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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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me @wolfblitzer. be sure to join us right here on monday in "the situation room." in the meantime, thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. have a great weekend. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, boots back on the ground. the white house in an about-face announcing u.s. special forces are headed to syria to fight isis. is this the start of another ground war? plus, marco rubio leaving the campaign trail to cast his vote. and a deadly shootout at a strip mall. investigators pouring over that video tonight. what do they see? we'll show you. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, the breaking news, an about-face. the white house announcing today that american forces will be deployed to syria. it's a reversal from a president
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who has promised there will be no combat troops in that country. up to 50 special operation forces will be headed to syria and that could be just the start. josh earnest was asked about that point today. >> so it's possible that there could be further deployments? >> well, jim, i don't want to try to predict the future here. >> leaving the door open for more deployments, a major admission since president obama and his team have promised again and again and again that u.s. forces will never go to syria. >> again, i repeat, i will not put american troops on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq or afghanistan. >> doesn't get more direct than that. deployment to of troops to
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syria. barbara starr is at the pentagon. the white house says they won't have a combat mission. they are going to engage if they are under fire, though. that's combat, isn't it? >> good evening, erin. it's all supposed to start very small, as you pointed out, but here at the pentagon, behind the scenes tonight, they are already talking about the possibility indeed. the mission may grow again. president obama secretly told defense secretary ash carter weeks ago he wanted faster progress in the war against isis in both syria and iraq and to come up with a plan, a u.s. official tells cnn. now the president has ordered a small number of special of forces into northern syria to help local forces fight isis. >> the president does expect that they can have an impact in intensifying our strategy for
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building the capacity of local forces inside of syria to take the fight on the ground to isil. >> reporter: the teams, less than 50 troops, could include members of the army's elite delta force, green berets and navy s.e.a.l.s. their mission? to pro vvide ammunition to supplies to local and kurdish forces on the ground. the danger, they could wind up coming under fire from isis fighters. until now, the president has long said he would not put troops in combat, especially in syria. >> i do not foresee a scenario in which boots on the ground in syria -- american boots on the ground in syria would not only be good for america but also would be good for syria. >> reporter: and the white house insists that is still true. >> these forces do not have a combat mission. this is not in any way an
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attempt to diminish the risk that they will face or the bravery that they will need to sign to carry out these operations. >> reporter: the special operations forces are expected to be sent from erbil, iraq, across the border into this area of northern syria. the u.s. will use f-15 jets to strike targets around raqqa, the isis capital. the u.s. wants anti-u.s. forces to be able to take back the city. the top u.s. special operations commander recently underscored what the u.s. troops can provide. >> a lot of our intelligence comes from talking to people on the ground. this is a very unique capability that special forces operates for us. they are out there with the people and talk to local leaders. >> they are out there with the people. they will be talking to people
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on the ground but 50 special operation forces, can they be a game changer? here at the pentagon, nobody thinks it's going to go that far. a sear serious skepticism, going to raqqa, the opposition fighters being able to retake the city of raqqa, almost everyone believes it could be a long way off. >> barbara starr, thank you very much. i want to go to nick paton walsh who is near the syrian border on the turkey side. >> reporter: the theory is that they will get to the front and talk to syrian rebels working with the kurds in northern syria and give them the weapons they need and build a sense of to make the force actually meaning?
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particularly in the fight that barbara was talking about where they hope to push isis into the stronghold of raqqa. the syrian arab coalition, it's not really a big player in the fight against inside syria. they will be looking inside the kurds in the fight and definitely not on the mission that the u.s. is currently suggesting. yes, it could make a big change if these particular syrians, arabs, sunni who is are not the kurds also fighting isis do see progress, it could be very helpful. but it's not going to change things overnight. it may get momentum but today it was all about a message during the peace talks to say to the russians and other players at the table, we're not putting our isis strategy on hold here, we're moving forward. erin? >> nick paton walsh, thank you.
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you've spent a significant amount of time reporting from syria. "outfront" tonight, bob baer and dave sears. thanks very much to you. bob, why is the president doing this? >> it's an act of desperation. we've lost relevance in syria with iran and syria going in. the islamic state is not going away. the only people fighting them are the kurds and the president is worried about looking detached from the situation and he is in deed and i don't think it's getting any better. it's something of a hail mary pass but it's the best he's got. >> david, you've been on the ground. you've done these kinds of missions. is this combat? >> absolutely it's combat. anytime you're carrying a rifle, wearing body armor, it's combat.
