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tv   New Day  CNN  October 30, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> he was killed in an overnight shootout ending da ii of high drama. how did this go down? >>s it harrowing. kentucky state police confirm that floyd ray cook, the fugitive wanted in the shooting of a tennessee police officer is dead. the 62-year-old is a convicted rapist and robber. he had been on the run since saturday when he shot an officer during a traffic stop in putnam county, tennessee. the officer was wearing a bulletproof vest. he was released from the hospital later this evening in good condition. he was then involved in a second shooting. escaping to highway 61 near the tennessee/kentucky border. plea police closed in on cook after he stopped at a home and asked for a ride. they recognized him, they
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refused and caughted the police. cook apparently had a handgun and shot at the officers who fired back. fatally wounding him. fortunately none of those officers were hurt. the residents of both tennessee and kentucky can ruest assured that this incident is done. >> ntsb investigators trying to determine what caused a passenger airplane to catch fire moments before it took off in ft. lauderdale. those terrifying moments and frantic evacuation all caught on tape. what caused the 767 with more than 100 passengers to ignite and quickly fill with smoke? lena machado is live from ft. lauderdale/hollywood airport. >> the investigation into what went wrong is still in its early stages. there's no doubt that a major disaster was averted.
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terrifying video capturing flames and smoke shooting out of dynamic air flight 405, just before takeoff. passengers to forced to escape the burning plane down evacuation chutes. >> i heard a loud bang, turned around, saw the lights. saw flames, ran to the front of the aircraft. >> we just saw the fire. people started freaking out. >> screams and people crying and i didn't know how to react. >> now, ntsb investigators trying to determine why the boeing 767's left engine began leaking fuel just before takeoff. bursting into flames. a pilot trailing flight 405 was the first to spot trouble. >> dynamic out of the left engine it looks like it's leaking a lot of -- i don't know if it's fuel, but there's fluid leaking out of the left engine. >> reporter: moments later. >> engine on fire!
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engine on fire! >> reporter: passengers on planes nearby capture the chaos. 17 people injured in the melee were hospitalized, including one child and a trauma patient. >> most of them are musculoex l musculoskelet musculoskeletal. >> everybody was nervous and shaken up. >> attention in the airport. >> reporter: the incident closing ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport for hours, leading to 219 flight delays and 43 canceled flights. a few hours after the incident, the airport partially re-opened this morning. we've learned that both runways are back up and running here at ft. lauderdale international airport. chris? >> thank you very much. let's bring in cnn aviation analyst mary see ochiavo. she's an attorney that represents victims and families after airplane disasters. let's combine those two fortes
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this morning if we could. you said something provocative, this may have been a blessing in disguise, not for the people who are victimized but for drawing attention to this airline. why? >> this morning, alarm bells need to be going off all over the faa. this was an airline with a troubled and short history before this happened. it first got a certificate to fly in 2010. it was kicked out of brazil in 2014. it was put in involuntary bankruptcy just this year. tendered its own certificate, meaning it gave up its right in the united states last year and this is a terrible track record for an airline. what the faa is supposed to do, an airline in financial trouble is supposed to be put under a special watch. that was developed after the valujet tragedy in florida. that airline had a track record not exactly like this but similar to this. the faa has to watch these guidelines very closely. it doesn't appear they were.
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>> let's get everybody else in here. if they lost their license to fly in the united states, just reading the time line here, if the license was withdrawn for the u.s. in august 20th, 2014, why are they flying in the united states? what happened? >> trick known to the airline industry. if you're in trouble or you've got some difficulties going on and you think the faa might swoop down and revoke your license, what you do if you're a troubled airline is voluntarily tender your license back to the faa, they say you can have it for a while. and then that means that you can have it back when you're ready and you don't have to be recertified by the federal aviation administration. valujet did that. >> so you're saying that this was a way of escaping the kind of scrutiny you think is necessary. so why -- what the good news is here, we understand from the first responders, something that looks like it should have been sure disaster was averted. what was critical in this situation? terms of making this less than it appeared?
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>> well, you know, exactly. this was a disaster. you know, ten seconds to a disaster. had they reached a speed of 160 miles per hour, 140 knots on that runway, they would have lifted off and would have been a danger -- not only everyone on the plane could have been lost but the people who they were flying over. kudos to the firefighters and the pilot behind them. the faa needs to mobilize a special emphasis program to look at this carrier. this was a light load. they were seconds to spare. >> there is a report that another pilot saw jet fuel coming out of it. how difficult is that kind of problem to happen? what is the frequency that fuel leaks out of the wing ostensively where one of the supplemental tanks is? >> fuel leaking from the wings is not an everyday occurrence. that's why you have on
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everyone's checklist, it's the first thing you're taught in flight school, do a walk-around, look at the plane, looking for obvious leaks, exactly situations like this, hydraulic fluid or fuel. you want to do that before you get in the plane and turn anything on. and presumably they did that here and did not see any kind of leaks. there are some exceptions when you don't have to do a walk-around. presumably they did that. when they started the engines, one can assume that something came loose, which is going to lead the ntsb to look for a maintenance problem. they'll be looking at the maintenance records. the faa guidelines are when an airline is in financial trouble, maintenance is often, not always, maintenance is one of those things that get skimped on. why? because passengers can't see it. >> it is expensive and that comes down to how you check. i want to play something that i think will be interesting to people. play a little bit of the air traffic controller tape about how this got identified. just because of the randomness of it.
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listen to it. >> hey, dynamic out much the left engine it looks like it's leaking a lot of -- i don't know if it's fuel. it's fluid leaking out of the left engine. engine's on fire! engine's on fire! >> the air traffic controller is looking out at the runway and just sees that something is leaking out of it and then it lights on fire? how do they assess this kind of risk? what is the watch system there? you know, how are you supposed to detect this? is it just up to somebody catching a glimpse of it? >> exactly. in this case it was the pilot behind him. that person gets a huge kudos and shout out to that person. but people are watching, that posed a danger to all airplanes at the airport that day. air traffic controllers have other thing to do besides just watch. once they give them clearances and hand them off to departure control once they're on their roll, et cetera. the air traffic controllers aren't always watching. in this case, it was the pilot
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behind them, a very important spot and sighting. you have warning lights in the cockpit and the pilot has fire bottles. i think the ntsb will be looking at maintenance and where the plane last was and who last touched it in the maintenance shop. >> if all of it is true, as we understand it right now, the of course, the investigation is ongoing. this pilot saw it when the pilots in the actual plane were not aware. you're saying as this investigation starts, you're encouraging people to follow the money on the regulatory side. let's see where it leads. mary schiavo, thank you very much. breaking news overnight from capitol hill. the senate went into session into the wee hours of this morning, giving final approval to the bipartisan budget deal that prevents a default and lifts the threat of a government shutdown. ted cruz and rand paul
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filibustering this bill. that filibuster failed and the bill goes to president obama now who is expected to sign it. pressure building for jeb bush after critics called his performance during this week's debate uneven at best. the former florida governor now trying to reassure donors that his campaign is not in trouble. >> look, we have eight more debates. i'm gonna have to do what other candidates do, which is rudely interrupt, not answer the questions that will ask. hopefully the debate moderators will ask more substantive questions. >> the next gop debate is schedule for november 10th. also breaking overnight, an iranian-american businessman, the fourth person holding dual citizenship arrested in iran. this as peace talks get under way with iran at the negotiating table for the first time. let's check in with frederik pleitgen in vienna.
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this will certainly be on the table for discussion. what are you hearing? >> reporter: it will be and it already has been, chris. what we know is that last night, secretary of state kerry when he got here met with the iranian foreign minister who is at negotiations about syria for the very first time. one of the things that the state department said, the two men talked about, was the americans who are detained in iran. those with dual citizenship, of course. we know about this most recent case, a man was taken by the iranian authorities two weeks ago, his passport was taken and then he was taken to a prison. we know for instance from the case of jason rezaian that iranians don't put out press releases or other information as to what these people are being charged with. what we've seen in the past, chris, a lot of the negotiations, the ones about the nuclear agreement, also the ones about syria very much depend on the working relationship that secretary of state kerry has with the iranian foreign
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minister. that is something that will take a hit over this most recent incident with the that u.s. citizen being tea takened. of course these negotiations here are very, very complicated you have the iranians here who support bashar al assad, the russians as well. on the other side you have the saudis and the turks who very much want bashar al assad to step down. that will be the main stumbling block, the future of the regime, of bashar al assad himself, will he have to step down or will there be a transitional process? no one believes there will be any sort of agreement at these talks today. the fact that these talks are taking place at all, you have the iranians and the saudis sitting in the same room trying to find a solution. that in itself is already progress, alisyn. >> thanks so much for breaking that down for us. back here at home, marco rubio may be rising while jeb bush fights the per suspension of a campaign crisis. the shifting landscape in the presidential race, that's next.
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this one would keep me organized. i could list all the days i've been banned from social media. hmmm, wait this thing has built-in live broadcasting? i don't know what nerd came up with that, but it's awesome. you think they'd censor pippa's doggy-ola's? censored, not censored. censored, not censored. introducing the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and the note5. all right. a lot of interesting tidbits in politics this morning. jeb bush trying to reassure his donors after that lackluster debate performance, also a leaked damning document
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revealing his strategy against marco rubio. here to dive in this morning is cnn political reporter sara murray and cnn political commentator and political anchor for new york one, errol louis. great to have both of you. this 112-page document from the bush campaign reveals the strategy against marco rubio. there's interesting morsels in here. let me read some to you. it says marco's tomorrow versus yesterday argument will be widely ridiculed by the media. while running against the first wrom president. that's a funny prediction. hold on, i'm not done. they want to point out that marco rubio has never been in charge of anything larger than two dozen people. here's a juicy one. those who have looked into marco's background in the past have been concerned with what they found. >> very interesting stuff. it's a path to victory. i think the whole thing, 112-page document which is available onne for free is
3:18 am
fascinating. the parts about marco rubio in particular are a path to victory. they're making the case for how jeb bush can win. you can pick those apart. some i agree with, some i don't agree with. there is probably a case to be made for change for saying that what's wrong with washington requires somebody from outside washington to change it. and hillary clinton is part of washington. very plausible. some of this other stuff, i'm not so sure. >> sara, color me cynical but damning, leaked. jeb bush has the narrative from man did he stink at the debate to all the reasons marco rubio shouldn't be president. this was a pretty good idea putting this document out there, wasn't it? >> i think it could be potentially helpful for jeb but the risk for him is that a lot of jeb's donors also like marco rubio. a lot of people who are looking at jeb also like marco rubio. i've talked to a number of them over the last couple days who aren't particularly excited to see this battle between the two guys. they think it looks unseemly for
3:19 am
jeb, the mentor, to be going after after rubio, even though a lot of people believe he might have to take him out if jeb really does want to be president. >> that's the nature of politics, it's not about making friends. errol, the marco moment, jeb bush does what you're supposed to do, you go at your opponent. his tone, the empathy he seemed to have displayed as a real friend. people don't respond to attacks like this. you say, hey, you should quit your job. >> i'm going to use that with you. >> i'm saying, please don't go anywhere. marco, breaking through because of the empathy, how he was saying things, how does the capitalize on that going forward to avoid the fiorina slump? >> i think he made a case that there are lots of people when they're running for president, including barack obama and hillary clinton and also serving in the senate, they'll miss a lot of votes.
