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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 23, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and make sure again you tune into jake tapper on sunday. marco rubio, bernie sanders, donald trump all on "state of the union" that is sunday morning. hope y'all have wonderful weekends. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. stay right here. jim sciutto is sitting in for jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. thank you, brooke baldwin. shorelines bracing for catastrophe. "the lead" starts right now. thousands flee a colossal storm slamming to landfall today. the fiercest hurricane ever recorded. 200-mile-per-hour winds and nothing standing in its way. ben carson surges ahead in iowa plowing past donald trump. now two polls confirm it. it's the first time that trump's been behind in any battleground state since june. plus, sex parties at louisville. the college hoops power house is under fire with accusations of paid escorts for players and recruits. today, coach rick patino says he won't step down.
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welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in today for jake tapper. we begin today with breaking news in the world lead. seemingly out of nowhere hurricane patricia has exploded. now the largest hurricane ever recorded. it is just seconds away from slamming a tourist mecca in mexico 200-mile-per-hour sustained winds, 245-mile-per-hour gusts, 20 inches of rain. and with a pulverizing wall of water that could leave the coastline drowned and devastated. the u.s. not out of danger at all with this monster threatening to team up with another storm that has already flooded parts of texas and sent mobile homes floating away. cnn's martin savidge is live inside puerto vallarta. martin, i mean really an incredible storm as we listen to these warnings. what are the conditions there right now? >> reporter: well, you know what's fascinating, jim, is the fact you look out here and this is looking on the old part of
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puerto vallarta, this is that calm that is before the storm. the air is incredibly still. light rain is falling and it is intensifying. not a breath of wind. and if you look out on the ocean that's in the bay there, it is almost flat as glass. the town itself though this is usually bustling with tourists, deserted. it has that kind of spooky feel as you drive in. police are monitoring and driving through the streets. you see them just moments before air you could hear an emergency announcement being broadcast on a speaker system here. the tourist hotels have been evacuated. they're gone either sent to guadalajara pushing out in major buses or being moved to schools that are up in the hills, the same is true of the people who live here. stores closed, restaurants, casinos, anything in this town is closed. they're holding their breath and waiting for what comes next, jim. >> martin, we've heard from some on the ground that the warnings from the government to locals there as well as tourists that they came late.
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not necessarily giving people time or resources to get out. have you heard or seen that? >> reporter: well, you know, you have to respect the fact that this is a storm that grew with such incredible intensity. probably one of the fastest intensifying storms that we have ever seen. this is exactly an emergency planner's worst nightmare where you have a city like this right on the water and you have literally about 24 to 36 hours to prepare to move everyone, i'm sure that's going to be investigated. what we saw on the road coming in bumper-to-bumper traffic going out. a lot of it tour buses, so clearly they were moving people not just to evacuation centers but get them out of the zone of danger. the other good thing we saw heavy earth moving equipment coming in this direction, which means they're planning ahead realizing that with mudslides and debris, roads closed for first responders they need to get those roads opened if the worst comes to it. and it will apparently. jim. >> martin, first thing i'll say
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to you is stay safe. and we're going to check back with you later in the hour to get the latest. right now cnn meteorologist jennifer gray, she's tracking this monstrous storm. jennifer, you hear stories about it being a mile's wide hurricane with these really intense winds. what's the latest update? >> yeah, well, the hurricane force winds are going to spread about 75 miles across this storm. and it is very close. we just heard martin say those roads are bumper-to-bumper traffic. this storm is so close only about 75 to 80 miles from the coast. and it has winds of 200 miles per hour, the strongest storm ever in the western hemisphere. that's equivalent to an f-5 tornado. you don't want to be in your car. so now is the time to be in that safe place. it's moving to the north at 12 miles per hour. there's going to be a wall of water storm surge associated with this. so you want to be away from the coast as well. it is going to make landfall as a very strong category 4 or
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category 5 within the next couple of hours. and then it's going to continue its track inland. it will decrease. it will -- those winds will start to decrease once it makes its way inland because the terrain is so mountainous. but it will continue to contain all of that rain. so we are going to see possible flash flooding as well as those deadly landslides that you can see in these mountainous regions. we're talking about anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of rain right along the coast. not to mention possible historic storm surge along the gulf coast during katrina we had about a 27-foot storm surge. we could see even higher here along the coast in mexico. this is unprecedented. it could possibly be catastrophic right along that coastline where the eye crosses, jim. >> jennifer, you probably heard martin on the ground describe how the government didn't really have a sense of this early on but that's because it developed so quickly this storm. how did it get so strong so fast? >> martin was right. this could be one of the fastest
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intensifying storms that we've ever seen. in about 24 hours it went from a tropical storm all the way to a category 5 storm. one of the reasons this is an el nino year. we have warmer than normal sea surface temperatures. temperatures right along the mexican coast are running in the mid-80s. that's very ripe for hurricane development. there's also very low wind shear. so all of the environmental factors are in place. it is going to be a very, very strong storm when it makes landfall. el nino year we most of the time see above active seasons for pacific, below active for atlantic. that's just what we've seen this year, especially with those pacific storms and their intensity. big and strong just like the one we're seeing now. >> jennifer gray, we know you're going to be following this. thanks very much. let's go now to jonathan lake on the phone from puerto vallarta. he's a property owner on vacation there. and he's decided to stay.
