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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 26, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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twitter @jaketapper. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. please don't have any bacon or sausage this evening -- i'm just joking. turn you over now to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, in the fight stunning new video commandos battling isis on the ground in iraq as the pentagon hints at more ground combat. and as u.s. releases more images of an air strike against isis, does the iraqi government want russia to join in the bombing? death charges, russia's accused of constructing links carrying internet traffic and financial transactions. russia says it's not true. meantime, breaking tonight, halfway around the world the u.s. is about to challenge china the high seas. i'll speak with the former nato supreme allied commander general wesley clark. death and destruction, a huge 7.5 magnitude earthquake kills hundreds, leaves thousands
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homeless in areas where u.s. allies are already grappling with terrorism. and missing work. in an exclusive new interview gop presidential candidate marco rubio criticizes the habits of federal workers but says that's not the same as his own record of missing votes in the u.s. senate. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news. a direct u.s. challenge to china in an area of the world where tensions have been nearing the breaking point. president obama gives the go ahead for an american destroyer to pass within 12 miles of china's manmade islands in the south china sea. the pentagon is strongly suggesting there will be more u.s. combat raids in iraq at the same time as we get dramatic new video and new details on the rescue of dozens of hostages at an isis prison stormed by u.s.
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and kurdish forces. a delta force commander was killed in the raid, the first american combat death on the ground in iraq in four years. and there's a new report that russian subs and spy ships are lurking near undersea cables that carry much of the world's internet activity and financial transactions. the "new york times" says u.s. officials are concerned that in times of conflict russia could cut those fiberoptic cables or tap into them to steal information. i'll speak with the former nato supreme allied commander general wesley clark. and our correspondents, analysts and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. let's begin with the breaking news. the united states challenging china right now by sending a destroyer close to china's manmade islands in a very our chief national security . correspondent jim sciutto is following this for us. jim, you've actually flown over those islands on a u.s. surveillance aircraft. what do we know? what's happening now? >> wolf, we're told this mission could happen any time now at any hour the 12-mile perimeter is
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internationally recognized as the limit of territorial waters. the u.s. taking this step to convey it does not view these manufactured islands as chinese territory. and therefore considers these waters around them to be international. this the second message the obama administration has delivered to china this year. in may we flew on a u.s. surveillance aircraft poseidon over these same manufactured islands. a similar message from the u.s. that it does not recognize the air space over them as chinese either. and you may remember at the time we received multiple warnings from the ground the chinese navy on the ground. this is what they sounded like in that cockpit. >> foreign military aircraft thr, this is chinese navy. you are approaching our military alert zone. leave immediately. >> you can expect that u.s. destroyer to hear a similar warning if it sails within those 12 miles. remember, the u.s. has accused china of militarizing these
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islanding by building landing strips for military aircraft, ports for chinese navy ships, even placing artillery on some of these islands. the construction has stopped, but i'm told that's only because they have completed that construction by now. you know, wolf, some people refer to these islands as unsinkable aircraft carriers. in effect they have that way to project power in this case 600 miles from china's shore. >> i remember when you got that exclusive look over those manmade islands. there's another developing story we're following right now for the first time we're seeing this new video that came out of that daring u.s.-kurdish commando raid last week when one american soldier unfortunately was killed in that raid. we're also now getting indications more of this may be in the works? >> that's right. in fact, when i pressed defense secretary ashton carter about the possibility of u.s. forces on the ground facing more combat in iraq, he said at the time that we will see more missions like this. and now we have a rare look inside one of them. a dangerous operation by the elite delta force, the raid of course that unfortunately left master sergeant joshua wheeler
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dead, mortally wounded. first u.s. combat death in iraq since 2011. the kurds though meant to do the fighting, the u.s. in a backup role. that is not how it transpired. isis held prisoners running for their lives freed from the terror group in a daring u.s.-kurdish joint raid. new helmet cam video shows the raid in northern iraq thursday that led to america's first combat death since 2011. delta force special operators alongside kurdish cobra commandos seen here checking hostages for weapons or suicide vests. inside an isis flag hangs on the wall. then the pop-pop-pop of gunfire as prisoners, some bloodied, flee the compound. later after being cleared a u.s. warplanes bomb the compound into rubble. isis released video showing it says the resulting damage. the deadly battle was the first
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time u.s. forces have directly engaged isis fighters on the ground in iraq. the hostages thought to be in imminent danger of execution after u.s. surveillance showed mass graves had been dug. the freed prisoners now claiming they were sent to be executed after morning prayers thursday, says the pentagon. five helicopters brought in nearly 30 u.s. special forces and 40 kurdish troops. the u.s. forces were not meant to directly join the fire fight, but when kurdish forces were overwhelmed, delta force operators entered the walled compound where master sergeant joshua wheeler was mortally wounded. master sergeant wheeler's remains returned home saturday greeted at dover air force base by defense secretary ash carter and army chief of staff mark milly. asked by cnn friday if u.s. forces were now in combat in iraq, secretary carter said to expect more raids. >> we have this capability. it is a great american strength. >> there are other capabilities
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the u.s. has been considering including placing forward ground controllers with iraqi forces. they could call in air strikes from the ground. also the possibility of moving military advisers that have been training iraqi forces inside bases in and around iraq moving them to be forward deployed with iraqi forces. going back to chief of staff -- or chairman of the joint chiefs rather martin dempsey, he's mentioned those options a number of times. so far options the president has not yet exercised. >> we'll see what happens. obviously on multiple fronts very disturbing information. thanks very much. meanwhile, there's also a new report raising serious troubling questions about the security of undersea cables which carry much of the world's internet traffic and financial transactions. the "new york times" reporting that russian submarines pose a threat to those vital communications links. brian todd has been digging into this report for us. brian, what are you learning? >> wolf, we're told by experts tonight that those undersea fiberoptic cables, you see them here being placed by a ship in the water, these cables are very vulnerable. they have hundreds of breaks a
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year most of them caused by natural occurrences. but could vladimir putin, the russian president who's been so antagonistic to his rivals recently, could he and his navy be posing an increased threat to those cables? the "new york times" reports that more than a dozen unnamed pentagon officials have raised concern that russian submarines and spy ships like this one are aggressively patrolling near important fiberoptic cables which carry the bulk of the world's internet communications. those cables are a couple of miles down on the ocean floor. there's about 373,000 miles of cable down there running all across the globe. enough to circle the globe at the equator 15 times. according to the "new york times" officials are concerned that if a larger conflict between russia and the west broke out a russian ship could locate an internet cable on the sea floor could lower submersible down to it and either attach a wiretap to eavesdrop on it or worse could sever the cable cutting off a
