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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 29, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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ghbor. claudia: i feel like it's part of what san francisco should be. here we go, top of the hour, breaking news, i'm brooke baldwin. here's what we know out of fort lauderdale, florida. a passenger jet here caught fire while taxiing for departure. the plane a boeing 767. up to 200 passengers on board here and this happened. i have aviation analyst miles o'brien with me. what happened? >> terrifying moments for passengers. we just learned from the broward health medical center that they are expecting 6 to 10 patients.
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authorities in broward county said there were passengers who were injured. we don't know how many exact people were injured or the types of injuries they had. whether they were injured inside the plane or while they were evacuating the aircraft. we have learned a little more about the flight. dynamic airlines flight 405 scheduled to take off from fort lauderdale at 12:30 this afternoon. it was headed directly to venezuela. this plane, as you mentioned, caught fire while it was taxiing for departure. there are reports the plane was leaking fuel just before this fire started. we have also learned a little bit more about this particular boeing 767. according to the faa it was built in 1986. and this seems to be a relatively new route for this airline. in june dynamic announced it was starting to offer nonstop service between fort lauderdale.
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it's worth noting there's a large population here in south florida. many of them live in florida. cnn has reached out to dynamic airlines, which is based in greensboro, north carolina. so far, the airline is not making any statements about what happened. >> not the kind of pictures you want to see as you are heading out and about on a plane. this is from air traffic control tower regarding this particular plane. let's roll it. >> you need to go back to the gate. >> engine is on fire! >> miles, do me a favor. weigh in on what you just heard
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and i would imagine if, according to reports, the pilot of the plane traveling behind reported seeing fuel leaking. how was this not caught ahead of time? >> certainly that would have been something you would catch. what you have to think about is on those walk arounds, it's not like they are opening up the engine and even if they did open it up and looked at all the fans and connections, there might have been a fine looking connection which gave way when they tried to start the engine, which is what would have been happening while taxiing. normally you start with one engine going and fire up the second one as you get closer to clearance for take off. so it's quite possible this all kind of transpired in the process of starting up that engine. they wouldn't necessarily know from the cockpit that the fuel was leak iing. there's no indication of that. i would suppose you'd see the gauges go down, but that would
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take awhile. a fire you would get indications of. in this case, it was helpful that other pilots got on the radio and said you have fuel leaking. they were already on their way and made the decision o to go back when the fire back. >> it looks like it was a rapid response there with crews on the ground. what's your biggest take away? >> it looks like everything is okay. the only question i had was the left slide. generally you want to evacuate away from the fire. easy to second guess that, though. i don't know the circumstances at the time. you want to get people out as quickly as possible. >> miles o'brien, agreed to have you on. now to the race for the white house. will the third strike against jeb bush put him out of the presidential contest? for the third debate in a row, a candidate once thought to be the republican party's best bet really failed to breakthrough.
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here are some headlines. he came out a clear loser of the republican debate along with a name that's not even in the running, cnbc, taking a lot of the heat today for what many say were low blow questions from the moderators. and just moments ago, jeb bush spoke about the debate during a campaign stop in new hampshire. here he was. >> right now, washington is not working at all. it's dysfunctional. the debate last night was a good example of it. there wasn't any substantiative question where people talk about the questions around their kitchen table. very few things that were real. it was all about the horse race. it was all about the trying to figure out the gotcha question to make people look bad. >> so who came out on top? we'll soon get to all of that. first, in case you missed it, a recap. >> what's your biggest weakness? >> i don't really have any weaknesses that i can think of. >> i trust people too much. >> after the last debate i was
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told i didn't smile enough. >> if you want someone to drive you home, i will get the job done. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> it's not a very nicely asked question the way you say that. >> john got lucky with fracking. he hit oil. he got lucky with fracking. believe me, that's why ohio is doing well. >> we're going to try to move on. >> now you're skipping more votes than any senator to run for president. why not slow down, get a few more things done first or at least finish what you start? >> that's an interesting question. that's what the republican establishment says too. why don't you wait in line? wait for what? >> literal ly, the senate, it'sa french workweek. three days where you have to show up. you can campaign or just resign and let someone take the job. >> someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. here's the bottom line.
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my campaign is about the future of america. it's not about attacking anyone else on this stage. >> this is not a cage match. and you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a comic book villain? ben carson k you do matt? will you insult people over here? marco rubio, why don't you resi resign? how about talking about the substantiative issues that people care about. >> it's like a 400-pound man saying i'm going to go on a diet but i'm going to eat a sack of donuts before i do. >> do you believe the people responsible for the switch or cover up belong behind bars? >> you e bet they doo. if i were the prosecutor, that's where they'd be. >> i didn't inherit any money. my dad was a bartender, my mother was a maid and worked hard. >> you find a democrat that's for cutting spending $10 i'll give them a warm kiss. >> does that speak to your vetting process or judgment in any way? >> it speaks to the fact that i
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don't know -- >> [ boos becomes. >> see, they know. >> given the budget pressures is this a revenue stream you'd like to have? >> we're running a $2 billion surplus. there's no revenue problem. sending mixed signals to kids about drugs is a disaster. >> donald trump would be a better president every day of the week and twice on sunday rather than hillary clinton. >> we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football. >> the republican party is blessed to have 11 good candidates, 10 good candidates. >> in your heart of hearts, you cannot wait to see a debate between hillary clinton and carly fiorina. >> everybody said it was going to be three hours including them. in about two minute ts, i renegotiated it to two hours to get the hell out of here. >> so you get it. that's what happened last night.