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jonathan, you're deciding to tough this out in the face of the largest recorded storm. you have to tell us why. >> well, a couple of reasons. number one, we didn't really have a choice. this hurricane patricia came on so quickly we arrived yesterday morning at 9:00 a.m. and had no idea. people weren't even talking about this storm. it wasn't until last night, last evening when we started seeing people boarding up their homes did people start really chattering about this. and then around 2:00 in the morning was when our phones started ringing from the emergency response about the evacuations. again, not a choice. didn't have a choice, but again, needing to stay to provide help in the aftermath as well. >> so sounds like you've gotten the warning, but the government didn't give you really the means or the time to heed that warning? >> right. exactly. correct. underneath our door this morning was a note that said that the
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government was evacuating the hotel in the tourist zones. that was really the first when we realized how, you know, huge this storm really was becoming. and continuing to become. >> is it like a ghost town there now? or are there a lot of other people staying as well or who had no choice but to stay? >> great question. so downtown in the hotel zone, which is about 150 steps down the hillside from where we've sort of been evacuated up to, it's really a ghost town now. it's the quietest i've ever seen downtown puerto vallarta. but the -- so all the hotels emptied out the tourists and moved them up into residences and hotels up here on the mountain sooids. >> tell me about those buildings we're talking about 200-mile-an-hour winds, do they look like they're capable of withstanding a storm like this? >> you know, i think they are. these are all concrete
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buildings. you know, there's going to be a number of -- you know, there's going to be the broken ceramic tiles, there's going to be broken window. puerto vallarta has sustained a couple of storms like this in the past where the heaviest damage was was right along the hotel zone next to where the restaurants and downtown area is. that's where it's been worst in the past especially from a 30-foot storm surge that they're expecting. >> so tell us about the mood then there. there must be a lot of concern. are people worried? are they scared? >> you know, i've been asked this by my colleagues back in new york at a ploy where i work. i say that there's three phases of the individuals here in puerto vallarta right now with the incoming storm. you have the locals who are busy trying to maintain the infrastructure. they're the ones who are putting the sandbags together, help you know with the boarding up the buildings. you know, the tourists in the
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hotels who are frantic and trying to figure out where to go, how to get to this next place, what's going on with my vacation. you have the third face of it which are the ones who are kind of storm chasers, nothing's going to harm me they're down playing on the beach and pier having hurricane parties if you will. so three very separate faces of what's going on here right now. >> well, listen, jonathan, please stay safe. we don't envy you down there. we hope you and the others get through this storm just fine. thank you for joining us. >> no, that's good. i just want to say one more thing. the big event right now is the storm, but i don't want anyone to forget the aftermath that's going to be here. because again, remember there's going to be struggles with the infrastructure, power, water, food, so please keep this top of mind and keep your fingers top of mind on this as well. >> thanks a lot, jonathan. take care. >> we will continue to follow this breaking news story. hurricane patricia is expected to make landfall at any minute.
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but first, our politics lead, donald trump admitted that he was surprised after a second poll shows that beb carson has a firm nearly double-digit lead over him in iowa. that's next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in today for jake tapper. what a difference ten days make. rewind to last tuesday at this time and the political class was wondering whether a bad debate performance would steer hillary clinton's campaign into a bernie sanders shaped iceberg. but now clinton is belle of the pundit ball. bring in senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. democrats calling this a turnaround. they're certainly capable of spin one might say but are we starting to see evidence of that in the polls?
