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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 29, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tonight, the question is, could we be seeing the first signs of the next presidential campaign? when republicans took the stage in boulder, colorado last night momentum seemed to be shifting for front runners and fading for others. today we got the sense of how the debate affected the larger dynamic and got a chance to look whether the event was conducted
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fairly and on the flip side, whether candidates answered questions factually. all of that ahead tonight. but three key candidates holding events today. brianna keilar in new hampshire and sara murray with the trump campaign and in boulder, brianna, jeb bush addressing a heated exchange between him and marco rubio. what did he say? >> reporter: this is an exchange that backfired on him. he took rubio to task for missing senate votes. rubio responded with a very strong retort and bush was caught flat footed unable to respond. jeb bush certainly a little frustrated and humbled today acknowledging that his debate performance was not great, but he still stood by his critique. here is what he said. >> i think people when they get elected to serve, they ought to serve. the fact is three senators on the stage last night combined two bills they sponsored that became law and the gridlock has
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to be fixed and i don't think we'll fix it with someone part of that but someone who has a proven record to fix things. i can change washington like i did tallahassee. >> reporter: i've been talking to republican backers and admit this is not his forte, the debate stage and not necessarily a closer on these attacks. jeb bush here today trying to stress that looking for a nominee it isn't about big personalities on a stage. that's what he said. it's not about performance but leadership and trying to convince voters he brings that to the table. >> i understand he was pressed today also on if his campaign could continue after last night's debate and the slashing of staff. >> reporter: that's right. he was asked to respond to criticism that his campaign is on life support. he said it's not on life support. what he said was i have the organization, so the ground game that i'm building in these early states, i have the money. he said i have the heart talking
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to backers of his. they emphasize he definitely has the money but we're certainly going to see if that's enough. >> appreciate the reporting. to donald trump who spoke to supporters in nevada took shots at his opponents, only some of whom he said he respected and believes president obama hates israel. as always, when he speaks there is plenty to talk about. sara mr. murray is joining us to talk about that as well. last night i understand trump had something to say about it today. >> yeah, you're absolutely right, anderson. he looked at marco rubio and jeb bush on stage and said look today, the heat was on, these guys pretend like they are friends. trump said i've been saying for weeks that's not true and saw that on the debate stage last night. he saw hatred between the two gentlemen, which is a strong phrase to use between jeb who has been a mentor but i think we did see sort of the breaks in their relationship.
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donald trump seems to be reveling in that today. >> is trump saying he won the debate last night? i assume so. >> reporter: i'm sure you will be shocked to hear, anderson, that donald trump believes he was far and away the debate winner. take a listen to what he said about that today. >> so who saw the debate last night? [ cheers ] >> and great, and who won the debate? >> you! >> yeah, we did well. everybody, i mean, i think there were a few people that really did well last night. we won every online poll. drudge, "time magazine" every week every time we have it. we won cnbc. >> reporter: now of course, many people felt like it was marco rubio and ted cruz but you can't question his confidence or energy when it comes to the race for the presidency.
