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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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he needs to go away, focus on his recovery, not worry about anything else and stay there for an extended period of time. >> but a lot of people can't do that. you need to work, you need to earn money. >> it's very difficult. it's a conundrum. about somebody who has life threatening addiction, listen, if that person had cancer, they would manage to find a way to get their cancer treated and not work. >> dr. drew, thanks. >> you bet. >> that does it for you. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. >> trump versus bush, which one? this is cnn tonight. i'm brook baldwin sitting in for my friend, don lemon. the feud between jeb bush and donald trump heating up tonight and how the george w. bush white house responded to terror threats in the days before the attacks. meanwhile, yeah, it's not all kumbaya on the democrat side. hillary clinton facing a
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showdown in the house this week on benghazi while vice president joe biden meets with his inner circle tonight and gets even closer to jumping in the race. then there is the snl effect. >> who do you want as president? one of these washington insiders or a guy who has one pair of clean underwear that he drys on the radiator? >> oh, will that help bernie sanders? a "saturday night live" veteran is here to weigh in. let's begin with the trump/bush feud this evening. certainly showing no signs of cooling down. joining me now, kirk eichenwald, also with us new york dshg former new york police commissioner bernard carrick who was the city's top cop on that day, 9/11, 2001 and douglas brisso. gentlemen, welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> let's begin first with the back and forth on twitter, shall we?
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the war of words between trump and bush. today, trump tweeted jeb is fighting to defend a catastrophic event. i am fighting to make sure it doesn't happen again. jeb is too soft. we need tougher and sharper. jeb bush's response, donald trump talks about foreign policy as though he is still on the aplentyis. commissioner carrick, you were here in new york on 9/11. you disagree with donald trump wholeheartedly on 9/11. tell me why. >> well, you know, anybody that says that george bush didn't do everything in his power to keep us safe in the aftermath of the attack, i would have to disagree with. i was there from the point that the second plane his tower two. i was physically standing under the building when it slammed through the building. and i was there for the first 3 1/2 months afterward leading the rescue, the recovery and the nypd's investigation in conjunction with the fab.
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and i know that the president, president bush, did everything in his power to make sure that we were safe from that point on. are there things that could have been done differently prior? >> there probably is, but i would to say in this 7 1/2 to 8 months that president bush was in office, i honestly don't think he could have changed anything at that time. >> accurate, in part, this is what you wrote at the time. either direct warnings to mr. bush about attack by al qaeda began in spring of 20301 when the white house was told of a report that a group presently in the united states was planning a terrorist operation. weeks later, on june 22, the daily brief reported that al
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qaeda strikes could be imminent. is there a seedling of truth to any of what donald trump is saying today? well, let me say first that i respect commissioner carrick and everything he said right now, he accomplished a lot on 9/11. he was twh, he was brave. >> i feel a butt coming here. >> but what he's talking about is what happened after 9/11. and the real questions are what happened before. and the reality is that president bush, based on the presidential daily briefs that i have read was told more than a done times that there wassen attack coming, that it was imminent, that there were going to be many casualties, that there were terrorists in the united states. >> the 9/11 commission report essentially was he shouldn't have been surprised, correct? >> no. there was no way he could have
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been surprised. and i think the look that, you know, in that famous video where andy cart, the chief of staff, is telling bush of the attack, i think -- you know, i've always thought the look in his eyes was a look of recognition of what he'd been told. but, you know, there is an element here. i am not saying bush could have stopped 9/11. you happen web don't know. if things were different, would they be the same? the problem jeb bush is making and the problem that is made across the board is we are talking about history. and the argument that jeb bush is making is he knew nothing and nothing could have been done. >> well, let me jump in because we have historian -- >> i know there's nothing that can be done. >> i understand. doug, when you hear people talking about this today, they're jumping in using examples about fdr and an attack on pearl harbor. tell me about that argument. do you buy that?
