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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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united is the very first to apologize and to vow improvements. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. a new republican front-runner, folks, for the first time in months, donald trump is pushed from the top spot nationwide. and for a man who loves to quote the polls, what does he say now? classroom takedown. new details about the past of the officer who tackled a female student to the ground. did he go too far? we'll talk about the video that has sparked a debate across this country. and the president who wanted to bring an end to two wars, now considering moving more american troops to the front lines in some of the most dangerous places in the world. hello, everyone, i'm kate
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bolduan. >> i'm john berman. big political news this morning, or huge in donald trump language. so, what happens when a candidate who calls himself a winner is no longer winning? for the first time in a long time, it is happening. a brand-new poll from cbs news and the new york times shows ben carson surging ahead of donald trump. carson now has a four-point lead nationwide. >> yes, that's within the sampling error. yes, it's also the first time in a major national poll that carson has topped trump, and another yes for you, it all happens on the eve of the next republican presidential debate. let's bring in cnn's political director, david for more on this. what's behind the change? >> if you look across every demographic group in this poll, guys, you will see the trend you see overall nationally, which is carson is besting trump group after group after group. first women voters, among women voters you can see carson beats trump 27% to 19%. if you look where that came from
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in october of 2011, carson is up and trump is down six points. if you take a look at evangelical voters, they are a key sect inside the republican nominating electorate, especially states like what wash iowa, 35% to 13%. they were tied last month when we saw this poll previously last month. i will also say, guys, more than half the republican electorate in this poll says they are paying a lot of attention to this race right now. i think what we're also starting to see here is that voters are dialing in in a more serious way than just sort of glancing at the headlines as they did in the summer and beginning of the fall. >> david, some of my favorite strategists like to say, the only poll that matters is the one on election day. another way of saying, there is a long way to go. and this poll does suggest there's a lot of room for change. >> there is. because as you know, only 28% of the electorate in this poll says they're locked into their
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choice. some 71%, i think, say they are still open to change. but, john, if you look at how trump supporters answer that question, 54% of trump supporters are locked in. he has a much more ardent and committed group of voters. his problem is now, it's a shrinking share of the overall total. >> but it all can change, oh, so quickly as we saw this with one. great to see you, david. with us now is brett o'donnell and cnn -- you want to hold my hands? and cnn political commentator, democratic strategist, donna brazile. clearly this table is not big enough. >> that was a high-five. >> thank you for that save. donna, ben carson on top. donald trump this morning asked about the polls, he says, i don't get it. i'm a little bit surprised. are you? >> no, i'm not. look, i was out in des moines at the state fair. ben carson is meeting people.
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he's out there, they like him. the like what he's saying. he's talking loud and saying something about himself, his values. donald trump is talking loud and saying nothing. so, i think the poll numbers reflect not just his likability, they trust him. at end of the day, this might not matter in another month because i believe republicans are still shopping around for the best candidate. and i don't know if -- if trump is the person or carson's the person, but what i do know is that ben carson is very well liked. >> it's interesting. ann setthelt zero from "the des moines register" poll says ben carson is winning in spite of it. tomorrow night a huge night for donald trump language, particularly ben carson, now that he's a front-runner in a poll, he'll be front and center next to donald trump in this debate. what kind of questions do you think he will face? will he be under the spotlight more? how will he handle it? >> well, i think he will be
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under the spotlight now. trump has shown he would go after carson, so i fully expect tomorrow night trump to go after carson. it will be interesting to see how he responds to those attacks. i also think it's funny that the two front-runners right now in our party have been potentially the worst two debaters over the past couple of debates. so, it will be interesting to see whether or not they can transfer that support into better debate performances. particularly for ben carson, who's been very meek and mellow in the debates. >> you know, maybe -- you say they were poor in the debate performance. you're a debate coach. oxford style point scoring, maybe they didn't score the most points, but people watching the debates sure like what they're seeing in terms of donald trump and ben carson. >> well, i think if you take a look at who they're saying wins the debate, certainly those two are not the ones they're picking as the winners, but necessity like carson. i mean, carson is very likeable. i think donna is extremely --
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she's right about that. that people do like carson. the question is, will they stick with him and do they see him as their president? people vote for three reasons. they vote because you're competent, they vote because you share their values, and they vote because they like you. they like carson. trump was a protest vote. now the debates give voters a chance to see whether or not carson's really competent. remember, the latest poll that's out says that only 19% of people are locked in for ben carson. so, they're trying him out. i think the debate's a chance for them to really see what he's all about. >> you know who else likes that 19% number? the other folks who are lower down on that top line. >> the 1%. >> jeb bush being one of them. he's at 7%, tied with carly fiorina on this -- in this new poll as just out from cbs and the new york times. an interesting bit that's come out about the bush campaign. a lot of story line and narrative has been, the bush campaign is struggling. he was seen as the front-runner.
