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tv   Somebodys Gotta Do It With Mike Rowe  CNN  October 25, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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i'm mike rowe, and i'm on a mission to find people on a mission. what? what are they doing? how are they doing it? and why? >> exciting! it's got to be done. on this episode, it's the strangest sport ever, and it's bigger than ever. that's a frickin pileup. when it comes to roller derby, the derby dolls just got to do
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it, but why do i? you have got to be kidding me. then, if you are a rat in new york city, there's no greater terror than a terrier. i'll join of group of vermin vigilantes to see if gotham's health enemy number one, has met its match. and later, why did this man trade a career in tech for life on the farm, because he wants to make the other white meat red. >> pigs were never meant to be a white meat. >> but it might take a bit of diplomacy. the chinese and the russian pigs have been brought together for what used to be a german pig. >> they're all communists. >> exactly. i participated in a number of activities on this program that some might call risky, dangerous, and occasionally ill-advised.
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but this one, i believe, is best described as painful. no, let's go with humbling because these women make it look so darn easy. >> there it is! >> unbelievable! >> but i'm not one to say no to a challenge, to find out why the decidedly female sport of roller derby is still with us, i came to meet the san diego derby dolls and their general manager, a woman that calls herself isabelle ringer. roller derby in an undisclosed location. he'll loy smokes. what a great place to break your ringer. mike rowe. >> welcome to the dollhouse. >> i am the general manager of the south dakota derby dolls. >> call me mike. what is this?
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are you part of a league? >> yes, the san diego derby dolls, we're a league here, and we play in back track roller derby, and that's this thing here, and we will get you up and running and teach you the athletics without the skates on. >> really? >> then we're going the put some skates on. >> i don't know how to skate really. >> we'll get some gear for you. >> you are not coed, are you? >> there are men involved in what we do but we run all women's athletics team, yeah. >> i have nothing in common with anybody in your league. i am the wrong gender and the wrong generation. >> we are a pretty accepting group so we are going to make it look. >> you are not going to hurt me, are you? >> we are definitely going to hurt you. >> as long as i'm getting naked behind the curtain i might as well tell you about the strange history of roller derby and the depths of the great depression
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down on his luck movie theater owner found a way to capitalize on long distance endurance races and the idea was the teams of men and women would skate the distance of the continental of the united states on an oval track in a contest that lasted over a month. what audiences seemed to respond to is the accidental collisions as they attempted to pass each other. the writer encouraged to him to make the rough and tumble stuff a part of the sport, and naturally, the fans went wild. and those humble origins became the derby that exists today. >> here you go. >> the training commences, and there's no reason for optimism. >> okay. left over right. crossover is beautiful. >> get some of this. >> yeah. >> and then? >> right over left. >> perfect.
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>> you want to do it fast? >> that was fast. these hurdles represent fallen skaters in my path, and the idea i will be able to jump over them and skate, hysterical. how are the bodies flat, laid out? >> all the time. >> inert? >> it's constantly throughout the game. >> dead? >> never dead. not yet, never once. sometimes there's screaming, but it's pretty chill. >> just like any thursday night for me. >> this is really just balance. >> balance and agility. if you can't do it in shoes, you can't do it on roller skates. >> i'm just trying to cut to the chase and assure you i can't do it on roller skates. >> here's the thing. we are here pushing ourselves all the time, and when they show up to play, it's about pushing yourself to do a little more than you think you can do. >> ringer's enthusiasm might explain why roller derby has grown to over 1,000 leagues across 25 countries. more than doubling in size from
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a year ago. it does not explain why i'm strapping wheels to my incredibly flat feet. >> i picked up roller derby when i was 26. i couldn't state at all. i needed something in my life that wasn't there. i needed community and something i could get excited about. i found a new league starting up and it was a bunch of women skating around, and you know, we turned it into this thing that affects a lot of people, you know. people get passionate about something in their life. >> i have seen it before, and i have seen crazy passion be directed toward all sorts of things, but not this. >> well, especially because this is something that is run by a lot of women, and like, the outside world, for some reason people think women don't get along with other women. that's not true. really powerful secure women stand next to other really powerful secure women. t put 100 of those together and we move mountains together, you know? >> yes. >> strong women can do all kinds
