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tv   New Day  CNN  October 20, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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throwing their support behind donald trump and ben carson. trump leads carson 27-22 as you see on your screen. the next candidates are all at least 14 points back, close to statistically insignificant. here's a big brow razor to are you, trump's lead over carson is now just outside the margin of error. >> carson getting an eight-point surge in just the last month and look at carly fiorina's numbers. her post-debate bump has evaporated. she's back in the lower tier with just 4%. also 75% of republican voters say they are satisfied with the gop field and that compares to 70% of democratic voters in yesterday's poll who say they are satisfied. so the anti-establishment sentiment, though, among republican voters are apparently reaching peak levels. sara murray joins us now from greenville, south carolina, to dig into allnumbers for
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us. what do you see. >> it's interesting when you go beyond the top line, this huge republican field while at times can look chaotic but it does look like it's driving enthusiasm among republicans. if you look at how enthusiastic voters are, 68% of republicans say they're enthusiastic compared to 58% for democrats. that's a pretty wide gap. it goes up the forthwe get closer to the election. look back in september, the enthusiasm number for republicans was 65%. it does seem like a big field could ultimately benefit the republicans. i want to dig in on sort of the gender gap we've been looking at amongst some of the republican candidates. we talked for a while about whether trump might struggle with women because of some of the more inflammatory comments he's made about them. both trump and ben carson are drawing 23% of support for women. they're ahead of the pack there. if you look at the men, trump has a wide lead over carson.
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that certainly seems to be where he has an edge over his most competitive rival. the interesting thing -- the other interesting thing we've seen from trump is he clearly is still doing more work to shore up the conservative base. take a look at what he had to say at his event last night about guns. >> so big second amendment, we're all heavy on the second amendment, you know. you know the president's thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away. not going to happen. that won't happen. >> now, of course we have no indication from the white house that there is an executive order in the works to take americans' guns away. cnn's gary tuchman spoke to voter as he was leaving last night and they completely believed everything donald trump was saying. you get a sense of how much voters are swayed when they go to events like this. >> they feel those things
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personally. thank you for that. the big question, is vice president joe biden running for president? we don't know yet his decision, there are new clues that biden might be on the verge of launching a campaign. our white house correspondent jim acosta is live with the latest. you're following the trail, are i don't you? >> clues but no clarity, that's right, michaela. good morning. democratic sources tell me vice president joe biden is sounding very serious about a run for the white house. he's been reaching out to loyalists to talk strategy. even his friends inside the democratic party are not sure how long he can drag this out. last night he met with political advisers and his team is talking to operatives about joining a potential campaign. it seems every day biden sends out another teaser about his intentions. consider the comments he made yesterday at a climate conference at the white house where he seemed to take a dig at hillary clinton. >> darrell issa, not a republican friend of mine. he's a friend. i don't consider republicans
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enemies, they're friends. >> now, that might have been a dig at hillary clinton who said last week at the democratic debate on cnn, she considers republicans her enemy. moving on to one pennsylvania congressman, brennan boyle tweeted he has a source telling him, we'll put it up on screen, that biden will run. i talked to boyle yesterday. he said he stands by that tweet. saying the information came close to a source to biden. the democrats may be losing patience with biden. in august, there was more support for a biden run. it has dropped to less than half. guys, in terms of timing, hillary clinton has an appearance before the benghazi committee on thursday. a lot of democrats are telling me joe biden should not time his announcement around that, be seen as exploiting that. there's also, jefferson jackson
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dinner in iowa on saturday. hillary clinton will be there, democratic candidates will be there. democrats tell me if joe biden misses that dinner, he's decided by not deciding. >> wow. busy week. >> decided by not deciding. how about brendan boyle showing the difference between a politician and a report. he has one source, he goes with it, he's asked to backtrack and says i'm doubling down. >> now i'm competing with congressmen. who knew. >> thanks, jim. >> we have errol louis. if biden were looking for an advantageous time to get in, he missed it. i think looking at the current situation as a calculus of opportunity is somewhat misguided. >> absolutely right. he had the opportunity, sadly around death of his son. it came with a story that his son who was also a public servant, a politician, had said to him that he really want him to run. he had that opportunity. he had hillary clinton was sort
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of stumbling around in the early phases of this e-mail scandal. it look like there was need for it. the polls suggested that the public wanted him in. he had everything sort of line up, then the time got away from him. we're 105 days out from iowa. the technical prowess that it would take to put people on the ground, get registered in all of these states, to get the money raised, the rationale and the messaging done, it's really not that easy to do in just like basically 90 to 100 days. >> it's still possible. >> entirely possible. >> the next couple weeks, it's still possible, yes? >> that's right. the idea is that it would have been a lot easier, if he's going to run, he has sort of put a couple of extra bolders on his back that he'll have to car roy and it will be much harder to get started now than it would have been had he made the decision and run with it months ago, really. >> sara, let's dive into the numbers on the republican side. they're interesting, not just for the two top front-runners of trump and carson. let's look at what's happening
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with jeb bush for one. his number has gone down. not significantly from last month, nine to eight but still, when is he going to get some momentum that everyone predicted? >> i think that's a big question surrounding his campaign, particularly for the donors i've talked to who have given significant amounts of money to the campaign. you know, it seems like jeb's circle is ready to just sort of chug along. they think eventually donald trump will collapse and they will be the beneficiaries of that. that's really not what we're seeing in the data, within you see the outsider sentiment, ben carson rising to the top, it seems like the alternative people are looking for is not someone like jeb bush. i think that the idea that all of a sudden there will just be a wave of support that hasn't emerged is a little bit difficult to understand, like why that cowl be their strategy. >> they're asking for attrition. i tell you what, if you had answered that question of an actual date, i would have immediately asked for you to be relieved of your duties and we
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could go back to vegas. when you look at, there's a woman's story, both in the form of carly fiorina and the voter inclination. look up carson and trouble on voters, i don't know what is more -- let's say, surprising. that you have 46% of them eating up these top two outsiders or, errol, the rationale for women to want ben carson is, dot, dot, dot -- >> the rationale, he's a competent candidate, a conservative. if you're a woman, not just a woman but a conservative woman, he tracks with what you want to see. this is somebody who has rescued women in child birth. he's done all kinds of amazing things as a surge. that's not nothing. he's a true evangelical. that souaccounts for a lot. i don't know that women voters gravitate to candidates for fundamentally different reasons. there's a handful of issues you can expect women to be concerned about. that's not really what's driving the ben carson surge.
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>> we're talking to a group of voters coming up in nevada. and there are women on the panel and they don't just vote on women's issues. they vote on the economy, they vote on who they think is most competent. >> women never vote on women's issues. what is the rationality for him? when you talk to voters, they always have a why question in the polls or at least in the focus groups. i don't know how they did with this one. sara, that becomes the issue. what is the why fueling this perception of needing an outsider in there? because it seems to evolve over time. if we look at another interesting popout of this, the enthusiasm. not only are they looking for outsiders but they're looking for it in a very enthusiastic way. 68% say they are pumped for this. 75% say they like their field. how much fear and loathing is there going on in that second and third tier of the people in this poll? >> well, i think that there is a
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certain amount of loathing for the people here. if you're carly fiorina and looking at this poll, this is a very dark day for you. this is a woman who shot to number two in the pack and now is down there back once again in the single digits. look, i think that's problematic. we done the know if this is the kind of cycle where if you fall back down to earth, your poll numbers can rise again or if it's what we've seen in the past. you have your moment in the spotlight and after that moment, voters move on. >> what happened? what happened, errol, to carly fiorina after her big momentum with the debate? >> i suspect that this goes to the quality of her campaign. and the strategy that they have on the ground. because when you get in front of 20 million people and you make a big splash, there has to be follow-up, messaging, outreach to people on the ground. you have to remind people of what you did. it has to be more than a couple e-mails here and there.
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that is part of the genius of ben carson's campaign. he's used facebook effectively. obviously carly fiorina has not figured out how to do that. what has changed since the debate where she suddenly got a pop in the polls? >> she disappeared. we used to be able to get her on the show. we used to find her. she's been on fox a little bit. >> the campaign staff just heard that. maybe you should be thinking more about that. right? donald trump will be on today. you know, you've got to, at this point, if you want to talk to the whole country, that's what the national polls reflect, what the whole country thinks, you've got to try to have some presence. i haven't seen carly fiorina either in fight a while. what's she been doing? >> good question. carly, call us. errol, sara, thanks so much for all of this analysis. coming up, donald trump joins us live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. stick around for that. the fbi and secret service are investigating claims that
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personal e-mail accounts associated with the director of the cia and the head of homeland security were breached by hackers. a group calling themselves cwa is taking credit for hacking into their private e-mail accounts and has been tweeting out information they claim to have gathered when they gained access. our laurie segall spoke to those alleged hackers. she joins us now from london. what an interesting story, what an interesting conversation. >> reporter: yes, this is obviously pretty embarrassing for the cia. i will say this. but i spoke to these hackers, they described themselves almost as stoners, as these alleged hackers. i was able to reach them yesterday on the phone. thou they disguised their voices. they tell me how and why they did it. take a look. >> you claim you were able to hack the private e-mail account of the cia director. how did you do that? >> well, we had most of his
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personal information, like his name, address, phone number, social security number and other thing things. and when we socially engineered we like manipulated aol to like do the pass word reset on the account. we socially engineered the details on his bank account. >> you've broken into his private e-mail account. how difficult would you say it is? >> you mean out of ten? >> sure, out of ten. >> one. >> one? >> yes. >> you say you were able to hack into his personal inbox. what did you find? >> social security numbers, talking about iraq and security, a lot of information, really, he's pretty stupid, really. he's supposed to be the head of the cia. he should are more clever.
3:14 am
>> what was your motivation for doing this? >> free palestine, the united states government funds like israel. >> anything you can tell me about yourself? >> i'm below the age of 20 years old. i smoke pot and i have live in america. >> you smoke pot? >> every day. >> you hacked the director of the cia when you were high? >> probably. >> are you sophisticated hackers? >> in the middle. we're not stupid but we're not really smart. >> do you worry about retribution. >> i'm gonna go to russian like snoweden. >> you plan to leak more information? is there any specific target. >> yes. the white house people, they're
3:15 am
losers. the government and police. >> sources have confirmed both accounts were in fact hacked. we can't independently verify those leaked documents. they're saying they're not that sophisticated. as they say -- >> we learn all the time, a game of catch up. we're not dealing apparently with the most sophisticated of minds that are doing this hacking. appreciate it, laurie. big story out of canadian politics. the country's liberal party winning an absolute majority in parliamentary elections and ending nine years of conservative rule. the next prime minister, there he is, justin trudeau. he's the son of late prime minister pierre trudeau. he's expected to form a majority government, liberal victory, denies a forth term to prime minister stephen harper and his conservative party.
