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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  October 22, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> been quite a day and the repercussions of it playing out. hillary clinton's marathon testimony on capitol hill is over, and that does it for us. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. this is cnn newsroom and >> this is cnn newsroom. hillary clinton speaks to house committee on benghazi. and even the republicans admit there's nothing new in the hearing. >> special forces rescue dozen of hostages from isis. >> and a hurricane is barrelling towards mexico. it's great to have you with us. i'm john vause. >> and i'm isha sesay. "newsroom l.a." starts right now.
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>> hours and hours and hours of questions, criticisms and rebuttals. hillary clinton's congressional hearings ended just a short time ago. >> the marathon hearing was to investigate clinton's actions before, during and after the attack on a diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya. the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed in the september 1 1, 2012 attack. >> the former secretary of state took responsibility for the deaths, but forcibly denied she was to blame for any lapse in security. here are some of the more heated and interesting moments from the hearing. >> that final definitive accounting of what happened in benghazi. we would like to do it with your help and help with our democrat colleague, but make no mistake we are going to do it nonetheless. >> last weekend, the chairman told the republican colleagues to shut up and stop talking about the select committee. what i want to do is this, and
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this is a key question -- why tell the republicans to shut up when they are telling the truth? >> i am here. despite all the previous investigations and all the talk about partisan agendas, i'm here to honor those we lost and to do what i can to aid those who serve us still. >> i get asked constantly, why has no one been held accountable? how come not a single person lost a single paycheck connected to the fact that we had the first ambassador killed since 199? -- 1979. how come no one has been held accountable to date. >> the personnel rules and the laws that govern those decisions were followed very carefully. >> yes, ma'am, i'm not asking what the arb did. i'm asking what you did. >> i followed the law, congressman. that was my responsibility. >> libya was supposed to be this great success story for the obama white house and the clinton state department. and now you have a terrorist attack. and it's a terrorist attack in
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libya. and it's just 56 days before an election. you can live with a protest about a video. that won't hurt you. but a terrorist attack will. so you can't be square with the american people. >> i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done or should have been done. >> madam secretary, he had unfettered access to you. and he used that access, at least on one occasion, to ask you to intervene on behalf of a business venture, do you recall that? >> you know, mr. chairman, if you don't have any friends who say unkind things privately, i congratulate you, but from my perspective -- >> i would like to think i correct them. >> i move that we put into the record the entire transcript of
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sidney bloomenthal. if we're going to release the e-mails, let's do the transcript, that way the world can see pit. >> why is it you only wnt mr. bloomenthal's transcript released? >> i want them all released. >> the only one you asked for is sidney bloomenthal. >> that's not true. >> i want a recorded vote on the bloomenthal. you said from the beginning, we want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. why don't we put that entire transcript out there and let the world see it. what do you have to hide? >> no one recommended closing, but you had two ambassadors that made several requests, and here's basically what happened to their requests. they were torn up. >> dana bash joins us now with more. is there anything we did not
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know before are hillary clinton began? >> objectively it's not much. i think i can say that objectively, it's not just me saying that. not that long ago,n't republicans on the committee came out and talked to the reporters. and the chairman, trey gowdy asked that question and he didn't think that we learned a lot more from hillary clinton than other committees have learned in the past from testimonies. so i think that's the hard truth. however, the other argument that they make is that this is just one piece of their very large investigation. one little part of the puzzle that they're trying to put together about what happened leading up to the attack in benghazi, what happened that night and what happened afterwards. so that's the answer there, but when it comes to the actual testimony from the big fish, so to speak, not so much new. >> okay, then since -- since we
