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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 31, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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a plane carrying 224 people crashes into the rugged sinai peninsula, now investigators are recovering bodies trying to figure out how this could have happened. also jeb bush's campaign in iowa today, he's denying those that say his presidential dream is in danger. we'll take you live to the hawkeye state coming up this hour. also the white house makes a major move, sending american troops to syria on the ground. will this crucial move make a difference in the fight against isis? here in the cnn newsroom, i'm poppy harlow in new york. a passenger jet carrying 224 people hit the ground and recovery crews report everyone onboard this plane was killed. according to egyptian authorities the pilot did not
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signal or make any distress or mayday calls, and egypt's government says no signs of terrorism have been found. the plane's flight data recorder and the voice data recorder were recovered. russia's state run media reports that most people onboard were returning from vacation in the resort town of sharm el sheikh. victims' remains are being rushed to the morgue, grieving families still waiting in anguish. so far officials have recovered the remains of at least 130 people. cnn senior international correspondent nic robertson is in st. petersburg for us this evening, but we begin with ian lee on the ground in cairo. ian, egypt's government has come out here and very quickly said no signs of terrorism. what do we know about in terms of what happened? i know it's early going, but what do we know about what has happened? >> yeah, poppy, we're getting pieces of this flight, putting them together, the real big hole
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right now is what actually occurred to cause this plane to crash. now egypt's minister of civil aviation spoke earlier today, this is what he had to say. >> translator: if the pilot doesn't report any faults on the plane, all that will be carried out is routine maintenance checks on the plane before takeoff. there were no reports that the airplane had faults. the checks done before takeoff did not reveal anything. up until the crash happened, we were never informed of any faults in the plane, nor did we receive any s.o.s. calls. >> so according to the egyptians, that plane fell out of the sky, no real reason right now that we know why it did. the egyptian government is searching an area with the diameter of five miles. they are looking for any little clues, any pieces. we know that now the two black boxes are on their way to cairo.
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that's where experts will analyze the contents and then we're hoping to get what the cause of this crash is. but still out there in the desert there are over 90 bodies that have still to be identified and brought over to either the suez or cairo. they are going to go through the very gruesome process of trying to identify them so that they can be returned to their loved ones. >> ian lee live for us tonight in cairo. thank you very much, ian, very tragic. nic robertson, you are in such a difficult place, st. petersburg, that's where all these family members were waiting for their loved ones, 224 of them to land from this flight. what are you seeing? >> reporter: there's a real outpouring of support and sympathy. this is a memorial here that's literally been growing by the minute. there's a gentleman literally about to walk up and place flowers, as so many people have been doing here over the last few hours. you see little toys laid in
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memorial, respect for the 17 children that were aboard the aircraft. there's been a note left here by a cabin crew from another airline giving their sympathy and support, and as i'm standing here, yet more people coming up. it is midnight here, poppy, and people are still coming to pay their tributes. it is a national day of mourning here. this is where the families came to the airport this morning expecting to meet their loved ones off the plane, they've now been taken away to a hotel. close by government officials, but this is how people are responding here, russians, normal russians, they didn't have family onboard the aircraft, they are coming here to pay their respects. it really is a somber feeling here this evening. poppy? >> nic, thank you very much live from st. petersburg for us. i want to talk more about this with les avant.
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when you look at this, it is rare to have a catastrophic period on flights, especially big commercial airliners, but especially above 30,000 feet. your initial response, what is it? >> well, we've been saying in previous segments, this is a not stress environment, not like takeoffs or landings, we have limited amount of time to make a decision if an emergency or abnormality occurs, so it's very curious to me what caused the airplane to, as been said, fall out of the sky. was there something mechanically related that caused it to happen, as we discussed in a previous segment. it seems to be an indication through an internet website that it had a stall, no more lift to the wings. >> how does that happen, if that is the cause of that, how does that happen? >> it could be something mechanical, the possibility pilots were looking at a mechanical problem and
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abnormality and may have been distracted by that, trying to troubleshoot the problem and going through a checklist and allowing the airplane to get out of control. now it is possible to recover from a stall, but it takes a lot of altitude for that to occur, and it appears to me this airplane was never under control. >> what do we know about the safety record of this carrier, metrojet? >> you know, all the data is coming in right now, our anchor and correspondent richard quest indicated he had done some research on it and it seemed to me they have no major issues. there was a tail strike, i think, that was mentioned. it did do some structural damage, but to have it related to this particular event, that was a while back, according to what richard reported, and to equate it to what happened here, i'd be hard pressed. >> so who determines ultimately what happened? we see egyptian authorities and officials on the ground, also the bea, sort of like the ntsb
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here in the united states, you've got that, german and french officials, and you've got russia playing a part in this investigation. >> well, this is not according to protocol, the international aviation association, so the egyptians will be the one that by protocol are in charge of this investigation. who they want to include as the other parties and experts, and they'll need experts, just like the ntsb here in the states, they'll need experts. they'll need airbus, the engine manufacturer, consortium of engine manufacturers, that includes, actually, folks here from the states. so all of these people will be, including air traffic control, all these people will be part of this iko investigation. >> hopefully we get answers soon again. they have retrieved the so-called black boxes, cockpit voice recorder and flying data recorder, so we should know soon what they think. thank you very much, les, as always. an absolute tragedy. we'll keep you posted on that, of course, as we learn more. coming up next, politics.