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everyone on the ground is preparing for combat and it's going to happen. it's coming. >> dave, what do you say about this 50 -- so categorically, they are not going to put any troops in and now it's almost as if it's against their will. it's only 50. >> right. it's only 50. we have the best tactical capabilities in the world but it's not going to change the outcome. it's not going to change that you have no strategy that you're following up with. those 50 can do limited amounts in terms of effect. >> is this mission creep? is it 50 and then it's something else? >> yeah, exactly. he's absolutely right. 50 is not enough. we're going to need more and more. you're going to have to put air support in there, black hawks, the rest of it. and we're up in a long-term war.
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and i think we should admit it and come up with a strategy because we don't have one supporting the kurds limited like this only promises to draw us in without a plan. >> david, i believe your view is, it's either all or not and the all is a very different picture than what we're seeing today. what would it be if the united states really decided it was going to go into this conflict and defeat isis? >> right. what would it look like? it's a half-measure. so either get in the ring or out of the ring but decide one way or the other. it's the riskiest place to be as this middle ground where you're not committing. so you need to commit. i can't tell what you that number would be but it would be to take cities, urban warfare, you're back to the hundreds and thousands to actually root these guys out, to get rid of isil, either that or sit there and get
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out of it. >> bob, what would you say to that? >> i couldn't agree more. dave is absolutely right. you put in hundreds of thousands or not at all. you have to have a comprehensive political strategy, which we don't have either. this is going to end up continuously like this piecemeal into a worst catastrophe than what we have now. >> a sobering conversation but thanks you both very much. bitter complaints of media bias at the last debate, our special report. plus, marco rubio turning heads by turning up for a side vote. the heavy criticism of his poor attendance record getting to him. and ted cruz fleshed with cash. tonight you'll meet the billionaires backing him. ty of a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong.
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but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. tonight, the republican national committee slamming nbc news. chairman reince priebus saying
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that the cable network cnbc hosted a debate that was defensive and conducted in bad faith. this is an unprecedented move for republicans. brian stelter is "outfront." >> reporter: the leading gop candidates outraged over their treatment at wednesday's debate, meeting in washington on sunday night to rewrite the ground rules. among those calling for change, ben carson. >> debates are established to help the people get to know the candidates and get to know what's behind them and what their thinking process is and what their philosophy is and what it's turned into is a gotcha. >> reporter: sunday's meeting is an unheard of gathering of rivals. the campaign is united in their anger over what they call the hostile nature. >> the board fired you. why do you think we should hire you now. >> reporter: rnc chief reince priebus agreed, complaining
4:15 pm
bitterly moments after the debate ended. >> there was one gotcha question and low blows one after the other. >> reporter: charging that party bosses have failed to take their concerns to the networks. more evidence of the gop at a crossroads as politicians led by party outsiders struggle for control of the party. in an unprecedented move, aiming to control, the rnc is suspending its ties with nbc news for a february debate saying in part, i expect the media to hold a substantive debate on consequential issues of concern to the american people. cnbc did not. >> i think the bigger frustration is all of the candidates on the stage had prepared for a substantive debate. >> we had $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work, isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football?