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didn't learn a whole lot, who is to blame for that? is it the questions or sit because the answers that mrs. clinton gave. >> i think it could be both, or it could just be the bottom line that there isn't a whole lot new to learn. i'm probably going to get accused of repeating democratic talking points, because that is what democrats have been saying in the committee, in these hallways, you know, sort of nonstop, why do we have this committee in the first place, because there's -- we've already had hours and hours of testimony from five or six committees already going on before this select committee was em panelled. so i think that's part of the answer, but the other thing is, look, hillary clinton is a master at this. she knows how to have a substantive conversation and engage without giving away too much. and also looking like she's actually answering the question,
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because she genuinely was. so i think just on the pure politics of this, john what we're hearing already tonight, even from some someone republicans is, wow. maybe we didn't want this to be political, but it ended up political, but not in their gop favor. in the democrats' favor, because she actually did so well in her answers. >> and very quickly, of course, the pollsters said this, she's not only the former secretary of state, but the democratic front-runner for president of the united states. what does this hearing now mean for her run for the white house? >> well, she certainly did not seem to hurt herself, that is for sure. it's very interesting. when there was all this talk and controversy and debate over whether or not to put this select committee in place, the democrats considered boycotting it. they considered saying with we're not going to do this, it's just going to be a witch hunt. it's all going to be about going after the woman we believe
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ultimately will be our democratic presidential nominee. and i think that the irony is at this point at the end of the day, she did so well that perhaps the opposite might have been true that she helped herself, particularly in the stage where she is now, trying to get the democratic nomination among democrats. when you're talking about the general election, the republicans who don't like her are probably always going to not like her and same for the democrats on the other vied of that equation. >> absolutely. dana bash there, giving us very good insights into exactly what that was today that we watched. >> it was long. >> i want to bring in cnn military analyst lieutenant colonel rick francona. who joins us live by skype from oregon. in your view, did today's hearing lay to rest the long standing questions of the hillary cloin clinton's handling of the run-up and the aftermath
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in benghazi, how do you see it? >> i have to say, i watched the whole thing from beginning to start, a long day, and she handled herself very well. i was really focused on the security aspects of this. i served at five american embassies in the middle east and i was concerned about the security aspect this. the diplomatic service ultimately does a great job. they respond as best they can. so i don't think we learned anything new in this that we didn't know. so i'll give mrs. clinton a good job for what she did today. but i was very interested in what the process was in all of these things. i was a little concerned that the security concerns of the ambassador did not reach her desk. that was my one concern. >> and how satisfied were you with the way she responded to those questions in saying that it went to the security experts,
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if you will at the state department, and that's why it didn't come to her. how satisfied are you with that explanation? >> let's just say i'm kind of middle of the road on that, because having served in these embassies, when we had a security concern and we sent these back to the state department -- and i was in the defense department, but we would go through the regional security officer and voice our concerns. for the most part, those were answered at the professional security officer level. but when you're dealing with something so significant as what happened in benghazi, with the security situation there, i would have thought it would have been elevated to the secretary level or at least a little higher than it was. so i was a little concerned about that, but overall, i could accept her answers. >> there's also the bigger question here. it feeds to your point, but the question is, as to why ambassador stevens wasn't withdrawn from libya as the security situation was deteriorating in the country.
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so if clinton is saying today, it was thought the mission in benghazi was vitalle to u.s. national interest, do you agree with that assessment? >> yeah. this is the one question i have not heard an answer to yet. why was he in benghazi on september 1 1? this is the one day of the year, the one day in the middle east that you would think the ambassador to a middle eastern country would be in the most secure location in that country. that was in the tripoli in the embassy where they have real security and a real safe room. i have no idea why he was in benghazi at that time. it just makes no sense to me. i'm sure there's a reason, but i haven't heard it yet. >> lieutenant colonel rick francona, always a pleasure having you on the show. thanks for the insight and perspective. thank you. >> we have an e pert on u.s. foreign policy swell the middle east. benghazi is a lot more than a republican talking point. it is a real place with a lot of real problems.
