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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 19, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern here on cnn. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter at jake tapper or tweet the show. that's it for "the lead" this monday. i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to one mr. wolf blitzer right next door in "the situation room." happening now, putin's big play. russian forces backing thousands of syrian iranian troops for a major offensive. we have dramatic new video of the terrified civilians caught in the cross fire. can they escape this deadly battle? and will the u.s. be pulled into the fight? stolen intel. the fbi and secret service now investigating reports that the heads of the cia and homeland security department had their private e-mail accounts hacked. did they contain sensitive information including names and personal data of cia operatives that might be released? i'll ask the ranking member of the house intelligence committee.
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final countdown, the vice president joe biden meeting with his political advisers tonight as the crolock ticks towards an announcement towards a possible presidential bid. speculation is swirling. will biden upend the democratic race for the white house? and it's bernie, man. the 74-year-old democratic socialist is suddenly the cool candidate spoofed on "saturday night live" and enjoying inside jokes with ellen degeneres. and now a new poll shows the narrowing the gap with hillary clinton. how big of a threat is he to the democratic presidential front runner? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're following the massive offensive unfolding right now against a major syrian city aleppo, a key stronghold for u.s. backed rebels and anti-regime groups. thousands of syrian and iranian troops they're now targeting those rebels on the ground backed by russian warplanes in
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the air. it's unleashing a new wave of human suffering with terrified civilians caught in the increasingly deadly crossfire. we're also following disturbing new reports of private e-mail accounts belonging to the cia director and the homeland security secretary being hacked. the fbi and secret service now investigating. cnn has been in communication with the person claiming responsibility for the online attack. we're covering that, much more this hour with our guests including congressman adam schiff, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee. and our correspondents and expert analysts they're also standing by. let's begin with our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she has more now on that major offensive in syria that's under way involving russian forces, iranian troops, barbara, all of this in support of the syrian dictator bashar al assad. and you're getting breaking news on u.s. and russian engagement in syria. what are you hearing? >> yeah, good evening, wolf. u.s. pilots we now know are
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being privately warned by their commanders when they fly over syria do not react when the russians come close. and the russian airplanes are coming closer, much closer. we now know in two recent incidents the russians have flew once within 500 feet of u.s. fighter jets. and on another instance within 1,500 feet of u.s. fighter jets. u.s. wants commanders to stay calm and not react to any goading by the russians. all of this, wolf, just one aspect of what the u.s. military is dealing with. syrian army units backed by iranian ground troops and russian jets in full assault south of aleppo. a city rebels and the regime have fought over for months. russia says dozens of targets have been hit. >> translator: 32 firing positions in the mountainous and wooded areas, nine forfied
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firing positions producing missiles and missile launchers have all been destroyed. >> reporter: questions in the u.s. about the effectiveness of russia's attack. >> one would have thought with the amount of strikes russia has conducted that they would have blown some holes through, allowed syrian forces to regain some ground. >> reporter: russia's aleppo offensive just part of moscow's campaign to help the syrian regime get back several key strongholds to ensure the defense of damascus according to u.s. officials. in the aleppo area assad has some 6,000 troops on the ground. iran 2,000 troops. double just a week ago. >> everybody including the russians and the iranians have all said there is no military solution. so we need to get about the effort of finding political solution. >> reporter: but no indication of a political solution any time
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soon. russian jets are pounding near this air base to the east where syrian regime forces are surrounded by isis. u.s. warplanes also continue targeting. west of aleppo a u.s. drone struck and killed the highest ranking leader of al qaeda operatives known as the corizon group. believe he is plotted in attacks against the u.s. he is the fifth senior leader in the group killed in the last four months according to the pentagon. now, what about that air space agreement between the u.s. and russia so everybody can fly but stay safe? u.s. officials say they hope there will be a signed agreement and come out and be made public to some extent by tomorrow. but don't expect a lot of details. russia very much wants the agreement. the u.s. also sitting down to talk to moscow about all of it
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in three separate sessions, wolf. >> barbara, thanks very much. all of this is only deepening the mystery of aleppo's population. there's a lot of misery over there as well. the people there already traumatized by years of this bloody civil war. many are trying to flee only to find there's absolutely no place left to go. our senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is near the syrian border. nick, you got some exclusive video of possible russian air strikes on aleppo's southern side, what are you finding out? >> if that begins it will be shocking. already reduced to rubble. but it's south of that city in the countryside where people are being impacted. what seems to be russian air strikes here we obtained this foota footage. it shows the impacts and shows how the people of that town having nowhere else to flee have simply run into the fields around it setting up tents around their vehicles. one family sleeping under
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mattresses perhaps thinking that will make them safer somehow. almost like their bedroom has been picked up and dumped in a farm field. these are the least lucky ones here, wolf. these are people who were unable to flee to turkey or europe, stuck in these areas now enduring relentless bombardment around them as potentially say activists tens of thousands are displaced by this onslaught by the regime and allies to them heading towards what was once the largest city of aleppo, wolf. >> as this area of bombardment continues i take it now it's too late for these people to escape, is that right? >> well, it's tricky to get into turkey. along the border is heavily fortified by the turkish military. some still can get across but extraordinarily dangerous route from the south of aleppo where so much of this violence is now around that city. to its north you have many different competing militias. you have isis to the east. you have the regime advancing in some areas. and you see there in the face simply of the people trying to get away to safety there real
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fear about what's happening. they've endured some of them perhaps years of this conflict so far. the question is exactly where can they go now. where is safe left inside syria, wolf. >> nick paton walsh near the border there. thanks very much. let's talk about all of this with congressman adam schiff of california, ranking member of the house intelligence committee. thank you for coming in. >> you bet. >> is the u.s. going to be able to stop this assault on aleppo by the iranians, russians, by the syrian army of bashar al assad? >> i don't think we can stop it. and unfortunately i think it's going to have the effect of simply lengthening this horrible civil war in syria. they may go in, they may recapture some of these cities, but they're not going to be able to hold them. not unless the iranians, the lebanese and the iraqi shia plan to long-term occupy syria. that will just prolong the war. it's a tragic step back ward. we had been seeing perhaps some
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light at the end of the tunnel as assad was weakening. there was increasing pressure to come to the table for a negotiated end, but this lifeline now by hezbollah, but the russians and iranians is merely going to prolong the agony for the syrian people. >> let's not forget what 200,000 or 300,000 people have already been killed in this four-year civil war. hundreds of thousands have been injured. and millions have been made homeless. refugees internally, externally and that's presumably only going to continue. >> it is going to continue. and it's terrible. we haven't seen a refugee crisis like this since the end of world war ii. it is the humanitarian catastrophe of our time. >> so is the u.s. leaving these people high and dry? >> no, we're not. in fact, i think we are increasing our support for the moderate opposition. you can certainly count on the fact that the gulf nations are going to do the same. that's what we see in this region when you have a push here now by the russians and iranians. you're going to see an equal and opposite reaction particularly by the gulf nations.
