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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 31, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the entire stadium felt like it was about to burst. i'm sure that's going to be even stronger tonight. it's becoming a fun thing to follow. and the tv ratings are great. there's a lot of america who has really been getting into this baseball. >> oh, my goodness. all right. fun game for trick-or-treaters this evening. we'll see if it's a trick-or-treat depending on who you're rooting for, of course. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. hello, again, everyone, i'm fredericka whitfield. we begin with this breaking news, and new details surrounding that crash of a russian passenger jet in egypt. one black box has been recovered from the crash site in the northern sinai peninsula. while the cause of the crash is unknown, the chief of the egyptian airports company says there is no evidence of any terrorist action. and the plane, most likely, crashed due to a technical failure. at least two airlines are rerouting their planes around the area.
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the russian embassy in cairo is reporting none of the 220 people onboard have survived. all passengers believed to be russian or ukrainian. investigators are transferring remains of passengers to an ambulance in suez. that image you're seeing there. ian lee is live for us now in cairo. so, ian, tell us more about how they're able to retrieve bodies and carry out this investigation. >> fredericka, we just heard from a little while ago from egypt's prime minister discussing how this operation is unfolding, what we're learning right now is that it is over the area of roughly 5 miles. they're expecting to expand that. but right now, searching 5 miles for debris for clues and for bodies and 129 bodies have been recovered, leaving 95 still out there unaccounted for. right now, though, it is night here. it's going to make it a bit more
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difficult to retrieve those, especially in that very mountainous terrain. but a lot of those bodies going to the red sea city of suez. also coming here to cairo. and they did find the black box that was in the tail of the plane. we're hoping to learn once and for all what was the cause of this accident. we have heard a number of reports. the egyptian government, as you said, said that no terrorist involvement, no terrorists were expected to be involved, although isis has come out and said that they are responsible for that. it is likely that isis is trying to be opportunist. trying to take advantage of this tragedy. but there are airlines that are rerouting planes away from there. but we do need to remember that, you know, this is 224 people who lost their lives. people who were going, returning home, a lot of them on holiday, on vacation. when you look at the -- what the
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kind of -- the people on the plane, a lot of, you know, children on the plane, as well. people looking to escape the cold. and so a lot of questions there. right now, egyptian officials going through the gruesome task of just identifying the bodies, fredericka. >> and it's expected a number of those family members will be making their way to the region, right? to meet up with officials. retrieve anything belongs to their loved ones? >> that's right. we're expecting to get some people from russia. family members, friends, coming in. the egyptians and the russians have been working very closely. we've had russian officials and sent a number of planes here to cairo to help. and egypt and russia have a close relationship. so we're expecting them to work side by side. but right now, egypt is taking the lead on this. and, you know, we're waiting for those family members to come who
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are the ones that are really looking for answers at this hour. >> all right. some heartbreaking images of those loved ones getting the news. >> let's bring in ian, and david, also the author of the book malaysia airlines flight 370. so now the egyptian authorities are saying they do not believe there was in kind of terrorist activity. it was likely there was a technical failure. how they find what that technical failure was. >> well, fred, because they have the black box already and the black box we're referring to is the flight data recorder. not the cockpit voice recorder in the front of the aircraft. they haven't recovered that. that'll give them more clues. as far as the technical aspect, it could be the reason that they're saying this because they got some information off of the
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black box already, which is possible. because the egyptian investigators have that capability right there near where they are now. so, i think that -- >> explain that, help us understand that. you're saying right on site, there's the technology available to help retrieve some of that information from the black box right away? >> i'm sorry, i misspoke. not on site of the accident. very near where they are, there's a laboratory they could take it to and have it tested. these black boxes now are of pretty standard technology. it's able to just download the information if the black box isn't too damage d, it's possibe they could have information off of it right away. >> and what's the difference between the tail end black box and the one in the front of the plane? which one's the voice and which one's the data? >> the one in the back is the cockpit. the one in the front is the voice recorder, three microphones and a fourth backup microphone, as well, to get the
