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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  October 24, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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of rain as far north as dallas.
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some inches are getting as much as 4 inches of rain per hour. it made landfall on mexico's west coast. the moment it arrived. listen to that wind. that's a category 5 with top winds at 235 miles app hour. although the winds have gone down a little bit, the threat of dangerous mudslides and flooding are still very real. nearly a foot of rain in some places and 20 inches or more is still expected. >> emergency stockpiles of supplies were there ahead of time. nearly a quarter of a million people took refuge in shelters as the storm approached. you are looking at mexico city. early reports indicate less destruction than expected. mexico's president urges everyone to stay some place safe until the storm has completely passed. live reports just ahead.
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we're keeping a close on oi what's supposed to be a big day in the race for the white house. republican presidential candidates are already out on the campaign trail. the in you gop leader in the hawkeye state, dr. ben carson, hosted a breakfast town hall in front of a frat house in ames, iowa. he is attending a book signing about an hour from now. former florida governor, jeb bush in daniel island, south carolina, hosting a town hall with governor tim scott. this coming a day after he slashed campaign expenses putting that money to his ground game in the primary states. >> senator marco rubio set to attend a military and veteran's town hall. let's talk about the democratic candidate. there are just three left in the running, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin owe mali will, all gathering for the jefferson jackson dinner. a huge fundraising event.
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it has been a turning point for many campaigns in the past. mark preston joining us live from washington. a lot of people are going to be watching this dinner closely. help us swrund stan its significance. >> well, certainly, hillary clinton heads into iowa with some wind behind her back. it started off with the debate. a little over a week ago, she turned in a strong performance and joe biden decides not to seek the presidency. we saw her endure 11 hours before the house benghazi committee. she did very well only to be capped off by getting the endorsement by the largest public sector union in the united states, ask me. yesterday, she was in alexandria. let's listen to what she had to say. >> a lot of things have been said about me but quitter is not one of them. >> as she heads into iowa today, you can see hillary clinton has some more enthusiasm than she has had in the past couple of
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weeks. 6,000 activists will be at this dinner. this is the dinner that helped launch barack obama in 2007. it is not just about the dinner tonight, though, christie. it is about the estlaenvents th occurred beforehand. bill clinton is on the campaign trail. she is trying to show her supporters her campaign is back on track. bernie sanders is going to try to push home the idea that there needs to be a political revolution in the country, too much inequality between the rich and the poor. christi? >> mark preston, appreciate it. the jefferson jackson day dinner is a fund-raiser and a test to the candidates popularity. if previous dinners are any indication, martin mentioned, then senator, barack obama, this night could be defining moment in the race for the white house. >> they want to go back to the dark old days when the state can tell the spouse that doesn't have to go to the nursing home,
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we'll give you help but only after you sell your car, your house, and clean out your bank account. now, then, we'll take your spouse in the nursing home. i don't know what you are going to do. that's not our problem. i don't know about you folks, but that is not the america i want to live in in the 21st september tri. when newt gingrich took over the congress and tried to reinforce reaganomics, some walked away. i decided to stay and fight. >> iowa, iowa, don't just send them a message next january. send them a president. >> that's why telling the american people what we think they want to hear instead of telling the american people what they need to hear just dweent. don't do. >> you saw the last several nominees there. i want to bring in cnn senior
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political analyst, ron brownstein, editorial director for "the national journal." it is not just about the speech. it is also about organization, which iowa in large part is about. >> that's a great sequence of memory lane for me, stay and fight both were used to turn back candidacies not unlike bernie sanders. iowa is about organization and particularly this year, it is going to be not only who votes but home people vote. i remember sitting there in 2007 with teresa gomain. she said if it is up to 150,000 people, with he feel good about our chances. if it is around 150,000 and above, it is a crap shoot. if it gets well above, we are in trouble. in 2008, president obama and hillary clinton drove a turnout that was twice as large as any iowa caucus. double what either party had ever done. bernie sanders, if he is going
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to challenge hillary clinton in iowa, is also going to have to expand the electorate. you look at the polling out this week. he is much stronger among young people than older voters. he has to bring many of the young people who have historically been imperfect participants into the iowa caucus. this is one speech. iowa, is a marathon, not a sprint. it rewards organization. >> i want to talk about former maryland governor, martin o'malley. there is a piece in the post that says, this is one of his last opportunities to do something big and get a lot of attention and boost these single digit poll numbers. how does he sell this narrative as it is shaped by his campaign. clinton is too polarizing, sanders is too radical. do it in a way that doesn't attack. i can't imagine there is any appetite for a negative attack in that room.
