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tv   New Day  CNN  October 22, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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and is this committee able to conduct a fair search for answers? we're going to tackle all of these questions in a moment. but, we begin with breaking news four. the manhunt is over. authorities in new mexico arresting a who has confessed to gunning down a 4-year-old girl during a road ra opened fire on a pickup truck killing lilly gar see dwcia in the back her father's pickup truck. what have you learned ana? >> authorities say it was an anonymous tip that ultimately led them to the suspect. he was taken into custody without incident and arrested 24 hours after that fatal road rage encounter that's now left a family shatter >> reporter: breaking overnight, the lengthy manhunt in new mexico ends in that heartbreaking road rage that left lilly garcia dead.
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>> she just grabbed your heart. the first ten minutes you met her, she would grab your heart. she's go to be missed by a lot of people. >> reporter: now 32-year-old tony torrez is in police custody thanks to an anonymous tip. police say torrez confessed to killing lilly in albuquerque tuesday afternoon. >> this should never have happened. this is a complete disrespect of human life. >> reporter: the deadly encountering unfolding over two miles. the drivers exchanging words. moments later, shots ringing out. torrez bringing out a gun and opening fire in the red truck that lilly's father allen was driving. >> i'm not sure what's going on. there's a red ford f-150 in the center median. there's an adult holding what looks like a child. >> reporter: a fatal gunshot to the head striking lilly in the car next to her 7-year-old
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brother picked up after school. >> his daughter is breathing. >> 10-4. >> reporter: lilly was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >> i just can't express how sad it is to know that something as simple as going down the freeway, and your child dies because of road rage. >> torrez is now accused of murder, child abuse, several other charges. he's currently being held on a $650,000 cash only bond. alisyn. >> what a tragic and terrible story, ana, thank goodness, they have a suspect in custody. >> now for the other top story, democratic front-runner hillary clinton is going to face the benghazi committee. what will they ask her? bryanianna keilar live with the preview. what are we expecting? >> we're expecting several
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questions. the goal here from trey gowdy is for this to be the final and definitive accounting of the investigation that happened in 2012 benghazi attack. democrats who support hillary clinton say this is just a political hatchet job. and a new poll shows that the public is more inclined to agree with democrats. >> i really don't know what to expect. >> reporter: this morning, just hours away from hillary clinton's highly anticipated benghazi hearing. >> they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee. >> reporter: a new cnn/roc poll reveals that the public agrees with the democratic front-runner. 72% believe the investigation is being used for political gain. >> we put together a benghazi special committee. a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> reporter: two numbers of the gop seemingly admitting to as
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mu >> this may not be politically correct, but i think there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people. >> reporter: but committee chair republican trey gowdy strongly denies he's playing politics. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about it. >> was it because of a protest? or was it because of guys out for a wal one night would go ll anger and frustration palpable in hillary clinton's last testimony before congress more than two years ago. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> reporter: a moment likely still fresh in the minds of republican led committee members. >> madam secretary, you let the consulate become a death trap. >> reporter: yet after three years of investigations, thousands of pages of e-mail and hours of testimony, republicans say they still have unanswered questions. on september 11th, 2012, islamic
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extremists overran the u.s. consulate in benghazi, setting it ablaze andhen storming the near annex. killing ambassador chris stevens as well as an information officer and two former navy s.e.a. s.e.a.l.s. >> with specific security requests, they didn't come to me, i had no knowledge of them. >> now, this committee, the benghazi select committee is the one that uncovered hillary clinton's sole use of private e-mail and the fact that she housed her e-mail, stored her e-mails on a private server in her new york home. but one of the aims of this committee hearing is to question clinton's judgment, also what you heard here in the last 2013 hearing, on why this mission was not more secure. republicans say it's a very valid question. democrats say this is something
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that's asked and answered. >> there's certainly very much two sides to this, maybe three sides. let's take a look a it, we're bringing in david roth, the found of "correct the record." and ben ferguson. here on "new day," gentlemen, as you both know, we use argument, not insults and everybody gets a chance to speak. so, let's begin with you, mr. ferguson. lay out t argument for why this hearing is necessary today. >> families still don't have answers for what happened that night. they were told they would be given answers from hillary clinton. and they've will be locked out of the answers. they believe they want answers because their loved ones die. for tray gowdy, i think it's
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this simple. why was it that people couldn't answer the call and request for help, at the time of need, before they died. if you're a mom, you don't care about the politics of this. you buried your son who was serving this country. you deserve to get better answers than no one will call me back and no one will talk to me. with the argument that said, well, you're not direct family. you birthed a child, for goodness sake. you buried your son. that's not a good enough answer for them. >> you heard them lay out three overarching questions. why warranty there security. why wasn't there a flicker of response? do you those have been answered? >> yes, they absolutely have been. this is a discredited and illegitimate investigation we know seven independent committees and review by the state department all answered those questions.
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and they all concluded that secretary clinton had no wrongdoing in the matter. she's being brought up here and the questions that have asked about answered. >> hold on, what is the answer? why wasn't there better security? >> well, look, the security arrangement is ultimately responsible, of the ambassador on the ground as they have found. >> but ambassador stevens was asking for more security? >> he requested more security. >> there was a security lapse here, just what the prior investigations have found. but that has nothing to do with hillary clinton bringing -- >> are you blaming the ambassador for his own death? >> no. i'm saying republicans in their own words have said this is a partisan exercise just trying to drive down hillary clinton's poll numbers. kevin mccarthy made up a name untrustable. that's what's going on here. it's abuse of power. >> outrage is the fact, david that you just said that the ambassador --
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>> hold on hold on. we can't hear when you both speak. >> if the chairman cared about the families, maybe they would have gone to the hearings tha they scheduled that were actually on benghazi. >> let ben respond. >> david, you just said the person in charge of security, you're blaming or saying the person who is in charge of security on the ground who requested more security, multiple time says guy who is a dead ambassador. and you're saying it's his fault. and you're saying to a mother who buried her son, who was on cnn yesterday, that basically, we gave you answers. and if you don't like them, tough luck because the ambassador is dead and your son's dead. and you're saying this is political and that's your answer? >> i'm not saying it's political. republicans in their own words have admitted it's political. if they really wanted to know the answers here, some of the hearings scheduled onhe answere
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maybe he would have sho up for, instead of only goi to the ones where he could score cheap political shots. >> ben, obviously when someone has passed, you change the analysis. ma gone. his family has got to deal with that. that's going to cloud the analysis, no matter how you luke at it. the point is, is this committe ere was a hit piece put out by me by our friends on the right saying that everything that i asserted in any interview yesterday, that the secretary has talked about the threat. she's talked about her responsibility. she's talked about what she knew or didn't know are lies. like it never happened. four people were dismissed in the state department on recommendation because of their failure to act in this situation. how come they're not the focus of this hearing? >> because, i think you see that there was more time spent on the cover-up and the time spent on putting out a false story, and a false idea that this was all caused by some random guys to quote hillary clinton walking
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down the street wanting to kill some americans. and she said, what difference does it make. well, it makes a dig difference -- >> ben, you just laid out very eloquently the emotional pull for these families. four people got dismissed for this. they're not the subject of this committee's investigation. why wouldn't you talk to those guys? >> because i think you look at the people that put out the narrative afterwards to cover their rear end in leadership. you hold those accountable in leadership. unlike what your guest said which he said hold the ambassador accountable who, by the way is dead. >> the secretary requested multiple times -- >> yes, she did. >> she threw a story out there -- >> david, did the secretary take responsibility? >> the lying here is by trey gowdy who has misled the public, with false information to the press. lied do his own members. >> you still believe they're dead box of a youtube video? you actually are saying going
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into this thing, you believe all the people that died in benghazi was because of a youtube video? >> of course not. there's no evidence that there was attempt to mislead the public. >> if you're so outraged, why don't you denounce the republicans who raised money? >> i want to bring out the polls out this morning. they talk about the public's perception of the benghazi committee. it's not, david, exactly what you're saying that the public thinks this is just dreamed up for political reason. have t gop gone too far with the benghazi hearings? now, 40% say, no. handled appropriately. 51.believe that it was handled appropriately. more people think that the republicans are trying to ask questions, that they're overreaching. david. >> well there's a question in that poll that shows that even most republicans believe there's partisan motivation here. and on whenever the committee has gone too far, people are still learning now.
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it's only been very fresh in the news what's really going on here. we had a whistle-blower from this committee, a conservative republican saying that he was fired for refusing to try to frame hillary clinton. and then the committee went out and trashed their own employee, breaking the law, doing that. so the real accountability here and the one who should really face the music is trey gowdy and the rest of the hochsters, not -- >> i hear what you're saying. there's no question how this started led to where we are right now, i'm not just saying the incident, i'm saying how it was handled. a lot of critics to hillary the e-mail situation.nalogy but look at the numbers here, if we're going to talk polls. is it about political gain? 49% of the gop says that it's for political gain. this is overall, 72% say it. but if you break it down by party. but that one up.
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49%, see, that's the problem here, is that the idea that it's just about finding facts isn't -- here's my question to you, is it fatally compromised by the fact that it's being conducted in a political sphere? >> well, look, in politics, things are always termed political. when you have this many members of congress and senate, they're going to use everything they can for whatever their reason is. but let's look at the real issue and that is -- look, i don't think it should be political. i want to make that abundantly clear. and there's still questions that need to be answered. and tieng trey gowdy is doing that in a way to get closure for families. and make it clear the time line of the four and the response afterwards. and misled stories about what happened on that night. i also think it's one major issue with hillary to the issue that was asked and one of the poll numbers said more than 60 plus% of americans say
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this dissatisfied with the way hillary clinton has handled benghazi. >> 59%. >> 69%. >> 59%. that's a big number. >> well, it's a very big number. and the reason it is that people do not feel that hillary clinton is trustworthy. the same reason they don't trust her on e-mails. the same reason they don't have answers of trust because she doesn't answer questions to a mother who asked why her son died that night. it's that simple. >> ben, you have laid out perfectly for us and previewed the fireworks that we'll be seeing at 9:00 a.m. when the committee gets under way. thank you very much. >> we'll have you guys back after this. the afteranalysis is very important. going to have to make sense of this. we'll have complete coverage because it matters, and you got to cover it completely. 9:30 eastern, they could question clinton for as long as eight to ten hours. meanwhile, donald trump now topping national poll for
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identification 100 days straight. and a little more than 100 days to the iowa caucuses, trump is beefing up his ground game there. cnn's athena jones is live there. what's he doing? >> good morning, this is remarkable to watch. trump has had incredible staying power in the race so far. you hear a lot of people talking about how howard kane and none on top for 100 days. and trump was campaigning yesterday, trying to appeal to white evangelical voters who are a very important part of the gop electorate there in iowa. that make up the majority of the republican caucusgoers. he made a point yesterday, when he talked about his christian faith. and also they need to bring back the phrase "merry christmas." take a listen. >> i'm a good christian, okay? remember that.
