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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 22, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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clinton's testimony on capital is over today, and we will cover more of "360" tonight with looking back of the more nine or ten hours or really 11 from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and cnn with brooke baldwin starts right now. anderson, thank you so much. i 'm brooke baldwin sitting in for my friend don lemon. the house hearing from benghazi that started this morning fin finally wrapping up in washington, d.c. and 11 hours of questions and answers. and if you were expecting fireworks from hillary clinton's appearance, you were probably not disappointed. we have a lot the go through after all of these hours. dana bash is going to join us withwe
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lea e elise labott and gloria borger. what did you hear, dana? >> well, after all of the hours, the question to trey gowdy is what now he learned and the answer was a little bit surprising. let's listen. >> i think that some of jimmy jordan's questioning, and when you say new today, ameae i mean knew some of that already in the e-mails. and you mean her testimony, new? >> yes. >> well, i would have to go back to look at the transcript, but i don't believe anything that she has not testified to earlier. >> and people being the question to spend nine hour on it if you don't believe she produced anything that she has not said before. >> well, i have to go back to look at the transcripts to see if she said anything new or not, but you have to talk to the
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secretary of state, and you is to talk to her after you gain access to the documents, and so really the better question, dana, with all due respect is how the previous committees were able to write the reports with how they didn't have access to what we have access to. >> and that is the fundamental argument that republicans are making that it is a committee determined to get to the truth in the days leading up to the benghazi attack that day, and then of course, afterwards, and that you can't do that without talking to the chief diplomat, of course at the time was hillary clinton. other republicans said that they did learn some new things, for example one of the female republicans susan brooks had some interesting exchanges with hillary clinton including the fact that she got out of hillary clinton that she did not recall having conversations with chris stevens the ambassador after he left for libya which is
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something that was a little bit surprising to people on both sides of the aisle. but brooke, as you can imagine, the democrats are coming out of ohere saying, you know what, this is just what we thought a political witch hunt and that is the whole point of this, and a they said that they didn't learn anything new either, and so maybe that this whole thing should be wrapped up. brooke? >> as it did 11 hours later. and gloria, to you here, first on the bigger picture issue, and you have been in washington for a long time and when do you ever see a bunch of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle sitting in a room focused so intently on one issue for so long? >> hardly ever. maybe supreme court confirmation s, and maybe 9/11 hearings or the iran contra hearings, but hardly ever. what we saw today was kind of sad to me to tell you the truth, because it was an obviously partisan hearing in everiway.
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the democrats did nothing but support hillary clinton. there were legitimate questions that the democrats have raised about libya policy, about security, and they didn't raise it today. they were there to support her and defend her, and republicans i think missed the opportunities to kind of hone in on some details, and instead, decided to kind of make political points with her, were you caring enough? right. did you, how long did it take you to talk to the families? when did you go home at night after the attack? i think that it doesn't serve the congress well at all. >> well, especially when, because of some of the questioning, you know, there was a little bit of infighting and talking amongst the members of the committee, itself. >> and hillary clinton just sat there and fighting among each other with a look of, please, can somebody turn channel,
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please. >> and so, that is the explanation of the faces we have seen. and now, this is fresh off of anderson's show, and this is what happened ten hours into the day and exchange we lie ja cummings and hillary clinton. >> so i don't know what we want from you. do we want to badger you over and over again until you get tired until we get the gotcha moment that he is talk about? we are better than that. we are so much better. we are a better country, and we are better than using taxpayer dollars to try to destroy a campaign. that is not what america is all about. so you can comment if you'd like but i had to get that off of my chest.