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>> i think you are right. it is a very partisan, democratic audience and you have to be careful about doing that. his contrast is as implicit as anything else. generationally, he is younger than either candidate. the basic contours for most democrats feel settled. for those on the left, we have talked about the track in the past. candidates like bill bradley or howard dean are the targets of some of the language you cited before. bernie sanders is in that mode. he is good among young people and college-educated whites. for most minority and blue collar voters, hillary clinton is strong. to the extent there is a lane for martin o'malley. bernie sanders is already mobilizing a lot of young people, which is what he is going to have to do to overcome hillary clinton here. >> hillary clinton coming with katy perry and the former president, bill clinton. his first visit to iowa of this
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campaign cycle. how do they balance, of course, this arena that so many agree he is really good in with the potential that he will ov overshadow the candidate in this environment. >> i think that's less of a threat than some people think. the candidate is the candidate. bill clinton is not going to be the next president of the united states. although, i did hear him once say that the best change in the constitution would be adding one word to the fifth amendment, consecutive. no more than two consecutive terms. i think hillary clinton is the one in the spotlight, specially after all of the events of the past week that mark preston cited. the test for her is there has been more of a sense of duty than excitement around her campaign. now that she has crossed this critical gauntlet with the benghazi hearing that was circled in red on so many democrats calendars, i think her challenge is to show she can fire up democrats in the way that bernie sanders has done and that this is not just an
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expression of kind of the next personal up in line. there has not been that lift in the campaign so far. this is the beginning of her opportunity to see if she can provide that. >> ron brown stein, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> be sure not to miss bernie sanders, marco rubio and donald trump, all exclusively on state of the union. that's tomorrow morning at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. >> well, president obama not pulling any punches, comparing the gop to a certain, not so happy feline. >> it does make you wonder why is it the republican politicians are so down on america. have you noticed that? i mean, they are gloomy. plus, we are following breaking news. flooding fears. what you are can looking at is
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live aerials for you out of navarro county where you see a freight train has derailed and caused by flooding. the tracks have washed away. this aerial shot we have getting from ktvt, they are over this scene. you see the water rushing over what used to be the tracks there. car after car here knocked off and derailed here. it looks like dozens of cars.
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hoping to get someone on the phone to tell us if there are any injuries or a crew there injured. 20 cars after the track here. >> the track that you can't even see in part of that picture. it is something else. i believe we do have ed lau lavandera on the phone with us. he is not near this but in navarro county. he has been standing out in the rail for a good for or five hours this morning. we are looking at pictures of this train derailment. >> a little while before the sun had come up, the emergency here in navarro county had gotten word there were two crew members on that train. the last i heard from emergency management teams here in the texas area, those teams were
7:17 am
going out there to rescue two conductors on that train. it sounded like everything was going to work out just fine in that situation. obviously, we talked about cars driving in areas that have a lot of water. same thing for the trains as well. that is a stretch of lines that i was told runs parallel to interstate 45 on the west side of that interstate. >> if any place, i have had a chance to drive up and down of interstate 45, a portion has been blocked off for much of the overnight hours. a lot of the water has precededed opreceded off of the interstate but in the countryside, along the lower lying areas and along the side of the road and into the banks, there is still an intense amount of water.