3:17 am
and i told you, about christmas. and i guarantee, if i become president, we're going to be saying "merry christmas" at every story. the happy holiday, you can leave that over in the corner. >> so a clear appeal to those folks who feel like there's a war on the word "christmas." with white evangelical voters, this is a group where he faces stiff competition from ben carson. in our latest cnn/roc poll, he leads trump there. and in a forum outside of dallas at a megachurch, carson was there, so was bush and others. and carson also said in an interview with fox business news that he would, quote, look at
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closing mosques, if they are, quoted loaded for bear. he apparently meant they're a threat. >> carson or trump? >> trump. excuse me. >> got to keep it straight. people confuse one for the other all the time. we also have breakinews out of sweden. a masked man with a sword attacks a school about five urs. authorities confirming at least one person dead. four injured. those numbers are early. police say the suspect has been shot. serious condition. we don't know more about that yet. information is coming in. we're reporting on it. when we get it we'll give it to you. well, congressman paul ryan's demands to take the speaker's job have not completely been met. ryan's bid to become the house speaker did get the backing, however, that falls short of the caucus' 80% threshold for a formal endorsement. ryan is forging ahead, hoping the backing of two other house
3:19 am
offices to his request. >> they need 80 by their own rules but the leadership came out and said, we support him, bute don endorse threshold. so what will he do about that? new yors headed for greatness once again. the mets on their way to the big, big dance. they swept the chicago cubs. it's got to be said, they had a great season. they got closer than they have in a very long time to this. let's get to andy scholes joining us now. andy, is daniel murphy the best player ever? us fans are asking this morning. >> good morning, guys. yeah, it's hard to put in words how amazing daniel murphy has been in the postseason. this is a guy who has never hit more than 14 home runs in an entire season, after taking one deep, he's now in six consecutive games. a postseason record. seven overall during the playoffs. just an incredible run by murphy. his latest bomb coming in the eighth inning.
3:20 am
another insurance run for the mets right there. murphy was the nlcs mvp. the mets never trailed the cubs in any game during the series. they would complete the series with an 8-3 win. they're going back to the world series for the first time since 2000. >> it's such a blessing to be able to contribute to what we've been able to do. i really can't explain it. it's just a complete blessing. that's the only way i can describe it. i can't explain why the balls keep going out of the ballpark, but they do. and we keep winning ball games, which ask the most important part and the clueless part. >> and now we await for the winner between the royals and the blue jays. k.c. leads that series, game two is friday night. guys with four great arms, harvey, degrom, singal, they're going to be hard to beat in the
3:21 am
world series. >> he said, do you even know where the mets play? i said shea. >> shea stadium. >> yeah. i was telling my husband where i'm going, i'm going to shea stadium. i spelled s-h-a-y. he's like, who are you? >> well, it's very close. >> yeah. >> it's going to be very exciting for the city. i'm a yankee fan. but it's great to see them get there. the mets, they're kind of like jets fans. usually if you're a fan, you're a jets fan. even you know the jets suck. >> even i get this conversation. meanwhile, donald trump is on top in the polls for three months running now. but his closest rival, ben carson may have the edge when it comes to the evangelical vote. what will trump do to neutralize
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well, donald trump's 15 minutes of political fame is now reaching 100 days. that's how long he's been on top of the national polls. and he's now making an appeal to evangelicals to help him stay there. let's discuss this with errol louis and cnn's political analyst and presidential campaign correspondent -- >> it sounds like that trump was saying please pray for us. that's what it said. he's making an appeal for evangelicals to pray for him? >> not yet. not yet. he hasn't asked that. >> okay. let's talk about donald trump. he's dominated the polls. he's led for the past 100 days. maybe i can even pull out the polls to prove that to you. but in the meantime, how do you exain it, errol? >> well, look, 22%. 23%, 24%. untilhe low 30s at times say they want donald trump. you delve down into the polls, they want him a lot.
3:27 am
they're very enthusiastic about it. what this means is that most republicans who say they're going to vote in iowa and new hampshire don't want him but he's got more than everybody else because they have a crowded field. will this shake itself outy i'm been wondering for quite a while here that we're going to see history made here. someone with no experience whatsoever comes close to becoming president. that simply hasn't happened. you can go back to george washington, people were either generals, cabinet secretaries or run for office before. none of the above for donald trump. that remains great mystery to me how long this will continue and if it will continue. >> now looking into the polls, specifically the iowa numbers one of the headlines in politics is that carson is now beating trump in iowa. and the evangelical vote comes into play there. those numbers come later in the morning. but, here's the question, if we are looking at the evangelical vote, they are different than
3:28 am
other voters. their tolerance for b.s. about their core of beliefs and positions, very low. what is the plus/minus for trump going after this particular group? >> i think it's going to be very difficult for him to get this group. this has been a group cordoned against him for a long time. we've talked about this before, this is a group that likes george bush a lot. this is a group that has jeb bush in mind. one of them when he talks about my brother kept us safe. he embraces his brother's legacy in a way that we haven't seen for most of this race. donald trump i think is going to be a hard sale. donald trump, the goldplated logo, sounding like you're from new york doesn't really help talking about iowa. it's a very conservative electorate there. and i think ben carson is going to -- or someone else if ben carson collapses, but not donald trump is going to capture that vote. >> and this week, donald trump
3:29 am
saying and this week on fox business network, he was asking how britain is handles its terror threat including the closing of mosques. >> there's a whole new series of proposals to deal with this, including withdrawal of passports. >> absolutely good. >> and closing some mosques. would you do the same thing in america? >> i would do that, absolutely. i think it's great. i know they have a lot of proposals out there if you go out and fight for isis, you can't come back here. >> the closing of the mosques? >> well, i haven't heard about the closing of mosques, it depends, if the mosques is loaded forrou'd have to look at it. >> alisyn, i mean, it is so striking and issue after issue, whether you're talking about a border with mexico where you're talking about deporting 11 million people. donald trump has openly, as we
3:30 am
just heard in that exchange, making it up as he goes along. i don't know, i'll look into it. maybe i'll do this, maybe i'll do that. no other candidate would be given such a pass. let's acknowledge he has absolutely no idea what he's going to do. he'll just say whatever comes up in the course of conversation. we in the media have accepted this as normal. you can see the frustration in comments from people like jeb bush who have spent a lifetime sort of developing an expertise overnment you that don't just make this stuff up as you go along. >> but they do. but they do it all the time. that's how people feel that politics will look you in the eye and say whatever they think you want to hear. they think trump is say refreshing departure because that because he owns -- he's saying, look, this is how i feel about it. i'm not saying it to impress you, i'm saying it tompress me, essentially. that's where the merry christmas he says, merry christmas, when
3:31 am
i'm in there, it's back, baby. that is music to their ears. >> it is. except what's not music tohe ears ask three marriages. >> why, they believe in divorce. >> look at giuliani and how he did in iowa. rudy giuliani's personal life became an issue. donald trump's personal life is going to become an issue. it's how you live and whenever you have lived a faithful life. it going to be harder for donald trump to make that case and for other candidates to make that case. this is a potential vulnerability where people can criticize him. it's going to take people feeling safe to criticize people. i think that's really the question, who sort of raises issues aboutal t thatly kiss qualifying. >> in fact, weave a big shot from the evangelical commu come on the show. he was very even about it, look, we're open to everybody.
3:32 am
>> when we see somebody and we've identified them, for example, as a labor vo a single mom or so forth. nobody is just one thing. you have these contending sort of so they maybe much prefer somebody making comments about muslims and comments about border security and so forth, than they rea care about whether or not they're tool evangelical. he's clearly not one of them. >> it's a bit of a litmus test for evangel voters. where trump is able to say, this is who i am. take it or leave it. absolutely. or on the other hand, maybe he gets away with saying things to your point, that we've not seen any other politiauoliticians do. and the super pac and how the person has a relationship
3:33 am
previously with his campaign manager and the campaign manager denied it at first and then had to own up to it. when trump's brand is not being a regular politician, when he does things seeming to not about eye regular politician, that's where the question becomes will this lead last? can it ride into the iowa caucuses or chip away slowly? >> maggie, errol, thank you. what's your thoughts. between us at #newday. here's something no one would have asked a few months ago, is he not only going to keep his lead, will donald trump be a lock for the republican nomination. why is he maybe the most electable gop candidate? we're going to have both sides of this tested now that he's hit 100 days atop the polls. people don't have to think about
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hillary clinton preparing to testify before the house select committee on benghazi. the democratic presidential front-runner facing at least eight hours of questions today, clinton has said the republican-led committee is jut leading a political crusade to bring her down. new cnn polling out this morning suggests americans agree. 72% think the investigation is political. 59% also say they are dissatisfied with how clinton has handled the benghazi attack. secretary of state john kerry wrapping up talks with really prime minister benjamin netanyahu in germany this morning. kerry is hoping to stop a wave of violence between palestinians and israelis. violence that netanyahu blames on the palestinian authority and hamas. just this morning, police shot two palestinians, who stabbed an israeli man after trying to
3:39 am
board a bus full of children. the attacker is in custody and the victim is expected to recover. we do have breaking news overnight. an albuquerque police officer rushed to the hospital after being shot several times during a traffic stop. no word on the officer's condition at this hour. a suspect is in custody following an hour's long manhunt. meanwhile, charges have been filed in the deadly shooting of police officer randolph holder. the suspect shot the police officer. and donald trump has now been on top of the national polls for 100 days straight. trump said even he's surprised. is he the most eelectable republican? we'll look at the numbers.
