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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 4, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. all right, here we go, breaking news at the top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. we're working a story in the san diego area. if you're familiar with san diego, it's the little italy area of downtown. here's what we know, around noon eastern time some shots were fired here. a call came in to san diego police involving a domestic violence incident. when police and s.w.a.t. arrived we know they were fired upon according to san diego police. we know that the schools in this area are currently on lockdown, and we're working to gitt san diego police here on the phone. this is all unfolding. we don't have a lot of information clearly. we're making phone calls and as soon as we can get an update on
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this active situation in the san diego, california, area, we will bring it to you, of course, here on cnn. let's move along for now and talk about isis. not backing off claims that it shot down this russian passenger jet killing all 224 people on board. but new clues in this mystery crash, are raising more questions than answers. we now have the british government halting flights to this airport this egypt where the flight took off from saying they are concerned that the plane, quote, may well have been brought down by an explosive device. and although they don't say precisely why they're saying this, we do know that a russian news outlet is reporting that passengers who sat near the tail section have metal pieces embedded in their bodies which could be a sign of explosion trauma. that is quite different from those who sat in the front of this plane who suffered burns and trauma from the fall. this as we learn that the plane's tail was found some three miles away from the
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wreckage. so joining me now richard quest in new york, cnn aviation corresponde correspondent, also nick robertson in st. petersburg, russia. nic, let me begin with you. what we're getting from the office of the pm in britain from david cameron on the explosion. tell me more about that. >> reporter: well, what he's saying is that as more evidence becomes available, it's sort shifting the thinking of the british government that it hasn't over the last few days hasn't given a change of advice to british tourists visiting the sinai. they're now saying that they believe that this aircraft may have been brought down by an explosive device. now, let's just look at that statement for one moment there. that is a very, very strong diplomatic statement to make by the british prime minister's office. but let's take one step back. it is incredibly strong because
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the president of egypt is in london right now, who will be visiting 10 downey street with david cameron tomorrow. so he is putting this right diplomatically, if you will, in the face of the egyptian president. the egyptians say there is an investigation going on, there's not enough evidence or information. yet here in st. petersburg, the oldest newspaper, most respected newspaper here, and i have to add on top of this, this is the city where russian forensic experts are going through those several hundred bodies, trying to help identify them with relatives. we have a lot of forensic experts here in this city with access to that newspaper perhaps, that newspaper saying that those sitting in the front of the aircraft had trauma and burns indicating that they had fallen from the sky. but those at the back had explosive trauma. that is metal fragments in their bodies. now, we've talked here to the
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spokesperson at the foreign minute city. what they're directing us is that the experts on the ground are investigating this. they will turn and ask them questions that we need to let the investigation follow through. what is, if you will, missing in all of this is a government official here in russia knocking this down that it could have been an explosive device. >> so, richard, they're knocking it down. you're nodding in agreeance i think with nic saying it's an incredibly strong thing to say. >> you don't come out and make this sort of statement unless either you've got evidence or you're pretty certain that something is afoot. now, the british have got 2,000 tourists in sharm el sheikh at the moment. there are a number of flights scheduled. there is a heavy vested interest simply for the safety and security of british citizens who
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are there. >> right. >> that's one reason to say this. but to say this in this matter, this way, now, if you take what you're talking about with this report of the explosion, any luggage that would have been loaded into the rear luggage compartment in the belly of the plane, that would explain the difference between the front and the back so to speak, and also remember the plane is moving forward in speed when the explosion takes place. there tends the people behind would get the brunt because of the velocity of the forward motion. overall, what we have seen in the last few hours, it's not conclusive, but it certainly is a game changer. >> the fact that nic pointed this out, when you look at the bodies, the burns from falling, the injuries, versus the metal embedded in them. what else would explain that? >> well, some form of explosion. some form of detonation. but it could also be -- and i'm
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just going around circles in this. >> please do. >> it could also be an explosion from the fuel tank. if you have that sort of explosion, you would get a detonation-like experience and you would get metal fragments. now, if those metal fragments are more akin to parts of the aircraft or nuts, bolts, shrapnel, the sort of things we saw with mh-17 where the cockpit crew had very specific pieces of shrapnel from the missile within them. >> that's what they'll be looking for. >> that's what they're looking at. now you're looking at where the bag would have been placed. let's go back to lockerbie. the suitcase carrying the radio which carried the bomb was loaded in the front compartment of the aircraft, and, yes, that's where you got the passengers that had the shrapnel in them. so there's an enormous amount of
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experience at handling this sort of information. but what the british have done in the last couple of hours, to use a soccer analogy, they've blown the whistle. they've actually blown the whistle and said for the first time, whoa, now we've really got to think about a bomb. >> it's gruesome to think about, but think about what the investigators are having to look through and comb through with regard to the debris and bodies. richard quest, thank you so much. nic robertson for us as well. thank you. we'll come back to that. meantime, more on our breaking news, another breaking story. five people stabbed at a california college campus. we'll go there live. plus, breaking today, his death sparked a massive manhunt and fear across america about police officers becoming targets. and now we're learning this cop was not only crooked, he staged a carefully planned suicide. a lot of breaking news on this
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better eggs. back to this breaking story out of san diego, california. gunfire, active gunfire, being reported in the downtown area, little italy. media is getting briefed by the san diego police department. let's dip in. >> so about 12 minutes after 9:00 today we received a call, domestic violence, 2400 block of brant street. initial officers that responded were trying to make an approach to the apartment complex, and when they came up to the door of the apartment, which was on the top of the building, kind of an older building. the elevator takes them to the top. they walk on the roof, get up to the apartment. they began to take several rounds from what we believe is a high-powered rifle at had poith
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point. the rounds very nearly hit the officers we're talking within inches. right by the officers. >> this is lieutenant scott wall. >> the officers railroad able to safely retreat, set up a perimeter around the apartment. we do have them contained in the apartment, which is on the southeast corner of the building. so we've asked all of the media to help us out, have residents in the neighboring homes, the neighboring apartments to shelter in place, and not go in front of their windows or come out. we believe he's armed with a high-powered rifle, and they're safe inside their apartment or home, but they come out into the street or yard, it's very possible they could be struck. >> this man has been firing shots, correct? >> yes. immediately when the officer as rived on scene they began taking rounds when they approached the apartment. when i got here 20 minutes later he was still firing rounds.
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i haven't heard any rounds in the last ten, 15 minutes. we're still actively trying to mitigate the situation and use every option available to try to make this situation come to a peaceful ending. >> have you been able to make contact with him through a negotiator on the phone? and oh, by the way, there was a woman taken into -- at least questioned in the police car. has she been helpful? >> we do have maximum amount of resources deployed in the situation. we have our s.w.a.t. team, which is surrounding the entire apartment. we also have our emergency negotiation team on scene. and we're exhausting every effort to try to bring this to a very peaceful resolution. we have no information on any injuries at this point. again, this is all very preliminary information. this incident is still rapidly evolving as we speak right now. but we wanted to try to get the important information to you that we need the residents to shelter in place. we have him contained, but if people start coming out of their homes it will create some problems for us.