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>> look, it's easy to blame presidents for what happens on their watch. there was a whole bunch of back door to war theories that fdr was asleep at the wheel. most of it is nonsense. i think the argument here is once 9/11 happened, brush behaved heroically. the famous bull horn moment, the throwing the ball at yankee stadium. what's being debated by jeb bush and donald trump are those months leading up to 9/11. and there are memos that say my gosh, why didn't the president notice 9/11. presidents are very busy and hindsight is very difficult. so i find it gosh that donald trump has pushed them into the election sd right now. i'm anyhow not sure what it's accomplishing. >> part of his issue is -- and he's talked tough on
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immigration. he said had there been stiffer immigration policies at the time, he's gone as far as saying anyone could have been prevented, but when you do the digging, you read all those 9/11 hijackers they were in the u.s. legally. only two overstayed their visas. >> that is right. if we looked at memos today in the white house and the chatter today, it's far, far worse than anything president bush had back then. you also have to realize, brook, this has been going on since '96. >> what this? >> the attacks on this country. president clinton had the kenya and tanzania bombings, the uss cole. there were plenty of warning signs going into 2000 when president obama was elected. so, you know, it's nice to look and said who would have, could have, should have. the reality is i permanently don't think anybody could have
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done anything different or would have been able to stop what happened on september 11th. >> go ahead, curt. >> but, brooke, people are portraying it as if this was part of, you know, a huge slosh of information that was crossing bush's desk. it wasn't. this was the focus of these multiple briefings. in fact, everyone knows of the august 6th briefing because it's the only one the bush white house released where it is a historical assessment of al qaeda. but it is historical. well, the reason that document exists is because bush was getting so many briefings that said an attack is coming, an attack is coming, an attack is coming. but he said, i want a historical analysis and that's what came. >> and it's important to look back. but hang on, gentlemen, i want to look forward and, doug, i want to go to you on this. obviously, some of these trump attacks are forcing jeb bush to
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sort of, you know, defend his brother. but when you look at some of these polls, the opinion of president george w. bush, this was taken in may, among republicans, 88% favorable. not to mention -- and listen, i was there at the reagan library during the republican debate where the line, jeb bush was saying, my brother kept us safe was a huge, huge applause line. you look at the audience, granted. but still, doug, how does this affect jeb bush moving forward? >> i think jeb has to square off on donald trump and defend his brother like he's doing. i mean, this is the heart and soul of any george w. bush legacy is he kept the country safe after 9/11. created homeland security and we didn't have another attack on his watch. trump is muddying the waters here. i think jeb is passive towards donald trump, it's going to look terrible. so he has to, i think, rachet it up even more and have the argument that he's starting to have that donald trump knows nothing about foreign policy.
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we can go back into history and blame every president for anything that happened on their watch. it's not helpful for how we go forward right now. trump i think is going to alienate some republicans on taking this stance on 9/11 where he doesn't alienate them when he criticizes george w. bush for the iraq war. >> all right. doug, bernie, kurt, thank you very much. a reminder, donald trump will be on cnn's new day tomorrow morning which starts at 67 o'clock a.m. eastern. when we come back, is joe biden about to up end this whole race? we'll talk to a man who knows everything there is to know about the white house. also, donald trump set to host "saturday night live" coming up and it's going to be pretty tough for him to top this. >> we need a revolution! millions of people on the tre s streets and we've got to do something and we've got to do it
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will he or won't he? democrats are waiting to vice president joe biden to decide whether or not he will run for president. joining me now, david axelrod, former senior adviser to president obama. david axelrod, nice to see you, sir. >> hey, brooke, good to be here. >> let's begin with joe biden. he has said perhaps it's in his
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heart, not to run, you know, this go around. but as we're reading the tea leaves and hearing all this last-minute reporting, it may be different. do you still believe that? >> yeah. i wouldn't -- i wouldn't put too much stock into the tea leaves. i think he's going through a aga genuine process. on the other hand, his personal knowledge of the toll that those races take on you and your family, he's aware of what he's been through and what his family has been through this year. and i think he's really weighing those. and i don't have a sense that the process has moved all that far along here. so i'm a little -- put me down as a skeptic yet. >> okay. you're still in the skeptic column. we'll look back with you and see what happens over the course of the next couple of days. in the meantime, as we wait for potential news on that, the state of the democratic race here, this is the with or without joe biden if he jumps
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in. and you can see especially how hillary clinton would fare without joe biden in the race. i'm wondering, as joe biden is mulling all of this, david, how much do you think he is really paying attention to the poll numbers? >> you know, he has to look at them. that has to be part of the assessment that he's making. because i don't think he wants to get into a race that he doesn't think he can win. but i think a large part of it is just his feeling that if he runs it, it's because he thinks he will be the be president, the best follow on to president obama and i think that's really what's driving him. so i'm not sure the poll numbers are -- he's not living and dying by the poll numbers here. but if you were giving him advice, if i was his adviser, i would say these polls are not hugely encouraging. because hillary clinton is hanging on to about 45% of the vote. you see bernie sanders at close to 30. that's 75% of the vote. their supporters are pretty firm.
