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tv   Somebodys Gotta Do It With Mike Rowe  CNN  November 1, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ i'm mike rowe, and i'm on a mission to find people on a mission. what are they doing? how are they doing it? and why? ♪ ♪ >> it's got to be done. on this episode, i'm barking up the right tree, way up, and going out on a limb, way out. the goal is not entirely clear
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but these guys have a plan. he's got a laser and i've got a front-row seat. >> look around you, man. don't get a view like that very often. >> it's okay, if you like that sort of thing. >> then, when i see a man hovering over the water with the help of magical shoes, i'm obligated to investigate. >> holy crap, that's crazy. >> but really, am i obligated to drown? apparently. and later, i meet the woman who finally found a way to raise the dead. >> i really want to build something that will last. >> and make a business out of it. >> the last one to lay you down.
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high in the mountains of the pacific northwest deep in the heart of the prime evil forest, a giant is waiting. no, not the sasquatch. this giant actually exists, and he is easy to find. why? because this joint towers all above the others and stands in the same place all the time. they call it a chick apen. today with the help of these fine gentlemen, we are not only going to find this giant living among us, you are going to climb it. >> basically you are going to take us to a high tree and climb the tree. why? >> because we are going to measure it. >> why are we measuring? >> to see if it's still a champ. >> they constantly check on the condition of individual trees, basically they are tree doctors and their patient today is a
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giant evergreen member. >> how giant is the giant? >> big. >> ten times bigger than any other we know. it's huge. >> we're climbing the biggest in the land? >> yeah, like, anywhere. >> that's a promo. >> in the universe. >> a champion is what arbors call the biggest tree of the species in the world, and if there was a champion arborists, it would be these guys. they would make your average tree hugger very, very nervous. for them it's part of the job, tracking down and measuring the trees to teach us about the role forests play in sustaining a natural environment. if i want to keep up, i will need to under-go training.
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while hanging on for dear life is a recurring part of the segment, so too is standing in the wrong spot. >> you are standing in poison oak. >> in the grass? >> yeah, and it's everywhere. it's everywhere. it's here, it's there, it's everywhere. >> just don't touch your face or junk. >> ben, can you show us your poison oak? >> oh, so that's poison oak on the inner most thigh, and everything itches all of a sudden. >> run away screaming. >> there's really no training program here at all, is there? i swung on a rope and you showed me half of a testicle, and now -- >> i know what poison oak is. >> well, we're fully trained. and we're now ready to ascend a giant.
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what you are seeing right now is a plan coming together, and it involves a dirt road and a 15-minute drive and large fall-offs and towering giants, so the risk of danger is high and calamity is all but certain, and thrilled to be part of this plan. is that our guy? >> that's the tree. >> but before we can climb that tree, we have to get geared up. >> so mike, are you okay with red? >> not bad, not first choice. >> okay, these are arborist harnesses and have more padding. >> anybody itchy? >> let's look at that thing before. it's just kind of a cautionary tale. so with poison oak on all sides -- >> some right there, mike. step over that. >> it was time to meet the alleged champ.
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>> this is the giant. wow. you will notice there is already safety rigging in it, and unfortunately they don't grow that way. how do you get the lines up there is the obvious question? not sure what the obvious answer is. >> we will fire a bolt in the tree. >> so when we lead this, we're going to attach the string on to the bolt and fire the bolt over the tree, so if you want to go ahead and load that, then. >> load this guy. >> yep. that's it. pretty much aim above your subject, because we are not trying to hit the tree but go over the tree. >> through the crotch. >> shoot an arrow through the crotch of the tree. >> nice shot, over the crotch. >> james will go down and we're going to shake this and it's going to be wiggling branches down on the brush. >> there she is. >> i see the line.
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>> you see the line. >> it's right in there. >> and then he will tie on a slightly larger screen. we'll pull that back over and with that string we can install our climb line. >> it takes several passes until it's strong enough to hold the safety rope. >> you are clear to pull back. >> and it works like a charm, until the line gets snagged, or something. >> watch this. >> it feels like it's tied. >> pull a little harder. >> you know. >> got it. >> just fell back down the hill. that's comedy.
