking about it. final question, bill clinton. he will be taking part in the iowa rally. how much more bill clinton will we will seeing? >> how much more would you like? i think you're going to see quite a bit of bill clinton on the campaign trail. he has responsibilities with the foundation. so he'll have to kind of manage both, but we thought it would be fun to have him in iowa. people love him in iowa and love seeing them together. i thu it's a great thing. when one more really loud mega phone out there talking about hillary clinton. he knows better probably than anyone the character and heart of this person and why she's the person that people should see as their next president. great to have him. >> good luck, karen finney, thank you so much. i appreciate it. next, eddie murphy breaks out his bill cosby impersonation in nearly 30 years. he was not kind. we have more on that coming up. also a 6-year-old boy shoots
11:38 am
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is.
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in what this judge is calling the ultimate tragedy. . police say this former gang member illegally bought a gun to protect himself because he testified in a gang trial, but the gun ended up in the hands of his 6-year-old son. police say the boy shot his 3-year-old brother in his head during a game of cops and robbers. and their father is now charged
11:43 am
with felony child endangerment. the children were in the care at the time of their grandfather, who says he had no idea that a loaded gun was on top of the refrigerator wrapped in pajama pants. they live in a unit below the grand dad. >> i heard a pop. i ran down there and grabbed him. he was laying flat. i grabbed him and flipped him over and there was blood all over. he was a good kid. >> with me is cnn legal analyst mel robins and defense attorney randi sowen. great to have you on. this is beyond horrendous. let me ask you first, mel. this dad was charged with felony child endangerment. why? >> the reason why is the so-called child access protection laws in 27 states have no teeth whatsoever.
11:44 am
so even though there's a law on the books that requires you to keep a gun out of access of a child it's only punishable as a misdemeanor. so they went after the father using the child endangerment laws which will be charged as a felony. he's facing two to ten years in prison for these charges because it gives the prosecutor much more latitude because you're guilty of child endangerment if you knowingly put a child in a circumstance that could cause great risk to the child. >> when i was reading, i was also reading prosecutors say that it's such a horrific loss in and of itself, the loss of a child, that often times charges aren't brought in these cases. is that right? >> absolutely, because the point is that when you're going to bring charges, you have to bring. charges based on charges that you can prove at trial. . if a jury has a set of circumstances where there's no -- i'm going to use wrong doing from common sense wrong
11:45 am
doing. it's not like the father had these kids playing russian roulette. you have a father that has a gun for protection hiding it on the fridge. he claims he told the son about it to stay away. the grandfather is babysitting. who is going to convict that guy. >> that's right. the dad says son, let me show you where this gun is. it's in a safe place. don't touch it. does that help or hurt this case? >> it helps. this is a tragedy. and what you do in a tragedy such as this, and the prosecutor is basically laid it out there that it's an issue. and while i agree with you that certainly it's just a misdemeanor, also keep in mind there's an intent that the d.a. can't prove here. if i'm a defense attorney, i. put this man into the grand jury. i'm a reformed gang member. i did the right thing. i testified against a bad guy, put my family in jeopardy.
11:46 am
what else was i to do? who was going to protect me? and my family. >> that's right. >> i did everything that i could. >> walking down the right path now. >> and on the other hand, you have a gang member with an illegal gun that's wrapping it in pajamas. >> who is going to protect my kids? the police? >> the problem is this. the laws on the books have absolutely no teeth. and so to have -- the problem about the weapon under the laws is the fact that it was purchased illegally and was it registered. >> that's going to make the difference in the case? >> that might make the difference on other charges. will that have anything to do with the circumstances surrounding this case and the fact that there was a tragedy that ripped this family apart, probably not. i think also the fact that this happened in literally a split second where you didn't have kids home alone, you had the mom off at the store buying milk
11:47 am
with another child. grandpa upstairs and suddenly this tragedy happens. >> there's no jail, no sentence that will punish this man beyond what he has already been punished with. >> thank you both so much. just into cnn, we're getting new information regarding the department of homeland security just receiving official requests for secret service protection both for donald trump and also ben carson for their presidential campaigns. let's go to our white house correspondent jim acosta. what do you know? >> reporter: this is a big indication as to how popular donald trump and ben carson are out on the campaign trail. they are now in the process of receiving secret service protection. they put in the request to the homeland security. the department of homeland security has to review this
11:48 am
along with a special congressional committee. it's a small committee of the speaker of the house and other leadership. it's basically a formality. the two campaigns should have the secret service protection i would think soon. we're waiting to hear back on the time line, but donald trump has been talking about this in the last several days he thought he'd like to see this happen. if you look at the size of the crowd, it's not out of the ordinary. you'll recall in 2008 barack obama received secret service protection pretty early on in that campaign and hillary clinton has it all the time by being a former first lady. so this request is in. and i imagine that this will be handled pretty quickly. >> jim acosta, thank you. next, eddie murphy breaks out his bill cosby impersonation for the first time in nearly 30 years. and he was not. kind. this was all during a huge night for him, part of his acceptance speech for the mark twain prize. we'll talk to a fellow comedian and co-star, he joins me next.