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to politics and the week that jeb bush might rather forget. first there was his performance in the republican debate, which even some of his supporters weren't happy with. and now word that paul singer, a much sought after billionaire republican donor is casting his lot with senator marco rubio. bush spent the day in iowa, so did rubio. bush trying to right the ship and reassure voters that his campaign is not on life support. though a recent poll shows he is only 5% support in that key early voting state. live in des moines, iowa, where bush spoke today at that growth
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and opportunity party. i'm interested in the reception he got there, versus what people are saying about marco rubio. >> reporter: well, he actually got a really good reception here, poppy. this was a forum, as you noted, that many of the candidates, ten of them in total, spoke back to back to back, so the crowd here really did actually seem very engaged. they stayed, they did not get up during jeb bush's speech. they were engaged and afterwards he actually got mobbed by supporters, spent 30 minutes with them shaking hands, signing autographs, but that reception is certainly despite the realities on the ground here for the bush campaign. he has not invested a lot of time in this state, and a strategy memo that was leaked this week outlining the bush campaign strategy really admits as much saying that they are much more focused on places like new hampshire, south carolina, over here in iowa. and it was interesting, though, when bush took the stage he really noted his low poll numbers here in the state and really brushed aside poll
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numbers in general. here's how he opened his speech earlier today. >> you know, poll numbers go up and they go down. iowa proves that in every caucus, and when they go down, you don't insult iowa voters, because they are the same discerning voters whether your polls are going up or down, you learn from iowa voters, so it is a joy to be here. >> reporter: certainly trying to butter up iowa caucus goers, which is never a bad idea in the state, but also a not so subtle hint on donald trump who got in a little hot water with iowa caucus goers when he retweeted something controversial when he's seen his numbers drop, criticizing iowa voters, so a small jab at donald trump there, poppy. >> let's talk about paul singer. here you have a huge billionaire donor to the party, someone who supported mitt romney before, and who is very focused on a few key issues, including israel. and you have him coming out last
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night and backing marco rubio saying he speaks about our party the way we want, and this is the man that i'm backing, he can give a ton of money to super pacs. how big is that that rubio got singer's backing and not jeb bush? >> well, it certainly is going to help marco rubio in a big way financially. singer has an ability to really donate millions of dollars to a super pac, really tapping in also to the broader donor network, but i do think the importance of the endorsement is also symbolic. jeb bush's campaign had really been going hard trying to court his endorsement. they had two aides up in new york just a few weeks ago trying to convince him to come to the bush campaign, so certainly that was a blow to them symbolically, as well. poppy? >> thank you, from des moines live for us tonight, appreciate it. coming up next, we are digging into how important it is for marco rubio to get this big endorsement from paul singer.
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what's it mean. will other billionaires follow and back rubio? also his finances, struggles with debt despite an $800,000 book deal. that is next.