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area and what's happening. the discussions between the pilots. you would be able to tell from that whether there was something abrupt that happened and whether the pilots were aware of it, or not. the flight data recorder, which is the one i believe they have now is very technical. it says how fast the engines are turning. says if there's any excessive vibrations and all of those other pieces of data. >> it's pretty impressive they would be able to retrieve that data box this quickly. does it say something about the potential debris field to you? at least at the tail was somewhat intact? or is it just, you know, a device that helps them retrieve or locate that black box. >> well, it does tell you a little bit about it. and the people i've spoken to about it so far on scene told me that the aircraft in essence was in two different pieces, very closely near each other, which tells me that the aircraft went down in an entire piece, which is likely. and then the aircraft broke apart. but one of the two sections, i believe it was the front section where it broke behind the wing
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that section was on fire and so that would've damaged their ability to get to that black box. >> wow. >> in the front. the tail is -- the reason it is in the back of the aircraft is because that's the last, most of the energy is absorbed by the aircraft as it crashes by the time it gets to the tail. but the difficulty and the focus of the investigators right now is really not i'm trying to figure out why it happened or what happened, it's about the people that were on board that aircraft and their family members. >> yeah. well, that's incredible information in detail that, you know, david, we're hearing for the first time. it only helps. it only puts your mind in a place of these poor passengers and everyone onboard. what they were thinking and feeling. what may have been happening as that plane likely intact was making that big descent, that rapid descent until are breaking up in two. absolutely horrible. thank you so much. >> thank you, fred. now, let's check in with the
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cnn international correspondent nic robertson who is in st. petersburg where the plane was heading. and we saw earlier, nic, the images of heartbreak of people who were looking up at the screen. and just devastated to hear what happened to their loved ones. so what is happening at that airport now? >> indeed, and this is where the people were arriving this morning. the family members coming into the airport, expecting to meet their loved ones off the plane. it's now a much more somber atmosphere. but we've been standing here, people have been coming and paying tribute to the victims aboard that aircraft. we're seeing toys. we watched the man come and lay that little cuddly bear at the end. the gray and white cuddly bear. the flowers, carnations, red roses. a lot of carnations being laid. these are being laid while we've been standing here in the last few minutes. there is a feeling from people. and we've talked to them. those laying the flowers there. they're saying they didn't have relatives on board the aircraft. but they feel they need to show their support. the authorities here have taken
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those families of the victims to a hotel close to the airport. they are talking to them. we're told they'll get brief when there's further information. we've also been told that 115 people already from those families have now given dna samples to the authorities here. president putin has called for a special commission to transport minister has already gone to egypt to help with the investigation. five aircraft with recovery and investigation officials and equipment on board have gone to egypt, as well. it does seem to be russian authorities are doing their best to help the families at the moment. and already beginning that initial difficult process that would lead to the identification, as i understand so far, 129 bodies recovered. we know 17 children were onboard the aircraft, 163 women and another 224 people, 214 were from russia. so this is, as we're seeing from the tributes here, going to be deeply felt here. >> all right, tragic.
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nic robertson, thank you so much in st. petersburg. straight ahead, in this country, republican presidential candidate donald trump has a whole lot to say about the u.s. ground troops going to syria. hear why he is blasting president obama's decision next. for adults with an advanced lung cancer called "squamous non-small cell", previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, it's not every day something this big comes along.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. republican presidential candidate donald trump says president obama doesn't know what he's doing in syria. cnn's jeremy diamond spoke exclusively to trump about the decision in norfolk, virginia, today. he also asked trump about superpacs. >> quick question. i want to ask you a little bit about your reaction to president
11:14 am
obama's decision with regards to syria putting special forces there. what do you think about it? >> i think we have a president who doesn't know what he's doing. you do it or don't do it. 50 people. >> you would put more? >> you either do it or don't do it. >> what about campaign finance. you talked about that recently. >> superpac should not be allowed. superpacs should not be allowed. it is absolutely a disgrace what's happening with superpacs. they shouldn't be allowed. they're a disgrace, they're horrible for our country and the shd be ended. >> would you do anything about it as president? >> i would. i'd end super pacs. >> yay. >> cnn politics reporter jeremy diamond with us live now at trump's rally, which just wrapped up there in norfolk. before earlier, jeremy, it was teeming with people right behind you with that ship as the backdrop. and now, everyone has scrammed. so his message is there in your q & a. was that in step with what he told the crowd today?
