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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 21, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> look at that. >> the meal was originally for 120 family and friends. lifted the spirits of stranges fallen on hard times. also for the non refundable honeymoon, the mom and bride went together. >> lemon out of lemons. >> time now for newsroom with carol costello. >> good morning. newsroom starts now. happening now in the newsroom. >> if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> ryan's ready to run for house speaker. but only on his terms. i cannot and i will not give up my family time. >> will the gop agree to his list of conditions? also, serious president pays putin a surprise visit. assad's message, thanks for the air strikes. what's next? >> we just need gistis.
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>> and a church musician shot by a plain clothed police officer on the side of a road. >> as the officer exited his vehicle he was suddenly confronted by an armed subject. >> but there is no dash cam not. body camera. will the family get answers? let's talk live in the cnn newsroom. >> and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. do you know what today is? >> when are we? >> we're descending towards hill valley, californian on wednesday october 21, 2015. >> 2015? the future. unbelievable. >> ah, october 21, 2015. "back to the future" day. and i've got to say, i'm jealous of marty mcfly. he got to see the future. but what about us? if only we could hop into a
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deplorian because right now the future for three washington power players is in flux. will biden run? will clinton satisfy her can critics in her testimony? and will paul ryan be the next speaker of the house? our cnn team may not see into the future but they have certainly got the present covered. to the speakers race first and manu raju is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning guys i'm standing right outside the house republican conference meeting. where it is typically a regular meeting where republicans gather. but there is no more regular meeting after the disarray that we've seen in the last couple of weeks following john boehner's sudden decision to resign. paul ryan scrambled that calculus last night when he said he would run but under one condition, that the various factions of the republican conference decide to ultimately get behind his candidacy.
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today all eyes are going to be on the house freedom caucus. a group of roughly 40 conservative whose torpedos kevin mccarthy's bid to secede john boehner. the question is will they do the same to ryan? >> i have left this decision in their hands. >> the ultimateem is set by paul ryan. >> this is not a job i've ever wanted. >> after days of the hand wringing by house republicans essentially backing him into the corner. >> i this i our country is in segregate need of leadership. >> he's stepping up, saying he's willing to replace house speaker john boehner. but not so fast. ryan says if and only if the three largest coalitions in the gop house back his candidacy and agree to the following conditions by friday. ryan demanding that first the republican party goes from quote an opposition are party to being a proposition party. >> we think the nation is on the wrong path. with have a duty to show the
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right one. our next speaker has to be a visionary one. >> second, ryan appealing to the house freedom caucus requests update to rules making it harder to overthrow a sitting speaker. >> you have the freak caucus. and where you have the grassroots, they are concerned about his past. >> alabama republican moe brooks, says there is growing concern in my district because of amnesty in open boards immigration position. >> i think paul would be a great speaker. i think he's got the skills to do the job. >> time is running out as boehner makes it clear he wants out soon. >> i expect to be out of there by the end of this month. >> well aware of the hundred hour workweek boehner frequently clocks in. ryan's last concern is of his wife and three children a family he does not want to let down. >> my greatest worry is the consequence of not stepping up. some day having my own kids ask me, when the stakes were so high, why can't you do all you could do?
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>> reporter: now the question is going to be right after this meeting whether or not any more members of the house freedom caucus are ready to get mind him. so far they are backing a rival candidate, daniel webster of florida who's been running since the day boehner resigned. webster signalled he is not going to drop out even though ryan is trying to get the conference behind him. these the meetings will continue today and we'll see whether or not ryan will get close tore announcing or whether or not he may drop out by the end of this week. and today hillary clinton will be off the campaign trail in focusing, preparing for testimony before the house committee investigating the deadly benghazi attacks. and one member of the panel says expect fireworks. >> specifically though the o your question is what may we have learned? well i would say to you and everybody watching, stay tuned.
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please watch the interview tomorrow with secretary clinton. because i believe that you will see that there are documents that we will be able to ask her questions about for the first time. and that is very important to be able to fill in the gaps about the information that we currently do not have. a new counteroffensive on clinton's behalf. >> it really is this multifront attack the democrats are aiming at house republicans who are on this select benghazi committee. actually today this is really the latest volley in it. this is a book and it's called "the complete guide to the benghazi select committee" put out by correct the record. the as super pack and the one tasked with backing uphill clint when it comes to messaging. helmed by david brock, who is one of the chief defenders of hillary clinton and in this it
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attacks the committee on really a number of areas. the cost that it has -- the cost to taxpayers. but also it even kind of digs up dirt on individual republicans who are on this committee. so you have this. also we've learned that tomorrow is hillary clinton testifies before the committee, which is expected to take several hours, if her testimony back in 2013 before congress is any indication. there is going to be a war room at the super pack staffed by 0 employ 30 employees who will be responding to any taattacks tha may be happening in real time. and also the antihillary clinton packs will be doing something similar. and she's gearing up for this big day. she's had a good couple of weeks and her campaign is looking at this moment and want to make sure it doesn't stymie her momentum. the campaign enlisting surrogates trying to encourage them to say this is a partisan
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charade and hillary clinton is testifying to honor the four americans who were killed in benghazi. >> brianna keeler live from washington. another potential challenge to hillary clinton's campaign -- joe biden. the vice president is showing new signs he's ramping up to campaign against her. and some biden allies are already lining up to help. cnn jimmy acosta has more on that. >> reporter: vice president joe biden appears to be beefing up his potential ground operation by lining up the support of the international firefighters union. the group's president says he has spoken to biden in the last few days and the vice president is in his words thoughtfully weighing a bid for the white house. the group's president told us in an interview that they are mobilizing to support biden. here is what he told us a few moments ago. >> we wouldn't be preparing to get into this campaign and to be prepared to support his candidacy unless we were
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operating on the assumption that he is preparing to offer his candidacy and himself to the american people. i think there is a long way to go. there is a lot to take place in the political arena. there will be a lot of movement up and down. and i don't think it is time for anybody to be counting their chickens. >> now biden is also sharpening up his not so veiled criticism of hillary clinton, sounding more like a candidate every day. take last night. biden was at a tribute for former vice president walter mondale and for the third time in two days returned to the is subtle criticism of clinton's comment that she considers republicans among her biggest enemies. without attacking her directly he said talk like a that from the former secretary of state is quote, naive and will not fix washington. here is what he said last night. >> the other team is not the enemy. if you treat it as the enemy
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there is no way we can ever, ever resolve the problems we have to -- >> now biden also has tried to clean up his role in the mission to kill obama bin bin laden. saying yesterday that the president went had ahead with a decision that he supported. he supported the decision to go after the al qaeda leader. that is different that what joe bide p has said in the past. he said in the past he advised against that operation. but it is interesting how he's trying to draw the contrast with hillary clinton. he said hillary clinton was not so clear in a recommendation on osama bin laden. hillary clinton said she supported that mission to take out the al qaeda leaders. interesting to see joe biden sharpening his arrows just in case he jumps in to the race. >> still to come, a big thank you for vladimir putin? syria's assad makes a surprise visit to moscow. every dollar count.making
