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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 31, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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themselves dealing with controversy. speaking of heating up, we are here at auburn where about an hour from now, a sellout crowd will be fill be up jordan harris stadium for an sec slugfest. we have food, football and fun. >> my favorite three fs. thanks for watching. we're going to throw it on over to fredricka. >> end it there. we'll try to have a little fun and probably maybe some food in between commercial breaks. >> help us out. >> thanks, guys. have a great one. >> it is the 11:00 eastern hour. i want to welcome our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. i'm fredricka whitfield. "newsroom" starts now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> and we begin with with this breaking news. a russian passenger jet carrying
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224 people has crashed in egypt and the russian embassy in cairo is now reporting, there are no survivors. all passengers are believed to be russian and ukrainian. investigators have arrived at the crash site and bodies are being removed from the wreckage. the plane crashed on the northern part have o the sinof peninsula. it took off at about 6:00 a.m. from sharm el sheikh. it was bound for st. peter bubu russia. ian, bha can ywhat can you tell the area it went down? >> reporter: this is in the northern central part of the sinai peninsula near a town called el hasana, an area that's very mountainous. it will be difficult to piece together and go through the
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wreckage and try to find bodies of the people killed. also, try to find that black box to figure out what went wrong that caused this plane to go down. the egyptian prime minister along with several members of his cabinet have made it to the site of the crash. they are meeting there with emergency personnel also to oversee the situation. this plane took off a little bit before 6:00 a.m., was traveling for about 20 minutes at an altitude of over 30,000 feet. that's when the plane disappeared. at the rate of dissent topped 30,000 feet. now, 15 bodies have been removed from the site of the crash. they are on their way to cairo. right now, authorities are also trying to identify the remains of the people so that they can be returned to their family
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members as well. so a lot to go through but, really, officials trying to figure out what exactly went wrong, fredricka. >> so, ian, you said 16 bodies have already been recovered. so talk to me about that region. because it is a great understanding that that particular area is lawless, described by some and it would be difficult for investigators to try to retrieve any kind of debris or even bodies. tell me how theegs 16 bodies were able to be recovered. >> the northern part of sinai is in search and seize for the past two years roughly and an isis inlined insurgency. hundreds have been killed and the fighting to underscore that, the remains where the crash site was discovered by egyptian military aircraft flying over the area at the time.
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we do not know the cause of this. we do not want to say the militants had any hand in bringing down the aircraft. we do not know what brought down the aircraft. it will make it more difficult for emergency personnel to operate in that area because of this insurgency. ambulances were dispatched to the scene to sift through that. heavy military presence. if this is a militarized zone where we would expect a lot of security personnel there right now, securing the area, specially when you have the prime minister and the minister of defense on the ground there and so recovering the bodies, it is going to be now for the emergency personnel just to go through the wreckage and sift through it. try to figure out who is who and what we are learning from the makeup of this airplane. we know that from the egyptian prime minister, 138 were women. 62 were men and 17 were
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children. this is a plane that was going back to russia. most likely taking people in egypt on holiday. we get a lot of these sorts of flights coming in here. a tragic way to end their trip. >> ian lee, keep us posted as you learn any new information about this. >> let's talk more about what we do know. cnn aviation analyst, les aben is with us now. he is also a pilot. when you hear ian talk about this flight roughly at 30,000 feet and disappearing from radar and plunging some 6,000 feet per minute, what goes through your mind about the possibilities of what could have been happening, why it would have gone down? >> first of all, this is all preliminary information. you know from doing reporting on this that a lot of this can be speculation. we don't quite have all the details at this point in time.