7:17 pm
so, you know, overcoming those obstacles is a challenge. >> so we just found out today he will be joining hillary clinton in iowa this weekend. how could bill clinton help her, how could he hurt her? >> i think it's risky to appear with her at events. i've said before, it's hard to shine when you're standing next to the sun. bill clinton is a louminiscent character. when you're the candidate, you don't want to be over-shadowed elsewhere. i think bill clinton could be useful as a surrogate elsewhere. my sense is that is how he will largely be used. there is a big event in iowa coming up, which is the j.j. dinner. i'm sure that, you know, he will be expected to be there. but i think generally, i would say way from joint appearances and double my force by sending him elsewhere.
7:18 pm
>> i want to also ask you, david, we've been talking tonight about this whole back and forth, the attacking from donald trump against jeb bush and all on terrorist attacks against 9/11, insults, they're flying. do you think there is any seed of truth in what donald trump is saying? do you see a winner yet in this debate? >> well, at the very sort of objective level was george bush president when the 9/11 attack took place, everybody knows that is true, whether it's fair to impute the attack to him is a different question. the real political question is what is the benefit for jeb bush to engage in this debate? does he gain from it or does he not? i think that donald trump very cleverly has involved jeb bush in a backward looking debate that underscores the fact that he's kind of a legacy candidate in this race. and i think on balance, trump is going to benefit from this exchange. >> i have to ask you about this because i know mitt romney was with jake tapper over the weekend. you recently talked to mitt
7:19 pm
romney, as well. and he had mentioned to tapper that he's surprised not many more people are talking about chris christie in this whole presidential nomination. what did he tell you? >> we didn't really talk about christie. he was very tough on donald trump in that interview. and said that he felt that even if trump weren't the nominee, that he may cast a shadow over whoever the nominee is with all this nativism about immigration and some of the other issues that he's raised. but in terms of christie, i think christie is getting traction, particularly in new hampshire where he's spending a lot of time. he still yet hasn't had that scrutiny that comes with beagle excavated into the front ranks. and the new jersey -- the new jersey scandals are still something that hangs over him. it's hard for me to see him projecting himself into the front line of candidates. but i know that mitt romney has a relationship with him. he was the key note speaker at the last democratic convention.
7:20 pm
so they have a trrelationship. what you really seed are republicans kachting about madly looking for someone who can take on trump, carson and the sort of outsider populist anti-government wing of the party. and they haven't yet lit on the candidate they believe can overcome this outsider movement. >> they haven't yet. all the outsiders still ranking so high. david axelrod, thank you so much. >> thanks, brooke. coming up next tonight as joe biden decides whether or not he will better st democratic race, how nasty could it go between him and hillary clinton? we'll talk about that when we come back.
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joe biden is going to need to make a decision really soon. which way will he go? >> joining me now, matt lewis, columnist beast. harry innington. stevens, author of "the last
7:25 pm
season" and gabriel german. wonderful having you all on tonight. show of hand, fellas, who thinks biden is not going to go for it and run for president? okay. the lone hold out. i feel like this is sesame street. you're the one that's out there. go ahead and tell me, harry, why the lone hold out? >> because he hasn't declared yet. if he were to enter the race now, he would be the 11th latest entry for a serious candidate. we would be hearing over and over and over again that he may get in, that he's going to announce he's going to get in, that he's going to leak that he's going to announce he's getting in and he hasn't done it yet. for me, it's just a matter of he hasn't announced yet, things are getting very light. until he does it, i'm going to say no, he's not going to get in. >> gave, i want to talk about your piece that he wrote saying, quote, we're already months into the biden campaign. tell me why you think that.