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[ applause ] madam secretary. >> i came here, because i said that i would. and i have done everything that i know to do as have the people with whom i worked to try to answer your questions. i cannot do anymore than that. the answers have changed not at all since i appeared two years ago before the house and the senate. and i recognize that there are many currents at work in this committee, but i can only hope that the statesmanship overcomes the partisanship. at some point we have to do
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this. it is deeply unfortunate that something as serious as what happened in benghazi could ever be used for partisan political purposes. and i'm hoping that we can move forward together. we can start working together. we can start listening to each other. >> carl, how did you she do? >> well, she did great, because she was up against a group of demagogue, and you have to go back to joe mccarthy to see this kind of dem goj ri in a congressional hearing and what they did was to give her a platform to show her what kind of president of the united states she would be. she has never had that platform or opportunity to before, and she did it, and she was competent and she had the facts at her command, and nuanced an she did not give an inch. she knew what she was doing, and
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thee yat ri ri cal and complete hillary clinton such as we have have never seen before, and we still have the question of the trustworthiness and whether she tells the whole truth which is the one big thing that stands in front of her in this election, but we got a look at what madam president hillary clinton would look like tonight and it is impressive and these guys and women of the republican side teed it up for e her. >> and jim sciutto, i want to two to you the chief national security correspondent, and we heard gloria say this a moment ago of the infighting and sniping and wrangling in this thing, but what dud we learn? >> well, you heard that trey gowdy say that he did not learn anything consequential, and one of the e key issues is the talk point, and what is the messaging about the causes pe behind this attack early on. one of those, the difference
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between it being inspired by the video as opposed to a terror attack by al qaeda-tied groups on the 9/# -- 9/11 anniversary tied to the diplomats, and was the ball moved forward on either of those issues? i did not hear anything new and the chairman of the committee said that he did not hear anything new. and at the end of the day, the judgment comes down to american people, do they have a satisfying answer, and was there fudging of the talking point of the public messaging on the kausz behind this attack. did they delay in assigning the blame to al qaeda-tied groups and talk about these rallies and the protests going around the region inspired by this video, did they delay on that? >> let me jump in on that lease, because i want to drill down on,
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that and on the first point that jim is making, the republicans honed in very early as to whether or not, you know,k is tear clinton told the truth about whether this is a terror attack or a demonstration that got completely out of control over that islamic video that was online at the time and causing unrest all over the world. this is one exchange from today. >> it seems to me that night you had one of three options, ms. s secretary. you could tell the truth like you did with the family, like you did with the libyan president, and like you did with the egyptian prime minister, and tell them that it was a terrorist attack and you could say, well, we are not quite sure. don't really know for sure, and the evidence is not there, and the evidence is all in the first one, but you could have done that, but you picked a third option and you picked the video narrative and you picked the one with no evidence, and you did it because libya was supposed to be as mr. roskam pointed out a
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great success story for the obama administration, and the great campaign was bin laden is dead and terrorists on the run, and then you have an attack, and it is 55 days before the election and you can live with a protest about a video, but an terrorist attack won't be square with the american people. >> and so, that seems that she had a different version in public than she did in private, and what is the truth? >> well, brooke, a couple of thi things going on and i would say that she did one, two, three at all various times as the administration did over to the last few days, and to the go with the congress mman jordan's the narrative is that she orchestrated the invasion into libya and focused on extremism
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and then took her eye off of the ball and basically participating in the lax security because she was not making decision, and then kind of missed the storm cloud coming with with the benghazi attacks. the day of to attacks, there was a massive protest against this video at the u.s. embassy in cairo and massive protest and very violent and a lot of damg done to the emp bas si, and then the following day, violent protests about this video at the u.s. embassies in tunisia and yemen and when she said main th statement that some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as response to the inflammatory material in the video, she was nod n nodding to the benghazi attack, and she never really said it was about a video, but conflicting information and the administration was trying to spin it the right way, but she was also trying to send it to