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? >> sara, thanks for that reporting. to ben carson, we'll talk in the next segment about his involvement with the nutritional company. he denied relationship and did so again today, first, we are joined with more from colorado. what did dr. carson have to say last night about the debate? >> reporter: it's very clear, anderson, he's not happy with the debate. he really didn't have a standout night and went long stretches without talking and seems to be playing safe so today he really came out, much more forcefully than he really normally is out on the campaign trail and blasted the debate format. here is what he said earlier today in colorado. >> debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates and get to know what's behind them and what their thinking process is, what their philosophy is and what it's turned into is a got ya. that's silly. and that's not really helpful
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for anybody. >> and carson is trying to capitalize on this unhappiness. he said he reached out to the other campaigns and he is calling for the other candidates to try to push to make changes before the next debate. he says he wants longer question and answer times and he wants better questions from the moderator but anderson, he would not answer whether he would boycott the next debate if those changes aren't made. >> he was asked by a reporter about mannatech he denied having involvement with yesterday. what was his response? >> reporter: he continues to call the questions with mannatech and the controversial company got ya questions and doubled down today when he got into a back and forth with reporters here in colorado. he says that he had a formal relationship but wasn't paid for all of the videos that he appeared in but certainly, anderson, there are a lot more questions that remain here. >> thank you. let's dig deeper now, bring
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in senior political reporter nia malika henderson and our own ace, chief national correspondent john king, host of "inside politics." ryan, jeb bush's performance. a lot of people said this is the beginning of the end for him. do you think that's actually what is happening here? does he have a chance of a come back? >> things are very bad and his problem in this campaign is high expectations. he was the guy that was supposed to be the front-runner and dominating things and has failed to meet those expectations. i still think if you look at john mccain's model in 2008, he entered the race as the problem hitted front-runner. his campaign collapsed. he reorganized and ended up the nominee. anyway, i think it's a little premature to chase jeb bush from the race as long as he has money in the bank. the old cliche is campaigns don't end. they run out of money and we don't have that much visibility
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into what he has on hand at this very second, but the last reporting period, he had enough on hand to go through quite a bit longer and he has a very well-funded super pac. so i don't see the case for him, you know, getting out of the race until the funds dry up. >> john, i mean, a lot of people pointed to marco rubio and said he looked stronger. he had the second longest amount of speaking time, bush was dead last in speaking time. do you think -- i mean, has bush been sure planted by his own protege? >> concede the point that marco rubio had a much better night. today jeb bush if you're a python fan was out there saying i'm not dead yet. that's bad for a candidate and he also had to get on a conference call with donors and state chairman to say look, i know i could have done better last night but don't panic. we'll get this together. rubio has this moment and the question anderson, what can he make of it. inside the campaign, positive phone calls and raised a lot of
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money and have bush donors that say if our guy keeps faltering, we're keeping an eye on you. the thing to watch now is polls. can he move in the polls? right now in the national polls, rubio nine and bush seven and iowa, bush is at six, new hampshire rubio at eight, bush nine. south carolina rubio eight, bush six. they are in the same exact place in the national polls and key state polls. the question, anderson, if you grow, where does it come from? because the two guys with the biggest baskets right now remain trump and carson. to grow, sure, you can get a couple votes from carly fiorina or chris christie but if rubio grows, it has to come as the same question faces ted cruz, it would have to come from trump and carson. let's see. >> let's talk about carson. a lot of people were pointing to him. he's the front runner in some
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polls and waiting for him to take command of the stage last night but never happened. is he playing a different game than some of the other candidates on that stage? >> i think in some ways he is. we talked to his business manager and that's his demeanor. he's not going to get out there and lean in and butt in and take time from other folks on stage and interrupt and i think the looming question for him, is he sort of a michele bachmann, herman cain where his time at the head of the pact is brief or is he more like a mike huckabee candidate or rick santorum where he'll be a regional candidate and really do well among evangelical voters. he's got to figure that out. i do think the people that like ben carson, like him because they think he's a god-fearing man if you go to iowa in those home schooling communities, they read his book and they are very familiar with him. these kind of debate settings are not necessarily looking for anything more than what they get, which is this dignified man