7:26 pm
>> i think the whole point is that we're looking at this the wrong way. it's not whether joe biden will get into the race. it is how. he is clearly already running for president. he is doing all the things that presidential candidates do. he is positioning himself within the democratic party as earth the alternative to bernie sanders or the alternative to hillary clinton. >> what's the hold up? well, the hold up is really -- what i think is it's really what's the path? and one clear path is whether hillary clinton stumbles. and that is why i think biden ultimately becomes an official county and not a shadow candidate, it's going to be an incredibly messy race. his campaign will be predicated on the argument that he is more electable than hillary clinton because on a policy basis they're basically running in the same lane together. they're center left democrats. >> i want to point out a tweet from one of you. i thought it was pretty clever. the sweet sounds of elevator music. roll it.
7:27 pm
this is what i'm talking about, harry. so elevator music as we would it for the biden announcement. you say the biden camp isn't making much sense because the longer they wait, it hurts his chances of winning. >> exactly. >> tell me. >> the longer you wait -- we can look back over time and see how late entrants do, whether they get polling searches, whether they fall back. most candidates who enter this late simply don't get polling searches or at least declare. biden may be running right now, but he hasn't officially declared. right now, he's third place in iowa, new hampshire and nationally. he's over 25 points behind hillary clinton. so he's going to need a large polling surge and historically candidates who enter this late simply don't get them. >> stewart, you have worked with multiple candidates. i wanted to point out recently in las vegas when hillary clinton, asked the enemy most proud of, hillary clinton answered republicans and biden
7:28 pm
was making a comment over that comment. >> darrel issa, not a republican friend of mine. he's a friend. i don't consider republicans enemies. they're friends. but even darrel issa has said, you know, this is the way every government program should be administered. >> if and when he jump necessary, does he go right on the attack? >> no, i don't think he'll go right on the attack. i don't think he needs to. the highest positives in the race and the lowest unfavorables. i think the biggest thing is here to look at where he is in his life. this is his last chance to be president. and the one thing we know is there's some chance he'll be president if he runs. there's zero chance he'll be president if he doesn't run. so why not run? it seems to me it would be pretty clear. odd things happen in politics and a week is a long time in politics. >> okay. >> it takes one good debate and the guy could -- you know, he has the ability to move numberes and win some races and possibly
7:29 pm
be the democratic nominee and be president of the united states. >> somebody ted me, joe biden, i could be wrong, is not looking back and looking at a ton of poll numbers and watching a ton of cable. i found this interesting, nat, you said you see a biden run as an insurance policy for democrats. what do you mean by that? and why would anyone want to run, blood, sweat and tears to be an insurance policy? >> because i think exactly what stu said. you get in the race and you never know what might happen. this is a guy who has run for president twice before. he wants to be president. he's a two-term sitting vice president. you tell me the last time a sitting vice president was denied their party's nomination. so he gets in the race. if something happens, if hillary clinton stumbles, if she has a horrible debate performance, which is entirely possible. she's definitely capable of having a bad debate performance. usually you stumble and you get better. i think she started off pretty
7:30 pm
high in that first debate. i don't think that she can outdo it. god prosecute bid something happens to her or let's just sigh an indictment. she's going to go up in front of benghazi committee on friday. >> ouch. yes. >> this is all hypothetical. but if biden gets in the race or hillary stumbles or something happens, he's the guy there. what, are they going to give it to a grandfatherly socialist? >> people love the larry david impersonation, gentlemen. now i close my eyes when i hear bernie sanders and i hear bernie sanders. here is the sketch. >> that's why you have to break up the banks into pieces and flush the pieces down the toilet so you can never put the banks back together. then you just make the bankers pay for college for everyone. and america is fixed. >> that's good. america, allow me to pop an eye cube in that scalding hot soup
7:31 pm