11:15 am
>> well, you know, he didn't really address syria in the way he addressed it with us before the event. today was really focused on veterans. but what he did tell us on syria was pretty revealing. you know, he went after president obama, like most other republican candidates, they've slammed president obama's leadership on the war with isis. but trump said, basically, he accused president obama of doing a half measure on the issue of syria. he said either you do it or don't do it when it comes to putting troops in syria. trump, of course, has argued in favor of allowing vladimir putin taking the lead in confronting isis in that country. he said the u.s. should put troops in iraq. >> all right. and then, during the rally earlier, what was his primary message? >> yeah. so trump was really talking about veterans today. he outlined for the first time in the most detail that he's done it before. his plan for veterans, he talked about reforming the v.a. making it more cost effective,
11:16 am
more better for veterans. listen to what he said. >> we're going to increase funding for job training and placement services, including incentives for companies hiring veterans for phenomenal people. so we're going to give a big incentive for companies for hiring veterans and they're getting a great deal. because they're getting incentive and hiring the best people. so we're going to have educational support, and we're going to create business loans. for the folks coming back. all americans agree that we must do everything we can to help put our servicemen and women because we've forgotten about the women. you know, we're thinking from 25 years ago with this deal. to put the men and women in a path to success as they leave active duty by collaborating with many successful nonprofit organizations of which there are many good ones. that are already helping.
11:17 am
service members have learned valuable skills in the military, but many need help understanding how to apply those skills in civilian life. >> so, yeah, there you have it. donald trump laying out his plans for the v.a. he talked about making a more modern and lower cost department. and really, one of his big ideas is allowing veterans to go to private health care providers. he said that any health care provider that takes medicare, veterans should be allowed to go there and use their veterans identification card and get health care, quote, immediately, he said. so really, you have donald trump laying out his ideas on veterans. and, of course, what's interesting, he did read from a script, which is pretty rare for donald trump. >> right. jeremy, i was about to asked because you've been spending a lot of time with donald trump on the campaign trail. >> right. >> from my recollection, that's the first time i've seen him refer to notes. it seemed like he was reading
11:18 am
verbatim, is that a first? >> he's done it once or twice before. when he's talked about. again, when he's laid out proposals for the first time. you can tell he wants to make sure he hits all the points he wants to hit and he's articulating his plan as specifically as he can. so we're waiting to see more details from the plan from his campaign, which said that they would send out that proposal today. >> interesting. all right, jeremy diamond, thank you so much. you never know what you're going to get on the campaign trail. all right. well, ten other gop presidential candidates are stumping, but in iowa today. they are speaking at a big gathering in des moines. it's a party-sponsored event. but tomorrow, several of the campaigns will be meeting in washington to see if they can take more control of the deba s debates. take control from the rnc. the republican national committee. they're not happy with formats, the candidates, i'm talking. and they have questions about those questions that were asked after last wednesday's debate. here's how ted cruz summed it
11:19 am
up. >> you know, i did think it was fitting that the debate occurred the week of halloween. because the moderators were doing everything they could to ask every candidate, all right, explain to me, are you more of a ghoul or a goblin? >> all right. that meeting of the campaign advisers for tomorrow scheduled to begin in the evening, 6:00 p.m. and the rnc, by the way, has not been invited. all right. straight ahead, severe weather hitting the south. heavy rain, more than 20 inches, in fact, has fallen in parts of texas. a live report on the dangerous storm system next. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever.