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he's rolling through the poison oak right now. so that's what you did all day the day before as you were rigging all these lines on these trees, so my camera guys could go up and we could go up? >> that's correct. >> these elevator systems these guys put in place will allow nick to ascend, more or less as damian descends, and give him enough stability when he is up there to do his job and shoot the show. that's doug taking his elevator road. how high are you going to go? do you know? >> 100 feet? >> when we come back, james and i will ascend the giant. ascend the giant. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them.
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i'm preparing to climb this chinquapin in order to measure it from the top down, and we put on all the ropes and gear, but we need to get a ground measurement using the latest technology. he's got a laser. is part of the reason we climb it to confirm the measurement? >> that's it. >> why is that important? >> it's an accurate way to measure the tree. >> that makes the point better than anything, and you can take modern technology and measure it as best you can and approach it 1,000 different ways but in the end if you want to know what you need to know you have to climb up the tree. >> i am guessing it's the 102 to
7:13 pm
105 range? >> if this is the "price is right," i'm going with 105. >> you have to enter the abore annual world. >> you have been waiting all day to use that? >> yeah, i have. >> our intention here is to leave the tree exactly how we found it, deadwood, broken branches. >> just measure the thing. >> the likeins are starting to showup. >> and you are likin' them. >> really? >> trees are like apartments and condos, and all sorts of places for wildlife to hangout.
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>> nice little house. >> when we look at them, we can surmise what happened at different points of that tree's life and how the tree has, you know, adapted. >> what did you find over here? >> this is where a wood pecker has been doing feeding. it's the big guy with the redhead, black and white that makes square holes for feeding. >> trees are changing and living organisms, and the longer they live the more character they have and often times the more likely they are to fail or parts of them to fail. >> working high up on a tree is different than working high up on a bridge or radio tower, in those places you are constantly surrounded by how higher, but up here you can lose perspective and forget how higher.
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allow me to remind you. ♪ >> you have ever fallen out of a tree? >> never fallen out of a tree. >> how about you? >> never fallen out of a tree. >> how old are you, if you don't mind me asking? >> 61. >> kidding me. >> how long you have been climbing trees? >> 40. >> you make me feel fat and throw that -- slow. >> how old are you? >> 35. >> i don't know what to say to that. you make me feel young and alive. >> you don't get a view like that very often. >> this business will leave you with bruises. that's for sure. >> no doubt. >> i thought you were supposed to leave the tree exactly as you
7:16 pm
found it. >> that's here. in town, we remove trees. >> what an interesting dichotomy that is. >> it's lost innocence at time. >> you are paid to trim and prune -- >> destroy the habitat. >> on the weekends atone by coming up here and doing whatever it is you do. you spent at one point, how many days in a tree? >> five. >> sleeping, eating and crapping in a tree for five days. >> we were traversing between trees, so 88 traverses in five days and travelled a one-kilometer distance. >> you are in a tree boat? >> yeah. >> how do you crap in a tree? >> i am glad you asked that and it's awkward, so you have to straddle the sides and balance with your abdominal muscles.
7:17 pm
>> a little higher? >> let's do it. >> so he's heading up to the tape. >> i will stick my head out of the top of the tree and to tell how high i am go ppg. >> and then drop your tape measure. >> yeah, i can pretty much reach the top from here. mike, as i am lowering this town past you, i don't want to have deflection in the line because that's going to add -- >> length. >> -- length. i understand. i can see tyler on the ground. >> that's what we are going for. >> i am going to try and guide it straight down this way along that line and ultimately to -- it looks like ben standing there. okay. >> i can really feel your movement up here. >> what do you mean by that? >> it's just a little spooky.