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crucial data pipeline. now, the times and other newspapers are reporting that a russian ship called the yantar, you see a picture of it here in cuba, that this ship has been spotted cruising in the atlantic cable lies.m where at least one- the yantar according to reports has submersibles that have the capability to cut cables on the ocean floor. but officials we spoke with are downplaying the "new york times" report. one u.s. official tells cnn the russians could tamper with the cables, but the u.s. has not seen a significant increase in russian activity where the cables are located. there's been no evidence of any actual cutting of the cables as well, wolf. no evidence of that yet, but this vessel, the yantar seen kind of cruising around near where one of the cables lies in the atlantic, wolf. >> and the russians are pushing back on this as well, right? >> that's right, wolf. we contacted a spokeswoman at the russian foreign ministry. she says, quote, as we can see the media has been constantly whipping up hysteria lately
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trying to make russia look like the aggressor. all those reports she says are not based on facts but based on assumptions. they give impressions or concerns but no facts. the russians pushing back hard on this tonight, wolf. >> brian todd, thanks very much. joining us now is the former nato supreme ally commander retired general wesley clark. general clark, thanks very much for joining us. how likely is it in your estimation that the russians potentially could tamper with these cables? >> well, i think in the event of a significant conflict there might be tampering with it. but there would also be interference with satellite communications and interference with land based communications in europe or middle east. it's part of the doctrine of warfa warfare. and what you've seen on the part of russia under vladimir putin is they've been increasingly assertive trying to restore their capabilities and show people their influence. so if they're going out and mapping cables undersea in case of time of conflict, that's more of the same. >> it would be devastating for the u.s. and its allies, but
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potentially could be totally devastating for the russians as well, right? >> that's exactly right because a lot of that internet traffic is broken up in bits. it's sent all over the world. and it's reassembled later. so for any particular message you're not quite sure which route it might be taking. so it could effect russia, certainly would. >> is this just muscle flexing on the part of the russians? what's going on over here? because all of this is so reminiscent you and i well remember the battle days of the cold war. >> well, it is reminiscent of the cold war, but this is part of ocean graphic research that all navies do. they want to see what's on the bottom. they're looking for strategic significance, may be looking for ways to navigate their submarines, may be looking for hiding places for let's say moored mines that are remotely activated and shipping lanes. and they may be looking for undersea cables. so you just don't know. people do this and other navies do this as well.
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our breaking news, president obama gives the go ahead for a u.s. destroyer to approach china's manmade islands in the south china sea. that's a potential direct challenge to beijing's efforts to control the area. we're back with retired general wesley clark, former nato supreme allied commander. is that a real threat to china right now? what will this mean? >> well, it's not a real threat, but it is symbolic. and china has to decide how to respond. do they respect freedom of the seas and navigation? do they continue to issue warnings? will they do something like fire a shot across the bow of the destroyer or send out other ships to meet it? this is going to be a very interesting experience and probably we'll see more of this in the future. >> they're going to send that destroyer within 12 miles of those manmade islands. outside the so-called international chain, if you will, how do you think the chinese will respond?
2:18 pm
>> i think the chinese are going to send out some boats to try to intercept the destroyer. and they'll be some harassment, but i don't think you'll see shots exchanged. but, you know wolf, it is somewhat unpredictable. and it's always a little dangerous to make a prediction here. the united states is doing what we believe is the right thing by demonstrating that this is freedom of the seas. it's a rule of the sea navigation issue for the united states and for really the whole world that we're standing up for here. and china has to decide how it's going to respond. and this is the kind of process that you have to go through to communicate effectively the significance to the chinese of their actions. >> let's talk about what russia's up to in syria right now. syria's four-year civil war, hundreds of thousands of people dead, millions of refugees. last week the secretary of state john kerry met with russian
2:19 pm
officials, turkish officials, saudi officials, supposedly according to u.s. officials there was a good meeting. now they're thinking of expanding that to bring in iran into those efforts, iran and russia obviously have very good relations with bashar al assad's regime in damascus. is that a good idea for the u.s. to be directly engaged with iran now and what's going on in syria? >> i think it's going to be inevitable that we're going to at some point be directly engaged with iran in syria. we after all do have a nuclear agreement with them. this is all part of the process. but our problem in this, wolf, is leverage. we don't have the leverage to offset assuming that our objectives and russia's are not the same, that russia wants to keep assad in, russia wants to control the replacement and working with iran russia wants to help iran establish this persian corridor across the middle east in putting more pressure on lebanon and ultimately jordan and israel. so our objectives aren't the same. and we don't have the leverage
2:20 pm
directly in these negotiations because they're the moderate syrians, the free syrian opposition has systematically not been supported. including the relationship in turkey and france and also the thousands of fighters that were armed and train ed. so we don't have the leverage to go toe to toe in this. so we're going to be on the losing end of the diplomacy one way or another. >> and potentially it means bashar al assad stays in power at least for the time being if he's got the russians, iranians very influential supporters right now. we're going to continue our reporting on what's going on. general clark, thanks very much. >> thank you, wolf. coming up, new poll shows ben carson with his widest lead over donald trump in iowa. senator marco rubio quietly making up some ground. plus, the clinton campaign pulls out some star power on the campaign trail just as senator bernie sanders sounds a bit more negative.
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we're following breaking news up on capitol hill. it looks as if lawmakers are working together to avoid both another government shutdown and a default on u.s. debts. we're just learning there will be a crucial meeting among house republicans later tonight. let's go to our senior political reporter manu raju for the very latest. what are your sources telling you? >> wolf, this is a pretty significant deal. probably the biggest deal of the president's administration with the last year and a half here in office. what republican leaders and the white house are closing in on is a deal to raise domestic and defense spending by roughly $80 billion. that would alleviate a lot of the pain felt by those across the board cuts known as sequestration. and it would also reduce the chances of a government shutdown over the next two years. in addition to that they're looking at raising the national debt limit until march of 2017. essentially of taking off the issue of default that scare we've been hearing year after
2:27 pm
year after year and averting that november 3rd deadline where they have the raise the debt ceiling again, extending that until march of 2017. now, i should caution the details are not out yet. we have not seen anything yet on paper. we're gleaning this information from our sources. but republican leaders are going to be talking to their own rank and file members in just half an hour, wolf. it's going to be a critical time to sell it to those members. and john boehner is trying to push this through before paul ryan assumes the speakership on thursday because as he said he wants to clean the barn up, wolf. looks like he's trying to do just that. >> that would be a major development if in fact that goes through. let us know what happens in the next hour or so. meanwhile, in presidential politics both hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders they're sharpening their criticism of each other. our senior political correspondent brianna keilar is following developments in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. brianna, what's the latest? >> hi there, wolf.