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>> have you identified the suspect? >> the suspect is known at this point. i don't have a confirmation on his name. we are still doing some background checks on this person and trying to do everything we can to get him to peacefully surrender at had point. >> without giving anything away in terms of tactics, can you be more specific about containment? >> when we talk about containment, we want to try too have all avenues of escape taken away so that this person cannot continue to create problems. >> forgive me. i'm talking to my police officer listening to this news conference. i've got professor of law in police studies john jay formerly with nypd. when you hear what's happening in san diego, they've got this guy, his apartment set up a perimeter. he's contained, knwhere he ask.
11:16 am
shots were fired inches from these officers. walk me through what's happening. >> isolation, containment, making sure residents are staying in their hoemt homes, ascertaining there's nobody else there and it's a waiting game. there's no urgency. they can wait. a negotiator will come in, talk to him. it's a large police department. a nonviolent solution is their priority. >> how are they communicate something. >> unclear. but they'll try to make phone contact. obvious 30's a risky thing to get too close to the guy. if they can make a phone available to them they can talk to him on, that's what they'll try to do. >> setting up a perimeter meaning setting up an area where no one can penetrate. but you have to assume there are people in this apartment building. what happens there? >> you're assuming that there are people there until you know otherwise. they'll do everything they can -- the reality is, if people are in a safe place, they need to stay there. they'll do a door to door
11:17 am
ascertainment to see who's there. keeping him where he is the top friert. if he goes mobile, that's the concern. if he makes his way out of the apartment. >> with a hive powered rifle. you just heard it from the san diego police. stand by if you will, sir. we'll watch that. also, more breaking news. five people stabbed on a college campus in california. we'll take you there live, speak with someone on campus. that's next. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol® on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck?
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. more breaking news out of california here. five people have been stabbed on the campus of the university of california merced. the suspect we can tell you has been shot and killed by police. i have dan simon working this for us from california and on the phone james winner, the director of news and social media at this college. dan, to you first, what happened? what do you know? >> well, hi, brooke.
11:22 am
what a terrifying situation, this occurring just before 8:00 a.m. on the campus of uc merced. that's about 2 1/2 hours southeast of san francisco. you had this deranged suspect who went on what you could characterize as a stabbing spree, stabbing five people. originally the university said that all five of these were students. they have now dialed that back saying they don't know how many were students. but we know that apparently all of them were conscious so that is good news. three of them were treated on scene, two airlifted to a local hospital. now, we don't know if there is a connection between the suspect and the victims, but what we do know is that police arrived about 15 minutes after this incident occurred, confronted the suspect, and shot him dead. brooke? >> dan, stay with me. let me bring in james winard, the director of news and social media at uc merced on the phone with me to dan's point, according to any relation
11:23 am
between the suspect, a male student, and these victims, can you connect those dots yet for me? >> no. we don't have any kind of information like that that's been confirmed. obviously the whole thing is under investigation right now. you know, i'm sure a lot of those details are going to come out in time. >> where did this happen on campus? >> it happened in front of the classroom and office building, which is one of our main classroom buildings on campus. >> the campus about 6,700 students, do you know any more about the suspec beyond the fact that he's male and was a student? >> not at this time, no. like you said, we know that it was a male student and that he died after he was shot by campus police after the incident. i'm sure more information on the suspect will come out shortly. >> and the latest -- dan just
11:24 am
updated us -- any more you're hearing about the five who were stabbed? >> no, nothing yet. we're hoping to get updates on them soon. as dan mentioned, they were all conscious. we're hoping that's a good sign, you know. this is a trying day for all of us. our thoughts are with the victims and the families. really everyone on campus who is affected by this. >> so are ours, james. james leonard, thank you so much on the phone with me from uc merced and dan simon, thank you as well. so from that breaking story in california to what's happening here in san diego, this other breaking story. this standoff is under way involving a gunman who apparently has holed himself up in this apartment building in the banker's hill/little italy area of san diego, fired upon police officers. this has what's being described as a high-powered rifle missing officers by mere inches. we'll take you back live to san diego, next.
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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. just in to us here, the acting chief of the drug enforcement administration, dea, says the so-called ferguson effect is happening and real. fbi director comey's previous statements he says are spot-on. last month comey told on audience of law enforcement officer that's a recent spike in crime could be linked to a slowdown in policing. he suggested last year's unrest in ferguson, missouri, following the shooting death of a black teenager there by a white officer is indeed having an impact on police. rosenberg went on to say there is, quote, trepidation by officers who fear that being proactive in the field could end up making them stars of the next
11:30 am
viral police video. now to a stunning and quite honestly disturbing development in a case that has put a city on edge really for months. it turns out according to investigator this beloved officer found dead during an apparent chase was in fact a crooked cop who went to great lengths to stage his own suicide. first the backstory. we're talking about joseph gliniewicz. he radioed in for help in september, said he was on foot, chasing suspects. his body was later found dead from two shots. that story sparked a massive search for the shooter, maybe shooters, their descriptions always very vague, never any real specifics, even when we pressed a lot of these investigators on this one. the officer's death sparking fear and debate across the country that cops have become targets. hundreds of officers nationwide attending his funeral, state flags flown at half-staff.
11:31 am
his wife even spoke to the community. >> we all lost somebody yesterday, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a mentor, a leader, a role model, and a friend. and of course a brother in blue. >> fast-forward to today, a bombshell. police say one of their own, this man, was embezzling and laundering money for seven years from a nonprofit where he worked. >> the investigation found gliniewicz had been stealing and laundering money from the fox lake police explorer post. this had been occurring over the past seven years. gliniewicz was also found to have forged signatures on official documents. thousands of dollars were used by gliniewicz for personal purchases, travel expenses, mortgage payments, personal gym memberships, adult websites,
11:32 am
facilitating personal loans, and unaccounted cash withdrawals. >> now instead of pride, we know gliniewicz's name brings shame. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community. the facts of his actions prove he behaved for years in a manner completely contrary to the image he portrayed. the embarrassment comes to me personally that this is the first time as a law enforcement officer in my career that i've felt ashamed by the acts of another police officer. >> you heard the word there "ashamed." i have with me deb feyerick. she's with me along with eugene o'donnell former nypd officer. welcome to both of you.