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>> in the polls, yes, in the short-term. but even more immediately the sudden surge of rank democrats who have been so worried about secretary clinton's e-mail controversy and summertime slump. but today she had a wide smile in her face and bounce in her step. this is the campaign she's been waiting for. hillary clinton is back on her feet. >> hello everybody! >> and confident after the strongest ten-day stretch of her campaign. >> i can't tell you how great it feels to be here on this beautiful day out in the sunshine. >> a commanding debate performance, escaping a joe biden challenge and emerging unscathed from a grilli ining benghazi hearing. today a victory lap in virginia. >> hillary! >> a summertime controversy becoming a fall triumph. >> you want to talk about a fighter, how about those 11 hours of testimony yesterday? >> virginia governor and
1:17 pm
long-time clinton confidant terry mccolullough leading the cheers. the benghazi campaign has hung over clinton's campaign like a dark cloud. but she kept her cool and lasted 11 hours knowing everyone is not on her side. >> i don't care what you all say about me. it doesn't bother me a bit. >> trey gowdy admitting learning nothing new. with the testimony behind her clinton is trying to build on her momentum. >> you know, a lot of things have been said about me, but quitter is not one of them. >> today she basked in the glow of her adoring supporters. linda brown, a virginia democrat, said the benghazi hearing was a lifeline for clinton's candidacy. how have these last ten days been? >> i think the nation should be applauded. i think she should be applauded. she looks great. she endured 11 hours almost
1:18 pm
without sweat. it was awesome. >> reporter: she's on the rise in iowa. a new quinnipiac poll today shows her at 51%. up 11 points from a month ago. bernie sanders holding steady at 40%. the democratic field is now down to three. foermer rhode island governor lincoln chafee the latest candidate to drop out. >> obviously it's a good week for secretary clinton. >> reporter: and clinton extended a hand to joe biden as she tries to fire up the obama coalition. >> so i agree with what vice president said the other day in the rose garden, democrats should be proud of that record of achievement. and we should defend it. >> now, clinton also won the endorsement today from the largest public employee labor union, another step in trying to consolidate that democratic base. and with lincoln chaffee out of the race it's down to three candidates. she also had the best fund raising hour of her entire campaign last night from 9:00 to
1:19 pm
10:00 eastern. she heads to iowa tomorrow with her husband at her side. it's the start of more bill clinton on the campaign trail. >> jeff, thanks very much. while clinton for the first time in a while might have the wind at her back, instead of smacking her in the face, some of the air seems to be seeping out of the donald trump balloon in iowa. i want to bring in cnn national political reporter sara murray. sara, two days, two polls, two pieces of hard evidence it seems showing that donald trump is no longer on top in the key bat -- battleground state of iowa. >> you are right, jim. and nobody, no candidate i have ever met likes to talk about the polls more than donald trump. but you've got to imagine today he's a little bit less excited. like you said, two in a row showing that donald is no longer on top. donald trump dethroned. today there's a new man on top in the hawkeye state. dr. ben carson polling to the lead in iowa, and it's not a small one.
1:20 pm
>> i'm gratified by the fact that so many people are really paying attention to what i'm saying. because none of the things that i'm saying are wild crazy things. they are very logical things. and if people really sat down and thought about them rather than allowing themselves to be looped into a frenzy. >> reporter: a new des moines register/bloomberg politics poll shows carson with 28% support. nine points ahead of donald trump. >> we're on the verge of greatness -- >> reporter: meantime jeb bush with fifth place in iowa is trying to regroup. his campaign is cutting salaries across the board and downsizing their staff at headquarters. as for trump, he's fresh off the campaign trail in iowa where he bragged about his lead. >> i love these polls. and i say to people when they always say you love to mention the polls, nobody else does, i said that's because they're losing. they're not stupid people. >> reporter: he may not be as excited to talk about these polls. two in as many days showing he's
1:21 pm
no longer on top in iowa. >> i was very, very surprised to see it because i think we're doing well in iowa. i have a feeling we're doing much better in iowa than the polls are showing, if you want to know the truth. but we had an amazing crowd. i'm sure you saw it because it was on television. >> i did. >> reporter: polls show trump is still in first nationwide. but carson is looking to solidify his position going up on the air waves with two new ads slamming washington. >> did you know washington is built on a swamp? massive government debt, stifling regulation, special interest politics, partisan dysfunction. now it all makes sense. washington is broken. >> reporter: now, donald trump is treading on his competitor's turf tonight holding an event here in florida, the home state of jeb bush as well as marco rubio. i think the big question is does he go after those florida gentlemen tonight, or will he
1:22 pm
train his fire on ben carson, jim? >> sara murray, thanks very much. this programming note, don't forget to watch "state of the union" this sunday for three exclusive interviews as jake tapper speaks with senator marco rubio, senator bernie sanders and donald trump. don't miss that. and the best political team on television at 9:00 a.m. sunday morning right here on cnn. president obama speaking just minutes ago comparing republicans to a furry and unhappy internet sensation. we'll play that for you, plus we're keeping a very close eye on hurricane patricia with winds over 200 miles per hour. we'll go live to the popular tourist area that's about to get slammed. please stay with us. big day?