2:28 pm
well, on friday hillary clinton in an interview with msnbc revised history a bit on her husband's motivation for signing the defense of marriage act into law in 1996. she said -- or there was evidence that it could help stop a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. well, bernie sanders called her on this over the weekend, gay marriage advocates backing him up. but clinton sharpened her elbows too implying that something sanders said in the debate was sexist. and surprise, surprise sanders popped up today on a popular daytime womens tv show. bernie sanders making a play for the womens vote on "the view" today. >> if you are a mom and you have a baby, you have the right to stay home with paid family and medical leave for at least three months. >> reporter: after a busy wee d weekend on the campaign trail. >> i've never been the warmup act for katy perry before. >> reporter: at a campaign rally in iowa, hillary clinton got a little help from her husband and pop star katy perry trying to
2:29 pm
inject a little excitement into her campaign. >> it's time to wake up, america. >> reporter: democratic candidates made the rounds at the state party's annual jefferson jackson dinner this weekend. bernie sanders sharpening his differences with clinton on trade, the iraq war and her support for the anti-same-sex law signed by her husband. >> i will not abandon any segment of american society whether you're gay or black or latino, poor or working class, just because it is politically expedient at a given time. >> reporter: and clinton insinuating sexism from her top competitor. >> i've been told to stop shouting about ending gun violence. well, i haven't been shouting, but sometimes when a woman speaks out some people think it's shouting. but -- >> reporter: that after this line from the democratic debate. >> that all the shouting in the
2:30 pm
world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. >> reporter: sanders calling foul on cnn's "state of the union". >> i am very proud of my record on womens issues. i certainly do not have a problem with women speaking out. and i think what the secretary is doing there is taking words and misapplying them. >> reporter: this is clinton releases a new ad promising to fight for equal pay. >> i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. >> reporter: and the next move for hillary clinton is a two-day swing this week through new hampshire. she'll be trying to shore up some support there in a state that has turned out to be competitive with bernie sanders. and then next, wolf, she's heading south trying to shore up the african-american vote. she'll be going to atlanta. she'll be going to south carolina. she'll be talking to the naacp, the african-american vote so important. really all important for a democratic candidate in that
2:31 pm
state. >> new hampshire, bernie sanders still slightly ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire as well. our standby, brianna, i also want to bring in our cnn political commentator ryan lizza along with national political reporter rebecca berg. in fact, stay with us for a moment. we have lots to assess to discuss. we got to take a quick break. much more right after this. ♪ prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market. the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation,
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republicans shows dr. ben carson with his biggest lead so far carson is 14 points ahead with 32% to trump's 18%. senators marco rubio e and ted cruz are tied for third place. rubio has gained six points in iowa since august. he's now ahead of jeb bush which has the bush campaign looking for ways to hit back including calling senator rubio a gop obama. our special correspondent had a chance to sit down with senator rubio to discuss the state of his campaign. she's joining us now live. you had a chance, jamie, to ask him about his standing in the race. what did he tell you? >> well, first of all, wolf, the gloves are coming off on both sides. it is true marco rubio is rising in the polls, but he's also taking off the gloves. he criticized front runner donald trump on national security and immigration. but we started by asking rubio why he isn't winning in his home
2:37 pm
state of florida. >> if you start paying attention to these polls in october, i mean, you'll go crazy. i've been up. i've been down. >> but you're the sitting senator in florida. >> it's a very unusual year. and i think part of it is people are really angry about the direction of our country. >> so here's the good news for marco rubio. democrats say you're the triple threat. that you're the young, new, fresh face. that you're great in the debates. that you are hispanic. and you put florida into play. so why is it taking you so long to get traction? >> first of all none of those things matter. that's just campaign talk. it's like politics today is covered almost like sports. so you watch these teams have a good game, top team in the world. next week they have a bad game, it's disaster. that's not the way campaigns work. >> the way the rubio campaign works is not glamorous. behind the scenes he races from event to event trying to raise money, trying to inch up in the polls and taking on donald
2:38 pm
trump. at the trump event there were protesters on immigration. and at the end trump said i'm going to win with hispanics. i love the hispanics. what do you think when you hear him say things like that? >> i mean, that's donald being donald. that's what it is. >> he is is the front runner though. is he more in tune with the republican party on this issue than you are? >> no. his rhetoric is a little louder, but if you think about where he was six months ago his position on immigration six months ago was nothing like what he's saying now. and even what he's saying now borders on the absurd. >> jeb bush says donald trump has dangerous views on national security. are you comfortable with the idea of donald trump with his finger on the button? >> well, i wouldn't term it that way. i would say ultimately the next president of the united states on their first day in office must understand the threats that face this country and must have shown good judgment about what to do about those issues. >> are you comfortable -- >> the truth is as i said in the debates the last time on cnn, i
2:39 pm
don't believe that up to this point in the campaign he has clearly outlined a deep understanding of the issues before this country in a serious way. and obviously he has time to change that. >> so right now he's not ready to be commander in chief? >> to this point in the campaign he has not proven an understanding of these issues or the preparation necessary to be the commander in chief of the most powerful military force in the world. >> if he's the nominee, would you enthusiastically support him? >> well, i'm going to support the republican nominee. and i'm comfortable it's not going to be donald trump. and i'm increasingly confident it's going to be me. >> okay. >> i feel good answering that question. >> marco rubio criticism over and over again that you keep missing votes on the senate floor. 43% of the votes. i know you say you're campaigning for president, but bernie sanders, rand paul, they've missed fewer than 10 votes, you're up at 59 or 60. >> well, everyone needs to run their own campaign. i can tell you in the history of presidential politics people
2:40 pm
when they've been running for politics in the senate they miss votes. and i'm not missing votes because i'm on vacation. >> but this many votes? >> actually, this is lower than what other people have missed. and here's the other point, i'm running for president so the votes they take in the senate are actually meaningful again. a lot of these votes aren't going to mean anything. even if they do pass the president would veto it. >> the other day you got up on the senate floor and said federal workers who don't show up should be fired. >> that's not what i said. >> what did you say? >> i said federal workers that aren't doing their jobs that aren't performing at their jobs should be fired, should be held accountable for not performing. >> so someone might say you're not showing up, you're not doing your job by voting. >> not true. >> you don't think you're in a glass house? >> we're still looking out -- >> wait a minute, votes aren't important, intelligence committee hearings aren't important? >> i was just there tuesday got fully briefed and caught up on
2:41 pm
everything that's happening in the world. i'm fully aware we have a staffer assigned to intelligence. we get constant briefings. >> so it turns out, wolf, that there is a former senator who missed more votes than marco rubio. for the record he is now the sitting president of the united states barack obama, wolf. >> and when he was running for president back in 2007, 2008, he was a sitting junior senator from illinois. jamie, you're also doing a lot of reporting on jeb bush's new strategy that seems to be emerging. he's been going through some tough times. explain what you're learning. >> so, you know, suffering in single digits. he is struggling. he is frustrated by the trump phenomenon and ben carson. so the jeb campaign sources close to the campaign tell me that they are, quote, tearing up the script. and they are going to let jeb be jeb. my source says that the campaign has realized at this point they have nothing to lose.