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this week is the fourth anniversary since the death of gadhafi. now the place is in chaos and no one is looking back at the u.s. policy, apart from the international coalition, but it was part of secretary clinton's policy. why isn't anybody asking questions about that? >> i think that was addressed to some degree today. some of the republican congress members asked about the rationale for the intervention, also the aftermath, after gadhafi fell, was there a plan. but i think what we heard forcefully and effectively from secretary clinton today as well as at the democratic debate last week, this really espouses her world view. she was an advocate for intervention in 2011 in the obama administration because she believed, along with many others including the current u.s. ambassador in the u.n., samantha power, susan rice and other, that if we did not intervene in libya with the support of allies in europe and the arab world, we
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ran the risk of gadhafi regime forces regaining turf and possibly committing war crime against benghazi, a city of 700,000. days after the intervention was launched, if you recall, president obama gave a speech and mentioned and compared benghazi to charlotte, north carolina. a vibrant and vital city here in the united states, but obviously a huge population center. so the concerns again were that not enough was done in the aftermath of the intervention itself. but as the secretary mentioned today, a lot was done during her tenure in the state department, namely helping to remove the chemical weapons that were still remnants of the gadhafi regime, and also prepare that country in a fraught post gadhafi era for new elections. >> a lot of people were terrified that libya -- no one has really talked about yet. >> i would yus say if if we had not intervened in libya, we could have looked back and seen this was also a missed
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opportunity for intervention. we see the chaos in syria, obviously syria is not libya. that being said, i think we had a moment to intervene and i think secretary clinton is not running away from this issue. in fact, it really does espouse her vision of american leadership in the globe which is muscular, multilateral engagement in the role on part of our allies and coalitions and not sh irking away from responsibility to intervene when we can. >> let's talk about the domestic politics at play here today. going into this hearing, obviously you heard the accusations that this was nothing but a partisan republican witch hunt. talk to me about how that shaped the way this played out today and how you viewed it. >> i think that narrative was somewhat born into reality today. we saw obviously acrimonious questioning and interrogation from some of the republican skong members. and i saw it more of a sober tone from the democratic congress members, namely
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congressman adam shif, congressman adam smith as well that reminded the committee, and secretary clinton spoke of this as well, that past bipartisan investigations into awful terrorist attacks that occurred on some of our embassies and consulates around the world during the clinton administration in the late '90s, the terrible al qaeda attacks in the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. there was bipartisanship and there wasn't this rancor and acrimo acrimony. and we saw today kind of the card spilled over as far as the intent that the republicans sought in questioning. >> that being said, will they be regretting, the republicans that is, will they be regretting playing it the way they did? >> i think they will. i think that obviously in the wake of comment ws we saw from congressman mccarthy earlier this month that there was some political impetus behind the benghazi committee to hurt secretary clinton in her presidential campaign, that
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rationale may be flipped on its head now. she performed tremendously well under a record 12 hour grilling, i think, in two decades we haven't seen a witness before a government investigation. >> 11 hours. 8 1/2.tual griel grilling was >> there were breaks. >> but it was a long time. >> however we slice it, it was a cool and sober performance. again, what secretary clinton spoke about the most was the tragic loss of life of her friend, ambassador chris stevens and the three personnel and that's what this investigation ultimately should be focused on. >> we should have a disclaimer, we should note that you are a supporter of hillary clinton. >> yes. >> we should get that out there on the record. >> thank you, josh. now, an american commander was killed thursday in an operation to rescue dozens of hostages in iraq who faced execution. the pentagon says 70 hostages were freed as a result of that operation, many of them iraqi security force fps. >> the u.s. service member killed was the first combat death in iraq since 201 1.
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we get details now from jim schuler. >> reporter: the deadly btl was the first time u.s. forces have directly engaged isis fighters on the ground in iraq. in a joint operaon with kurdish fiegtsers, the elite delta forces raided an isis compound to rescue hostages believed to be in imminent danger of execution. u.s. war planes dropped bombs on makeshift isis training camps staging sites and bridges in the area, then five helicopters brought in nearly 30 u.s. special forces and 40 kurdish fighter es. as they approached the walled compound, a fire fight broke out. when the mission was over, the u.s. aircraft overhead destroyed the site. u.s. forces were not meant to enter the compound or directly engage the isis fighters, but when kurdish forces inside the come pound were overwhelmed, the u.s. commander made the decision to enter the fire fight. the u.s. soldier killed was shot inside the compound.