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in that clip can, you saw jeb bush go after marco rubio and marco rubio took the sting out of bush's offensive. let's talk about all of the above with craig robinson and lisa booth, vice president of polling at wpa research. awesome having both of you on. thank you for joining me. craig, to you first. what is going on with jeb bush? with that kind of performance, when will money start drying up? >> i think it's going to start drying up right away. that was a really bad debate performance. not only did he lose the exchange with senator rubio, but the chris christie hit on him for talking about fantasy football was especially damaging. jeb bush is saying today that he wasn't asked any substantiative questions. yet last night he was asked a question that he didn't want, but he decided to talk about his fantasy football team. so if jeb wants to be serious,
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let's be serious. change the subject. you don't have to answer directly the questions that a moderator poses to you. it seems like he's incapable of steer i steering the discussion. and in any campaign, you have to be able to do that. he's shown an inability to really change the subject or talk about the issues that he wants to talk about. >> i'm so glad you brought up the fantasy football moment. i'm getting to that. but lisa, let's talk about ben carson. this is the lead man going into the debate last night both in national and state polls. but might minds change. take a look at what happened with gary tuckman, who was with a handful of republicans watching in utah. >> five of them told us there were strong supporters of ben carson when we came here. raise your hands high. how many are still strong supporters of ben carson? so two of you. >> will a bad debate hurt ben
11:11 am
carson? >> it might, but i would say he hasn't had strong debates in the cnn debate or fox news debate, so it will be interesting to see if the poll numbers change. who the had the worst night were the moderators. you have a problem when you're getting hit by the left like bill march and when they are saying that the debate did a disservice to voters. but ultimately it was republicans as a whole who had a good night because what they were able to do was to be able to unite against some of that bias. i think they were also able to lay out a sharp contrast between republicans economic vision for the future and what we have seen under. president obama and hillary clinton. republicans were able to lay out an indictment of those failed policies where we have seen middle-class families are making less now than they did before president obama took office. >> do you think a lot of the headlines today about the moderators and cnbcs that drowning out one of the
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headlines that your two front runners didn't really come to play. >> you're right. it is drawing a lot of headli s headlines. i think shame on the moderators for presenting questions and framing questions with such liberal bias. but i do think that the republican candidates really each of them did a good job of rebutting and taking down some of the questions. if you remember marco rubio called out the question about regarding his tax plan. so i think the candidates did a good job rebutting those points. pointing out when some of those questions were inaccurate. and also as i mentioned before, laying out an indictment of the failed economic policies we have seen under president obama and drawing a sharp contrast between what republicans vision for our future economically and that of hillary clinton's, which is the same failed policies we have seen under president obama. >> some of the candidates drew the line in the sand with
11:13 am
potential hillary clinton administration. but craig, back to your point about chris christie. the memorable moment is what you alluded to that he stole from jeb bush. here you go. >> i want to say this. we have a government -- we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football. >> with that, i said this after our reagan library debate in simi valley. why do you think he doesn't get traction after these debates? >> i think he would have more traction if he had a better foothold in iowa or new hampshire. chris christie, his problem is not debating. i think he's had moments like this before.
11:14 am
he's really good on the debate stage. he's a naturally gifted politician. and it's frustrating that he has -- he shines in these debates and he's really good on the stump and in town hall settings in iowa and new hampshire. but with such a big field, i think it's just hard to breakthrough. all the clutter and all the media attention of all the candidates. if he's ever able to get those numbers to start to rise, i actually think he's someone who could capitalize on it. >> thank you both. lisa you picked off a lot of what i'm going to talk about. next, the head of the republican national committee says future debate moderators are on notice. we will talk about the attacks against c nbc, the moderators, that's ahead. plus just in, speaking of the media, "the new york times" telling chris christie drop out now. hear why. and the former prep school
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. i'm brooke baldwin, this is cnn. republican presidential debate take three. we saw a lot of fireworks as these candidates wrestled to stand apart. they seem to share that the mainstream media is the worst. >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. >> the democrats have the ultimately super pac, it's called the mainstream media. >> do you want to answer or do you want me to? because i got to tell you the truth. even in new jersey is called rude. >> you people write this stuff.
11:20 am
>> this is not a cage match. and you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a villain? john caustkau kasich, will you o people over here? how about talking about the substantiative issues people care about. >> i know to a lot of people in the media this is a big game and we're the players. >> this is another example of the u double standard that exists between the mainstream media. >> if somebody put me on their home page, they did it without my permission. it speaks to the fact that i don't know it. >> they know. >> my panel is back with me. welcome to all of you.
11:21 am
you have some news just in from "the new york times" regarding chris christie. >> the editorial board calling on chris christie to drop out of the race. to give it up. they say essentially he has no chance and he's got a lot of work to do in new jersey. they say he should focus on his governor job until 2017 when his job is up. this is what we see with newspapers when we see a low polling candidate. it's interesting to see chris christie being targeted by this. i have a feeling he will use this as another chance to call out media bias. so much of what we saw last night was about the liberal media. they are going to say the times op-ed board is all about that. >> ramesh, the republicans pouncing on the moderators and cn cnbc. are they justified? >> sure, well i think the national political press does lean left. it has for a long time. i think what we saw last night
11:22 am
from cnbc wasn't liberal bias as rank incompetence. they just ran a very poor debate. when you combine those two things in the republican base low opinion, it was tailor made for a lot of the candidates to, as you put it, pounce. >> i absolutely agree. among republican operatives, there could be a lot of excitement about a debate hosted by cnbc as an opportunity, even if it wasn't as widely watched, to talk about substantiative issues that haven't been gotten to in the past two debates. instead what you came to is appreciate the hard work and the homework it takes and the effort to run a really great debate, which fox and cnn did. we saw the wild contrast with cnbc where it looked like they may only be preparing two hours prior. >> it wasn't as widely watched. the viewers are still outstanding. if you had a great night like
11:23 am
marco rubio, you're feeling good with those ratings. if you're one of the moderators, you're feeling worse and people are talking about how badly you did. >> the head of the rnc seconds after the debate wrapped blasting the network. here he was. >> i think it was one gotcha question, one personal low blow after the other. it's almost like they tried to design a rubics cube for every question to take the worst element, i think, of what moderators and what the media should bring to the table and all i can tell you is that while i'm proud of our candidates for pretty much sticking together, i'm very disappointed in the moderators and i'm very disappointed with cnbc. >> so it goes from the rubics cube to this. the rnc will fight to protect our candidates. i'm asking you to join me. let's put the mainstream media on notice. here's the thing. this is the head of the rnc who
11:24 am
put the republican candidates in that position. he okayed the rules. he okayed the network. so shouldn't the rnc shoulder some of the blame here? >> it wasn't so much the network. the rnc wasn't going to micromanage how the moderators conducted themselves once the debate begun. he handled it as well as he could have by not wasting any seconds to come out and be very clear that they are putting the media on notice and how disappointed he was in the network. >> do either of you disagree? >> i think one of the reasons he's denounced cnbc is precisely because he has some responsibility here and was facing dissatisfaction over that. >> i don't know how often this happens, but the campaign manager for the bush team banging on the door of the
11:25 am
control room on site. >> demanding more time for jeb. >> absolutely. cnbc tried to shut that down and tried not to be listening to that. you want to be able to control yourself and not have outside influences, but it goes to show how important a night this was for jeb yeb and the sense they had early on in the debate they were not doing very well. cnbc's response to this criticism is these candidates should be able to accept and take on tough questions if they want to be president. that's true, but there were also problems with managing the debate. there were problems with the chaos. and that's what the krcriticisms about. i u don't think in coming years they will be having a republican debate. it was that severe for the rnc that night. cnbc probably not in the running next time. >> thank you all so much. we'll come back to politics. next, new video paints a vivid picture of the deadly shootout between bikers in waco, texas, and police like you have never seen it before.