7:18 am
the rain continues to fall. >> i don't know if y'all noticed when we were watching this, these aerials. it looks like we saw traffic on the freeway that looked like it was moving. there was a road. it looks as though that road is washed out. you are wondering how rescue crews or how quickly they can get to these two crew members that ed was just talking about. the crew members and the fact that we need to get the rescue. >> we have on the phone with us, union pacific railroad pio, jeff degraph. what do you know about these two crew members, two conductors and the rescue that we understand was either launched or is in process now? >> well, we're happy to say our two crew members have been picked up and are back with us. they are in good condition, no injuries. just a little wake and shaken up. thanks to navorro county, they
7:19 am
were able to send out their rescuers and pick our guys up shortly before 6:00 this morning. >> shortly before 6:00 a.m. this rng month. i saw a panning of the camera on this aerial shot we have on live, there appears to be an iridescent film over the water here. can you tell us what this train was carrying if there is anything hazardous here or is that something that is an effect of the camera or something that was there already? >> this train was carrying cement, which is not a hazardous material. simply rocks and gravel. there is concern. we are keeping an eye out for diesel. it is in the locomotive. we have our environmental contractors close by ready to respond should we see any dangerous leaks. we have remediation equipment available such as booms and buoys. we are monitoring the situation.
7:20 am
as of now, we don't have anything to be concerned about. >> what can you tell us about the two members on board and what they said about what happened? >> essentially, the train was headed south, as they approached the area, the conductor saw the water start to gather over the tracks. he put the train into an emergency stop. it isn't an immediate stop. it slows the train until it can come to a safe stop. once they came to a stop, they were in the water and the water was starting to rise. they saw the woater rise and immediately evacuated the locomotive and were able to swim to higher ground. >> they were able to swim before it derailed, essentially? >> essentially, yes. it was still upright until he was able to get out. the rising water led to the
7:21 am
locomotives and the cars tipping over. >> you can see the sheen in the water as jeff was telling us, there are concerns about diesel leaking into the water. the primary concern, those two crew members who are we are told in good condition z jef. >> jeff, i wonder and maybe it is too early to determine. how far above the water on a typical day are these tracks. how far did the water have to rise to be able to wash these tracks away? >> i don't have the specifics on this particular location. as we lay our tracks down and do our continual maintenance in the areas, we always go in and make sure that the measurements are at a safe level. it does take an extreme event like this for the water to come up to this level and do this kind of damage to our trains. >> so you have, it looks like, a car that tried to drive through some water. that water now up to halfway up its windshield hoping that nobody is in that, hoping that
7:22 am
that is just residue, what is left from a rescue we hope nobody is in that vehicle right now. what is the process now. is it just wait until you can get to that train and how does the cleanup begin with the train? >> we are talking about 20 cars derailed. >> for right now, we are a little bit at the mercy of mother nature. we need the rain to cut back and the floodwaters to cut down so we can get out to the site and access and determine exactly the amount of damage done. we have some heavy equipment we will get to get out there to lift the locomotives and cars back on the track. we will need some driving around to be able to do that. we are waiting for mother nature to cooperate with us so we can get out there as quickly as possible. >> jeff degraf, pio, public flfg
7:23 am
flf information officer with union pacific railroad. if we can switch back, i want people to see what is happening from kntv. we want to be clear with what we do know whand we don't know. with he don't know if this is a car that was abandoned when the at teres are not as high as they are now. we do see there are authorities waiting at the higher section of this road. a couple of cop cars there and this station is focused in on this area here. we'll reach out to authorities and our affiliates at kttv. we are watching that. a reminder, don't drive through this water. you think you know these roads. >> you think you know how keep it is. >> there is a strong chance in storms like this that the road has washed out. even if the road is still there, it only takes a foot or two to wash away a car or carry an suv, we have learned. now, let's go to jennifer grey,
7:24 am