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of stuff. >> to be clear, i'm all for empowerment, especially if it keeps me upright on wheels. unfortunately that's more a matter of skill, a skill i do not currently possess. >> don't go forward, and you want to push out like duck feet. >> that's it. great note. >> duck feet. there you go. if you feel like you are going to fall, take a quick knee. got it! >> yeah. do i? >> you do. you are doing great. try not to look at the floor because if you look at the ground that's where you are going to go. >> yeah, all right, coming to you. >> thus begins my personal primmer in the art of falling down. there's the right way and the wrong way. i'm a natural at the wrong way. i didn't feel like there was anything in the world that i could do to stop that from
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happening, nothing. i felt like i was a complete slave to the rotation to the earth. >> when you feel like you are going to fall get lower so you have less of a distance to go down. >> if you squat and lose your balance, you will still go down and you have these and these and these, and these are all protections right here. >> i hear you and i want to do that. that's what i want to do. >> perfect. there you go. >> it's never going to get harder than it is today, right? it's only going to get easier. >> i have heard encouraging words like this before, usually just before a hospital visit. >> that's looks awesome. you looked the best you have yet. you looked great, man. let's get him on the bank. >> you have got to be out of your mind. this may be ill-advised. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating.
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i have been spun, tortured and blown up, but i have never before been trampled by a gang of wheeled women. personally, i don't think i've got the skills to even skate around the bank myself, but there is an incredible, undeniable optimism in the air, an optimism i do not share. how is it possible i can go on this bank and do this? this is -- >> really, you pick it up quick. better than i would have done. >> ringers' misplaced hope affected my producer, and he, too, is utterly deluded. >> i think we should give it a shot. >> what's with the pronouns we? let's get it a try. i need 30 permissions to get in a monster truck but these guys
10:13 pm
will let me skate around here in a death race 2,000. >> the force of this works if you skate lower in the turn and track almost like cups you and - you start getting kicked out of those turns and you just pick up speed without a lot of extra effort because the track is actually built for that. ♪ >> there's just no way. this is like a magician explaining how a trick work. you know, you just cut her in half and when you pull the curtain back, she's together. you're like, i don't understand. >> we're trying to put it into little tiny parts and if can you get the tiny parts we will put it in one big. if you feel like you are going to fall, go forward on the pads that you have. >> okay. >> let's do it. >> okay. >> put all the weight on the inside of the left foot.
10:14 pm
>> as i've said often, i am not paid to succeed, i am paid to try. my ego will survive, enif i don't. me sides, i've learned how to fall. >> going to try and roll a little bit. are you ready? >> yeah. same thing. let's go. >> that's just -- >> oh, geez! >> i know, i know, it hurts a lot less falling on the bank track than it does on the flat track. >> did you feel the bounce? >> yeah, in my teeth. >> most people, when they start out with us, they don't get a private coach and a private session. you have like all the tools we can possibly give you to succeed at this today. >> you are a feel good and upbeat lady. but the goal is to film me with respect to the skill and endurance and raw courage these women possess, mission accomplished. then if we are here to explore the depths of my humiliation, by
10:15 pm
all means, let's continue. >> you fell good. you all right? >> yeah. >> out to the side. [ bleep ]. >> got it. >> here's the deal. you are going to get up and get going and you are going to get into the good stance we practiced and beau is going to do all the rest of the work. wonderful. now you are going to get a little speed. stick with it. stay in that position. >> that was good! >> i fell back. all i wanted to do is not fall back. >> everybody falls. >> i don't want to fall back. >> me neither. >> i'm tired of falling back. you did that on purpose. >> i totally did not do that on purpose. >> seriously? >> seriously. >> let's talk about basic insurance. what kind of waivers do you have to sign to do this? >> a lot. >> okay. >> you know what our founder once said, bonnie said, we sacrifice our bodies to save our soul. i think that's what a lot of us feel in roller derby.
