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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  October 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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it in the trail er ther that afe franchise when george lucas stepped out two people who grew up with the franchise, and j.j. abrams knows that. >> and the "phantom of the menace" that is a low bar. >> all right. great to see you, erik davis. thank you for join g ing us thi hour. zip it. >> "legal view with ashleigh >> "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to legal view. if he is not in, and in soon, that kind of means that he is out. so we begin with the latest public comments of the vice president of the united states, joe biden, comments that may or may not offer clues as to whether or not he is going toing to make one more run for the presidency. at a forum this morning honor former v.p. and unsuccessful
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candidate walter mondale, joe biden talked about his own history with the president, and if you know what to listen to, you can hear the subtle and deliberate swipes at hillary clinton, the current front-runner for the democratic presidential nomination. i want to let you hear the thoughts on republicans whom hillary clinton identified as her enemy in last week's cnn debate. >> i really respect the members up there, and i have a lot ofp republican friends and the chief enemy is not the republican party, but it is a matter of making it work. >> on a more specific item, biden talked about the decision to launch the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> only two people were defintive and were absolutely certain, leon panetta said go, and bob gates who already has
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publicly said this said don't go. and others were 59-41 and some said go, but it is a close call, and i joked and i said, you all sound like 17 larry summers, the economist, and they said, joe, what would you do, and there was a third option which i really didn't think that we should do, and i said, well, i think that we should make one more pass with a uav to make sure it is him. and the reason i did that is that i didn't want to take a position to go if that was not what he was going to go. and so as soon as we walked out of the room and upstairs i told him my opinion that i thought that he should go, but to follow his own instinct. >> there is an awful lot there to pick apart, and so i call on the senior white house correspondent jim acosta to join me, as well as the senior
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political analyst and adviser to the four presidents david gergen and patti solis doyle who went on the lead the obama team that picked joe biden as the v.p. and first to you, jim acosta, there is significance to what the vice president just said about the osama bin laden account. unpack that for me. >> i will try to unpack it and peel back the bubble wrap carefully, and in the last several months, hillary clinton has talked about the foreign policies of the narratives of her came pain when it came down to saying which way the president should go when it came to ordering the raid to kill or capture osama bin laden, hillary clinton said on a num bber of occasions that her advice was to go for it, and take him out, mr. president. and what joe biden was saying at this event honoring walter mandale he said that the only two people who were clear was
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former secretary of the military robert gates and leon panetta. and he said that in his own role of that accounting, he said that the president should go for it. that is different than what joe biden has said in the past. back in january of 2012 he said at a democratic retreat, ashleigh, my opinion is "don't go, mr. president" but i should point out that on "meet the press" four months later he said that he sauna the president was going to go, and he said to the president, follow your instincts, and so it is interesting that when you put in more comments that were subtle digs at hillary clinton over at george washington this morning, he is clearly trying to challenge the narrative that hillary clinton is putting out that is this is one of the d fining moments as secretary of state, ashleigh, and he going after that. >> and the defining moment of the debate as well when secretary clinton said that the
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republicans would be her enemy if she had to choose one, which is the question from anderson cooper. and david gergen, i would like for you the join in they have lots of friends on the hill, and isn't that what the americans are telling the politicians, we are tired of the quagmire and the paralysis, and is this where joe biden can shine? >> well, i do think, ashleigh, that the campaign is going to be about the future and not about the past. so they may have disputes about who said what to whom and who did what, and we will probably never get the whole truth about who said what about bin laden, but the campaign issue is who wins the future, and on that issue, joe biden is saying that i can work with the republicans, and i can make washington work and he may declaire for one term if he gets in, but the theme is going to be that i will build on the obama record, but the
