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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 2, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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and a 50% discount on a different toy every day. toys r us launched special deals and walmart with special deals from electronics and baking goods. i don't mean to sound like a curmudgeon. >> i'm sure you will get through for my gifts. >> i'll get that. >> i have several to share with you. "early start" continues right now. >> happening now, investigators trying to determine what brought down a plane from the skies over egypt. the airliner coming down in mid air en route to russia. we have what investigators are saying and what grieving families are demanding. campaigns laying down the law after last week's gop
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outrage with cnbc. we will show you what the campaigns agree on and what they don't. and they are celebrating in kansas city. royals are world champions. a gutsy performance with a come from behind win over the mets. we have the highlights from queens. i'm alison kosik. >> it is monday, november 2nd. i'm miguel marquez. crash investigators are trying to find out what brought down a russian passenger jet that killed all 224 people on board. it crashed 22 minutes into the flight from the resort in egypt to st. petersburg. debris scattered across eight miles over the sinai peninsula. the cause of the crash is still unknown. was it technical with the
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18-year-old airbus jet? could it have been a terror attack? for the latest on the answers, let's bring in cnn's ian lee. ian, sharm el sheikh is a popular tourist destination. what are they saying so far? >> reporter: miguel, we just finished a press conference by metrojet. listening in on that. what they are saying is they reject the possibility of a technical fault on the plane saying that if this plane disintegrated in the air like the russian officials said, it would not have done it unless there was an external or outside force. this raises more questions than it gives answers. where you have the egyptian officials saying this was a mechanical issue. we also heard this from the co-pilot's ex-wife.
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take a listen. >> translator: our daughter had a chat with him before the flight. he complained before the flight that one could wish for better technical condition of the plane. >> reporter: so metrojet saying the plane was in flying condition. that there wasn't any technical problems. you have the egyptians saying they believe it was a technical issue. the other possibility is a terrorist attack. now this comes from isis in the sinai peninsula claiming responsibility. we know, though, that they do not have the weapons to take down a jet cruising at over 30,000 feet. the other possibility could be a bomb on board. really we do not know. no one knows what is responsible. we are waiting for the information from the black boxes. they are in cairo right now. teams are going over them and going over the voice data as well as the data from the sensors. we are expecting more
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information from that. if they are in fact, good condition. that is crucial to the investigation. still, investigators are the crash site looking for clues. miguel. >> that contradictory information with the egyptians and airline. worrying development. ian lee in cairo. thank you. in russia, a city in mourning. in st. petersburg, a plane carrying the remains of 144 victims of the metrojet crash. the second transport plane expected to leave cairo midday. this picture circulating on social media. it shows the 10 month old girl just before she and her parents boarded their plane to egypt. all three perished on the return flight. at st. petersburg airport, a
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makeshift memorial with candles and flowers and toys. we now bring in our own nic robertson. you see all of the people on board, they were coming back from vacation. no one expected to end this way. tell us more about who was on board. >> reporter: 25 children were on board this plane. people we have seen coming here to the memorial through the day over the past couple days. looking for answers. they seem shocked. we have seen children coming here laying their favorite toys. as we stand here now, more people are coming to lay flowers. a continual procession of people. o outpouring of sympathy and support. the families had gone off for some holiday sunshine as it is
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beginning to get cold here for the winter. and also concern because quite a number of parents had gone on the trip to sharm el sheikh and left their young children with relatives here. now quite a number of orphans have been created by this plane disaster. this is striking an emotional chord. so many people we see standing openly weeping trying to figure out what precisely took place. the things that you are beginning to hear. hearing from metrojet. they will be more questions from the plane company. how did the aircraft break apart in the air? people will ask that question. >> and hopefully the black boxes will give answers. nic robertson, thank you. republican candidates trying to seize more control of the tv debate process from networks and republican party. meeting last night for the first time face-to-face.