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who they like and believe he's directed by god and his decisions are lead by that and that's what they are looking for and that's what he presents himself as and any time he gets into a fight with the media, that even helps him. >> right. >> and he can denounce political correctness and all that. i think he did what he needed to do. i think the question is again, is he going to be at the top of the field for briefly or is he going to be able to grow. >> ryan, you look at the two front-runners, carson and trump and didn't have breakout nights last night regardless of what trump says. but i mean, i guess to the larger point that nia was talking about, did the debates matter as much for them? >> no, i think they do. these debates really, they really do matter. the audiences are huge and for a lot of republican, 10 million last night, 15 for the cnn, 25, excuse me, i think 25 for the cnn and fox debates. those are huge audiences, this
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is a big moment for the candidates and i think carson kind of blew it. this was his moment as not quite the front runner but someone who is at the head of that new york times poll and leading trump in iowa. this was a moment for him to say that he deserves to be called a front runner and he just sort of laid back and didn't bring a lot of game. i think for trump, he was trump. he was a little more alive than the last debate. but he didn't do anything, there is no second act we're seeing from trump and like john says, we watch the polls over the next few days and see who is following the media winners, which were rubio and cruz. see if they pop or not. >> it was interesting, john, trump didn't go after ben carson on the debate stage because in the days before he had been pretty tough on the campaign trail. >> they say they thought the others and moderators would be tougher on ben carson. they thought the scrutiny would come from other sources. number two, they are stunned a bit by their drop in the polls,
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especially out in iowa because his negatives have gone up some. they wanted to be careful and didn't want to go into attack mode thinking it would hurt more. >> thank you all. ben carson says he has no formal ties to the known nutritional supplement company mannatech even though he's given four speeches on their behalf. also, a fire broke out on a plane. that's when we continue. now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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as mentioned, today dr. ben carson slammed moderators accusing them of asking got ya questions including his relationship with a nutritional supplement company called mannatech. >> this is a company called mannatech of which you had a
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ten-year relationship and offered claims they could cure autism, cancer, paid $7 million to settle a deceptive marketing lawsuit in texas and yet, your involvement continued. why? >> well, that's easy to answer. i didn't have an involvement with them. that is totally propaganda and this is what happens in our society. total propaganda. i did a couple speeches for them. i did speeches for other people. it was paid speeches. it is absolutely absurd to say that i had any kind of a relationship with them. do i take the product? yes. i think it's a good product. >> that was carson's answer. keeping them honest, how does it stack up with the record? drew griffin has been doing digging. >> reporter: ben carson says he didn't have a special relationship with mannatech but whatever he had sure has been profitable. since 2004, carson has delivered four paid speeches on behalf of the company, a company that sells vitamins, minerals and glyco nutrients.
8:18 pm
he was paid $42,000 for just one of those speeches. listen to what he says in this speech from 2004. >> let me just briefly delve into how i became associated with the products of this company. >> reporter: sound like someone with no relationship to the company? carson goes on in this speech saying supplements help cured his prostate cancer and in 2014 gave this interview done with a company representative with the company's products on full display. it's produced with music and video overlays of the company's products. >> you know, i began to recognize that, yes, traditional medicine is good but, also, looking at some addition of natural products, you know, making sure that people are well hydrated, making sure that
8:19 pm
people get the right amount of exercise. >> reporter: mannatech based outside of dallas has a history of trouble. at least with one state regulator. in 2007, the state of texas filed this lawsuit claiming sales associates lied to customers about the effectiveness of the supplements. the company knows they are illegal claims but refuses to stop making them. two years later mannatech settled and paid $7 million in civil fines. >> even though when they are studied and this one actually hasn't been but when they are studied, they don't show any good. it's really difficult to prove healthy people are healthier if they take supplements. >> reporter: after the debate, carson insisted mannatech didn't pay him because he was paid by a speakers burro to appear before sales conferences including mannatech and says he has no links to the company.