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he's at 7% right now. they pulled together, a family, donor gathering to basically say, calm down. it's all okay. one of the most important things that came out, i thought, was when the campaign laid out their strategy -- >> i thought, too. >> you thought so, too? >> yes. >> oh, goody. chief target, marco rubio, calling him the gop-obama. they wrote rubio and president obama have strikingly similar styles. rubio and president obama have strikingly similar think that's a smart strategy? >> no. i understand jeb bush has to move some of these candidates out of the, quote/unquote, establishment lane so that he can take on some of the opponents in the, quote/unquote, outsider lane. marco rubio has his own difficulties and challenges, including the fact that he just said he didn't like his job,
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which by the way, i mean, you get paid $170,000, you get all. federal holidays off. what not to like being a united states senator? that aside, i think jeb bush has to restructure his campaign. he needs a stronger message. he needs to come across as somebody who really wants the job. not because of his last name, but because he has ideas and he understands how to make this country grow and more prosperous and secure in the future. jeb bush has run a campaign pretty much like the old-style campaign. i'm the incumbent, i'm the front-runner, i have name recognition. then donald trump, i'm great, i'm fantastic, i'm huge. jeb bush must demonstrate tomorrow night that he has a campaign about the future and not just relying on his last name. if he's able to do that, who knows. >> brett, i want to ask you quickly a question about the democrats. we'll give donna a break on the democrats. a brand-new poll out from monmouth university from iowa that shows hillary clinton with a really big lead, all of a
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sudden, in iowa. donna brazile just went wow here off-camera. i wish we could have captured that. 41-point lead for hillary clinton over bernie sanders right now. this follows the week where she testified on benghazi. a week after joe biden drops out, or doesn't get in. what do you think? >> i think hillary is definitely consolidating her support. the poll says that her support is more locked in than bernie sanders' support is. i think that's coming off a good debate performance. a good performance in front of the benghazi committee as far as democrat supporters are concerned. she did what she had to do, answer the questions and look good. but i think that she's still behind in new hampshire. that's more of bernie sanders' crowd anyway. and so, i still think there is a fight left to be had, but she's definitely consolidating her support in iowa. whether or not she can keep that up remains to be seen.
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there are debates to be held yet. i think the biden dropout helped her enormously. and so we'll see whether or not she can stand up to the test. there are some challenges left ahead of her. there's still an fbi investigation as to what she did with her server and the e-mail account. so, i do think there are still challenges ahead but she certainly consolidating her support. >> all right, brett o'donnell, donna brazile, great to have you with us. we can hold hands. >> good, i love it. i'll hold your hand any time. you, too, brett. about ten minutes after the hour right now. there is anger in south carolina this morning after a stunning new video. it shows a resource officer throwing a female student to the ground. we have new information about the officer's past and what the girl apparently refused to do. also ahead for us, the first plan apparently isn't working, so president obama is reportedly considering sending more troops to the front lines and come face-to-face with isis
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terrorists. private jet sparking one of the biggest drug busts in one airport's history. why this operation could also be helping to fuel a war.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. new details this morning about the south carolina officer seen body-slamming a female student and throwing her across a classroom. this is an arrest that was caught on video. we now have two different angles of what happened. >> are you going to come with me? or am i going to make you? [ bleep ]! >> keep your hands behind your back. keep your hands -- >> the officer in the video is richland county sheriff's deputy ben fields. he was on duty at spring valley high school in columbia, south carolina. obviously, this all happened. jason carroll is joining us now.