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stphaoeuflt we're we're in oregon, way up in a tree, and as for the view, it's okay, if you like that sort of thing. our purpose is to measure the world's tallest chinquapin. but there's more at stake. >> hold it at the top of the tree. >> right. >> and we'll see -- >> it's a showcase showdown. i'm 105. >> i'm 104. >> what do you have, brian? >> pull some slack out. >> that's looking really good right now. >> copy that, we're going to measure. >> looking good, brian. >> how do you look? >> oh, man, 104 and eight inches. >> 104.8. >> it goes to you. >> by two inches. >> 104.8 inches.
7:23 pm
>> it's an accurate measurement of this giant chinquapin, and now we are going to go down and learn the circumference of the base of the trunk. after spending an afternoon way up in a tree, you would expect to be glad to get your feet back on tara firma. i could have happily spent a few more hours topside. >> back on the ground, and it's like getting off a fishing boat. >> i remember how those work. >> anybody can nominate a tree for championship status, and all you have to do is measure the height, circumference and ground spread. this doesn't make for the sort of captivating video you get at the top of the canopy. >> after gathering all this
7:24 pm
information in the field we'll take it back and plug it into the registry and compare it to the other nominations we have gotten and we will submit that to the national registry in washington, d.c. within the next couple of months and we'll know if we have a champion whose keeping its status. >> i would hate to think that somehow it could lose its status. >> it could be dethroned if a larger tree appears. >> but there is no more larger and more impressive chinquapin on the planet earth. >> not likely, not in the univer universe. >> james, so appreciative of you keeping an eye on me. thank you. and you, awesome. >> thanks. >> where is ben? >> yeah? >> get that thing looked at, would you? >> it's a deal. >> if you have a chance, climb a tree. you'll love it. ♪
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check out the pants. ryan has a pair of shorts that i think used to be a pair of double knit slacks and cut them off with garden shears. >> when grandpa died he said to take the clothes and i thought i could make something out of them. >> it's the out of the box kind of thinking that brought us here to san diego today. i am here to test a fly board and it allows you to hover like magic. the guy we are meeting is teaching how to fly board. i am here to learn how to fly board and maybe cut my pants off and be cool like ryan. >> i'm paul. >> mike. >> nice to meet you. >> this is our training. >> whole place is dedicated to fly boarding, and hover boarding, and we have a new jet pack coming out as well. this is what set the industry off. >> what were you doing before
7:26 pm
this? >> before this i was in college, and i was study engineering systems and my friend showed me a youtube video and i said let's start a business. >> and one minute you are going through your life and studying information systems and then you leave it all behind and build a business that let's people fly and defy gravity. what is going to happen? >> we're going to walk down to the dock and get you suited up and we're going to take you out there and fly board. >> what is the odds i will create the allusion of mild competence. >> are you a quick learner i say you can learn in 15 minutes, and i will be out there with you and show you tricks. we'll have fun out there. >> let's go. >> cool. when i had the opportunity to start this business with, you know, me and a group of friends, and try to go on the adventure
7:27 pm
and make this dream that i had come true, it was just what i wanted to do. it just felt right. i started the company and put the team together and put the business plan together and all the financials, and we were the first ones to bring it to the united states and west coast. we brought it to california three years ago. >> right. >> we barely had, you know, any money, and it was me and two other people, and we were trying to figure out jobs and figure out how to make money, part-time, and -- >> right. >> how to work on the company and establish it here and we were working on all this stuff and it was just -- it was just stressful. >> stressful is putting it lightly. paul's business partner bailed leaving him with maxed out credit cards and down to his last $900. but one fateful day paul took out his fly board to blow off steam and he was amazed at how fast a curious enthusiastic
7:28 pm
crowd gathered and investors materialized and now he is on track to reach over $1 million in revenue. >> so this is it? >> yeah, we can get you suited up. >> paul is going to show me how it's supposed to be done. >> what in the hell is that? i do not understand how this is working? who is controlling the thrust? >> the man sitting on the jet ski on the throttle is giving her cues. >> it's the jet ski's engine. that curved metal piece you were holding earlier, that's what connects to the end of the hose. >> no, probably won't be doing that. i might do that. this is going to be so disappointing. these people want a show and i am going to go out there and
7:29 pm
probably snap my neck. very impressive fall. showoff. nobody likes a showoff.