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but yes, we are upping our support as well because ultimately the only way to bring this conflict to an end is through phase assad out. as long as he is there there is going to be oxygen for this insurgency and this civil war's going to drag on. >> i assume you agree with other u.s. analysts that these russian air strikes are primarily going after these u.s. backed rebels who oppose bashar al assad's regime. >> they're going after moderate rebels we support. they are going after the al qaeda franchise as well. they are not going after isis. that is really not their primary motivation. it's all about propping up the regime. at some point they may come into conflict with isis, but that is clearly their lowest priority. >> is there anything the u.s. can do to stop that? >> there's nothing we can do. and we're not going to go to war with russia. but i think we can continue to support the moderate opposition. that will have the effect of raising the cost to the iranians and to the russians. and we'll see, you know, whether
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that causes the russians to consider does this continue to make sense. they're going to run into the same problems that we have in trying to accomplish this all through the air. they may take ground. they're not going to be able to hold it. >> but they do have the support of the regular syrian military which is part of the bashar al assad regime. they have support of the iranian troops. barbara starr now reporting 2,000 iranian troops have gone into syria. there are a lot of hezbollah fighters working with the iranians supporting the regime as well. so this russian organized alliance is pretty formidable. >> it is formidable, but that alliance nonetheless is going to be taking increasing casualties over time. and we'll have to see how many casualties over what period is iran willing to endure, is lebanon willing to endure through hezbollah and are the russians willing to endure. >> can you confirm that there are 2,000 iranian troops inside syria right now? >> i can't confirm the numbers. i think unquestionably there are iranians in syria helping to
2:12 pm
direct operations, helping to be a part of ground forces. but in terms of numbers that's not something i can -- >> one of iran's top military commander reportedly in syria right now. this is an iranian as you well know who's got a lot of american blood on his hands. when he was organizing fighters inside iraq to go after u.s. troops there, what can you tell us about his involvement, direct involvement in syria? >> well, it's been very interesting over the last several years as he has raised his public profile. this was somebody who operated mostly in the shadows, did not want much of a public face. and now we see him cropping up everywhere proud of his involvement. the iraqis are proud to showcase him. the iranians as well. this is honestly a very high priority for iran. but it's a very high risk endeavor for them too as they're about to find out. >> all right. congressman, standby. we have more to talk about including these new reports that the director of the cia, the secretary of homeland security
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had their private e-mail accounts hacked. we're going to get into that and much more when we come back.
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we're back with democratic congressman schiff of california, ranking member of the house intelligence committee. we want to talk to him about the
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alleged investigation into the alleged hacking of private e-mail accounts belonging to the heads of the cia and department of homeland security. let's go to our justice reporter evan perez. he's got details. evan, cnn i understand now has communicated online with this person claiming to be behind the hacking? >> that's right, wolf. this is -- we haven't verified who this person is. this is the person purporting to be behind these hacks. and really we're talking about very sensitive information. not necessarily classified information i'm told by u.s. officials, but it is being taken very seriously. we have a couple of tweets from this alleged hacker. one of them says as promised the head of cia's e-mail contact list is what he says he's going to post. in a second tweet he says mayday, may day, jeh johnson of dhs government comcast account has been hacked again. we also have a statement that we got from the hacker one of our
2:19 pm
producers here in washington was communicating with him this afternoon. he says it was really because the government are killing innocent people. they also fund israel for killing innocent people. it wasn't so much of a big deal for jeh, but john had a lot of things in his e-mail he didn't want sharing. wolf, the types of things allegedly he got his hands on the sf-86 of john brennan, the cia director information filled out in order to get his top secret government security clearance. this is very sensitive stuff. again, not classified but it's very embarrassing for this to have happened. >> so what are they actually saying the department of homeland security and the cia about this? >> well, they're not verifying yet what exactly was taken, but we do have a statement from the cia that says we are aware of the reports we are aware of the reports that have surfaced on the social media and have referred the matter. just a little while ago twitter
2:20 pm
suspended the account of this alleged hacker. so it appears law enforcement is already trying to put a stop to this. >> how sophisticated was this hack? >> wasn't terribly sophisticated. he even tells our producer that this is not something that, you know, required a lot of skill. it was more trickery really of these companies that it requires them to be able to reset the passwords of these accounts. it's something that bane really of a lot of media companies, social media companies because this is a very common way in which people take over people's apple icloud accounts or their twitter accounts. it's very common, wolf. >> evan perez, thanks very much. congressman schiff is still with us. congressman, this is pretty awkward to say the least very embarrassing if in fact the private e-mail accounts were hacked by this individual. >> yes. and it's more than embarrassing. it's very much, i think, a risk
2:21 pm
for these individuals to have their private accounts hacked into. even if it's not classified information, they still may have personal things that they don't want out in the public ethosphere. so it's of grave concern. i think it highlights, wolf, that none of us are really safe in this environment. if you're a major american company and you haven't been hacked yet, you have you just don't know it yet. and i think all of our personal e-mail is really vulnerable to this kind of hacking. so it's a grave risk. >> so should people who have sensitive information whether the legislative branch like you or the executive branch no longer have any private g-mail or aol or yahoo or any kind of accounts right now? >> well, you know, i think as a practical matter we have to. we have personal lives we want to continue leading. but, you know, we probably ought to live by the maxim which is easier said than done which is don't put anything in an e-mail you don't want seen printed on the front page of the local paper. it's a good rule of thumb
2:22 pm
because at the end of the day none of this can be guaranteed to remain private. >> i assume you have a government account but also have a private account, is that right? >> sure. >> are you worried that your private account -- there have been government accounts hacked as well including state department accounts, there have been government accounts that have been hacked. >> well, you know, i assume frankly any account, public or private that i use if somebody wants to get in bad enough they're going to get in. >> look ahead to thursday. hillary clinton's going to be testifying for about eight hours, we're told, before the select committee on benghazi. you remember that committee. you have no confidence in what trey gowdy, the chairman is doing now, i understand. >> i think the committee has been thoroughly discredited not just by the comments of kevin mccarthy or richard hannah or by the statements of the gop whistleblower part of their own staff but frankly by the committee's own actions. we had a dozen hearings to have this year with people like head
2:23 pm
of the joint chiefs and head of the cia at the time of benghazi, canceled off of them every single one except hillary clinton. you look at the press they put out, 25 press releases since march, 20 of them all about clinton and the state department. only five about anything else. you look at the witnesses they're interviewing and the chairman chooses to attend for all the importance he puts on these witness interviews he's only gone to about ten out of the 50. and of those ten there's a heavy focus on those staff surrounding hillary clinton. so the actions of the committee are just very telling. >> so your job on thursday as a democratic mighnority member of this committee will be what? >> try to see if there's something productive that can be gained from this testimony. we'll certainly want to ask the secretary about the security at embassies, what we can learn from the accountability review board, how those recommendations have been put into effect. but she's testified twice before congress.