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marco rubio beating out jeb bush for the support of paul singer, one of the wealthiest and most influential donors in the country. let's bring in our cnn political commentators, professor at morehouse college, ben ferguson, let me begin with you, ben. what's interesting about this is that jeb bush's camp had been courting singer hard trying to get his backing and his money. they didn't get it, and on top of rubio. >> it's a massive blow to his campaign. some say his campaign is on life support. i don't know if i'd go that far, but i think him leaking this quote, unquote, opposition campaign memo was not a leak. this was lowering expect takes to the lowest point they possibly could in iowa and then claiming that they have a strategy for the other states. it also puts out there some
2:22 pm
issues about the other candidates, which was nothing more than a hit specifically on rubio. they realize that rubio is threatening their campaign in a big way. >> it's interesting when you look, mark, at rubio and his debate performance this week, a lot of people liked it. we'll see what the polls say when they come out. he was asked during the debate about his history of money problems, right, including the fact he once faced foreclosure, he cashed out a $68,000 retirement fund, got a 4% tax penalty on, he dismissed that, said it's liberal media bias, but when you are in charge of the country, can you get away with, like he said in his book, i'm not good at bookkeeping? >> well, i think the most generous defense of him would be as president you hire bookkeepers, you hire experts and advisers, so he wouldn't be managing the nation's budget on quick books. i will give marco rubio that level of support, but to the contrary, i think it was a fair
2:23 pm
question. i have a lot of critiques of that debate, i think they asked some poor questions, but i think that was a reasonable question. i think it speaks to his wisdom, speaks to his maturity, and it speaks to, in some level, ethics. i'm not saying he's an ethical guy, i'm saying it's a question that should be raised and he sort of dismissed it in a way that didn't give the american people what they needed too know. it's a fair question, they need to answer. >> ben, millions of americans have money problems and people know what it is like to live like that. do you think this could actually help him just in terms of more voters sympathizing with him? >> i think it can help him in two ways. one, if you've ever been young and an entrepreneur you've made mistakes or so focused on a certain goal that some things don't get done that are mundane and aren't enjoyable. i think that's part of what happened to him. i also think the story, though, of him saying, look, i'm not a billionaire, i'm not a millionaire. yes, i've had problems, yes, i
2:24 pm
had to go into my retirement. yes, i had to pay some penalties when i did that. that will connect with average voters, but i'll also say this, he's a young guy and you can look at a lot of people's career in business, finance, tech, and also in politics where you might not be perfect in every aspect because he was younger in his 30s when this happened. >> at the same time, and this came up in the debate, marc, that i think is important is, you know, the fact that he signed this book deal, $800,000 book deal, and still had these financial issues. do you think he runs a risk at all trying to sell this image of i'm a regular guy, i didn't inherit a lot of money, et cetera, but he got a lot more money in that deal than many people make over years and years? >> yeah. his idea and politicians' idea of what a regular guy is is different. they think because you like beer and football that american people relate to you. it's more to it than that. most people don't get $800,000 book deals. most of us don't get $800,000
2:25 pm
book deals. ben and i would love one, but in general, the american people see politicians as different and they want to see them as different. they want to see them as people more responsible, more knowledgeable, and more capable of running the country than they could. i'm not sure marco rubio -- >> here's the other thing, too, if this is the biggest hit other gop candidates can go after him, it tells you how good his campaign is right now. >> i think the voting attendance, isn't the voting attendance record the worst record in the senate on voting, isn't that worse for him? >> did anyone care when barack obama had the worst voting record when he was running for president at the time? no. did anyone care when al gore was going for the vice presidency and didn't vote? no. this, again, shows how strong of a candidate he is. if that's all you got, you don't vote enough, everyone that runs for a bigger office misses votes. it's accepted by the american political system. on both sides of the aisle. >> bernie sanders and rand paul also in the senate have missed a lot less votes in this campaign.
2:26 pm
>> exactly. >> rand paul is not polling very well, so people are okay if they like you as a leader. >> that doesn't matter. >> wait, marc, let's be fair here, you were okay, and you didn't care when barack obama missed a ton of votes. >> yes, i did! yes, i did! >> and you still voted for him. and you still supported him. and you still think he's a great president. >> one, i voted green, i did vote for him, but my reason for -- >> not the second time either? >> the american people care about it. and, yes, i can acknowledge if you're running for president as a senator you may miss a vote or two, but marco rubio's missed more than his other senate counterparts. this isn't par for the course, it's more than obama, it's more than bernie sanders, and it's more than rand paul. so bipartisan levels of critique are worthy here. that's my problem, and that's the issue. and at some point marco rubio has to be responsible. if he's not responsible voting, he's not responsible with his
2:27 pm
budget, where is he responsible? >> i think he's going to vote more, i think he got the point the last debate and i'm sure his campaign is saying, look, if this is all we have to do, then we're going to vote more. >> i have to get to a commercial. ben, you are right he did cancel a campaign in iowa late thursday night to vote no on the budget deal. gentlemen, stay with me. quick break, we're going to be back in a moment. barack obama elected on a promise to end america's wars is now expanding the u.s. front in the fight against isis in syria with american boots on the ground headed there. the white house press secretary also had this to say. >> this is an important thing for the american people to understand. these forces do not have a combat mission. >> so what will this operation look like, what will it mean against isis? that's next. vo: today's the day.