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a deadly storm system that has brought flash floods and reports of tornadoes to texas and louisiana is now moving east. in the last 24 hours, some parts of texas have gotten more than 20 inches of rain. and this is what it looked like in san marcos, texas. it's about an hour northeast of san antonio. at least two people in the area were swept away to their death. crews in houston have also conducted dozens of water rescues. some parts of the state are seeing strong winds, as well. tornadoes have even been reported near houston. on the phone with me now from houston is francisco sanchez, a spokesperson for the harris
11:24 am
county office of homeland security and emergency management. thank you so much for being with us. we're hearing that at least two people in your state have died. talk to me about how you're trying to impress upon people how dangerous this weather is and how they need to be very careful. >> this is the second weekend in a row that we've had very severe weather, unfortunately, we are investigating two potentially weather-related deaths. we have over 90 high water locations currently throughout the area. which is significant, more than 100 highwater rescues. overnight, 8 to 10 inches of rain in significant portions of harris county and 3 inches in the rest. it's definitely a severe weather event. >> very terrible. last two weekends, in large part blamed on that tropical depression, that was once a big hurricane. so how do you compare this to earlier in the year? back in may, you had very serious flooding.
11:25 am
>> reporter: well, maybe had a catastrophic incident where we had thousands of homes flood. this weekend and last weekend weren definitely significant events. but we will make a damage assessment tomorrow. right now, we have a preliminary estimate, about 40 homes flooded and we'll have a better assessment tomorrow when it's safe to send out crews for the neighborhoods. but we did see some homes flooded. we have high water rescues that took place. and also a tornado touch down in southeast harris county. >> thank you so much. be safe. >> thank you. >> all right. straight ahead, one of the black boxes has been found at that russian jet liner crash site in egypt. investigators are analyzing it as we speak. getting closer, possibly, to the cause of this tragedy. we'll speak with our own aviation experts next.
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all right. hello, again, and thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredericka whitfield. back to our breaking story. and new details surrounding the crash of a russian passenger jet in egypt. one black box has been recovered from the crash site in the northern sinai peninsula. while the cause of the crash is still unknown, the chief of the egyptian airports company says there is no evidence of any terrorist activity. and the plane, most likely, crashed due to a technical failure. the russian embassy in cairo is reporting there are no survivors. the 224 passengers are relieved to be russian and ukrainian. investigators are transferring remains of the passengers to suez. the air bus took off at about 6:00 a.m. local time on the red sea. it was bound for st. petersburg, russia.
11:30 am
23 minutes after takeoff, egyptian air traffic control lost contact of the plane. a metro jet official says the airline plans to fly relatives of the plane crash victims to egypt. russian president vladimir putin has declared a day of mourning for sunday. we continue to follow this story, of course. let's try and talk about what we know about the direction of the investigation. cnn aviation analyst mary scavo is with us now. she's the former inspector general of the department of transportation. good to see you. perhaps information is already been extracted from it. >> well, it's hugely significant. since it is thought to have been mechanical, that black box may hold the clue and reveal what actually occurred on the plane.
11:31 am
this black box on the air bus has a great number of parameters, meaning lines of data that are recorded and since it's, you know, this had been an old soviet era plane, we wouldn't have this kind of stream of data. it is quite possible by tomorrow if it's mechanical that they will already know what happened and what went wrong. of course, the cockpit voice recorder of what was going on in the cockpit, the microphone and the pilot side, the co-pilot side. that will nfill in the rest of the blanks. if it's mechanical, they'll have it. >> mary, i've spoken with so many analysts today who have all said 30,000 feet. the pilots would not have time to convey it. as far as we know, early reports are the pilots simply said technical problems.