2:24 pm
she's not presently in charge of security at our facilities. so there's limits to what she can productively add. or also i think play a vital role in making sure she gets a chance to ask the questions and that when republican members if they selectively choose quotes out of context or lines from documents without giving the rest of the story in those documents that the secretary's given a chance to read the full document. >> very quickly you said trey gowdy had not attended sensitive meetings you think he should have attended? >> actually, i think in the chairman's defense of these 50 witnesses that they keep trumpeting, many of them are completely d lly duplicative, se clinton people or i.t. press people. many are already interviewed by the accountability review board. frankly i can see why the chairman hasn't gone to the vast majority of these interviews, i haven't either. most of the members haven't. but to trumpet their importance
2:25 pm
and then not attend i think there's a certain discrediting quality to that. >> we'll have extensive live coverage on thursday of these eight hours or so. we'll see how long it goes of these hearings. we'll watch very closely. thanks very much, adam schiff, democrat of california. coming up, new hints about joe biden's intentions as the vice president prepares to meet with his top political advisers. will he join the race for president? plus, our new cnn poll shows presidential candidate bernie sanders is gaining some ground. even as he grabs the attention of "saturday night live." >> i'm the only candidate up here who's not a billionaire. i don't have a super pac. i don't even have a backpack. i carry my stuff around loose in my arms like a professional. you know, between classes. i own one pair of underwear. that's it. alright team, we've got an f150, needs a systems check and tires. doc, i need you on point for this one.
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brand new cnn poll shows senator bernie sanders gaining some ground even though nearly two-thirds of the people who watched last week's democratic presidential debate say hillary clinton did the best job. a new cnn/orc poll taken after the debate shows 45% of democrats want clinton to be the nominee. sanders is at 29%, that's up five points since the debate. with vice president joe biden at 18% right now. but check out what the polls
2:31 pm
were saying at this point eight years ago in october 2007. clinton had 50% to then-senator barack obama's 21%. sanders also is grabbing people's attention generating plenty of positive buzz out there. let's bring in our national correspondent sunlen serfaty. she's covering senator sanders campaign. what's the latest? >> wolf, even though bernie sanders is well behind clinton in this new poll, it's clear he's still feeling very good. he's really having a big pop culture moment right now where the 74-year-old senator with a unique style all his own is suddenly coming off and being seen as hip. and the sanders campaign is not shying away from this. he's not the textbook definition of cool. >> so that we have a government that works for all of us and not just a handful of billionaires. >> with a personal style more dishevelled than polished,
2:32 pm
demeanor more can tinkerist than smooth. he's become a pop tculture sensation. he's getting the equivalent of campaign gold, "saturday night live" treatment. larry david nailing his impersonation. >> i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires they got three, four pairs. and i have to put my clothes on the radiator. so who do you want as president? one of these washington insiders or a guy who has one pair of clean underwear that he dries on a radiator? >> which the real bernie sanders has not only been embracing but playing it up in event after event on the campaign trail. >> yes, last week i bought my second pair of underwear. that's a joke. i have an ample supply of underwear. >> my name is larry david and bernie asked me to do this.
2:33 pm
>> and while sanders says he wants voters to connect with him on his ideas, not his style. >> it's cool. >> his chief opponent is no stranger to the "snl" treatment. >> no. >> certainly does help if people are paying more attention. >> i suppose it does. >> you're okay with that? >> i don't have much choice about it. >> the campaign seems eager to ride the pop culture wave they've caught, joking they could see a larry david bump in the polls. dancing on ellen and keeping up self-dep ri kating clips about his hair. >> i think it's white hair that attracts the american people. neat, well groomed. your typical politician. >> a not so subtle sign that they're trying to turn this moment into momentum. >> i freely concede, you know, we started off this campaign i was at 3% in the polls. and kind of people thought i was a fringe candidate. i think we've made a lot of progress in the last five months
2:34 pm
and i think we got a real shot to win this. >> and that's where the real benefit of this moment could be from sanders from going from what appears to be a fringe candidate in his words to more of a mainstream candidate as he's introduced to wider group of voters. but key this is the challenge for the sanders campaign here, wolf, going forward to turn this attention and moment and translate that into support, wolf. >> sunlen, thanks very much. with us here in "the situation room" our chief political correspondent dana bash, ryan lizza, washington correspondent for the new yorker magazine. and our senior political reporter knee report er nia malika henderson. conversation when we come back. stay with us. hi i'm heather cox
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we're seeing new signs right now that the vice president joe biden may be getting ready to join the race for the presidential nomination. let's go to jim acosta working his sources for us. what are you learning? >> that's rite, wolf. senior democratic officials continue to believe that some sort of announcement from vice president biden could come this week, but those expectations have been dashed before. and some leaders in his own party believe biden has waited too long to get in. democratic sources tell cnn vice president joe biden is believed to be on the verge of making his move. >> i'm the late joe biden. >> every time biden steps up to the microphone, all of washington is hanging on his every word. >> i've been in a meeting with
2:40 pm
the president on another matter for the last two hours. >> the latest tea leaves biden said to be meeting with advisers tonight as his team is setting up interviews with potential campaign staffers. biden has also personally spoken with the president of the national firefighters union, a source familiar with the phone call said biden told shapeburger friday his run is imminent. >> it is getting late in the fall and i do think we'll get an answer relatively soon. >> but biden has defied the expectations for a decision before. first it was the end of summer then the first week of october and the first democratic debate on cnn. what's the hold up? delaware democratic senator says biden is still grieving the loss of his son, beau, who urged his father to run. >> well, i think the vice president is deeply torn. he is trying to honor the wishes that beau expressed to him in his last days. but i also think as a father myself that the depths of grief that i've heard from him and his
2:41 pm
family are just stunning. >> biden once again spoke about beau saturday night. >> this is my son bow used to say, just keep moving forward. >> a new cnn/orc poll finds biden would trail hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and democrats seem to be losing patience. less than half say biden should run. down from august. but speculation is running rampant. pennsylvania democratic congressman brendan boyle tweeted his own source says biden will run. boyle tells cnn if he didn't run it would be pulling back from a decision that's already been made. the white house is fielding questions on the matter every day. >> i know there's plenty of speculation about the urgency of the political calendar, that we are as the weather outside can attest that we are now into the fall. and that's when more of the country's attention and more of the debate focuses on who the next president might be. but ultimately, you know, this will be a decision for vice president biden to make. >> but sources close to the vice
2:42 pm
president say he has not made a formal decision yesterday. several democratic sources say biden must make that decision by this weekend when the party holds a dinner for the candidates out in iowa. the vice president also has to dance around hillary clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee this week. any sign that biden is trying to capitalize that would backfire, wolf. but talking to democratic sources today there are several in this town who are very, very confident that vice president biden is going to make that decision this week. and there is a very good feeling among those sources that he is going to run, wolf. >> all right. we'll see soon enough. jim acosta, thanks very much. let's bring back our panel. cnn senior political reporter nia-malika henderson, dana bash and ryan lizza of new yorker magazine. dan na, i know you're hearing that some of biden's soerassoci are already interviewing people for potential staff on a campaign? >> that's right. i spoke to a source familiar with these discussions says just that.