3:20 am
john kerry, he named the right names. >> the sentinel, the orlando sentinel op-ed didn't come up with a great theory for the case in a way he's missing votes that makes him different than other people missing votes. it's usually 1.2% of votes missed, he's at 12%. why he's missing him, it's hard to question his rationale. >> you have a day job. >> it's not unusual for a guy to skimp on the job. >> you have to bring the thing all the way home. because you missed this vote, now we have a problem in a certain corner of florida as opposed to you failed to name a bunch of post offices. >> hold on a second. i want to get back to this leaked document. i like your theory that maybe it wasn't leaked. >> what's bad in this for jeb? >> i find it illicit, voyeuristic to be able to peer into the campaign. >> any pictures in there? >> it feels like that a little bit. >> it feels like --
3:21 am
>> for instance, the one that i read about how marco will be widely ridiculed by the media. who predicted that? the media isn't widely ridiculing marco's strategy. that seems like -- you said it was a path to success but it seems like a flawed path to success. >> it's an argument. they're trying to re-assure their donors. i was impressed actually because a lot of it tracks some of the analysis that i and other journalists have made, which is that he has a serious ground operation. he's got a lot of endorsements which count for a lot at this stage of the game. he's done a lot, done a lot of messaging. they are saying this seriously. what you see in the debate isn't really the whole story. >> you have to deliver in the moments that count. sara murray, what were you going to say in terms of -- the theory is, we're going to beat marco because his whole tomorrow night/yesterday, he'll be running against hillary if he's the person. she'll say i'm the first woman. that's bigger than any future
3:22 am
rubio has planned. >> i think that rubio's argument that he's the future, not the past is a cogent argument to make against a dynasty family. if you are sick of the clintons or bushes, looking at this race and saying why can't we get a new face? i think this is going to be a powerful argument. he's not going out and attacking hillary clinton based on gender. of course, it is a big thing to become the first female president. he's not taking anything away from that. he's saying do we really want american politics to look like dynasty politics? >> let's talk about post-debate, this shifting landscape if there is one. first, rubio's advisers say the donor calls coming into the campaign, they liken it to drinking from a fire hydrant. that's how much money they claim they're getting. >> which you should not do by the way. >> let's moven to to what donald trump and ben carson are saying. they are calling for possible new debate rules where there's a
3:23 am
litmus test for moderators. the moderators have to be registered republicans. that sounds absurd, though he did set rules, ask cnbc to change the time, the length of the debate. maybe he does have some clout in demanding things for future debates. >> let's keep in mind, all of the debates, the format, including the participants was really approved in advance by the rnc. if they're going to complain about this, they should be complaining to reince priebus. keep in mind, in an unprecedented way, i think we'll see this with even cnn, there has to be a conservative media organization sitting along side all of the other journalists for it to be an acceptable debate. i've never seen that before. they've already gotten questions that if they want to call them saying they don't like the e - format. >> that's what they're saying. >> yes. but let's analyze why they're saying that. these so-called gotcha questions, mannatech, you
3:24 am
promote a shady company that had to pay millions of dollars for false advertising. you're going to get questions about that. you'll have to answer questions about that. you want the nuclear code, you want to be in charged of the armed forces of the united states, you'll be asked questions about who are the heads of state? what do you think about foreign affairs? if they don't like those questions, they can scream and rage and try and change the rules and the moderators. >> they claim the gotcha questions are more like, is this a comic book election to you? those are the things that had nothing to do with the economy. >> that's poor moderating. you can't change that by rules. >> there you go. errol, sara, thank you. let's get over to michaela for what else we're looking at. >> yes, a profile in courage. a former u.s. army specialist decides to join the fight against isis on his own. you may not believe how he did it. his remarkable story, coming up next.
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we are following breaking news. a six-day manhunt for a man accused of shooting a tennessee officer ended in a deadly shootout in kentucky early this morning. two state troopers and u.s. marshall tracked flood ray cook to the tennessee/kentucky border. the ntsb investigating the terrifying engine fire on a dynamic airways flight at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. that plane just minutes from takeoff for venezuela. more than a dozen people were injured during the frantic evacuation. those people were sent to the hospital. the faa says the pilot traveling behind flight 405 reported that fuel was leaking from the aircraft before it ignited. while secretary of state john kerry and other diplomats meet in vienna to try and end
3:30 am
the civil war in syria, one former soldier is on the ground battling alongside kurdish fighters. he has a warning for other americans who might want to join him. now this exclusive interview. >> reporter: randy roberts spent much of the last seven months on the front lines. the former u.s. army specialist who deployed twice to iraq was studying graphic design in the u.s. when he decided to join the fight against isis. >> i felt like i could, given my past military experience, that i had been to this region before, that i could contribute and i could actually help the cause. >> how did you get guidance as to how to get here, who to link up with. >> well, google. >> google? that's how you planned your trip to come and fight isis? >> believe it or not, yes. i just -- i simply looked up
3:31 am
westerners who had come over here before me, roberts is more than one of 100 westerners who have come to syria and iraq to fight with kurdish forces. the internet is full of slickly produced ypg propaganda videos featuring american volunteers. there's even a website selling isis hunting kits and offering packing lists on what to bring. at a small training camp in northern syria, we watch this new recruits, among them, two americans. most did not want to show their faces, unlike roberts, few had any military experience. >> you also meet a lot of people who think this is going to be the gaming experience, call of duty. they think because they understand how to pull the trigger on a control, they know how to do it in real life.
3:32 am
>> elbows in and tight to your body. >> reporter: roberts believes the most valuable gift he can offer kurdish fighters and his fellow volunteers is training. >> when you need to reload, take a knee behind cover, mag out, up, stock in here. >> reporter: while some kurdish fighters welcome western volunteers as a morale boost, others have dismissed their presence as a nuisance. do you think you have helped? >> i believe, yes, i have. >> reporter: some people would say this isn't your war. this isn't your business. >> it's better to stand up and do something if you think oncan help than to sit back and watch. hey, it's on the other side of the world, not my problem. >> reporter: certainly the risks are real. one american, keith brumfield, died fighting along side kurdish fighters this past sumner syria. roberts has seen for himself how tenacious an enemy they can be. >> to keep us from advancing on
3:33 am
these villages, they also have little trenches that they hide in. they pop up machine gunfire. >> reporter: has it ever crossed your mind you could get killed? >> yes. >> reporter: that's a price you'd be willing to pay? >> yes. if i got to the end of my life and i hadn't come -- and i looked back on this and i had chose not to come out, then it would have bothered me. it would have bothered me for the rest of my life. >> reporter: for randy roberts, being here is a moral duty. clarissa ward, cnn, northern syria. >> wow, what an interesting insight into the challenge on the ground there and what the nature of helping is there. that's a volunteer. thank you, clarissa ward. let's take a quick break. big question, is the republican race about to get all shook up? certainly seems like the momentum shifted. but now let's discuss why the polls may or may not reflect this new mood, next.
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the gop field appears to be
3:38 am
reshuffling after that cnbc debate. is the race entering a new volatile phase as it's called? joining us now, michael smerconish. great to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> give us the big picture. how do you think the field is re-aligning today? >> the big picture is, if you haven't been paying attention and you suddenly tuned into this week's debate, you'd have a difficult time believing that donald trump and ben carson are the front-runners. they were largely nonentities in that debate. all of the action as you've been describing was wrong marco rubio, jeb bush and not in a good way and certainly ted cruz, i would put john kasich in that category as well. all of a sudden, that's where the momentum has shifted to. the question is, if trim and carson begin to fade, i believe they will, who benefits? and that's a more complicated picture. >> well, let's see how complicated it is. if there is a move in the polls,
3:39 am
we don't know that's going to happen. by the way, donald trump says an online poll said he won, 2% of respondents and he said that the media says his reviews were very strong. i don't know what you're talking about smerconish. trump has a different reckoning of that debate than you did. if it's going to be anybody, it has to be marco rubio that gets a pop, doesn't it? >> well, if ben carson fades, if donald trump fades, i would argue that the beneficiary is going to be ted cruz. and that if there's volatility by jeb bush or someone else in that establishment category, those votes go to rubio. chris, i still see this as mavericks and establishment types. the mavericks are trump, carson and fiorina. they've never held elective office. the others are establishment. ted cruz kind of straddles the turf. but rubio is in that establishment category. so i don't see carson having difficulty necessarily benefiting rubio. >> michael, somehow we got ahold
3:40 am
of your handwritten -- >> it was leaked with the jeb thing. >> leaked post-debate notes. they are fascinating. >> that's fine. >> let's take a look at what you scribbled down. >> we crossed out all the expletives. >> here it is. you put kasich at the put. you thought he had a strong performance. it's interesting the people you thought were half and half, including chris christie that a lot of people thought had a good debate performance, however, let me read to you yesterday what the "new york times" decided to do about chris christie. they believe it is time for him to get out of the race. they wrote an editorial say the point is that new jersey is in trouble. and the governor is off pursuing a presidential run that's turned out to be nothing more than a vanity project. mr. christie's numbers are in the basement and he's nearly out of campaign cash. this is his moment, all right, to go home and use the rest of his term to clean out the barn as speaker john boehner would
3:41 am
say. is that premature? >> it probably is premature. let me explain. i've done this for each one of the debates. i don't want to get suede. we have so many people on cnn who i find compelling and sometimes there's a temptation, you sit there and all of a sudden you change your mind. i like to lock myself in before i hear what anybody else has to say. those are the views as i recorded them in realtime. i thought christie had a decent night. i thought christie had a decent night but i didn't think it was a breakout night. kasich, john kasich, it didn't matter what the first question was going to be, he came loaded for bear and he wanted to enter a new phase of his campaign. i think he achieved that. >> so let's talk about what's going on with the media right now. by the way, like "the new york times," that's going to be dismissed out of hand by the christie people. they are going to say, who cares what "the new york times" says. >> some people thought this was
3:42 am
a strong debate. i'm surprised that's what they came out with. >> he will say they are trying to hurt me because i have a lefty agenda. that is back with a roar in this case. you heard it on the stage. it's resonating through the campaigns. we're getting it in the spin cycle, seeing it on social media. what will be the effect? >> someone fired off a remark at the media, probably that ted cruz comment, the others fed on it. i think better than half of the candidates on that stage ended up saying something negative relative to the media. my view on those debate questions for what it's worth is all of the subject matter was entirely appropriate. the tonality of some of the questions was problematic. i've been going back through the transcript of the first debate, a fox debate, the second debate, a cnn debate and then cnbc. if you look at the questions only, there's frankly not much
3:43 am
of a difference between debates one, two or three, including fox, which is, of course, the great oracle of the rnc. >> style matters. how a moderator does their job is important. it's good that people get that. that's not a given. megyn kelly was asking an appropriate question in terms of what trump said in the past. how it came across wound up creating a combative dynamic. >> with cnbc, the expectation was that it will be more economy driven. >> be sure to check out "smerconish" on cnn at 9:00. also hear him weekdays on sirius at 9:00 a.m.