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tracy morgan returns to "saturday night live" and his performance was a testament of the healing power of comedy. >> on "30 rock" tracy morgan made us laugh by playing an over the top version of himself. the role earned him an elmmy nomination and scores of fans. he first rose to fame in the '90s on "saturday night live." >> that bird is a liar.
11:54 am
>> a laugh fer masking personal pain. his father's death o to aids, his best friend's murder, a life threatening battle with diabetes. >> what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. >> but on june 7th, 2014, everything changed. >> tracy morgan was involved in a very serious auto accident. >> the crash left him in a coma for weeks. morgan's recovery meant he had to miss "saturday night live"'s 40th anniversary special. a few months later he was ready to talk on the "today" show. >> i love comedy and i wonder how i'm going to be funny again. >> in the first images of morgan after the accident, a familiar upbeat smile. his doctor even telling "the daily beast" he was, quote, nothing short of a miracle. in returning to "saturday night live," nothing short of an emotional homecoming. >> while after saturday, tracy morgan headed to washington. . he was one of several comedians
11:55 am
on stage at the kennedy center. he join ed iconic comedians paying tribute to eddie murphy, the recipient of the prize for american humor. and 28 years have passed since he last did standup and that all ended last night when he accepted his award and told a couple jokes. he ripped on a fellow honoree, bill cosby. i'm going to tell you part of one of his jokes. he said, bill has one of these. did you all make him give it back? there was a big outcry from people. they were trying to get bill to give his trophies back. you know you have messed up when they want you to give your trophies back. bill has one of these. >> with me on the phone is a former cast member. joe, it's an honor to have you on, sir. i cannot imagine just being part of such a magical moment for your friend.
11:56 am
can you tell me when he started telling those jokes, was it like 28 years evaporated like that? >> he was always so brilliant from day one when i met him. it was great that you were at the show this weekend. >> yeah, saturday night. >> that's so cool. i met eddie and talked about it at a private din r at the smithsonian on a saturday night before the sunday event. and i spoke from the heart and there was hundreds of people in the room. i never really told eddie how grateful i was to this kid for going through this -- not only a comic in eddie murphy, a comic genius. he's a great grounded, one of the e decent human beings on the planet. to be able to do that in the early days, when you meet'd day and lock into him, you just fall
11:57 am
in love. it was just like that from day one. last night to watch chris rock, george lopez and tracy come out so e emotional, what a moving night and way overhead for eddie murphy. >> i close my eyes and hear his laugh from "beverly hills cop." let me in on the inside skinny. i know he ran it past arsenio hall and chris rock and did the bit for them ahead of time. did you know he would be telling jokes, and b, doing bill cosby? >> no one knew until the last minute. and the answer is no and no. we didn't know for sure. it's eddie. just saying hi, thanks, no h hassle. >> but he didn't do it at the snl 40. >> that's what i'm saying. people said he should have done something.