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the nations around the world where the u.s. was begging for reinforcements to come to help protect the u.s. em bbassies an sending a message to the citizens of the countries, do not attack our embassies because of this video, because we do not espouse the anti-muslim views in the the video. >> all right. i want to ask gloria about the e-mails. voters seem to care about the e-mails in this committee revealed this e-mail that secretary clinton had sent to her daughter chelsea under the pseudonym diane reynolds, and the e-mail goes like this. two of our officers were killed in ben gghazi by an al qaeda-li group, and the ambassador who i hand picked on a young temporary duty with a wife and two young children and very hard day, and i fear more of the same tomorrow. your read on that? >> well, you know, what republicans were saying as elise said that you said something in private differently than you were saying in public. it is is an al qaeda-like group is what she said to the family,
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and you can take that, you know, take it anyway, because was it a t terror attack or was it inspired by a video or was it a group or was it al qaeda people, i mean, it is vague enough so that i think that she can defend herself. i think that what the committee missed, if in is the direction in which they wanted to go, i think that the committee had a way to go through a time line and to ask specific questions about what she knew when that would lead to questions if you are a republican about her judgment, her leadership, the lack of security and all of the rest. and instead, i think they tended to go down these rabbit holes of sort of picking at her about this e-mail, and this particular
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moment and where where she was at what time and it did not hang together. so instead of completing a th r narrative, they ended up looking like more partisan than actually looking like people who wanted answers. >> elise, you have reporting on that e-mail that i just read, what do you know? >> well, basically what she was are referring to was a facebook message that day. >> right, right. >> and somebody of the anwar al sharia who claimed for that attack, and then are retracted. so original i will they thought it was anwar al sharia and they felt it was the terrorist attack, but then the disastrous talking points to spin it towards the protest, but in the initial reading of what was go g going on and reading on twitter and all of the chat, there was a belief that ansar al sharia, this al qaeda-linked group took
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responsibility for it. >> and brooke, i would say this, it is possible that both could be true. in any incident like this, the intelligence was not certain. and intelligence is rarely certain early on following an attack like this. but at the same time we do have an administration dealing with the dead ly u.s.-raid in iraq, and it has the own talking points to push, and own narrative to push, and the fact is that this kind of thing happens on many events like this. and so it is possible, you know, that both are true. they didn't know for sure. you had her as, elise was saying, talking to her daughter about an al qaeda link that turned out to be later false while they were trying to get a hard explanation of what is going on, but yes, this is an administration two month ts to e presidential election and conscious about the public messaging on libya. and those two things can be true at the same time, and i have to agree with gloria that there was
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an opportunity in 11 hours of testimony to go through this methodically and keep in mind that we have a prosecutor running this, and someone who is schooled in this kind of line of questioning, and opportunity to do it for all of us so that we could line it up and get the answers at each opportunity, and often it seemed like gotcha moments to try to find the sound bitef of the day or the moment to really going to burst through. >> and 20 seconds, dana. >> well, real quick, the take away at the end of the day was this is partisan, but to give you a piece of the color into how much trey gowdy, the chairman was bending over backwards to make it look nonpartisan which i guess is ironic when you look at how it ended up. normally the witness comes up before the hearing and sworn in, and that is such a loaded image, politically loaded image. and so they had the courtesy of doing it privately to make it look nonpolitical, and so it is
7:18 pm
almost didn't matter, because so much of the day, the 10 or 11 hours, the take away is that it was so political what difference did that make? >> i wanted to make all of you real realize that it is a late hour and i want to move on. thank you. and when we come back, all of you mentioned the t-word, the truth. the search for the truth or about playing politics? after 11 hours what we learned from the extraordinary day on capitol hill. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself.