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difference is that i will work across the aisle and i come from the senate, and hillary clinton has felt that the republicans for a long time were trying to derail her and they were the enemy. that is a difference and a more e legitimate debate about what is the future. >> all right. patti solis, please tell us what the campaign is doing with the feverishly comments that the vice president has just said, and how is that going to affect how hillary clinton strategizes going forward? >> well, i this think that given what he just said it sounds like he is getting into the race. i believe that joe biden, and i had the privilege of working for him in '08 for some months, and i believe joe biden is a formidable candidate. he is a sitting vice president. the only time that a sitting vice president who is seeking the party's nomination for the presidency and didn't get it was harry truman as vice president. he is a straight shooter. he is wildly authentic, and in
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this political season, that means a lot, and he is beloved by the party, however, and this is a pretty big however, at this stage of the game, this late in the game, he has a lot of obstacles to get over. he has to hire a staff. that takes weeks, not days. he has to put together an organization in the states, and that is months and not weeks, and he has to raise tens of millions of dollars in a primary where the democrats have hauled in more than $100 million, so that is going toing to be very difficult. so i think that in terms of hillary, if she had a choice, she would probably choose that joe biden not get in, but i think that such a strong candidacy will make her better on the trail, and also i think that she has done such a great job, and her campaign has done a great job to get the support from the coalition that barack obama built in 2012 and 2008 and
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strong support from women, and strong support from african-americans and strong support are from the latinos, and so that is another steep hill for joe biden. >> since you mentioned that, she has also put out to dday a listf 50 african-american mayors who support her, and half of them are in south carolina. let me show you that some of the other numbers that are significant, and david, i will get you the weigh in, the washington street/nbc news poll suggests that with joe biden in the race, hillary clinton runs at a 49% to sanders' 29%, and biden gets 15%. that is huge. i mean, that discrepancy with biden in the race, and again, he is not in the race right now, but it is a poll with a guy that is not actually running, but the name is included in the polling numbers. how significant is that at this juncture and that is the significance at this jupg chur to a guy like joe biden if he is making a decision? >> well, it is too early to
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tell, and patti was generous about the comments about joe biden and he will be, if he gets in, a positive response by many, many the press on the first time, but he has to come forward and not just with the campaign team and a strategy, but he has got to have a rash nail for the run. and right now, hillary clinton coming off of that debate is in a much stronger position to say, look, i can make this, and i can do it, and you know, she is presume pli going to believe she has hearings with benghazi, and so what is the argument for joe biden? until he gets that, he can, i think that he he has the to come tout win that argument in order tole pole vault where he is now, otherwise he is going to be trailing by a lot. >> and ashleigh, i think that rationale to answer david's question, the rationale that the vice president was laying out this morning he would be the
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third term for president obama. and he was talking about it from the policy standpoint that this relationship with the president and himself means that he would have the third obama term and not hillary clinton which is something that she has been trying to articulate in the last few weeks, and joe biden is going toing after those voters should he decide to go into the race. i don't know why he would say these things if he were not getting in this morning. >> interesting, ashleigh. >> and these are parlor games, clearly, but two to three hours between each of joe biden's events at a least for today which could be plenty of time for an announcement, and jim acosta, that is your watch today and you have to keep your eyes tight to that schedule. jim acosta live on the white house lawn. thank you, david gergen and p patti solis doyle as well joining us. and joe biden is not the only democrat making news today. presidential candidate jim webb says he is going toing to announce ha he is dropping out of the democratic race next hour, and this is coming to us
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with two sources with knowledge of the decision. the former virginia's campaign says he is thinking of an independent run for the white house, and we may find out for sure at a 1:00 p.m. news conference, and jim webb has had a poor showing in the polls, and completely or complained repeatedly you will remember in the last week's cnn democratic debate that he was not given enough time to speak, so much so that it made snl several times. and that is never a good sign. coming up, we will see if joe biden is going toing to ma g biden is going toing to maoingm three-way race. and prominent two contenders in the republican race is a potential trump/carson ticket, and who else was talking about that? one of the guys on the ticket, the guy on the left. hear what he said in a moment. t. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes.