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rebel groups fighting the
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syrian government will soon get nearly $100 million in new u.s. assistance. that word today from a state department official, and just yesterday in a significant escalation in the war against isis, president obama, who is elected on a campaign pledge to involvement overseas, he's committed a few number of ground troops to syria. here's more. >> poppy, about two dozen special operation forces are heading to syria, bringing u.s. troops that much closer to the front lines. >> president obama secretly told ash carter a few months ago he wanted faster progress in the war against isis in both syria and iraq and to come up with a plan, a u.s. official says. now the president has ordered a small number of special operations soldiers into syria to help local forces fight isis. >> the president does expect that they can have an impact in intensifying our strategy for building the capacity of local forces inside of syria to taking
2:32 pm
the fight on the ground to isil. >> reporter: the teams, no more than 50 troops total, could include members of the elite delta force and green berets, as well as navy s.e.a.l.s. their mission, communications and intelligence and supplies to arab and kurdish forces on the ground. until now the president long said he would not put troops in combat, especially in syria, and the white house insists that's still true. >> these forces do not have a combat mission. this is not in any way an attempt to diminish the risk that they will face or the bravery that they will need to summon to carry out these operations. >> reporter: secretary carter did not discuss the ground troops while meeting service members in alaska friday night, but did say isis is one of the biggest threats. >> we're going to beat isil, these guys are evil and they
2:33 pm
are, you know -- we are the noble and they are the evil and we are the many and they are the few, and fundamentally, we are the strong. so we will beat them. and we're doing that now and figuring out how to get better at it. >> reporter: special operations forces are expected to be sent from iraq, across the border into northern syria. the u.s. will use f-15 and a-10 jets launched from an air base in southern turkey, all part of an effort to help anti-isis forces take back isis's self proclaimed capital city of ray ka, but make no mistake, obama wanted to avoid troops on the ground where they'll likely end up in combat situations and today the state department announced the u.s. will give about $100 million in new aid to the syrian opposition. the money will provide support to local officials, first responders, and other civil needs. and since 2012, the u.s. has in aid to the syrian opposition.
2:34 pm
poppy? >> chris, thank you very much. coming up next, jeb bush on a mission to reassure his donors. >> it's not on life support. we have the most money, we have the greatest organization, we're doing fine. >> the internal memo revealing his strategy going forward. will it be enough to re-energize his campaign? back in a moment.
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93 days, but who's counting, until the first in the nation iowa caucuses, and jeb bush has his work cut out for him in that state. a new internal memo first obtained by u.s. news and world report reveals the bush campaign has made more than 70,000 phone calls to republicans in iowa, but for all that they have recruited just four volunteers statewide and identified less than 1,300 supporters in the k hawkeye state. also a january advertising blitz, as well as extensive opposition research on bush's rival florida senator marco rubio. back with me, marc lamont hill and ben ferguson. ben, your take first on this memo that somehow made its way out to the press. >> i'm stunned that this memo were able to hit the press. i mean, clearly, the bush campaign had nothing to do with
2:39 pm
it. there would be no way they wanted this information leaked out without having their fingerprints on it. how convenient for them, right? this is such a basic political tactic and a wise one by the bush administration. rather the bush campaign. they have every desire and need to pull marco rubio down to stay in this race, and the issues that were raised in the memo that was leaked to the press are actually important issues. so i think the bush campaign right now is on its heels, it's trying to survive, and this is a very important way of doing it, and i wouldn't count them out just yet. obviously, people say the campaign's on life support, but there's a really good chance they could survive to iowa, and if they do, it's anyone's game. john mccain, people said he was dying, too, and they were able to pull it out. >> i don't know whose phone is ringing, but that's very true. guys, when you look at the -- and the amount of money jeb bush has, he still has a ton of money, what's interesting to me, ben, this memo that came out also shows the bush camp doesn't expect to win iowa, their focus is new hampshire and south
2:40 pm
carolina. is it smart to tell people that? >> yeah, well, look, this is a smart political muay to put out this memo. it's also a move that you only do when you feel desperate, and this is a way to not only try to bring marco rubio down, who i think they see as the biggest threat, but also to try to put this new story line out there, which is, hey, we never intended on doing well in iowa. we are looking at the future states and future battles, and that's always been our game plan. and look, here's our memo that said so. this memo was probably finished up some time around an hour to an hour and a half before it was leaked to the press. so, you know, if you're a donor, you know, are you really going to be duped into this if you're someone that's been working hard for jeb bush? are you going to be frustrated that you now all of a sudden, especially say you're in iowa, are you going to feel like you've been wasting your time because the campaign's pretty much sank, we had no intention of doing well there? so it's smart, but it's also
2:41 pm
desperate, and i don't think it's going to help as much as the campaign maybe thought it was going to help. here's the other thing, any time you see a candidate that comes out and says, my campaign is not on life support, what it means is, is it's very close to being on life support. jeb bush is in trouble here, and he's got to do something to stop this, and i don't know if he knows exactly how to, and i think putting the memo out shows they are willing to try almost anything at this point. >> marc, we've heard bush say this week, i'm not a performer, right, that's his quote. i'm about the issues, i'm not about entertainment. take a look at this. these are some of the headlines after the republican debate this week. the financial times, jeb bush blows chance to get back in the game. also from buzz feed, jeb bush continues death spiral at gop debate. from slate magazine, jeb died on that stage. how do you turn perception around, even if perception isn't reality yet? >> there's really no way. he has to hope the people in front of him implode, and that's a very tough expectation.