11:58 am
he did a lifetime of brilliant comedy and if he doesn't want to do anything, he doesn't want to do anything. and then last night he stepped on stage and e we took a breath and said is he going to go for this? we were all backstage, all these brilliant comics backstage and he went for it. he wasn't e throwing bill under the bus. it was all in good fun. and all that great talent on stage, eddie blew us all away. he blew us all away in those five or six minutes. >> i have to go back to the archive to his 1987 raw show and the first time he impersonated bill cosby. let's roll it. >> mr. cosby? i would like to talk to you about some of the things that --
11:59 am
>> joe, i know you can't not laugh. that was '87. how did the crowd respond when he did a different take on bill cosby? >> he killed it. and it was just so wonderful how many -- how great and all the great talent. and i did a little sinatra thing. but eddie just got 2700 people. the laughs were bigger than anybody got. it's like he owns it. and we all looked in awe of this still a kid. >> you mentioned sinatra. i cannot let you go without one more clip. you know which one i'm talking
12:00 pm
about. >>. we're talking salt and pepper. we are peachy keen. >> you are white. >> you are black. >> and who cares. >> i had to end on that. you are seriously the best for calling in. i can't imagine you got any sleep. i appreciate it so much. >>. top of the hour, cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. beginning with donald trump, he's given new life to an old debate and launched a new feud with jeb bush and the two republican hopefuls back in fourth over whether george w. bush kept america safe or donald trump's argument that, say what you will, the twin towers came down on george bush's watch. let's talk about this with jake
12:01 pm
tapper who had an incredible state of the union show. so first of all, congrats on all of that. secondly, you talked to jeb bush on the show e yesterdays morning. you asked a fantastic question essentially asking how do you respond to critics who ask if your brother and his administration bare no responsibility for 9/11 and how do you make that president obama and hillary clinton are responsible for what happened in benghazi? here is jeb bush's answer. >> the question on benghazi, which is hopefully will now finally get the truth to is, was the place secure? they had a responsibility in the department of state to have proper security. there were calls for security. it looks like they didn't get it. how was the response in the aftermath of the attack? was there a chance these four american lives could have been saved. that's what the investigation is about. it's not a political issue and not about the broad policy issue. were we doing the job of protecting our embassies and
12:02 pm
consulates and during the period, those hours after the attack started, could they have been saved. >> what's your reaction to that answer? >> well, i mean, that's a fair response. i went on to say that that is exactly what critics say is that he's basically saying there are all these serious questions to ask about benghazi and there are. but there aren't when it comes to his brothers administration and 9/11. what's been interesting is today i've seen some conservative pundits defending jeb bush on this question and take iing iss with my question and what's interesting about it is it's the first time i have seen conservative pundits this season defending jeb bush and in a way even siding against donald trump, who is still out there again this afternoon. e he just tweeted a link to a "new york times" op-ed talking about the bush administration
12:03 pm
and that presidential daily briefing from 2001, bin laden determined to attack within the u.s., still raising these questions. it's interesting. it does seem to have gotten conservative pundits on jeb's side. >> so fleetingly, but my question would be you think of donald trump in the last two months. he's attacked george bush, he took on john mccain, fox news, he lobs these attacks on twitter and still when you look at the polls, he's far and away number one. why do you think this hasn't affected him yet? >> well, 78 people attacking trump have yet to find a way to undermine what this 25 to 35% of the republican base find so appealing about him and those things are that he speaks his mind, he's blunt and has a conservative position on
12:04 pm
immigration and he's an outsider in a field of so many insiders with a couple exceptions. it's probably likely that barring some major revelation, trump is going to continue to be the front runner at least until some of the establishment candidates drop out and there's a little bit more consolidation. there is still a lot of an mouse who aren't supporting him, but that vote is so split among so many candidates that it's tough to see right now how he does not end up winning the nomination. >> on the flip side with regard to jeb bush, in the past he's brushed off trump's attacks, but not anymore over the weekend. there's a new tv ad that his camp released that mocks trump as a celebrity, questions his ability to control the nation's nuclear arsenal. here it is. >> what do you talk to right
12:05 pm
now? when you watch your show and all the other shows. >> you said he watches cable news and that's one of the ways he bones up on our national security. >> looking ahead, how effective do you think this will be? >> i don't know that that's going to be that it's a web ad. not a major media market buy. second of all, it's trump against the establishment. whether it's fox news or others in the media criticizing. you saw doesn't have deep thinking on foreign policy from "the washington post." trump fans don't care what pundits think about donald trump. one other thing, if i could. what jeb bush is doing now while it might be bringing some support to him from the likes of rush limbaugh and other conservative media figures, it's doing something trump wanted to
12:06 pm
achieve which is is tying jeb bush to the past to his brother's administration, to the establishment. and elections are about the future and they are about outsiders, especially this election. even if jeb bush ends unwinning this debate on merits, he will have been tied even further to yesterday and not tomorrow. >> it's an important distinction to make. jake tapper, thank you, my friend. make sure to tune in when jake will be interviewing rand paul, who will have his chance to weigh in on this back and forth. also tomorrow morning donald trump will be on "new day" at 6:00 a.m. eastern here on cnn. don't miss either of those. the department of homeland security confirming that donald trump and ben carson campaigns have now officially requested secret service protection. cnn law enforcement analyst joins me on the phone. . what is the likelihood?