8:20 pm
>> doesn't mean i'm endorsing them or have a special relationship with them. there are some groups that booked me multiple times. it doesn't mean that i have a special relationship or involved with their product. they can easily go back and find out that i don't have any formal relationships with mannatech. >> reporter: we did check. all references to carson have been removed from the various mannatech websites to compile with federal election campaign laws. in a statement e-mailed to cnn the company says dr. carson chose to participate in videos while attending corporate events he gave his personal perspective and testimony. he was not compensated for his participation in these videos. >> drew, the texas lawsuit against mannatech claimed the company said the pills could help with pretty terrible diseases, right? >> yeah, long sections of that lawsuit, anderson, detailing how mannatech sales people told
8:21 pm
customers these supplements could help with symptoms of alzheimer's, down syndrome and cancer and the lawsuit said of course there was no scientific evidence to back it up. >> as for dr. carson's use of the supplements, what does he say? >> carson is able to point out he's not giving up on traditional medicine at all, shouldn't be abandoned is what he said but these supplements can and should be used in conjunction with approaches that have worked. >> article strong williams is dr. carson's business manager and radio tv talk show house and columnist joins me tonight. good to have you on the program. you heard drew's report. how do you describe dr. carson's -- i don't know if you'd even call it a relationship with mannatech. he said last night, i didn't have a relationship with them. it's absurd to say i had any
8:22 pm
kind of relationship with them but four speeches and then appearances and promotional materials and sort of this infommercial on pbs, what do you make of it? >> good evening. four speeches over 11 years. one of the things you have to understand about speaker's burro. they negotiate the contracts. they discuss their fees and dr. carson's fees and they make the decision what goes on dr. carson's calendar. he has no say so unless there is someone he knows like a school he wants to do an engagement for -- >> wait a minute. for dr. carson to say he was paid by the speakers burro, that's not true. >> but it is true. let me finish. >> i work with the same speakers bureau and i can tell you -- every relationship is different.
8:23 pm
>> oh, really, okay? >> so let me finish, thank you. dr. carson was booked by the washington speakers bureau and obviously, dr. carson gave these speeches over the last year to mannatech and dr. carson was in branson, missouri and he was there, just released his book "america the beautiful" and mannatech sponsored the speech. dr. carson was supposed to get on stage and talked about the product. he talked about his personal story and book and didn't mention mannatech once. when he left the stage, the ceo of mannatech met him and said you didn't mention it and we have orphanages in africa -- >> so they were annoyed. >> they asked him would he record the videos. what happened when he recorded the videos, when they were posted they were doctored and edited. that's how the videos came to life. >> is that something you were aware of and trying to get them to remove? >> unbelievable. and what really was the nail in
8:24 pm
the coffin, anderson, was pbs was doing these specials on a healthy heart and healthy eating and they needed and the guy doing this, richard taylor junior needed to find somebody who was a neurosurgeon to be a part of it and so dr. carson agreed to do it, go to phoenix, arizona, do it for free and no cost and low and behold we find out pbs cannot do these healthy heart series unless nay have a sponsor. mannatech has another division of independant distributors. they were trying to get dr. carson to talk about the drugs and dr. carson refused to do it. the executive producer of pbs in 2014 -- >> i hear what you're saying. >> yeah, it's -- >> but i've got two main
8:25 pm
questions that i don't understand and maybe you can clear up. one, four speeches over 11 years, in those 1 1 years, they were very publicly, you know, being looked into, they ended up settling for $7 or so million so moving forward, you certainly wouldn't want your candidate and your friend and business associate associated with a company -- i mean, you can vet these companies easily before you go and speak at them. >> anderson, there are so many companies, especially in this business have all kind of issues. they put these products out there. they work for some. don't work for others. dr. carson felt the products were good but thought they were good for him that's why he continues -- >> was he aware the company was being -- >> much later. much later. much later. >> just finally, on the payment thing, i mean, yes, the payment goes to washington speaker's bureau and they take their cut
8:26 pm
and the person paying the company pays the -- sends the check to washington speakers bureau and then they ford it on to dr. carson. for dr. carson to say he is paid by the speakers bureau, they are not originating the check. it's coming from the main company. >> but the difference is, anderson, if you've given 250 speech as year, dr. carson, unfortunately, does not get into the details. he has no idea where these speeches are. he has no idea how it works. we don't get him involved in these details. he shows up and gives a speech -- listen, i know you're short on time. it was dr. carson in phoenix, arizona. he said, you know what, i'm comfortable with this, i want you to end this. in 2014, i spoke with richard till and said, look, the relationship is over. he's been spooked. he just doesn't want to deal with it because he doesn't feel
8:27 pm
right about it and it was over. >> but he was paid for four of those speeches but three was going to an affiliate that he was associated with. >> he was paid, yes. >> and paid by mannatech? >> yes. except in the phoenix speech because it was for pbs and he was doing it as a charity. >> armstrong williams, thank you for coming up. >> thank you for having me. a lot more ahead to the republican candidates taking aim at the media. throwing their hardest punch at news organizations. why blending the media has become a standard tactic and also what went on last night. re. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone.