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if it is accurate at 6,000 feet per second, this occurred at cruz altitude. that's really a nonstress environment for us as pilots. that's the termoloinology we us. if you had an emergency, you would have time at cruise altitude to determine what is going on, what the problem may be and go through a checklist and them determine whether you have to diverse to another airport. >> we understand reportedly the pilot may have communicated technical difficulty. that doesn't sound like typical pilot speak. how do you interpret that and if there were trouble, that a pilot could discern, what, instead, would they usually communicate? >> well, yeah, richard quest
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brought this up on an earlier hour. it is a good point. however, i am not totally convinced that, if that, indeed, was stated to air traffic control from one of the crew members in the cockpit. they may have been trouble shooting or going to a checklist and they hadn't quite determined what the problem was so they couldn't quite be definitive about it. so it is hard to say at this point in time. at some point, we may get a release of the air traffic control transmissions in addition to the radar record of what the airplane did, you know, from altitude, direction, and so on and so forth. >> right. the history of that plane will also be looked into really with keen eyes. what we understand, according to airbus, is that this plane was produced in 1997. it has accumulated 56,000 flight hours and nearly 21,000 flights. what does that mean in terms of
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age and stress on a plane, the fitness of a plane overall? >> 1997, that's just about not quite 20 years old. in airplane years, it is really not a lot of time. airlines do what we call progressive maintenance. they continually maintain the airplane. there is a checklist at so many hours, certain things have to be done. it is still a relatively new airplane. the airbus a 321 is the stretch version as we have been talking about on earlier segments and it is the newer version of the airbus a-320 family, very reliable airplane. they fly all over the united states, all over the world. >> okay, les aben, we'll check back with you as we learn more information. thank you. still ahead, take a look right now. live pictures. charleston, south carolina. hillary clinton there at the podium. we'll take you there next.
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live pictures of hillary clinton stumping in charleston, south carolina. >> ten gop candidates are stumping in iowa. tomorrow, several of the campaigns will meet in washington to see if they can take more control of the debates from the republican national committee. let's go to sunlen serfaty. the candidates got together to talk about how they could have better control of the debates since the rnc suspended
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relations with nbc over the february debate. >> reporter: there is certainly a lot going on around the debates. first and foremost, tomorrow in washington, when many of the campaigns will meet, really, they are trying to exert some control over the upcoming debate. in less than two weeks, during that meeting tomorrow, they excluded the rnc. so, it certainly says a lot. they really want to take back some of the control from the republican party. pushes forward suggest changes in the next debate they can be happier with after that widespread unhappiness. this week with the cnbc debate, this all happens, why the rnc is making use of their own and suspending their partnership for their february debate. that's getting a little revenge against nbc because of the cnbc debate. the chairman sending a letter saying that the moderators engage in gotcha questions. he says they were petty, mean-spirited, designed to embarrass our candidates.
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nbc has responded. they say they are disappointed by this move. they say they will work in good faith to try to remedy this. certainly, spread a lot of uncertainty and a lot of unhappiness about these debates. >> sunlen, is it clear whether nbc or any other network is kind of continuing negotiations or up in the running for hosting that february debate? while we know that statement is to suspend the relationship with nbc, because of the february debate, it doesn't necessarily say nbc will no longer be able to have discussions with them? >> reporter: we'll see where this goes next. that statement was sent by the rnc chairman on friday and they quickly responded saying they are obviously disappointed and will work to try troemdy this. there is no resolution. it will be interesting to see what comes out of sunday's meeting where all these campaigns will gather in washington. campaign managers trying to come up with, in their opinion, some
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creative solutions. the candidates have been out on the trail blasting the last debate format. they say it has gotcha questions and they want longer questions and answerer questions. interesting to see how this forces the hand at the next debate. of course, that nbc debate in february. >> sunlen serfaty, thanks so much. out of iowa, joining me conservative talk show host, hugh hewitt. god to see you. >> you are doing quite a good job with that airlines story. what a tough story to cover. >> it is, indeed. preliminary information so it is still unclear exactly where it is going. very sad situation for that russian plane going down in cairo or in egypt. we will keep people updated. so, hugh, how do you interpret this? is this the candidates saying they are very upset with nbc suspending, having the rnc suspend relations with with nbc