cnn, meteorologist. a tropical storm, patricia, the effects will linger for some time. >> you make a good point about the floodwaters. i just want to say, you can't underestimate the power of water. it can wash away roads, bridges and in in case train tracks. it can also wash away homes. we have seen the power of water. when you are in a flooding event like we are now in texas, flash flooding can happen in the blink of an eye. that's why we say, stay in a safe spot. don't get on the roads and you guys make a great point. do not travel through roads that are covered in water. you have no idea how deep it is or if the road is even there all together. very, very dire situation across texas. we are seeing a lot of moisture being fed in. there was an upper-level low already in place, dumping a lot of rain across specially the eastern portion of the state. south of dallas has gotten the worst of it. now, we are going to see all this moisture pulling in and
7:25 am
that's just going to add to this. that's why this is going to be a several day event. still going to be rainy throughout the afternoon today. tomorrow, and even possibly on monday. look at this. corsicana, more than 10 inches of rain across the dallas metroplex. we have seen rainfall amounts as high as 6-10 inches. some of these areas have seen rainfall rates 1-3 per hour and some even higher. let's zoom in on this bull eye around corsicana texas. that's the highest we have seen so far. more than 20 inches of rain. that's a lot of rain. when you add to it what we are going to see the rest of today and tomorrow, it is going to be mind-boggling. we have seen waco, texas, 11 inches of rain. we do have flash flood warnings in place across a large portion of the state. flood warnings and watches in effect. as this rain continues to come down, it is only going to get
7:26 am
worse. it is not going to let up. this isn't going to be one of those off and on rain events. you can see, it is right in this area, not letting up. it is going to continue for hours and hours on end. guys, we are seeing this major flooding event unfold live on the air. as you are seeing with what train right there and the cars under water. it is a dire situation. folks need to take it seriously with the additional moisture being um. ed pumped in. >> the good news is, nobody was hurt in the train derailment. >> yes, yes. >> we are going to continue to follow this breaking news. we are going to take a quick break here. back in a moment. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express
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following breaking news in navarro county, texas. the flooding has washed away roads here. people have been evacuated from some of these communities. we have seen cars with water up to mid-windshield. on the left of your screen, we are seeing the effect of washed-away railroad tracks. 20 cars from this train, this freight train we are told by union pacific approached a section of track that had been washed away. this train derailed. there were two crew members who were operating this train. a rescue effort is launch and they have both been rescued and are in good condition. we will continue to watch the
7:32 am
major effects of the rain that's been coming down in texas as what used to be hurricane patricia. now, tropical storm patricia approaches the u.s. now, let's talk about this new attack this morning in israel. leading to one person being killed. officials say a palestinian man was shot dead after attempting to stab security personnel at a checkpoint in the west bank. this latest comes as secretary of state, john kerry, meets with palestinian authority, mahmoud abbas. earlier, kerry met with benjamin net an kra hoo. sergei lavrov saying russia is now ready to support syrian rebels in their fight against isis. coming one day after he and kerry discussed new ways to have trifg to reach a political settlement to the crisis in syria. joe daugherty joins us from moscow. this seems to be somewhat contradictory to people. we know that russia and one of the points of con tension is this. they are ready to assist them in some fashion? >> assist them from the air is what they are saying. it is not that surprising. they have been showing their hand on this all week. russians are continuing to bond. the mantra is putin as peacemaker. now, they are moving, they hope, towards some type of political
7:33 am
settlement. let's listen to what the foreign minister, sergei lavrov said. >> we are ready to provide aerial support to the patriotic opposition, including free syrian army. it is important to us to get in touch with people authorized to represent these armed groups that are standing against terrorism. >> then, he went on to take a swipe at the united states by saying, yes, but that's difficult. the united states won't give us any information on where the free syrian army is or where the terrorists are but that said, i think as i said he they have been indicating this all along this week that president putin did sit down with president assad in moscow, asked him, how, what do you think about working or protecting or cooperating in some fashion with the opposition who are fighting isis. apparently, assad said, sounds like a decent idea.