2:42 pm
i mean, trump and carson, people have been saying for a long time, myself included, these guys might not make it, but now you have people like marco rubio who are legit candidtes who are also in front of him and who people seem to perceive to be stronger, so if you're jeb bush, what you have to do is go on the offensive, you have to stop managing the public's expectations about what you're going to do or not do at the debates and perform on debates, go aggressively against the front runners, clearly establish and articulate an agenda and can't rely on the fact you have the biggest machine. at some point the machine has to function, otherwise it's not just iowa he has to worry about. you can lose iowa, but you can't lose new hampshire, you can't have legs in this thing.still - he needs to be aggressive right now. >> you also have to go to the most grassroots campaign you can possibly run. if jeb bush wants to come out of this and still have a shot, he is going to have to literally humble himself to the point where he is the entire face of the campaign. shaking hands, knocking on doors, talking to volunteers. you cannot do this in a big way
2:43 pm
like he was before. it did not connect with voters. he should look at somebody like rick santorum. santorum, remember, he won iowa because he shook a bunch of hands, knocked on a bunch of doors, and connected with the voters. jeb bush has got to do that now, not just in iowa, but also new hampshire, and he's running out of days to put that type of campaign together. >> i think it's interesting, though guys, he's gotten a lot more feisty in the last week. he said to a reporter after the debate this week, you know, i'm just going to have to change my strategy in the debates, not answer the moderators' questions, be rude, interrupt. is that what the public wants to see? >> that's not being true to yourself if you're him. that's a bad, bad move. >> marc? >> sometimes just get beat. >> marc? >> that's not him being feisty, that's him whining and complaining, coming across as if he's saying i'm playing by the rules and no one else is and i'm losing because i'm doing the right thing and they are doing the wrong thing. at some point he has to ignore all of that. he's been debating for a very long time. he has a brother and father who
2:44 pm
managed to be president of, i don't know, america. he knows how debates go. he knows people don't answer questions and people are aggressive and rude. he made a choice to be himself and the truth is, america just doesn't like him that much. he either needs to become somebody else or convince america he is what they need to like. and he has a very short window to do it. he needs to go grassroots and aggressive. can't just wait for trump and carson to die anymore. even if their campaigns die, you still are not next in line anymore. you have to go harder. >> all right, ben, marc, thank you, gentlemen, as always. appreciate it. coming up next, switching gears, cnn obtaining stunning video. this is the moment shots rang out between rival motorcycle clubs in texas. several people killed in that shootout, you'll recall it. now we're seeing inside for the first time. and i'll show you the aftermath next.
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177 people arrested after a deadly gun battle in may at a restaurant in a texas strip mall. you remember that, and you probably remember these images of this shootout between two motorcycle clubs. nine people killed. police found 480 weapons in that restaurant and in the parking lot. we're showing you the aftermath. now we have video of the gun fight as it happened and a warning. this report does contain graphic images. here's cnn's ed lavandera.