2:43 pm
there are calls, e-mails going out to not only, you know, kind of put feelers out there for people who would want to do it, but actually set up interviews with potential staffers to come in and talk either by phone or in person. this could be an indication that this is just another layer and level of the team around biden making sure that he is prepared in case he runs. however, just like jim is hearing, i have been hearing that if he doesn't run that would be more of a surprise than if he does. that all indications are internally that all systems are go. it's just a question of when he announces. but, you know, we've seen people change their mind at the last minute including joe biden in the past. >> that's right. we'll see what he does. nia, i know he's got the approval of his family, dr. jill biden, his wife says if he wants to run it's okay. what's the hold up right now? >> i think that's the question that's on everybody's mind. and we don't know because we're not joe biden. i do know that he's got to have some time to figure out what
2:44 pm
this announcement would look like. probably his best day would be on that announcement day, best day in terms of fund raising and terms of buzz. there has to be some planning that goes into that and some thought where does he go, what does he say in that announcement speech. but there is i think this conversation about joe biden began august 1st with that maureen doud column. so there has been almost three months of a decision making process in sort of putting out feelers. so i think for some people even people who i've talked to in south carolina who might join his team are saying, listen, he should have maybe done this two or three weeks ago. so there is some, i think, impatience bubbling around this decision. >> you heard some people remember in the '80s mario cuomo who was then the governor of new york, will he run, wouldn't he run. literally the last minute there was a plane getting ready to take him announcing he was running and then announced he wasn't running. >> that's right. have ilt it onned hudson, had the plane waiting. probably would have been a
2:45 pm
strong candidate in that election, of course that election was one bill clinton won. he didn't have a lot of great competition. looking back at biden's previous races, if you look back to his original senate race when he was a young man he became i think the second youngest member of the senate when he was elected. tough race. everyone told him not to do it you wouldn't win. look at his '88 race. he flamed out pretty early in that race, but he went back to the senate, built a pretty impressive career. 2008 he tried again. now he did not do so well in that election, right? he got less than 1% in iowa and left the race. but ended that election in 2008 as vice president of the united states. so i think from the biden perspective all of us are saying we don't see the case against him for hillary or at least that's what i've been saying for a while. biden says i've been down this route before. i've faced tough odds and came out better than before. why not try it again. >> can i say one thing you mentioned iowa. the other thing i'm told to look for is there's a very, very big important dinner in iowa this weekend, saturday night called the jefferson jackson dinner.
2:46 pm
it's a big democratic state party event there. joe biden is not on the list. he has not asked to go officially at least publicly yet. but i'm told by sources that people who know his process would not be surprised if he ends up there. and that obviously would mean he's in. >> i'm also told, nia, he's going to announce whatever he's going to announce before hillary clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee on thursday so it doesn't look as if he's going to run it doesn't look as if he's capitalizing on her legal problems. >> it could be before. it could be after. i mean, people i talk to said it could be sort of a week from now or maybe even two weeks from now and that in the meantime there would be this sense that he would inevitably get in there. but could be still some time. so i think there are a lot of people talking to different sources in the different states. one thing i think that's also emerging is this idea, a, biden wants to do this and has wanted to for some time. but even if he gets in he sort of wins either way. he might even if clinton wins he might get credit for sort of
2:47 pm
toughening up clinton making it a better race for democrats. so that's one thing that i've heard as well. >> he's milking it for everything. >> yeah, this is true. >> this is the period where you get the easiest coverage. it's just about yes or no and he's really milking this. >> i think it's almost dry if you talk to a lot of people that like him enough. >> make a decision. >> make an announcement. >> hopefully in the next couple days or so. thanks, guys. you can watch donald trump on "new day" tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern only here on cnn. meanwhile, the u.s. government takes action amid the growing drone danger in a sharp increase in the number of close calls. >> about 800, 900 feet, 100 feet below us was a drone. uthis isn't the mostne efficient way for people -or air to travel. awww! ducts produce uneven temperatures and energy loss.
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the alarming number of close calls between drones and piloted aircraft prompted the u.s. government to take action. federal officials announced they're creating a national drone agency. rene, they are expected to see a lot more drones in the skies soon, so they want to be ready. >> absolutely. there has been a spike in close calls involving these drones. today the federal government in a move that clearly shows they are feeling uneasy about this, they announced they are creating that registry to help them track drones to owners and the hope is they will have this registry in place before christmas. that's when they are predicting more than a million drones will
2:53 pm
be sold. they reached some of the most secure air space in the united states including the white house and they have nearly collided with commercial planes, even medical choppers in route to emergencies. >> we almost got hit by a drone just to let you know up here. >> reporter: the lapd arrested this man for nearly crashing his drone into a police chopper. in most cases, authorities get the drone but not the operator. federal safety regulators hope that's about to change. >> we're going to require operators of drones to register their aircraft. >> reporter: the faa hopes to force consumers to provide personal information when they buy a drone so it can be tracked back to the owner. >> i think many, if not most users will compile because there are penalties associated with using these devices in the national air space without compiling with the registration requirement. >> reporter: the faa says this year pilots report around 100
2:54 pm
drone sightings every month with nearly 1,000 drone sightings so far this year, the number of reports quadrupled since 2014 but the faa says it's only penalized 20 rogue operators. >> registration is the first good point of getting to know who the pilot is, but surely it's not enough. it does not protect anything so that you need a little bit more because the bad guys suddenly will not certify drones and not have them registered. >> reporter: the department of transportation hopes to have new rules in place in time for the holiday season. >> the idea is if authorities have the rogue drone, they can run a serial number against a national registry, which would help them track it back to the owner but the key question remains, what kind of personal information will consumers be asked to provide and how, just how will they enforce this?
2:55 pm
>> we'll see what they do but an important development, rene, thanks. coming up, top iranian general spotted near the battle field in western syria as iran and russia increase their roles in the war and their cooperation, plus, larry david as bernie sanders on "snl." is it a sign the socialist is a real player in the race for the white house? >> not a fan of the banks, they trample on the middle class and control washington and why do they chain their pens to the desk? who is trying to steal a pen from a bank?
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
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2:59 pm
3:00 pm
happening now, top spy targeted, alleged hacker tells cnn he's broken into the private e-mail of a cnn director and claims the chief of security's account has been breached and we're learning about the motive behind the attack and threat to go public with stolen secrets. iran connection, some of the most dangerous adversities are teaming up, a commander appears to be on the ground near the battle field with american blood on his hands. 9/11 war of words, donald trump is adding new fuel to his feud with jeb bush over the attacks on america and whether george w. bush could have done more to keep the nation safe. we're standing by to hear from donald trump live this hour. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer.