11:26 am
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remember that deadly biker shootout at a restaurant earlier on this summer left nine people dead, 177 others under arrest? now cnn has obtained this exclusive video that shows the moments a situation began to unfold. you see bikers ducking, running for cover as shots begin to ring out. ed lavandera shows us a side of the story like you have never seen before. >> this was the scene inside the restaurant in may just before the violent shootout that killed 9 people and ended up in the
11:31 am
mass arrest of 177 bikers. a fight and shootout erupts just off camera between a group of motorcycle clubs. the reaction tells the story of the chaos and horrific scene that unfolds as the gunshots start exploding. members of the club are sitting on this patio. they duck for cover. some grab other weapons. one biker is seen on the video running through the patio and firing a shot toward the parking lot. dozens of bikers rush inside the building, hide in bathrooms and the restaurant kitchen. john wilson is the president of the chapter of the motorcycle club. he was on the twin peaks patio that day. >> the whole incident probably didn't last more than 90 seconds. it seemed like an hour when you're laying there and people are getting shot around you and bullets are wrizing by you. >> the bike club members blame
11:32 am
rivals for starting the melee after it was all over crime scene photos capture the nightmarish scene. bodies left in the parking lot by toppled motorcycles, hundreds of weapons all over the place. handguns left hidden in the restaurant toilets. cnn has obtained more than 2,000 pages of documents, crime scene photos, many too graphic to show and surveillance video of what unfolded last may. police and prosecutors have consistently defended the mass arrests of the 177 bikers that day all charged with organized criminal activity. >> i think you can see by the number of weapons that we have recovered from here today they didn't come here to eat and have a good time with their family. they came here for a reason we think part of that reason was a criminal activity. >> many of the bikers and attorneys say they overreacted by carrying out mass arrests. some say videos show the vast majority are innocent of the criminal charges.
11:33 am
>> they just arrested everybody before they determined who was invol involved. >> these have some of the videos investigators are using to piece together what happened that day five months ago. a shootout that one wince said looked like the gunfight at the o.k. corral. >> ed lavandera reporting from waco, texas. ed, thank you. next here on cnn, jeb bush took on his fellow floridian marco rubio head on last night in an attack that by all accounts missed the mark. we'll talk to a florida political reporter who followed these two. what did he think of the matchup. and dana bash talked to jeb bush after the debate. how he responded to one of his biggest supporters who was disappointed with how he did. more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper.
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. after last night's debate a lot of people wondering if this is the end for jeb bush and his campaign. the florida governor struggled to dominate and stay ahead of rivals but says he remains hopeful. dana bash talked to jeb bush about his performance about the attacks on his political protege, marco rubio, and his thoughts on how the debate was moderated. >> they didn't control the debate, plain and simple. it was not a fair debate in that regard. >> he said there were gotcha questions. do you think that's true? >> of course, there were. after i laughing loud? >> there was a lot of buzz that your moment when you went after marco rubio turned out to be a
11:39 am
moment for marco rubio and not you. >> we'll see. the simple fact is that he has the worst attendance record in the united states senate, plain and simple. he now has an unpreceented editorial of a major newspaper saying he should resign and continue his campaign. he's not going to resign, he needs to show up and e vote. i believe that's the way we should be doing this. i supported him when he got. elected to serve the people of the state of florida. >> your friend and mine ana navarro said she's feeling glum tonight because of the performance that you had. >> i'm running for president of the united states. >> how do you win them back? >> i'm not a performer. if they are looking for entertainer in chief, i'm probably not the guy. . if they are looking for someone with a proven record of results, i'm their guy. >> you seem quite frustrated. >> not frustrated. i wish i had gotten questions
11:40 am
on -- got to answer questions about things that are on the minds of people. i got fantasy football. it's important i guess. >> the reason i ask about you being frustrated is today's environment when your performance is the name of the game when you have to sort of come across on tv in a certain way, that's what i meant by being frustrated. getting that message for people to hear it. >> i don't follow twitter. i don't worry about it. i'm going to control the part i can control. i got that -- i try to interject as much as i could. i was asked three questions. and i'm going to continue to work hard. and when you travel as up done, you see people connect with a message that's much more hopeful and optimistic. >> you have to go, i know. what do you say to people who support you and love you and want you to be president but
11:41 am
just are maybe not frustrated, but concerned you're not getting over the hump when it comes to the campaigning part. >> ana, hang in. there, girl. it's a long haul. >> well, the long haul that jeb bush is alluding to appears to be include going after his team. adam smith is joining me. he's been covering politics in florida for 20 years. adam, thank you for being with me. you're in florida. you are in the weeds on both jeb bush and marco rubio, their careers. what from what you say, you pointed out that tensions started the moment they walked out on stage, no handshake. >> yeah, that was just such a striking interview with dana bash. he's not a performer and that's part of the problem. politics is performance.