12:07 pm
yes, they both draw pretty incredible crowds. what's the likelihood the request will be granted? >> i think probably both cases they will be granted. the secret service doesn't make the determination as to who gets protection or who doesn't. basically that's done by a separate community. main mainly the operators are the ones that will do the protection. you'd be surprised if you go back and look over the history of the campaigns some of the people that have gotten protection, jesse jackson back when he ran or was a contender. president obama received the protection early on in his campaign. so it's not an unusual request. i think in the eyes of the public, it kind of legitimizes the candidate of their campaign. >> we'll follow up and see if and when those requests are granted. thank you. breaking news here, cnn has
12:08 pm
just spoken with a hacker who alleged he broke into the personal e-mails of two people who are critical leaders in the overseeing of the nation's security. john brennan and the secretary of department of homeland security jeh johnson. let's get to our justice correspondent. also security consul sant david kennedy. what can you tell us? >> this person who is purporting to be the hacker was having an exchange with wes brewer, a producer here in washington. he described some of his motivatio motivations. he said he wanted to embarrass and shame these top officials. he talked about one of his motivations being protesting against u.s. policies with regard to the middle east, palestine in particular. and that he also threatened that he has additional information that he plans to release. he claims that he's been able to
12:09 pm
get into john brennan's aol account. this is something that the fbi and secret service are now investigating. this aol account are associated with john brennan included his forms that he failed out prior to returning to government service. which included a lot of personal data. the government acquires all this before they give you a classified security clearance. so that's what he claims he has. in addition to the information about other cia percesonnel tha apparently he believes was in this account. with regard to jeh johnson, it was his comcast account. you always get an additional e-mail. this is the information that he was able to get. it doesn't appear to be any classified information really in either of these cases. but it is definitely embarrassing and it is personal information and it's now something that's under
12:10 pm
investigation. >> so now knowing all of that, the question to you is what sort of vulnerabilities does all of the reporting highlight for you? >> if you look at it, if you're part of the u.s. government or somebody of high stature, you're a target when it comes to hackers. . our personal e-mails are less secure. hackers are able to get access to other systems because they shared the same password. it shows you the vulnerabilities that we have personally. we better make sure our security matches that of what it would be on the corporate side. >> if you are targeting the head of the cia, sure, i can imagine first glance it's like a gold mine of information if you can get in. at the same time, it's the head of the cia. you're going to get caught. >> you think so, but it's actually really difficult to track hackers if they do it right to actually find where they came from and who hacked
12:11 pm
it. it's a very difficult process that takes a lot of resources, man power and money. but in most cases, it's difficult to find these folks. they could be originating from anywhere. it's pretty difficult task. they did the right thing. >> evan perez, david kennedy, thank you both. next, one of the most wanted fugitives on the planet may have slipped away after a showdown involving bullets, flames and a four-wheeler. that's coming up. also the infamous mob heist from "good fellows" is the focus of a trial in new york. hear what happened involving one of the most infamous gangsters. and who is the better bernie sanders? larry david or bernie sanders? we'll talk about whether
12:12 pm
"saturday night live" helps or hurts campaigns.