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this morning, the campaigns have little agreement. a source inside the meeting tells manu raju says the campaigns will take over negotiations on the debate format with the two-hour time limit and 30 seconds for opening and closing statements. and the rnc will continue to handle basic debate logistics. campaigns will push for earlier information on the moderators and whether candidates will get equal speaking time. among where no agreement was reached, lower polling candidates want two debates split between randomly selected candidates and bush wants telemundo restored as the campaign sponsor, but donald trump said he would boycott if they were restored. >> let's go to the political
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headlines. our cnn digital reporter. we talk about all of these details about how the next debates are structured. to many people, voters listening to this, it is whiney and back-room deal. >> this is something that most voters are not paying attention to and not on their radar. this is interesting for the republican national convention. really tried to take control of the process that four years ago was unwieldy. the rnc entered the cycle we will not allow the dozens of debates and we will organize this and play key role. now the campaigns are saying no, you are not. they want to have more influence over how debates are structured. over the conversations with the networks. it is a sidelining of the party
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organization and infrastructure. that is an interesting extra bit of what we're seeing this year with these outsider candidates really getting a lot of traction with insider established party figures struggling to get oxygen in the election cycle. >> that's it, eric. you have so many candidates looking for different things and the republican party trying to present the unified vision of the republican party. is it possible we will either have very few debates or really weird debates going forward? >> both are totally possible at this point. after the cnbc debate, the campaigns and rnc basically said we don't want to have anything to do with nbc in february. it looks like that could get back on track, but there are so many splits among the candidates.
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little things they all disagree over. you highlighted one great thing. telemundo and trump saying i'll not participate in the debate if they are a partner. and jeb bush sees immigration reform as a key issue. saying we need telemundo involved. there are all of these splits with the campaigns. already walking up to the ledge saying we will get together and work through these things ourselv ourselves. they had that meeting. they did not agree on a ton. there were broader points that they did talk about and try to agree on. it is entirely possible this split could worsen if more debates go along the lines of last week's in which a lot of the candidates were very frustrated that they did not have opportunity to make all of their points or interrupted by
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moderators. did not feel they had control over the opportunity to deliver their messages. >> let's switch gears to other political headlines. paul ryan getting in there already in his new position. slamming the president on immigration. i want to show you what he said to cnn's dana bash. >> do you see any future for actually getting that done? why did you make that promise? >> because this president tried to write the law himself. this president went beyond his separation of powers to write the law. the president doesn't write the laws. congress does. specifically on this issue, you cannot trust this president on this issue. >> okay, it is not feeling like kumbaya. i got the feeling when paul ryan got into the position it would be better. i'm not seeing that from this interview. >> well, no. obviously paul ryan is going to have to represent conservatives
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who are quite frustrated with president obama and had been for a long time and looking for someone who can effectively deliver the opposing message. that is something paul ryan is good at. that is why he is one of the small handful of qualified candidates for speaker. he is able to do interviews like that. i think it is worth pointing out that these two, president obama and paul ryan, collaborated recently on negotiations over a bill to fast track a big free trade deal. that is something that passed bipartisan support in the face of opposition. that is evidence there is not this total freeze between them. it is possible they could find some avenues to work together and make progress. as paul ryan made clear, it will not be on the most contentious issues that president obama has been unable to solve for years in the last few months in
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office. >> eric bradner, you have a busy 15 months. good luck, my friend. >> thank you. time for an early start on your money. asian stocks lower. a survey shows china factory activity slowed for a third month in a row. european stocks and u.s. stocks bouncing back. stocks have been on fire lately. on friday, stocks closed the best month in four years. the dow climbed 1,500 points in october. s&p 500 shot up more than 8%. the markets seem to have brushed off fears that sent stocks tumbling a few months ago. the fed's looming rate hike spooked the market. the threats are still there. the corporate profits have not wowed wall street. there have been highlights, but profits are on track for the first back-to-back decline since 2009. you look at a lot of news for companies. they are raising red flags.
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without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. investigators are convinced think located the wreckage of "el faro" 15,000 feet down off the coast of the bahamas the ship vanished during hurricane joaquin. can the ship be retrieved? we get more from cnn's sara ganim. >> reporter: officials believe they may have spotted "el faro" using sonar technology. a ship about that size was spotted in the location where "el faro" was last seen. it is resting three miles down upright and in tact.
2:18 am
now investigators with the ntsb and navy will deploy the und underwater drone. the family members are dealing with the loss of loved ones, but lack of answers. they are hopeful this will bring much-needed closure. the young relative of the crew members would like to see the ship retrieved from the ocean floor. take a listen. >> if they can pull it up, i know it is not an easy situation at the depth. we hope something can bring us some closure. to have sean brought back home. whether hope or whatever state it is. we would like to see him brought back home. the one thing that every parent, every loved one, every family member stated that wednesday
2:19 am
when they said they were suspending the search, they all wanted to find their loved one. whether they were alive or not. they wanted to have them home. that was their main objective. >> reporter: now to be clear, the ntsb saying they have no plans to remove the ship from the ocean, but they say if they do find human remains, efforts will be made to bring those back home. also, you know, this process of positively identifying the ship could take up to 15 days. that is in good weather conditions. if the conditions are less than ideal, it could take longer. miguel and alison. >> sara, thank you for that. it was a three decade wait in kansas city. it came to an epic close. the royals world champs. how did they finish off the mets?