he just served you. we do need to fix things, bernie, but you're promising everyone a golden goose. there is no golden goose. so, america, follow me because i've got some chicken that will due. >> i mean, i was in the studio saturday night. and when larry david walked out, as that fifth candidate on the stage, everyone, you know, was rackus. so, gabe, i think bernie sanders just got a couple of new young fans. what do you think? >> i actually read it a different way. my take away watching that was it was very damaging to bernie because it was -- for me, it was difficult to know that he was even a parody. >> oh. >> if you go back to what tina fey did with sarah palin, it was hard to know what the scripted by the snl writers and what was ultimately coming out of her mouth. this created the idea that there is a path for a hillary alternative. >> all right. stay with me, all of you,
7:32 pm
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more than any other candidate, donald trump shoots from the lip. is there any issue that is really off limits? back with me, i have harry, stuart and matt. we have immigration, women, john mccain, now 9/11 and so he lobs these grenades, blows up the political conversation for days and days. he says, i set the agenda for political discussion. doesn't he kind of have a point? >> yeah, he does, absolutely. look, i think it's amazing that you now have a situation where the leading candidate for the nomination of the republican party is attacking the last republican president over an issue that is has essentially
7:37 pm
been settled amongst republicans. on 9/11, that seems to be a settled issue and i think this speaks to some larger things that trump has gone for him, some weird trends happening out there. there is the slcelebrityizationf politics. it hurts you to have experience. and i think the other thing is the decline of institutions. you have the republican party, this brand, this institution that, really, is now coming under attack by the productive nominee. >> stuart, respond to the brand issue with republicans right now. >> oh, listen, i think, you know, this is utter madness of donald trump. two people ran for president in 2000. al gore and george bush. so i think donald trump is basically playing to those republicans that wish that al gore had been president on 9/11. i think that's a pretty small group of people. you know, i think trump just keeps throwing these things out.
7:38 pm
i think ultimately at a certain point people become tired of it. you know, it's -- custer was looking for the indians, too. at a certain point, you know, when you have this path, it's not one that leads, necessarily, to glory. >> but he is throwing these things out and a lot of these attacks, specifically against jeb bush, harry, you say he has gotten inside of jeb bush's head. >> you know, jeb bush was supposed to run a joyful campaign. i have to be honest, my father's funeral a month ago was just moref more joyful than this campaign has been. look at marco rubio who has a nice, steady straight line. compare that to bush who has been falling down. even his own home state to florida is forth to donald trump. >> i want everyone to take a listen. we've just turned some sound around for jeb bush tonight. >> who would you rather have the finger on the button, obama,
7:39 pm
trump, or hillary? >> look, i'd rather have the republican nominee. i'm a loyal republican. i've been that way for a long while. >> if he were to have a chance to take a direct shot at trump and he didn't take it just then. he didn't take it just then. does he need to? >> he needs to. i think he needs to. i think he was a front-runner. in many ways, people see him as a front-runner because he is a bush and because, you know, he raised all of that money. i think he needs to take on trump now. look, the way to take on donald trump i think is to go directly to the ridiculousness of the donald trump candidacy. >> how do you mean that? >> he's someone who says that he knows about foreign policy because he watches shows. he's just an absurd candidate. he's out here questioning the republican president on 9/11. and then he sort of doesn't want to talk about it. he's a silly person running for
7:40 pm
president. >> matt, you wrote an article essentially saying we may have to -- you know, he could be decent. >> yeah, yeah. look, i think that donald trump isn't just silly. i think he's dangerous. and i think that jeb bush is boxed in because he's on is that silly pledge they all signed to support the republican nominee. he needs to tear up that pledge. i think donald trump is potentially much more dangerous than hillary clinton because he's a complete wild card. we have no idea if he's a conservative or a liberal where he stands and i think this is like -- remember that time when tim polenti was sort of bad mouthing mitt romney on fox news sunday. then they get to the debate and he won't do it? i think jeb bush should have lowered the boom on donald trump there. and the fact that he won't do it is self-selective. >> that was the issue at the last debate when trump brought up columba and others say he should have gone farther.