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7:32 pm
what in the hell is that? modesty aside, that's a very good question. that is a fly board. it's the thing that paul went all in on the moment he saw it.
7:33 pm
paul sought out the inventor of the fly board and secured a deal to bring it to the west coast and sau podia is a french guy. he figured out he could connect a hose to the back of a jet ski and run a water into a boot ate aassembly, and an added bonus is the acrobatic tricks achieved by using your body weight to twist, turn, to dive. paul bet everything that this would catch on, maybe turn into the sport of the future. if there is anything that might destroy the popularity of the fly board -- >> i felt like i needed another camera on me for a second. >> it was the very public drowning of a celebrity. but just as paul struggled to get his business off the ground,
7:34 pm
so were we struggling to get this shoot in the cam. doug, do you remember telling me this would be 15 minutes? >> i don't remember saying that. >> first we had a problem with the jet ski. not to be out done, my cameraman doug was beset with issues with multiple cameras. then my sound guy, jones, discovered waterproof mics are not always waterproof. >> mercury is in retrograde. am i right? >> it's causing all kinds of problems. i just didn't know. according to google there are certain periods in which an aub tau kul illusion makes mercury appear to go backwards in its rotation around the sun and some
7:35 pm
believe this causes mishaps and technical glitches down here on earth, and if this is true, mercury has been in retrograde as long as i have been in television. >> see there, edgar nearly went right in the water. mercury is in retrograde. no other way to explain what is going on. eventually, the jet skis and the cameras and microphone fought through the retrograde and paul got down to business of showing me why a fly board is called a fly board. this is crazy! this is sick! that's crazy! seems a good time to remind our viewers, i am not paid to succeed, i'm paid to try, so let's try. >> step into your boots. >> by step in you mean sit down?
7:36 pm
>> yeah. >> we will get you strapped up and then you slide into the water. >> yep. >> all right, mike, mike, you grab the jet ski in the corner of your eye, yeah, there you go. now, stand on that board. there you go. you see how it's pushing you back. >> yeah. >> you are good, just more on your toes, okay? >> more toes? >> yeah. >> more grace, more athleticism, more everything. this learning curve is a right angle. >> down, legs straight. there you go.tdown, legs straig. there you go.odown, legs straig. there you go.edown, legs straig. there you go.sdown, legs straig. there you go. down, legs straig. there you go. good. good. there you go. >> that's nuts. balance is one thing, and balance with grace, that's something else altogether.
7:37 pm
>> nice. ye yeah. yeah, man! you want to stay in a big circle and try to stay out away from the jet ski. >> the further out i go the higher you put me? >> exactly. >> that's horrifying. >> that's why you keep coming back. >> the reason why i come back is because i am chained to this damn thing. >> there you go! holy crap, dude, that's pretty
7:38 pm
high. >> there you go, mike. >> that hose just went over my ass and i thought it was a bare kuda. it scared me and i thought what is that? there was a giant hose between my legs and i was baffled. >> how high do you think you were? >> 12 feet. i hate to quibble, but if my feet were five feet above the water, just sayin'. >> you did so good. >> mike, good job out there. did good for your first time. >> yeah. >> we are going to get a chance to come out here and we will teach you more tricks, the dolphin dive. >> the dolphin dive.
7:39 pm
>> the dolphin dive, how it is, most important, dive away from the jet ski, not towards anything, you don't want to end up -- >> dead. >> dead. you dive in at a 45-degree angle, okay? don't dive straight down or straight out. if you dive too far straight out, you can get -- there's a chance you can -- >> die. >> and if you dive straight out, you will know it. >> death, death, death. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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new sports aren't born, they evolve. usually a person that really loves one sport will start to tinker with the gear and wind up creating something completely different, like the surfers that created the skateboard, or the dad in michigan that tied two skis together creating the first snowboard, and one man paved the way for wind surfing. it was the love of jet skis that led a french guy to create this, the fly board. if all goes as planned, who
7:44 pm
knows, maybe you will see a fly board at the next x games. >> it's so much higher than you think. he might be out of his mind. imagine taking two fire hoses and strapping them to your ankles and turning them on full blast. that's basically what's happening here. and yet paul is able to maintain complete control and make it look effortless. it's annoying. >> pull your pants up! >> unbelievable, tkaodude. >> thank you. >> how long did it take you to get that good? >> it took about -- about ten hours. >> wow. must be some painful lessons. >> definite is. do you want to try now? >> yeah.