10:16 pm
it's something that's important to us and we get a little beat up. we are bruised here and there and we learn and heal and come back stronger, you know. it's mental. >> yeah, mental. >> tough. we don't say can't here. >> can i say won't? >> nope, not while i'm coaching you. >> one of the hallmarks of any great humiliation is the willingness to put comfort before dignity. i rarely get to that point. my ass though was there half an hour ago. >> i can't believe you are letting them humiliating you like this. >> you've been humiliating me all day. >> it's a different kind of humiliation, really. >> can't hurt. >> have you no pride? >> no, no, i don't. >> sit your butt down low and gradually come in towards the i field. nice and slow. nice and slow. if you're going to fall, go down to your knees. yes, perfect!
10:17 pm
>> after a moment of singular triumph, do i have the sense to quit while i'm ahead? you bet i do. but that doesn't mean ringer is going to let me. >> you were in the army. now you're a derby doll. we're going the give you a proper name. >> yeah. >> skid row, lucky number 13, okay? >> looks as though i have been drafted into the blue shirts who will scrimmaging against the black shirts. here's how it works. each team is comprised of five players skating in one direction around an oval track, and games are divided into four quarters. each quarter consists of several short matches called jams. each team has a designated jammer who's job is it to score points by lapping members of the opposing team. each time the jammer passes an opposing player their team scores a point. so the rest of the players do everything they can to assist their jammer and hinder the opposing jammer. in order to do this thing that i clearly should not do, i'll have to become versed in the art of obstructive and destructive
10:18 pm
blocking. >> butt low. i'm coming around the surface area on you. >> i'm going to fall. >> perfect! that was frickin' perfect! that's just what roller derby looks like. lots of falling. >> i didn't realize everybody falls all the time. >> when i told you i was going to fall today, i meant i'm going to fall many times today. >> right. >> i'm going to do it one more time. coming around. >> 99% of the time, helmets are a nuisance. 1% of the time, they keep you alive. >> i'm so tired of falling on my back. getting out alive has now become my prime directive, but still these women are here because they love it, and that's undeniable. >> coming around. watch the surface area. >> whoa! >> yes! >> how long you have been at this? >> i have been playing roller derby since i was 12. there's a lot of camaraderie. >> how long did it take you to feel confident before you got on this thing?
10:19 pm
>> like six months. >> six months? >> part of it is your mind knows you want to do and it's so frustrating when your body is not cooperating. >> that is very much what i'm experiencing right now. >> if i thought for a moment that i had a prayer of surviving a single loop, i'd be out there in a second, honest. but in the words of king leer, i smell of mortality. >> look, i'm going to die up there. >> i told you, we've never had a fatality. >> i'm telling you, i saw it. >> you will be the first. >> i saw the bright light at the end of a tunnel and the tunnel was shaped like a roller rink with a hill on it. >> are you telling me you are done for the day? >> i'm not saying i am done. i'm going to stay here. i'm going to watch. >> leave your gear on, okay, and if you get into the moment and you are like, you know what, coach, put me in for one. i think i can do it for one. i'll be there right there next to you to cheer you on. >> yes, yes, this is going to be great, right?
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the spirit of the roller derby match is underway at an undisclosed location between the blue shirted derby dolls and black shirted derby dolls. right now i am happily warming the bench for the blues. >> when she comes around she's going get one point for every turquoise player she passes. >> oh!
