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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 20, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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special report, the d.c. mansion murders airs tonight at 9:00 right here on cnn. i will be back in for my friend don lemon, see you at 10:00 on cnn tonight. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. as we speak, intense scramble to save men, women and children as air strikes begin to ramp up in syria. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead, families rushing to find any shelter they can as bullets and bombs fly overhead. the chaos in syria, as fear of a new uprising loomz nearby between israelis and palestinians. head of the united nations warning of a dangerous escalation amplified by new terrorist attacks. the politics lead, a longtime jeb bush ally calling donald trump, a quote, false zombie front-runner who is, quote, dead politically, and will, quote, never be president of the united states ever. well, tell that to the republican voters who have trump
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large and in charge in our latest poll with ben carson number two. now the front-runner tells cnn a trump/carson 2016 ticket might not be a bad idea. and the national lead, two self-proclaimed hackers are telling cnn how they breached the cia director's personal e-mail account and possibly others. questions, does the government even know who they are? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we'll begin with our world lead, middle east. chaos rules and fear grows by the minute. in israel, terrorist attacks spreading with frightening frequency, and in syria, the presence of russian and iranian forces complicating an already dire situation as families brace for winter and for what may be the deadliest battle of the long, brutal civil war. right now, syria's ambassador to russia is issuing a warning that the assad regime is preparing to launch an all-out offensive on
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the syrian city of aleppo. rebel stronghold. it's something the assad regime can try knew it has helps from russian fire jets. the russian jets have a, quote, understanding with u.s.-led coalition forces bombing isis in the region for more than a year. pentagon announcing today the u.s. and russia inked a memo, governing rules in the skies over syria. but as has happened from day one in this brutal conflict, innocent syrian civilians are the ones caught in the crosshairs. startling, new video shows bombs exploding and panicked families taking cover under mattresses. right to cnn's senior international correspondent nick walsh. cnn can't verify authenticity but shows what the stakes are for so many people inside syria right now. >> reporter: jake, we heard from the u.n. just now, that previously yesterday they said
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35,000 people are being displaced by that wave of fighting, by that wave of syrian troops, iranian militia and iranian troops. flarj number, heading north through the southern countryside towarded that target, what used to be the most popular city in aleppo. hearing it's 50,000 people who they think have been displaced by this and trying maybe to get aid across the border into the real where, where can they go? they can't go north, east, west. they are trapped where they are. and these are, of course, the least four nate, unable to flee, throughout the four-year war and stuck inside. the complexity, as you mentioned, growing day by day. russia's made its punchy geopolitical point to come up close to nato jets. today, made another point releasing obvious video of them tailing what looks like a u.s. drone. one of their jets flying under
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and around it. so it's clear that this battle may happen soon. frankly, when it was first announced i thought far-fetched a huge city to retake the rebel-held area ground to dust. the smell of burning plastic, just burned to keep people warm, so intent. it's going to be a very messy fight. those troops, regime, iranian troops, might try to encircle rebel areas, the more likely easier option and starve those left inside out. but it's going to yield an enormal out humanitarian crisis and take this war where you keep thinking things couldn't get worse to another level. >> staying in the region, moving to israel, where we have two new terrorist attacks and a hit-and-run to report, at least eight israelis and 45 palestinians killed in this latest spate of violence. this all coming as u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon issues a desperate plea for calm while visiting the region. orrin lieberman is in jerusalem.
