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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 22, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. good evening and thanks for joining us. today, the highly anticipated testimony of hillary clinton to the capitol hill.
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and it was before chairman tray gou di. and two of the majority leaders suggested a partisan motive for the hearings, but clear ly the democrats call it a political exercise and trying to damage their leading presidential candidate. the temperatures on the panel were growing hotter, and as things went on, tempers were growing more contentious to the end there. and i want to go to the nonpartisan team of cnn political analysts, david gergen, gloria borger and carl bernstein who has a best selling biographer of hillary clinton, and legal analyst jeffrey toobin, and you have seen many times through this type of thing, and what did you see? >> i think that we got a look at president hillary clinton, and the competence over the scene that she was asked to testify under, and there was nuance about her positions. it was impressive given what she was up against, and another thing, you have to go back to
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joe mccarthy and the house on american committee to find the process as abusive as a house congressional -- >> you really go back to mccarthy? >> yes, it is reckless and outrageous and the process is, but that said, she has a problem with stonewalling on the question of the e-mails and her server. the fbi is looking at it, and that is probably the appropriate place, but i the think that we have a real look at who hillary clinton would be as president, and comportment, and the composure, and the nuance in terms of policy and the familiarity of the issues and down in the weeds, and down on the senate armed services committee, and what she knows about the world in policy and i thought that we got a look at somebody that we never saw before. >> and gloria, a smoking gun to today? the idea that sidney blumenthal has special access to the clintons is not exactly a
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headline. that could have been written 20 years ago. >> i have a wager that most of the public had no idea who sidney blumenthal is, and he is an old friend of the clintons who e-mailed her about all kinds of foreign policy things, including libya. and she forwarded sol of his e-mail, and the point was, the republican point was, look, he e-mailed you more than chris stevens. >> and he had a more direct line to you than chris stevens. >> yes. and he knew the personal e-mail, and chris stevens didn't know the personal e-mail, and it is part of the larger narrative here which was, a, you own the libyan policy which is bad, and they could make that case, but then they started going down this path of, you were derelict in 2012 and you didn't pay enough at the tension to security which she answered. uncaring after the event and concerned more about your p.r. and that nobody wanted to admit that it was a terror attack,
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because it did not fit into the obama legacy narrative. these were all political points. we didn't learn anything new. anderson, except that i think for hillary clinton's own moving narrative of what occurred that night at her end. and how frantic they were, and as she described it as the fog of war and they didn't know who was dead and who was alive and she was move and i think that anybody who was watching that would have been moved, because you sort of felt like it was something that was pirling out of control, that they were trying to get a handle on. and i think that is the first time that we have ever really heard that >> as we continue to see former secretary clinton there talking with members on her way out, and also with her attorneys, david, first, anybody to say that the the committee is not divided among the partisan lines, and the republicans clearly going after hillary clinton being as
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tough as they could, and the democrats being as gentle as they could, what did you, and what did anything new for you come out of this? >> no. not a ton of information. i will tell you that, anderson, there are conservatives in the country cheered by the hearings, and say that she has basically gotten a free pass on the benghazi and good for the republicans to press in, but a great number of americans and i'm in the group will find that the hearings were very, very disturbing. i cannot remember a secretary of state to go back to carl's point, i cannot remember a secretary of state in modern times who was ever grilled indeed badgers the wade she was for 11 hours in the hearings, and it is unprecedented kind of grilling and i hope that we never see one like this before. >> you think it is unfair? >> well, i'm not sure unfairness, but i thought that it was a certain brutal quality about it. and a badgering quality and to
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take everything, everything that she said in the worst possible light, and to try to accuse her of not caring enough, and the fact that she went home, and somehow the night of the benghazi attack and -- you know -- >> david, hold that thought, because i know that dana has one of the committee members, congressman schiff. >> thank you, anderson. you made the joke which luckily turned into the joke for being here for the 3:00 a.m. phone call that she was going to get. and it was a long hearing and a lot discussed and your role was to talk about how it was political since you are on the democratic side, but there were a few things that came up and came through with the hours and hours of hearing. did you learn anything new? >> well, i mean, this is thin