11:33 am
we've all been talking about this story all day long because when it broke, total shock. total shock. so he stages his own suicide. how? two shots. >> this is what makes the whole thing so interesting. he knew what he was doing. there's every indication that he staged this crime scene. he put some personal effects lieks his police baton, pepper spray, personal sunglasses and then he shot himself but not before calling dispatch saying that he was chasing three people. and initially he rejected a call for assistance. then in a second call he said, yes, send back up j. it's when backup arrived they heard one of the shots. the first shot he fired at his side, right at his side. and it actually hit his cell phone, didn't even graze his skin but got lodged inside his bulletproof vest. bullet number two, here's what we know about that, when the first shot failed he took the gun and put it inside the collar
11:34 am
of his bulletproof vest. it was so close that investigators found residue on the inside. that was the fightal shot. that was the one in which he bled out. >> so shot number two ended up being effective. he bleeds out. but the fact that he had been this officer thinking ahead, where to place what to make it look like a crime scene. he would know what to do. he's dealt with crime scenes for years. >> absolutely. he did throw some false clues out, but i think his undoing ultimately is not so much the crime scene and the forensics but the motive. he not only was stealing money. he knew they knew he was stealing money. and he erased his social media, erased his text messages. the fbi were able to bring them back up. and that i think is really what makes this december positive, his motive to do it and motive to kill himself. >> questions about the wife, others involved. we've got to go because a lot is happening in california. thank you, deb and eugene. more breaking news out of san diego.
11:35 am
the standoff still under way involving a gunman who is holed up inside of an apartment building. he's fired upon police officers. we're now hearing of a ground stop at the airport in downtown san diego as a result of all of this. stay with me. ♪ we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain
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but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. back to our breaking story there in san diego. here are some pictures, s.w.a.t., police all arrived on the scene as this standoff is still under way in this apartment in the little italy/bakers hill area of downtown san diego. as a result of this, we are now hearing from officials at the san diego airport that the airport is at a ground stop for arriving flights because the shooting incident is directly in the flight path. so, as this is all happening, let's take a listen to a reporter standing just outside this apartment building. >> reporter: actually, we have heard bangs going off before when we've done s.w.a.t.
11:40 am
situations. however, we all knew they were flash bangs. this this incident, we heard about a half dozen loud noises that we don't know whether they were gunshots or they were the gas guns. we do know, however, that this man has been shooting. since we got here on scene, i've heard a number ever gunshots which were confirmed by lieutenant scott wall that those were gunshots. so this man is actively firing. right now just a few moments ago you heard lieutenant wall tell us that this man right now they apparently do have him contained in the apartment. and i was able to talk to lieutenant scott wall about this apartment that he's contained in. apparently you see the roof of that apartment building there, if you go up to the roof there are apparently units at the top of that apartment building. and that is where this man is. earlier you said just after 9:00 officers arrived, tried to contact him, and they approached the apartment building on that
11:41 am
top floor there. as they approached, that's when he fired that long-range high-powered rifle. and those shots literally inches away from the officers. so immediately they cleared out this whole area. since then, completely shut down. it is an active situation. the word right now for people who live in this area, please stay inside. i know we've seen a lot of people, just a few people, kind of poke their heads out and look around and see what the situation is. this gentleman who lives in this house here just came out to talk with police officers. while we know it's curiosity to want to know what's happening, really the best advice right now from san diego police officers is to please, please stay inside. stay away from doors, windows. this man is firing a gun so you need to stay safe. >> that's what's happening in san diego. we'll take you back there. to another shooting we have to talk about in chicago. a 9-year-old boy desperately
11:42 am
pleading for answers about his answer. kai sean lee was shot multiple times on his way home from school monday. his body found in an alley way steps from his grandmother's home. police are looking for whether tai shan a 9-year-old was actually targeted. his parents are speaking out about his death and their heartbreak. >> it wasn't a target. if it wasn't a target, he wouldn't have got hit so many times in the back and the face, you know what i'm saying? i think he was targeted. >> please come forward and find whoever did this to my baby. oh, my god, i love my son. i'm going to miss him. he was supposed to play ball. that's all he do. that's all he like to do is play ball and play video games. >> volunteers have been posting flyers throughout this community hoping somebody will speak up.
11:43 am
the mayor there rahm emanuel says nun who know s anyone wh knows anything has a moral responsibility to come forward. >> and whoever did this, there is a special place for them. i hope they never see freedom. i hope they never see daylight. >> i want to bring in a really strong voice in chicago, father michael flager of chicago's catholic church, well-known activist who's been directly involved in trying to help find tai shan's killer or kaillers. father flager, thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you, brooke. >> your heart just goes out to this mother. >> yes. i was there monday afternoon. the mother this morning had bebeen laying at the site where her son was killed. we had to get her up and get her to the hospital to get some
11:44 am
help. also atalked to the father and the grandmother this morning. the family is distraught. this was not a random killing or shooting. this boy was executed. there were a number of children out there. and when a 9-year-old baby has constant gunshots into his head and body, it was a target, an execution by somebody who obviously lost their humanity that you could shoot up a 9-year-old baby. >> obviously people are talking about gangs in this area. you are intimately familiar with that. you lost your foster son to gang cross fire. how have the rules of the street codes changed? >> well, that's i think what's so disturbing, brooke. there was a day when there was a code on the street. you didn't shoot or kill children, mothers, grandmothers. that line has been picked off. there is no code anymore. used to be a time you couldn't go into prison if you had shot or killed a child and not worried about having your life take in any prison.
11:45 am
streets would have violation on you if you had done something wrong. that's what i've been saying for the last two days. there is no code of respect. there's no values system left. we have to put it back in place. that's why the reward is up so high now, $20,000. this is enough. we're going to draw the line so you are not going to kill babies and then go back home and pretend nothing happened. >> i was looking at your facebook page. wur posting something about how now other young people are going to school wondering if they're safe. so there's that. then i want to share a cartoon. i don't know if you've seen this, this is from the trib by scott santis. as we look at this, you see this picture of tyshawn. then on the right side it says, still waiting for the outrage. my question is, if this was, for example, a shooting involving this 9-year-old and let's say a police officer, we would be hearing from everyone, what they saw, who was wearing what, there would be protests on the
11:46 am
streets. but with this alleged gang affiliation, no one wants to snitch, father. that's a challenge. >> and i understand that, brooke. i also understand the fear. i had a young man in here last night with some police who was ready to give up information. but once they told him, you're going to have to talk to the state's attorney, going to have to go to court, going to have to point the person out, he froze up. he says, no, i'm not going to put my life at risk. the problem is that people are so afraid. now, there is a rage out here about this 9-year-old. the rage in the community was out there again yesterday. i was over there again today. i'm hoping somebody is going to come forward. i've also called for the fact when we find this person -- and i believe we will because we're getting a lot of information -- whatever house he has been staying in that's been harboring him, we need to file charges on that house for assessment of a murder and put that house up adds a place of nuisance.