8:16 am
he's been looking into more and more of the details. there is still a lot unknown about this, but what more are we learning right now? >> reporter: no matter what angle you look at it, it's disturbing no matter what angle, but what is clear at this point the sheriff's deputy you mentioned, deputy ben fields, he is on administrative duty. and all of this unfolding yesterday in a math classroom there at sun valley -- spring valley high school. apparently, the student, whether she chose not to get off her cell phone or was it another reason, still waiting for confirmation from that from the sheriff's department, but for whatever reason, at one point she refused to leave the classroom. the teacher asked her to leave, she refused. the administrator called the class, she apparently refused. that's why you is the sro, the school resource officer, in this case ben fields, the sheriff's deputy, called to the school to try to take care of the situation. the question now, when you're looking at that video, did he
8:17 am
use a reasonable amount of force? did he do what he needed to do to de-escalate the situation? these are some of the questions that are now going to be asked during this investigation. >> what more are we learning about the officer himself, jason? i understand there were lawsuits, but also this officer had been awarded in the past for his actions. >> reporter: as part of this investigation they'll be looking at the good, bad and ugly. some of the good, as you say, this officer was, in fact, last year awarded something called the culture of excellence award for being a role model there in the community. so, clearly he definitely has some supporters there in the community and at the school itself. which is odd because when you look at social media, there are a number of students who went to twitter to say this was a man who always had a reputation of using too much force in handling some of the students. when you mention lawsuits, back in 2007 a couple claimed this very same deputy used excessive
8:18 am
force when responding to a noise complaint. one of them -- the man saying that he slammed him, he kicked him to the ground but a jury found in favor of the sheriff's deputy. then in 2013 a student claimed he falsely accused the student of being a member of a gang. that case still pending. once again, as this investigation continues, they're going to be looking at all aspects of this officer's past. >> they sure are. jason carroll, thanks so much. so, the teenager involved, she was not injured during this arrest. she was released from jail to her family afterwards. >> we also learn officer fields arrested a second teenager, a teenager who spoke up for her classmate during this whole incident. we want to talk about more of this with senior legal analyst paul cowen. you watched the video, what do you see? >> i see an assault on the student.
8:19 am
there is no justification for what that sro did to this young lady. regardless of -- i've understood that they've asked her to leave. they asked her several times to leave. however, when you watch this video, you see this officer not trying to calm the situation. not trying to de-escalate it. he did a wwe move where he dragged this young lady, threw her across the room. there was no justification for it. the only justification that he could have is if she had a gun or something. that's the only thing he could justify that type of action for. what we're seeing so much in these schools is the criminalization of minor offense ps. this girl was taken to jail for this. this is something where -- this is an administrative action that should have been handled by the school, a suspension or detention or something like that. not an arrest. >> paul, what do you think? what eric's saying is it doesn't even matter to him what precipitated this event because what he did was bad enough. >> yes, i think clearly you've
8:20 am
got excessive force being used here. of course, people are going to say, well, a teacher asked her to leave, and then an administraadd minner came in and she refused. so they called security. what was he supposed to do? he had to get her out of the classroom. i think what he was to do is maybe call in somebody else to assist him if she was refusing the classroom. i looked at the national education standards on this to see how teachers handle this situation. make no mistake -- >> how teachers, not resource officers. >> not resource officers, but it starts out with the teachers. and most of the standards say, you can only use reasonable force that's necessary to protect the student from hurting herself or others. i don't see a student here who's about to hurt herself or others, and i think ultimately excessive force. >> we see no physical movement whatsoever by that student there. the discussion about resource officers, it's a complicated one, right? because we want our kids to be safe. >> right.