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this is not a cage match and you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a comic book villain? ben carson, can you do math? john kasich, will you insilt two people over here? marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues. >> that moment for ted cruz made his night and set off a new wave of politicians against what's called mainstream media. so several candidates now are planning a revolt against the rnc, the party itself, unless the debate process is changed to their liking. what do they want and will debate moderators feel pressure to bend to their demands? let's talk about people who may
3:49 am
know. mark preston and mr. bill carter. mark, i understand you have reporting for us. what can you do to advance our understanding of these machinations? >> i tell you what, chris, if it this early hour, i've been on the phone with several folks involved in the meeting. this is an inside baseball story that will have greater ramifications for viewers and voters all across the country. the candidates are frustrated about how the debate process is running. however, they're not unified on their frustration. we saw ben carson yesterday say that he wanted more speaking time so to speak. and more time to talk about policy. candidates that are polling at 1%, chris, they're telling me that they want to be in the primetime debate. so what they're going to do is these campaigns are going to come together here sunday in washington, d.c., they're going to try to hash things out. as one person told me just a short time ago, this is not natural for campaigns to be
3:50 am
working together. they don't see how they can actually come to some kind of an agreement, specifically when it comes to the editorial content because there's too many disagreements. bottom line, these campaigns are competing against each other. even though they're going to meet together, it's like bringing together all the families in the mafia so to speak often times, there's not much agreement. >> thank you for advancing the reporting and our understanding of this, mark. it does speak, bill, to this is an unusual year. you have so many campaigns that are baffled at why they're not getting traction. maybe them coming together isn't the most bizarre thing so far we've seen in the race. give us perspective. what's going on right now? how surprising is it to you? >> it's not surprising at all. it's always happened, particularly in the republican campaign. the bashing of the media plays well with the base. i reported when i first started at "the new york times." clinton was running against bush. he was going to win. all around town they stuck
3:51 am
stickers on newspaper boxes saying "annoy the media, vote bush." it gets the base riled up. it's halloween candy for them. cruz is effective, he did it well but he was basically throwing out red meat they're going to chew on. at some point you have to say what you're for. you can't just be against the media. >> that is true. at some point you'll have to impress the voters with what you'll do for them, not what you're saying about everybody else. however, there also becomes the question, guys, of what is it to be tested to be president of the united states? it's not just any job. listen to what ben carson said that his problem is. he deserves voice on this, because he is in first or second place in most polls. >> debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates and get to know what's behind them and what their thinking process
3:52 am
is, what their philosophy is. and what it's turned into is a gotcha! that's silly. that's not really helpful for anybody. >> i ronically, ben carson will have just established a new gift there with that gotcha thing. we'll see it all over the internet, i promise you that. is it a fair criticism of carson's criticism, mr. preston, that he has not done well. he does not like being tested and this is reflection of that, not the process being unfair? >> a couple things. one is, he's right, it's not about gotcha questions. it shouldn't be about gotcha questions. fight frankly, just like the media doesn't lump all republicans together or all democrats together, the political party shouldn't be lumping all journalists together. what they might have been frustrated about two nights ago, they shouldn't be lumping us all together. jake tapper did very well for us in our debate and of course fox as well was praised for their debate.
3:53 am
to ben carson's point, his adviser was on our air and acknowledged that ben carson doesn't do well in debates. it doesn't play to his strength. to the point of what voters are looking for, they're not looking for policy but they're looking to see how quick you can think on your feet. i think if you looked at the other night and saw marco rubio, there wasn't a whole lot of substance in that debate, no doubt about it but marco rubio proved to voters, he can think quickly on his feet. that's an attribute. >> and one of the things that pops is his ability to take testing. how he answers it directly or does not, what he counters with you, what his tone is. aren't these meaningful things? anything that happens that doesn't go well for you when i ask a question is a gotcha. >> don't press us. this getting together, do they want to vet the questions?
3:54 am
>> how about donald trump asking that you not have expressed party affiliation as a journalist but it is republican party. any chance of that? >> who's going to do that? what would be the value of doing that? you have a bunch of people speaking the same things to each other. they have to be challenged or it's worthless. yes, the other debate had a lot of mistakes, the tone was all wrong. to ask a guy at the beginning, are you running a comic book campaign? who would put that in a question? they weren't prepared. all of that is wrong. you can't go the other way and say let's have a debate where everything is established. we know what we're going to get. you have to challenge these guys. >> i think this is good for the media in one way. i have to tell you, people have been trying to kill me online, mark preston for saying that you just said, don't say the media is biased. that's absurd. there's bias in every facet of every system in society. we don't lump them all together. it's empowering the base.
3:55 am
the question is this, what is it really going to matter, mark, one, two weeks from now, this anti-media dynamic? can it last, sustain? >> it's whoever is most successful in proffering it. this is has been a talking point for conservatives who think that the media is against them, is an agent of the democratic party. but to your point, we're not agents of the democratic party. and i do believe that the likes of ted cruz who scored some big points and certainly marco rubio who scored big points with it, that is going to help their campaign because the republican primary certainly, in states, south carolina to a certain extent. in new hampshire, they distrust the media. if they see a fighter such as marco rubio or ted cruz come out there, that will help their standings in the polls. >> they make money off this. >> yes, we heard that in marco rubio's campaign, it's like
3:56 am
drinking from a hose, a hydrant, something like that, something that's high pressure. >> are we going to see position swaps? a big jump after this? what do you think? >> listen, there are. polls in the field right now. i think trump and carson will still stay on top. their lead is so big. i don't think you'll see much movement from others other than marco rubio. he'll move up a few points. he did well. jeb bush might come down a few points. i could be wrong but i'll make a bold prediction. i think john kasich might move up a point or two. a lot of people thought he had a terrible debate and looked angry. i think people are mad as hell and people showed that the other night. >> john kasich is so qualified on paper in terms of being someone legitimately considered, whether you like him, whether he wins or not. >> which is why he needs a debate to make noise. >> right. >> carly did well, her poll went up but then it didn't last.
3:57 am
>> she got stink on her after the debate as well. she got questioned about planned parenthood. >> rubio will say -- some people will say that he didn't answer that question. >> if rubio doesn't get a significant pop in the polls, it's going to really throw a wrench in my understanding of what's going on with the electorate right now. i don't know what else you could want in terms of moving him up, whether he becomes the nominee. mark preston, thank you for the reporter, bill carter, as always, started working at the "the times." a lot news this morning. let's get right to it. his left engine was on fire. we just saw the fire, people started freaking out. . >> what happened? how are you feeling? >> we're doing fine.
3:58 am
>> we'll continue to serve the people of florida and run for president aggressively. >> we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> they're not here to drink beer and eat barbecue. they came with violence in mind. >> the moment rival motorcycle clubs unleash a deadly melee. >> it was pretty horrific. there were guys getting hit, falling. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning, everyone. welcome back to your "new day." we do begin with new developments surrounding that dramatic passenger plane fire on the runway, just minutes before takeoff in ft. lauderdale. ntsb investigators trying to figure out why one of those engines of dynamic airways flight 405 burst into flames. >> 101 people were on board. they all went scrambling to get out. more than a dozen of them were injured and sent to the hospital. when you look at the pictures it's amazing it wasn't worse. the airline safety and maintenance records under scrutiny.
3:59 am
let's get to alina machado live at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. she has the latest. what do we know now. >> reporter: there are still a lot of questions surrounding this incident. the investigation into what went wrong here is still in the very early stages. what we do know this incident unfolded very quickly and that authorities say they're just thankful this did not turn into a disaster. terrifying video capturing flames and smoke shooting out of dynamic air flight 405, just before takeoff. passengers to forced to escape the burning plane down evacuation chutes. >> i heard a loud bang, turned around, saw the lights. saw flames, ran to the front of the aircraft. >> we just saw the fire. people started freaking out. >> screams and people crying and i didn't know how to react. >> now, ntsb investigators trying to determine why the boeing 767's left engine began
4:00 am
leaking fuel just before takeoff. bursting into flames. a pilot trailing flight 405 was the first to spot trouble. >> dynamic out of the left engine it looks like it's leaking a lot of -- i don't know if it's fuel, but there's fluid leaking out of the left engine. >> reporter: moments later. >> engine on fire! engine on fire! >> reporter: emergency responders arriving at the scene within minutes, dousing the engine with foam and extinguishing the fire. passengers on planes nearby capture the chaos. 17 people injured in the melee were hospitalized, including one child and a trauma patient. >> most of them are musculoskeletal. ankles, knees, elbows. >> abrasions, fracture. in general, everybody was very nervous and shaken up. >> attention in the airport. attention in the airport. >> reporter: the incident closing ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport for hours, leading to 219 flight delays and 43 canceled flights.