7:34 am
so i think that plus the fact that the russians say that the fsa are not really terrorists. adds up to this interesting movement. how can they move forward? how can they get everybody to the table? >> thanks for breaking it down for us. we appreciate it. today, the body of an american service member killed in iraq. master sergeant, joshua wheeler, lost his life during a daring rescue mission that led to the l liberation of 70 hostages. this marks the first death by enemy fire since 2001. ash carter says this does not mean that the u.s. has returned to a combat role in iraq. he did say that similar raids in the region are likely. ryan nobles joins us with details. >> ash carter will be in dover, delaware today, when master sergeant, joshua wheeler's body
7:35 am
arrives here in the united states. wheeler was a member of the elite delta force. they were supporting a team on a rescue mission to rescue 70 hostages, including many iraqi security force members who were in danger of imminent mass execution. the kurdish forces were overwhelmed and that's when u.s. special forces command made the call to engage. it was during that gun fight where he was shot and killed. they are clarifying what the u.s. military role is. they are not there in a combat role but more to advise and assist iraqi forces. carter made it clear that u.s. forces should and can engage when necessary. >> americans are flying combat missions, thousands overseer ya and iraqi territory. there are americans involved in
7:36 am
training and advising iraqi security forces around the country. we do not have combat formations there the way we had once upon a time in iraq or the way we have had in years past in afghanistan. we do have people that are in harm's way. >> that could mean raids when necessary. carter said. it is something that u.s. forces on the ground should be prepared for. carter spoke at length about sergeant wheeler, himself, saying he was very proud of him. this was a man that was a 20-year military veteran and a father of four. he said that sergeant wheeler risked his life to save the lives of others. he was posthumously awarded a purple heart for his efforts in iraq. victor? >> ryan nobles, thank you so much. the strongest hurricane ever recorded has reached mexico. now, tropical storm patricia creeping into the southeastern
7:37 am
united states. powerful winds, heavy rains, damage, all this we will share with you. churches burned in st. louis. seven, in fact, already torched. one pastor says, he really wants police to hurry up and find those responsible. we are talking to him. stay close. order panera's new roasted turkey cranberry flatbread online with rapid pick-up then eat it, however you like. panera. food as it should be. want bladder leak underwear that try always discreet underwear and wiggle, giggle, swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves. so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs.
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the latest on, i guess we can call what now used to be patricia. that this storm has now been downgraded to i atropical depression. we are dealing with remnants of what was once hurricane patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded but, at its height, the storm was lashing trees, whipping up waves as high as 30 feet along the coast. a lot of people pulled out their cell phones and took pictures. sarah gannon is following the incredible images posted to social media. sarah, what are you seeing? >> you can really see the
7:41 am
progression of this storm, everything from the participation all the way through to now. people waking up. you can see them on social media starting with the anticipation, the preparation. these are people in the town of pure ta vie yar ta. this is a video of the clouds rolling in. then, you see hotel staff here at the hard rock hotel. you see them boarding up. you see people prepping for what was the largest hurricane in history. some of these amazing destruction videos, victor. you can just see. look at intensity of those winds. this is another one from a coastal town in mexico you can
7:42 am
see the winds blowing captured from inside the home. look at those winds as they are capturing this on video and posting it online. this morning, where some of the rele relie relief comes in as people were waking up. only 100 downed trees and they are crediting that. they are crediting that to the prompt response warnings from their citizens. i want to take you to the united states for a minute. this is just north of waco. this is the texas game warden locating to facebook these images of water rescue. this one here, victor, pretty intense. the storm still having an impact. this isn't yet over. you can really see the progression of that in how people have captured it on their phones. we are getting reports of rescues and damage across mexico. we have seen that the rain has
7:43 am
headed towards texas and washing out roads. we will get people the latest on the train derailment. christie? >> seven churches set on fire in st. louis. here is the big question? who is behind this? we are talking to one pastor that wants more help finding those responsible for setting fire to his church specifically. >> first, cnn has announced the top ten heroes for 2015. we would like you to meet another one of them. her name is monique pool. she helps save our environment by saving sloths. listen. saving a sloth for me is not just about saving the sloths. it is about what they stand for. it is about losing habitat. it is about importance of environmental protection. go to and meet all of the top ten heroes.