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so many candidates, but now two main contender s s in the g race for president. that is what the brand new cnn polling shows. it shows that the two men who have never held any public office before are favored by half of republican voters. donald trump is in his accustomed position at the head of the pack, and ben carson at a close second and nobody else above single digits. and now, compare these numbers to a month ago and look at the the bottom of the screen. post debate surge for carly fiorina, vanished and seemingly disappeared as quickly as it came. i know what you are thinking, maybe a trump/carson gop ticket. in a wide ranging interview on "new day" on cnn donald trump said quote "stranger things have happened, but it is too early to
9:17 am
think about it." we heard today a look at the foreign policy doctrine for donald trump. he was asked about the invasion of afghanistan 14 years ago this month. >> you have said a couple of conflicting things about whether or not you thought that it was right to go into afghanistan. ben carson as you know this weekend said that he felt that going to war with afghanistan after 9/#11 was a mistake and a times you have said that and at times you have flip-flopped d -- >> no, i have not said it. i have not said it. afghanistan is a different thing, and it is next to pakistan and pakistan is a nuclear weapon -- >> and ta afghanistan war -- >> and the different thing. it is a different thing, and a whole different kettle. and one of the reasons that i wouldn't have gone into iraq and number one, no weapons of mass destruction and i think that bush wanted to do that for his father, maybe, because actually his father did a good job and went in and knocked the hell of
9:18 am
iraq and he didn't go in and get into the quagmire. the whole middle east is in a quagmire. it is a quagmire and you are not going to get out, and it is not going to change and it is not going to change with syria, and it is like a quagmire and like being in quick sand and you can't be out. and in the meantime, we have to build our own country, and in afghanistan, it is different, because they are next to pakistan and pakistan has nuclear weapons. >> but i want to know how you feel about the afghanistan war, do you feel it is a mistake? >> do i love it? no. do i like anything about it? no. it is important to keep a presence there and ideally a presence of pretty much what they are talking about 5,000 soldiers. >> originally. >> but we need to do it for a different reason, and pakistan, and pakistan e legitimately have nuclear weapon, and this is a real problem -- >> and originally -- >> and other people would help us like china who is taking all of the minerals out of afghanistan, and while we are fighting all of the time, china is on the other side of the ridge with the big equipment and
9:19 am
the excavators taking the minerals out and they do nothing, nothing but make money. >> i want to clarify that you do not think it was a mistake to go into afghanistan after 9/11, because you did say on our air and let me read to you what you said on october 6th about afghanistan, you said that we made a terrible mistake getting involved there main the first place and we have great thinkers who made a mistake and it is a heck of a mistake. >> i said iraq. >> and this conversation was about afghanistan. >> okay. i don't care, i would -- it doesn't matter. afghanistan is a different kettle. afghanistan is next to pakistan and it is an entry end and you have to be careful with the n e nuclear weapons. it is all about the nuclear weapons. >> all right. so, he is, david gergen, he is saying that i was absolutely spe speaking about iraq. you know a lot of people get that confused every so often
9:20 am
when speaking, because i want to be specific, and the exact words went on longer and he said, and again, this is all, you know, in response to a question about the president extending to a afghan mission. he said that at some point they will have to be there at 200 years, and at some point, it is going to be a long time and we made a terrible mistake getting involved there in the first place and we had brilliant thinkers who didn't know what the hell they were doing. it is a mess, it is a mess. and at that point, you have to stay because that thing will collapse two minutes after we leave just as i said that iraq was going the collapse after we leave. i don't know what else to say, david gergen, because he is specifically talking about two policies, the first one in afghanistan and the next one just as i said that iraq was going to collapse after we leave. a and he is making the stuff up as he goes along and my stuff is for someone who has seen so many of these races, why is it that it doesn't matter? why? >> well, look, consistency
9:21 am
matter matters and these things will catch up with the candidate, and they will catch up with donald trump eventually, but at this stage in the campaign when a lot of the public is more interested in the theatrics than in the substance of the campaign, he is going to get away with it. but if a series of these build up, and he is going to have flip-flops on the record as clear cut and he goes from one position to another, and denies that he said the first position, that is going to undercut the candidacy. and my working assumption is that donald trump is a master showman, showman, and he is terrific at the theatrics and he is smart enough to change as a candidate. and he could become a better candidate. he certainly has had more staying power, and the latest poll shows that he has more staying power than anybody expected, and he has been out front since mid ssummer and everybody thought that he'd be disappeared by now, but he is not, and he can get away with these things, and he is driving the conversation and he calls into cnn and boom! he is driving the conversation
9:22 am
and everybody is responding to what donald trump says, and that is a mark of a guy who plays the game better than anybody thought not long ago. >> all right, david, if that is the case then it behooves us to call it out when we see it, and if this stuff that he is going to make it up and change it live on the fly, and in the crowd of the you asked the fire marshall 5600, and if you ask donald trump he said 7,900 and he said that the president is thinking of signing an executive order to take your guns away? hear about in? not going to happen. and alison asked him about this. and there is no such thing on the table. and listen to how that conversation went with alison this morning. >> you said that you know, that the president is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take away your guns. you hear about this? now shg, mr. trump the presidens not signed an executive order. >> no, i have heard it, and
9:23 am