2:42 pm
and they're going to try a new tack, a new strategy of letting jeb relax and speak his mind. what you saw this weekend when jeb was very outspoken, expect to see more of that jeb bush unleashed. also expect to see him spending more time in new hampshire and south carolina. and they really insist that despite all this dire talk jeb bush is not going anywhere. last but not least at the debate this wednesday night watch closely. i think you're going to see a new jeb bush. there may be some fireworks. sources close to his campaign say he must take control of that debate. that is key, wolf. >> all right, jamie, thanks very much. let's bring back our cnn political commentator the new yorker magazine's washington correspondent ryan lizza, our senior political correspondent
2:43 pm
brianna keilar and real clear politics national political reporter rebecca berg. ryan, can he go, jeb bush, toe-to-toe when it comes to being aggressive, tough, a lot of energy with donald trump? >> we haven't seen it yet, but it is the right approach. i mean, it is time that jeb bush realizes he's in single digits, his campaign -- original campaign strategy didn't work. and he needs to adjust to the reality of the campaign, which is he is a serious underdog at this point. the actual front runner is donald trump. and it makes sense that he's -- the shock and awe strategy that he started with didn't work, so it makes sense to just flip the script, go back to do what mccain did in 2008. mccain entered the republican primaries in 2008, campaign bottomed out and reassessed everything and came out as the nominee. i don't think it's too late for jeb bush. >> we'll see if they can manage to regroup following the setback. rebecca, this monmouth university poll now the third poll in recent days that has donald trump second, not first,
2:44 pm
behind dr. ben carson. 32% for carson, 18% for trump. what is driving this surge for carson? >> well, carson is iowa's cup of tea. i mean, if you look at his personality, his campaign style, the issues he cares about and the issues he talks about he's actually much better suited to iowa than donald trump has ever been. so i'm really not surprised that he is polling better now than donald trump in iowa. i figured it was only a matter of time. but donald trump i should know is still polling ahead of carson in all the other early primary states. i was just in florida this weekend for donald trump's rallies in miami and jacksonville and still beating everyone in the field there including marco rubio and jeb bush as we just saw in that interview. which is huge cause for concern for both of them. so carson, i mean, there are a number of republicans right now who will say carson is the favorite to win iowa. and i think we're seeing that reflected in the polls. >> still almost 100 days to go before the iowa caucuses february 1st. as you point out trump is still
2:45 pm
way ahead in the national polls and all the other state polls in iowa ben carson is doing really well. it explains in part, brianna, why trump is now taking direct aim at ben carson. clearly donald trump is upset he's not winning in these polls in iowa. and all of a sudden he starts discussing dr. ben carson's religion. listen to this. >> i'm presbyterian. boy, that's down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. i mean, seventh day adventist i don't know about. i just don't know about. >> ben carson's a seventh day adventist. and he's doing really, really well with christian evangelicals in iowa. but donald trump all of a sudden saying i don't know anything about seventh day adventist. >> trying to maybe paint him as quite not, you know, in a way sort of maybe outside of the mainstream trying to create some doubt there. he's doing that because as we know donald trump looks at the polls. and a recent quinnipiac university poll shows that
2:46 pm
one-third of likely republican caucus goers think -- they think donald trump is a committed christian, but that means a lot of them do not, or they have doubts. we've started to see donald trump carrying his bible to campaign events. that's not by accident. keep in mind this is the same guy in august couldn't name the bible verse he prefers. in september he referred to a bible verse that he enjoys in proverbs that didn't exist, campaign said one bible verse and later he said no it's proverbs 24 which is not the one they said it was. and i think he sort of, you know, as people are starting to pay attention in iowa i think he's looking at the polls, but i also think this is maybe dangerous territory for him as well. this is the state that went for rick santorum in 2012, went for mike huckabee in 2008. in '96 bob dole won beating pat buchanan by just a few points. >> trump did conced though that the art of the deal, his own book, was his second favorite book and that the bible was
2:47 pm
better than the art of the deal. >> to the bible. i bet you he could pull out an excerpt -- yes. i think maybe he's differing to only god, right? but i think it also would be easier for him to probably poll from his favorite part of the art of the deal than it would be from the bible earlier this fall. >> he shouldn't take it, right? we all know he's not an overly religious person. >> sure. >> i think if he starts quoting bible verses and pretending he's an evangelical christian. >> it's a problem. >> nobody's going to believe that. >> guys, thanks very muchme. coming up, harrowing pictures hitting terrorism in the center of two countries.
2:48 pm
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a powerful earthquake centered in a remote area of afghanistan killed hundreds and left countless others homeless. the toll is certain to rise throughout the region. ivan watson is tracking the latest developments for us. ivan, what are you learning? >> reporter: wolf, it's been a little more than 12 hours since the earth shook across central asia. the epicenter in a rural, very rugged mountainous part of afghanistan. already the death toll combined from afghanistan and neighboring pakistan and even in india, at least 229 people killed. the governments in the region are mobilizing disaster management teams and trying to get a sense, a big challenge right now is going to be trying to figure out the extent of the damage across this isolated
2:53 pm
region. tonight, as the death toll grows and the aftershocks continue, millions of people are on edge across countries in south and central asia. the 7.5 quake rocked monday afternoon toppling buildings, leveling homes and sending hundreds of thousands into panic. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: among the victims, 12 afghan girls who died in a stampede trying to escape their school building. medical workers scramble as the injured are rushed into this hospital in pakistan. the moment the quake struck in kabul captured live during a broadcast. the centsen epicenter was 40 mi of the afghanistan pakistan boarder and felt more than 500
2:54 pm
miles away, and in new deli where frightened office workers poured onto the streets. rescue efforts are complicated by spotty communications and rural mountainous regions, which are hard to access. >> it's a very difficult terrain. to get information and to get aid to some of the remote affected areas will be difficult. >> reporter: just ten years ago, this same region suffered another major earthquake that left more than 70,000 people dead. the telecommunications to this part of afghanistan, wolf, have been really spotty since the earthquake. i've been to this area 10, 15 years ago. there were no paved roads in the entire province where the epicenter was. there's been more development since then. fortunately, it is a sparsely populated area, and essential
2:55 pm
bit of help will perhaps be the u.s. military, which still has a significant presence in afghanistan. it will have more helicopters and left power to get rescue teams to the area to help medivac people. houses built with mud, brick and unfortunately, they are not tall buildings, not high rises, they do tend to come down when the earth shakes this area. a lot of work will be needed to be done in the coming hours to assess the damage and to get to the people who may have been hurt and get them medical help fast right now, wolf. >> real disaster, thank you for that report. coming up, stunning new video of commandos battling isis. a u.s. soldier died in the fight and the pentagon hints more ground combat could be on the way and the fbi director taking heat on the ferguson effect. are police holding back because
2:56 pm
of the close scrutiny of their tactics?