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yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. this is "cnn tonight" and i'm brooke baldwin and one for the history books today on capitol hill. the house republicans sparring with hillary clinton about benghazi and what did we learn from all of the questions and back and forth and joining me is p.j. crowley and general mark
7:22 pm
kennet who is the secretary of foreign affairs for the bush administration. and p.j., let me begin with you, because you were part of the hillary clinton's state department and not during benghazi and i want to be precise on that, but she was repeatedly asked why she did not respond to increased calls for security from benghazi from the consulate there, and after 11 hours today, and do we have an answer to that very question? >> well, you know, mark and i are both military officers who had the pleasure of serving at the state department for various times, but underneath all of the zany back and forth that we saw over all of the hours, there was a very serious question which is, you know, foreign diplomats in a situation in libya where we don't have 100,000 troops there to provide a cordon of security there to do your diplomacy and a very serious question of what is
7:23 pm
the balance between security and engagement, and for someone like chris stevens understanding libya where tripoli will give you one vantage of the country, and benghazi always a rival p power center to tripoli to find out what happened in libya, he had to go if benghazi, and we know that given the attack that did occur, he did not have enough security, but this is something that we are countering around the world in post conflict environments all of the time. and even in a major first world capital like seoul, korea, our ambassador was attacked by a guy with the knife. these things do crop up on a regular basis unfortunately and it is something that we have to deal with going forward and i think that tammy duckworth was one among the committee trying to figure out what have we learn and what do we apply to the
7:24 pm
future experience? >> general kimmet one issue raised the people there in benghazi were cia or contractors and it yet it is former s secretary of state hillary clinton there being grilled and the question is why wouldn't you have officials from the cia and why not former director general petraeus as part of the grilling as well? >> well, at the end of day, the lead responsibility for embassies abroad and that is the secretary of state, but it is also an administration effort, and the fact remains that we wanted to do to libya without putting the boots on the ground, and the lack of boots on the ground or worse lack of troops anywhere near libya with the approximate time to help out is something that is concerning not only for the libya situation, but going forward as we are having a world of doing ex
7:25 pm
expediti expeditionary diplomacy. >> and so, i want to follow up, with secretary clinton and ambassador stevens apparently after he left for the post in benghazi, there was no communication between hillary clinton and am bbassador steven and that is normal to you and is that protocol? >> well, if the question is -- what i would say is typically the day-to-day conversation goes on between the assistant secretary of state of the middle east and the diplomats in that particular area, but one has to wonder as important as libya was not only in its turbulent state at that time, but also the headlines that it had back in the united states, it did surprise me that the head of the state department who has the ultimate responsibility for the diplomatic actions on the ground in libya was not talking to the
7:26 pm
ambassador on even in an infrequent basis. >> so you were surprised by that. and p.j. krcrowley, and congressman ros cam went after her very hard as far as whether or not she took every responsibility for what happened in benghazi as she claimed and did it in a dramatic manner. watch this. >> if you are responsible, what action would you have done differently? what do you own as a result of this? so far i have heard since we have been together today, i have heard one dismissive thing after another. it was this group or that group or i was not served by this or that, and what do you own? what did you do? >> well, i was telling you some of the many related issues that i was work on to try to help the libyan people making -- >> what is your responsibility to benghazi -- that is my question? >> well, my responsibility was to be briefed and to discuss with the security experts and
7:27 pm
the policy experts whether we would have a post in benghazi, and whether we would continue it, and whether we would make it permanent and as i have said repeatedly throughout the day, no one ever recommended closing the post in benghazi. >> and nobody recommended closing it, but you had two am bas dor who made several, several request, and here is basically what happened to the requests. they were torn up. secretary clinton, i think that you should have added this. chris stevens kept faith with the state department that i headed even when we broke faith with him. and he accepted my invitation to serve in benghazi and even when i denied the security that i was to give him and i and my colleagues were distracted by other distractions of our own benefit, and would that be more
7:28 pm
