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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 4, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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-- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm wolf blitzer and it is 1:00 p.m. inning with, and 6:00 p.m. in london and 11:00 p.m. in moscow. wherever you are watching from around the world, thank you for watching. cnn breaking news. >> new reaction from the united kingdom on the russian plane that crashed.
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the prime minister david cameron has said publicly that the plane was possibly brought down by what is described as an explosive device. this is a statement from the british government. as more information has come the light, we are concerned that the plane may have been brought down by an explosive device. the white house press secretary josh earnest was asked about it only moments ago. here's what he said. >> i understand about the situation, and let me start by saying that there's -- i don't have any new information from here to share about the ongoing investigation. the egyptians continue to lead the investigation, and the russians are obviously involved because of the substantial number of russian citizens who lost their lives in this tragic incident. i don't want to say anything that would interfere or prejudice the outcome of that ongoing investigation. we obviously have a strong desire to get to the bottom of what exactly happened there. as it relates to the procedures
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for aircraft operating in and around the sinai peninsula, let me share some information about the faa. first of all, the faa has a k w notice to airmen that was published earlier in the year assessing that the u.s. civil aviation operating into, and o f over the sinai peninsula is at a potential risk of hazards connected to extremist activities. so let me be clear that this is something that has been in place at the faa prior to this tragic incident in the weekend. there has ban no tam since march 20th, 2015. it is to fly the flights in the sinai peninsula prohibited before 26,000 feet. prior to the march announcement,
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there was a previous no tam in place that urged the flight operations above 24,000 feet. that had been in place for since 2014. there have been rules, and vise ri rules shared by the faa to civil aviation operators about the potential risks associated with operating in the air space over the sinai peninsula. now sh, the second relevant pie of information for you to understand is that there are no u.s. carriers that regularly operate out of the sinai peninsula. and in fact, the airport in question at sharm el sheikh is in fact not the last point of departure into the united states for any airline including foreign airlines that do operate in the sinai peninsula.
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if it were the last point of departure for any aircraft operating regularly in the united states, there would be a whole set of security regulations tregulation s that would be imposed to ensure the safety of the traveling public. so, i say all of this to illustrate that there is a longstanding policy or at least policy related to security precautions for aviation in and around the sinai peninsula, and that has been in place prior to this the tragic incident over the weekend. so obviously, the british officials are announcing steps that they have concluded are in the best interests of ensuring the safety of the traveling british public and i will let them speak to any decisions they
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have made about that. the elections yesterday -- all right. there you have it, josh earnest, the white house press secretary, and remember 224 people were kill killed in that crash in sinai. we also have learned that the cockpit voice recorder is partially damage and it will take more time and labor the pull the sound data and get it accurately. phil black is joining us live on the phone, and ian lee from ki owe, and phil, first, what can you tell us about the unexpected release by the british prime minister's office being alarm ing that they suspect that there is a bomb on board the plane that brought it down. >> well, wolf, the statement from the prime minister's office on downing street makes it clear that all possible security measures were put in place at this airport at sharm el sheikh, and then it goes on the list a series of precautions, and perhaps that the british government was not satisfied
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with the egyptian response. the language is alarming. it says that while the investigation is under way, and as more information has come to light, the british government is increasingly concerned that the aircraft may have been destroyed by an explosive device. so they have grounded the uk-bound aircraft from sharm el sheikh while they send in their own people to conduct a security check there on the ground. once that is finish and they believe it will be today, and then how to continue from there. and people who are in sharm el sheikh are concerned about the precautions, but so far, they are not changing their travel advice. they are not warning people to stay away, but simply assess in the security measures in place, and the uk bound flights leaving
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sharm el sheikh to london, wolf. >> and we have new word that budget monarch and british airways as a result of the british prime minister's office, they are suspending all flights into and out of sharm el sheikh. i want to go the you, ian lee, the concern that i am told is that the security on the ground at sharm el sheikh at that airport, and the fear is through cargo, food, somehow, plap -- perhaps a bomb got on the russian plane with 224 people on board. what can you tell us about the security at the sharm el sheikh airpor airport? >> wolf, sharm el sheikh is on the southern side of the peninsula, and on the northern part, we have seen a bloody insurgence of militants killing hundreds of people.