11:42 am
governing effectively is communicating and getting the message across. it's not happening. he is optimistic, but he seems anything but joyful. >> i was about to ask you do you buy that he's not frustrated? he kept saying, no, i'm not frustrated. >> he looks miserable. and marco rubio looks like he just makes it look easy. it's not easy for jeb bush. it seems to be a lot easier for marco rubio. >> i read that you say jeb bush's candidacy has always been flawed. how do you mean? >> well, i don't know that it's always been flawed. there's sort of a disconnect between his image nationally and in florida. in florida he was viewed as truly a bold conservative governor who got things done, pushed an agenda, had a ton of energy. national nationally, partly because the party has changed so much, he's viewed as sort of a tired guy, out of step with where the party
11:43 am
is today and just not quite able to connect with people in a way that marco rubio is. >> was jeb bush really strong and sharp in the florida debates? >> he's never been a great debater, but that's the other thing with this race. jeb has kind of had it size. he had one tough race way back in 1994 and he lost that race. and then he had a very easy election race, outspent his opponent. so he's not used to this level of political competition. maybe he's not up to it. >> marco rubio, you say he's the guy that makes it look easy. obviously, had a strong night last night. what do you think he needs to do to truly break out as the establishment candidate, or has he pulled that off already? >> well, i think what marco rubio has going for him, and again, those of us that have watched these guys know that
11:44 am
marco is not somebody that is going to make a mistake. he's very unlikely to do something stupid, make a gaffe, be clumsy in a way that jeb is. at some point he has to win. he has a sweet spot where he makes the establishment comfortable and reaches over to the ainlt-establishment because he's a fresh face, even as a senator. but at some point, he doesn't look like he's got a great chance to win iowa. not a great chance to win new hampshire. at some point, he has to be the first choice, not everybody's second or third choice. >> it was the bush advisers who want to label marco rubio as the gop obama. do you see the comparisons in terms of here's this young, rising too fast, ambition, lack of experience? >> yeah, it's an absolutely valid comparison. a fairly new freshman senator
11:45 am
whoments to immediately jump over the white house. you do hear that concern from a fair number of republican primary voters that say, look what happened when we did that with obama. on the other hand, obama won two presidential elections. obama excited a lot of people. obama looked like somebody who was going to turn the page from the politics of the past. to compare to obama is not necessarily the worst comparison in the world for marco rubio. >> adam smith, love getting a political florida voice. thank you so much. >> thanks, brooke. let's get another voice in here. how about that of hillary clinton? she has now weighed in on the republican debate moments ago. here she was. >> any of you see the republican debate last night? you know, i watched it. i was waiting for the discussion to turn to what people talk to
11:46 am
me about. i heard a lot of insults and a lot of back and forth between the various candidates. you would have been better off watching the world series because the debate, in my view, was a swing and a miss. >> in the meantime, carly fiorina saying she would be hillary clinton's worst nightmare. also ahead, we're watching and waiting for donald trump. getting ready to hold his first rally since last nagt's debate. i'm sure he will have some words about not only hillary clinton. jeb bush and possibly others. packed house there. sparks, nevada. also more on our breaking news, a plane catching fire in florida. you're watching cnn. you totalled your brand new car.
11:47 am
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11:50 am
congressman paul ryan is now officially the new speaker of
11:51 am
the house of representatives. he's succeeding john boehner who shed his final of many tears, picking up a box of tissues on his way up to the podium using that imagery as he often has, the son of a cincinnati b bartender with a big american dream, expressed his gratitude today. >> i have described my life as a chase for the american dream. that chase began at the main drag in ohio outside of cincinnati. top of the hill was a small house with a big family, a shining city in its own right. the hill had twists, the hill had turns, and even a few tears. nothing wrong with that. if you falter, and you will, you can just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go do it again. because hope always brings
11:52 am
eternal. and if you just do the right things for the right reasons, good things will happen. and this, too, can really happen to you. god bless you and god bless our great country. >> also emotional as his first moment here as speaker of the house paul ryan encouraged congress to embrace their differences and work across the aisle. >> we will not always agree, not all of us, not all of the time. but we should not hide our disagreements. we should embrace them. we have nothing to fear from honest differences honestly stated. if you have ideas, let's hear them. i believe that a greater clarity between us can lead to greater
11:53 am
charity among us. >> do you, sir, solemnly swear or affirm that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear truth, faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely without any middle reservation or purpose of evasion and that you will well and faithfuly discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter, so help you god? >> i do. [ applause ] >> now to this. a young woman with downs syndrome is challenging the perception of the word super340d model with each step she takes. dr. sanjay gupta shares her inspirational journey in this week's human factor. >> reporter: there's almost
11:54 am
nothing she won't try. >> she's been sky diving, zip lining, scuba diving. >> reporter: so when her 18-year-old daughter wanted to model, she wasn't about to stand in her way. >> i'm a realist. i know my daughter has downs syndrome, but that doesn't mean you can't do things. >> so in her case, the blood that was going into her heart wasn't getting enough oxygen before then going out. so when she'd cry, she'd turn blue and pass out. maddie almost didn't survive to see her first birthday. she had heart surgery at 2 months old. you would never know that by looking at this it spirited teen today. >> she does sports seven days a week. she's so energetic it exhausts me. >> reporter: and there's no rest in sight. her modelling career is taking off. she walked the runway during new
11:55 am
york's fashion week. all of which her mom said is giving hope to others with disabilities. >> madelyn isn't going to be the president of the united states, because she's australian, she's not going to be a brain surgeon, but she's changing the world. >> how great is that? and now some live pictures here from sparks, nevada. we're waiting for donald trump to appear behind that podium getting ready to hold his first rally since the debate. i'm sure he will have words for those candidates. also ahead, much more on our breaking news here of that plane catching fire in florida. several people hurt. new details there out of fort lauderdale, coming up next.