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secretary state kerry will travel to europe and the middle east that week to discuss the violence in israel. he's set to meet with netanyahu in germany and then talks with the palestinian president abbas. ban ki-moon just met with both leaders and urged them to reach a peaceful solution. all after eight israelis and 40 palestinians killed in recent weeks. also the surprise meeting in moscow. bashar al assad and vladimir putin shaking hands overnight. the two sat down to discuss military action in syria. nick walsh is following the story and has more. hi nick. >> reporter: remarkable symbolism really of putin's desire to stamp his authority on the war here. russian forces behind the
6:16 am
southeastern -- syrian regime. that visit to moscow, perhaps the first by assad since the unrest began back in 2011 all about showing how moscow feels it has the upper hand here. the smiles, the thanking vladimir putin for the aide that syria has got from russian military here. vladimir putin's way of saying to the west, well you don't want to get your hands dirty in syria? well i do. and i'm winning. and -- i think at this stage the kremlin feel their ally mr. assad is moving forward and regaining territory. they have been very clear their strikes are successful to what they feel are terrorists. the west feels many of the people they are hitting are in fact moderate rebels they are in fact backing. and this flight to moscow
6:17 am
extremely complex as it would have been for this syrian president to leave damascus and somehow get to moscow. we don't know quite how it happened. perilous journey indeed. it is a big moment indeed in terms of moscow showing how much in control they feel they are now. >> fascinating. it's seven past in new mexico. and a four-year-old girl shot and killed on i-40 in albuquerq albuquerque. conflicts statements left the police without any suspects. el chapo back on the run. officials say the fugitive drug lord broke his leg and bruced his face earlier this month. his body guards carried him away
6:18 am
into a nearby force. he's been on the run since july after that daring escape from a mexican prison. and the one glorious incident of screwing up. two years probation after running onto the tarmac and trying to stop a plane from taking off. get this, he was late for his flight. the flight crew closed the door early he says so that is why he ran out onto the tarmac. he also faces 100 hours of community service and an $11,000 fine. still to come, are republicans about to take one of their own? how the gop is targeting donald trump. do you know the secret to a happy home in these modern times?
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take a look at the headlie n on on the washington examiner.
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panicked establishment getted ready for war with trump. mainstream republicans and even more conservatives are trying to figure out how to topple trump? red state's conservative blog asks, it is a question every supporter of every candidate should be able to answer if they think of themselves as a voter instead of of the high cost sports fan. what hypothelt would trump have to do to say for some to support him. >> when mexico sends its people. they are not sending their best. they are not sending you. they are not sending you. they are sending people that have lots of problems. and they are bringing those problems with us. they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell you.
6:24 am
>> she gets out and starts asking me all sorts of the ridiculous questions, you know, and you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> i have great friends who are muslims. and these are fabulous people. but we certainly do have a problem. i mean you have a problem throughout the world. >> what's the problem? >> well you have radicals that are doing things. i mean, it wasn't people from sweden that blew up the world trade center, jake. >> so trump said all of that. and he's lived -- more than lived to see another day. with me now, jason johnson. and john avalon. welcome gentlemen. >> good to be here carol. >> good morning carol. >> nice to have you here. so john, the washington examiner says some stalwarts are preparing to do whatever it takes to bring droumpb. what exactly does that mean? >> i think it means you are going to see some of the big
6:25 am
donors and the responsible republicans and former republicans trying to form a coalition that can topple trump. is reality is this. donald trump has been at the top of gop polls for more than 90 days now. so it would be naive for anyone to think he doesn't have a shot at being the nominee anymore. whether he can win the general election is a totally different story and that is a titanic type proposition. so some folks are going to try to stop that off of the pass. makes sense. >> how would they do is that? run negative ads against their own candidate? >> you have already seen the club for growth, one fiscal conservative activist group do that in iowa and other places. i think you will see more of that. >> jason i'm not sure any of that will work because supporters are behind trump 100% no matter what. listen to what one supporter said the other day. >> how do you feel that he's making statements like that? >> if donald says it, i think it. that's how much i believe in him. >> okay. so this man, this particular
6:26 am
man, jason is 70 years old and he's never voted before. but he's going to cast a vote for the first time for donald trump. so he's -- go ahead your thoughts. >> this is both the strength and the weakness of donald trump. right? he says great things. i don't think -- i sort of agree with john here carol. i don't think negative ads are necessarily going to hurt trump that much. he's on tv so much. so witty, so good off the cuff that most negative ads he can counter by getting on television the next morning. the other inning thing is a lot of o his voters are not traditional voters who come out on a regular basis and they are not the people who go out and argue six and a half hours in a empty church basement in a caucus. the question is not whether trump can stay high in the poll bus whether or not he can get the kind of people that who have to be dedicated to win a caucus.
6:27 am
it is considerably different than winning a primary. >> right now americans are more interested in substance and eventually trump's flip-flops could sink his candidacy. for example, afghanistan, trump told yesterday he approved of sending troops to defeat the taliban in al qaeda. which contradicted his earlier assertion that sending troops to afghanistan was a mistake. will those kind of things resonate louder with voters, john? >> i don't think so. as jonathan swift once said you can't reason people out of something they weren't reasoned into. and the gentlemen you had on air, clearly it is this isn't about reason. it is about identification and emotion. clearly i think the republicans and the country need to take donald trump's candidacy seriously right now even if some of his supporters aren't necessarily thinking their way through the process. and hoping or believing it will evaporate before the nomination certainly doesn't seem to be rooted in any trend we've seen.
6:28 am
when it comes to general election debate at that point when people really start focussing and making "compared to what" decisions will that serial record of complicated and confusing disturbing statements start to make an impact? you're damn right it will. >> i'm just laughing at the end of your statement there, john. >> so jason, donald trump there is no doubt he's a serious candidate. so is it time to consider whether he might indeed make a good president? >> oh well i think we can consider that already. the answer would be no. unequivocally. he's be a terrible president. first if you spend the vast majority of your time insulting huge swaths of people. and having neonazis and the clansmen cheer at your rallies and say nothing against them. but since when have primary voters necessarily cared about that. that is something for the general election to worry about. and i think that is why republicans are worried. i think they realize that trump
6:29 am
could actually win this nomination. but does he actually have the skills to do this job? many smarter, much more capable have tried and failed and they don't see those skills in trump at all. >> let me just add though. listen, trump's success to day though there are things to learn. in part his brashness is of washington.ainst inefficiency that is something a reform candidate a real candidate can adopt into. and he's been able -- there are things you can take from trump's campaign and take it seriously and translate to a credible candidate come a general election. >> have to leave it there. john and jason, thanks to both of you. this just in to cnn. we have just heard that an election for the house speaker will be held on october 28th. as you know republicans are meeting right now to talk over the paul ryan thing because paul
6:30 am
ryan laid out a list of requirements if he indeed will run for speaker of the house. we don't know how that turned out. but we do know that there will be election for speaker of the house on october 28th. we'll find to ferret out information and of course we'll pass it along. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for yoing me. we're just about 24 hours from what could be one of the biggest tests for hillary clinton's presidentialed cans candidacy. testimony in front of the house committee. clinton says the panel is many nothing more than a partisan witch hunt while top republicans say there are still questions that need to be answered. john mccain spoke earlier on "new day." >> i was in triply with chris stephens. he told me at that time of his concerns about security.