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the biggest punching bag by far was the media and audience ate it up. brian stelter has more. >> reporter: claims of media bias. >> this is just a great big game and we're the players and we come out here and do our thing. sometimes we're held up in contempt by people who write
8:32 pm
columns. >> reporter: it's a way to deflect tough, unwelcomed questions. and it's a way to show strength but in the press is on the defensive. >> i've seen 20 other people follow up. >> it was at the moderator's did i discretion. >> rand paul and others showed how effective media bashing can be. >> the democrats say it's called the mainstream media. >> this has been a staple since the 1960s. >> she says it came to her at a time when you were having an affair, she says you asked her to enter into an open marriage. would you like to take some time to respond to that? >> no, but i will. and i am, frankly, astounded that cnn would take trash like that and use it to open a presidential debate. >> most journalist also tell you
8:33 pm
they tried very hard to expunge any and all bias from their stories. many conservatives laugh at it. >> most of the people in my business are convinced that you are biased against all of us. >> i can spot those liberal media folk here to write their annual conservatives in the story. >> it kind of goes without saying that there's definitely media bias. >> the results, according to pew, the more conservative you are, the fewer mainstream media sources you trust. fox news has benefited from that and so if some candidates. on thursday, several declared war on the liberal media. e-mailing supporting asking for money while mocking the moderators and they are not the only ones doing that. >> it just seems like they lost their way and did not seem to be in command of it. >> reporter: the rnc, which picked cnbc for the debate put the media on notice saying that bias will not be tolerated.
8:34 pm
>> some of the criticism is for show. what those moderators at cnbc were trying to do was to get candidates to tell more of the truth. >> brian stelter joins us now along with senior political analyst david gergen. clearly the audience was warmed up to the idea but is it a politically easy trick? i think moderators gave them ammunition and made it easy because i think some of the questions seemed kind of obvious ones that they can be attacked on. >> anderson, listen, as raund paul said last night, controversy in the sense of liberal bias among republicans, especially among conservatives, stretches all the way back to goldwater, 1964 convention and that whole campaign and ever since then that's when the media started looking at -- i knew a
8:35 pm
lot of business people who were conservatives and there could be an alternative and along came fox and i think there's more balance now than there used to be but there's a widespread feeling among conservatives that they don't get a fair shake. to be honest with you, i think marco rubio had a point when he said -- in the benghazi hearing that the hillary clinton merged with a lot of -- we didn't talk a lot about the fact that there was a clear inconsistency in her story and what happened when. and i think that's a legitimate concern on the part of marco rubio and the republicans but, you know, marco rubio also didn't mention that the reason
8:36 pm
the media got so interested in whether she could handle these republicans was it was republicans who told us that this was a rigged job, that this was a rigged process. so naturally we looked at it through that lens. when it was over, this is a complicated story. i think the media gets a generally mainstream media print media tends to be more of the talk radio and tends to be very conservative. if you look at "wall street journal" versus "the new york times," you know, they are the opposite of each other in how they often look at the world. >> you look at the ratings for fox, saying that's not mainstream media is laughable and -- >> fox is definitely part of the mainstream media. >> brian, it's interesting. i think bias is an issue and something you rigorously have to look at and think about and did you make a mistake, admit you made a mistake but there are many kind of biases. there are geographical biases.