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take us through what happened today. >> reports of a third attack coming in a short while ago. the ids says two attackers approached israeli soldier near hebron and attempted to stab him, injuring him lightly. forces at scene, israeli soldiers opened fire, kill two alleged attackers, that just a few hours ago. earlier than that, the idf says a palestinian driver rammed his car into a bus stop, again near hebron, injuring a soldier and a civilian, before forces at that scene shot and killed that alleged attacker. and then much earlier today, the idf saying, another palestinian went up to an israeli soldier, stabbed him, lightly wounding him before forces shot and killed there. one more incident, hit-and-run kill and israeli, idf unsure right now if this was an attack or was unintentional. emergency services say israeli driver near the city of hebron was driving when palestinians threw stones at his car. he got out of the car, a.p. photos show him wielding a
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wooden club, as if to hit passing drivers, when a palestinian truck or west bank truck hits and kills the driver. idf says the driver's under investigation, not calling this attack. this may have been unintentional. >> live in jerusalem, oren, thank you so much. joining me to talk about the escalating tensions across the region, republican presidential candidate and former pennsylvania senator, rick santorum. each day gets progressively worse. what would you do if you were president. >> you're seeing an escalation, we had assurances by the administration they would get a peace agreement and there was high expectations, and expectations weren't realized. the expectations were driven by the united states of america, driven by president, secretary of state that wanted to get a deal at any cost, in my opinion, and now you're seeing the ramifications, which are people are frustrated, angry, they had high expectations, expectations
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laid down, and they're attacking israel. they're taesattacking israel at time when the relations with israel are not strong. this may be another opportunity with the violence in the region to make some gains. >> ban ki-moon saying, quote, we must create conditions for meaningful occupations that will realize aspiration of both people. do you think that there can ever be peace as long as israel's occupying the west bank and controlling what comes in and out of gaza, or do you not buy that -- >> look, i don't buy the whole idea that the united states, united nations, calling it an occupation. this is israel. israel is the area in which -- >> including west bank? >> that's part of israel. it's southwestern part of the united states, it was taken from mexico, arguably. and the answer is that that is israel's territory, sovereign territory, that they hold and they have a right to be able to determine what the -- how they
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either decide to cleave it off or not cleave it off ordeal with it. here you have a country with a sovereign area that the united nations and the united states now through particularly this administration is trying to force a solution that doesn't comport with their national security interests. and i think -- >> you don't support a two-say solution. >> a spoupport -- i don't think it's our right to dictate a solution i'm think allied support allies and try to build relationships to be able to get a solution that's workable. obviously in most israeli supports some two-state solution, that's great. i'll support our allies and what they want to accomplish, but i don't believe in u.s. policy should be dictating to an ally what their solution should be. >> syria, u.s. and russia announcing cooperative agreement for both countries to avoid
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conflicts in the air. do you think that that agreement undermines the united states in any way, or do you see that ace constructive next step? >> i don't think think there are a whole lot of constructive next steps going on in syria right now. the president's put us in a position where there are no good options. we have to take the least bad option, the russians' involvement trying to displace iran from supporting assad and hopefully helping to fight ice since it's not exactly what's go on right now, as you know. so we have all of these promises by putin that he was going to join the battle against isis and what he's done is try to join the battle to solidify assad and take out rebel forces. again, we have a bunch of bad options. i think probably having a -- some sort of air agreement is a reasonable start for this process. >> stay with us. we want your views in the next block as well.
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i also want to thank him for being here. we'll talk right now about the fight to stay in the mix for senator santorum in this tough republican field. 15 candidates, only 2 cracking double digits in cnn new gop poll. donald trump and ben carson leaving little room for competition. now the question, could they even join forces? stay with us. we'll be right back. order panera's new roasted turkey cranberry flatbread online with rapid pick-up then eat it, however you like. panera. food as it should be. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets.
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santorum to weigh in on all of the politics of the day. first, chief political correspondent dana bash. we've seen trump lead the republican field for four months now. but even when you look into the poll, when you dive in, his support's solid. >> it really is. it's not stopped jeb bush, in particular, trying to chip away at that support. for example, just in the last hour, he has released an op-ed on the conservative national review website, talking about how trump is inept, liberal on foreign policy. he compared him to the liberal filmmaker michael moore and said that trump's campaign is a reality tv show. unfortunately for bush, it's one gop voters show no sign of turning off. >> reporter: it may be a crowded republican presidential field, but only two men are firmly on top, donald trump and ben carson. a combined two-thirds of gop voters now say trump and carson are the first and second choice, according to cnn/orc's new poll.