3:01 pm
you're "the situation room." breaking news tonight, an alleged hacker tells cnn he's preparing to leak information stolen from some of america's top national security officials. the u.s. claimed he broke into the homeland security secretary and we're also told high-level cabinet members could be next. also this hour, republican presidential front runner donald trump asking for secret service protection and guess what? he's likely to be getting it soon. his top rival dr. ben carson also has asked for federal security, as well. we're waiting to hear from donald trump out on the campaign trail this hour. our correspondents and analysts are standing by with senate intelligence committee member james risch. let's go to evan perez, evan, what are you learning about
3:02 pm
these e ledalleged breaches? >> we're told this alleged hacker claims to cnn he's part of a group that broke into private accounts of john brennan and homeland security johnson. to protest foreign policy on israel and palestinians and posted taunts to twitter and published information he says he stole from brennan's aol account. one document is a list reported to be members of the senate intelligence community with security clearances and another document he claims he stole is the government form brennan would have filled out to get his top security clearance. brennan would have provided this while he was still a private citizen and before he took a job with the obama administration. we're aware of the reports of service on social media and referred the matter to the appropriate authority, wolf, as
3:03 pm
you said the fbi and secret service are investigating because they consider this to be a serious case? >> how are the cia and department of homeland security reacting? >> they haven't confirmed this happened but from talking to officials, they are taking this very, very seriously. the instances of some of the documents that they have posted that may include people who were members of the intelligence community and this hacker claims that he has data on other cabinet officials. >> how sophisticated was this operation? >> we're told not very sophisticat sophisticated. the hacker says he's frankly tricked someone into changing and resetting passwords. this is a very common tactic people use to break into accounts and take over people's twitter or apple i cloud accounts, wolf. >> evan perez, very disturbing information. thanks very much. there's more breaking news. cnn learned u.s. pilots were told not to engage russian jets
3:04 pm
making aggressive moves in the skies over syria. syrian government forces against rebel fighters around the city with air support from russia and ground support from iran. tonight, another dangerous complication, a shadow iranian commander appears to be on the ground in syria. brian todd is looking this this for us. >> a u.s. intelligence official says iran's military support to the assad regime on the ground in syria continues to grow. strong indications iran's partnership with vladimir putin is getting stronger tonight. sources say the recent images of a powerful and notorious iranian general apparently near the battle field in western syria reinforce our recent reporting iran is doubling down and putting its top commanders at risk. his reputation for ruthlessness is legendary and military skill unquestioned and regularly being spotted on key battle grounds in
3:05 pm
syria. this picture from iran's semi official news agency showing him seemingly posing with troops in syria, the latest evidence of iran's growing involvement with russia there and other photos have captions that claim he was in western syria in recent days speaking not only to syrian troops but to fighters from hasballah considered a terror group by the u.s. cnn cannot independently verify but if he is in syria, it f foreshadows danger. >> it would be a piece of evidence iranians are planning to be heavily involved in what appears to be a planned major offense in the area. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell cnn there could be more than 2,000 iranian troops, up to 6,000 syrians and 2 thousand hasballah fighters in the ground near allepo. it's a dangerous alliance that
3:06 pm
has washington worried. >> it's quite significant. this has been an escalating trend over the past year in particular as the performance militarily faltered and they stepped in to fill that role and have established a strong political and military presence in the country. we have gotten to a stage where essentially these battles are being planned and led on the battle field by iranians. >> reporter: he leads the elite kuds force and a lot of american blood on his hands from the iraq war. >> he spearheaded the effort to build bombs very effective killing american forces and used advance explosive devices. >> reporter: he was also involved in a notorious plot on american soil overseeing kuds force operatives who in 2011 tried and failed to assassinate the ambassador to the united states at washington's up scale cafe. iran denies involvement.
3:07 pm
despite his reputation for commanding operations from a far, there are strong indications iranian commanders right under general are vulnerable in syria. the iranian government conif i recall -- confirmed a top commander of iran's revoluti revolutionary guard was killed by isis. an official called that a psychological blow to forces fighting for bashar al-assad, wolf? >> iranians lost key military leaders there, as well. >> that's right. when he was reported killed there were reports iran lost four other commanders in recent days. that's a sign that syria could be turning into a real quagmire for the iranians. >> joining us a top member of the senate intelligence and foreign relations committee jails risch of idaho. can you confirm this top commander is in syria?
3:08 pm
>> only from the open sources that you have. i really can't go there as far as the intelligence information we have but this should come as a surprise really to no one. he has been heavily engaged. sho this has been a troubling trend for the last year and a half, that's true but it is really, really ratcheted up over the last couple months. we're seeing what is happening and this alliance between iran, russia, hasballah and assad's forces in syria, first of all, it is a powerful coalition that's coming together here. no one is doing anything about it. they are obviously preparing the attack on allepo as you reported and that's going to be a tough situation for the people trying to defend allepo. >> the general directly involved
3:09 pm
in going after u.s. military personnel in iraq working with shiite militia and imp viced explosive devices and a lot of american blood, as far as you know, is he on the u.s. target list now? is the u.s. trying to capture him or kill him? >> to my knowledge, i would say no to both of those. right now, the current administration has been doing the things they have been doing with iran, negotiating with them, entered into this agreement that just happened and just from watching administration, i believe that they just put iran on the shelf and are going to let things go from here, which is a lot of us who were against the whole thing from the beginning, it's very troubling. >> are there 2,000 iranian military personnel in syria now? >> wolf, i can't give you the exact number for obvious reasons. that's classified. open sources reported there are
3:10 pm
at least that money in syria right now. that shouldn't surprise anyone. the more troubling thing for us is as we all know, there are billions of dollars that are about to change hands and go to iran. what troubles me is that that money not all of it, of course, but very substantial amount of the millions they will get will be used to put more people on the ground in syria, put more weapons on the ground in syria and it is simply not a good situation, as you know, syria, as you know iran is in control of hasballah and the same thing will happen there. >> there are about 2,000 hasballah troops in syria now. that's what we reported. >> there are at least 1500, maybe more than that, maybe more than what you reported on and with the growing threat, one wouldn't be surprised to see that number grow more. >> you're talking about billions of dollars in frozen iranian assets about to be unfrozen because of the iran nuclear deal
3:11 pm
and you're saying they could do with that money whatever they want. >> exactly. those of us critical were pressing the negotiators to say look, get some side boards on this money and they said don't worry about it, things are so bad in iran they will use it for social purposes. look, when they were broke, they were funding operations in syria and putting substantial amount of money in there. that is obviously a high priority for the iranian nation. what are they going to do when they got real money in hand? >> senator, stand by. we have more to talk about including the very disturbing reports the director of the cia, secretary of homeland security may have had their private e-mail accounts hacked. much more with jim risch when we come back.