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>> reporter: now nbc news is saying they are disappointed with this development and wants to work with the republican party in order to resolve the dispute. maybe after an in-depth conversation they will all come to an agreement and the debate will continue to nbc. but i spoke with shawn spicer and he said the rnc will not hesitate to find a new debate partner if it doesn't have confidence in nbc news going forward. we're seeing tremendous fallout from the cnbc debate. >> brian, thank you. and now the campaign manager for ben carson barry bennett is joining me. >> hello. >> you're one of the organizers of the meeting of the campaigns, not the rnc. whose idea was this? >> i think a lot of people had the same idea at the same time. campaigns are often at the back ends of this and we need to get closer to the front end. we all want solution to the problems that we have and not
4:17 pm
this car race, car crash stuff that's happening. >> look, a lot of people can sympathize with what you're saying. i want to drill down on a couple of points here. you called the debate unfair. i want to play a couple of the questions that dr. carson was asked so people can understand some of what was asked and here they are. >> dr. carson, in recent weeks, a number of pharmaceutical companies have been accused of profiteering for dramatically raising the prices of life-saving drugs. you have spent a lifetime in medicine. have the companies gone too far? should the government be involved in controlling the price increases? >> you said you would like to replace medicare with a system of individual savings accounts so families could cover their own expenses. obviously that would be a very controversial idea. explain how that would work,
4:18 pm
exactly. >> dr. ben carson is one of the most prominent doctors in the country. how are these questions unfair or not substantive? >> i don't think those two questions were unfair or not substantive. but costco and being gay friendly, how does that sit with you, that was outrageous and i think the audience proved it. starting off with donald trump, he's a comic book campaign, the jeb bush thing, the whole thing was just -- you know, i am not in the business of network ratings. what happened this week hurt our party's chances in the fall and it must not happen again. >> your campaign and trump campaign forced cnbc to stick to a two-hour debate. >> which they denied. >> donald trump said he got them to commit to it in a couple of
4:19 pm
minutes. it was shorter than they wanted it to be. certainly shorter than the debate here on cnn. you sib kwently said there's not enough time to talk about your plans in the debates but yet you guys are the ones who said you wanted a shorter debate. you put them in an impossible situation, didn't you? >> i don't think the american public is going to sit through six hours of this. but you can talk in-depth about three issues instead of ten issues for a short time. what if you asked everybody and gave them five minutes to talk about their tax plan or why they want to be president. or here's the idea, have the voters asking the questions. that would be great. >> shouldn't they be able to answer anything? they are going to be president of the united states. shouldn't they be able to answer any question that might be out there. i understand your point, only talk about two or three things but as a voter you want to make sure that they can answer any
4:20 pm
one or 20 or 30 of things. >> that's correct. and this is supposed to be about republican issues in a republican primary. that didn't happen. it was supposed to be about the economy and the word "job" was mentioned once. it was ridiculous. it was about getting someone to attack somebody else and make someone else look foolish. it was ridiculous. >> let me play for you what john kasich said about this. he had been critical about the questions and here's the conclusion he came to after thinking about it. >> i got a lot of time last night, right? and the questions i got asked, to me, i thought were fair. but why am i spending my time talking about moderators? i'd rather talk about balancing the budget and jobs. why is this a point of contention? >> doesn't he have a point? >> he does have a point.
4:21 pm
that's what the entire debate should have been about but it wasn't. all we're trying to do is fix the process going forward. let's hear them. we didn't hear much about them on wednesday night. >> so one thing that happened was the candidates pretty uniformly attacked the moderator. let me play a clip of what we heard on that front. here it goes. >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. this is not a cage match. >> i've got to tell you the truth, even in new jersey, what you're doing is called rude. >> i just want to thank all my colleagues here for being civil and not falling for the traps and i also want to thank the audience for being attentive and
4:22 pm
noticing the questions and noticing the answers and then there's an overwhelming push about liberal questions. one of the questioners was a reporter named rick santelli. he's credited with finding the tea party. this is hardly referred to as a super pac. >> i don't really care what the partisanship is. i care what questions they ask. why in the world would you talk about fantasy football? why would you start with donald trump and a comic book campaign? that's not respectful to the process. donald trump -- tonight, there was a poll that donald trump and ben carson is at 26%. he deserves the respect and he didn't get it and neither did we. >> appreciate your time.