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they came out and claimed responsibility for this flight. having this airport on the southern tip of the sinai peninsula, there could have been something nsmuggled down south o put on the plane. we have not seen a lot of operations, many at all carried out by isis in the southern part of the sinai peninsula, but it is not out of the question. i have flown through that airport quite a few times, and while you have layers of security when you go in, and the bags are initially screened before you even go to the counter. and then before you get on the plane, you go through another metal detector, and usually pat you down, but it is once the bags go through and check them in, and what the security is like there. the egyptian officials have told us that they were not going to to be increasing the security at sharm el sheikh or the airport, and they did not believe it was necessary, because their main focus right now is on the
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mechanical issue. they believe that the reason why this the plane went down. maybe that is what triggered this response from the british government that they didn't believe that the e egyptian authorities were taking the proper security measures as we heard from phil, and they are sending a team here to as s.e.c. it, and to see if h anything needs to happen. and the united states government has also issued a warning to the traveling of the sinai peninsula as well. really, when you watch this investigation closely, wolf, it is at times like a pendulum, and on one side a mechanical issue, and on the other side, you have a bomb that brought down the plane. as we have seen it swing both sides, right now, it sounds like more of a bomb especially when you have the british government, and while they are saying that not 100% they believe that the bomb took this plane down, but they are saying that it feels
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like a possible. >> they are. ian and phil black, standby, and james rich, the sen for frator idaho is going to join us, a member of the foreign intelligence commit tie. what are you hearing, senator? there are certain things that you can say and can't say as result of a briefing? >> well, the analysis is just made that the pendulum is bringing back and forth. on the one hand, you have the russians and the egyptian who not have wanted it to be a bomb. the russians are trying to keep the populous engaged ta they should be in syria, and the egyptians have a tremendous financial interest in this. sharm el sheikh, and between sharm el sheikh and the pyramids, they account for a tremendous amount of revenue for the government. sharm el sheikh is a place where there are a lot of europeans that vacation, and a lot of russian russians that vacation.
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if you put the facts together, the british were not unreasonable in what they said today. >> because the statement like this coming from the prime m minister's office in london, david cameron's office saying that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device. and that explosive device is clearly a bomb. you don't issue a statement like that, and then the tell all of the british carriers do not fly in or out of sharm el sheikh and then make sure that the british citizens who are stranded there are okay? >> well, a couple of points the. the british fly directly this in and out of sharm el sheikh. so they are farther ahead than we need to be in that respect. what is important here if indeed their theory is correct, an in indeed the media statement put out by isil in the sinai saying they did it, and did it because of russia's involvement in
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syria. and so this is a statement right there to say, if they are going to be doing it to russia, they will do it to us. and if indeed, that is what happened to sharm el sheikh. so if you put the conclusions together, that is not an unreasonable conclusion that the british have reached. >> and the people in sinai put out another statement claiming the responsibility, and taunt ing the are egyptians and the others, you figure out how we did it, but they are claiming they did it, but it is some suspicion that it is isis, because they don't have the bomb-making capability, whereas the aqap does have that. >> well, it is possible. >> you believe they do have access to aqap? >> 8th w it is that they don't have access it to, isis, because they would have access if they
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wanted it. but it is a real wakeup call for us as we view how we are operating around the world and particularly in that part of the world. look, we have been talking about this for months the fact that isis is going to do everything to reach out to reach americans. now, if indeed this theory is correct, they have reached out to touch the russians in a way that is a bad thing. demonstrative of what could happy to us. >> and so the investigation clearly has moved, and they are looking at the e remains, and all of the activity that went on in the sinai in the desert there, but also taking a close look at what happen at that airport? >> well, somebody else. remember, the investigations going on there is done by the russians, because it was a vush is russian airplane, and also with egypt. >> yes. >> those two countries have a