4:01 am
>> reporter: this morning, the airport is back open, both runways are in service today. and we are -- we do know they are expect something delays as it will take some time for things to get back to normal here. alisyn? >> that macs sense. thanks so much for all of that background. was this a disaster waiting to happen? let's bring in miles o'brien, cnn aviation analyst and science correspondent for pbs news. miles, great to see you. what's the latest thinking this morning about what caused this? >> well, it's a little bit early. whether that fluid was fuel or oil is probably kind of important. it could have been a scenario where the engine basically disintegrated and that caused, as the shrapnel came out of it, caused the fuel line to be cut. and that would, of course, cause a fire. or was it a fuel line problem initially that caused the fire? these are the details that the ntsb will be looking into.
4:02 am
should be fairly easy to sort of figure out how the metal failed. what's more, it takes a little more time and is perhaps more important is what about the maintenance that led to this problem? were there problems with the maintenance at this particular airline that led to this? >> yes. let's talk about that. we understand that dynamic airlines does have a checkered past, in fact, correct me if i'm wrong, wasn't their license revoked or suspended by the faa? >> well, yes, there's been a series of questions about this airline which is has only been around for five years, bankruptcies, self-revocation of the license. it's a five-year span that we're talking about here with a fleet of only five aircraft. so it was really, frankly, not on the radar in the aviation community too much. so now, of course, it is. there will be a lot of scrutiny applied to it. the big question, alisyn, in these cases with these small upstart airlines is who's doing
4:03 am
the work? is it all outsourced and who's really accountable for insuring and signing off that that is a safe aircraft to fly passengers. >> look, that's why this is so disconcerting. when you get on an airline, for a trip, with your family you assume that, you know, somebody has done the maintenance on it. who's responsible for this? >> well, ultimately, it is the operator of the aircraft, the airline. but the trend in the industry, in recent years, is to move the maintenance mechanisms and the maintenance processes, in many cases, offshore where it's cheaper. it's outsourcing of maintenance. and this is an issue that many people in aviation have been watching with some great concern. it's a way for the airlines to save money but in many cases, what you have are not as well trained mechanics. in many cases don't have the language skills to read the manuals doing work on these aircraft. it's something we should be
4:04 am
watching. the faa has great concern over it. >> let's talk about that. that is so troubling. the idea that you don't have the language skills to read the maintenance manual? why is the faa allowing this? >> it's a difficult thing for them to police because they don't have the manpower to have people on the ground all the time in places like china where a lot of this maintenance is done. and they have to rely on the airlines to essentially do the right thing. it's a partnership, if you will. and frankly, they don't have the resources to be there looking over their shoulder every step of the way. they rely on the airlines to do their job, do the paperwork. it's a matter for them to sort of spot check the paperwork primarily. there are big concerns that a lot of this maintenance, which occurs offshore in these less expensive maintenance facilities leads to shoddy work. we don't know that's the case in this particular instance.
4:05 am
there's more we need to know about this. the outsourcing of maintenance is a big concern. >> miles, last, i want to ask you about the evacuation plan. you can imagine how terrifying it would be to be on that plane and see that black billowing smoke. it seems they got out pretty quickly. what do you see in how they evacuated. >> the forward left slide was deployed. that shouldn't be the procedure. that's the side where the fire is. you don't want people evacuating into that acrid smoke and near the fireeye dealey. you want them going off the right side, the starbird side. the windows over the ring on the right side, the emergency exits were opened, meaning somebody pulled those exits but the slide which is supposed to automatically deploy on the right side that allow people to go down that wing apparently did not deploy. that's another thing that the ntsb will be looking at. that slide should have worked. >> i don't know if we have those
4:06 am
pictures. here we go. what you're talking about is you can see the slide in the rear of the plane did deploy successfully but you're saying you see over the wing that that exit was somehow initiated but no slide deployed. >> exactly. when those doors are opened, it should initiate the deployment of a slide, which goes down the wing. because it's still a long distance from the wing to the concrete. i don't see that slide at all. that's something that, again, would be something of concern and in the realm of inspection and maintenance. >> there's a lot of concern here. miles o'brien, thanks for walking us through this this morning. >> you're welcome. a dramatic multistate manhunt for a fugitive ends. we have the details. >> reporter: kentucky state police confirming that floyd ray cook, the fugitive wanted in the shooting of a tennessee police
4:07 am
officer is dead. the 62-year-old is a convicted rapist and robber and had been on the run since accident when he allegedly shot an officer during a traffic stop in putnam county, tennessee. the officer was wearing a bulletproof vest and released from the hospital later that night in good condition. cook fled to kentucky where he was involved in a second shooting with law enforcement officers, escaping on foot to the area of highway 61 near the border between tennessee and kentucky. police closed in on cook after he stopped at a home and asked a couple for a ride. they recognized him, though, refused his request, immediately calling police. days past and police continue to search the area. two state troopers and a u.s. marshal encountered the fugitive. the officers were not hurt. the fugitive was fatally
4:08 am
wounded. "the wall street journal" reporting that a fourth iranian-american is being held in iran. it's not clear how this arrest might affect new syrian peace talks in s is in vienna. cnn senior international correspondent fred fligpleitgen there. what's the state of play? >> reporter: yes, i mean, it is something that could complicate matters here in vienna, chris. "the wall street journal" and "the new york times" saying that this american was taken about two weeks ago by iranian authorities. his passport was taken away. then he was put in jail, into prison. very little detail on top of that. that's something we've seen in the past with cases like this, for instance, the one with jason rezaian who has been in custody for more than 450 days, apparently convicted of espionage that we really don't
4:09 am
get very much information from the iranian judiciary. there's not much of a transparent process there. it is certainly something that can complicate matters here on the ground in vienna. there's talks going on to try and put an end to the syria crisis. a lot of these diplomatic missions, they really depend on the fairly good working relationship that u.s. secretary of state kerry has with sharif. the talks will be about the future of bashar al assad. the americans, saudis and turks are saying there has to be a process and bashar al assad has to go. no one believes there will be a resolution to this issue here at these talks in vienna today. they do say the mere fact that these talks are taking place, they're discussing this matter, trying to find a way out, that
4:10 am
already is progress. alisyn? >> keep us posted on all of the developments from there. meanwhile back at home, the senate burning the midnight oil, passing a budget bill with support from both sides of the aisle. the bill avoids a default and lifts the threat of a government shutdown. senator rand paul broke away from the campaign trail to filibuster this deal which he said was the product of a, quote, unholy alliance. but that effort failed. it now goes to president obama who is expected to sign it. it is now two days after the third republican debate and a top u.s. intelligence official has apparently heard enough from the gop candidates on the issues of national security. james clapper telling cnn, in an exclusive interview, that they are, in a word, misinformed. our jim sciutto sat down with the director of national intelligence. he johns from us washington. a bit fed up, is he? >> hard to get an intelligence official to talk politics. but a lot of these national security issues have been front and center as you know in the candidates' debate.
4:11 am
you would have a number of republican candidates saying they would tear up the iranian nuclear deal on their first day in office. standing up to china, putting troops in iraq on the ground. as an intelligence guy, do these statements from public officials in the u.s., do they cause problems? are they dangerous in any way? >> here's what he had to say. >> you hear so much national security rhetoric on the campaign trail. it's bombastic, like all the rhetoric is. you've seen a lot of elections, a lot of the stuff disappears and is never heard from again. folks listen. is that rhetoric dangerous in any way when our adversaries hear it or our friends? >> some of it, to be honest, is misinformed or uninformed. i have to believe, though, that whoever is elected president, which has to be a very, very
4:12 am
sobering realization, that some of that rhetoric will be tempered. >> some of the rhetoric tempered, maybe some of the confidence on the issues tempered. whenever i sit down with guys like this, i always ask them what truly keeps them up at night? we have a lot of attention about the terror threat and so on. consistently when i ask people like director clapper, what's at the top of their list of national security concerns? they always mention two countries, russia and china, particularly on the cyber issue. it's interesting what occupies their nights versus everyone else's. i'm amazed those guys can even manage to sleep, michaela. >> you've been warning and reporting on the cyber threat. every time it happens, it seems to get brushed off as different than if someone had physically come into a place, physically invaded. yet, as you say, the military, intelligence, they always talk about the cyber picture. that was a very, very unusual window into what an intelligence
4:13 am
official thinks of the political environment. thanks for that. happy halloween. i like your mask. a skydiver in peru dangling up side down under his jump suit got caught on a step of the plane. >> that would happen to me. >> half an hour. half an hour he hangs there. take that, tom cruise, in "mission: impossible." he parachutes down to safety. his only injury, a cut to his hand. >> this is why no one should go skydiving. >> i had a thought i was going to many moons ago. >> you must do it. >> i think i'm not going to. >> this is another reason to do it. >> can you imagine how terrifying it is. >> that's why you have to do it. >> did the guy on the plane know he was dangling? >> he must have. >> that's why he had to cut
4:14 am
himself loose. >> we're not going with him. >> danger is real. fear is a choice. that's how that man got out of that situation. he was not afraid. he dealt with the situation as he had to and parachuted to safety. he will dive again. prediction. >> my hat is off to him. >> agreed. republican presidential candidates so angry about the recent debate they are threatening a revolt against the rnc. we'll tell you about that. >> plus, the story was shocking enough on its own. newly released video of that biker shootout. let's see the terror and chaos inside on that bloody day in waco.
4:15 am
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4:18 am
the republican candidate have made no secret they are unhappy about this week's debate. and now several of the campaigns are planning to do something about it, meeting this weekend to talk about taking more control of future debates. what's going to happen? here this morning, host of the hugh hewitt show, hugh hewitt himself. he'll serve as a panelist for our next two gop debates when not attacking me on social media. good to have you with us this morning, my friend. cats and dogs living together, the campaign's coming together for a summit meeting about debates? what does this mean that this is happening? >> oh, this means is that the panelists the other night simply
4:19 am
hit a new low. i'm attacking you on social media because i took the mets on your advice. >> it ain't over. it ain't over. >> i hope so. i hope dinner is riding on that. >> what happened at our debate, jake, anderson cooper, they were in control, the questions were fair. candidates talked to candidates. what happened the other night is candidates were not talking with but were arguing with the panelist. i said before the cnn debate two weeks ago that we needed to make sure the next day that we were not this story. we weren't the story. nobody remembers the questions i ask though they remember the answers about syria, about president bush keeping us strong. that's what you aim for. i think the candidates, ted cruz put it bluntly. it's not a cage match. it's supposed to be for the benefit of the republican primary voter, not for the benefit of the media elites or panelists who want to make a name for themselves or get a book contract. that's not the deal. i think we did it right.