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
3:00 pm
happening now, breaking news, high stakes. cnn learning the pentagon is sending a navy destroyer to pass within miles of china's islands. a direct challenge and expected to happen within hours. how will china's military respond? under water spying. russian ships and submarines are lurking under communications cables linking the u.s. with allies and carrying much of the world's internet data.
3:01 pm
is vladimir putin starting a new cold war gain? trump's target, donald trump ramps up attacks on rival ben carson as the poll shows the retired neurosurgeon with a significant lead in a critical early voting state. is trump's campaign starting to lose steam? and blaming the protesters, the fbi director sparks controversy as he links the aftermath of ferguson protest to a to special spark in crime as intense scrutiny. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're "the situation room". we're following the breaking news, a bold move by the pentagon challenging china
3:02 pm
east' east's claims. we're told it could happen within hours and that china's military has not been officially informed. we're also following controversial remarks by the fbi director about the spike in violent crime across the united states. he says it may, repeat may be the result of heightened scrutiny of police that's followed the unrest in ferguson, missouri last year and that officers may feel restrained. he says the black lives matter movements could have sprung up in response maybe pushing apart police and the communities they serve. we're covering all of this, much more this hour with our guests, including iraqi member of the house armed services committee, adam smith of washington, our correspondents and experts are also standing by for complete analysis and the latest information. let's begin with the breaking news. our chief national security
3:03 pm
correspondent jim sciutto is joining us. you saw china's man made islands. >> we're told this mission could happen at any hour now. the u.s. taking this step to make clear it does not view these manufactured islands as territory and therefore considers the waters around them international. this is the second message the obama administration delivered to china this year over these islands. in may we flew on a u.s. aircraft over these islands, a message from the u.s. it does not recognize the air space over them as chinese, either. we received multiple warnings like this one from chinese navy on the ground. >> military aircraft, this is chinese navy, you are approaching our military alert zone. leave immediately. >> destroyers are expected to hear similar warnings on the bridge. it is acting to keep shipping lanes open in international
3:04 pm
waters but the u.s. accused china of militarizing these islands building landing scrapes and placing artillery on some of them. to be clear, china not the only making claims. others reclaimed land but china has some 2,000 acres of land in the south china sea, that is wolf, by far more than any other claim in the south china sea. >> disturbing, indeed. there is also dramatic video of the raid to free isis hostages and we're learning u.s. forces may be involved in some of that combat activity. >> ashton carter seeming to telegraph that on friday. looks very much like u.s. forces were in combat here. he said that similar raids like this will take place in the future and this video gives us a rare look inside a dangerous opposition, this one including elements of the elite delta force partnering with kurdish
3:05 pm
commandos. you can see prisoners coming out. they were held, a combination of iraqi security forces, civilians and isis fighters accused of spying. first freed from their cells and in this portion they are coming out to the pop, pop, pop of gunfire, this was under gunfire, dangerous operation, before these pictures were taken that joshua wheeler was killed. he was mortally wounded. the first u.s. combat death in iraq in four years and we're told when this happened, he was meant like the other delta force commandos to be in the background, but when they came under overwhelming fire inside this walled compound, master sergeant wheeler went inside to come to the aid of the kurdish commandos. wolf, under the scriptures of advice and assist, u.s. forces are meant to be in the back behind the last concealed position. the commander on the ground, including wheeler made the decision to come to the aid of
3:06 pm
partners and unfortunately lost his life for that. >> our deepest condolences to his wife and four kids. sad development, indeed. we're following the report of russian trips and submarines lurking near under sea cables that carry almost all of the world's internet communications. officials are growing increasingly concerned. brian ittodd is joining us. these cables are vital. >> we all use them. vladimir putin and his military as we know are constantly going on the offensive confronting, provoking and antagonizing rivals in crimea, syria and elsewhere and putin may have reached a new low, challenging a vital priest of u.s. infrastructure miles under the atlantic. >> reporter: putin flexing military might inside a russian navy submersible but some are questioning if he's doing more
3:07 pm
than putting on a show under the sea. a new report from "the new york times" sites more than a dozen u.s. officials raising concerns russian submarines and spy ships are patrolling under sea cables. massive fiberoptic lines spanning from continue innocent to continent. >> their goals are to humiliate the united states and project naval power into the atlantic showing the united states and europe, we're here, you have to deal with us and take us seriously and we can propose a threat to your most vital interest. >> reporter: according to the "times," they are worried if a larger conflict between the u.s. and russia broke out, they could find a wire, and drop a wiretap or destroy it. >> we hear a lot of talk about the cloud for example and we
3:08 pm
think of it as something in the sky. well, the cloud is really under the ocean. >> reporter: jonathan works with a company which monitors telecom infrastructures. he says there are hundreds of these cables stretching across the ocean floors, enough he says to span the global at the equator 15 times. he says if multiple under sea cables were cut at once, it could harm american business and government interests and could have even more catastrophic effects on europe. tonight, the pentagon won't confirm the concerns raised in the new york times. one u.s. official says while the russians could tamper with the cables, the u.s. hasn't seen a significant increase in russian activity where the cables are located. there is also been no evidence of any actual cable cutting. but newspaper reports say the russian ship which is equipped with submersibles capable of cutting cables has been spotted cruising in the atlantic not far from where one cable is located.