3:40 am
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alright team, we've got an f150, needs a systems check and tires. doc, i need you on point for this one. zblurt, team, we've get that intel first. treads, what do you got? lookin' a little bald, sir. 9zblurt, team, we've got the perfect fit- ready to roll. wheels up, flaps down, let's fly. ford parts. ford tools. ford techs. when your ford needs service, there's one elite team. these are the specialists. at ford. all right. listen up all you pundits who predicted his demise, donald trump has been dominating national polls for more than 100
3:44 am
days straight now. does this mean he'll be the republican nominee? let's look at the trends with david khali. if we looked back then, donald trump was below jeb bush and ben carson but look at what has happened in the three months since. and his predominant lead. what do you see, david? >> first and foremost, what i see there, nobody has challenged that lead in that entire time. it's not like he got the lead and then slipped and had to fight for it, alisyn. he clearly rose to the top and has stayed in the dominant driver's seat of the election. he sets the terms of the debate every day and he continues to rally support from both sides. >> look at where mitt romney was at this time in the race. >> here's romney, starting up here. >> right. look what happened. by the same time, mid-october, trump is higher than where the
3:45 am
party's nominee was? >> now, david, one of the blessings of having you on the show is your ability to demonstrate not just the what, but the white. in your analysis, why is donald trump able to get to a height that mitt romney never was? >> if we were to layer in now all the other candidates that mitt romney ran against at that time, he had different people shooting up ahead of him, because the republican party was never thrilled with mitt romney. it was never enthusiastic about mitt romney. it was sort of the guy that was next up. and they got enthusiastic, once they got in the general election answer he was the guy against obama, of course. during the nomination season when michele bachmann sprouted up, or herman cain or newt gingrich. donald trump is the excitement guy. so what you're seeing there,
3:46 am
he's achieved a certain higher level of support than mitt romney ever had. and he's doing that, to get to the why, chris, the most enthusiastic voters are trump voters. >> when you talk about that, they're baby trump blitz, and he's the embodiment of all of those sympathies they have. >> let's talk about whether or not that means that trump will be the republican nominee? that question was asked by the abc news/"washington post" this week, and 42% of respondents believe he's most likely to win the nomination, david? >> this is the most eye-popping number of the entire week. we've seen a slew of polls, guys. but the fact that republican voters have gone from not believing that this guy can be a winner, despite, of course, we know that donald trump loves calling himself a winner constantly, to actually being the guy that a large swath of
3:47 am
republicans believe, not only will be the nominee. but would be the best general election nominee that could win the white house. also by the same kind of margin. republicans in that abc news/"washington post" poll, i think 42% of them said he can be the next president. and when you ask about any other guy in the field or gal in the field on the republican side, their chances of becoming the next president, he dwarfs them by nearly 30 points. >> well, that's his point, right? his daughtcurrency is what, authenticity? in a business here where it demonstrates, i'm saying these guys, the people who have done this before. >> politicians. >> yes. as a class, you are authentic. he really is what he says he is. you go to trump, you say, well, you know, we'll see what happens. what do you mean see what happens, chalian, i lead every
3:48 am
way you can measure and i've been doing it for months. when does that analysis go awayy. >> listen, i think it has gone away. donald trump on today's facts have clearly more well positioned to become the republican nominee than anybody else in the field right now. now, might that change -- one thing that i'm curious to look at, chris, is to see how he converts this poll dominance into the organization on the ground you that need to actually turn out voters, especially if he is going to be relying on voters who don't normally come out, trudge through the snow in i, was to come out to caucuses and stand there for a meeting and get their candidate going off the launching pad. so, now will come the organizational test for donald trump. but don't -- you should not be surprised, he's investing in that. he's building that. they are building a reorganization. and the test will come to see if it converts. >> david, thanks so much for analyzing it for us. >> sure. so, another big story we've
3:49 am
been following is the concern of russia getting involved in syria. well, the u.s. just gave iraq an ultimatum about what they should do or not do vis-a-vis russia. meanwhile, russia is rolling out the red carpet to syria's assad. we have a reaction from the ambassador when we come back. (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. why are all these people so asleep, yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia,
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3:53 am
if russia helps you, we will not. that is the u.s. to iraq on reports some iraqi officials are considering asking russia to hit isis in their country, just like it's doing in syria. joining us now is former u.s. ambassador to iraq and turkey and visiting fellow at the washington institute ambassador james jeffrey. it's good to have you with us, sir. let me give you the state of play, according to the american people, when 2 comes to fighting the war on terror.
3:54 am
in terms of, what do you think, is u.s. military action against isis going badly. 67% now, 61% in may, 58% in february. the story clear, people think increasingly, it is going badly. worried military action against isis will develop into a larger war. three quarters of the people say worried. does barack obama have a clear plan to deal with isis? no. that's the state of play. do you believe people have it right, mr. ambassador? >> yes, theydo. many of us who have been close to this, feel that we could be using a lot more military force. we could be using the same military that the u.s. military used to help afghans take the city of kunduz two weeks ago. more importantly, it's the iraqi people and government that believe the same thing, that we're not doing the same thing that we can be doing against isis in iraq.
3:55 am
>> is it wrong to say don't use russia to go after isis? the theory in syria is, russia, we don't like what you're doing,ization the united states, because we think you're really trying to help assad fight isis. >> well, the u.s. is right to say that because russia isn't about fighting isis in the first instance. it's about creating an alliance with iran and assad of syria and driving the united states and its allies out of the region. but the united states can say we'll leave if you ask the russians to come in. and at the same time, not say, we'll do whatever it takes to stop really beating isis back. we haven't said that. we haven't done that. and if question don't do that, the iraqis are going to look towards russia regardless of what they've told me. >> what is your position and the white house saying we have have done more than anybody else. we have been the biggest friend
3:56 am
to iraq. we are doing the most to fight isis in the region, militarily, financially, any way you measure it? >> we have done a great deal to help iraq in the last year. but we've done it in a hesitant manner. we've done it in a low-risk manner. we've not provided the military muscle that is needed to very rapidly push isis back. eventually, perhaps we'll succeed. but time isn't on our side. that's what we see with russia's intervention a month ago in syria. now, potentially in iraq. if we don't move out quickly and start driving back isis from areas of western iraq, i feel that the iraqis will turn to the russians. >> by move out, you mean actually move in, get more involved on the ground. but how do you square that strategy with the fact that over half the american people still say we don't want american boots on the ground? >> well i'm not talking about large numbers of american boots.
3:57 am
we have american boots on the ground in afghanistan. we have 10,000 of them. where's the american protest against that. we had american advisers, special forces team in the front lines for the battle for kunduz. why don't we do it in iraq? nobody can give a good explanation of why. up until knew, we had the luxury of just basically waging a conflict on a long-term basis. putin and his chess move has suddenly taken that option away from us. >> what do you believe is the motivation for the white house, specifically, president obama, to not do the things that you're saying seem obvious? >> president obama, in my view does not believe in the efficacy of military action to solve any problem. he doesn't believe it will work for us and hasn't in the past. and he doesn't believe it will work for putin. i think he's wrong. more importantly, putin thinks he's wrong. >> how do you believe that, in
3:58 am
terms of recognizing those fighting isis, see it really an ideology, the disposing of the disenfranchised and using faith to make them into soldiers and that you can't beat that with a bomb? >> yes, you can. we had the same problem with al qaeda since went 2001. and military force has beatsen down al qaeda and rendered 2 incapable of launching serious attacks. the ideology is still there. i spent most of my adult life in the middle east. it's always going to be there. i don't think we can defeat it. i think only people in the region long term can defeat it it. isis is a state, it's an army. you defeat states and armies with military force. >> and you've said that before that the people there have to deal with the ideology. the united states has to make it safe for them to take it on. ambassador, thank you for your perspective. we'll have you back on again. >> thank you very much. that's a big story. there's a lot of news today.
3:59 am
this is the big day hillary clinton takes on the benghazi committee. >> hillary clinton facing the committee. >> the committee itself is under investigation. >> the fact is you have four dead americans, what difference at this point does it make? >> the newest subcontroversy is about comments you made about the war in afghanistan. >> we made a terrible mistake getting involved there in the first place. we made a mistake going into iraq. i've never said -- >> this was about afghanistan. >> i never said that. okay. wouldn't matter. caught on tape, a police officer being viciously stabbed in a gas station parking lot. >> 80% of that video, i don't remember. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning, everyone. in just hours, hillary clinton
4:00 am
clinton will testify before the house committee on benghazi. there's plenty of criticism, including the atmosphere after several indicated it was clearly focused on bringing clinton's numbers down for the white house bid. we will have much more on what we can expect, ahead. first, breaking news on the campaign trail. a brand-new poll minutes ago shows, look at that, dr. ben carson beating donald trump in iowa. key state, 28/20. why? is it a vulnerability or specific for population of that state? we have team coverage, let's begin with athena jones with the numbers. athena. >> a big deal, we've been talking about how trump has been leading in national polls for 100 days. this is a poll in iowa the first state to make a choice in the republican race next year. this is significant. this is showing ben carson out
4:01 am
on top, not trump. carson has gained seven points in the last month and trump has lost the exact number of points. this is trumps's best showing in iowa thus far. we know he's gaining support from women and white evangelical voters here. another important important point, when asked who they would not support, you can see that there. jeb bush is not on top. in this poll, he's tied at sixth place at just 5%. trump also doesn't do well when it comes to favorability numbers. you can see in the next poll graphic, carson is up on top, 84% of republican caucusgoers, likely with a favorable review of him. just 10% have an unfavorable view. trump is near the bottom, 53% favorable, 43% unfavorable. that is not a good comparison
4:02 am
there comparing trump and carson. there's one more set of numbers i want to highlight here. take a look at standing with white evangelical voters. a key group in iowa. you can see carson has a 19-point lead over trump with those very important voters. and it's because of the importance of white evangelical voters that we're hearing trump make statements like this. >> you know, i'm a good christian. okay? remember that. and i told you about christmas. and i guarantee, if i become president, we're going to be saying "merry christmas" at every store. the happy holiday, you can leave that over in the corner. >> that was trump campaigning in burlington, iowa yesterday. a clear attempt to appeal to those folks, religious voters who have been talking several years about a so-called war on the word "christmas." chris. >> thank you very much.