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we've hit a chord, we're both resonating, no question about it. >> reporter: it's not just that trump and carson have support. it's just that supporters are excited about them, which makes them more likely to go out and vote. 30% of trump supporters are enthusiastic. 25% of carson's. by contrast, 3% of jeb bush voters are enthusiastic about him. as he steps up criticism of trump as commander in chief. >> we need to be much more forceful, here to protect the homeland, as well as overseas to create a strategy to unite the world against this grave threat. i don't believe donald trump has capability of doing that. >> reporter: trump is sending some mixed signals on foreign policy. an interview this morning with cnn's "new day," he said inva invading afghanistan after 9/11 was the right move. >> we were safe in a sense but went into iraq, which was a disaster decision. just a disastrous decision, not afghanistan, that's probably
1:17 pm
where we should have gone in the first place. >> reporter: two weeks ago he said the opposite. >> we made a terrible mistake getting involved in the first place. we had real brilliant thinkers that didn't know what the hell they were doing. >> reporter: trump denied flip-flopping. >> look, afghanistan is a different thing. it's next to pakistan and pakistan has nuclear weapons. >> reporter: controversy has not hurt him in the past. despite questionable remarks of women, making fun of carly fiorina's face, trump is tied in first place with female republican voters. >> i think women all over the country heard clearly what mr. trump said. >> reporter: as for fiorina, the only female candidate in the republican race, her surge after a strong debate showing last month has ended. she dropped 11 points with women alone, registering now at just 4%. now the new cnn/orc poll has other good news for republicans overall. 68%, more than two-thirds of
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republican voters are satisfied and excited with their options in the presidential field. jake, you see, ten points higher that what democratic voters any of their options for president. >> a lot of excitement, thanks so much. back with me to talk about the race, republican presidential candidate and former senator, rick santorum. your general strategy is that you weren't so high in the polls last time around -- >> four years ago, yesterday, cbs had me at 1% nationally. >> then you exploded in iowa a week or two before. >> it was a longtime fuse explosion. we were working through it for a long time. we're doing the same thing. >> confident it's going to happen again. >> of course. i really feel good that, you know, what happens in these early primary state they take this very seriously, and they'll date around and they'll eventual eventually decide who they're going to marry. we're the guy who you bring home to mom. >> you are hesitant to criticize your fellow republican candidates. >> i am. >> when you hear things along
1:19 pm
the lines of what donald trump said recently about george w. bush and 9/11 and he didn't keep us safe was the implication, what do you think? >> look, donald trump is someone who seems to be sort of feeling his way through on the issue of national security right now. obviously answering the question two weeks apart completely differently is not something you would expect out of a presidential candidate. but donald trump is sort of a different presidential candidate and, you know, we'll just have to let those things sort of play themselves out a little bit. suggesting, you know, when he said that the president bears responsibility, i was in the united states senate at time. i bear responsibility. i take responsibilitier to things that happened on our watch but to imply somehow -- i don't think he did that, i don't think he did imply the president somehow or another was -- let down on the job, i think he was saying we had to pick it up and we did. >> well, he tweeted a link,
1:20 pm
donald trump tweeted a link to a "new york times" op-ed piece about the daily brief, bin laden determined to attack in the united states, pretty tough on the bush administration, saying he should have connected the dots but they were focused on hussein. >> i would say, everyone at that time understands things should have been done and differently. it was a new type of attack, new type of war that we clearly were not prepare for. and to address the issue what we did do is connect the dots and attacked afghanistan because that's where the threat was coming from. and to suggest that somehow we shouldn't have done that, that was a mistake, i think is a mistake. i think we absolutely need to take care and respond to radical islam after it attacked us because for 20-plus years we weren't responding to radical islam, whether "uss cole" or u.s. barracks in beirut, we gave the impression that america was
1:21 pm
a paper target and was weak so we needed to do what we did in afghanistan and take out bin laden's forces in al qaeda and the taliban. >> dr. ben carson says, and he stands by it -- >> i know. >> -- he would not have sent u.s. trooped to afghanistan. >> i think he's absolutely wrong. i thid we'd be in worse shape had we not met force with force. that's an area of the world, he's made comments about the threat of radical islam, if you do not confront radical islam with the force that is necessary to convince them that you're serious about confronting them and restraining them and defeating them, all you do is encourage them. we see that with respect to isis. we are not taking isis seriously. we're not doing what's necessary to defeat them, and they're gaining strength as a result of that. containment strategy, strategy of not defeating isis is allowing them to recruit more and be more successful and be will be a more viral lent threat
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as well. >> politics lead, is vice president joe biden trying to separate himself from hillary clinton and taking swipes at her? could it be a warm-up lap for his presidential run. the national league, they claim it was easy to hack the cia director's e-mail account. what the self-described hackers are revealing about their true identities. if you qualify for a sittingham's card today i can offer you no interest for 24 months. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give me? same day delivery. the ottoman? thank you. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to, become a member of experian credit tracker, and take charge of your score.