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did you vote in absentia? >> i have not. i haven't had residency in 17 years. >> all this canadaic stuff, do we have to hear it? >> you should have had that rigged. >> thank you. os pcar pistorius, out of prison and now on house arrest. he will serve the rest of his five-year sentence at his uncle's home in south africa. pistorius shot steenkamp, saying he took her as an intruder. confederate s tributes have come under increased scrutiny ever since june's racially motivated charleston church massacre in which nine members of emanuel
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ame church were killed. guess what, democrats are trying to put joe biden on a clock. the question becomes how long should the vice president have to decide whether or not he'll run for president? is this calculation about clinton's benghazi testimony to any degree? we have insight for you, ahead. it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes.
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see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. new clues this morning that vice president joe biden could be ready to join the democratic presidential race. sores tell cnn his team is looking for possible campaign staff. here to discuss, ben ferguson, cnn political commentator and host of "the ben ferguson show" and democratic strategist, paul begala. >> good morning. >> good morning, guys. great to see you. you're both professional tea
3:22 am
leaf readers. paul, is joe biden getting into the race or not? >> you know, who the heck knows. joe's not calling me. he can't. i work for a super pac and my super pac is supporting hillary, too. yes, when you start to interview people, he's doing everything you would do if you were running and not doing the things you would do if you weren't running. my guess is, yes, why not. >> one of the things i have to say, paul begala is wrong. he is not not doing the things you don't do. he has advisers. they're not meeting and having strategy sessions. he didn't come out right away but he's dealing with something highly emotional. what do you think about this? would you be more surprised if he does run or doesn't run? >> that was three negatives. >> three or four. >> i would be more surprised if he doesn't run. the main reason why, hillary clinton the other night absolutely won that debate.
3:23 am
she wiped the field. it was obvious from that debate that bernie sanders does not have what it takes to take her on and beat her in this campaign. he's the best second place candidate in the democratic party. but he played really nice with her and i think a lot of voters noticed that. the biggest shock was the fact that hillary clinton came out of that debate with overwhelming victory. everyone agreed she won and only got a couple of point bump in the polls. so if you're joe biden and you see that, how do you not run? i mean, it's obvious that people are not jumping on her band wagon even when she thrashes the field. there's a huge opportunity and a individual to be filled here. i think that's why he'll do it. >> here's how you don't run if you're joe biden because this is a new "wall street journal"/nbc poll out just 23 minutes ago. it asks should joe biden run. perhaps we have that because 30% of the people say yes, 38%, paul, say no. is joe biden looking at these numbers?
3:24 am
>> 50ii'm sure he is. i'm sure his advisers are. i say this as a hillary guy. that's a really static thing. if you run, he'll get a bump. i don't think he wins. i really don't. i don't think he has a lane. he's a beloved figure. at least since we started having primaries, you can't find the time when a sitting vice president was denied his party's nomination. he comes in -- this is the difference between the two parties right now. democrats love their leader. we love nancy pelosi, harry reid, joe biden, barack obama, hillary clinton. republicans, look at our poll, they hate anybody in the republican party who's ever done anything in politics or government. they're anti-establishment party. which is freaking me out. there's a well spring of affection for joe in my party. if he gets in, he'll certainly get in doing better than "the wall street journal" poll. >> do you buy they're looking for staffers right now? >> i have no idea, chris. they couldn't print it if it
3:25 am
wasn't true. >> ben -- let's switch topics. begala wins on that one. in terms of the ideological make-up, what do you make of jim webb's potential, looking at a third party run? >> it's a nonissue. he's not polling where he is. why would he do better as an independent? bernie sanders would be someone that i would be worried about if he ran as a third party candidate that could be a major problem to hillary clinton if she gets the nomination or joe biden for that matter. this is literally pointless and meaningless in the overall scheme of things. it will have no impact on election day. to say the democrats rejected me, now i'll be a third party kind of guy just doesn't make any sense at all. >> i'm still shocked that o'malley didn't get a bump. i'm rarely as wrong as i was. i watched that debate. i was like, he's comporting
3:26 am
himself well. nothing. nothing. >> they don't connect with candidates they don't know very well. people did not know him very well before the debate or even after. >> paul, jim webb is set to make an announcement on his view of political parties and the current election cycle. he's been a republican. he's been a democrat. what is jim webb thinking. >> he's a patriot most importantly. he was a patriot when enwas ronald reagan's secretary. he has a heroic war record. he's polling 1% in the polls right now. yet, the democratic party needs to be able to speak to the jim webbs of the world. i live in virginia now. and his state of virginia, they need to be able to talk to folks who are, you know, they like jim webb. i don't want to see him leave the democratic party. i don't want to see anybody
3:27 am
leave the democratic party. democrats ought to pay respect and attention to the kind of folks jim webb is trying to talk to. >> there you go. >> paul, ben, thanks so much. talk to you soon. >> thanks. see you. >> donald trump isn't backing down with his feud from jeb bush, claiming jeb's brother did not keep america safe while he was president. is it fair for trump to blame the former president for the 9/11 terror attacks? don't forget, donald trump will join us, live at the top of our next hour. stay with us. "new day" is back in a flash. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving!
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okay. so donald trump says 9/11 would not have happened probably if he had been president at the time and george w. bush could have done more to prevent the terror attacks themselves. trump's comments have ignited a debate within and without the gop at how to look at 9/11. cnn counterterrorism analyst and
3:32 am
former cia counterterrorism official phil mudd and cnn political commentator and contributing editor for atlantic media, peter beinart. professor beinart. what merit is there to what trump is saying? >> the merit is this. we don't know whether bush could have stopped 9/11. i don't think that's right question. the question was did he do everything he could have given what he knew at the time. the answer from his own former counterterrorism officials, people like richard clarke, the terrorism coordinator at the national security council is no, he didn't do everything he could have. clark was so despondent by his -- he actually asked to be re-assigned in the summer of 2011. bush was warned 36 times in daily briefs about the potential of a bin laden attack. and yet this was never made a priority in his administration. they didn't even hold a cabinet level meeting on terrorism until september. >> now, in fairness, phil mudd,
3:33 am
trump does not make the points that beinart eloquently laid out. he does say he was in there on the time, it's on him. what's the other side of this. >> the president an his advisers were focused on missile defense in 2001. i was at the white house. i don't think there was much of a strategic focus on al qaeda. when cia was warning, most of their warnings were about attacks overseas. they did provide information, as peter says, about the al qaeda threat. the insinuation that a president of the united states, five, six, seven, eight months into his term could somehow take action to reverse the course of an al qaeda attack when we've been 14 years in a war with 100 plus global partners and two wars and we still haven't rooted out the al qaeda threat, i think the president should have focused more on a threat but to take that a step further and said we could have prevented the biggest tragedy this country has ever seen on its soil is erroneous. >> jeb bush in a new statement
3:34 am
agrees with trump but says he's picking the wrong president. listen to this. >> i think the clinton administration made a mistake of thinking bin laden had to be viewed from a law enforcement perspective. similar similarly, president obama's policy seemed to be focused on that as well. this is a war against western civilization. and without the united states' leadership, this will be a problem for generations to come. >> what do you make of that? first jeb bush was like you can't blame my brother for when he was president. he kept us safe afterwards. they couldn't anticipate at the time. now he's willing to look back an additional president to clinton and say he by the way should have seen it coming and stopped it. >> it's opposite of richard clarke says. he says one of clinton's accomplishments was in 1999 was fear about a millennium attack, attack 2000. clinton forced his fbi, cia and national security advisers to have daily meetings which resulted in the arrest of a man
3:35 am
car coming across the canadian border to blow up l.a.x. the daily brief on august 6th, 2001, mentioned hijackers. why didn't bush just put the faa on higher alert? the people who got -- some of the hijackers who got in didn't have good i.d. two of them got in with knives. the level of airport security at that point was very lax. if it had just been raised somewhat in the month or two before 9/11, there's a greater chance -- we don't know for sure -- nor of a chance this plot would have unraveled. >> respond to two salvos there, mudd. the first one is security at the airport was woeful and the second one is during the clinton administration to jeb bush's point, the word was we're not in the business of killing osama bin laden. that's not what we do. defend those two propositions. >> that's correct. that was the same policy that spilled over into the bush administration. there are big debates about
3:36 am
things like, for example, before the attack, should you arm a drone? something that's considered normal. you couldn't get over that hurd until either administration. i agree that the clinton administration approach was law enforcement. it's not like that was turned on its head when president bush came to office. i understand that. there wasn't a tragedy that drove a change in policy. as for airport security, look, this country was a sieve in 2000, 2001. we had take actions, set up homeland security. we hardened cockpit doors. we changed the process for a visa, biometric passports. you cowl not turn this country around to stop those kind of attacks. it wasn't about people bringing box cutters on planes. it's about saying we had a catastrophic event that will lead us to spendle about l spen dollars to protect the country.
3:37 am
>> bottom line, did the administration miss it or was this the eventuality of circumstance? >> eventuality. i don't think they missioned it. >> beinart, final word. >> richard clarke said there was a possibility. >> you lean heavy on richard clarke. >> tenet was very upset. he had a meeting with condoleezza rice. she wasn't focused. did bush do everything he reasonably could have been expected to do? no, i don't think he did. >> you are backing donald trump? >> only on this one narrow point. >> when i push beinart, he comes at me with all these facts. within i push you, you tell me it's a dumb question and you like my face. >> i'm blinded by the sport jacket. i have to tell you, blue blazer, two words, brother. >> another screaming statement of ignorance. fellows, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> we're at the top of the hour. when we get all the way there,
3:38 am
we're past 6:30, when we get to 7:00, guess who's here. donald trump. he's beginning to respond to why he makes these cases that he's making. he'll be here on "new day." alisyn? >> you're rounding up, i like that. >> i'm anticipating. >> i know you are. donald trump and ben carson dominating the republican field in the latest cnn poll out this morning. what do voters like so much about them? i spoke with a group of nevada republicans to find out why political outsiders are so in. >> donald trump has a plan and what he calls a solution an he says he will deport 12 million undocumented workers. what do you think of that? liken bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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donald trump and ben carson breaking away from the gop field in the latest cnn/orc poll, trump leads carson 27% to 22%. jeb bush and marco rubio tied for third at 8%. the eight-point bump for carson is the biggest for any candidate. the biggest drop goes to carly fiorina who tumbled 11 point following her post-debate jump last month.