8:37 pm
if. >> it's also conflict bias. they turned out to hurt them. a conflict against them. it ended up backfiring on the moderators. there were lots of hints and very clear smoking guns. candidates were going to gang up on the moderators. why they weren't prepared to push back is perplexing to me and inside cnbc people are rattled. there is a lot of embarrassment. >> it was poorly produced to be honest and the fact some moderators didn't have the quotes to back up what they were saying so if they were challenged on the quotes, i'm not sure where that is from and several segments later, let's go back to what we were talking about ten minutes ago, which doesn't work. >> absolutely. and as we heard last night from tom foreman last night after the debate was over, you know, what trump had claimed said, you
8:38 pm
know, to the questioner we don't know what you're talking about, i never said that and then right there on his website. it was easily checkable but the woman asking the question, the reporter asking the question didn't -- you know, wasn't prepared. i think they lost control of the debate. i felt that they weren't coordinated among themselves so they were talking among themselves, the candidates were talking among themselves and it got very, very messy, as well as i think they had a legitimate question as to whether in fact the same type of question had been put to the democratic candidates as to the republican candidates. so it's going to put a lot of pressure on the moderators in the next debate. >> they did have 14 million viewers watching. still, by far, extraordinary numbers. thanks to donald trump, many, many more people are watching the debates and commercial time costs $250,000. cnbc said it was the most
8:39 pm
profitable night. >> i can tell you when i moderated, i got a flood of e-mails from liberals saying i was far too conservative asking challenging bernie sanders ongoing to the soviet union on his mondhoneymoon and calling h socialist and things like that. bias is in the eye of the beholder. everybody sees it when it doesn't seem to comport with -- >> tough questions. >> go ahead, david. >> anderson, i thought in retrospect, you got from the media critics, you got sort of high marks for an unbiased set of questions. i think you should feel good about that. >> it was interesting, trump actually -- >> but you weren't trying to -- you weren't trying to make it a nasty stir them up throw things at each other debate. >> yes, which is not what we want. david gergen, thank you both. how two allies turn into arch rivals. that's next.
8:40 pm
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for months, there's been rising tension between jeb bush
8:44 pm
and marco rubio. these two florida rivals aren't even pretending to play nice. >> i'm a constituent of the senator and i helped him and expected that he would do constituent service which means that he would show up to work. he got endorsed by the sun signal because he was the most talented guy in the field. he's a gifted politician. but marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term and you should be showing up to work. i mean, literally, the senate, what is it, like a french work week? you get three days where you have to show up? you can campaign or let someone live the job. there are people living paycheck to paycheck in florida. they are looking for a senator that will fight for them each and every day. >> i get to respond, right? >> 30 seconds. >> it's interesting, i listened to jeb saying you're modeling your campaign after john mccain, you're going to launch a furious comeback like he did. carried your own bag at the airport. you know how many votes john
8:45 pm
mccain missed? >> jeb, i don't remember you ever complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason you're doing it is that someone has convinced you, attacking me is going to help you. my campaign is going to be about the future of america. it's not going to be about attacking anyone else on this stage. i will continue to have tremendous respect for governor bush. i'm running for president because there's no way we can elect hillary clinton. >> let's talk about what happened. joining us now is the bush communications director tim miller. great to have you on the program. when marco rubio said that, he clearly got a response from the audience. is that in fact true, is this something that you guys had worked on governor bush turning to marco rubio and using kind of a french line, the french work hours line? >> you know, that's not true at all. this is about public service and that's what marco doesn't get and i think that over the long
8:46 pm
haul this comparison is going to be one that accrues to our benefit. when jeb was in florida, he worked tirelessly every single day. he cut taxes every single day he hasn't had a lot of accomplishments so that's the real argument that we'll have. but in terms of the next 100 days and we feel like that's one that is going to be a winner for jeb. >> but in terms of, one, he clearly didn't win on that stage and clearly was a moment in which -- i'm assuming your campaign had fought out and had hoped would be a powerful moment. on something like that, i mean, do you do mock debates? i mean, do you practice debating? >> for us, we want to let jeb be jeb and we think he's the best candidate on the stage and the
8:47 pm
most prepared to be president. obviously you work through it and most importantly it's who is the person that's prepared to fix d.c. and we think on that issue this is a good contrast for us and there are going to be a lot more debates. >> where is the lane moving forward for you guys? is it focusing in new hampshire? i know we had ana navaro on last night talking about the great ground game that you guys have. clearly the three debates that have taken place have not gone the way that many who support governor bush would like to have seen them go. where do you see this moving forward? where are you going to get out of single digits? >> i saw that things are going to be okay and they are. in new hampshire, we have the best ground game in the field. and i think we have a very strong game in the early states as well. jeb bush was in new hampshire
8:48 pm
today. he endorsed the most popular republican politician in the state and just finishing up right now a town hall with 300 people in the north part of the state. luckily for us it's not going to be decided by pundits in october. jeb is going to be there a lot more often and we'll have a lot more resources there and we feel like we're in good shape to be competitive and we'll see in the next 100 days. >> tim, we'll see. tim miller, thank you. >> thank you, anderson. a fire at ft. lauderdale's airport sent 17 people to the hospital and one with serious injuries. in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey...