6:31 am
it is very obvious that susan rice absolutely told -- gave false information to the american people saying that it was a spontaneous demonstration. secretary clinton told the families when the bodies came back that she would get the people who made the, quote, hateful video. there is a lot of questions that are still unanswered. >> as clinton prepares to go before the panel for as long as eight hours of testimony, elise has more into how we got to this point. >> reporter: september 11, a date that forever changed america, would once again turn deadly. the year 2012. extremists overrun the u.s. diplomatic mission setting it ablaze before moving to a nearby cia annex to continue their assault. taking the lives of ambassador chris stephens, information officer sean smith and two cia operatives, greene dougherty and
6:32 am
tyrone woods. >> four patriots. they loved this country. and they chose to serve it and served it well. they didn't simply embrace the american ideal. they lived it. >> an independent investigation commissioned by then secretary of state hillary clinton found then grossly inadequate security at the u.s. facility. four employees lost their jobs but the report said clinton was not responsible. seven congressional committees arrived at similar conclusions. among the most scathing, a senate intelligence report blasting state for failing to connect the dots and increase security after numerous intelligence reports warned of a potential attack. like the state department accountability review board, the senate report gives clinton a pass. but an annex written solely by committee republicans place the blame scaler squarely at her
6:33 am
feet saying quote, final responsibility for security lies with the secretary of state. the pentagon was faulted for not having military assets in the region to respond at night. and the intelligence community took heat for talking points used on sunday talk shows by then ambassador to the u.n. susan rice, which created the false impression that the attack was prompted by a antimuslim video. >> what our assessment is as of the present is in fact what it began, spontaneously in benghazi, as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in cairo where of course as you know there was a violent protest outside of our embassy sparked by this hateful video. >> the gop was trying to cover up a terrorist threat and predicted clinton's legacy on
6:34 am
benghazi would stop her presidential ambitions. >> the fact is we had four dead americans. because it because of protest for because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> house speaker john boehner created the select committee on benghazi last year. it has seized on the use of a clinton private e-mail server who has dogged her on the presidential campaign. democrats have used the gop of turning a tragedy into a political side show to take clinton down. >> everybody thought clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee a a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> i think there is a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people. and you -- an individual, hillary clinton. >> after a string of republicans labeled the committee a political vendetta, clinton
6:35 am
pounced. >> this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. it is a partisan -- [ applause ] -- vehicle, as admitted by the house republican majority leader, mr. mccarthy, to drive down by poll numbers. big surprise. >> reporter: the committee chair congressman dowdy strongly denies he's playing politics. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends shut up talking about things you don't know anything about. the seven members of my committee are much more focused on the four dead americans than we are anyone's presidential aspirations. >> on thursday both sides face off in what could be a defining moment. for clinton's presidential campaign and for the future of the gop-led probe. >> and cnn will carry that hearing live, stick around for our next hour. i'm going to be talking with patricia smith. her son sean was one of the
6:36 am
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new york city is mourning the loss of an officer killed in the line of duty. officer randolph holder was responding to a shooting last night when he was shot in the head. the veteran was 33 years ole. police are also questioning three other men in connection with the shooting. to florida now. this morning a popular church drummer is dead.
6:41 am
and his family is demanding answers. 31 year old corey jones shot and killed by a police officer. but the officer was not wearing a the body cam and there is no dash cam video. social media lighting up with cries for justice. family members remembering the drummer today as talented and god-fearing. >> anything you need corey would be right there. if you needed a shirt he would give you his shirt. he would be cold just to keep you warm. >> elena is in palm beach gardens with more. good morning. >> good morning carol, the officer involved in the shooting is on paid administrative leave while the sheriff's office investigates and the family tries to make sense of what happened. >> my nephew is broken down on the side of the road. it -- >> corey jones's uncle struggles to tell the story how his 31-year-old nephew ended up shot and killed by a police officer after his car broke down on a
6:42 am
florida highway. on tuesday the paum beach gardens police chiattempted to explain what happened. around 3:00 a.m. officer driving an unmarked car stopped to investigate what he thought was an abandoned vehicle on an exit ramp. >> as the officer exited his vehicle he was suddenly confronted by an armed subject. as a result of the confrontation, the officer discharged his firearm resulting in the death of mr. corey jones. >> police say they found this hg near jones' car, its serial number matching the gun they say jones bought just three days before the deadly encounter. a purchase his family was surprised to find out about. in fact family and friends describe the popular drummer, who played with a local band and at his church as peaceful and laid back. >> in a state of disbelief. because of all people, corey --
6:43 am
corey is not someone that we would think would be shot by a police officer. >> now supporters are calling for a peaceful rally thursday at the police department. >> he don't deserve this. he don't. we just need justice. >> reporter: officer spent some seven years with a much smaller police department before joining palm beach gardens police department earlier this year. there no other records of the disciplinary complaints or actions taken against the officer. still to come. fathers and daughters forced to spend months apart because the fathers are behind bars. but one source is trying to keep the connection alive. g your com. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security.
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think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security. we're ready. are you?
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more than 100 leading law enforcement officials are campaigning to reduce the national incarceration rate. they are set to ask the president tomorrow to reevaluate sentences on non violent crimes and push to alternatives to arrest. in the meantime one person in virginia is testing a new program, one that connects fathers with their daughters by foes ho hosting a father/daughter dance behind bars. lisa ling takes a look in "this is life". >> the opportunity to reconnect with their daughters at the jail's father/daughter dance. >> make sure y'all hold your seat for your ladies and have them to sit down.
6:49 am
>> the big day is tomorrow. so the jail has invited the butlers from the governor's mansion for a lesson on etiquette. >> and napkin always say in your lap. >> so you don't put the napkin up here? >> no. >> who's here that do not know how to tie a tie? all right. you take the tie, stick it over your head like this. under. >> classes aren't simply a rehearsal for the upcoming dance. they are meant to develop life skills and the confidence of the jails' residents. these moments allow men like terrence to imagine a better future. >> i'm sure you have tried to do the right thing before. what makes this time different? >> me being in the program i started to see things in a different light, right? the only thing that come out of getting high and selling drugs is jails, institutions or death.