4:20 am
i think we'll do it right again in las vegas and florida. at least i hope we will. >> fair criticism of what happened the other night, obviously it is shared. important for people to study by contrast how it was done well in other situations verse that it's not a given every time. you're right, we should never be the story. but these guys and women have to be tested. they don't like it, hugh. you have people come on your show. you're incredibly cerebral and deep when you do things. often people aren't comfortable won they're the-- when they're . let's play carson. >> debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates and get to know what's behind them and what their thinking process is, what their philosophy is. and what it's turned into is a
4:21 am
gotcha! that's silly and that's not really helpful for anybody. >> everybody's gonna love how he said gotcha. >> i disagree with that. >> why? >> debates are supposed to help republican primary voters, sometimes democrats and independents can vote in republican primes are like new hampshire. republican primary voters pick who can best beat hillary clinton. you need to see people put under stress. marco rubio was put under stregs and shined. ted cruz did that extraordinary summation repurposing, repackaging of all the attacks on the candidates. you need to see chris christie be funny with his rude joke, take over the debate with his fantasy football. the debate we did at the reagan library in simi valley. you need to see carly fiorina stand up and assert that she deserves to be on the main stage. you need so see donald trump stating that he renegotiated the debate to be two hours.
4:22 am
i talk with mark preston and the cnn team and with jake and dana, practice on making sure that the voter who is going to cast a ballot is served by that period of time. i think they were in simi valley. i think they were by anderson's debate with the democrats. i kaen n -- cannot imagine fivee debate s wi debates with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we want to see you answering tough questions, what are you going to do about isis in syria? what are you going to do about the f-35, the ohio class replacement submarine. marco rubio is 43. ted cruz is 44. hillary clinton is 68. does that generational difference matter? chris christie's 51. does that matter? these are the kind of questions
4:23 am
that carson is right to raise. he wants a chance to answer them. but it's also not patty cake. this isn't supposed to be come and give us your talking points. i think john kasich wants that. i don't think jeb bush wants that. they want a good substantive conversation. we did that in simi valley. we'll do it again in las vegas and hopefully again in march. >> that's why it's interesting these campaigns are coming together, reportedly led by the carson camp. they believe that will be their avenue to inclusion at the higher echelon. one last quick thing. paul ryan, he's got good buzz on him. he's in there now. what's the plus/minus as this starts the new leadership? >> this is all plus. paul ryan is 45. there's a generational change taking place. you've got katherine mcmorris-rodgers, she's 46. kevin mccarthy is 50.
4:24 am
there is achanging of the guard on the republican side. i'm a republican, so people can correct for the lie of the green. we have the young talent. they have the oldest -- they're like the cleveland browns. i'm a browns fan, chris. they're old, old, old in many places where you need to be young, young, young. nancy pelosi is 75 versus paul ryan who is 45. i tell you, that frames perfectly for the conservative movement going forward given the tune. >> the can he keep the factions of the conservatives behind him? >> yes. >> how much of a challenge will that be and what makes him uniquely qualified to deal with it. >> for the last ten years, every republican that came on my radio show have been begging paul ryan to step up. for the last five years they wanted him to be speaker. he finally agreed to do it. only nine people voted against him. they're marginalized. he has 235 republicans. he's got a platform. he's got tremendous skills and communication. it's a great era for the republicans to open up.
4:25 am
you look in the senate, tom cotton 37, corey gardner 41. it's a great era for the republicans if we can get just get through the last 15 months of this disaster and avoid hillary clinton, at age 70, becoming the first woman president. >> hugh hewitt, thank you for coming on "new day." go, browns. >> not go browns. go, mets! we have a truce. >> it ain't over. you know the lay of the land with what's coming out of the campaigns. twees us #"new day" cnn. most your comment on the waco biker shootout, nine people killed. no one charged. it was like the wild wild west in 2015. will this new surveillance video of that chaotic and bloody day in texas help authorities with their investigation? tires. treads, what you got? lookin' a little bald, sir.
4:26 am
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4:29 am
all right. ntsb investigators are now trying to find out what led to thor it firing engine fire on a dynamic airways flight just
4:30 am
moments before it was supposed to take off at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. more than a dozen people were hospitalized after that frantic evacuation. the faa says the pilot who was taxiing behind flight 405 reported fuel leaking from the plane before it caught fire. the u.s. military launching four u.s. fighter jets to intercept a pair of russian military planes over the pacific ocean. navy officials saying the russian planes got too close to the "uss ronald reagan" tuesday, coming within one nautical mile and did not respond when contacted. it is standard operating procedure to escort planes flying near american warships. a student is getting a year in jail and three years probation for sexual assault. a judge in new hampshire sensing 20-year-old owen thursday for his role in what students call a senior salute, luring under age classmates into having sex.
4:31 am
he must register as a sex offender and he's going to appeal the conviction. >> surveillance video of what is being called one of the bloodiest afternoons in the history of american motorcycle clubs. the clubs opened fire on one another in a restaurant in waco, texas. nine people were killed. so far, no one has been changed. ed lavandera joins us. >> reporter: a lot has been said about this shootout that happened back in may. the showdown was like the gun fight at the o.k. coral. you don't have to hear the eruption of gunfire to feel the chaos, the moment rival motorcycle clubs unleash a deadly melee. these videos take you inside the twin peaks restaurant in the waco, texas, where nine bikers were killed and the parking lot
4:32 am
was turned into a raging war zone. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: cnn has obtained more than 2,000 pages of documents, crime scene photos, many too graphic to show and surveillance video giving us the most detailed accounts of what unfolded last may. some of the very evidence a texas grand jury is using to possibly indict the 177 bikers arrested and charged with organized criminal activity. restaurant surveillance cameras show the patio area filled with member of the one of the clubs waiting for a meeting to start. the bandito crew rolls in. john wilson is president of the chapter in waco of the cossacks biker club. he's sitting on the patio when they arrived. >> he was watching. he deliberately steered into one
4:33 am
of our prospects and hit him. he wasn't going real fast but deliberately ran into him with a motorcycle. >> reporter: the marne wilson is talking about was clifford pierce. he's not been charged. but in a police report, an investigator wrote pierce said he did not get his foot run over but may not have gotten out of way fast enough. it didn't matter. the cossacks believed that the bandito ran into one of their guys. one witness says a cossack fired first, someone else says it was the banditos. clifford pierce says he hit the dirt and was shot. a bullet hits his spine, leaving pierce paralyzed from the waist down. >> it was horrific. there were guys getting hit and
4:34 am
falling. i realized that i needed to get away from where i was. i looked at the guy to my right, my left, a good friend of mine. and i told him, we have to get off the sidewalk or we're going to die here. >> reporter: mayhem ensues, a biker running across the patio fires a gunshot caught on camera toward the fight scene in the parking lot. he then stashes the gun. a number of cossack bikers take cover, some sliding handguns across the grounded to each other. restaurant patrons and twin peak wait tre waitresses are stunned and trapped. crime scene photos later show a biker's body left dead in this exact spot. this biker runs toward the camera with a bloody face. another group pulls a wounded man into the patio and they appear to be trying to revive him. he's then carried away. several defense attorneys tell cnn the video show that most of
4:35 am
the bikers there that day were nant bystanders. >> are you going to put us in jail? >> everyone's going to jail. >> the way they handled it with the mass incarceration of people with million dollar bonds, flies in the face of justice and flies in the face of fairness. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: after it was all over, the scene was chaos, dozens of bikers had run inside the restaurant to the hide in bathrooms and the twin peaks kitchen. police s.w.a.t. teams move in to round up the crowd. they're escorted out with hands up, weapons litter the crime scene. knives, brass knuckles and more than 150 firearms everywhere, some even hiden in toilets. it's been more than five months since the twin peaks brawl. all of the bikers are out of jail, out on bonn. they were all charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. no one has been charged with murder yet. it's still not clear who cleared
4:36 am
whom. one police report says at least three officers fired into the crowd. and i heard, suppressed fire from what i believed to be s.w.a.t. officers with suppressed rifles. waco police have defended their actions since the beginning. >> this is a criminal element that came in here yesterday and killed people. they're not here to drink beer and eat barbecue. they came with violence in mind. and we're ready for it. >> reporter: these images of the twin peaks brawl tell the story of unbridled pandemonium. >> all these bikers started shooting. they put us in a freezer. >> reporter: it was a wild west style shootout in broad daylight. >> and michaela, as we mentioned, 177 bikers still waiting to hear what their fate will be as this grand jury here
4:37 am
in waco continues to look at the case. >> ed, you have your hands on all this documentation, the pages of interviews, the photos and that surveillance video. what stood out in terms of what police were asking the bikers during the course of their investigation? >> it's interesting. you have to remember, they're all charged with organized criminal activity. it was interesting from the get-go and reading the dozens of police reports how many of the officers were interested in the motivation behind each of these bikers for showing up at these events. many of the bikers say they were here for a biker club style meeting, this was something that happened routinely. police say there had been a long simmering history of violence between the two groups in the months leading up to that may 17. >> shootout. many of them believe they came there for nefarious reasons. the reason why they were there is the key element in all of this. >> great reporting for us. thank you so much for that. >> pictures don't lie.
4:38 am
ed lavandera has been working that story for a very long time. the videotape definitely advances understanding and should raise a new set of questions. it shouldn't be left to go away because biker gangs were involved. >> you see the waitresses and patrons scattering. >> a lot of regular people in there as well. the rival campaigns in the gop are coming together to fight a common faux. this is highly unusual. we'll tell you what's going on and what's going to happen next.
