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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 28, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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populated. and so i think that will be part of the question. and also if the intelligence is good enough to warrant the risk. >> got it. mary, forgive me. i have to cut you off. i'm up against there'd but thank you for being with me the entire two hours. tle "the lead" starts now. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we have this breaking news, the military as you know is scrambling right now to try to get control of its own runaway blimp. a blimp that floated away from a base in northern maryland. officials say the blimp is creating a dangerous situation on the ground. this thing made it some 150 miles north with fighter jets right behind it. people in bloomsberg, pennsylvania looked up, they started snapping photographs and video of the blimp. it's almost 250 feet long. it's floating in the air. we're getting new images in by the minute. a cable dragging below the blimp is causing major concern right now. it is to blame for a major power outage. the military is warning people
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in the area to stay away. cnn's barbara starr is getting constant updates from her military contacts at the pentagon. barbara, how concerned are officials about this, and what happened?ell us about how it >> well, how it happened is going to be a big part of the investigation they don't know right now. but at this hour a great deal of concern. the u.s. military is -- i can tell you they are very distressed at the moment that this has happen and had that they are causing a public safety hazard in this area of northeastern pennsylvania. there are power outages, norad, the north american aerospace defense command monitoring this extremely concerned about public safety telling people to stay away from these heavy cables dragging behind it. a lot of concern because this is unpowered flight, no pilot on board, totally drift in the wind and weather pattern. no reasonable way to bring it down. where are we at this hour? what my military sources are
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telling me is that the blimp is indeed partially deflated. not exactly clear how that has happened. it is now very low to the ground and essential ly think of it as bumping along unpowered on the ground. the concern of course is any damage beyond the power lines it may be causing. right now the u.s. military working very closely with pennsylvania state authorities, local law enforcement, national guard and other state authorities to try and get some people out there to this site because when it finally does come to a stationary rest, they want to secure the site, get the classified technology back off it, they don't want any hazard to public safety from it. they want to keep people away. their real message is this situation remains uncertain so they want the public to stay as far away from it when they see it, jake. >> barbara, explain to us what you mean when you say that
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there's no reasonable way to bring it down. i understand this blimp is a very serious and expensive piece of military equipment. >> here's what we know, and again these are first reports coming in, when this happened earlier today and it broke free from its mooring in aberdeen proving ground just north of washington, d.c., the military scrambled two f-16s coming out of their air station in atlantic city. this is the first sort of effort by the military to assess it and see what they could do to bring it down. i'll tell you, you know, first thing is the thing that comes to mind for all of us, could they shoot it down? they certainly could have. they could have put up the assets to shoot it down. but again, this is unpowered flight. if you are going to shoot down an aircraft you perhaps have some engineering analysis of where the wreckage may go, what
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might happen. unpowered flight totally drifting with the weather pattern. so a lot of uncertainty about that. they wanted not to cause any further damage or harm to the public. they didn't want it flying over populated areas. there is, we are told, some type of emergency deflate system available to this technology. i will tell you we don't know here at cnn if that was on board this blimp, if it was working, if it was functioning, if somebody activated that type of system. we don't know at this hour what caused it to deflate. and after flying along at 16,000 feet for some hours suddenly start losing altitude, begin to deflate over this area of pennsylvania. but the real issue is this dilemma the u.s. military always has over the united states. if there's a runaway plane, if there is a small aircraft where the pilot is not in control,
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perhaps lack of oxygen. if there is a hijacked plane. now today if there is a blimp, how far is the u.s. government willing to go, who makes the decision? are you really going to shoot something down? this has been a very fundamental question since 9/11 and something that the military faced again today by all accounts it is -- we know the military says they didn't take any action. no kinetic action to bring it down. but it is a question out there, jake, that the country and the military certainly continues to struggle with, what are you willing to do to bring down an object you are not in control f of? >> barbara starr, standby. we'll come back to you as you gather more information. let's go to jean lapinski. with the emergency management agency. tell us where you are and what you know, jean. >> hello. >> yes, jean, are you there? >> yes.