7:41 pm
>> harry, seven months ago, you wrote an article about ted cruz saying he's too extreme and too disliked to win. your last line when something like in campaigns since 1980 no candidate hated by the establishment has actually won. but you're not walking that back. >> look, if donald trump can rise in the polls and ben carson can rise in the poles, why not ted cruz? look at where cruz is doing well. he has a high net farvelt, he has the most cash on hand of my republican and the republican party's voters have gotten more conservative over the years and ted cruz matches up with that ideology. as the republican establishment says, wait a minute, we need to stop trump, they may try not to go back to the other end of bush. cruz might be a nice split down the middle for them. >> stuart, final question -- go ahead, quickly. >> for a long time, i thought it would come down to ted cruz and whoever was going to win.
7:42 pm
i don't think ted cruz will be the nominee. >> okay. since i have you, you are seventh generation mississippian. you have a new book out. it's called "the last season." it's about going to ole miss games with your dad. you know the school is voting whether to remove the confederate flag design from campus. what was your thoughts about that? >> there was a referendum in the state about 12 years ago about the state flag and it passed overwhelmingly to keep the flag. my bet is that would not pass today. the town of oxford itself where the oofrt of mississippi ole miss is voted last week not to show the state flag. i imagine this will pass tomorrow where the students vote not to show the state flag. the very popular football coach has come out and said we think we should change the state flag.
7:43 pm
so i would imagine it will change. ole miss is the oldest most southern university in the southern states. ten years ago, ole miss came out on the football field and they went through a painful process of changing that imagery. and just think if they hadn't, where they would be now. and i think that it's -- they're in a much better place now. it's not perfect. we're certainly not home yet. >> who really is? what really is? >> i'm sorry? >> no, i was just saying no one is perfect. no one has reached where we really need to be. >> yeah. but it's a place that really has talked a lot about the past and realizes that i think it has a special obligation to the past to deal with it. and it's confronting it head on. >> the book is "the last own." thank you so much for joining me, harry, matt lewis, gabe sherman from earlier, i appreciate all of you joining me. last night in washington, d.c., eddie murphy picked up an
7:44 pm
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america's top black comedian takes on bill cosby after deck atds of silence. when a watch what happens when eddie murphy accepted the top comic surprise in washington. this was his first stand up bit in 28 years. murphy has definitely not lost his edge. he should do one show where he just comes out and talk crazy now. i would like to talk to some of the people who feel that i should give back my -- >> joining me now, eric givens, dangerous words to divide a nation, also with me gilbert godfry. so, gentlemen -- >> okay, so did anybody --
7:49 pm
>> usually when on cnn, when they have me on cnn, somebody dies. >> good for all of us -- >> can i just say i'll miss -- i was shocking dead when eddie murphy died last night. >> are you killing off eddie murphy on cnn? >> yeah. >> i hope people are watching it now. and it will start trending. so please, go to the internet and announce eddie murphy has died. >> gill gilbert god gottfried. >> by the way, eddie murphy is just fine. >> she just can't take it. she's emotional. he's dead. he's dead. go to the internet and tweet eddie murphy is dead. okay, gilbert gottfried. stand by, my friend.