maybe on your network that is what he is thinking about it, and i did not say that he is signing it, because it would be a tough one to sign. >> impossible in fact. >> and nevertheless, he was thinking and it and i have heard it of numerous networks and read it in the papers. >> and seen the generals on tv, and when, david gergen does this catch up, because typically by now, i has caught up by now. >> well, look, so far, donald trump is largely given a pass by the public, but it is also clear that the media is beginning to add these things up, and he is going to be coming after him more and more just as you are right now, and very insistently saying, here the record and look at what it is, and it is this and now it is that and you said something no basis in fact, and where are you getting this the from, and those things catch up. can a politician survive them? yes. but if there are a couple of them, but if there are a whole
9:24 am
string of them and people think, that you are living in a different planet and we are not sure that we want that person in the oval office, so he has to pull himself together and be a more serious candidate and he can't go on winging it based on t the, you know, unreliable information. >> yeah, well. come on back, because i have a fooling that you and i can have this conversation almost daily. david gergen, thank you. >> we may have. thanks. >> and coming up next, uncovering the truth about the undercover videos aimed at putting planned parenthood out of business. are where did all of those graphic images really come from? o but at t-mobile you can get four lines with up to 10 gigs of 4g lte data, each no sharing and just $30 bucks a line 10 gigs for each and every one of you we'll even pay your family's switching fees up to $650 bucks per line
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a controversy video is leading to more fallout. in texas, they are cutting planned parenthood from their
9:29 am
medicaid program. planned parenthood calls this decision outrageous and political. a federal judge blocked a similar move in louisiana citing certains of lack of investigation or due process, but as for the hidden videos we are starting to learn a little bit more about what some people are calling their misleading nature. senior investigative correspondent drew griffin is live in the cnn center with more, and a lot more and you have done some deep digging. tell me what you have found. >> ashleigh, the center for medical progress and the founding david delieden began rolling the videos out this summer, and they were damning to planned parenthood, because they seemed to show the associates of planned parenthood bargaining and talking about selling tissue from aborted fetuses, and they used two images that are not connected to planned parenthood and then slipped them into the piece, and one of them which
9:30 am
slipped up a republican presidential candidate. >> watch, a fully formed foe e on the table, the heart beat in and the legs kicking. >> in the second republican debate, carly fiorina made this attack on planned parenthood citing this video clip of another baby in the documentary again with holly o'donnell providing the narration. >> its nose is pronounced. it had eyelids. the mouth is pronounced and since the fetus was still intact, she said, okay, well, this is a really good fetus. >> horrific image. not just the image, but a video. where did it come from? >> that video is from an organization called the scenter for bioethical reform and they are one of the largest repositories of abortion images and abortion videos in the world
9:31 am
i think. >> and so you don't know where that came from? >> i don't know the exact clinic, no. the exact location, i don't know the exact location. >> or the date? >> i don't know the exact e location or the date, but i know that it is footage from cbr archive. >> and the center for bioethical reform would not released any detailed information either. the center claims it is an aborted fetus and they paid for the fetus. this is what carly fiorina is talking about, right? >> yes. >> and you can't tell me that this is at a planned parenthood facility. >> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter, because it is a born alive late term fetus that holly o'donnell is talking about. >> but you don't know where the baby was born, and what date or the particular clinic that the ba baby was born, and yet this whole video production is talking about planned parenthood selling body parts and, you
9:32 am
know, abortions. >> right, right. this specific sequence right here with holly o'donnell is talking about an infant that was born alive in a planned parenthood clinic that they then harvested the the brain from again. >> only once again, not this baby. >> reporter: planned parenthood has used the entire editing as a complete fraud. >> all of the footage that david delieden has released out in the world has been fully discredit ed. >> reporter: one of the executives dawn laguens at planned parenthood says it is heavily e edit and false. we looked at this exchange between planned parenthood mary gater is in negotiation over the sale of fetal tissue. >> what i want to nknow is what
9:33 am
would work for you, and don't lowball it? >> and -- >> that is way too low. >> okay. >> that sounds like negotiating of prices, but what is it? >> well, one, we don't know, because, these tapes are extremely heavily edited, and what you think -- >> that portion was not edited. >> and let me just say that $75, and this is a person, a doctor, and a fabulous doctor who does great care for women who wouldn't in an affiliate be the person anyway who would the tell you what the reimbursement costs that were allowed under the law would be. she is somebody they got to come to lunch, and they start asking her to guess about what would be a proper reimbursement, and now they are all introduced -- >> she is the medical director of planned parenthood. >> and yes, she doesn't know the cost of fedex would be. she is guessing, and she says, i used to work somewhere else and it is another amount. and so she is trying to ask them, what is it that you pay
9:34 am
other people as an allowable amount under the law, because these people, were they real, would not be able to pay somebody more than the reimbursement costs that are allowed by the law. >> drew griffin is live with me here, and let's be clear that planned parenthood is insist hag the clinics did nothing wrong, correct? >> that is correct, ashleigh. the law is that you can't sell fetal tissue samples, you can't sell them, and what planned parenthood is saying, disregard the bargain ing thing that you the tapes and the negotiations over the prices and the technicians talking about this piece of tissue is more expensive than this piece of tissue, because that is all just talking about the reimbursement costs. and now, since that interview, planned parenthood has come out and said, look it, we did nothing wrong, but we are going to stop all of the reimbursement costs from now on and not take any money whatsoever, and so the
9:35 am
policy has changed, but they are saying that these are heavily e edited and we did nothing wrong. >> and you and the team did everything right and some great work, and thank you, drew griffin and i want to alert the viewers that there is more to the report, and for all of the work go to, and you will be finding some surprising details there. and coming up, you would be thinking that it would take a lot to break into the e-mail of america's top spy, but the men who say they hacked the cia director's account, they say it is easy and they claim have to have gotten away with sensitive information as well. you will hear from them next.