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>> thank you. "outfront" next, marco rubio leaves the campaign trail to vote. and our special investigation finds two secretive men are chief donors. that's ahead. it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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tonight, marco rubio leaving the campaign trail to do his job. canceling a campaign event this morning in iowa to return to washington and vote. you may say why is this news? well, because rubio has missed nearly one-third of the senate votes this year, something jeb bush and "sun sentinel" newspaper has bashed him for. they say he should resign because he's not representing the people who voted for him. is the criticism taking a toll on him? >> reporter: marco rubio changing his campaign schedule today to cast a vote in the senate after facing criticism for missing votes. >> i don't like missing votes. i hate it. we do our best effort to make it. we've canceled campaign events
4:28 pm
for important votes. >> reporter: rubio is about to enter a much more period of intense scrutiny. >> i'm not worried about my finances. >> reporter: one of the lines of stacking up against him.n is - according to a leaked strategy memo, the bush's campaign goal is to paint him as a risky bet. somebody who used taxpayer funds and a candidate with no accomplishments or credible experience beyond government. a similar argument that the clinton campaign in 2008 tried to make against then senator obama. >> fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. >> reporter: all of this as jeb bush attends concerns about his own campaign. >> it's not on life support. we have the most money and greatest organization. we're doing fine. >> reporter: having to personally convene a conference call between donors and campaign
4:29 pm
chairs, acknowledging, according to those on the call, that he did not have a great debate. >> we got eight more debates. it's going fine. >> reporter: to try to help him rebound, the campaign will launch a jeb can fix it campaign next week. first, jeb bush and marco rubio and rest of the republican field will be here in iowa together tomorrow all ten of them at a big republican cattle call. this is the first time, of course, they will all be together after the shake-up this week's debate. >> sunlen, thank you. will weatherford is joining me and host of the ben ferguson show, ben ferguson. on this issue of marco rubio, clearly it's getting to him because he canceled the event and went and voted. >> sure.
4:30 pm
>> it's not just jeb bush saying this. but why not resign? >> because i don't think he needs to. i think he was smart today to change the campaign and say, fine, you know what, i'm going to take this issue off the table because if this is all you've got to come after me, i can fix this. i'll vote more. it will not have a big impact or difference in a positive way in his campaign but certainly takes away a big negative and i think people have overreacted to this. every other person that's been in the house and senate, involved in a vice president it's normal. most voters, honestly, i don't think care about whether he misses a vote or not because they are smart enough to understand he's running for president of united states of america and that's part of what happens when you have other priorities. >> will, you are a floridian. you're a voter. you're someone marco rubio represents. is his attendance record
4:31 pm
acceptable to you? >> well, look, i'm happy he was in washington, d.c., today casting a vote against a bad budget. everybody recognized that budget wasn't good for the united states of america. i consider him a friend but i'm glad he's going to vote. i think it's important since that's what we sent him up there to do. this is not going to be about what somebody's voting record is or how often they go to vote. it's going to be about who is ready to lead the united states of america into the 21st century with the real challenges that we're facing. >> the criticism, ben, of course is that it's not just about voting. yes, others having voted. there's comparison to his voting record compared to others and jeb bush said he's always trying to get the job he doesn't have, he's never satisfied with where he is. what do you say to that?
4:32 pm
>> being younger, i've been hearing that my entire life, too. you need to wait your turn and who do you think you are? it's obvious that jeb bush has a huge problem with someone he looked as a protege but all of a sudden becoming a main man. jeb bush's campaign is in trouble right now and for him to pick out this big leaked report, let me make this clear, this was not a leaked report. this was an absolute planned report. they wanted to get the idea out there that marco rubio is not ready for this or can't handle this or doesn't vote enough and it looks desperate and i think the only person that jeb bush should be blaming right now for his poll numbers is jeb bush. marco rubio has been a better candidate and has connected with voters in a much bigger way. call it jelly or whatever you want but it's working.
4:33 pm
>> certainly there is something human about that. anybody who puts themselves in jeb bush's shoes, you can understand. >> but don't look juvenile when you're coming after this guy. i actually think is a terrible campaign move by jeb bush because it looks juvenile and it looks dirty politics. if you respect somebody else as much as he respected rubio in the past, then be classy while dealing with him and sometimes you lose to someone younger than you and rubio is young. deal with it. he's younger and people like him. >> i want to talk about that like but, first, how bush sees rubio. let me play a brief clip of this moment that's become rather definitional for these two men. >> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. you should be showing up to work. the senate, what is it, a french work week? >> somebody has convinced you that attacking me is going to
4:34 pm
help. >> you that captures it i think, will. but it's titled "mar skco is a risky bet." they say perhaps this was mixed up during the romney vetting process. what could they be referring to, will? >> well, first of all, i had a chance to serve with governor bush and marco rubio. i know them both very well. i have nothing wrong with young people having success. i'm all for young people. >> you topped marco rubio there. >> let me just say this. i watched that debate as well. that was not a good debate for governor bush. everybody recognizes that. but here's what you should know.