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walk like a presidential candidate and talks like a presidential candidate, and just might be a presidential candidate, especially talking about vice president joe biden who has kept democrats waiting for monthsen many say, god love you, joe, but you missed your moment. but biden is saying things directed at the front-runner. jeff zeleny is here with me. a shadowboxing today, vice president biden talking about hillary clinton, obviously, it seemed. >> it did, shadowboxing or perhaps a preview of a new game of the democratic "family feud," whatever you call it, joe biden was eager to remind people today he spent the last seven years a heartbeat away from president obama for a reason and he made it clear he would run on that if he jumps into the democratic primary. >> how are you? >> reporter: joe biden seems to be enjoying himself. >> good to see you. >> reporter: he's not even a candidate yet, but today he was eager to show he's different from that other democrat running for president. first, he doesn't believe
1:28 pm
republicans are always the bad guys. >> i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. they're -- this is a matter of, you know, making things work. >> reporter: a not so subtle jab at this moment from last week's democratic debate when hillary clinton was asked to name her enemies. >> in addition to nra, health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> reporter: time is running short. he has nine days to qualify for the ballot in georgia, followed by deadlines in alabama and texas. even his new polls show biden in a distant third, and more democrats say he shouldn't run. his campaign in waiting roars on. >> barack obama. >> reporter: he took pains to show that he's the one who's tight with president obama. >> the only two people who didn't disagree on a single substantive issue were the president and me. >> reporter: and he's the one
1:29 pm
who obama picked as his number two there he kidded me once and said, look, make up your mind, do you want, before i was decided, whether you want to be secretary of state or vice president. >> reporter: old disagreements from the situation room fair game. squabbling over credit and blame, over bin laden. everybody went around the room, two people were definitive, absolutely certain, leon panetta said go, and bob gates, already publicly said this, said don't go. >> reporter: one person biden left out, secretary of state clinton, who has long said she advised the president to move ahead with the high stakes raid. >> i was one who recommended to the president that he go ahead and his advisers were split because it was a very risky operation. >> reporter: biden didn't stop there. he made clear how he viewed the pecking order at the white house. >> as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs i said -- i
1:30 pm
told him my opinion, that i thought he should go but follow his own unstinks. >> reporter: whether revising history, it's clear he wants to be president. those are five words you hear again and again when you talk to democrats around biden. gearing up for a run, spending time on the phone today with supporters and campaign advisers but he could still back away at the 11th hour. and, jake that 11th hour is quickly approaching. one friend told me he can't let this go on much longer. >> jeff zeleny, thanks so much. i want to talk about 2016 with katie pack somewhere stephanie cutter. you heard vice president bide in jeff's piece talk about what happened during those moments but the story has been told and retold in a different version before. in fact, take a listen to vice president biden talking to house democrats in january 2012.