8:21 am
we want them there. >> and they do a lot inside these schools to help keep them safe. and to watch things going on. it also creates situations like this, where teachers, perhaps, aren't doing the discipline, for lack of a better word, or keeping the order that traditionally we expect them to. >> that is what's happening. this is the beginning of the -- this is an example of the school-to-prison pipeline we talk about all the time. this young lady, who was disruptive in school. disruptive being quiet and not had her cell phone -- >> we don't know that. we don't fully know what happened. >> from everything i've read and every indication of what we've read, she didn't put up her cell phone in time. and then this escalated to an officer arresting her. this should be an administrative type of situation where the teacher handles, it the principal handles it. not dragging this young lady and giving her a juvenile record. >> what do you think happens now? >> obviously, i think you'll probably see a lawsuit. we've already seen the sheriff's officer suspended.
8:22 am
i think have you to put the whole thing in context. i remember going to a catholic, you know, high school and being punched in the face by a brother, excuse me to the brothers, and a lot of people will tell you stories about being hit by rulers by nuns. a lot of discipline was used in the past with students. but we've changed. we don't children this way. the resource officers and the police have to adjust to the new set of rules and the teachers as well. >> paul and eric, thanks for the discussion. appreciate it. >> thank you. is president obama considering putting u.s. troops on the ground inside syria? new information on that and why presidential candidate lindsey graham calls it a half-ass sf t strategy. the senator will join us live ahead. tomorrow could be the day where paul ryan is nominated to the most powerful position in america. the outgoing speaker, the man on your right, john boehner is offering a parting gift that's riling up some republicans once again. >> they're riled. >> riled.
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new this morning, what could be a major change in the u.s. battle against isis. american troops inside syria. "the washington post" reports this morning that the president is reviewing proposals that would, for the first time, put special operation forces on the ground in syria. a move that -- and also move u.s. advisers in iraq closer to the front lines. >> let's bring in pentagon correspondent barbara starr from washington and senior international correspondent clarissa ward from iraq for much more on this. barbara, first to you, what is the latest that you're hearing about the options that the president is weighing? >> well, good morning. defense officials are telling k cnn that, yes, there are a package of operations, recommendations, if you will, that certainly the white house
8:28 am
is well aware of. i think the key question is now is how serious, how fast and, of course, the president would have to approve all this. it would be a major change if all of these recommendations were to be accepted by the white house. that has not happened. what appears to be happening is the pentagon putting together a series of ideas because president obama clearly wants to get things moving. this is a very beleaguered campaign in both syria and iraq against isis, with the russians there now, it's becoming more complicated. the u.s., many military officials feel needs to move faster. so, there are these ideas out here. but, look, if you are going to increase the u.s. presence, if you are going to have u.s. troops go outside the wire, as they say, outside of their protected bases, go into the field with either iraqi or syrian troops, are you going to increase the risk. and you are coming much closer to that line of actual combat missions. we saw that last week with the
8:29 am
death of master sergeant joshua wheeler, when he was killed, when army delta forces accompanied kurdish forces on a raid in northern iraq and ran into trouble and the delta team had to come in and help them out. master sergeant wheeler losing his life in that operation. so, it's becoming very clear. any step forward is clearly going to raise the risk for american troops. that is something president obama is going to have to make a decision about. >> so, clarissa, you have just spent time inside syria with some of the kurdish troops there. the force is really at the tip of the sphere in the battle against isis on the ground. how much of a difference would an increased u.s. presence be? i suppose the most extreme difference would be u.s. boots on the ground. that may not be the most likely scenario, but how much more u.s. assistance would help those forces that you were with? . >> reporter: well, the kurdish ypg fighters we were with say
8:30 am
they absolutely need more support from the u.s., but they would like to see that support coming in the form of heavier weapons, armer-piercing weapons. right now they are lightly armed, poorly equipped. they've already benefitted enormously from u.s. and coalition air support, but if they're going to take the offensives into isis strongholds, such as raqqa, they say they need more heavy weapons. what you won't hear them asking for, however, is u.s. boots on the ground. it's no secret, john, that the u.s. is a very polarizing force on the ground throughout this entire region. and while most factions will happily say, yes, please, to your american heavy weapons, yes, please, to your american superior technology, you won't hear them say, yes, please, to american troops on the ground. >> how do you think, then, this strategy will be received then, clarissa, let's say if the president decides to move