12:13 pm
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12:16 pm
that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. this is cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. once again the fugitive drug lord el chapo managed to evade capture. he escaped the latest attempt to nab him in a vicious shootout in the mountains of western mexico. you had these terrified villagers telling the stories of bullets raining down littering the landscape, yet el chapo remains at large. he's the drug kingpin who esc e
12:17 pm
escaped from a mexican prison in july through all the intricate tunnelling dug to his prison cell. the pictures you're looking at right here come to us from a reporter with afp. she was the first international reporter on the ground, on the scene after the shootout. she's joining me from mexico. can you start from the beginning what did you see? what did local villagers tell owe about what they saw? >> reporter: we arrived on saturday near the mountains. and we met with several locals that were telling similar stories of helicopters from what they say is the marines started shooting at their houses and cars in all the ranches in an ice isolated area.
12:18 pm
we spoke with them. they were all afraid because they were saying what is the government thinking shooting at innocent people. and they said it's also the marines and marines have been responding to attacks and looking for them in the mountains. so it's difficult to access the ro road. we reached several ranches where we could see many bullet holes in pickup trucks. and then we decided to head out to the mountains.
12:19 pm
and there was tree trunks blocking the road. and we saw people shooting. >> dafny, i'm going to have to interrupt you. it's not the best connection. by the looks of it, it looks like a war zone and yet he still alluded military. thank you so much. next, nearly four decades after one of the most infamous heists in american history, an 80-year-old mobster gets his day in court. details on the trial, ahead. and weight watchers, their stock is soaring after you know who buys a massive stake in the
12:20 pm
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12:24 pm
together, we're building a better california. nobody knows how sure how much was taken. $2 million. >> a scene from the classic mafia film "goodfellas." it inspired the blockbuster is playing out in reality in courts right now. a trial 37 years in the making. the gangster who is now 80 years of age is facing charges that he helped plan one of the biggest cash heists in american history. so i have jean casarez here today. this was a $6 million heist at jfk. >> this is the real thing. back in 1978 masked gunmen
12:25 pm
forged on into the air cargo. terminal building and they were able to get $5 million in cash, $1 million in jewelry and that has never been found. nobody knows exactly where it went. only one person was prosecuted years ago. it was someone who worked inside the cargo building in the te terminal that they believe gave the okay sign for the gunman to come in. suddenly you have vincent who is being prosecuted as one of the master minds, participants of it all. he's charged on an indictment with many things, but the trial started today. first witness for the prosecution who said that he met with one of the crime bosses years ago who related a story that the defendant had given him an opened up a suitcase that had all this jewelry in it. he said it was from the heist. and this person on the stand got
12:26 pm
a necklace. so that's part of the evidence. the defense says there's no evidence that can convict my client because most of the gunmen were killed because they were going to rat and be witnesses. how did they track him down? >> 78 years old when he was indicted last year. 80 years old now. but the allegations in the indictment go to 2013 of participating in crime activity. mafia crime activity. >> jean casarez, the trial in new york, thank you very much. next, "saturday night live" nails it casting larry david to impersonate bernie sanders. the snl effect on presidential campaigns. plus october 21st, 2015, the day marti mcfly plugged in and
12:27 pm
social media is buzzing about ways you can celebrate back to the future day. i want those shoes. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. salt. pepper. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be.
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12:31 pm
it's a comic genius that rivals tina fey playing sarah palin. can we say spot on? take a look. >> the only candidate up here who is not a a billionaire. i don't have a super pac. i don't even have a backpack. i carry my stuff around loose in my arms between classes. i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires, they got three, four pairs.
12:32 pm
>> what does the e-mail scandal say about your ability to handle other crises as president? >> well coop, i welcome this had question because i rehearsed this one the longest. >> you know what? can i just jump in here? this may not be great politics, but i think the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, bernie. god, it must be fun to scream and cuss in public. i have to do all mine into tiny little jars. >> what's the deal with e-mails any way? i forgot my password the other day so they say we'll e-mail you a new one. but i can't get into my e-mail to get the password. >> that opening sketch 100% killed. i'm lucky enough to have these two next to me.
