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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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will neurosurgeon ben carson be on the receiving end of political incisions? his first debate on top of the polls tonight. just how far will donald trump go to retake the lead? and did she strike the officer? a mystery video apparently shows a very different side to this classroom takedown. and very soon the officer involved who threw the student will learn whether he's going to keep his job. world series television meltdown. tv control rooms are filled with angry people saying awful things. and that's on a good day. so what happened behind the scenes when the signal went down? you thought the game was dramatic. hello, every, i'm john berman. >> hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. get ready for round three. ten of the 2016 republican presidential candidates are getting ready to face off once
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again, this time in boulder, colorado, for the next debate. only this time there's a new front-runner in town, folks. ben carson knocking donald trump from the top spot. carson is leading in at least one national poll and in more than one poll in iowa. >> the cnbc debate is focused on jobs and the economy. so who will stand out? who might drop out, and could somebody flip out? someone like john kasich who essentially just said i'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. with us, cnn political director david chalian. david, i want to focus first on ben carson because this really is the first night of the rest of his life. one might think that the debate moderators will focus a great deal of attention on him. the other candidates as well. >> that's right, john. donald trump no longer has center stage to himself. if you look at the lineup, he shares center stage with ben carson. and you are absolutely right. this is a whole gnnew phase for
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carson. coming in as the front-runner now nationally and in that key kickoff state of iowa is a whole new world for him, and he will be under more scrutiny. the other factor in that, of course, john is what does donald trump do vis-a-vis ben carson? is he going to be looking to take ben carson down a notch, or is ben carson just going to wither under what may be a pressing debate, trying to get specifics out of him which have been slow coming throughout this whole campaign season? >> you're talking about specifics there. i mean, this is a more narrowly focused debate than previous debates. this one's going to focus on jobs and the economy. so who stands to gain? who stands to lose here on this? >> reporter: well, you know, trump's campaign is saying that this is his wheelhouse, right, the economy. he is from the world of business, and we'll see. we're also going to see, as we've been talking about, how donald trump will sort of react to being number two on the stage. but kate, i agree with your sense, the more narrow focus on
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the economy going deeper on that area of the issue means that these candidates have to be prepared to offer up more specifics. >> and that could be tough sometimes for some of those candidates. we'll see. david is there. it's great to see you, david. thank you so much. let's continue this. let's bring in republican strategist who is helping, has been helping senator lindsey graham prepare for the undercard debate tonight and scotty nell hughes, a trump supporter and tea party activist. great to see both of you. that's a beautiful shot there behind you in boulder. >> gorgeous here. >> brett, first to you. what do you expect between trump and carson tonight? >> well, i think they're both going to go after each other a little bit. i think trump has to go after carson. he tipped his hand yesterday in iowa where he was basically commanding voters to get his poll numbers up. and i think that he'll probably be on the aggression with ben. i think carson has to prove himself economically that he really knows the economy. just this morning on npr, he couldn't differentiate between
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the budget and the deficit. and so, you know, the big thing for both of these candidates is john harwood is a great moderator. last time he was the one who invoked the oops moment from rick perry. so it will be interesting to see if either of them has an oops moment tonight. >> to be fair, i think rick perry -- rick perry invoked the oops moment with rick perry four years ago. scotty, i want to talk about donald trump a little bit right now because donald trump, falling to second place in the cbs "/new york times" poll. in iowa there are three polls that show him in second. and he was there last night essentially begging for virginia voters to come back into the fold. let's listen closely to what he said. >> from the time i announced, i've been at the top of the polls, almost -- you know, we're doing well. iowa, will you get your numbers up, please? [ cheers and applause ] when you get these numbers up, i
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promise you i will do such a good job. >> so scotty, you are supportive of donald trump. what do you think he needs to do on the stage tonight? >> let me say this. i don't think he was necessarily begging just like i don't think he's going to go after dr. carson tonight. this is the debate that was made for what he is successful at, business. but when you look at these polls and mr. trump realizes this poll is just looking at gop candidates. what it's not counting are those independents. even those crossover democrat votes that the gop has been trying to get by pandering to both sides, donald trump's been able to recruit those because he's talking realistic things that everybody can relate to. so these poll numbers, i don't think, really influence mr. trump that much. and when you look at the dozens of polls that have been conducted since mr. trump got in and he's number one, he's not going to be one of those petty people that will let one throw him off had his game. he's going to focus on putting this economy back on track, and it's not going to be about attacking others. it's going to be laying out his plan. policy points that he has more of than some of the other candidates including dr. carson.