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sorry, i had to put you on hold. >> no problem. you're live on cnn. if you could tell us first of all you're with the columbia county emergency management agency. where exactly are you located? and what do you know about this incident? >> we're located in bloomsberg, pennsylvania. we know right now that according to the pennsylvania state police that the balloon has landed. at 15:40 it landed 300 north of the muncie exchange road and yagle road. >> so it has landed. do you know where it landed? did it land safely? did it land in an area where it wouldn't cause any damage? >> i don't really know exactly what that area looks like. it looks to me, just on a topographical map we had that it wasn't a real populated area. so we're hoping that was the situation with it. since it is in a different county we haven't gotten a whole lot of updates on it yet.
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but we were told that it did land at 15:40. >> and who told you it landed? the pennsylvania state police? >> yes. >> and do we know how it landed? did it come down on its own volition? did something cause it to come down? >> we do not know that. >> and tell us what the response has been like in your area. have people been told to stay indoors about now of course or in the last few hours time that children would be coming home from school, was everything fine or were people concerned about this blimp? >> we did have lockdowns on the school until it had passed over certain areas where it was passing through. we thought it was going to touch down around the lime ridge, lake street area. it was coming down. the wind did pick up and took it to millville jersey town area and then took it into the montor county area. >> who told your school to go on lockdown? >> we called -- we were calling
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the school districts because we were without power. so the 911 center was activated. and the schools we recommended that to them and then they did the lockdown and they were finally able to dismiss the children. >> all right. jean lapinski telling us that the pennsylvania state police have told columbia county in pennsylvania over which this balloon, rather this blimp flew that it has landed. and according to what we know so far not problemmatically although we still have a lot of information to gather about this. thank you so much, jean. joining me now is paul werth, he's a spokesperson for ppl electric utilities in pennsylvania. thanks so much for joining us. we are hearing about power outag outages, how many people have lost power? >> in the area where the power lines are damaged there are
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about 18,000 customers without power down from 30,000 about an hour ago. we've been restoring these customers by switching them through to other sources. >> how did the power go out? >> there was damage to one of our power lines reportedly caused by the tether on this blimp. we have not confirmed that ourselves, but we do know the damage is there. we are assessing damage and beginning repairs. we also don't know right now how long it will take to restore all customers. >> and so it was something like a cable, when you say a tether it sounds not as serious as a cable, something that could actually take out a power line. and it was dragging along the ground causing this damage according to what you know? >> that's the report that we have although we have not confirmed that ourselves. >> we just were talking to jean lapinski with columbia county, pennsylvania emergency management agency telling us that according to pennsylvania
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state police she'd been told that this blimp has landed. have you been told anything along those lines? >> i am not aware that the power company has been notified of that information. have you heard of any other damage being caused by this blimp? >> we have not heard of any other damage. we have heard of other outages today, weather is pretty stormy here in pennsylvania and most related to tree limbs. this is the only power outage we know caused by this blimp. >> was it just a power line that went out? or was there anything more consequential like a transformer or anything along those lines? >> no, it was actually a power line that was damaged and caused a circuit breaker to trip and that's what caused the outages. >> all right. paul wirth, we hope that limited damage is all that has happened, but we are still waiting for official word to come in. we're going to have much more ahead on this breaking news,
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this runaway military blimp. that we have been told has just landed somewhere in pennsylvania according to pennsylvania state police relating that to one of the local emergency management officials. we'll talk more about what exactly happened, how much damage this has caused. that story next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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welcome back. we are continuing to cover the breaking news on "the lead." a pentagon spokesperson now telling cnn that its aerostat or blimp that became untethered from a military base in northern maryland is now thankfully down having traveled almost 200 miles north into pennsylvania along the way the cable cord dragging below knocked out power to some
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30,000 people. that power's been restored to about 10,000 of them, 18,000 roughly still without power in pennsylvania because of this rogue aerostat or blimp. let's go back to barbara starr at the pentagon. barbara, do we know how it came down? did it come down on its own volition or was it forced in some way? >> well, the u.s. military saying they did nothing to bring it down. they did not shoot it down, there was no kinetic activity, but that it started to deflate from 16,000 feet where it had been traveling in uncontrolled flight for several hours. now, this will be a matter of the investigation as well. what caused it to start deflating? if it came down in this area and only -- and it's still serious, only caused power outages, we do not minimize that, that is still a good outcome in terms of the damage that could have been caused. i can tell you for the last several hours i've been talking to military officials who were just frantic what if this thing