6:50 am
and i've been in jails. institution. in jails and zmugs only thing left for me is death. man, this is my life. my life depends on this. >> lisa ling, the host of cnn's "this is life" joins me now. what was it like to have access to these prisons to talk to these men? >> it was actually impressive. the richmond city justice center has this programming floor with classrooms and these incredible programs. inmates attend from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and this particular group are part of a fatherhood class. and it's important to note that we have more than 2.5 million people locked up behind bars, and more than half of those people have kids. and many of them have never had fathers in their own lives. so the idea of being a father is almost unfathomable. so this facility is taking the initiative to try and teach
6:51 am
these guys how to be fathers. i mean, as you saw, they're giving these men, for one night, the opportunity to feel good about themselves, to wear a suit. they've learned how to tie ties. and it was just -- it was such a moving experience. and for the daughters to be able to spend that time with the most important man in their lives sober was just so powerful and meaningful. >> a lot of americans are hardcore about people behind bars. >> you know, when it comes to these low-level offenders most of whom have had substance issues, the idea, of course, is to punish the offender. but when you think about how many of these guys have kids, who are we really punishing? and is jail, is prison, the right place for these people who have substance abuse issues? couldn't a treatment facility be preferable, and that way the man can still maintain contact with the family? these are all things that fortunately we're discussing now
6:52 am
and trying to figure out. >> and in a bipartisan way, too. >> absolutely. so there's a silver lining in all this. >> lisa ling, thanks for stopping by. just another reminder to watch "this is life with lisa ling" 9:00 p.m. tonight right here on cnn. whatever you're doing, plan well and enjoy life... ♪ or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. how you plan is up to you. take healthcare. make sure you're covered for more than what just medicare pays...
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6:56 am
checking top stories at 56 minutes past. ole miss wants to get rid of the state flag on campus. university of mississippi student senators voted to push administrators to take that flag down because it has the confederate battle emblem included in the design. the move comes amid nationwide calls to remove the flag for what some call an offensive reminder of slavery and segregation. the mets now one game away from heading to the world series! new york outscoring the cubs 5-2 in last night's nlcs matchup. chicago now down in the series,
6:57 am
0-3. it is an understatement to say the cubs are a long shot for winning the world series, but there is a chance, perhaps a miracle, that only a flux ka pass tater could make happen. we explain. >> how far are you going? >> about 30 years. >> reporter: of all the wacky visions in the "back to the future" trilogy, perhaps none was more silly than the chicago cubs winning a world series. >> wait a minute. cubs win world series. >> reporter: co-screen writer bob gale cam up with this absurd idea for the 1989 film and the lead character. >> i'm thinking marty mcfly needs to be inspired as to how he could make a fortune by being in the future. he's a 17-year-old kid. what's he going to be thinking about? well, he's not going to be thinking about the stock market. he's going to be thinking about sports. >> reporter: and the cubs still haven't won a championship since 1908. but jump in the delorean.
6:58 am
>> what did you just say? >> i wish i could go back to the beginning of the season and put some money on the cubbies. >> reporter: the mall, twin pines in the movie. he places multiple bets on this season's cubs winning the world series, and he drove here from arizona to take selfies with two movie props just put on display. >> when i got an opportunity to see this and then go back and put a little money on the cubbies like they do in the movie, it felt like a great chance to not only root for my team but my movie. >> you hang out here and more and more strange things happen. you are -- >> my name is martin. >> reporter: and you're from? >> i'm from sweden. >> and for some reason, you had to come all the way here to see this. >> absolutely. >> reporter: what is it about this movie that gets you so excited? >> first, i like film.
6:59 am
and second, i really like the delorean car. >> reporter: the screen writer is definitely thinking about how the cubs oust his favorite team, the cardinals, from the playoffs. >> quoting someone who wisely defined mixed emotions as watching your mother-in-law drive off the cliff in your brand-new mercedes. it's been fun. the idea that we made this absurd prediction 26 years ago. and it might actually come true. >> paul vercammen joins me now. i don't think so, but at least the cubs are in the game. >> they are. that cubs fan who was at the mall, he told me he placed multiple bets on the cubs. a lot of bets. like he stands to win four figures if the cubs win, but of course, he didn't reveal that the mets are not cooperating. and as for that guy that was dressed as marty mcfly, no idea. he said he doesn't really follow baseball. >> i'm a little concerned about
7:00 am
martin, but he was certainly fun. paul vercammen, thanks so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom" -- >> if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> ryan's ready to run for house speaker, but only on his terms. >> i cannot and i will not give up my family time. >> will the gop agree to his list of conditions? also, serious president pays putin a surprise visit. assad's message, thanks for the a airstrikes. but what's next for his war-torn country? and claims of escorts, strippers and parties. i'm not talking about just any wild night out. former players say it's the louisville basketball program. was the coach in the dark? let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." and good morning.
7:01 am
i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. joe biden hasn't formally entered the ring, but that formality aside, he's popping good jabs at hillary clinton. and as critical deadlines inch closer, some biden allies are already lining up to help. our senior white house correspondent jim acosta has more on that. good morning, jim. >> good morning, carol. vice president joe biden appears to be beefing up his potential ground operation by lining up the support of the international firefighters union. the group's president says he has spoken to biden a couple of times over the last few days and that the vice president is, in his words, still thoughtfully weighing a bid for the white house. he told us earlier this morning his grope is mobilizing to support biden. we talked to him just a few moments ago, and here's what he said about how biden's entry into the race would shake things up. here's what he had to say. >> we wouldn't be preparing to get into this campaign and to be prepared to support his
7:02 am
candidacy unless we were operating on the assumption that he is preparing to offer his candidacy and himself to the american people. i think there's a long way to go. there's a lot to take place in the political arena. there will be a lot of movement up and down. and i don't think it's time for anybody to be counting their chickens. >> reporter: now, biden is also sharpening up his criticism of hillary clinton sounding more like a candidate every day. last night biden was at a tribute for walter mondale. and for the third time in two days, biden returned to the subtle criticism of clinton's comment last week at the cnn debate that she considers republicans among her biggest enemies. now, he did not directly attack hillary clinton, but he did say talk like that from the former secretary of state is, quote, naive and will not fix washington. here's what biden had to say. >> the other team is not the enemy. if you treat it as the enemy,
7:03 am
there is no way we can ever, ever, ever resolve the problems we have to. >> reporter: now, biden also tried to clear up his role on the mission to kill osama bin laden, saying yesterday that he supported the president's decision to go after the al qaeda leader. that is in contrast with what he has said in the past. he has said in the past that he had advised against that operation. and carol, interesting, he was also drawing a contrast with hillary clinton saying she was not that clear in the situation room as to do about osama bin laden. no word from the clinton campaign as to what the vice president is up to these days. and he still has to make that decision. we are hearing from the vice president's office at this point, no decision has been made. carol? >> all right. we'll keep waiting. jim acosta reporting live from the white house. over on capitol hill, the date has been set to elect a new speaker. next thursday, october 29th. but exactly which names will be on the ballot is far from set? paul ryan says he is ready to throw his hat into the ring but only if house republicans agree to a few demands.