2:49 pm
>> reporter: we're about to show you a sight that you've probably se never seen before. dramatic surveillance video of when the gun fight erupted, like the o.k. coral, that's how witnesses described it to investigators. it was chaos when rival motorcycle clubs unleash a deadly melee. these videos take you inside the restaurant in waco, texas when nine bikers were killed and the parking lot was turned into a raging war zone. cnn has obtained more than 2,000 pages of documents, crime scene photos, many too graphic to show, and surveillance video giving us the most detailed accounts of what unfolded last may. some of the very evidence that a texas grand jury is using to possibly indict the 177 bikers arrested and charged with organized criminal activity. restaurant surveillance cameras
2:50 pm
show the patio area filled with they had already been there for more than an hour. the bandito crew rolls in as police and s.w.a.t. teams, anticipating violence, are watching from a distance. john wilson is president of the cossacks biker club in waco. he's sitting on the patio when the banditos arrive. >> the lead guy, he deliberately steered into one of our prospects and hit him. you know, he wasn't going real fast, but he deliberately ran into him with a motorcycle, enough to knock him down. >> reporter: the man wilson is talking about is clifford pierce. he refused our interview request and has not been charged. in a police report an investigator wrote, pierce said he did not get his foot run over but may not have gotten out of the way fast enough. it didn't matter.
2:51 pm
the cossacks believed the bandi banditos one of their guys. it's not known who fired first. in dozens of police interviews, the rival biker clubs point the finger at each other or claim they didn't see anything. clifford pierce says he hit the dirt and was shot. a bullet hit his spine, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. >> at that time it was pretty horrific. there were guys getting hit and falling. i realized that i needed to get away from where i was. and i looked at the guy to my right -- my left, a good friend of mine. and i told him, we've got to get off the sidewalk or we're going to die here, you know. >> reporter: mayhem ensues. a biker fires a gunshot caught on camera toward the fight scene is in the parking lot. he then stashes the gun.
2:52 pm
bikers take cover. some slide handguns across the ground to each other. restaurant patrons are stunned and trapped along with waitresses. you can see a group of bikers pummelling one man. a biker's body was left dead exactly in that spot. this biker runs toward the camera with a bloody face. another man is carried away after a group of men try to revive him. most bikers there that day were innocent bistanders. >> the way they handled it with a mass incarceration of people with million dollar bonds flies in the face of justice and flies in the face of fairness. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: after it was all over, the scene was chaos. dozens of bikers had run inside the restaurant to hide in
2:53 pm
bathrooms, in the between peaks' kitchen. the crowd is escorted out with their hands up. knives, brass knuckles, and more than 150 firearms everywhere, some even hidden in toilets. it's been five months since the twin peaks brawl. all the bikers are out of jail on bond. they were all charged with engaging in criminal activity. no one has been indicted by a grand jury or charged with murder. it's still not clear who killed whom. one police report says at least three officers fired into the crowd. and one officer wrote he heard suppressed fire. defense attorneys say it's likely some bikers were hit by police bullets. but as far as we know, ballistics reports have still not been completed to determine that conclusively. police and prosecutors have refused to answer questions about the investigation, citing a gag order. but waco police have defended
2:54 pm
their actions since the beginning. >> this is a criminal element that came in here yesterday and killed people. they're not here to drink beer and eat barbecue. they came with violence in mind and we were ready for it. >> reporter: these images tell a story of unbridled pandemonium. it was a wild west style shootout in broad daylight. 177 bikers are anxiously waiting to hear their fate, waiting on this grand jury in waco, texas, to determine whether them all be indicted. poppy? >> what a remarkable, remarkable look inside of all of it as it broke out. ed, thank you. next, today's top stories. but first, meet another one of our cnn heroes for 2015. michelle ripley provides much-needed food, education, and health services to the people of the lakota tribe in south dakota. >> there's no businesses to
2:55 pm
speak of, no industry at all. they're very isolated. it's 40 to 60 miles to the nearest grocery store. if you forget bread, you don't go back and get it. >> you can learn more and vote for your favorite cnn hear row of the year. we're back in a moment. you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it.
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you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing," and to replicate this across the entire african continent.
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2:59 pm
a plane carrying hundreds of vacationers from egypt to russia today crashed in the sinai peninsula. 224 people on board were all killed. authorities have now recovered both flight recorders. officials say no sign of terrorism at the crash site. tornadoes and flooding moved
3:00 pm
across texas due to flooding in mississippi today. three lives were claims in travis county and a fourth in san antonio. flood warnings remain in place for much of texas. police in colorado springs, colorado responding to reports of a crime spree. they shot and killed a suspect they say started shooting at them. three other people were also killed before the police arrived. no details yet how those three died. i'm poppy harlow. i'll see you back live in one hour. "smerconish" begins now. i'm michael smerconish. the gop is at war against the media. and why not? can you believe these outrageous questions that were asked at the republican debate? to donald trump: you once told a contestant on


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