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for the upcoming debate or when you hear this meeting among some of the candidates campaign folks by the rnc is not part of that meeting. it is hard to know who is angry at whom. >> reince priebus blasted cnbc for a poorly produced, badly mangled debate. it is generally agreed it was a catastrophic production on a technical level. there were even sound problems and the time division was way off. that didn't happen after the cnn family group debate. jake was a strong moderator who tried to keep the timing fair but proportionate between frontrunners and people way back in the pack. two, everything was fact checked. cnn's fact checking overwhelmed me with data. we rehearsed and mark preston lived in my head for three
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weeks. i tlaerndlearned that cnn has ds 20 times. the candidates have to be careful. cnn delivered 23 million viewers, millions more online and millions more listening on the salem radio network. the candidates don't want to lose that audience. they can't ask for the opportunity to bore america to death with certain reports. >> i don't know if it sounds like they are arguing about that. they clearly must see the value in varying these debates except when you have donald trump that says, we want these debates to be time-managed and shorter. we want ben carson that says, there are too many. we want fewer debates. it is difficult to discern where the value is being placed. is it an issue of control of how these debates go. >> i don't think you are going to get an agreement. >> you are not going to get an agreement that there were too many debates. there were complaints there were
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too few. frontrunners want more time. what you are going to get an agreement on, that the questions ought to reflect the expectations. >> what does that mean control of the candidates? surely, no one is going to agree to a debate where the candidates are delivering the questions. that sounds unrealistic. sounds like some of the candidates want to play a role in some that are asks. >> the primary voter wants to see how the candidates do. i have interviewed them 70 times on my radio show. they have never had one question. they have to be ready to answer very difficult questions. i have never given anyone a question in advance. that shows that the line they have to watch. they can't ask for patty cake. they have the right to know what the question set generally is going to be.
8:19 am
that first question by john harwood. i have no grieve against him. to call donald trump a comic book player. it set the tone for what became a catastrophic moment for cnbc. the people that won, rubio, cruz, and christie, were the people that develop with what was happening on the stanl. that's a skillset but not one expected to be displayed that night. >> discussions have now been formed about what to do come february. there is a november 10th debate. how do you see that carfuffle of this last cnbc debate and perhaps a success of some of the other debates, including those that have taken place here on cnn, how might that influence what we see november 10th? >> with regard to reince priebus and nbc, he is going to sit out and agree that chuck todd and
8:20 am
rich lowery and tom brokaw are going to run it. everything is going to go fine. fox business, it is going to be an interesting situation, whether or not they practice as much as cnn. i don't think it is going to affect our december 15th debate at the venetian or our debate in march in florida. i think it is going to up the game of the technical side and some general skrund stang that this is supposed to serve the gop primary voter, not the hillary clinton campaign. most republicans and i'm a conservative republican, thought that was put together. those panelists were asking questions on behalf of hillary clinton to embarrass and destroy republican candidates. that did not happen at our debate. i done think it will happen in future debates. >> hugh hewitt, always good to see you. speaking of exciting presidential races, it has been 15 years since the most dramatic presidential election in modern history. the recount of 2000. you can relive all the drama.
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isis. these are groups the u.s. has already been arming and training. as cnn's chris frates explains, the white house says, this is not a shift in strategy. >> president obama secretly told defense secretary, ash carter, a few months ago, he wanted faster progress in the war against isis and syria and iraq and to come up with a plan, a u.s. official says. now, the president has ordered a small number of special operations soldiers into northern syria. to help local forces fight isis. >> the president does expect they can have an impact in intensifying our strategy for building the capacity of local forces inside of syria to taking the fight on the ground to isil. >> the teams, no more than 50 troops total, could include members of the army's elite delta force and green berets, as well as navy s.e.a.l.s. >> their mission is to provide
8:26 am
ammunition, communications, intelligence and supplies to the forces on the the ground. the president has long said he would not put troops in combat, specially in syria. the white house says this is still true. the forces do not have a combat mission but this is no way to diminish the risks that they will face or the bravery they will need to summon to carry out these operations. >> secretary carter did not discuss the ground troops while meeting service members in alaska freed night. he did say isis is one of the biggest threats. >> we have to beat isil. we are going to beat isil. these guys are evil. we are shall as i said, the noble and they are the evil. we are the many and they are the few and fundamentally, we are the strong. so we will beat them.