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and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. at the pharmacy counter. the kansas city royals. wearing the crown. world champs. for the first time in years. andy scholes has more on the epic comeback in game five in the bleacher report. andy. >> good morning. this royals team. what can you say other than they
2:24 am
are relentless. when you think they are down and out, they find a way to comeback. the royals are the first team to win three games in the world series which they trailed late in the game. matt harvey told terry collins he was staying in the game to pitch the ninth. eric hosmer with a double to left. harvey would leave the game. then the next is what the mets would remember. on the groundout, hosmer bolts for home. that ties the game. we go to extra innings. in the 12th, chris colon singles in jared dyson. catcher salvador perez is the mvp. rachel anythinichols was in the
2:25 am
clubhouse. >> you are making the run from third. what are you aware of as you head toward home plate? >> i don't know. when i first decided to go home, i thought it was a mistake. i could not turn back. you have to figure out a way to get there and day in and day out. regular season and post season, we always found a way to get back in and found a way to get the job done. just really no other way. >> it was a wild sunday in the nfl. night cap with two undefeated teams. broncos and packers. the broncos with more than 500 yards of offense. on the way to the 29-10. denver is 7-0. the most entertaining game ever, eli manning with a career high 6 touchdowns against the
2:26 am
saints and lost. tied the nfl record with 7 touchdown passes. the 13 combined for the most in league history for a game. teams combined for a total of 101 points. the saints ended up winning, 52-49 on the questionable penalty at the end of the game. guys, if you are walking around new york and see grumpy faces, the mets lost, the giants lost. the jets lost to raiders. not a good weekend. >> thanks. >> i will watch my toes. they will go to step on my toes first. the remains of victims starting to arrive back in russia following the plane crash in egypt. now officials have a key piece of information that could help determine what brought that plane down. we will tell you about it coming up.
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happening right now, key clues emerging after the plane crash that brought down a passenger jet headed for russia. we have what officials are learning as grieving families demand answers. republicans are trying to rip control from the debates from the republican national convention. we have all of the take aways. they are a laughing stock no more. the k.c. royals crowned champions of the baseball world. we have highlights of another
2:31 am
big comeback. welcome back to "early start." i'm miguel marquez. >> i'm alison kosik. it is 30 minutes past the hour. crash investigators trying to determine this morning what brought down a russian passenger jet killing all 224 people on board. the metrojet flight operated by kogalymavia airlines crashed saturday 20 minutes into the flight from the egyptian resort to st. petersburg, russia. russian officials are saying the plane's fuselage disintegrated in mid air scattering debris across eight miles across the sinai peninsula. the cause of the crash is unknown. was it a technical issue with the 18-year-old airbus? and in a news conference, the maintenance of the plane was up to date and the only issue was the external issue on the plane. that brings up the possibility
2:32 am
of a terror attack. let's bring in cnn's ian lee live in cairo. ian, it is stunning to hear the acknowledgment from the folks from the airline company that this could have been a terror attack on the plane. >> reporter: that's right. there have been so many contradicting pieces of information out. the egyptian officials so far place this on a mechanical issue. then we just heard from metrojet official saying they reject technical issues that could have happened to the plane. also as you said, that if the plane disintegrated over the sinai, like russian officials said, it had to be an external force. it raises the question of a possible terrorist attack. there have been questions about the fly-ability of the plane not only by officials and also the
2:33 am
co-pilot who talked to a family member. here is his ex-wife. >> translator: our daughter had a chat with him before the flight. he complained before the flight that one could wish for better technical conditions of the plane. >> reporter: so alison, that does then point to a possible terrorist attack when we hear this from metrojet. to put this in context, isis does not have the ability to shoot down a jet that is flying over 30,000 feet. that must lead to the possibility of a bomb. fra frankly, we don't know. the black boxes are in cairo. they will be analyzed. there are teams on the ground going over the wreckage. we have 144 bodies flown to russia. we know 187, according to state media, have been retrieved from the desert.