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>> donald trump has specialized in petty. i mean, that's been his entire mantra during this campaign is to get petty with every other candidate in the race. i think he won't be able to help himself. he did it with rand pull, with jeb bush. >> those are the things that -- i mean, it's not like he sat there and just threw these out. he was attacked first, and that's why america likes him. they want a leader, something we've not seen. and they know to go up against hillary clinton or bernie sanders, you need to have somebody with not thin little skin and get offended. mr. trump does not. he attacks back. he puts up defense. >> that's going to be interesting because donald trump has an economic plan that would go well with hillary clinton. in fact, i don't know how he'll debate her with his economic plan. >> that's really interesting because it's actually pieces of everybody else's including jeb bush's, and that's lacking from the plan that we've seen from lindsey graham. and if he has one, it's gotten no attention. that just shows the credibility of it and how much people in america can relate to it. >> i think we're seeing contours of some of the fights we'll see tonight in the debate right
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here. it does lead to one question. we always ask, whose night is it going to be is it make or break for? tonight could be make or break for who? john kasich is one person, as john berman said, he's mad as hell, he's not going to take it anymore. here's what he said. i want to get your take on what it means for tonight. listen. >> do you know how crazy this election is? let me tell you something. i've about had it with these people. i am sick and tired of listening to this nonsense, and i'm going to have to call it like it is as long as i'm in this race. >> campaign says this is his new confrontational tone, his new strategy that they're going to be employing. but what do these guys, these establishment guys that haven't broken through, john kasich is one of them, what do they have to do to stand out tonight? >> well, they have to be more aggressive. but the problem is, you can't change really who you are. and john kasich hasn't been very aggressive in the debates.
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he hasn't stood out. and so i think for him suddenly to say i'm going to be the new john kasich is like what some of the other candidates are doing. i think, you know, that's why lindsey graham belongs on the center stage because he's been one of the most entertaining candidates. he won the last debate at the reagan library on the undercard debate. and he's been very aggressive. he's got something to offer economically and on the security front. >> if you want entertainment, go to a comedy show which is really good. graham is an expert in comedy. but kasich right now, if he's going to continue insults, he's going to be one of these people on the outside. 65% of the electorate right now support conservative candidates. and using comments like these people and insulting them, he's going to end up right where i say eric cantor did as well as john boehner, out on the outside of the beltway. >> quickly, brett, how high is the bar for jeb bush tonight? what does he they'd to do to really reassure his donors and people still supporting him that he's here to stay? >> well, he's got to stop telling people that he's got better things to do than be on
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the campaign trail. and then he's got to reassure his voters that he's got a message and that he is going to aggressively push that message. that hasn't happened in the prior two debates. we'll see if bush can do that tonight and be one of the more aggressive candidates on stage. >> what he doesn't need to do is reference his mommy or daddy or that he's going to run to his brother. that does not help. we need jeb to be jeb. >> scotty, brett, great to have you guys on. i think you should take the stage tonight. >> makes our job easy. >> exactly. >> good ratings. >> great to see you. do not miss the special two-hour edition of "a.c. 360" starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern, anderson cooper and the whole team will be breaking down the highlights and the lowlights right after the debate. >> the debate's really just a preview for anderson tonight. make sure you tune into that. very soon the resource officer who took down a female student in class will learn his fate. and it comes as we get word about a mystery video apparently showing a different side of what
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even happened. but honestly, does that even matter? plus, another stunning moment inside a different school. this one showing a high school student body slamming his principal. you'll see what's more behind this video. and marco rubio resigned right now, you are ripping us off. that is from a major newspaper in his home state. we'll speak live with the editorial page editor about why the senator's cnn interview riled them up so much. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. new this morning, we could soon learn the fate of a south