7:04 am
our senior political reporter manu raju is following that story from washington. good morning, manu. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing right outside where republicans just met. they had a conference meeting. paul ryan did not address that conference, but boehner did announce that next wednesday, the republicans would vote to nominate who they want to put up for speaker. and then they also need to put that nominee will be on the floor next thursday where they they'd to get 218 votes in order to get elected as speaker. for you, paul ryan has said by this friday he needs to know where the various factions within the republican party, within the conference, will get behind him. and that is not clear yet because a number of conservatives, particularly from that house freedom caucus, about roughly 40 conservatives or so, are still wary about some of paul ryan's demands, particularly one in which he says that he wants to get rid of the idea of eliminating -- of the possibility of introducing a resolution in which you can eject the speaker from the speakership. now, this is called vacating the
7:05 am
chair on capitol hill. and a number of republicans spoke out against paul ryan's call to eliminate that resolution and that rule. and here's what a couple of them said just to me just a few minutes ago, carol. what do you think of the demands that paul ryan is laying out right now? >> well, for many in the conference, particularly conservatives, i think we were very concerned by what he was asking or what he was saying he wanted to do. and i think it's going to create some problems. we'll see as we move forward, but this thing about well, we need to take off the table vacating the chair, that's going to upset a lot of conservatives who quite frankly believe in the constitution. so we'll see where it goes. >> that's a nonstarter. that's something that's in the jefferson's rules. if it was good enough for jefferson, it's got to be good enough for paul ryan. >> reporter: now, other conservatives in that freedom caucus made similar claims saying that, look, you know, the speaker candidate should not be setting preconditions.
7:06 am
that's what justin amage said to me, a leader of that conservative caucus. now, there are other members who do not lead that caucus who will see more support of paul ryan. they are meeting with him later today, i'm told. they're setting up a time to discuss these various issues. so the question will be whether or not paul ryan continues his speakership. if a number of these candidates -- a number of these republicans refuse to support him. because right now they're backing a rival candidate, daniel webster of florida, who's showing no indications as of yet that he's getting out of the race, carol. >> all right. manu raj yu, we'll check back. thanks so much. you could characterize ryan's list of demands as gutsy or protective. i say protective because it seems if he accepts the job, he is determined not to be undermined. although i will say one of ryan's conditions really stood out. >> the last point is personal. i cannot and i will not give up my family time.
7:07 am
i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers. but i pledge to try and make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> so you can look at that in two ways. you can go awesome, paul ryan values family and that means he has his priorities straight. on the other hand, some are rolling their eyes this morning. after all, he works 132 days a year, no five-day weeks, a month's vacation in august, and he holds a powerful position as chairman of the house ways and means committee which means he can say those things and suffer no consequences. with me now, errol lewis and christine romans. i can see why he's saying these things. he lost his father at a young age. >> that's right. and as you were describing what his demand was, i saw a lot of heads nodding here in the newsroom. we all have young kids. i have a young kid. and you know, and you really
7:08 am
have to -- i mean, literally i'm thinking gee, i want to go to iowa to see what's going on but my kid has music lessons. paul ryan is not immune to that. he's asked to travel not just for fund-raising purposes to help some of the members of his caucus, and he would be asked to do that as speaker. but also to sort of see their districts and to learn about it. what he's saying is i'm not really ready for that. i don't really want to do that. i didn't take this job expecting to do all that, and it's a pretty reasonable demand from an employee level sort of perspective. on the other hand, you know, the people who are the bosses of the speaker, meaning the members who elect the speaker, they're saying to, you're going to have to work a little harder than about. >> but he was going to run for vice president. what about his kids then? i couldn't escape that. let's put that aside for just a second. >> the naval observatory. >> he doesn't want to be stabbed in the back and not have homework time with his kids. there's a lot of conditions on his list. that personal condition, though, really struck me. and here's why. you've got marissa meyer, a woman who is in business, a little bit younger than him,
7:09 am
this gen x people at work. she's having her second baby. maybe take a week off or two weeks off and she's powering through. on the one hand, you have paul ryan who suddenly is the face of work/life balance in america where there's a woman of a similar age, some of us are looking at her going oerkts, my gosh, is that the standard we have to live up to? >> she has a nursery next to her office. >> the thing about paul ryan is it is a gen x man who says work/life balance has to be key. you mentioned his father died when he was young. he wants to be around for his kids and he wants to be a part of his kids' lives. but i think this is the first generation in washington that has really been like that. can you imagine a greatest generation or baby boomer man or woman saying by the way, i would like one of the most powerful jobs in america except i have to be there on back-toschool night? >> exactly. so he does have a powerful job right now. so that makes me think maybe he'll do something about the child-care issue in this country, right? or family leave. i'm just going to go over his voting record and i'll ask you about it afterwards, errol. in 2013 paul ryan voted yes on the working families flexibility
7:10 am
act but voted no on paid paternal leave for federal employees. so if ryan does get the speaker's job, will he pay attention to such matters, or will he be kind of conflicted? >> i think he'll be very busy trying to hold the republican caucus together, trying to pass debt ceiling bills and other kind of routine legislation because that's really what this is about. and just a few days after next week's vote, however it goes, we're going to be up against the debt ceiling. and you know, he's already sort of signaled, you know, honestly, the real problem here is that he's trying to adhere to the hastert rule. he will not cross the aisle to try and get the remaining votes he needs to become speaker. unless he's willing to do that over and over again on important legislation, you know, you've got to pull the caucus together. they show no signs of doing that for paternal leave or any other reason. >> okay. to think about that. have time - but other lawmakers certainly do. so why, christine, haven't we seen anyone come forward with some plan that might help women in the workplace?
7:11 am
>> sometimes -- >> or men in the workplace? >> -- they argue about how you're going to pay for it when it's federal workers. it's something the white house has wanted but congress has been hard to come up to i think modern standards. companies are doing it, though, because it's a pretension. look at ryan. he comes in at a time when maybe his country and party needs him. he goes out there and masterfully says this is what i want. women and men are doing that now at the workplace and companies are stepping up. how many companies have we talked about that have started saying they're going to give paternal leave, more time off, flex time off. i think that this move from ryan with all its political rmifications is just a sign of the times. this is gen x, they're the grown-ups now. >> i hope so. errol louis, christine romans, thanks for an interesting conversation. happening now on capitol hill, the homeland security committee is holding a meeting. scheduled to testify, homeland security secretary jae johnson and fbi director james comey.
7:12 am
we'll keep an eye on the testimony and keep you updated if anything happens. still to come, a notorious drug lord hurt while trying to escape. details on his close call with special ops.