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thing. >> for all of the hearings, and there was nothing new that shed light on the events that happened or alter ed the conclusions of the reports, so i would say i have not shown any progress and for all of the time and the money put into it, it is disappoint iing. >> reporter: one of the congresswomen on the other side, congresswoman brooks was question iing the recommunicati with chris stevens, who is the am bassador who died in attack, and she didn't remember any communication with him, and that had to surprise you? >> well, i don't think it was e-mail -- >> but wit was not just e-mail, but any communication. >> well, doi. wbt to speak for the secretary in terms of whether she precisely had talked with him or not talked with him, but she did make it clear in terms of the issue that we are concerned about here, that he never did communicate directly with her on
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security. he knew a way to reach her, but i think that it is quite apparent that the ambassador felt that it was not the appropriate level to make decisions about the the security, and that the office of the diplomatic security was the right venue for that, and that is who he interacted with, and it is quite telling that is exactly who he thought that he should reach out to on that issue. >> reporter: and the fact that there were so many are requests for security, and maybe she is not responsible for the security, and maybe she is, but the fact that there were so many rerequests that went unanswered, as somebody who is a member of the oversight committee and the select committee, that has to bother you? >> well, it absolutely bothers me, but again, that is something that the accountability review board looked into extensively and they were deeply critical of the state department, and deeply critical of how the security office handled the request, and those requests should have been met, and they weren't, and so, i certainly agree that it does
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concern me a great deal, but that is not new ground. we have known that for years now, and we have known that the mistakes were made and they were serious mistakes. >> thank you very much, congressman. appreciate it. anderson, back to you. >> dana, thank you very much. i want to go back to the panel, carl bernstein, david gergen and jeff toobin and gloria. i want to play an exchange and have you talk about this as well. >> can you answer to dday, what were the search terms? >> the search terms were everything that you can imagine that might be related to anything, but they went through every single e-mail. >> but that is not answering the question. what were the search terms, mean means terms, and what terms did you use and what the were the date parameters and the end date and the e-mails in between that we are going to be looking at? >> well, congressman, i asked my attorneys to oversee the process, and i did not look over their shoulder and i did not
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dictate how they were going to do it, and i did not ask how they were doing it. >> so you tont know? is you don't know which terms they used to determine which were your e-mails and which were the state departments and they would get? >> the state department had 95% of those work-related on the system. >> and the chairman trey gowdy is speaking, and let's listen in. >> i don't draw conclusions until the end, and there are more witnesses to talk to, and so from my standpoint, we keep toing on until we -- we keep going on until we can get access to all of the documents. i told you in the opening count how many times you hear my colleagues to the left ask the executive branch to produce documents, and i counted zero. the six of us, seven of us would be much closer to writing that final report if we could get just a little bit of help in gaining access to the document.
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so with that and -- >> what do you find most rel va toir piece of information? >> well, everybody has their own perspective on that, but i have a very different interpretation of the phrase "personal review" than the arb did, and i think that personal review means exactly what it says personal review. we had a lot of q&a and are responses, and she kept saying, i have people in place for that, and that is all right, and a fair answer, but you have to to be prepared to answer why you have people in processes for security, but people in processes that were not in process for diesel fuel, gasoline, fish, or the drivel of sidney blumenthal. >> and what are some of the new thing th things that you learned today? >> i think some of jimmy
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jordan's question iing, and whe you say new today? i mean we knew some of it already. we knew about the e-mails. in terms of her the testimony? >> yes. >> i don't know if she testified any differently than she has in previous testimony. >> and trey gowdy talking about what he heard tonight. we will take a short break and fry the do the impossible and bring you the most important moments and the best moments or the worst moments depending on your perspective boiled down to a few memorable minute, and also ahead of the panel, we would like to the speak to one of the victim's sisters and what she heard in the testimony. we will is have that when our special on benghazi continues. the same price. r i like this metaphor. oh, it's even better with funnel cakes. but very sticky. get 15 gigs for the price of 10.
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♪ we have been watching history unfold on capitol hill and hour after hour of testimony and roughly nine hours in all by hillary clinton, and the stakes going in could not have been higherer and the political stakes could not have been higher either. and in case you didn't have nine free hours today, here are some of the big importants today. >> we are going to be writing the final definitive accounting of benghazi and with would like to do it with your help and the help of democrat colleagues, but make no mistake we are going to do it nonetheless. >> and last week the chairman told the republican colleagues to shut up and stop talking about the select committee. what i want to know is this, and this is a key question, why tell the republicans to shut up when they are telling the truth?