11:56 am
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i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. let's get to the breaking news. new information out of fort lader dale, florida. look at all the black smoke coming out of this plane. here's what we know. several people were injured taken to the hospital after this passenger jet caught fire while taxiing for departure. the plane had 200 passengers on board at the time. i have aviation analyst with us. but first, let's get to alena. what happened today? >> some of these passengers had a very terrifying experience
12:01 pm
aboard this plane. e we received new information we want to share with you. according to a tweet from the ntsb, the government agency is going to send a four-person team to fort lauderdale to investigate this fire. it's also worth noting that the fort lauderdale international airport is closed and it is expected to reopen at 6:20 tonight. this is no doubt going to cause a lot of headaches for people trying to make their way through fort lauderdale international airport this afternoon. i have also learned there are several people who have been injured in this incident. broward health medical center says that they are expecting anywhere from 6 to 10 patients. what we don't know is how many exact people we're talking about. we don't know the types of injuries they have. whether they were hurt inside the plane or while trying to get out of the burning aircraft.
12:02 pm
we're talking about dynamic airlines flight 405. this flight was scheduled to take off from fort lauderdale airport at 12:30 this afternoon and headed to venezuela. the plane caught fire while taxiing for departure and there are reports that the plane was leaking fuel just before this fire started. we have also learned a little more about this boeing 767. it was built in 1986 and this is a relatively new route for this airline. in june the airline announced it was starting to offer nonstop service between fort lauderdale and venezuela. they have reached out to the airline, which is based in greensboro, north carolina, and so far the airline is not make anything comments. >> so the headline, ntsb sitting in. what's the first thing you go
12:03 pm
looking for? >> the first thing they are going to do is secure the plane anden gin to e see if the plane was leaking fuel or because the engine itself suffered an uncontained engine failure, meaning something in the engine is almost like an explosion where a part goes and breaks through the side of the engine. it probably is a situation where the fuel line came loose after the pilot did the walk around. hopefully the pilot did the walk around that's required before flights. that will be the first thing. then the ntsb will be getting those maintenance records. they want to know who last touched the plane, last touched the engines, last touched the fuel lines, very important. >> glad you mentioned the walk around, because you would assume if we're talking about the plane behind this one saw a fuel leaking thrks must have happened after the walk around or the pilot would have noticed that. >> people see passengers sitting in a terminal doing the walk
12:04 pm
around thinking what could you see just by looking at the plane. you would be surprised. fuel leaks, all sorts of things can be happening. so that's an important part of the preflight. it's not always required depending on where you are in the routings for the day but presumedly they would have seen a fuel leak. >> pilots can do all the walk arounds they need to. thank you to both of you. now to politics. now to the race for the white house, will the third strike against jeb bush put him out of this presidential contest for the third debate in a row. the candidate once thought to be the best bet failed to breakthrough. check out these headlines. he came out as a claer loser of the debate on cnbc. one of the most wounding hits came from his former mentee,
12:05 pm
florida senator marco rubio. >> you can campaign or just resign and let someone else take the job. there are a lot of people looking for a senator that will fight for them each and every day. >> you know how many votes john mccain missed? i don't remember you ever complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position and someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> let's go to brianna keilar live in new hampshire with jeb bush today. what has jeb bush said post debate? >> well, a couple things. first off, we sensed a little frustration from here as he entered his event. he said he wished there had been more substantiative questions. also speaking to the crowd here seemed humbled and acknowledged he had not performed very well on the debate stage. he also said it's not about the big personalities on the debate
12:06 pm
stage. he said it's not about performance. he said it's about leadership. it's about having a servant's heart and he positioned himself as someone who has that. but still there are doubters, especially many within the republican party who wonder if jeb has what it takes to be the nominee. here's how he responded to those criticisms. >> it's not on life support. we have the greatest organization. we're doing fine. in october of four years ago, her main cane was the front runner. >> talking to jeb bush's supporters, they are emphasizing that he's got a lot of money in the bank and he's ready for the long game here, that his campaign raised tens of millions of dollars. the super pac backing him raised $100 million. there are ads bought for the early winter. supporters say it's not about
12:07 pm
popping in october or november. of course, they are spinning a little bit, but it's about popping in january before the big caucus in iowa and february in the primary here in new hampshire. still they admit he has some limitations. he struggled to close. he's done that before in some of these debates. and they do say he does need to have a good performance. he has to turn in a good debate performance and it can't come soon enough. >> brianna keilar in new hampshire, thank you so much. hit on so many points. i want to bring in my next guest, someone who knows jeb bush well, his former political strategist is with me. he's a florida lobbyist now. also with us is reporter jeremy diamond. great having both of you. long time ally, supporter of jeb bush, why is your guy not very sharp in these debates? what is it that's not translating between many hours of rehearsals and debate prep
12:08 pm
and being out there on that stage? >> i don't think that's just format is suited to his style. he's fairly low key. some people might say low energy. and he's very deep in the policy weeds a lot of time and unsuited to that format. you get 11 people up there and it's difficult to stand out. he had a few moments of humor. while we all like to finish the
12:09 pm
story, he needs to half of them are off the reservation running wild through the woods. but if they come back and there's no point in marco rubio or chris christie or even cruz trying to chase him because they can't catch him. they are too responsible and experience experienced for that kind of thing. you have to assume those folks are going to come back and when they do, you want to be someone they gravitate to. that's the long game. >> don't you want to be part of the narrative? you want jeb bush to really resinate. part of one of the exchanges reminded me of the simi valley debate between jeb bush and donald trump, which absolutely at this point in the tweet. so this is the senior editor from the atlantic. >> apologize to my wife, no. ploy 2, resign from the senate,
12:10 pm
no. okay. as president, get out of ukraine. no, okay. jeb bush seems like a really nice guy, but that is not enough. you say a debate stage isn't his best maybe venue, but it matters. 14 million people were watching. >> i think perhaps you underestimate him. he's a very polite man. >> i'm not underestimating, it's the people speaking. >> ask the folks who were in the terri schiavo controversy how weak he is. ask the african-americans who boycotted his office because of his initiatives on affirmative action. ask the legislator who is he broke over his knee how weak he is. he doesn't post up and name call like donald trump, good for him. >> points taken.