1:31 pm
>> every single person in that room hedged their bet except leon panetta. leon said go, everyone else said, 49, 51, this -- got to me, joe, what do you think? and i said, you know i didn't know we had so many economists around the table. i say we owe the man a direct answer. mr. president, my suggestion is don't go, we have to do two more things to see if he's there. >> don't go, today he said, go. revisionism, lots of different versions of -- what do you think's going on. >> we need to ask the vice president that. i was not in the room, i can't speak to it. but i do think that he has his own conversations with the president that other people don't have. i think it is -- >> a big room full of people and privately say -- >> i'm not suggesting i know what he said. but die think it's plausible
1:32 pm
that he walked back to the residence with the president and gave his own personal opinion. so but that's up to the vice president to explain that. i know that the president relies on his opinion very much, and counts on his counsel, parley when it comes to foreign policy issues. >> you have a great future as a diplomat, stephanie, should that ever come, i just want you to know. katie, i want to ask you about some undiplomatic comments by mike murphy, talking about he -- mike murphy supports governor bush, runs the super pac and dismiss the donald trump as a zombie front-runner. is that wishful thinking? what do you think's going on there? >> i do think that, you know, donald trump is certainly an unconventional front run somewhere hasn't really been put through the same kind of wringer that a candidate would be if media and others thought of him as a legitimate candidate. >> we've been covering him as a legitimate candidate. >> i don't know if you've been
1:33 pm
covering him with the same level of scrutiny. >> i think voters don't have the same standard. we can point out flip-flops. >> the media should. >> we are. we are. we done i think we point these things out and the voters don't care as much. >> i don't know that's fair. i don't think if jeb bush had some plan to build a wall between us mexico and never had outlined a strategy for how to build it how to depart 11 million. >> how to pay for it. >> he would have been given a pass on it. i mean it's all about management, i understand that. he were a real candidate, in the minds of the media, he'd be pressed on these questions. i think that's what's mike is referring to he's not treated like a real candidate. he's treated like a celebrity, and hopefully you know, the longer this goes there will be pressure to start to treat him like an actual candidate. >> stephanie, your firm did work for the new prime minister of canada, justin trudeau, and his party. i want to play a clip from prime minister-elect trudeau in contrast to what hillary clinton
1:34 pm
had to say about republicans being her enemies. this is how justin trudeau sounded last night. >> conservatives are not our enemies. they're our flabs. >> which enemy are you most proud of. >> probably the republicans. >> is this just a matter of different timing, post-election versus -- >> no, i think it's a matter of context. look, hillary clinton is being called, again to testify in front of the benghazi committee for the third time. not one more question that she can answer on what happened in benghazi or why she -- why there wasn't security. i mean she's answered that with you, jake in an interview last week. so, you know, that's what she's referring to this ongoing, you know, political exercise to try to bring her down. however, she has also said, on numerous occasions and actually has proven this, through the way
1:35 pm
she has operated as a senator and first lady, she wants to work with republicans. she will stand her ground. she'll fight for what she believes in but reach across the aisle to get things done. that's an important piece. i think she said that in your interview as well. but she's said that repeatedly. she's got a record. >> she did say than katie, politico reported, and cnn confirmed that a fund-raiser for his brother, president george w. bush said of his fellow texan, senator cruz, i just don't like the guy. jeb bush is tangling with trump and others. does he really need another war of words with another candidate? >> well, whether he needs it or not, george w. bush is somebody, past president, has a luxury of saying what's on his mind. i sort of take him at his word he probably doesn't like the guy. hopefully that doesn't turn into a squabble with jeb bush, that was a personal opinion offered by president bush. i think he's sort of says it like it is. >> katie, stephstephanie, thank
1:36 pm
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but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. topping our national lead, bizarre, new details today on the hackers claiming to have compromised private e-mail accounts of cia director john brenen and department of homeland security jay jeh johnson. they accessed an application for top secret security clearance. the group calls themselves cwa boasting about its alleged breach in an exclusive interview, lore r. sigel spoke with them on the phone. what did they have to say? >> pretty interesting.