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>> well, i'm here. despite all of the previous investigations and all of the talk about partisan edagendas, m here to honor those we lost and to do what i can to aid those who serve us still. >> i get asked constantly, why has nobody been held accountable and not a single person lost a single paycheck connected to the fact that we had the first ambassador killed since 1979? how come no one has been held accountable to date? >> the personnel rules and the laws that govern those decisions were followed very carefully. >> yes, ma'am. i am not asking what the arb did, but i am asking what you did? >> i followed the law, congressman. >> so you -- >> that is my responsible. >> and libya was supposed to be be as mr. koskam pointed out, a big success story for the obama white house and the clinton state demt and now you an attack, and it is 56 days before the election, and you can live with the protest about a video,
8:16 pm
and that won't hurt you, but a terrorist attack will, and you can't be square with the american people? >> i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i have lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. or should have been done. >> madam secretary, he had unfettered access to you. he use ed thd that access on on occasion to sd you to intervene on behalf of a business venture, do you recall that? >> mr. chairman, if you don't have any friends who say unkind things privately, i congratulate you. but from my perspective -- >> i'd like to think that i'd correct them. >> i move that we -- >> we put into the record the entire transcript of sidney blumenthal, and if we are going to be releasing the e-mails, just let the world see it?
8:17 pm
>> why do you only want bluhmer en thal released and even the survivors, you want it released? the only one that you have asked for is sidney blumenthal, and that one and ms. mills. >> yes. >> and that is 2 of 54 and if you want some fact witnesses. >> and put a vote on the blumenthal, and you said from the e beginning that we want th truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and why don't we put the entire transcript out there and let the world see it? what do you to hide? >> nobody recommended closing, but you had two ambassadors who made several, several request, and here is what because cli happened to the requests, they were torn up. >> well, even with the several breaks, it was a test of endurance for everybody. let's bring in the cnn political commentator strategist donna brazile, and our contributing
8:18 pm
editor are from the editor review, amanda carpenter, and so what did you hear, amanda? >> le with, three clear things, nobody knew what hillary clinton's policy was and why we had an ambassador in such a dangerous situation, and although hillary clinton does take responsibility for the security situation there, it is unclear what she did or did not do when it comes to the security requests other than say that she didn't receive them. there is a mismatch of information there. and lastly, there is still some questions about the changing narrative, and two pieces of information that came to light in the committee today, and the first that she sent an e-mail to her daughter saying that it is al qaeda-like attack and called the libyan prime minister and saying that it had nothing to do with the film. so there is a mismatch of what she was saying in public and private and those are three
8:19 pm
things that will have long lasting impact of what we will have when we vn chully finally get the report are from the committee. >> and paul is, is that sig nfr can't for you? >> we need to have a debate about foreign policy, and that is not what it is, but it is an intent to harass hillary, and we went into the hearing with a new cnn poll saying that 72% of americans think that it is partisan and in fact, 75% of independents. does anybody believe that a fair-minded independent set aside democrats like me and republicans like amanda, that a fair-minded independent said, e gee, that is e legitimate and fair inquiry, and i don't believe so at all. >> you believe that hillary clinton is going to come out of this stronger? >> yes, and i believe that it was just because the house majority leader kevin mccarthy said it is political thing, and then the staff guy who said this, and then, no, let me speak to my friend hillary, because i can't speak to her in person, hillary, go home and have a nice vodka martini and a nice sleep, and here is the good news that
8:20 pm
you don't have to appear again on capitol hill until january 20th, 2017 when you are sworn in as president. >> and donna, do you think that anybody comes out of this stronger? >> well, she performed well in the hearings, and donald trump should never complain about a three-hour debate at all. >> and i was having that thought as well, because it was 9 to 11 hours. >> and the implications of the 2015 elections of the foreign policy, and she doubled down on the fact that she is going to send diplomats into dangerous places without any clear explanation of what she is going to accomplish and i have a lot of questions about the policy, and it is going to be playing out for somebody campaigning to be a commander in chief going forward. >> donna, how do you see what happened today? >> well, to the grieving families and their friends, i am sure that they are watching this, you know, is a raid today thinking, what about my
8:21 pm