3:43 am
at the top of the hour, we speak to donald trump. ban ki-moon visiting palestinian territories to try to ease tensions amid the rash of stabbings. a soldier was stabbed but only lightny injured near the flash point city of hebron. the attacker was shot but it was unclear if he was injured or killed. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling for restraint after a migrant mistaken for an attacker died after being shot by a security guard and beaten in the chaos. "star wars" fans, it is the best 2 1/2 minutes of your lives. the full length trailer for the force awakens, unveiled during halftime of "monday night football" was the only thing worth watching in that game. here's your sneak peek. >> the dark side. the jedi.
3:44 am
they're real. >> the force, it's calling to you. >> i do. >> how into "star trek" are you? >> not terribly. "star trek" but "star wars," yes. >> did i say "star trek." >> you're going to get hate on twitter. >> for that? >> can i tell you something that happened this morning? i was telling my producer miguel in my office, i'm okay with "star wars." that was it. i loved it as a kid. i don't need anymore. then i saw the trailer and i am -- >> what about the trailer gets you back in? >> the whole thing, the music, the drama, the -- >> the x-wing fighter was the first toy of my entire life that i didn't want to let it go. i thought it was the coolest thing. because i couldn't imagine how it would actually work. now they all look like that. >> sentimental favorite.
3:45 am
>> in case you missed it before and after last night's epic full-length "star wars" trailer, there was actually an nfl game. he says so-so. coy wire has more in this morning's "bleacher report." >> good morning, michaela. so much love and excitement for the force awakens trailer. i'm a jedi wanna be, huge "star wars" geek. roll the tape. eagles hosting the giants in the "monday night football." first quarter, both offenses playing, sloppy like joes but sam bradford uses the force, touchdown pass, riley cooper, coop, i am your quarterback, eli manning and the giants, their offense was java the hut ugly. manning threw two interceptions including this one to carroll. that's a pick six. new york and philly combined for this. bluejays down two games but
3:46 am
toronto fans hoping their empire strikes back against the royals. kevin pillar in center field takes off like the millennium falcon in overdrive. he goes bounty hunter. catches that ball before crashing into the wall. we got this, he says stay on target. in the third, troy tulowitzki. game four is later today at 4:00 eastern. the cubs trying not to get blown up by the mets. mets up two games to none in that series. good news for new york fans, since 1969, teams that have gone down in the series, two games to none, they've gone on to advance 88% of the time to the world series. good news for mets fans. >> thanks so much, coy. >> you're welcome. let's get back to politics. new polls show most of the republican outsiders on top, donald trump and ben carson riding high. my conversation with a group of
3:47 am
voters about the allure of the anti-establishment candidates. that's next. >> they know how to get things done. they know how to make things happen. they have a business sense. and they're not mired with all of the political corruption. e pe could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients.
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3:51 am
know a new edition of real voters, real choices for you. a panel of nevada conservatives explains the appeal of the outsiders. what do you like about ben carson? >> the fact that he's what they would call an outsider, ben carson is a common sense kind of person. ben carson puts forth -- i think he brings that attitude that this is a great country. >> you look at carson, at trump and fiorina, they bring a new
3:52 am
breath to this thing. they are not in the system. i am not concerned about the fact that trump, carson or fiorina don't have policy. i don't think mr. obama had policy. i don't think bush had policy. i know clinton didn't have any poly -- policy. it's how they will manage this country and keep us a world pouter and safe within our own borders. >> brenda? >> i think with carson, trump and fiorina, they are at the top. people are taking a look at them as people that have not contributed to this mess that our country is in. so why not take a chance on someone that has not -- they know how to get things done. they know how to make things happen. they have a business sense. and they're not mired with all of the political corruption and the political back and forth and the fighting.
3:53 am
>> you're nodding? >> yes, i absolutely agree. on top of that, we want strength, somebody that is very strong, very determined and will do the job. i think carly fiorina is absolutely magnificent. she's brilliant. i've heard her speak a couple of times. when you listen to them in person, it is fight different from television, i think. it really, you get a feeling about them, a sense for them. in her case, i came out of the room thinking, she's a margaret thatcher, prime minister of england. she's a female ronald reagan and she's a joan of arc. if we have to go to war, she has the power and strength to do what has to be done. >> i want to go back to ben carson. i thought it was interesting with job said these aren't politicians, they don't engage in political speak. ben carson has said things that this past -- basically over the
3:54 am
past week that someinsensitive. i want to get your impressions about it. >> i have to tell you -- >> go ahead. >> i totally agree with ben carson, whether it was impolitical, clear out of the vote. i don't think we could have somebody who believes in sharia law be the president of the united states. >> the past has been a big disappointment. that's why our country is where we're at. that's why ben carson, donald trump, they he's ignitresignate people. >> we are lookin for the sound bite. we have this type of dialogue. i don't think it's productive. what we want to do is look at the total person. that will take time. that's why we're going through this process. >> i see all that donald trump entering the race has been the greatest help to the republican party whether you're for him or against him.
3:55 am
you have to agree that he has brought new excitement to this -- >> he's a show man. it's not just the republicans. last week at the hispanics in politics meeting, marty o'malley spoke. guess who he spoke about? donald trump. >> donald trump. >> let's talk about issues that really speak to all of you. jesus, i know immigration is a big issue. your parents are from mexico. what do you think about the immigration debate that's been going on in this country? >> immigration does play a big role in the latino commune. poll after poll said the latinos care more for the economy and jobs. i will support a president that will focus on the economy and jobs and have a plan for a solution to a broken immigration system. >> donald trump has a plan. what he calls a solution. he says that he will deport 12 million undocumented workers. what do you think of that? >> it is outrageous.
3:56 am
that's impossible. that's not feasible and it's not something that any big business guy like he is will even dare to do. it will cost a lot of money. he hasn't said how much it's beginning to cost, where is the plan to do that? >> brenda, what's biggest issue for you? >> the sovereignty of my country. we don't know who's coming in, who's going out. that is what's important to me. what are we going to do about our borders? donald trump is talking about building a wall. i don't have a problem with building a wall. there's no nation on the planet other than america that leaves its borders wide open and do nothing to secure the people of its country. >> i don't find our sovereignty being threatened by immigrants. i mean, rand paul makes a good point when he says you can't have open borders in a welfare state. that's absolutely true.
3:57 am
if we didn't have the gigantic welfare state we have now, i really wouldn't care who comes here. i don't want people coming here to, you know, take advantage of the american taxpayer. but i mean, if you're here to do honest hard work, honestly, work that a lot of times american citizens won't do, then i don't really see any problem with that. >> i mean, there you have it. they're looking for something different, different than what they've been promised before which they think has fallen flat. >> there is difference between each of them. they all have their own idea about what is the problem, what needs to be fixed. you can even hear it between the last two responses. there's -- that's just a quick brush on how the american public feels. >> they all agree about who's to blame, though. >> that's true. >> the republicans are the out party right now. they have a higher bar because they should win. if you look at history, it is time for the cycle to change
3:58 am
their way. >> pendulum usually swings. >> this idea that this is a moment in time and it's just going to fade, that argument is getting harder to make. >> they are very animated about it, energized about it. it's always interesting to talk to them. >> the curious thing will be to see how the voter turnout numbers will reflect that sentiment, right? >> oh, yes. i predict having spoken to them, it will be a galvanizing factor. >> it can go either way. when people don't like the system, they usually don't come out. we'll see. that's a big story for you this morning. we have donald trump coming up on "new day." let's get right to it. trump's lead over carson is now just outside the margin of error. >> your brother's administration give us barack obama. >> the world trade center came down during his time. >> we are going to make america great again. >> donald trump joins us live. hillary clinton will be testifying for about eight hours
3:59 am
we're told. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? >> i think the committee has been thoroughly discredited. >> i don't know that i have very much to add. >> donald trump is now saying that his immigration policies would have prevented 9/11. >> trump is also claiming his hair would have kept the titanic afloat. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to your "new day." donald trump and ben carson dominating the gop field in a new cnn poll. the republican outsiders get the support of nearly half the republicans surveyed. trump leads carson 27% to 22%. the next candidates are 14 points back. we will speak with donald trump, live about these numbers in a moment. >> the poll also shows a clear eight-point surge for carson. despite some of his more controversial comments. what does it say about the base that he's galvanizing? and then, carly fiorina,
4:00 am
remember the pomp, remember the debate? she's fallen off 11 points and fallen off your tv screens. where has she been? this is no blip in time. this is true intentional going on in the gop. >> let's talk about all of this now. joining us by phone, republican presidential candidate donald trump. good morning, mr. trump. >> good morning. >> thanks so much for being here. let's talk about these new polls hot off the presses this morning. you once again are leading the pack. as we just said, you have 27%. you've gone up three points since last month. >> right. >> your closest competitor is ben carson there, he's gone up eight points since last month. let's talk about you, because you have defied all of the conventional wisdom, the pundits said by now we'd be seeing the polls drop. your numbers plum empty or you would have gotten out of the race or you would have imploded.
4:01 am
what do the pundits not realize about you? >> they don't know me. they don't know where i come from. they done the understand about winning and i enjoy this. i'm seeing, as you know, i was at a place last night which was so incredible. we were -- the crowd of people that we have is incredible. it's incredible. i was in south carolina and the place was packed. and the enthusiasm and the love in the room, it's love. it's beyond a regular going to make a speech. love in the room. people want to see something happen. i was in new hampshire. i was in iowa. i was in virginia the other day. we had 10,000 people. last night we had 8,000 people. it's that way all the time. the only thing that stops even more, the size of the arenas. you can't get bigger. >> i do want to get to what you talked about last night in one moment. a couple more things about the polls. ben carson is running second to you. he's at 22%. could there be any two more different people? how do you explain that you both
4:02 am
are winning with republicans? >> well, we've hit a chord. we're not as different as people think. we have a very good relationship. we're not as different as people think. there's certainly a different style. you know, i have great assets and he has great assets. but we are both resonating, there's no question about it. nbc just came out with their poll and it's similar. i'm in first place and ben's in second place. and i went up a lot from my original, i've gone up a lot. and you know, the other candidates are similar. maybe these polls are starting to accurate out. >> can you imagine a trump/carson ticket? >> well, i like him. he likes me. i mean, stranger things have happened. that i can tell you. but it's too early to think about that. it certainly is interesting. so many people have suggested it because we seem to be doing awfully well. >> yes. very quickly, can we talk about carly fiorina for a second?