11:32 am
in your view, and based on your experience, what are the realm of possibilities in which something like that would occur? >> well, they tend to fall in three general areas. one, of course, is weather. we remember air france 447. west caribbean 708 and air asia. those encountered level 5, level 6 thunderstorms, horrific weather and the pilots allowed the air speed to deteriorate. that's not the case here. we also have the cases of missiles and bombs onboard. kal, panam 103. that's, you know, that's possible, but if the pilot was able -- it was catastrophic and instant. and then that leads us to things like any kind of a mechanical failure onboard, fire, many of those things. usually with a fire, the pilot would have time to get off more description, like swiss air 111,
11:33 am
the pilot was able to tell air traffic control what was going on. those three kinds of areas generally. >> okay. and mary, one of our analysts earlier after talking to his sources saying that he was given the impression that the plane has broken into two. so that would certainly, i guess, assist egyptian officials who have ruled out, now, any kind of terrorist activity. >> well, and again, you know, breaking into two, it could certainly happen on impact with the ground. and if it was something on board that caused an explosion, they will have the characteristic pitting and know that almost immediately. in fact, rescue crews on the ground would be able to see that characteristic patterns, even to the untrained eye sometimes. >> we'll leave it there. always good to see you. thanks for your expertise. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, deadly shootout between biker gangs as a grand jury now weighs charges. we'll show you stunning new images of the gun battle obtained by cnn. ♪
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signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. it was a deadly gun battle between biker gangs that erupted during lunch hour in a waco, texas, restaurant in may. nine people were killed and more than 100 arrested. but in the months since the shootout, not a single arrest has been made in connection with the deaths. and few details are known because of a gag order on police and prosecutors. but stunning video obtained by cnn is shedding some light on
11:38 am
the chaos as it unfolded. a warning some of the images you are about to see are graphic. here's ed lavandera. >> the showdown was like the gunfight at the o.k. corral. that's how a witness describes the biker massacre to investigators. you don't have to hear the eruption of gunfire to feel the chaos the moment rival motorcycle clubs unleash a deadly melee. these videos take you inside the twin peaks restaurant in waco, texas, where nine bikers were killed and the parking lot was turned into a raging war zone. >> oh, my gosh, crazy. >> cnn has obtained more than 2,000 pages of documents, crime scene photos, many too graphic to show and surveillance video giving us the most detailed accounts of what unfolded last may. some of the very evidence that a texas grand jury is using to possibly indict the 177 bikers arrested and charged with organized criminal activity. restaurant surveillance cameras show the patio area filled with
11:39 am
members of the club waiting for an early afternoon biker meeting to start. they had already been there for more than an hour. the crew rolls in as police and s.w.a.t. teams anticipating violence are watching from a distance. john wilson is president of the biker club chapter in waco. he's sitting on the patio when the banditos arrive. >> the lead guy on that, you know, i looked out. i was watching, and he deliberately stared into one of our prospects and hit him. he wasn't going fast, but enough to knock him down. >> the man wilson is talking about is clifford pierce. he refused our interview request and has not been charged. but in a police report, he did not get his foot run over, but may not have gotten out of the way fast enough. it didn't matter. they believed the bandito ran into one of their guys and the fight was on.
11:40 am
who fired first isn't clear. one witness told police a bandito fired the first shot into the ground. another witness says the other fired first. the rival clubs point the finger at each other or claim they didn't see anything. >> clifford pierce says he hit the dirt and was shot. a bullet hits his spine leaving pierce paralyzed from the waist down. >> at that time, it was pretty horrific. there were guys getting hit and falling and i realized that i needed to get away from where i was. and i looked to the guy to my right -- my left, a good friend of mine, and i told him, i said we've got to get off the sidewalk or we're going to die here, you know. >> mayhem ensues, a biker running across the patio fires a gun shot caught on camera toward the fight scene in the parking lot. he then stashes the gun. a number of bikers take cover, some slide handguns across the
11:41 am
ground to each other. restaurant patrons and twin peak waitresses are stunned and trapped. the scene plays out in gory detail. you can see a group of bikers pummelling one man. crime scene photos later show a biker's body left dead in that exact spot. this biker runs toward the camera with a bloody face. another group pulls a wounded man into the patio and they appear to be trying to revive him. he's then carried away. several defense attorneys tell cnn that the videos show most of the bikers there that day were innocent bystanders. >> y'all going to put us in jail? >> yeah. everybody's going to jail. >> the way they handled it with the mass incarceration of people with million dollar bonds flies in the face of justice and flies in the face of fairness. it's ridiculous. >> after it was all over, the scene was chaos. dozens of bikers had run inside the restaurant to hide in bathrooms. and the twin peaks kitchen.