4:39 am
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4:42 am
you can campaign or just resign and just take the job. there are plenty of people living paycheck to paycheck. >> the only reason you're doing it now is because you're running for the same position and someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> that's the moment that was causing concerns about jeb bush's future. it may also have had a bigger impact on marco rubio than we expected. let's bring in thomas fieldler to talk about this, the dean of college of communications for boston university and the former
4:43 am
executive editor for the miami herald. great to have you with us. no one better qualified to talk about these two than you. >> good morning. >> because you covered florida politics for the "miami herald" for decades. start with breaking news. we just got a statement from the rubio campaign that says he is cancelling his first campaign event in iowa to fly back to capitol hill for senate votes. that's interesting. does that mean that that moment where he was called out by jeb bush for not voting got to him somehow? >> i think -- well, it may have. it may have. i think in many ways that was a built of a trap that the bush campaign may have set out for him. it surprised me that this would be the issue that jeb would actually try to go after marco rubio with. it was predictable but it's pretty weak stuff. the republican electorate would think not showing up to govern
4:44 am
in washington woulden a good thing. marco rubio could have gone out and said, look, ip doing my part to help slow down government. it was pretty weak stuff. and then rubio's comeback to jeb during that debate just left jeb, i mean, truly deflated. i think it was a decisive moment. >> you do? because other pundits have said that as well. marco rubio hit it out of the park. he was ready for that one. but you say it's weak stuff. interesting that you say that because we also have here this just leaked 112-page document from the jeb bush campaign. it came out last night and it gives a lot of insight into what their strategy is for attacking marco rubio. >> right. >> there's one whole page that says they'll try to suggest that marco is a risky bet. let me call your attention to the last sentence. those who have looked into marco's background in the past
4:45 am
have been concerned with what they've found. that's ominous. does this suggest that jeb bush will go there and plant seeds of something suspicious? >> yes, i don't know what jeb would do that personally. that's really not his style to do it. there's no question that his campaign staff is just pulling at the bit to try to go after marco rubio, if they say that marco rubio would emerge as a real threat, which i think he has, they've got a lot of things that have come up in the florida media that they'll throw at him. it's questionable use of credit cards that marco rubio has admitted to and apologized for. the support that he has some largely a single backer, norman braman, a major car dealer and football franchise owner. a lot of things like that that i think they're threatening to be able to throw out there, which is why i think the issue about a very poor attendance record was
4:46 am
fairly weak. they're laying in wait. i don't know how successful they're going to be unless jeb personally is willing to take the lead. >> let's talk about that, tom. as i said, you've covered jeb bush in particular, for decades. can you explain the jeb that we're seeing this time around on this campaign trail? is this different than the jeb who ran for governor? >> i think it's different only in the sense that this is a forum in which he is very, very uncomfortable. when he was running for governor, first of all, he didn't really have a challenge from within the party. he was the -- he literally was the favorite son. he was able to skate through republican primaries with any significant opposition. then he really just dealt in the general election. as you'll remember, he lost that first general election, largely because of his debate performance against then incumbent governor lawton chiles.
4:47 am
when he was successful in the next two terms he didn't really have to fight off any significant opposition. he's now in a forum that he -- it truly is uncomfortable and unsettled in. he said yesterday that if voters want a performance that he's not the guy. well, i think the truth is, voters do want a performance of some kind. they expect a performance from the president and he's got to show that he's able to do some of that also. >> yes, sure, they're looking for the fire in the belly as we hear so often. thomas fiedler, thanks for sharing your expertise on this. thanks for being on "new day." the third gop debate gave late night hosts plenty of new material. you can worry about them.
4:48 am
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teveven the music makes me laugh. late night hosts are having a field day. here is what you missed if you were sleeping like us. >> during last night's debate trump said he would feel more comfortable if his own employees brought firearms to work. yeah.
4:53 am
when they heard that many of trump's hispanic employees said no problemo. >> jeb bush has been trailing by a wide margin. but boy, last night he really came out swinging. you. >> you find a democrat for cutting spending ten dollars, i'll give him a warm kiss. >> why does it have to be warm? >> ben carson was asked what his greatest weakness and he said it was he couldn't see himself as president until people asked him to run. he also never seen himself as president because he never opens his eyes. >> oh goodness. sounds like he's got a bit of a cold there. >> yeah he does sound like that. that jimmy kimmel as princess leia made me deeply uncomfortably. >> i kind of love it. >> i like that he kept the beard. not easy to dress up as the woman as the man.
4:54 am
>> i know. we heard -- >> i pulled it off very well people say. >> you were a busty sort of top heavy woman. >> bucksem is the word we are like. >> that's the word. >> so wear going to get back into this story with what happened with this plane on the runways. what kind of restrictions were in place? what kind of maintenance? we'll take you through what truly was a disaster averted. >> and also anthony bourdain goes back to borneo and joins us next hour with more. but here is a sneak peak. >> borneo. i came here ten years ago. heartbroken depressed. sort of a weird cross-roads in my life. i went up river.
4:55 am
hung out with some very nice people in a long house. and i had myself quite an experience. and i promised those people i'd be back for the rice harvest festival. it took me ten years to do it, but i came back. here i am. saroac borneo.
4:56 am
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4:59 am
six day man hunt ended in a deadly shootout in kentucky early this morning. >> a what's happening this world? what's going on around us here? >> citizens need to rest and rest assured their law enforcement agencies are doing their job.
5:00 am
>> if we just saw the fire. people started freaking out. >> you open the door. let the chute out. the chute opened to the sides where the flames were. >> what happened? >> how are you feeling? >> screams and people crying. i didn't know how to react. >> it is not about the big personalities on the stage. it is not about performance. it is about leadership. >> what's turned into is a gotcha. that's silly. >> we're going to run for president aggressively. >> who won the debate? >> this is "new day," with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> some extra michaela hair on the side for the elvis side burns. i've been collecting it in a bag for when the eventual happens. i'm going to to get it stitched in. breaking news.
5:01 am
a massive six day man hunt for an armed and dangerous fugitive over. and it happened in dramatic fashion. the suspect with wanted for shooting a tennessee police officer during a traffic stop, then firing at the kentucky state trooper. for the story, boris sanchez is here with us now. what do you know? >> it was a harrowing ordeal. ended in gunfire. floyd ray cook, the fugitive wanted in the shooting of a tennessee police officer is dead. convicted of rapist and robbery. he on the run since saturday when he shot the officer. the officer was wearing a bullet proof vest and he was released from the hospital later that night in good condition. cook then fled to kentucky where he was involved in a second shooting with law enforcement, escaping on foot to the area of highway 16, the border between kentucky and tennessee. police closed in on cook after
5:02 am
he stopped at a home and asked a couple for a ride. they recognized him. refused his request and immediately called police. days past. and about 12:20 this morning, two state troopers and one u.s. marshal encountered him. cook apparently had a handgun and shot at the officers who fired back and fatally wounding him. a nightmare for the area, ends. ntsb investigators are trying to work out what caused a passenger airplane to catch fire minutes before it took off. this tragedy caught on video at fort lauderdale international airport. elena machado with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. authorities say there is still a lot of questions surrounding what went wrong here with flight 405 but there is no doubt that a major disaster was averted.
5:03 am
this video capturing flames and smoke just before takeoff. passengers forced to escape the burning plane down evacuation shutds. >> i heard a loud bang. turned around. saw the lights. saw flames. ran to the front. >> we just saw the fire. people started freaking out. >> screams and people crying. and i didn't know how to react. >> now ntsb investigators try to determine why the boeing's left engine began leaking fuel just before takeoff, bursting into the planes. a pilot trailing the flight was the first to spot trouble. >> looks like it's leaking a lot of -- i don't know if it's fuel. fluid out of the left engel. >> moments later. >> engine's on fire. engine's on fire. >> emergency responders arriving
5:04 am
within minutes extinguishing the fire. passengers on planes nearby capturing the chaos. 17 people injured in the pele were hospitalized. including one child and a trauma patient. >> most are musculoskeletal. knees, elbows. >> abrasions. a fracture. but in general everybody was very nervous and shaken up. >> the incident closing fort lauderdale hollywood international airport for hours, leading to 219 flight the delays and 43 canceled flights. >> reporter: the airport is now open. both runways are up and running. and according to a statement posted by dynamic international airways, the airline plans to resume regular schedule today. >> thank you very much. let's bring in cnn aviations analyst. the former inspector general of
5:05 am
the department of transportation. and also an attorney. again, this phrase blessing in disguise. we don't want to see planes on fire obviously. we don't want people to get hurt. but you are saying this is a wake up call. how so? >> when an airline has a troubled track record, things like bankruptcies. this particular airline was booted from brazil. they voluntarily tendered their certificate. then they got it back again. and then think just a emerged from an involuntary bankruptcy, meaning their creditors put them into it just this week. so these are warning flags for an airline. this is a tiny little airline. only flew a couple of places. but the faa usually puts airlines like this under a special watch. and there is no indication of a special watch. and the reason is because this is when safety gets compromised. when you don't have enough money to run your operation and you are running a spotty record,
5:06 am
which i think this is is. that is when you get worried about problems happening. and fortunately this was one contained. this time. >> well, we have to wait on the investigation, as always. we have to see why this happened and what accountability there is. but when you look at the video there are, again, red flags of a different nature that go up in terms of what happened and what didn't happen. take us through it. >> on the video you can see a lot of issues that bring up issues of trainin ining for exa on which doors you instruct the passengers to enter. it's the flight attendants. sometimes passengers do open doors if they shouldn't. but they should have evacuated on the side away from the fire. one of the slides hasn't deployed on the side away from the fire thamp. that actually is pretty typical. you learn in many cases too late
5:07 am
not all the slides work. and in other cases you see that happen. but you also don't see flight attendants or the crew at the bottom of the slides helping people get off the slides. and that is one thing they are supposed to do. they are supposed to very loudly and forcefully bark those orders. but they are also supposed to help people get off the slide. so there is a lot of things that make me suggest that the faa might also want to look at training in addition to maintenance and the finances of that carrier. >> and also you have the warning systems, right? how did this plane get discovered to be leaking. not by the systems on board. not by the pilot as we understand. but by another pilot, right? >> right. and that is a huge clue too. often -- not often, but probably about once a month or so, aircraft do experience something called an uncontained engine failure. and that is where the engine itself comes apart and shrapnel busts through the engine and can cut fuel lines etc. but that's loud.