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vested interest to conclude that it is not a terrorist act as the british are claiming this morning. >> well, is it is worth remembering from a u.s. perspective, there are 725 or so american troops in sinai right now. part of the multi national force observer mission there since 1979. four american troops were injured in an improvised explosive device in september. are you comfortable having that many american troops right in the middle of sinai. >> well, wolf, i am now, and i will the tell you why. i have met with raqqah, and the mlf troops. they have done a remarkable job to keep the peace in the sinai e peninsula. israel and egypt are both interested in seeing that the things are quiet on the sinai peninsula, and this thing is blown up now. i suspect that the american troops, all of the mlf troops
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are going to be cautious in what they do. there is a long distance of raqqa in the north, and sharm el sheikh in the south. and as your people pointed out, two very different parts of the sinai e peninsula. but because of the bedouin activities, and the pal stan act, and if it plays out as sugge suggested, you will find, i s suspect a very closely woven network there. >> and this is a major development, the government of the uk saying that this plane may have been brought down by an explosive device. >> everybody needs to sit up, and take that notice seriously. >> and thank you, senator. >> and senator james rich joining us. and now, the uk officials are saying that the crash points to an explosive device. our analysts are standing by so
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. this is cn breaking news. >> pay jor developmemajor devel the crash that crashed over the sinai e peninsula. the uk is suspending all flights after the british government put out a statement saying that as more information has come the light, we are concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device, meaning of course, a bomb. let's go the cnn's phil black in london outside of 10 downing
10:21 am
street, and you arer hag about the more consolation, and delays, and the british government issuing a stiff warning. >> yes, wolf. the prime minister say ths that spoke to egyptian prime minister, and making sure that all of the security measures are put in place, and he is taking these additional measures to perhaps mean they did not feel that tip formation was complete. and there are questioning that the aircraft may have been brought out by a explosive device. and so now the result is that they are going to ground all of the flights there to have their own safety team come to check it
10:22 am
out. as for the british, there are no flights left tonight, and only tomorrow, and so it will be curious to see how they handle this. and so the timing here, woolf, it is interesting, because tomorrow, the egyptian president is due here to have talks with the british prime minister, and what announcement does is to di part in a significant way of what is the public politician of the egyptian government and the fact that they have discussed terrorism as unsubstantiated speculation. the british government saying that it believes that the short term at least ground the aircraft and assess the security measures in place. >> phil black outside of 10 downing street in london. and phil, standby.
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i want to bring in peter goelz, and c nshgts n anchor correspondent richard quest, and our aviation expert paul cruikshank. the prime minister oflondon saying that it may have been brought down by a mbomb. >> and it is not in a press conference or news conference, but a statement that is to be pass ed passed to the millionth degree. and we can't say why didn't it crash, and now, as we know, the plane is going to be brought down by an exe ploeive device. you don't put out that type of information, and send more consular people in the region unless you are well on the way to the determination. one point, wolf, the egyptian tourism minister and i asked him
10:24 am
about the security at shearn, and he said that it conformed to all of the international r regulation, and constantly reviewing it, but so far, they have no evidence that it was indeed a bomb. >> richard, a game changer, and peter goelz, what is your ass s assessment of the late breaking development? >> obviously, some conflict from the top of the investigation at the beginning. you have had metro jet saying one, and the egyptian government saying a number of things, and now, we have the british government stepping in, and saying, you guys really need to look at a this. we are deeply concerned. the possibility of a bomb has always been there, and as we are slowly eliminating the other options like a missile, and as the people are getting a look at the wreckage, that is what is driving the statements. >> paul, you are and a expert on terrorism, and isis in the sinai
10:25 am
issuing another statement saying they did it and taunting the russians and the egyptians and saying, you figure out how we did it. what is your reaction hearing that statement coming forward? >> well, so far, wolf, skepticism that this could be terrorism, but the british statement the does change the equation. there was an audio tape put tou today by isis in the sinai, and saying that they claimed responsibility, but we won't tell you how we did it, but maybe we will tell you. but there is skepticism that isis in sinai did it. but clearly, they could have gotten an explosive device aboard and especially if they recruited somebody at the sharm el sheikh airport. it is more difficult to get it through the security, and you would be looking at other groups like al qaeda in yemen to try to get through the scanners. but clearly, the british
10:26 am