children? what about my husband and my father and any spouse, and let me just say this, for that reason secretary clinton showed up, because she wants everybody to understand what happened. the description of the events leading up to it that night and what happened afterwards i think will hold well in the coming days and months, so that the families know that there was an attempt to try to get help, and i think that is important. i thought that personally, she was stoic, steely, stately, and clearly more sophisticated than some of the people, you know, questioning her. wu overall, she came to the committee to try to answer those questions to ensure the american people that we have in place now more protection, more assets for those who are serving the country, a toed on the the exte that it was a political charade, look, the republicans have a narrative, and we know what the
8:22 pm
the narrative is, and we hear it everyday, and paul and i have talked about it, and yes, we talk about it because we are democrats and we care about the fellow citizens who are serving, but the narrative did not fit today. they need to basically do some transparency work on their own and release sidney blumenthal's e-mails and i want to read them. hell, i have is read all of hers and i want to read his. anderson, at the end of the day, it has to be about the mile an hour, and continue to do what is best for them and their families and the politic, well, you know, what, amanda, she can hold her own. what i saw today was a state lu, steely, stoic individual who is well prepared to be the next president of the united states after she wins the primary, because i am neutral. >> and so paul, you are seen az s a not hearing from david axelrod
8:23 pm
who said, career kibitzer sidney blumenthal should be elevated to epic heights. and were you surprised how much they brought up her friendship with blumenthal? >> yes, he is a former colleague of mine, and it is astonishing to me that sidney blumenthal a former high ranking white house official and long time serving journ itself, and he asked me to plug his book about abraham lincoln, and i will do it, there you go, sid. release the transcript of the interviews. i can't recall a series of congressional hearings that have been conducted this secretively, and some of it has to be classify and it has to be redacted and that, and i respect that, but really, iran-contra rarely held private session, and they did the work in the light of day, and everybody cares about the transparency ought to
8:24 pm
call on the release, and certainly sidney blumenthal is not a government official, and release those and any other ones that can be -- >> at the end of the day i don't know where is sidney blumenthal's, the an noig e-mails sent by somebody in the circle like people who send around joke e-mails or in this case serious or unwelcomed or tolera tolerated e-mails or was he playing some type of a role. my sense was that he didn't have any official role, and what do you make of it? >> apparently, hillary clinton did find them important enough for other people to are view, and the point that the republicans are trying to make is that sidney blumenthal, whatever character he may be was ableb to get into the clinton's circle -- >> right. more than chris stevens. >> and other people who had legitimate security requests who were put through a bureaucratic process and did not have access to her, and this is a legitimate
8:25 pm
point. and did they spend too much point on it? yes. i concede that. but it is a legitimate point that she relies on a close inner circle and loyalists and only her h, and within the department she was not willing to listen to, and that is damaging. >> we don't know, that and over 200 diplomats, and many of them had access, but the truth is that sidney blumenthal, and i don't know him as well as paul, because i don't have a book, either, but she is somebody that is capable of having friends and hearing from the outside people. anderson, i am quite annoyed, too, because i send the e-mails to people who don't want my advice, but i give it to them anyway. >> and i will be happy to get a e-mail from you, donna brazile. >> well, i have stated that you are my boo and i don't want to mess up your life. >> wait, donna, i thought it was me. >> go ahead, amanda. >> the second is key take away
8:26 pm
is that she takes away the security decisions, but she doesn't want to be in the charge that is the mistach, she was in charge or wasn't and she had direct role with libya to send the diplomats there and make them safe or not. and she can't have it both ways. >> amanda -- >> we have to hear from general petraeus, and mr. panetta and more individuals and maybe the committee can get to the bottom of all of their transcripts and work, because we have answers, but they don't want to talk to everybody, and they wanted to get to hillary, and that is what it looked like today. >> i think that they will interview david petraeus at some point. >> well, good. >> and thank you all. and donna mention ed that reaction from someone for whom hearings are very personal, the s sister of glen doherty who was killed in benghazi. her reaction to the hearing today as we we continue.
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before politics surrounding benghazi, the fact is the killings and all that followed is deeply personal. four people lost their lives, four families feel their absence. secretary clinton made that clear in her opening statements.