4:03 am
>> yes. >> you've had your issues in the past. how do you explain how your poll numbers plummeted? she had a big bump after the debate, going from 15% to now 4%. >> that's a big drop. i don't know. i like carly, actually. i don't know why she would have dropped so much. that's a very, very big drop. there's no answer to that. a couple of others have dropped pretty good, too. there's no answer to carly. she's talented. i'm surprised to see that much of a drop. >> okay. let's talk about last night. you were in south carolina. you had as you said, a passionate crowd there. you said something to them. you said about guns. you said you know the president is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take away your guns. you hear about this? now, mr. trump, the president has not signed an executive order to take away guns. >> i heard that he wants to. on your network, somebody said that's what he's thinking about. i didn't think he's signing it. that will be a tough one to sign. >> it's impossible, in fact.
4:04 am
>> nevertheless, he was thinking about it and i've heard it from numerous networks and read it in the papers. my source is the papers. they're pretty good sources. >> the president constitutionally cannot sign an executive order to take away guns. what are you doing? >> he can't sign an executive order on immigration either and he did. >> but when you're telling your crowd last night that he's coming after you and your guns, you know that not to be true. >> no web has been in different forms. he's very much against -- in my opinion he's against the second amendment, which is ridiculous. he has certainly not been pro second amendment. you can say that at a minimum. i've heard from numerous sources and i've heard from the media. i've seen in the media, the papers, i think if you look back, a couple of -- maybe a week, you'll see it on your own network, people were saying he is thinking about doing it. i didn't say he's doing it. i said, how is he going to do that. certainly, i think he is
4:05 am
currently thinking about doing it. >> all right. let's talk about 9/11. because you have been in a squabble with jeb bush for the past few days, since weekend about this. this past weekend you said that george w. bush did not keep the country safe because 9/11 happened on his watch. i'd like you to expound on that a little bit. what do you think george w. bush could have or should have done differently? >> okay. well, first of all, it started much differently than this. jeb at the debate, i wanted to be nice. i didn't want to be insulting. it is his brother. he's loyal to his family. jeb is a very good person. i have to say that. and i've watched him. even last night, they said if trump wins would you vote for him? and would you be with him? he said, yes, i would be with him. i would be with the republican party. i thought it was a very classy answer to be honest with you. so what this all started because jeb made the statement that under my brother, we were safe. well, if he would have qualified by saying after the attack, but
4:06 am
he didn't do that. so i said the other day, because somebody brought up that statement. i said in an interview, that you know, how can you say you were safe under his brother when we just had the worst attack in the history of our country. y you can't say we were safe. you can say we were safe after. we were safe in a sense but we went into iraq, which was a disastrous decision. not afghanistan, because that's probably where we should have gone in the first place. iraq was a disastrous decision. we go into iraq and make a mistake. you can also say is that safe going into iraq while we're losing thousands of solars? that's not safe either, when you get right down to it. he said under my brother we were safe. you can't say that. we had the worst attack in the history of this country, i guess worse than pearl harbor. that would be right up there. we had our worst attack. >> yes.
4:07 am
>> i thought it was very obvious. it got a lot of push back. i didn't think it would be controversial when i made it. i was speaking fight innocently, actually. >> most republicans don't say when it comes to a terrorist attack that it was partially george w. bush that didn't keep us safe. that was -- you definitely broke with convention by saying that. >> that's okay, alisyn. i've been doing that for a long time. if you look at what happened, number one, i would have had much stronger immigration policies. i'm not saying i would have prevented it but i would have had a chance. i'm pretty good at this stuff. >> let me ask you about that. meaning if you were president, you downallow student visas? >> i would have had a much tougher program. the visas are too easy. >> you wouldn't 0 lou those going forward. >> alisyn. >> yes. >> they knew there was an attack coming. the cia director knew in advance
4:08 am
there would be an attack. he said so to the president and everybody else that would listen. that came out. the other thing is, the fbi, the nse and the cia were not talking to each other. these are the three main agencies. they weren't talking to each other and they weren't talking because they didn't like each other. and they had a lot of problems. getting along. that's leadership. you have to, you know, you have to get your three main agencies to talk to each other. they had a lot of information that if it could have been correlated, it would have been very, very helpful. >> yes. >> as president truman said, the buck stops here. whether you like it or not, truman wouldn't have been talking about the after-attack. he would have said the buck stops here. you had the fbi and the cia, nse, all three, they weren't talking to each other. you know, say what you want. but then we went out and attacked the wrong country. we went out and attacked iraq. they had no weapons of mass struck as you know and as we found out. and as we found out.
4:09 am
we destabilized the entire middle east. the middle east is a mess right now because of iraq. we totally destabilize. the two powers, iraq and iran, one got decapitated, iran is now taking over the middle east, taking over iraq, taking over the oil. the other one that gets some of the oil is isis. we fueled and created isis out of this. >> let's talk about afghanistan as you just brought up. because you have said a couple of conflicting things about whether or not you thought was right to gonna afghanistan. ben carson said he thought going to war with afghanistan after 9/11 was a mistake and at times you have said that as well. but at times you've flip-flopped. >> i haven't said it. i haven't said it. afghanistan is a different thing, next to pakistan and pakistan has nuclear weapons. okay? >> so you think it was okay -- the afghanistan war you do support? >> that's a different thing, a whole different kettle. one of the reasons i wouldn't have gone into iraq, the two
4:10 am
reasons, number one they are no weapons of mass destruction. bush wanted to do that are his father maybe. actually his father did a good job. he went and knocked the hell out of iraq but didn't get in. he didn't get into the quagmire. the whole middle east is a quagmire. it's not going to change. it's not going to change with syria either. it's like a quagmire, being in sick sand, you can't get out. in the meantime, we have to to build our own country. afghanistan is next to pakistan. pakistan has nuclear weapons. >> how do you feel about the afghanistan war? do you think it was a mistake going into afghanistan? >> do i love anything about it? no. i like -- i think it's important that we number one keep a presence there and ideally a presence of pretty much what they're talking about. >> but originally? >> we need to do it for a different reason. we have pakistan and pakistan legitimately has nuclear weapons. >> yes. >> that's a real problem. >> originally you don't think -- >> it would be nice to have
4:11 am
other people help us like china is taking all the minerals out of afghanistan. you know, while we're fighting all the time, china is on the other side of the ridge with their big equipment with their excavators taking the minerals out. they do nothing. >> i just want to ask you -- >> they do nothing but make money. >> you do not think it was a mistake to go into afghanistan after 9/11 because you did say on our air, let me read to you what you said on october 6th about afghanistan. you said we made a terrible mistake getting involved there in the first place. >> no, we made a -- no, no. >> we had thinkers who didn't know what the hell they were doing. >> i said that about iraq. >> our question was about afghanistan. >> i never said it. wouldn't matter. afghanistan is eye different kettle. afghanistan is next to pakistan. it's an -- you have to be careful about the nuclear weapons. by the way, without the nukes
4:12 am
it's a whole different ball game. it's all about the nuclear weapons. that's going to be -- when bernie sanders gets up and says global warming is our biggest problem, i have news for him. the biggest problem is nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation. that's the world's great problem right now. believe me. >> jeb bush just talked about that. he said that he would not be comfortable with you basically having your finger on the button, with you having the nuclear codes. what's your reaction? >> i don't think he said that because i watched him. i don't think he said that. he said by the way, would you vote for trump or clinton or sanders or biden? and he said i'd go with trump or for the republican nominee. i watched him. he's been very nice. look, his brother gets hit on, he's a loyal person, he's loyal to his brother. but his brother made some mistakes. his brother could have made a mistake with the actual hit. they did know it was coming.
4:13 am
george tenet, the head of the cia did know it was coming. they did have advanced notice. it wasn't that i was blaming. they said that our country was safe under bush. i said, well, what about the world trade center coming down in the worst attack in history? the statement was our country was safe under his brother. >> yes. >> well, okay, but you have to add in, if you go back a few days, you have to add in a thing called the world trade center and they wouldn't do that. i disagreed with that statement. >> yes. >> and frankly, i've had tremendous support. it's interesting. a lot of people said we never thought of it that way. it's right. and at the debate, i didn't want to say it because honestly i want to be respectful. i didn't want to say it but i always thought it, whatever i heard what a good job bush did from the time after the attack and the job was fine. but what about the attack itself? >> and mr. trump, i want to ask
4:14 am
you about your idea for a national security team. more then a month ago you hold hugh hewitt you'd be announcing your national security team very soon. that subjects days or a week. what's the holdup? >> well, i have a group of people that i'm dealing with. i've never even asked them if they want to go public. if they do, i think it's fine. i know a lot about national security. i've always known a lot about national security. a lot of national security is immigration policy. we get right back down to one of my main themes, a theme i was killed on for two weeks after i announced i was running for president. now everybody agrees with me. when i was tough on illegal immigration, it was brutal for two weeks, then they find out, wow, he's right. then you had kate killed in san francisco and you had -- by an illegal immigrant who came over five times at least, probably much more than that. then you had so many other people killed, horribly killed.