10:24 pm
you have got to be kidding me! look at them. unbelievable! the more i watch, the more certain i become that some sort of calamity would absolutely, positively result in any attempt on my part to sir come navigate that ring, so i shall remain, benched. our jammer is smoking. here it is. there it is. oh! whew! wow. wow. that was unbelievable. although i saw you at the end doing a nice little -- >> yeah. that was bad. >> that was nice. in fact, let's play that back in slow motion right now just to embarrass you. ♪
10:25 pm
♪ >> that was just really fun to watch. thanks. >> thank you. >> my team is awesome, and as a good team player, i'm committed to doing my part to ensure victory by staying out of the way. but maybe in the spirit of newt rotney, i can keep their spirits high with a rousing half-time speech. lady, if i could, let me just say based on what i've seen clearly what we have here is a team effort and yet i would challenge all of you to find the thing that makes you special and makes you connected, not just to who you are or who you think you are, but to that person who is skating next to you, that person whose blocking for you, that person who has your back or your front or your side, or really any part of your body. that's not important. the important thing is the nexus
10:26 pm
of individuality and team effort. coming together in what can only be called metaphorically a happy collision of the sweaty x chromosome. who is with me? >> yeah! now, let's get out there and hurt somebody! such a fine line between admiration and fear. >> i have been here almost ten years and i get freaked out every time i go out still. i'm still kind of terrified. >> you should be. you're in. we'll be watching. that's ringer going in as the jammer. who is the toughest woman here? >> ringer. >> ringer? >> look at her.
10:27 pm
there she is. look at her! here she comes. she's got big speed, big speed, oh, geez, look at this. oh, crap. oh, there she goes. look at her! there goes ringer, isabelle ringer. yes, yes! look at ringer knocking people all over the place. man, she's so high. oh, that's going to go hurt. that's it, ringer! yes! yes! for ringer, roller derby was more than a way to channel her this curved bank was a shot at running a small business.
10:28 pm
>> here is it ten years later and i own the company. >> is this your full time job? >> yeah. >> are you making a living? >> yeah. >> paying the bills? >> yeah. >> awesome. so what is the 30-second commercial for the derby dolls? take it. >> most people come here and they think they are coming to play roller derby, and they are. but if you stick around, you get so much more out of it. and all of a sudden you realize, god, i need to have a spark or passion and this is something i can get so excited about, even if i am here a few nights aweek, it's a few nights a week i do feel powerful and i do something scary and hard and i keep doing it. >> even if it's humiliating from time to time. >> it's humiliating for all of us on and off all the time. we still keep doing it. >> it's important to try. >> that's right. so if you're in san diego, come down here and skate with us. if you're in almost any city in the world you can look up your local roller derby team and see what their doing over there. >> i said 30 seconds. >> i could go for two more hours.
10:29 pm
in 1947, alber cam yao wrote "the plague," the devastation of an algerian city overrun by rats. and according to my high school english teacher he was using the rats to symbolize the nazi invasion, and the consequences of letting your guard down. in this way the plague was really a metaphor. well, this story is also full of rats, but our story is not a metaphor. what do you smell? here in new york, the rats are literal, and they are frickin' everywhere. they chew through electrical wires and spread disease and
10:30 pm
threaten to overrun entire communities. the cure? a small and unlikely ban of mild mannered new yorkers committed to taking back their streets. this is richard reynolds. for over 20 years he and a handful of concerned citizens have confronted new york's rat epidemic head on. these are their pets, and by day they chase the ball and fetch the paper and sit quietly on the paper and sit quietly on their master's laps. by night they reconnect with something a bit more primal, a deep seeded desire to hunt and kill rats. check out the newcomer to the group, meeting a rat for the first time. >> watch this! oh, yeah! oh, yeah, good dog. good dog.
10:31 pm
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today i'm in new york city with a pack of dogs, a rat in a cage and a lady named trudy. where am i and what is happening? >> we are in a park on the lower east side of manhattan. >> does this organization have name? >> r.a.t.s. >> what's it stand for? >> rider's alley is where we used to hunt. rider's alley is where we used
10:35 pm
to hunt. >> hi, mike. >> you are? >> richard. >> right. richard founded this organization, though i use the term organization very loosely. who's in charge? >> nobody. >> great. how many of you are there? >> we don't know. >> excellent. r.a.t.s. is like an old western posse. a ragtag team of volunteers on a mission to hunt down rustleres and horse thieves. the hustlers are rats and the posse is the arm of killer pets. >> is the goal of the organization to get rid of the rats? >> we'll never get rid of rats. >> it is our civic responsibility to do good things for our city, so we knock down the rat population a bit. >> these dogs are natural born killers. bred to hunt vermin. in first world war terriers were commonplace in the front. they killed rats by the millions. many became legendary among the soldiers they protected.