accurate, secretary clinton? >> no, i i would not sthey and disservice for you the say that, congressman. >> and p.j., your reaction to that. >> well, in the answer to a different question, she said, hey, nobody has lost more sleep over this and no one else has focused to provide more security to chris stevens and the others in benghazi, and she has to live with this, and any secretary or state or any military commanders who sends the troops into the battle or sends the troops into the combat or the dif sult situation, not only understands the risk, but then it does weigh on you when, you know, these people are harmed and in some case, these people are killed. and i think that this is a challenging situation for the state department doing what we
7:29 pm
call, you know, expe diditioexp diplomacy and not having boots on the ground. mark kimmet was talking about that earlier in this particular case, there was a discussion with libya about, you know, some sort of security force to enhance them, and it was the libyans, themselves, they said, hey, we don't want any foreign forces here, and we will take care of our own transition, and when the state department as secretary did say today, normally, under the normal circumstances, thet line of security is provided by the host nation, and that is obviously a capability that libya didn't have, but we will en koucounter these kinds of situations where mark kimmette is standing right now, and you have iraq, yemen, syria, libya, and coming apart at the seam, and yet we need the diplomatic personnel there to
7:30 pm
understand what is going on and to try to do this and move the transitions forward without putting 100,000 troops on the ground. >> and to your point and really looking into the future, and you, absolutely point out all of the nations that are, you know, pertinent to all of the security questions, general kimmette what is your one question that still loom looms? >> well, actually i have two. number one, i escorted the secretary of defense both s secretary gates and secretary rumsfeld to talk to commanders on the ground and i was surprised to hear hillary clinton say that she had not talked to the commander on the ground many this case, and hadn't gotten on the airplane and talked to them directly. she can be briefed by the staff as much as possible, but if you want to know what is happening on the ground, you talk to the commander. the second lesson i take away is as we go forward and get away from the issues of benghazi, we have to decide to protect the
7:31 pm
diplomats abroad by putting them 24/7 behind four walls as i see in many embassies in this region or protect them by putting them enough security to get out and engage. what we are learning from libya, there was not enough security provided so that chris stevens could go out to do his diplomacy and i hope that we have enough security on the ground and readily available in extremis so that the diplomats can do their job and be safe while doing it. >> absolutely. thank you, general kimmette in baghdad just after 5:30 for us, and thank you, p.j. krcrowley. and we will also talk to some others about the hearings and re reactions to hillary clinton's hearings. and here she is in washington arriving after a grueling day of testimony.
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together, we're building a better california. back with the coverage and analysis of hillary clinton's day on the hill.
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and joining us is lanny davis contributor the, and also former special counsel to president clinton, and lanny, i have to ask you this that you have supported her through thick and thin, and you have seen the shots of her walking into her washington home, and what do you believe she is doing right now? >> and she is -- i don't know if she is having a drink or not, but as long as i have known her since law school and by the way, i'm a great admirer of mike rogers and i would not have said that while he was in office, because it would have hurt his political career, and she has worked hard and does her homework and when she has command of the facts, nobody is better, and what she showed tonight was poise and stature and she didn't allow herself to be ruffled be by what i thought was some pretty tough and partisan questioning, and after # 1 hour -- after 11 hours, she
7:37 pm
departed with enhanced stature, and maybe those who had doubts about her, possibly a better thought about her. >> and so you were watching it unfold all day with this committee and how did your findings compare? >> well, my lane was the intelligence community, so all of the things that we heard up front that there were possibly a gun running, and there were what was the cia doing there, and they were some nefarious mission to get guns into the syria or something, and all of that was on my purview of the committee and what happened up to benghazi and the day of the attack of benghazi and what happened on the subsequent days, and that investigation, i believe it was very thorough and unanimous decision by the committee the vote that report out, and took a long time, and the most work that we have ever done on any
7:38 pm