8:31 am
american boots on the ground? what will happen then? >> reporter: well, that's the million dollar question. what level of engagement are we going to see? what level of u.s. boots on the ground would we actually see? how will the ypg be fighting alongside american troops? how will that affect the u.s.'s relationship with turkey? turkey very uncomfortable with the ypg's ascension because of its close relationship with its turkish counterpart, the pkk, which it views as a terrorist organization, so there's a plethora of questions and complicated issues that will have to be sifted through. interestingly, kate, i've spoken to many isis fighters and they say that they can't wait for u.s. boots on get on the ground. they believe that in terms of reframing the narrative, that the american presence would be polarizing enough that notwithstanding the military difficulties that they would ultimately benefit from it. >> fascinating. you called it complicated. barbara, you called it complex. and that, at the very least, is
8:32 am
something that is absolutely happening on the ground there. thank you both so much. coming up next, one presidential candidate calls the president's isis strategy a half-ass strategy at best. we'll talk to lindsey graham about that, about what the president is weighing, and also about the new national poll that shows a new republican front-runner. two tons of drugs, a saudi prince, a private plane. ahead, one of the most bizarre stories you'll hear all day but a story with extreme consequences in a very dangerous part of the world. a drug bust you will not believe. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. after a dvt blood clot.mind when i got out of the hospital
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new this morning, the president is considering proposals from the pentagon that would, for the first time, put u.s. troops on the ground in syria. we're talking about special forces. there's also the suggestion of moving u.s. advisers closer to the fighting in iraq. >> this could mark a big turning point for u.s. involvement in the fight against isis with clearly much higher stakes for the united states. let's talk more about this with republican senator and presidential candidate, lindsey graham. senator, the defense secretary and the joint chiefs chairman, they were just before the senate armed services committee and you had some very tough questions for them about u.s. strategy against isis. you said, this is a half-ass strategy at best. what do you think of the options now that the president is weighing? >> i would support special forcing helping indigenous ground forces in syria. the pyk does not have the ability to take isil down and
8:38 am
hold raqqa. and the reason we won't give them heavy arms is they're connected to the pkk, which is a terrorist organization, a marxist group, that turkey will not allow us to arm. so this overreliance on the kurds, i think, is just a fantasy. at the end of the day, i don't see the pyk being able to change the tide of battle against isil. but the idea of a more american troops supporting the iraqi ground units makes sense to me. trainers at the battalion level, more american ground components to do training and advising in iraq is a very good idea. i would support the president if he did that. >> it's interesting, our clarissa ward just got back from syria -- or in iraq right now. she was in syria with those kurdish forces. you know who she says doesn't want u.s. troops on the ground in syria? the kurdish forces fighting isis. you know who she says does want u.s. forces in syria? isis. >> i heard that. >> isis wants that imagery there. what do you make of that?
8:39 am
>> i want to destroy isil because it's a direct threat to the homeland. i'm not going to let the pyk dictate american policy when it comes to defending the homeland. here's a question for you and everyone in america, do you think isil is a threat to homeland? general humphrey said yes. we don't have a strategy to do it. we need a regional force, not just the pyk. everybody in the region wants to destroy isil because they're a threat to our country as well as to ours. i take a regional approach, having armies that are already trained, use them, destroy isil because we don't destroy isil, they're going to hit us here. >> do you think, senator, these options that the president is weighing, special forces, more advisers in iraq, special forces into syria, do you think this could -- that this change in strategy could turn the tide in the fight against isis? >> it could in iraq but not in syria. what did we learn today? we learned that russia, iran and hezbollah will fight to keep
8:40 am
assad in power. what did i learn today? that we will not help anyone in syria who wants to take assad down. so, what we've learned today is that obama has given syria to russia and iran. they will dictate the future of syria at a minimum have a veto of what happened in syria, which means this war never ends. that's why this is a half-ass strategy. you don't have the right construct. the pyk is not the force to rely upon to destroy isil within syria. if you're not willing to put military pressure on assad, he stays in power up. can't negotiate a settlement good for the syrian people in the region. we have sfeeffectively given rua and iran syria. >> senator, i would like to shift gears and talk politics right now because a brand-new poll showing a big shift in the race. >> talking about me? >> let's talk about you. deep down in the poll, senator graham, let us be the first to show you.