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ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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welcome back to "the lead." and staying with our politics lead, here with me now cnn
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politic political commentator kevin madden. i want to give you a moment that just came through from one of the president's appearances today. he seems to be shifting into campaign mode with vice president biden now out of the race. let's hear how he described republicans just a few minutes ago. >> it does make you wonder why is it that republican politicians are so down on america? have you noticed that? i mean, they are -- they are gloomy. they're like grumpy cat. >> there he was smiling. all the comic timing as ever. so is mo -- mo, i'll start with you, is this the president in campaign now? is this the president unleashed now that his vice president's out of the race? >> does give him a little bit more freedom it seems like. and it does feel like now that the vice president is out and hillary clinton's had a pretty
1:28 pm
good couple of weeks that there is a lot of energy sort of coalescing around her. i don't know if the president is going to come out and go that far, but i do think you feel and see a little bit of a bounce in democrats step right now. they're eeg toager to get out t >> you've got to respond. >> here's the thing, when you've run for president twice and won and had the job for eight years you can't help but look at the folks campaigning and want to sort of joust with them a little bit and have fun. i think that's a little bit of it. the other part too is that his name is not going to be on the ballot, but he's going to be a big part of the 2016 conversation. so he's getting a chance when he can to sort of shape that conversation right now. >> no question. mo, i want to talk because you have a narrative now after not just the last democratic debate, but also the benghazi hearing yesterday. and here's basically how it's shaping up in the spin rooms. she came out of these hearings unscathed. the republicans proved themselves to be a partisan exercise. but we did have tommy who we of
1:29 pm
course know very well tied to this administration said benghazi was clearly a failure in terms of security. i just wonder whether they handled these hard questions well in this panel. i mean, there are still substantive questions, i mean chief among them why didn't this facility have better security? that seemed to be buried in the 11 hours of testimony. >> look, i think there are some legitimate questions out there that will be asked throughout the life of this campaign and beyond. and she's going to have to answer that. there are debates, more media interviews, other opportunities for her -- >> and still an fbi judgment on the e-mails. >> it's going to happen. she's going to be asked and she's going to answer. but i do think that republicans kind of shot themselves in the foot yesterday with the way they approached this. 11 hours of testimony. a lot of it with a tone that did feel more partisan than it did substantive, focusing on issues like sid blumenthal and a lot of
1:30 pm
people scratched their heads saying what are you doing. i don't know if the goal is to get to the truth and figure ou hout to do this better moving forward, i'm not sure they got to that jed. >> this was supposed to be an all-star panel of republicans and a great opportunity. did you see a missed opportunity there to really make this stick? >> well, i think when trey gowdy had the gavel and trey gowdy was leading the inquisition it was probably much more focused on the substance and much more focused on the truth. i think if you were a democrat watching those hearings yesterday you thought hillary clinton did brilliantly. if you were a republican you thought the democrats finally held hillary clinton's truth to the fire. i think the big middle electorate that's watching i don't think it changed their mind. i think it changes the atmospherics in a way temporarily. but mo is right the fundamental with the fbi investigation provides, i think those are the bigger issues that are still never going to go away during this campaign. and i still think are troublesome for the hillary clinton campaign. >> the fact that after 11 hours she did come out head high,
1:31 pm
walking tall and probably changed perception a little bit. i don't know how much, right. and she is going to be asked again. but will she be asked the same way over and over after yesterday? i don't know. >> hard to imagine another 11 hour session. mo, let's talk about the fact of bernie sanders where does that leave him after the debate performance after she survived in effect the minimum this test. do you think he's going to be able to keep building his momentum? or has that reached a cresting point? >> the thing you have to realize is that democrats do this almost every election cycle. in 2000 it was bill bradly versus al gore. in 2004 service howard dean versus john kerry. we have a tradition in the democratic party having a strong sort of anti-establishment candidate who takes on that establishment front runner. and actually helps make them better. bill bradley made al gore a better primary candidate.