8:30 pm
>> the terrorist attacks at our diplomatic compound and later at the cia post in benghazi libya on september 11th, 2012, took the lives of four brave americans. ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, glen doherty and tyrone woods. i'm here to honor the service of those four men. the courage of the diplomatic security agency and the cia officers who risk their lives that night. and the work their colleagues do every single day all over the world. >> kate quigley is glen doherty's sister. she joins us with her impressions of the hearing.
8:31 pm
kate, i know you watched secretary clinton's testimony. what did you think? for you did he put any lingering questions you and your family have to rest? >> overall, i thought she did a fairly good job answering some of the questions. you know, as expected, a lot of the real answers that we're looking for were kind of brushed off or not answered in the detail that we would like but in general, it was what i expected it to be. >> when the attack first happened, i mean, it was initially linked to protest happening elsewhere over an anti-muslim movie, and secretary clinton was pressed on what she knew when, and i want to play a little bit of that for the viewers. >> at 10:08 on the night of the attack you released this statement, some have sought to justify the behavior to inflammatory material posted on the internet. here is what you said. at 11:00 that night, one hour after you told the american people it was a video, you said to your family two officers were
8:32 pm
killed in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. the next day within 24 hours, you had a conver saugs with the egyptian prime minister, and you told him this, we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack, not a protest. >> you obviously met with secretary clinton a few days after the attack, and what did she tell you then about your o brother's death? >> i did. i met her when we were at andrews air force base and, you know, she spoke to my family about how sad we should feel for the libyan people because they are uneducated and breeds fear which breeds violence and leads to protest. i remember thinking at the time, w wow, how, you know, how selfish of me, i never thought about the libyan people, because i have been so consumed with my own grief and loss and concern, and when i think back now to that
8:33 pm
day and what she knew, you know, it shows me a lot about her character that she would choose in that moment to basically perpetuate what she knew was untrue. >> it seems an odd thing to bring up in that moment which is a moment that is obviously a moment of extreme grief for you and your family and seems that it is something that she did not e need to go down that road. >> yeah, it was very strange, and you know, i thought about it, and i never spoke about it for a long time. for a long time, but, you know, eight days later was glen's funeral and at funeral the priest mentioned in his eulogy how sad religion was involved in his death. this is eight days after the attack that story is still out there and, you know, i would say that's a big difference. you don't get a second eulogy. that makes a big difference to me. >> you obviously are very proud of your brother glen, loved him deeply. what do you want people to know
8:34 pm
about him? >> glen mostly, you know, he would do anything for his friends. he kept in touch with people from all walks off life, which i'm in awe of and ultimately i believe that's what led him onto the roof early in the morning of september 12th. you know, his love for his brothers and, you know, he would just lay down his life for his friends and unfortunately, he did. >> i know in the wake of his killing you have become an advocate for families like yours who lost a loved one works as a contractor for the united states. what are you hoping to change for contractors? >> contractors are required to purchase an insurance policy before they go overseas and there is an out of date law in the books that holds an exemption for specific con tr
8:35 pm
contractors so they are in essence buying a false sense of goods, and the cia has agreed to retroactively change this policy, and it is going to help so many families in order to fund the new policy, four exit tees within the senate and the house need to approve it and three have, and we are waiting for the senate intelligence committee. >> that is final one? >> yes, and i look forward to speaking to them. that is the final one, and you know, it is just the right thing to do. >> well, kate, we'll continue to follow that, as well. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you so much. just ahead tonight, one of secretary clinton's toughest questioners, jim jordan when our special "360" coverage continues. or our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders.