11:47 am
let them get evicted. anybody that harbors a murderer in your house, in my mind, is an accessory to the crime that the point. >> you have this 9-year-old in your city who's been murdered, also the backdrop of this spike lee. 's just released a trailer for the new movie "chiraq" which focuses on the violence in chicago. here's a clip. >> this is an emergency. this is an emergency. >> homicides in chicago, illinois, have surpassed the death toll of american special forces in iraq. >> welcome to chi-raq! >> so, father, from the trailer to let me just quote part of an editorial from the "chicago tribune," the mere prospect of chi-raq fears it will stig my
11:48 am
tiez the city. yes, this movie will embarrass chicago but won't embarrass chicago as much as the slaying ofty lee. last year we suggested that for each casket of an innocent is buried a casket should be transported to the illinois capitol and neatly snacked until tougher gun sentences are enacted. if only the killing of tyshawn lee would provoke the same urgency as spike lee's movie. there would be multiple kachkts at the capitol just because of what's happened through the year. why do you thinktyshawn's death as horrendous as it is will make any difference? >> well, hopefully one ofthe things that's got people outraged now is this is not a shooting on a porch around gang people or a driveby from a car, that this is a target, this is an execution of a baby.
11:49 am
and i think this is so horrendous that i find this anger and this outrage. but again, brooke, how long does that last? how long does it motivate us to say, not only is it from government to communities, we have to face reality. everybody mad about a movie called "chi-raq." let's get mad about the reality. some of the worst schools, high violence, no opportunities, broken homes and families, you create the perfect storm for the violence. so are we just going to get angry about tyshawn and angry about a movie coming out in a few weeks, or are we going to say this violence is a reality, chicago is a poster boy for this, but it's across the country in urban cities? are we going to have the courage to deal with it, eradicate it, deal with stricter gun laws and stop the easy access to guns, deal with education, opportunities of employment, deal with helping these young
11:50 am
brothers? are we just going to say, oh, it's another tragedy and move on to the next one? that's unacceptable right now from anybody, the government or the community. >> father michael flager, thank you for your voice, an important one. >> thank you. coming up next, more breaking news today. the uk now saying it's very possible that a bomb took down that russian passenger jet. and now two countries are suspending flights from the region where it crashed. stand by. major news unfolding on this wednesday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. the most advanced iphone yet. get the new iphone 6s at t-mobile. the network that's doubled its lte coverage in the past year. our new extended range lte signal now reaches twice as far as before.
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humanity's position on this planet depends on its intelligence. so if our intelligence is exceeded, it's unlikely that we will remain in charge of the planet. >> you've heard this plot. man invents robot. robot becomes smarter than man. robot takes over the world. that's the nightmare scenario. but the reality to some is very different. >> we're trying to build a computer that can take a fourth grade science test and do well. right now we're still behind the kid in science. we can do better than average in geometry. computers do not have that open-ended ability to learn anything. they can't learn from scratch. >> learning from scratch.
11:56 am
that's a heady concept. the elon institute is trying to teach robots how to take in information from an image. >> it's this amazing capability of understanding the content of the images. >> the dog clearly likes its owner. >> you understand a lot about this image by just a glance at this picture. but a computer sees this picture, it looks like this actually. a matrix of numbers. >> whoa. very different than how i see it. >> exactly. it's actually a very different phenomenon. >> artificial intelligence at the level that we see in hollywood movies is literally hundreds of years away. in the future, what i'm looking forward to is medicine being morest i more effective and saving lives using artificial intelligence. public intoxication. possession of illegal drugs. being under the influence of a controlled substance. according to "the l.a. times"
11:57 am
nearly 500 people were arrested over the weekend in these two electronic dance festivals in california. lisa ling our host and executive producer of "this is life" is taking us inside the world, exploring drug use at the massive mystery land festival. here is a look. >> there is a vigilante here who is literally approaching people and offering a product to them that he believes is an essential part of the edm experience. >> so should we split them up? >> that vigilante is named adam. what he's selling aren't drugs. they're drug testing kits. it's a simple product that can determine the mix and potency of illicit narcotics in seconds. and last night adam and his partner smuggled in enough kits to conduct over 15,000 drug tests. adam's operation is called the bunk police. he believes drug use is
11:58 am
inevitable and the kits help to save lives. what do you do when you get to a festival site? >> hand out flyers and tell people where to find us. >> what's the [ bleep ] is bunk? how is the response to this? >> excellent. everything has been happy that we're hear. a lot of people already knew about us. >> how dangerous is it for people to be buying drugs from land om dealers out here? >> schemely dangerous. you don't know where they came from. there are quite a few deaths from adulterated substances. we know this prevents some of that. >> at a festival like this where you have tens of thousands of people, what percentage would you say will be doing drugs? >> depending on the festival, at least 50%. >> make sure you watch tonight "this is life with lisa ling" 9:00 eastern and pacific right here on cnn.
11:59 am
>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news here on cnn. let's go straight to san diego. we know people living in this san diego apartment complex being told right now, stay where you are and stay away from your windows. police say a man has barricaded himself inside of his apartment at one point was shooting at police, missing them by mere inches with what they're calling a high-powered rifle. police know where he is but cannot confirm whether anyone is with him or anyone has been injured by the gunfire. in addition to this, if you know san diego and where exactly that airport is, we can tell you that the san diego international airport is at a ground stop for arriving flights because this shooting incident is directly in the flight path. also just a short time ago, san diego police lieutenant scott wall updated the situation. >> when the officers arrived on scene, they began taking rounds when they approached the apartment. when i got here, 20 minutes
12:00 pm
later, he was still firing rounds. i haven't heard any rounds in the last 10, 15 minutes. we're still actively trying to mitigate the situation and use every option available to try to make this situation come to a peaceful ending. >> have you been able to make contact with him through a negotiator, through the phone and, oh, by the way, there was a woman taken, at least questioned in the police car. has she been helpful? >> we do have maximum amount of resources deployed in this situation. we have our s.w.a.t. team, which is surrounding the entire apartment. we also have our emergency negotiation team on scene. and we're xauflting every effort to try to bring this to a very peaceful resolution. we have no information on any injuries at this point. again, this is all very preliminary information. this incident is still rapidly evolving as we speak right now. >> all right, couple of people i have with me to walk through all of this. i have former assistant director of the u.s. marshal's office and
12:01 pm
cnn law enforcement analyst art roderick. thank you. tom mallory, our public safely editor and online news editor at the san diego union tribune. tom, we were watching a news report from an affiliate reporter saying as long as she's been at that apartment there have been consistent gunshots. is that what you all are hearing? that this has not stopped? >> yes. people we're interviewing in the neighborhood are hearing repeated rounds of shots. one person said 20 or 30 rounds in a few minutes. one report had about 30 shots fired just as police were arriving. >> for people who aren't as familiar with san diego, can you just walk us through -- we're talking bankers hill or little italy, that's just up the hill from the airport, correct? >> exactly. it's right between balboa park and the airport. airplanes arriving fly directly over this street. people familiar with san diego know it's a discount airport.