1:17 pm
had bounced along on a highway full of cars dragging the cable through a populated area, dragging the cable up and down a highway? because the problem here is this is uncontrolled flight. you either shoot it down or find a way to deflate it. there is no pilot on board. this drifts with the weather patterns, so there's a lot of concern here about what exactly happened the entire chain of events. these aerostats, these blimps, this particular one is in part of a pair. and we now know that the other one's still at aberdean proving grounds in maryland, has now been grounded as you can well imagine, until the investigation is completed about what really happened here. >> and, barbara, obviously these are part of a defense system in this country. they're affiliated with norad. they help keep the eastern seaboard safe and detect what's going on out there. i would think that there is going to be a major
1:18 pm
investigation into how this became untethered given the import of the equipment, given the expense of the equipment. is there any idea as to how the military lost control of this blimp? >> well, we are told it is operated by a contractor. there will have to be an investigation as to exactly what happened, but jake, i think you're raising what is such a key point especially here on the eastern seaboard in the capital area of washington. this is part of a system that was being tested to help keep air space safe in the washington, d.c. metropolitan area, this mid-atlantic area of the eastern seaboard. this is technology that is radars to detect aircraft coming in on a 360-degree range, cruise missiles, any kind of unidentified air object that could pose a threat to the nation's capital. but what has happened today it now raises the question is it appropriate technology in such a populated area? if it is unpowered, if it can
1:19 pm
simply break loose and drift, which is not supposed to happen, is this too risky? is there some other way to do business? is there some oh way to keep the capital region safe? norad saying earlier today that washington, d.c. is perfectly safe from any air defense threats. it will be a big question about where this program goes from here. >> barbara starr, thanks so much. we're going to continue to come back to barbara as she continues to get information from her pentagon sources. for now let's go right now to cnn military analyst retired air force lieutenant colonel rick francona joining us via skype. thank you for joining us. the blimp's cable we're told dragged below causing major power outages to at least 30,000 in pennsylvania. if that's all that happened, and i don't mean to make light of it, but if that's all that happened i suppose we should consider ourselves lucky. that cable could have caused more serious damage, i would think. >> oh, absolutely. let's take -- remember the size
1:20 pm
of this object. it's 75 yards long. it weighs 7,000 pounds and it's dragging what could be as long as a 10,000-foot cable. you know, just the sheer weight and strength being drug along the ground, it's very stormy in pennsylvania right now, i think if this came down without doing a lot of damage to the groupd, i think that's the best we could have hoped for. power outages unfortunate, but i don't think we're hearing of any loss of life. this could have been much, much worse than -- you know, a 7,000 pound object coming down uncontrolled, very dangerous. >> colonel, tell us about this aerocraft -- this aircraft you call an aerostat and we're referring to as a blimp colloquially. what is this specific blimp used for? >> it's a very expensive system, but each one of these costs about $200 million. and they operate in a pair.
1:21 pm
and one will carry a surveillance radar. and the other will carry a fire control radar. now, this system is not fully operational yet. it's still in its testing phase. and i suspect what happened today will dramatically alter the specifications of what they have to do. so it is supposed to be detecting incoming targets. and the fire control radar will assist ground based missiles or air defense assets to intercept those targets. and the system was meant to save money. 24-hour, seven day a week surveillance without having to use other manned aircraft. so the idea was good, but this is cutting edge technology. there are going to be problems when you try and do this. >> how is it tethered to the ground ask? obviously not sufficiently, but in what way could this possibly have come loose? >> well, you know, they have a tower. it's like you've seen it in the
1:22 pm
movies with the old zeppelins. it's got the tower. and it's secured to that. when they want to run it up they release it from the tower and it's got a cable, it's actually a bundle of cables. it's got the cable that tethers the device and it's also got all of the control cables inside. i think barbara raised a key point here. this is an uncontrolled flight, so when this thing breaks away from its tether, there's no pilot on board, there's no motor on board. so it's very hard to control or predict where it's going to go. so how does it come loose? that's going to be a big question in the investigation. could have been weather related. could have been a defective cable. but that's one thing we don't know yet. >> retired lieutenant colonel rick francona, thanks for joining me. we're going to keep tabs on this blimp, the path of damage caused hoping it was very limited. also in our politics lead, donald trump getting ready to go nose to nose with the guy who leapt over him in the polls, dr. ben carson. will he be able to take the heat of front runner spotlight?