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no surprise that some of the most contentious questioning in the benghazi hearings came from the republicans. congressman jim jordan of ohio used some of his lotted time to grill hillary clinton about whether the state department
8:40 pm
intentionally misled the public that an anti-islamic video played a role in the attack. i want to go to dana bash. >> thanks much. thank you for joining me. i want to start with something your chairman said right here a few minutes ago. trey gowdy, the question was did you-all learn anything new and the answer was i don't know that she testified that much differently today than the previous times she testified. so -- >> she gave a lot of the same answers but the american people learned something new. >> which is what? >> she told egyptian prime minister, no, no, no, this is a video inspired protest. one thing public, one thing private. she told her family it was a terrorist attack. she told the egyptian prime minister it was an attack. >> and tell me why this matters when you are trying to get to the bottom of what happened that night, and tell me, explain why that matters so much. >> it matters in a much more fundamental sense than that. the american people expect to give it to them square. they expect the truth from their government. we can handle the truth. they expect government officials to give it to them straight and
8:41 pm
she obviously didn't do that. she gave it straight to people in private like her family. she gave it straight to the e egyptian prime minister and to the people of libya, but not to the american people. >> you've been in this hearing all day so i'm not sure you've been briefed on the buzz but some republicans are saying this actually ended up being political but not in the republican's favor but in that it made her look good. her look capable. her look presidential. >> i leave that to other people. >> does that concern you? you are republican. >> what concerns me is getting to the truth and accomplishing the goal of the committee. i don't think my questions were partisan. my questions were taking her statements and saying these are opposite and contradicting each other and i asked her about this, if you are the most transparent person in history as you claim, then why won't you allow a neutral third party like a retired federal judge to examine these 60,000-some e-mail
8:42 pm
s that your legal team said that 30,000 are public and belong to the taxpayer and 30,000 are not public, and the fbi has the server the there, and they may find something there, and let a federal judge say, does that belong to the committee relevant to getting to the truth. >> so getting to the truth, what is next to the committee? are you about to wrap it up or some time soon? >> well, we have several more people to interview. >> who is that going to to be? >>le with, a plan -- you have to talk to the chairman and we just got 5,000 chris stevens' e-mails today and we get 5,000 pages in the last week, and we have to look at that, and so it would be nice, and it is frustrating that we have to keep saying this, but it is frustrating, and it would be nice if the democrats and the administration would help us, and get us the information and help us to get the truth and write the report and give the american people some truth and closure to this and in particular the families of the four individuals who lost their
8:43 pm
lives. >> thank you, congressman. back dwroushgs an -- back to you, anderson. >> thank you, i want to bring back the panel elise labott and gloria bergen and carl and jeffrey. >> i want to go back to the testimony on the attacks, and some have sought to justify this behavior as she said in are response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. she does not say it was borne out of the protest, but she says that some have sought -- and it is a carefully worded statement, and she talk about throughout the hearing of the fog of war and the information coming many if, and she was sending a message as she said throughout the day to countries around the world particularly in the middle
8:44 pm
east, if you remember the coverage back to that day in addition to reeling from the attack on the benghazi facility, the u.s. was also fending off violent protests in cairo, in yemen, in tunisia, and some of which damaged some of the em bas is sis, and so what the secretary was saying, if you are justifying your attacks as a result of this video, she is sending a message to people around the world and the countries that the u.s. needed their help. so there is a lot of focus on that video, and lot focused on the fact that clinton said to her family and she sent an e-mail to chelsea clinton i believe that it was a terrorist attack -- >> or al qaeda-like group. >> and al qaeda-like group and remember that there was a claim on facebook by a member of anwar al sharia that they were
8:45 pm
responsible for the attack, but then the next day they retracted that attack, anderson. >> and legally speaking, jeffrey toobin, is there anything to this or new to it? >>le with, it is politics. am fwlad that dana had the chance to talk to representative jordan, because he was clearly the worst and the most unprofessional and the most misleading and the most demeaning ing demeaninging to the congress in the terms of his questioning. you know, really actively misleading about the evidence that was present, and i thought that if if questioning at first, it was about something important, it was about the policy in libya, and about whether the protection was adequate, but towards the end when representative jordan went after hillary clinton, it turned into a repulsive spectacle that i think that will be reflect in poorly for the congress. i don't know if it is going to help hillary clinton or not, but the idea of congressional investigations which has a noble history in the united states has been dedemeaned by the second
8:46 pm