4:03 am
we'll have more on the new poll numbers. but first, the other top story, hillary clinton is facing eight to ten hours of grilling from the house select committee on benghazi this morning. and we're polling on this as well. showing that american, fed up with the committee. but as somewhat fed up with how this situation was handled by clinton in the first place. cnn political correspondent brianna keilar has more. what do you see in the number zwrs. >> good morning, chris. they're pretty resting. let me first tell you how today is going to go. you mentioned eight to ten hours of testimony. we're expecting four two-hour blocks, roughly, where hillary clinton will be answering questions. she's been preparing for what we would expect to be a grueling and dramatic day. you have trey gowdy saying this is part of the definitive and final accounting for benghazi. democrats who support hillary clinton say this is a political hatchet job. and the new poll numbers show that most americans believe that
4:04 am
politics are at play. >> i really don't know what to expect. >> reporter: this morning, just hours away from hillary clinton's highly anticipated benghazi hearing. >> they ended up becoming a partisan arm. republican national committee. >> reporter: -- a new cnn/roc poll reveals the public agrees with the democratic front-runner. 72% believe the investigation is being used for political gain. >> we put together a benghazi special committee. a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> reporter: two members of the gop admitting as much. >> this may not be politically correct, but i think there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people. >> reporter: but committee chair trey gowdy strongly denies he's playing politics. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. >> was it because of a protest? or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided
4:05 am
they would go kill some americans? >> reporter: that anger and frustration palpable for hillary clinton two years ago. >> what difference at this point does it make. >> reporter:? a moment likely still fresh in the minds of republican led committee members. >> madam secretary, you let the consulate become a death trap. >> reporter: yet after three years of investigations, seven investigations, thousands of pages of e-mail, and hours of testimony, republicans say they still have unanswered questions. on september 11, 2012, islamic extremists overran the u.s. mission in benghazi, setting it ablaze and then storming a nearby cia annex, killing four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. but is clinton ultimately the blame for the terror attack and deadly security lapse? that's what some republicans say is still unknown. >> with specific security requests, they didn't come to me. i had no knowledge of them.
4:06 am
>> this benghazi select committee that hillary clinton will testify before today is responsible for uncovering that she used a private e-mail address solely. and that those e-mails were housed on a perth server in her house in new york. even with that, even with the fbi investigating the security of this server, even with thousands and thousands of e-mails being released by the state department, clinton's e-mails, there still at this point is no smoking gun. that clinton denied requests for security in the leadup to the benghazi attack. or that she was participating or even if there was a cover-up by the obama administration in the wake of this attack. a cover-up that some republicans have suggested where they were trying to say that this wasn't actually terrorism. chris and alisyn. >> thanks for laying that out for us. let's bring in california congresswoman linda sanchez. he's a democrat on the benghazi
4:07 am
committee. congresswoman, thank you for taking time for us this morning. we know you have a busy day. as brianna just laid out, at least eight hours of testimony is expected by hillary clinton. 12 of you members, five democrats. i believe you all get to split your time evenly, in terms of asking your questions, how do you plan to use your time? >> well, i plan to use my time in a way that allows the secretary to respond to many of the smear tactics and half truths and outright lies that have been perpetuated by the republican majority in charge of this committee. giving her an opportunity to once and for all, clear the air, set the record straight and push back on the fantastical conspiracy theorys that they've been peddling. >> and yet, there are questions that remain. elise labott from cnn have a great piece of five overarching questions that americans still have. i'll read one, why did the use
4:08 am
remain in benghazi despite the desperation of violence and others had been closed. what's the answer? >> well, it's been answered over and over and over again. there are eight separate reports that investigated the events of september 11, 2012. >> what is the answer, congresswoman, when the security situation was escalated? >> because ambassador stevens believed very strongly that there was great intelligence to be from-h from that region of libya. even though tripoli was the de facto capital that there were people in benghazi that were providing intelligence. and that the power structure really of the new government was in benghazi. and we needed to have a presence there in order to understand what was happening in that country. as i said, the eight different reports, all laid this out. and either the republicans on that committee aren't reading those reports.
4:09 am
or they're asking the same questions over and over again that have already been answered multiple times. there's nothing new that they, in 17 months -- there's nothing new that they've uncovered that changes the narrative of what happened that evening. >> when you say that there's nothing new however people like john boehner and republicans say they're getting new information all the time. for instance -- let me tell you this specifically. john boehner said this week it wasn't until monday, this past monday, they got 1300 pages of ambassador chris stevens e-mails. >> that's simply not true. >> he said just monday. so he's wrong? >> well -- well, they've been in existence. and they've been seen prior to monday. i mean, sure, there might be a few, because they requested hundreds of thousands of documents. but those e-mails are nothing new. they knew that chris stevens had sent those e-mails. they knew that he had requested additional security. again, they're peddling this narrative that there's all this new information.
4:10 am
any information that they've gotten still fits into what the eight prior reports had reported. and the conclusion in those reports, which is that the events that evening were unexpected. that the folks that responded, not only responded adequately but heroically, that tragically, four americans lost their lives that none of these fantasticical conspiracy theorys are borne out by the evidence. . yes, it's a tragedy that four americans lost their lives but i think it's also a tragedy that we're spending millions of taxpayer dollars to chase the c conspiracy theories that in the hopes that something happened that didn't. >> let's talk about the american people. there are new cnn polls about
4:11 am
benghazi out just this morning. it has a finger on the pulse of how americans are feeling about this. let me just show you a couple. have the republicans gone too far with the benghazi hearings, was the question? and 40% say yes. but handled appropriately is more. 51%. and that's up, by the way, since may and june. so while americans do believe that there's certainly a political thread to all of this, it sounds as though they do think ethe republicans are realy trying to investigate and get to the bottom of this. >> well, it's been admitted by top republican leadership that the purpose of this committee was to go after hillary clinton and drive down her poll numbers. so the credibility of the committee is in question. and $5 million of taxpayer monies have been spent over the course of 17 months to try to discredit hillary clinton, to try to smear her with half truths, with information that's
4:12 am
taken out of context. that they've been leaking to the press over 17 months. it just goes to show you, by those poll numbers that the american people have been influenced by the amount of time, money, attention that they've spent attacking her credibility. as kevin mccarthy himself stated, they've been able to drive their polls numbers down. that the not accidental. that was their intention all along. you can argue, yes, they've been very successful at convincing the american people that something nefarious has happened but they've not been true to the select committee which is to provide answers and closure to the families. they have promised that to the families and they haven't done that. >> we'll see if that happens today. congresswoman linda sanchez, tanks for taking time for "new day." another big story, who is going to be the speaker of the house? paul ryan has three demands.
4:13 am
the trickiest one looks like it got met -- almost. manu raju live. do me a favor. explain the faction. the leadership comes out and say, we'll support ryan. he get ace super majority but doesn't get an endorsement. how does it work and what does it mean? >> so, chris, this is a group of hardline conservatives who drove out kevin mccarthy. paul ryan said clearly if he did not win the endorsement of the house freedom caucus and two other factions in the house gop conference, he would drop out. now, yesterday, about 70% of the house freedom caucus members voted to support him. which is not high enough for the group's internal rules to actually issue an official endorsement. one reason ryan did not get that
4:14 am
endorsement. his demand of house change rules to make it harder to eject a speaker in the middle of his term. but there are others, chris, in the freedom caucus who are okay with ryan. >> we met with him for an hour and a half today. i think he satisfied many of us that he was willing to change business in washington, d.c. paul has the credibility to change the place. >> now, because of that support that was released, that 70% threshold, paul ryan is moving forward with the speakership. even though he did not get the official endorsement. we expect that two other caucus conferences within that republican -- house republican conference to come out with their endorsement today. it's a moderate tuesday group in the conservative republican study committee. but chris and alisyn, the bigger problem remains for paul ryan. the big fiscal fight remain in the fall, he's probably going to anger the same conservatives he
4:15 am
just won over. >> boy, fascinating to see how this plays out. meanwhile, wikileaks releasing information stolen by hackers. they say it's just the beginning. they plan to release more stolen data today. evan is live in washington. tell us what they're saying? >> they expect several more days of this. wikileaks says it has more personal documents stolen from john brennan's private e-mails. and the alleged hackers say they have other officials they're targeting. all of them before 200$2009, bee brennan join the white house and then moved to the cia, the government that brennan filled out in order to get security clearance, it has personal information about his health, his wife and personal friends. the cia says in a statement, quote, the hacking of the
4:16 am
brennan family account say crime. and the brennan family is the victim. this attack is something that can happen to anyone and should be condemned, not promoted. the fbi and secret service are pursuing leads in this case, so far the people who carried out this breach are outrunning investigators. and it goes to show you, chris, just how tough it is to find people hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. >> no question about that. evan, we'll check back. a man in new mexico confesses to gunning down a 4-year-old girl. police say the suspect opened fire some a pickup truck carrying lilly garcia, a little girl in the backseat, all because of road rage. cnn's ana cabrera is live. >> police say it was an anonymous tip that led them to their suspect. they say somebody called yesterday afternoon. told them they knew who killed lilly garcia. that and other tips led them to 32-year-old tony torrez.
4:17 am
now, police say he was taken in for questioning. he was cooperative, and he eventually confessed to the road rage shooting. the incident happened in a matter of minutes on interstate 40 on tuesday afternoon in new mexico. police say allen garcia had just picked up his two young children, lilly and his brother who is 7 from school. they were driving when words were exchanged. the other vehicle pulled up next to the family's red pickup truck and opened fire. he was rushed to the hospital but doctors couldn't save her. her family is speaking out remembering her precious little girl. >> she just grabbed your heart. the first time you met her. she would grab your heart. she's going to be missed. she's going to be missed by a lot of people. >> just breaks your heart. >> lilly's alleged killer is now being held on a $650,000 cash
4:18 am
bond. this is a person with extensive criminal history now he's facing murder charges with a half dozen others, chris. >> thank you, ana. that story reflects what can happen with unchecked violence. this is road rage. cutting each other off. pull out a gun. >> heartbreaking. >> and you know the defense is going to be i didn't know the kids were there. it's too late for that now. donald trump has led the polls for three months solid now. now, there's new poll numbers out just this hour to show his lead flipping somewhat significant. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience...