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welcome back to "the lead." we are following the breaking news that runaway military blimp or aerostat that left tens of thousands without power is now down. you can see the image on the right side of your screen. according to pentagon officials the blimp has come down. we're just now getting these images which the military refers to as an aerostat, a wnep reporter just tweeted out the photo we're showing you showing the aerostat or blimp tangled in the trees. we'll continue to keep you updated on the fallout from this incident as we learn more.
1:28 pm
as far as we know there has been no injuries to any individuals thankfully. but let us turn now to another story to our politics lead. go big or go home. the stakes could scarcely be higher tonight in primetime as the republican presidential candidates meet for their third debate. within days of the last debate, which you may recall cnn hosted and i moderated, senator marco rubio and carly fiorina jumped ahead in the polls. and wisconsin governor scott walker dropped out of the race entirely. now, donald trump after wrestling his way to the top of the polls finds himself something of an underdog entering tonight's republican rumble. dr. ben carson currently has the polling heat. our political team is ring side in boulder, colorado. we'll start with cnn political reporter sara murray. trump is already trying to work the refs a bit, the moderators, a bit already on twitter. >> that's right. he's already taking them on on twitter. and no surprise. look, over the last couple days we've gotten a glimpse of what a donald trump running behind looks like and he does not enjoy
1:29 pm
being in second place. we'll see how fiery he is when he takes the debate stage tonight. >> got a little shakeup in iowa. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: donald trump taking the debate stage tonight looking for a chance to get back on top. unable to hide his disbelief that he's now trailing nationwide and in iowa. >> please do me a favor, let me win iowa. i refuse to say get your a-- in gear. i'm not leaving iowa. now, if i lose iowa, i will never speak to you people again, that i can tell. >> reporter: trump try to appear presidential and policy focus, or lash out against the man who now leads the polls, dr. ben carson? >> what is my competition? do you think these guys -- i'm not going to say carson. i'm not going to say rubio, who really is way down. i don't like being second. second is terrible, to me. >> reporter: for carson the
1:30 pm
pressure is on. he spent 12 hours in debate prep monday readying for the intense scrutiny that comes with being the front runner. >> i have the leadership skills to make it so. >> reporter: and for jeb bush a breakout moment can't come fast enough. increasingly frustrated with the state of the race, he's promising to come out swinging against trump. >> there could be opportunities to do it if he talks about protectionism, if he talks about a pessimistic world view, which i don't share. i believe that republicans and conservatives win when we have a hopeful optimistic message and a reagan esque message. >> a strong debate performance could calm donors who are str questioning staying in a struggling campaign. meantime, marco rubio will have his own critics to answer to. >> senator rubio, wake up. >> reporter: as one of his home state newspapers calls on him to resign rather than skip senate votes to run for president.
1:31 pm
>> i'm not playing golf. i'm not on vacation. >> reporter: in the hours before the debate candidates squeeze in last-minute prep. a moment of zen or even a workout. bush hit the trails yesterday for a hike with veterans. today, carson caught a nap and enjoyed a vegetarian meal. >> was that good? >> reporter: and trump is already griping on twitter saying he's looking forward to what i'm sure will be a very unfair debate. now, as high as the stakes are for donald trump they are equally as high for jeb bush. his advisers know he needs a breakout moment. they expect him to be more comfortable now that we're up to the third debate. they're also saying look out for either an implicit or maybe explicit contrast between jeb bush and marco rubio, jake. >> sara murray, thanks so much. one of the candidates who will be on that stage tonight will join me. stay with us.