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carolina sheriff's deputy. he is on administrative leave. he's been on administrative leave after this disturbing video surfaced of him slamming a high school student to the ground. >> the richland county sheriff's office will hold a news conference at noon eastern to address the actions of deputy ben fields. now, we're told there are at least three different videos they know of. the sheriff says one of them shows student maybe getting physical punching at the officer before the arrest, but really, does that even matter? here's how one classmate describes what happened. >> he grabbed her arm. and he put his arm around her neck at first. and so that's why you actually see her -- if you get the right video, then you'll see her trying to swing at him. and at that point, then he just flipped the desk back and grabbed her out of it and threw her. and that's when you see her rolling across the floor. >> police lieutenant sean burke joins us, he is former president of the national association of school resource officers. a man who really knows these
8:16 am
types of situations. so officer, when you look at this lieutenant, you look at this incident, what went wrong in your eyes? >> well, thank you for having me, john, kate. i think it went wrong from the very beginning. i think obviously we don't see the whole interaction. we don't see the interaction between the teacher and the vice principal, but we do see the majority of interaction from the police officer. i think his approach with this student is wrong from the very beginning. i think it sets the wrong tone. i think as a school resource officer, you are trained to de-escalate and to relate to the student. so i think that from the beginning, this was going down the wrong road. >> talk about the training. what is the job of the school resource officer? how did it get to this point? should it have ever gotten to this point, or should have this been the job of a teacher or the administrator who were kind of
8:17 am
involved in disciplining and trying to get the student to listen to them in the first place? >> well, the school resource officer job is probably one of the greatest developments in law enforcement in recent history. the drawback to that is we're seeing an increased number of school administrators relying on the sro for a violation of school rules, and that is not the job of the school resource officer. we have administrators that are trained to increase test scores. they are trained to really try to boost the attendance of the school. but they are not being trained on how to work and interact with the sros that are in their building every day. >> what are they there to do, then? if the school resource officer is in the building, you know, as this officer was, what was his job? you say it's not classroom discipline. >> correct. correct. and for those that you talk to that don't know the job of a
8:18 am
school officer, have never been in a school, they'll tell you that school resource officers are there to protect against active shooters or threats to the school. that's not true. that's one facet of their job. they're really there to develop relationships with the kids to increase their knowledge of law enforcement, of citizenship, but really to increase the relationships with the young people to get them to better understand what it's like to work or to live in our society and to really hopefully have the kid taz as and students that ar that school have a better relationship, have a better idea and a better opinion of law enforcement. >> lieutenant, obviously the big question right now, there's going to be a press conference at noon on this very issue is whether this officer is going to keep his job or not. from what you see, from what you've learned about this incident, do you think he should lose his job? >> well, i think that before you terminate anyone's employment,
8:19 am
they all deserve a fair investigation, and listening to the sheriff yesterday, he made a very -- he made it very clear that he would have his decision by today. that's never a soup for someone that wants to keep their job. so i think with that quick turnaround, looking at the violation of their policy, i would expect that the sheriff will announce that they will terminate that officer today. >> and indeed that announcement coming probably just minutes from now. sean burke, really thank you for being with us and lending your insight, helping us understand what these people are in the schools to do and what they're not there to do. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. there's another, a different violent school incident caught on camera. this was in sacramento, california. a fight broke out apparently inside a lunchroom. the principal ended up getting body slammed by a student. watch this.
8:20 am
[ screaming ] >> you can just really hear the chaos, what's going on in that lunchroom. you see that image one more time. the principal did get up and he tried to stop the fight again. then a school resource officer arrived, steps in to help. >> and that's what helps us understand. >> what helps us understand the role of the resource officer. three students were arrested after this incident. wow. coming up for us, newspaper in marco rubio's home state says he needs to do his day job or get out of the way. but the criticism doesn't stop there. the editorial page editor will join us next. on the very day republicans nominate their next speaker of the house, a former one just learned he could be going to prison. what dennis hastert just pleaded guilty to. that's ahead. here's a little healthy advice.