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4:22 am
trump is in the lead overall, no question about it. for the first time in months, donald trump is not leading in a poll in iowa. look at this. new quinnipiac poll, ben carson ahead of the gop front-runner, donald trump in iowa by eight points. why? will it last? what does it mean, hue hewitt, host of the radio show. good to have you. what do you see in the essential flipping of trump. you look at september, basically, they've traded positions in a month.
4:23 am
why? >> "the washington post"/abc poll shows that it gains on it and the nbc/"wall street journal" poll he and carson have each gained each month. this is a state specific poll. and iowa is heavily evangelical. dr. ben carson will be coming out to the colorado christian college broadcasting today. next week, and they're cancelling class. everyone is coming to see dr. ben carson. you have in iowa, orange city, iowa, 1300 undergrads, i betcha that's a dr. carson hot bed of support. so what donald trump has nationally may not translate so well in western iowa, chris. it will take a long time to see how this plays out four more months. but it is the evangelical vote which drives dr. carson. >> give me the context of other numbers for me. and then we'll discuss what trump can do to reverse this.
4:24 am
are there any candidates you would definitely not support, 25% then, 30% now. bush, 23% then. 21% now. what do you see in those numbers? >> you know, i tend to discount how members support someone. so many different events are going to occur. there's a huge event today, mrs. clinton testifying before the benghazi committee is a huge opinion-shaping event. and there will be many more before february when the iowa caucuses are held. even when the opinion-shaping debates come on, even people adamant that they will never support ben carson, marco rubio or donald trump, they tend to rethink it. i tend to discount those completely. what i look at now who has got county chairman. who has got precinct captain who has got a number of people who will get up in the middle of an afternoon on sunday to knock on
4:25 am
doors and engage in conversation one-on-one. you grew up with retail politics, right? you know what retail politics is, and that's what works in iowa. >> we like the reality, we don't like the practicality. and not that he doesn't think he can win, it's not the heart and gumption, it's the time that i don't have the time to get the organization. and let's look at this, on the issues, one quick note, that last poll that you just showed that you discount, you know who wasn't on that list of people they'd never vote for -- carson. he didn't even register. >> interesting. >> on the issues, economy, policy, illegal immigration, social issues, taxes, trump beats carson handily on all of them, except social issues. what does that translate into? >> again, dr. carson is best known among the republican
4:26 am
electorate of being the heart and soul eadvantavangelevangeli. he appears to be perhaps the nicest man to ever seek the presidency. and his accomplishment coming from nothing in detroit in nowhere and ending up being one of the country's leading neurosurgeons is an inspiring story for people who want to be inspired. he does work very well in the center of evangelicals. and often catholics, especially the weekly mass attending catholics. >> catholicism is a denominat n denomination. evangelical is not. now, let's look what say with the moments that form opinions.
4:27 am
certainly, benghazi is going to be a huge one. don't think it can even be exaggerate the kerfuffle about what trump said and what he meant about afghanistan and iraq. what do you lead into that he said i said iraq was a mistake it was and i said getting involved over there say mistake and it was. but now that you messed it up, you have to stabilize what you destabilized? >> i think what trump is doing is engaging people again and again. i had this exchange with him on my radio show, he simply misheard cuds, kurds, is goes quaye. and what does he say to people in iowa at that point? >> he's saying merry christmas. >> that was so practiced. that was eye abeautiful moment by donald trump. to a whole bunch of people that
4:28 am
communicates more than a five-second sound bite. matt dowd, one of the great pollsters of our time says when it comes down to voting, who believes what you believe, who understands where you're coming from. donald trump did a great reachout and beat a lot of people to that punch line. >> does it matter when he gets with the schtick of how do you change the first amendment law on how we celebrate holidays and how we don't? does that matter? >> no. >> in fact, a lot of us do a lot of time talking head things. we tend to overlook the fact that most americans fay very little attention to this until the day they vote. then they'll look up and be entertained by the whole parade. today's hearing, they'll be entertained by the sound bites that come out of that. rick santorum showed that four years ago. mike huckabee showed that eight years ago. new hampshire is legendary for changing its mind in the last four days. so a lot of this is noise that
4:29 am
will fade and be forgotten by the time the ballots are cast. >> so what's not going to fade, and we bet on this with whatever is in our pockets, what happens when hillary clinton comes down. >> it's going to matter. the secret service is going to matter a long time. >> okay. hillary clinton as you just said is set to be grilled by the house benghazi committee. so what is at stake for the 2016 democratic front-runner? our political panel -- next. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take
4:30 am
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4:33 am
hillary clinton preparing to testify before the house select committee on benghazi this morning. the democratic front-runner will face eight hours they predict of questioning. let's go inside politics to patrick healy and columnist for the daily beast, patricia murphy. great to see both of you. we've seen it already on our program. democrats and republicans complete at odds about what's going to happen. democrats say all of the
4:34 am
questions have been answered. nothing more to see here. this is more of the same. republicans, say, no, there's new e-mails, since the last siem she appeared. which one is it? >> right. no matter how republicans frame this, the democrats say there is nothing new here. anything that is relevant is not new. anything that's new is not relevant. those are the talking points that hillary clinton's campaign was putting out last night to its supporters. >> in this book. they have a massive book about what they intend to do? >> look, yesterday, they were starting to get a real push to get a lot of joe biden donors, supporters, people sitting on the fence, democrats to start coming into their camp. a big part of them is to tell them the benghazi hearings have nothing that's new. the republicans, what they need to do is have something, at least a few e-mail or lines of questions that come to be take ways so the democrats can't just say this is partisan. there's nothing here.
4:35 am
she's just being roughed up. >> patricia, if it's not a smoking gun that's been found in the stevens e-mails, what can be something that could be brought up in, let's say, connective tissue, in terms of what was known or what was done that leads to hillary clinton that would substantiate the demands of this committee? >> well, i think what the republicans would like to do is would be to tie hillary clinton to the decision not to provide new security to the ambassador when he requested it. there is no smoking gun, as you said. what they would like to do is push her to her emotional brink and get her to admit to that pipe don't think they'll be able to do that. but she, as somebody who is very controlled, she has cracked a couple of times talking about benghazi. >> she certainly got upset. first of all, i'm not saying there is no smoking gun but they would need to evince that. >> as we know, hillary clinton has sort of a sarcasm trigger.
4:36 am
it can be the likable hillary clinton. then the unpersonable hillary clinton. and what they need is, you know, ten seconds, five seconds, either of a video clip that can be shown in iowa, again and again and again. and let's be -- that is part of what the take-away is on the hope of republican candidates here. >> but there's something going on here. i'll tell you why, there's somebody, a staffer who did a hit piece on me yesterday. and it was so beautifully intentional. i think said that she spoke for over six hours to them. they said it was only 5 1/2. i go back to the clinton people, i go, well, she was over six hours. and to write a memo, saying cuomo got this wrong. and they parsed my words so intentionally. >> absolutely. it's their goals, rough up
4:37 am
anyone that you see as a potential enemy, threat, spin -- you know, frame things to whatever sort of talking points that we need. look, they're going to come out of this wanting to go after either whatever kind of media is either suggesting that there's nothing here for hillary. that it's tough for hillary. i think what you're seeing is both sides are sort of arming up -- >> it's not about politics. there are both sides playing this politically. >> of course, it is about politics. and therein lies the rub. because this will affect they are campaign. in fact, there's a new poll numbers out just 37 minutes ago that talk about whether or not how she think she has handled this. this is everybody. okay. is this isn't just democrats or republicans. this is everybody. and her poll numbers are going in the wrong direction. are you dissatisfied with clinton's handling of the benghazi attempt. this is a big moment for her campaign. >> it's a very big moment for
4:38 am
her campaign. democrats have had this circled on the calendar for a long time. this is a moment where hillary clinton can put this behind her and say i've answered all the questions. you asked every question, i gave every answer. yes, she can put this behind her. to patrick's point, republicans just want something, one moment, one moment to put in front of voters, frankly, and which they've already done, actually, with a number of ads to say hillary clinton is not telling you the truth. we know her handling of the same situation that has come out of this benghazi panel is what that bringing her numbers down. she needs to turn those numbers around. and this is the moment republicans believe they can push her over the edge, hopefully for them. democrats hope, look, you asked, we answered. it's over, new story. >> when you talk about turning points, remember, the democratic base is very enthusiastic for
4:39 am
hillary clinton when it comes to the benghazi hearing. this is not about rallying democrats behind her. they are going to behind her and see this as a partisan witch hunt. what this is about is the electability question. coming off of joe biden's announcement yesterday, there's going to be a reckoning with the democratic party. can she win, virginia, north carolina, colorado, new mexico, the states that obama won in 2008. because if florida and ohio are kind of off the table if it's a bush or kasich on the ticket, she's deputy to win those states. the question is not so much about the democratic primary, they think they're solid there. but is there something that comes out that really gets her bad judgment that can be whacked over and overnext fall. >> pat and patricia, thank you for watch this closely with us.
4:40 am
another story that we're covering here that really is a window in the balance of america. a dramatic confrontation caught on video. we're going to speak to a genuine hero. a police officer who was stabbed over and over again with a knife and screwdriver and still prevented catastrophe. we'll show it to you. you'll get to hear from him. okay, how does it feel to not be connected? my chest hurts. well let me give you your phones back. [laughing] let me show you a better way to keep connected. the 2016 chevy cruze offers built in 4g lte wi-fi ® that connects up to seven devices. so this thing puts out its own signal? yes. what? this is next level chevy. i can offer you no interest sittifor 24 months.oday thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give me? same day delivery.