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we just got some new information on that military blimp that went rogue and left tens of thousands without power. barbara starr just got some new information. barbara, what can you tell us? >> jake, the u.s. military official confirming a short time ago that the f-16s that chased down this blimp that were tracking it were in fact armed. they did not fire their weapons. the blimp was not shot down. we are told the military had no real intention of trying to take military action to bring it down, but the planes we now know were armed as they tracked this blimp for some four hours from maryland to northeastern pennsylvania. what this perhaps tells americans is the alert status of planes that take to the sky, military planes, when there is a problem because obviously they would have had these weapons on board before they even took off. they would have been ready to go from their airfield near atlantic city, new jersey. so as they took to the skies they were armed. they were ready if it came to that, jake. >> barbara starr, thank you so much.
1:37 pm
now back to our politics lead. will tonight's republican debate launch a candidate into the top tier? i watched it happen in front of my very eyes at the last republican debate, so who could be poised to challenge dr. ben carson or donald trump and elbow his or her way into the forefront of the republican race for president? one of the candidates who will be on stage this evening kentucky senator rand paul. he joins us now. sir, thanks so much for taking time out from debate prep. >> thank you, jake. >> you have said nominating donald trump would be a disaster for your party. he is no longer the national front runner or the iowa front runner. dr. ben carson is. does carson concern you as much as trump? >> well, i think what's interesting about the polls is that it's a poll of undecided people. every poll that we're putting forth about three-fourths of the people in the poll are undecided. and i think you're going to see the polls go up and down. we'll have temporary leaders. it's kind of the way we've had it in past presidential cycles.
1:38 pm
so we think we are right in the middle of the mix. and we're hoping for a big breakout moment, maybe even tonight. >> are you going to talk about your concerns about dr. carson the way that you have about donald trump this evening? >> i think we're going to try to put forward the message which i believe to be true that i'm the only fiscal conservative on the stage because i don't think you can be fiscally conservative if you're reckless and believe in sort of a liberal amount of spending for the military. and that's what's going on in washington. they're going to bust the budget caps by raising military spending and raising domestic spending. and i'm the only one that's saying, you know what, we need to hold the line. >> let's talk about that because as you know the speaker of the house john boehner and other leaders in washington struck this deal over the budget. you have called this deal a, quote, steaming pile of legislation, and you promise to filibuster the compromise. you sent out a fund raising note about this as well.
1:39 pm
do you think you can actually stop this compromise? or is this you making a point? >> no, i want everybody in america to call their congressman and say giving president obama an unlimited amount of borrowing power is a tragedy. it's a disaster. this bill stinks to high heaven because we're increasing the debt with no limit. we're giving president obama a blank check until march, even after he's out of office, until march of 2017 they'll be no limits on borrowing. that's a problem in our country. we're borrowing a million dollars a minute. so, no, i think this is a terrible disaster. but it illustrates the problem in washington. it's republicans and democrats coming together in an unholy compromise to bankrupt the country. >> the florida sun sentinel today, a newspaper that endorsed your colleague marco rubio for senate back in 2010, called on senator rubio to resign because he's missing so many votes. they wrote, quote, you are paid
1:40 pm
$174,000 per year to represent us, to fight for us to solve our problems. you are ripping us off, senator. rubio has said that he's frustrated with the senate. he's not running for re-election. and most of the senate votes are not consequential. do you agree with rubio or with the sun sentinel? >> i take my voting record very, very seriously. and i've made 99% of the votes. i'm going to continue showing up because you're right i do get paid by the taxpayer. and i think it's very important. so i think the voters of kentucky want me to represent them. and i will continue to do so. and i wear it as a badge of honor that i miss very, very few votes. >> there are reports on that subject that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, your fellow kentucky, wants you to focus more on your senate re-election bid and perhaps less on your presidential race. if you don't come in top three in iowa, or top three in new hampshire, will it be time then to focus on a senate race?
1:41 pm
>> i think it's kind of hard to come up with answers to questions like that because we're in it to win. i plan on winning in iowa and new hampshire. every day we work as if that is our goal, winning. we're not looking to place. we're not looking to do pretty good. we're looking to win in iowa and new hampshire by turning out the youth vote, turning out the independent vote and turning out the liberty minded vote. >> senator rand paul, thank you so much. good luck this evening. >> thanks, jake. the national lead, a deputy thrown off the force for throwing a girl to the floor. an officer fired for this body slam that went viral. police are still saying the student shares some of the blame. that story next. and oscar award winning actor jeff bridges in washington, d.c. today. what had him in front of law may recollect -- lawmakers today? he'll join me coming up.