8:27 am
we're doing that now and figuring out how to get better at it. special operations forces are expected to be sent from iraq across the border into northern syria. the u.s. will use f-15 and a-10 jets based in southern turkey. an effort to help anti- anti-is forces to take back ra ka. obama wanted to avoid putting troops in on the ground where they will end up in combat situations. the u.s. will provide $100 million in new aid to the syrian opposition. the money will provide support to local officials, first responders and other kinds of civil needs. >> since 2012, the u.s. has given almost $500 million in aid to the serial opposition. fred? >> thank you so much. chris frates, that gives us a lot to redirect information on our interview.
8:28 am
with rick francona, a former military analyst and attache in the middle east. those are some incredible stats and numbers hearing from chris there. do you know how much has already been invested to assist serial operations forces there? >> so there have been u.s. air missions involving syria. with these troops being sent, whether on a support capacity or otherwise, is this the first of this nature that you know of that so many u.s. troops would be on the ground to assist in this man tner and possibly enga? >> this is the first step. those of us who remember the vietnam era, this is how we started in vietnam. we sent advisers in. i think the president is doing the right thing. these army special forces are freined to do just this. this is a core mission for the
8:29 am
army special forces going into an area. they will set up military and help them organize and train them and provide communications, intelligence. one thing they can do is help them do a better job in calling in air strikes. we have not done a good job in leveraging american air power against the targets, in either syria or iraq. it has been over a year and we really haven't put much of a dent in the isis structure. i think if we can get that facet of it going, it may make a real difference. >> the white house maintains this is not a change in strategy. listening to chris there in his report where he says, these troops, these special forces, might likely come from iraq, already based there in iraq and then redirected to syria. is that why the white house is able to say it is not a change in strategy, because these are u.s. troops that are already in the region? >> i think they are parsing the words here. this is a major shift. i won't call it a change in
8:30 am
strategy. let's call it a strange in tactics. it is the same. we are going at it a different way. putting boots on the ground in syria is a major shift in the president's initial concept of operations. i wouldn't go so far as to say it is a shift in strategy. it is definitely an upgrade of tactics. >> what are your greatest worries. you said you actually liked this idea in large part. what would be elements of this plan that makes you most nervous? >> 50 is not a big number. these are highly trained people. they are used to working in small groups. they are used to going sort of behind the lines. but 50, you are out there kind of alone. i am worried about one of these units getting cut off or coming up fire. >> so 50 is a small number? >> i think it is a small number. hopefully, we don't get into incremental buildup. if 50 would make a difference, we need the lefverage, the air
8:31 am
power. these guys are very good at that. >> thank you so much. >> have a good day! a passenger plane going down in egypt killing everyone on board. we have a live update on the latest including what might have brought that russian plane down. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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so you can own it. chase for business. when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. more on the breaking story we are following. the russian embassy is now reporting none of the 224 people on board have survived. all passengers believed to be russian and ukrainian. here is what we know right now. the plane crashed in the northern part of the sinai peninsula. the airbus 321 took off at about 6:00 local time from sharm el
8:35 am
sheikh bound for st. petersburg, russia. russian media reporting that the pilot radioed to report technical problems and requested a landing. cnn cannot corroborate some of the details. a metro jet. the airline plans to fly relatives to egypt. russian president, vladimir putin, has declared a day of warning for sunday. let's bring in cnn aviation analyst, peter goals. he is the former managing director for the ntsb. peter, good to see you. it is difficult to discern what's a verifiable information. this took place in a difficult part of egypt. egyptian military may have gotten to the crash location to retrieve some of the bodies, something like 15 or 16 bodies
8:36 am
have been retrieved. so talk to me about how complicated this kind of investigation becomes, particularly you are talking about a very mountainous terrain and you are also dealing with control complications. how do investigators go about this? >> it is going to be very challenging. there will be an international investigative team with the russians and the egyptians at the point. they will need security. their two top priorities will be to recover the victims' remains and to get the flight data recorder and the voice recorder back to a laboratory to see exactly what was happening in the final moments of flight. it disappeared off the radar screens at 31,000 feet is very disturbing. that is almost generally that is always the safest portion of flight, less than 15% of