8:41 am
you are at 2% in this poll right now. you're ahead of lindsey graham -- >> no, chris christie. >> you're ahead -- >> i'll never get ahead of lindsey graham, but i'm tied with him. >> you have chris christie in your rearview mirror right now. you're moving up in the game now. chris christie is going to be on the main debate stage in boulder, colorado, tomorrow night. do you think you have a right to be on there and maybe chris christie should be in the undercard? >> i don't think i would take chris off. he's polled consistently better than i have. what i would like to do is have all of us, break it into two different groups, randomly draw, and give me a shot at talking to the front-runners. i don't think anyone is more prepared to be commander in xheef on both sides of the aisle. i've been to iraq and afghanistan 31 times, 30 years in the military. i want to have a discussion about the economy and how best to defend this country. i think relying on polls to break the crowd up early on is just ridiculous. you're basically identifying celebrity and name i.d., big
8:42 am
state versus small states. i just really believe a poll in october doesn't mean much. the reason i'm moving a little bit, i hope, is because i've got a plan to destroy isil and somebody needs to have one. i've got a plan far different than president obama. and here's the problem i see on our side, people talk about obama, they criticism him, but i don't see a difference between their foreign policy and obama's. i would create a regional army to go in on the ground in syria, we'd be part of it, we'd destroy isil. i'd put more american boots on the ground in iraq to turn the tide of battle in iraq. i'd tell assad he has to go and let the russians know, if you want to fight for him, you do so at your own peril. >> other than president obama being your chief target tomorrow night, who is your chief target? is it donald trump or ben carson, who's topping off in the polls? >> my chief target is to convince people that lindsey graham is the best person to beat hillary clinton. if you're looking for a change in foreign policy, don't vote for his secretary of state. if you're looking for a new change in russia, don't pick
8:43 am
hillary clinton. she started this mess. if you're looking to repeal obamacare, bill and hillary did a better job selling it than president obama did. my target tomorrow night is to convince the republican party i'd be the best standard bearer, that i'm best qualified to be commander in chief at a time of great threat to the country and that i can win an election we can't afford to lose and tell the country as a whole, if i do win, i'm putting the country ahead of the republican party. that's my target tomorrow night. >> well, you've doubled your support. at least you doubled support of chris christie now in the polls, so moving up. >> i'm a juggernaut. send money. >> that's it. use every opportunity. we got a yay last time, a woo hoo this time. senator, safe travels to colorado. thanks for coming on. >> thanks a bunch. bye-bye. coming up for us, some republicans livid at john boehner just a day before paul ryan is expected to win the nomination for speaker. hear about boehner's parting
8:44 am
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so the house could vote as early as tomorrow on the wugt deal that was announced late last night. it is a tentative plan that could fund government to the spring of 2016, and that is going to avoid the government shutdowns long after john boehner and barack obama have
8:49 am
left office. >> that is all before speaker of the house paul ryan takes the gavel. in is case of the good cop/bad cop or -- >> good speaker or bad speaker. >> ryan says he does not like the way this process was reached at all. >> this is the process that stink, and it is not the way to do the people's business, and unker new management we won't do this management this way. >> it stinks, but does the stench mean that he won't support it? let's bring in manu raja. >> well, i asked paul ryan that before he want into a closed door meeting with the republican, and he said that he won't vote against this deal unand reserving judgment saying that it was cut behind closed doors and the members were not brought into the process and it was dropped in their laps on midnight last night and voted on
8:50 am
as early as tomorrow. this deal will exthe tend the national debt limit until march of 207, and also increase the defense and the domestic spending in an effort to take the scares of a government shutdown off of the table, and now at the press conference afterwards, i asked john boehner what he thought the about paul ryan's comment, and his concern that this process stinks, and this is what he had to say. >> are you in disagreement? >> no, i agree, it stinks, this is not the way to run a railroad. but when you have is a situation that we are dealing with today, it is, not by any choice. while it may, and certainly not the process that i would want, remember what the alternative was. i mean, the alternative was a clean debt creel oeiling or the default on the debt. it also means that we got to december 11th where we we could be facing another government shutdown. and so when you look at the alternativ