12:02 pm
this is a relatively nice residential neighborhood near downtown, a mix of apartments and older homes. people that are obviously quite rattled as you can imagine. >> i cannot imagine. lunchtime there, i know a lot of people are out and about, being told to say away. we saw the crime scene tape. is this a massive apartment complex or one singular building? >> it's one singular building. it's about six stories. the report we had is the shooter was on the top floor of the building firing down. one thing interesting, we had a police reporter across from the police spokesman who said, i'd come talk to you, but i don't want to get shot at. let's do it by telephone. >> that's incredible. >> police are urging us to avoid showing their positions fearing the gunman inside might be able to use it to his tactical advantage. >> when you're talking about all of these shot after shot after shot coming off, what do we hear from police? high-powered rifle? are you hearing any more? >> it's still kind of sketchy in terms of the details.
12:03 pm
the initial report that they had was someone with a high-powered rifle was shooting down at them. and you can see both from the footage we've seen on tv as well as our photographs they're take taking all precautions. they have snipers across the roof. the chief of police is coming out to make sure officers are safe and deployed properly. they've called in help from the county sheriff's department. it seems like a major response. >> i'm looking at a picture on your san diego union trib website now of a sniper on a nearby rooftop. tom, stay with me. let me just bring you in. again, i think tom brought up a great point. we're being really careful as well. this is an active situation. we don't want to give away what police are doing to assuage this individual to peacefully give up. but what are police doing to try to end this? >> well, the one thing that's interesting, i think the initial call was a domestic disturbance.
12:04 pm
>> that's right. >> is this a hostage situation or barricade situation? each one is obviously treated differently. now, it sounds like he's got the advantage of being on high ground. you're right, they're putting snipers on alternate high ground probably across the street and areas where they can view the rooftops. but if he's got a high-powered rifle and he's up in the high ground area, then obviously you've got situations where you want to maintain an inner perimeter but you also have to make sure you're evacuating or trying to get people out of the media. because with a high-powered rifle, these rounds can go right through an apartment building wall. >> tom, let me pivot back to you. do you know any more -- we know the call came in right around 9:00 your time for that domestic violence situation. do you know any more if there is someone nels that apartment? >> i do know that the woman who was bleed to be in the apartment is reported safely in police custody. they got her out. i do not think they suspect anybody else is in the apartment with him at this point. >> tom mallory, thank you.
12:05 pm
art roderick, thank you. let me pivot quickly to more breaking news. that russian jet, barbara starr our pentagon correspondent, barbara, we heard from the british prime minister's office saying it was a explosive device. what do you now have? >> brooke, hello. you know, the cnn team across the board has been on this story, and now we know that u.s. intelligence believes it was most likely an explosve device that brought down the plane. i want to read to you exactly what a source told me a short time ago. this u.s. government official saying, quote, there is a definite feeling it was an explosive device planted in the luggage or somewhere on the plane. the feeling by the u.s. intelligence community is it was isis or an isis affiliate.
12:06 pm
this of course they believe happened at the sharm el sheikh airport when it took off going to st. petersburg, russia. the assessment they have now is an explosive device somehow got past sharm el-sheikh. nothing very fancy, a security problem at the airport most likely and got on the plane. you are seeing some confirmation of this in a way. the british government now delaying any flights back and form between the uk and sharm el-sheikh. ireland a short time ago announcing it is suspending flights to sharmel sheikh. we should say the egyptian government has very strongly said airport security is safe at that airport. but there is a lot of concern and a lot of doubt. what is the evidence that the u.s. has that this might have been isis or an isis affiliate putting a bomb on the plane?
12:07 pm
well, we know now, according to sources we're talking to, that the u.s. is monitoring isis messages, claims of responsibility that have not been made public. we've seen some public claims that some have been sort of dismissed by the u.s. government. but isis communicates on its own classified channels. the u.s. monitors that and are seeing messages internal tor is and isis affiliates. another point to make. officials are telling us think had no advanced warning that there would be a bomb plot or they would have notified everyone. but in recent weeks, the u.s. had noticed some activity in sinai by militant groups that had caused concern and in the days since the apparent now bombing of the russian airliner they've gone back, gathered additional intelligence, and it has bolstered that view. is this an absolute conclusion? no. but growing evidence across
12:08 pm
several governments that it most likely was a bomb that brought down that british airliner. pardon me, russian airliner. killing 224 people. >> this is huge. this is incredibly significant. if you are just now joining us, barbara, stay with me, i want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and all around the world here. barbara starr, our pentagon correspondent, has just been reporting on the russian passenger jet we've been covering the crash, now learning that the jet crash was likely caused by a bomb on the plane planted by isis or isis affiliate. i see paul cruickshank, barbara star is with me as well. bar barbara, one of the questions would be why. why target specifically a russian airliner? and if we're talking isis and we'll get into who and what affiliates would be in the sharm
12:09 pm
el-sheikh sinai peninsula, we know what's happened with regard to russian involvement in syria. and one would wonder because of that if we're talking isis, sort of the beginning of the answer of why. >> well, i think it may well be. you know, the russians had to have known the u.s. has told them publicly, you know, you are going to -- you are going to get crosswise of isis. the russian government has said publicly it was going after isis in syria, that it was going after terrorist organizations that also threatened russia and russia certainly does have valid terrorism concerns in its country and on its borders. but the view was that isis might decide certainly to take its own actions. so, as they look at these internal messages between isis, these claims of responsibility, and the other intelligence -- and i should say we don't know what it is. the u.s. intelligence community obviously not telling us
12:10 pm
everything they have. they're beginning to put that picture together. i think what has become so interesting in the last 24 hours, this is now spreading again to several governments, the british, the irish, taking their own actions to ensure their aviation security. they don't want their planes right now going to sharm el-sheikh. they don't want manes from sharm el-sheikh coming back into their country until there is some assurance to their satisfaction that this is a safe aviation route and that the airport to their satisfaction indeed is safe. british prime minister david cameron calling a meeting of his top security officials to look at this. i just want to go back and say because i think it's important, the whole cnn team, those of us who cover national security, pam brown, elise labbot, we are fanning out across all government agencies because every government agency is going to wind up having a view on this and a piece of it.