12:11 pm
jeremy, let's talk about jeb bush's protege, marco rubio. we have the video of the no handshake between the two. in your cnn piece you said, marco rubio, the gloves are off. has he broken through as the establishment candidate in your opinion? >> well, i think it's too early to be able to tell that, but the combination of marco rubio's excellent night last nugt and jeb bush's pretty terrible one, i think are going to help rubio carry forward with a lot of momentum that he's already been building up in recent weeks. we have seen rubio rise in the polls while jeb has remained where he is and sagged a little bit. so rubio is definitely going to have to seize the opportunity with this one to kind of carry forward that momentum and see how he can propel the campaign and maybe even draw some support from jeb bush, draw some of his donor who is are concerned with the direction of the campaign and see if he can siphon that support off so he can make his own really serious and strong bit to capture the republican
12:12 pm
nomination. >> i imagine the jeb bush folks are -- >> that's a pretty shallow well. >> well, i was going to make a small joke. if you look at jeb and marco's numbers, there's not a deep well to siphon from any of them. to win the nomination.way to go- it will come to at the end there will be a candidate who is the champion of the angry people. it looks like last night it might be ted cruz. then there's a champion more in the mainstream wing of the republican party. you'd think that would be jeb or marco. >> i just wanted to pivot before we run out of time. carly fiorina, no one has been talking much about her. she was on the stage last night and had a moment talking about hillary clinton calling her hypocritical on women.
12:13 pm
>> i may not be your dream candidate, but i'm hillary clinton's worse nightmare. in your heart of hearts, you cannot wait to see a debate between hillary clinton and carly fiorina. i will tell you this. i will beat hillary clinton. with your support and prayer, i will lead with the citizens of this great nation the resurgence of this great nation. >> she kept going back to hillary clinton. >> she's a perfect example of what a wonderful two first debates she had. in the first debate on the big stage, she was awesome. she won. and she was nowhere last night. so i'm not trying to -- i'm not a cool aid drinker, but i think that sometimes we overstate the importance of these debates and carly fiorina would be a prime example of that. >> jeremy?
12:14 pm
>> i think that carly fiorina didn't have her moment last night. the debate is supposed to be her event. it's the reason she started surging in the polls in the weeks after that second debate. but recently she's fallen back a little bit and she really needed a moment to show her supporters and the people who are interested in potentially supporting her candidacy because she is potentially such a threat to hillary clinton, she needed to show those people that she could carry forward, that she had more to offer than just that first stand out debate performance she had. i'm not quite sure she was able to accomplish that last night. >> jeremy diamond, thank you. max, come back. appreciate both of your voices. let's talk about donald trump. right now he's on the stage at his first rally since the debate last night. any moment he will take questions from the audience. we'll take that for you lye. also at another rally, trump stepped off the stage to speak face to face with the supporter
12:15 pm
of an army veteran who was right there in the crowd. i'll talk with him about his conversation with the republican candidate and the promise donald trump personally made to him. and the head of the republican national committee says future debate moderators are on notice. we will talk about the attacks against cnbc and the moderators from last night. i'm brooke baldwin, this is cnn. we're back after this. "day to "♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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book now at the new
12:19 pm
this is the first time he has spoken out since the debate last night. he's there in nevada. e we will take that q&a session of this as soon as it happens. donald trump showing a side of himself we have never seen before on the campaign trail. this happened at an iowa rally. he steps off the stage, goes into the crowd and speaks personally with a wounded veteran and his family. here is a little bit of what e he said to first sergeant todd landon, 22-year army veteran.
12:20 pm
>> i would put pressure on the v.a. >> 22-year-old first sergeant and his wife join me from sioux city, iowa. thank you so much for joining me. and thank you so much for your service to this country. >> it's an honor. >> i want to you about trump in just a moment. first, let me ask you about you. you served three tours overseas. why did you sign up? >> i got to reading vooet ram stories in high school and i wanted to be an infantryman. >> tell me about the ied. >> there were a lot of them. >> i'll take your word for it. what happened? >> we were on a night routine
12:21 pm
patrol doing counter-ied mission and i just happened to be the one that found one under my seat. i just remember a flash and people waking me up. >> and as a result of that ied, you have endured 21 surgeries, your chest, your back, traumatic brain injury. this is what you talked about with donald trump. what has your experience been like with the v.a.? >> initially, it was great. that was right when i retired -- i retired right at the beginning of the when cnn kind of exposed the v.a. for some of their shortcomings. my treatment initially was awesome. that dictated why we bought our
12:22 pm
house where we did. but 12 months later, things have slipped. it's a more confusing system than i think it was before. >> definitely. >> april, i want to hear your voice. you're a full-time caretaker here. you have an 8-year-old at home. how are you doing? >> we take it day by day. as a full-time caregiver, i was there most of the morning at the v.a. this morning. todd possibly has another surgery coming up. just trying to get some more tests that they need. trying to get everything organized. it's just kind of a struggle with this new choice program that the v.a. thought was supposed to help. it's just kind of made it very confusing and complicated. and hard to maneuver. >> it's hard to maneuver the
12:23 pm
system. todd needs a specialty care and special new surgeon that is not provided at the v.a. at the moment locally for that specific situation. so they have him being seen here locally, but the local doctor needs more testing. ooum sorry, it's just kind of a struggle is what i can say. i'm just hoping they can fix the system not only for my husband's sake, but for thousands of veterans. >> let me tell you, you're not alone. i had a two-hour breakfast with a beautiful mother and father who lost their son two years ago and are frus ratsed with the v.a. so you're not alone. and on that note, let me play a little more of your exchange with donald trump two nights ago. >> one of the things we're going to do is if todd or if you or
12:24 pm
somebody has problems because of the waits, because the waits are unbelievable, they are going to go to a private doctor or a public hospital that's in the area and we're going to pay for that. >> now first sergeant, donald trump is making promises. you say you support trump because he mentions veterans often. my question is what make. s you think he will carry through on those promises? because using private doctors, you tell me how he's going to pull that off. >> well, brooke, first of all, i don't want donald trump to feel obligated to do anything specifically for me. there's millions of veterans that need the same care that i do and the same health care.