statement has changed the equation, but to put it in some form of context in june, we have had 30 holiday makers killed by an isis gunman killed in tunisia, and there is a risk from the british government point of view, and they want to protect the british holiday makers and be seen as doing everything, wolf. >> and richard, you nknow the a area of the sharm el sheikh and i have been there and you have been there, and this is in fact, a popular resort. a lot of europeans, and vush shans and asian, and they go there, and the corral reefs, and they have lovely hotel, and a wonderful place to visit, but presumably that is going to undermine tourism there in sinai. >> excellent point, wolf. we have seen both through to a arab spring, and we have seen it through the middle east terrorism the resilience of
10:27 am
sharm el sheikh. somehow the tourists have managed to divorce if you would like in their minds that egypt has fallen into chaos, and civil unrest, and people have managed to divorce the fact that sharm el sheikh is part of egypt, and so the tourist numbers have held up well. if you look at i jipt's tourism numbers for 2015, it is almost record levels. so now, if there is a reality, and we don't know know, but if, if there is a explosive device out of shearn, that is potentially damaging for the country, the industry, and to say nothing about the deteriorating security situation. >> and to get an explosive device like that on board airbus with 224 people on board, and to have it explode at a specific time if in fact that is what occurred, it will require a lot of sophistication by the bombmakers, indeed.
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guys, stand by, because we will stay on top of the breaking news, and there is other breaking news here in the united states where five college students have been stabbed on a university campus in california. we will have a live report. stay with us. ♪ there's more than one route to the top. the 2016 lexus ls and the new lx. each offering leading-edge comfort, safety and performance technologies. the ultimate in refinement meets the ultimate in capability. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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this is the cnn breaking news. >> more break news today, five students stabbed today on the campus of the merced campus of the university of california. their attacker was eventually shot by police. dan the simon is in san francisco and watching what is going on for us. dan, what are you hearing about what happened at this university of california campus? >> hi, wolf. we don't have a ton of information yet, but what we do know is that it occurred sometime before 8:00 a.m. this morning and apparently as the classes were getting under way. you had a deranged individual
10:33 am
who went on what you could describe as a stabbing spree, and stabbing five people originally that the university said that all of the people were students, and they sent out a correction that apparently some of them were not students. we know that the police arrived a short time later and confront ed the suspect where he was shot and killed on campus. good news, all of the victims were conscious. two of them were airlifted to a hospital, and the other three were treated on campus. that is what we know at this point, wolf. >> do we know anything about the individual who went ahead and stabbed these five students? any motivation, any political motivation or anything along those lines? >> of course, that is what the authorities would be investigating at this juncture and we don't have that information yet, and that is something that we are going to be looking a closely. we have information that he was in the 20s and we don't know if he was a student on campus or
10:34 am
with what motivated this attack. we know it is a relatively new campus, and open for just about ten years, and the classes the i da, have been canceled, wolf. >> anything at all about the suspect that we would know? we don't know anything about the sus p pekt other than reports that he was in the 20s, and they have not said whether he was a student the or what may have motivated this attack. we do know that it occurred sometime before 8:00 a.m. this morning and apparently as the classes were getting under way, and of course, you have a lot of people congregating around the campus at this time, and the stabbing occurred in what was described as the main classroom, and office building on campus where of course, you have a lot of people congregate ing fing f day's classes, wolf. >> and dan, when you get more information, please let us know. dan simon reporting a very disturbing story, five students staped at a university of
10:35 am
california-merced campus. we will stay son top of ton top story. and now, marco rubio is going to be facing questions about his personal finances, and we will see what he had to say today when we come back. (vo) after 50 years of designing
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republican race, and a new national poll among republicans from quinnipiac university is completely first one taken after the last republican debate showing donald trump and dr. ben dead heat as the choice for al - republicans nationwide, 24% to 23%, and senators ted marco and ted cruz are on the rise. rubio at 14% and cruz at 13%. and meanwhile, support for jeb bush has plummeted to just 4% in the new poll. for marco rubio, the climb in the polls has certainly brought increased scrutiny. the florida senator today pushed back at attacks that the personal finances have been a mess over the year, and responded to a newspaper story that he had misused a republican party credit card in florida while he was in the state legislature. and now joining us is chris frats who is taking a a close look at what is going on.