12:11 pm
what does it mean to you as aviation security? this is not a direct flight route where any planes would come to the united states directly from sharm el-sheikh, but they're going to want to know as fast as possible, homeland security, the fbi, all of the agencies, what does this mean? who is out there that the u.s. government doesn't know about that can bring an airliner down? >> barbara, excellent reporting to you and our whole security team. paul cruickshank, turning to you, when we were initially saying isis is claiming responsibility, we said, that doesn't mean anything, look at what happened in tunisia. but correct me, when i think of bombs on planes, obviously you think of hijacking planes on 9/11, the thwarted cargo flight, i think of al qaeda. would this be the first isis successful attempt? >> absolutely. and not only that, this would be the most significant terrorist attack since 9/11. just no doubt about that with the russian involvement in syria. isis really was responsible for
12:12 pm
this, this will turbo-charge their popularity in the global jihadi movement. isis is not thought to have the capability to get devices necessarily past security scanners. but what we're hearing from barbara's reporting is u.s. intelligence agencies believe it was either an insider at the airport or somehow lax security at the airport. that brings into play the group on the ground. that is the isis sinai affiliate. and one of the reasons why it's being perhaps so coy in its statement about the attack, saying you're going to need to figure out how we did this, is because they did have an insider somehow at the airport and they don't want to reveal the fact they may have some kind of mole at sharm el-sheikh airport. it may explain why the statements have so little detail in the last couple of days. >> i have so much more. this is massive. this would be, as you point out, the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11 as isis is now apparently claiming responsibility and u.s. intelligence suggesting that indeed that would be the case.
12:13 pm
isis or an isis affiliate. we'll stay on this breaking story here. i'm brooke baldwin. quick break. back after this. if you don't think beat con mewhen you think aarp, you don't know "aarp." the aarp fraud watch network helps everyone protect themselves and their families against scams and identity theft. find more real possibilities at (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. massive, massive story we're following internationally on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we are now hearing from u.s. intelligence based upon our cnn reporting, reporting on this russian airliner, passenger plane that went down killing
12:18 pm
everyone on board just a couple of days ago. they are saying it was most likely caused by a bomb on the plane planted either by isis or an isis affiliate. according to an u.s. official familiar with the matter, they go on, this official tells cnn, there is a definite feeling it was an explosive device planted in luggage or somewhere on the plane. this could have huge repercussions as far as russia's involvement in syria. the fact that isis could actually pull this off, this is major. i have barbara starr with me, paul cruickshank. aaron mclaughlin. aaron, let me start with you here in egypt, it happened in the sinai peninsula, sharm el sheikh. you are getting reaction from several countries who have halted flights out of there. tell me about that and also what is security? the question is how someone could have pulled this off. what is security like at the sharm el sheikh airport?
12:19 pm
>> reporter: hi, brooke. well, at the moment, in terms of egyptian reaction to this specific american intelligence report, we don't have that. but a short while ago the egyptian prim minister tells cnn he feels it is too premature to draw conclusions when it comes to this investigation. he said that the investigation is ongoing. now, earlier today we heard from the egypt civil aviation authority. they say that in terms of the two black boxes, the flight data recorder is in good condition, they managed to extract all of the information from that. they're currently analyzing that but haven't gleaned any information so far. in terms of the flight cockpit voice recorder, they say that has been damaged and it will take more time to analyze. so at the moment egyptian officials still exercising caution, still saying that it's too soon to be drawing the types of conclusions that the american intelligence community is making. now, in terms of security at the
12:20 pm
airports, egyptian foreign minister saying they have increased security at all airports across egypt. and this is it very different from what egypt's interior ministry was saying yesterday. they were saying they hadn't increased security because there was no indication, they said, that terrorism was at play. we were at sharm el sheikh airport yesterday, we were there again today. no visible security increases. and this is an area that is familiar with security. earlier this year, for example, they had an economic summit in sharm el sheikh. increased security, patrols including border checks along the roads, very heavy security at the airport. so when they choose to increase security in sharm el sheikh, it becomes apparent. no signs, visible signs, of that so far. brooke? >> erin, thank you so much. stand by in cairo. let's go to st. petersburg, russia, senior international correspondent nic robertson standing by.
12:21 pm
you have some news for us, nic. what have you learned? >> reporter: brooke, i've been talking to my sources in the middle east, and a source does confirm to me that he is aware that a bomb was placed aboard that aircraft. there has been concern according to this source in the middle east about the security in the sinai and the potential for this sort of thing to happen at sharm el sheikh. so this is something that people were aware of in the region. and the bomb put aboard the aircraft in sharm el sheikh on board that russian plane. very interestingly, we've had no official russian reaction to this, now hearing it's a bomb or what the british prime minister said earlier. however, the russian interstate aviation commission, which is the top aviation body here in russia, in the last couple of minutes has issued a statement. what they've said in that statement is, it is up to the
12:22 pm
country that is investigating the accident to publish the information, that being egypt. they say that it is up to them to complete their investigation and up to them to publish the information. but it goes on to say it is against the law for any other state to publish that information without the express permission in this case of the egyptian government. in this way, it gives the russian authorities a caveat here, if they were aware of this information about a bomb being placed aboard and it seems a lot of people are now, it gives the russian authorities grounds to say it's an egyptian investigation, we can't get ahead of the egyptians, we have to wait for the egyptians to finish, we have to wait before we can say with permission from the egyptian authorities. that appears to be what is being laid out here by the top aviation authority in russia at the moment, brooke. >> nic, stand by. bob baer is with me, former cia.
12:23 pm
first question to you, talking to paul cruickshank, he was essentially saying this would be the holy grail to be able to pull off putting on a bomb on a plane in egypt. are you surprised that isis or an isis affiliate could actually pull this off? >> brooke, no. the sinai is the middle of an islamic insurgency. it has a lot of sympathizers, even among egyptian officials. the muslim brotherhood government that was overthrown year before last, egypt is in turmoil. the possibility of sboorning somebody at sharm el sheikh airport and putting a bomb on has always been a fear of the u.s. this is a war zone. it doesn't surprise me at all. if they used a sophisticated device concealed in a suitcase, that wouldn't surprise me either because that technology is so readily available. but what i can tell you, brooke, this changes the game. i mean, this is a serious,
12:24 pm
serious setback for egypt as well as russia, and there will be consequences. >> such as? >> the russians, the way putin thinks, he's going to go stronger into syria and he will consider sending troops into syria. it's not out of the question. the egyptians will crack down a lot harder. this really does change the game. i also think we have to look at aviation around the world. these airplane bombs we cannot completely defeat them even at the most sophisticated security checkpoints in europe and the united states. >> bob baer, stand by. everyone, stand by. much more on this breaking story. we'll be right back.