11:42 am
police, s.w.a.t. teams move in to round up the crowd. they're escorted out with their hands up, weapons litter the crime scene. knives, brass knuckles and more than 150 firearms everywhere. some even hidden in toilets. it's been more than 5 months since the twin peaks brawl. and all of the bikers are out of jail out on bond. they were all charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. but not one of them has been indicted by a grand jury yet. and no one has been charged with murder. in fact, it's still not clear who killed whom. one police report says at least three officers fired into the crowd. and one officer wrote, he heard suppressed fire from what i believe to be s.w.a.t. officers with suppressed rifles. several defense attorneys say it's likely some bikers were hit by police bullets. but as far as we know, ballistics reports have not been completed to determine that conclusively. police and prosecutors have refused to answer questions about the investigation citing a gag order. but police have defended their
11:43 am
actions since the beginning. >> this is a criminal element that came in here yesterday and killed people. they're not here to drink beer and eat barbecue. they came with violence in mind and were ready for it. >> these images of the twin peaks brawl tell the story of unbridled pandemonium. >> all the bikers started shooting. they put us in a freezer. >> it was a wild west style shootout in broad daylight. cnn, waco, texas. >> and now, as a grand jury weighs charges in this shootout, what role could that video play? we'll get our legal panel to weigh in next.
11:44 am
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a deadly shootout between biker gangs in waco, texas, more than 100 people were arrested. a grand jury is weighing the charges. what do we expect might happen next? i want to bring in cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney joey jackson and
11:48 am
commentator and legal analyst mel robbins. good to see both of you. >> good to see you. >> okay. so we just saw some of the terrifying video from the scene as, you know, people were running for their lives. you know, trying to get cover. and other cases, people were beating up others and, you know, firing weapons. joey, as a defense attorney, what did you learn from that video? nine people dead. it would seem that it would be fairly easy to impose some charges? >> you know, i learned quite much, fredericka. if a picture's worth 1,000 words, you've got to believe a videotape is worth, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000. from the beginning, a lot of the defense have been clambering that he did nothing, he was merely present. and whenever you're merely present without being an active participant, it exonerates you of charges. we have a right to be walking on the street or to be in a restaurant for that matter. the issue is, what if any criminality you engaged in. from a defense perspective, those who have clients in on
11:49 am
high bail, the videotape is going to corroborate that and they'll walk through. in the alternative, those who you see in the videotape who were engaged in shooting and who were hitting and everything else, well, they have some problems and they have some explaining to do. the issue then from hey, i did nothing to i was merely defending myself. >> the videotape is helpful from a defense perspective, and i'm sure as mel can tell you, it's helpful from a prosecution perspective, as well. >> all right. so, mel? your point of view. >> well, i'm sitting here listening to joey who i respect and adore. and i have to disagree. and the reason why i disagree is because a huge part of this case, fred, is going to be about what happened before they arrived. remember, they're talking about an investigating racketeering charges. that is a whole other ball game. what are racketeering charges? well, that means that the pol e police, the fbi, they're looking into whether or not both of
11:50 am
these biker gangs were, in fact, criminal organizations. there was ongoing issues between the two of them. there was an incident that happened prior to this shootout that one of the banditos killed one of the kosaks. >> why does that matter? >> well, matters a great deal. and the reason why it matters is this. if there were organizers in leadership positions inside the banditos that sent out a communication to their entire group saying arm yourself and travel north, we're going to settle this dispute now. and everybody that showed up showed up packing heat, packing a knife. knowing that they were about to engage in criminal activity. that sets the stage. because all you have to do to approve racketeering is that you either ordered the criminal behavior or you assisted in it. now, the -- >> objection. >> they will argue they weren't
11:51 am