7:13 am
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who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. all right. a quick check on capitol hill. republicans are meeting behind closed doors to discuss the speakership role. we're expecting the current house speaker, john boehner, to pop behind that podium with some sort of statement. of course, when he does that, we'll bring you back live to capitol hill. in other news this morning, the mexican drug king known as
7:17 am
el chapo is back on the run. officials say el chapo real name joaquin guzman fell from a clip trying to escape special ops. it's been more tan three months since he broke out of prison. authorities have since been hot on his heels. it was october 9th in the mountainous regions where officials say he fell off that cliff, breaking his leg. martin savidge is in sinaloa. he joins me now with the latest. hi, martin. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, carol. we actually are in a town that i cannot name just for security reasons, both for our own safety and for the security of the operation that's under way. it is a massive operation to try to find guzman, by the way. it's being conducted by both the military and by the national police of mexico. as you report, they feel they've come close a couple of times. there are many, many checkpoints throughout this area. and that's part of the problem. it's disrupting local life. and then on top of that, there is just the level of general
7:18 am
fear. he's mexico's most notorious drug lord, joaquin guzman, and authorities say they're close to recapturing him. we've come to mexico to try to get a sense of just how close. but it's not easy. for security reasons, we have to keep a low profile because the risk we face include everything from corrupt cops to an army of drug cartel informants who are really looking out for just about everything we do. so sometimes the video or the audio may not be quite as good as you're accustomed to because we're using less than traditional means. the danger here is real. last week officials said they nearly had guzman, cornering him near a town in the mountains of sinoloa state in northwest mexico. exactly what happened isn't clear, but it was definitely violent. reportedly mexican marines swooped in from the air, getting so close to guzman, he was injured in the frantic dash to get away. but he got away, much to government embarrassment.
7:19 am
locals tell a different story. they describe a less precise military strike with helicopters raining gunfire indiscriminately down on homes, vehicles and people. guzman escaped from a mexican maximum-security prison last july, literally under the guard's feet through a mile-long tunnel. that isn't out of character for guzman. part of his drug lord success is due to his extensive use of tunnels to smuggle drugs into the united states. there's a reason this search is so focused on the state of sinoloa. it's a place where he obviously feels comfortable and it's where he was arrested before. in a house not that far away from here and then brought to that high-rise beachfront hotel and kept there until authorities could arrange a safe transport back to mexico city. so for all these reasons, authorities believe they are close, and the area remains on edge. everyone here knows it is an all-out effort to find the man
7:20 am
called the most dangerous criminal in the world who may be injured, desperate, and possibly cornered. there is a lot that could go wrong. to that end, the new day of searching has begun here. we've got word of one area where it appears that the authorities are focused, and we're going to check that out today. carol? >> all right. martin savidge reporting live for us, thank you. a surprise meeting in moscow. syrian president bashar al assad and the russian president, vladimir putin, shaking hands. officials say the two sat down and discussed syria. jill dougherty is following the latest developments from moscow. so jill, this was kind of an odd meeting, a surprise meeting. how did it come about? >> reporter: president putin invited president assad to come to moscow, and he accepted. and surprise, surprise, overnight, last night, actually,
7:21 am
they sat down and they talked. nobody talked about yesterday, but the news came out this morning complete with the video. so it was a surprise visit. and it's quite high profile as very interesting. so, you know, you have to ask, what are the lessons drawn from this? president assad was very thankful for what president putin was doing. president putin was talking a lot about some type of political solution. and i think that's the message to get out of it. that what the russians are trying to show by this visit is the russian military, the army -- the air force has done a very good job. they have moved ahead. they've helped the syrian forces against the terrorists, and now you can move forward to something else. that something else, a political solution. but the question that wasn't answered -- and we're not quite sure was even discussed -- is what happens to president assad? because we all know that that has been the sticking point all along. does he leave? does he go?
7:22 am
does he stay? and that was not resolved. carol? >> interesting. i'm just surprised he was able to get out of syria to go meet vladimir putin. >> reporter: yes. and that is one of the questions. but don't forget, you know, the russians now control the latakia air base. not clear exactly which plane he took, but that part of the country, at least to get out and get to moscow, apparently is secure enough. >> speaker boehner is at the podium on capitol hill talking about the speakership. let's listen. >> -- meets the funding levels that the president requested. yet the president has vowed to veto it. why? because he wants to stop and spend more money on his domestic agenda. it's time to put our troops first. it's time to stop playing political games. iranian terrorists soon are going to have access to billions of dollars as a result of the president's nuclear deal. it is no time to block funding
7:23 am
for our troops in the critical mission that they have ahead. >> good morning, all. i'll quickly give you a little snapshot of what we have this week. i know we've got a lot going on. a lot of other issues you probably want to talk about. there's a couple bills i want to highlight. first one of the bills that the speaker has fought his entire career for. many of you have children and others. it's no longer what you become. it's the opportunity your children have. and there's one unique thing about america that every generation has improved on the generation before it. that we care for those that maybe have less than us. an idea that you have a low-income student doesn't get held back. has the opportunity, the choice, maybe to go to a private school, somebody else that have income could. we used to have that here in d.c., something that the speaker had worked on. when the president came in, he changed that. so we will pass that bill this week. we'll also take up tom mcclintock's bill to make sure a
7:24 am
default prevention act that we do not default on any of the principal or interest payments that we know as america we'd never want to do that. but there was one bill that you're going to have the chairman come up here from armed services, mack thornberry. this is a bipartisan bill. it's the national defense authorization act. it has a history of being bipartisan. the speaker did an enrollment sign sending it to the president. never had the history have we had a president saying he wants to veto a bill of this nature on something that's not even in the bill. we should never get to the point in this country where we play politics with our troops. this deals with the future. it deals with the security. it also deals with the payment of how we treat them. i know there's problems in washington. but it should never get that low. i hope the president reconsiders. >> yesterday we sent president
7:25 am
obama the national defense authorization act. this bill was worked through the committee process. chairman thornberry and so many others worked in a very bipartisan way to put together a bill that not only makes sure that our troops are properly funded, it increases their pay, makes sure that guantanamo bay inmates are not sent to america and given american rights. it does so many other things to protect america's safety abroad where there's incredibly dangerous world. actually gives real tools to our allies like the ukraine who want to push back against russia's aggression. this bill was a strong bipartisan bill that deserves the president's signature, not the threat of a politically charged veto. the president needs to reconsider his veto threat, do what's right for our troops, and what's right for america's national security and sign this bill. we're also going to be voting later this week on the reconciliation legislation.
7:26 am
this is a bill that we worked through going back to january when our members came together and recognized that with a house and senate majority, we, the first time since 2002, to pass a budget that actually gets to balance but also to give us that tool of reconciliation which allows us with 51 votes in the senate rather than 60 to send a bill to the president's desk. we've done that. we've come together in the house. to bring a bill to the floor that actually dismantles obamacare and defunds planned parenthood, allowing us with 51 votes in the senate to send that bill to the president's desk. so i'm looking forward to a very strong vote from the house. i would urge the senate to follow suit and go through their process and send that bill to the president's desk, a bill that really restrengthens the priorities of the american people, would help get our economy back to track and set some really good priorities for our country. >> this week the house and
7:27 am
senate sent the defense bill, as you've heard, to the president's desk. it was bipartisan, and it is legislation that we pass every year to fund our military. this legislation is essential when it comes to providing a strong national defense that keeps us safe, that equips those that are in harm's way and also supports the families of those military servicemen and women. for the men and women at fairchild air force base in eastern washington as well as bases all around the world, our priority should be to give them the equipment and the resources that they need. i also co-chair the military family caucus, and i hear regularly from military families concerns about whether they're going to be able to make ends meet at the end of the month and whether or not they're going to be able to juggle the demands when someone is deployed. when someone joins the military, it's not just a job. it is a family commitment that they make to our country.