2:34 am
that leaves over 30 still unaccounted for. this is a massive area. over eight square miles of wreckage to go through. alison. >> hopefully the black boxes can net answers here. ian lee, thank you. republican presidential candidates trying to seize more control of the process and the republican party itself. meeting face-to-face for the first time last night, but this morning, precious little agreement. a source inside the meeting telling cnn's manu raju, they will take over the negotiations over the debate and seeking two hour time limit and 30 seconds for opening and closing statements and the rnc will handle debate logistics and the campaigns will push for earlier information on debate moderators and if candidates will get equal speaking time. where no agreement was reached, cnn's source says lower polling
2:35 am
candidates want two debates split between equal numbers of random randomly selected candidates and the bush campaign wants telemundo restored as the sponsor and donald trump's campaign said he would boycott if that happens. now with more clarity and completely putting any questions to rest on this issue is eric bradner, cnn's digital political reporter. eric, these are important to the candidates. will we see debates going forward? >> i think you will. there is another one coming up on november 10th. there's not much time to figure all of this out. cnn will host another debate in december. this is the entire campaign in a nutshell. the republican national convention entered the cycle to take control to prevent dozens
2:36 am
of debates from everywhere and here are the candidates saying no. they're going to take over the central roll role in the process. there are some agreements that are basic. the two-hour time limit and opening and closing statements. the bigger things they talked about they did not agree on. what remains to be seen is if in the next couple debates, you see something that spurs more conversation about those issues. whether more candidates might drop out or moderators might do a job that candidates again take particular issue with. something like that to spur more discussion of these bigger changes that a lot of the campaigns want although they don't agree. >> i wonder which candidates may benefit from the new rules. >> so donald trump and ben carson's campaigns are the ones
2:37 am
pushing hardest. this is in part because debates are not avenues for those two to really shine. they are not most comfortable with them. jeb bush's campaign was really angry after the last debate. like he did not get an opportunity to make his case. he was cut off by moderators and not enough speaking time. that is why the candidates are concerned about opening and closing statements. making sure they get equal time. some are feeling shut out. given the nature of the debates, that changes from night to night. those are three of the campaigns that are really interested in these rules. all of them had something they want to work on. bobby jindal's campaign was pushing to do the split. seven and seven in the first and second debate rather than basing it on polling numbers. donald trump's campaign was opposed to that. they don't want to look like they're not the frontrunner.
2:38 am
it just depends. >> it depends on so much. for jeb bush, it depends a lot. he is on the defensive after the last debate. here is what he had to say on "meet the press." >> in this era of gridlock, it is hard to break through. i think he has given up. that is the wrong thing to do. this is about public service and solving problems. i will be better. i know i got to get better doing the debate. i'm a grinder. when i see i'm not doing something well, i reset and get better. >> in the first bit of that, he says that basically marco rubio has given up and in the second part he says he is a better debater. he doesn't exactly come off with fireworks in this. is this enough or does he still need to go farther? >> he needs to go farther. this is jeb bush trying to stop the boat from taking on water. he knows the campaign is in a
2:39 am
tight spot after the poor performance. he knows a lot of establishment republicans and big money donors are looking at marco rubio perhaps as their preferred candidate to go up against the outsiders like carson and trump and fiorina as opposed to jeb bush who looked like he would be much stronger with those types of supporters. you know, this is in the wake of the poor debate performance. he will have some time now to reevaluate strategy and message. he is in a tight spot right now. he is trying to, you can see him trying to feel out a way forward and continuing to hit marco rubio on his missed votes in the senate. he thinks that could work for him. >> it's hard to really think he is being genuine in the attacks. almost like he is grasping at
2:40 am
straws. the beat goes on here. thanks, eric bradner, for your analysis this morning. and bernie sanders' first tv buy of the campaign on the air this morning in iowa and new hampshire. >> he is taking on wall street and corrupt political system. >> the campaign says it will spend more than $2 million on the ad over the next ten days. this months after the clinton campaign went on the air in key states. hillary clinton is in northern illinois fund raising in chicago and evanston. time for an early start on your money. bad start for the stocks. asian stocks are lower. a new survey shows china factory activity slowed for the third month in a row. we are seeing european stocks and u.s. stock futures bouncing back from earlier losses. stocks have been on fire lately. on friday, stocks closed the
2:41 am
best month in four years. dow climbed 1,500 points in october. s&p shot up more than 8%. chipotle closed dozens of restaurants in washington and oregon after an e. coli scare. the source of the contamination has not been determined. six locations in seattle and portland areas. chipotle closed 43 restaurants out of a precaution. e. coli can range from mild to life threatening. >> not chipotle! he was known to generations of washington observers and entertainment fans alike. fred thompson passed away. we will have more on his great life.