4:35 pm
governor bush was a transformational leader for the state of florida. ask the 300,000 students who have school choices in florida. ask the citizens who have had $19 billion of tax cuts i'm telling you, both men have done great things in their life but governor bush was a transformational leader for the state of florida and there's no question he has the best position in the entire field. >> happy halloween to both of you. "outfront" next, ted cruz's run for the white house. who are these mysterious brothers. and an unknown number of people at the gunfight. nine killed. we're going to show you to this again and single out how investigators can possibly figure out who is responsible for the murders.
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campaign cash is pouring in for ted cruz after his performance at the presidential
4:40 pm
debate. touting that he raised more than $1 million hours after facing off against his republican rivals. a lot of that money came from small donors but it's the big money that matters. for ted cruz, it's coming from a new generation of billionaires. kyung lah is "outfront" in tonight's money and power. >> reporter: dotting the road leading to the tiny town of cisco, texas, sits giant billboards, the newest and biggest family donor for the race to the presidency, pumping $15 million to republican ted cruz's super pac. >> whenever he sees biblical examples of how to do things, that's the way he wants to do things. >> reporter: and what wilks want, his family's and didn't
4:41 pm
allow our cameras into their service but did invite me in. in its program this week, urging parishioners to pray for public officials opposing gay marriage even naming kentucky county clerk kim davis. wilks said this. >> they are being taught gay agenda in the world. so we have to stand up and explain to them that that's not real. >> his brother dan. >> i think we need to make people aware. >> reporter: in this town of 4,000, the wilks are forklore. their expansive home tells a billionaire's fortune. small reminders that these brothers are worth $2.7 billion
4:42 pm
according to "forbes." so a $15 million political contribution, that's less than 1% of the brother's net worth. the wilks join bank rollers, two super pac conservative solutions donating 5 million backing marco rubio. right to rise usa, health care equities gave 3 million to jeb bush's super pac. univision owner donated 2 million to hillary clinton's super pac. this is presidential politics 2016 where limitless donations to super pacs in conservative towns hold sway. >> is that good or bad news for this country? >> i think it's good news. personally, we've got all kinds of influences that you can get from all different sides and
4:43 pm
anytime you've got somebody that is willing to provide and is able to provide an influence for good, it's a fantastic thing. >> this is the first election we've seen the wilks spread their financial wings. in 2008 they donated a few thousand to the rnc. this time around, they are willing to put millions in to get their beliefs into policy. >> kyung lah, thank you. these guys worth billions of dollars. "outfront" next, the deadly shootout in a suburban strip mall. we're going to show this to you again so you ca see how hard it is for investigators to figure out who to charge with murder. plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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texas, standing by their investigation even though no one has been charged with murder. a warning, some of the video of the deadly mayhem is graphic. nine people were killed when
4:48 pm
rival biker clubs started shooting, police arresting 177 bikers that day and charged them with organized criminal activity. here's ed lavandera's exclusive report. >> reporter: mayhem ensues. a biker running across the patio fires a gunshot caught on camera towards the fight scene in the parking lot. he then stashes the gun. a number of cossacks bikers take cover, some sliding handguns across the ground to each other. restaurant patrons are stunned and trapped. the scene plays out in gory detail. one man is pummeled outside of the patio area. crime scene photos later show a biker's body left dead in that exact spot. this biker runs towards the camera with a bloody face. another group pulls a wounded man into the patio and appear to be trying to revive him. he's then carried away. defense attorneys say most of the bikers there that day were
4:49 pm
innocent bystanders. >> y'all are going to put us in jail? >> yeah, everybody is going to jail. >> the way they handled it with the mass incarceration of people with million dollar bonds flies in the face of justice and flies in the face of fairness. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: after it was all over, the scene was chaos. dozens of bikers had run inside the restaurant to hide in bathrooms in the twin peaks kitchen. police s.w.a.t. teams move in to round up the crowd. they are escorted out with their hands up. weapons litter the crime scene and more than 150 firearms everywhere. some even hidden in toilets. it's been more than five months since the twin weeks brawl and all of the bikers are out of jail out on bond. they were all charged with engaging in organized criminal activity but not one of them has been indicted by a grand jury yet and no one has been charged with murder. in fact, it's still not clear who killed whom. one police report says at least three officers fired into the