8:37 am
accidents occur or begin at cruise altitude. takeoff and landing are the challenging points. this is going to be an interesting and difficult investigation. >> it does sound like that. 30,000 feet. that is kind of the calm area of flying for many pilots. that reportedly went down something like 6,000 feet per minute. will that kind of tell you that when the plane did go down, that it was intact, mink when it does hit ground, the debris field might be tighter than, say, if the plane broke apart during its dissent and trying to locate those boxes would be complicated? you will have to look at the radar tracking and see if any
8:38 am
separated. cruise altitude is very difficult. there is a difference between piloting skills and the automation of today's aircraft. the a-321 is a fully automated plane. pilots don't hand fly at cruise altitude very much. there have been cases in the past. the air france 447 which occurred at cruise altitude. they had technical issues. a speed indicator was off and they could not diagnose it. it will be interesting to see how the cruise, from the voice recorder, addressed whatever problems they had. >> that last point, they may not be able to diagnose it, may explain why you hear a pilot say, technical difficulties as opposed to something very, very specific. >> a relatively modest margin of
8:39 am
error at 31,000 feet. you can get into trouble awfully quickly and you have got to take the correct steps to get yourself out of it. if pilots don't know exactly what they are facing, it can be a problem. >> peter, we will leave it right there. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> we are following actress, leah remeny says that scientology was her entire life. why she decided to leave that life and the controversial church. compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing! sfx: pants ripping how you doing eddie? almost there. small steps. at axa, we'll help you take the next steps, with more confidence. for advice, retirement and insurance, talk to axa today.
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>> lingering questions about a fatal shooting of a teenager by a south carolina police officer. this gives a clear picture of what happens as officer mark tiller approached the car. he says 19-year-old zachary hammond tried to run him over. now, the local prosecutor has determined the officer should not be charged but a federal investigation still continues. nick valencia is here covering the case. >> the parents see cold-blooded murder in the case. they say the solicitor had made
8:45 am
up her mind even before she leveled her ruling that there would not be any charges filed against lieutenant mark tiller. they are pushing for federal charges. the video you are about to see could be considered graphic by some. he pulls into the parking lot. in less than a few seconds, gunfire. the two shots killed the driver, 19-year-old zachary hammond. he was unarmed. investigators say he had drugs in his system and packaged cocaine in his pocket. listen as lieutenant tiller described why he opened fire. the police dash cam video shows what seneca south carolina police say was a drug sting. the target, the passenger of the car, 25-year-old tracy morton, on a date with hammond at the time of the shooting. her sobs can be heard as an
8:46 am
officer stands over hammond. the video was released this weekdays before lieutenant tiller is cleared of wrongdoing. after a careful consideration, she has determined that no charges should be filed against lieutenant mark tiller at the state level. >> we are disappointed by the invest that seemed focused on attacking the victim, zach, than investigating the shooter. >> the parents say the blame rests solely on lieutenant tiller. >> you would need a set of grasses that didn't exist to say that lieutenant tiller was in danger of being struck by that automobile. >> in an interview shortly after the shooting, the seneca police chief defended his officer. >> you foe when yknow when you be a police officer that there
8:47 am
is the potential that you may have to use deadly force. >> choking back tears, hammond's mother says the video proved that her son should not have been shot. >> the attorney did get back to cnn only to say his client acted in self-defense and that the solicitor's decision supports his position. >> i spoke to the hammonds. they say they have not gotten over this. they cry every single day. they don't think their son should had been shot and killed in this situation. >> this is tragic. >> thanks so much. keep us posted on that. >> we'll be right back.
8:48 am
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don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ hillary clinton is spending a second day in south carolina. she's attending a grassroots event joined by the charleston mayor, joe reilly.