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reported hacking of the cia director and the homeland security director's e-mail, you would think would take a lot to do it. but the group taking responsibility for it the cwa says it is not too tough at all. listen to what one tof the men told cnn's laurie seigel on the phone. we have altered his voice. >> reporter: you guys say that you were able to hack into the his personal in-box, and what did you find? >> social security numbers. e-mails talking about iraq and syria, and there was a lot of private information really. >> reporter: so if this is true
9:41 am
and it is true that you have broken into the private e-mail account, how difficult would you say it is? >> you mean out of ten? >>. >> reporter: sure, out of ten. >> one. >> one? >> yeah. >> the members say that they are american, that they live in the united states, that they are under 22 years old, and they say that they smoke pot, and that the methods were incredibly low tech, and in fact, they said that they were probably high when they did the hacking. joining me now is paul callan and joey jackson and i am smiling only for the fact that i am in disbelief from what i am hearing from these folks, but i want to know about their liability here. what did these hackers just expose themselves to under u.s. code? >> here is the problem. certainly, that is revealing, a 11 of 10 in temperatures of the degree of difficulty in doing it. the problem is not really a legal problem, ashleigh, because statutes on the books federally to deal with it, computer fraud
9:42 am
and protection and been on the books since 1936 and it has been imbroiled eight times for any computer and not just government computers, and we can talk about the law all day and all night, but you have to find the people in order to prosecute the people. and so, there we could say -- >> we did. i don't know what to say, but if "new york post" talked to them and laurie seigel talked to them, and evan perez and his team in washington talked to them. >> and can the united states attorney find them and bring them to justice -- >> joey. joey. >> and if not, you are looking about low level hacks on high level officials and it is not only sony and the irs and walmart, but it is everywhere. >> and asked if the government reached out to them at all, and they said, no, nope, not yet.
9:43 am
and what is the secretary's responsibility here, and cn, if has not discovered anything untorrid and they said social security and syria and iraq and we have not seen any classified materials so far. >> and we don't know, but we do know that the aol account was hack hacked and we have the director of the cia and i don't know if i should be be disturbed that the director would be using aol account, because i would expect some more expert sophistication from the head spy, but sophisticated hackers can get into anybody's account and we need new laws to prohibit the government people from forwarding the government e-ma l e-mails back to the home servers, because that is what is being hacked, and we had hillary clinton doing it and now john brennan, and the u.s. department of personnel, and 25.5 million records were hacked by a chinese hacker. so we need better federal security and we need laws to
9:44 am
keep it within the government servers, because this is dangerous, and potentially dangerous stuff to get out to the other side of the world. >> they claim they are going to be releasing more material, and we will have to watch and see. that is all of the time i have for this, guys, but paul callan and joey jackson, thank you. a young man had sex with a 14-year-old girl, and she lied about the age, and then he was put on a sexual offender after a lengthy court change. and now a judge has changed up his life considerably, and find out what happened next.