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all right. you're going to see video this morning is new. it is graphic. and i think you should see it. and here's why. it is a window into the reality that officers face keeping us safe. what you're watching is a deranged assailant repeatedly stab a police officer with two different weapons. that officer's name is mario gutierrez. he survived that attack. is now back at work keeping people safe. he joins us this morning. mario, thank you for joining us. most importantly, how are you doing? >> i'm doing good, sir. thank you for inviting me. >> no, no, no, the pleasure is ours. i know you don't remember a lot about the incident. when you saw this video, when they showed it to you when you were ready to handle it, what
4:45 am
did you think of what you saw? >> it was a vicious attack. it also, you know, let me see what i wasn't able to remember. and came close, he game close to killing me. >> well, his intentions were certainly clear. now, what i understand is, you came upon this scene at the gas station. you thought that this guy looked suspicious. may have been doing something to -- to set up an explosion or do something otherwise. do you recall now what it was about, and why you came up there? >> yes. i initially saw him -- the smoke. and when i moved my vehicle, i realized. i saw the fire. and i saw him grab the hose from the pump to try to fuel the fire. that's when i acted right away. i knew he was very close to blowing up. i hit the emergency shutoff button on the outside of the building to shut down the pumps. then i went to basically try to
4:46 am
incapacitate him, put anymore a taser, put him in handcuffs. arrest him, call for the fire to put out the fire. to try to prevent an explosion. that was my sbaengintention. >> you don't remember what was happening in those moments. but you do remember what was motivating you to fight. and man, did you fight like heck. what was that motivation? >> my family. i realized that i wanted to see them again. and i said, no, he's not going to kill me. i'm going to win this. i need to see my family again. and that's what gave me the strength to push through. >> did you ever second-guess going back to the job? >> no. i couldn't wait to go back. i love what i do. and i look forward to it. and i'm happy to be back. >> what do you say to people when they're trying to understand these police shootings in the news about what
4:47 am
it's like to be out there every day on the job. and what the concerns are as an officer when you come into an altercation? >> well, people need to understand that police officers are necessary. they're the ones who go towards the bat thing thd thing that ev afraid of. and they go in there willingly. and they take on that bad thing with no hesitation. and there's a lot of negativity out there now, but, you know, cops, you need them. and there's a lot of good men and women out there that will put it out there. and take care of business. >> what do you tell people when they say, well, what about the bad cases. what about cops when they do the bad things. or shootings, the force is unjustified. what's your answer? >> i'll tell you right now, policemen will take care of that. they don't want bad policemen in their unit. they'll get them out of there.
4:48 am
we're the first ones to go after them. >> listen, i appreciate you talking about this. i'm sure it's something you want in your past but i know it motivates your future as well to keep your family safe and people safe. mar mario, thank you very much for being with us. i love reading that you said all you want out of life is to have peace. time on earth and peace beyond. how's it going so far? >> that's it. so far, so good. i'm on my road towards that goal. >> what do you tell yourself as a person of faith about why this happened and what it's supposed to do for you? >> you know, i know god was with me that night. you know, he pulled me through it. my faith in him. and my love of my family helped me. you know, i'm looking forward 0 the future. with god and with my family. >> well, you look great. you've recovered enough to be on the job. sometimes, you hear life puts you through the worst to bring
4:49 am
to you your best. we hope that of you and your family. mario, thank you, and thank you for fighting that day. >> thank you, sir. chris let's have some levity, late night hosts going back to the future to poke fun at the donald. we have late night laughs for you, next. your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®.
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4:59 am
new poll this morning. ben carson leading donald trump. >> i don't actually think about the other people who are running. i just think about the message i'm putting out. >> frankly, i really want to run against hillary. she's not worthy of being our president. >> hillary clinton testifies before the house benghazi committee this morning. >> four, two-hour rounds of testimony. >> i really don't know what to expect. >> she'll have more experience than most of the people there. >> confession in a fatal road rage shooting. >> this is a complete disrespect of human life. >> she's going to be missed by a lot of people. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to your new day. it is thursday, october 22, 8:00
5:00 am
in the east. and my friends, today is the day. former secretary of state hillary clinton set to eight to ten hours of grilling before the house benghazi committee. there will be a winner and a loser after this is all over. and under the microscope specifically is the issue of the whether clinton's actions or inactions cost americans their lives and is there any new insight that questions the facts that justifies this investigation. >> the high stakes testimony is two hours away or less now. comes amid criticism that this is the a politically motivated witch hunt. new polling out this morning about how americans feel about this investigation. let's begin with cnn's senior political correspondent live in washington. >> reporter: here is what today is going to look like alisyn. four two hour blocks of questioning separated by breaks is roughly how it is going to go. and hillary clinton has been preparing for what we expect will be a grueling day. a the possibly dramatic day.
5:01 am
the republican committee trey gowdy says this isn't about getting clinton. and the democrats say this is the political hatchet job. most of them, democrats and republican, see politics at play. >> i really don't know what to expect. >> reporter: this morning, just hours from the highly anticipated benghazi hearing. >> they ended up being a arm of the republican national committee. >> a new poll agrees with the democratic front runner. 72% agree it is being used for political gain. >> we put together a benghazi special committee. a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> two members of the gop admitting as much. >> this may not be politically correct but i think there is a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people.
5:02 am
>> but committee chair trey gowdy strongly denies he's playing politics. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. >> was it a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided -- >> that anger and frustration palpable in hillary clinton's last testimony before congress two years ago. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> a moment likely still fresh in the minds of the republican committee members. >> madam secretary. >> yet after three years of accusation, seven investigations, thousands of pages of e-mails and hours of testimony republicans still have unanswered questions. on september 11, 2012 islamic extremists overran the u.s. mission in benghazi setting it ablaze and then storming a nearby cia annex, killing four
5:03 am
americans including u.s. ambassador chris stephens. but is clinton ultimately to blame for the deadly security lapse? that is what some republicans say is still unknown. >> with specific security requests they didn't come to me. i had no knowledge of them. >> this committee holding the hearings today is benghazi select committee is responsible for uncovering that hillary clinton solely used personal e-mail while she was secretary of state and that that e-mail was housed on a personal serve ner her home in new york. but at the same time despite the release of thousands of e-mails there really hasn't been a smoking gun found. that there was either a cover up that the obama administration did after the attack or that hillary clinton was involved in some sort of cover up. but what we're expecting guys is that -- and republicans say this. they say they have some new documents that they will be airing today. so we'll stay tuned to see what that's about. >> it will be so interesting to see how much of the questioning deals with the e-mail scandal and how much deals with
5:04 am
benghazi. we know you will be watching that for us. meanwhile, congressman paul ryan getting some conditions met. he demands the back of the house freedom caucus before moving forward. and this morning, more than 70% of that freedom caucus has voted to back him. is that enough? ? cnn's manu raju live from washington. he wanted 80%. is 70 enough? >> it seems that way. paul ryan spent yesterday trying to win over the hard line conservative whose effectively drove out john boehner and the scuttled mccarthy's bid to be speaker. ryan i'm told assured them he would not put a comprehensi comprehensive --. and he didn't want to be speaker and would only do it if he won the backing of the three major coalitions in the house. that includes the freedom caucus. after a meeting last night here is what one of their leaders
5:05 am
said. >> every institution democratically elected institution has opportunity to remove the leader. that is the way it works. and i don't think we augment to change the rules for one man. if it was good enough for thomas jefferson. >> that last comment, to make it harder to eject him from the speakership, that prompted concerns from conservatives and he did not receive the endorsement because of that only 70% of the roughly 40 members of the group voted to back him. not the 80% that the group requires. but still with that 70% it was good enough for ryan to say he was going to continue with the speakers bid and he's expected to win the official backing of two other coalitions later today paving the way for him to be speaker next week. chris? >> thank you very much. let's bring in congressman from kansas. republican and outspoken member of the house committee, defending the investigation of benghazi. good to have you with us, sir. thank you for taking the time. >> most welcome. thanks for having me on. >> let's walk through this
5:06 am
almost forensically, okay? because a big part of the political kerfuffle is about what has happened already and what people like you think still needs to happen. okay? so -- >> yes, sir. >> hillary clinton has testified before -- her people say she was available for over six hours. she testified for at least five and a half hours right? >> shefs she's testified twice with respect to this issue. correct. >> she did discuss her knowledge or an action or action with respect to what happened before, during and after the incident. is that true? >> she did so. and the committees speaking with her those days had no access to any of the documents that pertain to any of those very same sets of issues. we've now received thousands and thousands of pages of documents about her actions, the actions of her staff, actions that took place all across the united states government. we've had the benefit of interviewing dozens of those people. that many of those committees
5:07 am
never took the time to interview. so we have a great deal of more information so i think we'll be able ask her questions that advance the story of how these four mesh wrrs murdered on her watch. >> two follow-ups. the democrats countered that they in fact did have access to tens of thousands of pages of documents and e-mails of stephens. not as many as you have now but they did have documents. are you saying they had none of them? or that you have more. >> if i said they have none, i misspoke. we received nine hundred pages just yesterday. three and a half years after the event. it is not even remotely reasonable to say that the previous committees had any opportunity to have the facts in front of them. today we have most of it. we still don't have all of it. but we'll do our best to show the american people what it is
5:08 am
we're trying to do in order to make sure that something like this never happens again. >> the purity of the cause gets compromised by the set up to that statement. i understand you have more. and we're all very much looking forward to seeing what is so valuable in the more that you have that justified the enthusia enthusiasm. but when you say they have none, when it is not even close they didn't have the facts before them. seven conclusive reports came out saying they do know the facts. they do know what happened. so all of that was what? >> these are very different investigations. let's take the review board that clinton relies on. it didn't speak to a single state department official. each of the committees our body of congress put before it had its own particular interest. i sat on one of those committees. we looked at the intelligence community and issued a report on that. this is the first time with the ability to have the scope and
5:09 am
breadth and now the facts upon which to ask secretary clinton her questions about her actions for her security of the four men. and the actions how a couple weeks after president clinton -- president obama could go on television and not be able to answer whether this was a terrorist attack. >> did you interview others. >> i'm not at liberty to talk about all of the folks we've spoken to. nor the folks we'll speak to after this thursday. a lot of people seem to think this investigation ends today. it does not. but remember, with respect to the accountability review board, not a single person lost a single paycheck and we have four americans killed. accountability still has not occurred. >> but you won't tell us whether or not you took the time to interview the people that -- >> we interviewed dozens and dozens of people chris. we'll continue your investigation. we'll pursue the facts where