12:33 pm
hello, welcome. first to you, dean, about the bernie. >> i'll work on it. >> larry david, brilliant. >> unbelievable. it was so good i'm going to vote for bernie sanders because i want to see larry david and play him for eight more years. it was good because his comedy hurts a candidate and sometimes it helps. it's gone viral and it's reaching young people who don't know anything about bernie sanders. and the comedy was good. it told people about his policies. he wants to break up the big banks. >> do you think that larry david went to lo ren michaels and said i got this? >> everybody was saying that bernie sanders sounded like larry david during the debate. lorne gone on the phone in new york.
12:34 pm
>> get me larry david right now. >> he hung up on larry david and said get to new york. who can separate old grumpy white dudes? >> it was a mix into one person with over the top yelling. it was more animated and more fun than bernie. bernie applauded it the next day. >> let's take a look at the real bernie sanders. >> i am told that i don't have a sense of humor. so i'm going to start off with a joke. are you all ready for a joke? here is the joke. my name is larry david and bernie asked me to do this speech. >> if you listen to bernie sanders, if you close your eyes, i'm hearing larry david. >> yes, they are the same dude. they have the same voice and mannerisms. >> how much do you think, to both of you, what "saturday night live" is able to do with bringing in -- i'm sure they were salivating because they had so much material, but how much
12:35 pm
does it actually affect the campaign? >> i think it definitely affects it. it brings more attention to the candidate. if you didn't know bernie sanders before this, you know him now. you know him from the skit that has gone viral. it can't hurt. >> it can hurt. not this one. this one helps. but sarah palin, how many people said i can see russia from my house. that ended up defining sarah palin. comedy is a double-edged sword. this was a really good one for bernie. hillary the narrative is i'm a shape shifter. i'll go with any form you need. i'm so desperate to be president. that's the narrative on "saturday night live." >> everybody is trying to use it. i can't wait to see donald trump. >> i was at the show saturday night and there's signs all over 30 rock. november 7th, donald trump. it's going to be awesome. can we talk about eddie murphy? this guy has not done standup or
12:36 pm
told jokes in front of a live audience in 28 years. he received the mark twain prize for american humor last night at the kennedy center. he said he 100% killed. why do you think he waited 28 years to do that and, b, to impersonate bill cosby? >> i have heard him say he didn't want to do standup because once he's in the clubs, people tape him on the phone before the joke is ready and put the joke out and people say eddie murphy is not funny. so that's hard for a comedian if you're famous. secondly, i thought it was great he did the bill cosby thing. he didn't do that on "saturday night live" 40. but he came out now and said he did an impersian nation of them trying to take the award back. >> he got it in 2009. this is the first time he impersonated bill cosby. >> hello, mr. cosby?
12:37 pm
>> i would like to talk to you about some of the things that you do in your show. >> do you think that was like a special one off? if you got to be in the kennedy center and see eddie murphy do his thing? >> i'm shocked he did it. he wouldn't do it at the 40th anniversary. so i don't know, why he would go and do that now, it's really a mystery. >> even bill cosby's wife is looking at him funny. everybody is doing it now. he nailed it. it was uncomfortable. you can tell eddie was nervous on stage. >> you saw the clip. >> he looked a little nervous. but he got through it. >> will we see more of this? >> i hope so. the world needs more eddie
12:38 pm
murphy. >> thank you both so much. >> looking good, brooke. >> good to hang after "saturday night live." >> we went to the after after party. >> moving on, moving on. just ahead here, this was created for a doomsday scenario. a seed vault to replant farms in the case of a global catastro e catastrophe, but now it's being opened. plus weight watchers, the stock is soaring because oprah bought a huge stake in the company. we'll look at whether the famous new board member can turn around the struggling company. we'll be right back. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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12:43 pm
it's been awe while since oprah winfrey put her magic touch behind a product, but this time it's with the company weight watchers. she owns a 10% stake, has a seat on the board of directors and plans to use the products. the news sent stocks soaring. chris witherspoon is joining us. also rob shoouter. great to see both of you. weight watchers, why? >> it's so random. when this story broke, everybody was scratching their heads asking why has the great oprah decided this company? rumors are that gail is a particular fan of weight watchers. gail is her best friend. maybe that's the reason. >> i'm not really sure. i think oprah is the queen of weight loss. she's been on this journey for 25 years. i keep thinking of her bringing out the red wagon.