3:12 pm
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with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. we're back with senator james risch. an alleged hacker's claim he broke into the private e-mail counts of cia director and secretary of homeland security.
3:17 pm
what do you know and what can you share? >> what i know and what i can share are two different things. we do know this for a fact, every day, all day long, there are thousands and thousands of attempts to hack e-mails of the kind of people that you're talking about here, high level -- >> cia, jay johnson, doesn't get higher -- >> doesn't get higher than that. there are these all day long all the time. there are attempts to do this. what we also know is we have an individual that claims he's been successful. now why he would do that is absolutely beyond me, particularly because we're right here in the united states where people can get ahold of them. he's made claims right now there is no public proof that in fact, his claims are true. the reports that it is being investigated are accurate. your reports that we take this very, very seriously are accurate. it's fluid right now. i'm sure it will, i'm sure it will crystallize over the next day or two but the take away from this is don't use your
3:18 pm
private e-mails, don't use things that a hacker can get at like that. you need to be behind the government fire walls. >> you have a private e-mail account you use? >> i have one but not for anything government things at all. if you got there you would find interesting information about my granddaughter's birthday and when and what time. you would not find anything with classified information at all. we all know what's going on in the united states right now. in fact, going to take place this week regarding someone who allegedly used a private e-mail accounts and got herself in deep trouble. >> this hacker says he managed to get through the private e-mail account of the cia director john brennan and the names and contact lists, that's obviously pretty sensitive stuff. >> sensitive and he claimed to have gotten the application, 27-page application that john brennan used for security clearance purposes. there would obviously be a lot of information in there.
3:19 pm
again, you want to be a little careful right now because a lot of these guys are boasters, a lot of them do it for that reason. let's let this play out for a little bit and then we'll talk about it again. but this is serious, serious business. you've got to keep classified information behind fire walls. >> if a young person can do this, can go in and get the personal e-mail accounts of the cia director and secretary of homeland security because the u.s. is too supportive of israel and palestinian, you can only imagine what more sophisticated hackers can do. >> like the chinese. >> or north koreans. >> or other governments. >> that's correct. >> chinese is the biggest threat, is that what you're saying? >> chinese is a massive threat because of the number of people and because of their expertise in using the internet and those kinds of things. so when we see, when we see
3:20 pm
attacks, of course, china, north korea, those are the people that come to mind. here you you have a home grown situation but we know that's not unusual in the things we're seeing. we see things from overseas and pops up here at home. >> jim risch, thanks for joining us. >> glad to be with you. >> just ahead, donald trump accuses jeb bush of being too soft as they battle over the 9/11 attacks and whether george w. bush could have done more to keep americans safe. and bernie sanders reaching a new fame level after "saturday night live." >> what's the deal with e-mails anyway? i forget the past word the other day so they say they will e-mail me a new one but i can't get into my e-mail to get the password. i mean, talk about a ball buster.
3:21 pm
3:22 pm
3:23 pm
3:24 pm
3:25 pm
take a look at this. these are live pictures, donald trump campaigning in south carolina right now. we'll hear what he says shortly. there's been a war of words as you know with his rival jeb bush. trump has been blasting bush's brother, former president george w. bush saying failed to keep america safe since 9/11 happened on his watch. that's the charge that donald trump has made. in fact, let's listen in briefly to hear what he's saying.
3:26 pm
>> a lot of democrats in there, liber liberal democrats. his poll numbers tanked and he got away from the gang of eight. you don't want that, that's really a false messenger. gang of eight. what? oh, medic, go ahead, take that. that's more important than this. go ahead, a medic. hopefully they are okay. are they okay? they are okay? oh, she just fainted. she's -- you know what? that means she was excited. that's okay. make sure she's good. those are my best fans, the ones that faint i love the most. that's fine. okay? everything good over there? okay. take your time. take your time. make sure she's perfect.
3:27 pm
i noticed there are a couple ambulances right outside just in case but that's great. i love you, too. i love you, too. i love you, too. but i love her and i want to make sure she's okay. is she okay? all right. good. i think they are going to be fine. everything good? let's get going then. so in the poll they have first choice is trump by a lot. they have on the economy, economy, pretty important, right? trump 67, how do you do that? 67. don't forget, that's where 16 people, we had 17 but as you know, governor perry dropped out and a couple of others dropped out, too, so we're actually down to 15, 16. i don't even count. so many people. you go on stage and got all these people and don't know who they are. but on the economy, on the economy and governor walker
3:28 pm
dropped out, nice guy, too, nice people although they tried to get me. on the economy, trump 67. second place like nothing. i illegal immigration, got to stop and build that wall. got to build that wall. got to build a wall. [ cheers ] >> illegal immigration trump is 55 second place is 13. second place. remember bush with the act of love, right? they come for love. he's talking about a different kind of love. look at this guy. he knows. on foreign policy, trump 34, second place 12 and 13. on isis, i mean, can you believe, we used to have general patton. we used to have -- think of it. these were unpredictable people. i need unpredictability. we're so predictable as a country on trade, on military,
3:29 pm
remember when president obama said yes, we will be leaving iraq on this date. all right? so the enemy sat back and said oh, why should we be fighting? let's wait a year. they go hide. we leave and they knock the hell out of everything. those enemy turn out to be isis. we need unpredictability. can you imagine general george patten, think of it. you know what i mean, right? right. i'm watching television and i'll hearing all of these dates. yes, we're going to attack in two weeks, go from the front, we're then going to go here and then attack and it's brutal because they are so prepared. the whole thing is crazy. but when obama said we're leaving iraq, i said we shouldn't have been in there because it's going to destabilize the middle east. i was right. i told you, we're going to build the greatest military but we got to know when to use it. we got to know when to use it
3:30 pm
because right now we spend $2 trillion, think of it, $2 trillion and lost thousands of incredible people, thousands. we have wounded warriors who i love, we have wounded warriors all over the place and you know what we have because of incompetent leaders? nothing. remember i said look, you're in. take the oil. they said that's a sovern nation. these are not honest people. they have taken advantage of us. >> all right. so donald trump now getting into his stump speech making his points. we're going to continue to monitor what he said and you saw one person fainted there. he called for medics. the medics came. before that he was going after jeb bush. he's been going after jeb bush pretty seriously over the past several days reviving this feud
3:31 pm