1:32 pm
howard dean forced john kerry to become better. i feel like that's happening now. i'm not belittling bernie sanders. he's run a phenomenal campaign. >> and still a very fervent supporter. kevin before we go because we're running out of time, i want to ask you about the carson jump polls. significant jump for carson in iowa? do you see as a significant challenge for donald trump? >> i think carson always has a natural constituency. he has sort of emerged at the values voter right now and so many evangelicals figure so prominently in the iowa caucus, i think you're seeing a manifestation of that. one of the other things to note is club for growth went in and did negative advertising on trump. it happens to work. the lesson for the other campaigns start to draw contrast on donald trump and numbers go down. watch and learn. >> fair enough. kevin, mo, thanks very much for joining us as always. one of the pacific coast best known tourist area ss bracing for the worst right now. the fiercest hurricane ever recorded driven by 200-mile-per-hour winds is about to slam into land. we're going to go right back to
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in for jake tapper. in iraq resulting in the first american combat death there since 2011. 39-year-old master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed during a mission that rescued dozens of hostages believed to be facing imminent execution. the raid was led by kurdish commandos with u.s. special forces from the delta force serving in an advise and assist role, but when the situation escalated the americans were forced to engage the enemy. [ gunfire ] faced with the first u.s. combat death in iraq in four years, today pentagon secretary ash carter made clear that u.s. troops will continue to face danger there. >> the administration has taken great pains. the president in various permutations to say it's not a ground combat, it's not a major
1:38 pm
combat role. >> they will be in harm's way. there's no question about it. i don't want anybody to be under any illusions about that. >> a u.s. military official confirms to cnn that master sergeant joshua l. wheeler, 39 of oklahoma, a 20-year military veteran was a member of the elite delta force. the deadly battle was the first time u.s. forces have directly engaged isis fighters on the ground in iraq. in a joint operation with kurdish commandos, u.s. special operators from the delta force raided an isis compound. rescue hostages thought to be in imminent danger of execution. u.s. warplanes bombed makeshift isis training camps, staging sites and bridges in the area. and five helicopters brought in nearly 30 u.s. special forces and 40 kurdish troops. the u.s. forces were not meant to enter the walled compound or directly engage the isis fighters. but when kurdish forces inside the compound were overwhelmed,
1:39 pm
the u.s. commander made the decision to enter the fire fight. master sergeant wheeler was shot inside the compound and died later after being transported to a military hospital in irbil. when the mission was over, the u.s. aircraft overhead destroyed the compound. u.s. troops are deployed to iraq on a train, advise and assist mission. however, under current rules of engagement they are allowed to return fire when they or their partner forces come under attack. >> when a fire fight ensued, this american ran to the sound of the guns and all the indications are it was his actions and that of one of his teammates that protected those who were involved in breaching the compound. >> this risky mission was launched say u.s. military officials after u.s. surveillance spotted freshly dug mass graves inside the compound. u.s. officials say that 70 prisoners were rescued, 20 iraqi security forces as well as iraqi
1:40 pm
civilians and interestingly isis fighters accused by their own group of spying. missing, however, were the kurdish captives they were originally sent in to rescue. >> joining me now is republican congressman adam kinsinger served in iraq and afghanistan as a pilot. congressman, thanks very much for being here. >> yeah, thanks. >> so you have an elite delta force special operator unfortunately killed in this raid. they went into a fire fight inside a walled compound, granted their beginning role was advise and assist but when kurdish partners came under attack they went right into fire fight. how is that not a combat role? >> i think it is vaguely a combat role. special forces, special operators and delta, you don't hear a lot about them but these are among the best of the best. these are heroes. they're great at what they do. but when you think of a special forces mission or special operations missions, we think about direct action, capture or kill mission. these guys their bread and butter is in training and
1:41 pm