7:28 am
they all make sacrifices. they serve us. and it is our responsibility to make sure that they get our support. military families rely on these programs. and when you really think about it, caring for our troops and their families is the cornerstone of military readiness. our troops need to be the focus. and we shouldn't have them worrying about whether or not we're going to be supporting them back home. we have an obligation. the president, the commander in chief, has an obligation to ensure that military and defense remains our top priority. mr. president, sign this bill. >> i, too, am deeply disappointed president obama has threatened to veto the bipartisan defense authorization bill. to be clear, the president threatens to veto increases to troop pay and benefits,
7:29 am
enhancements to the military's retirement system, a reinforced mission to defeat isil, funding for our nation's military personnel and readiness, and the necessary resources for a strong national defense that even reflects the president's own budget requests. for the first time in our nation's history, a president is holding this bill for ransom in pursuit of more money for his political agenda. this includes transferring guantanamo bay detainees to the united states and potentially northeast kansas. representing fort leavenworth, i know this is not in our nation's best interest, yet president obama would prefer to move the world's most deadly terrorists to our communities rather than to pay our men and women in uniform. mr. president, troop pay and our
7:30 am
nation's security is no place to play politics. >> among the headlines today is bashar al assad going to moscow to thank mr. putin for saving his regime. 22 afghan policemen were murdered by the taliban. an f-18 apparently crashed in england. meanwhile, there are thousands of men and women strapping on their body armor, getting ready to go on patrol, fly their aircraft to protect the united states. it would be absolutely wrong for us to play political games with them and with the support that they depend upon. as has been mentioned, included in this bill is a reform for military retirement. today 83% of the people who serve in the military walk away with no retirement.
7:31 am
this bill changes that. there are reforms that make sure that if someone is on a drug when they are in the military to treat posttraumatic stress or pain management, they can stay on the same drug when they move to the v.a. system. that's not happening today. there are a number of reforms that are beginning to improve the way that the pentagon buys goods and services. all of that goes away with a veto of this bill. it would be unprecedented. it is time for the president to put our troops and national security first. he should sign the bill. >> well, young lady, young lady, young lady. >> you dealt with the freedom caucus for a long time, so what do you think the chances are that they will acquiesce to paul ryan's demands or requests? >> listen, i think paul ryan would make a great speaker.
7:32 am
but this decision is up to the members. and i thought last night went very well, and hopefully by the end of the week, we'll have a nominee. >> what's plan b if they don't have a nominee by friday? >> i don't know. i should say and i should have said earlier, i did announce to the members that the conference election for speaker will be next wednesday. and the 28th and on thursday, the 29th, the election will occur on the floor. jake. >> following up on that, could you kind of project around the corner here? we've gone through now you departing and ryan stepping up. >> i'm still staying. >> [ inaudible ] is there a viable second, third, whatever it could be option? >> listen, i think paul is going to get the support that he is looking for, i thought he laid out a very clear vision of how
7:33 am
he would run the speakership. and i thought the members responded very well to him. yes, sir. >> mr. speaker, thank you. you know, to jake's question, we've had so many spits and starts. you said the 28th and the 29th. why should we have any confidence that this is going to work out this time? what is your level of confidence that it's going to work out? >> i feel pretty good about it. >> you do. why? >> i hope it's not our last press conference, by the way. we have one more next week. >> i'm sure we will. i'm sure we will. >> but you see the mobilization now on the right against paul ryan saying he's pro-amnesty, he's not conservative enough. he's just another mccarthy. he's just another boehner. how does that sit with you? >> listen, i've got pretty thick skin. we all know paul ryan. right? he's a very good member. he works hard. he's very bright. and he has good relationships, i think, with all the wings of the party.
7:34 am
that's why i think he'll be doing fine. yes, ma'am. >> [ inaudible ] he would like to spend more time with his family. what's your sense about whether that job can actually be restructured so that he's not the main fund-raiser? >> i think there's a way to do that, and i frankly outlined, over the last week or so, a way that paul would do this differently than the way i did it. >> and what way would that be? >> we'll let him decide. yes, sir. >> as you depart and you look back at your time here, what message, if any, do you have to the house freedom caucus after they've united against you and they did the same against mr. mccarthy [ inaudible ]? what message do you have to them now as they consider paul ryan? >> listen, this is not about us. it's not about us as leaders. it's not about us as members. our job is to do the right thing for the american people every day.
7:35 am
you've heard me say this multiple times, and i'll say it one more time. if you do the right things every day for the right reasons, the right things will happen for our country. thanks. >> are you appearing at the benghazi hearing tomorrow? >> i am. >> all right. >> all right. i don't know what we exactly learned from that, but you heard the house speaker, john boehner. he's confident that paul ryan will become the next speaker of the house because he's a bright guy. he gets along with every faction of the republican party. and he did say that the preliminary vote would take place october 28th. and on the 29th, the entire house will vote on the floor for the next speaker of the house. of course we'll keep you posted. still to come in the "newsroom," when it comes to benghazi, the focus has been on hillary clinton, but what about this face -- what about this face? the face of a benghazi victim. i'll talk to sean smith's mother next. f things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. in just 24 hours, hillary clinton will face some of the toughest questions of her career, sitting across from lawmakers who want answers in the attack on the american consulate in benghazi. that attack took the lives of four americans including the american ambassador to libya and information officer sean smith. i'm joined now by sean's mother, patricia. welcome. thank you so much for being with me this morning. >> hello. >> what would you like to hear tomorrow? >> answers. how did my son die? why did hillary choose what she chose? how come she made such bad decisions? that my son and the ambassador and the other two guys got killed? there's a whole bunch of
7:41 am
questions i have. i need her to make some answers. >> this happened three years ago. and you're still not sure what happened that night to your son? >> three years ago hillary promised that when i went to the casket ceremony in washington, she promised she would get back to me and tell me what happened. she has not called me. she has not contacted me. she has not given me any information except to tell me that i am not a member of the immediate family, and i do not need to know. >> they told you that? >> yes, they did. several times over and over. >> oh, my goodness. clinton has testified on what happened in benghazi before, as you know, most famously in january of 2013. i'd like you to listen to what she said at that time. >> with all due respect, the fact is we had four dead americans. >> i understand. >> was it because of a protest, or was it because of guys out
7:42 am
for a walk one night decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> when you heard that, what went through your mind? >> she's lying! she's absolutely lying! she told me something entirely different at the casket ceremony. they said it was because of the video and that she would get back to me and tell me what happened with my son. she has not only not gotten back to me, but all i've ever heard is that i am not to know because i am not a member of the immediate family. i still want to know -- i saw on tv the bloody fingerprints on the walls over there. i asked specifically, are those my son's fingerprints crawling down the wall, the bloody fingerprints? nobody ever got back to me on that. are those his fingerprints?