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cool mint, smooth crema, and aromatic chai. our proprietary blends of the highest quality ingredients deliver superior vapor and taste. vuse. unrivaled taste satisfaction. fred thompson is being remembered from tennessee to washington to hollywood. the former senator and actor died sunday following the rec recurrence of lymphoma. he was elected in 1994 to fill al gore's senate seat before being elected to his term. he is best known for his role on "law & order." >> i loved fred thompson. let's see what is coming up on "new day" with alisyn
2:46 am
camerota. good morning. >> and the intro just as i wrote it. i appreciate it. great to see you this morning. let me it tell you about "new day." we will have the latest on the russian plane that crashed in egypt this weekend. was this a technical failure or terror attack? our aviation experts have been looking at the information. we have all of the latest developments on the emergency gop meeting which the republican candidates vented frustration of the debates and future demands. we will share with you what our sources in the room say happened and talk to the rnc about what they plan to do and team trump and two candidates will be here. chris christie and lindsey graham. stick around for that in 13 minutes. >> thank you. all right. the three decade wait is over. the kansas city royals world
2:47 am
champions. the baseball season coming to a wild finish early this morning. highlights coming up.
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the kansas city royals, anointed, celebrating the first world series championship in 13 years. >> and andy scholes has more on the epic comeback in game five in the bleacher report. >> good morning, guys.
2:51 am
i feel bad for the mets. the royals team is relentless. when you think they are down and out, they find a way to make a comeback. the first team to win three games in which they trailed late in the eighth. matt harvey was staying in the ninth to pitch. and in the ninth, hosmer with the double to left. and this next play is what you will remember for a long time. hosmer bolts for home. the throw is wide. that ties the game at 2-2. we go to extra innings. in the 12th, colon, the first post season at bat. this single gives the royals the lead. they go on to win, 7-2. salvador perez is the mvp.
2:52 am
rachel nichols was in the clubhouse and caught up with hosmer. >> when you make the run from third and it changes everything. what are you aware of? >> i don't know. i think when i first decided to go home, i thought it was a mistake. i could not turn back. you have to figure out a way to get there. day in and day out, regular season and on to the post season, we always found a way to get back into something. always found a way to get the job done. you know, really no other way the world series could have ended without us making a comeback. >> the party will continue into tuesday with a victory parade. >> what is the significance of the goggles on him? >> you have to block all of the champagne. it stings. i know. i have been in the locker rooms before. >> champagne is very dangerous. that is why it is for drinking only. >> that's right. >> leave the eyes out of it.
2:53 am
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i'm alison kosik. let's get an an early start on your money. a survey shows chinese activity slowed for the third month in a row. a little perspective. stocks have been on fire lately. on friday, stocks closed the best in four years. the dow climbed 1,500 points in october. s&p shot up more than 8%. oil prices are falling this morning. down more than 1% at the moment. prices have been relatively low for the past year. that is bad news for oil workers. chevron is the latest to slash jobs. between 6,000 and 7,000 this year. that's 11% of the work force.
2:58 am
profits plunged 64% from a year ago. exxon and conoco phillips announced thousands of job cuts. halloween is over. that means holiday shopping is here. retailers started special most promotions yesterday. target will offer a 50% discount on a different toy every day. toys r us is launched a special deal. walmart is discounting electronics and baking essentials. shoppers can shop in stores with their phones. i see your wish list grow. >> checking it twice. >> don't check it too long. >> busy time buying of stuff for me. >> i am sure i will. what brought down that jet with 224 souls in egypt? "new day" as the latest on the
2:59 am
investigation. that starts the airliner broke into pieces in midair. >> more than hatch of tlf of th have been recovered at this stage. >> terrorism has not been ruled out. >> we need to mature in the way that we do these debates. >> they want the debates to be more substantive. >> smaller groups on the stage, bet he questions. >> in the past, the campaigns themselves have negotiated with the tv networks. >> we have to take care of isis but we're afraid to have a tough question. the world's 2015 world champions, the royals. >> a world champion for the first time since 1985. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. just explaining george brett trivia. big part of the news.
3:00 am
>> absolutely. >> welcome to your "new day," monday, november 2nd, 6:00 in the east. first, the good news. the kansas city royals are number one. their first world series tight until 30 years, dispatching the new york mets in decisive fashion, 7-2 last night. we'll have plenty on that and the whole george brett conversation we had here we'll have with you again. first, new information on the mysterious downing of a russian passenger jet over the sinai peninsula on saturday. investigators now have the black box. >> russian officials say the plane broke apart in midair, its debris scattering over eight square miles. terrorism has not been ruled out. there are travel warnings to avoid some air space. this as the bodies of the 224 people on board arriving in st. petersburg. arwa damon is live in cairo. >> reporter: such a difficult situation for the


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