1:41 pm
i will say, they said on a scale of one to ten, it was one how easy to get into john brennan's e-mail, which is disturbing. now i reached out to them on twitter on the same account they were leaking a lot of the information and i was able to get them on the phone. they disguised their voice to protect their identity and talked about how they allegedly did this and why. take a listen. >> you claim you were able to hack the private e-mail account of the cia director. how did you do that? >> well, we had most of his personal information, like, name, address, social security naim number, other things, and we manipulate d aol. to like do the password reset on the account it was easy that one could have done it. >> what did you find? >> social security number,
1:42 pm
talking about iraq and syria. a lot of private information, pretty stupid, really. this is supposed to be so high in the government, head of cia, should be more cleaver. >> what was your motivation for doing this? >> united states government, funds israel and in israel they kill innocent people. basically we just want one way of a free palestinian, free g a gaza. >> anything you can tell me about yourself. >> i'm the age of 20, i smoke pot, i live in america. >> smoke pot. >> all day every day. i'm going to russia and chill with snowden. i know the government is pretty mad. >> how vulnerable. >> 100% vulnerable.
1:43 pm
>> both of the accounts were, in fact, hacked. we can't independently verify the leaked documents but, as you hear from the hackers, they themselves say they weren't that sophisticated but were still able to actually get inside that in box. they told me they decided to do it and in the same day they were able to do it. >> laurie segall, live in london. national lead, when and how often should a woman get tested for breast cancer? experts say, less is more. but this major shift may raise more questions. that story coming up. the money lead -- driverless cars steering closer to reality. r ready to hand over keys to reality? cnn went on a test drive. stay with us. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ]
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welcome back to "the lead." our national lead, when and how often women should be screened for breast cancer has caused great deal of confusion and controversy over the past few years and it's not clear whether the new guidelines announced today will help calm matters. the american cancer society today said, no, earlier mammograms are not better and
1:48 pm
instead breast cancer screening should happen later and less often you heard that right let's get to elizabeth cohen. break down these new guidelines for us. they're not supposed to get -- you're not supposed to get a mammogram at age 40 anymore. >> right, so the american cancer society is now saying, age 45. i know it's counterintuitive. let's go over it and then discuss why they did this. so, jake, the old recommendations, one up until today, said start getting mammograms at 40. now saying ha 7 they say if you want to start at 40, you can but we recommend age 45. then after you turn 55, they say you can have them every other year. if you like. now the old recommendations also said, women should get regular breast exams from their doctors starting at age 40 now saying no one should get breast exams, where a doctor feels for lumps and bumps. what they are saying is two things, mammograms in your early 40s and doctors' breast exams evidence doesn't show that it
1:49 pm
actually helps them catch cancer early and save lives. >> but why the shift? what's the harm? >> right, exactly. the harm is exactly what they're pointing at. they say mammogram save lives but not fabulous technology. they have a lot of false positives some there are too many women told, gosh we think we might have seen a cancer, we need abiopsy, we need more mammograms give you more radiation. when you look big picture, there may be more women getting harmed than actually saving lives. so they say it's just not worth it because these false positives are just so common especially among younger women. younger women have denser breasts and the mammogram isn't so good at reading those breasts. >> what's the response from the breast cancer community, say, among survivors who had cancer detected younger than 45? >> you know what's interesting, jake, i contacted young survivors groups and other
1:50 pm
advocacy groups and, you know in 2009, when a similar recommendation came down to raise the age from a different group, there was an uproar. i didn't sense an uproar at this time. there was a general consensus, it might be true, there's not a lot of evidence. they didn't necessarily agree with american cancer society, but they weren't as passionate as they were six years ago. now, having said that, really the most important group here, and their reaction, the insurance companies. insurance companies now say, look the american cancer society says start at 45, we're not going to pay for these in early 40s. my guess they won't go that far because they're affray. the pink ribbon campaign is so strong, they're afraid women will get upset and i think they probably will keep paying starting at age 40 but of course only time will tell. >> we'll have to keep an eye out for than thank you, the money lead, the wave of the future, no foot on the gas, no hands on the wheel, how would you react in a car on autopilot?