building up local forces as a force multiplier. >> that's one thing. i think when americans at home think training, they're thinking back at the base and teaching how to tactically do this and fire weapons. these guys heloed in nighttime to a fortified compound and even before they went to the fire fight only a few yards away. that's more than training. >> it is. it is. it's a train and assist. and frankly i personally believe we need to do more of these missions. when i was in iraq i was part of, you know, finding these targets for the special operators to come in and take them out. we were constantly cutting the head off the beast. but the new head that would grow, the new person step up to lead the organization was not as good as the previous and we'd get more intel and unwrap the networks quickly. it was good the president and d.o.d. made the decision to do this. we obviously mourn the loss of this brave, brave man. but i think we can't be too risk averse when it comes to defeating the rithreat of isis d
1:42 pm
saving 90 people in the process. >> it was not the president's decision to okay this mission, it was the defense secretary's because it fell under advise and assist. did you bristle at all when you heard that? >> a little bit. maybe the president didn't specifically push the button or pull the trigger. he obviously has people under him for a reason. but the president should take ownership. it's his mission. and so i think at the end of the day it's the old buck stops here. and i would like to see the president come forward and say we mourn the loss of this person, this was the right thing to do. and if we find ourselves faced with this again, we'll do it again. >> final thing, they went in to rescue kurdish hostages that they were believed were there. that's why kurdish commandos were in the lead. they get there it was actually iraqi security forces, some iraqi civilians and also actually isis fighters who had been accused of spying. and they were going to be executed as well. you're risking your most elite force but appears intel was wrong. >> and that's why i think the intel is very important.
1:43 pm
this is a piece that we've got to do better at. and that means human intelligence, which we don't have a lot of. but look, these men of delta force or any of these other special forces, special operations group, they are trained well to do this. they're very good at this. and you'll have an unfortunate situation where a man was killed, but i'll tell you i guarantee if we could have shown up on that bat battlefield and watched them, they would have performed marvelously. we want to use them sparingly, but when we use them we have to unleash the beast. >> briefly before we go, is this happening more than americans realize? these kind of ground operations like this? >> it's hard to tell. i don't know of any besides what we hear about. but look, there's always a, you know, cia aspect of what's going on, always special operations. but at the end of the day, look, we trust the president. we trust these people to do the best to execute this mission. and i frankly think it needs to be bigger and bolder if we're going to defeat this enemy. >> bigger and bolder on the ground? >> i think we're going to have to have a force on the ground,
1:44 pm
more direct action missions but nobody's talking about 200,000 troops in the middle east. i don't think we need it. >> congressman, thanks so much. >> you bet. thanks. in our sports lead, shocking allegations that a louisville coach paid for sex and parties with strippers for players and recruits. now just minutes ago a surprise resignation. plus, wind's picking up on the mexican coast. first signs of hurricane patricia as it approaches. we'll go live there right after this. whatever you're doing,
1:45 pm
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1:49 pm
the university of louisville sex allegations has now resigned. this comes after a former escort made claims that andre mcgee paid for strippers to attend dozens of parties at a dorm between 2010 and 2014. the university has one of the largest and best known college basketball programs in the country led by an iconic head coach. cnn sports anchor andy scholls has the story. andy. >> jim, hall of fame coach rick patino denies knowing anything about the alleged sex parties that the escort says went on at a campus dorm. the university of louisville and ncaa are now both investigating the program. and patino and cardinals could be in for some severe penalties. the university of louisville is one of the most successful college basketball programs in the country. they won a national championship in 2013, but now the program has a dark cloud hanging over it. in a new book titled "breaking cardinal rules," basketball and the escort queen, catina poul
1:50 pm
gives the sorted details of more than 20 different recruiting parties that took place at the athletic dorm between 2010 and 2014. on espn's outside the lines she said former louisville assistant andre mcgee would pay her to bring strippers to the parties and in some cases the dancers, including powell's own daughters would have sex with the recruits. >> he would start the music and usually girls would come out one by one and dance for the recruit. he'd ask me if there's any girls that want to make extra money? pretty much side deal with the players. and i was like i'll ask. so i asked the girls, you know, anybody want to make extra money. and their eyes just lit up like, well yeah. >> powell says she would even have sex with recruits, parents and guardians in order to get players to sign with the school. outside the lines powell said it's hard to believe that patino didn't know what was going on. >> four years, a boat load of recruits, a boat load of dances,