half of the testimony today. >> i want you all to stick around, because we will hear more from you ahead and we have to take a short break, and hillary clinton was not expecting an e easy time, and not the first time in front of a committee like this, and we will look closer to how she stood up to it as you saw her arriving home a moment ago. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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hillary clinton back home in washington tonight after one of the longest days of her political and public service life. whatever you think of the answers, plenty of people were focused on the demeanor and how she appear and even the facial expressions, and composure. here is a sample. >> and they set up the select comm committee with no rules -- >> you can read the note if you need to. >> lau[ laughter ] -- i have to -- i have to -- >> i am not done with the question, but i am giving you the courtesy of reading your notes. >> that is all right. >> and on the ground of benghazi, and libya. >> i know nothing of this, congressman. >> and it is factually not right? >> and she lied to mr. blumenthal for most --? if you look at the. mail trails -- >> what did you ask me? >> the president deserves the lion's share of the credit. >> and why is the white house
8:51 pm
upset that you are taking the credit? >>el w i am often asked that, and the president had a lot of other stuff going on. >> and joining us, is gloria berger and jeffrey toobin and carl bernstein, and do you believe that she came off of this better than she went into it? >> and yes and a great thesbyian as well as we had a look at. three weeks ago we were talking about hillary clinton, and the failure of the campaign and whether she would be able to finish almost. she is now in the cat bird seat. she has appeared presidential. we have a look at her as she would be as president, steely, competent, informed, and not giving an inch, and in all things, trying to rise tonight above the cultural wars and i never thought that i would see it, but benghazi is a scenter thepiece of the cultural wars and the republicans were crazy to take it up that way, because it is a complex event, and we will see why it is complex, and she rose above and showed the
8:52 pm
complexity and they kept trying to oversimplify and make it an article of faith that she had been a terrible person, and the worst thing they could have done. >> and david gergen, and it is a rorschach test, and people can see what they want to see into it, depending on which side of the aisle they are on and what they think of hillary clinton. >> that is absolutely true, an d derson. it is too early to coronate her as president, but the last two or three weeks, she has gone through a trial by fire, and she has come out of both the debate and today extremely well with the american public, because she has been composed. she has been command of the facts, and she kept her emotions under very, very cool control. and so, you know, and as you are look looking at the republican contest, especially the contrast with the donald trump who is now, you know, leading the republican pack and hillary clinton is the alternative, she
8:53 pm
is benefiting from this, but it is too early to say, because the election is not settled at all, and still a number of issues to come. >> and another reason that hillary clinton came out looking so good is that the congressional committee looked so lousy. it was completely partisan, and the democrats supporting her gently at every opportunity, and not really asking a lot of tough questions -- >> not really asking any tough questions. >> which a lot of democrats have raised about the security issues and libya policy for example, and the republicans just going at her in every which way without seeming to have a plan or a design to actually extract real information that would be useful to the public, trying to make up its mind. so, if i look at the whole thing in totality as we watched all of the hours today, you know, on cnn, i'd have to say that if you
8:54 pm
went into it, and you didn't like hillary clinton and you were thinking that you weren't going to believe her, you'd probably feel the same way coming out, and those who like her probably think that she did a good job, which she did, but the republican intention was not to turn hillary clinton into mother teresa, right? but in the end, they ended up doing her a great service today just by the comparison of their partisanship. >> and jeff, legally, in terms of what is ahead to hillary clinton on this issue, and there is the fbi investigation, and it is probably the biggest concern for her now moving forward as opposed to what this committee says. >> well, in theory, that is the worst problem. i don't even understand what criminalposure she has at a all, and i don't believe that the fbi has any grounds to investigate her, and it is worth
8:55 pm
point i pointing out that they have never said they are investigating her, but investigating the whole is security situation involving these e-mails. so, i mean, look, i don't think that she has any legal problems. politically, this is probably going to be a very close election, and there are a lot of democrats and republicans and as usual, the election will probably be a close one, but as a legal matter, i just don't see any of this going much of oanywhere at all, es psh areally after today which did seem to be a pretty convincing clinton victory over her seven per se p on the republican side. >> david, you agree with that in that she is not being pursued by the fbi or others? >> well, i do usually follow jeff's legal opinions on this and others, and i do on this one. the clintons have an unfortunate history of when they have sort of become victorious, something
8:56 pm
else jumps up to bite them, but we will have to see. but today, she emerged legally and politically much stronger position. >> and i want to thank everybody on the panel. we have much more coming ahead on this very important day. you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. while you're watching this, i'm hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us?
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>> been quite a day and the repercussions of it playing out. hillary clinton's marathon testimony on capitol hill is over, and that does it for us. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. this is cnn newsroom and >> this is cnn newsroom. hillary clinton speaks to house committee on benghazi. and even the republicans admit there's nothing new in the hearing. >> special forces rescue dozen of hostages from isis. >> and a hurricane is barrelling towards mexico. it's great to have you with us. i'm john vause. >> and i'm isha sesay. "newsroom l.a." starts right now.