9:45 am
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gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at update on a 20-year-old man fighting to get off of the sex offender list because he had sex
9:49 am
with a 14-year-old from michigan. this is zach anderson who went on a online dating site called hot or not, and he met a girl who said she was 17 and they did have sex, but after the fact she confessed to him that she was only 14. all of these are facts in court. and the parents concede to it. zach pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual conduct and he was originally given a 90-day jail sentence and five years probation, and then the big one, he was required to stay on the michigan and indiana sex offender registries for 25 years, but because of the age, the sentence was thrown out. under a michigan law that provides leniency for first offenders between ages 17 and 20, and so yesterday, zach, yesterday in court, walking to the front about to get a brand new sentence, two years probation, the new sentence, and
9:50 am
get this, his name is officially now off of the michigan sex offender registry and his father is clearly relieved. >> you make a mistake you should not have to pay for it for the rest of your life in a case like this, and so i mean that is all we ever wanted for zach was a chance, you know, for him to, you know, pay for his mistakes and then move on with life. >> and in zach's home state of indiana, he may have to stay on the registry during the two-year term of his probation, but a significant turnaround from what originally transpired. incredible update on the nba two-time champion lamar odom. one week after he was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada, his family says that he is taking steps, like physical steps, and like walking steps, and now he is at a hospital in los angeles where they say that he is going to continue his recovery. the blade runner, olympian oscar
9:51 am
pistorius has been released from prison and starting out house arrest at least that portion of his sentence, and you will remember that he was locked up for 10 months, 10 months only for shooting his girlfriend ree reeva steinkemp on valentine's day, and now he will spend four months at a his uncle's home in pretoria, south africa, and the family insists he will serve the full four years. >> the family is happy that oscar is home, but they want to make the point that oscar's sentence continues, and that is the key point here. his sentence is not shortened or reredu rereduced. he continues to serve the sentence as per the sentence handed down by the trial judge. >> the steenkamp's family say they have forgiven pistorius, and after the legal appeals,
9:52 am
they are actually willing to meet with him. the father of the 3-year-old chicago boy who was shot by his brother has been released from jail. the little boys were playing cops and robbers, but the gun was real. michael santiago had stashed that gun on the top of his fridge. the judge reduced the bail to $75,000 and she is going to return to court on friday, he is going to return to court friday. and the latest suggestion of screenings for breast cancer says that the national organization of woman says that it should start at 40, but now it is later at age 45, and women over 55 can choose to get a mammogram every other year. coming up next, dozens of stabbings and assaults on street corners and shopping malls and bus stations. the violence flaring up in israel in the west bank has reached an apex at least that is
9:53 am
the thought of the israeli prime minister who is about to go live with comments on these last two months of violence. hold the phone.
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we have breaking news we are seeing on the screen, two podiums, and one will be occupied shortly by the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu and the other by the u.n.k is tear general ban ki-moon who is in the region because of the spate of violence as of late in the last month and a half. dozens of people have been kill and injured on both the israeli and palestinian side, and in fact, 8 israelis dead and wounded and approximately 45 palestinians dead and 1,850 wounded. just before we hear from the
9:58 am
prime minister, i want you to listen to what happened a short time ago. that is the scene of bethlehem, and yes, bethlehem in the west b bank and palestinians using slingshots and throwing stone, and the was rayleigh army firing back with tear gas, and one of the series of violent attacks in the past month. oren liebermann is live in jerusalem to cover this, and he is going to give us a little bit of a background as we await the prime minister and the u.n. secretary-general, and catch me up on what the prime minister is expecting to do today and what effect he is going to have? what do we know he is going to say if anything? >>le with, it is very likely that he is going to be talking about the escalating violence in the region. yesterday was a quiet day and we were hope hoping it would hold,
9:59 am
but today, we have seen three attacks by palestinians. one was a ramming attack at a bus station, and one was a hit-and-run, and he has turned himself in, and the other was a stabbing attack. we have seen the attacks and the tension here, and everybody is on edge because of the attacks, and likely to be the focus of netanyahu's attacks ash and the tension is high here, but now they are incredibly high with security measures in and around jerusalem. interestingly, the attacks were not in jerusalem, but hebron which is a city known for the tense and contentious atmosphere, because a small minority of the israeli settlers live amidst a larger group of palestinians which leads to clashes. clashes not in hebron, but bethlehem and ramallah, and so the clashes are likely to be in the center of senior prime
10:00 am
minister benjamin netanyahu. >> and one tof the biggest developments is the arrest of the highest level of arrest since the latest span of violence broke. i am going to pass you off to wolf blitzer whose program begins right now. havi havi having -- captions by vitac -- hello, it is is 1:00 p.m. in washington, and 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem, and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. the democratic political race is set to change at any moment. vice president joe biden is mulling the decision to run for president, but the comments this morning might be giving the indication of which way he is leaning. the vice president missed the the democratic debate a week ago, but in an event honoring the former vice president walter mondale, the current vp held a debate of his own. and this is a look at


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