1:51 pm
loud music, alcohol, security, cameras, basketball players who came in at will. you got players that are so loyal to patino, who wouldn't go back and be like, hey, we got dancers and sex and all that going on. my thing is how could he not know. >> at louisville's tipoff luncheon coach patino said he knew nothing about the allegations but he would get to the bottom of it. >> if there was any wrongdoing, it's a big if, and people have to pay for their crimes, and that's an if, i hope those ifs are not true. because that building means a great deal to me. >> patino has since said he has no plans to step down. in a public letter to fans he said, quote, i will not resign and let you down. some day i will walk away celebration of many memorable years. but that time is not now. while the allegations at louisville are shocking, former blue chip recruit jaylin rose
1:52 pm
who ended up signing with michigan says this type of activity is not uncommon on recruiting trips. >> what you see at a bachelor or bachelorette party is what happens on a recruiting visit. and as a 17-year-old kid first off if i'm not getting laid, i'm not coming. i'm not signing. >> coach patino has called for andre mcgee to come out and tell the truth. so far mcgee has declined to comment on the allegations but his attorney says they are untrue. jim, the big question remains if the allegations are true, where was the money for all of this coming from? >> andy scholes, thanks so much. back to our monster storm, hurricane patricia category 5 about to hit mexico with 200-mile-an-hour winds and pounding rain. meteorologists say it is the strongest hurricane ever recorded. let's get right back to cnn's martin savidge. he is live in puerto vallarta right in the path of this storm. so, marty, as it gets closer what conditions are you seeing on the ground there? are they changing?
1:53 pm
>> reporter: they are. you can feel it. and it's maybe not in the way you can see on camera. the rain definitely intensifying. you can feel the temperature of the air has dropped. the wind is starting to pick up. and all indications are that something's coming this way. the streets out here absolutely deserted. this would normally be prime party time friday in puerto vallarta, but no, everything's closed. the major hotels have been evacuated. let's show you a camera. this is important to know because hurricane patricia is in between these two points. in other words puerto vallarta and where you're looking at now. the fear was the storm is going to make a direct hit in that area. hopefully that is not going to happen. this storm is very powerful, but not really big. think of it as kind of a 20-mile-wide f-4, f-5 category tornado. and you're talking winds that are just horrific. so the conditions are going to continue to worsen here for throughout the evening and into the nighttime hours. but it should go quickly away.
1:54 pm
but people here you can tell are really scared of this one. and rightfully so, jim. >> no question. 20-mile-wide tornado. martin savidge right in the middle of it for us. still ahead on "the lead," the forgotten american campaign to air drop beavers into idaho. we'll be back before you can say, wait, what'd he say? can a business have a mind?
1:55 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." our money lead now. bill gates is known for many things, but he may no longer be the richest person in the world. at least depending on who you ask. bloomberg and forbes both track the top moneymakers. while gates still holds the top according to bloomberg, forbes
1:59 pm
says zaro founder is actually the new number one but been a great year for amazon's jeff bezos as well after its stock soared yesterday, bezos climbed to third richest spot in the u.s. the surge bumped bezos' overall wealth by almost $5 billion overnight. not so bad. turning to our buried lead now. it's not quite pigs flying but beavers parachuting. close enough, right? footage once thought lost for decades has been unearthed and released back in the 1940s and '50s certain parts of idaho was once overrun with beavers. so the state department of fish and game came up with an idea, the relocation, they were trapped in boxes, loaded up into planes, and, well, just listen. >> the plane makes a careful approach, ready for the drop. now into the air and down they swing. down to the ground near a stream or a lake. the box opens.
2:00 pm
and the most unusual and novel trip ends for mr. beaver. >> mr. parabeaver. all beavers believed to have survived that. i'm jim sciutto in for jake today. i'm going to turn you over to wolf blitzer. as always he's in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. center of hell. the strongest hurricane ever recorded is about to slam into a popular tourist hot spot. hurricane patricia described by weather officials as a catastrophic category 5 storm. millions of people including many americans are in the path. i'll talk to one man who flew into the center of the storm. american extremists. the fbi director reveals that of its 900 investigations into suspected home grown violent radicals, the majority are isis-related. and now cnn has learned that the son of a leading hollywood director has