12:25 pm
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bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
12:29 pm
welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. major, major breaking news here as we're getting from our pentagon correspondent barbara starr really significant reporting here. u.s. intelligence suggesting that the crash of that russian passenger jet was the result of a bomb planted on the plane by either isis or an isis affiliate. and that official who's familiar with this intelligence says there was a definite feeling it was an explosive device planted in luggage or somewhere in the plane, getting details about how security measures at this particular airport in egypt and also let me add this, the u.s. does not believe the explosive device was designed to get past airport security procedures. either passenger screening. rather, it is believed whoever was behind it used a conventional explosive device and took advantage of lax security at the local airport or had someone who was in on it at that airport at sharm el sheikh.
12:30 pm
paul cruickshank, let me turn to you, terrorism analyst. you have reported extensively on isis. unlike bob baer, former cia, saying he's not at all surprised that isis could pull something off like this, which you would point out would be the biggest terror attack since 9/11. you are surprised. >> i'm surprised because this is the holy grail. and believe you, terrorist groups have been trying to do this sort of thing for many years, since 9/11. they haven't been able to pull it off so far. of course it's now a surprise that isis perhaps the isis affiliate potentially in the sinai may have actually pulled off this terrorist attack. >> on messaging, another piece from barbara's reporting, another u.s. official says the intel is based upon monitoring of internal messages of the terrorist group. what does that tell you? >> well, it tells you that there's very specific intelligence the united states has got here related to communications inside isis.
12:31 pm
have they possibly got wind of some kind of isis video in the works that may be released at a certain point? if this was indeed isis they're going to make a huge propaganda noise about this. there will be a video. i mean, you could see them put out a three-hour video. this would be the most significant terrorist attack since 9/11, bigger than anything by far that they've managed to do before. >> and you are surprised they could pull this off. stay with me. mary schiavo, former inspector general of the u.s. department of transportation. mary, i mean, how will this affect every single one of us in terms of airport security, not just overseas but worldwide? >> well, it will affect worldwide, and going back in history, after pan am 103, everyone knows about that because the plane was of course headed to the united states. but there was a second one, and after pan am 103, four groups
12:32 pm
took credit for the downing of that plane. then nine months later in september a second one went down but out of a different airport, pan am 103 was frankfurt and heathrow. the second was a french airliner out of africa. so the problem news for the world -- the aviation nations of the world is to figure out what they're gunning for next and who really of the groups that are taking credit was responsible for it. so it's a huge security problem, but it will have a chilling effect. people will be very jumpy for good reason. this is quite devastating. >> the uk came out strongly talking about an explosive device specifically. phil black is standing in london with me. i want you, phil, to fill us in outside of 10 downey street, coming out of the prime minister's office today, this was a strong statement days after this happened, which would certainly jive with what we're hearing from u.s. intelligence. >> reporter: that's right, brooke. what's really notable here is the way the british government
12:33 pm
has communicated this. it's not through background briefings through officials. it's through a very clear, carefully worded public statement directly from the prime minister's office in which they said earlier today that because of information that has come to light -- they're not saying which information yet -- they have developed this concern that the aircraft may well have been brought down by an explosive device. now, it still counts very carefully. it's not with absolute certainty. they're not prejudging the investigation that is still ongoing. but for a statement like this to be worded with language that is still as strong as that, well, it wouldn't have come unless the british were pretty sure or had very strong reason to believe this was in fact the case. it's an especially concern for the british government because there are five airline that's fly directly gwbetween sharm el sheikh and the united kingdom. it is a very popular holiday destination for british people. there are a lot of people there, a lot planning to go. at the moment, all of those airlines are grounded. they're not flying directly under the orders of the
12:34 pm
government here until an assessment is carried out on the ground in sharm el sheikh and the british government says it has its own people on the ground there now at that airport trying to determine whether or not it is safe for those planes to fly. because what they're concerned about is, if a bomb, explosive device, did bring this aircraft down, then somehow that bomb got onto that plane. what they want to be very sure about is that could not possibly happen again, brooke. >> phil black, thank you so much in london for us. again, major story breaking here. according to u.s. intelligence suggesting that this crash, this russian passenger jet, was taken down by a bomb, either planted in baggage or elsewhere on the plane, either by isis or an isis affilia affiliate. we are about to hear from the u.s. state department on this huge story. stay with me. more breaking news after this.
12:35 pm
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. back to our breaking news. i'm brooke baldwin. here is what we know. our correspondent at the pentagon barbara starr has broken this story wide open here. according to the downing of that russian passenger plane over sharm el sheikh, the sinai peninsula there in europe. according to her sources, u.s. intelligence suggesting that that plane came down because of a bomb planted on board either in somebody's bags or elsewhere, planted by isis or an isis affiliate. the person familiar with this investigation saying there is a definite feeling it was an explosive device planted in luggage or elsewhere and, to add to that, they don't believe this u.s. intel the explosive device was designed actually to get past airport security procedures, passenger screening, et cetera. rather, it's believed whoever
12:40 pm
was behind it used what they're calling a conventional explosive device and took advantage of lax security at the airport or perhaps there was someone on the inside. let's go quickly now to the u.s. state department. our correspondent elise labbot has been grilling the spokesperson there, john kirby. here's that exchange. >> reporter: so you said that this is a very routine procedure that would prevent employees traveling into an area where there was a plane crash. but you're cautioning everybody not to jump to conclusions. i mean, i think that, as justin said, we have some reporting that says that there is reason to believe that regardless of who was responsible there was some -- and the british have said -- type of explosive device on the plane. so can you say that that is why you instructed personnel not to
12:41 pm
travel to the sinai? >> i think there were several reasons why. again, it's not uncommon for us -- >> pretty uncommon. >> no, it's not. >> it's pretty uncommon just because there is a plane crash to suggest to personnel not to travel to that area unless you have reason to believe that there was some type of ma neve licen owe lens involved. >> there has been over time and you know elise there have been extremist concerns in the sinai. it's not new that there have been concerns about extremist activities in and around the sinai. that's not a new development. in light of this plane crash, our embassy made the decision as it is their responsibility to limit or restrict in this case u.s. government employees from traveling to the sinai. and i think until we know more, i think that's the prudent thing to do. why wouldn't you do that? >> i think it's the prudent thing to do, too.
12:42 pm
but then you're saying not to jump to conclusions but it sounds as if even though you haven't reached an actual final conclusion and the investigation is still going on that you are leaning into the idea that extremism could have been involved. >> no, absolutely not. >> that is very uncommon, john, to instruct personnel not to go to an area of a plan crash. >> i can appreciate that you don't agree with me. >> i've been covering the state department for 15 years. i know when you instruct employees not to go somewhere, an i assure you it's very uncommonly. >> i'm not disputing your vastly higher intelligence than mine. >> i didn't say i was of higher intelligence but i have a great memory. >> i'm not disputing your memory or you have more experience at the state department than me. what i am disputing is you are saying that we issued this security warning because we strongly believe there was a certain cause to this crash a la some sort of terrorist activity. just not the case. hang on a second. just not the case. they did the prudent thing.