7:50 pm
john, would you care to react? >> i just found out eddie murphy is dead from gilbert. >> he scooped all of us. >> i'm only here at gilbert's food taster. i have to tell you, as someone who saw eddie murphy live in madison square garden when i was a teenager, i'm one of those people who has been waiting through dr. doolittle sequels for decades. i've been waiting for a long time for him to get back to doing stand up. there's a lot of reason to be excited about it. he was supposed to host the oscars a couple of years ago. he pulled out. we thought i was going to do something at snl 40. so to see him last night, he had to do something. what's even more telling on ap's red k5r79 interview, he said he's been writing material. so i mean, if he wants to go out, i can there is many, many reasons why he should. but it's eddie murphy's career. he can do all the children' films he wants if that's what makes him happy. >> eric, do you, why do you
7:51 pm
think he took that venue at the kennedy center to take on bill cosby? >> well, i agree with john. i'm hoping it's because he's prepare to go shows us all new stand up material and go out of the road. i'm one of those folks who watch the stand up specials and bought the albums and went to the concert size, the stadium size venues when he was doing stand up. and no one has done it better or done it bigger than eddie murphy. one of the things that sort of occurred to me, he said in an interview that he didn't impersonate bill cosby during the snl 40 anniversary because he didn't want ta moment to be about that. and some people sort of said maybe he was being too precious about this and as a comic your job is to get out there and go for the jugular. and to to see him now willing to joke about bill cosby the way that he has, maybe there's a sense he's willing to let go of
7:52 pm
some of the stuff that's kept him from going out on the stand up tour now. he's be that amazing comic we know he can be and that he has been before and we know he will be again. >> when i look at youtube, you comedians know how to go for the jugular. you have all these women stories of bill cosby accusers who have come forward for years, but it took a comedian, it took comedy to make this story to make the public really pay attention. what do you make of that? >> i make of that that we live in what is called rape culture where women can come out and tell the same story many, many, many times and i took hanibal burriss a set on youtube before people started talking about it. to me, the positive side of this is it's never been harder to interfere with getting away with a women or a child the way it is now. people won't be victims, they choose to be survivors and talk about it. keep in mind, eddie murphy did
7:53 pm
not come down on one side or the other in this appearance last night. he skated the line really well. yeah. i was going to say, we have a whole generation of comedy fans who did not grow up with bill kos bow as the father figure that, you know, some of us of a certain age did. you know, people who are fans of comedy who are hanibal burriss's age or younger, they know bill cosby as the guy telling them to pull up their pants and scolding them for rap music they listen to and telling them that those of them who are poor are poor because they have failed. and so i think there was a whole generation of comedy fans who were ready to hear these women in a way that people who were blinded by cosby celebrity and knew him in a different way were not yet ready to hear. >> no. it's a great point. you think of so many people not seeing him as dr. huxtable. let's talk about the opening sketch over the weekend, saturday night live. take a look. >> i don't have a super pac. i don't even have a backpack.
7:54 pm
i carry my stuff around loose in my arms like a professional. you know, between classes. i own one pair of underwear, that's it. some of these billionaires, they've got three, four pairs. and i don't have a dryer. i have to put my clothes on the radiator. >> so this is larry david impersonating bernie sanders on saturd saturday. as an snl guy, what did you think? >> always. please go to the internet and say larry david dead. okay. here. you can save time. say eddie murphy and larry david -- >> and you heard it on cnn, gill. >> you heard it on cnn. >> we've gone rogue. this is live tv, people, live tv. interest tweet it right now, [ expletive ] you. make some use of the internet
7:55 pm
and let the public know that eddie murphy and larry david are dead. >> okay. i think he's okay. that's my addendum do that. you actually don't think it's going to do bernie sanders favors. >> no. bernie is a hillary guy. i would have liked to have seen a sketch that didn't totally make bernie's position out to be a joke because i think his voice is very scary to the two-party system and that's what the democracy system needs. it's their job to do the funniest guy possible and i would have paid larry david anything to do bernie sanders' impression and it was a riot. >> jogilbert, it's been -- >> larry david and eddie murphy are both dead. go to the internet and tweet it right now. >> we'll bet right back. >> america needs to know. >> we'll be right back.
7:56 pm
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. that is it for us tonight. thank you so much for watching. we'll see you back here tonight. ac 360 starts right now. good evening. we begin tonight in south carolina where donald trump is campaigning while in middle of a war of words with jeb bush online and on tv. a feud over the worst day in american history. trump and bush are sparring over the 9/11 terror attacks and what george w. bush did or did not do in trump's estimation. this started when trump said the world trade center came down during trump's reign and george bush called pathetic on twitter. the feud continued on the weekend. here is what trump said when he was asked flat out if he blames george w. bush for 9/11. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother. we werfe


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