1:51 pm
cnn's rene marsh rode along on a test drive. she'll tell us what she went through. put a feeling into words, why try? philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before, making it the most loved electric toothbrush brand by americans and their dentists. innovation and you. philips sonicare.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. money lead, beyond the victory for the eagles, "star wars" trailer was the best part of the eagles/giants game on espn. the much-hyped teaser for "the force awakens" debuted during halftime, glimpse of an older hands solo, chewbacca, prince se laya, new characters and the special effects and the epic space battles. but the real battle may have been scoring tickets. presales coincided with the trailer. many folks were so eager to reserve seats and perhaps erase memories of jar jar binks,
1:56 pm
fandango and amc crashed. the trailer is the last big look at the film until its december 18th release. that is, of course, if local theaters are not already sold out. may the force be with you. tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for. "back to the future day" october 21, october 2015 where marty mcfly's destination at the end of the first "back to the future" movie, the cubs could possibly win the world series as the movie foretold i'm done think we'll have a flying car by tomorrow, we are only getting closer to driverless cars. today, virginia opened up 70 miles of highway to take the driverless cars for a spin. and our own cnn rene marsh rode in one. she joins me now. thank goodness you made it here in one piece. that's a good sign. i'll take that as positive. how was the ride. >> no broken bones but i can tell you, it was definitely a test in trust.
1:57 pm
there's no foot on the pedal. no hands on the steering wheel. driving 65 miles per hour, and you're wondering, will this vehicle stop when the motorcycle in front of you suddenly stops? that's the kind of testing that is happening on real roads outside of the nation's capital. it's a first for the state of virginia, which hopes to position itself as the hotbed for autonomous car research. >> automated controls engaging. >> feet off, hands off, eyes off. >> reporter: that's how we drove, 65 miles per hour down a stretch of virginia highway. it's the state's first try at testing driverless vehicles on real roads. cnn in one test car and the head of the national highway safety administration in another. virginia tech researchers in the driver's seat just in case. >> right here, i'm going to transition over to automated mode. >> reporter: researchers are studying how people in driverless cars react to
1:58 pm
anything, from another car suddenly stopping, it a construction worker in the road. all to help design the safest vehicle possible. >> the vehicle's controlling our speed and our lane position and monitoring the environment ahead. >> reporter: the test car receives wireless signals from other vehicles in the test. when the motorcycle brakes -- your foot is not on the pedal. >> not on the pedal. he has a braking event. a construction worker hidden behind the truck but he's wearing a vest that has the same technology and he's communicating his position to us as well. so when the vehicle detected a possible collision path, our vehicle automatically braked to a stop. >> reporter: this is the future of driving. virginia joins california, nevada, florida, michigan, and washington, d.c., in okaying self-driving car testing on public roads. >> you're saying it's cool because we're on a real road.
1:59 pm
how crucial that is in moving forward to the next step. >> we saw a trooper coming up behind us. we saw a workman come out from behind the truck, all responded beautifully by the automation and connected elements that were there. at some point, though, it's going to get more complicated out there. it's a critical element of seeing all of this move forward. >> reporter: forward to the day where no hands, no feet, no eyes, is the mantra for all drivers on the road. jake, as you know, some of the technology's already in vehicles. but the day in which you can go to sleep and get to point a from point a to point b, it's a few decades away. >> i, for one, welcome the new robot overlords. >> reporter: new chip-enabled credit card is supposed to be more secure but the uneven distribution of the new cards is leaving a window open for con artists. a survey showed almost 60% of users have not gotten a new card. scammers have sent fake e-mails pretending to be credit card companies asking for personal
2:00 pm
information. you get an e-mail, not sure whether it's legitimate, the government advises you to call the number on the back of your card. don't just give your information to yahoos on the other end. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turn it over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, secret deal, the u.s. and russia sign an agreement on air safety over syria, as vladimir putin's warplanes step up attacks resulting in close calls with american aircraft. why does the deal specify how close is too close and why does russia want details kept secret? i'll ask a key member, gabert. hacking the cia director's e-mail account, threatening to release more information, including personal data. cnn's made contact with the alleged cybercriminals. has the u.s. government managed to do the same? under ground testing, disturbing r