issue with the committee by any way by the way, and one place that was not thorough is security requests sent up through the state department. and remember that we didn't have jurs dick is shen over the state department, and the fbi said it was not safe and the review board found some violations, not violations burk that they had not responded well to the security requests by the individuals there, and that is one of the weaknesses that i saw to d today. i wish she had been a lot more aggressive about what she could have done to hold some of those individuals accountable, and the review board found two individuals responsible for that and she seemed more cavalier than she should have on that issue given that their decisions likely contributed to the death of four americans. >> let me ask you, now, about this, congressman, because there has been at lot of of controversy about the republican members who are um plied or said that the hearing was politically motivated, and to your point that the thrust should have been
7:39 pm
about security, but certainly obviously politics at play. and i want you to the listen to this exchange and this is congressman roskam, one of the toughest questioners. >> you recited the clinton dock plin and let me tell you what i believe it is, seized to turn progress in be benghazi to political victory for hillary rodham clinton and take a victory lap on all of the morning shows three times before khadafy was killed and that is what i see. i yield. >> that is only a political statement which you well understand, and i don't understand why that has anything to do with what we are supposed to be talking about today. supercongressman, how do statements like that help, hurt your party? >> well, listen, i decided early on and i took a lot of grief for this that i would have a
7:40 pm
fact-based former son of an fbi guy, and fact-based to do it in a bipartisan way and find the facts and follow the leads are where they took us. and we did that. i think that when you turn it into a political question or political statement during an investigation, i don't believe it helps the cause. yes, i know that there are a lot of the republicans who feel that way and a lot of folks out there who passionately believe it, okay, but as part of the investigation, it probably shouldn't be a part of it, and by the way, the democrats were equally as bad, and the republicans went to their corner and the democrats to their corner and it is probably hard for americans to decipher what is ak exa-- exactly go g oing o and it is probably not a great day for the committee in that public forforum. and i want you to respond to that from congressman roger, and we have to get to the e-mails, and the formerk is tear of state struggled about the e-mails and the fbi is still investigating
7:41 pm
and the republicans will no doubt use it against her if she is ultimate ly the democratic nominee, and this is is not over, sir. >> first of all, i do want to again compliment mike rogers specifically for his committee -- >> thank you, lanny. do i owe you a drink or something? >> your committee and the arms committee was a bipartisan and thorough investigation that explored the questions and do not forget that hillary clinton appointed the two people there, and there was a systemic failure and she published the findings and took responsibility and impleme implemented the suggestions and there was discipline on some of the issues. >> what about the e-mails and then with have to go. >> so if you want to switch from benghazi to the e-mails, and the e-mails now is nothing more than politic, and i think that bernie sanders summed up what most americans are thinking which is that they are tired about the
7:42 pm
damn e-mails and talk about education, health care and what people really care about, but it is a completely different subject and we were told by goudy they would not be talking about the e-mails and when he was asked, mike, right after the hearing he said, did you learn anything new from secretary clinton he said, actually no. and it made me think that, mike, your committee did a thorough job and the only way he could be is political like kevin mccarthy said, because his committee did the job that the others didn't. >> and so, i appreciate the n e niceties, but if you look at the majority of polls, americans, they do care. will the benghazi testimony have an impact on hillary clinton's run for the white house? we will talk about that next. in. ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream.
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a long and exhausting day for hillary clinton testifying before this ben gghazi committe and the committee members as well. joining me is bob beckel and political author of "i should be dead, surviving politics and ed
7:46 pm
a diction," and van jones and amanda carpenter who is former xhunicati communications director for ted cruz. >> and now, i can only hear that what she was hearing from her perspective today, but how much do the voters in the u.s. care about benghazi? >> i don't know that they care much, and i definitely don't know if they watched from 10:00 this morning like i did, and listened to all of the exchanges, right? >> we did. >> and the skeptical voters shopping her and might want to be persuaded might have tuned in, but i don't believe much changed. i think that the republican detractors delivered right into her hands. i think that she performed much better than not only the republicans, but even the democrats on the committee. i thought it was just partisan and ugly and i thought that
7:47 pm