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new this morning, if you hate your job, quit. that is what a major florida newspaper is telling florida senator marco rubio, presidential candidate has missed more votes than any other senator while on the campaign trail. "the sun-sentinel" editorial gives a blistering critique of rubio saying this, in part. sorry, senator, but floridians september you to washington to do a job. also saying if you hate your job, senator, follow the honorable lead of house speaker john boehner and resign it. the editorial also quotes from cnn's interview with rubio. when jamie gangel questioned the senator on this very issue. listen. >> people, when they have been running for politics in the senate, they've missed votes. and i'm not missing votes because i'm on vacation. >> but this many votes? >> actually, this is lower than what other people have missed. and here's the other point i would make. i'm running for president so that the votes they take in the
8:26 am
senate are actually meaningful again. >> someone might say you're not showing up. you're not doing your job by voting. >> not true. >> you don't think you're in a glass house? >> i mean, the most important thing a senator does is constituent service. >> let's bring in now rosemary o'hara, the editorial page editor of "the sun-sentinel." thank you so much for joining us. this is some pretty rough stuff you guys put out there, and this is a paper, your paper endorsed marco rubio in his 2010 senate race. so what changed, rosemary? >> you know, we were convinced in 2010 he was passionate, he was articulate. he told us that he wanted to go to washington to fight for us. and we have some real issues that we need him to fight for us on. we've got problems with our highways, with our beaches, social security, spending. and yet we hardly ever see the senator in florida. he's so busy out introducing himself to the nation. and now he's -- they never see
8:27 am
him in washington. so yes, constituent services is one part of the job, but it's not the only part of the job. we need his leadership in the senate. and if he doesn't want to do it, if he's really frustrated, if he hates his job, people get that. you know, if you want to run for president, run for president. but right now you have a job to do, and we believe he should be doing it. >> i know they weren't your senators, but when barack obama missed votes by some counts more votes than this in 2007 and 2008, hillary clinton, john mccain, did the paper call on them to quit their is that the job? >> you know, i don't -- i don't know that we did, but he is our senator. we have a personal relationship with him. we have a personal -- we have expectations for our guy. and yes, you know, it's true. people miss votes when they're running for president. but in this election cycle, there are two other senators who are running for president, and
8:28 am
they've only missed ten votes according to politico's poll or tally. and marco has missed 59. 59 votes! and it's not just the votes. it's the committee hearings. it's the intelligence briefings. he told your reporter and others that he has a staff show up for intelligence briefings. my god, we've got some serious national and international security threats. and to send a staff to intelligence briefings is not doing your job. >> have you heard from the rubio campaign after this? >> no, we haven't heard from the campaign, and we really don't hear from the senator very much. as i said, you know, since he went to washington, you know, he makes such a great case. and you all know that. you know, he gets in front of the camera, and he's articulate. and one on one, he's personable
8:29 am
and he's smart. and we were convinced he was going to do the job. but once he went to washington, we don't hear so much from him. so we're really disappointed. you know -- >> that was the word i was going to ask you. so safe to say you're disappointed in your senator. >> we're very disappointed. you know, he convinced us that he wanted to work for us. and now he doesn't want to do it. he doesn't like his job. so he wants another job. i get that. but like most of us, if we want another job, we don't get to continue getting paid while we're looking for another one full time. >> let's see what the rubio campaign has to say about it. >> that he should -- i'm sorry? >> no, i was just going to say, it will be interesting to see the rubio campaign and what marco rubio has to say about this because you can be sure that could be very much a question that you gets tonight at the gop debate. rosemary o'hara, thanks so much for joining us. >> happy to be here. thank you. >> thank you.
8:30 am
coming up for us, house republicans are gathering to nominate their next speaker, but it's a very different day for the man who once held that very powerful job. up next, former speaker of the house denny hastert pleading guilty in court. the lies, the hush money and the allegations of sexual abuse. all right. john kasich. he calls his opponents crazy, even hysterical. will he bring this new kind of, you know, establishment rage to the debate stage tonight? we're going to ask someone who works for one of the candidates who will be on stage with john kasich. stay with us. ancestry has come out now they have lifestory. it literally lays out somebody's life, from birth to death.