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welcome back to "the lead." we're back with the national lead. the south carolina deputy sheriff who yanked a 16-year-old girl from her classroom desk earlier this week and threw her across the floor has been fired. today the richland county sheriff's department fired manfield for his actions
1:46 pm
captured monday in at least three videos shot by students. the sheriff said that the deputy was, quote, in the wrong even if the arrest needed to get physical after the girl disobeyed school administrators, the sheriff said. the richland county school district just responded to this development minutes ago in a statement thanking the sheriff for his swift response and vowing to find out exactly what happened. let's bring in new jersey senator corey booker, a critical voice in this nation's policing debate. senator, thanks so much for joining me. >> thanks so much. good to be on. >> just right off the bat your reaction to the news that that deputy sheriff has been fired for his handling of the situation with that 16-year-old girl. >> well, clearly the department reviewed it and found justifiable basis for firing many americans seeing the video felt justified from the video itself but praise the department for going through a process of evaluating all the process and coming to a conclusion in a sobered way. this is just one instance that
1:47 pm
was right. the reality is having run a police department and having seen even under my leadership that we weren't doing all that we should have done for accountability, all that we should have done to empower our police officers, keep them safe, make sure that we have policies and procedures in place, there's a lot that we have to do in this country to get to a point where we can begin to let debates like this settle down. incidents like this become more and more rare and really have a nation where we have policing that does what it should do in my opinion, which is not just keep us safe but really build a community integrity. >> we wouldn't even be talking about this case if students in that classroom hadn't filmed it, to be frank. you have proposed a measure, legislation to have body cameras for all policemen. there are police forces out there where the policemen have body cameras, but they've been refusing to share the videos when there are contentious issues. would your legislation require these police departments to release the videos not just film
1:48 pm
them? >> well, even before that legislation on body cameras, i joined with barbara boxer in proposing a systems of reporting from police officers, both reporting about their safety and the safety of the community as a whole. and that's something i learned as being a mayor is that the more transparency you can have, the more data, the more understanding what's going on in the internal department not only is it better for the public but it's better for the police department themselves. and so reactions against transparency unfortunately i think is going the wrong way. the more we can make sure we have proper reporting, levels of accountability and insight into the tough jobs of police officers, in fact body cameras which you often see is that it actually reduces complaints against police officers because when somebody comes into file a complaint and you show them the video of their behavior or what have you, you begin to justify many of the officers actions. so this is a way to help both sides of this so-called debate both protecting officers, affirming them in what they're doing as well as to make sure that those few bad actors are
1:49 pm
more often caught. this is what i find is a good thing for america to be having this debate because we know there are so many instances that are happening that are not captured on video that now will become under more greater scrutiny by having a more transparent society. >> but what do you make, senator, of the argument that police are holding back and in some places crime is going up because they are afraid of all the cell phone videos and they fear that they will be filmed and captured in a way that's unfair and doesn't accurately capture the situation? >> look, i talk to cops every day. i was on the phone with some officers yesterday who are friends of mine just talking to them and that sentiment is real. they really feel a chill in terms of a lot of the things that they're doing out there feeling that often a snip-it of a video is captured but not the totality of the circumstances feeling there's a climate of judgment. so i understand that all of this timult has been stirred up, but the reality is we need to have a systems of accountability in this country. we need to have training, we
1:50 pm
need to have policies in place that support and empower police officers but also make sure that we're protecting against to me which would be unacceptable in a democracy that our officers we give someone the greatest power to to use force, deadly force using it in a responsible fashion. >> senator cory booker of new jersey, thank you so much for coming. >> thank you for having me. when we come back, the dude abides. actor jeff bridges here in washington, d.c. today trying to convince lawmakers to pay attention to an issue near and dear to his heart. jeff bridges, the dude, will join me next. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the buried lead now, that's what we call stories that we don't think are getting enough attention. believe it or not here in the wealthiest nation on earth in 38 states more than one in five children are hungry or are at-risk of going hungry.