10:41 am
the article in the "tampa bay times" said that he had a serious problem using the party money when he should have been using his personal money, and he had to return many of it. >> and his finances have dogged him since he was a senate candidate and now the credit card spending is back with the reporters and the rivals taking a second look. when he served in the legislature, rubio had a florida republican party express card that he used for personal and political expenses. he charged it $1,000 to the minivan which he says was damaged at a republican event, and also, the gop card was charged with a family reunion, and all of that was after look at his credit card statements in a run in 2007, and this is how he explained them.
10:42 am
>> it was not a credit card, but it was a charge considered secured under my personal name, and i would go through it at the end of the day, and if it were my expense i paid it, and if it were the party, they paid it. >> i asked rube e owe if he plans, but a top rubio adviser said to the "tampa bay times" they would release it. but it is not just the credit card statements, but he foreclosed on a home in tallahassee and cashed out $70,000 in retirement savings that cost him a bundle in taxes and penalty, and splurged on the boat. these are not the savviest of spending, wolf. >> well, he is saying that like every american he is dealing with that. >> and yes, he says he took out the retirement account to pay for the presidential run, to
10:43 am
play for appliances, and he said, i didn't come from a class and i am dealing with the finances like everybody else does. he is trying to redirect the attacks to make voters understand that he is one of them. >> and the debate when he was asked the most republican debate that cnbc did, when asked about it, he said old allegations coming from the political ed a s ver sars, and they have been hashed an rehashed over the years. well, chris, as you move up min the polls, you will get more scrutiny and that just comes with the game. the former florida governor is not giving up as he lays tout plan to cnn the plan to get the reporters back in line.
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jeb bush is on the "jeb can fix it" bus tour, in new hampshire, and there are rumors of a sputtering presidential bid. he is crisscrossing to meet with voters and up next is a discussion with law enforcement. joining us is jamie gangel and you had a chance to sit down with the former florida governor and you asked him a wide range of questions about relations with iran, and criminal justice reform, and other sensitive issue, and give us the main takeaways. >> well, wolf, which talked about everything from how to break through in the upcoming debates. he says that he will improve his performance. we talked about donald trump calling for jeb to quit the race. jeb says he is not going to do that, but we started by asking
10:49 am
him about president obama's early release of federal prisoner, and jeb bush says that he is not a fan. >> reporter: talk to me about policy. president obama has accelerated the release of more than 6,000 prisoners. are you comfortable with that? >> i would have preferred that he do it the old fashioned way which is to find the people that agree with him that we need to reform our criminal justice syst system. people on the republican side believe it needs to be reformed as well. do something on the congress where the democracy works properly and rather than by the executive order. >> you think it is wrong? >> i think it is the wrong approach with the right reason. 6,000 people being released, i don't know what the screening is process is, and i don't know, and i have talked to some law enforcement officials, and they are concerned about the possibility of increased crime.