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8:35 am
speaker, another former speaker faces possible prison time for a hush-money case. >> dennis hastert entered a guilty plea in court in chicago to fraud and lying to investigators. prosecutors say it was all part of a scheme by the former illinois congressman to pay off someone that he had wronged years ago. cnn's rosa flores is in chicago. what more details do we have, rosa? >> reporter: well, you know, i was inside the courtroom when hastert pleaded guilty. and i can tell you that he showed no emotion. he simply answered the judge's questions, and then he pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi in the plan to pay $3.5 million in hush-hush money and also for breaking banking laws. now, the judge accepted his plea, and then what happens next. so the judge ordered a presentencing investigation and set sentencing for february 29th
8:36 am
of 2016. but let me give you the back story here. this means that hastert forgoes a trial. there will be no airing of dirty laundry. there will be no identifying individual "a" who we had learned about in the indictment, skr john and kate. and so what is happening behind the scenes now, of course, the government recommending zero to six months in jail for hastert, which the headline there is that hastert could walk without serving a single day in jail. now, sources with knowledge of the federal investigation told cnn back in june about some of that dirty laundry, telling -- these sources telling cnn that hastert had actually paid a former student here from illinois hush-hush money to stay quiet about sexual abuse. again, all of those allegations not part of this hearing because
8:37 am
let's not forget, the only thing that he's pleading guilty to is to lying to the fbi about this hush-hush money and breaking banking laws. john and kate? >> rosa flores for us in chicago, thank you so much. a lot of people thinking unlikely that he'll actually serve any prison time here, but nevertheless having to plead guilty, a major development. irm current politics. the big story line in tonight's republican debate will no doubt be trump versus carson. >> but what about the rest of the pack? there's a lot more folks on stage than just them. john kasich, for one, says he is sick of what the front-runners are saying and he's not going to take it anymore. listen to this. >> do you know how crazy this election is? let me tell you something. i've about had it with these people. i want you to know i'm fed up. i am sick and tired of listening to this nonsense, and i'm going to have to call it like it is as long as i'm in this race.
8:38 am
>> sick and tired of it. another man on that stage tonight is former arkansas governor mike huckabee. hogan gibley is a senior adviser for the huckabee campaign. what do you make of what john kasich is saying there? he is going to start calling people out. do you agree? are people at the top of the polls hysterical? >> well, it's a risky strategy for governor kasich, of course. and he has his own skeletons in his closet to deal with. and of course, when you attack somebody else, you run the risk -- >> what skeletons? >> you have the risk of running other people's -- well, we'll get to that later, but the point is, you run the risk of running people off when you start to talk about that, and you have your own record to deal with. and i imagine once you punch, you kind of expect a counterpunch. i'm sure he'll be ready. this is a wild elections season, there's no doubt about that. it looks like everybody's out for blood tonight. it looks like the gloves could come off. people might start calling each other out by name. the civility may be out the door if it wasn't already. i imagine there will be fireworks tonight for sure.
8:39 am
>> what skeletons does john kasich have in his closet, hogan? >> look, i'm not going to talk about john kasich. i'm going to talk about mike huckabee today. i'm saying he has his own record to deal with. when you tell senior citizens losing their social security to just get over it, it's a bad line to take, and he's going to have to deal with that on stage tonight as well. >> mike huckabee is at 4% kind of in line with a lot of folks low in the polls. he's at 4% right now, hogan. what is he going to do tonight, a third presidential debate to change that? >> well, look, it's kind of funny because i was with an uber driver on the way over, an african-american man who is conservative, he doesn't even know who's on stage. so many people aren't paying attention yet. how you win iowa and new hampshire and south carolina is about building organizations that won't just vote for you but will get people to do the same. that's what we've done. we've got the biggest organization in both iowa and south carolina and the most
8:40 am
experienced. when it's cold in february, you have to get people out of their homes. the warmth of their homes to go vote for you and caucus for you. that's what we've got on the ground. polls don't show that yet, but they will. and this is a long process -- >> you don't think the debate matters? >> any indicator at this point, we'd be talking about president giuliani and president herman cain. neither one of them got out of the starting blocks. there's a long way to go before people actually start casting votes. >> hogan, what are the exchanges between the two other leading candidates in this case right now, donald trump seemed to question the religion of ben carson. donald trump said hey, i'm a presbyterian. can you hear me, hogan? >> hogan, can you hear us? >> i got you now. got you now. >> okay good. >> great. donald trump said he's a presbyterian, carson is a seventh day adventist. i don't know about them, said donald trump. huckabee is a pastor. what does he think?