4:50 pm
crowd and one officer wrote he heard suppressed fire. it's likely some were hit by police bullets but ballistic reports have not been completed to determine that questions about the investigation siting a gag order but waco police have defended their actions since the beginning. >> this is a criminal element that came in here yesterday and killed people. they are not here to drink beer and eat. they came with violence in mind and were ready. >> reporter: these images tell the story. >> all these bikers started shooting. they put us in a freezer. >> reporter: it was a wild west stood out in broad daylight. >> paul, i guess the question is are they ever going to find out who is responsible? you see in the video, bikers are
4:51 pm
literally passing guns around, so if one could say that bullet goes with that gun that's owned by that guy, you don't know who shooting it. >> it's exceptionally difficult to prosecute these cases. i had a case like this with the hell's angels here in new york and these aren't social clubs. these are tough, tough gangs and many engage in criminal activity, the problem you have is with so many shots being fired, a lot of these guns are legal. for instance, we saw the gun running with wild west shots in the direction of somebody else. >> we'll find that and show that and you see him firing in the video. >> if you can nail him and i assume he has been arrested, he's going to say i was acting in self-defense, somebody was shooting at me and of course, texas is a stand your ground law so they don't have to flee. they can stand and fight or in this case run and fight. these are very, very difficult cases to prove criminally. >> so, right, because it's also the surveillance video so in the
4:52 pm
instance of the guy we actually see shooting, you'd never be able to prove someone was shooting at him first. categorically you couldn't do that. >> he of course, gets rid of his gun so you can't prove the bullet found in somebody in an autopsy came from his gun. forensics won't match up because the guns were thrown around. >> there is the fact that you hear eddie report that some of the shooting could have come, could have came from police that responded. technically speaking, it's very possible a police officer was responsible for some of the people who were killed. >> theoretically, the police guns should be traceable because if the bullet was recovered, it can be tracked back to a police gun. >> to a specific gun. >> there of course, the police aren't going to be charged with recklessness because they are acting in self-defense themselves. >> so has anyone got charged? >> yes, they can get charged. what happens is you can do rico
4:53 pm
or organized crime charges as you charge the game as a criminal organization and that's really the only way to take down a gang like this. the feds come and impose rico charges. >> very different than murder. thank you very much paul kalin. up next, jeanne moos with the slow burg, a machine that answers the question no one ever asked. they speak louder. we like that. not just because we're doers. because we're changing. big things. small things. spur of the moment things. changes you'll notice. wherever you are in the world. sheraton.
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rub goldberg was a cartoonest with a strip that featured a complicated gadget that performs simple tasks like the automatic back scratcher. he has a new twist to the
4:58 pm
formula. here is jeanne moos. >> we've seen a goldberg machine featuring dogs and we've seen pea wee hermann's make breakfast. we've seen okay go turn one into music video but we haven't seen one starring a tortoise until now. cartoon's rube goldberg would be charmed by what's built as the swellest machine. >> it's my rube slowberg. next leg, ingrid the tortoise wasn't that slow after her handlers. >> put strawberry down there. >> after her flag launched the ball, ingrid has desert. next, the obstacle that brought
4:59 pm
a ball waiting at the dmv. the turnstile connected to the minute hand and what better choice for the department of motor vehicles, kanye west. >> drive slow. >> the slowest part was watching the grass grow. this segment took six weeks. >> the grass actually pushes the ball. >> it does. it was shocking. >> bob had to water the seeded soil chamber by tiny chamber to make the grass spout. >> the chamber gets flooded and grass grows. >> there were tons of edits and thum rous ta numerous takes. >> for those who say fake, i say rube goldberg was a cartoonest. >> not perfection after six weeks, three days, seven hours and two minutes, this machine slowly and intentionally missed. no hole in one but maybe a hole
5:00 pm
in wonder. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> pretty wonderful. all right. thanks so much for watching. have a wonderful halloween. set your dvr to record "outfront." "ac 360" with john berman starts now. i'm john berman in for anderson tonight. we begin with a small number of troops but a big shift in this country's on going involvement, not just in the fight against isis but the larger horror story of the syrian civil war. today after years of saying no american boots on the ground in syria, president obama reversed course ordering several dozen special operations forces into the war zone and leaving the door open to send more. barbara starr has late details and jim accoosta working his sources. >> u.s. forces headed into syria. what will they do there? >> they will head into northern