10:50 am
we have seen an increase of the crime in the big urban areas right now, and nobody would want to see that increase. but there is a problem of mandatory sentences. i think that the federal government shouldn't necessarily be involve ed d to the extent t are in the criminal justice matters, and the president has an opportunity to shift the power back to the states to let the states to decide this and give the people second chances. >> let's talk about iran. you have said that you would oppose the iran nuclear deal. >> yes. >> would president jeb bush cancel it? >> i would confront iran's ambitions in the region. i would focus on -- >> what does that mean? it means that we should not al lou for the gaping of influence in syria, iraq and yemen and lebanon as they have done. i would do everything if in my power to ensure that the european allies would not make major investments in iran. including the possibility of reinstating european sanction,
10:51 am
and the same impact as iran, but we would impact european k countries who are going to investigainve inve investing, and would they go to where there is a rule of the law or go partnering with the revolutionary guard there to suppress the people of iran. then we have to be vigilant as it results to the actual agreement. the problem with the agreement is that it only deals with one element. there is no assurance that there is a verification procedures to give anybody confidence. then on top of that, you are lifting the sanctions to allow them to continue to be aggressively pursuing the strategy of state sponsored terrorism. >> any way to agree to the deal? sxw >> well, no, never. well shgs well, i take it back, i would have agreed to the reason that president obama said was the basis of the deal which is to assure that iran would never ever have the capability of building a nuclear bomb, but he
10:52 am
abandoned that. he abandoned that and that is the tragedy of this. and we also should have included the larger, and the equally important issues of the sponsor of hezbollah, and the sponsor of propping up assad which has created the brutality of 250,000 deaths. >> reporter: you have talked about iran as a state sponsored terrorism, and the vatican has announced that the pope is going to meet with the president of iran in the next month. is that appropriate? >> look, i believe in miracles. i'm a person of faith. i will pray for the miracle for the transportation of the mullahs to the let their country be free. it is the basis of the obama administration, negotiate with the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, and on the basis that the mullahs go quietly in the night. and maybe pope francis can achieve that miracle. >> you don't believe it gives them some legitimacy when they meet with the pope? >> just as it gives them
10:53 am
legitimacy to sign an agreement with the united states of america. >> and last question, you have a debate coming up, and you have said that you weren't happy with your own performance at the debate. >> yeah. >> what do you do differently this time? >> i am going to to do my best and get better at saying what is on my mind and my heart, and not just focus on what the question is, and answer that, but these debates are an opportunity to talk about how you can create rising inkcome for the middle-class and create a more safe and secure world. i know i can do it. i am confident that i can do it, and do it like this and mean it. be view this as an experience that is an honor and a privilege, because it is. >> what do you mean when you say do it and mean it. >> well, you can't fake, you can't fake joy. you can't fake it. i believe
10:54 am
national poll quinnipiac out today with some bad news. jeb is down from 10% to 4%. so, as he likes to say, polls may be dynamic, but this one is going in the wrong direction. wolf? >> this is the first major national poll among republicans that was done completely after that last republican presidential debate. so clearly if you go from 10% in september now down to 4%, that's not very encouraging. what are you hearing, jamie, about these reports out there that he's hired a debate coach to help him get ready for next week's republican presidential debate? >> right. cnn has learned that he has hired a debate coach, and jeb has commented on it. he said it's not for interviews like the one we just did. it's for the debate. and he said the reason that he's meeting with the coach is to
10:55 am
improve his performance. he's had one meeting. he was asked what advice the coach gave him, and he said the coach said he's telling me to be me, he's telling me to own what i believe. so i think part of this is also that jeb has answered the questions directly he's been asked and in debates you have to learn to pivot and get your message out. so part of it is sort of retr n retraining him to pivot and push his message. >> usually these coaches, whether media coaches or debate coaches, the most important advice they give people is be yourself because the viewers, audience can see if you're trying to be phony or somebody else. just be yourself. that's usually the best advice they can give. we'll see what kind of advice this coach gives him going into next week. excellent work as usual, jamie. thank you. >> thank you. that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern
10:56 am
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. all right, here we go, breaking news at the top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. we're working a story in the san diego area. if you're familiar with san diego, it's the little italy area of downtown. here's what we know, around noon eastern time some shots were fired here. a call came in to san diego police involving a domestic violence incident. when police and s.w.a.t. arrived we know they were fired upon according to san diego police. we know that the schools in this area are currently on lockdown, and we're working to gitt san diego police here on the phone. this is all unfolding. we don't have a lot of information clearly. we're making phone calls and