10:36 pm
today richard and trudy are vetting new recruits. >> hey, haley. >> what's this? whoa! yes. and you see, we tease it. >> this is clearly a dog that wants to hunt a rat. >> absolutely. >> you want to drag it and see if they can follow the trail? >> this rat is thinking, how did i get this gig? so we're hiding the rat. >> but not completely. >> get that rat. wrong rat. different rat. >> good dog! good dog! good dog! >> i saw absolute vigor, i saw enthusiasm combined with a singulairty of purpose. >> we call it drive. >> drive. >> and they have drive. >> time now to meet the rogue's gallery of predator pooches. what an interesting face. particularly this guy, my new partner. >> hi. >> judy. >> hey, judy. who is this?
10:37 pm
>> merlin. >> hi, how are you doing, buddy? would you say he's killed? >> dozens. >> yeah? >> yeah. i don't really keep track. he's pretty serviceable dog. >> he does have notches on his collar? >> no. >> pictures of rats like on the wing. this is merlin. he knows right where the rats are. he wants them. he wants them all. he wants every freakin' rat in the city, don't you? don't you? let's go get 'em! night falls and the ryder's alley gang is ready to rumble with the rats. we're joined by scientists from fordham university. he's along to collect samples for critical research. >> we take them back to the lab and extract them, dna. and compare every rat to other other rat. we can figure out exactly how related they are. >> what we find interesting is that you have cutting-edge 21st
10:38 pm
century science being supported by the 600-year-old rat catching past time. >> that's what i like to hear, the dichotomy, the old, the new. >> it's different. >> it's a great partnership. i go out every day with my crew and we are trapping around the city and we will catch maybe five rats in a day, and i go out with these guys and in an hour they catch me ten. >> scientists like matt are dead serious about the rat problem because the history of rats is down right deadly. in the middle ages the bubonic plague killed 50 million people. the culprit? rats. technically it was flees but the flees were on the rats as they always are. and today,they are still covered with all manner of delightful contagi contagion. there's spira, e. coli, and the ever popular hunter virus. and, of course, the bubonic plague. it's still out there and many scientists believe it's biding its time, waiting to reappear. >> one thing you should be
10:39 pm
aware of is that rats, when they run scared and they don't know where they're going, they will run up anything, including your pant leg. >> bad. very bad. >> the solution? as it so often is, duct tape. >> how many times has a rat gone up your trousers? >> actually, it's happened once. >> that's enough. >> with merlin on my leash and nine other hounds rolling with us, the hundreds begins. the dogs quickly catch a whiff of vermin. >> get the rat, come on! climb. >> get 'em, merlin. >> attaboy. >> new york's rats are crafty and cunning. they escape under a garbage pile and into a minivan. that's frustrating. what are you going to do? >> let's move on. >> all right. >> the rats are playing hard to get, but don't tell that to
10:40 pm
merlin when he picks up a fresh scent. he went in the hole. >> open that up. it's okay. >> so the rat's gone up in here somewhere. >> they climb into the pole. >> right. after 20 minutes of patrolling and nothing to show for our efforts, i am beginning to wonder if maybe the dogs have been out-maneuvered, and then somewhere behind me -- >> hey. come back. >> you got one over there. >> and so with the rush of primal instinct, a warrior named hudson has our first kill of the night. >> dogs 1, rats 0. how does that stack up? >> that is pretty big from what i've seen. with one rat under our belts, could the tide be turning, and the shadow of a police station, a promising sign. >> look at him. look at him. what do we got?
10:41 pm
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this is a body of proof! tonight i'm in the big apple with a posse of rat-hunting terriers and their handlers, doing what we can to thin out the disease-spreading rodent population. look at him. look at him. i am no expert but i think we cornered a few in a dumpster. what do we got?