5:10 am
they lead us. and we'll write a report that i'm confident the american people will see as providing fidelity and. >> it's interesting you keep using the word fidelity. because a lot of this is the intentionality of it. you are saying fidelity that this is the faithful earnest look at the questions. the reason i ask is when you have someone like -- come out. he was attached to the committee yes? >> i never met him. sounds like he was attached to the committee for that short time, correct. >> if this isn't just about politics. if this is about just finding the truth. why -- say it wasn't six hours. it's five and a half. and it's wrong to say she talked about the threat it's wrong to say that this committee ever had any access to. this it is wrong to say that anyone connected to the committee ever said this is political. that is all not true. why spend the time putting out a
5:11 am
political hit piece on something you say isn't political? >> i can assure you. i served in the army quite a time. i know what mission is. this community has been focused on its mission since may of 2014. i regret that the democrats haven't lifted a finger to help us get to the facts. our objective is to get answers for the american people. you set this piece up saying there will be a winner today. i think you meant secretary clinton or the committee. the winner today will be the american people. and i think they will be proud of the work we do. >> what do you make of the suggestion of a poll says 72% of people say it is about politics and why it's raised more attention than any other act of terror in the united states including 9/11? >> there's been a lot of spent
5:12 am
by secretary clinton -- >> how does that answer the question. >> because your question was -- there have been a lot of efforts to influence what the american people think. our committee has not done that. we've endeavored to do our work in a way that is professional, earnest, complete and we'll keep doing that. >> good. thank you being tested about how we got here today. we look forward to hearing what is discovered that is new and what helps the american people understand the situation better than they have been up to this date. we're going to cover this super soup to nuts. stay with cnn for the benghazi hearing. they may question clinton for up to ten hours. and whatever it is we'll be there. >> breaking news about clinton's challengers on the republican side. dr. ben carson trumping trump. in a new quinnipiac poll out of
5:13 am
iowa. carson beating trump 28 to 21% in iowa. is this the beginning of trend? so this is the first time in this pivotal state that carson has leapfrogged trump. >> right. good morning alisyn. this is a big deal. it is too soon to say if it is a trend but we've been talking about how trump leading in national polls for a hundred days. but this is a state by state competition. and iowa is first next year so this is important. carson on top there at 28%. carson has gained seven points and trump has lost seven in the last month. this is carson's best showing in iowa so far. and we know he's drawing a lot of his support from women and from white evangelical voters. another interesting point here is that when people were asked chp candidate they would not support, 30% said donald trump. you can see jeb bush is not too
5:14 am
far behind him. so this may be worse news in a way for bush. he's tied at sixth down at 5%. but donald trump also doesn't do well when it comes to favorability. in the next graphic carson has 84% favorable rating. just 10% unfavorable. trump is way down there at 53% favorable and 43% unfavorable, which is the highest number we're seeing in that poll. and there is one more set of numbers i want to highlight here. take a look at the candidates standing with white evangelical voters. this is a key group when it comes to republican caucus goers in iowa. the last winners, rick santorum and the huckabee had big appeal with white evangelicals and the carson leads by 19 points with that group. take a listen. >> i'm a good christian, okay?
5:15 am
remember that. plau [ applause ] and i told you about christmas. and i guarantee, if i become president we're going to be saying merry christmas at every store. the happy holiday. you can leave that over in the corner. >> a clear attempt to appeal to those folks who feel like there is a war on the word "christmas". >> all right. how well does it work is this team trump will push back and say among black evangelical's he's actually doing very well. president obama means with the president of pakistan today. this is the big deal. the prime minister is expected to tell the president he will not accept limits on the use of small tactical nukes. there are fears that kind of resistance could lead to a nuclear arms race in the region, especially following the iran deal. >> secretary of state kerry meeting in berlin this morning
5:16 am
with netanyahu. just this morning police shot and apprehended two attackers who stabbed an israeli civilian west of jerusalem after trying to board a bus full of children. a man confesses to shooting a the four-year-old in mexico all because of road rage. live in new mexico with the latest. >> authorities say it was an anonymous tip that led them e to their suspect. he was cooperative when taken in for questioning yesterday afternoon. and then an arrest. coming more than 24 hours after that fatal road rage encounter that's left a family shattered. >> breaking overnight. the lengthy man hundredth in new mexico ends in a heartbreaking road rage killing.
5:17 am
>> she just grabs your heart. the first time you met her she would grab your heart. and she's gonna be missed by a lot of people. >> dmou tony torres is in police custody thanks to the anonymous tip. police say he confessed to crime on tuesday afternoon. the deadly encounter unfolding over two miles. two vehicles cutting each other off on the highway. drivers exchanging words. moments later, shots ringing out. >> i'm not sure what's going on. there is a red ford f-150 in the center median. t looks like some sort of medical emergency. it is not an accident. but there is an adult holding what likes -- >> a fatal gunshot to the head striking lily. who was in the car picked up
5:18 am
from her second day of school. lily was rushed to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. >> i just can't express how sad it is to know that something as simple as going down the freeway and your child dies because of road rage. >> now torres is accused of murder, child abuse and about a half dozen other charges. he's been held on $650,000 approximate bond. in the meantime the communities is really rallying around the family. they raised tens of thousands on a go fund me page. and businesses reaching out to help with the funeral. >> they will need all of that emotional and financial support. thanks so much anna. >> now that joe biden has bowed out. what does it mean for hillary clinton? and what does it mean for donald trump? and the others
5:19 am
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every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. about one hour from now hillary clinton will testify
5:23 am
before the house benghazi committee. clinton has said the republican-led committee is just a political krauds crusade to t bring down her poll numbers. new polls this morning finds 70% of americans think it is political. yet also are not satisfied how she dealt with benghazi. what does hillary clinton need to do during this testimony today? >> i think she needs to answer questions thoroughly. but she needs to answer them in such a way that doesn't create new issue. she's said a lot on this subject before. and she needs to be consistent with the things she's said before. and she needs to be -- i think she needs to ak noj as she has in the past that obviously mistakes were made in benghazi. and talk about what we can learn from those mistakes, which is
5:24 am
really what these hearings should be about. i think americans are wise in that they think the hearings are both political but there are some substantive issues that need to be explored here. >> the two go hand in hand whenever congress is looking at something. but it doesn't mean there is not something there to unearth. the phrase we may hear most today from hillary clinton is "as i've said before." who is the onus on here, ax? is it on her to justify herself? or is it on the committee? >> really interesting question. because i think both of them are on the spot. she for obvious reasons. the committee because of what kevin mccarthy said in suggesting that the mission was to take her poll numbers down. another republican member chimed in on that same subject. and i think, chris, while you are right that these things are
5:25 am
inherently political, i don't think there is anybody on the planet who believes that 17 months later we'd be still holding hearings on benghazi if hillary clinton weren't a candidate for president. >> yeah i -- >> and so -- go ahead alisyn. >> well this does in fact reflect on her campaign for president. and the reason i interrupted you is because we have polling about that. the question was does the way hillary clinton handled e-mail. that's what the benghazi investigation has morphed into it. -- an important cater of her ability to serve as president? >> yes. it is you have from march. so this does have ramifications for her as the candidate. >> there is no question about it. i'm not suggesting that. they are -- they are determined to as mccarthy said bring her poll numbers down.
5:26 am
but that doesn't mean that these aren't -- there are some legitimate issues here. and how she handles this today will be important. she can put these things behind her with a good strong performance. if she unwittingly opens up new areas of the investigation. that would be a problem. >> -- no way did any other body that looked at this had the facts for them. do you think that is that fair comparison? >> we'll find out today exactly what they have and what it amounts to. is there a lot of smoke or is there something here? and i think that as i said earlier, as you suggested, the committee itself has to mind its ps and qs here. because if it appears they are trying to push this in a
5:27 am
direction that isn't warranted by the facts there is going to be a lot of blowback from that. i think democrats are in large number os it ws of the mind tha wholly political exercise. if the committee oversteps, it is for her a free pass in some ways. >> let's talk about joe biden and the big news yesterday he was not going run. he took the opportunity to announce he was not going to run for president to make what some considered a campaign speech. so let me play for you a little excerpt of that. >> i believe we have to end the divisive partisan politics ripping this country apart. and i think we can. it is mean spirited. it is petty. and it's gone on for much too long. i don't believe like some do that it is naive to talk to republicans. i don't think we should look at
5:28 am
republicans as our enemies. they are opposition. they are not our enemies. >> david, what did you think he was doing with that speech? >> well i think you know what he was doing with that speech. or that particular -- that was an obvious reference to what hillary had said in the debate in which she listed the republicans among her enemies. and it was an od thing to do in the debate because the closing statement as all about building bridges and getting things to work together and bringing people together. so it was probably a poor choice on her part. although it played well in a room full of democrats. i think biden was giving her a little poke. but the speech, it was an announcement speech bracketed by the declaration of the non candidacy. and clearly he wanted to run but couldn't find his way there and there wasn't room for him in the race. i think there is a level of frustration about that. because it is natural for a guy been around as long as he has
5:29 am
and done the things he's done to say why her and not me. and i think it's bubbling over in places and that was one of them in that speech. >> david axlerod, thanks so much. another big story this morning is the search or el chap. we're going to be telling you some stuff about that. but also front runner no more. >> awe. >> donald trump, look he's ahead big. but specifically in iowa ben carson has flipped the script on trump and is now leading. and guess what? we also have the undercard there lindsey graham slamming both of them. and he joins us next to tell you why he must.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
republican presidential front runner donald trump continues to dominate the field. but in the key state of iowa, new polling out today shows the other washington outsider, ben carson, taking the lead.
5:34 am
republican presidential candidate and south carolina senator lindsey graham joins us to talk about the gop field and so much more. senator, thanks so much for being here. nice to have you on "new day." >> good morning. >> before we get to the polling i want to start with what happened on tuesday morning. you were watching "new day," as you do every morning. >> [ laughter ] -- every day. >> that's right. and donald trump was oub guest. you heard him say something about foreign policy you considered so wrong headed you felt compelled to speak about and have been tweeting about it ever since. let me remind our viewers what donald trump said about getting involved in iraq and then also about what the to do in syria. >> number one. they had no weapons of mass destruction. i think bush wanted to do that for his father maybe. you know, actually his father did a good job. he knocked the hell out of iraq and didn't go in. he didn't go into the quagmire that. whole area is a quagmire.