12:25 pm
one of the biggest issues we have is having to travel for care. we can see private doctors, service connected for veterans. the v.a. should be taking care of me where i live. they do have a satellite office here in sioux city, which does the best they can, but it's a new system coming out to navigate through, it make s it hard for my wife. and for me. trips to the emergency room, you have to make a phone call to a v.a. facility 100 mile was to see if there are any beds available. >> you are not alone whatsoever. you are not alone. i would love to stay in contact
12:26 pm
with you. the system has to improve. you fought for our country. you should be taken care of, both of you. . thank you so much for your time. let's stay in touch please, thank you. >> thank you. and now to this. sometimes you got to call it like you see it. i saw something today that angered me. not just as a journalist, but as a woman. >> one thing -- >> you know what carly fiorina said? >> three pages. >> she kicked off her thing saying people tell me i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she is looked demented. >> it looked like a halloween mask. >> can you imagine? >> demented is a strong word. it looked like she was practicing that for a long time.
12:27 pm
>> she means demented. i have to stand up for the words we use. >> demented, her face could be a halloween mask. i love "the view." i have been a long time fan. joy be har is one of the funniest people on tv. but come on? double standard much. he followed up at the debate saying she was beautiful. which by the way a lot of ladies didn't like either. why do we have to talk about her looks, because she's a woman? appearance and then "the view" today, all i'm saying is we women can be the worst to one another. we say don't talk about their looks. look what happens. i know these ladies on "the view" get called out too. i get it. this is part of the job we signed up for, but still we can do better than that. how do i know this? how do i know i'm not alone? >> to follow up on that, don't hang up when i do this. you talked about carly fiorina
12:28 pm
in "rolling stone" magazine and said look at that face. can you imagine that the face of our next president. are you making fun of her looks? >> i'm talking about her persona. she failed miserably at hewlett-packard. she then ran for the senate and lost in a landslide. now she's running for president. i'm talking about her persona. >> why don't you talk about her brain instead of her face? >> amen. next, breaking just a short time ago, american fighters jets intercepting two russian planes near a u.s. aircraft carrier. hear what happened, coming up.
12:29 pm
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12:32 pm
you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. u.s. fighters jets intercepted two russian aircraft that they were flying too closely to the
12:33 pm
u.s.s. ronald reagan. this happened near the korean peninsula where the navy was escorting the warship during joint training exercises with south korea. four armed fighter jets were sent as standard operating procedure. the russian jets were flying a mile away from the u.s.s. reagan and as low as 500 feet in altitude. the navy says when it signals to the russian planes, there was no response. back to the race here for the white house. the republican presidential hopefuls, it's not a stretch to say they don't agree on very mu much. but they all have an opinion they did not hold back. that the mainstream media is the worst. >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. >> the democrats have the ultimate superpac. >> you want me to answer or you want to answer?
12:34 pm
i got to tell you even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude. >> you people write this stuff. >> this is not a cage match. and you look at the questions, donald trump are you a villain? ben carson, can you do math? john kasich, will you insult two people over here? marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantiative issues people care about. >> i know to people in the media this is a game and we're the players. >> this is another example of the double standard that exists in this country it in the mainstream media. >> does that not speak to your vetting process or judgment in any way? >> it speaks to the fact that i don't know it happened. see, they know. >> joining me know is cnn political commentator and jennifer reuben, "washington
12:35 pm
post." welcome to both of you. the whole thing started with this question. is this the comic book version of a presidential campaign? was that just like red meat for those candidates to pounce all over? >> that was the start. and then it continued and got a little worse and a little worse. each one of the candidates was handed a question that was meant to undermine. it wasn't a question that was going to get a to a matter of policy of national or local importance. it wasn't the thing you'd expect the candidates to be asked unless there was an active effort. when you look the a those questions, marco rubio, you're not. good with your personal finance. ben carson, can you do the math. ? all the way down the line to kasich on the end who they were trying to bait to attack more republicans. it locked really bad. you could see on social media as this was happening that explosion that finally happened with ted cruz was building up over time and he got them.
12:36 pm
because he was right. ted cruz had the best moment. rubio had the best debate. >> jennifer, your assessment of how the debate went down moderator wise. >> well, i think it was a mess. not only because of the reasons we just talked about, but because of what wasn't asked. they are a business network and they didn't do a very good job of talking about the economy. we didn't have a single question on trade. these candidates do have differences. it would have been nice to have heard about them on the merits. and they are going to have another debate in 13 days so we'll get more information. it did get the candidates a chance to pop off, which they love to do and some do it better than others. >> what about the rnc chair seconds after this whole debate. he jumps on tv, blasts cnbc and says this. >> i think it was one gotcha
12:37 pm
question, one personal low blow after the other. it's almost like they try to design a rubiks cube for every question to take the worst element of what moderators and what the media should bring to the table and all i can tell you is that while i'm proud of our candidates for pretty much sticking together, i'm very disappointed in the moderators and i'm very disappointed with cnbc. >> so that said, he released a statement. the rnc won't stand for it. let's put the mainstream media on notice. but jennifer, just staying with you, isn't it the rnc that agrees to the rules? they said yes o to cnbc. shouldn't the rnc shoulder some of the responsibility for what happened last night? >> well, that's why he's such a veracious and strong statement there. i think he's under a lot of pressure from people in the party for choosing this outlet.