7:45 pm
>> ready? >> yeah. seriously, just trying to stand up on this thing right now is a challenge in itself. ♪ bad dolphin. bad dolphin. ♪ >> go for it! ♪ >> awesome. >> how is that dolphin working out? >> the dolphin thing, you know -- i don't think i have it yet. i don't think i have it. i'm thinking the dolphin is such a fantastic species all by itself, maybe the dolphin should just go ahead and act like a dolphin and we should just act like people. i am sure you have one of those blow holes in your back and if you want you can go ahead and amaze people with your special
7:46 pm
dolphin skills. so here's the plan. we have a drone waiting in another harbor and we will try to get there before the sun goes down, because drones are fun. you in? >> i'm in. >> you in? >> i'm in. >> let's do it. that was the plan to get really cool aerial shots from a drone as paul and i gracefully flipped and flied above the water, but mercury, as you may recall, is still in retrograde, so instead of hovering above the san diego harbor, my crew and i are loitering in a nearby parking lot, waiting. >> oh, the sun setting is beautiful. >> the sun is in a perfect position right now for me to be hovering 15 feet in the air on one of the fly boards, and all back lit as the drone swept in, but the drone and paul is not here and the fly board is not here, and the sun is sinking like a red rubber ball.
7:47 pm
it's a song. eventually the stars do align, and the drone does arrive, and we get the shot we wanted. but, now that i look at it, i'm afraid that no footage of this contraption will ever capture the feeling of zipping through the air like a winged superhero, and to do that you will need to slip into paul's shoes and say a quick prayer and hope that mercury is feeling cooperative. all right, the sun has gone down and the sea doo is gone, and that drone guy, did we actually pay him? mercury, retrograde. so we left the drone in san diego and made our way out to the heartland, east central iowa, to be specific. since i have no immediate plans to fly through the air or climb any giant trees in cedar rapids, i am thinking this story can be
7:48 pm
captured on a simple little camera i hold in one hand and shoot myself and i'm not sure i need the crew on this one. >> we have a line on a woman that dedicated her adult life that living people move the bodies of dead people from place to place, and her business is called the mortuary lift company and i thought it would be fascinating to meet her, to meet her, to meet her, her. we wanted an exciting act break, so -- looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture.
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katie hill is an iowan that makes a living moving dead bodies, and i was assured he was not grave robbing. what does she do? we're about to find out. >> hello. you must be katie. >> i am, nice to meet you, mike. >> i hear fascinating things about you. we are here at the headquarters of the mortuary lift company, yeah. we make lifts stiffs. >> it will assist in dressing, because you are not helping, rolling over or giving us an arm. >> speaking of getting us dressed, i have never been one
7:53 pm
to turn down a free t-shirt. >> really? >> yes. are you going to put it on? >> right now. poof, just like that, i am properly attired. it's a lifting experience. it's a device, again, and i assume you are a funeral director? >> i am. i can't lift heavyweight. 100 pounds is really heavy and most people are over 100 pounds, so how do you get a body into a casket? >> that must be it. >> that's it right in there. >> may i approach the mortuary lift? >> yeah, ce on in. >> the ultimate 1,000 lift. >> it can lift 1,000 pounds? >> you have ever had 1,000 pounds of deadweight? >> i have not but we had funeral directors that have. >> no. >> with a body and a casket, really close to 1,000 pounds. >> who invented this thing?