12:43 pm
they do what our posts do around the world every time there is some security concern, even when, especially when, we don't know exactly why something happened. that's even more reason to restri restrict moment. you don't want people going into potential harm's way because god forbid you're wrong and you let them go and there is something more to it than you thought. >> it sounds as if you think there is something more to it. >> we don't know. because we don't know, we're doing the safe thing. >> you do know. >> how do you know we know? >> is the reasoning perhaps that, look, there have been concerns about extremist activity in the sinai before and no tam resistance march for u.s. airlines not to fly over it and then something like this happens and you don't know the reason why. is that not a combination of existing threat -- >> that's exactly right. >> -- and an unknown led to this?
12:44 pm
>> i think -- yes, that's exactly right. there's a lot of unknown here, a lot of uncertainty. there have been longstanding security concerns about the sinai. and it's precisely because we don't know what happened that we're exercising -- >> the british are now saying -- >> that was a back-and-forth you didn't see, but that was' lease labott back and forth there with john kirby at state talking about those extremism concerns that have been in existence there in the sinai. when we come back, we'll talk to michael weiss about those concerns and also more on what potential isis affiliates could be in the sinai peninsula and this conventional explosive device that u.s. intelligence say was used, not sophisticated, conventional explosive device. more on our breaking story after this break. local activities listed on our app. or that you could book them right from your phone.
12:45 pm
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rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. we are reporting on what could be the most significant terrorist attack since 9/11. u.s. intelligence is now saying that they believe this russian passenger plane was taken down over the sinai peninsula out of sharm el sheikh airport because of isis or an isis affiliate planting a bomb either in baggage or elsewhere on this plane killing everyone onboard. i have lieutenant general mark hertling. to you we've been talking about the sinai. you just heard the state department spokesperson alluding to concerns of extremism there for quite a while. but when we talk about it could be a potential isis affiliate who are are the groups?
12:50 pm
we've heard about the sinai is referred to as the badlands, but who is there? who could be capable of this? >> well, it's a group called williet sinai. ansur al maki and trying to link themselves with isis as an affiliate. they're trying to prove themselves to isis. but that's not saying they're the ones who actually did this. they've certainly done a lot of damage in the last two years or so. they are becoming increasingly strong in terms of their approach. an element of that group fired on an egyptian tank on september 11th and destroyed it with a coronet missile. prior to that they fired a coronet missile on a ship in the gulf there. and also allegedly damaged some equipment and also hurt some people. the multinational force and observers are in that region. and there has been an increase in violence that they have had to address toward the egyptian
12:51 pm
army. it would not surprise me sharm el sheikh is certainly a lax security airport. >> have you been through that airport, general? >> i have. >> you have. >> and as your reporters have said before, this is an airport where a lot of tourists come in. and if there are five british flights per day, the prime minister of the uk is sending a team there to check the security. that's a prudent move on his behalf. but that's not saying that a bomb was on the airplane. also, you know, barbara being told by an intelligence official that it was more than likely a bomb does that not mean u.s. intelligence agencies are saying i personally believe it was a terrorist act, but it would have to be confirmed or denied to me based on evidence on the ground. and we're a long way off from getting that kind of evidence, i think. >> uh-huh. michael weiss is nodding along with you. cnn contributor and co-author of "isis inside the army of terror."
12:52 pm
you're listening to the general when we think about as well he pointed out five flights, british flights come in. we don't know if this was an inside job or someone who infiltrated lax security. but bottom line could have chosen a british plane, chose a russian plane. with a conventional explosive device, not sophisticated. >> right. and also designed then not to try and circumvent whatever security protocols they had. which does indicate, again, assuming this was true it was a terrorist attack, it probably was an inside job. and that shouldn't surprise necessary. i mean, look, a lot of the people who populate the upper state come from state institutions. they work for the assad regime in syria or the iraqi government in iraq. it stands to reason somebody from the transport ministry or even just a private airline company sympathized with isis or one of these terror groups. and may have defected. in russia since this was a russian plane i think it bears mentioning in 2004 black widows,
12:53 pm
that is to say female suicide bombers boarded two russian passenger jets and blew them up the way they got on board at least according to the consensus view here, they bribed their way. corrupt border guard, russian officials took some money. >> let them on the plane. >> without security check. so if it can happen in russia, it can certainly happen in sharm el sheikh. again, i think the general is quite right to stress this hasn't yet been confirmed. and i'm quite keen to see, you know, how this sort of develops in terms of u.s. intelligence consensus about this. >> and what vladimir putin would do in syria. let's get to that. >> yep. >> hit pause. quick break. more on breaking news after this. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone.
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all right. we are on our breaking story. this is huge. according to our reporting barbara starr, our pentagon correspondent, new conclusions
12:58 pm
have made but u.s. intelligence is indicating that the russian passenger jet that came down over the sinai peninsula in egypt just a couple days ago was taken down because of a bomb planted on board that plane by isis, or by an isis affiliate. so let me go to nic robertson, our senior international correspondent standing by in st. pete petersburg, russia. nic, what more are you learning? >> reporter: from a middle east intelligence or middle east source briefed on intelligence matters he tells me it appears that a bomb was placed onboard that aircraft. also that there had been concerns in the region about the security in sinai, concerns there for about the airport at sharm el sheikh. this is something that was being felt in the region, this coming from somebody who's briefed there on intelligence matters from the russians here. all we're hearing so far nothing coming from russian officials here. cnn being quoted now by russian state media saying that there
12:59 pm
was a bomb aboard this aircraft. it is interesting thus far after an hour or so of this information being public that no russian official has yet knocked it down. the main aviation organization here in russia says it is the responsibility of egypt to put out this sort of information. and it is illegal for russia to go ahead and brief this type of information about an investigation before egyptian authorities do it themselves or give the russians permissions, brooke. >> all right. nic robertson, just quickly following up with you. in the 30 seconds i have, your source alluded to concerns in the sinai. were there concerns specifically about the airport about security there? >> reporter: the rising volatility, the lack of security in the sinai peninsula, the vulnerability of the airport, the lack, if you will, of awareness or the egyptian authorities were not paying
1:00 pm
attention if you will to the warnings that they were being given from elsewhere in the region. >> all right. nic robertson, thank you so much. st. petersburg, russia. thank you so much for being with me. stay right here with cnn. jake tapper takes it from here. "the lead" starts right now. thanks, brooke. to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to begin today with some breaking news. the latest u.s. intelligence suggesting that the crash of the russian passenger jet in the sinai peninsula in egypt over the weekend was likely caused by a bomb planted on the plane by isis or an isis affiliate. this would mean the crash of metrojet flight 9268 was an act of terror in the skies, the biggest such attack since 9/11. this news follows a move by the uk to delay flights due to leave from the sinai peninsula