9:18 pm
u.s. forces have been in iraq on a train, advise and assist mission. the pentagon challenged today over the decision to participate in this operation. >> this was a unique circumstance. this was a support mission in which they were providing support for the iraqi -- the cu kurdistan regional government. >> mas graves were discovered in and around the compound, prompting immediate action. 70 prisoners were rescued, 20 iraqi security forces, as well as iraqi civilians and interestingly, isis fighters accused of spying. missing, moufr, were the kurdish captives they were sent in to rescue. >> it's not clear to us exactly who would be there. that's one of the things we're going through right now, the debriefs as to exactly who those folks were. still to come here, russian
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forces carrying out a dizzying number of missions in syria in just 24 hour ps . vladimir putin reveals a possible change in strategy. >> hurricane patricia is closing in on the mexican shoreline. stay with us. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪
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>> hurricane patricia in the eastern pacific intensified to a category five storm thursday as it barrels towards mexico. the u.s. national hurricane center says it will make land fall by midday friday. >> and in mexico, they are getting ready for that bad weather but the hurricane could grow even stronger before reaching the mexican coast. we're tracking the storm now with all the details. this storm could actually exceed a category five, but there's no categories beyond that. >> yes. essentially it maxs out at that category five, but this system, we weren't really expecting it to be a category four, even a category five, but it's in very warm waters. water temperatures run 30 to
9:24 pm
about 33 celsius, in the high 80s, if you will. but right before it makes land fall, because of the interaction with this land here, we're expecting it maybe to weaken a little bit to category four, but don't be fooled. this is still a powerful hurricane that's going to rival the two most deadly hurricanes that they have seen along the pacific coast of mexico. very powerful looking. there you can see a clearly defined eye. when we see an eye that is as tightly wound as this is, that tells us this has increased in strength and intensity. right now, 160-mile-an-hour winds. the two hurricanes i was talking about, 1959, then we have back in 1997. all right, i mentioned that as this makes land fall, this is going to be a category five, maybe weaken slightly to category four, but it is still powerful enough to produce between 10 and 20 inches of hateful. some of those areas, right around manzanio, we're expecting
9:25 pm
the heaviest rain amounts in the purple shaded area between 10 and 20. mud slides, landslides, beach erosion, flooding. the infrastructure is going to be impacted. you will see some widespread destruction associated with this category five hurricane about midday coming up tomorrow. back to you guys. >> ox, cakay, karen, we'll keep posted on that in the next 24 hours to to the say the least. >> the company tells cnn the materials were found in a number of beaches in the bahamas on thursday. >> it was presumed to have sunk with 33 people onboard after encountering hurricane joaquin. the ship was enroute from jacksonville, florida. >> russia said it's carried out 53 air combat missions in syria. and the russian defense ministry says it has detected even more isis targets than the u.s.
9:26 pm
originally reported. meantime, the russian president says syria's president is prepared to talk with syrian opposition leaders. the two men met a few days ago. mr. putin also said bashar al assad as a, quote, positive attitude about potential russian support of armed rebels who would fight isis. >> meanwhile, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is expected to meet with russian foreign minister on friday. the u.s. has said in the past it thinks russia's involvement only complicates the issue. and now to a story we warn you contains disturbing images. a syrian humanitarian organization has posted video of what it says is the aftermath of a missile strike in a rebel-held inlet. >> russian war planes were responsible. moscow denies targeting civilians in its syrian raids. we get these details from nick payton walsh. >> war planes have just struck
9:27 pm
and mised in rebel inland. eight workers are out and say run, the plane is coming back. this aide worker from the syrian civil defense unit runs inside the hospital. one of his colleagues dead, five injured. a dozen total dead. the syrian american medical association who run this hospital told cnn it was targeted by russian jets, quote, a double tap. one strike and then another to catch the first responders. russia denies targeting civilians. >> in this first attack, the local man says thank gods there were no injuries. this is the third report of hospitals hit in the offensive in and around aleppo in the
9:28 pm
week. not far west of aleppo, the same rescue group find what they say is an unexploded cluster bomb. markings visible. russia denied thursday using cluster munitions. it same and hit for the first time, it says. the war plane had cluster bombs. it came on to us. none of us were injured, but our neighbor abdul aziz bashir was injured and two women were killed. cnn southern turkey. >> more on the marathon benghazi. hearing including more on the
9:29 pm
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it's 9:32 on the west coast of the u.s. . a soldier has died during a rescue operation to save dozens of hostages in iraq. 70 hostages were released. all were face execution. this was the first time u.s. forces had directly engaged isis fighters on the ground in iraq.
9:33 pm
>> mexican authorities are searching for el chapo in northwest mexico and now the u.s. authorities say the drug lord broke his leg last week while on the run. his brother-in-law and several others suspected of helping him escape have been detained. jacob do you meaner is said to meet with student leaders in a few hours against protests in proposed increases in tuition fees. students marched to the headquarters of the ruling party, demanding officials fulfill their promise of free education. they say tuition fees d disproportionately harm poor and black students. >> u.s. republicans grill hillary clinton during an 11-hour congressional hearing on thursday. she took responsibility for the deaths of the u.s. ambassador and three other americans but says she is not to blame for security lapses before the attack. clinton also took offense when republicans insinuated she deliberately blocked requests
9:34 pm
for more security as the diplomatic mission. >> it's very personally painful accusation. it has been rejected and disproven by nonpartisan, dispassionate investigators, but nevertheless, having it continued to be bandied around is deeply distressing to me. i would imagine i've thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> this hearing is all part of a 17-month long investigation which has cost u.s. taxpayers almost $5 million. while hillary clinton stood her ground as she was grilled for hours, members of the committee openly bickered in front of her. >> would the gentleman yield. >> i would be happy to but you need to make sure the entire record -- >> that's exactly what to do. >> then go ahead. >> radio i move that we put into the record the entire transcript
9:35 pm
of sidney bloomenthal. >> i second that emotion. >> motion has been seconded. if we want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. let's let the world see it. >> there were emotional, dramatic moments like this one you're about to see when a republican accused mrs. clinton of ignoring requests for increased security. >> what's your responsibility to benghazi? is that's my question. >> my responsibility was to be briefed and to discuss with the security experts and the policy experts whether we would have a post in benghazi, whether we would continue it, whether we would make it permanent.