7:43 am
were those his fingerprints? what happened? somebody's got to tell me from the government. >> has anyone ever informed you -- i know they made one arrest in this terrorist attack. have they ever, like, kept you up to date on the investigation, anybody? >> yes, they've told me about some kind of person that they caught that was there that caused all this. i don't believe any of it. and that's the legal department called me and told me that. i don't believe that. and i don't care about that. i want to know about my son. >> these hearings have taken on a partisan tone. does that worry you? >> not in the least. not in the least. it is not partisan. the thing is, this was hillary's department, and she is the one that made the choices, made the decisions, made everything necessary and caused it to happen and killed my son. >> what do you think should
7:44 am
happen to hillary clinton? >> i want her to just own up, tell me what happened. just tell me so i can get some peace out of this. she hasn't bothered telling me, and she has no intention of telling me. in fact, she has told her people -- or i don't know if it's her personally that did this or her people that said that nobody should tell me anything because i shouldn't know. i'm sorry. >> i understand. take your time. i do know that in previous hearings that it has come out that there should have been more security at the consulate that night. >> yes. my son called me the night before. he called me from there, from libya, to tell me that he was really worried because he saw the people -- some guys out there. i guess he mentioned february
7:45 am
17, whoever that is. he said they were out there taking pictures of everything, casing the place, and it looks like there's going to be a big problem. and there was no security and that he asked for security, and he was turned down. >> will you be watching these hearings tomorrow? because they're going to last for a long, long time. so you'll be watching every moment? >> i want to hear what hillary has to say. if she takes all day and all night to say something. i want to be there -- i want to hear it. i want to hear it from her lips as she's lying to the american public again. >> before you go, patricia, i'd just like to know more about sean because we always mention ambassador stevens, but we don't often mention sean. so tell me about him. >> what's there to tell? he did what he was asked to do. he was the -- he did what the ambassador wanted.
7:46 am
he was the -- i asked him one time, i said, "sean, what are you? what do you do?" he says, "i'm a clerk." so from that, you can take whatever you want. he's a clerk that went to all different kind of places that he was sent. he was a communications guy. he was my son. he was a sweetheart. >> well, i understand from reading things about him that he had many, many friends. and everybody says what a sweet guy he was. >> well, he was. he was. when this thing was going on, he was typing into his computer to his friends. he says, "if i live till morning," and he didn't expect to live till morning because he says everything was happening out there. this is a hell of a thing to have to tell your mother that you're not going to make it. >> patricia smith, thank you so much for joining me this morning. i certainly appreciate it.
7:47 am
and we'll check back with you after the hearing. >> please make her tell what happened. that's the least she could do. it's her department! >> thank you so much, patricia. >> mm-hmm. >> we'll be right back. uthis isn't the mostne efficient way for people -or air to travel. awww! ducts produce uneven temperatures and energy loss. mitsubishi electric systems offer a better way with no new ductwork.... and lower energy bills. so everyone gets exactly what they want! mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel.
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7:50 am
killed in the line of duty. we understand from officers that he was responding to reports of shots being fired and also to a man who said that he was robbed at gunpoint, that his bicycle was taken. we know that there was an exchange of gunfire between officer holder and the suspect in this case. this is a plainclothesed officer that we're talking about. this all unfolded in east harlem last night. officer holder was shot in the head. he was rushed to the hospital. doctors tried to save his life but weren't able to. this is a man who's a third-generation police officer, originally from guyana. his father, his grandfather both police officers before him. they were, of course, grieving today along with the rest of the nypd community including commissioner bill bratton who had these words. >> four police officers murdered in 11 months. that's about as bad as it gets. we've lost six in the line of duty, but four murdered in the line of duty. >> about as bad as it gets, truly sobering words from
7:51 am
commissioner bratton. what we know about the suspect is that a man was taken into custody about four blocks away from the spot where officer holder was shot. law enforcement officials have not yet released the suspect's name. he did have a gunshot wound to the leg. he was taken to a hospital. he is now in police custody. we know, though, that this is somebody who's well known to law enforcement. he's had 20 arrests. he was actually wanted for questioning in connection with another shooting. >> alexandra field, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," investigators say several church fires in st. louis are related. but one pastor says there is a message behind the flames. hey, tom. small job? no, doing the whole living room. hey you guys should come over later.
7:52 am
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in missouri, a $4,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest in a recent string of church fires. that reward doubled after six predominantly plaque chur lly b have been damaged by arson in just the past two weeks. joining me, pastor of the north side missionary baptist church. welcome, sir. >> good morning. >> good morning. tell me about the latest fire. >> the latest fire -- >> at your church. >> oh, at our church, yes.
7:55 am
at our church, what happened was about 3:00 in the morning on october the 10th, our minister of music received a phone call that the church is on fire. the fire department asked them to come and unlock the doors. when he showed up, the flames were burning, and the fire department put it out. thankfully, a neighbor alerted the fire department, and there was a quick response. >> so this sort of thing is happening at other churches in your area. why do you think that is? >> i don't have a reason, and i won't speculate, but i think it's obvious that someone is having some sort of mental breakdown, and they're acting out in a terrible way. >> you, in fact, are asking your parishioners to come together because of the series of fires. what are you asking them to do? >> well, i'm not just asking our parishioners. i'm asking the faith community in st. louis and all across this nation as well as people who don't ascribe to faith to come
7:56 am
together because any attack on our freedom as americans, people should be concerned. and it seems like it's been sort of an appear apathetic response. >> and despite that, you have said in the past of this arsonist, we are praying for whoever the perpetrator is. we have forgiven them, but we want it to stop. the reverend said i have forgiven him. another pastor said next time you come onto church land, don't stop at the door. come on in and know that there is a body of christ waiting to love you. do you think he's listening? >> i hope he or she is listening because those are our true feelings. those are the heart of our faith, what jesus christ calls us to do. and so we feel that way. but, again, i'm also saying this is something that the community at large in the nation should
7:57 am
reflect upon. you know, when our freedom to worship is being attacked, we need to think about it. we need to not take it for granted because in other countries, people are dying for that right of freedom. >> absolutely. and arson investigators, are they telling you anything? do nethey have any suspects at all? >> no they're not telling me anything officially, but i have full confidence in the federal and the local investigators, and i believe they will find the perpetrator. but again, my concern is will the community of faith come together and support each other in a situation like this? >> all right. reverend roderick burton, thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you. and thanks for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and boulduan after a break.
7:58 am
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in the middle of a huge city. i don't know how to explain it, we just have to go back. mexico city, live it to believe it.
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gnnew information on the pls of joe biden. a powerful political insider who has been speaking with the vice president tells us what he knows about a pending announcement. for the job no one seems to want, paul ryan says sure, i'll run for speaker, but here is my list of demands. will the fractured gop conference back him? sex, cash, strippers, allegations of x-rated college recruitment. one of the biggest college basketball programs in the country under fire. could it now claim the job of one of the nation's most famous coaches? i'm john berman. >> and i'm kate bolduan. thanks for joining us. joe biden keeping everyone guessing about his presidential intentions. but listening to him in the past co o


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