8:41 am
it's okay to openly question the faith of another candidate? >> well, i think religion plays a large part in politics. the voter wants to know where your core base of values originates from. they want to know what you do when you face tough times, who you pray to, what you pray about. and i think it is important because voters do want a president to have a moral center, a core. and so that obviously is an issue for any campaign, any candidate. so we're going to be talking about where we stand on that, and we know the governor said many times the first thing he would do when he gets to the oval office is kick everybody out, shut the door, get to his knees and pray to god that he can get the wisdom to run this country in the proper manner. people need to know where you stand on all issues, not to mention the fact your biggest faith issue, where you are at your core. and i think that will be an issue for each candidate on that stage tonight, not just ben carson and not just donald trump. >> you know, when you look at the impact of the debates, it's very different on the democratic side than what we're seeing on the republican side. we're seeing almost all of the
8:42 am
republican candidates sticking it out. we still have another undercard on the democratic side after the first debate, jim webb, lincoln chaffee, they drop out. when do you think republican candidates who are low in the polls will be dropping out? when do you think is the right time and who should it be? >> look, it's not for me to say who should drop out and who should stay in. every person on that stage, every man and woman, has a trite to be there. they filed. they're out there getting votes. they're going into these states. that's what's so romantic about the american political process. anybody can do it. and that's the way it should be. so whether you're at 0% in the polls or whether in be one in the polls, that's irrelevant because again, it takes a long time to build up a base, an organization to actually get people to vote for you when it's time to cast a vote. but it's not for me to tell anyone to get out or get in. that's their own decision and these campaigns will make that decision based on the support they're seeing on the ground. if it's not there they'll get out. if it is, they'll stay in. they have every right to do so. >> another big opportunity for
8:43 am
governor mike huckabee tonight at this debate. hogan, thank you so much. >> thank you. god bless. >> thank you. coming up for us, hillary clinton, she's not on the debate stage tonight. that would be a little weird. but you're going to still be hearing from her brand-new ads out. they will be airing during the debate, if you can consider it her rebuttal. that's next. all right. world series drama. yeah, it was a long game. yes, there was an inside-the-park home run. yes, there was a ninth-inning game-tying home run, but that wasn't even the beginning. there was, like, a power outage and the signal went down. i guarantee you there were a lot of mean things said behind the scenes. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals,
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new this morning, hillary clinton will not be on stage during the republican debate tonight. but she does plan to make her presence known. >> she is airing four new ads in iowa and new hampshire during the debate. these ads are interesting, too. they feature women at their jobs and the economic issues, the challenges, the campaign says, these women face. >> the top 25 hedge fund managers make more than all the kindergarten teachers in america combined. join the fight for higher incomes. join the fight for sheryl. >> i want to bring in bernard whitman, former clinton pollster and branding expert. bernard, we don't know exactly
8:49 am
what the rotation is. they may air one time in iowa and new hampshire tonight. clearly the message the campaign wants to send is while this debate is happening and these candidates are focusing on these issues that we disagree with, this is what we're looking at. >> i think it's a brilliant strategy because contrast and compare hillary clinton's message of equal pay of making college more affordable, increasing wages for real workers with over a dozen candidates that are going to be on stage in various forms tonight who are going to be shouting over each other, traying to see who can argue the loudest for readopting the failed policies of trickle-down economics and fighting for the republican party. hillary clinton is actually talking about real things that matter. if you look at equal pay, for example, women have to work two hours longer on average each day to make the same wages men do. >> that is one of her ads. >> and so is that right there. >> exactly that point. but who is the audience, then? the folks who are going to be sitting tonight in iowa and new hampshire watching the
8:50 am
republican debate on cnbc, is she really going to be drawing them to her? >> absolutely. i think a lot of swing voters will be watching that to see you know what, i'm not sure if i want to support a democrat or a republican. let me tune in and see what the republicans have to say. so hillary clinton is taking the message directly there. and i think implicitly she's going to challenge people like marco rubio when asked about equal pay said it's a waste of time. she's going to say let's make college more affordable. she's going to say raising minimum wage, and 20 million working american women would make more than a living minimum wage. >> and hillary clinton said something on msnbc the other night talking about the veterans affairs administration and so many problems that the veterans have had getting treatment, and problems exposed by drew fgriffn