8:52 am
clinton spoke about veterans, wages, and the deadly shooting at the emanuel church in charleston back in june. our correspondent jeff zeleny is live for us in charleston. jeff, clinton made it known where she stands on gun control today. >> reporter: no question. that was a central message of secretary clinton's speech in south carolina. she did attract the endorsement of south carolina mayor joe reilly. he endorsed barack obama eight years ago. today, he said he was signing on to the clinton campaign. he said that she is a fighter for the middle class. and fredricka, i was struck by her language and her talk about gun control. of course, this city endured that tragic shooting in june. nine people killed at the historic ame church. she talked about that and why we need stronger gun control laws. let's take a listen. >> was not entitled to buy a gun, but they found that right after he committed those
8:53 am
murders. we've got to close that. i mean, why are you in such a hurry to buy not a hunting rifle, but a killing machine. >> now, that is certainly a powerful message here in south carolina and elsewhere, but secretary clinton has been talking more and more about the need to reform the critical justice system and also have more gun control. it's one of the distinctions she's drawing with her chief democratic rival, bernie sanders. she did not mention him at all today, of course. but by talking about that charleston shooting, she certainly is raising that issue here in the minds of these south carolina voters, fredricka. so certainly a powerful message on that and other things as she campaigns here in south carolina. fredricka? >> and what's the next stop for her while in south carolina? we're looking at the pictures of she and mayor reilly, who's been mayor there forever. he was the mayor when i was working as a local reporter there in charleston, south carolina. he's there for 40 years and this is his last term. what's next for her?
8:54 am
will she be staying in charleston or moving on in other parts of the state? >> well, she is wrapping up her event here. she just left the stage, just a few minutes ago. she'll be leaving charleston and she'll be going home back to new york for the weekend and a big week of fund-raising coming up next week. and she'll return to the campaign trail in iowa on tuesday. of course, those iowa caucuses kick off this road to the white house in less than 100 days. but this south carolina primary, the first in the south primary comes after that. she believes this is a place where she needs to have a firewall if she, you know, wants to withstand this challenge from bernie sanders, who's stronger in iowa, and of course in that new hampshire primary. fredricka? >> jeff zeleny, thank you so much in charleston, south carolina. we have so much more straight ahead in the newsroom and it all starts right after this. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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hello, again, everyone. and thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin with breaking news. a russian passenger jet carrying 224 people crashing in egypt and the russian embassy in cairo is now reporting there are no survivors. all passengers are believed to be russian and ukrainian. investigators have arrived at the crash site and bodies are being removed from the wreckage. the plane crashed in the northern part of the sinai peninsula. the airbus 312 took off from sharm el sheikh, the resort town on the red sea. it was bound for st. petersburg, russia. cnn's ian lee is live for us now in cairo. ian, what more are we learning about how those bodies are being retrieved and how they're going about investigating what
8:59 am
happened here? >> reporter: well, fredricka, this hour, we're hearing and seeing on social media a claim by isis that they were involved in downing this russian airplane. now, we've put that to russian and egyptian officials. both have said that it is without merit. that that did not happen. the egyptian authorities that we spoke to earlier today talked along the lines of a mechanical issue. both saying that foul play was not suspected in this incident. although, isis has made this claim. it is also important to note that it would be very difficult for them to carry out such an attack. isis just does not have the sophisticated weapons it would take to bring down this plane. so right now, we have isis' claim and russia and egypt refuting it. so we note that egypt's prime minister was at the site of the
9:00 am
crash to oversee the emergency operation. emergency personnel sifting through the wreckage, trying to find black boxes, trying to find bodies. over a dozen bodies have been brought to cairo. right now, they're going through the really gruesome task of trying to identify the people, so they can be reunited with their loved ones. this plane took off from sharm el sheikh, was in the air about 20 minutes, hit the cruising altitude of over 30,000 feet. that's when they lost contact, lost radar with it. so those black boxes will be instrumental in trying to figure out what exactly took place to have this airplane come crashing down, fredricka. >> it will be interesting to see how difficult it might be to locate those boxes. still unclear whether, you know, the debris field is very wide or whether it's in a condensed location. all right. thank you so much, ian lee. keep us posted there from o.


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