12:38 pm
i think he thought that cnbc would be kind of a straight business news approach to things. what i don't know is whether he selects the individual moderators. he might have been expecting a different line up than the one he got in those particular people who decided to be aggressive and not to do too much on the economic side. >> buck, to this moment. we have this teed up. during the democratic debate donald trump was tweeting. during this debate hillary clinton was tweeting. here's the gif. brushing it off her shoulder. you could say if you're a democrat, that's really clever. marco rubio pounced on that saying it was outrageous they would use an image of that from the benghazi hearing. i imagine you agree with the florida senator. >> i think that it was clearly intended in a different way. it wasn't meant to reference the benghazi hearing. there was a unity of the candidates last night on the
12:39 pm
stage in that they all recognized, some of the media has to continue to let this play out, that hillary clinton is going to be the candidate and there was a difference in tone from those candidates because not only are they united in a sense against the media, which if you heard the questions last night you understand why. they were also united against the hillary clinton opposition they know whoever it is going to be against. so instead of this sniping and set of personal attacks you would have seen, that happened a little bit, but not as much. throughout the course of the debate, you saw more united front because they realized that hillary clinton is going to be the person they are facing. that's a good thing. they also need to have some consolidation recognizing that fact. we need some of those candidates to drop out. >> speaking of jennifer, i'm sure you have seen "the new york times" pinning this opinion piece essentially saying to the new jersey governor it's time for you to get out. your reaction to that? >> i think it's pretty silly. he had a good debate actually. with jeb bush going downhill, i wrote a piece for "the
12:40 pm
washington post" he has a chance to move up. he's focusing on the state of new hampshire, where moderate republicans tend to do very well. i think he's hoping to get a bounce in the polls. and maybe it's important to get the donors from the bush camp. so i think it's kind of a silly proposition. that said, there are some candidates who will drop out. i just don't think chris christie is one of them. right now, donald trump is on stage in nevada. this is his first rally since the debate last night. he will take questions. we're waiting for that. he's still speaking. want to make sure we dip in on the q&a. this is cnn, stay with e e me. about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years.
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want to take a moment now to talk about what happened in a church in queens, new york, where thousands of police officers lined the streets, rain-soaked and shivering, to honor one of their fallen comrades. the officer was killed last week after being shot and killed by a suspect he was pursuing. officer holder was laid to rest in a gold casket. fellow officers acting as pallbear pallbearers and in a tearful eulogy, the police commissioner read some of holder's own words. his officer appreciation letter from the summer of 2010, his highest hopes to serve his community, his ambition and authenticity, absolutely heartbreaking. >> my name is randle holder, born 1982 in georgetown. growing up all i wanted to do was to make a difference in my
12:46 pm
community and become a role model. in november 2002 i migrated to the united states of america to live with father. when i read this letter, when i saw that term to live with fatter, i was struck, not my dad, but father, the respect that he must have had for you, it denotes that i was just extraordinary touched by that term in this letter. the love that he must have had for you. my first real job was working as a security officer. most of the managers were retired police officers and always talked a lot about how they chaunged their communities.
12:47 pm
that's when i decided i could be a role model and make a difference in my community in new york. in december 2010 i will graduate from the nypd academy to become a police officer in the greatest police department in the world. for your information, randolph holder, you were indeed a role model. you made a difference.
12:48 pm
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12:52 pm
want to get you an update on our breaking story out of ft. lauderdale, florida. this passenger plane caught fire earlier today as it was sitting there obviously on the tarmac. we're learning 15 people were injured, one with serious burns. alina machado has been working with us, you're learning doctors are treating patients. how are they doing? >> reporter: we've learned a little more about the extent of the injuries and actually how many people were injured. we know there were 101 people on board dynamic airline flight 405 when it caught fire here at ft. lauderdale international airport. we know that one person, at least one person was seriously hurt. that was the most serious injury it was a burn victim. we also know two others were also seriously hurt. and then the rest of the people who were wounded, who were hurt in this, are described as the walking wounded. here's what some of the doctor who treated some of these
12:53 pm
injuries had to say. >> we've actually received at this point 14 patients including one pediatric patient and one pemergency department who are currently being seen and evaluated. >> most of our patients are mus lo skeletal type injuries. we're prepared to handle how many more patients come our way and take the best care of our patients. for the most part their stable and we're handling them as they come. >> reporter: a total of 15 people, at least 15 people were taken to hospitals here in the ft. lauderdale area. and it's also worth noting that the airport was expected to stay closed for several hours. we've learned at the airport one runway is now open. there's still a runway shut down. they are still expecting delays. slowly expecting to get back to normal here, brooke. >> thank you so much for that
12:54 pm
update. hearing donald trump take questions from an audience in nevada. he just started talking to the audience here a little q and a. we'll dip into it live after this quick break. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. you totalled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain.
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we are going to take you to trump, but we've got to get this now breaking on cnn, a german rapper who joined isis has been killed in a u.s. air strike. analyst paul joins me now. paul, who is he and what happened? >> hey, brooke. we're learning from a u.s. official that a prominent german isis propaganda killed in a u.n. strike on his vehicle while he was traveling in syria earlier this month. the isis recruit was known as dennis kuspurt once had the rapper name desert dog but he
12:59 pm
converted to islam. he was radicalized and in 2012 he joined isis in syria. he's since then appeared in many isis videos including one where he was holding a decapitated head. he's been a big propaganda for isis in syria luring western recruits to the group. so this is a big intelligence success. it appears to the united states in taking out this key propaganda, this key recruiter inside syria. >> so taken out by u.s. air strike just quickly 20 seconds how this is just happened. >> it appears this may have happened a couple of weeks ago. there was a post from a resident of raqqa that he might have been killed a couple weeks ago, but we're now able to confirm from u.s. officials that he was indeed killed, brooke. >> got it. paul, thank you so much as always excellent sourcing. appreciate it. and thank you so much for being with me here today.
1:00 pm
i will be here same time, same place tomorrow. i'm brooke baldwin. for now let's go to washington, d.c. and my colleague jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. thanks, brooke. will last night turn out to be the last debate for anyone on that stage? "the lead" starts right now. who nailed it? who face planted? the answers to both of those questions according to pundits say the guys from the state of florida, marco rubio riding high among the critics after a strong gop debate. could jeb bush be riding off into the sunset? on fire, terrifying video of a passenger jet spewing thick black smoke seconds before takeoff. the latest on the injured. just what went wrong. plus, guns blazing outside a bar. the exclusive first dramatic look at the surveillance vid of a bloody motorcycle gang