4:15 am
you had the women three weeks ago in california raped at 66 years of age by an illegal immigrant. people are saying, he's right. i was given credit for that. in your poll i rated the highest by three times of anybody else. and on the economy and leadership. fairly important points by the way. >> let's talk about something that you were coy about last time i interviewed you. that was "saturday night live." we do now know you are expected to host on november 7th. there is a group of hispanics who are boycotting or protesting your appearance. they feel that you would not be a good representative to be on "saturday night live" and they are going to try to spike your appearance. do you think they will have luck with that? >> i think they'll have luck in driving up the ratings, because the ratings will be higher than they would have been. this will be the highest rated show in a long tim. i was on "60 minutes," they had the highest rating in over a
4:16 am
year just two weeks ago. that was the highest rating. and they had a lousy game in front of it, too. it was a blowout. "saturday night live" will be -- some people think it will be one of the highest rated shows ever. i think they'll only drive up the ratings higher. many of these groups are scam groups. >> which group is a scam group? >> i have fantastic relationships with the hispanics. i employ thousands of hispanics, tens of thousands over the years i've employed. they're fantastic people. i have great respect for mexico but mexico is just taking advantage of our country. their leaders are much smarter than our leaders and they're taking advantage of us in trade and at the border. ford is moving a massive plan to the mexico. nabisco is move a factory to mexico. too much. every single poll, every single state, i'm leading in south carolina, i'm leading 38 to 12
4:17 am
or something. you lack at some of these polls, in new hampshire, i'm leading 36-10. >> what do you mean they're scams? >> those are very important polls. >> we have talked about the polls. we just talked about them this morning, the ones showing you in the lead. what group is a scam? >> these are people that go around, look for money from people. i had a group come up to me, supposedly prominent group. the first thing out of their mouths is would you like to join our coalition? it will cost from 25,000 to $2 million to join. give me a break. i get hit with this stuff all the time. a lot of people are scammers, just scammers. they sit home on their ipad laying in bed tapping out things. i know this happens all the time. and then you have weak companies like a macy's will fall for it. i wish they didn't by the way. a lot of people boycotted macy's
4:18 am
because of what they did when they cut my line. they were weak and ineffective, frankly. it's been -- i mean, it's been an amazing period of time for me. it's been incredible. the polls have been great. the crowds have been so phenomenal, no matter where i go i have the biggest crowds by far, that includes bernie sanders by far. we have a big one in florida very soon at doral, at my place. we'll have 10,000 people, i mean, you know, 10,000 people is becoming a small crowd. we had 35,000 people in mobile, alabama. 20,000 in mark cuban's arena in dallas, texas. it's been really amazing, actually. we've had a will the of fun. >> yes. >> i know these spanish grupps, they go around and they only care about themselves. by the way, if you look at the polls, the polls in nevada and other polls say that trump is number one with the hispanics. another one came out yesterday, hispanic poll, where people that -- hispanics in our country
4:19 am
legally have trump as number one by far. it's not even close. i do very well with hispanics. i actually think i will win the hispanics. remember marco rubio with his stupid currents about hispanics, he did very, very poorly with hispanic hispanics. mitt romney did poorly with hispanics. i think i will win with hispa c hispanics. that's a big statement. >> all right, mr. trump, always interesting to get your predictions and to talk to you. thanks so much for being on "new day." >> thank you for the good numbers. always love to hear that. >> we know you do. sounds like you're having fun with all of this. >> i am. >> talk to you soon. >> thanks so much. >> don't look at me. >> you were taking notes half the time. i was wonderi ining to myself, wonder if it has a hypnotic
4:20 am
effect? >> the answer is, without question, yes. >> sure, sure. >> please, it's @alisyn camerota, alisyn with a "y." use that on social media. here's what i like. donald trump is very right about very fundamental things about politics. he's do inge them better than everybody else. >> like what? >> people like to hear their complaints given voice. >> they do. >> absolutely. >> he's doing that very well and in a way that is far more demonstrative than politicians do. why? they have to be held accountable. trump is not getting measured the same way. he's getting scrutiny but not the same kind of scrutiny. also, they love a winner. they love somebody who is optimistic about themselves and about them. >> i'm a winner, i'll get it done. how are you going to round up with 11 million people? with a process. what he's banking on is believe in me because you don't believe in any of these other guys.
4:21 am
it's resonating, period. >> keep the tweets coming. >> @alisyn camerota, alisyn with a "y." i don't understand why it's spelled that way but it is. we just spoke to donald trump here on "new day." we'll break down what he had to say on the different issues, vetting, analysis and prague nafast -- prognostications to come. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid. why am i so awake? did you know your brain has a wake system... and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia, the neurotransmitters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need.
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those diagnosed with cancer who explored their treatment options by getting a comprehensive second opinion at cancer treatment centers of america. call today or go online to schedule your second opinion here. learn more at donald j. trump was just on phone. what did he say? what does it mean?
4:25 am
let's bring in cnn political commentator and host of "smerconish," michael smerconish. what resonated? >> the discussion about september 11. he wants to have it both ways. it all began with the interview on bloomberg where he said the twin towers came down on w.'s rein. are you blaming bush? he's quick to say, i'm not blaming him. here's my takeaway. i think there is a legitimate debate to be had as to whether president george w. bush kept us safe. if you go to the cnn website right now, peter bergen, our national security analyst says, i hate to write it but donald trump is right. i don't know why he doesn't full on have that conversation instead of trying to hedge and have it both ways. >> because he wasn't doing that. we had beinart on with phillip mudd, they each offered up six, seven points you never heard
4:26 am
come out of donald trump. he was doing something different, responding to an opponent. his instinct, donald trump is to go at him. he said he wanted to be nice but he went at him with the obvious. your brother was in office at the time. it's on him. >> i'm suggesting there's substance here that we can hash out, the pdb of august 6th, george tenet saying the community was blinking red. many were afraid to go after it. by the way, if it were an issue that could sell to a general election, you think john kerry would have been elected in 2004 and he wasn't. all i'm saying is, i think people tend to conflate whether they like or dislike trump, how they feel about the different issues. i'm suggesting there's a legitimate issue here for discussion that i think is healthy for the country. >> it sounds to me like he is going there.
4:27 am
he's going further than what he just said where he was attacking jeb. he was there talking about george tenet and why the warning signs were ignored and how the information was siloed as we know between the cia and other intelligence. also in this interview we just did talked about how it upset the apple cart. the response afterward and going into iraq that george w. bush didn't keep us safe. this is his feeling, because he went into iraq, upset the apple cart and that was the genesis of isis. he just said that. all of those deeper layers of the debate he is starting to talk about now. >> i think this was more drawn out and more substantive, your conversation with him, than anything else that transpired in the last several days. the mantra of the republican party in 2004, i remember the convention at madison square garden, zell miller delivered a speech where he said we have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here.
4:28 am
that was the mind set of the country, at least the rains in the country. i bought into it at the time and over time have second guessed it and so have many other people. every time we open a base, we're imperiling more american lives. i like the substantive natiure. >> he's good at provoking the situation. he did that on imgrigs. y you get into a battle of information and misinformation. similarly, on 9/11, the idea that one or two moves were grossly negligent of the facts known at the time, it's very hard to get people to agree with that, michael, as much as people want to blame for what happened on 9/11, phillip mudd, who was there all through it and so many others say, we weren't there, we
4:29 am
weren't capable. >> a lack of math nation as it's been called. >> alisyn, that's the key word. the september 11th commission said the greatest failure was a failure of imagination. this was just something that we the intelligence community could not comprehend. we were still stuck from an intelligence standpoint in a cold war mindset. >> michael, quickly, what did you think of his prediction that he will win with hispanics? this guys in face of people protesting his appearance at "snl." he said he's doing beautifully with hispanic voters. >> i give him props because he has his strongest numbers ever. when you look at internals that i have seen, not on this survey but others he's doing horrifically with hispanics. in a general election context, you have to grow the tent. he can't win with 59% of the white vote that mitt romney got.
4:30 am
i think the most stunning thing about the survey is the command that both trump and carson together have. it's 49% of the republican party right now. i think that's a reflection of who belongs to the gop today. i think it's emblematic of what you sea in congress with the sway that's healed held by the freedom caucus. when half the gop is tied up between two mav viericmavericks conservative, it tells you where the party is. >> you can't expect donald trump to say he's not going to win with any grupp. he's not in the business of saying that. they've issued a challenge. carson and trump have issued a challenge to that party. until somebody is able to show, yes, i understand why you're upset but i have a better wear to get it done than these guys. >> he also said stranger things have happened then a trump/carson ticket. >> i don't know ma, though.
4:31 am
i don't know which one in history. >> i wouldn't point out there's a good analysis at the national journal by ron brownstein who breaks down this phenomena by talking about the divide and republican party between blue collar and white collar republicans. he talks about how donald trump is running particularly well with those who are not college educated. within the gop. and that they've absolutely coalesced, cemented around trump. it looks like this is going on for fight some time. the support he holds there is very strong. >> michael xer csmerconish, we' talk to you again son. >> thanks, guys. is another government shutdown in the cards? ahead, we'll speak to senator angus king all good it.
4:32 am
4:33 am
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all right. you have politics and then you have governing. we have real issues, members of the republican and democratic leadership are urgently trying to hash out a long-term budget deal as well as come to an agreement on raising the debt ceiling. can they work together or are we really looking at another government shutdown? senator angus king is an independent from maine, on the senate budget committee be with the select committee on intelligence and on the committee on armed services. senator, good to have you, you can answer every question i have this morning. the first one is, do you believe a shutdown is in the cards? >> i hope not. i don't think so. you put it exactly right, chris, when you said we're talking about the relationship between politics and governing. this debt ceiling thing, for example, is 100% politics and has nothing to do with governing. it's a completely phony issue. >> it plays to people that say we borrow too much as it is and republicans will say they want to raise the debt ceiling again. how is that a fake issue?
4:37 am
>> because the problem is, it implies, most people think, this is so the government can spend more. this is to enable the debt that already incurred. the debt creeling is to allow us to pay the bills that were already made. people are confusing it and it ought to be called instead of raising the debt ceiling, it ought to be called the pay your bills enactment. and that's the confusion that's out there. it's a handy way for people to vote for spending, take credit for it back in their districts and then vote against the debt ceiling and saying i'm a fiscal conservative. it's fake and it doesn't do the country any good.
4:38 am
what if an enemy said we're going to do something that's going to cause your interest rates to go up. it could cause a global financial meltdown. it will cost you hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of jobs. we'd be having investigates up here about whose fault it is. guess what? that's exactly what we're trying to do or some are trying to do to ourselves. >> how do you make it stop? how do you make the spending stop? how do you make government be more accountable and fiscally responsible? >> that is the real question. and the answer is, we've got to stop borrowing. i agree with that. we're borrowing half a trillion dollars a year, digging a hole for our kids. i think that's wrong. we have to responsibly cut spending. we do have to, i believe, have more revenues and finally we have to do things that will grow the economy. it's not going to help the economy grow if we're cutting spending and things like r & d, infrastructure, highways and education. that's a way to collapse your economy.