there was so much commentary and conclusion in the presentations by the republican members that her very detailed answers and her calm measure really shined through and she really won the day. i don't know if it helps her a lot, and the fbi investigation is much more damn, but she has this day behind her and she can say that she answered 111 hours of the stuff. >> and amanda on the panel, why are you nodding your head? >> well, a.b. is right, the viewers were not tuned in for the entire 111 hours, but this the 2016 election, voters are will care about how hillary clinton is going to to handle foreign policy, and she said that she stands by the decisions in the libya, and the previous democratic debate she painted libya as a success story saying that she defended the decision to send diplomats into the areas -- >> i dont n't know if that is
7:48 pm
success. >> but she said that libya is a example of smart power and she defends the decision that the u.s. would not lead on certain things going mon the area, and we have to look at what has happened in libya since. earlier this year, 21 christians were beheaded there on the beach, and so there was a strategic decision to go into libya and support gadhafi's ouster, but there is no look at what the footprint would look like when isis gained a foothold in the region, so it is going to be discussed in the 2016 election, and h hillary clinton is going to have to answer more questions as we go on. >> sure. no, absolutely. bob, your thoughts, sir? >>leal with, she had two big things to get over when the voting gets over, and one is the debate that she did fine and in, the hearing, and the republicans if they had the to do it over again, they would have it back, and does it help the campaign, yes, certainly. when i disagree with lanny and it is not the e-mail content or the rest of it, but she has the
7:49 pm
most important problem that any presidential kacandidate has an that is trust. that is where the american people put the highest premium on the candidate and she has to get beyond that. >> how does she do it? >> well, she gets through e-mail thing, and if the fbi decides not to investigate or try to indict her or anything like that, she is through it, and she is going to be fine. >> and van jones, i am not ignoring you, and i want to get to your thoughts right after this quick commercial break. back in a moment. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock.
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stoddard and van jones and amanda carpenter and bob beckle. how did she do? >> it was an 111-hour audition for commander in chief. she came through in flying colors, and it is not just a question of trustworthy numbers, but the the base is her strength, and her strength is her base. and so she looked very strong and you had people who said that today is the day that her campaign is going to end, and she is going to be falling apart and be defensive, and you had people to expect that, but what
7:54 pm
is twice in a row, the lilliputians cannot tie down this gulliver. when she stood on stage with the presidential contenders the lilliputians could not tie down gulliver and then 11 hours today, she could not be tied down. the trust can come back, but when you are weak and defensive, that is going to destroy is the core deal, and she looked strong today and very strong. >> and bob, i could hear the laugh as i was looking at you. and we need to turn to the republican race, and this is a big deal. today, we have new numbers and the latest quinnipiac poll, and iowa poll, and you see the poll, and carson leading trump in iowa. and what do you see? >> well, trump did not like that, and as we have heard, he does his own tweeting. but i don't know that he gives
7:55 pm
it over to the interns. >> a straight shooter. >> yes. >> and as it was all over the benghazi, it would have been blanket coverage, but the iowans are a particular bunch and the caucusing process is strenuous, and they are engage and informed group of politically-minded people in this country, and on t the republican side, they are looking at a big wide field. they are looking fondly at ben carson and this might be the beginning of a big carson surge to eclipse trump or we don't know, but it is going to be interesting to see trump's re reaction in the days to com >> and on the tweet, and the said intern tweet, and trump said it was an intern and yanked it, that #ben carson is leading in the polls, and too much monsanto in the brain corn creates issues in the brain? and now, apologizing and of all of the things that we have seen
7:56 pm
in the trump campaign and the good, the bad, the ugly, is this the closest thing that we have seen to an apology? >> it is the most preposterous statement i have heard him say. and his social media feed and he has millions and millions of followers and more than 3 mi million and no way that some young intern is at the helm of this, and if that is actually true, then that is probably one of the stupidist things that i have ever heard from the campaign. it is his campaign and he does not have an organizational structure on the ground in iowa to get the voters to the caucus and he has a twitter account and he made a massive mistake and he can't walk it back. >> van? >> and it is to the straight shooter and tells it like he is, and then he does something like that, and hides behind the phantom intern. >> well, i don't know, i can't explain it. i can't explain it, and i would love to ask him, himself, and i would like to thank you all, and what a day in washington. i'm brooke baldwin, and thank
7:57 pm
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who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. good evening and thanks for joining us. today, the highly anticipated testimony of hillary clinton to


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