3:09 pm
no u.s. agency will speak on the record. a pentagon spokes pan s s pan s would be a concern if any country was tampering with internet cables. a spokeswoman says quote, the media is constantly whipping up hysteria trying to make russia look like the aggressor. she says it is not based on facts but assumptions. >> i know, brian, russia is pushing back but have become the more aggressive in the naval maneuvers recently, is that right? >> american naval forces says the operational tempo of vladimir putin's submarine force is increasing. russian submarine patrols has risen by 50% in the past year. there was an incident off sweden last year when the swedish navy was looking for a vessel which reported a distress signal in russian language. russians denied it was one of the subs and there is a strong
3:10 pm
possibility a russian subwas maneuvering off the coast of sweden. one example, wolf. >> thanks very much. i want to talk about this and more with democratic congressman adam smith of washington state. thanks for joining us. >> let's clear up what is going on in the south china sea now. i assume you've been briefed on the u.s. navy destroyer heading to the man made islands the chinese have apparently built for military purposes, potentially there could be controversy or exchange if it goes badly. >> potentially. but i don't think it will rise to that. we're trying to establish these are international waters and anyone can travel in them. and to stop china from asserting a right to the waters that blocks others from having access to it. these are waters that have typically been, like i said, international and we'll establish they still are. certainly it's important for us to be able to travel freely in those areas but more important for other countries in that
3:11 pm
region. we want to make sure it remains international waters. >> the chinese say these are their territorial waters and if you get too close, you're entering china. >> yes, and that is not the case under international law, they -- that's not part of china. that's a dispute as you know. there is a number of different islands in that area south korea and philippines and other countries dispute who owns what but there are means for resolving that sort of simply asserting the authority by building islands and saying it's ours. that's not the way international law works. >> you're saying the u.s. wants to make a point right now by sending this destroyer there and telling the chinese that these are international waters, hoping the chinese accept what the u.s. saying is. >> we want to resolve them diplomatically, we're not bigger and stronger than you are so we'll take them. >> what do you make of the russian moves under the sea potentially as you heard brian
3:12 pm
todd report, potentially could threaten internet cables, fiberoptics that control so much of the world's communications, financial distribution, as well. >> the bigger threat, i don't know what russia's interest would be in sort of severing those communications. the bigger threat is tapping them and getting intel and stealing phone calls or data that goes across the cables. >> can they do that? >> i don't know if russia has that capability or not. it's certainly something that is possible and something we want to monitor. it's another way in our information age to data mine. another sort of cyber threat to a certain extent we'll need to monitor and make sure russia isn't getting access to information we don't want them to get access to. >> as far as you know, and i aschool you're well briefed, they have not tampered, certainly not destroyed any of those cables. >> yeah, as far as we know. they certainly haven't destroyed them. it might be more difficult to figure out if they tapped them
3:13 pm
but as of now, i'm not aware of information that says they have. >> we have more to discuss including what is going on in iraq now. russia's latest moves and discussions potentially in the works bringing iran into the negotiations to deal with the future of syria, as well. stay with us. if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal
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ultimate flora. more power to your gut. we're back with democratic congressman adam smith. we'll talk about the chaos unfolding in iraq, syria and situation clearly unfolded. the subject of a fareed special, "long road to hell" the former british prime minister tony blare is among those interviewed. >> when people look at the rise of isis, many people point to the invasion of iraq as the principle cause. what do you say to that? >> i think the elements of truth in that but i think we've again to the to be extremely careful otherwise we'll misunderstand what is going on in iraq and syria today. you can't say those who removed
3:19 pm
saddam hussein don't have responsibility. what began in the spring of 2011 would have impact on iraq today and two, isis actually came to prominence from the base in syria and not in iraq. and that leads me to the broader point, which i think is essential when we look at policy today, which is we tried intervention and putting down troops in iraq. we've tried intervention without putting in troops in libya. and we've tried no intervention at all but demanding regime change in syria. it's not clear to me that even if our policy did not work, subquantity policies worked better. >> you can see the special report 9:00 a.m., "long road to hell, america in iraq."
3:20 pm
he says isis was formed in syria. it was really formed in iraq. it of course caused this disaster and controls mosul, the second largest city and so many other chunks of iraq right now. it's a real disaster. >> absolutely. the problem is much broader. the problem is all of these different violent extremists groups, al qaeda, al shabob, the problem is a broad ideology that has different and working with our muslim partners to find an alternative to the groups that are spreading. >> you agree with donald trump that says -- >> i find it hard to believe the answer to this question to be yes. >> let me ask you if you agree with him, he said yesterday on cnn, the region, the world would be better off if saddam hussein
3:21 pm
was in power. >> i think he's probably wrong about that because i think as former prime minister tony bliar pointed out, it would have touched both of those places and gaddafi and assad still in power in syria. is syria better than iraq or libya? >> should the u.s. bring iran into neg -- negotiations, close to the regime so brutal over the past four years. >> i have to hear the argument and where those negotiations were going but i'll be honest. my instinct is yes, iran is a major player in that region. they have been, you know, the closest ally assad had for years. they are obviously close with hasballah fighting in syria. you know, i don't know how you reach any sort of solution that iran is on the outside of. >> you bring iran in, russia in, saudis will get nervous as you know. >> i understand that. the saudis should be nervous about the rise of isis and
3:22 pm
extremists groups. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> ranking member of the armed services committee. just ahead, donald trump sets sights on ben carson as a poll shows the retired neurosurgeon taking a commanding lead over trump in a key state. plus, trump mocks jeb bush as he reaches a critical point in the campaign. what is going on with jeb bush? what's he doing next? stay with us. irresistible moments... ...deserve irresistibles treats. new from meow mix, with real salmon, chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name.
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3:27 pm
there is new signs tonight that donald trump, his jugger knot may be losing steam at least in one critical state where the retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson has a double digit lead and he's responding in classic trump style with vailed, no so vailed attacks on his rival. our political reporter sr. arah murray is joining us. these are troubling new numbers for donald trump in iowa. >> that's right, wolf. donald trump fouinds himself trailing in iowa and he's lashing out at ben carson, even challenging carson's religion. with less than 100 days until the iowa caucuses, the jostling in the gop ranks is taking on a sharper edge. >> carson is lower energy than bush.
3:28 pm
i don't get it. >> a poll gives dr. ben carson a double digit lead in iowa drawing 32% support compared to 18% for donald trump. >> i'm just going to have to work a little harder in iowa. i was very surprised to see the numbers. >> carson, the newly minted iowa front runner revealing rougher edges saying when he was a teenager. >> i would go after people with rocks and bricks and baseball bats and hammers and many people know the story when i was 14 and i tried to stab someone. fortunately, you know, my life has been changed and i'm a very different person now. >> but it's the softer carson winning over evangelicals. now trump is taking aim at carson's religion. >> i'm presbyterian. boy, that's down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. i mean, seventh day i don't know
3:29 pm
about. >> jeb bush who just cut payroll by 40% across the board. >> blah, blah, blah, blah. you know what they are saying out there. >> that's why it's blah, blah, blah. >> no longer able to hide his frustration with the state of the race. >> i got a lot of really cool things i could do other than sit around being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me being felt to demonizing them. elect trump if you want that. >> bush is rallying donors at a texas retreat as he's trying to assure them the race will break his way. mocking bush for turning to family members for help. >> so he's meeting now with mom and dad. [ laughter ] >> no, it's true. he needs counsel. and he was very angry over the week. he said, you know, if this is going to be this nasty, let them have trump as their president. it's going to be nasty.
3:30 pm
hey, putin is a nastier guy than me. >> as the billionaire businessman down plays how his own family helped him get ahead. >> it's not been easy for me. i start aued off in brooke list. my father gave me a small loan of $1 million and i had to pay him back and with interest. >> donors at jeb's houston retreat tell me they believe his moment will come. today he got a little backup from his brother george w. bush that spoke to the group and told them republicans need to choose a nominee that can win the latino vote. he says jeb is that guy. >> jeb does speak spanish fl fluently. >> and joining us, course contributing editor, commentator peter. thanks, guys. ben carson, third poll in a row in iowa.