5:08 am
the pilot would have known that. and if they had a fire or problems with the engine before there should have been warning lights and -- >> well the pilot also said he saw leaking fuel on that plane. not the pilot of the dynamic airlines plane but another pilot. how unusual is that? and is that something the plane should have been telling the pilot itself? >> leaking fuel is kind of tough. and we also don't know when it started. something might have come loose after they started the engines. so that is a little tougher. it might have been slow and then all of a sudden something cut loose. but that is a tough one. and the pilot behind this plane truly did save them, without a doubt. in about three or four seconds after takeoff, it would have been too late. >> what are going to be the rights and remedies for the people on this plane? there were injuries thank god no fatalities but now what? >> it is going to be a little different on this. because this was technically international. so the things we talked about with malaysia 370 will come into play and that is an
5:09 am
international treaty that sets forthrights and remedies for the passengers as against the airline. if it turns out to be an aircraft problem and the airline does not own this aircraft, if that is the case here then it would also be a regular u.s. claim a u.s. suit against the owner and maintenance facility or maintainer of the aircraft and the engine. and who knows. maybe the engine was recently worked on or replaced. not likely because plane's really old. at 29 years old this is tired iron. >> tired iron. that's an interesting phrase. >> that's what we call it. >> so what happens now right away? anything? i know the investigation takes time. is there a probation here or no because accidents like this happen and they don't restrict other airlines. so what happens? >> well for the airline, sadly nothing unless the faa issues emergency orders. i actually think one would be called for but that is up to the faa. they could call for an immediate
5:10 am
inspection, stand down, etc. they have not done that. so the airline gets to go on as if this hasn't happened. they do have to have a required amount of insurance. so their insurers will now step in and start looking out for what the passengers need etc. they do owe these passengers immediate payments under the treaty and under the practice in the united states to take care of their immediate needs. and then the passengers will each have to bring their own separate action for their own injuries and redress. it is always a separate action. it is naefr class action. we'll stay on it and we'll come to you. this could have been a lot worse and maybe an indication of problems to come. thank you very much. have a happy halloween. while the republican presidential candidates back on the trail except marco rubio who is flying back to capitol hill.
5:11 am
and jeb bush assures supporters his campaign is alive and well. and in reno nevada where trump was last night. >> donald trump trying to get back on top. and jeb bush trying to calm supporters. and the marco rubio. >> jeb bush promising to be more forceful. after an underwhelming debate performance. bush reaching out to reassure skiddish voters. >> we got eight more debates. i'm going to have to do what other candidates do. what is rudely interrupt. and hopefully the debate moderators will ask better questions as well. >> who saw the debate last night? >> donald trump declaring victory.
5:12 am
>> and who won the debate? >> once again touting online surveys deeming him the winner. >> we won ever poll. drudge, time magazine. every week every time we have it. >> while on twitter attacking critics calling politico losers. after the news outlet declared his debate performance downright dmur. but some candidates are calling for changes to upcoming debates. >> debates are supposed to be established to help the peoplee. but some candidates are calling for changes to upcoming debates. >> debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates. and what it's turned into is a gotcha. >> meet on sunday in washington in hopes of gaining more control over the process. >> the people of new jersey have determined i'm successful. they elected me twice. >> and this calling on governor christie to drop out. go home and focus on troubles in new jersey rather than hais
5:13 am
vanity project run. >> if "new york times" hates me i'm getting some place. >> rubio did cancel his first stop in iowa today to go back to washington d.c. for senate votes. the change in schedule makes me think maybe there was a little bit of sting in the debate. >> interesting to see what happened after that third debate, sarah. thank you so much. diplomatic efforts beginning anu this morning to bring peace to syria the u.s. russia and for the first time iran among those taking part. in exclusive interview james clapper weighs in on escalating presence in syria. >> reporter: -- said ones of toughest jobs he has to do is foreign leaders.ntions of - in effect reading their minds and he said that is particularly hard with the russian president
5:14 am
vladimir putin because he has such a small group of advisers advising him. but clapper has been in a bubble for decades. i asked for his best assessment. he was frankly dismissive. called him opportunistic, impulsive. particularly with moves with respect to syria. >> we are expected to know a decision is made before he makes it. putin's case in point. i think he's very impulsive, very opportunistic. it is a debate but i personally question whether he has a long-term strategy. and i think his intervention is -- into syria is another manifestation of that. those things are hard to predict when there is a very very -- in his case a very very small cloister of people around him. unlike our president, he is not subjected to a steady stream of bad news. that is not a good thing for his
5:15 am
intelligence services to do. so he's very much i think in a -- sort of a decisional bubble. and he makes these decisions on -- pretty much on his own. >> do you think he has a plan for syria? >> what his long-term plan is? i'm not sure he has one. i think he's kind of winging this day to day. >> i asked director clapper if he, if the intelligence community was caught off guard, surprised by russia's ramping up of military action in syria in recent weeks and he said no. they saw it coming and they warned the president. back to you. >> all right jim, thank you very much. also when the rockets slamming into iraq's camp liberty. that is going on. and the refugee near bagged airport. iraqis claim at least three
5:16 am
soldiers and 20 iranian refugees are dead. condemning the attack. this morning the al mattar army allegedly claiming responsibility. assaulting a 15-year-old special needs student on a school bus. part of it was caught by other kids on the bus cell phone cameras. police say robert scarborough physically grabbed the student and pulled him out of his seat thursday when the student did not follow seating instructions. >> sit down. >> you can hear him yelling at other students there. they also said that he struck the student in the head and pushed him to the floor. several kids got off the bus at the next stop and reported the incident. >> and they are so young too. look at some of the kids that are standing up. that student is said to have some challenges already. and obviously that driver is
5:17 am
going to be in a whole lot of trouble for not handling the situation properly at all. >> good for the kids. telling them it was wrong. you can't do that. taking out their phones. >> and reporting it immediately, yeah. >> doesn't matter how young you are. you know when you see something that isn't right. those kids did the right thing. >> we'll follow all that and see what happens to the driver. all right. calls are getting louder for gop candidates to drop out. the "new york times" even calling out governor chris christie who seemed like he just had a high point in the last debate. so is anyone going to listen? is this too soon? (patrick 1) wo be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean,
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5:21 am
jeb bush's campaign scrambling this morning to reassure donors that jeb can can turn it around after the debate. and now some of the other campaigns are planning a meeting for sunday because they want changes to the debate process. so here this morning to talk about all of this are cnn political commentator and republican strategist and cnn political commentator and on ed commentator for the "new york times." charles, let me play for you what jeb bush said to reporters about how he's going to change moving forward. listen to this. >> look, we got eight more detectives. i'm going to have to do other candidates do, which is rudely interrupt, not answer the questions that are asked. and hopefully the debate
5:22 am
moderators will actually ask for substantive questions as well. it is going fine. >> are you having any fun? >> oh yeah. you saw it. having lots of fun. >> his new plan in case you didn't hear, is to rudely interrupt and not answer the questions asked. that doesn't sound like a winning strategy. >> or maybe he's been facetious. >> maybe he's been sarcastic. but the question what was the takeaway? what are you going to do snow. >> he cannot move the numbers out of the single digits no matter what he does. the kind of unserious candidates, a as they see them, as i see them quite frankly are the people who have been leading in the polls. have been leading the last hundred days in the polls. and so he was the presumptive nominee even before the process got started. so there is a tremendous amount of frustration that he's not able to get any traction and this just may not be his cycle. who knows. there is a lot of time to go. and there is no pressure on him
5:23 am
in any way to leave this race. so he'll be here for a while. >> because he has money. >> he has money. >> -- from the jeb pow wow showing how he's going to go after marco rubio. do you believe it was leaked? and what is your take of what's in it. >> what i heard they strategically leaked it out there to reporters so they could start driving some narratives involved in it. but i'm actually surprised by it. because i -- i think what it says about the campaign which is, you know, that they are getting so bogged down in tactics and they are losing a bigger message. and i think some of those tactics -- you know, i think they send a lot of the wrong message to reporters. and it's surprising to see right now at this point. >> well this is what chris is talking about. this is the 112 leaked document that chris and kevin think was strategically leaked to show how they are going to go after marco
5:24 am
rubio. >> what is a strategic leak. >> what you do is you have someone say look here it is. and it looks like it is going to be exposing to the campaign. but all the points in it are bad for rubio and then you have the media talking about what it says in this document. >> in particular one of the bad points. i'll just take -- whatever you leak to me i just run with. this was leaked to u.s. news and world report. look at the last line in the next page i want to show you. those who have looked into marco's background in the past have been concerned with what they found. what they seem to be suggesting is that when he went through the vetting process for romney they dug up something inkrcriminatin. the romney campaign came out last night and said that's erroneous. where does that leave us? >> madden would know, right? >> what is that all about? >> they are trying to raise all of these questions about marco
5:25 am
rubio in hope the media gives him a little more scrutiny. i think it's harder when you have beth meyers who is the campaign manager come out and dispute that. so much of what we remember about marco rubio on the campaign in 2012 was how good he was at the economy. and a validater with middle class economics. the bush campaign is trying to drive this. this is the sort of contrast they want. it will be interesting to see whether or not it's effective. >> let's put dr. ben carson up there with his "gotcha" thing, which i still think is going to be a gift by the end of the week. these getting together to fight a common foe which is us. they want the debates to be different. literally the campaigns are getting together. listen to why. >> debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates and
5:26 am
get to know what's behind them and what their thinking process is, what their philosophy is. and what's turned into is a "gotcha." that's silly. and that's not really helpful for anybody. >> actually, ben carson is not helpful to anybody. if ben carson would not have said a word if he had not been as far ased to. he did not intersect a single time what anybody else said. if you are not going to press him he's not going say a word on a debate stage. and that means that you have to push a little bit. where the cnbc moderators the best moderators? i don't think so. i think they could have done a better job of the debate. and i think there were instance with them trying to pit them against each other. and i never like that part of a debate. but however the questions asked him were really legitimate issues and particularly about that supplement company and
5:27 am
whether or not he had a relationship with them. and his answer seems a little fuzzy based on the reporting since then. >> and it's not just ben carson and not just the candidates. a lot of republicans think the questions weren't fair and weren't about substance and certainly not about the economy. they were questions designed to gin up the anger. >> some of them were. but some of were very substantive. they have really an extended debate about economic issues and i think that that was really helpful for people who pay attention to actually policy issue. it was heavy on policy. >> kevin have you ever heard of the campaigns getting together like this? >> i don't remember anything else like it. they certainly all get together to argue about the debate format and timing and who's where. that is typical. but this is atypical. >> yeah i think people would be surprised actually how much i think the campaigns who spend
5:28 am
every day at each other's throats actually do talk about the guidelines of the debates. one of the things i think for me the campaigns somehow resting control of this away from the rnc or the other networks and managing the debates on their own. it is like a full time job. the folks at cnn can tell you that. i can't see how the debates would be able to do that. how the campaigns would be o able to do that. >> but donald trump was threatening to not be in it if he didn't get his way in terms of the time. >> he would have missed a huge opportunity. 1 million people wouldn't have had donald trump on stage. it would have been a risk. >> and trump had a leverage going into the first debate that he is losing. if he misses a debate at this point it is a loss for him. it is actually not a loss for the network whoever is hosting. >> donald trump would probably argue to all of us the only reason they have 13 million people is because of him. >> he does argue that. and thanks so much. a v a great weekend.