12:44 pm
so i think oprah has been on this roller coaster of weight loss. it's a natural fit. weight watchers is still accessible. oprah has billions, but she's choosing this thing that's accessible for women across the country. >> we saw them last week. they look stunning. moving on to "star wars." the trail er debuts tonight during the "monday night football" game. this is the trailer to the trailer. do we have it? >> fingerprint technology? >> we're home.
12:45 pm
>> the trawler before the trailer. why do you think during "monday night football"? >> the hard core "star wars" fans are already clued. this is for the folks that are back home in ohio and different places watching football that might not have been keeping up on "star wars." they are going to see this s no tall ja feeling and want to see the film. >> they are reaching millions and millions of people. >> just a few people watch football. >> it's clever. what they decidesed is tonight after the trailer airs tickets will be available. so the minute you see this, you can go on the internet or online or on the phone and buy tickets. they think people are going to watch this. >> here's the story i'm most excited about. e we all watch "back to the future." i can't believe we're living in the future. that future i imagine jetsons. so october 21st, 2015, as predicted in "back to the future
12:46 pm
2." there are these ways people can celebrate. >> where's my hover board? >> some of the stuff didn't come true. some predicted flying cars. some of the stuff has actually happened. >> the cubs, that's the big story. they might go to the world series. >> they are playing the mets now. >> they predicted that happened in 2015. >> so much of it that i'm shocked hasn't come true is the flying cars, hover boards, laceup sneakers. so much in this film that was a fantasy. but kudos who did a great job and made something so transformative and futuristic for that time period. >> there was a limited edition pepsis there. 6,000 bottles that will cost you $21 each, but they produced them. >> there's also a toyota ad. >> those are the sneakers. >> we have fingerprint
12:47 pm
technology. >> i'm waiting for those. >> we haven't gotten there yet. >> fax machines would still be around? >> i fax the people i fax. >> one guy in ohio has a fax machine. you fax him? >> i'll fax you. >> wow. >> it's great to see michael j. fox back. some celebrities don't embrace their past. when they move on, this is a long time ago. some never want to go back, but he's going back which tells us how much he love s this film. >> hover board. thank you both so much. i appreciate it. is joe biden running for president? this is one of those we wish we could see in the future things. we're getting tired of asking the question and the timing of the decision depends on which media outlet you want to pay attention to.
12:48 pm
but one u.s. represent says he's heard a decision has been made. jim acosta, you just talked to him. >> i got off the phone with congressman boyle who represents pennsylvania outside of philadelphia. and earlier this morning, you were talking about the flurry of speculation. he started one himself when he tweeted i have a source close to joe that tells me joe biden will run for president. that got everybody spinning like a top all day long. but in just the last several minutes, the congressman did call me and did say he stands by this tweet. he says it's accurate and he would not say who the source is, but he described the source as close to the vice president and his team. he said, i'll read this, if he didn't run it would be pull iin back from a decision that's already been made. he also said he believes that an announcement is coming soon. this congressman also noted the vice president's pennsylvania roots. so this congressman feels like this is something he has some
12:49 pm
credibility on being from that area. but at the same time, we should point out the vice president's office has been saying no decision has been made, but a lot of democratic sources around washington believe we are close. the question is how close. we have heard this before. we heard the vice president's team and people say he's close to a decision and those expectations have been dashed. we have to be careful about this, but this one congressman believes that a decision is coming very soon. >> a decision via tweet, carrier pigeon, we'll take what we can get. jim acosta, tell me your reporting ben carson and donald trump. they want this secret service protection. >> they do. donald trump has been saying in the last several days look at the crowds i'm getting. if this were barack obama i would have secret service protection by now. there's some truth to that. president obama when he was running in 2008 had secret service protection very early. actually earlier in this stage
12:50 pm
in the race. but the document of homeland security says that donald trump and ben carson have both or at least their campaigns have, for secret service protection. that process is under way. there's a special congressional committee that looks at this along with dhs and then render a decision. but that's basically a formality, brooke. that decision is expected to come fairly quickly and they'll have that secret service protection. it's an indication of just these big crowds that both of these candidates are getting. and that secret service protection that they rightly deserve. >> jim acosta, thank you. >> you bet. next, it was created for a doomsday scenario, a seed vault to replant the earth in the case of global catastrophe. but now the war in syria has actually forced experts to make a withdrawal sooner than they ever expected. we'll take you there and show you what this is next on cnn.