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they must really believe in themselves. buy in. quickenloans/home buy. refi. power. this morning, federal investigators are hunting for people behind a series of church fires. seven people have been impacted by arson. a majority of them set in
7:48 am
predominantly black neighborhoods. a spokesman for the atf spoke out about these incidents saying, we believe this fire-setting activity is meant to send a message and may be a result of stress experienced in the subject's life. we will discuss this with matth matthew horace and robert burton. you heard that the atf said these fires were meant to send a message. help us understand what the conversations are in your conversations and communities about what message that might be. >> the conversations in our church and our faith community is just praying for the perpetrator that is obviously disturbed and act like this against houses of worship is a disturbing act. we are just praying that they would be caught so that they can receive the help they need.
7:49 am
>> do you have an instant in you that tells you what motive might be behind this. >> of course, you always want to be careful trying to guess what's in someone else's mind. i feel specially with extensive experience in dealing with people that suffer mental health who come to the church as one of the first places that this must be someone who is having some sort of mental health crisis. >> okay. so you agree with what the atf is releasing here when they say we believe this activity may be the result of stress experienced in the subject's life. >> yes, i do. i do agree with that. because i feel in evidence of other church fires where it was a racial motivation, there was month destruction, there was month intentionality to cause more widespread damage. here, the damage has been limited, except for in one case where the nature of fire caused catastrophic damage on the fifth fire. >> matthew, i want to bring you into the con ver saying.
7:50 am
what role is the atf playing in this investigation and do you believe they are looking for one person that perhaps this is a group of people. what does your gut tell you? >> atf, as you know, we employ certified fire investigators to determine cause of origin. in addition to adding to the tool box, canine, accelerant, dogs, investigative resources, the atf national laboratory and others. we go into arson investigation, not drawing any conclusions at the front end to make sure we get the right information at the back end. we allow the information to drive the investigation and not let the investigation drive the information. >> so based on what you know of this investigation, one person, a group of people, not known yet whachlt do you think? >> it is not known yet. there is a lot that needs to be done. there is the cause and determination at the scene of each fire. there is the follow-up investigation to determine the motive, suspect and points of
7:51 am
origin. every church is uniquely different. we don't know yet if there are one people, two people, different fires done by different people. incendiary fires take a long time to resolve. atf is on the job. i'm sure they will get some answers before too long. >> reverend roderick burton and matthew who a matthew horace, we appreciate you both being here. thank you. we'll be right back. (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement,
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i want to show you what's happening in texas right now. we, i think you can see that train there in the background. 20 cars off the track, derailed because of the torrential flooding that we have been seeing there in navarro county, texas, this morning. >> what we've learned from union pacific railroads is that there were two conductors, two crew members on this locomotive. there had to be a rescue effort
7:56 am
launched to get those men. we are told they are both in good condition. there is a concern about the leaking of diesel from this locomotive. there is a sheen over the water there. we are told again by union pacific that they have hazmat teams nearby and will start the process once it is safe. because the rain continues there to clean up this area and get those cars up righted and move this out of the way. just an indication of the treacherous conditions there in navarro county and other parts of texas. we'll talk to him in a moment. thanks for watching this morning. >> much more ahead in the next hour of "newsroom" with f fredricka whitfield. serious- ev. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces.
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23 million americans now under the threat of major flooding. patricia has been downgraded to a tropical depression. waterlogged from days of rain. floodwaters washed out train tracks and derailed this freight train south of dallas. the rising waters have also been stranded. i'm


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