3:31 pm
he's a 32% and trump is at 18%. what is pushing carson to this significant advantage? >> two things, one in iowa obviously being someone whose very religious, appeals to e van gel ki -- evangelical voters and he's not a politician. i do think he also, he's not well-known. we haven't -- he hasn't gone through the scrutiny phase yet. the media hasn't treated him like a front runner and when you get treated like a front runner, you get more negative coverage. this is a testing period for carson and he'll get more coverage and will come scrutiny and we'll see if he's ready. i think this is major danger sign for donald trump because these early state polls are sort of early indicator. the national polls are sometimes lagging indicators and it's a sequential process. iowa votes and if trump gets beat in iowa, it could be all over. >> iowa is a caucus state and
3:32 pm
the key is to get them to show up at a caucus and stay there and not go into a polling booth and voting and going home. the ground game is critical. how long of a ground game does carson have in iowa? >> he has a very small campaign operation in iowa and in many ways will need the help of a super pact to do most of his organizing. he does have a lot of money. he does have momentum and i guess you can go back to 2011, 2012, rick santorum had very little money and he ended up eventually winning the iowa caucuses. to ryan's point, if donald trump doesn't win iowa it could be over. if ben carson doesn't win iowa, it could be over. >> sarah, as you've reported, christian evangelicals among the republican caucus goers really important. donald trump is pointing out he's a presbyterian and mentions the fact dr. ben carson is a
3:33 pm
seventh day adventous. >> donald trump is worried ben carson is beating him with evangelica evangelicals. this is not a fit evangelicals liking donald trump and rich and showy and talks about communion like it's the little cracker and wine and they see ben carson more sincere in his religion and more in line with their values and more like the kind of guy you know next door rather than the baillionaire that shows up and draws crowds of thousands and they feel a little more comfortable with him. >> peter, we heard jeb bush say voters want to hear people demonize each other, they should elect trump. can he make it through the next couple months without in effect really going after trump and in effect, demonizing trump? >> i don't think that will help
3:34 pm
at all. he's been fighting with trump over the last month or so. the money into the ads. pouring- i think we're entering a potential death spiral for the jeb bush candidacy. he is the ultimate insider in an environment where republicans really, really don't like their own party elite and not a very good candidate on the stump. i don't see how he gets around this. >> how does he do that because mark, you've been spending a lot of time looking at poll numbers. how much time does he have to get poll numbers up nationally, as well as in the key early states. >> i'm not category now i don't think it's all over for jeb. i do think there is a problem. i think they are trying to correct it. i think he's a terrible candidate right now and i don't think you can necessarily put the blame on his campaign but if you were to look at the polls now and if you were to follow the idea that donald trump or ben carson cannot be the republican nominee, then you look at the next set of candidates in these polls and who are they?
3:35 pm
jeb bush, marco rubio and ted cruz and many people think ted cruz, there is no way the establishment could back him so then what are you down to? the two gentlemen from florida. jeb bush really needs to be a better candidate. i don't know if you can put that on his staff right now. >> what i wonder is so they are making campaign changes and cutting salaries and slimming down but fine. that feels like a band aid. it doesn't make donald trump go away. so far, they are not showing indication how they deal with that. they are buying more time it seems like. >> look, we just talked about polls in iowa for the first time we're actually seeing what the jeb people have been arguing all along, trump is a passing phenomenon and said that one month, two months and now three months but we are starting to see carson replace trump in iowa, and so the problem with the jeb case is they are not really masters of their destiny. the theory of jeb is he's got to wait for trump to collapse, carson to collapse or at the
3:36 pm
very least, a one on one fight. >> peter, go ahead. >> the other problem is the other person in his lane, marco rubio is a far more talented politician than he is who has a message far simpler to understand, he represents the future and hillary represents the past and rubio has a buy gra story. i don't think we're very far away from the moment when some of jeb's donors sport to move to rubio because they think he's the only one who really has a chance of stopping trump or carson. >> let's continue this analysis but a quick break. >> we're following dramatic video of a confrontation at a south carolina high school today. stand by. we'll tell you what we know.
3:37 pm
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cities across the united states are reeling from a dramatic spike in violent crime and some including the fbi director james ksays that's because of the ferguson effect. increased scrutiny of police tactics has police holding back. >> i spoke to officers privately in one big city precinct who
3:42 pm
described being surrounded by young people with mobile phones held high taunting them when they get out of their cars. they said to me, we feel under siege and we don't feel much like getting out of our cars, so the suggestion, question asked of me are these things changing police behavior and does that explain the map and calendar? i honest answer is i don't know and i don't know if that ex spines it entirely but i have a strong sense some part of the explanation is a chill wind that's blown through law enforcement over the last year and that wind is surely changing behavior. >> our justice reporter evan perez is joining us with more. did the fbi director have a chance to clarify remarks earlier today? >> well, wolf, he made similar comments today at this convention the international association of chiefs of police here in chicago but he also said that he simply was trying to start a conversation because he
3:43 pm
is very concerned about the spike in murders and other violent crimes in some parts of the country and he says he doesn't want to wait to see perhaps to discuss this next year. he wants people to talk about it now. >> he also spoke about the black lives matter issue, as well, #blacklivesmatter. what did he say? >> he said simply people are not talking to each other. people on one side are tweeting black lives matter on the other side police lives matter is the hashtag and he says what he's concerned about is people need to start talking to each other more to be able to solve some of the problems with policing and especially in the minority communities. here is how he described the issues as he sees it. >> there is a line of law enforcement and there is a line of communities we serve, especially communities of color and i feel the two lines arking
3:44 pm
apart through the hashtag black lives matter and the hashtag police lives matter. each of the hashtags adds a voice to an important conversation but when someone interprets hashtag black lives matter as anti police one line moves away and vice versa. >> wolf, one of the concerns that the fbi director is expressing here is that a lot of this rise in crime is being felt in minority neighborhoods like chicago and washington and baltimore and he says that police have to make sure that they are on their job, that they are getting out of their cars. they are initiating these stops and will bring down the crime rates and he says his concern here is simply that people have to talk about these things. he doesn't want people to just sweep it under the rug because it will be too late by the time we notice what is happening. >> he makes a fair point,
3:45 pm
indeed. evan, thanks very much. joining us the former new york city police commissioner ray kelly is the author of a brand-new book entitled "vigilance, my life serving." what do you think? do you agree with the remarks of jam james coby when it may be the result of the chill that swept law enforcement since ferguson? >> i do. i command him for telling it like it is. if you talk to police officers in other jurisdictions, not only in new york where i am, they will tell you that. they are backing off. a lot of police work is discretionary and they don't want to put their careers at risk. they don't want to put their family's well being at risk so they are hesitating. in some people's mind that's a good thing, in my mind it's not a good thing. >> co brby said we need to figu
3:46 pm