5:35 am
you can't get out. and it is not going to change. it is not going to change with syria either by the way. it is like a quagmire. like being in quick sand. you can't get out. and in the meantime we have to build our own country. >> senator, isn't he right? isn't syria a quagmire? >> well i think what he doesn't understand is that syria is the next launching pad for another 9 lich 9/11. syria is the headquarters of isil. isil is the direct threat to the homeland. they want attack us. who turned him over and said i will see you in new york. the bottom line is that now donald trump says he will allow the russians to fight isil. we're going to get out of syria. we're going to leave the place alo alone. so this is a new low for me in this whole primary process.
5:36 am
our leading candidate is now suggesting that we allow russia to destroy isil, that we're outsourcing the defense of the american homeland to putin. that is beyond crazy. >> but yet senator here is the problem. and that is in terms of your foreign policy vision is that more people, more voters appear to be agreeing with donald trump. i'll put up the latest poll numbers for you. donald trump is once again the dominate favorite. he has -- let me put these up for you. i'll show you what we were talking about with iowa. let's start with that. in iowa ben carson has leapfr leapfrogged donald trump. but that is just iowa. donald trump is leading in all the national polls. still at 20%. and the you senator, are less than 1%. in other words americans are bonding with whatever you call his vision more than yours. >> well here is what i would suggest. that our homeland is very much at risk from radical islam.
5:37 am
that obama's policy to destroy and degrade isil is not working and that donald trump has no idea about this war. he said one week he would not have gone into the afghanistan after 9/11. a couple of days ago he completely flip-flopped. but he said the only reason he would have gone into the afghanistan is because pakistan has nuclear weapons not. it is because the taliban harbored bin laden -- >> just to correct -- he issued a statement saying he didn't understand chris's question when he originally asked about afghanistan and that he does believe that he would have gone into afghanistan. but again, the point is that why aren't voters then bonding with your vision? you lay out the strategy. it sounds like americans don't agree with you. >> i think most americans believe that radical islam will hit us over here if we don't hit
5:38 am
them over there. i'm not worried about the poll. i'm worried about the rise of isil in iraq and indiana. they hold the size of -- excuse me, iraq and syria. they are getting stronger, not weaker. for any person to suggest we will let russia deal with isil when they are a direct threat to our homeland is beyond bizarre. i am not going to let the russians defend the american homeland. i know what's going on in ike and syria. the whole place is falling apart. the russians are now moving into the iraq trying to join forces with the iraqi government and form forces with russia, iran and iraq. this is a nightmare in the making. mr. trump has no idea what he's talking about. he's the most unprepared person in the field to be the commander in chief and over time i think that will matter. americans better wake up is my pitch to the american people
5:39 am
that there is an eminent attack coming to this country because of the failed foreign policies of the barack obama. better wake up. it's coming. >> that is an ominous prediction. you and donald trump of course have been trading barbs throughout the race so far. he just yesterday was on the air talking about you. let me play that for you. >> when you have people that were supposed to be really good and they are down to 1 point or they are down to 2 points and some are down to nothing. you look at a few of them. they have zeros. i don't know why they keep running to be honest. perhaps they think it is good for the brand. look at lindsey graham, it is very sad. he's a sitting senator. he's at zero. and you have a number of zeros. and i would think they should get on with their life and go back home. >> senator i know it is not fun to hear those things, you and donald trump going back and forth. but what about a what he says? how long can you go being where you are in the polls? >> i'm very pleased with what we're trying to do in this race.
5:40 am
and my -- i've been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times since 9/11. i'm spent 140 days on the ground as an air force reservist. 30 years in the military. i understand what's going on in iraq, afghanistan, syria. and it is very dangerous four country and i'm trying to put a vision out for the republican party that says we will actually take the fight to radical islam before they come here. and i am going to grow over time as it -- we get closer to voting as who is ready to be commander in chief on day one really begins to matter i'm going to grow in terms of appeal to my voters. the one thing i can tell you is that mr. trumps statements about afghanistan, his statements about isil are chillingly dangerous to me. this man is naive about the war on terror and how to win this war. i have a plan to win this war and i think the american people are soon going to be looking to somebody that can protect this nation. and mr. trump has no idea how to protect this nation. and i do. >> senator lindsey graham.
5:41 am
we always appreciate you sharing your vision with us on "new day." >> thank you. >> speaking of the middle east, breaking news about the hostage rescue attempt in iraq. there is a live report coming up. well, this is a first. at&t and directv are now one. so get ready to laugh here and cry here. scream over here and freak out over there! and maybe go back to laughing here. and crying there. try not to laugh here though, it's rude. and maybe don't cry here, people will get the wrong idea.
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i'm christine romans with cnn money now. donald trump's billionaire friend will spend 150 million to fight congress. carl icon announced he will use his substantial fortune to form a committee so companies will stop moving head quarters over seas and bring back profits abroad. icon is one of trump's biggest supporters and potentially a pick for secretary if elected. youtube announcing an ad free
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this is breaking news. >> we want to welcome our viewers around the world. we do have breaking news into to cnn. attempted hostage rescue operation in iraq by u.s. separation operations. let's go to barbara starr live with the details. >> reporter: information just coming in and it is sketchy. these are first reports. but multiple u.s. officials telling cnn overnight, u.s. special operations were involved in a hostage rescue attempt in iraq. we are told it was an attempt to rescue some kurdish hostages. the kurds of course mainly are in northern iraq a group that the u.s. military has been working with very closely. we don't know why the u.s. was in the effort to rescue kurdish hostages. we do not know at this hour who the hostages were or how many there were. but -- and this may be the most crucial thing -- we were told by multiple u.s. officials they are
5:47 am
now looking at reports that some of the u.s. troops may -- it may not have gone very well for them. again skech information. there may be one u.s. military fatality or injury. but this is very initial information. the u.s. -- the pentagon often very reluctant to release advanced information on f fatalities or injuries because of course they want to get in touch with the families of those military member, make sure they are the first to hear about the fate of their loved one. so right now no official word from the pentagon. no official word from the administration but in fact multiple officials now saying indeed there has been a hostage rescue attempt over night in iraq. chris. >> barbara starr obviously contemplating the worst case scenario there. especially when there is such a high bar for those type of operations. we'll stay on it.
5:48 am
thank you. mexican officials saying they have arrested six people suspected in helping el chap's prison break. how close are they to the notorious drug lord? martin savidge jounsis with the latest. >> good morning. dawn is just breaking here in this part of the northwestern mexico which means the search effort is once again going to be ramping up. and it will be interesting to see that after the arrest, this massive rest of people who were involved in the escape of el cha chapo. one of them is the brother-in-law. so he may have a lot of information as to the potential whereabouts. what we'll be looking for today is a change in the direction or focus of the search efforts. meanwhile we went looking into some of the remote areas we know the military has already been. and these are extremely small villages. and in fact the villages say the
5:49 am
military has come in with a rough hand. they report helicopters landing very close to their home, damaging them. came in, kicking the door, threw all of their meager items into the yard and proceeded to take food. this is according to the villages. the military saying they are operating in a proper fashion. even though they are conducting a major man hunt. so far though. october 8th, 9th, that was the last sighting we have of el cha poe. but the search continues. >> martin, thank you very much. so if you have got a bun in the oven. put down the booze. that is what your doctor will say. probably not like that. but it is a very strong message that even a sip of alcohol does potentially pose danger to your baby. dr. sanjay gupta is here to explain. he will say it differently but the point will be the same.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
a strong message for pregnant women this morning from the american academy of pediatrics. do not drink any alcohol. not even a drop. here to help us understand our own chief correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. why now is this message coming when ob-gyns don't exactly say it that strongly? >> well, you know, i think the obstetricians at least the organized body of obstetricians say the same thing. you should not be drinking. but to your point i think a lot of people have been hearing different messages for a long time. and saying it's probably okay to
5:54 am
have a little bit and not being unequivocally on this. the vast majority of women probably already know this but you should not drink any alcohol at all during your pregnancy. women do continue to still drink. if you survey women who are pregnant. about 1 in 10 will say they had a drink within the last 0 d30 d in so. and 1 in 30 also say they will binge drink at times. so despite what you have heard. despite the mixed messages in the past, no amount of alcohol is safe. even a small amount can get concentrated into a very small fetus across the placenta and cause problems. >> see, that is what's so interesting. is because some ob-gyns say well, you know, you can have a glass of wine if you want every so often. and they have always said they don't know exactly what the amount is that will affect the fetus. but what are the possible
5:55 am
effects just so everyone hears them this morning. >> there are distinct possible effects and we're talking about causation here. cause and effect as opposed to just correlation. an important point scientifically i'll point out things that can happen to the fetus. hearing, vision, heart problems, bones, kidney, neural development. think about alcohol basically affecting the fetus as it is developing. all of the organ systems are developing at the same time some of them. so the alcohol can interfere with some of they development. and again just a small amount. you think it is a small amount. the problem is it gets amplified in a very very small fetus again and can have those concerning effects. >> and just to be clear. sometimes women don't know they are pregnant for the first few weeks. so if your advice for them not to drink even if they are trying to get pregnant? >> no doubt that happens. but even people who don't know they are pregnant still drinking but the concern is if you think
5:56 am
you might be obviously you should not. there are some women who probably will drink and continue to drink and have absolutely no problems with their pregnancy and their baby. others will drink a small amount and have problems. we don't know which woman is which. so if i tell you i don't know that you are not for sure going to have a problem if you can't to drink, i think that is an important message for women. i could be okay. but am i willing to chance it? >> sanjay gupta. thanks for the warning. newsroom with carol costello will pick up after the break. thanks for watching. from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. it is a busy morning of breaking news with two major stories right now. capitol hill and hillary clinton just minutes from testimony that promises to be terse and probably combative. she'll face questions for the deadly attacks in libya. what she knew and when? and


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