12:51 pm
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the syrian civil war prompting scientists to do something they had never hoped they would ever have to, open up a doomsday vault. this is deep in the side of an arctic mountain. this vault containing seeds from all over the world an insurance policy of sorts in case of a global agricultural disaster. cnn's senior international correspondent arwa damon reports. >> reporter: this location was chosen because of its remoteness, how far away it is from the conflict zones around the world and also because of the natural geography that exists here. but no one who was involved in this svalbard project ever thought they'd see a withdrawal in their lifetime. imagine earth decimated, essential food crops wiped out by catastrophe. it is here very deep in an arctic mountain where the seeds
12:56 pm
for humanity's survival are stored. but it wasn't an environmental disaster that caused the first mass withdrawal from the so-called doomsday seed vault. it was war. the war in syria. cut off from its vault in battle torn aleppo, the international center for agricultural research in the dry areas requested a portion of the seeds it deposited back. >> this is where we are storing the seeds, the first shipment of seed that came around svalbard. >> reporter: now based in lebanon, the director has a challenging job of keeping precious genetic lines alive. this is a wild relative of wheat that likely doesn't exist in nature anymore. why is what i'm holding in my
12:57 pm
hand so important? >> this is a source of desirable trade including drought tolerance, including heat tolerance, including resistant to diseases and so forth. >> reporter: but it's not just the wild strains. it's other crops like these seeds grown by farmers over hundreds of years. this seed contains traits that might end up being necessary for the survival of the species. and we just don't know it yet. >> exactly. >> reporter: the seeds with traits potentially vital to help us adapt to climate change will be replanted in lebanon just across the border from syria. another vault built to replace the one in aleppo lost to war. and to parallel project in morocco. crop diversity is a prerequisite
12:58 pm
for food security. and experts say our past is fundamental to our future survival. but war has meant that humanity has had to activate its backup plan sooner than anyone ever anticipated. once they have managed to rebuild the stockpiles of this vital genetic material, the seeds will be sent back and stored once again here in svalbard. there are around 860,000 different types of seeds from around the world kept in a refrigerated area at negative 18 degrees celsius. and even if the power were to go out, that vault would stabilize at negative 8, meaning that the genetic material would be available for generations. now to this chicago father,
12:59 pm
father caught in as a judge calls it the ultimate tragedy. police say this former gang member michael santiago illegally bought a gun to protect himself because he has testified in a gang trial. but the gun wound up in the wrong hands. not in the hands of another gang member, rather a member of santiago's own family, his 6-year-old son. police say the boy shot his 3-year-old brother in the head during a game of cops and robbers. and their father is now charged with felony child endangerment. the children were in the care of their grandfather who says he had no idea that a loaded gun was sitting on the top of the refrigerator wrapped in pa ja ma pants when he allowed the boys to go downstairs. the brothers live in a unit just below this grandfather. >> i heard a pop, so i ran down there and i grabbed him. he was laying flat. and i grabbed him and flipped him over and he had blood all over him. he was a good kid. >> according to the cdc 69 children under the age of 14 die from accidental gun discharges in the year 2013.
1:00 pm
of those 30 were younger than 5. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. i'll be back in tonight filling in for my friend don lemon at 10:00 eastern. now "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. jeb bush and donald trump locked in a fierce and uncomfortable debate about 9/11. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the politics lead, just a few minutes ago donald trump launching yet another rhetorical sal voe seeming to question whether george w. bush missed the warning signs of the worst terror attack in american history. jeb bush this weekend saying all of this makes him seriously wonder if trump can be trusted with nuclear weapons. it's a fight that keeps getting nastier. the national lead, did the u.s. spy chief just get hacked and spied upon by a teenager? the fbi and u.s. secret service now investigating whether a high school student compromised cia director john brennan's