out what is happening in the spark in crime. what do you think is driving these increases? >> i think part of it is being driven by what jim says. the officers are not engaging in proactive policing and the level of recent past. actually, proactive policing in my judgment reduced crime in this country for two decades. smarter policing, better use of technology. now, they are not taking the initiative you might say and that's why is causing in my judgment, not totally, but to a significant extent, an increase in violent crime in 30 major cities throughout the country. >> commissioner, i want to show you disturbing video, show the viewers the video of an encounter between a high school student a and a school resource officer in south carolina where the officer appears to rip the student from her desk. we don't know what happened before the video started but our
3:47 pm
affiliate says the student was allegedly disrupting class and the student was apparently put in handcuffs. tonight the sheriff's department and school system in south carolina, they say they are investigating but the video is pretty disturbing and i want to get your reaction, commissioner, what do you think? >> you know, wolf, this is exactly the problem with these videos. you don't see what initiated it. whoever is taking this picture, whatever they decide to show you. let's assume for discussion that this arrest is legitimate, it should be made. well, there is no easy way of making many arrests. there is no marcus of queens mary rule. if someone doesn't want to go along with you, it takes physical force and often not a pretty sight. but again, these videos we see them, we don't know the beginning, we don't know the end, we see whatever the individual taking the picture wants to show us. >> well, in the video, we do see her sort of sitting there, not moving. we don't know what happened
3:48 pm
before. she doesn't seem to be resisting and then all of a sudden, her head is slammed like that. it's very disturbing. >> again, we don't know what happened before and that's, i think that's critical. certainly critical for me to make a comment on it. >> yeah, hopefully, we'll learn more about this and get a better explanation of what happened. that video is very, very disturbing. let's talk about your new book, your memoir, 50 years of public service and done an amazing job over these 50 years, commissioner. have the relationships between police, minority communities across the country, have they made real progress or is there still decades of angst and anger out there? >> i think tremendous progress has been made, certainly since i first became a police officer. there are bumps in the road. it has to do with what we ask police officers to do, quite frankly. it's not always a pleasant job. they use force, they use deadly
3:49 pm
to force. they issue traffic tickets. from my perspective of 43 years in the new york city police deputy, i think the relationships have improved greatly. of course, the videos that we've seen and horrendous actions in north charleston, south carolina, that's very, very disturbing. it was a murder. but that is just, you know, one of the aberrations that in many ways i think had been blown out of proportion. are they serious? yes. but we see, you know, people who are doing untoward things in every profession, in my judgment in 50 years, police do heroic work, good work, really work that helps the community every day across america. >> thanks for your service, commissioner. the book is "vigilance, my life serving america protecting it's empire city." thanks very much for all of
3:50 pm
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we've got more now on that very disturbing video that surfaced showing the violent classroom arrest of a student by a school resource officer. our cnn anchor don lemon is
3:55 pm
joining us along with former federal prosecutor and cnn legal analyst sunny hostin and former assistant fbi director, tom fuentes. i want to caution everybody, tom. we don't know what happened before this video emerged, wis our affiliate and state newspaper in south carolina are both reporting that this disturbing video shows what we see here, an intense confrontation between a female high school student, one of the school's resource officers. and as we said with the former commissioner, ray kelly, very disturbing. is there ever an excuse for someone like this, a resource officer, slamming in young girl's head to the floor? >> well, i don't know, wolf, if there's an excuse for slamming. but what happens is that, you know, this officer -- i don't know if this resource officer is a fully trained police officer or basically a glorified
3:56 pm
security guard. the person is supposed to be be removed from the classroom and doesn't want to be rehe mohe mo and doesn't comply. we're assuming that's what leads up to the violence. at some point, if the police officer has to put his hands on that person, it's not fwi igoin go well. the lack of compliance accelerates that situation. it does look disturbing, you know. we do want to know more about that. >> once again, we don't know what happened before. >> we don't know. >> let me get don and sunny to weigh in. don, first to you. >> well, i sort of agree with what tom said. i don't know. it does look disturbing. the part that is most disturbing to me is seeing him throwing her around. i've looked at it over and over again. as far as the desk going over, i don't know if that fell over because she didn't want to get up or he pushed it. i think there's context to everything. i'd like to see what happened before and afterwards. i agree with everyone including the commissioner and including
3:57 pm
tom. it does look horrible. it does look like there's no excuse for what he's doing to her. but again, we don't know. as the commissioner said, this only shows a small slice in time of what happened. i'd lying to know more before passing judgment. >> are you guys kidding me? >> no, we're not kidding. we don't know what happened. you weren't sitting in the room, sunny. you don't know if she wasn't standing up. >> i don't need to know more. >> you need to know more. as a prosecutor you should want to know more. >> the law provides the standard here is whether the officer has to use this type of force. whether it's reasonable or necessary. >> how do you know as a trained professional? how do you know without all the information? >> the bottom line is, don, this is a young girl. this is a girl in school. >> i agree with you on that. that's right. >> there is no justification for using that kind of -- >> you don't know what precipitated it. >> we don't need to know. >> yes, you do need to know. >> whether the force is justifiable is the issue. it's not justifiable.
3:58 pm
she is sitting there. she's not resisting. she is sitting there in a chair. that is -- >> you don't know if she's resisting. >> we have other video. sunny, don, tom, this is from a different angle, some other video that has just come in. let's show it to our viewers. >> on your back. give me your hands. give me your hands. >> let me get tom's reaction first. >> i agree, woman, it looks bad. it looks like it's excessive force. but i would like to see more analysis about it, more of what led up to that, what this officer was saying as far as for her to comply, for her to leave the classroom. so at some point i believe she causes the officer to have to put his hands on her. now the fact that it's excessive, it certainly looks excessive. >> sunny, the school says this officer is employed by the
3:59 pm
district sheriff's office. our affiliate wis reports the sheriff's office is investigating the video. should there, though, be some sort of independent investigation? >> i think so. i mean, oftentimes we ask police officers to investigate themselves. well, guess what, wolf? if you ask me to investigate myself, i'm going to get an "a," right? you want me to grade myself? so you need to have independent investigators when you're dealing with a situation like this. and again, what we have to recall is that this is a young girl. this is a child in school. is this what we want in our schools? do we want our children policed like this? this is so outrageous, and really i think it is offensive that people are saying, we need context. are our eyes deceiving us? why can't we just admit that what we are seeing is the assault on a child by a person that is supposed to protect her? >> sunny, before we run out of time.
4:00 pm
what we're seeing as everybody has said, it looks disturbing. but you want to know more because if this officer is indeed, if he does anything wrong, you don't want him to get away with anything because you did not get all the information. you want to see everything in context. >> what if she said something nasty to him? >> guys, we're out of time. we'll continue to study the video, guys. thanks very much. don will have much more 10:00 p.m. tonight. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next. ben carson surging, the doctor double-digit lead over the donald. now trump is attacking. plus, video inside the raid that killed an american in iraq. you'll see what went down when u.s. special forces attempted to rescue isis prisoners facing execution. american staples, bacon and sausage, a new report says they cause cancer and we're all at risk. let's go "outfron


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