8:51 am
alternative, it is going to be looking a whole lot better. >> indeed, even though ryan is keeping his distance from this, this is going to help him tremendous tremendously if this deal were passed, because the fiscal brinksmanship that de ffined th boehner era as speaker would be off of the table immediately when paul ryan takes the speakership later in the week, and give him the push on matters later, but what will the republicans do when it comes to the vote wednesday. a lot of the conservatives are reserving judgment, but a lot of the defense hawks were worried about the sequestration, and happier for the higher defense spending for defense programs, and that means support for republicans, and right now, john boehner is meeting behind the scenes with harry reid to discuss the plans to get it over the finish line, and the congressional leaders are trying very, very hard to get this done in john boehner's final days in
8:52 am
office, guys. >> despite how it smells. thank you, manu raja. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, one of the most bizarre stories that you will hear, involving a prince, a private jet and two tons of pills. and why one of the biggest drug busts may impact the world's deadliest wars. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history.
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new this morning, a huge drug bust shining a bright spotlight on one of the little known drivers fueling the syrian civil war. the drug is an amphetamine call call called captigon. >> and maybe you is not heard it, but one of the princes of syria tried to smuggle it out of the country. >> i want to bring in our
8:57 am
correspondent for "time" magazine, erin, and again, this drug, nobody has heard about it here in the united states, but you have been investigating this and we are talking about millions and millions of dollars of funding for a lot of the forces fighting on the ground inside of syria. >> yeah, this bust that we saw in lebanon, it could potentially worth anywhere from $50 million to $200 million on the streets in the syria, and it is drug popular in the gulf and an amphetamine, and it is popular since the israeli/hezbollah war. >> why such a strong connection to syria? >> well, what happened is that it is started, it is like cocaine or like heroin, it was a key funding stream for hezbollah in the 2006 war, and it is an
8:58 am
obvious choice, and drugs are a great way to buy the weapon, and so in 2011, and 2012 when we saw the breakdown of security in syria, a lot of the manufacturing went over to syria. so that is where the production happened, but the thing is that it can fund both sides of the war. it is opportunistic, and anybody can make this drug, because it is fairly easy. >> and cheap, very cheap to make, and the profit margins are enormous, and so who is taking it? it is made inside of syria, but sold to where? >> the street market is largely saudi arabia, and probably 3/4 of all drug treatment cases are addictions to captigon and am met mean, a -- amphetamines, and so this is
8:59 am
where most of the drug busts come into. >> and why haven't we heard of it and hear more about the role that it plays in syria, aryn? >> well, because it is not one side or another, and there are many revenue stream, and isil or isis can get their revenues from many sources as is hashish and kidnappings as well. >> and it is not easy to cut off the source where you can spot the poppy fields, because it can be made and done anywhere else? >> yes, it is like methamphetamines, you can do it in the kitchen. >> thank you, aryn baker. it is a $50 million drug bust involving a a saudi prince and a private plane. >> 2 tons of the pill, and how
9:00 am
many people would that get to, and what is going to happy to the saudi prince, that is a whole other story. thank you for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. banfield" starts right now. havi -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to legal view. we will begin in columbia, south carolina, with the high school classroom video that is creating a firestorm of social media and beyond. and now we have learned that the fbi may investigate this incident. what you are about to see in the course of nine seconds has generated so much national attention and outrage, in newspaper headline, and news and twitt twitter, as saul at spring valley high.


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