4:39 am
so we have to look at that. the real problem by the way, chris, with the budget is, as you mentioned i'm on that committee, i've been living that stuff for three years, is not what most people think of as federal spending. the department of agriculture, defense and national parks, those kinds of things. it's social security, medicare and medicaid. that's where the growth is. why? because health care costs are going up. they have been for 20 years. faster than the rate of inflation. secondly, because we're aging, 10,000 people a day are qualifying now for social security and medicare. that's a demographic reality. spending on domestic needs and even on defense are at the lowest level as a percentage of our economy for 50 years. so if people wanted to reduce the level of federal spending, they've godone it. attacking head start or the national parks or even the department of defense to try to control federal spending and ignoring two-thirds of the
4:40 am
budget that's where the real growth is just isn't going to work. >> that's one side of the argument. we will see where it goes. obviously you have your deadline looming. another topic of the day, what is going on with all the hacking? this guy that was 0 our air this morning, his voice was described but he sounds like a dope yet he was able to hack, allegedly, the director of the cia. do you think that that happened? and if so, what is going on with our security on the internet? >> i don't have -- i can't confirm either way about whether or not it happened. i know it can happen. one of the problems is, chris, the good news is, we're the most wired society on earth. we're the most advanced technologically. the bad news is, that that makes us the most vulnerable. i had a thing up in maine recently for maine businesses about cyber security. by the way, we hope to have a cyber security bill on the floor as early as today. it should have been some months ago. hey, i'm not going to argue. let's get it done this week. but people have to be aware that there are all kinds of bad guys
4:41 am
out there, whether they're hackers or crooks or foreign government. >> this guy says he smokes pot all day long and he's able with a couple of buddies to get in and get after the cia director? >> yeah, if it's -- if the cia director i presume may have a private e-mail address just like most people do, like you and i probably do. it was that is what they got in. i don't think there's any allegation they got into any kind of cia system. but we all have to be more sensible. all of us get e-mails from somewhere around the country that says you inherited $100,000, click here. we have to be smart about not doing that. >> i'm still waiting on my money. i had no idea i had relatives in ghana. >> that's right. you have to change pass words. we have to get up to speed on the kind of basic internet sensibility about how to protect ourselves from things like this. we are vulnerable, no doubt about it. >> last question. are you ready to support trump for president yet? >> well, i think michael made a
4:42 am
really good point between trump and carson, you notice i'm dodging the question -- >> very artfully. >> very artfully. that's what i do. trump and carson together, 49% of republican vote, neither one have ever served five minutes in public office. that says something interesting and deep about the state of our politics and the state of the country. people are distrustful. they're looking for a new voice. and i think you guys sometimes are spending too much time on trump's issues. what does he say about september 11th, what does he say about immigration. people don't vote for issues, they vote for people. i think a lot of people are responding to trump not because of what he's saying but how he says it and the idea that, you know, he's not kidding people. he's giving it as it is. he's being himself. it's interesting. you have trump and bernie sanders who are getting a lot of support because of who they are. they're sort of feisty and people are looking for leaders and people that will make
4:43 am
problems go away. that's a little dangerous, though, chris. historically throughout history, not only in this country but other places, when times get tough and people are unsure of themselves, they look for the man on the white horse. somebody will come in and sort of take care of them. and that can be very dangerous and dangerous for democracy because our system is based upon more than just one person having all the power. >> candor is something that has to be used the right way. certainly that's something you're credited with very often. senator country, thank you very much. we appreciate your tacit endorsement of donald trump on "new day" this morning. >> there you go, chris, run with it, buddy. thank you. >> we'll stay with you on the debt ceiling. it's an important conversation. thank you, senator. as you just heard the senator discuss, the fbi and cia are discussing how hackers were able to breach the private e-mails two of top u.s. intelligence officials. we'll break down what the hackers did and what they plan to do.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
the republican presidential race has a two-man race.
4:48 am
donald trump and ben carson with 27 and 22% respectively. the poll also shows carly fiorina tumbling 11 points. she saw a big jump after the cnn debate last month but questions arose about the facts that she used that night. >> pilots of u.s. fighter jets being warned by commanders not to react to russian military planes in syria. officials say more russian aircraft have been flaying near american planes. pilots have been told to follow standard aviation safety procedures. this comes as the u.s. and russia near an agreement on flying safety and maintaining radio contact. >> planned parenthood dumped from the state medicaid program in texas. texas health officials claim planned parenthood is, quote, no longer capable of performing medical services in a safe, legal or ethical manner. planned parenthood called it outrageous and political.
4:49 am
they sight obvious concerns about a lack of investigation or due process. >> probably a night that 14-year-old ahmed mohammed will never forget. the 14-year-old from texas met president obama briefly last night during the white house second annual astronomy night. he was arrested after a clock he built for a school project was mistaken for a bomb. the teen said he's glad the president has his back. he was there with 300 other students, 11 astronauts and bill nye the science guy. >> that sounds cool. >> didn't that the sound great? >> yes. >> late night hosts taking aim at trump again. that's next.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
late night comics targeting donald trump. here is you missed in case you missed. >> bush called trump pathetic. he tweeted no, you're pathetic for saying nothing happen when the world trade center was attacked and came down.
4:54 am
>> do you blame george w. bush for 911? >> look. jeb said we were safe. we were safe. well the world trade center just fell down. am i trying tro blame him in i'm not blames anybody. but the world trade center came down. so we're not safe. >> strictly within the con fines of that sentence donald trump is r -- [ laughter ] donald trump is r -- [ laughter ] he's not wrong. >> donald trump is now saying that his immigration policies would have prevent eed 911. he's also claiming his hair would have kept the titanic afloat. >> conan has quite the head of hair himself. that's really fun. >> moving on a new cnn poll has trump and carson riding high again. here's a question.
4:55 am
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4:58 am
nearly half of republicans
4:59 am
throwing their support behind donald trump and ben carson. >> is vice president running for president. >> they knew an attack was coming. i'm leading in every poll. every single state. >> odom has started physical therapy. >> a medical chopper reportedly flown into l.a. >> very important he gets around people that are part of his recovery. >> unfinish what you started. >> the force awakens. advanced ticket sales crashed the internet. >> this is "new day" with cris cuomo, allsyn cammarata and michaela pereira. >> i think we should keep the music that way. >> i think so too. >> good morning. welcome to your new day. tuesday october 20th. 8:00 in the east. that means it is time to go to school cha cha. good morning. i love you. kindergarten very important. so the message from voters is
5:00 am
clear. they want an outsider in the white house. a brand new poll shows donald trump and ben carson dominating. that is the only word for it. combined, they have support from nearly half of the republican voters. trump leading 27-22. their closest competition is literally some 14 points back. >> you are speaking to the mother ship? it's very interesting. while carson surges -- excuse me. >> that is whether what you get. >> -- eight points from last month. carly fiorina heading in the opposite direction. she's fallen 11 points from her high now at just 4%. >> you would rather die than give me this read. >> that's right. three quarters of republican voters say they are satisfied overall with the field. that is compared to 70% of democratic voters. i got through it. >> strong.
5:01 am
sarah murray joins us now live from south carolina with a look at more of the policy. you should have seen camerota struggling to get through that read. >> i get it. maybe it is donald trump's star power. it is the shear number of options in the field but our pole shows republican voters are so much more excited about voting for president than democrats. 68% of republicans are enthusiastic about turning out to vote kpierd to 58% of the democrats. and that number is trending up. in september, 65%. early september 59. : clearly upwards trend there. let's talk about the gender gap and word trump was hurting himself. our numbers don't bear that out. trump and carson tied leading with the women's voters. and trump has an edge when you look at men.
5:02 am
31% of men said they were backing donald trump. 23% said they were backing carson. donald trump was here in south carolina last night. he offered up a little bit of red meat to conservative votes. take a listen. >> so big second amendment. we're all heavy on the second amendment. you know the president's thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away. you hear it this way. this is the new. not going to happen. that won't happen. >> now our white house reporter jim acosta tells me this is pretty much a pants on fire comment from donald trump. the white house is not trying to take kbuns away in every american. we have this second amendment in the constitution but they are looking at the possible actions when it comes to mass sales of firearms. >> we asked donald trump about that. and also about his new poll
5:03 am
numbers. which he seems to be enjoying. i also asked if he could imagine his opponent ben carson becoming his running mate. watch this? >> can you imagine a trump/carson ticket? >> well i like him. he likes me. i mean stranger things have happened. that i can tell you but it is too early to think about that. it certainly is interesting. so many people have suggested it because we seem to be doing awfully well. >> let's talk last night. you were in srbg ask. you had a passionate crowd there and you said something to them about guns. you said you know the president is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take away your guns. you hear about this? now mr. trump the president has not signed an executive order. >> i've heard he wants to. and i heard on your network somebody said that was what he's thinking about. i didn't think -- he was
5:04 am
thinking about signing it. and i've heard it from networks and read it in the papers. my source is the papers. they are pretty good sources. >> the president constitutionally cannot sign an executive order to take away guns. so what are you doing? >> well he can't sign an executive order on imiation either and he did. >> when you are telling your crowd last night he's coming after you and your guns and you know that not to be true. >> he has been in different forms. in my opinion he's against the second amendment. which is ridiculous. but he has certainly not been pro second amendment. you could say that at a minimum. now i've heard from numerous sources and i've heard from the media and i've seen in the media, i've seen in the papers. and i think if you look back maybe a week you will see it on your own network, people were saying he is thinking about doing it. i didn't say he was doing it. but certainly i think he is
5:05 am
currently thinking about doing it. >> so there you go. that is his response sarah murray was calling red meat serving it up for the south carolina audience who had come to see him in the thousands. >> -- however it is out there in the air and one of the things domd trump has done very effectively to this point is harness what people are concerned about. >> their fears. >> is it really going to happen? is it responsible assertion? that is when he backs away and says look it is out there in the papers. don't blame me for what you report. and it's working well for him. >> not just among the primary and among supporters but for the country people won't universal background checks. overwhelming overwhelmingly. people do want stricter laws rather than more lenient. so everything is working now.