he said with the former florida governor. dana bash is with us into this part of the story. getting more intense and a lot more personal. >> it is. when it comes to jeb bush's brother's legacy and impact it has on his white house run now aides, the former president's act of 9/11 is more of a badge of honor and bush aides i talked to and believe conservative voters he needs to win the gop presidential primary more excited about donald trump won't be on the billionaire side about this one. a political dual about america's catastrophe on 9/11, 2001 playing out in a very 2016 way on twitter. donald trump tweeting today at jeb bush i'm fighting to make sure it doesn't happen again. jeb is too soft. that after bush tweeted donald trump talks about foreign policy as though he's still on the apprentice. at issue, trump suggestions
3:32 pm
jeb's brother george w. bush could have done more as president to prevent the september 11th terror attacks. >> don't blame him or don't blame him but he was president. >> reporter: it's a delayed trump response to one of jeb bush's most passionate moments at cnn's debate. >> it was such a disaster the last three months that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> you know what? as it relates to my brother, there is one thing i know for sure, he kept us safe. i don't know if you remember. >> reporter: trump is now even suggesting he could have stopped the 9/11 hijackers from getting into the u.s. in the first place. >> i'm extremely tough on people coming into this country. i doubt those people would have been in the country. >> reporter: for the record, the 9/11 commission said two of the 19 hijackers over stayed their visas but others gained the immigration system. the commission said the attack was a shock but should not have come as a surprise. still, jeb bush's campaign thinks trump's latest rant handed them a winning issue. >> next week mr. trump is
3:33 pm
probably going to say fdr was around when japan attacked pearl harbor. that's the sign of leadership. >> reporter: jeb bush's aides knew his brother's legacy would be a challenge especially jeb bush's position on the iraq war but 9/11? this was not something team bush ever dreamed would be relitigated but they are happy to do so using it to broaden criticism of trump as commander in chief. >> it looks as though he's not taking the possibility of being president of the united states very seriously. >> reporter: the push campaign is even asking for donations with this e-mail saying donate $5 and fight back against donald trump. >> the fact of the matter is -- >> reporter: meanwhile, another bush presidential rival ben carson insists he would have handled 9/11 more effectively by cutting oil purchases from arab states, forcing them to turnover the al qaeda leader. >> would have had a major impact on their finances and i think
3:34 pm
that would have trumped any loyalty they had to people like osama. >> reporter: the back and forth really has been mano mano on this. it had the headline bin laden determined to strike in the u.s. so woutrump is not letting up. the bush campaign aides are happy to play ball on this. >> let's discuss what's going on. i want to bring in our panel joining us, dana bash with us and senior political reporter nia mallika-henderson and ryan lizza and our national security analyst peter. trump is not backing down. remember he scored points by saying jeb bush was low energy and this low attack on him and his brother going to work? >> we'll see. this is the first time, the
3:35 pm
answer is it seems different than the others because this is the first time that we have seen some conservatives who generally are more likely to support trump go to bush's side because there is a lot of support for his brother and maybe even more so now if you look at the latest poll, 88% of republicans and that's all that matters is republicans because it's primary season, they think that george w. bush should be viewed favb favorab favorably. it's a different thing when you talk about post 9/11 and they feel like they are on solid ground but that's why you're seeing jeb bush go beyond that and try to twist this and turn this into a broader commentary on what he believes is donald trump's inability to become bander in chief. >> you had a chance to speak with jeb bush about his foreign policy. here is the bottom line question. does it help his -- does it help
3:36 pm
jeb bush to bring his brother's legacy in a republican contest? >> the point dana makes is good. almost 90% of republicans view george w. bush favorably. if you're jeb bush what you're trying to do is what you stated, you want to be your own man, right? i feel like trump is pushing bush into this -- jeb bush into this corner to defend and almost hug his brother's legacy on some policies that frankly in a general election might not prove to be that popular. he's pushing them now not just on 9/11 but the iraq war and he's sort of pointing out one of the weaknesses of jeb's campaign which is he wants to distance himself from his father and brother and wants to defend other aspects of their legacy and i think the more he has to talk about why his brother did the right thing, the less he's talking about how he's his own man. >> peter, you spent time studying 9/11 and the events leading up to. since 9/11 does donald trump
3:37 pm
have a good point that president bush in the nine or ten months he was president before 9/11, could he have done more potentially to prevent that terrorist attack from occurring? >> it's often you find yourself in agreement with donald trump but he's correct on this point. >> donald trump is correct? >> donald trump is correct. president bush and advisers, if you go look and look at the public record didn't talk at all about bin laden or al qaeda before 9/11. president bush took the long it's vacation in three decades despite bin laden determined to strike the united states and they had 33 cabinet meetings before 9/11. one was about al qaeda a week before 9/11. the cia was doing its job which is warning repeatedly of a potential attack and it was basically tuned out. >> so donald trump you think has a good point when he says bush could have done more? >> i think he does. >> the 9/11 commission said there were advisers working with the president, relatively new
3:38 pm
president at that time much more worried about saddam hussein and iraq and said we don't have to worry much about bid laden and how will this play out? donald trump makes a strong accusation against jeb bush and his brother for not doing enough to prevent 9/11 from occurring. how is it going to play out politically? >> it's a smart strategy. he more than anybody else in the gop race knows his audience. he's able to capture steady 30% of the block and jeb bush looking for a bump in the polls. i think he is able to put jeb bush in a box, not only in terms of talking about his brother's legacy but also in terms of just going on the counter attack against donald trump and that's not a great place for jeb bush to be. he's not very comfortable there if you look over these last many week when is he tried to get at donald trump. it hasn't worked. it's interesting he pulls out the rule book on donald trump and says you're not a serious
3:39 pm
candidate. you look like you're somebody from the aparen dis. that's what voters like. >> i'm listening to you talk about strategy and wondering whether or not this was a calculate strategy or this is more kind of go from the gut like you see from donald trump. >> can never tell with him. >> right. but in that during that debate which you never saw in my piece, it was kind of a moment for jeb bush and he trump never got a chance to respond and retaliate and it seems as though just watching his initial interview on this over the weekend, he wanted a chance to do that but on the flip side, that's maybe where this is coming from. couldn't let it go but on the flip side, the other thing i will say is that if you talk to jeb bush's, i think, if you put truth serum in the water, they would say they wish bush when he said my brother kept us safe would have said the last -- >> post 9/11. >> and after 9/11. >> which might be what he has to do now. >> and probably what he meant.