8:51 am
on c nshnn. and so she said that it is not the as widespread as it is made out to be, and jeb bush said it is flatout wrong, and is this a problem she needs to address? >> well with, this is my take. if even one serviceman or woman takes longer than care they de, we have have failed them and the country, and hillary clinton has a 25-year record, and helped to spearhead the bill of rights for making college affordable for returning servicemen, and helped to get the pstd, and helping to bring down the high rate of suicide among the veterans, and the truth is that we have talked to thousands of combat veterans over the last few years, and they say that une equivocally that the v.a. is a structure, and they don't want to see it polarized in the media. >> if fact that it is not that widespread is going to come back to bite her. >> that is bad branding. >> and here is the fact of the
8:52 am
matter, the v.a. delivers amazing care to millions of service members everyday, and is that care sufficient? no. standardized? yes. gaps? yes. wait times too high? yes. will hillary clinton work across the aisle, yes. and she has a demonstrated effort to work across the aisle. and i think that you will see clarification coming. >> and there is a way of saying -- >> misstep. >> all right. thank you for coming in. and so the baseball game last night, and the world series game one, and the longest game one in the history of all world series. >> did you watch it? did you wake up at 1:00 a.m.? >> i did not wake up, and i woke up, and it was still on there, and but the other history is when the tv went black. and the outrage in the control room at that time. that must vt been. it really opens the passages. hvt been. avt been. vt been. evt been. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck?
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>> it was a major league malfunction of game one of the world series. the new york mets and the kansas city royals all tied up heading into the fourth, and then fox viewers saw this. the blue screen of death which turned to black on tv. an apparent outage hit the broadcast truck, and the game came to to a screeching halt. and so it was only 1:20, and it probably felt like a year to the viewer viewers. and so what the hell was going on behind the scenes. and somebody who would know is kate longer who is in charge of special events. and what did you think, kate when you heard and saw this happen? >> i received a manager are the from one of the big tech plansb and something about the backup
8:58 am
plan. and he said, are you watching the world series so of course i turned it on in the hotel room, and the first thing i said was h holy cow. that is the first thing that came out of my mouth, and i thought, oh, my god, the people in the truck are freaking out, and the engineers are doing to have a heart failure, and what are they going to do, because we always have a backup plans. >> you said holy cow, and i don't believe that begin s s to capture -- >> i have never heard you -- >> family, family. and i don't know if people appreciate the scope of what happens in the scope of it and angry people saying awful things on a good day. and give me a sense of how loud and how cruel the things that were being shouted in this >> i can't assay this on tv, but they havecontingency, and back backup power, and backup anchors who have no feed to go to, and people are, what is going on?
8:59 am
and then people screaming, because they don't know what is going on and they don't know how to fix it, and all the engineers can do is to check the power and the cables, and all of that. >> and then they start to plug and unplug cables, because you don't know, and this is live tv. >> and there are is hundreds of millions of miles of cables, probably at a game like this, and they are going everywhere and you have backup power that redundant system that did not kick in and i woke up saying, we have three backup transmission plans, and do we need backup power -- >> you got nervous by it? . >> and yes, you get nervous by this and then you start to think about, well, we can plan for what we can plan for, because it is live tv, and stuff happens. >> and stuff happens. >> but it does not make you feel good when you see other people have to go through that. >> no kidding. great to see you, kate. >> great to see you guys, too,
9:00 am
and not in the front of the scenes, but behind. >> thank you for joining us this hour. ashleigh banfield is next. breaking news down the columbia, south carolina, where where sheriff e leon lot is going to be telling us what is going to happy to the school resource officer after a telling video is released of a 16-year-old girl slammed out of the desk. >> any actions or anything that i say in the future is not to say or construe or condone any of the actions of ben fields at spring valley on monday. he was wrong in some of the actions. it is not what i expect of the deputies, and not what i tolerate from any of the deputies, and especially those in a school when we are dealing with juveniles. now, as in any incident videos are useful to us, and we are glad that the students did take the videos. we welcome people to video us when we do


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