5:06 am
>> right how does it play going forward? >> take our guns resonates. >> of course. >> anything that even sniffs of that is going to work with a very broad swath. >> let's carry on here. the vice president joe biden is expected to announce whether he is running for president any time now. he huddled with top advisors last night. let's go live to the white house and jim acosta. biden watch continues. >> mila, democratic sources tell me vice president biden is still sounds very serious. even inside his friends are not sure how long this can drag out. his team is talking to operatives about joining a potential campaign. and seems like every day biden sends out another teaser. consider these comments yesterday where he seemed to be
5:07 am
talking about hillary clinton. here is what he had to say. >> darrell issa not a republican friend of mine. he's a friend. i don't consider republicans enemies. they are friends. >> now that seemed to be a reference to what hillary clinton said at the debate last week in las vegas where she talked about republicans being her enemies. that comment from the vice president really coming close to a dig at hillary clinton. now moving on we should point out he's so confident that biden will run he tweeted about it. he tweeted he has a source telling him bide listen run. i talked to boyle yesterday. he stands by the tweet saying the information came from a source close to biden. if biden did not run at this point it is because he's pulling back from that decision has already made. and the less than half democrats want joe bide on the run. there is another poll this
5:08 am
morning. only 30% of democrats want joe biden to run. 38% say he should not run. those are tough numbers and it is an indication as we saw on our cnn orc poll that democrats may be losing patience guys and that joe biden has to make a decision and soon. >> valid point. how long? what is the decision? we look to you jim for answers on that. let's bring in david axle rod now and get interpretive on the biden situation and the trump situation. very good to have you with us ax. on the biden question, you and i were both skeptical to say the at least about whether or not the vice president would enter the race. does the new scuttle butt that we're hearing add to your curiosity? >> well my curiosity? maybe. but the new scuttlebutt is a little like the old scuttlebutt.
5:09 am
and until something happens it is just scuttlebutt. you and i both remember when another democrat was highly touted and ran up to the last minute and a plane sat on the runway and never took off for new hampshire. >> ted kennedy. -- >> [ laughter ] >> my father he's talking about. >> this is a similar situation. i think that he is generally conflicted. there is warring parts of him. part of him really wants to do it. part of him is conflicted i think because of the pressures on his family and the emotional toll of such a race. i don't think he's resolved this in his head. and i think he's going play it out as long as he possibly can. >> there there was a whole flurry of activity yesterday with different people tweeting, he's close to a decision he's going to be getting in. there was even a congressman from pennsylvania who tweeted my sources say he's -- it seems as though it's reaching a the fever
5:10 am
pitch and maybe in the next 48 hours we'll know something. >> he could get in in the next 48 hours. you know anything could happen. if you were trying to create time and space for yourself and keep people from committing to another candidate you would give them encouragement to think that a positive decision is coming and that is what operatives would do. that is different than what a candidate might do. i honestly don't know. and i don't think anybody really knows. i'm not sure joe biden knows what east going to do. every conversation at this point gets maximum conch and i'm not sure it means that one. >> speak to the realities. we exist entirely in the vice president's head. and that is fair analogy to my father's situation. my naar father was all about whether or not he felt right for the job. that was it. but there is another layer.
5:11 am
if he said today i'm gott etingw huge a task is it to get on the ballots in the big states to get the machinery up. to duet the money to get the machinery up and to make any kind of inroads with all the people who have already committed to hillary clinton? >> well as mr. trump would say it's yuge. it it would be a huge task. you are looking -- in the summer there was this hew and cry for him to get in and save the party from a weak front runner. she no longer looks weak. she's holding continually 45 to 50% of the vote in the polls. the debate was very good for her. bernie sanders is doing well and holding a the solid 30% of the vote. that's 3 75% of the vote.
5:12 am
just the politics is doesnaunti and then the organizational challenges. and his are a little more complicated because as the sitting vice president there are fixed costs no other candidate has. it costs obama an extra 25 million dollars because he was the sitting president and they had to be covered by the campaign. so there are all kind of extra challenges here if erp to get in. and i don't know if those are this things weighing on his mind. i think he has something to offer here. and he does have something to offer but the task is daunting. >> you brought up donald trump. so let's go there. >> like saying "beetlejuice." >> we just sat down with him. had an interview. and once again he refuses to
5:13 am
stick to the republican narrative that george bush kept the country safe. and donald trump is saying no he didn't. 9/11 happened on his watch. and oh by the way, going into iraq has engendered isis. and that is what we're dealing with today. what do you think right foot o conversation he started? >> i heard the interview. i was struck by his tone. last time he was on he was questioning whether ben carson was actually a really competent doctor, you know, a world class neurosurgeon. he was talking about carly fiorina's face. and now, you know, he loves everybody. there is nothing like a series of good polls to make someone -- e he sounded like he was going to be the nominee. now he's trying to bring the whole -- the whole family together. and i think even as he stuck by
5:14 am
his comments i think that he was trying to find room to acknowledge that those were the facts but not be too offensive about it. i actually think he -- you know, even though george w. bush is popular with the republicans, i think there is a profitable exchange for donald trump. because anything that causes jeb bush to go backwards instead of forwards and identify himself as the brother of george w. bush rather than as his own person. remember his poster says jeb. it doesn't say jeb bush. and that is for a reason. i think trump knew that. you know he may not be a very well versed in policy and he was absolutely wrong about the president and the executive order as you pointed out. but he is -- he has a postdoctoral degree in finding people's vulnerabilities and poking at them. and i think wiggled bush into a exchange that will benefit trump
5:15 am
and hurt bush. >> envagaled. that is a camerotaesque word. that was a biggest word. the biggest word i use a mayonnaise. >> dade, thanvid thanks to much. >> just how were hackers able to access the private e-mail of two top u.s. intelligence officials. the fbi and secret service are investigating the breech link to brennan and johnson. trying to term whether any sensitive data was compromised. cnn justice correspondent evan perez live in washington. >> this was really more about trickery than computer hacking skills. an alleged hacker tells cnn he's part of a group that tricks service providers into providing access that ultimately got him in. he said they did this to protest
5:16 am
u.s. foreign policy on israel and palestinians. the alleged hacker taunted officials on twitter and yesterday he spoke to lori siegel about the kind of documents they obtained. >> [ inaudible ]. >> and one document published by the hackers stolen from brennans aol e-mail appears to be a list of members of the intelligence community with security clearances. and another document the form that brennan filled out to get his high level security clearance. he would have provided this information while he was still a private citizen, before he took a job in the obama administration. after the alleged hacker chatted with cnn allsyn, twitter suspended the account he was
5:17 am
using. >> new accusations to tell you about against washington post reporter. these are levelled by a top iranian lawmaker. iranians claim he was feeding informs about their nuclear program the state department. now they are cruising him of is a addition and collaborating with the iran's enemies. the washington post call this is ridiculous. historical in the making as south koreans travel north to reunite with loved ones. many of the people reunited are in their 80s or 90s. tensions deescalated between the koreans in the august following this nasty standoff over a border explosion that injured south korean soldiers. >> what do you call it when somebody interrupt yours vine.
5:18 am
watch as the first lady interrupts the vine selfie. she was doing all of this as part of the launch for her campaign called "better make room" aimed at encouraging teens to pursue higher education. >> foert bomb of the vine. >> >> she inveigled their vine. >> i don't know if that works but i like the word. >> too much. >> all right. so there is absolutely no evidence against hillary clinton. that is what the democrats are saying, going all out to protect the leader in their polls days before she testifies on benghazi. what do republicans, specifically a member of the benghazi committee have to say about that?
5:19 am
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5:22 am
you think they'd censor pippa's doggy-ola's? censored, not censored. censored, not censored. introducing the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and the note5. we have two big political head lines. first a meeting tonight for the gop that paul ryan may or may not say he wants to be leader. we're going to talk about that. and this is what the democrats say tell the truth about what ice going on with benghazi and this sororityreport is a whole nothing. meaning no proof hillary clinton should be held accountable for anything. congressman, thank you for being on "new day" first, is it true there is a big meeting tonight at 7:00 for members of the gop
5:23 am
and ryan may get there. >> i don't know if that is the purpose of the meeting or not. they said it is to go over the debt ceiling xm and continuing funding of the government. that is what they told us. so we're going to go at 7:00 and try to pay attention. >> the ryan throws his hat in the ring are you with him? >> yes i am. >> why? >> well i mean we've got to do something to bring everybody together. and i think that most factions of the party agree that paul ryan would be somebody that they would have confident in. and that is what we need right now. so paul may be the guy. and i'm certainly going to support him because of the majority of the conference supports him. and i think that is the one thing about being a member of anything. is that, you know, once the majority goes with something, if you are going to be part of the team then that is what you go. >> it is parent also to note that the reason paul ryan has weighing this is a really
5:24 am
excellent reason. thinking about the toll on his family and he's not just playing politics with it. i think that's worthy of note also. now let's talk about this big fat report in my hand. basically for all pages in it. 125 pages without the appendices. one point. of these 31 or so interviews they reviewed the democrats what happened before the select committee, nobody has anything like a smoking gun that says hillary clinton was doing anything nefarious with respect to what happened in benghazi, any kind of cover up with benghazi what. do you say is this. >> chris, it is interesting that this isn't about hillary clin n clinton. it is unfortunate that at the time our mission was attacked and four americans died trying to defend our country and represent our country in a foreign land. it was a mission facility, which is oversaw by the state department. and so it is -- i mean, it is
5:25 am
not our fault that she was secretary of state. and if you go back and look she is in charge of these diplomatic security facilities. this isn't about hillary. she just happened to be there as secretary of state when this tragedy cowaoccurred. if john kerry would have been there, weed we'd be looking at the john cree. and for the democrats to say she didn't have anything to do with it i think the is little farfetched. >> what they say is she didn't do anything wrong or nefarious with respect to it. but your assertion that it's not about hillary, i haven't heard that from anybody. everybody says it is about her. it is about why it is about her. why are you stepping away from that premise that this is about hillary. >> it's never been about hillary.
5:26 am
it's always been finding the facts and following the facts to the truth. and that is why chierm gowdy and our committee has constantly tried to do. we are trying to gather the facts and unfortunately the state department has stone walled every request we've made for information is just like pulling teeth to get this information out. and now, you know, unfortunately it has gone on for such period of time because, you know, you only get a dribble of information, a dribble of information. and if you have done any type of investigative work you know that one key bit of information can lead you to something else. and that is all we're trying to do. we're trying to find the facts to get to the truth. >> what do you believe still warrants curiosity at this point after all of the hearings, the several committee, all of the interviews that have been conducted? that is the speculation, right? this has gone lon longer than watergate. it's cost so much money. why? >> well let me ask you this. >> yes, sir. >> if you were investigating
5:27 am
something, wouldn't you want to know the e-mails of the guy that was there that was murdered and what he had asked for as far as help from the people he worked for? we've just now gotten those e-mails. >> what do they say? >> nobody else had "them. i haven't had a cans to read them. the point is all the different committees have had hearing on it. they haven't had all of the information. and that is the one thing chairman gowdy has insisted on is that we have got to have all of the information. do you think we care about ms. clinton's yoga lesson's chelsea's weddingabsolutely not. but if it pertains benghazi we want to see it. >> -- >> the state department looked
5:28 am
at it themselves. -- >> that is kind of like the rooster in the hen house. that is kind of crazy. >> that is an easy cynical assumption to make you want to undermine the confidence in our institution, do you? >> what i'm trying to tell you is when you got an agency that is investigating itself? that doesn't just sound right. and i don't think the american people have any confidence in that. >> you always want transparency. but at the same time as you know, every government agency, including congress and both houses has the duty and responsibility to review itself and its actions. we always have to wait for you to do your own review of the situations. that is how it happens. >> well there is an outside ethics commission too that we have. so it is not all internal, chris. >> i understand that but i'm just saying they have been looked at is my point.