1:55 pm
here in the nation's capital the figure's even higher according to the no kid hungry campaign. embarrassingly large percentages of american children rely on their schools for their only reliable access to food. and yet congress is dragging its feet on legislation to improve childhood nutrition in this country. as of friday congress will be a month past its deadline. that's why oscar winner jeff bridges arrived in d.c. today hoping to give lawmakers a friendly nudge. jeff bridges is joining me now a spokesman for share our strengths no kid hungry campaign. along with him is the organization ceo and founder billy shore. gentlemen, thanks so much for being here. >> appreciate it. >> jeff, let me start with you, how are your meetings on capitol hill? and why are lawmakers dragging their feet on this? >> well, i am so happy to report about this wonderful meeting that we just attended to with senator roberts and senator stabb
1:56 pm
stab stabenow the heads of the committee on the childrens nutrition reauthorization bill that's up. and both were very encouraging about passing this bill especially senator robert. he looked at me and said you can get on cnn, you can say we're doing this. so i'm really happy to report that. and also we talked about ways that the bill could be improved. and that was very heartening as well. you know, for instance currently if a kid comes to a summer meal site and it's raining, a summer storm breaks out, the kid isn't allowed to take that food home with them. they've got to go home without being fed. and all that food is thrown away. so we want to turn that around, change that. >> summer meals, bill, you and i have talked about this before, summer meals incredibly important. even though there's no school, the kids still got to eat. >> that's right. so many kids are used to getting their meals at school. we've got 22 million kids in the country who get a free or
1:57 pm
reduced price lunch, but in the summertime only 4 million of the 22 million are getting fed. and so this child nutrition reauthorization we've worked on has lots of bipartisan support is designed to reform the summer program for the first time in about 40 years to say let's find ways not just to bring kids where the food is but get the food to the kids, it's a very solvable problem. >> i know it's not your nature to be a skeptic or to be cynical, jeff, but i don't know how you've been trying to fight hunger in the world and here at home for decades. >> yeah. >> literally for decades. and the idea that school kids that they're such an afterthought on capitol hill, how do you not be cynical? >> well, you know, cynicism that's my personal battle. and i think a battle for a lot of folks out there exactly what you say. what do you do about that? it's important we don't get cynical and not do anything. we've got to really continue to work on this together. and as we've talked about historically this issue of feeding our kids has been a
1:58 pm
bipartisan issue going back into the 70s with bob dole and george mcgovern. you know, with the wic program and food stamps and the lunch program. so it was great to have this meeting today and see that again the two parties are being brought together. and like many of the viewers out there you're probably looking at what's going on in the hill and you say why can't you guys get together a little harmony or something, you know? but it was wonderful to see that this is something that everybody's working together on and we're going to do this. >> and speaking of harmony, there is a way that those watching at home who want to help out in some way can do so right now. >> yeah. yeah. i don't know if -- well, did you see the super bowl? >> yes. >> you might have seen me with a singing bowl and ohming some people to sleep for a square space ad. square space's website design
1:59 pm
company. they produced this album for me called sleeping tapes. and all of the proceeds to this goes to no kid hungry. and folks can go to itunes and pick up this album. and the proceeds or portion of the proceeds will go to no kid hung hungry, or they can go to dreaming with jeff and find out about how we made it and also get the album that way. >> all right. the program is called no kid hungry. the organization is share our strength. thank you so much. honor to have you here. appreciate it. the sports lead now, first pitch of game two of the world series just a few hours away in k.c., but pretty much need elvis to show up and rob the ghost of the bambino of a homer that topped game one which had absolutely it all, including a power outage that knocked the world series on air. wondering about the rich tapestries of profanities being stitched together in the truck at the time.
2:00 pm
alex gordon in the ninth followed by a sacrifice fly in the 14th to take a 1-0 lead in the fall classic against those evil mets. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. anti-missile blimp, a massive device the size of a football field breaks free from its moorings in maryland, tracked by fighter jets. it wreaks havoc in pennsylvania as its mile-long cable drags behind knocking out power lines. what went wrong? meeting with the enemy, iran accepted invitation to join u.s.-led talks on the syria crisis. and as the u.s. weighs sending more troops into combat against isis, iraq says no thanks. is the balance of power shifting to america's adversaries? swinging at hillary. just hours before the republican debate the democratic presidential candidates are going at it. is their campaign about to go