9:36 pm
and as i've said repeatedly throughout the day, no one ever recommended closing the post in benghazi. >> no one recommended closing, but you had two ambassadors that made several requests, and here's basically what happened to their requests. they were torn up. >> well, that's just not true, congressman. >> but in the end, did they just relitigate the whole thing? or did we hear anything new? josh roe gan is a cnn analyst and co-lumist. he joins us now from washington to get to the heart of it. >> that first clip we showed, the argument between elijah cummings and chairman gowdy was all over this guy called sidney bloomenthal, a friend of the clen tons, his access and the e-mails he had to mrs. clinton when she was secretary of state. why was that so important to republicans? >> well, the frame of whole the committee hearing is that democrats are accusing the republicans of setting up a process to rehash what seven
9:37 pm
other investigations have already investigated. trey gowdy the chairman of the committee believes that the sidney bloomenthal line of questioning is relevant because that's what his committee has turned up that hasn't been turned up before. the committee found e-mails that were not produced by the state department related to the sidney bloomenthal's memos to hillary clinton. he feels he hasn't gotten answers on that. and he thinks that the tale of how close sidney bloomenthal was to hillary clinton is indicative of a pattern of behavior by the secretary that shows she wasn't trusting the professionals on security, rather she was trusting her friends and her political partisan friends at that. the problem is that through all of this investigation, we learned very little that was new about her interactions with sidney bloomenthal. secretary clinton just maintained that those were memos from a friend that she didn't take very seriously, and basically nothing was added to the record that would enlighten us as to whether or not this man
9:38 pm
had real influence in the state department at this time. >> this whole thing went just shy of 11 hours, and clinton was the iron lady. she barely flinched. do you think she stumbled at any point? >> i don't think she stumbled. she held up very well. she took -- she didn't take the bait when she was baited. there were certain times when it seemed like certain members of the committee, especially republican members were intentionally trying to provoke her to get a reaction. she saw that. co-ing and she declined to give them the sound bite or the reaction that they wanted. we remember in 2013 when she testified and she said what difference was that make? and that was used as a sound bite for years. so she held her own. at the same time, she did reveal a couple of new pieces of information. there were some communications that she had with her daughter chels chelsea, with the egyptian foreign minister that showed what she was saying about the attack publicly and what she was saying privately in terms of the causes of the attack were two different things. that was new, but for a 12-hour
9:39 pm
hearing, those are some pretty slim revelations. overall, she came out looking like she withheld and stood up to the scrutiny. >> i think we're going to wrap it up here, but i think out of the democrats on the committee, if you're a hillary clinton supporter, you'll still think this is a partisan witch hunt. if you're a republican, you still think there was a cover-up over benghazi. in the end, nothing has changed. paul ryan says he will run as speaker of the u.s. house of representatives after giving a very strong no for a lot of weeks. he says he would be a unifying figure in congress after winning support from an ultraconservative wing of the republican party. the house will vote for the new speaker next week. >> ryan ran for u.s. president in 2012. he shares the ways and means committee. the current speaker, john boehner announced he is resigning.
9:40 pm
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. >> mr. xi and the uk prime minister david cameron shared a pint after a day of extensive talks. officials from both countries have hailed the visit as an encouraging step towards improving relations. >> a downing street statement said key policy discussions included isis, ukraine and regional security in asia. president xi wraps up his visit friday. >> go to the middle east now. life is anything typical for palestinian children in the west bank. they're growing up in the middle of a conflict and many of them are involved in daily cashes with israeli forces. >> some say it's not only israel they're angry with. ben weedeman reports. >> reporter: throwing stones at israeli soldiers in if the streets of hebron are not men. more often, they're boys. these clashes are not new, although they ear more intense
9:45 pm
and more frequent now. but they've raged on a regular basis longer than these boys and young men have been alive. they have become akus. toed to the sound and fury of street balls. they've grown up hearing that someday there will be piece, that some day israel will pull out of the west bank. few believe in it anymore. /asked this 15-year-old if he's satisfied with the palestinian leadership. no, he responds, because they haven't zbichb us anything. they go around inaugurating this, opening that, but they don't know what to do with their own people, while we're being killed and kicked around. and with the disillusionment and machismo beyond their years. we want to show the occupiers that the smallest child is braver than the biggest one of them.