5:29 am
>> the point is yes it's been looked at by the people that were supposed to be providing it. we're just asking for a fair shake and let us get the information and determine whether it leads us. that is where we're about. this committee is about finding out the truth of what went on before this attack, during this attack and after this attack. that is it. and there is different players involved. and if they are involved that is unfortunate for them. >> representative west moreland. thank you for your perspective. >> lamar odom is now back in los angeles for rehab after his near death experience. how does he get himself back on his feet? dr. drew pin ski is going to join us and we'll talked the road to recovery next. did you know that good nutrition
5:30 am
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here we go with the five things for your "new day." starting number one. nearly half of republicans throwing support behind trump and carson. trump has 27% to carson's 22%.
5:34 am
carly fiorina losing 11 points in the last month. joe biden expecting to announce any time now. vice president met last night with top advisers. and aides are already setting up staff interviews. a group of hackers taking the credit for hacking john brenn brennan's personal e-mail as well as homeland security chief jay johnson. >> and canada ending nine years of conservative rule. justin trudeau poised to become canada's next prime minister. oscar pistorius released from prison. for more visit "new day" now to an actor and singer
5:35 am
who is definitely in the right key. katlyn across. check out her story in this edition of "impact your world". >> ♪ give yourself away and ♪ -- she says she just wants to help others. >> i just am obsessed with people and wanting to spread hope and encouragement whether it be through a song or instagram post. like whatever it is. >> like sharing inspiring words on old gees. >> i had an old hotel key from new york that i thought was cool and then went to a lock smith and asked him the engrave inspiring words. at first i wanted to create a cool inspiring product. and the stories poured in like so and so has cancer. so i gave them my fight key. so i thought to myself i need to make a website where the stories
5:36 am
are being shown. and i started giving >> crosby had no idea this would be the key to opening doors for those without a home. >> we now offer those trying to transition out of homelessness. and they screen the people for us to make sure we're hiring people that are really trying to change their lives and make sure they are ready for this change. >> and giving people like giovani a new beginning. >> thank you for not judging me based on my pass where i'm striving to go in my life.
5:37 am
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5:40 am
this morning, lamar odom is a los angeles hospital receiving treatment after being found unconscious in a las vegas brothel last weekend. what happens next for odom? this is a discussion we want to have with our addiction specialist. dr. drew is here. this is a conversation the three of us are often anxious to has we know tow the topic of diction touches so many lives here.
5:41 am
we don't know what exactly was all involved. we know there was cocaine apparently involved here. >> he has a long-standing cocaine history. so guess what cocaine addicts do? they do cocaine. and when they get into complications they have either a heart attack or cardiac arrhythmia or typically add in other things. and typically it is pills or heroin. almost always the case. and when they die of, this is whether they day of. pills. it is the addition of the benzodiazepine and opiates. >> we couldn't believe he didn't die. and the reason was because the first reports said there was blood coming from his nostrils and he was foaming at the mouth. how often have you seen people come back from that. >> often. because he was snorting and gasping, he was in the death throes but he wasn't dead.
5:42 am
she was till oxygenating his tissue but within minutes of being in big big trouble. so a young person who get rus at a timed -- resuscitated still in that state has a chance. >> what he's going through physically is the easy part. >> i agree. it is the easy part and least time consuming. the really difficult part about diction is you have to stop your life for a long period of time and literally rewire your brain. it takes months or years. you have to focus on doing nothing but your recovery. it is a really a serious conundrum. >> so many people will say i just got to get back to doing what i love. that will make me happy and -- >> that is not right answer. >> and the single greatest contributor to celebrities sy i sabotaging their recovery. they go back too soon.
5:43 am
i've been saying a lot of example robert downy junior is a great kpvrm example how that works. and then he went away. he went away for years. he contemplated he would never work again. just focused on his recovery. >> you have to change the people, places and things in your life. and you have to do what's even harder than that. because that is just about your quotidian routine. it is about why you were addicted in the first place. >> first, if someone has bad enough diction. they need to see me. two phenomenon always. one is the burden of diction in and of itself. but in my world childhood trauma that. creates the problems that people turn into drugs and alcohol typically this adolescence. they have to rebuild not only around the addictive process and that disturbance we call diction but they also have unregulated
5:44 am
emotions from trauma. that takes a long time to treat. slow going process. and it is interpersonal. and by the way here is the other conundrum. you have two conundrums. you have a brain saying do not stop this. and you have a a childhood trauma, an experience of life that says the interpersonal space is dangerous. and guess what, this is where you context. so get the participation of the person who is resistant and bring them into a space they don't want to go into. is very hard. >> we think conventional wisdom. family is your first line of defense. they are a great support network. family can really complicate this. >> what i tell people is do you ever see little shop of horrors. auditory two. the plan. that is the perfect model for diction. if you go in the room for the plant what happens? >> it eats you. that is what happens with diction.
5:45 am
you go near it. you go in. even me, i always bring somebody with me to pull me outlet. it is an interpersonal disease. the person with the disease will start to effect people around and you go in the plant unless you have someone going you're going in. relax. come back out. >> can recover and play? >> play basketball? >> i don't know. i don't know what his status is as the professional athlete. there is no reason he couldn't. no reason he couldn't. >> let's gunshot. >> if indeed -- he's older. >> the reason i ask. that is his identity. and he's going to have to deal with who he is and what he wants. we had darrell strawberry on the other day. and he's great and he's living his recovery, which is the necessity. but at the end i want to end on a light note. the teams in there. the mets where he was beth known. he said i don't like baseball.
5:46 am
i don't watch anymore. but if you read his books or understand anything about him he saw it as one of the things that fed disregulation in hits. >> it doesn't have to be that way but some people will see it as the disease. >> meanwhile the hype awakens. >> you have to say it better than that. >> how do i say? >> strong. >> feel the force. >> ooh that's good. >> reaction to the is it star wars frenzy, that's next. hink at where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
5:50 am
>> they're real.
5:51 am
>> the force. it's calling to you. >> let it be notebook. i am mad for chewy. you guys i thought i was done. i thought i was good on star wars and they sucked me back? >> it worked. the trailer worked. >> it worked in some ways it was the least important trailer ever. but on the other hand. >> i was on the fence. >> were you? >> i was like i'm good. >> now we're seeing some hints of what is going to be in the new movie. tickets went on sale last nigh. two months until the premier. we know harrison ford and the fisher. we don't know hammel. he famously played luke sky walker. and it has a lot of people
5:52 am
speculating on the plot twist. >> can we do the harrison ford and carey fisher before and after. and carey fisher. it is not just nostalgia. it's something more to it that is drawing us in isn't there? >> absolutely. and i think that's what they have really withbeen trying to with this franchise. keep the die hard fans and then capture that new generation. i has some of the die hard stash wars fans britting a little bit. but i think this is going to be fantastic. look at this. who doesn't get goose bumps from seeing that trailer and seeing the new evil darkside. who says i'm going to pick one darth vader left off and wreak havoc. i'm ready.
5:53 am
58 days. >> there were already people trying to buy tickets. major issues wi s wits with onl sales. like fandango has major outages. but that's got to help the buzz. >> it was actually a little easier to go in person to the box office than to go online. a lot of people were able to get the tickets by the end of the day for the night before the official opening. that and that's on the 17th. >> it's been a while before we've saw something like this. >> two months ahead of time is almost unheard of, yeah. >> and it is not just ticket sales. toy sales are already skyrocketing. all the merchandising is way up. by the way the websites that were having problems are back up this morning. i don't know how long it will last. but when you look at them you
5:54 am
see so many of the seats already blacked out. a lot of buzz and a lot of advanced sales already. it is going to be hard to get a ticket. and on ebay they are already being resold for hundreds of. >> i have to delve into the system because there is a little bit of controversy going on. there is actually a boycott star wars hashtag. twhaz craziness in. >> yeah. it's really upsetting to see. and i'm sorry his name left me that plays fin in the movie is a an african american lead in the movie and there is this online kind of surge happening with people protesting having a black lead in the movie. >> come on now. >> it's really been disheartening. i hate to even talk about it. because it's mean to me. >> me too. >> but there is that faction of people out there who are saying this isn't what we want to see from star wars and this isn't what is real. but did you forget about billy d. williams. >> oh con. billy d.
5:55 am
>> exactly. >> tomorrow is an important day. what day is tomorrow? >> it is "back to the future" day. >> it is also october 21s, 2015 which is is day marty mcfly went back to the future in 2002. fans are going celebrate this. >> i don't know if the world is exactly what we thought it would be 30 years ago. >> listen, there are hover boards. >> sure. >> i'm kind of freaked out about the similarities that have actually happened in the movie. of course a lot is farfetched but there were some fore thought in back to the future. but by the way, if you would like to buy a ford focus or a ford fiesta you can get one the the flexed capacitor this weeks. apparently. >> maybe as to time. >> it is time. >> all of us aging eighties
5:56 am
kids. and we love to talk about it. thank you so very much to both of you. newsroom with carol costello after this break.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
happening now in the newsroom. >> woo, goo donald. >> trump riding high in a brand new cnn poll. >> how can you say we're safe under his brother when e just had the worst attack in the history of our country. >> and not swaying his supporters. >> donald says, i think it. >> and the cia directors personal email hacked. cnn talks to the hacker who says he did it? >> how difficult would you say it is? >> ah, you mean out of ten? >> sure out of ten. >> a one. >> why he did it and what did he find out? plus it is finally here. >> there were stories about what happened. >> it's true. >> the new star wars trailer racking up millions of views. ticket sites crashing. so what if the movie doesn't even come out until december. let's talk live in the cnn


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