3:40 pm
>> trump at the top of the polls for three or four months so i think each time to ascribe strategy, when he attacks someone it seems to be a strategy and the bush campaign, their response depends on not allowing the debate peter talked about. their response was oh, former president george w. bush's press secretary said bush, excuse me, trump sounds like a truther. they are saying what trump is saying is george w. bush is personally responsible for the attacks and that's not what trump is saying. thu trump is saying from inauguration day to 9/11, they should have made it a bigger responsibility. >> the one that they will be having on the next debate stage when they are -- >> next to -- >> the primary, i think very unclear how republican voters view that. i'm not so sure that republican
3:41 pm
voters are on trump's side. >> peter makes a good point and many who studied the events leading up to 9/11 agree with you. more could have been done in those months leading up to 9/11 to prevent that attack from occurring. we'll pick up that and more. you can watch donald trump tomorrow morning on cnn's "new day" at 6:00 a.m. eastern only here on cnn. wait until you hear bernie sander sanders' response to a hilarious "snl" skit. >> i own one pair of underwear, that's it. some billionaires got three, four pairs and i don't have a drier. i have to put my clothes on the radiator. booked. locked up. case closed? you don't know "aarp." because the aarp fraud watch network means everyone can protect themselves and their families from scams and identity theft. with local alerts, tips from law enforcement,
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we're back with our political analysts. we'll get to them in a moment. you don't usually see bernie sanders crack jokes but he's been having fun with the "saturday night live" spoof. in case you missed it, take a look at larry david as senator bernie sanders, a role he may have been born to play. >> this first question is for everyone. [ laughter ] >> senator sanders, some of your opponents believe regulating
3:47 pm
wall street is enough. what is your position on the big banks? >> eh, not a fan of the banks. they trample on the middle class, they control washington, and why do they chain all their pens to the desk? who is trying to steal a pen from a bank? makes no sense. that's why you got to break up the banks into little pieces and then flush the pieces down the toilet so you can never put the banks back together. then you just make the bankers pay for college for everyone and america is fixed. hey. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> america, allow me to pop an ice cube in that scolding hot soup he just served you. we do need to fix things, bernie, but you're promising everyone a golden goose and there is no golden goose so america follow me because i've got some chicken that will do.
3:48 pm
>> i can find the goose. i found geese before, and i can find them again. they congregate near ponds. it's not rocket science. [ laughter ] >> wait a minute, do you-all like this? i'm not losing, am i? i mean, in 2008, of course, i lost. i was running against a cool black guy but this year i thought i got to be the cool black guy. [ laughter ] >> you know what? can i just jump in here? this may not be great politics, but i think the american people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, thank you, bernie. god, it must be fun to scream and cuss in public. i have to do mine in tiny little jars. >> hey, what's the deal with e-mails anyway? i forgot my password the other
3:49 pm
day so they say we'll e-mail you a new one, but i can't get into my e-mail to get the password. i mean, talk about a ball buster. [ laughter ] >> i'm the only candidate up here whose not a billionaire. i don't have a super pact. i don't even have a backpack. i carry my stuff around loose in my articms like a professor betn classes. i own one pair of underwear, that's it. some of these billionaires, they got three, four pairs. and i don't have a drier. i have to put my clothes on the radiator, so who do you want as president? one of these washington insiders or a guy that has one pair of clean underwear that he dries on a radiator? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> bernie, check it out. it's a mess. [ laughter ]
3:50 pm
>> very, hysterical stuff. the fallout has got to be good for senator sanders. >> like he was saying earlier today, he never in a million years thought he would be a culture phenomenon, pop culture phenomenon, particularly someone on "snl," but you know what? it actually speaks to the kind of buzz he's already been getting, online and in social media. and among the younger sect. they like him. >> he's funny with this. listen to how he responded to this "snl" skit. listen to this. >> yes, last week, i bought my second pair of underwear. that's a joke. please don't write it down. it was a joke. i have an ample supply of underwear. >> tmi. >> exactly. >> but people see a different side of him, and maybe that will help. >> that's right. and he needs that to kind of
3:51 pm
lighten up. you saw him on "ellen" dancing, i guess if you could call it dancing what he was doing. wi this is really good for him. they see him as the sort of rebel who has this righteous message, and so i think all of this helps him. ultimately, he's the ultimate anti-establishment candidate. even the fact that he's 74 burnishes his outside cred. >> give him credit to walking on "ellen degeneres" and dancing. i didn't think he was that bad. >> i think it takes a lot for sanders to actually embrace some of this stuff. if you've ever interviewed him or spent time with him. he's not one of the senators who has the best senses of humor. very serious. and he talks a lot about the trivialization of politician and the silliness of campaigns. it's interesting watching him
3:52 pm
develop as a candidate. >> i agree with you. and being okay with this stuff. >> i agree with you. i've covered him on capitol hill for a while. you can tell, it's hard to fake this. he's having a good time. it's genuine. but the other thing is, if you really look at -- i'm a "curb your enthusiasm" fan. i'm sure you guys are as well. it didn't take a lot for larry david to get into bernie sanders. it was kind of uncanny. >> the waving his arms. >> they could have been neighbors there in brooklyn back in the day. >> and at some point, maybe bernie sanders will show up on "snl" himself in a way that we've seen other candidates do like hillary clinton. >> here's what's impressive. you go to his rallies, a lot of young people -- he may be 74 years old, but he's attracting a lot of young support. >> he's a message candidate. he's got a very -- and most of these message candidates, it's tough for them, they become factional candidates. their appeal is limited to young people. that's what he's got to break
3:53 pm
out of right now. he's got to expand that message, move beyond his base. these clips, the ellen show, the "snl" thing, they can help do that. get his message beyond that left base. >> ron paul, when he was running as a republican, libertarian, a lot of young people shot up. he was an older guy as well. >> that's because he was a libertarian. it was have the government get out of my business. he also was for legalizing marijuana and drugs. but that didn't hurt him with the young people, particularly college students. but it was the same -- as i watch bernie sanders, it's the same kind of phenomenon as i witnessed with ron paul. >> and we know what happened to ron paul. a lot of those voters who showed up didn't actually vote for him. >> small, intense group of fans. it's sometimes hard to expand out of that. >> all right, guys, we're going to continue to watch what's going on. it's dramatic, exciting. we love the political news. >> good to have fun. >> we'll take a quick break.
3:54 pm
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another horrible terror attack in israel today. and it's got some very, very serious ramifications. the violence clearly continuing. phil black has a very, very disturbing story. i want to warn our viewers that this report contains images some of our viewers may consider very disturbing. >> on the floor of the bus station, the man under the white sheet is the dead arab bedouin shooter. he attacked an israeli soldier with a knife and a gun, then took that soldier's gun to fire
3:59 pm
into the crowd, wounding ten others. in the terror that followed, bringing about yet another death. this security video shows the panic, the people running from the shooting. in the upper right of your screen, you can also see a man crawling away. moments later, he's shot by a security guard who mistakes him for a second attacker. gripped by fear and rage, the crowd turns on the wounded men. this video shows people kicking him as he lays injured and bleeding. "break his head," a man is heard screaming repeatedly. he later died in hospital. turns out he was not a terrorist. not involved in the attack at all. police identified him as a 29-year-old eritrian migrant. they are now trying to find those who beat him. the spokesman adding, the police see this in a very see veer light and will not allow the people to take the law into their own hands. terror attacks designed to
4:00 pm
instill extreme fear and rage, and in the death of this migrant, this terror attack achieved its goal, another innocent victim. phil black, cnn, jerusalem. >> that's it for me. thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, donald trump still attacking president bush over 9/11 and declaring that if the election were held today, he'd win big. plus, trump and ben carson waiting for congress to approve secret service protection as the threats against carson are said to be growing. our special report on that. and claims that the cia of homeland security have been hacked. now the alleged hacker says he's about to leak their information, speaking to cnn. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin but.


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