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marie callender's with a crust made from scratch. because when it's cold outside, good food and good company... ...keep you warm inside. marie callender's. a lot of people are paying attention to a small airline you might not have heard about until now, until its plane caught fire, dynamic airways flight 405 was headed to caracas, venezuela. 17 were injured and one of them seriously. a safety inspector is digging into this small and relatively young carrier's operation and unfolding through part of the conversations that they had with the flight crew and another one behind it.
8:53 pm
more on that from our randi kaye. >> reporter: a pilot with a keen eye notices the first sign of trouble, fuel leaking from the plane taxiing in front of him. dynamic airways flight 405. he radios it in. >> it looks like it's leaking a lot of -- i don't know if it's fuel. there is fluid leaking out of the left engine. >> reporter: flight controllers contact flight 405. >> do you copy? >> yes. we copy. >> engine's on fire! engine's on fire. >> they received a call at 12:34 for a reported engine fire aboard the jet. our jununits deployed. >> there they see a 767 on fire right at the runway. thick black smoke spewing out of the jet's left side and into the sunny florida sky. all of it forcing an evacuation
8:54 pm
of the 101 passengers and crew. the jet's emergency slides are deployed. within minutes, everyone is out. some lucky enough to simply walk away. others were taken on stretchers and in wheelchairs. more than a dozen taken to the hospital. one with serious burns. meantime, fire crews doused the plane with water and special white foam to knock the fire down. it covers the tarmac but leaves the left engine on full display. the plane was on its way from florida to caracas, venezuela, when the engine suddenly caught fire. passengers on other airplanes nearby captured the terrifying scene. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: posting pictures and video on twitter. many writing simply, plane on fire. both runways were closed. the airport shut down until late afternoon when the north runway
8:55 pm
is reopened. at least 111 flights delayed, nearly 50 canceled. >> and randi is joining us live from the airport. i've never heard of this airline. what do we know about it? >> reporter: we're learning more about it. it's called dynamic airways and it's been in the u.s. for about five years. it has two international destinations only. one to venezuela, where this plane was heading and the other to giyana. this plane was 29 years old. we don't know whether the engine that caught fire was the same age. we tried calling dynamic airways for a comment on what happened and they would not make any comment at all. the good news s. everyone got off the plane within minutes and there's a special team that is on stand by about a mile or so away from this airport specially trained for situations like this. they were on the scene within minutes making sure everybody got the help they needed. >> do we know anything about the
8:56 pm
injuries sustained? >> we know that there was some burns and i'm told that it's actually pretty common when you go down the emergency chutes, the slides that deploy, that's how everybody got off the airplane. it's common for you to get minor burns but one passenger was seriously burned and was at the hospital. 15 people were taken to the hospital, two with serious injuries. >> randi, thanks very much. that does it for us. "cnn newsroom" starts now. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back.hings.
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9:00 pm
. >> a deadly shootout in waco, texas. cnn has the dramatic video. when the bullets started flying between two rival biker gangs. six months on and still no one has been charged with murder. >> jed man walking. is this the end for jeb bush and his run for the white house? and terror on the tarmac. the engine of a commercial jet catches fire. emergency chutes deploy. dozens evacuate. all moment just before takeoff. hello, everybody. great to have you with us. . i'm john vause. "newsroom l.a." starts right now.