7:54 pm
>> it was derived from a boat hoist. >> an actual boat lift. >> they made a smaller version for the mortuary industry, but they didn't know about the market and you have to know about the embalming process, and bone donations, and now there are no bones in their arms or legs. >> nobody -- >> you didn't think i was going to say that, did you? >> it always pleases me to hear a sentence i never heard before. but the idea of moving a boneless body. >> i am very excited to get you in there. >> it might be a new experience for me, but for katie, another day at the office, and happily for her, the bodies she works with don't talk back. if you push me off the table, i might have to come back to life. i am just lying here like i said, i'm dead. >> there you go. so this machine can move on a track system and the track
7:55 pm
systems are custom and you can have it on a phaupb raw rail or pivoting system. >> i like being lifted. >> you like that? >> it's comfortable. to review, 27 years ago you got into this business and you experienced firsthand the difficulty of moving deadweight. >> absolutely. and then after you are embalmed, you are stiff and it's difficult to do. the majority of the time as a funeral director you are working alone in the preparation room. >> what is that like? >> you know, that's a hard question for me to answer. i grew up above a funeral home. >> it's the most natural thing in the world for you. >> it is. my father was a third generation funeral director and my brother now runs the funeral home. >> how many funeral homes have a device like this or this device? >> thousands. >> how many you have personally sold? >> around 2,000. >> not bad, huh? >> not bad. it's made here in the united
7:56 pm
states, and i try to get all u.s. parts there and i want to build something that will last. >> you want your mortuary lifts to last a lifetime. >> i do, and that's in our ads. >> it's impossible to come up with a new pun with you. >> the last one to let you down. >> that's so stupid. >> i know. >> and you are manufacturing these things right here? >> we are. >> if it's not too much, if i could be left alone for a couple minutes, with the remote control. >> katie did not actually invent the mortuary lift and she just identified a problem and made a few alterations and began manufacturing and marketing an old design for a new purpose and once your mind starts thinking like that, it's impossible to stop. people like katie are always trying to make a better mouse trap, which brings us to the
7:57 pm
katie cart. you made this? this is your brainchild? >> what is wrong with the current carts? >> they don't maneuver. and they can't get things up and over into the cart, and this cart has it so you can lift up, slide things out of the cart. >> genius. >> yeah, i mean, it's the hub of the shopping experience. it's the first thing you touch and the last thing you let go of and it's the crappiest thing in the store. >> as i said many times before, iowans never let me down, but they never gave me exactly what i expected, either. i came here to meet a funeral director whose invention is changing her industry, but katie might also be on the verge of changing the way we shop for food. either way, she's all about moving deadweight with solutions made in the usa. >> i love what you are doing with the manufacturing thing.
7:58 pm
>> i am really the only manufacturing in the building except for those across the way who has balm for you, and it's organic and it's good stuff. >> i guess if we can go from corpses to groceries, we can go to the lips. andrea made lip balm in her house, and steve had a pair of full pouty lips in need of enhanced moisturizing, and naturally their lips wound up together and they married in 1987 and built a company that makes private lip balm that is sold all over america, which brings us back to embalm, and it works nicely on the living and the dead, and i'm telling you, only in iowa. >> my lips never felt so alive.
7:59 pm
i'm leaving now. >> safe travels. >> a hug? >> i would like to. >> were i to attempt a grand sirmation, i might suggest this entire episode was up lifting, from the arborists in oregon, and slowly ascending giant trees to keep our forests healthy, and then to the intrapreneur in san diego magically rising into the ocean, to the funeral director in cedar rapids determined to lift up the dearly departed and in the process save the backs of those that prepare them for the final journey. these are the people on the up and up, or at katie hill might say, the last people to let you down. >> appreciate you coming to iowa and seeing what iowa has to offer. >> love it. this is a winner. actually, i might just stretch out once more and just relax a
8:00 pm
little bit more, you know what i mean? work a little of the kinks out. >> okay. >> honestly, i may never come down. where is home? most of us are born with the answer. others have to sift through the pieces. ♪ i took a walk through this beautiful world ♪ ♪ felt the cool rain on my shoulder ♪


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