10:45 pm
oh, hey, there we go! look at that! that happened so fast, merle lynn just nailed it right there. good boy. oh, that's a good one. oh, plenty to go around. >> good boy! ♪ >> i know i said the story was not a metaphor but it's hard to watch the confrontation unfolding before me and see nothing but a showdown between dog and rat, and if camus were here he would remind us the bloodbath was unfolding in the shadow of the local police precinct. he might then challenge the reader to consider the role of vigilance in a society, and duty bound to preserve order among our species, or, then again, he
10:46 pm
might just see rats bolting off to the gutter to meet their doom. you never really know with camus. >> oh, another one! merle lynn got again. good boy! >> oh, good boy! another one. >> oh, too fast. >> too fast? here they come, and get them. >> jimmy, how many we got? that must be 12. >> at least 12 to 15. yeah. >> there it goes! holy crap. just when i think it's got to be over, i see that richard was right, it will never be over. the rats are everywhere, spilling forth from just one dumpster in a city with dumpsters on every corner. i think the dogs know what they're doing. >> i am not sure i have enough
10:47 pm
vials, honestly. i may run out tonight. >> you did good. what did you get, three? >> six. >> now you're getting to be one of us, you don't keep count. >> i just stepped back and let merlin do his magic. >> that's it. >> hey! >> i am glad i got tape on my pants because that one was headed straight up the caboose. it's like the dumpster that just keeps giving. there must have been 50 rats in this single dumpster alone. they keep running out and the dogs keep breaking their necks. make this all okay for people watching, it's like a turkey shoot. >> yeah. >> they're rats. but you know how people are sensitive. what's really going on here? why is this important and all that? >> in the city they are considered a pest and most of the people around here are really rooting for the dogs to take them out of their
10:48 pm
neighborhood, and these guys do have a pretty high mortality rate. so when it comes down to it, their population can definitely move around. >> but they breed so -- oh! seems this runaway rat went looking for sanctuary up the unsecured pant leg of our cameraman, doug. richard was right about that, too. >> oh, it's right here! >> right here. it's a very simple tip. this is the one, doug. that's the one that was in your, shall we say, inner most thigh. >> got a look at what was up there and his eye fell out. >> so gig big, uh? that's what size will do to you. >> while i can't tell you that no rats were injured in the making of this story, i can tell you this, thousand of rats were born in the time it took to dispatch those 44.
10:49 pm
the rats, in truth, are winning. as camus observed in his final paragraph, the plague never dies or disappears for good. it will rouse up its rats again and send them forth to die in a happy city. in other words, it's okay to feel sorry for the rats, but not too sorry. you use trick photography and make my hat look bigger? i'm on my way to meet carl edgar blake. carl fell in love are computers in middle school and after that he found a career building internet portals and computer networks. so why is he holding a pig? because when you cross a computer geek with an iowa farm boy, you end up with a man on a mission. a big mission. sum it up for me, what is your mission, in carl's own words?