5:29 am
as the u.s. and iran quotient over syria, another iranian american is being held in iran. how is this going to effect the peace talks. attention americans eligible for medicare.
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5:33 am
reports this morning that an iranian businessman is being held in iran. word of the arrest reported by the "wall street journal." cnn working to confirm it. but it comes as the new round of peace talks gets under way in vienna with iran at the table for the first time. a development there also. reportedly information that just came in. let's discuss it with bobby gauche. reuters is reporting that iran is saying that it would be in favor of a six month transition period in syria and elections to determine the fate of bashar al assad. that would be new. but these are also mixed messages. they take someone again of -- and saying you are doing something productive on the other side. >> in their mind they don't see
5:34 am
the contradiction. in their mind the policy towards iran is a separate item. we also have to recognize the iranian government doesn't speak in one voice. within the ruling establishment is both the ruling party and the opposition if you like. so you have moderates like the president and foreign minister taking this line on syria who negotiated the nuclear deal. and hard liners, more conservatives within the organization who run the security apparatus and basically parliament. they have a completely different agenda. they are very clear. and they want no part of any friendship or opening of relations with the united states. and the arrest of an american citizen seems to be much more from their playbook than from the moderates. >> why is it that the u.s. seems to have a no leverage with these arrests and prosecutions? >> well because we've had no relations with this country for decades now. we have nothing right now that they want. what they did want was the unfreezing of all of those
5:35 am
assets of theirs which is why they came to the nuclear negotiations. now that they have got the deal they want, there is a not a whole lot they want from us. i'm talking about the hard liners. the moderates say we want cultural rerelations and logically that makes sense. the hard liners say you know what what we need we'll get from other places. economic relations, the world is a big place. we can do business with a lot of countries without dealing with the united states. we don't need america. >> is there a real window offer of opportunity here to change the dynamic in syria at these vienna talks? >> i don't think so. but that is -- that is in part because both the u.s. and iran have very very different visions of what an ideal outcome is. and of course russia has a third one. but the main reason is this. you are having these talks about syria. there are no syrians there. that is a fundamental problem.
5:36 am
>> why aren't there any there? >> fifth year into the conflict we are still not clear who we should be talking to. who should represent syria. all these different world powers, if you like, each have its own favorites. iran would like assad to represent syria. we will not tolerate as the united states and the west. but the west is not clear who exactly in the opposition should represent syria. >> is that a fair thing for the united states to reject the position of assad at the leader there right now. >> i don't think they can reject assad's presence. he is there. he's the person responsible for killing 300,000 of -- most of 3 300,000-of his civilians. >> wouldn't be the first guy they dealt with on a person to person level who was accuse of doing horrible things. >> true. but this is a sort of high level of atrocity taking place across. i think the u.s. is finally
5:37 am
coming to the point of view that assad will be part of any discussion about the future. there is disagreement over whether he can have a future in power. the u.s. says absolute not. the west says absolute not. >> there a good sign that iran says we'd be in favor of a six month transition. we'd be in favor of elections. is that a good sign? >> at face value, absolutely. we have to see the nitty grit, the other positions for iran's taking this position. as with any other country iran is not going to change its position withouten wanting something in exchange. but at face value, yes. as the positive sign that iran is willing to invizzage a future of syria without assad in charge. >> the idea that the u.s. is going to start making more direct action on the ground. are we starting to go down the slippery slope there in terms of involvement? >> yes, i think we're pretty far
5:38 am
down that slippery slope already. and it's gotten more complicated. we're no longer the only -- well we were never the only players there. but now you have more on the ground. the ironens are sending more actual boots on the ground. the russians have actually boots on the ground. i think now we are responding to things rather than leading events in syria, which is the most dangerous thing. it is always going to be dangerous when you have boots on the ground. it is infinitely more dangerous when you also have russian boots on the ground and iranian boots on the ground as well as russian planes in the sky. that's raised the level of the risk of things going wrong, of misunderstanding of friendly fire, unfriendly fire. quasifriendly fire. all of these things now become real possibilities and fur a military planner looking at what you can and can't do in syria, it is good to put out there that you are considering all options. but in reality your options are actually closing in. >> thank you very much. appreciate the pemptive.
5:39 am
alisyn. well anthony bourdain has lots of cool adventures but none like his visit to borneo. he gives a sneak peak of his long awaited return to that island. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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here we go with the five things to know for you new day on this thursday -- i guess it's friday. my goodness. ntsb investigating this engine fire. more than a dozen people were injured during the frantic evacuation and they were sent to the hospital. the six day man hunt for floyd ray cook, the fugitive wanted in the shooting of police officers in tennessee and kentucky is over. cook was killed in a shoot out with police this morning. and business executive an iranian american was arrested in iran. and bush reassuring nervous supporters and telling them his
5:44 am
cam bapaign is not on life supp. the world series resuming in new york. boy, the mets need a win. the royals lead the series 2-0 and took the first two games in kansas city. for more visit next up you are going to meet one of that year's top ten cnn heroes. ten years ago maggie left her new jersey hometown to go on a backpacking trip to nepal. that experience changed her life. she planned to return to help one child in need but today she's the legal garnd of almost 50 children. >> i said i would stop at 25. and then the cat became 30 and then 40. and that kid comes in that you just can't say no to. it's life or death. >> you can watch all in its
5:45 am
entirety on cnn heroes dotcom. you can vote once a day every day for your favorite hero. favorite time of year. >> all extraordinary people. so hard to chose. well borneo s the third largest island in the world as i'm sure you know is a street food paradise. and anthony bourdain tells us about his long awaited return. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight.
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5:49 am
after ten years anthony bourdain travels back to the street food paradise of borneo. where the food alone looks worth the trip. let's give you look at this sunday's "parts unknown". >> first order of business, dinner. i've been on a plane for like -- i don't know. it was long. very long. so like five mark wahlberg films. i can't tell you how excited i
5:50 am
am about the prospect of getting some -- and a regional beverage. i don't even know what this is. i love you noodles. they want to get all heavy and philosophical at this point, why i'm here. what my mission is. what i expect to find. basically retracing my steps and all that. we'll talk about that later. right now, noodles. >> right now he wants to grub. tony is here with us in studio. it was a return for you. ten years ago you first went but you said you would be back. what was it you fell in love with? >> i wept to borneo the first time in a sort of a very emotional time in my life. i'd never been any place like it. i went up river pretty deep into the jungle and stayed with a tribe of iban people.
5:51 am
former head hunters traditionally at a long house. and had an amazing amazing time. and they had invited me to come back for their rice harvest festival and get a hand tapped tattoo. and i promised the chiefs, who treated me very very well and the community had welcomed me, that i would return. and i did. hey. >> oh and you did get that hand-tapped tattoo that we just saw one little clip of. what were you thinking? >> i have a lot of tattoos. and i've even had a hand tapped tattoo before. >> is tapped the right word? >> hammered. >> more like -- they chiseled it in. in this case, whacking away with sharp objects on the end of bamboo rods. it probably would have worked out okay. they hadn't done it for a while i gather.
5:52 am
it took forever. >> how long? >> two hours. and i assumed there is no meat there. there can't be any nerves. it hurt. >> -- comparatively shouldn't be bad. >> it was tortuous. >> do you regret it now. >> >> no it's a cool tattoo. i'm happy. >> good. >> what's the symbol. >> a representation of the fruit and a tattoos mark various points in your life and fruits and jungle flowers and things like that. >> what did it mean putting it right there in the center? >> he talked to me before about that. >> showing it off. >> toox you ten years to go back. was it as you remembered? >> some things are different. deforestation and lumbering has depleted a lot of the resources. everybody got a cell phone. they don't necessarily have a signal.
5:53 am
but they -- everyone has cell phones. there is something resembling a road to get there now. but no, much the same. a big community all living in one long house with separate rooms. a lot of the same faces. some of the people i had met earlier had passed. >> were they surprised to see you? >> yes i was a curiosity for sure. i think they were surprised to me. >> same guys. >> yeah a lot of the same guys. and family members. and what was weird is that some of -- they had seen the shows. they knew me from tv, which was weird. that is really the first thing. before you get a road or working cell signal you do get a satellite dish apparently. >> yeah yeah. so that is the question. the when you go back to these places. the first time you are an oddity, a guest, etc. but the second time is there a
5:54 am
sense they want to outdo it? >> i arrived at a time when it was literally non stop drinking for three days of savage pounding of homemade rice whisky and karaoke. the songs are burned into my soul. but this is a place where the food is just incredible. spicy and delicious. it's very very beautiful. great history. and a thrill to shoot there. and a pleasure to make the show. >> man, you take one for the team. >> really do. >> first of all you how do you have three days of drinking? i don't know how you hang like ha. >> on top of the flight. he saw six mark wahlberg films.
5:55 am
and great to see you. be sure to watch anthony bourdain return to borneo this sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern right ore on cnn. >> well if taking a look at bare chest bourpden wasn't enough. we got only good good stuff coming up. attention americans eligible for medicare.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
today is the good stuff on this friday. you have all seen the viral video. head lines of interactions between police and citizens. often painful to watch. we hope they are instructive of things that can change. here is one that is shattering
5:59 am
the mold. a washington d.c. police officer and a teen in an all out dance off. but the context. the officer was dispersing this crowd of teens that was an unstable situation. he was stopping a fight and that is when the challenge arose about the dancing. if the female cop wins she -- the teens would have to leave and vice versa. if the cop loses then she's got to leave. so they were all winners. and everyone left the area. >> oh my gosh. this is the answer to community policing. yes a dance off. >> light it up social media. even president obama tweeted "who knew community policing could involve the nae nae." keeping it safe. having fun. >> sometimes a little humor can diffuse a situation on the edge. >> but you have to be able to deliver. and that cop could deliver. >> she got the street cred. >> you know this isn't very
6:00 am
spooky. come on in. >> this is lou. >> elvis is in the building. >> some morning shows go all out for halloween. we just make the crew do something that could take under an. >> what is that? just a face that is an eye? you know it is an improvement. to be honest. >> time now for carol costello. >> ooh carol. scary mask. >> -- she refuses to be seen on camera. >> ah. >> but she looked interesting. >> i'm going to her office now. >> have a great day. newsroom starts now. happening now in the newsroom, an american executive in prison in iran this morning. why? his family doesn't even know. and his arrest as america negotiates with iran about what to do


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