9:46 pm
unemployment is high in hebron. the city's old market is often shut down from clashes and strikes. iz raeld so israeli soldiers guard israeli settlers. a pattern is established which is hard to break. >> the fleury of diplomatic activity to solve this crisis to bring the violence to an end doesn't really have much impact on the streets of hebron where the situation has taken on a life of its own. there are clashes, people are hurt. there are attacks, people are killed, there are funerals, there are more flashes, and so on and so on and so on. ben wedeman, cnn, hebron.
9:47 pm
>> to sweden now, masked men carrying what appeared to be a sword killed a teacher and a student at a school on thursday. police are investigating whether he had links to right wing extremist groups. before the attack, he posed for this photo wearing a mask and a helmet. one student said she thought it was a halloween joke. >> it wasn't a joke. two other people were injured in if the attack. police shot the man. he later died. the prime minister is causing this a dark day in sweden. >> we will have the latest on the growing refugee crisis as reports emerge as a possible blot again plot against some of those seeking asylum. >> the country is asking help with the staggering number of refugees crossing its border. no, doing the whole living room. hey you guys should come over later. the exclusive one-coat color collection from behr® marquee interior. every color covers in one coat, guaranteed.
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>> we turn our attention now to europe's migrant crisis in a country that now finds itself on the frontline. police in slovenia say more than 12,000 migrants and refugees entered the country within a 24-hour
9:52 pm
period. that's the biggest number of arrivals there in a single day. thousands have been streaming in from croatia since hungary closed its borders last week. >> the crisis has overwhelmed many of the balkan states. slo vennian is asking other eu states to send police to control the influx. >> police stopped a plot to attack refugee shelters. 13 suspected members of a far right movement are in custody, accused of planning to set fire to refugee homes. authorities say concerns over these attacks has sharply grown as the number of mie grant arrivals hit new records. >> a photographer has taken some photos of refugees along the serbian/croatian border. >> now he shares his story of those seeking a better life, but finding much hardship along the what. >> i am in a city in the western part of serbia on the very border with croatia. the scenes at the border are
9:53 pm
very chaotic. it's not an actual border crossing like crossing where you have cars and where you have a checkpoint. it's open now only for refugees. so the infrastructure is very bad. there is mud all around, too many people are there. the temperature last night was around 0 celsius. there are many families with small children. they are trying to warm themselves. they're all sleeping on the ground. during the night usually the police is not letting people cross. then in the morning, everybody gets nervous. they want to start going further. the police was unable to stop all the refugees. at some point, they let all of them who are there at that moment to pass. and then the cycle continues. usually, of course, when it's your family, they're just normal people, you know?
9:54 pm
young couple with two children, they were forced to leave their home country syria and they want to go further to germany. while they were crossing the sea, their boat begin to sank. they were really afraid and they almost died there in the water. i asked do you expect it to be better than in your home country? and she just smiled and she said no, no, there is no place like home. he was there with his family. he said that he lost his legs due to the war conditions in his country he was forced to leave and he just hopes for some debtor future for him and especially for his children.
9:55 pm
i asked him how does he hope that he will manage to find his wife. he said he's really desperate for this. he hopes my message may be to help in this process, that maybe somebody can recognize him. the situation is really bad, but somehow it doesn't seem it is influencing their strong will. they're all really somehow convinced that they're going towards something better. the hope in all of them is very strong. >> if you would like to help the migrants, please go to our impact your world website. there you'll find background and personal stories from the crisis, as well as links to legitimate organizations bringing aid to the refugees. you'll find all that at >> and thank you for watching cnn news room live from los angeles. i'm isha sesay.
9:56 pm
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>> this is cnn newsroom live in los angeles. >> hillary clinton leds to capitol hill for an 11-hour gruel grilling on the benghazi attack, but what if anything did we learn? >> during a special ops mission to rescue 70 hostages from isis, the u.s. president didn't even sign off on it. >> and a potentially catastrophic category five hurricane bears down on several resort cities in mexico. >> hello, everybody. great to have you with us. i'm john vause. >> "newsroom l.a." starts right now. >> i thought more about wt


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