10:50 pm
>> the mission is to try to swap out existing pork and create a heritage-style pig that can replace that and give us better pork to eat and bring farmers back. >> you bred a pig with a basset hound. join, won't you? the ugliest pig ever made. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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10:54 pm
carl spent years using his big brain to build a better internet and now he's trying to build a better pig, and i'm here to see the results. this is the most extraordinary pig i've ever seen. seriously, carl is preoccupied with the pursuit of superior pork, and his approach is both futuristic and historic. >> i wanted to create a pig like they had in 1821 germany, and i knew the pig was made in 1821 in with the chinese pig and germany. so i thought why not try to create the pig in the united states. >> carl did not choose the ugly chinese pig because he felt sorry for it, turns out the michon have unique qualities. >> the chinese breeding this pig for thousands of years. so many property that we have that it's important to the pork industry but they have more fat on them than any other pig in
10:55 pm
the world. 82% fat and 18% meat. there's hardly any meat on these pigs at all. these pigs are useless to go to slaughter. >> there's a bit of sharpay in them. >> you see a shar pay, and there's not one feature on that dog to be made pretty. >> it's a fighting dog. >> no, it's a killer. and the reason it has wrinkles so the skin could be grabbed by dog and pulled off and not hurt a muscle. and that's why it has two eye lids. >> one minute you are talking about a fatty pig and then chinese pig killing you. that's why talking to carl is fun. >> the chinese and russian pigs have been brought together what used to be a german pig. >> they're all communist. >> exactly. it's like the u.n., man. >> see how the back is not big muscled out like the regular
10:56 pm
ham. what we wanted was the fat. the fat is where it's at, and the fat gives it succulence. the meat is dark red meat rather than the white meat. pigs were never meant to be a white meat. it's not like a russian that will go through a 6 x 6 hole and try and kill you and eat you. that's why i wear a one-strap bibb. i had to get out of a pen and i had to get out but couldn't because my arm was struck. the russian wild bore, yeah, very violent. when you breed the two together you end up with a pig right in the middle. >> you can walk in there, and if you scratch their belly enough, they will fall on the ground an let you scratch them and they will just lay there. >> you are saying i can go in there and scratch a pig belly and it will roll down? >> yeah, fall down. >> really? i'm going to go in there. show me your technique. >> just scratch her right on her stomach, and usually she will fall. >> let's go on both sides and
10:57 pm
see what happens. i have done a lot of things to pigs over the years. never did this. a lot of disconceptions about the pig. pigs are a clean animal. >> very clean animal. we had a sow, and if another sow went to the bathroom in the wrong place she would beat that sow to death. >> if you remember nothing else from this segment, remember the swine who was so fastidious about her pigpen she murdered her peers for pooping in the wrong area. remember this, too. >> they made the pig no fat, made them a white meat, all these things they shouldn't be. they need to come back, swing the pendulum back. >> that's controversial there. you are saying the other white meat thing is not necessarily -- >> i will give you $1,000 for the first pig with white meat and could have in any taste contest with my worse pig on the block. >> meanwhile, cole has had some success over here, it looks
10:58 pm
like. cole, you did it. wow. which one is that? >> we have not named this pig yet. >> you have not named it? we ought to name that pig. let's call it dinner. >> i call them all bacon. >> carl has single-handedly created a better tasting heritage pig. and just like in the tech industry that kind of innovation is accepted and welcomed, right? you are trying to bring a breed of pig that's globally famous into this country. and the government is upset with you, your own industry seems to be pushing back. >> the entire pork industry is owned by six entities, and they don't own the pigs or the genetics. >> do you have any idea how many people you're going to piss off with this kind of talk? >> i don't really care. >> good for you, man. good for you. >> actually, you want to know
10:59 pm
something funny? >> yeah. >> i get a phone call, and it was "the colbert show." >> did you go on? >> sure. i went on "the colbert report." i took two pigs to new york and i will never do that again. >> how did you get them on the plane? >> they went as dogs. >> you told the airline you were shipping dogs? >> got to new york and the poor pigs didn't go to the bathroom, got help in the hotel room and cool pen. only one of the hotel in new york that would let us have pigs in it. that little pig crapped, projectile so hard that he turned around to look at himself and he was spinning around and he just crapped the entire pen. it was bad. i will never fly with pigs again. >> maybe we could continue this conversation over a pork chop. >> let's do it. >> i got to be honest, man. it's delicious. >> that's what we are shooting for. >> it's so odd to see a little bit of red in it.
11:00 pm
>> that's what we want. >> thanks. >> no, thank you. >> awesome. >> thank you very much. eu and bull kin leaders agree to a plan to deal with the ever growing wave of migrants. no thanks, syrian rebels reject russia's offer to provide air cover on the battle field for themt. and hostage rescue, dramatic rescue of u.s. commandos kicking down doors of an isis jail. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. "cnn newsroom" starts right now.


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