planning on fighting. they were planning on going there and thought they were going there in order to broker a peace deal. well, i think there's a whole lot to sort out about the back story of why they were there first. before you're even going to get to who fired what when. >> so joey, if that is the case, you know, if and settling a score or something. doesn't that also speak to intent? and we did hear in ed lavandera's piece, there was law enforcement there. there was a large gathering of people. and sometimes that comes with the territory. but why would any of that matter what mel said was kind of advertised that they want to settle a score or inherent or whether it was just a moment happened and that things exploded. >> well, fredericka, it depends upon your perspective. mel laid out what is going to be the prosecutor's position. my position as a defense attorney is twofold. first of all, as i mentioned to you, if i'm merely somewhere, then i'm merely there. how is it that you're accusing
11:52 am
me of a crime. the second thing is, that i have the ability to renounce at any point. the fact is if i'm not an active participant in terms of engaging in any activity that would be deemed or identified as criminal, and i'm there when the police come, what did i do? the videotape shows i was sitting there. therefore, the police come and arrest me for sitting there. air force me for running. they arrested 177 people. they just said, everybody come with me. well, guess what, a number of those people who the police said come with me did nothing. i'm going to argue that tape exonerates my client, set my client free. and the fact is that if i'm -- if you have a weapon on you and that weapon is lawful, then why am i arrested? why am i here? >> we're going to have to leave it there, guys. we know this case is a lot more complex than the three minutes we've given you to talk about it. something tells me, we're going to talk about it again. >> i'm ready to fight with mel some more. >> okay.
11:53 am
without weapons. all right. joey jackson, mel robbins. thanks so much. >> thank you, fredericka. all right. also, just in to cnn right now, the for first pictures of the russian passenger plane crash site right here. this is the northern sinai peninsula in egypt. officials have pulled 129 bodies from the wreckage. and one image we'll also see there, the black box. the black box, the data recorder. flight data recorder has been retrieved. usually in the tail section of the plane. but you see right here, an assemblage of many people as they try to get to the bottom of why this russian jet fell from the sky in egypt. we'll have much more after this. there's almost nothing she won't try. >> she's been zip lining, scuba do i ha
11:54 am
diving. >> when her daughter wanted to model, she wasn't going to stand in her way. >> i know my daughter has down syndrome, but p doesn't mean that you can't do different things. >> like madi, half of all children born with down syndrome have some type of heart defect. so in madi's case, the blood going into her heart wasn't getting enough oxygen before going out. so when she'd cry, she'd turn blue and pass out. >> she almost didn't survive her first birthday. she had heart surgery. >> the doctor said 13% chance survival rate. >> you would never know that by looking at this spirited teen today. >> she does sports seven days a week. she's so energetic and exhausts me. >> and there's no rest in sight. her modelling career is taking off. she walked the runway during new york fashion week this fall and won a contract to be the face of lipstick company glossy girl. >> look at the smile. >> she's giving hope to others with disabilities. >> madeleine isn't going to be
11:55 am
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11:59 am
rescued more than 90 people from the rising waters overnight. and actor al molinaro known for his role as big al in the sitcom "happy days" has died. molinaro appeared in more than 140 episodes of the hit tv show. al molinaro was 96. and a reminder for most of us here in the u.s., set your clocks back one hour tonight. the official end of daylight saving time kicked in. it means a next round of sleep for everyone except for arizona and hawaii. those are the two states that remain on standard time. and happy halloween from space. it's expected to miss us by about 300,000 miles. according to nasa, it's the biggest known object to pass this close to the earth until the year 2027.
12:00 pm
thanks for waking up with me this afternoon. see you back here tomorrow. much more "newsroom" straight ahead. i'm poppy harlow. this just into cnn. the very first photo of -- images from egypt's sinai, chunks of debris strewn across the ground the russian metro jet carrying 224 people slammed into that rocky terrain. right now, the remains are being rushed to a more grieving families are waiting in anguish.


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